Jackal, The (1997)

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.
...bringing to an end the Soviet empire
and its 70-year experiment in communism.
Yet while jubilation
at the prospect of freedom...
The Russian mafia has evolved into
a world-class organized crime network...
...with profits in billions,
including substantial US operations.
...announcing the unprecedented opening
of an FBI legal attache...
...along with the first-ever joint US
and Russian law enforcement operation.
It's her.
Ghazzi's in the club. He's in position.
Okay. Op's a go. MVD only.
What is this? An American?
Who the fuck are you?
Deputy Director Carter Preston, FBI.
You fuck Americans now,
you ugly militia whore.
And, you, go fuck yourself.
This is not Chicago. This is Russia.
So take your bitch
and get the fuck out of here.
Do you think I'm afraid of the MVD?
I swear I will kill you
and your fucking whore mothers.
I repeat, you are advised...
Fuck you, you scar-faced cunt!
- Fuck you!
- All right, that's enough!
It's never easy taking a life.
But you saved one, too. Mine.
Thank you.
We had no warning.
They must have ambushed
our man outside.
Before we knew it, there were militia with
their guns out in every corner of the room.
They just opened fire and killed him.
It happened so fast, it was...
...over before it started.
God, my poor brother.
How many militia did you kill?
Terek, please, we didn't stand a chance.
There were 30 of them...
...plus the Americans.
- Yes, but how many did you kill?
Well, none.
None? Not even one?
Terek, please.
I did what I could.
You did what you could.
You let those militia pigs
and that American scum kill my brother...
...without killing one in return.
Okay, that's what you could do.
Here's what I can do.
I loved this man like a brother.
He was a dear friend and partner to me.
So I took no joy in that.
But just think...
...if I could do this to one I love...
...what could I do to someone I hate?
The American FBI declares war on us?
Then war it is.
Unlike other, less cunning predators...
...the hyena takes no chances,
never attacking unless sure of a kill.
Though a consummate killer,
he is clearly no gentleman.
I apologize for keeping you waiting.
I had some other business to dispose of.
So much wasted time...
...confusing motion with accomplishment.
Another drink?
The MVD killed my brother.
For that, I will see they drown in blood.
But to their allies in America,
I wish to send a message.
A very public message.
I want to strike fear
into the marrow of their bones.
Can you kill this person?
If I take this job, I'll have to disappear...
So if you want me to do this,
you're going to have to pay me.
How much?
American dollars.
All cash, of course.
Half now, half upon completion.
$70 million.
Why not?
How many people know about this?
- You and I.
- Keep it that way.
Don't refer to our arrangement
by telephone or fax, ever.
You should find a place outside of Russia
to hide until the mission's completed.
If word of this leaks, it'll be my choice
whether to continue or not.
Either way, I keep the initial payment.
Informants tell us Terek's put bounties
on all MVD and FBI personnel.
Deputy Director Preston
and I have special bounties on our lives.
In two weeks,
seven MVD operatives have been killed.
- We know we're getting to him.
- Informants say this is just the start.
Terek's planning something more dramatic.
Eight days ago...
...Terek and his lieutenants
were spotted in the town of Porvoo...
...60 kilometers west of Helsinki.
They're still there, taking the third floor
for themselves and their bodyguards...
...all former SPETSNAZ, nine in all.
Not one's left the building in five days.
Their only contact with the outside
is this man: Victor Politovsky.
He goes to the post office twice a day
for mail which arrives general delivery.
Contact Interpol
and get everything you can on Politovsky.
Terek's men are notoriously hard to
turn out. Should we get the opportunity...
...we must be prepared to conduct
the interrogation with utmost efficiency.
- Good day to you, Mr. Preston.
- Sir.
I don't think
I want to know what that means.
The new lamination's the tricky part.
You got to use ethyl acetone.
Nasty stuff. Gives you liver cancer.
And I use a disk drive
to erase the magnetic strip.
- It's perfect.
- Thank you.
You really do beautiful work.
- Art comes in various guises, doesn't it?
- Yes, it does.
- What do I owe you?
- Right.
Well, I think your balance is about BP375.
- This is BP500.
- Oh, thank you.
- Good luck with the baby.
- Thank you.
See you next time.
How do you want the accounts handled?
Split the deposit equally between
the Macao and Panama accounts.
- And the balance?
- Leave it here in dollars.
I'll need you to open me
a Luxembourg account.
And get me some credit cards. Use
an American bank. I'll send you the names.
I'll overnight the credit cards
to your box in Montreal.
- This also came in the draft.
- Yes.
- I'll need to use your computer, Clive.
- Of course.
- Everything's ready for you.
- Good. Thank you.
Good afternoon. How may we help you?
I'm interested in an intermediate
range system, high cyclic rate.
- Man portable?
- Compact, vehicle-mounted unit.
What caliber?
No smaller than 7.62.
I prefer non-US equipment,
single-parallel system.
Yugoslav 20 millimeter 19/55 cannon.
Too heavy.
Polish ZSU-33 electric, 14.5 millimeter.
Cyclic rate: 1,400 rounds per minute.
Effective combat range: 3,500 meters.
Muzzle velocity: 1,700 meters per second.
I'll take it.
Cost will be $200,000, US.
Transfer of funds in the usual manner.
Half now, half on delivery...
...to the following address:
Letterham Shipping,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada...
...GIH 876.
Client name: Murdock, Charles C.
"What are they planning?
Why is Terek in Finland?"
"The Americans. Kill. Example."
"Jackal? What Jackal?
It doesn't make sense."
"What are they planning?"
"Who are you?"
"You fucking Jackal."
"Why you hanging around? Revive him."
Drug-assisted interrogation is
perfectly legal in matters of state security.
Unfortunately, Mr. Politovsky
had an undiagnosed heart condition.
He said, "Jackal"?
Does this mean something to you?
There's supposedly a killer for hire
who uses that name.
Several assassinations
are credited to him...
...but we've never been able to prove
if he even exists.
From time to time, he was KGB asset.
- Do you have a name?
- No name.
Payments were made to the contracting
organization or a Hong Kong bank account.
No KGB member has ever seen him.
Do we know if he ever operated in the US?
No. But...
...Politovsky's briefcase
contained biographical material...
...on your Donald Brown,
Director of the FBI.
Jesus Christ.
This guy's going for the gold, huh?
- Get him on the phone for me.
- Yes, sir.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Purpose of your visit to Canada?
- Steelhead.
Enjoy your stay, Mr. Hayslip.
Thank you. I will.
I'll give you a good deal on this minivan.
It's brand-new. It's fully loaded.
We've even got a six-disk CD changer.
I'll need your driver's license
and credit card.
I'll check this with the manager.
- Everything should be okay, Mr. Murdock.
- Make it Charlie.
- All right, Charlie. See you in a second.
- Take your time.
I want this op close-hold, no publicity.
Put a working group together:
State, CIA, Secret Service...
...Russian Embassy.
They'll have daily progress reports,
Major Koslova, anything else?
Since 1983, KGB provided funding
for five direct-action missions:
One bombing and four assassinations
by gunshot.
The Jackal was the operative used.
Not giving me much to work with, Preston.
We don't have much, sir.
Major Koslova's informers can't finger him.
They don't know who he is,
CIA can't track him.
Then what?
Using KGB files,
I've identified six operatives...
...we believe to have actually seen him.
Four are dead, one in Libya, but the last
is believed to be in the United States.
A Basque separatist
name Isabella Celia Zancona.
She might know what he looks like.
- But we have no idea of her whereabouts.
- Someone must.
Interpol says that in the '80s
she was involved with...
...Declan Joseph Mulqueen,
an IRA sharpshooter.
He burned out. They decided to get him
out of Ireland, shipped him here.
In '89, he picked up twice 25 years
for some old weapons trafficking charges.
He's serving time at a maximum-security
state pen in Massachusetts.
Say he does know where she is.
What makes you think he'll talk to you?
I'm hoping he'll cooperate
for a reduced sentence.
Don't promise too much.
After all, he's a terrorist.
You got some visitors, Mulqueen.
What do you want with Isabella?
She's done nothing here.
She entered the country illegally.
What? The FBI's sending
deputy directors out after illegal aliens?
Give over, Preston.
Who you really looking for?
A pro. Calls himself "The Jackal."
That fellow.
The mystery man.
We think she may be able
to help us find him.
If so, we'll arrange a pardon for her...
...signed by the President of the US.
And guarantee no extradition. We'd also
guarantee the Spanish government...
...will never know her whereabouts.
- They don't know now, do they?
And neither do you.
Let's keep it that way.
Would it matter that you might be
saving a human life?
And whose human life
would be important enough for all this?
Mr. Donald Brown, Director of the FBI.
Wouldn't that be droll?
We know that gang elements
in this prison want you dead.
The entire government
wants me dead, mister.
- Yet here I am.
- All right, smart ass, let's cut the bullshit.
You cooperate and we'll get you
transferred to a minimum-security facility.
That's our deal.
And that's your only chance
to walk out of this place in one piece.
That's a one-time offer.
Now take it or leave it.
Stuff it then,
as many fucking times as you like.
Pardon the language. I've been in prison.
All right, what will it take
for you to help us?
First, I'd have to be convinced
Isabella would be kept safe.
Then you'd have to let me go.
Back to Ireland, a free man.
Out of the question.
Besides gunrunning, you're a known killer
of British government personnel.
And all the women
and children you've blown up.
It's not my war. I was never a bomber.
I don't see the distinction.
You still took human lives.
The distinction is I killed in a war.
Now I want to go home. Simple as that.
Simple for you, perhaps.
Even in Russia, soldiers go home
when the treaty's signed, nyet?
That's not gonna happen. Sorry.
All right, just the chance then.
Your best efforts to get me free.
I'll settle for your word on it.
So the Jackal's after your director, is he?
Tell him to get his affairs in order...
...because nobody can save him now.
Nobody except me. Because I met him.
Yeah, didn't I mention it?
I can identify him by his face,
given the opportunity...
...but more importantly, by his methods.
So you can leave Isabella out of this.
Did you work with him?
With him? No. No way.
Do you have a problem with this man?
That's between him and me.
Isabella Zancona
is the only confirmed contact we have...
...and we will find her.
With or without your help.
I want three things.
One: Get me out of here.
- I'm no use to you sitting here on my ass.
- What's to keep you from taking off?
Except I give you my word.
Two: I go with you to meet Isabella.
I want to see her, is all.
And the third thing?
A decent razor.
Here's how it'll go, Mulqueen.
You will be searched on a random
schedule. If we turn up a paper clip...
...that hasn't been authorized, I'll send
you back. Same for using the phone.
- What? You don't trust me?
- As far as I can throw you.
But I have little choice.
If you've got any thoughts
about an IRA snatch...
...we'll shoot to kill, them and you.
And not necessarily in that order.
I heard you.
Go along and we'll get along.
I'm gonna keep a real good eye on you.
Miss Koslova, is it?
What would your first name be then?
Major Koslova.
A wee bit rusty, that's all.
Subassembly of titanium,
as light as the stresses will allow.
The arm's got to traverse 270 degrees.
Feed and drive mechanisms
run on 210 amp servos.
The whole thing's has to run off 12-volt DC.
Yeah, it's a car battery. That's cool.
- How much weight is the arm supporting?
- Fifty-five kilograms.
It's a big fucker, yeah?
Hey, you want one?
I'm gonna want this in eight days.
I can do that.
How much?
Well, the titanium's gonna be a problem.
It's a listed material up here.
It's gonna take time, a little more money.
I mean, like, $40,000.
All right. Half now, half on delivery.
This sucker's definitely
gonna kick some ass, yeah?
Get this straight.
When you finish this unit, you'll turn over
the plans and scrap material.
You'll forget about Charlie Murdock
and the tech specs on these plans.
Shit, man, I'm cool.
All right.
Are you nervous?
Eight years. That's a lifetime, isn't it?
- Mr. Decker, is it?
- Yes.
Hello there. I'm Declan Mulqueen.
This is Major Koslova.
- How do you do?
- Hi.
We'd like to speak to your wife.
Someone to see you.
I'll take the kids out back.
My beautiful Irish...
They let me out to ask you something.
Sir, I was thinking maybe we could
use the Zancona woman as insurance...
...in case Mulqueen gets happy feet.
- Listen...
...however he plays it, we play it straight.
Isabella Zancona's involvement
remains classified.
That means nothing in the report.
No name, no location, nothing. Got it?
Yes, sir.
I never knew his name,
but he was definitely American.
He had some kind
of special military training...
...where he learned Spanish,
in El Salvador, I think.
I didn't like talking to him.
I suppose we were all dangerous people...
...but he was different.
Declan was fire, all passion.
He had a cause.
This man was ice. No feeling, nothing.
Okay. Thank you, Mrs. Decker.
You've been very helpful.
It's best if you keep our conversation
confidential, even from your husband.
Don't worry about George.
He doesn't know anything
about my past and he doesn't want to.
All he needs to know is that I love him.
I see.
I thank you again.
I'll wait for you in the car.
This opens a locker
at Norfolk Greyhound Terminal.
Inside is a clean passport and $10,000 cash.
Your friends left it with me
in case you ever showed up.
Take it and go back to Ireland.
I can't.
You gave your word?
Go now.
Once he kills whoever he's after,
they'll send you back to prison.
When I believe that, I'll use the key.
Are you happy at least?
Yes. I love my children.
And my husband, in my way, I mean.
Some nights I can close my eyes
and sleep...
...and no dead faces come to wake me.
That's more than I ever had.
You wouldn't have me give that up,
would you?
Give me some credit, will you?
She's Basque, isn't she?
They say Basques live by the vendetta.
If they hate someone, it's to the death.
It's the same way when they love.
My first name is Valentina.
You have family in Russia?
My parents. My brother, in the navy.
Husband? Kids?
No. I have not found the time.
In truth, it's never been a conflict for me.
This is not a quality
a man looks for in a woman.
By the way...
...whatever Isabella gave you after I left...
...I trust you won't use it
until after our business is concluded.
Don't miss a thing, do you?
No, Mr. Mulqueen.
I see everything.
Maybe we should start
by canceling your public appearances.
No, I don't think that's necessary.
I mean, not yet.
This fellow's gonna need to
make preparations. He'll need time.
- How tight are the borders?
- Mexico and Canada have...
Mr. Mulqueen?
Something you'd like to share?
He'll likely be using four false identities.
Three will be on him, and one
in reserve at a drop box somewhere.
- That's the way he used to operate.
- What matter if he has 40?
It's still one man. Might we not
be creating a storm in a tea cup?
Exactly. I agree with you 100 percent.
Director Bolitonov.
Terek has always made
doing his own killing a point of honor.
Usually very bloody and very public.
A statement, if you will.
So, if he's hired an outsider...
...obviously, this is something
he takes very seriously.
Until this Jackal is captured or killed...
...I don't think we can afford to do any less.
Come on. Let's get real here. It's one guy.
It's just one guy. Bolitonov's right.
With the assets in this room,
the guy's as good as got.
That's if he doesn't blow it first...
...like a lot of these clowns.
Remember that guy? What was his name?
What's that, Mr. Mulqueen?
I'm sorry, Mr. Brown,
but this man is no clown.
He knows all your moves, back to front.
Right now, you got a name.
That's all you got.
The Jackal's got a target: You.
He's got a timetable.
As to making mistakes, he's spent 20 years
in a trade that doesn't forgive error.
And he's prevailed.
You think he's the one
who is up against us?
It's the other way around.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Can I buy you a drink?
- Yeah.
I think you should come home with me.
I'd love to...
...but I can't.
I have to go back to Atlanta...
...to finalize my very messy divorce.
Does she know?
She does now.
So how am I gonna see you again?
You could give me one of your cards.
You're not gonna call.
You just have to have
a little faith in people, that's all.
Like I do.
Open your shirt.
- Easy now. Easy.
- Now!
Open your shirt.
Easy now.
Souvenirs of British hospitality.
I apologize.
No problem.
Oslo Travel came up with a James William
Hayslip who flew from Toronto...
...August 25, two days before
the meeting with Terek.
We checked the Social Security number
on his passport, and guess what?
It belongs to an inmate committed to a
mental institution in Virginia 12 years ago.
Now, Canadian Travel says he flew...
...to Montreal nine days ago.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, Charlie Murdock.
Picking up a delivery, eh?
- It's a hot one, eh?
- You can say that again.
Hi. I need to use one of your computers.
Sure. Any one.
Can I get on line with this?
Yeah, sure.
Go check upstairs.
Thank you.
Hayslip's disappeared.
Border Patrol has the passport photo,
but nothing's shown up yet.
- He's moved on. I told you.
- One moment.
The only place we're sure
he's been is Montreal.
What if he started using
the next identity there?
I'm not following you.
Hayslip disappeared,
that doesn't mean the Jackal did.
Perhaps something has happened.
Witherspoon, have the Montreal police
check their logs for the last 48 hours.
If he's on to the next name,
it's because it's in the plan.
- A man like this doesn't make mistakes.
- No?
They always make one, somewhere.
Isn't that how you were caught?
What's her story, then?
Major Koslova...
...ends the debate about
women in combat, as far as I'm concerned.
How's that?
When she saved my life
and took out Terek's brother...
...she did it knowing she'd be drawing
a death sentence down on her own neck.
But when we offered to set her up
someplace else when this is over...
...you know what she said?
"The good guys don't hide."
Fierce woman.
In that country, under that system...
Oh, shit, you know what?
I couldn't get titanium.
So, I had a friend mold the base
out of carbon fiber instead.
Came in 23 kilos
under the weight you asked for.
- Is that cool?
- Yeah, that's great.
I'm still gonna want the plans, the mold
and the scrap material. Remember?
- Maybe we ought to talk about that.
- Oh?
This rig, I figure it's to support
something pretty heavy, right?
Like a Gatling gun, maybe?
Or a 20-millimeter cannon?
You must be shooting
at something pretty big.
Armored car, maybe?
Bank vault?
I don't know. You could be shooting
a fucking airliner for all I know.
But the point is...
...a job like this
can attract a lot of attention.
I don't want any attention.
Right, right. That's why I'm saying...
...I think the plans
and mold are worth a little bonus.
- How much?
- I don't know.
Come on, man. You know it's worth it.
You got a serious piece of equipment.
All right.
I'll get you $50,000 tomorrow.
I'm gonna need a place to test this.
Someplace that won't draw any attention.
We got a place like that.
We got a place just like that.
Target's in place.
Man, I should have brought some beer.
Motherfuckin' motherfucker.
That motherfucker is state of the art!
I knew it was gonna be big. I didn't know
it was gonna be the prototype cannon.
It's a fucking mole.
- Some hairy-looking rounds.
- Made from depleted uranium.
It'll go through anything.
Once they get inside, they just spall.
Hell, yeah. They spall?
They get in there, and they just...
That rocks.
- Look at the lens on that thing.
- Don't touch that.
It's got, like, a 2,000-mile zoom lens.
That thing is kick-ass.
Dude, is this thing a prototype, or what?
I bet you it cost you a shitload.
That rocks.
Man, you rock.
Do you know what I'm saying?
Fucking thing kicks ass.
Bring on the spall, baby.
- I can't wait to see the fuck...
- Lamont.
Close your mouth.
Smooth action, yeah?
Yeah! Spall!
Well, at least...
...it took out the target.
- No, it's off...
...by at least three millimeters.
No, dude. That's precision craftsmanship.
- It isn't off by three millimeters.
- So, Lamont...
...tell me how you sight
in this thing automatically.
Punch in the windage and
the elevation you want and hit enter.
- So you just kind of guestimate it, huh?
- Basically guestimation.
And hit enter.
I give up!
- I guess the automatic sighting works.
- Yeah.
- I thought I was about to sprawl.
- Well, Lamont...
...gonna have to speed-test it now.
- Speed test.
So, run.
What do you mean?
I mean run, now.
Run to your right!
Get up!
All right, good! Stop there!
Just stop there!
Turn around!
Hold out that pack of cigarettes!
Don't be afraid!
Stand very still!
Stand still!
I told you it was off.
Move over by the car!
Quick, before you pass out!
Here we go, sir. Major. Mac.
Eleven days ago, Charles C. Murdock
bought himself a new Dodge minivan.
That was a big surprise to Mr. Murdock...
...whose passport and wallet were stolen
Anything from the border?
We sent a description of the van
from here to Manitoba.
I have something. Uphall Station.
It's a small town outside Ottawa.
- I think your man has been there.
- Let's go.
The owner is Ian Lamont, small-time hood.
The coroner has what's left of him
at Broxburn.
We get the idea. Let's get to the shop.
Hello. Think I got something here.
What is it?
This is a remote firing station.
See, it maneuvers a weapon.
The servos run off a remote control,
like a model airplane.
We used to make these things
for mortars or...
...such but nothing like this size.
He needs a van just to move it around.
What would something this size
be used for?
- Antiaircraft?
- No, you can buy a mount for that.
A missile's the best thing for an aircraft.
- No, this is for something else entirely.
- Something with one hell of a range.
Not just the range, though.
See, if it is a gun, it's the cyclic rate.
You can send off a hundred bullets
before the first one ever hits the target.
Good thing about a boat like this
is it sells itself.
It's a hell of a lot of boat for the money.
It's got radar...
...GPS, autopilot, auto-furling.
You can take this baby out by yourself.
This has even got a cellular phone.
You can call your wife if you want to.
So, what do you think?
"Deja Vu."
She's perfect.
- Yes?
- Jackal.
They know about Hayslip.
They know you were in Canada,
and they have an Irishman helping them.
- Irishman's name?
- Mulqueen.
- Declan Mulqueen?
- Declan Mulqueen.
The operation's still a go.
Every crossing point and airport has
his photograph, but RCMP has nothing.
Our Border Patrol,
the INS are both on the highest alert.
Again, nothing.
Let's face it, you don't have to be Houdini
to make it across from Canada.
- He probably walked across.
- He won't be walking, I can tell you that.
He's got a weapon to move.
- What kind of patrols do you have here?
- The Great Lakes?
Not a lot. No need.
People either drive or fly.
There are a few ferry services,
but we checked those out as well.
What about people with boats?
What kind of immigration controls
do you have?
Arriving vessels have to
check with the harbormaster.
- Voluntarily?
- Yeah. No active enforcement.
Say he does use a boat,
he'll still want to mix with others.
Are there many gatherings to speak of?
Yeah, the Mackinaw Regatta
is going on now.
- It's the biggest regatta on Lake Michigan.
- From where to where?
It starts in Mackinaw
and it ends in Chicago.
Witherspoon, take Waveland.
Declan, Valentina: Chicago Yacht Club.
I'll take the locals. And remember...
...it'll be an Ontario boat if it's here.
Look at everything and stay on your radios.
If you do find something, call in backup.
I want an arrest, not a firefight.
All right, let's get to it.
Preston, what about
letting me have a gun?
Are you crazy?
If the right people knew I was letting you
walk around I'd get forced retirement.
No fucking gun.
- So many people.
- So many rich people.
Shall we dance?
He wouldn't give me a gun.
He is hot.
He's mine. Back off.
Hey, you want some champagne?
- Come on. Join us.
- Maybe later.
Join us.
Get out of the way!
Preston, can I talk to you?
Look, he saw me. He wasn't surprised.
Like he was expecting me.
One of your team
is playing for the other side.
I can vouch for every man on this team.
- You've got a traitor.
- This is not the IRA.
- We don't get infiltrators.
- Somebody got to him.
This is a manhunt, not your cause.
Don't make it personal.
What do you fucking know?
I'll tell you what I know.
I know the Jackal set you up
in that arms deal in Libya.
I know Isabella was wounded
when you walked into the trap.
I also know that it was
the business you had chosen.
Did you also know that Isabella
was pregnant when she got shot?
That our child didn't survive?
Don't tell me it's not personal, Mr. Preston.
I can't let you jeopardize us in a vendetta.
There's no vendetta.
All I hope for is a fresh start, you know?
Maybe it'll happen.
This was recorded at 1:00 a.m.
It's a call to a number
in Brighton Beach, New York.
Item four:
At 1:05 p.m. Director Brown
is scheduled to meet the First Lady...
...at a reception at the White House...
...regarding the New Hope Hospital
Other participants will be decided...
That information came out of this room.
Who? Whose voice is it on that tape?
Mr. Ambassador.
We have arranged to hold
a flight to Moscow.
A car is waiting to drive
Colonel Bolitonov to the airport.
How did you know whose phone to tap?
I didn't, so I tapped everybody's.
But I have diplomatic immunity.
Who authorized you to tap my telephone?
I did, Ambassador.
We're currently examining documents
taken from Bolitonov's apartment.
Get me a helicopter.
Director Bolitonov
is no longer contactable at this number.
All inquiries should be forwarded to...
This is only a precaution for a short while,
until we get this man.
You and your family
will be safer in Washington.
You really think you'll find him?
You won't.
- Believe me, you can't.
- It's our job to try.
And waste your time
and maybe get killed for nothing?
I began this.
I have to do what I can,
so please get your family away.
Let's go.
Everything okay?
Valentina's evacuating Isabella and her
family in case he knows where she lives.
Look, the director doesn't even know
where Isabella lives.
I ordered Witherspoon to keep her
out of the report. No way Jackal knows.
Well, our Russian black-heart surely passed
everything else to him, didn't he?
Here, look.
That's your phone number.
That's Valentina's.
You know those two at the bottom?
The first one's the Russian Embassy.
The second one's...
- Son of a bitch.
- What?
This is an FBI access code.
- FBI Data Center.
- This is Special Agent Carter Preston.
- My authorization number is 223578-Kilo.
- Shit!
I need a voice transcription of field report
November Alpha from 9-15 this year.
Agent filing: Witherspoon, Timothy I.
And I'm in a hurry, operator.
I shouldn't have trusted you.
Field report November Alpha...
...filed 9:00 a. M...
- Scroll.
To perform interview of subject
Isabella Zancona at the following address...
Witherspoon, you by-the-book asshole!
I'm gonna check upstairs.
Come out!
Please don't shoot me.
Just taking out the garbage.
- I got one more trip.
- Hurry.
- We'll meet you at the front.
- Yes, ma'am.
All locked up. Where's Witherspoon?
He's in the backyard, taking out the trash.
It's coming from the back. Let's go!
- Where is it coming from?
- I don't know.
Set to go off two minutes ago.
What the hell?
Where's McMurphy?
Press here, hard. It'll slow the bleeding.
See, that's bad.
Blood's almost black.
That means the bullet's in your liver.
You got about 20 minutes to live.
If the pain gets too much,
you can take your hand away...
...and you'll be dead in five minutes.
When Declan kills you,
you think of me, okay?
I'll make a note of that.
If you see Declan...
...before you die, you tell him
that he can't protect his women.
They're all right. Let them through.
You'll be fine.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
It's all right, darling. You're gonna be fine.
I tried...
...to protect Isabella.
I know. You did fine.
He said to tell you...
..."You can't protect your women."
No, Valentina. No, don't. Valentina!
Don't go. Stay with me.
It was him, wasn't it?
I thought this was all behind us.
Is this ever gonna end?
Yes. I promise you, it will end...
...and I will end it.
Do you have a gun?
Following a low-light helicopter insertion...
...a team could infiltrate the weapon here...
...covering the northern approaches
and Route 1.
If your weapon has nearly the range
and cyclic rate you're advertising...
...it could engage
any ground vehicle and aircraft.
He doesn't have a helicopter
or a team to help him set up.
He's alone.
What do you say, Mulqueen?
Well, the only way he can make
the kill and escape is from a distance.
So we make sure you're
always secure indoors...
...with a perimeter of men
outside your location.
- And pick our battles?
- Exactly.
Tying a noose, if you like.
When he makes his move...
...we tighten the noose and we hang him.
Not exactly foolproof, I know...
...but it's the best we got.
- The best we've got?
- You have a call on line six.
- Thank you.
- This is Doug.
- Told you I'd call.
Hi. How are you?
You've just have to have
a little faith in people.
Okay. Well, okay.
Now that I've got faith...
...are you busy tonight?
You're in town, yes?
I'm home.
I see you found the keys.
Where are you?
In the garage!
- Wow. You dyed your hair.
- Yeah.
Like it?
Yeah, sure.
You like Korean food?
Sure. Yeah.
Dig in.
I thought we were gonna...
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought we were gonna go out.
Yeah. Maybe later.
Recapping tonight's top story...
...police are asking for your help
in locating this man.
He's wanted in connection
with a series of brutal murders.
Police believe he's in
the Washington area tonight.
The man is armed
and extremely dangerous.
If you see him, do not to approach him,
but notify authorities immediately.
You know, when I first moved here...
...I realized I was living
in someone else's house...
...and that's a huge burden.
You're invited...
...to live in the White House for four years...
You feel like a renter in a sense?
Most definitely.
With a lease that's renewable or...
John F. Kennedy said once that if
somebody wanted to kill a public official...
...they can get away with it
if they're willing to pay the price.
It's impossible to provide
There is no way around that,
but hopefully...
...there aren't that many people
who are willing to do that.
Do you remember Valentina said,
"A statement, public and brutal."
Now, it always bothered me.
Why did he keep coming?
He knew we could protect the director,
especially once I got involved.
But he didn't abort. Why?
It didn't come together until
I remembered what he said to Valentina.
"Tell Declan he can't protect his women."
- Wasn't he referring to Isabella?
- No. Any woman. All women.
But remember, "public and brutal."
We're guarding the wrong person.
He's after the First Lady.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
I'm sure you're as happy
as I am to be here today.
It's been a lot of hard work for a lot of us...
...but here we are,
and we're about to celebrate.
And now it gives me great pleasure
to introduce the Surgeon General...
...of the United States.
Madam Chairperson,
ladies and gentlemen...
...I'd like to chat with you today
about the family.
She's already on the stage.
Secret Service wants to know
what's going on.
- Tell them.
- No, they'll try to get her off the stage.
If they do that,
he'll shoot off into the crowd.
We've worked long and hard
to reach our goal...
...and I must say that we have
accomplished what we set out to do...
...since we first began...
...with a seed of an idea.
It took many long and hard hours to...
Get the word?
Looking for a dark brown minivan
and anything else that's out of place.
The only minivan we found
is this red one here.
I checked it out.
They got a local parking permit...
...DC tags.
We can check it out again, if you want.
It's probably one of those safer-than-sorry,
circle-jerk type deals.
I'll see you.
You guys be safe.
Secret Service says
the search came out negative.
They're on alert,
but she's going to the podium.
Guess it's on us.
You'll need a gun.
Forget the laser. You'll have to walk me
through the optics on this thing.
I haven't shot a gun in a while.
I can see by the warm
and friendly faces out there...
...that this christening
has been long anticipated.
Thanks to all of you
who made this dream possible.
We've worked long and hard
to reach our goal...
...and I must say that we certainly have
accomplished what we set out to do.
It's proof that when we set out
to reach new heights, it can be done.
Go! Clear!
Go! Clear!
I'm going for the First Lady.
You're cleared to shoot
on the weapon or the shooter.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it gives me great pleasure...
...to introduce the First Lady
of the United States.
It's a beautiful day
for the beginning of New Hope.
All right. Go!
Give me the gun.
So that's how he plans to get out.
The phone, give me your phone.
But also right now...
...there are police officers
risking their very lives...
...to help kids stay out of trouble
and off drugs.
But also right now,
there are dedicated teachers...
...preparing lessons for a new day's class.
- Red minivan, hillside by the trees.
- One o'clock.
- Jesus.
- Range it.
...but values his family.
Right. I'm after him.
You take out the minivan.
Move it! Go!
Coming through!
Look out! Coming through!
- Excuse me.
- Watch it, man!
Please stand clear of the doors.
The next train departing Capitol Heights...
Help me, please!
Help me!
- Say, "Help me, Declan."
- Help me, Declan.
Help me, Declan!
Please help!
Please, Declan, help me!
Please help me!
- Help me, Declan!
- Help me, Declan!
Now tell him where I'm aiming the gun.
Good girl.
What are you gonna do, Declan?
You just can't seem to protect
any of your women.
Let her go.
She has nothing to do with this.
Now, you can save this girl.
- What's your name?
- Maggie.
You can save Maggie, you see?
You can save her right now.
You just have to put down your little gun.
Go ahead. Take a shot.
Oh, Maggie, you did so good.
You're slipping, Declan.
Now let her go.
Step away from the gun.
Step away from the gun!
Maggie, Maggie.
You're so brave.
You'll remember this
for the rest of your life.
Kneel down.
Kneel down.
Sorry, Declan.
It's all right. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's finished.
I wonder if we'll ever know...
...who the hell he really was.
We know all we need to. He was evil...
...he's dead and he's gone.
Nothing more matters.
Sorry they didn't give you your pardon.
You'll get minimum security.
It's like a country club.
By the way,
Director Brown sends his warmest thanks.
Oh, that's nice.
Look forward to playing tennis with him.
Did I tell you I'm going back to Russia?
And I'm going to stay until Terek Murad
rots in prison or in the grave.
She'd appreciate that.
I think so.
And Isabella?
Back safe with her family.
For good.
I know about that key she gave you.
I know you could have used it
to take off any time you wanted to.
You've got one of those
drop boxes, too, like the Jackal?
Did you read the paper today?
I'm quite the hero because of you.
The agent who saved the First Lady.
I could screw everything else up
for the rest of my life and still be...
That a fact, then?
Going back to the drop box:
An operative with your experience...
...with a clean passport...
...a wad of cash.
I'll bet if you had taken off...
...we never would have found you.
Do you drink coffee?
Oh, no, that's right.
They drink Guinness in Ireland.
I'll ask across the street.
See if they've got any.
Coffee, I mean.
I'll be back in...
...thirty minutes, okay?
Thanks, Declan, for everything.
No, thank you.