Jack the Ripper (1988)

there more than a century
Jack the Ripper
kept their mystery.
This is a fiction
on these events.
History is the result Research
archives the Ministry of Interior,
from criminologists
and Scotland Yard.
The early hours of the day
Friday, August 31, 1888,
a prostitute
was brutally murdered.
She was Mary Ann Nichols.
His death announced
the reign of assassin
Jack the Ripper.
A murder has been committed!
Buy Star
Murder in Whitechapel!
Read Star One penny!
Murder in Whitechapel!
Buy Star
Murder in Whitechapel!
"80 000 prostitutes
"A national disgrace ...
"Crime is a way of life "?
It is true, Mr. O'Connor.
We are not a tabloid.
Our circulation has not he grown?
It is a murder, Bates.
It could be a cause.
Killing whores every month.
It's a jungle:
Poles, French, Jews.
It could be worse.
It would take a spark
for the East End ignites.
Like that.
I come from Scotland Yard ...
Abberline they put on the spot.
- Sir?
- Silence.
- What?
- Abberline is the case.
For a fucking murdered?
Abberline is the best.
What does that mean?
The East End is impossible
to master, Mr. O'Connor.
Police loses its Latin
do not you think?
August 31, 1888
Hello, Sergeant.
- Hello.
- George.
- Where is Abberline?
- Bottom.
Hello, Bill.
Where is the inspector?
In 5, sergeant.
Commissioner Arnold wants to see you.
He knows where I am?
And it is probably not
only to Scotland Yard.
Read this.
"The police are exceeded?"
Find a razor.
What did the great sachem?
The chief commissioner
wants me to rest.
He calls it "rest"?
I like Whitechapel.
Much better because you will end up
transferred for good.
After a successful career.
With you, it is not a glass
but the bottle ...
You said what you had to say.
- Give it.
- I wanted the time.
Four hours.
What are you doing?
In your opinion?
I wash the blood.
This is Inspector Abberline.
- Stand up straight.
- Sorry.
Order of the Inspector Spratling.
You know what it was?
An exhibit.
That's why you're here?
And you are?
Benjamin Bates Star.
Why Yard handles he
a little murder?
Cares my readers.
Come in.
Chief Superintendent Arnold.
Close the door.
Abberline who sent there?
I, as the chief investigators.
The Prefect will he
able to collect more?
There were riots last year.
It criticized the prefect
The "Bloody Sunday".
The Prime Minister
has not forgotten.
What is the relationship?
I believe
qu'Abberline still drinking.
You gave the case an alcoholic.
Take a chair.
It is a way of seeing.
And removed the uterus
and kidneys.
This is not a murder
but a massacre.
Dr. Llewellyn last night
you said
she had undergone an operation.
An abortion?
No such thing.
But why a "transaction"?
This is more than a slash.
We see enough here, believe me.
I was stationed here 14 years.
The flesh was torn,
slashed with great force.
- However ...
- What?
The cuts are insured
as clinics.
It is a surgeon?
We save lives, not otherwise.
None of my colleagues
would such incisions.
This is nonsense in medicine.
He knows the human body,
Know the anatomy,
not be a doctor.
Boucher, maybe.
Thank you,
I will not detain you longer.
The investigative hearing is tomorrow?
Good evening.
Good evening.
How does one file
at the hearing tomorrow?
You can not.
We should not do?
I do not know but it smells
and it does not come to the place.
At the first time tomorrow
lists the medics,
vets, butchers, barbers,
those who wield the blade
within a radius of 8 km.
I want to know where they were
last night and why.
And usurers, macs, the nasty?
Also. And information-you
our friend the doctor.
This is the local coroner.
That's it. Read the report
the officer.
Good evening.
Apparently, he examined the girl
twice last night.
But was gutted!
We would do well
find the author of this report:
Inspector John T. Spratling.
Put yourself at ease ...
Make yourself at home.
What is it?
I am looking for a policeman.
Very funny.
By an inspector, Spratling.
You found it.
Sergeant Godley Scotland Yard.
Scotland Yard, you see it.
An investigator hardcore
to show us
how to work.
Here they make the tea.
And inspectors?
I need an office.
One is disgusting.
Sergeant Kerby, is not it?
George drinks his sweet tea.
Not me.
Hello, Jack.
Does it work matters?
Should perhaps not say?
Why did you come back?
- The Nichols case.
- What?
Mary Ann Nichols, a prostitute,
murdered yesterday in Bucks Row.
Dr. Llewellyn has examined
before thee, there is 16 hours.
She was gutted.
It belongs to you?
There were bruises
on the lower jaw
On the left, approximately 2.5 cm
under the jaw,
left an incision ending
7.5 cm from the bone to the right.
Like this.
This cut of about 20 cm
was thrust forward with such force
it reached the neck bone.
You do nothing?
We are not ready.
I want to see who is there.
Dr. Llewellyn, did you
describes all the injuries?
The abdomen was opened ribs ...
The journalist has a boyfriend.
Seen on the premises.
I know.
But who is the other?
To the great hat?
An artist?
Or an anarchist, but not here.
Dr. Llewellyn, nature
injury means she
medical knowledge?
The bodies would not
be collected and
without any knowledge anatomy.
A doctor?
I am the investigator
charge of the case,
I would like an adjournment.
I had less than 24 hours.
- Want more time?
- Yes, sir.
I thought this
was a bit rushed.
This hearing is adjourned sine die
at the request of the police
to obtain other parts.
Thank you, sir.
What he plays?
He digs his grave.
Get me a cab.
- Where are you going?
- See his head.
He requested an adjournment.
This Spratling, it is fast?
You will not oust Abberline?
If in fact a novel,
The sooner the better.
Press jubilera.
This is already the case, Mr. Arnold.
This is the plague or cholera.
- I'll talk to him.
- He will listen?
This, Mr. Reeve.
I assure you.
1st September 1888
There was no time!
The prefect needs arrest.
Not in a week Now!
And you know why?
"The police trample" "No Track"
"The East End prey to anarchy!"
What do you think?
I can not answer for the press!
But to me, if
and I want results!
And why, Mr. Commissioner?
She had no enemies
and there was no rape.
It was cut to pieces!
The killer or just someone?
Sit, Frederick.
Of malt.
Thank you, not now.
It is the same race, both.
We left bottom.
You're inspector since when?
That's 14 years.
You should be commissioner.
To play the game,
whether cover.
You do that, you?
We are pawns
you, me, the whore.
And all around us,
there are kings and queens.
We can not win.
You should know.
Bury this case, Frederick.
We will meet at Scotland Yard.
No, George.
I'm coming.
Here Mr. Abberline.
- You know me?
- From reputation.
My visions have been useful
to the police.
The boy from the river.
And other matters.
I saw.
The killer.
Not the face.
Well, not separately.
My visions suggest
they are not photographs.
You've seen the killer?
Imagine two windmills moving.
The two wheels, as two faces
rotating together
but separately.
Two killers?
No, a killer with two faces.
One man.
I am more.
The victim had a black hat,
patched dress
and without a boot heel.
I'm right, is not it?
Looking for a man with two faces.
Finally, Fred,
you believe it.
We had to tell him.
Why is it so important?
Important, it?
The doctor sees no
that was gutted,
washed blood
the hearing is held promptly
and tries to discourage me.
Leave me out!
And then?
If the person is dead,
the killer must be someone.
You know who is Lee?
It organizes sessions
spiritualism. A stamped.
A little more than that.
It is a close friend
clairvoyant and LED
Her Majesty Queen Victoria.
You have done well come see me.
The public we will grateful.
Well, Mr. Lees.
This is your vision?
Not exactly.
The hair is too long.
It is near?
- Let him speak.
- It takes in 3 h.
I leave in 3 minutes
if you persist.
And the other should be
With short hair
it reminds me of someone.
We will send me back.
Richard. Yes, it is.
Richard Mansfield.
American actor.
- A piece ...
- At the Lyceum.
Mr. Lees,
have you seen it?
I'm not going to the theater.
I do not like crowds.
You should.
You would find it fascinating.
Can you tonight?
Star has invited you, of course.
Hello, George.
Are you aware
the story of suspects?
They wait in the hall.
I'll take you there.
There are eight.
You're kidding me, son?
No, sir.
Order of the Inspector Spratling.
8 suspects.
We're ready.
Those listed crime.
Charlie goupineur,
- Arthur ...
- What?
It robs drunks.
I know.
What is the list of crime?
We stop all
when there has been a crime.
- The same?
- Overall.
It calms the crowd.
According to the inspector.
- And then what?
- We released.
Due to the soup.
This is me!
God is my witness.
I killed bare hands!
It was a Roman
a dirty legionnaire
a spy in the pay
the infamous Julius Caesar!
He deserved to die!
Like me, my good lord.
I forgive you!
Lord Almighty.
What do I do?
Give them their soup.
Come on, George, it was a job.
Come online.
- Well ...
- Get out!
It's a shame, made the tail!
Mary Nichols was known.
Must go round the pubs.
You thirsty?
Not me.
Will listen to what is said.
Begins with the Brittania,
the corner ...
Dorset St.
And the Ten Bells where are the girls.
I will not tell your wife.
What does it rhyme stuff, Godley?
Make me a cup of tea, Kerby.
Did you hear that, John?
Without sugar!
- That's it.
- Sensass.
A triple.
You're back in Whitechapel
Mary Jane, where were you?
Here and there. A gentleman
took me to Paris.
It's beautiful in this season.
You push.
Laughter, music ...
I asked for an artist.
I called Marie Jeannette.
- She has not exceeded the Thames.
- Yes
I want to know
who killed Mary Nichols.
She had used?
It would have been blind.
You would have to ...
I'm mean.
You owe me some money, Cathy.
It is expensive acrobat but ...
Here the Archbishop of Canterbury.
So which do you prefer?
The nerve!
You command not Mary.
- Hein chick?
- No.
Not the back.
It will protect
if it continues.
- What is it?
- You do not wanna know.
- Know what?
- I will not speak.
It feels weird here.
You have not answered my question.
Let's go outside cause.
Take your feet or you'll morfler!
Show him!
You better run away.
Come on, show what you got!
You're not in use.
You have the right to finish your drink.
What are you waiting?
Hold it!
You're dead, dirty chicken!
Kind of sausage!
I'll kill you,
kind of big sissy!
I said out!
Put it out!
It's nice to see!
- Who is it?
- I do not know, I sailed.
Since when are you here?
You did well.
Hi, Billy.
I did not know
he was working for you.
You too, huh Billy?
I know, sir.
I say otherwise.
Of course yes.
Let him go, George.
We know where to find it.
One of your snitches?
And his father before him.
On the run!
George, I return to Bucks Row
and there is something wrong.
Nobody heard anything.
There are eight units across
and nobody heard.
This is Whitechapel, it is silent
even a crime.
This is not a simple crime.
There is something else.
This is ...
You will not be disappointed, Mr. Lees.
So much for that it was removed.
- For who?
- The little son of the queen.
Prince Albert Victor,
Duke of Clarence and Avondale,
future King of England.
You promised a special evening.
Do you want to set the following?
Think before you answer.
It is up to you.
Yes, Lanyon,
will give you access
any one know and power.
Here at the moment
you will be amazed!
It is a miracle, Lanyon,
shake that Satan,
believe it ...
Satan itself.
I went too far to stop there!
That's perfect.
So you ...
who deny the virtues
medicine transcendental
you gaussez of your colleagues,
your superiors ...
Mr. Lees ...
Fetch the brandy.
I see the two faces ...
Stop them.
Do we stop them.
The Queen's clairvoyant
sees the killer!
He sees the dream killer!
Dr. Llewellyn ...
Pronounced both L.
Talking blood.
The woman was eviscerated.
This implies heavy bleeding?
This is an understatement.
How much was on the ground?
It was dark, but many.
It was so dark
you have not noticed
that "the abdomen was opened
lower ribs,
"Under the basin
to the left of the stomach."
No, indeed.
That's how much?
About 3 liters.
- It's hard to say.
- 1 liter.
I filled.
This is misleading, eh?
A spilled drink, it's a flood.
A little water.
Where do you come from?
I mean murder
may have occurred elsewhere.
is waiting for you in your office.
George, a cab
for Dr. Llewellyn.
Yes, Doctor.
For the moment.
So, Mr. Lees,
What about this piece
Lyceum Theatre?
You say he did it on stage?
Clearly visible to the public.
This is unheard of.
You see, my article
was no exaggeration, Mr. O'Connor.
make a drawing faithful
tomorrow, I will publish
with the prose Bates.
Very true?
Taken from life, Miss Prentice.
On the spot.
Jekyll and Hyde
are fictional characters.
- They do not exist.
- The actor is real.
I know you think I'm crazy.
Come to the theater you realize,
I beg you.
But not a word, okay?
You fear mockery.
I know that.
The world wants to break
he does not understand.
We try to break you, is not it?
Good evening, Mr. Lees.
No, my bastards!
It will not be so easy!
Lees has told?
Tomorrow, for the first time,
I find the specialist
the madness of this country.
A hospital St Bart?
The best anywhere.
What we need, George,
it is the largest country expert
on madness.
Lees is crazy, you think?
I hope not.
He described the assassin.
Thank you very much, sir.
You got?
Sir William Withey Gull, surgeon,
Fellow of the Royal Society,
Council of the Order,
president of the company clinic.
Books on the brain
vivisection and cretinism.
Doctor and Her Majesty the Queen.
Inspector Abberline
and Sergeant Godley, sir.
Good afternoon.
Sir William?
I do not have that privilege.
Dr. Acland.
It will not be long.
Do you want milk?
- Yes.
- No, thank you.
Charles Darwin
of the Royal Society,
as Sir William.
That "our ancestors the apes"?
- The milk is not good?
- Yes
You're there.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
William Gull.
Inspector Abberline.
Sergeant Godley.
Take place.
Thank you, sir.
Will you be offered a snack
or do you have dinner?
- It will, thank you.
- Excuse me.
Remember the French tonight.
The French, although this evidence
Darwin was right.
Good day, gentlemen.
My son.
A brilliant mind.
Although born with a spoon
money in the mouth.
I do not blame him.
And you, Inspector?
I know too little.
What I wanted to ask me?
What is madness?
The day would not be enough.
Can you be more specific?
Can be half crazy?
Normal one minute
and denies the next moment?
Fascinating question.
In my opinion, this is possible.
But you will not read anywhere.
The concept of mind
is too radical.
This will be a day for granted.
For now, these phenomena
are grouped
under the vague name
of hebephrenia.
Can we be sensible and crazy
be two different people?
But many of my colleagues
find the idea laughable.
Knowledge bothers inspector
especially when it innovates.
Take the poor Darwin.
He was right.
However, millions of scholars
still believe
that man is born
the two lovers in the garden of Eden.
Try to talk about Darwin
a man of the Church.
Or about me the medical ...
it may contradict
as good and evil?
A saint and an animal?
I think it is possible.
Why not.
So this is perfect.
You who deny the virtues
medicine transcendental
you gaussez of your colleagues,
your superiors ...
I do not get after the show!
I told them.
Their repetition it!
I do.
You'd be the Prince of Wales ...
We will chat nicely.
What do you do?
Let me go!
Who are you?
Gentlemen, if you do not get
on the spot, I called the police.
I'm from the police ...
Hi, Frederick.
Do you see that,
you know.
You are also a policeman?
Mr. Lees is seeing.
A policeman and a clairvoyant,
I see.
Richard, I must go.
And dinner?
Forgive me, I'm tired.
And sketch?
I leave you.
I'll come take it tomorrow.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Hi, Emma.
It is enough,
what is it?
Tell us how
you change into a monster.
How do I become Hyde ...
- Really?
- Please.
I do not know.
This is a police investigation,
Mr. Mansfield. Answer.
A police investigation?
It is rather strange.
All right. I observe and imitate.
Do you understand?
That I want to be.
So to play a doctor
you observe,
- Correct?
- Bravo.
And the other, Mr Hyde,
how do you do?
An immense talent.
These are the worst.
I dressed Irving
it was an ordeal.
- Good evening, Miss Prentice.
- Hello, John.
I never tell anything.
My lips are sealed.
Women and places he frequents.
Kind of brothel opium den?
Sometimes, yes. How could I
observe otherwise?
You met "Hyde"?
Many, it is a mixture.
The voice of New York,
the face of a Londoner ...
East End?
- I did not answer.
- Yes!
Are you already went to Whitechapel,
or nearby?
I could not say.
When have you seen this Mr. Hyde?
There is a month, a week?
I did not notice.
Last Friday?
That is to say?
A woman was killed Friday.
If "Mr Hyde" was in place,
I want to talk to him.
Believe me you involved?
I just want to meet
the man who inspires you.
One that looks like Hyde.
You organize it, Now!
- Are you sure?
- I recognize the door.
And "Mr. Hyde", you recognize?
He or girls.
The girls, of course.
Women do not forget me.
I'm tired of your comment.
I suspect if, say,
because I am a friend
of the royal family ...
That's him.
Hey, bastard!
Be polite, Rodman.
This gentleman relationships.
I thought you were dead.
You recognized me?
I never forget a voice.
We have not talked
but I was there on Friday.
Do you remember ...
Who is this?
No luck, Mansfield,
Rodman is completely blind.
Ask the girls.
A foreign Rodman,
Anneka or Anne?
- In a duo?
- There is a gentleman.
We'll get them out.
Very funny, Mr. Abberline ...
Hi, my lord.
Beautiful night.
Let it go, George.
He is well known
in high places.
It is you, Anneka?
Have you ever seen this man?
Do not be afraid.
Are you sure?
Good old Dixie.
He remained a long time?
Monique sometimes slept
sometimes it was me.
Night. That's why
they do not forget me.
You said it was gold
and it became green.
That's why
we will not forget you.
Good evening, Mr. Mansfield.
Beautiful night.
I ride?
Lees had to go with Dixie.
Take the cab.
I gamberger.
About a lady
we saw at the theater?
Emma Prentice?
Not be silly.
She'll get into trouble.
Out. Exit the cab!
It wrong?
It stops everyone.
There was another.
Hanbury St.
This is even worse.
Kerby has vomited.
Hanbury Street!
I saw,
I screamed and the police arrived.
Your name?
- John Richardson.
- One moment.
Made clear.
It is not the show.
It was on tap.
A leather apron, soaked.
I see it, Derek.
The rest.
The forensic division is alerted?
And the district has arrived.
We do not touch anything.
Do your men free,
and rid me of these people!
Pull it out of the yard!
Not you, Mr. Richardson.
- You went when?
- At 4 h 30.
- She was not there?
- Step 4: 30 pm.
You go to work?
- You have a knife?
- Obviously.
You can ask ...
Go to your statement inside.
You yelled Kerby?
Where is your sergeant?
This is the only cop in London
what not currently
trampling the court!
Police, open up!
Mansfield, open
or I smashed the door!
Mansfield, open up!
You hear I smashed the door!
What do you want?
I spent the night with you ...
You wear it?
- What?
- Were you wearing it last night?
Replace them.
Be careful where you walk.
- The same killer doctor?
- There is no doubt.
Have you seen this?
It is his business, I guess.
This has not happened there alone.
Everything is carefully prepared.
It is a wild open
a woman like a sack of grain,
Then he bends gently
his handkerchief,
puts his comb and pills.
- What do you think?
- You're the investigator.
Hello, Dr. Phillips.
Thank you for coming.
The forensic division
will give us his opinion.
His opinion on what?
Doctor, before you leave,
Thank you for the tip, Mr. Spratling.
Star is always very grateful.
Who is this?
Richard Mansfield, the actor,
and the other, Robert Lees.
- Who?
- The light of the queen.
Hang them all!
Seeing the queen.
Who killed Annie Chapman?
What is your name?
I bet it's nice.
You know Annie?
What's going on?
His soles.
- What?
- Show me his soles.
The other.
He washed
but it has no bloodstain.
- You had these shoes yesterday?
- Yes.
Sheets of Mansfield were cold.
You sleep outside
or this is your circulation?
This is my case, Inspector,
Is that clear?
He will be pleased to know
you have fully cooperated.
And we thank you.
Do not move without telling me.
You've upset why?
- Anything else?
- Go to hell.
So, Mr. Lees,
what do you tell?
I'm back. The coachman
will recall, I felt unwell.
I had a vision.
It was awful.
And what did you see?
I saw everything.
But it was too late.
This is the problem of spiritualism,
you always learn things
Goodbye, Mr. Lees.
You take me for a charlatan.
I can see that.
I'll tell you one thing
for the case
where you would not see it:
If the killer will appear,
station you are talking to,
it might take you.
An ambassador ...
Take care, Fred.
That's another!
Hang him too!
Someone hot.
This is the killer, grab it!
Hang them!
A cab waiting for you,
offered by the Star.
The cops are sold to nobs!
We asked the driver Lees
its history.
And checks
if a baby is born here, yesterday.
A baby, why?
Dr Llewellyn said
that a woman gave birth
but he forgot his name.
We need more men.
You know?
Will sleep two hours, George.
I take care of Mansfield.
If you talk to Emma Prentice,
let me do it. With her ...
What for?
Who's there?
You almost a year late.
I had to do.
I spent an interesting evening
with your friend yesterday.
You're drunk?
I do not drink in the day.
This is an official visit?
You'll leave the door open?
There is a terrible air stream.
What do you, Freddie?
Know everything you know
of Mansfield.
There is nothing to know.
He is young, handsome, famous,
intelligent, talented.
It has relations.
And he's bald as an egg.
It will end in tears as always.
But first, we have fun, right?
I forgot.
Leather apron!
What does that mean?
Were a deck fitting.
He has one.
Hang him!
Hang him!
Pizer, assassin!
Hang him!
I'm afraid I have said too much.
I rarely drink champagne.
Not going to publish
anything inappropriate.
Rely on me.
Okay, buddy?
They are trying to kill me.
He's drunk.
He drank, leave.
No, do not leave me.
They will kill me.
Help, someone!
I beg you, help me!
I told you.
She had not even Pimp?
There pimp and pimp ...
Billy, come here.
There pimp and pimp
Do you understand, Sergeant?
I have to say.
Sweet Jesus, Billy White,
you're forced to look at ourselves
Annie Chapman was a mac?
It would have changed anything.
It seems that this is a cop killer.
A guy at home.
Ignore it, darling.
It is a little poopers.
I remember that.
Keep me informed, Cathy.
Pardi, Georgia.
Can I call you that?
Got a head of Georgia.
It's funny: "killjoy".
It is a little poopers ...
With you, Liz, you always
six gins late.
They want to kill me.
Calm down, Mr. Lees.
Thank you, Derek.
That's it.
I tried you draw the car.
She wears arms.
This pram you flipped?
- You have not seen the check?
- This is the pram that matters.
I have already taken
you see ...
to see the queen.
It is a royal sedan.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
The coat of arms on the door.
It comes out of the royal stables.
Did you talk about?
A person?
No, I came directly.
Do not talk.
I guess you understand
what it means.
Fred, you see?
The grand-son of the queen.
It is His Royal Highness, Prince
Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence.
Are you sure
none of these prams
- Is released yesterday?
- Sure.
The permanence has not changed,
we repainted others.
You can see them.
How to say ...
May have been borrowed?
Borrowed ...
These are the royal stables,
not a company hire.
Sorry you have selected.
- Goodbye, Mr. Thackeray.
- Goodbye, Detective.
A moment.
I will ask an independent,
they know what circulates.
An independent, why?
He thinks we want a car.
Lees's fault.
Royal arms, my eye.
The Prefect will wait for you.
Looking for a car?
- No.
- The director told me.
This is a misunderstanding.
A moment.
Come here.
You'd have one like that?
An independent
located with money.
It's for you, George.
- A tonight.
- Very well.
You need the horses?
It depends.
You did well to tell me.
You do not
the history of Mr. Lees?
Without proof.
When you have been assigned the case,
I was against it.
You have managed to be discreet
this royal sedan.
An exemplary manner.
In exactly 40 minutes,
I see the Prime Minister.
Accompany me.
- Me, Mr. Reeve?
- You, Inspector.
Prince Albert Victor
file a good tip
after a night in the East End.
- Do you follow me?
- You drive the prince?
Not personally.
I shaper, you see?
This is my car.
It belongs to me.
- I'm at the palace two days out of 7.
- Otherwise?
The medical profession.
I'm on the list.
What lists?
Those hospitals.
That large.
The rest is for rednecks.
Must lead to all the time?
I myself am a doctor.
- Really?
- I'm good.
I studied. In libraries.
I learned from books.
If I was not born a bastard,
I'd surgeon.
There must be a head.
- And you have one.
- My hands, too.
Hands of the surgeon.
Not a tremor.
Thin, this time already?
I gotta. Waiting for me at
the hospital in 30 minutes.
I found the stables.
John Netley.
They call me Dr. Netley.
- What is your name?
- George.
I will look for a car, George.
Are you familiar with the situation?
A vigilance committee was created
Whitechapel, it seems.
Where will it lead?
A further riots
repressed by force?
It was political, no crime.
The Minister of the Interior
a comment?
Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.
The riots in Trafalgar Square
back in less than a year.
There has been injured.
You were booed
for "Bloody Sunday."
Mr. Minister ...
There vigilantes
armed Whitechapel.
The government can not tolerate
other divisions,
even after a murder.
The queen, either.
Sir ... Abberline,
Do you need something?
In men, sir.
The Prefect will take care.
Mr. Prime Minister,
Mr. Minister.
What worries the Queen
looks and looks at us.
Anyone else.
What are these rumors
of Prince Albert Victor?
We have seen in a brothel.
A brothel?
This is unfortunate.
Where is it?
A Whitechapel.
Where the crimes were committed.
Take this, do you?
Same knife, same injury, killer.
Dr. Phillips
I need a service.
Willingly. Which one?
A peculiarity of the murder
you will not tell anyone.
Keep a thing for you.
Dr Llewellyn Can I help you?
I forgot my bag, forgive me.
What a strange behavior.
Whatever it is,
As you and I are the only ones who know,
nobody else.
Hide injuries?
No serious but that account.
You tell me in confidence.
Excuse us, we work.
Check your aims black cars?
We have men, means,
all, we need only ask.
This is the prefect?
How did you do?
With my charm.
Finally, the list of vessels,
barges and
moored in the Port of London
at the time of the murders
with the names of all members
crew, even the cat.
Teachers, students,
butchers, abattoir workers
various cooks, barbers
and anyone with a history
criminals, Aldgate to Mile End.
And artists?
Dissect some horses
for study.
As George Stubbs the painter.
Okay, son.
Artists too.
This evidence is drawn from nine
of those who saw the victims
with a man shortly before the crime.
About 1.85 m,
a long coat,
flap cap or visor
with a package or bag.
Clear or white hair.
30 or 40 years, maybe more.
Whispers, perhaps abroad.
- Half of the city.
- Or you, Kerby.
He knows the area. It is very
and medical knowledge.
A midwife.
And macs?
They control too.
Any other questions?
Come to work.
The City Police
has half of his men in civilian clothes.
No, they will cut you
grass underfoot.
I thought
that you were wondering.
I'm going to do next.
Surely not.
Because I will.
- Where are you going?
- Where is Abberline?
Llewellyn has delivered a woman
a Mrs. Kandinsky.
She does not know what time
he's gone.
Does not eliminate it.
- You do not will advance.
- Where is he?
I would like to talk to you.
My name is George Lusk.
President ...
The alleged vigilance committee.
I waited for you timepieces.
I'll show you more, Abberline.
100 armed men!
You unable to protect
the common people,
then we will help you.
Opens many ears, Lusk,
I'll tell you something.
I come from people
and I am interested in people.
It shows.
That is power.
My advice, go home.
Revolution will not this week.
- You've been there a little strong.
- A little? I'm getting old.
I hate politicians.
Do infiltrate the group Lusk.
They are watching.
If I were the killer,
I would patrol with Lusk.
All right. For the car,
I investigate Netley?
Doctor check?
This kind of guy blows hot air.
As exterminator Peckham.
Not, he brewed the wind.
It also relaxes the brain.
Yes, Mom.
Come on, is on the right track!
Yes, my friend.
It is a solemn promise.
I asked for the exclusion
due to the content of statements
we will hear.
I urge journalists
to influence their decision
before publishing certain details.
Go ahead, Dr. Phillips.
The abdomen of the victim
was opened.
Separated from the mesentery,
have been completely removed
and placed on the shoulder of the corpse.
According to the angle of the incisions,
it is clear
that the knife was
in the left hand of the assailant.
were dealt out in this direction.
A lefty.
Llewellyn had not seen it.
Look who's here.
The uterus and its appendages ...
It is not very discreet.
Two-thirds of the bladder
were collected
and the top of the vagina.
Doctor, the organs they
been removed separately
- One after the other?
- Yes.
With medical procedures?
I've never seen anything like
from a colleague.
It was frantic,
the work of a madman?
No. Organs
were deliberately taken
A surgeon would need
at least 15 min for taking
Thank you, Dr. Phillips.
We rentendrons tomorrow.
Gentlemen of the jury ...
Fifteen minutes,
he took his time.
Our friend goes.
Heart failure ...
following blood loss
caused by injury to the throat.
Dr. Acland!
Inspector to see you again.
The case you are interested then?
Your visit to the hospital
sparked my interest.
I know Dr. Phillips ...
- You go to the opera?
- Excuse me?
- This is the opera?
- The jacket?
No, a melodrama at the Lyceum.
Jekyll and Hyde?
I was offered places
in appreciation.
How so?
I advised the actor
which plays a doctor.
A charming American, Mansfield.
It is fairly well known, I think.
He looked at autopsy
Mansfield attended the exam?
For his role.
People usually fail,
he sent places
so it has not moved too.
I salute you, gentlemen.
You think Mansfield is left?
And Acland?
Standing Pizer.
Pizer, shoemaker,
alias "Leather Apron".
- You know why you're here?
- Y wanted to lynch me ...
- Where is your liver?
- Liver? It's beans.
No. On you, where is he?
That is your kidneys.
There is Isenschmid, the butcher.
They were going to drown.
Do you speak English?
Where is your liver?
Ja, it is there.
But where exactly?
You're a butcher?
On a pig, I know exactly
the people ...
Here, perhaps.
Just Bavaria.
For us, it is the bladder.
Take your seats.
Sleep well, Herr Isenschmid.
They are right-handed.
Break them.
All right.
Fred ...
Where is the liver?
Under the right ribs.
I wanted to make sure you knew.
Go get some sleep, George.
I will make visits to 3 pm
I want the car to 5 h 30.
Well, Dr. Acland.
I beg your pardon,
I thought you were alone.
Enter Theo.
We had just a second opinion.
I will do my best.
Take a kidney in the dark
or a bladder.
Would you know?
In the dark?
Without touching anything else.
Do not disappoint me.
I said that you could.
Surely not. Just 1 cm
to cut another body.
This is for your investigation?
- And with a lamp?
- Everything is possible, Doctor.
I would like your opinion on the case.
I leave you?
You will anyway.
Excuse me,
this is madness here.
Have you finished?
Not quite, Sir William,
if you have time.
One of the great paradoxes of life,
How can I help you?
Have you seen Jekyll and Hyde?
No, but it is like.
Theo talks non-stop.
This is nonsense.
But you said
that could be double.
Not with a potion, I spoke
voluntary transformation.
A deliberate act?
In my childhood, inspector,
an infected wound
could result in death.
Today I cut my finger
deliberately ...
Leave voluntarily fester,
and heal in an instant
by dipping in antiseptic.
There is little the world
Gauss would such a precept.
Experimentation is moving.
It is the same spirit.
So a "Jekyll and Hyde"
could exist?
A man who becomes a monster?
Seems possible.
But succeed it
you raise the Dr. Jekyll?
Another fascinating question.
Hello, inspector.
I could not sleep.
Of course not.
Go home.
Can I help you?
Hi, Derek.
Who are you?
You bastard!
"Dear boss,
"It seems
the police arrested me.
"Leather apron made me laugh.
"I triperai whores
until I loop.
"The next ..."
I found it.
Where were you, Bates?
With the committee.
"Why not?
"... Jack the Ripper."
"PS: This is my pen name.
"They say
I'm a doctor, ha ha."
"Jack the Ripper"
this is a dream.
I buy, Paulsen.
Bates will go
Whitechapel with you.
I'll write the one
taken out an edition in 1 h.
Central News was received this morning.
Paulsen has given us.
I like that get 3 per day.
Written in red ink?
It is rather unhealthy.
It has shocked many in the agency,
is not it?
People do this for fun.
They find it funny.
Not me.
A reaction to the readers?
They expect something.
I better: a dozen
letters even more boring.
Upon reflection,
write them yourself.
George, read this.
Sorry, not yet.
"This is my brother,"
"It's the Jews" ...
"I am a giant vulture ..."
Read the end.
"The next I amputerai ears
"And I will send them to the police,
just for fun."
- So what?
- Do you know
Your secret?
They were cut.
Not amputated, notched.
I knew Dr. Phillips
knew, as well as the killer.
Why this big guy he says:
"I amputerai ears"?
Does not prove
the killer wrote it.
Unless there is another.
I want to see all documents
even if we have to spend the night.
Hurry up, go get them!
Jack the Ripper
ladies and gentlemen!
A letter from the Ripper!
Read Star
A letter from Jack the Ripper!
Read Star
Charles, glad to see you.
The Prime Minister would like to know
if you know the rumor.
A rumor, sir?
It slanders the prince
years ...
Of Whitechapel.
There frequents a brothel.
He would go there incognito
and quite often.
- Is it true?
- That is not the question.
A pretender to the throne,
the truth does not matter.
The persistent rumor
would great harm to the monarchy.
- The queen knows?
- I can not say.
But if the press learns
all anarchists and Republicans
want to make a revolution.
It started.
Lusk has already recruited 100 men.
How many there will he
if the prince is cited
in these articles?
What do you expect from me?
Find the murderer.
Anyone ...
We'll do the rest.
What are we looking?
Pairs, George.
I've told you.
There are 171 depositions,
all unique. Unrelated.
For example:
Two butchers in a pub
two sailors on a ship.
It must be there.
God loves us.
Hey, Liz.
Mary Jane, I'll bring you
protection you need.
What will it cost me, 3 nights?
Her father finally hanged.
Mind your own business.
Thank you, Billy.
The same thing?
The same, please.
Who wrote it?
His accomplice.
Without an accomplice, he could not
operate in the court for 15 minutes.
So we're looking pairs.
I have recovered, Mary.
Chipes instead.
No, they were nail
this is mine.
I was shuttered for drunkenness,
I gave your name.
Funny friend.
You, you're a friend of person
Billy White.
But, I am your protector
is not it, Liz?
Think about this question:
Why the evidence
are they so confused?
Clear or white hair,
medium or large,
flap cap or visor
they do not know who they describe.
Because they are two.
Is required.
Somewhere in there,
Good evening, sir.
Hi, Rodman.
She does not, let it!
I told go earn your crust!
You see, Mary?
Emerges carrion!
So, Mary Jane, What you choose?
To be protected, or left alone?
Sleeping around,
vengeance, vol.
Not a single pair.
What is missing from it?
A mobile.
There is no motive.
Lees ...
I made you some tea.
Thank you.
It is better than Kerby.
It should help.
If you started?
You've had enough.
I feel here.
Be cabbage.
Fetch your pipe and break it.
What you got?
What was he?
Is Spratling, quick!
Berner St,
the court in Duffield!
You are beautiful.
You sleep?
You will take root like that.
I just wanted a drink.
Follow ...
He is playing with us. He plumb
found to believe.
The grand-son of the queen.
You are finished, Abberline.
Place the people.
Vive ...
I have an alibi,
I was in bed with him.
Splendid blonde ...
there more than a century
Jack the Ripper
kept their mystery.
This is a fiction
on these events.
History is the result Research
archives Interior Ministry
from criminologists
and Scotland Yard.
London, 1888
During the autumn of 1888,
fear reigned
the city of London.
Murder in Whitechapel!
Read Star A penny!
The streets of Whitechapel,
a killer put women
parts and evaporated
each time in the night.
His wildness was so atrocious
has forgotten his name ...
Jack the Ripper.
Inspector Abberline Scotland Yard
conducting the investigation.
Mary Nichols was not killed
for money.
There was no rape,
it was cut to pieces!
Find the culprit.
- Keep me posted.
- Pardi, Georgia.
I saw.
The killer.
Looking for a man with two faces.
This is your vision?
Not exactly.
- Are too long.
- Shorter,
it reminds me of someone.
Richard Mansfield.
American actor.
What is madness?
Can you be half mad,
normal one minute
and denies the next moment?
A saint and an animal?
In one person?
What do you Freddie?
Know everything you know
of Mansfield.
Believe me you involved?
I just want to meet
the man who inspires you.
I will never forget.
I took to see the queen.
What are these rumors
of Prince Albert Victor?
We have seen in a brothel.
- Where?
- A Whitechapel.
Where the crimes were committed.
If I was not born a bastard,
I'd surgeon.
There must be a head.
My name is George Lusk.
President ...
The alleged vigilance committee.
I waited for you timepieces.
I will show you more,
100 armed men!
What are you waiting?
September 30,
That night, he killed
Elizabeth Stride Berner St
Catherine Eddowes, close,
in Mitre Square.
But the worst was yet to come.
There was nobody.
You should pray.
I have a wife, sisters.
Why not stop this killing?
We try, Mr. Diemschutz.
He found between 1 h and 1 h 05.
The blood was fresh.
A woman is cut to pieces
and you,
Why did the police do anything?
So he did?
"The next I amputerai ears
"I'll send for the police,
to laugh."
No. They are still there.
This is a bad joke more.
That's not a joke.
How did he know?
The grapevine.
Remove the body.
It's another to Mitre Square!
This one is terrible!
You are looking for the riot?
While Abberline,
you do not want us?
You said it not, that useless?
Evacuate your men, Lusk,
or I'll troll post so fast
smell of burning it!
You are finished, Abberline.
Place the people.
The Vigilance Committee ...
Spratling, take care of the body.
George with me.
And why?
Not because they want
that the streets are safe!
A statement
for the first edition?
Yes. Shut up.
I'll write.
Your women do not count.
Not your daughters.
You do not count!
He's right!
Get Involved, syndicate you!
Join movement of people!
This is ...
- Where is the body?
- They have won.
- Carried?
- At the morgue, there is 10 minutes.
I washed the blood
but I do not mop.
Why'd you washed?
Order of the prefect of police,
He waits in Goulston St.
I thought you were warned.
A piece of skirt
cut with a knife.
Full of blood.
Why bring it here?
Enlighten it.
"The Jews are those
not blame you for anything."
We must blame the Jews.
Is it?
And spelling:
I know.
Let's remove.
Delete it immediately.
Mr. Reeve?
It was a bit skirt of the dead.
- Which one?
- The Mitre Square.
Excuse me, sir.
What do you do?
What I said.
My orders.
It is anti-Semitic.
"The Jews are those
not blame you for anything."
There are many immigrants here
Jews are unpopular.
If it is learned,
they will be lynched.
Delete it.
Why does he write?
To believe, to confuse us!
George, note it,
you also constable, recopy:
It can be important.
- Why?
- I ask you.
He makes mistakes, that's all.
Delete it.
A letter to the Central News Agency,
Mr. Reeve.
The same handwriting?
No, nothing to do.
Delete it.
I want to see in the press.
I'll meet you at the Yard.
Hundreds of uniformed
and after all this time, nothing.
Is it?
It took thousands depositions,
were doubled round
the snitches are on the alert.
We must go forward, gentlemen.
The Minister of the Interior
received letters
the president of a
vigilance committee.
George Lusk, a thug.
He wants to help.
No, he wants to cause trouble.
I do not agree
and the Minister either.
It is a revolutionary
which serves crimes
to achieve its purpose.
This is an anarchist,
an Irishman?
but if you want a riot,
Lusk is your man.
If the Minister decides
to accept his "help"
I resign.
I'm serious.
Conflicts in the East End!
George Lusk wants to manifest!
Read Star
I repeat.
The murders were committed
in the same neighborhood.
All victims in prostitution.
Nobody has seen or heard anything.
It evaporates at a time.
It is the wedge.
It keeps saying.
He massacred the women
so it must be covered with blood.
Liters of blood.
- Where is he?
- On the cover, it's obvious.
And he lives alone?
Why do they follow?
Good question, Derek.
They may know,
or it inspires confidence.
A doctor or a priest?
A figure representing authority.
Like us?
This is not funny!
Indeed. That is why
we must ask everyone.
Men, women and children.
Someone knows something!
We know what it looks like.
Vaguely ...
Thanks to testimonies received.
For three days,
you will go door-to-door.
If someone knows something,
make a note
and come back with!
Go pounding the pavement!
Hello, guys.
It moves front of the police.
And here is the article:
"George Lusk talk."
The campaign is well
do not you think?
Shut up and do your job.
A white handkerchief with a red border.
Matchbox full of cotton.
Two clay pipes.
A cigarette case red.
Five bars of soap.
A box containing tea and sugar.
Glasses, a comb.
A glove and a ball of wool.
You've all noticed?
What are you doing, Doctor?
This is not your jurisdiction.
I examine the wounds, inspector,
for comparison
those of Elizabeth Stride.
His case is my responsibility.
And that is?
Here is the report, Inspector.
Read it yourself.
I thought the forensic
should help us.
You always have the letter?
The joke # 412?
I will cast.
No. Read it to me.
The sales pitch
the cropped ears?
He did not, Fred.
Not Liz Stride.
Here Cathy Eddowes.
Damn, he did.
It has no ears.
"Just for Laughs".
If it is true ...
You have his writing.
He has given us?
Bates found me.
I need it!
Two crimes at once
the tension mounts
and my best journalist
Let me see.
She came this morning?
At the agency and signed
Jack the Ripper, as the other.
"My pipe was serious boss.
"Double shot this time.
The first ..."
"No time take the ears
"For the police."
This is the same script?
Are you sure?
We are a serious agency.
We are consistent.
It is authentic?
This is the police say.
You should give Abberline.
Post before, of course,
for the usual price.
It was expensive, Mr. O'Connor?
This is the same handwriting, Inspector.
We have many Mail bizarre
especially about the crimes.
Anyone who thinks he's a vulture
giant writes each week.
I've not chosen?
Absolutely not, sir.
We are here for.
Good day, sir.
To believe that he wants us to stop!
"The first was whinning.
No time for the ears."
Because of Diemschutz.
He almost certainly
or the surprise.
They are two, you think?
- The other kept watch?
- Only
it would be very risky.
That explains the other writing.
"The Jews are those
that blame."
What is Linkedln?
What it is to write it?
He plumb found to believe.
We still have no motive.
There is one.
There is no crime without a motive.
So what is it?
They are penniless,
this is neither a vengeance
or a sex crime.
There is something unusual.
Something medical?
He sells organs it collects?
There are too many risks.
There is something powerful
behind it.
Black magic, a secret society?
With several participants ...
You do not feel that
someone knows more than us?
Two men ...
Two faces ...
This is a charlatan.
He can write, right?
Go get it.
The Minister of the Interior,
Enter Henry.
The queen sent me a cable.
She fears of public disorder.
With these "vigilantes" in the street,
I share
We risk a motion
Censorship of parliament.
I want a new head.
The prefect Warren is stubborn.
This is not him
but the prefect must go.
About Whitechapel
Nothing conclusive.
It's still a rumor.
This is the grand-son of the queen.
If frequent these places,
These are just speculations.
The devil speculation!
It is the largest hunt
in human history.
If the prince is involved,
it is the monarchy
could be questioned.
I want to know
before the queen did learn.
Where is he, where is Lees?
I had to wait
the end of a session.
He spoke of the Queen
which communicates
with her late husband.
He again spoke the damn car,
and in the cab, he replayed
3 acts Jekyll and Hyde.
Where is it?
This is not clairvoyant
that make deaf, George.
In addition, he writes a description
who has the pram toppled.
Bring it.
So, Mr. Lees, is it done?
I would not call it
A black car with arms.
What good writing?
My drawing was speaking.
You wanted to talk to me?
About what?
Following the story of your mishap
with the sedan,
we went to the Palace,
the royal stables.
It was a saloon of the palace?
No, Mr. Lees.
Not at all.
I took ...
To go to the queen.
You've already said.
Mr. Lees, what do you play?
Play? I do not lie.
This is what I saw.
You see a lot!
- Mirages?
- Monsters!
Dresses a dead!
And crimes!
Men double
like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!
I invited you to the theater
to show you that we can have
two faces as this actor.
While you will not believe me,
crimes continue.
This is Strand Magazine.
It is beautiful, is not it?
Which one?
Dr. Jekyll, of course.
Why you Acharnes you?
I do not desperately ...
I know it's your job.
Why you're not a teacher ...
Why not explorer
something exciting?
You're at the end.
I do not drink for six weeks.
You want me to smile
the great Richard Mansfield
and I dig
to see if he hates women not
air under his charmer.
Should I take note?
No. Repeat it ten times
before going to sleep.
It may try to find
if I like men.
Have you thought?
If he tries anything, tell him
I learned a lot
my father, the blacksmith.
He tapped throughout the day.
You want to defend
and even risking prison?
As alleged with your husband?
No husband, fianc.
I banged on time.
Do not stay alone with him.
I'm serious.
Leaflets. In 8 weeks
we took the depositions
all butchers, medics, cooks
and grinders 15 km away.
Were interviewed throughout
the neighborhood.
We spoke to the Jews,
Germans and French.
We have men everywhere.
But there is still rife.
someone knows something.
So we move to tracts.
And if he left the country?
My authority is not going so far.
But know Press the continent
us in the eye.
Americans, too.
The leaflets will please them.
Each station has a packet.
They must circulate.
Faster than that!
Returns to post, Derek.
Show yourself in all pubs Joe.
Well, Inspector.
But this is good Dr. Jekyll,
or is it Mr. Hyde?
Hi, Mansfield.
We just relax?
or will be venturing pub?
I will not answer
your impertinence.
I forbid you to go.
Instead Mr Hyde.
Terry is Mansfield, the actor.
Follow him, I want to know where it goes.
Good evening.
Do you want a drink
or offer?
Here Mary Jane is an Irish
full of charm.
Hi, Mary Jane.
Marie Jeannette.
I'm in Paris.
I'm Boston, call me Dixie.
- You, out.
- Police.
Something does not fit.
Between Terry.
It's raining?
He raised a daughter,
she spent the night with him.
At 8 pm, he put in a cab
to Whitechapel.
This girl has a name?
Mary Kelly.
Do your report for the file.
I can dry?
I'll catch your death.
You know what they say:
"If it makes you not laugh ..."
"Should not you enlist!"
What does not fit?
If there is more than one,
what is the link?
Two of us, we work hand in hand
but if one of us
began to butcher ...
No more strikes?
You have a gift.
And what did the big boys?
Something unexpected,
with the morning mail
is it not, Mr. Paulsen?
That is correct.
So, Doctor?
It is a human kidney.
What do you want more?
One of the victims?
I have no idea.
It is too broken?
Not at all.
If you need a second opinion,
ask Dr. Phillips.
If you'll excuse me,
I have patients to see.
Regardless, Abberline,
was the word.
"Dear Mr. Lusk,
"Here is half of a kidney
taken to a woman.
"The other half, I did fry
I ate. It was very good."
Signed: "Catch Me
when you can."
This is a good article,
eh, Mr. Paulsen?
Why suddenly he writes
George Lusk?
Others were sent
your agency Paulsen.
Why send it to Lusk?
We'll have to ask him.
Is not it?
It should not be so bad.
He had put spices.
What are you going to do?
Show the doctor the queen
the good Sir William.
I'll wait.
You know how it is.
Gull will cut the
or pour acid on it.
You know:
"If it makes you not laugh ..."
"Should not you enlist."
Hello, George.
Remember me?
The royal stables.
John Netley.
This is the kidney of a woman
about 45 years,
an alcoholic
who suffered from nephritis.
Look, Theo.
I need to know
Catherine Eddowes was it.
Let's see the report.
A little tired, that's all.
Show me that.
The kidney was preserved
in alcohol.
As would a doctor?
Anyone can get alcohol.
Not just a doctor.
It has the unfortunate.
Are you sure?
The size of the renal artery?
7.5 cm, you know perfectly well.
He remained in the body 5 cm,
and here 2.5 cm lacking.
Why this insistence?
You can cut a kidney
without a doctorate,
in the butcher goes well!
Since you came seek advice,
my son is passionate about this case.
About the Press on doctors
have struck a chord.
- Nonsense.
- No, mild paranoia.
Nothing serious.
You remember John Netley?
You should not find us
a black sedan?
I have been very busy.
John spoke of doctors
it carries.
The elite I am above the fray.
He even led the royal family.
But not in my car.
The palace provides beauties.
- Tell him the prince.
- Albert V?
A rascal, Prince.
It's called Albert V.
V like Victor.
I should not have said that.
What kind of thug?
I know how to shut up when needed.
You will not have me.
You know what it is?
A vesicle.
I know
I'm a doctor at halftime.
Completely bonkers.
So, what did Sir William?
A cannibal in London!
Read Star
The Ripper eats a kidney!
I only stayed an hour,
but I do not think
Mansfield that hates women.
Even if it is not
we estimate much either.
His life is a long affair.
With anyone?
This is an adventure itself,
is Richard Mansfield.
What else?
You had something to tell me.
It is much more interesting.
Imagine it is
the grand-son of the queen.
And what is the grand-son
the queen?
A journalist told me
that Prince Albert Victor,
Duke of Clarence,
frequent a brothel.
Several, in fact.
Like all.
Yes, but he wears a disguise.
To top it all,
his favorite haunt would be ...
It is on your list?
Ben Bates, the Star.
This is great, right?
You do not peddled, I hope.
It can be dangerous.
As you can be boring.
It must come from the function.
Why do not you try
something exciting
as an explorer?
I beg your pardon.
I will return.
You are Sergeant Godley?
You hold in the right way?
I'll walk.
And gossip sometimes dangerous.
By the way, I sup with him
Caf Royal tonight.
Do not worry. We will be eight.
I'll be safe.
Close the door, George.
What was he?
Sit and listen.
Their heads!
When they saw the kidney ...
They did not know what to say
or what to think!
They were baffled.
I wish I had your vocabulary.
So, will you publish
the article on the prince?
The power of the press, my friend,
it is the threat it poses.
Even with the royal family.
They transpire.
Hello, Bates.
It starts in the sedition?
What do you, Sergeant?
- You speak.
- What?
Noise as you peddle.
A member of the royal family
and Whitechapel.
I do not know what it is.
Write a word without proof
and the log will be entered,
or worse, throw you in jail.
It would give me great pleasure.
You talked about?
Only with my sergeant.
It intersects the facts.
The facts?
Not interested gossips.
It is the heir to the throne.
If sneezing is pneumonia.
If approach Whitechapel
is the Ripper.
The rumor is stronger
the facts.
And if it was not a rumor?
If it was true?
A prince brothel
it is a scandal.
The scandals do not last.
But if he was suspected of murder,
impacts could undermine
the foundations of the Empire.
What do you expect from me?
I have sworn to uphold the law
While I am prefect
I will, whoever the killer.
Do we understand?
Yes, Mr. Reeve.
If Mary Nichols
was an aristocrat,
the Prime Minister would be there.
If Annie
or Cathy
were duchesses,
they would have sent the army!
But these are our women.
So they do not care, friends.
Vive ...
Karl Marx live!
What a great face!
I found it great.
It's bullshit.
These guys never pay.
Billy, fuck you in hell.
I'll talk to him.
Excuse me, Mr. Lusk.
Your speech was very good.
Especially the passage of freedom.
You see it.
Did you know that you can participate
the revolution ...
I tried.
It is closed like an oyster.
"Freedom of the press."
If the rumors are true,
we venture into troubled waters
you know?
I'm not an idiot.
I know what it means.
You have a family.
You can drop.
I know.
Since when do we work together?
4 years.
You should know me.
I'm just afraid of the dark.
I will call if off.
Bucks Row,
This is the second right.
Good heavens, Billy,
will you leave us alone?
It overcomes the rabble.
Go back to your hole.
And you get out of what hole?
And you're trying to talk like us?
I know what you want, Lusk,
I am not fooled.
This is dangerous knowledge,
eh, citizen?
The first, Mary Nichols.
Feet here, head there.
How do you know?
They had washed.
Viewing windows.
What with the blood?
You'll see.
- Where were you?
- Party seeking the photographer.
I need more than one.
Who are these two people?
We already seen.
In Hanbury St.
Yes, after the assassination of Chapman.
You're a whore like her.
Second, Annie Chapman. There.
We dragged far
then was killed ...
And was slowly torn to pieces.
Do you believe?
If I believe?
How so?
Come on, George.
The coroner has not been able to tell them
and that the plot
that you have sent.
Another murder
and they will be completely overwhelmed.
Another murder?
There's no doubt Bates.
Well ...
We found
Scotland Yard before then.
9 am 30.
It begins on Liz Stride.
A coupling occurs.
It leaves the ears and goes.
- Time?
- Between 1 pm and 1 am 05.
In addition to the anarchists,
there are the Republicans,
Irish rebels
and women of East London.
Four thousand signatures.
All the protesters.
We stopped one piece?
Jekyll and Hyde,
not to give ideas.
The whole town has lost his mind.
It becomes dangerous.
Do not resign.
Not to complete.
We still need you
Mr. Reeve.
we descend into the street!
Tonight we face our enemy!
Tonight we are fighting for ...
A Scotland Yard!
Warren, resign!
Nine minutes.
He could not run as we did.
It would be noted.
A quarter of an hour?
This gives us 1 hour 15 minutes.
It kills Cathy Eddowes,
he cut each organ,
one by one.
Remember that it is dark.
Then he gets rid of there.
Twenty, twenty-five minutes.
That makes us 40 minutes.
Pardi, she was killed in 1 h 45.
It is 5 minutes.
And if it took him 10 minutes
to identify,
or fifteen?
Unless it moves
twice as fast as us.
- It is impossible.
- No.
Not with a car.
A car?
And it does not advance alone.
- That's it.
- There is a car.
This is the solution.
They are more
and they have a car!
That's right, Fred.
Quick, take it from here.
Warren, resign!
Soon the doors!
Come on, close the doors!
Warren, resign!
"Warren, outside?"
They shout my name.
Let's get behind.
I should perhaps listen.
A secret society,
it means a hundred men.
They are both two men.
You know why?
Because of portraits
we were made of the unknown
haired, white ...
They describe that?
Two men.
There are two different scripts.
The car moves,
therefore the incisions
are irregular.
There was some blood on the spot ...
Almost everything is in the car.
This is extremely risky,
and if they are controlled?
Not that car, George.
Nobody stops ...
this sedan.
What two men?
We think they are two
and they have a car.
Warn the girls, okay?
Spratling know?
Now, yes.
- I told them, Sergeant.
- Come to the Ten Bells.
Two types of car?
This is my face.
The Yard has nothing.
- I heard.
- Drink your beer!
What is it this time?
I was going out.
Here is the drawing
you have done for us.
He's pram of your vision,
man who tried to kill you.
And then?
Sedan Royal according to you.
It looked like.
That's "like".
You went to the palace
in one of them.
So was it a royal sedan?
There was a crest on the side.
That I may have been mistaken.
I like to talk clear, Mr. Lees,
and this is not your case.
You are warned, Mary.
I never take two
for the price of one.
- What's your name, do you?
- Millie.
This is her first night
do not be frightened.
They are not beautiful hair?
Come, my chick.
Be careful, Millie.
Sergeant, there are still three pubs
Fashion in St.
I know, Derek.
The supernatural is never clear.
This is what appeared to me,
a man with two faces.
And it seems
there are two individuals, Mr. Lees.
My apologies ...
Good evening, sir ...
Your name is not for me ...
Mr. Mansfield
consultation was about ...
About his career.
That is correct.
How is your career?
You know that I play
in Jekyll and Hyde?
I find myself
to half-empty halls.
I can not do the monster.
You are the best at this game,
the transition from Jekyll to Hyde?
Why do you say that?
Why ask to do an autopsy?
Like dissections?
I was preparing for the role.
Your tone is very ...
She sings, look.
Good heavens!
Long hair ...
Blonde ...
Splendid blonde ...
A man in armor.
What was he?
It is a vision.
We should leave.
Like a knight with his sword.
A knight in armor.
A knight in armor.
You are certain to get better?
I will read the future, tomorrow.
I do not raccompagnez.
You have woven
ties with Mr. Mansfield,
Mr. Lees?
My visions do not lie.
Looking for a man in armor
and a young woman
with long blond hair.
She will die.
Billy, sweet Jesus!
What happened to you?
It's my fault.
I should shut up.
About what?
I work for you.
I go out.
There are two men ...
Not outside,
it will be with you.
You'll be safe.
Millie, I have something
special for you.
And it relates.
I ressers Mr Netley?
And it is "doctor" Netley.
Tea, Sergeant?
- What, Sergeant?
- Nothing, sir.
- The evidence.
- Where is Abberline?
For him, I think.
With him, do you?
The warden wants to see tomorrow.
- At 11 am sharp.
- Yes, sir.
Look ahead.
And button up.
- Sergeant?
- Yes, Derek.
The Chief Commissioner!
I know, Derek.
What is he doing in Whitechapel?
I do not know.
What you read?
Find something to do.
Millie, must go!
- I'm ready.
- The not rush!
The shake?
I help!
Come on, it will happen soon.
Billy, this is his first night
in the street!
Come, my chick.
It will go?
Listen, does not go away.
If you come back,
returns, it is safer.
It's okay.
See you tomorrow.
I thought you were home.
It's not here at home?
The warden wants to see
you tomorrow at 11 am.
- And we finally got it.
- The ephemeris of the court?
All its obligations
for three months.
This is the list for London?
- Scotland.
- How?
The prince is in Scotland
for ten weeks.
Are you sure?
He has not left Scotland.
Ben Bates
be able to bring her back.
You think Lees
he read the future?
Not by its number, no.
They're up to what?
I wonder.
A knight in armor
and a blonde woman.
Let us go.
I'll keep pondering.
Cogitate, not booze?
Good night, George.
Do not forget the prefect at 11 am
Enter, it's open.
I get rid?
It will not?
Lord, no!
November 9, 1888
Hello, Ms. Cohen, Ms. Schultz.
I will return for rent.
You ever stop?
This is the day the Lord Mayor,
forget us.
Mom, rent!
Returns quickly.
I will pay tomorrow, John!
That's it.
I have for rent.
Come on, Mary,
you have already six weeks.
It is for rent.
The prince was in Scotland
for each crime?
These are the ephemeris of the court,
Mr. Reeve.
"His Royal Highness
Prince Albert Victor,
"August 30 with the queen
at Invercauld.
"On September 7, Glen Muich."
An Evening with monarchs
foreign lasted until 1 h 30.
And unless you have been
be in London in 8 minutes ...
It can not be the Ripper.
It was 650 km with 50 controls.
- 50?
- The domestic
the royal family guests.
They are on the list.
Excuse me, Mr. Reeve.
I'm coming, Mr. Arnold.
This is a holiday, people like.
They would like less
if he were to scroll
disguised turkey.
Can I talk to you?
- We'll talk on the way.
- No, sir;
It is urgent.
The locals feeling the pinch.
Like all of us, Tom.
Eyes record what they saw last.
I was told it does.
Just in case.
He resigned.
We lost a good man.
Mr. Bowyer.
You come for rent,
Mr. Bowyer.
What has happened?
I looked out the window
and I saw ...
pieces ...
everywhere, even on the walls.
There is nothing left,
nothing of it ...
It will, friend.
It's okay.
What shall we do, Fred?
When will hand
on the head, George
I'll kill him.
I would not be there.
Who Killed Mary?
She had an appointment.
Who could hate her so much?
Here it is.
Hang him!
High and short!
Down with the police!
Down with the police!
You see, here is your enemy!
Mansfield, open the door.
Mansfield police!
Open the door!
You can not go like that!
- Where is he?
- Probably the theater.
What is it?
His costume for Richard III.
Where is it?
Where are you going?
I'm talking about.
Who do you think you are?
I'm dresser, no jailer.
He returned to America
and I'm his luggage.
Where was he last night?
With a woman, I guess.
As usual.
See for yourself,
he did not sleep here.
We give the coup de grace ...
like this.
Richard, this is beautiful.
Hold the pose.
Yes, like this.
I'll be quick.
It lacks that.
Where were you last night?
Last night?
With Lees, and with you.
Tuesday, you spent the night
with Mary Kelly.
- She is dead.
- What?
She had a special customer.
What did you do
Lees leaving the house?
- Stop it.
- Leaving?
Ask this young woman.
Just ask him!
Will you tell him?
You say nothing.
Richard and me ...
have supper.
And after?
And after?
I went alone.
I do not compromise ladies.
I have no desire
working with you.
All chasing criminals.
That night, a woman ...
Accuse me too.
I have an alibi, I was in bed
with him. Okay?
It is useless, Freddie.
We are not the same world.
Stay out of mine.
It is Lancelot and Guinevere,
he armor, of course.
And she has long blond hair.
Funny coincidence!
This is not one!
My visions are famous.
Why the queen
consults me she to you?
I'm serious.
Have you seen this picture?
This is a reproduction.
We find every corner.
So you're not out at all,
Tell the inspector
I have nothing to do with these crimes.
Your insinuations are unworthy.
I came to see you to help you.
If you start,
I will do my best
for you to return.
I have relationships.
Now, get out.
The answer is somewhere.
This is mandatory.
All in the same neighborhood.
It can be local,
but there the pram.
Removal of organs.
Maybe a doctor.
It must be covered with blood.
Must wash clothes or discard.
And if he throws ...
It is not poor.
Our pathologist, it is the corner
and the medical profession.
He has an alibi
Nichols for murder.
The riddle: Lusk.
Militant, violent
and he knows the area.
A Does he know?
Seeing the queen.
No medical knowledge.
He has an alibi for Chapman.
He described the knight in shining armor.
Acland, MD, presence
unjustified audience Chapman.
Does not eliminate it.
Mansfield ...
Your friend, the actor.
And attended an autopsy
by Acland.
Emphasizes its name.
Is that all?
And you.
Well you handle the razor.
You too.
Add our names.
It's not bad.
Lady Gull.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Would you like some tea?
Sir William sits?
It descends. He loves
disobey his doctor.
- It is with?
- No.
He had an attack once.
My son calls a nap.
He is a doctor.
Dr. Acland.
This is a bit of a tussle.
He practiced very little.
From time to time, to the hospital.
It demoralizes and is quickly exhausted,
so careful of it, do you?
Thank you God, for the visit.
Do you serve tea?
You have already thought.
It does not bother you?
Lord, no.
With age,
they treat you like a child,
they send you to bed.
Your visit allows me
to eat cake.
What can I do for you?
What kind of person ...
can do this to a young woman?
Lord God ...
What kind of man is this?
This is called a psychopath
a person mentally unbalanced.
Achieving sexual disorder
According to the examiner,
there was no ...
You amaze me.
Have you ever seen
this kind of thing?
Vivisection is research
but what can be
the motivation for this?
The total destruction
a good health.
I did not answer.
How to locate?
It will not be easy.
It surely looks normal,
when it is not
within the scope of madness.
This is quite common.
We think they are both.
This is very interesting.
They must be safe
from each other to share
such a thing.
Absolutely safe.
A relationship?
It's possible.
Some exotic cult perhaps
political ideas.
Enough for a man
submit to another.
- Policy?
- Certainly.
Convince a man of few
it serves a great cause
He will do everything for you.
- Even kill?
- Certainly.
It will burn witches,
will torture your enemies
with a smile,
it believes is right.
The story is full.
Persuade a man of few ...
There has he not the police?
Come, my dear.
Come on, Theo, jump!
Where is Grandpa?
Netley, expect us.
Caroline, I told you
Mr. Abberline?
Enchanted inspector.
This is my son, Theo William.
You were with my father?
Yes, Mrs. Acland, we
to speak to Sir William.
He is willing, I hope.
He can be tyrannical.
Good day, gentlemen.
They removed the arms.
There is the brand.
And it is Netley.
Persuades a man ...
We will lose.
Bring him back for 6 h, cell.
I can not do anything.
I need this signed document
I received documents, cables.
This will clarify my position:
"This new atrocity
called an irrevocable decision."
This is the queen this morning.
But you said ...
The minister said there was 1 h,
as follows:
"I have the honor to inform you
that the firm has decided
"To accept the resignation
the Prefect of Police."
You follow me?
You are prefect until midnight.
See my successor on Monday.
You wanted Jack the Ripper.
Sign this paper and I stopped.
Take your hands off!
I am the royal stables!
You will regret it!
I work for important people!
We noticed!
What do you do?
Picks up the chalk.
You'll break my arm!
What chalk?
Which is the ground.
"The Jews ..."
I do not know.
I know how to write.
And how do you
to study medicine?
"The Jews are those
"We blame for anything."
- Get off me.
- Write!
"The Jews ..."
J. ..
J-W-F-S-l ...
You'll end up with a rope,
Dr. Netley!
You bastard!
Come on, faster!
There is not the text of the wall.
There mackerel.
The mac!
What mac?
I know no mac.
That of Mary Jane Kelly
dirty midget!
He will appoint, huh?
I tell you I know no mac.
What royal coat of arms?
For no one stops you
and that way the blood.
Nobody would dare open
Royal sedan!
Leave me alone.
He promised what?
Lot of money?
To become a doctor?
The fact that a good laugh.
Because you'll end up hanged!
Except that,
this sheet, John Netley,
is your salvation.
Listen attentively to every word.
"Whereas, on 9 November,
Miller court in Spitalfields,
"Mary Kelly was murdered ..."
Rodman, open up!
"The Minister recommends
Her Majesty gracie
"Any accomplice providing
"Likely to allow the condemnation
or the murderers."
Look at the bottom corner,
It is signed:
"Sir Charles Warren,
"Prefect of Police
- Where is Annette?
- Inside.
Come back here!
God forgive me.
It's a royal pardon.
But he'll have to earn it.
Close the door, Rodman.
You hand?
I went there two months
with Mansfield.
Dixie, remember?
The police.
Do not be afraid.
- I have done nothing wrong.
- I know.
Or elsewhere if you prefer.
Twenty pounds.
- Why?
- To assist us.
The police would know Jack!
Resignation prefect!
Do we know who is Jack?
Police know she the Ripper?
Everything is packed, Mr. Mansfield.
What do you expect?
At the end of an engagement,
it is customary
to offer a token of appreciation
his dresser.
I'll take this.
The car will be here soon.
Hi, Dr. Acland.
What are you watching?
Can I help you?
Where Abberline?
What's going on?
I'll come back tomorrow.
Thank you, Dr. Llewellyn
Good evening.
Wait, sir.
George's daughter!
Go away!
- You like?
- Yes.
My work!
You destroy!
My experience ...
He's crazy!
My experience.
They are whores!
Just fucking
nothing at all!
You're ruining everything!
Emerges, George.
Spread yourself, George.
No, Fred.
You will be hanged.
It breathes, it lives forever.
So Dr. Acland?
Massive cerebral hemorrhage.
If it persists,
it is only a matter of hours.
And if it stops?
Weeks, months.
It is like death.
He did not recover.
He spoke of his work.
What was it?
He no longer worked.
Good heavens!
What was he working on?
Dementia praecox.
partition of the mind.
Like Jekyll and Hyde?
For him, the human mind
had two faces
To say it was ...
He spoke of an experience.
Which one?
I was not aware of any.
For him, the madness was a disease
as another,
to understand before treatment.
To experience!
He had suffered a stroke,
he was the guinea pig!
He tried to understand
its madness!
It was crazy?
- This stage is not useful.
- Yes!
Was he crazy?
Among civilians.
The driver and the girl.
Netley not speak
for fear of suffering the same penalty.
The girl can be purchased.
You, Me and Godley,
three officers under Royal Warrant.
What do you say?
I still have 18 minutes
as prefect of police.
You're not going to shut up?
This is a killer!
It is the doctor of Queen
and a scholar.
He killed five women!
Listen to me!
Listen to what I say.
You see it with my successor.
But it will probably
in my opinion.
Happy retirement, sir.
And now?
Why overwhelm more innocent
his wife and daughter,
why overwhelm the medical profession?
This was said Warren?
What they all say,
the new prefect, Premier
perhaps even the queen
if she finds out.
The files will begin
to disappear
and the case will be classified
But this is the culprit!
And physician to Queen.
Benefits, scandal,
political crisis ...
Think the public good, George.
Think the public good.
What did you expect?
A justice.
Justice simply.
You should have let me kill him.
Is not it?
You should have.
Sir William Withey Gull
survived 14 months.
Unlike use in practice,
his death certificate
was signed by his son,
Dr. Theodore Dyke Acland.
Death due to cerebral hemorrhage.
John Netley died
under the wheels
own car in 1903.
Sir Charles Warren
made the Boer War,
and helped found Scouting.
He died in 1927.
Robert James Lees wrote books
telepathy and reincarnation.
He died in 1931.
Richard Mansfield
returned to America
and married his partner
Beatrice Cameron.
He died in 1907.
George Godley
was promoted to Inspector
retired in 1908.
After case Cleveland Street,
Chief Inspector
Frederick Abberline
left the police.
In the case of Jack the Ripper,
there was no trial or confession.
In 1888, there were no footprints
fingerprints or blood type.
There is no document
scientific testimony or
to identify formally Ripper.
Our findings are the result
Research and deductions.
Other experts and criminologists
have other assumptions.
We believe our findings.