Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

Ask not whence the thunder comes.
Ask not where the herds have gone.
Nor why the birds have ceased their song.
When coming home, don't take too long.
For monsters roam in Albion.
Jack, you're still up.
Sorry, Father.
The giants woke me.
- Jack, heh, it's a thunderstorm.
- Mother used to say...
... the giants made the thunder.
Where did you find that?
Along with her old things.
Will you read the rest to me?
All right.
Where're we up to?
The monks were trying to find God,
so they made magic...
Magic seeds. Aye.
I remember now.
"With seeds they pulled
from a magical pod...
"... the monks grew a pathway
to seek out their God.
"When they came
to what they thought...
"... was heaven's gate...
"... they met with a terrible, grisly fate.
"For between heaven and earth was a...
"... perilous place.
"Gantua, home to a fierce giant race.
"With a bridge now before them
to the world of men...
"... a plague of giants descends.
"Taking a cue from the richest of kings...
"... they acquired a taste...
"... for acquiring things.
"But the one taste that caused them
to lose all control..."
"Was a taste for the mankind...
"... blood, bones and all."
Well, that's revolting.
Too scary, Isabelle?
Giants aren't scary.
Not even their terrifying leader,
a monstrous giant...
... with two heads?
Keep reading, Mother. It's just a story.
Is it?
"King Erik...
"... bade the monks return to dark arts...
"... to find some way...
"... to rule giant hearts.
"So they melted one down...
"... mixed in magic and more...
"... and they crafted a crown
unlike any before."
King Erik's magic crown.
This is my favorite part.
"As soon as the king
took the crown in hand...
"... the giants were slave...
"... to his every command.
"He sent them back
to the place of their birth.
"Their home now a prison
between heaven and earth.
"Erik severed the link...
"... between giants and men."
"And peace returned
to his kingdom again.
"The mystical relics...
"... were all that remained...
"... safe with Erik through the years
that he reigned.
"And when time came at last
for King Erik to sleep...
"... he took crown
and seed with him...
"... for permanent keep."
"And as the king's bones
slowly crumbled away...
"... truth became legend."
Or so people say.
What will happen
when the giants come back?
They won't, son.
- But what if they do?
- Jack.
Well, I guess the king's Guardians...
- ... will have to cut them down to size.
- I wanna be a Guardian.
You have the spirit.
No doubt about that.
The king's Guardians must be born...
... of noble blood. There's not much in ours
but dirt and sweat.
It's only a story, Jack.
Giants aren't real.
But King Erik was real.
He was.
In some ways, he still is.
- You're of his blood.
- I've seen where he's buried.
In the royal catacombs?
Sounds like you've been having...
... some adventures of your own.
- Am I in trouble?
- Not at all.
I want you to have adventures.
- It'll make you a better queen.
- How?
Because you'll get to see
how the world works.
And when you're queen, you'll have the power
to make the world a better place.
Now off to sleep.
Sweet dreams...
... Isabelle.
Leave that one.
All right.
Now get some sleep, son.
We have to be out on the field
before first light.
How do you know giants aren't real?
I don't.
"And jealous eyes are looking down...
"... on peaceful fields in Albion.
"An enemy vows will come a day...
"... when giants return and giants stay.
"To wage a war...
"... and this time win...
"And to eat the last...
"... of Erik's kin."
... when you're back
from selling the horse...
... get working on the weeds out back.
They're about to swallow the house.
I'll get to it, Uncle.
- And, Jack?
- Yes, Uncle?
Don't get distracted.
Come on, don't look at me like that.
I wouldn't sell you,
but we haven't got much choice.
Horse and cart for sale.
Going for a price.
I'll be sad to see him go.
Horse and cart?
Ask not whence the thunder comes.
Ask not where the herds have gone...
... nor why the birds have ceased their song.
When coming home...
... don't take too long...
... for monsters roam in Albion.
Now let's turn that frown upside down.
Here comes King Erik...
- ... with his magic crown.
Hello, mates!
I'm Erik the Great.
Hello, Erik!
Would you like to hear...
- ... how I defeated the giants?
In Gantua we set our scene...
... where a stalk has grown...
... from a magic bean.
And from there, beyond the reach of men...
... a plague of giants did descend.
And what do we have over here?
Hello, pretty.
And what might your name be?
None of your business.
Very pretty.
- Where did you get that?
From my mother.
Now, please, let me be.
Come on, go after her.
Where do you think you're going?
- What's the matter? Not enjoying the show?
Hands off.
Hey. Hey, that's no way to treat a... Unh!
... lady.
To be honest,
you looked too drunk to do that.
What say we let the good lady go home...
... and I'll consider forgetting this.
We're sorry, sir.
We don't want any trouble.
Good. Because that's what
you're gonna get. Trouble.
Yeah. All three of you.
A whole...
... lot of trou...
There's something behind me,
isn't there?
What's your name?
Something wrong
with your knees, Jack?
Hup. Forward.
Where's my cart?
Has anyone seen my cart?
- Roderick.
- The king wants to see you.
- Why?
- Princess has wandered off again.
- Pfft.
You gonna let her do that kind of thing
once you two is married?
When we're married, as far as I'm concerned,
she can wander off a cliff.
I have bigger plans.
... why do you think them monks
shave their heads...
... like that? Heh.
Is that so God can see into their brains?
That's what I like about you, Wicke:
Stuffed to the gills
with insatiable curiosity.
Now, that's a pity.
Oh, thank God, it's still here.
Close the gates to the city...
... take some men...
... and find that monk.
And by the authority
of the Lord High Constable of Cloister...
... this gate will remain closed
until I find what I am looking for!
I am looking for a thief!
If you ain't stolen nothing,
you ain't got nothing to worry about! You!
There! With the bald head!
Turn around, let me see...
- ... your face!
Enough! Bow!
Him! Oi!
On your knees!
Horse for sale.
Last chance, going for a great price.
He's a good horse for a cart...
- ... if you had one.
- I'll give you 10 coppers.
Ten? Really?
I'm on an urgent mission.
Life and death.
Yeah, all right, deal.
I don't have the money with me.
But there's money at the abbey.
I'm sure...
... you're an honest man. I'd much
rather sell Anser to a man of the cloth than...
... a butcher...
- ... but I can't afford to go home empty-handed.
- Of course. Of course.
You idiot!
I wanna see their baldy heads!
Which is why I'm offering you collateral.
Not just beans.
They are holy relics, from a very...
... special time long, long ago.
They look like beans to me.
They are priceless...
... to the monks of Cloister.
Worth more...
... than 10 coppers. Whatever happens...
... you must bring those beans
back to the abbey.
Take them to Prior Puffin and tell him
that Brother Abel sent you.
- You'll get your money.
- Brother Abel, these are just beans.
Son, those beans have the power
to change the world as we know it.
Don't lose them.
And whatever you do...
... don't get them wet.
Stop that...
... monk!
Watch out!
You there! Stop!
Grab him!
Take him down!
Block the exit! Grab him now!
Stay where you are!
Don't move!
Hello, monk.
I'm sorry, Elmont.
Sorry for what, princess?
Well, I don't mean to make your job
so hard all the time...
... it's just sometimes,
I have to get out of here.
I don't ask for much...
... in return for all those years
I put food in your belly...
... clothes on your back,
a roof over your head.
So, what do I have to show for it?
I'll take them to the abbey tomorrow
and tell the monks what happened.
You believe that story?
I mean, he was a monk.
- Because he wore a robe? Funny haircut?
- Yeah.
Monks have no money.
They're monks!
The man robbed you!
Jack, you have got to grow up.
You're 18 years old.
And I'm not...
... going to be around forever.
Oh, apparently,
I'm not supposed to move.
Seems like cheating.
Can't keep running off like this.
What if something were to happen?
- You're the future queen of Cloister.
- According to you, having a king...
- ... is all that matters.
- I've never said any such thing.
So why force me to marry someone
twice my age...
... whom I do not love?
I'm sorry, Roderick.
So that's what this is about?
Majesty! Please be still.
It's about your refusal to see...
... that I'm not some fragile,
helpless creature.
You are so like your mother.
Just like your father.
Head in the clouds. Useless!
Look, I can fix this. I promise.
Too late for that.
Nothing left to fix.
Never thought it'd come to this.
Your parents' things.
Should fetch a few weeks' worth at the market.
Take my legs half the night...
... to get there with no horse.
You can't sell those.
- They aren't yours to sell.
- Horse was. Cart too.
Jack, it was a simple task. Sell the horse,
buy some thatch, fix the roof.
You've got to take responsibility.
Then let me.
Let me show you how responsible
I can be.
Let me get to know the people
that I am meant to lead.
Let me step outside
without sending a dozen guards...
... to rescue me.
Your Majesty!
The day I lost your mother
was the darkest day of my life.
I do not intend to lose you too.
Darkest day of my life...
... the day I lost your father to the plague.
Made worse...
... by the plague he left me.
Yet if I were a prince...
... you'd allow me to find my own way.
Mother said...
... I should marry for love,
but in my own time.
Please, Father...
... let me show you that I am capable.
You belong in the safety...
... of the palace. You will marry Roderick.
There's nothing further to discuss.
So sayeth the king.
Well? Did you get anything...
- ... out of him?
- No. He wouldn't spill the beans.
I'm going to ask you just once:
Where are they?
You should have left them
where they were buried.
They are born of dark magic.
And once darkness gets a taste for light...
... it will not stop...
... until it has swallowed the sun.
You cannot hope to control it.
We will never let you succeed.
We owe it to God.
You owe it to God?
... give him my regards.
Come on. You're not that stubborn,
old man.
Easy, boy. Easy, boy.
Fine. I'll go after him.
I'm sorry to disturb you, but I saw...
... your light and I'm lost.
Well, come in, please.
I'm Jack.
How do you do, Jack?
What are you doing out
in this nasty weather?
Well, it wasn't like this when I set out.
The storm...
- ... just crept up on me.
- What, and you just saw my light?
You were riding alone?
At the moment.
Do you do that often?
Is this your farm?
No. Sort of.
My uncle and I are tenant farmers.
We just work the land.
And, uh, these books?
Yeah, they're mine.
It's unusual...
- ... for a farm boy.
- Judging by the cover...
... are we?
What do you like reading?
I like a good adventure.
In books or in life?
Till I can find a way to get off this farm,
I have to settle for books.
And, uh, that mark on your face...
... was that an adventure?
I, um, got in a fight today. At the market.
What about?
I was defending the honor
of the princess.
Princess? Really?
You sure you didn't read that
in one of your books?
- How did you know it was the princess?
- I didn't.
Just saw she needed help.
It wasn't until the Guardians showed up...
... that I realized who she was.
Anyway, it happened very fast.
I wouldn't blame her
if she didn't remember me.
What are you running away from?
Who says I'm running away?
Maybe I'm running toward something.
Just looking for an adventure of my own.
Well, so far you've run toward
the light on my porch...
... Your Highness.
Please stand.
- You must think I'm very silly.
- No.
I just wish that...
Well, earlier...
- ... at the market...
- Thank you...
... for defending my honor, Jack.
Here, I'll take your coat.
... until you find your own adventure...
"The Giants of Gantua."
- My father used to read that to me.
That was always my mother's job.
I hope you find what you're looking for,
Your Highness.
Call me Isabelle.
Help! Hurry!
Get me out!
Jack! Please!
- Jack! You came back!
No, no, no! No!
What is it? What's wrong?
Heights. I'm not wildly keen on heights.
Hold on, I'm coming!
It's stuck!
Hold on!
What were you doing
with my daughter's bracelet?
No, I didn't steal it.
I promise. She showed up at my house
looking for shelter.
I was trying to help her,
Your Majesty, and then...
And then?
All this happened.
Wait a minute,
I recognize you from the market.
Your name is, uh, Jack.
- Let him up.
- Beans.
And where is your...
... house, Jack?
... assemble a team.
Men who can climb.
Yes, sire.
I'd like to accompany them.
With due respect...
... this mission is likely to be arduous.
Best left to the professionals.
I would like the chance
to prove my worth to my beloved.
And to you.
Very well. Just bring her back.
No further!
Jack! What have you done?
Who is this man?
He's my uncle.
Your Majesty...
... I want to volunteer.
Your Majesty, please.
Why don't we bring
wives and lady friends?
- Let's not...
Let's not be hasty.
I think the young man should come.
He's the only one who saw what happened.
He might shed light on this mystery.
- Your Majesty...
No, Elmont, Roderick's right.
He might be an asset.
Now go. And may God help you
bring back my daughter.
Hold to a line...
... soldiers!
Please, sir, the other side
of the tree. That means move back.
Please, sir.
Move back.
What do you suppose...
... is up there?
I'm not a superstitious man, Jack.
I never suppose.
I simply prepare for everything.
- What, like giants?
No, everything real.
... of heights?
Fear of falling.
Well, then don't fall.
Oh, that's great advice...
... yeah.
All right, let's get moving, chaps.
I hope you're not putting yourself...
... through all this with the aim
of impressing the princess.
What? No.
You'd be barking up
the wrong beanstalk.
Even if she could...
... avoid marrying Roderick,
law dictates that...
... she will never marry a commoner.
Your turn.
Come on, Jack, it's not very far.
Come on.
You want to know a little trick?
- No.
- When I'm afraid...
... I imagine a big piece of cake...
... floating right in front of me.
Brilliant. Thanks.
Like a reward waiting for you,
just within arm's reach.
Can you see it?
Not really.
Then go get it!
Am I dead?
Not just yet.
Help us! Pull us up!
Bloody hell!
Wicke! Wicke!
I think it's time...
... to lighten the load!
... what are you doing?
No! Please!
What's happening down there?
No! Please!
Sorry, boys!
Roderick, what's going on?
The line!
It snapped!
They're gone! They're all gone!
Well, look at that.
Well, she's not in the house.
This is the only other place she could've gone.
And if she climbed down...
... we would've seen her.
She didn't climb down. She climbed up.
Why would she do that?
If she were cold.
Or hungry.
Or looking for an adventure.
Thank you, sir.
Is this all you have?
The rations went down with my men.
- Where are the beans?
My lord?
There are exactly three men in Cloister...
... who can make a person disappear.
The Lord High Constable,
the Lord High Steward...
... and the Chief Advisor to the King.
Unfortunately for you...
... I'm all three.
Come on.
Come on!
Come on!
And not a word. Or you and your uncle...
Crawe? It's her, yes?
Course it's her. She's a smart girl.
- Isabelle?
- So she can find her way back.
Keep up, or you'll be left behind!
All together now!
And heave!
Maybe he slipped.
Maybe they all slipped.
There's another mark. Half finished.
Something happened here.
I'm getting an awfully bad feeling
about this, Crawe.
She's a resourceful girl. We'll find her.
She hid in here.
- I think something grabbed her.
Why would you think that?
This is the book I gave her.
And look at those broken branches.
Something big pulled her out of there.
- She's in trouble.
... go with Wicke and Roderick.
Take the high ground.
We'll continue on this way.
Don't engage in anything unless you have to.
Our mission is to find...
... and return the princess.
And we must assume that this is now
hostile territory.
And that every story your fathers...
... told you was true.
Good luck.
Anyone hungry?
- Hold on!
Me knife! I can't get me knife.
Get the knife.
Come on, man, cut it.
Go on, lad.
Come on.
Elmont, come on.
Just cut us out!
- Okay!
You wanna do it?
Almost there.
Just a bit more.
What was that?
- Help me get down.
- Jack.
Get out. Get out, lad.
Get out now!
We'll have to go around.
Your Lordship,
stay here and get some rest.
I'll scout out the ridge
and find the safest way across.
Most considerate. Thank you.
Oh, look. There's Isabelle.
Do you see her?
Right there.
We see you, my darling!
- We're coming, my love! Right there!
- Where?
Is she okay?
- Roderick?
- Yes?
Why is it, right, people always scream
before they die?
Do they think it's gonna help or some...?
Put me down! Roderick!
Do you believe in God?
Well, do you?
Of course.
Would you like to meet him?
Not yet, no.
Then you will answer our questions.
How did you get here?
I won't answer.
I understand...
... what telling you would mean.
And not telling us.
Where are the...
... others?
I came alone.
You think we are fools?
Where you go, many more will follow.
You are a descendent
of Erik the Terrible, are you not?
Are you not?
Erik the Great?
That was so long ago.
Have we...
... faded into legend?
We have...
... forgotten the look...
... of his face.
We have forgotten...
... the sound of his voice.
But we never forget...
... a smell.
Your blood betrays you, Your Highness.
Your Highness.
My brothers...
... at long, long last,
the mankind have returned.
They're uglier than I remember.
And among them...
... comes the blood...
... of our jailer...
... Erik the Terrible!
- Hello there.
Oh, my God.
And today...
... we will taste...
... the sweet nectar...
... of revenge!
Fee, well done.
Put us down!
Elmont. Crawe!
Your Majesty!
A delightful reunion.
I'm afraid we haven't met.
How many are you?
Piss off, giant!
Crawe, quiet.
How did you...
... get here?
Where is the way down?
Choke on my bones.
No! No!
Out of the way! I want some!
- What is it?
Time to eat!
Make way!
What have you heard?
- I heard there was three of them.
Three? How did they get up here?
I don't know.
Perhaps they've learned to fly
in the air like birds. Ha, ha.
Nah, they're probably too stupid for that.
That's true.
Come on.
Let's see what all the fuss is.
So tell us how you...
... got here...
... or we eat her.
No, general.
I found her.
The right to eat her...
... is mine alone.
We know the rules...
... of the hunt, Fumm.
But she is different!
The general abuses his power.
You're not our king.
I believe that distinction...
... now belongs to me.
Foe? Fye?
We had no choice, General Fallon.
He has the...
The crown.
Yes, the crown.
Cut from the same rock...
... as your hard hearts.
They are inextricably linked.
To deny the crown...
... is to deny your very existence.
So on...
... your knees.
On your feet, general.
- Prisoners of Gantua!
Well done, Roderick.
- Have them release us at once.
I'm talking to giants at the moment.
By the way, darling...
... wedding's off.
So prisoners of Gantua...
... I bring you the gift of freedom!
Tonight we feast...
... but tomorrow you shall return
below with me...
... as your new king.
... we'll take the kingdom of Cloister...
... and then her neighbors.
And in time, we will...
... test this Viking myth
of a greater land across the sea.
Are you mad?
Yes. It seems that power's gone
directly to my head.
You traitorous bastard!
As I was saying...
... gather your armor...
... sharpen your swords...
... and prepare for battle...
... everyone! We attack at dawn!
Hail! Hail! Hail!
Stop! Please...
- ... let us go!
Quiet, you.
Don't worry, princess.
Everything will be all right.
Let's see where I put that.
You're here.
You sound surprised.
Yeah, well, we're miles up
and you're afraid of heights.
I'm not afraid. Just not wildly keen.
Fee-fi-fo and fum
Get Elmont.
I like mankind
Served well-done
Fallon likes them raw and red
Freshly snatched and not quite dead
Don't worry. I'll get you out.
I had this, Jack.
I took my eye off the ball...
... but I had this.
Ow. Careful.
Watch out.
- Take this.
Got it.
Tasty treats
Them's good eats
Hello, little one.
- No!
- Put me down!
- They brought me...
... a duchess once.
Quite a fat thing.
But you: all skin and bones.
They tell me you're a princess.
Let's hope they haven't
spoiled you rotten.
What's that?
Kill him, Jack!
Well done, Jack.
Well done.
Come on.
I know the way out of here.
Where's Crawe?
A winner!
General Entin.
You called for me, sire?
You think we should cut it down.
Such words have never
passed my lips, sire.
I'm not asking what you said. I'm asking...
... what you believe.
I believe what I see, sire.
And when you look at the stalk,
what do you see?
I see a way up and a way down.
And I pray, as do all my men,
that your daughter finds her way down.
And if something else
finds its way down first?
Well, that would mark a time
when no man...
... from noble birth to lowest...
... would wish he were king.
Sorry, general. It looks like mankind
is off the menu this evening.
No, not... You.
I have a job for you.
It's a hell of a view, my old friend.
That should stop...
- ... the bleeding.
- What is it?
Yarrow. It's just a weed...
... that grows everywhere,
but it can be useful.
You know a lot about the land.
Ought to. Been working it all my life.
Whereas I have merely owned it.
If I hadn't have run away,
none of this would have happened.
A princess is such a useless thing.
If you hadn't run away, Roderick would have
taken over the kingdom with no warning.
Your running away just might have
given Cloister a fighting chance.
So no one's useless,
least of all the princess.
That's why we need to get you back,
because one day you'll be the queen...
... and from then on you'll have the power
to make the world better.
... imagine all the good things
you could do.
That's what my mother used to say.
- The bleeding's stopped.
- Good.
So which way now, Jack?
Follow the water.
That'll lead us to the edge.
Roderick's handiwork, no doubt.
He must've sent him...
... to block the entrance.
I've got an idea.
We're gonna wake a sleeping giant.
Well, that doesn't sound like a good idea.
This is a terrible idea.
Have you ever killed a giant before?
And you've killed, what, one?
Which makes you an expert now?
Weren't you in an oven an hour ago?
All right, then. The moment he clears
that hole we make a run for it.
What the...?
Why do these things
always happen to me?
You did it, Jack.
You did it.
Uh, right.
Let's go.
Princess, Jack.
- Go. I'll be down as soon as I can.
- What? No, Elmont, we go together.
- I'm not going anywhere without that crown.
That's not the mission.
Find the princess and bring her home.
You complete the mission,
get her to her father, leave Roderick to me.
- But...
- Did you ever kill a man?
Thank you.
Thank you for saving...
... my life.
You're one of us now, Jack.
I'm honored.
Just come back to us...
- ... okay?
- I will.
Go. Go.
Isabelle. Come on.
That looks nice.
General Entin.
Cut it down.
The legends are true.
For the sake of the kingdom...
... cut it down.
Did you hear me?
Forgive me, Isabelle.
You heard your king.
We cut it down!
You know, for someone
who's not wildly keen on heights...
... you're doing awfully well.
I've been doing a trick
Crawe taught me.
What's the trick?
Picture something just ahead of you
within arm's reach.
Something that makes you happy.
Sounds easy enough.
It really is.
I never thought I'd miss it.
... before you go back to your world
and I'm back in mine...
... whatever happens from here,
I just want you to know that I think...
Look at all those lights.
What are they doing?
They're waiting to welcome us home.
We need two more.
I said get the carts moving!
Yes, sir!
Pass it up! Come on, quicker!
I got it!
Steady, now! Lift them up!
Don't let those blazes go out!
Get some water up here!
Brothers, all together!
You there, Fye, Foe, set me down here.
- Highness.
- Your Majesty.
Down we go.
Help me!
Dig them out.
Come on, brothers.
Come on, lads.
Harder. Come on!
You thought that you were
the hero of this story.
Don't you know...
... that we all think that?
I may not be the hero of this story...
... but at least I get to see how it ends.
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
All hail King Fallon!
I need more men!
Get up, boy!
Come on!
Stand clear! Stand clear!
Oh, no.
Hang on.
Sire, quickly!
... hold on tight.
- Ready?
- Uh-uh.
Jack! Hold me.
Well, that worked out better
than I expected.
Take cover!
Your Majesty.
Oh, thank God! Ah.
I thought I'd lost you forever.
And the rest of the Guardians?
Only Elmont survived.
But he stayed behind
to confront Roderick.
Roderick betrayed you, Father.
He had the crown,
the one from the legend.
He meant to use the giants
to take Cloister.
I trusted him with my kingdom.
And worse, I would have trusted him
with you.
Isabelle, I am so sorry.
It doesn't matter now.
It's a long ride back to the castle.
Come, let us get you in your armor.
Where's Jack?
Who's Jack?
The one I came down with.
The one who rescued me.
The farm boy?
A word.
I sent my best Guardians up that stalk.
- All heroes, sire.
- Yes.
But you brought Isabelle back.
As a king,
I can reward you with many things.
As a father...
... I can never reward you enough.
That's very generous, Your Majesty.
It's more than I could ever ask for.
Matching armor. Nice.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
They're waiting for you.
To remember me by.
I won't need any help remembering.
Goodbye, Your Highness.
Jack, I told you...
- ... call me...
Time to go.
Not now.
Are you ready, my brothers?
Can you taste it?
Here comes the thunder.
- Fumm!
- Aah!
Onward and downward!
Feast on the mankind!
Sweet blood!
Make way! Make way for the others!
To Albion!
Remember, Fumm:
- The princess is mine.
- Mine!
So sayeth the king.
Anser. It's good to see you, boy.
You've come a long way.
Have I got a story to tell you.
Hiya! Hiya!
What's the matter?
Nothing, Father.
It's good to be back.
They're coming!
The monks haven't rung that bell in...
I don't think I've ever heard them ring it.
What's he yelling?
Isabelle, run!
Kill the mankind!
Rip their heads off!
You can't...
... run from me!
Make way!
Don't let them get to the castle!
The king approaches!
Close the drawbridge!
It stays open till I give the command!
- Sir.
Form into ranks!
Up to the battlements, now!
Ready the archers!
Release the oil!
Steady, men!
Wait for it!
Wait for it.
Light it up!
- ... the drawbridge!
- Elmont, no!
Bring it up!
Keep running, boy!
Come on, Jack!
Come on, Anser!
- Move in!
What now?
Get the hooks.
Quickly, men!
Get that bridge up and secure it!
That won't hold them for long.
Archers to the parapets!
- Princess!
Elmont, you made it!
- Jack. That was a close one.
- Yeah.
- Your Majesty.
- Roderick is dead, Your Majesty.
- And the crown?
I'm afraid the giants have the crown.
Form up, fast!
Keep going! Keep going!
Archers to the north wall!
Isabelle, in my chambers,
there's a passage...
... that leads to the top of Cloister Tower.
You'll find a beacon there. Light it.
Warn the other kingdoms.
You can count on us, Father.
Look after her.
This way! This way!
Men, support the drawbridge!
Men, to the gate!
Come on, men! Pull!
We've got to pull it down!
Looks like we got ourselves a fight!
I need help on these lines!
Forward, to the gate!
Stop here, Jack.
This way, come on.
- What's this?
- A shortcut.
Get those scorpies to the battlements! Go!
To the ramparts!
Where are we?
Ancient burial ground
for the royal family.
These aqueducts run everywhere
underneath Cloister.
I used to play hide-and-seek here.
You have a lot of ancestors.
- Yes, I know.
Grave robbers?
Apparently, I'm not the only one
who knows about this place.
Get those...
... braces in here!
Bring it up!
What's the matter, brothers?
Aren't you hungry?
Come on, men!
We're losing her!
Let's go! Move it! Move it!
Come on, don't you want to eat? Pull!
Fall into formation on the
south door! Be ready to load in position!
Load them up! Aim high!
And fire!
Get the scorpions...
... out of here!
Men to the ropes! Pull!
And pull!
So, what did you find out up there?
Do these giants have any weaknesses?
Move it!
Not many, no!
It's just like my place.
Jack, come on.
Are you expecting someone?
Hold fast!
Hold fast to the rope!
That's it!
More trees!
Do this together!
Burn them all!
Take their place!
Stay on the ropes!
Victory, I can almost taste it.
I got this.
Take cover!
Your scent is faint, princess.
Mixed with smoke...
... clouded by char.
But we can always smell...
... fear.
How mankind likes to immortalize itself.
Thinks it can live forever!
Isabelle, come on!
She's mine, boy!
... hurry!
It's the end of the line...
... princess.
Put me down!
Who are you?
It's Jack...
- ... you freak!
- Ha, ha, ha.
Try not to kick going down, boy.
Jack! Unh!
Oh, fu...
That's it. They're through.
All right, brothers, this is done.
All at once!
Close the portcullis!
Get the king to safety!
Like hell!
Fall back, defensive positions!
Defensive positions!
Form up!
Stand strong, men!
You smell that, brothers?
Don't you love it
when their blood curdles?
Let's cut a few of them down to size,
shall we?
There's something behind me,
isn't there?
And so returned the giant hordes.
The stalks cut down with giant swords.
The king struck down the law that read:
A princess must a noble wed.
Then, such a wedding not seen since...
... of a princess and her farm boy prince.
You skipped a part.
What happened in between?
In between?
Well, um, you know, they courted for a bit...
No, not that.
- What happened to the crown?
- You never tell us what happened...
- ... to the crown.
- The crown?
Yeah. What if the giants...
... come back?
Don't worry. It's in a very safe place.
Can you tell the story about
the giants again?
All right, but this is the last time tonight.
Ask not whence the thunder comes.
Ask not where the herds have gone...
... nor why the birds have ceased their song.
When coming home, don't take too long...
... for monsters roam in Albion.
Ask not whence the thunder comes.
Ask not where the herds have gone...
Nor why the birds have ceased their song.
I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Be he living, or be he dead...
I'll grind his bones to make my bread.
And there was a princess
and a golden harp.
And a horse named Anser.
And he took the family horse
to the market.
Or was it a cow?
A cow.
Right, a cow.
At the market, he met an old man who
convinced him to trade the cow for some...
Magic beans.
He traded a cow for beans?
Magic beans.
And how would he know that?
Well, Jack wasn't very bright.
Then his uncle threw one of the beans
out of the window.
No, it was his mother.
And it was three beans.
Fine. His mother threw three beans
out of the window...
And three giant stalks grew high up
into the clouds.
For monsters roam in Albion.
Now, after the crown jewels were
stolen from Westminster Abbey...
... in the early part of the 14th century,
the English government recovered them...
... and brought them here to the Tower
of London for permanent safekeeping.
Okay, make way, make way.
We're going to go across now
to Tower Green.
Now, what's Tower Green famous for?
Well, Tower Green is famous for...
Come on, Roddy! Stay with the group!
Let's go!
Tower Green is where Anne Boleyn
was beheaded.