Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na (JTyJN) (2008)

You and I have a bond
from yore
That iS Why you make
my heart Soar
Know it or not
Admit it or not
It's our group's special song.
Really? Is that why you've been
croaking from Cuffe Parade?
What lies! We started at Churchgate.
That's where bums like you all sing.
Know it or not
- Jiggy, my piggy!
- Yes, Shaleen, my...darleen?
- When's your flight taking off?
- Meaning?
- When are you telling Mala?
- What?
Come to me, I am your love
She agreed to a date
after I swore it was just friendship.
The 'L' word will get me
a kick in the butt.
Jignesh, you're a stud!
You've brought an air hostess
to the airport on a date?
Why don't we go inside?
It's air-conditioned.
- Entry is forbidden.
- Forbidden? Why?
A bomb threat, I think.
So we have to roast here?
"Come along, Mala.
We're a really fun group."
"It'll be so much fun!"
Tell me, Jiggy, why am I at the airport
on my day off?
Our special friends are coming...
- So bring them flowers! Sweets!
- We did.
Why bring me?
I don't even know them and I'm here
receiving them like an idiot.
When people meet after ages,
every meeting has a story.
I know...stories!
I hate stories.
- Especially ones which end at airports.
- Why?
It's so easy!
Sneaking in and stopping a plane!
Try it! You'll be gunned down
like a terrorist.
Not very romantic, are you?
Miserable couples everywhere.
Before marriage, fights and suspicion.
And after marriage, "We're bored."
Nope! Not when you find
the right person.
Ah! "Made-for-each-other" crap.
Happens in Mills and Boons,
not in real life.
It happens! Really!
Oh. Please tell me.
I'm dying to know. Pretty please?
For that you'll have to hear a story,
and you don't like stories.
What kind? A love story?
With a hero, heroine, villains?
Villains...not too many.
But there are fights,
songs, misunderstandings?
- Oh, full on!
- And a climax at the airport?
Give it a go!
The flight's delayed anyway.
I better not get bored, OK?
- Shoot!
- So, Mala, there's a boy and a girl...
This story begins...
...with a dream.
A man brandishing a sword,
like in a costume drama,
and riding a horse.
- Is this your dream?
- No.
- Then how do you know it?
- Jai often has such dreams.
- And Jai is...?
- The guy who's dreaming. Now listen!
I'll be right there.
- But your exams?
- It's Aditi.
She needs me.
I'm sorry. We tried our best.
But we couldn't save her.
I'd like to say a few words.
Radha is no longer with us.
I still remember
the first time we met her.
Shining black eyes,
such an innocent face
on such a prankster.
She was with us a while.
She touched our lives.
Aditi...we'll never forget Radha.
Let's pray that Radha finds
happiness wherever she goes.
That she remembers us...
...and learns to catch mice.
Radha was a cat?
- A memorial service for a cat?
- Oh, she had the last rites, too.
- Are you all nuts?
- Not us. Aditi.
She found Radha in college
and loved her like her own daughter.
Everything was extreme for Aditi.
Love, hatred, attachment...
Nothing was measured.
But how could you take this seriously?
Actually, we found it silly, too.
But not Jai.
All Jai cared about...
...was Aditi's grief.
He just wanted to make her smile.
Sometimes, Aditi,
you meet someone along the way
And it breaks your heart,
when they go away
Eyes demand tears,
it's hard to disobey
And believe
everything's gonna be OK!
Sometimes you feel
so down and blue
Every day is like a bitter brew
It's hard to smile,
feel happy or gay
And believe
everything's gonna be OK!
Think of how much we love you
When you cry, we cry with you
I Can't hold a note,
but I sing for you
Aditi, sometimes
the world is a dark place
But the blackest night cracks
with the dawn's rays
Sometimes you find a friend
along the way
Feels unreal, like a dream,
when they go away
Go on, Aditi, laugh a bit
Just a bit?
How about a smile? Go on...
...give us a little smile
Your happiness
spreads joy all around
The sun emerges
and warms the ground
Can you hear
what the wind has to say?
"Aditi, friends, though parted,
meet again
"Know it or not,
flowers blossom again"
Sometimes, Aditi,
you meet someone along the way
And it breaks your heart,
when they go away
Go on, Aditi, laugh a bit
Just a bit?
How about a smile? Go on...
Go on, Aditi, laugh a bit
Just a bit?
How about a smile? Go on...
- You had a crush on Aditi?
- Smitten! And Bombs had a thing for Jai.
But Jai and Aditi were just
in their own world.
You say the glass is half empty
I say it's half full
I say it's a lot
You say it's a little bit
If I say it's day
You say it isn't night
Aren't they the same?
Just said differently
But at the end of the day
It's only you who understands me
Whether you know it or not
Whether you show it or not
I'm here!
It's Aunty Pammi.
Yes, Pammi?
No! That's useless.
Enough police complaints.
Write to the Commissioner if you wish.
I'm going to the newspapers.
He's not going to change
until he's suspended.
- Your old friend Inspector Waghmare?
- Who else?
Brutally thrashed a teenager in lock-up.
I mean, that man...
His own baton should be...
Breath control.
Inhale deeply, exhale slowly.
- You want breakfast?
- Your turn?
Yours. But I'm in the mood.
- I had that dream again.
- What dream?
The same one.
Some guy with a sword, riding a horse...
You forgot the pepper.
I've felt this before.
I think it's dad.
Your dad? My husband?
Riding a horse? With a sword?
- How could you even think this?
- I just...
You know how much he hated violence.
Forget fighting, he couldn't bear
to see anyone else fight.
And so he died.
He went to stop a quarrel and...
...and never returned.
It's just a dream.
I can't do much about that.
The tragedy, Jai, is that
you can even dream it.
And so Jai Singh Rathore, aka Rats,
was the most non-violent person
in the world.
Gandhiji would weep with joy
if he knew Jai.
And get spasms of acidity
if he knew Aditi.
You're a coward!
Your mom! Your dad!
Your whole family are cowards,
Jai, move! I'll fix him!
I'll show you who's the coward,
you dog!
Vivek, are you mad,
calling her a coward?
- Not her, shithead! You!
- Me?
Then, what's the problem, Meow?
Vivek, carry on.
Better bell your cat
or you'll find her under my car.
That's where your mother found you!
Jai, if she doesn't shut up,
I'm gonna thrash your ass!
You think Jai's scared of you?
- Go on, Jai, break his face!
- Who, me?
Let me go, Nilesh,
or I'll break your glasses!
Aditi, what are you doing?
He will kill Jai.
I didn't want to fight.
But you leave me no choice.
I won't leave a thing, sonny.
Just your remains.
Let's do it. Lesson time!
Really? You...
- What?
- Your dad's the college trustee.
- So?
- I'll be expelled if I beat you up.
I'll do the beating up, buddy.
And you'll get away scot-free!
Dude, you don't know my father.
I'll get screwed more than you.
He'll give you a light warning
and let you go, right?
Bullshit! He's Hitler reincarnated!
What'll he do?
He'll freeze my allowance.
Bugger does that every time!
No shit!
How will you eat at the canteen?
Buddy, what are friends for?
Like Nilesh here.
Treated him a million times, haven't I?
Awesome friend.
By the way, Vivek...
...after this ends, we're cool, right?
We're in college, Jai.
It's not a gang war!
So then, you'd buy me a drink, right?
Nandu! Two cokes!
Hey, Nilesh, pay up, buddy.
You should've seen Vivek's face.
He kept staring at his coke,
totally flummoxed!
And no one had the balls to laugh!
But, Rats...you really should've
punched that ass.
Didn't your mum wash
your mouth with soap?
- So abusive!
- Whatever!
Never seen a bigger coward in my life.
It's not about that, Meow.
- Not even to save a friend?
- Vivek is not a friend.
And he needed saving more than you.
You're chicken!
You're insulting Rats!
Only I call him Rats, OK?
Shut up, Bombs!
What's up with you?
I was...
...she's just picking a fight with Aditi.
Look...I don't like getting into scraps!
Mum promised dad on his deathbed
that I'd never raise my hand to anyone.
So you can call me coward,
chicken, whatever...
...it makes no difference.
If someone is rude to me,
it makes no difference to you?
If someone raises a hand to me,
it still makes no difference.
You won't get into a scrap. Right?
He was just following his dad's...
- Dreams?
- ...principles.
Actually, his mother had modified
the truth a bit.
She had portrayed Jai's dad
as a Gandhi-Buddha combo.
In reality, Amar Singh Rathore was...
slightly different.
Amar, I'm warning you
for the last time.
Get out of Jai's dreams.
Then stop turning him into a coward.
I feel ashamed of him.
He's a Rathore...
A Rathore from Ranjhore!
If I wanted a Rathore from Ranjhore,
I would have stayed in Ranjhore.
You, your family...
You are all insane!
Insane, psychotic, violent...
Jai's a simple boy who doesn't raise
his hand unnecessarily.
When will you cut
that umbilical cord, woman?
My dear, Savitri...
Just because he's been cut off
from his tradition,
will he not try to be true
towards his tradition?
Mark my words, Savitri.
One day he will make all of Ranjhore,
all the Rathores, all Rajasthan proud.
And you shall behold him in silence!
The Rathores from Ranjhore took
their machismo pretty seriously.
And so after Amar Singh's death,
Savitri ran away.
Jai was just...five years old then!
In Ranjhore, a boy has to complete
three rites of passage to become a man.
- What?
- Not now, Jiggy.
But she has to know the three
conditions to get the story!
You don't know how to tell a story.
Right thing at the right time.
Right time being the end of the story?
What happened, then?
We jump to our graduation day.
A farewell party at Aditi's house.
Where Aditi's dad gave Jai a cheque
for a million rupees to forget Aditi.
Bombs, she's pulling her leg,
why are you tripping...?
But Peachy and Pumpkin are
the world's coolest parents.
Rotlu! Where are you? Sit!
We're talking about
that scrap the other day.
Check out the claw marks.
Dance? Me?
A little bit...one dance?
Rotlu...my sweet Rotlu!
If I dance, the whole party
will shift to the garden.
Come on, Meow!
Dance tonight or
you'll never dance in your life.
Breaking News! I can't dance!
Who's Pappu?
Come to the floor. I'll show you!
He's muscular!
He's popular!
He's muscular, he's popular!
Spectacular! He's a bachelor!
Pappu's car is the fastest,
To babes, he's the Coolest
His eyes are light blue,
His skin an Italian hue
A Rado on his wrist,
Gucci on his body
But Pappu can't dance, baby!
Yeah! Pappu can't dance, baby!
Pappu was born a lucky sprout
A silver spoon in his mouth
Pappu's rolling in money
He's swimming in it, honey
Everyone's best buddy
He's a dude, he's a dandy
But Pappu can't dance, baby!
Yeah! Pappu can't dance, baby!
His dad says
he'll be famous someday
My Pappu's a genius,
they're gonna say!
Pappu's got an MBA
France is where he holidays
With a guitar, he's hazy
Can charm you like crazy
But Pappu can't dance, baby!
What's to discuss?
Maybe she's not ready for marriage.
So we'll just discuss an engagement.
Aditi's twenty now.
She's been with Jai for five years.
Before tongues start wagging
in the family,
let's make an announcement.
Yes...or else a million proposals
will start coming.
So should I speak to Jai's mother?
Let's talk to Jai first.
- Another.
- Easy, buddy.
What's up, Rotlu?
Tell me.
I just wish...
...that I had someone.
Had whom?
Just someone.
Someone who has eyes
only for me.
And I for her.
And nothing else means shit.
Like Jai and Aditi.
Me, too.
Only you
How I will live without you?
Oh, Moon
Step on the land of my heart
If there be love
Then Come, Come to me
Or else, if not
Bury me in the ground
Rotlu, stop crying!
Hey, Jiggy, your turn.
What song will you sing
when you find love?
Just a second.
Come to me!
I am your love
O Lord, your rejection!
Come to me! Come to me!
Jai, what will you sing?
Only she will hear that song.
Rats, sing or get smacked.
Hey, don't do us a favour.
Give us a full demo!
You and I have a bond
from yore
That is why
you make my heart soar
Know it or not,
Admit it or not
Know it or not...
One, you're ugly.
Two, you're poor.
Three, you croak.
Which girl will like you?
Some poor, ugly girl
who sings worse than me.
Aditi's rich.
Or else you could marry her.
Go to your room, or you'll get slapped!
I was in my room,
peacefully reading,
when you tone-deaf toads
disturbed me.
This is my home, too.
So tell these freaks to beat it.
Come out, you jerk! Open the door!
Come out, you dog!
Even Peachy and Pumpkin are worried.
He just stays in his room all day.
- He doesn't work. He doesn't study.
- He paints.
Hey, he's sharper than all of us.
Are you nuts?
He insults you more than anyone else.
To get a reaction.
What kind of reaction?
Your anger.
Pick you up for college tomorrow?
What happened?
She just remembered college is over.
Sit. I'll get you water. Sit!
So what's next? Further studies or...?
I haven't thought about it.
How did five years go by so quickly?
Mostly on the phone, my love!
Jai said that you're thinking
about film school?
But dad wants me to do an MBA.
Though I feel we really need
some intelligent film makers.
How long will they keep making
these popcorn flicks?
Violence, melodrama.
Aditi's all for melodrama.
Do you really believe him, Aunty?
Hey, Peachy wants to meet you
tomorrow morning.
- Why?
- Forgotten your promise?
Goodbye college,
welcome to the family!
Is the suit rented or was it daddy's?
Not everyone can have your style.
I wonder...
...you're always so sweet, so polite,
don't you bore yourself?
Your bodyguard's here!
"Don't say nothing to my Jai.
The poor baby will feel hurt!"
- I didn't say a thing last night.
- Really?
"Come out, you jerk!
Open the door. I'll show you!"
- He started it!
- Don't want to hear it.
We have a guest in the house.
Now try to look human!
So you're interviewing me together?
You know why you are here, yes?
So, are you ready?
I'm thinking about an MBA.
But that can wait till later.
Of course!
Got to do something for money.
- For money?
- Not just money.
Everything begins here.
Is money that important?
I wouldn't be so happy
if it was just money.
Staying with you,
I'll feel right at home.
And your mother?
She'll be delighted.
She's been waiting for this day.
Jai's been very frank with us.
He's doing this for money.
And after marriage,
he wants to live with us.
Whose? Who's living with us?
You want to marry me?
- Who's talking about marriage?
- What have we been talking about?
- About a job!
- What job?
Didn't you say that when college ends,
I should join you?
What's this marriage business?
How can you even think that?
They didn't want to marry?
"Love from day one," you said.
"Made for each other," you said.
Like us, Aditi's parents
were also confused.
The fact is,
Jai and Aditi were not in love.
- How could you think this?
- What's to think?
Always together or on the phone.
Glued together for five years,
we thought...
Ever consider asking me?
Thanks for asking, but there is no "us".
You really don't want to marry?
And we're both very embarrassed...
Seriously now.
Maybe not to each other, but you do
intend getting married, right?
When we like someone, in that way.
"Someone"? And how will you
find that "someone"?
When someone's there to be found.
And how many boys have you noticed
in the last five years?
Mr Right could be sitting
right next to you,
and you two would be laughing at him.
And if you ever found this "someone",
would they be OK with your friendship?
Look, it's your life,
so think carefully about it.
All of us want to find someone special.
But how?
You two are so special to each other.
Rotlu, be frank. Say you loved Aditi,
would you have a problem?
I wouldn't even mention it.
I mean, you and Aditi...
We won't find anyone in life!
We will find that special person.
That is certain.
Even if he's in hiding.
Rats, you looking for a guy?
Aye. For thee.
You know each other so well.
You should find "love"
for each other. No?
Jai, if Aditi introduces you to a girl
and plays Cupid to your romance,
why would she have a problem
with Aditi?
I'll find you a stupid,
silly, romantic girl...
...and you find me a tough stud.
- What do you say?
- Superb.
You're with us, right?
Our time has come. Gimme five!
Perhaps, like Rotlu and Bombs,
we may all find someone special.
They're with me.
Hey, I told you
there'd be a cover charge.
I can't come. Come on, Bombs,
we'll go somewhere else.
Rotlu, stop crying!
Rotlu, you're always whining.
Jiggy, pay up.
Hurry, our love awaits us.
As soon as I get a job...
- Just keep counting.
- Me, too.
Here, son! Park with care.
- Sorry, sir. We don't park horses.
- Give them some water, too.
Did two guys just come
on horseback to the disco?
Anything's possible here!
They'll never find anyone else.
I don't get why they're not in love
with each other.
- Jiggy, get the car.
- What?
- Just start the car, I'll be right there.
- Don't try to be a hero.
- You want a beating, too?
- One minute.
Please stay away from her.
This is a private matter.
- I went to the doctor.
- Why...?
My tests came back.
You knew, didn't you?
You knew and you still
came on to me that night.
- Why, Nalini?
- Who? What?
Stop it!
I know the hideous beast
that hides behind this innocence.
How many more
are you going to infect?
When will you stop pouring that venom
from your vengeful urn?
What have they done to you?
Why infect the furniture of their youth
with termites of death?
...I'm taking her to a hospital.
- Any problem?
- No.
Don't worry.
It doesn't spread by touch.
Come, Nalini.
Let me go.
I will have my revenge.
I will infect everyone.
Let me go.
Never. It's wrong! Come with me!
You've already met Jai.
Just a friend!
Everyone thought I was dating Jai.
But it's not true!
Guys, were we dating ever?
How about some coffee?
It's late. I should go.
One coffee?
Jai, take the car!
Shall we?
Jai Singh Rathore!
Isn't it a little heavy?
My grandfather wanted to name me
Zohravar Singh Rathore.
- Pet name; "Zorro".
- Then?
Mom offered to jump from the third floor
of our ancestral villa.
Grandfather forgot the villa
had just two storeys.
Ancestral villa?
So you're really His Royal Highness
Prince Jai Singh Rathore?
Well, your friends certainly think
you're a prince.
They couldn't stop talking about you.
I think that was for you.
For my sake?
So you refused to marry Jai.
Is it because he's poor or ugly?
Amit, I'm in no mood to fight.
- Sit for two minutes?
- Your house. Your bum.
We used to be friends, too, Amit.
What happened?
When did you go so far away?
Did I go away?
I was thinking today...
...how come dad took charge
of every new factory?
Why not one of his brothers?
- So?
- So I hated it.
Change homes, change schools.
New place, new school, new friends...
Remember Gwalior?
- And your friend, that Chinese girl?
- Chia!
And in Bangalore,
that boy I used to tease you about.
Rana! A complete idiot.
The worst was Miss Cochin...
Raj Laxmi Aiyer!
The poor thing did all my homework.
Remember any of my friends?
Not one!
That's because I only had one friend.
I didn't go far away.
Others got closer to you.
So I had other friends.
How does that affect us?
So let's say whatshisname...
Ah, Jai...
Let's say Jai meets someone.
You'll have to share his time.
Won't it bother you?
Like today. I found him a girlfriend.
- But we're cool because...
- You did what?
Found Jai a girlfriend.
Found Jai a girlfriend!
This is a giant.
He's swallowed a naughty little elf
who's running around in his belly.
"Naughty little elf"?
Meghna always played this game.
The world is not what it seems.
Everything is magical.
She used to call the game
"What's This?"
A trolley loaded with luggage.
This is a giant cake.
With chocolate, blueberry
and strawberry icing.
- It was lovely to meet you.
- Same here.
We'll meet again?
We'll meet again.
If I'm ever in trouble again,
will you be there to save me?
I'm going to see
the new Bond film tomorrow.
PVR Cinema. 8;00pm.
I'll be alone.
Will you be there if something happens?
Rats! Idiot, where were you?
Did you go to Poona to drop her home?
Ooh! A long walk, huh?
For God's sake, get yourself
a mobile phone! I'll buy you one.
To hell with your privacy.
Never mind, tell me.
What happened?
You got her number?
Yeah...very cute.
Yes, quite amazing!
Rats, now you'll get slapped.
Stop sighing so much.
So did you sing your song?
- Song?
- Know it or not
Are you nuts? She would've thrown
a coin at me and walked off.
But you're happy, right?
Now to find you a sweet little boy.
Rats, if I wanted a sweet boy,
I'd have fallen for you.
Who'd knock out a guy's teeth
for messing with me.
Know someone like that?
Actually, I'm meeting someone
just like that tomorrow.
With Meghna?
- Where?
- PVR.
- What time?
- 8;00pm.
Hey, Jai! You're here?
Slimeballs! Why are we here?
Watching a film!
And we have two extra tickets.
Really? Show me!
Shall we?
See you in the interval.
Rats...are you sitting separately?
- Yup. Why?
- Nothing.
Jai, you should sit with your friends.
I'm here with you.
So Jai was happy.
And we were happy for him.
But no one noticed how hard
Aditi was trying to be happy.
You say this is life
It will never change
I say everything will change
Everything but you
I say...only you
No one for me but you
You say I belong to you
To no one else but you
All said and done, even in a Crowd,
It's just you and me
Stop the car!
What this? It's a hand cart!
Nope! Meghna, you go.
This is...an ancient cannon!
I was thinking rocket launcher!
- It's a handcart!
- You won't get it.
Want a slap?
I'm more imaginative than you!
Black lightning!
You know lightning?
That's black in colour...
A witch. That's her hat,
and there's her broom.
I was thinking just that.
A witch who is extending her claws
to catch kids!
Let's go, Meow!
Where are you going?
To drop her home.
How much more can you drop her?
We're at her doorstep.
I know.
Carry on.
Don't be an idiot. I'll drop you off.
You won't find a taxi at this hour.
What happened to you, Meow?
I wanted to drop her off,
chat with her a bit...
- What?
- Go.
Go. Take your time saying goodnight.
Found a girlfriend
so you'll forget old friends?
Come on...it's late.
Still up?
- Jai Singh Rathore.
- Huh?
Whistle on your lips,
skip in your step...
- What's up?
- Nothing.
Congratulations, my darling!
So finally you told Aditi how you feel.
OK, so who is it? Sandhya?
Sandhya who? Bombs?
Like you don't know she likes you.
Mum, Bombs is Rotlu's girlfriend!
Who's in love with Aditi.
Oh, come on, wait!
What's her name?
Tell me all.
Mother. Divine Mother. Welcome!
A sight for sore eyes!
I haven't met a more cruel,
heartless cop in my life!
No, you flatter me.
There are so many.
You think it's funny?
You feel no remorse?
- That boy's hand is broken.
- Good.
That's the same hand
with which he stole.
Let's say he did steal, find the evidence.
Bring it to court.
- Why raise your hand?
- Dear Lord.
Waghmare has all the time in the world.
Investigate the theft of a cheap radio?
Collect evidence?
Take him to court
in front of a magistrate?
Or two slaps, case closed!
You wish to slap me, too, right?
If I don't get you suspended,
I'll change my name.
May I suggest "Cherry"?
One more time.
Say it one more time.
Jai, let's go.
Come here, you rascal!
How dare you browbeat a cop?
Here, I'll say it again!
I forgot, sir!
What were you going to do?
You were going to raise your hand?
On a cop?
He was mistreating with you.
That's my problem.
And by fighting,
you would've proved him right.
Since there's no difference
between him and my son.
My son did nothing wrong!
If someone is rude to his mother,
should he keep mum?
- Don't start that again, please!
- What do you mean "again"?
I mean enough!
I can't argue about this every day.
If you wanted Jai to be like you,
you shouldn't have died.
- You want him to be a coward?
- Yes.
He's the son of Amar Singh Rathore!
That's what I fear!
A fear I've felt since the day
you went to fight the Bathwals
and never rode back.
So I died fighting!
Alone! And I slapped ten Bathwals
before I died.
The eleventh struck from behind.
I wish you had returned
after being slapped ten times.
You're a martyr's widow.
You should be proud!
I will now enter that painting
and strangle you!
Why am I listening?
Remember, Savitri.
Soon, Jai will fulfil the three conditions
of Ranjhore manhood.
- Now?
- Yes!
He will mount a horse.
Two, he will thrash a man.
Three, he will go to prison once.
Mark my words, Savitri.
These were the rites of passage?
Jai could never have done them.
Who will he beat up? That inspector?
Will he really go to prison?
- An hour late.
- So hurry!
They'll arrive and
the story won't be complete.
- Exactly! So tell me quickly!
- I need coffee.
Have coffee later!
- Who's popcorn?
- Mine!
Shaleen, your samosas.
If we're done stuffing our faces,
may we continue, please?
Then Jai became elusive,
and when we did meet
Meghna was always there.
Remember the picnic
where Meghna joined us?
Impossible to forget.
Your "Chariot of Fires" ran out of fuel.
And I ran out of fuel
trying to hitch a ride.
Anyway, Jai and Meghna behaved
as if we didn't exist!
Hop on!
Sometimes noble
Sometimes a tart
How do you trust the wanton heart!
Sometimes Cold
Sometimes bold
How do you trust this wily soul?
The heart is naive
Not a liar
The heart is naive
Not a liar
It knows not its own desire
The secret look
The stolen gaze
Finds its mark
And yet it strays
The secret look
The stolen gaze
Finds its mark,
And yet it strays
The heart meant well
Its intentions were pure
But old habits die hard
And desire has no cure
Troubles me all day
Keeps me up at night
Troubles me all day,
Keeps me up at night
I wish I knew my heart!
The secret look
The stolen gaze
Finds its mark
And yet it strays
The eyes are filled with love,
But the heart feels incomplete
And keeps walking
this one way street
The lips speak all,
but the heart keeps it a secret
Holding your beloved near,
Who do you seek here?
Life is serious, love precarious,
Actually, quite hilarious
The seCret look,
The stolen gaze
Finds its mark
And yet it strays
Papa can't do without mum
for a second.
Yet they're always bickering.
So this Friday, then?
It's the first time
I've brought a guy home.
You miss Jai?
We meet often.
Meghna's always around, though.
I've never seen Jai like this.
So taken up by someone,
oblivious to all else.
Jai has always been like this.
Except that "someone" was you.
I'll be right there.
Where's Jai?
What a strange lad!
One drink is had only with enemies.
I'm down four, and you're still
twirling your first one.
Come on, one more. One more!
You promised you'd drink less
and eat early.
You still fall for his promises?
You've been promising me
for ten years
that one day you won't have
a headache.
I still have hope. How about that?
No, child, let him.
It's the only entertainment I've got.
No one watches TV in this house.
He switches it on every evening.
If you don't,
she'll think you have a problem.
He's only had five small drinks.
Shambhu, serve the food!
The master's done drinking.
Dad, you're feeding your shirt
more than yourself!
How's the food, Jai?
Don't flirt with kids..."Sheela"!
He's your daughter's boyfriend.
Spare him.
Everyone at the club
has a crush on you.
Memories of youth.
When you looked upon me with love.
After 25 years of marriage,
tolerating each other is good enough.
And if one can't tolerate,
one learns to ignore, yes?
And my folks?
They bicker so much
but can't do without each other.
Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed
at their love.
- What are you doing here?
- Is Aditi here?
Why? Is your girlfriend asleep?
Ask your friends to look at the time
before showing up.
What's up, Jai?
Sorry, I couldn't come to the party.
I'd promised Meghna.
Hey, it's still your birthday.
I know.
Let's spend tomorrow together,
just you and me.
We'll hang out,
watch a film, have dinner...
We used to hang out together
because we liked it.
Not because it was duty
or an obligation.
So please, don't insult me
by apologising.
You wanted to go to Meghna's house,
and you did.
Wasn't it your parents' idea,
giving each other space?
Don't worry, we'll find you a stud.
Then you'll vanish, too...
Rats, just...
Don't do me any favours.
I can find myself a guy.
In fact, I'm meeting someone tomorrow.
Dad's friend's son.
So don't bother, all right?
I hope you like him.
It's late. I should get some sleep.
Why doesn't she tell him?
The arrogance of "just friendship".
And this son of her dad's friend,
it's a lie, right?
Exactly the type of guy Aditi wanted.
So do you ever do any work?
I'm at work at 8;00 sharp.
Doesn't look like it.
Your life seems like a holiday.
Not one holiday
but many small ones.
With lots of restaurants,
because I love food.
And a few parties,
because I like a drink sometimes.
What do you like?
- Ever tried bungee jumping?
- Not yet.
First holiday...bungee jumping.
You're planning our life already?
You don't have to marry me.
Come with friends.
Is it for real?
When you're with me...
no one will mess with you.
Not all.
I think Sunita was just a friend.
It's all your fault.
You didn't meet me at sixteen.
Are you threatening me?
Warning, my foot!
Remember, I've had you suspended
for only a week.
Call my home again and I swear
I'll have you dismissed.
Some to drink
and some to flush down Waghmare.
Jai, Aditi had called.
This afternoon.
Buy a mobile, won't you?
Maybe when I get a job.
Hi, Meow! You called?
Yes. I have some good news.
You're getting married?
- What's his name?
- Sushant. Sushant Modi.
Have to run. Goodnight.
Interviews start tomorrow.
I would love to get a job in marketing.
What do you feel like eating?
I'm in the mood to cook.
State your wish.
Aditi's engaged.
I heard.
Rotlu! When he's happy,
we wonder what's wrong!
And his girlfriend, Bombs.
Though her plane needs
two runways to take off.
- Meaning?
- She's a bit slow.
And Jai. That's it, that's our group.
- So when am I meeting them?
- After the wedding.
Or else you'll definitely run away!
- Let's not go inside.
- Why?
Tell me why.
My friends are waiting inside.
See those horses?
Two lunatics ride them.
They started a fight the last time.
And I'm sure they'll create
a problem tonight, too.
Problems I can handle.
She still likes you.
Only after two drinks.
- What for?
- I shouldn't have called her.
She's a friend, right?
Friends are always special.
Come on.
What's your problem
if she wants to dance?
- I'll thrash that English out of you!
- Really?
Richa just can't handle her drink.
Did you need to handle her?
Was I wrong?
How was the party? Did you have fun?
- Dinner?
- We've eaten, thank you.
You're Amit, right?
Has he lost it?
Marrying Aditi! Very brave.
Come on, it's late.
Dad, I'm meeting Sushant
for the first time.
- He's tired, son. Next time...
- I'm fine.
I was eager to meet him, too.
He's almost my brother now.
- So, Amit, what do you do?
- Read books.
Listen to music. Watch films.
- What about work?
- Nothing at all.
- The only advantage of being rich.
- That shouldn't be the case.
A man's work is his identity.
He paints.
Don't you, son?
Just doodles.
Amit's never shown me his room.
I haven't seen it either.
Amit likes Sushant!
- You must be so proud of him.
- Thanks, bro-in-law!
You gave Sushant a painting?
Sushant is nice, isn't he?
You've never seen my room, right?
What are you doing, Aditi?
You want to marry him?
- Meaning?
- Listen to me, Aditi.
Sushant is not a nice guy.
- He cares only for himself.
- What are you saying?
Come and sit down.
Don't you know you're in love with Jai?
That you can only be happy with him?
Amit, I thought you didn't like Jai.
My parents keep wishing
they had a son like him.
My own sister...my best friend,
loves him more.
I know why.
Because he's...he's...
A wonderful guy!
I know.
But he likes Meghna.
And I'm to marry Sushant.
Jai loves you.
Maybe he doesn't realise it.
Like you didn't.
That's tricky.
I've an interview the next morning.
Hey, don't do this.
It's my surprise birthday party.
- Even Aditi can't make it.
- Why isn't she coming?
- Sushant's friend is throwing a party.
- Well, I'll try.
If I can make it, I'll come.
- What did he say?
- He said bugger off!
So...tell me.
- What?
- About your past.
What past?
Boyfriend, crush, affair maybe...
Hey, why be coy?
Didn't you ever like someone?
Once. In school.
When I told him, he went crying
to the teacher. OK?
And in your group? No special friend?
One you liked more than others?
Sushant, what's your problem?
Your little black book is like an epic.
And you ask me about friends?
Yes, there was one.
A very special friend.
His name is Jai.
And we were so close, people thought
we were having an affair. Happy?
- Well?
- Well what?
Well, were you?
So why haven't I met him?
Because college is over
and everyone's busy.
Plus he's got a girlfriend.
This is Vikram, my boyfriend.
So you've finally got over me.
Hey, Vikram, look after her, man.
She was my most special girlfriend.
What haven't we shared,
to shy away from a dance?
- We should go.
- Wait a minute. One dance, babes.
Hands off.
Chill, buddy.
You're a chapter. I'm the story.
I'm suitably impressed.
Now let her go.
I was high.
- Then let me drive, please.
- I'm fine now.
No, it's late, Jiggy! I'm going home.
Talk to you later. Goodnight.
What's up?
Party at my friend's place.
- Let's go. I can meet your friends.
- Not tonight!
I insist. Say where.
Will Jai be there?
No idea.
What's up with Jai?
I know. He hasn't smiled all evening.
Another whiner? I'm feeling insecure.
I know.
So...you two were close friends
in college, right?
We still are.
Always will be.
A drink, Sushant?
Sushant will think we're a morose bunch.
Jai, you too.
What happened? You were dying
to dance a while back?
- Who did that?
- Oh...Mr T!
Dim the lights!
Is a world where you're with me
Where just you and I
And our feelings exist
Where dawn smiles
From under your lashes
Where I can hear moon
sing me a lullaby in your arms
Where is that world?
I wonder if it exists at all
Where my life isn't
such a stranger to me
Can't a scooter just be a scooter
for a while?
There's no romantic story here.
A middle class man rides it to work.
That's it!
I know...
Why are you so upset?
No. Tell me.
Sometimes I feel you can't see reality.
Or you can't face it.
I want to know.
Well, then?
- Everything.
- For example?
I'm sorry, but it didn't look like
they can't live without each other.
- Frankly, I feel that they...
- Shut up!
Dad had an affair.
Mom left home.
She came back just for me.
They used to fight like animals
The abuse, the violence...
Alone in my room, I could hear it all.
What could I do?
The two people I loved most...
...were miserable.
All because of me.
All the time. Every minute.
So...I stopped seeing and thinking.
I assured myself that they were happy,
that they loved each other.
And that all was well with the world.
If you shut your eyes
and can't see the world...
...it doesn't mean that
the world can't see you.
That's true. I've shut my eyes tight.
And sure...I'll have to face reality
Don't force me to open my eyes yet.
What happened?
How was the party?
All right.
Aditi was there?
With her fiance?
There, there. Enough, child.
Jai, Meghna's here.
Some tea?
- What's up?
- Jai...I've been thinking.
I've realised that
you're in love with Aditi.
Frankly...you two are just perfect.
You really should marry Aditi.
Look at you!
How could you fall for that?
What you said is true.
I do love Aditi.
I guess I knew.
- Just checking.
- No, I...
Poor thing!
That night she went out drinking
with some friends...
Where she bumped
into Aditi and Sushant.
Jiggy, tell her what Aditi and Sushant
were talking about then.
Sorry. Aditi was off to the US for
a fortnight. She'd even got her visa.
What? It's not that simple.
But she wanted to stay on a bit longer.
New York University
has a film-making course.
Since I'm going there,
I might as well apply.
- How long is the course?
- Three years.
You want to live in New York
for three years after marriage.
Actually, I was wondering...
what if I did the course first?
What's the rush?
How are you?
- Where's Jai?
- Haven't you heard?
We're not together anymore.
The oldest story in the world.
He's in love with someone else.
With who?
- Who was she referring to?
- I don't know!
Your best friend and you expect me
to believe that?
Why does this even concern us?
You said you two were close, right?
Even your parents thought
you wanted to get married!
Did you like him?
Were you in love with him?
Don't try to ignore me, Aditi!
Let go of my hand, Sushant.
You're hurting me!
I'm the one who's hurting.
Were you in love with him?
Tell me, Aditi.
Just tell me this once.
I promise I'll never bring it up again.
I don't know if it was love
or something else!
You know now, don't you?
Answer me.
You're in love with him, aren't you?
Yes, I'm in love...
I feel I'm choking in his sighs
I feel I'm lost in these arms
As lost as my path towards you
I've lost you,
I've lost the way to you
Somewhere, somewhere
Hides the magic
of our every meeting
- Aditi...
- Jai? What are you doing here?
I went to your place. Your parents
didn't know where you were.
I called Shaleen, the gang...
no one had a clue.
Oh, my phone's at home.
Anyway, I'm glad you're here.
I'm off to the US tonight.
And if I hadn't come?
I'll be back in a couple of weeks.
- You're going for three years.
- What three years?
Getting into NYU isn't easy.
What's the matter?
Why are you leaving?
I just need to be alone for a while.
Problems with Sushant?
Isn't he bothered that
you're leaving for three...?
I don't think I'm ready
for this marriage business.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Did you tell me?
I found you the wrong girl...
...and me the wrong guy.
You're running away.
Aditi Mahant. The Black Cat.
What happened?
What? Nothing.
Who did that?
Sushant? Did he hit you?
Damn it, Jai,
I said nothing happened!
I had a scrap with Amit.
He was ranting, so I hammered him.
Look. It's getting late, honestly.
- Is Sushant home?
- Yes. And you are?
I'm a friend of Aditi.
Maybe you can reason with them.
A friend of Aditi's is here.
Coming down?
What's your name again?
May I speak with him in private?
What do you want?
Did you raise your hand to Aditi?
Why did you do it?
Jai, you have no idea
how much fun I'm having.
Spare yourself and get lost!
You shouldn't have touched Aditi.
Amar, have you seen my glasses?
He hurt Aditi.
Mum, I'm going to meet Aditi.
It won't happen again.
Can we discuss this later?
I have to go.
I have to stop her.
How can I let her go? I love her.
How will you get back?
There's a transport strike after midnight.
No buses or cabs.
Jiggy will drop me. May I go?
Promise me...never again.
Today's my happy birthday.
And you, sunny boy...
you're my birthday present.
Where are you taking him?
But how?
Sushant's dad!
I can't believe Jai beat up Sushant
at his own house!
- So much for Sushant's black belt!
- Jai is a Rathore!
- A Rathore from Ranjhore!
- So he went to prison?
That's two conditions down!
- Please let me make just one call.
- How can I?
What if you called the Prime Minister?
Then I'd have to let you go.
How can I spoil my birthday party?
Please, just one call.
Then you may do what you like with me.
"I may"?
Such respect confuses me.
You stood eye to eye with me
and said, "Say that again."
Hey, shut up!
I knew right then
you had a violent streak.
All right, tell me, who will you call?
- There's this girl...
- A girl.
A female friend.
Why at this hour?
If I don't call her,
she'll leave for America.
- And if you call, she won't?
- No.
- Why?
- Because she loves me.
But she doesn't know that I...
A case of love!
Bravo, Waghmare!
Happy birthday to me!
I've spoken to Mr Sinha.
He'll meet us at the police station.
Will you pick me up?
Listen...should we take some cash?
Waghmare will vent all his frustration
on my baby.
Aditi, it's time to leave.
Sure you wanna go?
And stay for what?
What time's the flight?
There's that violent streak again.
Dangerous bloody fellow!
What's going on?
- Oh, Brother Ballu!
- Bagheera, we're home!
- Congratulations!
- What's all this?
Drinking and causing mayhem.
Beating up two fellows.
One in hospital.
The second, too traumatised to report.
You Bombayites are total wimps.
So why file a case?
- Send them off with a warning.
- Heaven forbid! The effort it took...
Sir has spoken.
You are warned. Now get going!
Brother Ballu...
Age before attitude.
Thanks, Dirty Harry!
Mine, too!
This fellow looks familiar...
Bro! It's the guy who conned us.
That AIDS chick!
Hats off! We value a brain.
We even have one between us.
Shake hands, kiddo!
May I ask why you're both
so ecstatic?
What's the deal?
What's your name?
So, Jai, the thing is,
today we go from boys to men!
It's an ancient family tradition.
To become a man,
one must fulfil three conditions.
- One...
- Horse riding.
- Two?
- Thrash someone.
Go to prison!
Rathores from Ranjhore?
But how, why?
Ballu's dad was elected to Parliament,
so no one dared arrest them there.
If they assaulted someone, the cops
said, "Bravo, Your Highness,"
and slapped the victim some more.
Get the picture?
Laughing stock of the family, we were.
So we reckoned,
"Hey, no one knows us in Bombay!"
And here we are, in jail.
Ballu's right,
no jail for us in Ranjhore.
Ranjhore? In Rajasthan?
- Yes, why?
- My father was from Ranjhore.
And your father was?
You are Jai Singh Rathore...
son of Amar Singh Rathore?
And your father...?
He died when I was five.
Is your mother's name Savitri?
How do you know?
Recognise us?
I'm Kuber Singh Rathore.
This is Vinay Singh Rathore!
Brother Ballu? Brother Bagheera?
Once their excitement abated,
they began narrating
the exploits of Amar Singh.
Legend has it he could tackle
a wild boar with his bare hands.
And he'd slapped pretty much
every man in Ranjhore.
And what a death!
Right, Ballu? A glorious death!
Unarmed, alone,
he stormed the Bathwal mansion,
and slapped them senseless.
The Terror of Ranjhore, Amar Singh!
Even today his name lives on.
- What are you thinking about?
- Nothing.
Come on, spit it out.
You know how he hated violence.
The tragedy, Jai, is that
you can even dream it.
Has he lost it?
What is it, then?
- Do me a favour?
- Take two.
- I need to get out of here.
- But how did you get in?
- I thrashed someone.
- My lion!
The beacon of Ranjhore!
Stay the night, chat with us.
No, Brother Ballu! I have to get out.
Or I'll lose Aditi.
Yes, sir.
No, sir. Never, sir.
Absolutely, sir. Right away, sir.
Victory to India, sir!
- Oh, Rathore, sir...
- Save your licking for an ice cream.
Shut mouth. Open cell. Release Jai.
There's a report against him.
And you filed it? Say sorry!
- Release him!
- Sir...something to wet our beaks?
Sure, ask him.
Some tea before you leave?
Leave? Who's leaving?
Just do as you're told. Let Jai go.
And you?
Right after breakfast tomorrow.
Leaving, son? Farewell.
And don't act so tough next time.
His violent streak is very dangerous.
Do drop in. It's your uncle's home.
Do convey my regards to your mother.
Save it, kiddo. Go get Aditi.
It's 1 2;00. I'm screwed.
I didn't realise you were Cinderella!
Transport strike.
No bus. No train. No taxi.
The final condition? His brother's horse!
I don't exactly know how to ride.
Yes, you do. A Rathore knows how,
even in his mother's womb.
Ride on. Save your love. Go.
- Gracias, Dirty Harry.
- Muchas gracias.
It wasn't Dad.
It was me.
I tried calling the Commissioner, too.
Who can I call at this hour?
Did I...? Wasn't that...?
Isn't that your son?
No. That's my husband's son.
Let's go. Home.
Is he flying, too?
The terrorist has checked in. Over.
The terrorist has been
apprehended, sir.
And he's...meowing, sir.
No, sir, not "May I?"
"'Meow" like a cat, sir.
You and I have a bond
from yore
That is why you make
my heart soar
Know it or not
Admit it or not
Don't go, Meow.
Of course not, Rats.
The terrorist was singing, sir.
What song?
Know it or not
Admit it or not...
So she didn't go?
Next time, I shoot.
I know, sir.
And if you ever sing again...
...someone's sure to shoot you!
Aware of that, sir.
- Shall we?
- Yes.
How was the honeymoon?
I never knew Jai was so romantic.
How I missed you guys!
Rotlu, stop crying!
I feel like I've known you two
for years!
Jiggy, let's hear the whole story...