Habit (1995)

Why, it's Pinocchio.
I asked for Cyrano
and they gave me this.
They saw right through you.
Place looks great.
Kudos to Rae.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey.
You already wasted?
I brought you a
little something.
Thank you.
What are you, an ostrich?
"One thing without stain,"
unspotted from this world,
in spite of mine own doom,
"and that is my white plume."
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey, Harry.
How's it going, man?
Hey, sorry to hear
about your dad.
Oh, yeah. I'm good.
Listen, man, how did it happen?
I don't know.
Lt was a weird accident.
Hey, you remember
the time that he
went windsurfing across the
lake in that gorilla suit?
I'll never forget him.
I gotta give this
acceptance speech.
You should definitely
wear the nose.
"In my father's name,
I accept this $7 wall dressing."
Terrible grog anyway.
It's a shame to dilute the rum.
Watch my technique.
Excuse me, Sam.
This is all I learned
in prep school.
I was always on probation,
they made me mop the halls.
You want one?
- My little private stash.
- No.
So what brings you
to this gathering?
It's Halloween.
This is true.
What brings you?
One thing you can say
about Nick and Rae...
They're always well-stocked.
Yeah, you've got something
going in every hand.
So you know Rae?
I know Nick.
Oh, yeah? How do you know Nick?
How do you know Nick?
I'm old friends with these guys.
This is a crucial moment!
So what's your name?
I'm Sam.
Great party.
Thanks, every time.
Say goodbye to Nick for me.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
So, you know,
I hadn't smoked for years,
but I'm gonna
quit in the spring.
But you know the whole country's
against it so
I feel it's my duty.
You're very compulsive, Sam.
Oh, yeah, you can
tell that already?
The moment I set eyes on you.
Actually I'm committing
suicide on the installment plan.
What is it?
I had these photos.
Anna, this isn't...
this isn't my coat.
Oh, shit, this is someone else's coat...
We gotta go back,
We gotta go back.
Oh, come on, I'm sorry.
Can we just...
It won't take a second.
Can we just go back?
You going to go back?
I'll wait here.
I just got to get this
guy's coat back.
All right.
Come here.
Just in case you
get stuck up there.
- Call me sometime.
- No, no, no, no.
I'll be right back.
Please, will you please wait?
I'll wait.
You promise?
I promise.
Well, you can just come get me.
I'm not about to
walk to the subway.
I'm wearing two-inch heels.
Yeah, great...
- Hey.
- Hi, Sam.
How's it going?
Anyway, I was leaving.
Happy Halloween.
You been up to your
father's place?
Oh, yeah, yeah,
I was up there tonight.
Yeah, there's a lot
of shit to go through.
So what about you?
Did you find a place?
Yeah, I think I found a
sublet on St. Mark's.
- Oh, yeah? Cool, good...
- Well...
I'll know for sure in
the next couple of days.
Well, you know, if you need
any... help with the move,
I'm not working...
So you're leaving?
Yeah, I gotta go.
It's so early.
Well, hey, it's the new me.
I gotta go.
Gimme a call about that move.
Yeah, right.
Hi, Liza!
How are you?
Sam's leaving while
he can still see straight.
Did you notice?
Hey, Mike, look at this, man,
I got robbed on the subway.
They cut the money out of my
pants while I was sleeping.
Listen, man, can I get two
coffees and the post?
I'll pay you tomorrow.
Yeah, sure.
Alright, cool.
Segundo, Que pasa?
Mr. Sam, amigo.
Hair o' the dog that bit me.
- Yo, Segundo!
- Hey!
Seor carrot man!
How's your wife and my kids?
- You can have them.
- Straight to the back?
To the back?
To the back.
To the back.
So you have a good
time at the Halloween party?
I had a great time
at the Halloween party.
Yo, Lenny, we've got
nothing on the mics.
Let me tell you.
I meet this girl, right?
She comes straight up to me,
none of that messing around,
makes it very clear what
she's after, you know?
Anyhow, she takes me
to a fucking boat.
A boat?
Lenny, can we
get some sound up here?
She, like, resides on a boat
that's docked in
Tribeca somewhere.
I never heard of such a thing.
I'm telling you I'm like,
fucking out of my mind...
Lenny, could we get
some sound up here?
All right, you got
some sound now?
Thank you...
Anyway, I'm out of my mind,
and before I know it she's
taking me up to the poop deck
and having her way with me.
On the fucking poop deck, man!
In front of all these
Halloween freaks
that are trudging
about and shit.
Can I get some sound
on the acoustic?
Yeah, Lenny, take care
of these guys, man,
I gotta make a phone call.
Nicky, hey, listen, man,
I'm trying to get
in touch with this
girl I met at the party.
She said you invited her.
No, never seen her before.
We were leaving,
she disappeared.
Yeah? She said she knew you.
Well, listen, I'm at the
restaurant, I gotta go.
Alright, see ya. Slimma!
Hey, buddy, how you doing?
How's it going, man?
You want this?
No. No, you keep it.
Goodbye, Mud.
I'll miss you.
I can't believe how I'm getting
the hairy eyeball
from those two.
What the hell did you
tell them about me?
Don't be so paranoid.
No, they're treating me like
the schmucky boyfriend
who walked out on you.
You're the one who's
moving out, Liza.
Well, I mean, somebody
had to do something.
Yeah, well...
Anyway, I mean,
you got what you wanted.
You know, your freedom.
Oh, Susan, that's great.
Would you just put that lamp
down over here by that...
Watch that cord, Susan,
you're gonna trip.
You need some help with that?
Hang on, just move, move.
That's it.
Well, you want to come up?
I got a couple beers
in the fridge
and we're gonna order
out for pizza, and...
- I'll pass.
- Alright.
Well, thanks for the help.
So, did you have a
good time at the party?
- What?
- Nick and Rae's party.
Did you?
Go home with someone?
I got stood up,
to tell the truth.
Speak of the devil.
How you doing, Nick?
You're only an hour
and a half late.
Sorry, I lost the address.
That was convenient.
- Hi, Liza.
- Hi, Nick.
- So how'd it go?
- It was fine.
We're done.
Let me have a sip of that.
So, you sure you don't
want to come up?
I gotta go.
- You want to go?
- Sure.
So long.
Sam, come here for a minute.
- Nick, do you mind?
- No.
I just... I want you
to be careful, okay?
I'm fine.
I mean, I think
I'm doing the right thing,
Sam, but I'm not
giving up on us, you know.
I understand.
I don't want you
to go crazy now,
just because there's no one
around to call you on it,
I gotta go.
Fucking nightmare.
I have a feeling I'm gonna
go through that next.
What, with Rae?
Do you want to grab
a drink at Gold Bar?
- Where are we?
- 1st Avenue.
Let's just go to the Holiday.
Come on.
Hey, Nick.
And what does she look like?
I can't even remember, man.
Can't even remember.
I mean, is she short,
is she tall?
Big hooters?
What's she got?
Nice figure, you know,
enough to reel me in.
Hate to one-up you,
Sammy boy, but you should see
the chick I been hanging with.
What, the one with the boat?
She's quite a little number.
Been seeing her
ever since the party.
Oh, yeah?
What does Alison think of that?
Fuck Alison.
You alright?
Actually, considering
how much I'm getting laid,
It's amazing how shitty I feel.
You look like shit, man.
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
You going to the
festival tonight
with Nick and those guys?
Yeah, yeah,
I'm thinking of going.
Prince and Mulberry?
You okay?
- I'm fine.
- You should lay off the hooch.
You look sick as a dog.
Hey, now, anybody else
out there want to get in...
Jesus, you guys,
what's going on?
Hey, listen, Rae's
grandmother died.
Oh, shit.
We got a call this morning.
Rae, you all right?
Yeah, she's been
sick a long time.
I knew it was coming.
Well, listen, you guys not
want to do this, 'cause...?
- She'll be okay.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
So, did you find
your mystery girl
from the party the other night?
No, it's been driving me crazy.
I can't even remember
what she looks like.
She's become the
perfect date in my mind.
Where the fuck is Lenny?
- Is he coming or what?
- I don't know, man,
I saw him this afternoon.
He was looking pretty sickly.
I wouldn't be surprised
if he passes.
Fucking Lenny.
I've probably spent
a month of my lifetime
over the years waiting for him.
Listen, I'm going to get a beer.
Anybody else?
- Anna!
- Hi, Sam.
It's really you.
What are you doing here?
You never called me.
You never left your number.
You never found it?
I... I left it in your pocket.
Well, I wish you had waited.
I wasn't that long.
I've been trying to find you.
I've been thinking about you.
I've been thinking
about you, Sam.
Listen, I'm with Nick and Rae,
they had that party that night.
We were going to
check out the festival.
I thought I'd found you alone.
It's so amazing
to see you again.
- You're blushing.
- Yeah?
Well, listen, I...
I should get this beer
back to Nick and maybe
we can go off to the
festival on our own.
- I'd like that.
- Yeah?
You gonna wait this time?
I came back the last time.
- You weren't there.
- I'll be here.
Listen, I'm sorry, you guys,
I've just been so possessed,
I gotta check her out.
So what should we do?
Lenny's not coming,
I can tell you that.
I don't know, Nick,
why don't we check out
the fair on our own?
Maybe we should just
head back uptown.
Go on, Sam, you are released.
You want to ride
the Ferris wheel?
I thought you'd duped me.
Two tickets for the
ride of your life.
I'm kind of afraid of heights.
This fucker keeps going.
So what's the truth,
did you crash that party?
I heard about it through
someone or other.
I haven't crashed
a party in years.
No parties to crash.
Everybody I know's
gone their separate ways.
So, you've known
Rae a long time?
Yeah, we went to school
together when we were kids.
We were gonna get married
when we were nine.
Okay, girls, 10 seconds please.
Don't move, don't move.
Five seconds left,
please don't move,
don't breathe.
And relax.
Robes! Come on.
Hurry up, hurry up.
Okay, girls. Okay, and relax.
Yeah, this is a project
that I've been working
on for a little while.
That's a lot of work.
- Hope he gets published.
- His ticket to immortality.
So, tell me, Anna,
did I blow it back
there on the wheel?
I just, I got a thing
about heights.
God, you're so beautiful.
Oh, shit!
Hey, listen, I need
you to stand in for Lenny.
No, tonight.
He's fucking disappeared.
I don't know, he didn't
show up last night either.
Fuck. Alright.
Okay, thanks,
I'll see you Tuesday.
You need a little change?
Alright, I'll be
right back with that.
How you guys doing?
This salad has no dressing.
Well, it does.
If you want a little more,
I can get it for you.
I'm paying for the dressing,
I'd like to taste it.
Can you bring me a little
container or something?
Yes, I'll be right
back with that.
What is with that guy?
This really sucks, Lenny.
I hope you're hearing this,
wherever you are.
Tough night, Segundo?
Alright, I'll see you, man.
Okay. Hasta maana.
- Hi, Sam.
- You found me.
I was wondering what
happened to you last night.
I tried to wake you.
You had passed out.
Well, you know, I've been
working late hours.
You like hamburgers?
I like a good hamburger.
I was feeling a little
lightheaded today,
I thought I might
need some red meat.
You're not a vegetarian,
are you,
'cause I know what that's about.
- Not at all.
- No?
I could be a vegetarian,
but there's just too much
stuff I couldn't give up,
like lobsters and clams.
I don't think I could commit.
What do you do at the
restaurant, the dishes?
Excuse me.
No, I'm the manager
four nights a week.
What about you? Do you work?
I work.
What kind of work?
I don't like to talk about it.
It doesn't really have anything
to do with who I am.
Do you know what I mean?
Sort of.
Well, how much do you need to
know about someone
to be attracted to them?
To be attracted? Nothing.
To stay interested you
need their phone number.
Well, I suspect that the less
you know about me,
the longer you'll
stay interested.
Why, you have something to hide?
It's just that men
like to fall in love,
they don't like to stay in love.
All love ends in sadness,
that's my experience.
People expect
too much from love.
Aren't you going
to invite me in?
I wouldn't leave you out there.
Thank you.
You want a glass of
water or something?
I feel kind of out of sorts if
I can't offer you a drink.
No, I'm fine.
- This is a nice place.
- Yeah.
- You live alone?
- Yep.
- Someone used to live here.
- Liza, my ex.
You look happy in this picture.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
God. I'm beat.
It's your father.
Yeah, does he look like me?
He traveled a lot?
This is true.
Your lip... It's cut.
Or is that... herpes?
What is it then?
Didn't you bite my lip
in Battery Park?
I didn't think you'd remember.
Some things a guy remembers.
A little... love nick.
Just a little bit at a time.
Because I like you.
Wait, wait.
You got protection?
Protection from what?
Seriously... Oh, fuck.
That's protection.
Fair enough, fair enough.
But it's not just
pregnancy anymore.
I'm not contagious.
You gotta ask, you gotta ask.
I used to cut my
arms at parties.
- You're a cutter.
- See this one?
That's my favorite.
It's got the little...
It's kind of a map.
A cross.
And then there's this one.
You can't see that as well.
That's... that's an old one.
It's a weird thing,
to puncture your skin.
Skin is all there is between
you and the rest of world.
The blood is so
eager to get out.
You know,
it's blue in the veins.
Until it touches oxygen
and turns red.
And what about this?
You pull out your
teeth at parties, too?
No, I was mugged.
They kicked me in the face.
I lost my tooth.
They got six bucks off me.
I like it.
Well, you know, Sam,
you might want to consider that
you're pretty seriously
on the rebound.
Yeah, well... she's got a
real ease about her,
kind of a timeless quality.
And you know,
she jerked me off
on our first date.
That might have
something to do with it.
We are late for that funeral.
Oh, shit.
Come on, Rae's waiting for us.
Alright, let's go, let's go.
Come on, Nick.
You should come.
I know Rae'd want you there.
What else are you gonna do?
I don't know, something
with Anna, I'm hoping.
Well, Anna's invited.
It's gotta be weird for you too,
I mean, the first year
without your dad.
What did you guys use to do?
After my mom died?
I don't know, I'd make a
turkey and creamed onions.
He'd have some of
his cronies over, but...
last year he was getting
kind of despondent.
He just wanted to be away,
so we ate in this place uptown,
just the two of us.
It was pretty dismal.
Well, come out to the house.
The spirit of grandma
will be there.
Anna! Hey, hold on.
This is the key to
the front door.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What's that smell?
You got to be kidding me.
What is it?
You can't smell it,
you're standing in it, I think.
It's the cat box.
Come here. Wait, come here.
- The cat box is right there.
- Look.
Hey, what do you got?
It's a barbecue set.
We have to use it.
Can we get on the roof?
So, we'll have a barbecue.
Where did you get this?
- It's really high-tech.
- 14th Street.
You shop anywhere but
you buy on 14th Street, right?
Alright. Okay, cool.
So we'll move this
operation upstairs.
Great. I'll stay here.
It's not that bad, it's just...
Have you ever been
naked on a New York rooftop?
Not in this life.
What would that be like?
You're sort of an
exhibitionist, aren't you?
Sam, it's me.
Well, it's been a while and
I was just wondering
how you're doing.
And if you want to have
coffee or something I have
my mornings off and...
It's good to see ya.
How you been?
What's been going on with you?
You look strung out.
Well, you know, free life.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Could I have a coffee, please?
So, what's been
going on with you?
I don't know.
Hey, did you hear about Lenny?
- No, what?
- He's gone missing.
What does that mean?
He stopped coming
to the restaurant,
he never called, nothing.
Well, I mean, isn't he always
threatening to just up and go?
Yeah, well, I think it's weird.
So what else is new?
How's Nick and Rae?
They're fine.
Look at this.
I gotta give this speech
tonight about my dad.
What are you going to say?
That he liked to travel and
he was never around.
The reservation
is they're too old,
we can't put them on the air.
I've got this young kid,
he's very telegenic...
So, how's the
apartment and stuff?
It's okay, you know.
St. Mark's place
is kind of funny,
I guess, it's sort of a circus.
Well, I'd love to
come by and see it.
You should.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
What happened to your lip?
I get that every year.
It's herpes or something, right?
You seem nervous.
Too much coffee.
I been feeling a little weird.
Yeah? Like what?
Wait a minute, I'm visualizing.
I've started seeing somebody.
I'm not saying it's serious
or anything, but I just...
I just feel like we should start
to say our thing is over.
We don't have to have this
conversation right now.
I know, I know.
It's just so you know.
Well, that didn't take long,
How long have you known her?
Liza, come on.
Are you fucking her?
What do you think?
I hope you're being careful.
Liza, come on.
You met her at the
Halloween party, right?
I knew it when I saw you there.
Liza, this isn't a separation
if you're going to keep
quizzing me on evertyhing.
I mean, how is this any
different than living together?
You got me under a
fucking microscope.
That's not me, Sam.
That's you doing
that to yourself!
- Oh, shit.
- What's the matter?
Are you okay?
I'm fine, I'm fine.
I'm just a little hungover.
Listen, this was a bad idea.
I'm gonna go.
Will you just wait for a minute?
Look at you.
How much longer
can we keep this up?
- Is she moving out?
- All packed.
What's up with you two?
Just stopped enjoying
each other, I guess.
That's enough out
of me for this evening.
And now what we
all came here for:
To hear from his son, Sam.
Let's bring him up.
Come on, Sam!
Thank you.
I'm not very comfortable
in these situations...
but I did try to put
down a few thoughts
about my father.
I've been thinking
about him and...
I believe that he never
stopped searching...
traveling around,
especially later in life.
I think that he took great
comfort in history, in the past.
He seemed to identify with the
ruins of great civilizations
as monuments to
some sort of idealism,
which he felt was lacking
in the "culture of narcissism,"
as he liked to call it.
That was Christopher Lasch,
but my father liked that phrase.
He had a lot of ambivalence
about popular culture
and the media
and I think he felt that
the education system
discouraged real self-discovery.
I'm sure you've all discussed
these issues with him.
Anyway, I think that made him...
But he was not a
pessimist or a cynic,
as some of his detractors
would have it.
I think...
I think he was an
optimist who'd...
come up against a lot
of disappointments...
but here, in this institution,
I think he felt idealism was
still possible and I think
that meant a lot to him.
Lt meant everything to him.
So in his honor, I...
I... accept this memorial.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
And now maybe we should
all get a drink or something.
Thank you.
- Sam.
- Mr. Lyons.
Are you okay?
Oh, yeah, I'm just
a little run-down.
Well, I'm sure all of this
has been pretty hard on you.
That was very fine,
what you said.
Lt would have meant
a lot to your dad.
Thank you. Thanks.
How is that girlfriend
of yours, the painter?
Oh, Liza.
She's fine.
Your father was fond of her.
She was studying archeology
at Barnard, right?
- That's right.
- Very good, yeah.
She's trying to decide
which way to go now,
painting or archaeology.
Your father was tickled
pink about that.
Oh, yeah, they got
along very well.
- Who's this?
- Anna...
Hi, sorry I missed your speech.
- How'd it go?
- It was fine.
Mr. Lyons, this is Anna.
Hi. Jerry Lyons.
Nice to know you.
I'm not interrupting
anything, am I?
Here, Sam, I got you
something in honor
of the occasion.
What is it?
How extraordinary!
Peter, come and
take a look at this.
Come here. Take a look at this.
Look, don't touch.
It's for Sam.
What was that all about?
You're not mad, are you,
that I showed up?
That was just so fucking weird.
Come on.
- What?
- Listen.
What are you hearing? I don't...
They're out tonight.
What are those, dogs?
Central Park used to
be filled with wolves.
Oh, shit.
Anna, come on!
Call an ambulance! Go!
Watch out, man!
Don't move him, don't move him,
don't move him!
- Don't move him.
- I just saw him come up...
Wait, he's falling,
he's falling!
Push him back in.
Anybody getting the ambulance,
or what?
Don't touch it, Anna!
His little life
is slipping away.
Don't move him, don't move him,
don't move him!
Wait, he's falling,
he's falling!
Don't move him,
push him back in!
Anybody getting the
ambulance, or what?
Jesus, is he breathing?
It's the child
we'll never have, Sam.
Seriously, Anna, let's get
the fuck out of here.
You're being perverse.
Take me, Sam.
Rub your hard cock against me.
You've got a very
morbid streak, Anna.
What, and you don't?
I don't know, maybe.
With your scars, Sam?
Drinking yourself into
a stupor every night.
I got the gloom
gene in my family.
Goddamn it!
Look, I'm fine, alright?
I just need to get home.
It's been a fucking
intense night.
I've just, I've had it.
I'll see you tomorrow,
we have the whole weekend,
all right?
I'll see you tomorrow.
Alright. Alright.
- I'm sorry, I...
- Be well.
- Sam.
- Yeah?
Do you like me?
After that?
I guess...
I guess you seem... lonely.
Put up a tough front.
That appeals to me.
Why? You lonely?
I don't know.
Maybe I am.
We live as we dream, alone.
Who said that?
You did.
No, no, it was someone...
Mr. Sam?
You okay?
I don't know, man.
You don't look so good.
What is the deal?
Mr. Sam.
Todo esta bien.
I'm fine, man, I'm fine.
Here you go.
She left a message
on my machine.
She's going to meet us
out there tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
I should have checked sooner.
Think nothing of it.
Let's go then, before we
get slammed by the traffic.
Quit showing off, Nick.
I'm trying to get us out
there before Christmastime.
I would not take the
breakdown lane, Nick.
There're cops
all over the place.
Now, isn't this nice?
You are all sheep!
Mr. King Fuck.
Hey, Mr. Teenage Entrepreneur!
Hey, asshole, move over or
I'm going to come over
there and kick your balls in!
Kick your balls in?
She means it, too.
Grandma's kitchen.
I'm gonna go to bed.
You know where it is?
Good night.
These were made by grandma.
That's weird, right?
Very sacred.
To be cherished.
Wonder what she put in there.
So, Sam...
How's this thing with
Anna turning out?
I don't know.
There's something about her,
you know?
Yeah, I can't get
a handle on it, but...
it's, it's...
I'm not really saying anything,
I mean...
Well, if you're happy.
Oh, yeah.
So, what about you, Rae,
how are things going?
Things are pretty
hard right now.
I'm trying to make a
major life decision
and both options are
pretty disappointing.
Really, like what's going on?
Sam, a swim in the ocean.
You're kidding.
We must be manly and
go for a dip in the sea.
That's impossible, man.
- I'm sick.
- Nonsense.
Good for the circulation.
Anyway, I need the company.
Walk me to the beach.
What about you, Rae?
You want some help here?
Entertain Nick,
that's help enough.
Alright. But I may not go in.
- We'll finish this later.
- Yeah.
Jesus, man.
To the sea!
What am I
supposed to do with this?
You put it on.
That's a start.
Then we walk into the ocean,
we put our bodies into it...
So I told her it was over...
Come on, we can't return
to the house in defeat.
Look, I'm keeping
you company, Nick.
I don't feel well.
Go into the fucking water.
I'll be your witness.
What is with this new frailty
image you're cultivating?
Always the martyr.
Always the victim.
Don't be unkind, dude.
I'm going in.
Listen, Nick...
No, listen, I'm thinking of
leaving early tomorrow...
Sam, he's looking weird...
I don't think you should
encourage him drinking.
This woman Anna is obviously
doing him no fucking good.
You spend so much time
worrying about him.
It's not about Sam and me.
Sam can take care of himself,
believe me.
Not everything's
about money, Nick.
Happy Thanksgiving, Nicky.
The hunter's moon, now,
that's the name given the
full moon in October, see,
that's when the hunter
is most empowered.
Sam, the gravy.
No, no, no, every
full moon has a name.
The harvest moon, that's
the full moon in September.
And of course there's
the blue moon,
that's when there's two full
moons in the same month.
- And that happens, well...
- Once every blue moon.
Precisely, thank you.
Rae, you're looking like
quite the little temptress
tonight in your antique gown.
Lt really is beautiful.
Where did you get it?
It was in my
grandmother's closet.
I just put it on and it fit.
You know, I've never really
been attracted to antiques.
I always like what's
happening now.
Well, it belonged to
my grandmother.
That's why I like it.
You've got sort of an Emma
Peel thing going there, Anna.
That's very retro.
Yeah, well, you pick up a
few things along the way.
Rae, a toast, a toast
to the chef, Rae...
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Rae.
Thanks for coming.
And to the glorious hypocrisy
of the Thanksgiving feast!
And to the principles first
embodied in the Constitution.
The rest we'll just leave to
that time-honored commodity:
Historical amnesia.
Anna, you haven't
eaten anything.
Aren't you hungry?
Anna's never hungry.
Oh, really, doesn't
that put a damper
on your courtship, Sam?
Don't you always cook
for your dates?
Now, Rae, you're giving
away all my techniques.
Now he's cultivating
the ill health routine.
Oh, yes, it's very sexy.
It's okay, Sam,
you already won me over.
Thank you.
Did you all hear that?
Lt was my manliness.
Oh, yes.
Sam and I went swimming today.
It wasn't so bad.
Is he all right?
Excuse me.
Is he all right?
Oh, yeah, he just hasn't
been feeling well lately.
That's just the
change in the weather.
How's this thing
with Anna turning out?
How is that
girlfriend of yours, the painter?
Two tickets for
the ride of your life.
My God, there you are.
We thought we'd lost you.
Did you see that?
Yeah, you frightened it.
What happened to you
at dinner, anyway?
You disappeared.
- Cramps.
- Oh, really?
I've got some pills for
that if you need them.
No, you know what?
I'm feeling better.
So... so what's going
on with you and Nick?
You seem distracted.
It's a lot of things.
Right. Your grandmother.
What is your deal, Anna?
Excuse me?
What do you do?
I don't believe
Sam's ever told me.
I've never told Sam.
You and Sam is... absurd.
I'm sorry.
Are you still carrying
a torch for him?
I mean, hasn't it been
quite some time since
he used to get drunk
and knock you around?
Man, I don't know when
you started this thing about
Rae, but I'll tell you...
I wouldn't be too flip about it.
I mean, she's pretty together.
Yeah, I know.
Where is our little cast
of characters, anyway?
Our little starlets?
Rae went for a walk,
isn't that what you said?
Right. Right, right.
It's a good thing, too.
I'd hate to think of them
upstairs together.
They seem to dislike each other.
Yeah, what is that, anyway?
Have you ever noticed that
Rae is jealous of every
girl you go out with?
That's in your head, man.
Open your eyes, man.
Your dress is ruined.
You didn't like it anyway.
I like you in it.
What is this, a come-on?
The setting's so ripe.
I've never gotten into that.
Anyway, there's Nick.
Is that all it is?
I don't trust you either.
No, that's...
That's all I need.
So, if it wasn't me...
and I... wasn't with Sam...
but I am with Sam, you know?
And he's with me.
We don't want to get into this.
I hope Rae is
alright in this rain.
She should be back.
Look at this piece of shit note.
We're getting stiffed for
the whole weekend,
they've gone back to New York.
They took the train.
Nobody even woke me up.
Well, I can't wait here
the whole weekend
being pissed off.
We close up the house
and we get out of here.
We gotta do all the
fucking dishes, man.
Sam. Jerry Lyons here.
I wanted to thank you again for
the other night and listen,
I'd like to have a word with you
about the young woman you
brought to the reception.
If you've got a minute to,
give me a call.
We can talk.
- Liza.
- It's Sam.
Yeah, Sam?
Happy holidays.
What's going on?
We didn't really get
a chance to talk,
you kind of split on me.
Well, I mean, I don't really
need to watch you stumble around
with a hangover, Sam.
You know I've done
that routine already.
I wasn't hungover, I'm sick.
What's the matter with you?
Listen, Liza, you want to get
together, just to hang out?
I don't think so, Sam.
Well, I haven't even seen
your place set up yet.
You know, I mean, I thought
that if I just left you alone
for a while, you'd
try to do something
about your drinking,
Sam, you know, I mean...
decide what you wanted
to do with yourself.
I didn't think that you'd
be dating in 10 minutes.
I'm not dating someone,
I just met someone.
I'm not... I'm not mad at you,
if that's what you're
worried about.
You're off the hook.
Come on, let me come by.
I'll bring a bottle of wine...
Or whatever, I'll bring
a bottle of seltzer.
Oh, fuck.
Make it a bottle of wine.
Is that a yes?
Oh, Jesus, you scared me.
Sorry I'm late, Sam.
You weren't making
other plans, were you?
What the fuck, Anna?
Don't be mad.
What happened to
you two last night?
We went for a walk.
We got back, you were
both passed out.
Sam... could you not?
Please don't, just be
with me tonight, okay?
We didn't have our
weekend together.
I gotta apologize.
Liza, you there?
You wanna pick up?
I'm sorry.
I'll call you later.
No one home?
I don't get you.
So this is what you do?
You pine away over
Liza when I'm not around?
I was giving her a call,
if you don't mind.
Sam, I don't want to have to
compete for your interest.
It doesn't feel good.
Anna, I need some time
to work some stuff out.
I'm feeling really out of sorts
and I just, I don't think we should...
I just need some time.
I can give you time.
Anna, wait.
You say something?
I'm not saying anything, I...
Sam, don't worry about it.
Don't lose any sleep over it.
I'll get mine.
I really... I really...
I had a thing for you, I just,
I need some time, all right?
Here's your key.
Sorry, had it made.
I... force of habit.
You can't see he's in
total denial about his father?
Sammy boy...
On the fucking poop deck, man...
Already wasted?
So, you've
known Rae a long time?
"The best lack all conviction,
while the worst are full
of passionate intensity."
That should appeal to
you a little bit, Sam?
Just a little bit at a
time because I like you.
Hey, Sam, I was downtown.
Thought I'd swing by,
offer you a beer.
Thanks, man. I'll pass.
What's the matter? You sick?
You were pretty crazy
out there on the road.
I don't know, man.
I just feel like
I'm falling apart,
like my fucking
health is failing me.
Well, what's going on?
I mean, how do you feel?
I know what it is, man,
it's just so fucking weird,
I've been afraid to tell you.
Yeah, what is it?
You're a mess.
It's about Anna.
Oh, God.
- Nothing.
- Go on.
What about Anna?
So, you know, I broke
it up with her last night.
That was quick.
What's that been?
Two, three weeks?
Man, things went fast
with that fucking chick,
she really... she really messed with me,
you know, like an animal,
like a fucking parasite.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
No, you don't have any
idea what I mean, Nick.
Well, look, Sam,
you broke it up with Liza
so you could be with Anna,
the "mystery girl,"
and now things are so fucked up,
it's made you realize
what a turd you are
and it's made you ill,
a sick person.
That's not what's going on.
Well, what is it?
You're being so mysterious.
What has transpired
between you and Anna
that's making you so crazy?
Let me tell you this, man.
I'm all ears, Sam.
So listen, man,
that first night, right,
after the festival?
We're like, getting it on in
Battery Park, you know,
and she bites into my lip.
I was been wondering
what that was,
- I was afraid to ask.
- No, I'm serious, man.
She's biting into
my lip to draw blood.
So I say, "What the fuck,
Anna, what are you doing?"
and she says, "Just a
little bit at a time, Sam,"
and she sticks her
finger in the cut and
like, licks the blood off.
You don't understand, man,
She does it like every time.
Like, we'll be
screwing or something,
and she like, bites me and
starts sucking the blood.
And what are you doing,
man, are you getting off?
I don't know, man,
it's like totally amazing,
it's like nothing
I've ever felt before.
It's like when we're screwing,
it's like having warm milk
running through your
veins or something.
What are you saying?
Because she's biting you?
Yeah, and then I'll wake up,
and I'll have like,
a puncture mark
on my arm or on my
chest or something.
I don't get it, I mean,
she's biting you in
these different places,
and then she's
sucking your blood?
Actively sucking it?
Yeah, and then, you know,
then I started
feeling sick like this
and I started to wonder,
because of what
happened to Lenny.
Wait a minute, what does
Lenny have to do with this?
I'm telling you, man,
before he disappeared,
he was sick the same way.
Hold on now, Sam.
No, I'm serious, man.
I mean, at first I was going
with it 'cause it was like,
you know, it was kinda cool.
I mean, it's not, I don't know,
it's just like our little thing,
like me and Anna, right?
And then I started
feeling sick like this,
you know, and out of it?
And I started to realize
this fucking chick is like,
drinking my blood,
like in a way that's
affecting my health.
Sam, you should have
stayed in the arts.
You have such a
fertile imagination,
such a propensity
for Gothic melodrama.
I mean, seeing you work
in a restaurant is like,
well, to use your beloved guy,
it's like Cyrano
without his plume.
Fuck you, Nick.
No, fuck you.
What is this concoction
you've come up with?
That Anna is drinking your blood
and that she's drinking
Lenny's blood?
You never gave a fuck
about Lenny disappearing.
Lenny is always disappearing;
He's an irresponsible fuck!
No, man, it was Anna,
that's what
I'm trying to tell you.
Anna what?
What are you really
trying to say, Sam?
That Anna is sucking your blood?
And she's sucking Lenny's blood?
Are you trying to tell me
that Anna's a vampire?
Get a fucking grip, man.
Listen, man, I know it's absurd,
but I swear to God, man,
I've never seen her eat,
I've never seen her drink,
I've never seen her smoke.
I've never seen her once,
not once, in the daylight.
I've never seen her take a shit
or a piss, for Christ's sake.
And for that she's a
fucking vampire?
'Cause she won't
shit in front of you?
I'm not telling you
she's a vampire, man,
I'm not asking you to
believe she's a vampire,
I mean "vampire".
Maybe she thinks
she's a vampire.
Maybe she thinks that you
think that she's a vampire
and that's getting you two off.
Listen, man,
I'm just telling you
what I know that this
chick does, right?
She drinks blood.
Vampires do not exist, Sam,
and it is unfortunate.
They would provide
much diversion
from the miseries of life,
many of which you have
effectively avoided since
your mother passed away
and left you that little nest egg.
You reveal yourself, Nick.
Never mind that, then.
I would prefer to
make this point:
Vampirism is everywhere.
Lt is hiding in our hearts, Sam.
It is at the bottom of a bottle,
or a needle in the arm,
it is 500 channels of
insipid cultural dribble.
The advertising and gluttony,
draining us of our
ability to think.
It is the insidious Faustian
bargains we make every day.
The little compromises
that eat at our soul,
but believe me,
it is not to be found
embodied in Anna.
She's not that deep.
Hey, maybe she does...
drink blood.
I don't know, she probably
belongs to one of those
bloodsucking cults
or whatever they are,
but believe me,
she is not a vampire.
And you, Sam, had better pull
yourself out of this rut
you're going through,
God forbid,
maybe lay off the
booze for a while,
or whatever it takes to
pull yourself together.
And if she's been biting you,
I'd get a fucking AIDS test.
Sounds like very unsafe
sex you've been having.
You disappoint me, Nick, man.
I can't even talk to you,
you're so fucking...
It's like you got
the shade down.
Sam, what do you want me to say?
I mean, really?
I just wanted to tell you this
shit that's been going on.
Have your say, you know,
that's it, alright.
- Yeah, Sam...
- that it's over.
It's over, Sam.
You're gonna be fine.
I'm scared, man.
I feel like I'm cracking up.
Listen, come have
a drink with us.
Rae and me.
I told you, man.
I'm not drinking.
You should be drinking.
It's probably the best thing
for a man in your shoes.
Why don't you just
get out of here?
- You take care of yourself.
- Yeah.
Maybe you are,
you know, really sick.
And... maybe you
should talk to someone.
I will, Nick.
You can come visit me
at the Creedmoor.
Look, Sam, your father
died two months ago.
He'd been away,
he stopped calling,
it looks like he died on
a binge or something.
You're feeling unresolved,
you've got a right to.
Look, all I'm just trying to say
is that I don't think Anna
is your problem, okay?
I hear ya, dude.
Look, take care, okay?
Call me and tell me
what Freud has to say.
Yo, Mud.
Liza, Liza, it's Sam.
Listen, I'm in trouble.
You gotta let me come over.
Okay, please?
I think I'm cracking up.
I remember you.
Have you seen Liza?
The woman who lives here?
I don't want no trouble here.
Liza, Liza.
There's trouble
in the neighbor's apartment.
That's right, picking the lock.
That's right.
I heard loud noises.
That's right.
He's still in there.
That's right.
You can catch him if you hurry.
How is that girlfriend of yours,
the painter?
Are you trying to tell
me that Anna's a vampire?
Get a fucking grip, man.
How is that girlfriend of yours,
the painter?
This is a crucial moment!
Leave a message for Nick
or Rae after the beep.
Nick, it's Sam.
Listen, man...
Give me a call at my
father's house, all right?
I'm serious, man,
I'm in deep shit!
This is Anna.
Hi, Liza.
Sam's told me about you.
So, you want to talk to him?
Liza's on the phone for you.
It's not possible!
Sam, she really
wants to talk to you.
Are you gonna come out?
He's in the bathroom
and he won't come out.
Can he call you back?
How'd you find us?
Liza, listen,
I'm really worried about him,
he's locked himself
in the bathroom
and he's not coming out.
I don't know, but he's...
he's saying he's sick.
So maybe you can come by and...
No! No more!
Wait out here.
Aren't you just a little bit
curious, Sam, how it tastes?
How it feels?
Drink, Sam.
Somebody call an ambulance!
Hey, call an ambulance!
Don't touch him!
He's bleeding!
Call an ambulance. Call 911.
Hey, somebody call an ambulance.
He was hanging out there.
He was hanging for so long.