Habibie & Ainun (2012)

-Relax. Hang on. It'll just be a minute.
-Ainun, Ainun, Ainun!
You get some rest,
Mira and I'll replace you.
-We can win this game.
-Good luck.
Let's go.
-Ainun, Ainun, Ainun!
-Come on, Ainun!
Aside from you, there is only
one person here who can answer that.
-Where's Ainun?
-Where is she?
-She's still changing.
-Are you looking for me, sir?
Why is the sky blue?
I already explained it
to you yesterday, sir.
Just answer it.
Light is made up of wavelengths. Red,
yellow and orange have long wavelengths.
Blue has a short wavelength.
While the atmosphere exists
at the same frequency as a shortwave.
Especially the color blue.
So, the atmosphere
absorbs and scatters
the blue light in the sky.
That is why the sky is blue, sir.
That's why you two are a perfect match.
Rudy, have you had lunch?
-It's already 2:00.
-I have to finish my assignment first.
That's my lunch.
You believe in an...
We'll see.
Excuse me.
-Good morning.
Let me introduce you to Grestner.
This is Habibie.
He's working on his thesis
for his Master of Science degree.
In Aachen University of Technology.
He has completed his exams
with good grades in only four years.
It usually takes six years.
He's only 25 years old,
but he's very talented.
He's still working on his thesis?
-This young man will lead our team?
-I'm willing to help, Grestner.
Go on.
He's a genius.
He can lead our team.
Call a doctor, hurry!
What happened?
Do you know the new patient named Habibie?
He's got tuberculosis.
I haven't met him.
He's from Indonesia.
Where is that?
-You got enough sleep?
-Do you need anything?
Get well soon, Rudy!
Germany needs you! -Ebner
-Remind Rudy about his medicine.
-Yes, Mom.
Why aren't you getting ready yet?
Take this cake to Ranggamalela with Fanny.
Pay a visit to the Besaris as well.
-The Besaris?
You and their daughter
went to high school together.
Just go.
Give my best regards to everyone there.
-Bye, Mom.
So, at that time I was at the school.
And then, I said...
-Hello, Ainun.
That's her, right there.
I dare you to talk to her.
-She's kind of ugly.
Then, I dare you to say to her
that she's ugly.
-You're afraid, right?
-No, I'm not afraid.
Watch this, okay? Just watch.
Ainun, I think you're ugly.
You're dark, like brown sugar.
That's Rudy Habibie, isn't it?
Are you two having a fight or something?
-"You're ugly." You said that to her?
-I did.
-Come on.
-I'll just wait in the car.
-You can also help me out.
-Don't take too long, okay?
-Are you sure?
Please pass me the cake.
You're ugly, fat and dark,
like brown sugar.
Such a beauty.
Wow, looks like brown sugar
has transformed into white sugar.
White sugar?
-So, you're back from Germany?
I'm staying in Bandung,
you know, taking a break here.
-How are you, sir?
Where have you been?
I've been talking to Fanny for a while.
Is that so? I was waiting in the car.
-All right, then. Have a seat.
You said it won't take long.
Why don't you break your fast here?
-Yeah, it's all set.
-Is that so?
But I left my medicine at home.
So, I have to go home and get it.
I brought it for you.
We should chat.
I want to hear all about Germany.
Germany? Okay, then.
It's a must. I have to feel at home.
I have no choice.
Aachen was a very messy city.
But Aachen has become the entryway
for the Allied Forces into Germany.
-But I heard you got sick there.
-That's right. I got tuberculosis.
How come you're not coughing at all?
That's the type of TB
that affects the bones, Mom.
Is that true?
-Yes, that's right.
-Get well soon, Rudy.
-What's your major?
-Engineering, ma'am.
-Engineering? Any particular machine?
-Sewing machine.
-I mean, sorry...
-Sewing machine.
I meant aircraft engine.
I thought you were going to make
a sewing machine for Ainun.
-I hear you're a doctor now.
-That's right.
-But I'm just a general physician.
-Any plan on being a specialist?
In a couple of months.
Excuse me, Ainun.
Would you mind if I took you out sometime?
Just to accompany me
for some fresh air in Bandung.
For my therapy.
A young lady's smile
A sweet girl in a yellow dress
May I...
Everything went well, I presume?
-What? Yeah, well...
-Of course.
Too well. Rudy ended up finding love.
Are you kidding me?
So, you're serious with Ainun?
For sure. She's got him head over heels.
-Just tell him everything.
-But you're happy, right?
-But Rudy, be careful.
-She has a lot of admirers.
She is a very special girl.
Her admirers are no ordinary men.
High ranking young officials,
military men, lawyers.
-While you're just a nobody.
-So what?
Handsome or rich, it's no use
if they have no chemistry.
-It won't do any good.
-You think she likes you?
We'll see about that later.
Rudy just got home from a date
greetings from the city of flowers.
By the grace of God, I'm doing fine here.
How about you and Sulis?
I hope you're doing well.
Lies, this afternoon,
a man came to my house.
His name's Rudy Habibie."
-Come in.
-Yes, sir.
-Minal 'Aidin wal-Faizin.
-Minal 'Aidin wal-Faizin.
Let's go inside.
It's not polite.
-Bring them their drinks.
-Yes, Dad.
-Nun, isn't that the one I gave you?
-Yes, it is. Thank you, by the way.
-Are your siblings doing fine?
-Thank God, they're just fine.
-Ainun, just help your mom, okay?
-Yes, Dad.
-Please, have a drink.
-Yes, sir.
Stop right here.
-You took a rickshaw to get here?
-So what?
The others drove.
-I don't care about them.
-You must be poor.
-So, Umar? How are your studies going?
-Yes, sir?
Thank God, sir.
My dissertation is almost done.
-Your dissertation's done? That's good.
-Mine's almost finished too, sir, yes.
-How are you, sir? Are you well?
-Good! I'm just fine.
-Ainun's been waiting for you.
-Yes, Dad?
-Rudy's here. You two should go out.
Bandung's bright and clear.
-Excuse us.
-Please, sit down. Just relax.
-Yes, sir.
-You haven't had your drink. Please.
-Yes, sir.
I was seven years old back then.
We were evacuating
because of the war, right?
Then one of the villagers asked my mom
to help his wife, who was in labor.
When my mom came home,
there was blood all over her dress.
I cried, frightened.
But my mom said,
"I just held a baby boy in my arms."
And she looked so happy.
That's why I wanted to become a doctor.
-You've become one, right?
-That's right.
About those four men in your house.
Are any of them close to you?
I mean...
Do you already have a special friend?
And if I haven't?
Do you remember this place?
I called you brown sugar here.
-I miss you so much.
-You just got here?
Yes. I have so much to tell you.
You look so beautiful.
-You just got here?
-I just got here.
Sulis had to work first.
Aren't you going to introduce us?
Don't let him just sit there.
This is Rudy Habibie. This is Arlies.
-This is my husband.
-We've met.
-This is Sulis.
So, is this the one who wants
to take you to Germany?
What was that?
You just started your leave,
and you already found someone.
You're moving fast, huh?
But you're amazing too. You managed
to convince a stubborn girl like her.
-Usually she's not easy to convince.
-Is that so?
-Forgive her. She's so straightforward.
-It's okay.
But you're really going to take her
to Germany, aren't you?
Are you coming back after you graduate
or staying in Germany?
I have to come home.
I want to build our country.
I've made a promise.
To whom?
At the time,
I was sure I was going to die.
My vow.
Laid down. Fallen.
In pain. Angry. Dear Motherland.
You are my guide.
An ancient and powerful vow.
Ruined. I keep walking.
This great and holy soul.
Shall take me to you.
Ainun, do you want to come with me
to Germany?
What do you mean by come to Germany?
Come with me. Accompany me. Be by my side.
As my wife.
We'll build our own family.
Just the two us.
Without any interference
from our extended families.
I can't promise you the world.
I don't know if you can keep
practicing as a doctor
or whether our life's going to be easy
or not there.
But one thing is for sure,
I'll be the best husband to you.
I can't promise you...
I can't promise you
that I'll be a good wife.
But I promise to always be with you.
To fulfill your promise.
Don't open it yet.
-But it's stopped raining.
-Just leave it.
But we've arrived.
-Thank you.
Oh, right. I almost forgot.
The bride's here!
Relax. If the plane is shaking,
it's a good sign.
It means there aren't
any cracks in the plane.
-If there's a crack?
-It will crash.
I'll make you the safest flying truck.
Did you see a red pen?
It may be inside your briefcase.
What are you doing?
I was just thinking,
when the baby is born,
where are we going to put the crib?
Because I don't want to move your desk.
You're bigger now,
that's why it feels so cramped in here.
What else?
Dark and ugly too?
Why don't you sleep
in the campus library tomorrow?
It's spacious there, right?
I don't make enough to rent a bigger flat.
I can get a job to help you out.
Let me find the right job, okay?
Train Company
Talbot, 1963
Light construction is very stable.
-Trust me.
-I do trust you. But my question is...
How will you convince
the director in Minden?
I can convince him
that the light construction I invented
is suitable for modern train requirements.
Just give me a chance to prove it.
Are you sure
about that "Aircraft Engineer"?
Even the trains in his country
were imported from Germany.
Are my calculations wrong again?
You can't rush these things.
I know it hasn't been tested,
but I'm sure it'll work.
With this metal tension, it should hold.
Don't get tense while calculating tension.
You'll make our baby tense too.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-How are you?
-Are you okay?
-I'm fine.
What's wrong with your leg?
Oh, my God. Wash that wound.
I'm all right.
I said, wash that wound.
It'll get infected.
What did you make?
But it is overcooked.
I'm sorry.
Whatever you make, I'll eat it.
Even if you stew that stethoscope,
I will eat it.
What's wrong, Ainun?
What's wrong, Ainun?
I want to go home.
If I go home, I'll ease your burden here.
I can't stand being pregnant anymore.
My life is in Indonesia.
Your life is here.
I did some calculations on our savings.
I can come back here for you.
You're a strong woman, Ainun.
We're like train cars.
Entering a tunnel, it's dark and long.
And we don't even know
where it's going to lead.
But every tunnel has an end.
And there is light at the end.
I promise, I'll take you to that light.
I promise.
-Don't forget about your flying truck.
Are you sure the cars can sustain
horizontal weight up to 200 tonnes?
We'll see.
-One hundred tonnes.
-Okay, 100 tonnes.
-Make it 200 tonnes.
-No, 180 tonnes.
The Asian is starting to have doubts.
Now make it 200 tonnes.
-Now it gets interesting.
-What do you mean?
The entire body of the car
will be under great pressure.
It might shatter.
Look, the material is becoming corrugated.
Habibie, are you sure everything is okay?
The material should be corrugated.
Because all the power
is being distributed to the entire car.
That's why this material is superior.
I know it well.
Look at that. The material is turning
back into its original condition.
Of course.
Because all the pressure
is still within its elasticity range.
I never expected him to be such a genius.
Soon your dream will come true.
Assembling an airplane.
Yeah. That's my promise to you.
-Your promise to Indonesia.
-I know how we can go to Indonesia.
To the Aircraft Industry Project
Implementation Command in Indonesia.
I, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie,
have just completed my doctorate degree.
I would like to return to Indonesia
and serve the country
by creating airplanes for Indonesia.
-There is a reply from the Command.
What did they say?
Don't be sad. Mr. Imam Sukoco
didn't say they were rejecting you.
It's just that the industry
isn't ready for you yet.
What would I be without you and our child?
And his little brother.
You're pregnant again?
Habibie, the next meeting
is in ten minutes.
Some of the guests are already here.
-Okay, please call my wife.
Ilham, Thareq, be careful.
Thareq, go play with
your brother, all right?
-Yes, Doctor?
-Mrs. Habibie...
I suggest you undergo the operation
You lose your good looks
when you pout like that.
Don't worry.
I've gone through this before.
-That is why I'm worried.
This is just like having
your appendix removed.
No, it's not. An ovarian surgery
is nothing like an appendix surgery.
I'm the doctor here.
You're an aeronautical engineer.
So, don't be a smart aleck. It's fine.
-Mommy, it's broken.
-It is? Just a second.
I'm the aeronautical engineer.
You're the doctor.
So, don't be a smart aleck.
Excuse me, Doctor, my wife--
Relax, Habibie, it's going to be fine.
I think I want to be a doctor again.
My time here reminds me
of the time I was in service.
I want to be able to help people again.
And the kids are old enough, I think,
for a nanny.
This looks a lot like father's plane.
No, it doesn't. But this one does.
-What? Let me see. No, this one.
Be careful, kids.
Don't ruin your father's magazines.
We should replace it
with carbon fiber for efficiency.
-This is good.
-Excuse me, Mr. Habibie.
-There's a phone call for you.
-I'll answer it later.
But, sir, this is
from the Indonesian Embassy in Bonn.
They said Mr. Ibnu Sutowo
wants to speak with you.
-Ibnu... Who?
-Ibnu Sutowo.
Mr. Rudy Habibie? Sit down.
I have a mandate to be delivered to you.
-You are an Indonesian, right?
-Yes, of course.
Then why are you busy helping
a foreign country's industry?
Aren't you ashamed that
with all your intelligence,
you've done nothing for your own country?
-But I've sent some--
-Under President Soeharto--
-But I've sent some letters to--
Under Soeharto's leadership,
Indonesia is progressing actively.
What's your dream? Boats? Trains?
We'll support them all.
When will you return to Indonesia?
When can we start?
I have to return to Indonesia
and start developing a work plan.
It's going to take quite a long time.
And I'll have to leave you.
Not leave.
But you'll have your hands full
with the children.
I don't want to ruin your career.
Our country is calling for you.
Be grateful for that.
-This is a great responsibility.
-Yes, it's time.
We have to develop strategic industries.
It's vital for the country.
Airplanes, to connect the archipelago,
as a means of transportation.
We also need trains for land transport.
Large ships for commerce, containers,
and product distribution between islands.
All of these will be the work
of proud Indonesians.
We'll utilize them, open their potential,
as the young generation,
to increase the quality of life
for all Indonesians.
-Mr. Habibie?
What a great presentation.
-Thank you.
-It was really good.
I have a message from my superiors,
and we really hope
you can form a synergy with us.
What kind of synergy?
We have an institution,
we're not with the government.
A kind of non-governmental organization
that can support your programs,
with powerful people behind you.
I'm sorry, but I already have
a professional team in place.
You don't have to accept
our offer right away.
But can I have a copy of your blueprint?
-Why not?
-It's my document.
What do you mean? If I give you this,
and it leaks everywhere,
who'll be responsible?
My leader is a fighter,
and he is very close to the President.
-Well, you better watch what you say.
-Thank you for the warning.
I'm sorry, sir. I failed.
Not to mention that this plane,
I'm sure, will make Indonesia proud.
Especially since it is the work
of Indonesians.
Thank you.
Let me have a look.
-Please, sir.
-Thank you.
When can I see the first flight
of your plane?
-Good evening.
-Can I have a memo?
-Yes. Go ahead.
-Okay. Thank you.
-Excuse me, Mr. Habibie.
There's a call for you from Germany.
-You can take it over there.
-There? Okay.
-Honey? Why do you sound like that?
What's wrong?
Thareq had an allergic reaction,
he's in hospital.
Hospital? Is it serious?
What's wrong, honey?
Let me look at your eye.
But don't panic,
he's feeling much better now.
Honey, I'm a pediatrician.
I take care of other people's
children every day.
-But my own child is neglected.
-I'm sorry I can't be there.
-It's okay. How are you doing?
-I'm fine.
All my work plans
have been approved by the President.
Thank God.
This has been possible
because of you and our children.
Thank you.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
It looks that way.
-I miss you.
-I miss you too.
I'll be joining you soon.
-Mr. Agus. How are you?
Your wife just came from Germany, sir?
-How did you know?
-From that lipstick mark there.
Is your lipstick taking a walk
all the way to Bandung?
-What? You don't like it?
-You prankster.
-I love you, honey.
-I love you too.
-Ich liebe Dich auch.
-You want to learn German?
-This is one of Ainun's specialty, Mom.
-You want some?
-So, how does it feel to be a minister?
-So far so good.
Rud, has anyone approached you yet?
Or you, Nun?
I'm a businesswoman.
I know a lot of business people.
Not all of them are honest.
There are some who want to take
the easy way. Take shortcuts.
You know I didn't come
to Indonesia for money.
My earnings from Germany
and the royalties is enough.
This is not about money, Rud.
It's a matter of principles.
You two, as a family,
must always be careful.
Thanks, Mom.
Thank you.
This is the revision.
I still have to revise it a little.
-Just a second.
-Just a minute.
Mrs. Ainun. Hello. How are you?
-Evening, Dad.
-This is my son.
-This is Hadi.
-Call me Hadi.
Yes, please.
Just a second. If you'll excuse me.
I'm sorry if I'm too straightforward.
I was referred to you by Mr. Sutedja.
Sutedja? I remember him.
Mr. Sutedja and I
are in the same field, taxes.
-So Mr. Sutedja--
-Just a second. This is my wife.
Mrs. Ainun. So beautiful.
I don't know who the lucky one is.
That would be me.
-This is about Mr. Sumahadi.
-Right. What about it?
It's true that Mr. Sumahadi
is a big businessman.
-He has a lot of important projects.
-I see.
But he has a good track record, right?
Not exactly.
He doesn't always work
on the projects himself.
He's more of a projects broker.
-A middleman, ma'am.
I informed your wife earlier
that this is your birthday parcel.
How did you know it's my birthday?
You know a lot about me?
Of course.
I want to learn from you, sir.
Maybe for future projects,
I can learn more from you.
A man like that
is hard to find these days.
I don't know why,
but I just don't like him.
Good people don't always have an agenda.
I know. But, I just have
a bad feeling about him.
It reminds me of what Mom said.
Rationally thinking,
there's nothing wrong about that.
But if we're talking about feelings,
to be honest, I too have--
Excuse me, sir, ma'am.
I found this inside
the parcel you just received.
I'm afraid there might be a mistake.
Let's just hope
that he didn't do it on purpose.
Just return it.
Please return it to him tomorrow.
We'll use that puppet's name. What was it?
Gatot Koco.
-Mr. Hadi, I don't have much time.
-Yes, sir. I understand.
Because I have to get to the hangar.
You left this in my house that time.
I didn't leave this, it's meant for you.
-But I can't accept this.
-Why not?
I apologize if it's not enough.
It's like this, Mr. Hadi, if you want
to participate in something,
you send me a proposal.
If you want a project, you can
participate in the bidding process.
That's how it is. That's the procedure.
Hey, wake up, Mr. Habibie's here.
Just leave him be.
He hasn't slept for two days.
-It's okay.
-But you haven't slept too.
It's not a problem for me. It's okay.
Thank you, sir.
-When is this due?
-At the end of the year?
Sir, wake up. It's morning.
Sir, it's morning.
-Excuse me, Mr. Habibie.
-Please, come in.
Sit down.
But I've already seen this.
This is exactly the same.
-What is this?
-Just a second, sir.
I heard someone had a pretty guest today.
What did she look like? Was she tall?
I didn't notice.
Rubi was the one who saw her.
So you were at the office
with your eyes closed?
We are acting like a young couple.
Still getting jealous even at this age.
Are you trying to change the subject?
You are the most beautiful. I'm serious.
Look at you, so cheesy even at this age.
I am not cheesy.
Can you give me one good reason
why I shouldn't send you out?
I don't like how you do business.
Okay. I apologize.
It's just a joke, Mr. Habibie.
Okay. I mean...
Honestly, I'm here because
I want to offer you my cooperation.
I can see that your program
will be a success
and contribute heavily
to the development of our nation.
But I've already told you.
If you want a project, you can
participate in the bidding process.
I don't want to waste any more time here.
Perhaps you can reconsider my offer.
Please do the math yourself.
Maybe that watch the other day
wasn't much.
But maybe this money
can persuade you to reconsider.
You can take this money.
Mr. Habibie, you were referred--
I don't care where you know me from.
What difference does it make?
Your attitude will make him very angry.
Please leave.
Get out.
Consider this a warning.
Please continue your work.
So, Indonesia is capable
of making airplanes?
This is not just about
our ability to make airplanes.
Indonesia is capable of making airplanes.
This is the poof.
And the most important thing is
all of you can see
that this is the work
of the Indonesian people.
-Covering the news about that plane?
-Yes, I'm a reporter.
-Heard about the Iraq-Kuwait war story?
-What's that?
The story unfolds in Iraq.
An American Hercules aircraft
was passing by.
The guards saw it.
"Fire, fire, fire!" they said.
And it just flew by them.
Of course it would, it's American.
And then an Indonesian plane
passed by too.
"Fire, fire, fire!" they said.
"Why bother? It'll just crash on its own."
What's the matter?
Are you worried about the press?
I have the solution for that.
For the maiden flight on August 10th,
I have arranged everything.
I invited the President,
ambassadors, the press, all of them.
Have you calculated the risk?
The President?
MAIDEN FLIGHT OF N250 AIRCRAF -Is the President coming?
-I'm wondering about that too.
-We better pray.
-Does he doubt our abilities?
At last, your dream has come true.
One moment, please. Yes, sir?
Call the President's security team,
ask him where he is now.
Yes, sir.
-I can't reach them, sir.
-You can't?
-Try again later, okay?
-Yes, sir.
We'll wait.
What do we do, sir?
Do we continue the ceremony?
The show must go on.
He will arrive in 30 minutes? Okay.
So, the President's airplane
will arrive in 30 minutes.
-He's coming.
-Be confident.
Let's greet him.
The Indonesian President, Mr. Soeharto,
has arrived for the maiden flight of N250
after several overseas
and local media reported
that he wouldn't be present.
We can see right now the President,
the first lady Mrs. Tien Soeharto,
and several ministers.
Also the Vice President Mr. Try Sutrisno.
The hard work of the Indonesian people
has eventually paid off.
They can see the maiden flight of N250.
-When do I get down?
-Be patient.
The plane isn't even down yet.
Indonesia now has its own airplane.
We can prove to the world
that the Indonesian people
are capable of making their own planes.
Happy birthday, honey.
Thank you. With a cake and everything.
Because your birthday present
flew 14 hours ago.
Soaring through the nation's sky.
I've finally fulfilled the promise
I made to you 32 years ago.
Put that there.
How do I take this medicine, honey?
Relax, I'm the doctor here.
Does that still hurt?
It burns a little.
Maybe it's because of the bypass.
That is a sign.
Maybe it's time you retire
from the ministry.
-And do what?
-Take a trip.
With your family, with me.
It's not a bad idea.
-So, we're really taking a trip?
Where to?
It looks like we have to delay that trip.
Oath of office
as the Vice President of Indonesia.
In the name of God, I swear
to fulfill my obligations
as Vice President of
the Republic of Indonesia
to the best of my ability
and in the fairest way possible.
To believe firmly in our constitution
and follow all its legislations and laws
in the most just way possible,
and to serve my country.
Jakarta, March 11th, 1998.
Not too much. I can't stay long.
That is enough.
I may not finish all of it.
What about the plan next week
with the children?
-Want to eat at a restaurant or at home?
-You can arrange it with Rubi.
By thoroughly understanding
the views of the leaders of the House
and the leaders of the political factions,
I have decided
to resign from my office
as the President of Indonesia,
effective as of this moment
in reading this statement
on this day, Thursday the 21st of May.
Oath of office
as the President of Indonesia.
In the name of God, I swear
to fulfill my obligations
as the President
of the Republic of Indonesia
to the best of my ability
and in the fairest way possible.
To believe firmly in our constitution
and follow all its legislations and laws.
Are you okay?
Smile. You once said I lose
my good looks when I pout like that.
So, when you pout like that,
you lose your good looks too.
Okay. Ready?
One, two, three.
If this nation were a plane,
we can say that it has lost its pilot.
I, as a co-pilot,
have the obligation
to take over this task.
So that this plane called Indonesia
doesn't stall and crash.
President Habibie's decision
to revoke the SIUP regulation
for published media requirements
is a breath of fresh air
for the press in Indonesia.
Various areas of exposure
that in the New Order era
were considered taboo and dangerous
have been blown away
by the fresh winds of freedom.
I know him very well.
I think our government today
is a puppet government
that wishes to continue
the legacy of the New Order regime.
So, if Habibie still leads our government,
the reformation movement
will not be achieved 100%.
I think a Special Session
must be held immediately.
Mrs. Ainun, you're getting prettier.
Thank you.
Are you sick, ma'am?
And then, it was in.
-What is it?
-There's a call from the housekeeper.
Excuse me.
-What's wrong?
-Protesters are outside the house.
-They said--
-What did they say?
That the house was built
with corruption money
from the time
when Mr. Habibie was a minister.
Did they even check if it's true or not?
That house was built in 1972,
even before he became a minister.
Yes? Mrs. Volk? I'm Ainun.
-Is Mrs. Ainun's makeup done?
Make sure her makeup is flawless,
all right? She's a perfectionist.
This is a state event.
Will the respected
Mrs. Hasri Ainun Habibie
please come to the stage
to give her speech.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
I am very happy
to see the achievement
that's been reached--
Please don't tell my husband about this.
Yes, ma'am.
You're so stubborn.
Sure, you can lie to me,
but these instruments show facts.
Nu... Don't lie to yourself.
I have to be strong, Lis.
This nation needs my husband.
Please, don't tell him.
Yes, but for how long?
Honey, come to bed.
You've only slept an hour a night
for these last couple of months.
But I have to finish
this important analysis.
Go ahead and sleep first.
-Just a minute.
-You're not Superman.
-But I have to finish this.
I have to find the solution immediately.
It can't be delayed.
Okay, then. Do what you want.
Can you open the door, please?
Honey, please open the door.
You're the leader of our nation.
If you can't take care of your own health,
how are you supposed to take care
of 200 million people?
-But I--
-Get some rest.
If you're sick, you can't lead our nation.
You are
the most stubborn and most
difficult person I have ever known.
But if I had to live
my life all over again,
I'd still choose you.
We know Habibie well enough, his history.
We already know, he's a corrupter.
Step down!
-How was it?
-Everything's fine.
-How are you?
-Good, Dad.
So, listen...
I have decided
not to run for President again.
There's nothing to worry about anymore.
17,000 islands, Ainun.
Can you imagine how this plane
could connect all of Indonesia?
Cheap. Safe.
So much infrastructure
could develop from that.
Widespread economy.
This nation could become self-sufficient.
But they never believed it.
There are a lot of ways
to love this country.
For this, I lost a lot of time with you.
And the children too. Family.
Where are we going after this?
Mr. Habibie, welcome back to Aachen.
-Do you want to stop by and eat?
-Yes, of course.
-Would you like us to close the window?
-No, thank you.
-Now, you're more relaxed.
-Yeah. Much more relaxed.
Now my time is for you and the kids.
Let's sail again.
-Yeah. Of course.
-Just the both of us.
Follow me.
Put it in my room, not my office.
Good afternoon. Hello, ma'am.
Here's the schedule, sir.
-Is this for tomorrow?
-Yes, and for the 23rd.
-Here. Yes, this one.
-Where? Here?
-Thank you.
-Enjoy your lunch.
Hello? Hi, Mom, Dad.
How was your honeymoon?
-So much fun.
-Your father sang every night.
-In three days, we're going to Singapore.
Queen Victoria.
What a coincidence, a perfect reason
for you to do a check-up there.
But, I'm just fine and so is your dad.
But, unfortunately, Mom and Dad can't go.
Wait a minute. What's this?
It's from Farah and Farhan.
Doctor, can I ask you something.
What does this patch mean here?
My wife's is different from mine.
I'm not an expert in this subject,
I just operate the MRI.
Yes, but what does it say
in the text book? Bring it here.
I want to read it.
Bring it to me, come on.
-Ovarian cancer, stage 3 or 4.
-What? Ovarian?
But it was removed long ago. Twice.
There shouldn't be any left.
But this? How can this be?
You can't explain? I have to know.
Because it is about my wife.
I need six tickets to Munich.
The earliest flight. Now.
-Dr. Bass speaking.
-Hello, Dr. Bass.
Dr. Habibie, what can I do for you?
My wife is sick.
We must fly to Germany today.
There are a couple of groups
that don't have visas yet.
So can you make sure
they won't have any trouble?
-Sure, Dr. Habibie.
-Okay, thank you.
What's the result? No problem, right?
We leave for Munich tonight.
I've arranged it.
I've contacted the best doctors there
to heal you.
And the best equipment.
All the latest technology.
The surgery is as usual.
Everything will be all right.
You'll be healthy again.
After that, we can go back
to our honeymoon.
If we can't go today,
there will still be other days.
And you're strong. Stronger than me.
You look like you just
went on umrah pilgrimage.
Do it as you sit.
-I can do it.
-The Prophet allowed it.
You can pray while sitting down,
even lying down, if you're ill.
I want to go home.
Have you taken your medicine?
Don't worry about me. I'm all right.
All that matters is that
you're healthy, well again.
You have to be strong.
Don't leave me.
Don't be afraid to lose me.
We are one.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
You have fulfilled your promise.
You've been the best husband to me.
Honey, please smile.
Or you'll lose your good looks.
Dr. Doris, dial 112, please.
Dr. Doris, please dial 112.
-How is Ainun?
-The operation was successful.
Thank God.
Professor, there's something
I'd like to talk to you about.
The cancer has spread.
The doctor will have to focus,
clean it all out.
I'm sure she'll be cured.
She's very strong.
She will make it.
This is the ninth time operation
my wife has undergone.
How many more operations does she
have to endure until she is cured?
-Can you guarantee?
-I'm sorry, sir.
No one can make
that kind of guarantee, Professor.
I'm sorry.
Ainun is strong. She's strong.
You can do it. Be strong.
I want to see my wife, Doctor.
My wife will be worried
if I'm not by her side.
Excuse me.
-Can I come in?
-I'm sorry, Professor. You can't.
Because there's an emergency inside.
So, please wait.
But I really want to be with my wife.
I understand, Professor, but in her
condition now, that's impossible.
Nurse, you don't understand.
She must be really worried now.
I'm sorry, Professor, but we can't
let anyone in except the doctors.
What's the matter? Does it hurt?
Are you afraid of all these instruments?
There was an emergency.
That's why I couldn't come in.
Are you worried about me?
I already took my medicine.
You don't have to worry about me.
I'm fine.
Maybe it's time you start
planning the funeral for Ain--
What funeral? Who's dying? Ainun? No.
How many more operations
does she have to endure?
As many as it takes.
Until she's cured.
I know exactly what she's like.
She's strong.
I'll do anything for Ainun.
I won't give up.
We don't have the heart
to see her suffer for so long.
She has to survive.
So that I can give back
what she has sacrificed for me.
For her it was never a sacrifice.
She chose you, Rudy.
Since you came to her house
that night, long ago.
That's why you have to let her go.
MAY 12TH, 2010
Do you know what day it is?
Happy 48th wedding anniversary.
I promised to always accompany you.
To always be by your side.
Let's pray...
Dear God.
Thank you, God.
You've brought me to this world for Ainun.
And Ainun for me.
Thank you, God,
for making us meet
on the 12th of May, 1962.
You gave us the seeds of love
that were pure, sacred and true.
Perfect and everlasting.
My white sugar.
Exactly at 10:00 in the morning,
50 years ago,
saying, "In the name of God,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,"
I stepped forward
to meet the one that was brought
into this world for me. And I for Ainun.
The rhythm of Javanese culture
instilled with Islamic values
made us husband and wife.
Through the ebb and flow of life,
full of sweet memories.
Raising a prosperous,
peaceful and tranquil family.
A sakinah family.