Habemus Papam (We Have a Pope) (2011)

- Saint Andrew.
- Pray for us.
St. Simon and Thaddeus.
Pray for us.
- Saint Matthew.
- Pray for us.
- Saint Luke.
- Pray for us.
- Saint Mark.
- Pray for us.
- Saint Barnabas.
- Pray for us.
- St. Philip and Jacob.
- Pray for us.
- Saint Stephen.
- Pray for us.
- Saint Ignatius.
- Pray for us.
- Saint Polycarp.
- Pray for us.
- Saint Justin.
- Pray for us.
Just a moment!
- Saint Elias.
- Pray for us.
- Saint Efrem.
- Pray for us.
Saint Gregory The Illuminator.
Here's the Archbishop of Palermo Saverio
Cincotta, this is his third Conclave.
Cardinal Masao Takada, archivist
and librarian of the Holy Roman Church.
We can see Sidi Kamara,
followed by Koma Mbosou.
As you know the African continent
has never... Here's Ricardo Aguilar,
who could be the first
South American Pope.
And the Cardinal from Sri Lanka,
Don Somasiry.
We'll try approaching
Cardinal Massucci for a word.
Cardinal, could we have a statement?
Obviously they can't
answer their questions.
And now we can see
the Syrian Patriarch of Antioch,
Simon Al Suryani, Prefect of the
the Congregation of Eastern Churches.
Here's who we're all waiting for:
the Vatican spokesman,
Marcin Rajski is approaching us,
- ...maybe to ask us...
- Thank you very much.
- We must ask you to leave now.
- He asks us to leave,
but thanks the press.
- Maybe a long shot of the Sistine
Chapel. - No, thank you.
He thanks us very much,
but our work ends here.
We can't get that shot.
All we know Cardinal Dean Gregori,
the favored of the Conclave.
From this moment 108 cardinal electors
will be isolated from the rest of the world
...and can have no contact
with the outside.
- Saint Joseph.
- Pray for us.
- Saint John the Baptist.
- Pray for us.
- All the Saint Patriarchs and Prophets.
- Pray for us.
- St. Peter and Paul.
- Pray for us.
- Saint Andrew.
- Pray for us.
Gregori, what do we do?
- Has the power failed?
- What else could it be?
- Please, stay calm.
- Any candles?
- They're not allowed. - Why?
- Because they ruin the frescoes.
Do they know outside
that we're in darkness?
Of course they do...
...and they are already fixing it.
- Who's that? What happened?
- It's cardinal Brummer.
I fell.
It's nothing, I'm already getting up.
- Are you alright?
- Yes, thank you.
- Is everything alright?
- I said: yes!
Are you okay, Brummer?
- I didn't hurt myself.
- Your back, ankle?
- I'm not hurt at all!
- Are you sure?
Please, try not to move around.
Let's return to our seats.
Pick things up...
- Where does Gregori stand?
- 13.
Gregori - 18, Bikila - 11.
- Bikila.
- Gregori - 21.
Aguilar - 18, and Bikila - 15.
- Aguilar.
- Just a moment!
The smoke's black, the Pope
still hasn't been elected.
The smoke is white!
The thousands of faithful
here in St. Peter's Square...
...joyfully applaud the news.
But the bells aren't ringing.
Maybe the smoke only looked white...
I can hear my colleagues
saying the smoke is black.
The smoke, actually...
Yes, the smoke is black.
It's black. Nothing doing.
The smoke will last a while
because, as well as the ballots,
their personal notes
will be burned too.
Nothing regarding the Conclave
can filter through to the outside.
Another black smoke signal.
The cardinals in the Conclave still
haven't managed to elect a Pope.
A second vote will be cast
this afternoon.
We don't know if the favorites are
still Gregori, Aguilar and Bikila...
Do you accept your canonical
election as Supreme Pontiff?
Do you accept your canonical
election as Supreme Pontiff?
- Holiness...
- What are you doing?
- What happens now?
- You can just give a blessing...
Or, as our deceased
beloved Pope...
...did the first time,
address the faithful with a speech.
Dear brothers and sisters...
Eminentissimum ac reverendissimum...
Help me.
I can't do this.
I can't do this!
Holy Father...
Holy Father...
You mustn't worry.
By bestowing this charge God
also gives you help to accomplish it...
...and the strength to sustain
the weight of this great responsibility.
Would you like something hot?
Herbal tea?
You could retire to your apartments.
And when you're ready,
I'll take you to the balcony.
The Conclave has indeed
elected the Holy Father...
...who, aware of this
great responsibility...
...feels the need to retite in prayer.
This unusual gesture
is also an act of humility,
which we are sure
you will want to respect.
I believe I express the sentiments
of my colleagues worldwide.
We respect His Holiness' will,
all we ask is his name. Only that!
Tell us if it's one of this 8.
Aguilar? Gregori?
- Bikila? - We believe...
- Todorov?
...within a few hours,
the Pontiff will introduce himself
to the faithful from the balcony.
At that point you also will meet him...
...and we will celebrate
the new Pontificate together.
Thank you.
- Do you feel any pain?
- No.
- Headache?
- Yes... no.
How is your blood pressure usually?
- Good.
- I was sure.
I was sure.
Good morning!
Good day!
We're going to Borgo Pio
for breakfast.
Borgo Pio?
There's a place where they make
delicious cream-filled doughnuts.
Then I'd like to take them
to the Quirinale Museum.
There's a wonderful
Caravaggio exhibit.
I don't think you can.
Why not? Our task is done.
How could you think
of leaving Vatican at this time?
The Holy Father will recover
very soon and we must be at his side!
Yes, but we won't go far.
We'll take our cell phones,
so you can contact us at any time.
I'd like to remind you of
John Paul the First's precedent...
...who, after his election and
appearance on the balcony,
made us stay an extra day.
Here it is.
Alright, if it's only for a day...
No cardinal shall have
contact with the outside...
...until the election is over...
...and publicly announced?
Could I at least get a cappuccino?
Not too hot!
- What will we have? - Orange juice.
- Two orange juices!
A cappuccino, very little froth.
The Holy Father
has been seen by a physician...
...who said he's in good
physical condition.
But the Holy Father
isn't improving.
Given the gravity of
the situation, cardinals...
...said they're in favor of...
Professor Brezzi, may
I present Cardinal Gregori.
I know you, your picture
was in the papers.
- He was the front-runner, right?
- Yes...
The cardinals are in favor
of trying psychoanalysis,
-...despite the natural skepticism
you can well imagine - Yes, I can.
I think it's unnecessary to remind you,
the concepts of soul and subconcious...
-...cannot possibly co-exist.
- Okay, we'll see.
What's his name?
I don't recognize him.
Whom did you elect?
What's his name?
- Call him Holiness.
- It's a little too much!
In a therapeutic situation, a name...
...can give life to the relationship...
Okay, it doesn't matter.
We cannot know his name.
I'm off, I'll leave the two of you.
- Where can the Pope and I meet?
- Here.
Good morning, how are you?
- How do you feel? - I'm sorry,
I don't know what to say.
Don't worry.
Fine, we'll begin now.
Thank you all!
Right, well...
All that's happened recently,
your election and everything,
we'll lay it aside for the moment.
I'd like us to begin...
...with retracing,
reliving your emotions...
Wait a second.
- I suppose I can't ask...
- Absolutely not.
I was sure that anything about sex...
A mention of his mother?
Right now, it might reawaken
distant episodes, memories.
- Exactly.
- Exactly?
And what about facing
unfulfilled fantasies and desires?
- No.
- No.
Something regarding his childhood?
With great discretion.
With great discretion, fine.
- Dreams, yes, though.
- It depends on the dreams.
- However, no... it's best not to.
- Best not to...
Perfect, thank you.
Perfect, yeah...
Change of program!
We'll start with all
that's happened recently.
I just can't go on.
Have you ever felt like this before?
I don't know.
I don't think so, but I don't know...
- Any problems with your faith?
- No!
You're sure? Yes.
God sees abilities in me
I don't have.
Where are these abilities?
I look for them and find nothing.
You've been chosen,
let's say, by God...
...for your qualities,
for your goodness.
So how can you
possibly suddenly...
Was the doctor asked
if he's a believer?
No one asked.
- Are you?
- No, I'm not.
- Not good.
- But I'm afraid that's how it is.
Anyway, let's go on.
Excuse me, you can stay,
it's fine, but in silence, please!
Your spokesman...
Your spokesman told me that
while they all waited for you...
-...to go onto the balcony...
- Know what happened to me?
- As they were coming towards me...
- Yes.
...some singing, some crying.
All being very emotional...
Little by little, they began disappearing.
They began disappearing?
No, not them.
All the peoplle I once knew
were suddenly gone.
Everything vanished.
I can't remember anything.
- Do you want to be Pope?
- I'm already Pope.
It was decided by the cardinals,
it was decided by God.
Was this meeting of ours useful?
I don't know.
You see, Pope, with
all these people around,
looking at me, checking me,
I just can't work.
Maybe a colleague who
doesn't know he's the Pope...
...could meet him away from here.
Professor, we must do
something right away,
that's why we came to you,
-...because you're the best.
- A curse!
Everyone always says:
You're the best?
My wife, also a psychoanalyst,
always said:
Darling, you're the best?
But she left me, she couldn't
stand the comparison.
- Is your wife good?
- The best after me.
She's prepared, sensitive.
- But she's obesessed with
parental deficit. - Interesting.
She tells everyone, really everyone...
...that when we all were
small children, infants,
.when we were just a few...
...when we were just a few
months old, something happened...
...that we have to deal with
for the rest of our lives.
So the fear of being abandoned...
...and the fear that something
might happen to us...
- Where are we?
- It's your room.
- My room?
- If you need anything...
I'm here.
You'll be quite comfortable.
Now I see!
Don't worry, we're sworn to secrecy.
You don't think I'd go around...
If you'd like to phone home,
I'll stay here, listen,
and then I'll take your phone.
No, my kids are in school now,
I have to call them this evening,
talk to them!
- Why take my phone? - It's forbidden
to communicate with the outside.
I'm sorry.
Meet with the cardinals,
those you're closest to,
and start thinking
of a new Secretary of State...
...or perhaps reconfirm
the previous one.
Or, if you're up to it,
you could go out on the balcony,
to say hello to the faithful,
or just give a blessing.
Huh... Will you?
I didn't follow a word you say.
Help me.
I can't do this!
Rajski, what's the reaction
of the faithful?
How are they taking this uncertainty,
what do they know?
No one knows anything, but we
can't keep it secret much longer.
You'll see, all together we can convince
His Holiness to go out on the balcony.
Locked up in here,
maybe you don't realize.
This is a very big deal!
Don't do that!
That attitude doesn't help.
You see, we don't know what to do.
No one ever thought
anything like this could happen.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Evening.
Come in.
Good evening.
Good evening, how are you?
- Good night.
- Good night.
We can't do this!
Mom, help!
Mommy, help!
We can't do this!
No, mommy!
- Good night.
- Good night.
Two are positioned on the Bingo Hall
on Piazza Cola di Rienzo,
another three on the roof
of the Eden Theatre.
If we go through Piazza Adriana,
one of you substitutes the newsagent.
Two dress as traffic cops.
And we put another eight
on the Castel Sant'Angelo walkaway.
For security reasons, the route
will be decided at the last minute.
I remind you that the cardinals...
We'd rather the cardinals know
nothing about this operation,
so as not to worry them. However,
we'll be back within a couple of hours.
And all this will
never have happened.
How's it going? Fine.
Rajski, I wrote it all here.
The first eleven patients
must be contacted immediately,
we had appointments
for today or tomorrow.
- Please, tell them gently.
- Don't worry.
I haven't missed a day in six years.
Tell them I'm sick
and it will take...
How long will I be sick?
...that never opened again,
leaving the world holding its breath.
The faithful sang and prayed...
...in the square all night.
I saw someone moving
behind the drapes.
I'm sure it was two cardinals.
I feel something will soon happen.
You just heard a nun talking.
These rumors still haven't
been denied by the Holy See.
Meantime we're receiving statements
from Heads of State worldwide.
We feel great anxiety?
said Sarkozy,
but the entire Catholic world trusts
the Vatican to find a rapid solution?
- It's shameful. - The President
of Brazil is flying to Italy,
to be close to the Holy See.
Second floor, apartment 3.
So, you've always lived alone?
- Why do you ask?
- It will help me get to know you.
You say you're not married,
you have no children...
- Any important ties of affection?
- No.
Has this been a problem for you?
I don't know,
that's how my life has been.
I can't do anything anymore,
I'm always tired.
Have you talked to anyone
about this difficulty?
No one.
But everyone knows by now.
I can't do this.
But the others have
great trust in me.
- The others?
- Yes, I'd like to do so much.
So many things need to be changed.
I'd like...
- So you work?
- Yes, but... no.
What do you do?
- What do I do?
- Yes.
I'm an actor.
An actor! Nice.
- But an actor...
- Theater.
I've always loved that.
The tours,
traveling from one city to another,
the rehearsals,
the opening nights, when you
read the reviews together.
But now I'm tired.
How did it go?
I think it will take
three sessions a week.
- For how many weeks?
- I'd say a couple of years.
That's a lot.
I know.
I need to walk a little.
No! No!
A sustained heaviness,
my head's too full,
but I don't know what of.
It's like a kind of
psychological sinusitis.
Is this what you call depression?
It happened to me so suddenly.
What have we done...
What have you done!
Perhaps you suffered
because your mother,
when you were a small child,
paid more attention to someone else.
You know what we call that?
Parental deficit.
Parental deficit!
What should I remember?
My first three months,
my first three years?
I don't remember a thing.
Are you sick?
Do you need help?
- A little water?
- Yes.
How are you feeling? Any better?
Better, thank you.
If you wait, I'm through in an hour.
- I'll take you to a bus stop.
- There's no need.
Really, I'm fine now.
- You're still very pale.
- I said I'm fine now!
Didn't you hear me?
Stop, I'm fine, I told you!
- But...
- That's enough!
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Excuse me, do you have...
- The bathroom's out of order.
Pardon me.
- May I make a phone call?
- The phone's only for work.
- You can use mine.
- Very kind of you.
Thank you.
It's a short call.
- Hello?
- It's Melville.
Holiness! How are you?
Tell me where you are,
we'll come immediately.
- No.
- Where are you?
I don't know.
- Are you alright?
- I feel better.
- We're worried about you. You
should come back. - Be patient.
I need time.
I have to remember a lot
of things about my life,
things I've forgotten.
Do it for me, I made such a fuck...
an unforgivable mistake!
Help me please, come back.
Not now.
I'll call you soon.
- I'm not sure I can do it.
- Don't worry.
It's very simple,
but rather important.
Stop here, please.
Follow me.
Move these drapes
early in the morning...
So they'll all see the Holy Father
is in his apartments.
...and once before going to bed.
But be careful,
all they must see is a shadow.
Remove your beret, of course.
- Can I turn on the TV?
- Yes, occasionally.
Remove your doublet too, I'll have
them bring you something white.
Good night.
For my days vanish like smoke,
my bones burn like glowing embers.
Here how these Bible passages...
...seem to echo the situation
of the Holy Father.
My heart is blighted
and withered like grass.
I forget to eat my food.
Fear and trembling come upon me
and anguish overwhelms me.
In the Bible, the only book
you put in my room,
I might add,
in the Bible,
it talks about depression.
Yes, but this cannot
concern the Holy Father.
It is you, due to your temperament
and professional bias,
who sees depression everywhere.
But in this book are all
the symptoms of depression:
feelings of guilt, weight loss,
suicidal thoughts...
I feel better!
The Holy Father just told me
these exact words:
I feel better.
He had a good day, he prayed,
he had something to eat
in his apartments...
...and his mood seemed encouraging.
You're pleased
the Holy Father feels better?
- Australian cardinals, good evening.
- Good evening.
- How's the jet lag?
- Much better, thank you.
- What is it?
- Living with the Etruscans.
- Is it worth visiting?
- Yes. It's a beautiful outing!
I've never been there,
but it's beautiful.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Everything we need is here
in the Vatican, right?
The famous service station
where gas costs less,
Gym facilities?
- Sure, gym facilities too.
- Yes. - Just great.
The pharmacy with medicines
you can't find in Rome.
Well, well...
We who are fortunate
to think we understand things...
...but recently it's been hard for
the Church to understand things.
The beginning of Peter's mission,
in the history of salvation,
in the history of God's people...
What's changed?
I can't live without you.
We've often been afraid...
...to admit our faults.
Yes, I'm talking to myself.
I'm looking for the words
for a speech I have to make...
...before a crowd of people.
I'm a little worried.
For example, if I take my usual
sleeping pill before bedtime,
when I wake up at 3,
I take this one?
- No! - Why?
- You can't do this way.
These medicines don't go together.
Sleeping pills.
This is the family of tranquilizers,
these are mood stabilizers...
This is a major tranquilizer!
This is strong!
Who takes this?
- Who takes this?
- I don't know.
Anyway, if you take a sleeping pill,
it should have a short half-life.
O'Neill, let's say you wake up
tomorrow wanting to do sports.
- I don't do sports!
- Follow me on this.
If you do sports tomorrow,
you'll still be fuzzy from this...
- Good evening to all!
- How is he?
Better, his appetite's back.
His Holness ate everything.
Two types of prosciutto,
all the vegetables.
he devoured the fruit,
and even had a small dessert.
Now he's resting in his apartments.
Like it?
I have a parental deficit.
But I don't know what it is.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Excuse me, could I have a room?
- How many nights?
- I don't know.
- For tonight?
- Yes. Special rates?
- Poor man.
- Why?
They say he's dead.
Now they'll elect another,
but without letting on.
- They said it on TV?
- No, they can't.
But it's obvious.
The Holy Father
is in his rooms, in prayer.
But the moment
we've been waiting for...
Nuntio vobis gaudium magnum...
The Pope!
The Pope!
What's the matter?
- The Pope!
- He feels better!
Nina, coming from backstage:
It's clear we can't continue,
I can leave, goodbye!
She kisses Arkadina
and Polina Andreyevna.
- Sorin: Bravo, bravo!- Pardon us.
May I introduce Boris Alexeyevich.
Nina , confounded:
I great joy, I've read your books.
Arkadina, sitting beside her:
Don't be confounded, dear,
he's a celebrity,
but he's a simple man,
and is himself confounded.
Dorn, irritated:
Yakov, my brother,
raise the curtain!?
When I was young I wanted to be
a scholar, but I didn't become one!
I wanted to be an orator, but
my speaking would make you nauseous!
I wanted to marry but didn't!
I wanted to live in the city...
I wanted to live in the city...
...but I end my life living
in the country. And that's it.
To express dissatisfaction with life
at 62, you must admit, is petty.
Wow obstinate,
- ...can't you see I want to live?
- That's frivolity.
The laws of Nature dictate
that every life must end.
You reason as a satiated man.
You are satiated,
so you are uninterested in life.
Medvedenko: Let's go home, Masha!
- Let's go home, Masha.- Masha: Go by yourself?
- Go by yourself? - Medvedenko:
Your father won't give me horses.
- Your father won't give me horses?
- Stop, why repeat my lines?
- My sister...
- You have no sister!
- It's not true! - My sister
played Chekhov for many years,
I know it by heart.
- The Seagull?..
- Masha!
Masha, confidently:.
We will, ask him for them...
He will.
Father, will you let
my husband have a horse?
Shamrayev: Not possible!
Not possible!
Medvedenko: I'll walk home.
And at last, he exits.
We'll see you soon.
You had three points,
plus one, is four.
Now you have four.
- We made just one point?
- We hardly made even one!
You had to take 5 and 4 with 9!
- With a 7 on the table?
- You don't know how to play.
You should have left the 7
and call 'spariglio'.
- But we made a point.
- And they got two points...
...with the last trick.
When it's not your hand,
you must call 'spariglio'.
- You are always distracted!
- No, I'm focused.
- No, it's no way to play!
- I'm very sorry.
You're sorry...
It's the second time we've lost.
- Whose deal is it?
- Excuse me, I can't take anymore.
- You're offended?
- No, I have a headache.
- Would you like to play?
- Well, I don't know what they think.
- Know what 'spariglio' is?
- I've been told lots of times,
I think I understand,
but I can't follow this technique.
Let me play my own way.
Evgenij Sergeyevich,
which of us looks younger?
- You, of course.- You see! And why?
- Because I work, I feel...
- Because I work, I feel...?
Because I'm always busy,
you're always in the same place,
you don't live. I have a rule:
never look to the future.
I never think about
old age or death.
I feel like I was born so long ago.
- I drag my life like an endless train...
- Excuse me!
Aften I've no desire to live.
Here Dorn should come in.
- Did you visit Dario? How is he?
- The doctors say it's not serious,
- But he won't make
the opening night. - Pardon...
That's it? Did you call Baldineti?
Yes, but he's on tour.
Gurrini's not here or Zagoni....
...and not even that tall guy
with a moustache, Di Biasio.
- What will we do about Dorn?
- I can give the lines.
I've given it some thought. I guess
I'll just have to do it myself.
- Oh, great.
- Just for the first few days!
I really miss my wife.
A period of being apart always gives you
the chance to measure the value of love.
- What do you know?
- No, guys, I miss her,
meaning, we're separated.
She's a psychoanalyst too.
She left me because I'm the best
and it bothered her.
She's good too, but she's obsessed
with parental deficit.
Yes, but these are formulas.
I could simplify and say...
?the Holy Father feels
vulnerable at the moment,
but at the same time,
narcissistically exceptional!
- How dare you?
- I mean the man,
-...not the Pope.
- They're the same thing.
I'm not so sure... Queen.
Does your wife have a new life?
Yes, she's been with a guy
for a few years.
He's a good person, but she can't
bring herself to tell our kids.
He's a psychoanalyst too.
All these psychoanalysts!
Is there such a need?
But I have a good relationship
with my wife.
- I'm glad.
- I'm glad too.
I confused them with my chatter!
Actually, the Conclave
is still technically operative.
Yes, we all heard
the spokesman for the Holy See,
but I don't think he reassured
the hundeds of millions of faithful.
Might we say this is
an unexpected event?
You know I used to eat here
with Salvo Randone?
- Do you know who he was?
- Sure.
He's the one who, with Gassman, would
do Othello one evening and Iago the next.
They'd swap parts.
We need to be patient.
Haven't you formed an opinion
about what might have happened?
I don't think there's
a mystery behind all this.
A search for serenity, in silence,
before approaching the waiting world,
-...is a Pontiff's prerogative.
- It's not nonsense:
wine and tobacco
deprive the personality...
Loving without hope,
entire years waiting for something...
Last night I went into the garden
to see if our old theater was still there.
- And it was there.
- It's dark in the garden.
They should tear down that theater.
It's there, bare...
After a good cigar or some vodka...
Let's remember that the Pope
is the Lord's first servant.
- But he's also the last.
- The first, but also the last!
So, the first and also the last.
This leads us, as a consequence?
As a consequence this leads us...
- This leads us...
- Leads us?
No, I'm improvising!
The truth is I'm totally confused.
I ask the viewers' forgiveness,
forgiveness from all of you.
- Sorry.
- No, no problem!
I remind you, formally
the Conclave still isn't over...
- I know!
- The cardinals are still isolated,
far from the glare of the media.
Europe, I haven't decided
if you're in two or three teams.
North America, Asia, South America...
-...Oceania, Swiss Guards...
- No! - Africa...
The tournament's unbalanced
with the Swiss Guards!
- You like winning, right?
- Yes.
You're right,
no team of Swiss Guards.
- But I can't remember your name,
Cardinal. - Pescardona.
During the Conclave,
the bookmakers,
especially the English,
gave odds for all of you.
Let's see Pescardona.
Pescardona, Pescar...
- You were given 7 to 1!
- What's that? Good?
It sure is!
The Holy Father
was given just 90 to 1.
- That's wonderful!
- You don't understand,
I'll explain:
if you'd bet 10 Euros on him,
you'd have won 900!
- Not bad, eh?
- Then there's Cruz... 72.
Gregori, well, the favored...
- Here he is! - Good evening.
- We were talking about you.
you were given 3 to 1!
Was he disappointed
not to be elected?
No one here is disappointed.
- Lucky you! - My name
is Brummer! What were my odds?
- Brummer you say?
- Yes.
If you all agree,
I'll choose the teams' captains...
...from the bookmakers' favorites.
The captains can be...
...Aguilar, Cincotta, Stenton, Bikila...
You didn't give my number!
Brummer, if I didn't, there's a reason!
What do you think?
Your number's not here,
your number doesn't exist.
Since you insist:
you were given no odds at all!
You weren't considered!
You insisted, happy now?
- No.
- I'd say not!
But you insisted!
Flatten these corners, all the way.
To the side,
it has to be flattened...
...right to the end or we'll get hurt.
Go, like that... Go back!
There's a hollow here.
Go back.
Now this part here.
You have to flatten it,
one, two, three times,
if not, when we jump,
we could get hurt.
Like that, overhand.
Fine, next in line.
Good, next.
- The Korean way. - What's it like?
- Underhand with a spin.
Okay, no spin there...
In the first heat is: North America,
Asia, Europa A, Eastern Europe.
Why can't we have
an all-Italian team?
No, you Italians play
either on the Europe A team...
...or on the Europe B team.
Please, don't spoil the grid,
I worked on it all night.
Or I'll leave and you can do
the tournament by yourselves!
Okay, but... Why don't
we play Prison Dodgeball?
Prison Dodgeball...
- Prison Dodgeball?
- Yes.
Cardinal, it hasn't been played
in 50 years.
In the second heat is:
South America, Africa,
-...Europe B and Oceania.
- But there are just three of us!
Oceania is just three?
Too bad!
That means you get
experience this time, then,
if you're good to the faithful in the coming
years, there will be more of you...
...at the next Conclave. 4, 5, 6...
Do you see why it's better
to do a round-robin tournament...
...and not a direct elimination?
- Professor, we don't understand.
- I can tell.
But it's okay, just don't get mad.
I won't get mad.
The more games, the more time we give
the Holy Father to get back on his feet.
Never underestimate the support...
...he recieves in feeling
surrounded by this energy,
this fighting spirit.
Here what I say: I'd even tend towards
a double round-robin tournament.
No! Double round-robin, no!
We'd die!
Come on, Giulio!
It's true!
Mommy knows him, it's okay.
I thought about it, it's true,
I've never really felt well.
But I've done many things in my life.
- Yes.
- I've even done some good.
Why can't I do anything anymore?
Can we talk later?
I'm taking the kids to school.
Yes, talk to you later.
Me too.
Mommy, was that your boyfriend?
No way!
It was Leonardo, my colleague.
- Giulio told me you have a boyfriend.
- Not true, I didn't tell you anything.
- You're an idiot!
- It's true!
- You say it every night, I can't stand it!
- Big mouth!
Your classmates say so too:
you're a big mouth!
- You're stupid!
- Stop it!
Or I'll drop you right here
and you'll have to walk to school.
You're a stinky girl!
That's enough!
- Creep!
- But he...
Enough, I want no more.
- Did you hit the girls when
you were little? - Sure, of course.
- This black dragon, with trees
covered in lava... - Nice.
Here's the two-headed dragon phase,
like he was divided.
The two volcanoes:
one good and one bad.
- This is him in the dragon's jaws.
- That's nice!
- Nice? It's monstrous!
- No, look. It's very nice.
Do you think he knows Carlo
and I have problems?
What do you think,
should I leave my husband?
Please, pay no attention to me.
I'm not sitting here,
I'm in my apartments.
- It's not true I'm an actor.
- No?
I wanted to be, but I didn't
make it to the Academy.
- I failed the audition.
- I'm sorry. - Thank you.
They were right, I was no good.
But they took my sister.
See, very strong,
he gets four points.
That was a wide-angle shot.
He's trying to shoot...
Point for South America!
We're not the casual,
senseless product of evolution.
- Point for Africa! - We're each
the fruit of a thought of God.
No, Gregori.
That's the terrible beauty of Darwinism.
Terrible: no sense in life.
No consolation.
Point for Europe B!
Europe B ?Oceania: 10 - 0.
The other one is more exciting
because it's more competitive.
South America to serve.
Africa - 8, South America - 6.
Oceania - 0...
...Europe B - 11.
Point for South America.
South America to serve!
Point for Europe B. Oceania!
The Holy Father!
Too bad, it was such
an interesting case for me!
But now I know who he is,
I can't do anything for him.
Who knows how he feels?
Let's get back to it!
Let's get back!
Europe B and South
America to serve.
Point for Africa!
- Change!
- Change.
Ribeck, Schinkel, you seem tired.
Scipioni and Bollati, you're in!
- Me? - Yes.
- No, no...
I don't feel like it.
Cardinal Cruz, again!
Time out!
I've told you: when you are there...
...raise yout hands to hit the ball.
- I can't do it.
- Of course you can!
- Europe B and Africa to serve.
- We can win!
- Anyway you're lucky, you won't
go to Hell. - Good news...
Point for South America!
No one will, Hell is deserted.
A comeback!
Point for Oceania!
Europe B - 16, Oceania ?1!
Let us welcome the word
that God gives us today.
His words are for those of us...
...who carry in our hearts
desires, dreams, plans,
but also worries,
problems and fears.
Of all the things, maybe what
frightens us are these new times,
the unprecedented situation,
the waiting,
the length of which is unknown,
but which asks us for a new heart,
a new answer which God himself
suggests in these words:
humility, the wisdom
to realize that we need God.
We need His forgiveness,
His patience.
We need to show our wounds to Him,
because He is the only one
who can heal them.
Holy Father,
we're behind in everything.
You haven't yet indicated
the start of the new Pontificate.
We understand how you feel,
but you remember,
how, in years past,
our beloved Pontiff, even
when he was seriously ill,
continued his pastoral commitment.
Of course, we can't allow
more time to pass.
In fact, I brought you
several sketches...
...for the Pontificate coat of arms.
Here they are.
Do any appeal to you?
- This one. - This one?
- No, this one.
It's simple, I think it's right.
- Are you sure?
- No.
Holiness, you were right.
You had to reflect, be by yourself,
but now I beg you, do an act
of obedience to the Lord.
Come back to us.
A billion people are waiting for you.
Can't we make me vanish?
I disappear.
All this never happened,
no one has ever seen me.
No one will ever see me again,
I promise you.
Let me go away, please.
No, guys!
You must be kidding! Stop!
You can't do this to me!
We have to play the two semifinals!
Then the winners...
The Holy Father is watching us.
It's not right to leave him
without a winning team.
It's not right!
Pescardona! Are you saying
it was all useless?
South America is in the semifinals,
you're the tournament's revelation!
You're in the semifinals!
- Let's play this semifinal!
- Professor, there's no more time.
Why there's no more time?
Good morning.
Thank you for responding
to my invitation,
but the situation
has become very serious.
I can no longer be silent.
No doubt I made a mistake.
I take full responsibility
for what I've done.
I tried, for the good of all,
to resolve a very difficult situation.
But in so doing, I lied to you.
The Pope hasn't been here
with us for three days.
He has gone.
I know where he is.
I ask you to forgive me.
It's my fault so much time
has passed.
The moment has come
for all of you...
...to make a decision.
Forgive me once again.
Is anyone against this proposal?
Thank you.
In favor?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you!
Food poisoning, really nothing.
Food poisoning,
a negligible episode.
- What did they put in that omelet?
- I don't know. - Food poisoning.
- Nothing serious.
- Thank you, Dario. - Thank you.
- Why do you wear black all the time?
- I'm in mourning for my life.
- I'm unhappy.- Why? You're healthy.
Your father, although he's not rich,
is quite well off.
I'm more miserable than you.
I'm paid 23 rubles a month.
I'm paid 23 rubles a month
and they take pension deductions.
Still I don't wear mourning.
Money doesn't matter.
Money doesn't matter.
Even a poor man can be happy...
Yes, in theory, but not in reality.
But not in reality...
There's me, my mother,
my two sisters, my little brother...
And 23 rubles a month.
23 rubles in all.
We need to eat and drink!
And tea?
And sugar? And tobacco?
- Now me?
- No, Dario!
Treplyov, listening:
I hear the footsteps!
Enter the uncle,
Treplyov embraces him:
I cannot live without Nina!
I am madly happy!
He runs to meet Nina who enters.
Then with passion:
My enchantress, my dream!
I'm not too late, am I?
Treplyov, kssing her hands:
No, no, no...
Nina: I've been in a fever all day.
I was afraid my father... But then
he and my stepmother went out.
Then I urged my horse!
There he is.
She squeezes Sorin's hands:
I'm so glad! So glad!
In these days...
In these days you
must have asked yourselves:
why doesn't our Pope
come out to say hello?
He mustn't worry,
if the Lord chose him,
He couldn't have made a mistake.
Yes, I was chosen,
but this,
instead of giving me
strength and conciousness,
it crushes me, confuses me.
In this moment the Church needs
a guide who has the strength...
to bring great changes,
who seeks an encounter with all.
Who has, for all,
love and understanding.
I ask the Lord's forgiveness
for what I am about to do.
I don't know if He will be able
to forgive me.
But I must speak to Him
and to you with sincerity.
In these days I've thought
very much about you.
And I realize I am not able...
...to bear the role entrusted to me.
I feel I am among those
who cannot lead,
but who must be led.
In this moment I can only say:
pray for me.
The guide that you need
is not me.
I can't be the one.