False Flag (2018)

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to The FringeFacts.com,
I'm Michael Stone and
I'm just gonna go ahead
and jump right in to here.
Now I'm sure you've heard
about some of the chaos
that went down in Madison last
The police incident that
spurred multiple protests
intensifying over the next
passing days
culminating in that
faithful night on June 8th
but you haven't heard the
entire story have you?
Because until now, the entire
story hasn't been visible.
The events of June 8th were
an enormous provocateur
staged attack on the people
of Madison implemented
by major institutions
within our own very system.
And we here at The
FringeFacts.com have been thrust
right into the middle of this
that the mainstream media
outlets have published is so
misinformed and so full of
propaganda, disgusting, truly.
But thanks to the outstanding
and diligent effort
of my field reporter Tessa
we have in our possession,
first hand account
of that night and what actually
Now, to reiterate, at every
branch, at every level
within this machine, they do
not want this video circulating
at every level, they got
something to hide
and at every level, they
are doing their best
to prevent you from seeing
what is truly going on.
But tonight, you're gonna
have a chance to see the truth
and forge your own opinion.
Now, be aware, some of
this footage is violent
and very disturbing, viewer
discretion is advised,
so put the kids to bed, dim the
and get ready for this
never before seen footage
of these events from Madison.
ASH: Hey Mark, check this out.
Mark, look there's like these
icicles, they're enormous.
Hey, how old do you think this
MARK: Wait what?
I can't hear you.
- ASH: Mark.
- The signals really bad,
- you're going in and...
- ASH: Jeez.
Steph? Stephanie, Stephanie.
- Mark, get off your phone.
- What?
What year do you think
this became a park?
I don't know, what do I
look like Indiana Jones?
Hey, he was an
archeologist, not a geologist.
Whatever, when did you get so
- in all of this anyway?
- Since forever.
Wow, thanks for noticing
the past two decades.
Well poor little baby brother
didn't get enough attention.
Stop, stop.
Seriously though dude, if
I was half as smart as you,
(GRUNTS) I'd start looking into
a little more beneficial,
you know what I mean?
- Such as?
- I don't know,
a doctor, scientist, a
lawyer because something man.
Well, I'm still young, you know,
I have a shot at it unlike some
- So now I'm the old fart?
- Just saying.
Dude, look don't worry about
me alright?
Once my business idea takes
off, the whole family's
not gonna have to worry
about anything every again.
Steph and I are getting married.
Married, to your
girlfriend of nine months?
- A year, alright?
- Uh huh.
We get mom and dad a nice house,
some cool cars, you can
live in my basement.
I am not living in a basement.
Whoa, dude, dude it's
gonna be the nicest basement
you've ever seen, really,
I mean a pool table,
fuse ball, cute little race car
(LAUGHING) race care bed,
great thanks.
But actually, that's one of
the reasons
- I wanted to take this trip.
- For a race car bed?
No dude seriously, I mean my
I know we've talked
about it and mom and dad
and I know that you're
not thrilled with it.
- Wait you asked them?
- They offered.
- You said no right?
- No.
How can you be so selfish, Mark?
- I'm not being selfish.
- Yes you are,
you're being selfish.
How is that being selfish?
They don't have the money for
- Money's not the issue.
- Yes it is the issue.
If it was an issue they
wouldn't have offered.
You're just doing this for you.
I'm not doing it just for
me, I'm doing it for all of us
- because Steph said that.
- No it doesn't matter
what Steph said, she's not
Forgot your camera.
Okay here it goes.
Alright Ash, I know that you
don't like birthday presents
and I know you also hate being
on camera
but I promise this is
strictly for personal use.
I swear I will not put this on
my channel
unless, of course, I say
something funny.
Oh and also I borrowed your SD
I hope that's not a problem.
Hey, there he is, hey!
No I get it Donny, but
seriously I'll open it
but not everything has to go
on your stupid channel okay?
DONNY: What, c'mon man, can't
I film
my best friend opening
his birthday present
without being accused
of trying to get views?
Dude just open it up, I
think you're gonna like it.
It's a, yeah, it's a.
It's a new head mountain
1080P POV camera man!
Yeah, it is, yeah, I love it
man, yeah, just what I wanted.
You hate it.
Oh my god, I knew it.
That was just stupid, stupid me,
I was just wanted to get a
and I thought we could
make videos together
like we used to but you know
what I still have the receipt,
we can just return it, I'll take
it back.
No Donny, Donny, seriously
it's cool I like it.
- You sure?
- Yeah man, it's awesome
I can't wait to try it out.
Alright then, let's
get this bad boy opened.
ASH: I didn't mean right now.
Here take the camera.
Guys, Donny D coming at you
live with a new unboxing
and tech review today.
ASH: Donny, seriously? No.
We have an amazing, we have an
It doesn't look terrible.
I'm glad you're enjoying this.
No dude I'm serious, look.
See, it's cool on, you look
like you're from the future.
Alright look, I'll
wear it today but only
because it'll make for some
cool home video or whatever.
Understood, completely
Purely for family-oriented
documentation purposes only.
- But we better get going.
- We still have time.
Dude, it's almost three.
Well why are you in such a
Why aren't you?
Mark is your brother
and you guys haven't seen
each other in forever.
Yeah, there's a reason for that.
Look dude, all I'm saying
is if I had a brother
and then for whatever
reason we quit talking
and then years down the
road I had the opportunity
to be the bigger man, I would
take it.
Life's too short to hold
It's not a grudge man.
Mark and I's relationship
it's not like you
and your imaginary brother,
What happened between
him and my family and me,
it's in the past but
forgive me if I'm reluctant
to take a trip down memory
lane even if it is my birthday.
I'm not trying to tell you
what to do.
That's alright man, I was just
a little wound up that's all.
Just relax okay? It'll be fine.
I'll be there, Mark's wife will
be there.
- Fiance.
- Well whatever.
- Are you cool?
- Yeah, yeah,
I'm gonna be fine.
And you're wrong, you do have a
Alright, I'm your brother.
DONNY: Wow, that was kind of
weird man.
Wait a minute, wait a minute,
I know where I've seen
that before, where I've heard
Donny, Donny, I am your brother
- Where are my keys?
- DONNY: Brother.
Seriously, where are my keys?
DONNY: I have no
idea, I don't live here.
- And there, wait hold on, no.
- ASH: Stop.
I got it Ash, stop leave it
ASH: Why do you need
to have it on right now?
Dude, we're gonna
wanna film this, come on.
TESSA: Residents of Madison,
when will we be silenced?
GROUP: Never!
TESSA: When will we surrender?
GROUP: Never!
Dude it's that chick from the
TESSA: When shall we be free?
- Ash: What's she doing?
GIRL: Take back your
country, follow me!
- Donny: I wish could.
- ASH: Let's get outta here.
- DONNY: Do you have any idea
how cool it would be if I
had a channel like that?
STEPH: Now say it again.
Oh come on, what're
you doing, turn that off.
- STEPH: Say it!
- I'm not gonna say it.
- You look nice.
- STEPH: Nice?
You say it again or I will
make a huge scene right here.
You heard me, come on
what more do you want?
- STEPH: Marcus Whitmore!
- Shh, shh!
- What do you want from me?
- STEPH: Say it.
Okay, okay, Stephanie, you're
the most
gorgeous fiance a man could ever
ask for.
I'm the luckiest guy in the
world to have you in my life.
You're my one and only.
- And?
- And I'm your Marcusaurus.
- My what?
- You heard me, come on.
- I want you to yell it.
- I'm not gonna yell it.
STEPH: I will post
this all over your wall
and your friends will see
just how macho you really are.
I'm you're Marcusaurus Rex!
STEPH: See, when's your
brother supposed to be here?
Soon I guess.
Dude, all I'm saying is
if I had that many viewers
I would have sponsors lining up
around the block to give me
ASH: Yeah Donny, I get it but
would you
really wanna stoop that low?
- Wait you're serious?
- ASH: Yeah.
- Did you hear that?
ASH: What the heck are you
doing man?
It's that woman from the news.
Man she really knows her stuff.
Hey, what're you doing in my
garage kid?
DONNY: Sorry man I was
just checking out your radio.
Yeah beat feet, get outta
here, out.
- ASH: Sorry.
- DONNY: We're just listening.
- Out, bye.
- DONNY: Okay.
- Bye, bye.
- ASH: My friend's crazy.
DONNY: Alright,
we're going, we're gone.
ASH: Are you nuts man?
What is this?
A mechanic shop in Nazi Germany.
STEPH: They're here,
Ash is here, be nice.
You really think you
should be filming this?
- Hey Ash.
- Hey,
it's good to see you again.
Happy birthday little brother.
Mark, how are you doing?
- What's this?
- That my friend
- is a brand spanking new 1080P.
- It's a gift.
- You must be Donny.
- Yeah, what's up Mark?
How you doing?
MARK: Heard a lot of
good things about you.
Yeah, I've heard a lot of, you
Hey Ash, I'm sorry I
wanted to get you something
but with the wedding and
- It's fine.
- Money's just tight right now.
- It's okay, really.
- Where's mom and dad?
They're out of town
visiting Aunt Sherri.
They didn't know I was coming?
Well with work and everything
it just must've slipped my mind.
Hey, does anybody want
some birthday muffins?
Yes, that is great, I could
go for some muffins right now.
When in Rome.
So Donny, what do you do?
Well I am an internet celebrity.
- Oh really?
- He wishes.
So you make like videos and
- Yeah, mostly tech related.
- You get paid for that right?
I mean how is that even work?
Well usually big sponsors
will pay you to run ads
and promote them on your
Oh, so you can actually
make pretty good money then?
Well, yeah theoretically
but it's a little bit
of a work in progress.
You gotta get a big audience,
get a lot of viewers,
that sort of thing.
Everything is potentially
public domain with Donny.
- DONNY: Really?
- If he thinks
it'll get him views, he'll
record it.
So you're saying, even I'm not
ASH: No, you are most
definitely not safe.
What, come on dude.
You can give me a little bit of
- Ash: No one's safe.
So Ash, you still
thinking about law school?
No as it turns out I can't
afford it.
I know that feeling,
Mark's business closed
two years ago and we're
still feeling the pinch.
Can't afford our dream wedding.
- Steph, let's not.
- STEPH: What?
Mark, you're an entrepreneur.
Your first business didn't work
it's not a big deal
everyone came out unharmed.
- Stephanie.
- What?
Yeah, what's wrong Mark?
Everyone came out unharmed.
She didn't know, alright
let's just drop it okay?
- Didn't know what?
- Nothing, okay?
We'll talk about it later.
ASH: No let's talk
about it now, you tell her.
- DONNY: Just cool it, man.
- Tell me what?
You really wanna do this here?
- Mark.
- ASH: Oh, he's just bein shy.
Guess he never told you
how he was able to afford
to open that business, right?
Ash let's just step
outside for a second.
Must've never shared
the fact that his parents
invested their retirement and
put up their house for a loan
and all because of his willingness
to gamble their security
with his ignorance in running a
- they lost everything.
- You watch your mouth.
ASH: Or what, Mark?
What else you gonna try
and take away from me huh?
After you bankrupted mom and
dad and left for two years,
I was left to pick up the
I gave up my dreams, my life
all so I could get a
nine to five to help pay
for mom and dad's one
bedroom apartment on 6th.
- We're leaving.
- Oh, what a surprise!
Mark, you're running away again.
Don't worry about paying for the
I'm used to bailing you out.
- You know what, you little.
- No you listen to me.
Just tell the truth, Mark.
You didn't come back for my
you haven't been to one of
my birthdays since I was 12.
You need mommy and daddy again.
What is it, another half baked
another get rich quick scam?
Oh, you need money for that
dream wedding don't you?
Oh, that's great, we wouldn't
want you
to miss out on any of the fancy
Is that true? Mark?
DONNY: Yeah, I think that's
- Donny.
- Go.
Okay, jeez just trying to help.
Sorry for the disturbance
Go back to your coffees,
nothing to see here.
Hey Ash, wait up man.
- Not now Donny.
- DONNY: Look,
maybe just calm down a little
You seriously gonna tell
me to calm down right now?
Alright, you're right my bad
I'm sorry.
It's just, look at it this way
it's good to get all your
feelings out in the open.
Feel any better?
Come on, how do you feel?
- A little better actually.
- DONNY: See, I told you.
It's soul cleansing, it's
- Look I'll be fine, alright?
- Alright, good.
Well, they're definitely not
gonna let us back in there
but I'll go grab the other
two and tell them that
- Ow, ow, what is that?
- ASH: (grunts) Get inside.
- STEPH: What was that?
- ASH: We don't know.
- You okay?
- Yeah, Donny?
Yeah, I think so, you guys
ever hear anything like that?
DONNY: What even
makes a noise like that?
I don't know but we
gotta get outta here.
Ash, your place is nearby right?
- Yeah, yeah, up the street.
- You hear that?
DONNY: Dude I can't
hear anything right now.
- Mark, we gotta go.
- Quiet.
Yeah, I think I hear it too.
DONNY: There's nothing out here.
I don't see anything,
you guys see anything?
- ASH: Donny.
- Sorry.
Maybe it was like a really
loud car alarm or something.
- Psht, car alarm?
- I don't know,
it would've scared me away.
STEPH: What is this?
(group yelling)
DONNY: Guys? (Crowd yelling)
- Physically harmful?
- Does that mean us too?
- Oh my god.
- Oh my god what do we do?
- MARK: Go, move move.
Stick together. (SIRENS WAILING)
Get down (GRUNTING).
Go, move, move.
Okay, what the hell is going on?
Ash, you wanted to be the law
- can they do all that?
- I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
I mean I don't know, it's
not like I spend a whole lot
of time going over the rules
of civilian warfare, alright?
- Enough.
- Why the hell
does a small town like this
even have all that gear?
I mean they had a fricken tank.
Okay, okay this has
to be protocol right?
I mean, they are the good
guys, they know what's legal,
they're probably just
trying to get the bad guys
off the street and we happened
to be stuck in the middle.
- Ash it's her.
- This is Tessa Monroe
and I'm in the city of Madison
where it has finally happened.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're
to free speech has been revoked.
The tyrannical police
state has begun its assault
and there is no end in sight.
Hey, what the hell did you do?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, cool it.
- You think we did this?
Well you're the conspiracy
theory nut.
- He doesn't mean nut.
You see it out there.
I've reported on people losing
their freedoms for years
and I don't know why now, but
I do know this is the biggest,
most blatant crack down ever
and I could probably guess
they're not going to stop.
STEPH: Wait, what do you
mean, they're not gonna stop?
They'll stop when they get
the criminals off the street.
Sweetie, if you think
they're the solution,
you have no idea what the
problem is.
Alright, so what're you saying?
I'm saying if you had any sense,
you'd get the hell out of town
before things get any worse.
- Worse?
- Civil War response manual.
Maybe you should pay
more attention to what
your government does and less
to your social media pages.
- Enlighten us.
- It's one of those documents
passed under the radar that
their exact course of action
in the case of a domestic
terrorism attack.
Wait wait wait wait you guys
are protestors, not terrorists.
Under these laws and documents,
everyone is a terrorist.
This is ridiculous.
Believe what you wanna believe
but I'm taking my crew and we're
getting the hell outta here
feel free to tag along.
- DONNY: Hey, wait up.
- What are you doing?
DONNY: I think maybe
we should go with her?
- Are you insane?
- DONNY: No, it's just
look, obviously she knows her
stuff right?
You might be safer with her,
that's all.
No Ash is right, we just need
to go home
and wait for this to blow over.
- DONNY: I don't know.
- Yeah,
I'm not buying into this just
because you wanna tag along
with her and be her intern or
- DONNY: Okay, come on.
- We're going.
- Excuse me?
- You said,
mom and dad are outta town,
So we go, we meet up with them,
make sure
they don't come back early
and wander into this mess.
Worst case scenario, we
look a little paranoid,
you get to spend the rest of
your birthday
with your whole family. Come on.
Save those batteries.
Guns fight enemies, cameras
can fight tyrannies.
DONNY: And yet somehow,
I wouldn't feel safer with
I'm sorry Erin, Erin, just
pause this for a second, okay?
Sorry folks, but I didn't
wanna bite my tongue
for too much longer and
miss the opportunity
to add in some new information
we recently gathered.
For the past few months,
we've been reporting
that there were drills taking
place weeks before the events
of June 8th and just now,
the corporate news outlets
are reporting the same.
The Dispatch: Routine Crowd
Control Drills
take place in Madison Last May.
I mean, there were events
taken place, drills taken place
in Madison weeks before
those incidents broke out
and that's from the press okay?
They were training how to
handle a city wide event
like the one that happened
and how to prepare
for a Marshall law type
but their denials of that?
I mean, that just shows that
they got something to hide.
This is big folks, this is real
and we here at The FringeFacts.com
are in grave danger,
I mean this is the most
we have ever been in
because we are following
this trail and it is hot.
Folks, it is red hot but we
have a lot more information
and a very special guest star
in our studio in a little bit
so let's get back to the
footage, Erin go ahead.
Roll it again.
DONNY: So tell me
again, why we're walking?
Because your girlfriend
wants to keep a low profile.
- Donny: Girlfriend.
Please, I just happen to respect
a fellow journalist that's all.
- Yeah.
- DONNY: Why,
did she say something about me?
Where is everybody?
Yeah, probably at
home where we should be.
Why can't you just
listen to me for once?
DONNY: Think they'll ever
stop arguing?
Yeah, not as long as
they are both breathing.
DONNY: Yeah, hey Ash.
MARK: Okay, I'm not
saying we need to trust her
but we can use her to help
us get out of Madison.
ASH: We can find a way out
of our own town ourselves.
Yeah, and we might find
in the middle of another war
Alright, she can help us get
outta here
without finding anymore trouble.
For all we know, she is the
Ash, look I think Mark's right
- Stay out of this Donny.
- Dude, what's your deal?
Alright, you hate me.
Alright, I get that.
But you're so wrapped up in it
that you'd really put everyone
here in danger, for what?
To prove you don't need your big
looking over your shoulder?
Oh you think you know
everything don't you?
Oh my god, why are you here
Huh, you're a big boy, why
don't you just go home?
You know what, maybe I will.
Okay, come on guys.
It's time for you to quit
You know what, (MUMBLES)
when you're in jail to.
Oh will you?
Oh, I'll send you a
postcard from mom and dads.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah,
after you come up off your high
and grow the fuck up little
Stop it, alright?
I'm not gonna listen to this
the whole way there, okay?
If you two can't get alone,
we will turn around right now
and no one will go anywhere.
You know what I mean.
Hey, we're not alone.
- DONNY: What did she say?
- Come on.
CAMERA GIRL: Okay, go ahead.
This is Tessa Monroe and I'm
here in the city of Madison
the epicenter of this new world
Ops, I'm sorry sweetie are you
I'm fine.
I told you stay with me, what
CAMERA GIRL: I'm sorry, I
bumped into her, it's my fault.
- It's okay, excuse us.
Don't you think she's a little
young to be out proesting?
We're not protestors, come on
So you think we should've
DONNY: Hey ma'am, what's
going on?
They're not allowing
anyone out of the city.
- They can't do that.
- DONNY: Tessa,
- wait up, hey.
- ASH: Come on.
Everyone will be
allowed through shortly.
Just give us time to set up
the verification process.
Who do you think you are?
We're not cattle.
We're not sheep.
DONNY: Tessa's getting
pretty feisty again.
We have the right to travel
Donny, tell your boss to shut
POLICE: Very funny, you wish.
- Ash: Whoa whoa, crap.
Do you want to shoot us?
Go ahead, shoot us.
DONNY: Ah, she
doesn't really mean that.
Please don't shoot us!
They're rubber bullets.
POLICE: Get on the ground now.
- Get down you're under arrest.
- ASH: Now what?
- We can head
to Ventura Avenue, I mean this
is the only way out of town.
Well if they have this blocked
they could have everything
blocked off.
DONNY: So we're just trapped
Hey, what's the matter with you?
STEPH: Look!
I said, people back.
STEPH: Mark we have to do
POLICE: Shut up, I don't
wanna hear it.
MARK: Stephanie, Stephanie.
Please we have to do something.
STEPH: Are you okay sweetie?
- MARK: Stay here.
- STEPH: Mark.
ASH: Mark, what are you doing?
- Mark!
- STEPH: No, Mark!
STEPH: Mark, no no.
(man yelling)
ASH: So how far is this
MARK: Not much further,
alright it's right up here?
ASH: How'd you find out about
Known about it for a while,
I think you'll like it.
ASH: Cool, I'm having
a lot of fun so far.
Dude, I know we're in the
woods and all,
but I didn't expect you
to get all sappy too.
Get it? Trees, sap?
ASH: Alright, okay
you're done, you're done.
Come on man. Sap!
ASH: There's not even
any sap in these trees.
Well look at Ashie, you so
smart, wow.
ASH: Alright, alright,
you're done, alright.
I'll meet up with you at the
I think we made him mad.
Hey, wait up (GRUNTING) Ash,
Do we need to amputate?
Just shut up and help me up.
MARK: Okay, how do
you shut this thing off?
Just set it down and help me,
come on.
MARK: Fine, well hold up.
You okay?
- ASH: Yeah.
- MARK: Take it easy.
It's just a little
(SIGH) yeah, I'm fine.
I feel like this would
be some big brother,
little brother teachable moment
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
'Cause dude, you know,
family, family comes first
and look I know it sounds cheesy
but that's what mom and dad
taught us.
Family should always be
there for one another
especially when we fall, be
there to help each other out.
And I'll always be there
for you man, always.
And second, probably
most important of all,
I'll be there to laugh at you
when you do something stupid
like that.
Dude, come on let's go, grab
your camera.
STEPH: So your mom's a doctor?
Yeah, so she's not home that
much but it's okay, I guess.
STEPH: What about your dad?
John, I don't know.
He works for the
government as a translator
or something like that.
He and my mom split up when I
was young.
We were actually on our way to
to meet him before all this.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
Do you have any brothers or
That must be tough,
being alone all the time.
Not really, I grew up pretty
Yeah, I can see that.
You're a pretty strong girl.
How long have you lived in
I know you feel like you
have some responsibility
to keep me safe or keep my mind
off what happened but you don't.
- I can take care of myself.
- STEPH: Okay.
- Can I interview you?
- Go ahead, ask away.
Maybe I'll even learn
something, just send me the link
so that I can put in on my
channel too.
You have a government truth
Yeah, but it's actually more
sort of
a technology truth kind of a
That's cool, so you knew all
about those LRADs then today,
that didn't surprise you at all.
The what?
The long range acoustic
devices, the LRADs.
Oh yeah right. Yeah those LRADs.
Yeah that's crazy right?
I never heard anything like that
Well except for when I researched
it to find out what it was
but yeah I tried to warn the
other guys,
but they wouldn't listen.
You know I really respect
those of us
who pay attention to what's
going on in this world.
Yeah well, that's totally me.
The world needs more like you,
Ah, come one, so my turn.
How did you get so many
Wait first I wanna ask
you more about your research
in the government tech
developments so tell me
what you know about CTGWs,
HD's, militarized max.
Militarized max, CT, yeah
well the last time I researched
it and looked into it, what
I found was, hey, what?
What'd you say? You called me.
- You need me over there?
- ASH: No?
I didn't hear him say anything.
It's just he does that all the
it's like an inside joke that he
but we should probably go
checkout what he wants, come on.
Rain check on the whole
interview thing okay?
TESSA: Okay?
Can you please talk some
sense into your friend?
Why, what's going on?
He wants to go to the
police station and quote
"demand the release of
Mark and Becca's mom."
What? Ash are you crazy?
No, I'm not crazy okay?
This is me logically trying
to solve a problem okay?
No, if you go to the police
the only thing that will happen
is you will get arrested too.
- Dude, she's right.
- Tessa,
you said cameras fight tyranny,
So we go down there, we
show them the footage,
and we show the captain what
their psycho,
we show the captain what those
psychos did
and we get justice.
No we get a lawyer to get
Justice only happens
when those who are intact
are as indignant as those who
are injured.
Look, what I'm saying
is we can't expect help
from anyone who doesn't
believe what's going on here
is wrong in the first place
and I really don't think
the cops understand that
what they're doing is wrong.
Wait so we do nothing, that's
your plan?
No, I'm saying the opposite.
We have to act now and fast,
but going to the police
for help, that's pointless.
Okay Ash, Mark would not
want this, you know that.
- Mark's not here right now.
- Yeah
and you won't be either
if you go with her.
Okay, you had the right idea
we never should've gone
with her in the first place.
Yeah, well now we need her.
- No Ash!
- Guys!
My phone's not working.
Let me see. (BEEPING)
All the channels are out.
Whoa, what was that?
- TESSA: The phones are out.
- Wait,
so there's no TV, no lights, no
They hit the kill switch,
cutting us off from the
rest of the country.
So that they can control
what information is released.
- No, we need to go.
- Go where?
I'm not leaving without my mom.
There's no where to go, it's
too late
we're not getting out of town
Okay, I'm going.
- What's her deal?
- DONNY: I don't know,
she's just upset okay?
ASH: Look, I'm sorry, I
am, you were right, alright?
We should've just went
back to my apartment
after the coffee shop but you
saw what they did alright?
We can't just sit back
and do nothing, alright?
He's my brother.
What do you think Mark would
if he knew what you were doing
right now?
Well I don't know but I don't
need yours or his permission
I'm doing this.
Okay, I love Mark just as much
as you.
- See that's the problem.
- What, that I love Mark?
No that you love Mark
and he knows you do.
Come on Ash, Mark knows you
love him
and you know he'd do
anything to keep you safe.
Well now I get to return the
No, no okay, Mark can
still walk out of this okay,
but that doesn't happen if
you end up in prison or jail
okay that's not a happy ending.
Your brother isn't at the
police station
but if you wanna find
him, we need to hurry.
- Why?
- Move.
There's a good angle over there.
- DONNY: Are you sure?
- TESSA: You want viewers,
- right?
- DANNY: Yeah.
- TESSA: Go.
- DONNY: Okay.
ASH: Oh god. They can't do that.
Tessa what are they doing?
Looks like they're
rounding up civilians.
ASH: What is going on?
Look at him.
MAN: Don't move.
I said don't move.
- MAN: Hey you, freeze.
- ASH: Jesus.
Shit, I don't think they're
using rubber bullets.
MAN: Show me your
hands, show me your hands.
Hands where I can see them.
If they have my mom.
ASH: We're gonna get you your
- she's gonna be okay, alright?
- DONNY: What the hell
Tessa, if Marks not at the
police station, he's probably
wherever they're taking
those people right now.
TESSA: I believe so.
Steph, First connects with High,
High connects with Ventura
Uh, yeah, yeah why?
If we cross the street here,
we can go down the side alley
and then we can meet up with the
and follow it the rest of the
No, if we cross now, the
soldiers are gonna see us
and we'll get scraped off the
Well we don't have any other
TESSA: He's right,
if we're gonna do this
we have to go now.
Becca, you think you can do
- I'll be fine.
- Alright,
we stay low and we stay quiet.
DONNY: My god.
Oh my god oh my god,
Ash help me!
- Oh my god, Tessa.
- ASH: Are you okay?
You're gonna be alright, you're
gonna be alright, come on.
- MARK: Keep up.
- MAN: Freeze.
DONNY: Guys, Ash, there's
a building over here, come on.
MARK: Faster, come on.
- STEPH: Over here.
- MARK: Let's go.
BECCA: Lay her down here.
I need something to stop the
DONNY: Right, okay.
ASH: You sure you
know what you're doing?
You don't grow up in a hospital
without learning a few things.
You need a doctor.
No, they're gonna be stationed
at the hospitals by now.
Anyone that comes in with a
like this is gonna be detained.
ASH: So are you gonna
be okay to keep going?
What? She's not going anywhere.
- You tell me.
- Ash,
if we can a car, we can get her
to another hospital outside of
ASH: No, no cars, we
can't risk being seen.
We can't drive.
So what're we supposed to do?
- You leave me here.
- What?
DONNY: We're not leaving you
here okay?
I appreciate the concern
Donny but your friends need you
and I can take care of myself.
We don't even know
where Mark is right now.
You're so concerned
with your freaking cause
- that you (GLASS SHATTERING).
- Becca: What was that?
- ASH: Stay here.
- STEPH: Ash.
ROLAND: I wouldn't
do that if I were you.
- DONNY: Ash, look out.
- KURT: Shooter.
ASH: No no no no
no, it's just a camera.
- ROLAND: Drop it.
- ASH: Alright.
You're the guy from
the mechanic shop right?
- You're not with them?
- No.
We're not here to steal
you can have everything alright?
You're not looters are you?
- No.
- Then who are you?
No more questions.
BECCA: Please, she's been
shot, we just need help.
- Tessa Monroe.
- DONNY: Hey, be careful.
- KURT: Do not move.
- Do I know you?
No ma'am but my name's Roland
and that's my buddy
Kurt and we're big fans.
So do you two actually know
what's going on over there?
- Power down.
- DONNY: What?
Listen if you need help, if
you're dressing this wound,
we're gonna need all hands all
and if you want answers,
we don't talk on tape
so power down.
So why else do you think they
buying up billions of rounds of
You just go do a little
research for yourself and you'll
find the ground work for this
has been in place for years.
In an instant these guys can
take over
communications, transportation,
I mean, what's in it for them?
Global totalitarianism.
But you guys are like
mechanics by day,
- Rambo vigilantes by night?
- We're patriots.
Okay, we're humans, we're not
that just accept the way things
If you guys are ready to wake up
and join the resistance, good.
But that's not what you want, is
No they have our people,
we just want 'em back.
KURT: Then you all better
record this.
The organization for domestic
and crisis control rode
into town a few hours ago.
With the help of what we
believe to be the DHS.
We think those were the
fellas you met on the street.
DONNY: Wait the DHS is in on
Yeah, they have a detention camp
set up at the local school.
That's where your people will
Roland look, we don't
know the first thing.
We can't do this alone.
Well lucky for you
Kurt and I were prepping
to do some recon on that camp
and possibly set some
of them innocents free.
Okay this is going way too far.
If what you're saying is
true, we're talking about
the Department of Homeland
Security, alright?
I want Mark and Becca's
mom free just as much as
everyone else and I wanna
get the hell out of Madison
but you're talking about
taking on the actual U.S. army
with a couple of wannabe
badasses, three civilians,
a wounded internet truther and a
Yeah, I mean I played my
fair share of Call of Duty
and everything but you're
talking about
some real life serious stuff
here okay?
I am totally, totally
not prepared for a war.
No one's ever prepared for a
but those who are victorious are
the ones
that rise up when all others
No wait, hold up nobody's saying
anything about going to war,
We're not gonna be going in
guns blazing like a bunch of
Can you guys get us in there
Sure, we can think of something.
Guys, we're all out of options
KURT: And you're running out
of time.
STEPH: What does that even mean?
Tomorrow morning the
mainstream media
will tell the country
that a few terrorists
were posing as demonstrators in
Troops were ordered in
early in the morning
to detain the criminals
and evacuate some civilians
to a temporary safety
camp at the county school.
Unfortunately, there was a
at the camp and many lives were
Wait, there were no terrorists
so why would they blow up the
Falsifying attacks are
always a sure fire way
to get the public on
board with your cause.
I'm sorry, you think the U.S.
is gonna blow up that camp?
I'm saying the danger
is typically exaggerated
to encourage submission.
We live in a safer world
now than we ever have
but our perception is of a
dangerous one
and that's a perception
that's manufactured
by those who would like to
relieve us of our rights.
So why are they doing all this?
Who knows, could be war
could be a political move
or it could be just see
how much they can get away with.
Slowly ease the people
into this new way of life.
Nevertheless, it will surely
cause more widespread marshall
all the while demonizing those
of us
who believe in the Constitution.
No, okay you don't know
what's going on, okay?
You are just a nobody.
You're right, you're right we
but the soldier Kurt and I
talked to
on the other hand well now he
was pretty positive about it.
So then how long do we have?
0500, then the bombs go off.
I gotta get moving.
- Come on.
- DONNY: Easy, easy.
BECCA: You need to sit.
Tessa, as much as Kurt
and I would love to have you
by our side, the little one's
If you pop one of those stitches
and start to bleed again
you might not be so lucky next
You can't stop me soldier.
No ma'am I can't, but I can
remind you
of how important you are to this
Look, just bed down here
for the night, alright?
Take this here radio, call
your friends in the morning
and tell the story, that's
what you're meant to do.
- Becca should stay too.
- No.
No we need as many
healthy hands as possible.
Tessa, Roland's right okay?
Just stay here
we'll be fine alright?
We can take care of ourselves.
Besides, you and I still
needa do that interview okay?
So get some rest.
You're gonna be a
great journalist Donny.
- Do me a favor.
- Yeah, of course anything.
- Run my camera.
- Really?
This is Tessa Monroe in Madison.
Everyone remind yourselves that
what you accomplish tonight
will impact the world tomorrow.
Help those who cannot help
Free the minds of those who are
to the chaos of
misinformation and propaganda
but always remember, if
you forgo your freedoms
for the promise of security,
you will have neither.
Okay, I'm gonna cut it there.
Everyone just remember
to send me your footage
in a few days when this all
calms down.
The world needs to see this.
ASH: You're a tough
little girl, you know that?
Thanks, you too. (LAUGHING)
ASH: Hey, you really
helped out back there.
We're all really glad you're
We're gonna get you your mom
I know, I wouldn't be here
if I thought you couldn't.
DONNY: Where'd you guys
get all that sweet gear?
We've had it, should always
be prepared for an emergency.
DONNY: I mean, I've got a
extra battery or two, maybe
half a tube of Neosporin
somewhere but you know, when
I left my house this morning,
I just must've forgotten my
assault rifle
and bullet proof vest, I don't
Yeah, well now you know for
next time.
Next time, there ain't
gonna be a next time.
ASH: My brother and I, our
relationship is complicated
and Stephanie has always
been the one to try
and bring us back together and
- BECCA: Will she be okay?
- ASH: I hope so.
She's family, you know, and
I'd do anything for family.
What's going on?
So what's the plan?
I just feel a hoard of 'em's
gonna be inside this school.
A big and open area maybe a
DONNY: So how do we get in?
RAYMOND: Working on it.
I saw this movie once where
this crew, they snuck into
a top secret government
base by sending in someone
as a decoy who pretended he was
I mean chances are, if they
already think you're injured,
no one's gonna shoot you right?
So anyways, all I'm saying
is one of us could totally
go up to the fence there with a
or act like they're
hurt and need a bandage.
Wait, no no no no no no
no no that was a bad idea.
Don't listen to me, I don't
really know what I'm saying.
Wait, my camera. Hold my camera.
- Oh, okay.
- Okay, wish me luck.
ASH: Alright, you two just
hang back and find some cover.
We'll take care of the guards
and then
we'll signal you when it's safe,
BECCA: You don't know
how good you have it.
STEPH: What?
BECCA: To have so many
people who care about you.
Becca you have family.
BECCA: I have a mom, when
she's there.
Your mom loves you, she
would do anything for you.
BECCA: She would, that's my
Even after giving all
her energy to others,
she will always be by
my side when I need her.
I would do the same for her
'cause that's what family really
Are you sure you're only 10.
Come on, Donny will kill me if
he finds out you had his camera.
- MAN: All clear.
- ASH: I only see one of 'em.
I can do this, I got this, no
ASH: Just take a deep breath
Okay, you're just acting
like a wounded hiker.
Yeah, just tell them
that your buddy back here
and he needs a medic okay?
DONNY: Nice, okay.
But it is of vital importance
that no matter what you do
you turn around and you
come right back here.
What if they tell me to freeze?
Well let's just hope your story
about not shooting an injured
man is true.
I did say that I saw
this on a movie right?
Look, we're gonna be right
here, okay?
- We're right here.
- Here it goes.
- Hey!
- MAN: Hey!
- DONNY: Hey I'm sorry dude.
- MAN: Shut up.
DONNY: But my friend and I
were hiking,
- he's hurt real bad.
- MAN: Freeze.
Open the gate, move.
DONNY: Back there
actually, not this way.
- MAN: On your knees.
- STEPH: What do we do?
MAN: Found a civilian
in the South gate,
how would you like me to
STEPH: Why aren't they
helping him?
- I don't know.
- MAN: Copy.
ASH: Roland, Kurt, Roland, Kurt?
Really, oh my god.
STEPH: They need to get out
of there.
Should we do something?
Dude you killed that guy.
Where the hell were you?
Look, unlike your Hollywood
not all things go according to
ASH: Donny, you okay?
Yeah man, I thought
they were gonna shoot me.
Well luckily that (MUMBLING).
ASH: And if it didn't?
Look, we're here, okay,
we're all in one piece
let's focus on accomplishing our
and getting out the same way.
We gotta move now.
Hide the body, go secure
us some transportation.
Signal the girls.
STEPH: Okay, let's go.
- Good job, Steph.
- STEPH: Here, it's on.
- MARK: Dude, look at this.
- ASH: This is creepy.
MARK: Come on, let's check
this out.
ASH: I don't know that
that's a really good idea.
Oh, come on man, how often
do we get to spend together?
Look at this place,
doesn't it remind you of
that cabin we used to
stay with mom and dad?
ASH: Oh, hey we're supposed
to be hiking, not breaking in.
Yeah, we still will,
let's check this out.
Oh, here's the door.
ASH: This is probably illegal.
Oh, it's not illegal if it's
MAN: All clear over here.
DONNY: I don't think this
is the right time for a tune up.
Look we need to be quiet, okay?
So I'm gonna use this, and
you try not to use that.
- DONNY: Got it.
- Stay put.
- MAN: Aye, stop.
- DONNY: Sorry dude.
Holy crap, dude I am so sorry,
it's these stupid shoes.
- Next time I say wait.
- You okay?
- Yeah, we handled it.
- Yeah I can see that.
DONNY: Ash, what
the hell are you doing?
Look I'm not a great
shot but I can handle it
if things get tough okay?
MAN: Hey, what's all the
commotion, Serg you there?
(STATIC) Serg you there?
(STATIC) Everything alright?
Sending backup now (STATIC).
ROLAND: Alright, looks
like we can expect some more
company okay so stay tight,
stay silent, stay calm, okay?
- MAN: Hey you guys there.
- ROLAND: Move!
ROLAND: Come on.
- DONNY: So much for silence.
- ROLAND: Move move.
- Keep it up.
- ASH: Where are we going?
ROLAND: Straight up here to
the left.
STEPH: Oh my god.
- ASH: Everyone okay?
- DONNY: Yeah.
Becca, how you doin'?
Let's just hurry up and get
out of here.
ASH: Well, what do we do?
Roland what do we do?
Give me a minute.
DONNY: I don't think we have
a minute.
- STEPH: Roland.
- Move, get inside.
DONNY: My eyes are burning.
MAN: Open up.
We should be okay for now.
- BECCA: Mom, mom, mom!
- STEPH: Becca!
ASH: Mark! Mark!
BECCA: Mom! Mom!
Help Becca.
Roland come on, we need
you to open the cells.
Use this to open the cages,
do not let them out of your
sight alright?
ASH: Mark? Mark!
Mom! I don't see her.
Mom! Mom!
Becca, Becca, what?
What are you doing here?
It's okay, we're gonna
get you out of here.
- We?
- Oh that's Donny,
he was with the group from
I told you to get out
of town, you can't trust
that anybody is who they say
they are.
Mom, stop. It's okay, I'm fine.
Really, we've been safe but we
really need to get you out of
You are so strong.
You know that right?
- And stubborn too.
- I learn from the best.
DONNY: Alright, let me get
this open.
ASH: Mark! Mark!
- Mark?
- Ash?
- Ash, what are you doing here?
- Are you okay?
Yeah, where the hell did you
get a gun?
- STEPH: Mark, Mark!
- Stephanie?
What are you doing here?
STEPH: Look what they did to
I'm alright, I'm okay.
Look we're getting you out of
We're getting everybody out of
Obviously what they're doing
is crazy illegal but you're
breaking me out of jail, come on.
What are you thinking Ash?
And you brought my fiance,
you guys could've been killed.
You could just shut up for a
there's so many things
happening right now,
you can't even begin
to know the answers to.
Look, we've risked
our lives getting here
and you'll lose yours if you
- What do you mean?
- We don't have time alright?
- You just have to trust me.
- Okay.
- Who are you?
- You're drooling.
- Weren't you my mechanic?
- One of my many skills.
I don't know what's going on
but I'm glad to see you guys.
You too, no matter what you're
my brother and I love you.
Love you too little brother.
Alright, how do we get out of
My buddy Kurt is securing
us some transportation out
as we speak, til then we need
to get the rest of these cages
open and get the civilians
ready for evacuation.
- Let's do it.
- Here we go, come on.
Stay tight guys.
Hey, why are you always
filming with this thing?
DONNY: I'm making a movie.
Give me that.
Don't touch it, it's expensive,
come on.
KURT: Was the package acquired?
Package acquired, awaiting
pick up.
KURT: Pick up in route,
driving a big yellow Twinkie.
Haven't been in one of
these since I was knee high.
Oh, and I parked Plan B
outside the fence just in case.
You boys didn't make it easy on
Yeah, well we ran into
a few more scuffles,
not quite as covert as
we expected, you okay?
KURT: Yeah, just had to deal
with a few more guards but I got
Never heard no alarms though.
Yeah well they don't
wanna wake the whole town
but don't worry they know we're
KURT: Alright, pulling up now.
Kurt! Kurt, do you copy?
Kurt! Kurt!
KURT: Yeah, but ya'll need to
Just like I said before
guys, keep your heads down,
and go straight to the bus.
Once everyone's loaded then
we'll take off, alright?
Stay close. You ready?
- DONNY: Yeah.
- God bless America, go go go.
Move, move, move.
Heads down, heads down.
Keep going, keep going, keep
- DONNY: Let's do this.
- ROLAND: Move, move, move.
- ASH: Come on, come on.
- ROLAND: Come on let's go.
DONNY: Roland. Thanks.
ASH: Let's go.
Come on guys, come on.
- We owe you everything.
- It's not a problem ma'am.
And we better get our percentage
of whatever movie you're making.
DONNY: Have your people call
my people.
ASH: Is that, is that everyone?
- Get 'em out of here, go, go!
- DONNY: What're you doing?
- STEPH: Hey, hey!
ROLAND: Go, go, go.
POLICE: You're completely
I want you to lay down your
and rise up with your hands on
your head.
You won't get out of here
uninjured if you don't comply.
There's no escape.
You are in very very serious
We'd like this evening to
end peacefully if possible.
This is your last warning, you
have five seconds to comply
or we will use force.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Guns, guns, guns, guns.
MARK: Keep going, keep going.
DONNY: Ash, the camera.
(gunshots firing)
Steph, Steph, you okay?
Ash, go go go.
ASH: Hang on!
DONNY: That was insane,
did you guys see that?
- Is everyone okay?
- Just hold on Steph.
- ASH: What happened?
- She was hit Ash,
what do you mean what happened?
- ASH: It's gonna be okay.
- Hang in there.
ASH: It's gonna be okay.
What do you mean it's gonna be
ASH: Well Roland knows how to
ROLAND: Ash, watch out!
- You ready?
- ASH: Yeah, of course.
Just don't say anything stupid
'cause mom and dad are gonna see
Dude, we're gonna have a good
Stephanie, no, no, no, Steph,
Steph, no!
- ASH: Oh my god.
- MARK: Ash, oh my god.
- Steph.
- ASH: Donny.
Donny. Donny!
Donny, Donny, just hang in there
we're gonna get you over right.
Mark, Mark, we have to, Mark.
Get off of me, get off of me!
MAN: You're not going anywhere.
Get off of me!
Get, no we have rights!
No, no! Mark, Mark, Mark, no!
MICHAEL: As promised, we
have a very special guest
in our studios with us
right now, Marcus Whitmore.
Mark, how you doing?
Understandably, Mark is a
bit shook up as we all are
having seen this footage
for the very first time
but Mark, his brother
Ash, and his good friend
Donald Donovan, they've all been
on an
emotional rollercoaster
these past few weeks
from being in indicted for
conspiracy to start a riot,
escalating police tensions,
planting a bomb at the ODACC
Then a week later, being
from all those crimes when
news of our footage broke.
So Mark, I mean we're not
looking for a thank you
but tell the people how
we at The FringeFacts.com
has helped you and your
family in this situation.
- Exonerated.
- Wait, wait, wait
hold that thought, I
just wanna say I am glad
that we were able to stop
these monsters from ruining
these kids lives anymore
than they already have.
Now, they can go home and
properly grieve their loss
which I'd just like to say
that me and my staff here
at The FringeFacts.com wish to
offer you
our sincerest condolences to you
and to Stephanie Grahm's
family for their loss.
This travesty didn't have to
She was an amazing woman
and her memory will live on.
Mark, can you tell the
viewers what it was like
to hold Stephanie when
she took her last breath?
Did she say anything to you?
- Are you joking?
- Excuse me?
This is why you brought me on
To exploit my fiance's death?
For viewers?
I don't think you understand
what we do here Mark.
No, I get it. Okay?
You know, the only reason I came
was to tell our side of
the story, the real truth.
Not your edited conspiracy
version of it.
Myself and my field
reporter Tessa Monroe.
- Oh don't even.
- We run.
Don't even start with
your brave reporter.
Alright, if it wasn't for Tessa
and you
and this god awful site, none
of this would've happened.
You got our town all
riled up and convinced
two gun totting fanatics to lead
my family
into the middle of a blood bath.
She and you are the terrorists.
Mark, I know you're in a lot
of pain
but even you have to admit that
this operation was a false
fly, manufactured by the MGI,
The Major Globalists
Mark, please.
All of you, sitting at home
in your comfy little chairs
pretending like none of this is
you should all be ashamed of
Because of people like
you that humor this idiot
a lot of good people
are dead or in prison.
Mark, where's he going?
Go get him back here.
Just, go! Alright, alright,
you can cut the feed now.
Cut it.
Alright viewers, welcome
back to the Donny D Show.
We have a very special episode
this is not a normal video,
instead, this is a reaction
I just finished watching my good
Mark's appearance on The
FringeFacts.com site.
I didn't wanna do a reaction
videos but we just hit
three million subscribers,
thank you all for that
and as you know everything
I do is for you, you know,
the shirt off my back,
the belt around my waist,
the cat that's running
around my apartment.
I don't know why you would need
my cat
and in fact your not getting my
But, the thing with reaction
videos is
I think they're pointless,
they're stupid,
and they're a waste of
time and there are a lot
of other things in life
that are pointless, stupid,
and a waste of time that you
could waste your time on.
For instance, unboxing videos.
If you don't know what
an unboxing video is,
number one you're missing out,
it is exactly what it sounds
You watch a video wherein
someone unboxes a box
that they bought presumably
from a box store.
Sometimes, the box was
shipped to them from
an online distributor so they're
a box inside of another box and
those boxes have boxes in them
as well.
Now, I'm not gonna keep going
on about unboxing videos
because if you're watching my
you know what an unboxing video
What're we talking about?
Oh, right.
The whole point of what I'm
We started talking about
the fact that this video
was going to be a reaction video
and I haven't actually
given you my thoughts on it.
I think the whole thing was a
terrible display of journalism
which is really the state
of America right now.
Again, I'm topical and
informative, put that down.
So it's difficult to watch
that Mark obviously, you know,
hasn't spent the kind of
time in front of the camera
and in the media that I have
so he wasn't really prepared
for those kinds of things to
and how to deal with that.
I haven't heard from
Mark in a little while.
I've reached out to him a
little bit, I'm sure he's busy
and obviously he's dealing
with a lot of things
as thousands of people
that were from Madison
and were there during
the whole incident are.
Well hopefully he gets back to
I would make a plead for him
right on here
to get back to me but he
does not watch my channel.
He told me so, it's not a big
It kind of is, I wanted feedback
from him.
Just give me something.
I don't like this take.
Can we do it again 'cause I
don't really
know what I'm talking about now.
I mean they totally railroaded
Mark with all those questions
and to bring up all that
stuff about Stephanie.
God it's hard to say that name.
We're not gonna use that part,
hold on.
Where was I?
So Tessa, obviously she used
the footage The FringeFacts,
they used the footage to look
the way that they wanted it to.
I still haven't receive my
own footage from my camera
that was taken, they said they
would be getting back to me.
I don't know where it is.
They've been impossible
to get in touch with.
I mean, you cannot get
in touch with anyone.
The government's impossible to
talk with,
obviously as we knew they would.
The lawyers, are even hard to
talk with.
You would think the lawyers
want to get in touch with us.
Maybe that's them.
No, it is not.
Tessa, okay.
Footage, is this the footage?
That would be amazing
if I'm actually talking
about something and then it
This is not the footage.
What is this?
What is this?
Are you getting this?
Like it's not grainy on the
do you need me to move the
screen at all?
ROLAND: Yeah, yeah,
yes sir we have them
in our custody as we speak.
Tessa, Tessa Monroe is nuts.
I'll send her my footage 'cause
I think
that it'll help distract
from tonight's events.
I mean, the rest of them believed
all the crazy conspiracies.
I mean, they were doubtful at
but it didn't take much to
persuade 'em.
Yes sir.
Yeah, with his family in our
I don't think we'll have a
problem getting John to talk.
Yes sir. Yes sir,
we'll wait for your call.
BECCA'S MOM: Roland, what?
What, no, Becca, Becca, no!
- Let go of me, let go of me.
- KURT: Move it, move it
- move it, pipe down.
- BECCA'S MOM: No, Becca!
- KURT: Let's go, let's go.
- BECCA'S MOM: No, no!
- KURT: Quiet down, come on.
- BECCA'S MOM: No, no!
- Enough.
- BECCA'S MOM: Becca, Becca,
No, let me down! Becca!
Do you know who your dad
really is?
Okay, uh we're putting that up
I gotta call Ash, I should call
You can cut, I just
called my mom by mistake.
Sometimes we war with
Screaming from the
pits of our own hells
Feeling like no one out there cares
Suffocating gasping for your air
You're at the edge of the line
Will you wave your flag or fight
Don't hide now don't run for cover
What about all of the others
You're fighting for you,
and fighting for them
You gotta fight for your life
Because you're someone else's
You gotta fight for your life
Because you're someone else's
You gotta fight, fight for
your life
You betta fight, fight for
your life
We're all infected with
Fading from our own disbelief
Fearing all that we are
Tortured and broken from
all your battle scars
You're at the edge of your mind
Will you wave your flag or fight
Don't hide now don't run for cover
What about your sisters and
You're fighting for you
and fighting for them
You gotta fight for your life
Because you're someone else's light
You gotta fight for your life
Because you're someone else's
You gotta fight, Fight for
your life
You betta fight, fight for
your life
You gotta fight for your life
Because you're someone else's light
You gotta fight for your life
Because you're someone else's
You gotta fight, Fight for
your life
You betta fight, Fight for
your life
Fight for your dreams
Fight for your life
Fight for your dreams
Fight for your life
You better fight
You better fight
Fight for your life