Falling for You (2018)

Good morning, Pleasant Valley.
This is WPVK, the voice of
Pleasant Valley.
Lacey Hathaway here.
I hope everyone's enjoying
this glorious fall day.
Now, I don't know about you
but when the leaves
start to fall
I've got one thing on my mind.
Staying warm.
And I've heard sweaters
and jackets do the trick
but I much prefer munching
something sweet
straight out of the oven.
If you feel the same
then you're in luck.
Just two weeks until
the bachelor bake-off,
a magical night of food, music,
and bachelors baking desserts.
Bid on a dessert and win a date
with a bachelor.
It's a fundraiser, a party,
and auction all rolled into one
and all for a good cause.
Raising money for our local
radio station.
Up until now we stayed on air
thanks to local funding,
but with town budget cuts
we need your help.
So if you love your radio
station and wanna help save it
then buy tickets
to the bake-off.
And now on today's segment
of Another Day in Paradise:
Stories from around
Pleasant Valley,
a heartwarming and hilarious
yarn about the knitting club.
[phone rings]
Hey, Beth.
How was your drive?
It felt short but that might be
the excitement.
I feel like a kid on
Christmas morning,
which means my adult equivalent
of Christmas is work.
I think that's just because
you're good at it
and you love what you do.
I emailed you your lodging info.
You're staying at this
super cute guest house.
You'll have a bedroom, office,
access to the kitchen-
What about the uh-
And yes, they have
high speed wifi.
I made sure to ask.
Am I that predictable?
I'll call back this evening.
Alright. Thank you.
And before Sandra jumps in,
a reminder that the canning
club's annual jam sale
is next week,
plus I'll be selling tickets
to the bachelor bake-off.
Up next is Sandra
with today's announcements
so if you wanna find out what's
new and exciting around town,
stay tuned.
Thanks, Lacey.
Hi folks.
Try-outs for the town musical
Triumph of Love
are tonight at 6pm followed
by a town hall meeting
which will be broadcast live.
So if you can't make the meeting
tune in here.
And now for some
not so good news
that Pete Taves broke his arm,
and right in the middle
of harvest season.
Pete, get well soon and call in,
let us know how
we can help.
Miss you.
Fill your baskets, we will see
you at the Main Street Garden...
Ty, you fixed it.
You're amazing.
Ah, it was easy.
Just changed the damaged track
and fixed the amp input issue.
I have no idea what you
just said but thank you.
You are the radio station's
best intern ever.
I think I'm the station's
only intern ever.
As you know, we are approaching
our annual lantern walk,
Pleasant Valley's most romantic
ritual as we transition
form fall to winter.
[television in background]
...A big win last night for our
Pleasant Valley cardinals.
If you're trying to decide
what to order,
better to ask a local.
I'd say go with
the pumpkin latte.
Uh, appreciate the uh, input,
but I'm a black coffee
kinda guy.
Oh, they mull their
own spices here.
Appreciate the tip.
One black coffee to go, please.
Well, you might not
like pumpkin lattes
but what about pumpkin pie?
The town radio station
has lost its funding
and I'm raising money
by hosting a bake-off.
You mean a bake sale?
No, a bake-off.
Uh, what's the difference?
Well, an entire word, to start.
And it's a different concept.
Are you guys selling dessert?
In a way.
Sounds like a bake sale.
The bake-off is a fundraiser
for the radio.
It still sounds like
a bake sale.
It's not.
It's a bachelor bake-off.
It'll be a big party where
four of the town's bachelors
will all bake a dessert
and at the end we'll have
a silent auction
where the winning bidder
gets the dessert
and a date with the bachelor.
A bachelor bake-off.
It's in two weeks.
You know, I actually
may not be in town.
Ok, I'm just gonna get
two of them.
Oh, great.
Does that cover it?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Good luck with the bake sale.
Right. Bake-off.
Hey, Lacey.
I was looking for you.
There's my star
bake-off bachelor.
I'm guessing this isn't
good news.
Well, good news
and bad news.
Jenny-Lynn and I have
started dating.
Oh. And you're not
a bachelor anymore.
I don't wanna bake for anyone
but Jenny.
And I've had your delicious
apple pie
so I'm guessing Jenny
doesn't want you baking
for anyone else, either.
I'm sorry, Lacey.
I know there's only two weeks
until the bake-off.
It's ok. I'll figure
something out.
So you'll be able to replace me?
You are irreplaceable, but
I'll find a fourth bachelor.
Alright. See ya.
And next up we have Nick with
the Farmer's Almanac report.
Oh, just hang on a moment,
as we have everyone's favourite
interruption, Lacey Hathaway.
Hi friends.
Exciting bake-off news.
We have a newly opened slot
for a replacement bachelor
so if you've ever had
any culinary aspirations
or just wanna help me
out of a jam,
come on by my office
at the radio station.
That sounds like so much fun.
I wish I could volunteer.
Hear that, bachelors?
Don't let Sandra take your spot.
Ok, back to our regularly
scheduled program
we've got Nick with the Farmer's
Almanac report.
Your home is lovely.
Thank you.
And please, let me know
if there's anything
at all I can do to make you
more comfortable.
Just lots of coffee.
Oh, there's always coffee.
My niece, who also lives here,
makes sure of that.
And, if you're ever in town
and need a cup,
come by my bakery.
It's called Patty Cakes.
You know what, Patty?
I think I was just there.
Small world.
No. Small town.
You're here three weeks, right?
That's right.
What brings you
to Pleasant Valley?
I'm a software engineer.
I developed a program
and Pleasant Valley's
been testing it out.
Now I'm here to iron out
the wrinkles,
or at least try to.
It sounds like you'll be
very busy
and needing a lot of coffee,
not to mention midnight snacks,
so lucky for you there is always
something freshly baked.
Hi, Sam.
I didn't know you baked.
Try one.
They're vanilla pinwheels.
I actually already had-
already had lunch.
But Lacey hasn't eaten
so she'll try.
What do you think?
It's very... crispy.
But thank you.
Thank you, Sam, so much
for coming in.
We really- we really
appreciate it.
Thank you.
Ok, well, you know what?
We have some options.
I know, it's just that,
Ryan was the town favourite.
He was a former all-state
with the best apple pie
in all of New England.
I heard the quilting club
was pooling money
to bid on him.
Now I just need to find
a new star bachelor.
Should be easy enough.
That's the spirit.
(radio) You're listening to
WPVK, the voice of
Pleasant Valley.
Aunt Patty, I'm home.
Sorry, but I'm peckish.
Talking all day is hungry work.
Well, dinner's almost ready.
I had quite the day.
I don't know why I thought
it would be so easy
planning an event this big.
I heard about replacing Ryan.
Tell me you have a solution.
Could you do it with
just three bachelors?
No, I need four to meet
fundraising goals.
Plus, Ryan was gonna bring in
the biggest bids.
It's not just Ryan.
Floor plans, schedules,
But I'm not panicking...
The new lodger just arrived.
Oh, yeah.
Who is it?
A nice, young man.
He's an engineer.
So he drives trains
for a living?
He's a computer engineer.
Ah, I bet I can guess his type.
Glued to his phone,
lives for numbers not moments,
would rather talk to a computer
than a person.
Just some people.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I just meant-
Zac, this is my niece, Lacey.
Yeah, I had the pleasure
of meeting her earlier.
I talk too much for a living,
and sometimes I talk too much
for free, as well.
Occupational hazard, I guess.
Uh, Zac, we're about
to have dinner,
could I set a place for you
at the table?
[message alert]
I appreciate the offer, Patty,
but this scatter plot
keeps glitching.
The program features
multiple charts
and the scatter plot's broken
code and I am...
boring you both
with computer talk.
Occupational hazard, I guess.
Thank you again, Patty,
but I'm just gonna grab
some coffee if you don't mind.
Oh, and thanks for buying
a ticket.
Two tickets.
Of course.
Happy to help.
Good luck with the bake-off,
by the way.
Bake sale.
Oh, right, Bake-off.
Don't ask.
[phone rings]
Huge news.
I just got a call
from the mayor's council
of the state of Georgia.
They got a hold of our demo
and are interested in using
our program in small towns
across the entire state.
That's incredible.
That's what happens when
you have a good product.
People wanna use it.
Yeah, but we're still
in testing.
Rolling out across Georgia
would be a huge leap.
Zac, I know you've been
working on this for years
and putting it out there
can be scary,
but the program is great.
Try to be excited!
I am.
I am excited, but
I'm also realistic.
We are not ready to launch.
Ok, ok.
I just need to make the most
of my time here.
Make sure this thing
runs perfectly.
Ok, good.
So how's it going over there?
Let's just say
it's a small town.
Do you know what a bake-off is?
Good morning.
That's how you start off
your work day?
I started my work day
several hours ago,
but I'm not sure the person
eating a cookie for breakfast
should be the nutritional judge.
Grains are the foundation
of the food pyramid.
They are.
That, however, is sugar
held together by grains.
I know.
Isn't it great?
Oh, go ahead.
No, you.
You're the guest.
So hospitable.
Your cup please.
Well, we both drink coffee.
That's something.
Although we take it
very different ways.
You like yours black-
Let me guess, six sugar,
with cream?
Yep. And it's delicious.
Oh, you must be Zac,
Patty's new lodger.
Yeah, I am.
How did you know that?
I'm good friends with Lacey.
I'm Emma.
Nice to meet you, Emma.
I own the flower shop.
If ever you need flowers
for a special occasion...
I'll keep that in mind.
Thank you.
Well, nice to meet you.
Nice meeting you.
Getting an early start?
I'm Ben, Pleasant
Valley's treasurer.
You must be Zac.
It is so nice to finally
meet you, Ben.
And thank you again
for letting me test
my new budgeting program here.
It's so easy to use.
That is a relief to hear,
my friend,
although it is definitely
still a work in progress.
Yeah, there are a couple
of issues.
According to my error report
it's more than a couple.
I was hoping that you'd show me
what you found
before we dive into discussing
how your test run went.
Of course. Of course.
But first let's grab some coffee
and then we can dig in.
You know what?
I'm behind here, so why don't
I go ahead and get started
and you can find me when you're
done with your coffee break.
You know, Zac?
I spent 20 years
crunching numbers
for a consulting firm in Boston.
Twelve hour days,
lunches at my desk.
My point is, I understand
where you're coming from.
But in Pleasant Valley
we take breaks.
Come on.
Everyone, this is Zac.
Zac comes to us all the way
form Boston.
Oh, if anybody in town gives you
a hard time
you tell them to come to me.
Oh, right.
Um, after we implemented your
software we took another look
at the town's budget and found
that our numbers were off.
Unfortunately we had to make
some tough choices
and cut funding
on several programs.
And naturally not everybody
was happy about it.
Well, I am sorry to hear that.
Hopefully no one will give me
too much of a hard time.
Hopefully not.
So Zac, tell us about yourself.
You got a wife?
You got kids?
Well, if by wife and kids
you mean computers and rock
climbing, then yes.
It's fun, I can take
you sometime.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, yeah, I'd give that
some thought.
[phone rings]
Sounds good.
I've gotta take this.
Excuse me.
It was nice meeting you all.
Bachelor bake-off update,
tomorrow I kick off my segment
Bake-off Bites.
Join me for up to date info
about all things bachelor
and baking.
And thank you again to everyone
who expressed interest
in being the replacement
The spot is still open so if
you've been twirling your thumbs
thinking about it
there's still time.
So besides the main courses
that were assigned
to the canning club,
I was thinking finger foods-
Mini versions of
your onion tart?
And croustinis.
Mmm, yes.
Sweet potato crisps.
Well, why don't I whip up
some samples and we'll
reconvene later?
Thank you so much.
At least the catering's
taken care of.
You still haven't found
a bachelor?
Well, I have an idea.
What about Zac?
Yeah, my canning club's
been asking about him.
The handsome stranger in town.
He could be your
mystery bachelor.
Yeah, the big mystery would be
if he could lift his thumbs
from his cell phone long enough
to actually bake.
Plus, we don't actually know
if he's a bachelor.
Oh, something about him tells me
he's a bachelor.
Well, why don't you ask him?
I mean, besides,
what could be more fitting than
a handsome, mysterious stranger?
So what am I supposed to do?
Just march into his office
and ask him?
[clears throat]
Can I help you with something?
Hopefully you can.
As you know I'm hosting
the bake-off
to save the town's radio station
and I need to replace
my star bachelor.
And I was hoping you.
Oh, no.
I can't do that.
Are you a bachelor?
Uh, yes.
But I'm not a baker.
Then defrost packaged
cookie dough.
It's fine.
You'll be great.
Lacey, I would love to help you
but I'm too busy
between working with Ben--
Working with Ben?
Ben Harden.
The town treasurer.
Yeah, no, I know who Ben is,
but why?
You made the program
that the town is using?
Yeah, that's right.
The same program that resulted
in my radio station
losing its funding?
Oh, no.
Uh... I'm sorry,
that's terrible,
but I just write
the- the software.
I don't make the budgets.
I do wish I could help, though.
Well, you can.
So let me make your wish
come true.
Welcome to the bake-off,
No, what?
You're finally up.
You're already up.
You do this on purpose?
I had to find a way to keep you
in the kitchen.
So did you pick a recipe
for the bake-off,
or did you need help deciding?
Lacey, there are at least
100 other guys
in this town.
Why not ask them?
But you're the handsome
Not my words.
Zac, the radio is
the heart of the town
and without the bake-off
we lose the station.
In a small town buzz like you
being the bachelor goes far.
Why don't you just come
to the station
and see what the radio means
to the community?
I'll come to the radio station
on break.
That's it.
And let me know if there's
any other flowers that you want
and the colours
of your tablecloths
and we'll start from there.
Right. Tablecloths. Ok.
Order tablecloths.
So how's it going trying to find
a replacement bachelor?
Oh, actually I found
the perfect bachelor.
Well, perfect in some ways.
He's Patty's new lodger.
Oh, he is handsome.
He is the perfect bachelor.
Well, he will be.
He just needs to change
his attitude a little bit.
But he's coming to
the radio station today
and when he sees what the
station means to Pleasant Valley
how could he not get excited?
Right? There's no way.
Alright, good meeting.
See you next week.
See you.
Oh, uh, don't forget
your sticky notes.
Oh, right. These.
These are the first of the floor
plans for the baking stations
and I'll bring over the folding
tables this weekend.
And when are the extra chairs
being delivered?
The chairs. Right.
Uh, on it.
Lacey, honey.
The events that go the best
are the ones that are
the most organized.
And the ones that stick
to their budget.
You do have a budget, right?
Of course I have a budget.
Not long now until the bake-off,
which I can assure you
is gonna be mighty sweet
so buy your tickets.
We need the dough.
But for real, buy your tickets
and I'll stop with the terrible
baking puns.
Quite the project
you've got going there.
I think I'm making it worse.
Yeah, you might be.
I'm Zac.
The new bake-off bachelor.
Oh, good, yeah.
Only according to Lacey.
When she gets
her mind made up...
I'm learning this.
I'm Ty. I intern here.
Oh, cool.
Is it like a school program
or something?
No, no. It's just me.
I love the radio and wanted
to learn
how all the equipment worked.
A man after my own heart.
In high school I was
a one-man A/V club.
We call it video
production club now
and now there's two members,
myself included.
You have my membership doubled.
So what do you think
I should do?
Maybe check the wiring, probably
find some diagrams online.
So do you know where
I can find Lacey?
Oh, right there.
I'm excited to end
with some news,
honourary town resident
Zac Malone is considering
being one of our bachelors
so if you see him
give him a warm
Pleasant Valley welcome.
You're listening to WPVK,
the voice of Pleasant Valley.
Hi bachelor.
So, you ready to go?
Go? Go where?
For some reason I thought you
showing me the radio station
would actually entail us being
at the radio station.
It's not about the radio,
it's about the community.
About how the radio connects
the town, gives it a voice.
So on my segment,
Another Day in Paradise
I go on location to tell
human interest stories
from around town.
It sounds like that radio show
Small Town Life.
Because that's what
I model it after.
I love that show.
You know it's based out
of Boston?
The studio's a couple of blocks
from my office.
Yeah, that show's what got me
interested in working in radio
and using it as a tool
to help communities.
Although reaching
the number of people
that Small Town Life does?
That's... that's a dream.
Well, I think it's great
you're trying to help.
I also use my work to try
to help people in small towns.
Through a budgeting program?
Through technology
that's easy to use
so that people don't waste time
or resources
or lose their jobs because
they're not tech literate.
That's really nice, actually.
I'm gonna go ahead and try not
to be insulted
by how surprised you sound.
Folks, I'm here at Pete Taves'
orchard and it is majestic.
The sweet scent of harvest
in the air,
the trees heavy with crisp,
red apples ripe for picking,
which raises a bit of a problem
since Pete broke his arm.
It's fall and I fell.
Hopefully not too far
from the tree.
But really, how is this
affecting your harvest?
We rely on my labour.
Without me, we're running
behind, losing fruit.
Good for the deer,
bad for us.
Well, I'm sure you have
some neighbours
who would love to lend a hand.
Pleasant Valley, who would
like to come out to Pete's
on Friday afternoon
to help pick apples?
I'll repay you with all
the apples you can take home.
Well, I'm not sure
you can afford me.
That's great, we got it.
Thank you so much.
That was impressive.
Is that really the way it works?
You ask for help on the radio,
and people help?
Yes. The radio isn't
just entertainment.
It's culture. Communication.
A way to keep our small town
way of life alive.
The radio station needs
the bake-off
and the bake-off needs you.
Zac, you said you wanted
to help small towns
and this is a way that you can
help this small town.
I have so much work to do.
I don't know how to bake.
It's just one night.
Zac, I'm at a loss here.
I don't know what to do,
and I know that you have
all your reasons to say no and
I completely respect that but...
I could really use your help.
You make it really hard
to say no.
Alright, I'll do it.
You think it's ok if I use
some butter and a couple eggs?
Yeah, of course.
Are you practising baking?
I'm making some eggs.
Wait, why would I be
practising baking?
You said I could defrost
cookie dough.
What? No- no, I was joking.
That's a figure of speech.
Defrost cookie dough is not
a figure of speech.
You said I don't have to be
good at baking.
Well, you don't have to be
the best baker
but people will be sampling
and bidding on your desserts.
Did you pull a bake and switch?
No, I did not pull
a bake and switch.
I didn't think you would take
frozen cookie dough literally.
Lacey, I'm in the middle
of testing a program.
Bringing on new clients.
Running a business.
I don't have time to learn
how to bake.
It's just one recipe.
It should hardly take
any time at all.
And learning new things
is great, right?
I'm learning how to make
a budget.
Or trying to.
Budgeting is much easier
than baking.
Said by the man who does this
for a living.
I know how to bake.
You want to take my spot
in the bake-off?
How about I teach you to bake
and in return you help me
with my budget.
You and me?
Working together?
What could go wrong?
If you have to ask
then something.
Today on Bake-off Bites,
bachelor brothers
Max and Lucas Buckman.
(both) Hi Lacey.
Lacey, thank you for having me.
I'm so happy to be here.
Thank you both
for being bachelors.
Well, it's an honour.
Of course.
Our listeners wanna know
what will you be baking?
(together) Mom's pumpkin
My brother must be mistaken
because I already have
the recipe.
Well, I have already
started practising, so-
Guys, let me assure you
that no one appreciates
your passion towards baked goods
more than me
but cheesecake
takes hours to set.
It might not be the best option
for the bake-off.
Well, then I'll make my mom's
praline bars.
Praline bars were
my back-up plan.
Of course they were-
Which Buckman brother's praline
bars will reign supreme?
Come to the bachelor bake-off
and find out.
And don't forget, I'll be
selling bake-off tickets
at the jam sale so stop on by.
Now, onto the question
of the hour,
if we think we can handle it.
Where will you take your winning
bidders on a date?
[computer alert]
I know, let me get in there.
Hold on.
[computer alert]
I... I don't know what to do.
There's an error, um,
that's causing the problem
that we keep seeing but I can't
seem to find it,
and I've got interest
from a very big client.
Oh, congratulations.
Thank you, but I can't
move forward
until this thing is
running smoothly.
You know, I find taking
a breather can help.
Amy brought scones
for Ryan's birthday.
I wish I could, buddy,
but I am running behind.
Don't beat yourself up.
We take breaks, right?
I know, but my schedule
is totally crunched
between rewriting this code
and learning how to bake.
Lacey convinced me to be a uh,
bake-off bachelor.
Yeah, she got me, too.
I'm a bake-off bachelor.
And don't worry
about the competition.
I burned a no-bake pie.
If you can, try to enjoy it.
And you're welcome to join
my baking lessons from Patty.
Oh, thanks Ben, but Lacey's
actually teaching me.
That Lacey's something else,
She sure is.
We're gonna do this,
-I just gotta finish
this one email.
This is the last guy
and I am... done.
Ok, so what do we do first?
Beat an egg or something?
Well, generally my first step
in baking
is to decide what
I'm gonna make.
So do you have any thoughts?
Any favourite desserts?
I don't like sweets.
Ok, that doesn't have to be
a road block.
So there's no cake you like?
I like rice cakes.
Rice cakes do not deserve
to be called cakes.
Ok, um... how about a dessert
that reflects your personality?
My personality?
Ok, so something fast, simple.
Easy to make.
Vanilla cake.
Ok, uh... ok, ok.
How about a vanilla cake
with a seasonal twist,
like a buttercream
maple frosting.
Or maybe a sparkling
cider glaze.
Or how about this?
Vanilla cake, vanilla icing.
Ok, then, let's get started.
Where's the recipe?
No recipe.
I'm just gonna teach you
the formula.
See, baking is all about ratios
and once you know that
you don't need a recipe.
Oh, I need a recipe.
I'm gonna look one up.
On the internet, right here.
It'll take me two seconds.
Just hang tight.
This one looks good.
I don't know but...
Why do I need to rest?
Excuse me?
It says "rest for five minutes".
It means the batter.
Oh, that makes sense.
Ok, so...
Nice and level.
Not quite.
Not enough. More.
Ok, ok.
How about you just have fun,
Enjoy yourself.
Oh, but I'm not having fun.
I'm stressed.
Oh. Well, then remember
that stressed is desserts
spelled backwards.
Ok, yeah, it is.
I've been spending
all my time
just thinking about you.
I don't know what to do.
I think I'm falling
for you.
I have been waiting
all my life
And now I found you.
I don't know what to do
I think I'm falling
for you.
I'm falling for you.
Ohh, I'm falling for you.
It's for eating, not looking.
It's missing something.
Oh, come on.
Try mine.
Taste that?
You win this one.
He's so... rigid.
Everything's precision
and efficiency.
Skills that will come in very
handy with your budget.
Well, that's true.
Lacey, one of the qualities
I've always loved most about you
is you can find
the good in everyone.
I think I just need
to get through this
as quickly--
Give Zac a chance.
--as possible.
Lacey, these numbers
don't add up.
What do you mean?
Your expenses are way too high.
You'll end up spending
one-third of your profits
on the party
when you need all that money
for the radio station.
And do what?
Hold the bake-off where?
It's next week, and all
the vendors are expecting
my business and the town
is expecting a big party.
Lacey, I understand you
don't wanna let anyone down,
but what's the point of
the bake-off
if you spend all the money you
need for the radio station?
I'm just trying to help.
And I appreciate it.
But I'll just figure out a way
to make the bake-off work as is.
Numbers don't lie.
I'll figure it out.
Want me to help you
organize those?
It's fine.
Thank you.
The first time you tried
to help you cut
my radio station's budget and
now you're cutting my bake-off,
so thank you but I don't think
I can afford your help.
Zac told me the event that
I'm planning is too expensive
and I need to completely
rethink the bake-off.
So what're you gonna do?
I don't know.
Maybe he's right,
but he also can't understand
what the bake-off
means to me, you know?
That it's more
than a fundraiser.
That it's my way of thanking
Pleasant Valley
for everything it's given me.
And I had this vision
for the perfect night.
And I know it'll be beautiful.
But Lacey, it's not about you
or your vision.
It's about the radio station.
You're right.
Let's do this.
It's just great having
all of you here...
Hey guys.
Made them practising with Patty.
I think the student will soon
surpass the teacher.
Nice work.
I'm gonna go check in
with Pete.
Wanna cookie?
He's right there.
Ben brought samples.
He is trying to woo bidders.
We would have brought samples.
Oh, no.
Ben- Ben's just trying
to be nice.
How about you guys bring
baking samples
to the canning club's jam sale?
Something to go with the jam?
I'll bring pumpkin scones.
Oh good, that'll go great
with my pumpkin muffins.
We can't both bring pumpkin.
Make brownies.
Lacey, look how everyone
came out for you.
No, they came out for you.
I can't tell you how much
it means to have you all here.
Now, grab a basket
and get picking.
And feel free to take home
as many apples as you want.
Somebody get me a wheelbarrow.
Come get a basket.
Here ya go.
For you Patty.
This is great.
[message alert]
So it's true.
Radio works.
It must work miracles
if it got you out here.
It's partially Ben's doing.
Yeah, I'd be surprised to see
you pry yourself form work.
Oh, yeah, nice.
But I- I guess you haven't.
Well, uh, the apples
will be gone soon
but the work will always
be there.
Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.
Apples, ok.
I take it you've never been
apple picking?
The only fruit I've ever picked
is in a grocery store.
Well you've been missing out.
This is an apple.
Oh, that's what that is?
And you tell when it's ripe
when the stem
comes easily off the branch.
You test it with a little pull
and a twist.
That way you don't hurt
the tree.
Yeah, I can do that.
Twist it and pull.
To be fair you've probably
been doing this
your whole life since
you could crawl.
No, actually, I wasn't
raised here.
Where were you raised?
Oh, well, um... my parents
are musicians
so I spent most of my childhood
on the road with them.
How did you end up here?
Once a year we'd come visit
my Aunt Patty,
my mom's sister.
My happiest memories
are from here.
So as soon as you could
you moved here?
I feel like I'm being
Oh, speaking of which,
I'm interviewing all
of the bachelors for
my radio show.
Could I interview you tomorrow?
It'd be quick.
Oh, you're asking me?
I just assumed if I said no
that you would find a way
to make me say yes.
Well, then I'll take that
as a yes.
10:00 am tomorrow?
Sounds good.
I should probably go.
I'll see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
And thank you.
Yeah. Of course.
Hey, good as new.
Oh, you got it. Congrats.
Yeah, yeah.
I just took your advice
and checked the wiring.
That fixed the problem.
Oh good, glad to hear it.
How's video production club?
Everyone's almost forgotten
I started it
which means I'm not getting
as many jokes.
Or maybe the jokes are
just getting less clever.
Again you are taking me back
to my high school years.
Oh yeah.
Back then I was totally
into computers.
I mean, I'm still totally into
computers but it's my job now.
Anyways, I was always coding
whenever I could
so kids called me Zac the Hack.
Didn't like that.
So I know being a teenager
can be rough.
It gets better though, Ty.
Bake-off Bites has mystery
bachelor Zac Malone on up next.
I think that's your cue.
Wish me luck, Ty.
Yeah. See ya.
Ok, buddy.
So Zac, tell us about yourself.
I'm not quite sure what to say.
[feedback rings]
Uh, well, uh, word around town
is you're mysterious.
Don't forget handsome.
Still, not my words.
But, listeners,
if you didn't know,
Zac designs budgeting software.
So what got you into that?
Well, I uh...
I grew up in a small town
a lot like Pleasant Valley
where my mom was actually
the mayor.
Ooh, did you hear that?
The mayor's son.
So in high school I interned
at town hall
at a time when everything was
being digitalized
and moved to computers and I saw
how suddenly a lot of people
who were very good
at their jobs,
um, but not computer savvy
like my mom, were struggling.
So I decided to create a program
that was accessible to everyone.
I'm hoping that this program
is as easy to use
as I want it to be.
Well, we're keeping our fingers
crossed for you.
By the way, you did great today.
And wow, surprise
of all surprises,
we managed to not fight on air.
Thank you.
Keep that.
To progress.
So what did you decide
about the bake-off?
I don't know.
Honestly I'm starting to worry
that I'm not going
to be able to pull this off.
What if I can't?
What if I don't save
the radio station?
You will.
Do you realize how special it is
that you found something
that you love so much?
I do.
And yeah, I really do love it.
The truth is, after college I
didn't know what I wanted to do.
And then I found
the radio station.
And now I could lose it.
You won't.
But I do understand it.
You, Mr. Success, understands
worries about failure?
Believe me, I understand
more than you know.
My program is
constantly glitching
and there are no assurances that
I will get that thing to work
so I can actually launch it
and make money.
So what're you gonna do?
Keep pressing on, devote
my entire life to work,
and hope I get this thing
running smoothly in time
to impress this giant client
that has expressed interest.
Thank you.
Believe me, I know it's scary.
Sometimes the only option
is a scary one.
Exciting news on
ff front
where we're just a week
to go,
we're keeping you
on your toes
and changing the location
of the party.
Also, in somewhat related news,
we need a new location
for the party.
So if you have any leads,
call in.
I am so sorry, I just can't
afford this huge extravaganza
that I was hoping for.
I completely understand
and I wanna help.
I... I have an idea.
The wildflowers are beautiful
this time of year.
I could head to my grandma's
and pick black-eyed Susan
and blue chicory.
You are so sweet.
I had this big vision
for the event,
I know I need to let go of that,
so honestly thank you
for helping me make
this transition.
And whatever you choose I know
that it will be perfect.
How about I put your
business cards
on the table for advertising?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Sure, sounds great.
Now I just need to find an event
space for those tables.
Good luck.
You've got this.
Thank you.
This is Dana Davis and you're
listening to Small Town Life.
I was just listening to that
on the radio in my room.
How's it going?
I think I've called every
restaurant, hotel,
and party location
in the tri-county area
and still nothing.
Well, just keep at it,
stay focused.
It's called mis-en-place.
I read that bakers
do this to keep things-
You've made your point.
Still making vanilla cake?
I feel like you might
have some input.
Do you have a suggestion?
Maybe you should try
a more seasonal cake.
Something with cinnamon
or apples.
A cake can be anything
you want it to be.
There are no limitations.
Just get creative.
Think outside the box.
Maybe you should take
your own advice.
With the bake-off.
It can be anything
you want it to be.
It doesn't have to be
a restaurant or a hotel.
Then where? A barn?
So if this barn works out
are you all set?
No, definitely not.
But I have a to-do list in there
if you want to take a look.
Did you organize your papers?
I did.
Is that an alphabetical list
of ticket sales?
Oh, ticket sales.
That's a whole other issue.
What do you mean?
Well, some of the money I need
comes from the bake-off
silent auction but most of it
comes from ticket sales
and I just haven't sold
that many tickets.
Yeah, but everybody
says that they're coming.
Yeah, and I'm selling tickets
at the jam sale
so hopefully people buy.
And hopefully I have a location
for the bake-off.
Shall we?
Let's do it.
Oh, thanks.
Maybe we could put
the baking stations here
with the ovens
against the back wall
and use the red tractor
as the focal point.
Maybe in the centre we could
build an elevated platform
for the MC.
I can take care of the tractor
and the platform,
even with one arm.
Ok, great.
So, what do you think?
Well, it's not what I originally
but I think it could
be really lovely.
It's nice what you're
doing here, Lacey.
This town is lucky to have you.
The feeling is mutual.
Shall we?
Yeah, let's go.
Hey, I have an idea that might
boost ticket sales,
or at least draw more attention.
Max and Lucas were talking
about bringing baking samples
to the jam sale.
What if all the bachelors
brought samples?
Yeah, that sounds fun.
And we could do a meet
the bachelors thing?
You guys could talk about
what you'll be baking
and were you'll take your dates.
You should contact state press.
Even Small Town Life.
This is exactly the kind
of event that they cover.
Small Town Life
is huge and...
and the jam sale is so soon.
It's not enough time.
You should still try.
Why? They wouldn't-
they wouldn't be interested.
One list for vendors, one to-do,
and one for schedules.
That was Zac's idea.
Oh, it sounds like you found
the best in Zac after all.
Yeah, he's been really helpful.
Seems like you two
are getting along nicely.
It's not like that.
Are you sure?
I mean, I'm just wondering
if maybe besides the leaves
falling outside
maybe there's something else
in the air.
Yeah, ragweed.
Looks great.
How're you feeling?
I thought I'd be nervous
but I'm actually excited.
For the first time since I
started planning the bake-off
I feel like I might
actually pull this off,
which is not how I expected
to feel with less than a week
before the bake-off.
Well, I never doubted you.
Oh, really?
I think if you can convince
me to be a bachelor
you can do anything.
That's a good point.
You're right.
Hey Patty.
Hi guys.
That's serious competition.
Well, Patty says these
go great with jam.
They look amazing.
And Zac, what sample
have you brought?
I'm glad you asked, Patty,
because I graduated from vanilla
cake to- drumroll, Ben...
Is that what those are?
Thank you.
If they don't look good
just remember
that you are my teacher.
Hey, I'm just glad you made
something other
than vanilla cake.
Even if it is vanilla cookies.
I will have you know
that these are not vanilla.
These are autumn spiced
pumpkin shortbread.
Seasonally inspired.
Oh, seasonally inspired.
Look at you.
Thank you.
How impressive.
Ok. So Lacey, how can we help?
Oh, uh, you can set up
the picnic table
for the baking samples.
We'll just put everything
by the cider.
Great, let's get to it.
Pumpkin shortbread.
Looks like autumn's finally
rubbing off on Zac.
I don't think it's autumn.
I'm gonna want everything
on this table, ok,
when you're all done.
You're paying for it.
So I never asked.
In addition to running
this bake-off
will you also be bidding?
I never say no to dessert.
But I don't really date
that much.
That's surprising.
I figured there'd be a line-up
around the block for you.
Yeah, there should be,
So humble, too.
So why don't you date?
No, it's not that I don't date,
I mean I'm open to it and I try,
I just haven't met anyone
special yet.
And I don't want just
a fleeting thing.
I know what I want and
I'm gonna wait for it.
What do you want?
To build a life
with a best friend
that I'm madly in love with.
One day marriage, a fixer-upper,
kids, a dog-
two dogs.
Probably more.
More dogs?
I don't think that's too much
to ask for.
I mean, that's a lot of dogs.
No, of course not.
What about you?
Do you date much?
Uh... it's hard to date when
you're married to your work.
But yes, uh, to answer
your question,
someday in the very far future
I would like what you mentioned
but uh... maybe not
so many dogs.
For now I'm just head down
focused on getting this software
out and turning this start-up
into a real company.
Thank you so much for coming.
I'm so glad you guys came out.
And make sure you stop by
and try some apple butter.
It's delicious.
Hey Ty.
Are you the MC?
No way.
Why not?
Because it's just not me.
I mean, I'd love to be able
to do what Lacey does.
Oh, you wanna be
on the radio?
I mean, it seems cool,
but I'm much better talking to
a screen than an actual person.
Yeah, I get that.
I'm like that, too.
You don't seem like it.
When I was your age I was
the exact same way.
So what changed?
I think the things I was
self-conscious about
became the things that I...
became most proud of.
If you wanna be on the radio
you should just go for it.
Maybe start small, like
a podcast or something.
But what would I talk about?
Whatever you're most
passionate about.
[phone rings]
I gotta get this.
But we're not finished, ok?
Ok, I'm gonna be right back.
Hey, Beth.
Can I talk later?
Real quick.
Georgia mayor's
council just called.
They want a meeting.
Wow, that's amazing.
Uh, no.
No, no.
No, the- the program's still not
running smoothly, Beth.
Well, I'm still waiting for them
to call back to schedule
so you've got time
to figure it out.
Your muffins lacked richness.
Oh, lacked richness?
That is rich.
Excuse me, do you know where
I could find Lacey Hathaway?
Oh, um... oh, there she is.
Yeah, no, they'll be back.
Hey, Lacey.
Did you get a chance
to try our samples?
I did and they
were both delicious.
Impossible to compare.
Uh, Lucas, did you try Max's
scones with pumpkin butter?
Yeah, they were-
they were good.
And wasn't Lucas's muffin
delicious with the pear jam?
What spices did you
put in the muffins?
I liked it.
Yeah. I just mixed it in
with the melted butter
and if you do that early enough
it just get-
I know, I know-
just hear me out.
Well played.
Oh, thanks. They're great guys.
They're just a little
All the time.
You're Lacey Hathaway?
Uh, yes.
And you're Dana Davis,
host of Small Town Life.
Oh, wow.
It is such a pleasure
to meet you,
I'm such a big fan.
I love your show.
What're you-
what're you doing here?
We're doing a segment
on Pleasant Valley's
bachelor bake-off.
It was such an original idea,
we loved it.
And we couldn't miss meet
the bachelors.
Oh, wow, what can I do?
How can I help?
Do you have a couple minutes
for an interview?
You wanna interview me?
Of course.
It's the magic of bringing
moments alive on air
and moving listeners.
Making them laugh, cry,
feel, connect.
To me that's worth fighting-
or baking for.
And we got it.
That was great.
I won't go on too long, even
though we all know I could.
[crowd laughs]
I wanna thank the canning club
for hosting this lovely event
and letting me be a part of it.
Now, let's meet our bachelors.
First up, mystery contestant
Zac Malone.
Thanks for this.
You're a hit.
Thank you so much for coming.
Oh, it was so much fun.
I like Max's scones better.
I won't tell.
Lacey, I wanted to have
a chat with you.
Small Town Life is looking
for a new addition to our team.
A host who would produce
their own segment for the show.
And after I learned
about the bake-off
I listened to your show
and I loved it.
You're great with people,
you get small towns.
I think you'd be
a really good fit.
Would you be interested
in doing an audition?
An audition?
You'd come to the studio
in Boston,
guest host a live spot,
and if that goes well we give
you a six-month trial.
You'd be travelling around the
country but based out of Boston.
So move to Boston?
Oh, wow, I am incredibly
but can I give it some thought?
Yes, of course.
Here's my card.
I look forward to hearing
from you.
Was that?
Dana Davis.
Crazy to say she's doing
a segment
on saving the radio station.
She's coming back
for the bake-off.
How'd she even find out?
Now it has to be perfect.
It will.
Oh and Dana...
Dana loved the event.
How could she not?
This town is special.
Even I felt like I was part
of the community today.
That's part of Pleasant
Valley's magic.
No, I think it's your magic.
You really bring out
the best in people.
Don't move.
How's that?
I'm not quite sure I'm gonna get
this done in time.
This is a lot of work.
You might have some help.
[clears throat]
What're you guys doing here?
Oh, it's a little something
called community outreach.
Zac told us you were
starting set-up.
Well thank you.
I am so grateful.
Of course.
Well, who wants to get started
on the platform?
I thought that was my job.
You're right, it's all yours.
Thank you.
Uh, what do you want me
to do?
-Here is a to-do list.
And a flow chart and a schedule
on the back.
Lacey, the canning club and I
thought you could use
some help.
That is so sweet.
Come on, girls.
Thank you.
Thank you, ladies.
Hey Zac.
I just wanted to let you know
that I took your advice.
I made a podcast.
No you didn't.
That's great, Ty.
Where can I hear it?
Oh, I haven't posted
it anywhere.
I just have it on my phone.
Come on, let's go.
Let's hear it.
Is that it?
I can't wait, buddy.
Welcome to Ty Time, or some
more cleverly titled show.
Anyway, welcome to my podcast,
just me geeking out about tech
so listeners beware.
Today's topic is circuit boards.
Now the really cool...
This is so exciting.
...Oh, uh, those are
my thoughts on that
so thank you for listening
to Ty Time.
Ty, this podcast...
it's awesome.
It's informative,
it's hilarious.
You need to talk to Lacey
about having your on segment,
my friend.
Sounds kinda terrifying.
Hey, I get it.
It's ok to be scared.
Sometimes the only option
is a scary one.
Sometimes the best thing
in life is the thing
that makes your heart race.
I would have thought that
auditioning for Small Town Life
would have been your dream
come true.
Me too.
So what's stopping you
from saying yes?
I don't know.
Nerves, and the idea of leaving
Pleasant Valley.
Alright, so this is the last
of the sound equipment.
So Ty was telling me something
about a lantern
walk tomorrow night?
Oh, it truly is something.
Yeah, so I- so I hear.
Uh, what is it exactly?
Well, it's kinda
what it sounds like.
It's a lantern-lit walk
and the town comes together
and we walk through the woods
and across a foot bridge.
It's really beautiful.
Yeah, I'd love to see it.
You going?
Of course.
I'll give you a ride.
Sounds great.
Right on.
I'll see you tomorrow night.
Ok, fine.
Maybe there's a little something
in the air but,
I mean, what's the point?
I asked him if he's dating
and he said he's completely
focused on work.
Oh, well you know what I think?
As you've seen
with the bake-off,
you never know how things
will work out.
But they do have a way
of working out.
So how about instead of worrying
you enjoy yourself?
Hi Zac.
Good morning.
One black coffee as usual.
Thank you.
And one pumpkin pie to go,
Oh, ok. Really?
It's for the office
coffee break.
And one chocolate chip cookie.
That one's for Lacey.
How thoughtful of you.
Speaking of Lacey, any more
word on her audition?
What audition?
Dana Davis is interested in
having her host and produce
segments of her show.
She asked her to audition.
That's amazing.
Yes, it is, but I don't know
if she's gonna say yes.
Why not?
She'd be perfect for it.
I know.
So what's stopping her?
I think she's stopping her.
You look prepared.
Handmade just for you.
I was going to get you flowers
but I thought you would like
a cookie instead.
You really do know me.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Here you go.
I'm glad you could be here
for this.
Me too.
Let's go.
This is one of Pleasant Valley's
oldest traditions.
As fall turns to winter
and the days get shorter
and the nights darker
this is a reminder
that together we bring light
to the world.
This is something.
Lacey, Patty told me
about the audition.
Why haven't you said yes?
I finally found my place here
so why would I leave?
Plus, Small Town Life would have
me travelling all the time
and I've already lived
that life on the road.
I want a home.
I have a home.
Also, yes, I'm good at local
radio but Small Town Life
is nationally syndicated.
So what?
Lacey, I could tell you
that I think you're capable of
anything imaginable.
But you're not going to.
No, I'm not, because it doesn't
matter what I think.
It matters what you think.
But for the record, I think
that you are terrific.
You like to say that the radio
is the bridge
that brings people together.
I don't think that's true.
I think you are.
You are the heart
of this community
and you will bring that
with you wherever you go.
The moment was perfect,
I couldn't let it pass.
I'm glad you didn't.
[message alert]
[turns phone off]
[phone rings]
Hey Beth, how're you doing?
You didn't return my text.
That is a long story
but I am sorry.
Well, big news.
The mayor's council wants you
to make a pitch presentation
at their convention.
There will be a bunch
of speakers, a panel.
Well, that sounds like
great exposure.
But short notice.
It's tomorrow and Saturday
in Tifton, Georgia.
It's a small town
just south of Atlanta.
Beth, the bake-off
is on Saturday.
Plus, the program isn't ready.
I haven't fixed all the bugs.
I realize that but we can't
reschedule a convention.
Ahh...Lacey's counting
on me.
If we land this we're no longer
a struggling start-up.
I know. I know.
I booked your flight
for tonight.
I'll email you the info.
Thanks, Beth.
I have some news.
What's going on?
Do you remember the big client
that I've been trying to land?
Well, they asked me to give
a presentation in Georgia.
That's great.
It is great, but...
I have to leave.
Uh, what about the bake-off?
I know. I know.
Lacey, I am so sorry.
I don't think I have a choice.
It's ok.
I mean, we both knew you were
gonna leave eventually
so maybe it's good you go
before we get any closer.
That's- that's it?
Zac, I like you a lot.
This is a really great
opportunity for you
and I respect that your head
is down focused on work.
But what's best is for both
of us to accept that we're
at different places in our lives
and we want different things.
You're busy with work and-
Hold on. Hold on.
You're busy with work, too.
I mean, the radio station,
the community outreach,
this bake-off.
And if you get Small Town Life-
Which I think you want more
for me than I want for myself,
because I'm not even sure
that I really want it.
I have something good here
that I don't wanna lose.
Leaving Pleasant Valley doesn't
mean you have to lose anything.
Yes, it does.
It means losing my home,
my community,
my great job.
I have everything I asked for
so what else could I want?
That's a good question.
You should be honest
when you answer it.
I will.
And I hope you ask yourself
the same question.
I will.
Good luck with the bake-off.
And for the record, if I want
Small Town Life for you
it's only because I think
that that's what you want.
For yourself.
How're you doing, honey?
Perpetually a cookie
away from good.
Is this about Zac?
I like him.
I really like him.
And I miss him, but this is also
about the audition.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
And I can't imagine leaving
Pleasant Valley.
Can you imagine hosting
Small Town Life?
Nice to finally meet you.
Um, let me give you my card.
[phone rings]
Excuse me.
Sorry about that.
Hey, Ben.
Oh hey, Zac.
I uh, said I would call
after I installed the update.
Yeah. How'd that go?
Well, I think you uh, pretty
much solved the issue.
It's running smoothly on my end.
Yeah, that's what it looked
like on my test run, too.
So how did you finally solve it?
Well, I've been banging
my head up against the wall,
you know, following coding
protocol to a but then I decided to try
something else, Ben.
I took a break.
Thought outside of the box
and came at it another way.
In the nick of time, too.
I present this evening.
Oh, congratulations.
And good luck.
We all miss you, Zac.
It was great to have you here.
I miss you guys, too.
It's so great to see you.
I'm glad you decided to come in
for an audition.
Me too.
Oh, and I'm looking forward
to you coming back
to Pleasant Valley
for the bake-off.
Me too.
Oh, by the way, I've been
meaning to ask you,
how did you find out
about the bake-off?
Oh, I thought you knew.
(Zac) I've got a great story
for your show
about a small town
radio station manager
fighting to save her station,
and I know it's last minute
but Pleasant Valley
is an incredible place and
the radio station is its glue.
And Lacey. Lacey's its heart.
I know that you will find her
as special as I do, Dana.
Now to give you a bit
of back story...
It goes on for a while.
But he definitely convinced us
it would make a great segment.
Now it's my pleasure
to introduce
a special guest host today.
Here is Lacey Hathaway.
Thank you, Dana.
It is such an honour to be here.
Today I was gonna talk about my
quest to save my radio station
but instead I want to talk about
something that's on my mind.
Growing up I moved around a lot
so by the time I arrived
in the little town of Pleasant
Valley I felt unsure
and a little lost in the world.
And when I needed it most I
found a home and a community,
and this town supported
and inspired me to discover
who I am and what I love to do,
which is talk,
in case you haven't
realized yet,
and I felt loved and accepted
and that felt like enough.
Then a stranger came to town
and to our astonishment
we grew close and this man
challenged me.
He forced me to ask myself
not just who am I
but who do I wanna be?
And I realized that that's
someone who believes in herself.
Who is capable of anything,
from saving a radio station
to getting a job at one,
and who understands
that there's nothing to lose
because everything
and everyone
that we love deeply
becomes a part of us.
And so I want to say thank
you to a town that helped me
discover who I am and to a man
who helped me realize
who I want to be.
Wherever I am
and wherever I go
you'll both forever
be in my heart.
And what else could I want?
Ah, the DJ is sound checked,
Ty's on the audio.
The finger foods are heating up.
And smell incredible.
I'm gonna go help Sandra
on tickets
and I think that's everything.
There's just one thing
you're forgetting.
To enjoy yourself.
I thought you were gonna say
the baking pans.
Thanks for coming.
There's your tickets.
Is everything set?
I sure hope so.
What about the bachelors?
Max, Lucas and Ben
are already setting up.
Thank you.
So what about
the fourth bachelor?
Who's replacing Zac?
Thank you.
Thank you.
(whispers) Make sure
you're recording...
This is a great turn out.
Thank you.
You've really created
something special.
And Lacey, I wanted to tell
you that we really enjoyed
your audition
and we'd love to offer you
a six-month trial.
Thank you.
Oh, wow.
Oh, wow.
You'll edit this part out,
Welcome, Pleasant Valley, to our
first ever bachelor bake-off.
In a couple of minutes our
bachelors will begin to bake.
They will have 90 minutes
and then their desserts
will be displayed along sign-up
sheets for our silent auction.
Just write your name and bid
amount to win a dessert
and a date with the bachelor
of your choice.
Now, let's give a big hand to
your contestants brave enough
to bake for all of you,
Max, Lucas, Ben.
And your special mystery
This is now a bachelor
and bachelorette bake-off.
So, Lacey, what are you baking?
Well, the contestant that I'm
replacing was set on making
vanilla cake and I kept pushing
him to do something more
seasonally inspired so
I came up with a recipe
that has a little bit
of both of us.
The simplicity of vanilla cake
mixed with cinnamon
soaked apples.
Sounds like you're gonna start
a bidding war.
That's the idea.
Add the vanilla to the butter.
And toast the nuts in the oven.
Lacey, I- I switched out
the mic that was humming.
Oh, thank you, Ty.
I don't know how I would be
pulling this off without you.
No problem.
It was fun.
What else can I help with?
Oh, actually a little issue.
I was supposed to be the master
of ceremonies
but now that I'm a contestant
I need someone to replace me.
Well... I guess I could do it.
Thank you, Ty.
Was this your plan all along?
I'll never tell.
But yes.
Maybe this isn't a good idea.
I can barely talk to one person.
Forget this many.
And maybe later
we can talk about you having
your own segment.
Zac told you?
No, actually, he didn't.
That obvious, huh?
Well, let's see how
this goes first.
You can do this.
Um... the baking...
May I have your attention?
The baking is now finished
and the desserts are
on the auction table.
Taste a sample and let's get
to bidding.
This represents our
fundraising pie chart.
As you can see we've
reached 75 percent
of our fundraising goal due
to tonight's ticket sales.
Let's find out who our lucky
winners are.
Thank you.
For both Max Buckman's
red berry leaf lattice pie
and Lucas Buckman's
walnut pecan cake,
with bids that get us to 80
percent of our fundraising goal,
we have the same winner.
Florence Buckman.
My boys!
(together) Mom.
And next up is Ben,
who's winning bidder gets us
to 88 percent of
our fundraising goal.
And finally, for Lacey's
winning bidder...
who's generous bid not only
helps meet, but exceed,
our fundraising goal...
Zac Malone!
How are you here?
What about the convention?
I told them to move me earlier
or I wouldn't stay.
You what?
I know, it's a power move.
Lacey, we don't have
different priorities.
Yes, I may have had my head
down, buried in work,
but it's up now, and I see you
and I don't wanna look away.
Me too.
I have some news.
I got the Small Town Life job.
Of course you did.
It's just a six-month trial.
Also, thank you for calling in.
I heard your message.
Oh, yeah.
So how're you feeling?
They'll have me travelling
a lot.
They will, but I'll be there
to come home to.
I like the sound of that.
I don't know what to do
I think I'm falling
for you
I've been waiting
all my life
and now I found you.
I don't know what to do
I think I'm falling
for you
falling for you
I think I'm falling
for you
I can't stop thinking
about it
I want you all around me
And now I just
can't hide it
Falling for you.