Fallen (1998)

I want to tell you about the time
I almost died.
I never thought it would happen to me.
Not at this age.
How did I get into this fix?
How did it all begin?
If I go back to the beginning
that'll take forever.
So, let's start more recently.
I thought the governor
didn't approve of this.
The more they don't approve,
the more they want to watch.
So what is this, six notches on your belt?
Fuck you.
Ask me more nicely, huh?
John Hobbes.
You're wanted in the dance hall.
Edgar Reese.
Well, well, well.
Look who's here.
It's the brilliant detective
who sealed my brutish fate.
That's right.
So, what's this?
They're making you famous now?
Big time. They're gonna put me
in the movies. Documentary.
All courtesy of the ACLU.
They'll shoot me getting smoked.
Who knows?
Maybe it'll be a big video rental.
All these society ladies showing it
to their dinner guests:
"You see that there?
That's a urine stain, ladies."
"Oh, my, it's not urine."
It's good to see you, Hobbes.
It's good to be seen by you, Reese.
...my best pal.
You're still a good fella.
Open the gate.
You remind me of somebody, Hobbes.
Indeed you do.
Indeed you do.
Do you like riddles?
No, I don't.
Here's a beaut.
Why is there...
...a space between Lyons and Spakowsky?
Come on. You should know this one, pal.
You should know this one.
Open your eyes. Look around sometime.
Open the gate.
Remember this, Hobbes.
A day...
...a week, a month.
What are you, a Nazi now?
It's Dutch.
What goes around...
...really goes around.
You have a safe trip.
I'll be looking for you.
What goes around really goes around.
Howdy, folks.
Ladies, gents...
...cocksuckers, pederasts...
...I hope you all enjoy the show. Yes, I do.
I'll give you a blowjob
if you get me out of this baby.
"Is on my side
"Yes, it is
"Is on my side
"Yes, it is
"Now, you always say
"That you want to be free
"But I'll come running back
"I'll come running back to you"
Baby, come on, go ahead...
...light up my life!
Something is always happening.
But when it happens,
people don't always see it...
...or understand it...
...or accept it.
The criminals don't accept consequences.
They kill. It's not their fault.
This is the consequence of what I do.
-Look who made it. How'd it go?
-Mr. Consequence.
-He died.
-I told you.
Get one more.
Nice to see you.
How you doing, Gracie?
-Don't tempt me with that.
What's your poison? We got some Becks.
We got some Guinness.
We got some Bass.
-Budweiser's good for me.
No, we're going imported here.
-If you can't afford it, I'll buy.
-I can afford it. Budweiser.
At least have a Bud lce
or a Bud Dry or something.
It is just a Bud, okay?
-You guys want anything?
Here's your Bud.
He was one of the most notorious inmates.
Here you go.
Thank you, sweetheart.
You're an unusual cop, Hobbes.
I've been in this precinct about what,
five, six months?
Everybody says,
"Hobbes don't take no cream."
"Hobbes don't take no cream."
Now is that true, or what?
No, I don't like cream.
That means "no"?
Yeah, it means "no."
Now, is that "no" as in "never,"
"no" as in "sometimes"...
...or "no" as in "I do,
but I don't like to talk about it"?
"No" as in "never."
This is a big city, Hobbesy.
We got a tradition to uphold.
Got something wrong with your ears?
When the man says something, he says it.
This is hypothetical:
A cop who's trying to make ends meet
wants a little something on the side....
I don't like cream...
...and I don't judge.
You don't judge?
He's a fucking saint, huh?
So you're telling me
that under no circumstances...
...would a holy man like you ever,
you know...
...break the law or do something....
Look, Lou...
...I could jump across the table,
snatch your heart out of your chest...
...squeeze the blood out,
and stick it in your front pocket.
Oh, yeah?
If I lost control. But if I did...
...I'd be no different
than the people we bust.
Now, as to your general question....
You take any cop on the force,
cream or no...
...ninety-nine percent of the time
they're doing their job, aren't they?
Ninety-nine five.
Point five.
So he or she, cream or no...
...is doing more good out there every day...
...than any lawyer or a stockbroker or...
...President of the United States
can ever do in their lifetime.
Cops are the "chosen people."
Guess I'm switching to Bud.
Gracie, come here and get this foreign shit
off my table...
...and bring me three Buds.
Damn it, what took you so long?
You know what you'd look like
with this sandwich up your ass?
Pardon me?
Like a fat, stupid fuck
with a sandwich up his ass.
Charles, I hate to do this, but....
Put the job where the sandwich goes.
Here we go. Juice, pretzels...
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Uncle John, will you please
make my lunch tomorrow?
Here's Toby.
I can't be having the same thing every day.
What do you want,
peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
Jelly and peanut butter?
I love you, Dad.
Don't forget your Uncle Johnny.
I can feel the love in this room, man.
-Be good.
-Have a good day at school.
-Okay. Bye.
You're doing a good job, Art.
Why don't you sit down with me?
Let's talk a bit.
You're not in a hurry?
No, no....
I can relax today.
Besides, what are they going to do?
Fire me?
-How're you doing?
-You're all right?
I love you, Johnny.
You ever think it would be easier,
your life would be easier...
...if maybe me and Sam
were not living with--
No, no.
-Maybe Marcy wouldn't have left.
-Later for Marcy.
If she loved me, she would've never left.
Besides, family's always first.
You're my brother.
I love you, too.
But don't make the boy any more
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
-No more peanut butter and jelly.
A cop knows.
A cop sees.
Even the most casual thing, it registers.
Often you don't remember till later on.
But then...
...you look back and you realize...
...you knew.
Good morning, Detective.
How're you doing, Lieutenant?
Look who's feeling good today.
Hey, what can I say?
You're looking better than me.
Got a call on four, Hobbes.
Thank you, Denise. Jonesy?
How's everything today? Good?
Detective Hobbes.
Pal, you got a pen?
...South Stender, Apartment 2.
Who's there?
A clue, Magoo.
Couldn't sleep last night.
Who can?
Remember I used to get calls at two or
three o'clock in the morning from Reese?
He loved you. He truly did.
Somebody called me last night.
Imagine that.
Send a car to 4541 South Stender,
Apartment 2.
Make sure we gain entry.
Got a body?
No, it's probably just some knucklehead,
saw me on TV, trying to impress his girl.
-How'd I look last night?
You saw that? Four different channels.
You're a god. You're a god.
Name's Muskavich. Russian expatriate.
Super says no family,
no friends, no nothing.
Why is he dead, then?
What've you got?
I've got puncture wounds.
Look for a syringe, or something.
-What's that, his eighteenth victim?
-Could be.
Could be.
Very tidy.
The DO A's been dead awhile,
so what the hell is this?
Killer slept over and then...
...had a nice, neat breakfast.
Looks like it.
Check this out.
It's a riddle.
Reese, in his cell before he died,
he asked me, "Why is there a space...
"...between Lyons and Spakowsky?"
Reese had an accomplice?
Unless it's a copycat. Maybe the...
...prison guards or the people
that made that documentary.
-You got a minute?
-I'll be there in a second.
Fifty people must have seen
that documentary by now.
Me and Jonesy will run them down.
Yeah, good.
Fingerprint. Perp wore no gloves.
Left prints on the spoon and cereal bowl
like he was advertising.
Maybe his prints aren't in the system.
I hate to be stupid...
Enjoy it, Lou.
...but is motive still something
we think about...
...or is it that all these crimes
are done out of sickness?
Number 2.
Everything is motive.
Sickness is motive.
The coroner's prelim on the Ruski.
Isn't that the wacko poison
that Reese used on them Arab kids?
You like riddles? You know,
puzzles and shit? Brainteasers?
Sure, as long as I'm doing the teasing.
Why is there a space
between Lyons and Spakowsky?
What does that even mean? Come on!
We had a Spakowsky in my rookie year.
South Precinct.
Come again?
Not your Spakowsky. This guy's a cop.
Keep talking.
The guy's a fucking asshole.
He's the King Kong of assholes.
He's a fucking legend.
His name's up on the wall.
Some chief in the '30s
thought it would boost morale.
They kept it up until '81 or '82,
and it got to be like a booby prize.
It was downtown in the lobby...
till they remodeled.
Must've passed it by 1,000 times.
I guess I need to open my eyes
and look around sometime.
Lyons, I don't remember him,
but Spakowsky, he was around.
This guy was so fucking mean
that his wife shot him in the foot.
Who was '65?
Who was in that space?
You got me, bud. I don't know.
You're saying they took a name off?
Why would they do that?
I don't know. I called Records.
They say they don't know who it was...
...and they don't know why it's not there.
We'd better find out.
Lieutenant, just the man I wanted to see.
"Robert Milano."
That's right.
Cop of the Year, 1965.
Eight months later, goes up to a cabin,
middle of nowhere, dies cleaning his gun.
So it's either two things:
He was dirty or it was a woman.
I met him once...Milano.
He had a poker up his ass,
but otherwise he was a good cop.
-What I want to know is--
-I know what you want.
I can't help you.
Can't help me?
...do all of us a favor, okay?
Whatever you find out...
...keep it to yourself.
I got something for you.
Documentary on Reese.
Thank you. You're a real white man.
-Tape on Reese. You want to view it?
-Give me a sec.
What do you got on Muskavich?
Fingerprints were bust.
The crime scene says
the killer probably had dark hair.
He probably was left-handed.
Yeah, like Reese.
He had bad teeth.
Found a piece in the corn flakes.
Directory Assistance.
Can you give me a number on a Milano...
...Sylvia M-I-L-A-N-O.
Hold, please.
Hey, Lieutenant.
Excuse me, Boss.
If somebody dies because you kept
your mouth shut, you're holding the bag.
When it's a perfect world, let me know.
In the meantime,
it's not me keeping his mouth shut.
-Is that clear enough for you?
I'm sorry. There's no listing.
Okay, thanks. No, listen, listen.
You still there? Hello?
Check and see if there's a G. Milano,
a Gretta Milano. Can you do that for me?
-Hold, please.
Syringe had the same prints.
-So now what? Video time?
You know, I was thinking....
Don't hurt yourself.
Eat me.
Hold for the number.
Whoever did Muskavich,
knew the poison that Reese used.
He quotes Reese. He could be a cop.
He could be, huh?
Lou, could be a cop, huh?
Please leave a message. Thank you.
Make sure Hobbes gets a copy of this.
Are you watching, Johnny-boy?
I hope you're paying close attention.
Every gesture!
Every word!
Wait a second.
Check something out.
...language he was speaking...
That's Dutch?
That's what he said.
What's he speaking now? Is that Dutch?
This now?
This is mumbo-jumbo, gibberish.
You sure on that?
Who is it?
It's Detective John Hobbes.
I'm looking for Miss Gretta Milano.
-Oh, yes. You left a message.
I wanted to talk to you about your father.
How're you doing?
May I come in?
You're surrounded by angels.
I teach theology at the university.
I see. Very beautiful.
Thank you.
Why do you want to know
about my father?
It's 30 years later and the files are sealed...
...and my boss was told to let it alone, so...
...here I am.
I can tell you what my mother told me
before she died.
Why do you want to know?
Just curious, or...?
No, ma'am.
See, I'm the detective
who caught Edgar Reese.
I'm not sure if you're familiar with him.
He was just executed.
-Yeah, I read about him.
And this Reese fella, he...
...in a roundabout way,
gave me your father's name.
Did Reese like to sing?
Yeah, he did, actually.
And at the execution,
did he try and touch you or grab you?
Yeah, he did. He shook my hand.
Do you want some coffee?
One condition:
You and I never spoke.
You say nothing to your boss or partner.
Nothing goes in the files.
My name and everything I say
is just between us. Agreed?
Will I get a cup of coffee if I say yes?
Detective, my dad was a good cop.
"Pride of the force" and all that.
And then he shot himself.
A reporter found out
my father had been under investigation.
He'd caught a killer,
but copycat crimes started.
Evidence mounted up against him:
fingerprints, witnesses.
The press never got real proof,
but my father's medal was rescinded.
I see.
So you're saying that when he died
someone made this evidence go away?
The mayor, the governor and
the chief of police, they all needed a hero.
Some of these people are
still important today.
-I see.
-No. Not yet, you don't.
My father saw the evidence against him,
told my mother he couldn't beat it.
So, he went to this cabin in the mountains.
It's a place that's been
in my mother's family for generations.
He went there and....
The thing is...
...I know my father was innocent
of those murders.
How do you know?
How do you know he was innocent?
It was 30 years ago.
It's not important anymore.
It's important to me, Miss Milano.
Don't you want the truth to come out,
the killer to be punished?
-Of course, I do.
Are you afraid that if you tell me
your life may be in danger?
That's it?
Thank you very much.
-For the coffee as well.
Oh, listen....
If I have any more questions,
can I call you?
I'd rather you didn't.
Do you believe in God?
Yeah. I go to church every now and then.
What I see in my line of work...
...faith's a little hard to sustain.
Good luck.
Sometimes I think the basic job
that human beings have...
...is just to figure out
what the hell is going on.
Example: Gretta Milano.
What was she hiding?
What was she so scared of?.
And then her question about God.
What the hell is that all about?
You never know.
Down to the smallest thing.
The man who passes you
and catches your eye. Does he know you?
Did you go to school together? Is he a
homicidal maniac who hates you on sight?
Or is it nothing?
Nothing at all.
Wake up.
Go to bed.
I know. I know.
Here we go. Up. Up.
I'm going, Uncle John.
Let's go, Sam.
Good night.
Good night, son.
Do you ever get scared?
Yeah, sometimes.
Me, too.
Good night, Art.
-Mrs. Moohr? This is Charles.
Apparently, I must have gotten drunk
or something...
...because the last few days....
Am I working tonight?
You quit.
I quit?
Yes. You insulted Harry
and he hired someone else.
But.... I mean.... How...?
Look, I'm really sorry....
Could you apologize, please,
to your husband for whatever--
We always liked you, Charles. Goodbye.
Well, well, well. Look who's here.
I played Reese's tape on the phone
to a linguist. He's coming down.
Yeah? Prelim?
Said it sounded Mideastern.
-Anything on Muskavich?
-Only the pizza.
Now, we're hitting
your area of expertise, huh?
Pizza is a staff of life.
Without pizza and other fine Italian foods,
there would be no happiness.
There was one slice left:
Garlic, linguia and pineapple.
Plus, there was nothing
in Muskavich's stomach.
So it was the killer's eats.
Hell of a clue. You better write
that one up for the journal.
I will, Lou. And I will laud you copiously.
Thank you.
Detectives? Your guy's in Video.
The linguist guy's here.
I'll be right there.
Any luck?
John Hobbes, Professor Richard Louders.
-How do you do?
This is completely exhilarating.
Who is this convict? Can I speak to him?
Not now. Have a seat.
Professor says it's a language.
He's just never heard it spoken aloud.
-Some kind of antique.
I believe this is a Biblical tongue:
Syrian Aramaic.
Only a few nomadic tribes still use it.
So you don't know what he's saying?
I haven't the faintest.
He's not too pleasant, is he?
But if you'd spare me a copy,
I'd be more than happy to work it.
I'd appreciate it. If you could wait out front
for 15 minutes...
...we'll dupe one off for you.
I'll be waiting.
-See you in a minute.
-'Bye, Detective.
-Syrian Aramaic.
-Imagine that.
I got something else, too.
I'm looking up this clipping...
...of Reese, high-school baseball team.
He bats right.
He throws right.
What are you saying, Hobbes?
Reese pulled off some of the sickest shit
on record.
He speaks a language 2,000 years old and
you're worried 'cause he's ambidextrous?
I'm worried about everything.
-Hobbes, call on Line 1.
-Thank you, Bill.
Detective Hobbes.
Hey, pal, need another clue?
1339 South Grove...
...Apartment 9.
Jonesy, that pizza place
with the number 17?
Is that close to Grove?
I think so.
They're in the same place...
-It's like he's laughing at us.
-He is.
Cash, not a check?
That's right.
Take a look at this.
What the hell is this?
You know what's scary?
I'm going home last night, this guy's
walking past me, he's going the other way.
He looks me right in the eye.
The kind of look like he knows you.
You know what I mean?
It's the same guy that's in the bathtub.
-The stiff.
-You're shitting me.
I shit you not. Same guy.
Oh, man.
I ain't smart enough to figure this out.
Me, neither.
Found under the sink.
Same poison?
Same poison.
Better get that down to the lab.
-What else have you got?
-The number on his chest.
Last Thursday it's 18, now it's 2?
Everything's under a Charles Olom,
but it looks like that's an alias.
So, we're running his prints.
To quote Yogi Berra ,
"It's like dj vu all over again."
-You mean Reese?
Whoever is doing it...
...has a thing for Hobbes.
Seems like.
How is he?
Who, Hobbes?
How is he ever? He's fine. He's great.
If it starts to work at him,
let me know, okay?
And if it starts to work on me,
I'll let you know.
I thought that was you.
What are you doing, more...
...historical research?
Nice talking to you. See you Monday.
All right, Lou.
Come on, Jimmy.
Over here, shoot it!
Shoot it, shoot it!
Come on, come on, Sam. Okay.
That's okay, that's okay.
Score is tied.
No, 19 to 17.
You can take him.
Pass the ball. I'm open.
Take the ball back.
Johnny's going to make a point.
He's got the ball.
-Hi, Art.
-How're you doing?
Good one! Three, two, one!
That's it for me. I've gotta go.
No, I've gotta go. I have a long drive.
Art, get in here.
Uncle John, but he's a spaz.
You don't disrespect your father, okay?
You understand me?
Cherish what you got.
Get on in there.
-Want to come with us?
-I didn't bring my shoes.
Come on.
What's up?
-Tiffany didn't get you?
-No, what's up?
You know how weird this case is?
We got a positive I.D...
...on Charles Olom.
Real name's Mickey Noons.
Born in Canada, illegal alien.
Blah, blah, blah. Smalltime shithead.
That ain't bad.
That ain't it.
Noons killed the Ruski. It's his prints
all over Muskavich's apartment.
Let's see, Noons poisons Muskavich...
...dumps him in the tub,
sets out the corn flakes.
Three days later somebody does
the exact same thing to him.
"Exact," because Noons and Muskavich
were killed by the same person.
Some kind of ringmaster?
I think so.
Hey, Art. You and Sam don't forget lunch,
all right?
I don't know.
I can't seem to get my mind around it.
I got a bad feeling about this.
Me, too.
Somebody's playing with my dick
and it ain't me.
-Yeah. See you.
-Ten minutes, Art!
There are moments which mark your life.
Moments when you realize
nothing will ever be the same.
And time is divided into two parts:
Before this...
...and after this.
Sometimes you can feel
such a moment coming.
That's the test...or so I tell myself.
I tell myself that at times like that...
...strong people keep moving forward,
...no matter what they're going to find.
-Miss Milano.
-Oh, hello.
I went to your family's place
in the mountains.
-Beautiful, isn't it?
-Yes, it is.
Let me get that for you.
Trees and the water....
Absolutely beautiful.
What does "Azazel" mean?
Your father wrote it in the basement
on the wall, then he painted over it.
My dictionary...
...says that it's "the...
"...evil spirit of the wilderness."
Whatever that means.
One of the books your father had up there
talks about demons...
...and how they move by touch.
Walk away, Mr. Hobbes.
-Say again?
-If you enjoy your life...
...if there's even one human being
you care about, don't take this case.
It's out of my hands, Miss Milano.
I mean, it's my job.
'Bye, Mr. Hobbes.
That's it?
Yeah, I'm afraid so.
Phone company sent MUDs and LUDs
for Noons' and Muskavich's apartments.
See those calls there?
They were made right around
the time they were killed.
You're saying the killer called me
from the crime scene?
Sure looks like it.
-Reese used to call me at night.
-Reese is dead.
Whoever's doing this
is in league with Reese...
...or was imitating Reese.
I know he's still calling my house.
How many times have I got to change
my phone number?
The more you change it, the more it looks
like someone on the inside.
Like a cop?
It's nothing to me...
...but the egos upstairs....
-You hear me?
-Both ears.
I'm going to lose my sense of humor.
What've you got?
A translation from the Aramaic:
"I can't enter you by touch.
"But even when I can get inside you,
after I'm spirit, I won't.
"I'll fuck you up and down, left and right."
That's in the Bible.
"lf that doesn't work, I have other ways."
We need a translation of the translation.
Anything else?
No, I'm okay. Thanks.
I like the night.
The street.
The smells.
The sense of another world.
Sometimes you come
face to face with yourself.
...put that card back in.
-All right.
-Tell me when to stop, okay?
Can you pronounce it for me again?
Okay, Professor, I think I got it.
All right...'bye.
I can get inside you.
After I'm spirit, I won't.
Better I get you for real.
Fuck you...
...up, down, left, right, coming, going....
I'll get so close to you...
...so close it breaks you.
And if that doesn't work...
...well, I have other ways.
I have so many...
...many ways.
Fifteen minutes.
Hi. Can I help you?
You're releasing a Richard Suckle?
-He called a cab.
-I'll have him brought right down.
-Looking good today.
Rap sheet on Bobby Stiggers.
Thank you.
Hobbesy, tell me something.
The other day you were
in the basement reading an old file.
What about it?
Looked like a map in there.
Are you going somewhere?
I went up to the country.
It's great to get out of town.
Lovely. Fresh air, you know?
I used to do that. Go up to a house
in the mountains and sit by the water.
It was beautiful.
So I'm curious. Where'd you go?
Why do you ask?
Come here.
Come here.
Come on, come here.
"Is on my side
"Yes, it is
"Is on my side
"Yes, it is"
"You're always saying
"That you want to be free
"But I'll come running back"
Why were you singing that song?
-Why were you singing that song?
I was singing?
Did they put you up to this?
Why did you sing that song?
What're you talking about?
-You don't know what I'm talking about?
-No, I don't.
You don't know what I'm talking about?
Hey, you!
Syrian Aramaic.
How clever.
It's true what I said.
I do know who you are.
Where'd you get that?
From Milano's place?
You found something up there.
Well, some things, pal, you shouldn't know.
Like what?
Like what?
If you know, you should never, ever tell.
Beware of my wrath.
What were you doing back then?
-What are you talking about?
-You were singing.
-I wasn't singing.
-You were.
Lawrence and Mike were singing
some '60s thing.
There you go.
I wasn't singing it. I hated the fucking '60s.
I wasn't singing.
I appreciate your situation, okay?
I really do.
Your father, mother, they're dead,
their lives were ruined, your life's ruined.
I'm very sorry about that.
But I gotta know what's going on.
If this thing is what it seems to be...
...if this thing is what the book says
that it is, then....
Is this for real? Do you believe this stuff?
I believe more is hidden than is seen.
I believe what I see. I'm trying to get
my mind around what I just saw.
...threatened me.
Reese threatened me in Aramaic.
What else did Reese say?
I'm asking the questions here.
You answer the questions I ask.
Because if I don't know what's going on--
We're not supposed to know.
We're not supposed to see.
It's like the Mafia. They don't even exist.
That's good. That's a start.
They don't even exist.
So where are they from?
Who the hell are they?
There are certain phenomena...
...which can only be explained
if there is a god...
...and if there are angels.
And there are. They exist.
Some angels were cast down. A few
were punished by being deprived of form.
They can only survive in the bodies
of others. It's inside of us.
Inside of human beings,
their vengeance is played out.
That's it?
Come on, get out of here.
Come on.
I mean....
Miss Milano, I'm just a cop, okay?
I'm a detective.
My work is based upon evidence, facts.
Mine, too. Mine, too.
Aren't your facts here
rather resistant to normal interpretation?
So you're saying that...
...Edgar Reese is actually--
At the time you knew him,
he was not himself.
-He was Azazel?
-Yes, Azazel.
Sadistic, left-handed, likes to sing.
Reese? Why does he focus in on me?
You got his attention.
He tried to get inside you.
He shook your hand. That didn't work,
so now he'll try to find some other way.
Like he did with your father?
How do we fight him? Is it possible?
I believe it is. And I'm not alone.
There's a network. I don't even know
who they are. I just have numbers.
These people know the--
We believe that God limited demons
and made them mortal.
He put a few of us here to fight them.
Us? Us who?
Who, us?
You're saying I'm one of these people?
I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not.
You're just doing your job.
So these demons are mortal?
They can be killed?
-By the right person.
-Who is?
This is religion, Mr. Hobbes.
These are matters of fate and divine order.
The right man--
-Or woman.
It could be you, me, anybody?
The right person of the right character
with the right knowledge....
So, this is what you've been doing.
You've been preparing for this,
haven't you?
Can I ask you something personal?
Everything's personal if you're a person.
Is this why you live alone?
There's a difference between
risking for yourself and someone else.
That's true.
I mean...
...if I had someone, I'd want to share
my life and thoughts, and work with them.
If I shared this, I'd put them at risk
and I don't have that right.
You can talk to me.
You don't have to. I'm not saying that....
I'm not, you know....
Do whatever you want to do. I'm just
saying you can talk to me if you want.
That's a very nice thing to say.
I've got to go.
I hope I've been helpful.
-Thanks for listening.
-Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I was about to tap you on the shoulder.
You're a friend of John Hobbes, right?
I'm Jay Reynolds.
You know?
How lovely.
You're not just Hobbes' chippy.
Have we met?
You seem vaguely familiar.
Come on...
...tell me.
I'm about to find out anyway.
Watch out.
No, you don't!
Please, help me!
Go! Go!
-Open up!
Jesus, are you all right?
Are you all right?
Thanks for coming.
I ran.
He came after me and I ran.
Maybe you weren't ready yet.
That's the point. You have to be ready.
You know what it is?
I never believed this day would come.
I thought God would make it up to me.
I'd be good...
...and God would show me
an angel instead.
Do they know who you are?
We shouldn't be seen together.
Not anymore.
Wipe your tears.
You wanted to see me, Lieutenant?
How're you doing?
Murders not getting you wound up?
Bag the chocolates. You ain't got
to talk to me sideways. What's up?
Where were you
when Muskavich and Noons were killed?
Where was I?
Am I a suspect?
Sit down.
Not to me, you're not.
Lieutenant, you know....
What is it, the phone records again?
What do they think I did?
I committed murder, then called home,
then ran home and answered my phone?
No, it's something else.
Your prints.
My prints?
On what?
On that fucking little coin of yours.
-Noons' place.
This is a frame-up.
Is it?
Anybody could have got those coins.
They could've got them
when I was at the store or something.
They could've taken them off my desk.
We always said it could be a cop.
We did always say that.
I'm not stupid, you know.
I know you know more than you're saying.
So tell me.
You don't really want to know.
You'd have to be there.
I was there and I don't even want to know.
Try me.
You remember Robert Milano?
Listen to me.
This is exactly what happened to him.
He was framed.
I'll give you some advice.
Let go of it for a couple of hours.
Go home.
See your family.
Take a load off.
The hell with Stanton.
The hell with all of them.
Nobody likes to get
the shit kicked out of them.
Nobody likes to get hit from every angle.
But evil just keeps on coming.
You know what I mean?
You saw it before, but now...
...it's in your face, laughing at you.
-Hi, Unc.
-Hey, Sam.
How're you doing?
Hi, Mr. Hobbes.
You're home early today.
For a change.
-Did you move my address book?
What's wrong with your eye?
Who hit you in the eye?
I fell.
You fell?
I fell, or something.
People don't fall down and get a black eye.
All right, it's okay.
It's okay. Look....
What happened?
Sammy hit me.
It was an accident though.
He didn't mean to.
He didn't mean to.
It was an accident. It was an accident!
Where's Toby?
Outside, I guess.
Okay, go back in the house.
-Hey, Hobbes.
Leave my family alone, you hear me?
Go back in the house.
-What's going on?
-Go back in the house!
-You leave my family alone.
You came after me.
Now I'm coming after you and yours.
Toby, you all right?
Go right home. Go.
-Okay, I will.
What's the matter, pal?
Are you afraid to fight me?
Come on, Hobbes. Come on out.
Come on, Hobbes.
Put the gun down.
I knew you'd come out.
Put the gun on the ground!
I know you, Hobbes.
Set the gun down, sir!
Put the gun down!
"Yes, it is
"Is on my side"
Hey, pal.
Wake up, Hobbes.
I'm not that easy to kill.
When my host dies and I move as spirit,
no man can resist me.
What are you going to do, arrest me?
What'll you tell Stanton?
I'd love to hear that one.
It's me you want, isn't it?
Why don't you just kill me?
But I'm still having fun.
Aren't you still having fun?
He was standing in the street,
yelling at him...
...shooting at him.
Finally, when the officer....
I guess that's it.
There's no question
that the dead man shot first?
No question at all. My wife saw it too,
if you want to ask her.
A schoolteacher.
What am I going to say?
What am I going to do?
We know that he fired first.
Witnesses corroborate.
But his gun was filled with blanks.
He got the gun out of a stolen car.
-It was a setup.
-A setup?
That's right. A setup.
He set it up for you to kill him?
Committing suicide by--
Excuse me.
What the hell are you doing out here?
You take Sam home, lock every door,
every window....
You don't let anybody in. Can you do that?
Can you remember that? All right, do it.
Are you mad at me or something?
No, Art. Never. Just....
Do what I told you.
Hate to see the mighty fall,
you know what I mean?
Now it's letters. Fuck you, Lou.
I told you, it's a cult.
Some weird, psycho,
Aramaic-Satanist reincarnation cult.
He's got A-P-O written on his chest.
Trying to send some kind of message.
The killer's sending a message?
This time, you are the killer.
Yeah, sort of.
No fucking "sort of."
No breaks. No benefit of the doubt.
We're going back to the precinct. Now.
Tonight, another shocking murder
in the city.
A well-respected schoolteacher
opened fire on an off-duty police officer.
The officer...
...John Hobbes, was forced to return fire.
Our report now, from the scene.
We're on the scene
of a most unusual homicide tonight.
Close the door.
Detective Hobbes shot and killed
a high-school math teacher.
The police have not yet identified him.
According to witnesses,
the man started shouting at Hobbes...
...who was off duty at the time.
I talked to the schoolteacher's wife.
He got married four months ago.
She's pregnant. He just got a raise.
So much for suicide by a cop!
The shooting team will need your gun.
I'll get the hearing as soon as I can.
People want the world to make sense.
If the only way I can get the world
to make sense for me is to arrest you...
...then I'll have to do it.
Get the fuck out of here.
-It was a clean shoot.
-Yeah, I know.
It doesn't help, but I know.
No, thanks.
Want to talk? From where I sit, we're
dealing with shit that ain't in the manual.
Where do they buy coffee with dirt in it?
Can you tell me that?
What's the point of life?
-"The point"?
-"Of life"?
The point of life.... You want a cigarette?
No, thanks.
The point of life is we catch bad guys.
That's what I used to think.
It's not good enough.
You can shoot me for talking like this, but--
It's two o'clock in the morning.
You can talk any way you want.
What are we doing here?
You know what I'm saying?
Why do we even exist?
Maybe it's God, Hobbes.
Yeah, it could be.
I have a hard time believing that we're...
...part of some huge...
...moral experiment, you know,
conducted by a greater being than us.
If there's a greater being than we are,
why does he give a shit about us?
There are five billion of us.
We're like ants. Do we care...
...what ants do, from a moral standpoint?
"Ants"? No.
I'm following you,
but at the same time I'm losing you.
Are you heading someplace here?
That's my point.
Are we headed someplace?
If we don't figure it out....
Maybe if you figure it out...
...you die.
Heart attack, stroke.
You figure out what's what...
...you don't get to hang around anymore.
You get promoted.
Meanwhile, Delores...
...says we're put here to do one thing.
One thing?
What's that?
It's different. It's different for everybody.
Hers is lasagna.
And just one thing, not two or...?
Maybe two, I don't know.
It's just her opinion.
But it's like...
...when a moment comes...
...we either do the right thing...
...or wrong.
When do you know
when your moment comes?
So, like this could be it for me?
That's the beauty. You never know.
Is that you?
Hi. I just wanted to see if you were okay.
I'll call you back. I'll call you later.
That was the killer.
We'll arrange things later.
I'm going home.
Yeah, fuck it.
I killed someone.
He got me to kill an innocent man.
I know.
What do they want, Gretta?
Just tell me what they want.
The demons?
They want the fall of civilization.
"The fall of Babylon, " as they put it.
-The whole thing?
They're doing a good job, aren't they?
You know, after I shot the teacher...
...Azazel moved to someone else.
Are you sure? After death?
I'm positive. After death. Yeah, I saw it.
Listen to this.
I was looking through
one of your father's books...
...and it says "outside"...
I guess that means outside the body.
"Outside, they can survive
for one breath only. "
A Hebrew text says that the breath
can carry them for 500 cubits.
I never knew what it meant.
A cubit, that's a distance
or something, right?
From your elbow to your fingertips.
So 500 cubits would be what?
About a sixth of a mile?
Yeah, well, you're right then.
They are limited in certain ways.
What are you thinking?
I don't know.
I don't know. Are you okay?
All right. Well, then...
...maybe I'll check up on you tomorrow.
Good night.
Good night.
Good morning, Sam.
Good morning, Sam.
Oh, hi, Uncle John.
Oh, hi.
-Thanks for tucking me in last night.
-You're welcome.
We sent Michael Aaron to the scene...
...where he'll be ready with a live report
shortly. We'll be right back.
Were you asleep when I tucked you in?
I don't know. All I remember
was somebody tickling me.
Tickling my chest.
Why'd you write that?
-Where's your father?
-In the bedroom.
He's a sleepyhead.
If you watched the national news
just last week...
...you might have seen
a similar case in Boston...
...of a decorated cop accused of murder.
Have you seen the news?
The cop was shooting first.
And he kept on shooting.
Lou's coming to get you.
He'll bring you down
for more conversation.
-They get him yet?
-No. Not yet.
I gotta go.
Here. Put these clothes on.
Get dressed right away.
-Just do what I tell you, please!
Are you ready?
Almost. What's going on here?
We're just going to play
a little trick on somebody.
We're going out the window.
What about my dad?
He's sleeping. He's still asleep.
-Excuse me, Sister. How're you doing?
Does "apocalypse" mean anything to you?
Sure it does.
"Apocalypse" was the Greek word
for "revelation."
-You mean like the book of the Bible?
All right. Thank you.
Pack of cigarettes.
-Any special kind?
-No, any kind.
Okay, out of five.
Detective Hobbes?
Sir, you forgot your change.
Detective Hobbes.
I want to talk to you.
Go, Sam. Run! Down the stairs,
down the stairs! Go!
All units in the area--
Why don't you close that coat up?
I thought you quit.
I thought they were bad for you.
I did quit and they are bad for you.
You know what's going on?
The police think that I did some bad things.
-You are the police.
-Not anymore.
Why do they think you did that?
Because somebody...
...made it look like I did.
I once saw that on a show.
I want to talk to you
about something else, too.
About your dad.
He's not asleep, is he?
No, son. He's not asleep.
Did it hurt?
I don't think so.
-Do you think he's gonna go to Heaven?
Yes, I do.
If anybody deserves to go to Heaven,
it's your dad.
I think so, too.
We've got no place else to go.
This is my nephew, Sam.
Okay. Hi, Sam.
Nice to meet you. I'm Gretta.
You're in your pajamas.
I wasn't expecting company,
but I'm glad you're here.
Why don't you go over there
by the fireplace and get warm.
Azazel wrote on his chest.
Unless I do something--
I'll get you a coffee.
Thank you.
I think I got my mind
around this thing now, but let me...
...let me run this by you, okay?
After the host body dies...
...the demon can survive
for one breath or 500 cubits, right?
At the same time...
...Azazel says to me when he moves
as spirit no man can resist.
So someone he can't get into by touch,
he can still get into by spirit.
Because, if when he's in spirit form...
...he's fighting for his life,
he's going to be that much more powerful.
Please tell me what you're going to do.
Whatever I do...
...I have to make sure
that you and Sam are safe.
Will you take him somewhere...
...nobody knows about?
Even me.
I gotta go.
You're gonna stay with Gretta
for a little while.
Maybe for a long while.
And I want you to remember this:
Whatever people say about me...
...or whatever I do...
...I just want you to remember
that I'm doing it for you.
Because I love you.
You understand?
I'm gonna go back to sleep...
...and when I wake up
everything is gonna be just the way it was.
Thank you.
You know what this means, right?
I'm ready.
Hey, Jonesy, how're you doing?
Look, I'm worried, man.
What are you gonna do?
Where are you gonna go?
I'm going nowhere.
I'm taking a long drive...
...where nobody will find me...
...and sit by the water and think.
I gotta ask you something.
Yeah, shoot.
We've been partners a long time.
Twelve plus, Jonesy. Twelve plus.
So, is there anything you gotta tell me?
Yeah, remember what
we were talking about the other night?
When the moment comes...
...you know it.
Be careful, okay?
I'll see you, partner.
Yeah, you too.
Be good.
You're probably wondering:
What am I doing?
This is where things get a little tricky.
It's just him and me now.
Hobbes versus Azazel.
I thought I had him.
But he thought he had me, too.
Come on out.
I know you're here.
I knew you'd come.
Haven't you done enough?
You made me kill an innocent man. You...
...murdered my brother!
Come out, you son of a bitch!
How much more fun can you have!
Jesus, Hobbes.
What are you talking about?
I didn't do any of that.
Me, I'm the poor schmo
they sent up here to bring you in.
So it's you now.
It's me.
Who'd you expect it'd be?
Now drop your gun, Hobbes.
I know you've got one.
Or what?
You'll shoot me?
Where is the fun in that?
Fuck you, huh?
You're making me do this.
Now, drop the goddamn gun.
Do what he says, Hobbes.
Who else is out here, huh?
Lou? Tiff? Come on out!
No, it's just the two of us.
The gun, Hobbes.
Jonesy, you know I didn't do this.
You know I didn't do any of it.
I know that, Hobbes.
We both want to believe you,
but we've gotta bring you in.
I don't know if I can do this.
What the fuck you talking...?
Say Hobbes disappears into the woods....
We drive his car into the lake.
End of story. What's wrong with that?
We bring the son of a bitch in.
That's why we're up here.
He did it, fine.
He didn't do it, even better.
But it's not our job to decide.
Now drop the goddamn gun!
Put the goddamn gun down.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, Stan.
Been on the force so many years you think
you've seen it all, but you haven't.
Life always gives you one more surprise.
One more.
Sometimes it's a big one.
I'm your partner, man.
You're free. Run.
Keep thinking, Hobbes.
How about that!
Jonesy's fucked. He just killed his boss.
Jonesy's fucked!
You're fucked!
One at a time, huh?
That's how we do it. One by one.
"Is on my side
"Yes, it is
"Is on my side"
You like the Stones, Hobbes?
I bet you didn't, you big Monkee-fan pussy.
Time's up!
See the deal?
If I kill you...
...it's just the final...
...pathetic chapter...
...in the life of a disgraced hero.
Just one more piece of shit, human scum.
...turn it around.
If I die...
...I enter you...
...put 20 more murders on your tab...
...before you go down.
Maybe your nephew or that...
...chippy you were talking to.
How do you want to do this?
I die, you die?
What's maximum fun? Can you guess...
...what maximum fun is?
Sure you can.
Now that I've played you
from the outside...
...maximum fun is...
...I become you.
You got me, Hobbes. You got me good.
But I gotta ask you something.
You wouldn't let me kill myself.
Why is that?
Because I need more time.
Time for what, asshole?
Five hundred cubits.
That's a long way, Azazel.
If Jonesy dies too fast...
...as powerful as you are...
...I might never get away from you.
Oh, he's catching on.
What? You think you're going to win?
God willing.
You never know.
Let me ask you something.
Why do you think...
...came all the way out here...
...in the middle of nowhere?
To die, the little chickenshit.
I don't think so.
I think that he wanted to do...
...what I'm going to do.
-Only he couldn't pull it off.
-Pull what off?
Oh, come on, Azazel.
Open your eyes.
Look around sometime.
Here we are in this beautiful place...
...not another human being
around for miles.
It's just you and me.
What is this? You don't smoke anymore.
That's right. I don't.
You know why?
Because cigarettes kill.
Especially cigarettes laced with poison.
Same poison that you used
to kill my brother.
Fuck you.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
Isn't it so sweet?
We die together...
...just you and me.
"Is on my side
"Yes, it is"
Fuck you, motherfucker!
I'm sorry, Jonesy.
I'm sorry.
So, like I said at the start...
...I was beaten...
...outsmarted, poisoned...
...by Detective John Hobbes.
Can you imagine what it feels like
to be alive for thousands of years...
...and realize you're actually going to die...
...because some self-righteous cop decided
he was going to save the fucking world?
Yes, a demon can die...
...and Hobbes figured out
how to beat me at my own game.
So what?
The war isn't over, I promise you.
Not by a long shot.
You forgot something, didn't you?
At the beginning I said
I was going to tell you...
...about the time I almost died.
See you around.