Fallen Hearts (2019)

Morning, Grandpa.
Ah... Oh, thank you, dear.
Hope you're hungry.
I made your favorite.
Silly Heaven...
you forgot to bring
Grandma Annie her plate.
Oh. uh, are you sure
she's hungry today?
Well, you are,
aren't you, Annie, darling?
Grandma Annie was my rock.
I miss her something awful,
but I think it's time...
Well, she's still here.
She's not going nowhere.
Looks good.
Oh! Oh, God, it's just you.
Yeah, just me.
No, not "just" like that.
I... was startled.
I thought I was hearing things.
Yeah? Like what?
We were just talking
about my grandma,
and I heard a voice.
- I don't know.
- Well, that's silly.
She can't be
in two places at once.
Well, those are beautiful.
One for you and one for Annie.
Oh! What a thoughtful
young man.
Don't you think so, Heaven?
Quite thoughtful.
And those are quite lovely.
Thank you.
So, Logan,
you been scooped up yet?
No, not yet, Mr. Casteel.
Still available.
Well, can I bang up some nails,
hang these things up?
Go ahead.
You'd better be careful
about him.
He's gonna get snatched up
before he hits the front porch.
Would you stop?
I'm going to be late for school.
Can I carry
the teacher's books to school?
Well, Logan Stonewall,
you've used that line on me
many, many times before.
Yeah, even though
it's hardly ever worked.
No, it was because
I was ashamed
of how poor we were.
You know that wouldn't have
changed how I felt about you.
Well, I was conditioned
to believe
that the hillfolk
were the scourge of the town,
and back in high school,
you seemed to be
a fancy town boy.
Did I act that way?
No, you were the exception,
then and now.
Well, it's an honor
to help Winnerow's
most popular new teacher
make her way to school,
and I'm available...
every morning.
Yep, every morning.
So, the new
Casteel family circus
is coming through town
on the weekend.
Are you gonna go?
Do I have a choice?
I'm excited to see Tom.
That's why I'm going.
They've been traveling non-stop.
Say, you wouldn't need
the company of
a nice young fellow
on Saturday night, would you?
Why? Do you know someone?
Just like the old days...
rebuffed by Heaven again.
In all seriousness,
I can't stop thinking about you.
I know you're the one.
I need to know
if I have a chance with you,
despite our complicated past.
You'll always be my first love,
Logan Stonewall, but...
I don't want
to rush into anything.
Wouldn't want to make
the same mistake again.
Your Grandma Annie here
was just sayin' she can't wait
for the circus tomorrow night.
Oh, that.
Yeah, I know it took
a lot longer than we thought,
but, eventually,
he made something of himself.
Oh, yeah, Annie,
that made all the difference,
all the difference.
I didn't hear her.
What made all the difference?
The money that he got
for you children.
Boy, with that chunk,
he went down to Florida
and finally made good
his dream of buying a circus.
I must have misunderstood her.
Um, what children?
What money?
You children, from the families
that you went to.
Luke took money for us?
Yeah, for his troubles.
So he split us up
far away from each other
for money, for his troubles?
Well, your mother was dead,
and his wife, Sarah,
had just left him, so...
Yeah, because he was a monster!
He totally neglected
his duties as a father
and sold his children?
No, he, he can't just
get away with this!
He can't live
a happy, successful life
with a new little family.
He has to be punished.
I'm going to make him believe
he's seen a ghost.
And I know just how to do it.
Yeah, hi.
I know you're just trying
to do your whole routine here,
but I'm actually
looking for someone.
Well, let me guess.
Who are we looking for?
A handsome, strapping young man,
maybe, with, uh...
Unforgettable eyes?
I-I didn't even recognize you.
Of course, I heard your voice,
but I didn't see you.
Ah, yeah, there you are.
Yeah, I barely recognized you
with that wig
and that get-up on, but...
you know, that smile
I can never forget.
uh, you're a clown.
You're a clown?
Yeah, I'm a clown.
Tom, I'm serious.
I know.
I just hate to see
your dreams take a back seat
to Luke Casteel's "great idea"
to invest all of his money
into a rundown circus,
especially after what he's done.
I've been trying
to tell you, Heaven.
He's not like that anymore.
Did you know that he sold us?
He sold his own children.
Did you know?
No. I had no idea.
That's awful, but you know what?
I could believe it.
He was terrible back then,
but he's completely
different now.
So you're just
gonna forgive him?
Why is everyone so eager
to give Luke Casteel a break?
I mean, someone
has to remind him
that being a terrible father
and a terrible person
has its consequences.
He doesn't deserve to be happy!
Is that why you're wearing
your mother Angel's
old wedding dress?
To look like her?
To make him lose his mind?
The same one she wore
when she married him.
If he sees you
looking like your mother,
who he loved more than anything,
you could send him down
a very dark path, Heaven.
That's the plan.
Heaven! Heaven!
Please, don't do this.
I understand
why you're still so angry,
but please find a way
to forgive him,
for your own sake.
Don't torment him or yourself.
All the things that happened
to us when we were kids...
We shouldn't have
gone through that...
But you're right. I...
You're right.
What am I doing?
- Angel?
- I should go.
Pa, the gate!
My Angel?
The lion's escaping!
No! No! Tom!
Tom! Tom! It's okay.
It's okay.
Just keep your eyes open.
Keep your eyes open, Tom.
Forgive... Pa.
No, Tom!
No, no.
He was a good man.
Better than you ever were.
He was born better.
Oh, this is all my fault.
I should've been
trying to forgive you.
I should've been more like Tom.
Don't you ever say that.
It's not your fault.
Heaven, you were Tom's hero.
I should be the one
asking you for forgiveness.
Now, would you come
and say hi to Stacie and Drake?
Stacie, you remember Heaven?
I'm so sorry
about your brother, Heaven.
He was a wonderful young man.
And, of course...
our son, Drake.
Drake, do you remember
meeting your half-sister,
Nice to meet you again,
Miss Heaven.
My goodness.
You don't have
to call me "miss."
We are family, after all.
Oops. Sorry.
Well, so much for
sneaking in quietly.
Oh, I am so torn up
that Tom is gone.
this is my boyfriend, Randall.
He's rich.
Aren't you, Randall?
Well, I wouldn't say...
Yep! Rich!
We're lookin' for a place
here in Winnerow...
Well, congratulations.
If you'll excuse me.
Oh, I will not.
You owe me an explanation.
It's been years!
You never got back
in touch with me.
About what?
About Darcy.
My daughter.
You promised
you'd get her back for me
from the Reverend.
And I went to his house, Fanny.
The man raped me, Heaven,
and stole my baby.
Did you even
offer him the money?
Yes, I did,
but it's not about money.
Everything is about money.
No, it's not.
Not to everyone, it isn't,
especially where children
are concerned.
Darcy needs a mother
who'll put Darcy's needs
before her own.
The Reverend's wife
is doing that.
Can you honestly say
you'd do the same?
Oh, I see.
You don't think I'm good enough
to care for my own child.
That's low, Heaven,
even for you.
How can you say that?
I've always been good to you.
I will make sure you pay
for the way you treat me.
It is just all so devastating!
Thank you so much
for coming, Logie.
Uh... of course.
Heaven... I'm so sorry.
I know that Tom was your rock.
He was my best friend.
I know I'm not Tom,
I know I never will be, but...
I want to take care of you.
I want to comfort you.
I love you, Heaven.
I've always loved you.
This is really nice.
I'd say.
I've been thinking about us
a lot, lately...
how great it is
when we're together.
I know I asked you once
if you'd marry me,
five years ago...
and I know
we were in high school,
so young,
and I don't know
if that would have been
"for better or for worse,"
but I guess we'll never know,
'cause we can't go back in time.
I know one thing's for sure...
I'm better when I'm with you.
I'm asking you again...
five years later...
Heaven Leigh Van Voreen...
will you marry me?
Are there any new
RSVPs for our wedding party?
Oh, this one's from Luke.
He can't make it.
He has "business plans."
I mean, that's B.S.
If the Thomasons can reschedule
their entire vacation,
don't you think
the man who raised me
can at least make an effort?
I'm sorry, Heaven.
No wonder little Drake
hasn't even responded
to the postcards I've sent him.
Luke probably didn't even
show them to him.
Why is there a letter from Tony?
He says congratulations, and...
Okay, he regrets
that he can't come
because Jillian is so ill,
but I didn't even invite him.
I mean, I kind of,
maybe, invited him.
Well, "kind of maybe"?
Logan, why the hell
would you do that?
Well, I just thought
they were your grandparents,
you might want them
in your life.
No. Tony is
my stepgrandfather.
Well, I know that.
I just thought
you might want them...
Look, why wouldn't
you want them in your life?
And it says here they want
to throw us a big party
at Farthingale Manor.
I'd rather not
go back to Farthy.
Even for a massive party
just for us?
Come on, it'd be fun...
We could do it
right after
our wedding party in the barn.
And... you get more gifts.
That's my wife.
- I'm gonna get some water.
- Okay.
You're a miracle-worker.
You got the townsfolk
and the hillfolk
all happy together.
We never thought
we'd see the day.
What a great wedding,
hey, Grandma Annie?
Oh. Uh...
I'm so glad
you agreed to come here
and to let your grandparents
throw us a party.
We'll only stay here
a couple days, yeah?
There they are!
Earlier than expected.
Bit of a lead foot, eh?
Man after my own heart.
Logan, this is
my stepgrandfather, Tony.
Tony Tatterton.
Such a pleasure
to finally meet you, Logan.
Likewise, sir.
Oh, and my dear Heaven.
It's so lovely
to see you back at Farthy.
Mm. I have missed you so.
Let me take you on a tour.
This way.
- Can't wait.
- Yeah.
The croquet lawn
is just over there.
We usually play
in the afternoon.
Of course, there's the pool,
but if you want to go
for a real swim,
there's the sea, too.
The pathway down
is just over there.
Now, let me show you
where you'll be staying.
I put you two
in Heaven's mother's suite.
You remember that suite, Heaven.
For my money,
it's the most beautiful suite
in all of Farthingale.
Are you okay?
Just memories.
I miss him, too.
Of course, I blame myself.
I know my brother killed himself
because of what I did.
I don't want
to talk about this with you.
Thank you for coming home.
This isn't my home.
Logan just liked the sound
of your little party.
Does he even know who I am?
You introduced me
as your stepgrandfather.
Because you are
my stepgrandfather.
I'm your biological father.
Yes, and he'll never know that!
No one will.
Do you want to know why?
Because I'm ashamed.
I'm so ashamed of you.
I'm ashamed of what you did.
I loved your mother, Heaven.
I loved her very much.
She was your stepdaughter!
And you were
the product of that love!
You forced yourself on her.
You raped her.
Coming here was a mistake.
I want to be
a good father to you.
I really do.
Let go of my arm!
Where's my grandmother?
She didn't come down to meet us.
Jillian is not well.
She doesn't leave her room much.
You should go see her.
Knowing that you're here might...
Might do her some good.
Mais oui, cheri.
Of course, I modeled in Paris.
How dare you come back here
after what you've done?
You think I don't know
you seduced my husband
and ruined my marriage?
Oh, no.
No, no, it's not Leigh.
It's Heaven.
My own teenaged daughter,
pushing herself on my husband,
looking at him...
I saw it.
I saw the way you teased him
with that beautiful,
young body of yours.
How could he resist?
No, it's your granddaughter.
It's Heaven, not Leigh.
Did you forget?
No, I don't forget.
I don't forget.
When did you get back?
Is it the weekend already?
How was your week
at boarding school, my darling?
It was good.
It was really good.
I think you might want
to lie down for a bit.
Yeah, I think I should have
a bit of a lie-down.
You can't have the beauty...
without the rest.
Oh, thank you, dear.
Thank you.
Hey, are you...
Hey, are you wearing coattails?
Dress to impress, right?
Uh, impress who?
These people.
Shall we?
Good to see you.
Just keep your head on straight.
This world tends
to suck people in easily.
Don't worry so much, honey.
No, all I'm saying
is that people with money
aren't necessarily
happy or good.
I completely agree.
What is this?
Foie gras.
Yes, please!
Okay. Thank you.
I've never had foie gras.
Didn't I say
it would be spectacular?
Oh, Tony, this is
more than spectacular.
This is amazing.
Worth a stopover, then?
And how!
why don't you get us
three glasses of Champagne?
We'll kick this party into gear.
You look spectacular.
This is only the beginning.
There's so much more
I want to give you,
if you'll let me.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for coming!
It simply means the world to us.
This is the happiest day
of my life,
and to be here,
surrounded by all of our...
our closest friends...
To be here for the marriage,
my marriage
to the love of my life...
Tony Tatterton.
Oh, Tony, I know
that your love
will always remain true...
And you so willingly,
so willingly,
take in my daughter,
Leigh, as your own.
Kiss your wife, Tony.
They all want to see us kiss.
Oh, Tony, darling.
Would you, please?
- Ah, my husband...
- Just get her away.
Thank you all
for coming to our wedding.
Here we are!
No, Tony. I can't.
I've had too much already.
One more special one,
from my private collection.
Now, listen, tomorrow morning,
I must leave you
for a work-related meeting,
but we must discuss
my business proposal
upon my return.
Uh, excuse me?
Oh, my goodness,
did I neglect to tell you?
I recently came across
the most charming
hand-whittled toys
made by the people from
where you grew up, Heaven.
I believe
they're called "Willies"?
You know about the Willies?
Oh, yes!
I think they're charming
and unique,
and I think they'll be a big hit
with a number of my customers.
So I am proposing
to build a factory
in your hometown of Winnerow,
so the people there
can make them full-time.
That would bring so much work
to the Willies.
People are desperate
for employment there.
They are.
And I can think of no one better
to oversee and manage operations
than the two of you,
who already know the area
and the people intimately.
You two could be co-presidents.
What do you say?
I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna let you two lovebirds
discuss this privately.
I don't want to put you
on the spot.
You're amazing.
I love you.
You too.
My love.
I thought I'd lost you.
No, Troy, don't...
Don't leave me again, Troy.
Troy? Troy!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Are you sure?
I love you...
and I'll never stop loving you.
What's going on?
We should go back to Winnerow.
Now? Is everything okay?
Is this about the nightmare
you had last night?
It's just the honeymoon's over,
which was lovely,
but we should go find a site
for the new factory,
and, technically,
we're on the clock,
so let's go, Mr. Co-President.
You're home early.
The staff called
and told me about your plans.
I couldn't bear
the idea of you leaving so soon,
so I came back.
Please, before you go,
let me show you something.
These are plans
to complete the east wing.
Your new home.
Your second home.
I mean,
you could split your time
between Farthy and Winnerow.
Best of both worlds, no?
Yeah, I'd say so.
I hope everything
looks to be to your liking.
It's huge.
You are as close
as I'll ever come
to having children.
We can't accept this, Tony.
I really appreciate it,
but we're perfectly comfortable
staying in my mother's old room.
If there is going to be
a Tatterton factory in Winnerow,
we should get started.
Right away.
Let's go.
Bring her back soon.
Family is everything,
and we are all family now.
Bye, Tony.
And this is
the new, larger break room
that you asked for.
The workers will be quite happy
with it, Mrs. Stonewall.
Great, and we mustn't forget
they're the inspiration
for this factory.
It's not about the money.
It's about the people, too.
Of course, ma'am.
With your approval, I could have
the construction crew start
first thing in the morning.
Darling, you devil.
What are you doing?
"Please," what?
You dirty dog.
Just do
what you have to do and leave.
Fanny, what the hell
are you doing
half-naked in our bedroom?
She said her plumbing was out,
and she came over here
to shower.
How was I supposed to know
y'all are back in town?
You don't tell me nothin'.
Logan, would you
please step outside
while I talk to my sister?
Why are you trying
to seduce my husband?
I never!
Heaven, I have a boyfriend...
who keeps me quite satisfied,
I might add.
Is it even possible
for you to speak without lying?
Oh... well, you would know
all about lying,
wouldn't ya, sis?
Telling me you would help me
and then doing
sweet nothin' for years.
You know, come to think of it,
I guess you would know
all about seduction, too.
You're hardly an angel.
Why... why are you always
so mad at me?
Because you always
try to leave me behind!
Leave you behind?
When all I've ever done
is try to take care of you?
Take care of me?
Is that what you call it?
You left me, Heaven Leigh,
after you swore
you would look after me.
You stood by and watched
and let Pa sell me
to that lustful reverend,
and then you go and live
like a queen
with your fancy, rich relatives,
and then you go and say
the most awful thing to me...
That I wouldn't make
a good mother to my own child.
Money has changed you.
No. That is not true.
You know, actually, I do want
to confess one little thing.
It's true,
I find Logan attractive.
I always have,
and he sure was
enjoying my little show
before he heard
your car pull up.
The truth is,
I asked him to get me a towel,
and he said,
"Why don't you come over here
and get it yourself?"
But is that it?
Are we done chattin' now?
Hey, where are you going?
Logan, just leave me
alone, please.
Where are you going?
I don't know.
I-I just...
I don't know
where I belong anymore!
With me!
You belong with me.
How could you betray me?
Heaven, nothing happened.
Heaven, look at me.
You know me, and you know Fanny.
She's incapable
of telling the truth.
Nothing happened, I swear.
All right? We can go.
We can go back to Farthy,
but we're doing it together,
'cause you're my wife,
and I love you.
The crew is working doubly hard
because they're so excited
about the factory.
We're thinking
of 15 toymakers to start,
and 15 support staff.
My... you two are making me
look like a genius.
Nice work.
I feel like you should head
back down right away, though,
oversee the project,
make sure
there aren't any hiccups.
And Heaven,
I was hoping you might stay.
Jillian has gotten worse
since the party.
Every time she sees me,
she has another episode.
I was thinking maybe
if there was another
family member here
to help the nurse,
we might be able
to calm her back down.
She does love you very much.
So, Heaven, will you stay on,
for your grandmother?
Okay. I'll stay.
It's yours now.
What is?
The sickness.
What sickness?
The sickness
that my mother gave to me
and I gave
to your mother, Leigh.
what are you talking about?
That constant fire
burning inside, that heat,
the burning heat...
always the desire.
Listen to me.
Listen to me, woman-child.
I know from experience
that the more you try
to run away from it,
the harder it will chase you...
The fire inside of your body
will burn you alive
if you don't give in to it.
It can't be.
It is.
You faked your own death!
What the hell?
Believe me, Heaven,
tearing myself away from you,
that was the hardest thing
I ever had to do in my life,
but I knew that it was right.
Tony is my brother.
He is your father.
- Stop!
- I am your uncle!
- Your blood relative!
- I don't want to hear this.
But you must!
You really must!
It has been so hard
to be away from you.
I thought you killed yourself.
Don't you know
what that did to me?
I missed you.
I've missed you, too.
Every day.
I haven't been able
to stop thinking about you,
even for a moment.
When I heard you were back
in Farthy, I just...
I couldn't help myself.
I had to catch
a glimpse of you again,
and I thought that maybe
if I could just...
if I could just be near you,
then maybe it would be enough.
Is that enough?
I'll never forget last night...
But I'm married.
I'm married to Logan, and...
We're happy.
We have to be stronger.
Goodbye, Troy.
Goodbye, Heaven.
I'm sorry.
No! Someone come quickly!
Call an ambulance.
Call an ambulance!
Where are you, Tony?
Oh, Jillian.
Oh, my God, Jillian.
What have you done?
"My dear, forbidden love.
Last night feels like a dream.
I will never forget it,
but as last night proved,
we simply cannot be together
without needing more.
We will never
see each other again,
but you will always be with me
and I will always love you.
Forever, Troy."
Perfect timing, darling.
Well, I have a gift for timing,
what can I say?
What are you doing here?
Well, hello to you, too,
dear sister.
Long time, no see.
My condolences
about your fancy grandma.
I hope the funeral was
a sufficiently classy affair.
So sad, really, you know?
I'm sorry to barge in
on whatever you've got
going on here,
but I won't be long.
I just came to tell you,
you don't have to worry
about going back to the reverend
for my baby anymore...
Not that you were
ever actually gonna.
Well, aren't you
gonna ask me why?
Because I have a new baby
all to myself now.
That's right.
I got a bun in the oven.
Guess who the daddy is?
God, you are no fun!
You should've been here, Heaven.
You should've
stayed in Winnerow.
You should've
taken more interest.
Interest in what, Fanny?
Interest in your husband.
What does Logan have to do
with any of this?
You dumb?
It's Logan who made me pregnant,
that's what!
I'm having
your husband's baby...
not you.
I told you, you would pay
for the way you treated me.
Life sure has a way
of bitin' you in the ass,
don't it?
Smells great.
You have a wonderful night, sis.
what is that divine smell?
Could it be that my wife
is home and she's cooked?
Is everything okay?
Is this something with Tony?
The company?
It's actually
something with Fanny.
What's the matter?
I think you know
what I'm talking about.
No, I really don't.
She's pregnant, Logan.
And I'll take your silence
as a confession.
Of what?
That you made love to my sister!
It wasn't love, Heaven.
Don't play word games with me.
Just tell me the truth!
She came over one night
when you were at Farthy.
She kept telling me
how lonely she was,
pouring me glass after glass
of wine,
and asking me,
"Aren't you lonely, too?"
I don't know, Heaven.
I can barely remember any of it.
You don't remember?
I was drunk!
I missed you.
It was a mistake, Heaven.
A terrible, terrible mistake.
One night.
I'm sorry.
Can you forgive me?
Will you ever be able
to forgive me?
It's just...
This is one of those times
I could really use your advice.
Part of me feels like
my anger is justified...
my husband...
was with Fanny.
Fanny, of all people.
But in truth, it's no different
than what I've done...
what I did with...
with Troy.
How could I possibly
not forgive him?
In fact...
By not being honest with him,
I may be...
I may be worse.
Heaven, I will do anything...
I forgive you.
You do?
Just like that?
Yes, I forgive you.
It will never happen again.
I know, but it happened,
and it's over,
but we have to discuss
the consequence.
The baby, Logan...
we'll have to send money
to Fanny
so that the child can live well,
and we all have to discuss
as to what degree
you'll be involved
in the child's life,
but we'll...
We'll figure that out.
I still can't believe how well
you're taking all of this.
I just, I can't talk about it
anymore, though.
Can I kiss you?
I'm so sorry,
I want to make this up to you.
No. No! I..
I can't...
I can't do this right now.
But we'll make it
through this, okay?
As long as you agree
to remain silent
about the truth of the father,
we will cover all costs
of the baby's medical needs
during the pregnancy
and birth...
as well as food and supplies
once the child is born.
And what about me?
What about you?
We're providing for the child
and its needs.
Well, its needs include me!
I ain't just some pincushion
to prick and poke
and forget about.
As this baby's mama,
I mean to be treated as a lady
with class,
just like you.
Don't forget,
your man came to me
'cause you weren't
taking care of him,
and now there is hell to pay.
I'm the one gotta live
with a child now, ain't I?
And what about Randall?
I ain't got time
to go lookin' for a new man.
Who will even want me now?
Well, tell Randall it's his.
He wants kids, doesn't he?
And that's gonna cost you.
So what do you propose?
How much do you want us
to send you a month, Fanny?
I don't know.
15 hun...
2,000 a month...
provided the paternity
remains a secret
and Randall believes
he's the father.
Oh, that part costs another 500.
Better make it 2,500,
because, I mean...
Randall kinda shoots blanks.
Well, then, tell him
it's a miracle.
Make him believe.
2,500 a month.
Hey, you have always
acted better than me.
Even when we was all poor,
you acted rich...
But I know why.
'Cause you were always
jealous of me.
Of you?
'Cause Pa liked me and not you.
Pa held me.
Pa kissed me.
He treated you
like you never belonged,
'cause your birthing
killed his precious Angel.
You killed your own mother,
and you can't ever run away
from that, Heaven.
I forgive you.
You might not know it yet,
but I know it
better than anyone.
That rage comes from
the pain that Pa caused.
The Pa who you claimed
loved you so much.
And Tom was right.
Not being able to forgive
has turned me ugly inside.
It's the same rage
that's making you ugly.
Oh, if I'm so ugly,
how come your husband
came begging...
You've done a horrible thing
to me, Fanny...
But, by forgiving you,
you're no longer able
to keep me prisoner,
and neither is Pa.
So I'm ready to honor
Tom's dying wish
and forgive you,
forgive Pa,
forgive myself.
So thank you for this.
How'd it go?
It's all settled.
That's great.
What's this?
It's a letter to Pa.
I've finally
forgiven him, Logan.
Heaven, that's huge.
I know.
I think Tom would be
really proud of me.
I was just inviting Pa
to come visit,
if that's all right with you?
Oh, yeah, of course.
It all feels so...
This is amazing!
We're pregnant.
You've made me so happy.
We're having a baby!
What a wonderful day, huh?
Heaven's got
a brand-new grandbaby coming,
just for me and you, Annie,
and what with Luke
coming down from Florida
for a visit,
we're just so happy.
Well, I'm happy you're happy,
but Luke Casteel has already
canceled on us twice,
so let's not get our hopes up.
My boy'll be here.
Who's "Arthur Stein, Esquire"?
That's a fancy-ass name.
It's probably for Heaven.
No, actually,
it's for you, Toby.
What's it say?
What the hell's going on?
It's, uh...
it says Luke and his wife
were fatally injured
in a car accident.
Well, are they okay?
They gonna be here
next week, or...
"Fatally," Toby.
They didn't make it.
I'm so sorry, Grandpa.
That fancy-ass Esquire guy,
he's mistaken.
I don't think it's a mistake.
Come on, Annie.
Let's go for a walk.
Please, just...
Drake survived?
Who's gonna take care of him?
I thought it was important
for you to understand
that your family
stretches far and wide.
What is this place, a museum?
No. No, this is
the Van Voreen-Tatterton home,
and I brought you here
because I want you to know
you're a part
of this family, too.
Yes, you're a Casteel,
and we Casteels
are from Winnerow,
but I'm a Van Voreen-Tatterton
on my mother's side.
So, as your half-sister,
I need you to know
that you belong
in this world, too.
I do?
Ah, there they are.
Do you feel okay
after your flight?
- Yes.
- So it is true.
I just want to...
We have a guest, remember?
Ah, yes. I still think
someone else could've taken him.
You need to look out
for your own now.
He is my own.
Luke Casteel
wasn't your flesh and blood.
But everyone thinks he was,
which is why I have custody,
so let's keep it that way.
No one can take care
of that child the way I can,
and I've started
the official adoption process,
and family, as it turns out,
isn't about biology.
It's about
being good to one another.
I'm sorry.
What a pleasure it is
to meet you, Drake.
Please, make yourself at home.
Now, my cook has made a cake
to celebrate this happy event.
The happy event
that is Drake's arrival, yes?
Yes! Yes. Of course.
Drake, do you like cake,
young man?
Yeah? All right.
Let's go get some.
Why would you have
a letter from Luke's lawyer?
Well, you're up late.
Is everything okay
with the baby?
How many secrets
are you still keeping from me?
Let's start with
what I already know.
You bought the circus
that employed Luke,
then turned around
and sold it to him for a dollar,
handing him
his dream come true...
only on the condition
that he never speak to me again.
It's not like it sounds.
It's exactly how it sounds...
Like how you single-handedly
kept the man who raised me
from coming to my wedding
and kept me from ever being able
to reconcile with him
so that you could remain
the only father figure
in my life.
You are a selfish,
lonely, controlling,
miserable, and evil pig.
you are gonna call
Mr. J. Arthur Stein
to sign over all ownership
of the circus
to a trust in Drake's name,
no conditions.
Of course, Heaven,
but understand, whatever I did,
I did out of love for you.
This isn't love.
You let me believe
that Luke didn't care for me,
that he didn't want me,
that he never wanted
to see me again!
Well, let the punishment
fit the crime
because you will never
see me again.
Leigh, my love...
Are you awake?
I brought this for you.
Will you put it on for me?
I'll lie down with you
like I did
last time you put it on.
Do you remember?
Tony, I'm not Leigh,
and you're drunk,
so you need
to get out of my room.
I know you're upset
about what Jillian said...
but she's just jealous.
She's jealous of your beauty.
She's... She's jealous
of the connection that we have.
She's jealous
of your beautiful body.
Tony, I'm your daughter!
And I'm pregnant!
How could you?
You're an animal.
I'm going back to Winnerow
and never coming back
here again.
I'm so glad you're home
to help plan the party
for the workers.
The factory is such a huge deal
for this town.
The party
needs to be spectacular.
I'm thinking black tie,
string quartet,
and maybe we can even
get some foie gras.
Are you even hearing yourself?
You're sounding
more and more like Tony.
Is that such a bad thing?
He's a classy guy.
Look, I just think
something that exclusive
will alienate the hillfolk.
We should have a party
that celebrates them
and their culture,
the whole reason why these toys
are being made
in the first place.
You're absolutely right.
I don't know
what I was thinking.
I'll call Tony
and make sure he's okay
with everything.
No. No, you won't.
He'll be okay
with whatever I say.
You don't want
to involve him at all?
Why have you been
so harsh towards Tony lately?
I mean, I know he can
get on your nerves,
but he's done so much for us.
Did something happen?
Well, you could say that.
When I was at Farthy,
he crept into my room
and tried to touch me.
He what?
He's your grandfather.
Look, I'm fine.
I fought him off.
That pig.
Nothing actually happened.
He was just drunk
and thought I was someone else.
Who? Jillian?
When I first introduced you
to Tony's world,
I told you...
All that glitters is not gold.
I'm so sorry, Heaven.
I should've been there with you.
No. You were
overseeing business,
and I thought Drake
might want to see Farthy.
But we're never
going back there,
Why don't you try concentrating
on any last-minute details
we have for the factory party,
and Logan...
try to find someone else
to model yourself after.
Hey, everyone.
Welcome to
the Tatterton Toy Party.
Enjoy yourselves.
And how are we doing over here?
Great. This is so fun.
Hey, you hungry?
Heaven, are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
I think I just need to sit down.
You should head home.
Yeah, it's past
Drake's bedtime, anyway.
Thank you for coming.
Where did he get off to?
Drake? Drake!
Where'd he go?
I know where he is.
Where is he?
Fanny, how could you
do something like this?
Oh, hi, Heaven.
Damn you! You...
Heaven, what are you doing?
Stop! Heaven! Fanny!
Get her off me.
She's crazy!
Where is Drake?
Randall ain't
gonna tell you nothin'.
You two will have to work
this out between you all,
but I will say Fanny has
just as much right as you do.
Oh, I have more right!
Pa loved me more than you,
and he would've wanted me
to be a mother to Drake,
not you, not in a million years.
You hated Pa,
and now Drake knows that, too.
What have you been telling him?
Oh, I told him everything.
Told him what you are,
how you dressed up
as your own mother
to punish his pa,
and how it's your fault
Tom was killed.
He thinks you made
his ma and pa go to heaven.
You've been telling him stories,
trying to turn him against me?
You can't do that!
You can't keep me
from seeing him.
You can't!
I've called the police.
They're on their way right now.
Oh, that's just fine.
Hmm? We've already
been talking to a lawyer,
said that Daddy
never left a formal will
specifying guardian,
so I have just as much right
to mother Drake as you,
especially now, with Randall
and I getting hitched.
We have a good
and proper home for him.
So I guess
we'll see you in court.
Don't do this, Fanny.
Don't use a child's life
to fight your proxy war with me.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
I just brought a child home
to his own people,
where he'll stay.
You've done it now.
You've done it now!
gonna come out in the open.
Can't wait!
As your lawyer,
I need to tell you
that you need to be prepared
that this court case is gonna
air all your dirty laundry.
Whatever it takes,
Miss Lakewood.
I-I think we need
to take a moment to consider
if this is
our best course of action.
Would you just man up
and stop acting like Mini-Tony?
Well, I hope you're right.
I just don't think
it'll be very comfortable for us
if our entire personal life
gets aired out
in front of the entire town.
It might shock people.
Might hurt people.
Like who?
Well, my mother, for example.
Well, you weren't too worried
about your mother
when you were screwing Fanny!
That's all right.
I just need to be clear
to both of you
that nothing matters more to me
than getting Drake back.
Be seated.
Court is now in session.
Your Honor,
the prosecution calls
Fanny Casteel-Wilcox
to the stand.
Not too late to give up.
This isn't a game, Fanny.
Of course it is.
Mrs. Wilcox...
How long have you been married
to Randall Wilcox?
Two days.
Did you marry Randall Wilcox
quickly before the court date
only so you would appear
to have a proper home for Drake?
If you're trying to say
this is a phony marriage,
it ain't.
Randall and me figured
it was time to tie the knot,
and we do have a proper home.
You can have a proper home
without being rich as Heaven,
can't ya?
Mrs. Wilcox,
how did you come
to have Drake in your home?
"Come to have him"?
- Mm.
- Well, I picked him up
and took him there,
from the Willies'
factory shindig.
Heaven and Logan
were off partying.
Wasn't no one payin' attention
to little Drake.
You just picked him up
without telling anyone?
Well, he's my brother,
and didn't no one
ever talk to me
about flying him
to a castle in Boston,
trying to lure him
with fancy toys
and a fancy life.
Money shouldn't
have anything to do
with what makes the best home.
Your witness.
Mrs. Wilcox,
this baby you're carrying...
Whose is it?
It's his!
Logan Stonewall.
He made me pregnant.
Mrs. Wilcox,
did Randall know
that Logan Stonewall
made you pregnant
and has been paying
for all the costs
before he married you?
Yes, he did.
And is this your first child,
Mrs. Wilcox?
The rev knocked me up.
He convinced me to keep it
so he and his wife
could raise it as their own
since she could never have kids.
He said he'd pay me
for the baby,
and I accepted his offer.
Then, later on,
I changed my mind.
I wanted it back.
You say you wanted it back?
Sure thing.
Heaven came,
visited me in Nashville.
I was a bit older then,
and I'd realized my mistake.
I asked her to buy
my baby, Darcy, back for me
from the nasty rev,
and she wouldn't do it.
And why not?
Because she has hated me
ever since she found out
she had filthy-rich relatives
that would get sick at the sight
of someone backwoods like me.
She cut me off.
No further questions,
Your Honor.
She is killing us.
We are gonna
have to bring him in.
Go ahead.
Reverend Wise...
Was Mrs. Wilcox's
accusation true?
Did you father her first child?
And in a way,
I am thankful to be relieved
of the secret's burden.
Reverend Wise...
did you seduce Fanny Casteel?
Me seduce her?
No, ma'am, I did not.
No one ever need go
to the trouble
of seducing
that wicked, sinful girl,
for she did steal into my bed
with her lewd, naked body
pressed against me.
You bought me like a slave
when I was just a kid
for 500 bucks from my daddy.
You thought you could do
whatever you wanted with me.
- Mrs. Wilcox!
- Come into my room,
sit on my bed,
talk to me, stroke my hair,
stroke other things!
-Mrs. Wilcox!
That is enough!
Another outburst,
and you will be taken
in contempt.
Well, it wouldn't be
the first time.
Proceed, Reverend Wise.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Your Honor, I have never claimed
to be anything more
than an imperfect vessel
for the Lord...
A vessel of flesh and blood,
but the devil is in that one,
and that devil,
sitting right there,
did very craftily
find a way
to pierce the armor of my faith!
And what would you say
to someone who says
it's your word against hers?
What I would say
is to look at her career choice
in Nashville
after she left us.
Her career choice?
She was a whore!
Her old landlord
called to inform us
that she was caught in the act
of prostitution
several times!
Did Fanny have any other options
besides selling
the child to you?
Why, yes, ma'am.
Of course, she did.
She could have kept the child.
She could have insisted
that I help support her
and the child.
But she didn't, did she?
So why do you think
she didn't want the child?
Because she only
wanted the pleasure,
the sinful pleasure,
and none
of the responsibilities!
No further questions.
Court is adjourned
until tomorrow morning.
Nine a.m.
I'd say round one is over
and it was almost a knockout.
Thank you for seeing me
on such short notice.
Fanny's lawyer called me.
He was meeting her today
after court,
explaining she would
most likely lose custody...
At which point she revealed...
in a manner illustrating
she did not understand
its significance...
That Luke Casteel was not,
in fact, your father.
She told him
that your real father
was Tony Tatterton.
Apparently, she has a letter
from her late brother, Tom,
in which you confided
this information to him.
Tony is her stepgrandfather.
Is he your father?
What does this mean?
It means, Mrs. Stonewall,
that you have
no blood relationship
to Drake Casteel,
whereas Mrs. Wilcox does.
Case closed.
She will be awarded custody
as soon as court
is back in session.
My lawyer says
I ain't to talk to you or anyone
till court tomorrow.
Yeah, well, we're not
going to court tomorrow.
Can you please
let this pregnant woman in
so she doesn't freeze?
Where's Drake?
In his room.
Yes, he's got his own room
here, too.
Where's Randall?
The way he was talking,
he'll annul the marriage,
just like you wanted.
I didn't want that.
I didn't want any of this.
With custody of Drake
and a child on the way,
you'll be taking care
of two kids all on your own.
You think I can't handle it?
Oh, I'm sure you can.
But is that something
you really want to do?
What did you come here
to tell me, Heaven?
I came to make you an offer.
What kind of an offer?
I will give you $1 million
if you give me custody of Drake.
I'll be!
High-and-mighty Heaven Leigh
has stooped
to the very same thing
she held against Pa...
Trading money for children.
The very thing
that you were so angry about,
that you went to take revenge,
only to get Tom killed instead.
This is your offer?
Sure, I want a million bucks...
to get a taste of how you live
in that castle of yours.
But you really think
this is just about money for me?
Isn't everything about money?
This has always been
about love, Heaven.
Don't you think
I want that, too?
Men have always loved you,
Not me.
Not even Randall!
Just some nice guy
that thought he knocked me up.
You know...
I even tried calling Pa
a few times myself in Nashville.
He only ever asked about you.
I thought maybe
he'd ask his own daughter
if she wanted to come live
with him and his new wife.
My big sister
up in her new castle,
did she want me?
Fanny, you can't force people
to love you.
You can only trust
that it'll happen naturally,
and you're going to have
a baby...
who will love you
no matter what.
And you love your baby.
And I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry
for everything that I've done.
I should've fought harder
to get Darcy back
from the reverend,
I left you in Nashville.
I did. I left you.
And I was just so caught up
in the drama of my own life
that I ignored you for so long.
And I'm sorry.
I'll take the money.
Thank you.
You can have Drake.
It's better this way,
and it's better for us.
Turns out...
we aren't even related
one little bit.
And yet, somehow...
We are sisters.
Thank you.
Hi, little Drake.
I missed you so much.
Did you miss me?
And this is
your new little niece, Annie.
Can you say hi?
And this is your new, uh...
Should we go with cousin?
Your cousin,
but her half-brother.
It's complicated.
Anyway, this little guy here
is Luke.
He's older than Annie
'cause I pushed him out first!
Here you go.
You want to come say hi?
Look at him.
Isn't he beautiful?
Are you guys
gonna play together?
What's this?
That is Annie's
first piece of mail.
What an interesting gift.
It's so detailed.
Somebody put a lot of time
into this.
There's no note or letter
to say who it's from, though.
Tony got somebody to make it
as some sort of apology.
I love you.
Your father made that.
Life is complicated, baby Annie.
More than anything, I...
I just want you to be happy,
to be loved,
and to have a wonderful
and peaceful life.