Fall, The (2006)

Nurse Evelyn! Nurse Evelyn!
I have a message for you. In English!
And here we go.
Now, look, here's the list of all the patients
we've had in the ward in the last month.
Thank you, Nurse.
- You're Alexandria?
- Yes.
Your note came in, and landed on my lap.
Couldn't even understand it.
It's written in gibberish or something.
You didn't understand it, didn't you,
didn't understand it, it's not for you.
My name's Roy.
- How'd you hurt your arm?
- I fell.
Me too.
I was picking oranges.
Is that so?
How do you go to the potty?
I don't. They let me go right here.
- In bed?
- Yeah, it's true.
I don't believe.
Hey, Alexandria.
Hey, do you know
you're named after Alexander the Great
who was the greatest warrior
who ever lived?
Yes. And my note is not in gibberish.
It's in English!
Hey, I can see you. Come on out here.
I can see you hiding.
Hey, did you know
he was also looking for a message?
He was lost.
He almost died, separated from his army.
- Did he find the message?
- What?
Did she find the message?
Alexandria the Great.
All right, right, I'll tell you,
just come in here.
Now, come on, grab that chair right there.
All right, don't break your other arm.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- What's in your box?
- Things I like.
- Things you stole?
- No.
A photo.
Where'd you get the elephant?
My friend gave it to me at work.
He's from India.
Look, this is my horse
- and this is my father.
- Yeah?
He's got the same gap in his teeth,
must run in the family.
- Yeah, and here is my house.
- Oh, yeah?
- It was my house.
- What happened?
- They burn it.
- Who burned it?
Angry people.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I said, I'm sorry to hear that.
Angry people.
Yeah, I know,
I'm just sorry that your house got burned.
Why did Alexander
didn't go from that buildings on his horse?
- If him was lost...
- What?
Why did Alexander didn't go
from that middle of the buildings
from that buildings on his horse?
First of all, he didn't have a horse
because his horse was killed in a battle.
And he wasn't
in the middle of any old buildings.
He was lost in the middle of a vast desert,
full of orange sand
with only a handful of men
but they didn't have any water.
"My Lord, all hope is lost.
"It seems your mighty army
shall finally be conquered.
"Not by the Persians, but by our own greed
and gluttony for water.
"This helmet contains our last supply.
"Oh, King,
I believe your wisdom shall save us all."
- Why?
- Why?
Well, because there wasn't
enough water for all of them
and it was Alexander the Great's way
of showing his army
that they were all equal...
It's stupid.
What would you do better?
Was Alexander throw the water
instead to give every soldier a little bit.
Hey, why don't you come back tomorrow
and I'm going to tell you a different story.
An epic tale of love and revenge.
- You know what "epic" means?
- No.
I still got this tightness here.
It's like I can't even...
It means a really long story,
and it's set in India.
...the elephant sitting on my chest.
- You should be fully recovered.
- All right, go on.
- I want you to examine me.
- Will you come back tomorrow?
You personally. I'm not very well.
The swelling seems down.
I know how much it hurts.
A sense of humor.
In the next couple of weeks the pain
should abate, then one more operation.
Like the last one?
This is going to take some effort
on your part, too, you know that?
Come on, then.
- Be back before lunch.
- Okay.
Alexandria, get away from that ice.
I see you licking that ice,
you're gonna get sick.
I want you to go play, go!
Next time, I'll glue your lips to this
and carry you away.
You're lucky it was just a horse
that got killed.
I mean, jumping off a train bridge
was suicide, too.
And if you were trying to impress her...
Sinclair already did a better job.
You know, the actor,
- the leading man.
- I know who he is.
Every cloud has a silver lining,
that's for sure.
Take another card.
- You know, before my accident...
- That is the Queen of Hearts.
...nothing was happening for me.
Now I've had my leg hacked off by savages,
mangled by chariots,
sawed off by lumberjacks.
Hell, I've even had a harpoon through it.
I'm working all the time.
That is the two of spades.
- The studio is just trying to do right by you.
- Excuse me, Mr. Sabatini.
Take the money.
Anyway, gags are not for you, Roy.
You're a college man.
Wasn't me.
One cripple to another...
I didn't throw orange at you.
...no woman is worth suicide.
Like the guy's a movie star, for chrissake.
Was your friend a pirate?
Was your friend a pirate?
Is that how he hurt his leg?
No, he... He does tricks for pictures.
You know, flickers.
Moving pictures.
- I never seen one.
- You're not missing much.
Is that what you do, like your friend?
Just once.
Will you tell me the story now?
- What story?
- The epic.
All right.
All right, close your eyes.
What do you see?
Rub them.
Can you see the stars?
It was a starry night.
Four men waited impatiently
on a small island
surrounded by a calm sea.
But that calmness was deceptive.
For at that moment
an Indian with a bandaged thigh
swam towards them.
Tell me, Indian.
Is it true?
Luigi, is what true?
Governor Odious will execute
your twin brother tomorrow morning.
My poor brother.
In all, there were five of them.
They had only one thing in common,
a hatred of Governor Odious.
The first was an ex-slave, Otta Benga.
He and his brother were born into slavery
only to fill the coffers
of the evil Governor Odious.
One day while toiling in the fields...
Heartbroken at his brother's death,
he freed the slaves
and swore that he would be responsible
for Governor Odious's death.
I like him.
Then, there was the Indian,
who, whenever anxious,
always stroked his brow.
The Indian was supposedly married
to the most beautiful squaw in the world
yet nobody had seen her.
To verify this,
Odious disguised himself as a leper
but when he saw her reflection,
he was smitten.
Locking the doors to his wigwam,
the Indian stood guard.
Little did he know,
he was guarding an empty home
for his wife had already been kidnapped
by the evil Governor Odious.
But the squaw refused
to show herself to him.
So, Odious had her thrown
into the Labyrinth of Despair.
Eventually she realized
there was only one way out.
While mourning his wife's death
the Indian took a blood oath
never to look at another squaw
and that he would be responsible
for Governor Odious's death.
I like him, too.
Luigi was an explosive expert.
When Odious heard
about the power of his new bombs,
he had him publicly banished.
On his return, Luigi discovered
that everybody hid from him
because even speaking to him
was punishable by death.
But when his own priest refused
to hear his confession,
Luigi swore that he would be responsible
for Governor Odious's death!
Next was the English naturalist
Charles Darwin.
He loved all living things,
creatures, plants, everything alive.
Darwin was always accompanied
by his shy, brilliant colleague,
Wallace the monkey.
What is that, Wallace?
I don't know why flamingos are pink.
Even though they had developed
many theories together
they were still looking for something.
- What?
- Butterfly.
That's a good guess.
In fact, a very specific butterfly
called Americana Exotica.
One day, Odious sent them a dead one.
Butterfly Reef.
This Odious, it's bad man?
Oh, yeah.
Butterfly Reef.
That's where Governor Odious
chose to banish our heroes,
to mock them,
hoping that in their fight for survival
they would devour each other.
So, the buccaneers
were trapped on this island.
What means a buccaneer?
Well, it's like a pirate. Pirate and buccaneer,
it's like the same thing.
But I don't like pirate stories.
You're the one who asked for a pirate story.
- No.
- Yes, you did.
I just wanted to know
if your friend was a pirate.
- Why?
- Because he has just one leg.
Oh, right.
Well, yeah, it's not a pirate story.
It's a story about bandits.
In fact, our masked hero
couldn't even swim.
I need to learn to swim.
Finally, very little was known about
the gap-toothed Masked Bandit.
- Like my father?
- Yes, your father.
Except that he and his twin brother,
the Blue Bandit,
had escaped execution
from the Spanish Governor Odious.
Knowing that their chances of survival
were better apart
the two brothers separated
swearing that
they would kill Governor Odious.
We must conceive a plan!
I need to get off this island,
and rescue my twin brother.
What? What?
All elephants?
I say, we...
I have an idea.
Darwin! That was a great idea!
Come on, Otta Benga!
Goodbye, my beautiful friend!
Have a nice swim!
Darwin, you are a genius!
Much obliged!
Where do you get these ideas?
What is it, my friend?
How sad. The tortures of this world
have driven the poor man mad.
Not true.
He said he has been sent by his mystic cult
to help us against Governor Odious
and his Spanish henchmen.
This region was once a lush forest
alive with birds and sacred trees
but Odious had them all burned down.
He also says the birds are safe
inside his belly
but we must take care
for only the fittest shall survive.
Tell him we have no use of a mystic.
We are on a dangerous mission.
We need to hurry to the fort
to save my twin brother.
He will only slow us down.
Fish, seor!
Stand aside, my friend.
Before you say kaboom,
I have this door open.
Forgive me, wise mystic, for my disrespect.
Undoubtedly, you have a flair
for war-mongering.
It would be my honor
if you consider joining us
on our quest.
We must save your brother!
a little test.
You can't stop there.
I just wanna play a little game. I want you
to go outside and touch one of my toes.
No, tell me the story.
What happened with the Blue Bandit?
It won't take long.
- Just go outside and touch one of my toes.
- Okay.
- I'm touching your little toe.
- No!
Please don't tell me
which toe you're touching. I gotta guess.
That's the whole point of the game.
All right.
I'm touching one.
I'm touching one.
You're touching my big toe?
Are you telling the truth?
Oh, I got that?
What happened?
What happened with his brother?
Did he save him?
No, no, no, no. Were you telling a story?
No, no, no.
Were you telling the truth just now?
No. I was telling the truth.
No. You just said no,
you weren't telling the truth.
No, I tell you it.
- Were you telling the truth?
- Yeah.
When you just touched my toe?
- You little liar.
- No.
Alexandria, were you lying to me?
I touch your big toe.
We need to hurry!
Do you want me to finish the story?
The Masked Bandit arrived
at the Chandelier Hall too late.
Odious had already
tortured his brother and crew
and hung them.
All right, that's it! It's not a circus.
It's not a playground for all your...
Please! Are you listening to me?
Get out of here!
- You leave her alone.
- Come here, baby.
Get off! Goddamn!
No, no, no, sweetheart, come here,
come here. Come on.
- Dad? Dad?
- I'm not feeling real well.
- What do you want?
- He's doing it again.
Will you stop that? Leave him alone!
- What's that?
- Food.
- Where'd you get it?
- The chapel.
I'm sorry I shouted at you.
I was angry.
No problem.
Are you trying to save my soul?
Are you trying to save my soul?
- Do you understand me?
- What?
- Did you understand what I meant?
- What you said?
I said, are you trying to save my soul?
- Giving me that.
- What mean that?
The Eucharist. It's a...
The Eucharist.
The thing you gave me. It's a...
It saves your soul.
The thing I gave to you, what?
The little piece of bread
that you just gave me.
It saves your soul.
- What? What? What?
- Are you worried about me?
Saves your soul.
Do you know what "soul" means?
- No.
- It's like strength.
Why does the old man
keep his teeth in a glass at night?
It's where he keeps his strength, his spirit.
His spirit is in those teeth.
Oh, you're missing a little strength
right in the front of your mouth.
The chapel's in the main block, isn't it?
Yes. What happened with the Black Bandit?
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
They keep the medicine in the main block,
don't they?
That which has been taken from me
can never be replaced.
My brother...
- Why he speaks like this?
- Because he's your father.
But my father is dead.
Okay, how do you want me...
How do you want him to speak?
I think of all the joys we had.
Normal, like you.
I could've saved you, but I was weak.
My grief has gone blood-red with revenge.
I'm stronger now.
I will search the four corners of this Earth,
find Governor Odious and joyously kill him!
By the Blue Bandit's honor, I swear
I will annihilate him
and everything that he loves!
I will destroy him! I will destroy him!
Destroy him! I will destroy him!
And every Spanish thing.
I thought he was Spanish.
He was French.
Are you with me, bandits?
Darwin! Which way to Governor Odious?
I tell him not to put the map with the bugs.
Are we lost?
Sorry, Capitaine.
Hey! No!
Hey! You can't eat it, it's poisonous!
What's he saying?
He says we should follow him
to greener pastures!
- What?
- He say it's greener down there.
Green? Down where?
I don't know.
To greener pastures!
Slow down!
The birds in his belly
crave greener pastures!
Hey! It is greener down there.
Greener pastures.
Slow down!
Please don't run!
The poison works faster if you run!
Slow down.
It's poisonous.
He's giving us directions.
Odious's flag.
We must free the slaves.
Tell me, Alexandria, do you read English?
You always stop at the same part
when it's very beautiful
and interesting.
I just wanted to know
if you can read English.
Can you?
- Can you read English?
- Yeah.
- What's this?
- Paper.
No. What's this? This.
- What's that?
- Three.
That's good.
I'm having a hard time sleeping
and I can't remember that story.
I need some pills.
I need pills in a bottle
that has this written on them.
Yes. And it's in the main block.
In that room in the main block.
You understand?
- Ask the head nurse.
- I'm asking you as a friend.
- But it's stealing.
- No, it's not. Not if you need it.
It's no different
than stealing bread from a church.
- I'll ask them for you.
- No.
It's a bandit secret.
I need the pills
to finish the story. Understand?
- I can't get it...
- I'll do it.
You look beautiful.
Why do you put red on your cheeks?
Because it makes you look pretty
and healthy, too.
- Remember, back before lunch.
- I know!
Alexandria, no licking the ice today?
No. Thank you! Bye!
One bite maybe. But a pit of snakes?
M-o-r-p-h-i-n-three. M-o-r-p-h-i-n...
Maybe you got...
I know it's important that you listen to me.
You've gotta think of your other children.
I'm so sorry.
You have to warn your other children
about the sounds of rattlesnakes.
This isn't a good time.
There are snake pits all over this area.
Wake up! Wake up!
You better get up or they'll chop you.
You get up! You better get up
and show these people you are sleeping.
These men will chop you if you don't get up.
Get up!
Get up. This isn't funny.
Please, let's leave this place.
Come on. Come on!
I do that all the time.
All you have to do is change your clothes
and hide the wet ones until they're dry.
You know what I do
when something frightens me?
I say the magic words.
Googly, googly, googly, begone.
Let's practice together.
The magic words.
Googly, googly, googly. Go away.
- Did you get what I sent you for?
- Yes.
- This it is.
- Yeah?
There's only three in here.
- You asked me for three.
- No, I asked you for a full bottle.
- But, you wrote...
- Was this bottle full of pills?
- Were there more pills in here?
- Yeah.
What did you do with them?
I throw them in toilet.
But I throw them away because you wrote
Will they help you sleep?
A nap perhaps.
We must free the slaves.
Did they free the slaves?
Come out, Odious.
Just like a butterfly.
Why the mask again?
He doesn't want to scare her.
She doesn't know anything about him,
but he knew everything about her.
The color of her eyes.
Her favorite food.
Her favorite book.
Boys, she's mine.
- What about the bomb?
- What?
The bomb.
The bandits kidnapped the princess,
leaving behind her little nephew.
They rode down
from the high mountain deserts
to a place he loved.
He had played as a child with his twin.
A palace in the middle of a lake.
What's the matter with that poor fellow?
Ever since the Indian's misfortune
he took a vow
to never look at another squaw.
But a man cannot show what's in his heart
when he hides his face.
Who, may I ask, are you?
To most I am known as the Masked Bandit.
The Scourge of the Southeast?
That's the one.
But that's only when I wear the mask.
Who are you?
Nurse Evelyn.
Once I was Lady Evelyn Everest Everhardt,
and now I am simply called...
- Sister Evelyn.
- She is not a sister.
Bless you. No. What? Yes, she is.
She doesn't have brothers and sisters.
No, she's a nun, like these nuns out here.
And she turned from the Masked Bandit,
and she said...
- May I be frank with you?
- Of course.
Although I've dedicated my life
to God and goodness
I secretly love throwing oranges
at our priest.
Take two turns to the left
and go to the bathroom.
No, you read my note.
What are you talking about?
Go to the bathroom.
How do you know
about the priest and the orange?
Everybody knows
you like throwing oranges at the priest.
Even the priest knows, but I didn't
find that out from your gibberish message.
It's not gibberish.
She wants to ask you
how much days I have to stay here.
Well, I want you to stay here
until you get better.
Her cast will come off in a few days
but I'd like her to stay here
until she's completely recovered.
She wants to say
that we are spend here too much times
and we have to leave the city.
No, well, you just tell her
that you shouldn't be working in the groves.
That at your age it's dangerous
and you'll spend
the rest of your days picking fruit.
And then she'll fall. She surely will fall.
Thank you.
- What did she say?
- She says okay.
- Really?
- Really.
Alexandria, she asked me something,
didn't she?
No, that how we speak.
- You sure?
- Sure.
Beautiful machina. Beautiful machina.
Beautiful machina. Beautiful machina.
Beautiful machina. Beautiful machina.
It's a very generous offer.
If you look over here at the number,
it's more money than I actually make a year.
I want to add something to it.
Don't start adding stuff to this.
You know, the studio's got
a building full of lawyers.
Jumping, falling, crashing.
I mean, cowhands are getting all the glory.
Whose idea was it anyway?
Jumping onto a horse from a train bridge?
Add the screening to the contract
and I'll sign it.
What happens to the money if I die?
Roy, you need to get off this suicide thing.
Let the doctors finish what they started.
Problem is not his back.
It's a broken heart.
He needs to get over her.
I mean, he's not the first guy to lose a girl.
I'm sorry.
You are someone famous.
So they tell me.
Hey, kid!
I made this for you.
Who's in the mask?
You in the wheelchair.
It's beautiful.
I'll keep it forever.
I hope I never get better.
- Why?
- Because I want to stay here with you.
- Hey, this came for you today.
- Really?
- You like chocolate?
- I like it.
- Do you want me to finish the story?
- Yes.
- I need a favor.
- What kind of favor?
You know our friend Walt?
- He's not my friend.
- He's not my friend either.
I retrieved this key from him
because I think he's been stealing my pills.
I think he's got them in his cabinet there.
I want you to go check
and see if he's got them.
Why? I got you the bottle.
There weren't enough in there
for me to go to sleep.
Come on. Be a good bandit.
I don't want to be a bandit.
That's too bad.
Because Odious's castle
is surrounded by a big blue city.
And that's where the bandits are headed
for their final encounter.
It's the best part of the story,
and since you're leaving soon
I'd hate for you to spend your whole life
wondering how it turned out.
- What's in the drawer?
- Stuff.
- What kind of stuff?
- Stuff Walt's been stealing from me.
I won't know until you go look.
- Promise you'll finish the story?
- Yeah.
It's that brown bottle.
- This one?
- That's the one.
I think he stole it from me.
That's mine.
Where did we leave off?
They were telling secrets each other.
I'm looking for the man
who murdered my father.
The Black Bandit said.
My brother, the Blue Masked Bandit...
- He said.
...tried to avenge our father's death.
I've been on a quest for revenge.
Tortured and hung.
He told her everything about his life
except for the name of Governor Odious.
You need to leave.
You should go.
But you promised you'll tell me the story.
You've captivated my heart, Evelyn.
That's why
I can no longer keep you in captivity.
I've fallen in love with you.
But I am consumed with revenge.
I'm not a man who can be loved.
When I fall asleep, you gotta go.
And don't come back tomorrow.
Thank you.
- I'm sorry about this.
- Why?
I'm sorry.
I don't want you to see me like this.
You think you took me captive?
In fact, you're my savior.
I was like a bird in a golden cage.
By freeing me, you captured my heart.
Make them kiss.
No, I don't want to make them kiss.
Because what they're about to find out.
She should have not come with us.
- Why?
- It is too dangerous.
If we are captured,
Governor Odious shall surely kill her.
You mentioned Odious?
He is my sworn enemy.
And my fianc.
I want to look at you until I die.
What a mystery this world.
One day you love them
and the next day
you want to kill them a thousand times over.
God forgive him.
I'm glad I never kissed you.
She can't die.
She's still alive!
The solid gold locket stopped the bullet.
"My dearest daughter,
"never marry for money, fame,
power or security.
"Always follow your heart.
"Your ever-Ioving father."
It says all that on that little locket?
I've never been able to open it.
No one's been able to open it.
You're the first.
And he knew that she was the woman
he was supposed to love.
Please. Please. Now they can kiss-kiss?
But first, marriage.
And then they can kiss.
The ring.
The Mystic spies danger in your palm.
You've taken too many pills. Death is near.
Suicide is not the answer.
He says he also knows of a secret chant.
Whenever we're in trouble...
Something about "googly-googly?"
He says if you fall asleep,
you will never wake up.
The Mystic was right.
The stony-faced priest had betrayed them.
And then they were saved?
There was no one left to save them.
Wallace, is that you? Wallace?
No, it's me.
No wonder the bag was so heavy.
Shoot! Shoot! Shoot them, Daddy!
Shoot them!
Daddy, don't you recognize me?
Don't you? It's me!
Don't you recognize me?
- Who are you?
- It's me, Da-da.
- Who?
- Me!
- My daughter?
- Yes! You recognize me.
Yeah. My daughter
from a previous marriage.
I didn't recognize you
because you have teeth.
You must be stronger now.
Not the time to sleep now.
Not the time to sleep.
It's not time to sleep.
Wake up.
Wake up. It's not time to sleep now.
Wake up.
Don't pretend to sleep.
Wake up. Laugh, laugh.
Not the time to sleep.
Americana Exotica.
Does Dr. Snider know about this?
He was under observation,
but I thought he was getting better.
Alexandria, go inside! Go on!
All right, carry on. Sorry about that.
Roy, wake up. Wake up.
Roy, wake up.
They're going to cut you up.
Gonna chop you up. Wake up.
- Go on! Shoo!
- Wake up.
Oh, no, no, no.
He was his usual self, you know,
smiling away, playing with his teeth.
I just don't feel very well, Doc.
I don't know
what the hell's wrong with me. Cough.
What, am I going delirious
from the medication?
I don't know what the hell...
Roy, I thought you were dead.
Saw two men,
and they were carrying the body away.
And then I tried to pinch your toe.
I run after you,
and after that one of the doctors told me,
"Shoo!" and I had to go away.
I'm sorry. I promise, but you...
- I bring you more medicine if you want.
- Sugar.
- I promise...
- They're giving him sugar.
Come here!
Oh, well, that's great, you're awake.
I brought your x-rays...
- Hey, you wanna take a look...
- Doc, the old man's dead and you're...
- Hey. Roy!
- That's it!
- Will you shut up, already?
- You shut up!
Get out of here! You're not really sick, Walt!
They're feeding you sugar!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- I've had enough of you!
What do you mean, they're giving me sugar?
- Here you go, Doctor.
- She's wet herself.
Get her out of here.
Go back to your room. Orderlies!
You should be in bed, Alexandria.
There's more fires in the field.
It's kerosene.
The kerosene stops the fruit from freezing.
No, it's Mystic.
He's coming out of that tree to help Roy.
I think it's bedtime, young lady.
No more time for funny talk.
Into bed now.
And maybe one day
you can take me downstairs
and introduce me to your friend Roy.
We go downstairs and say good night?
No. He's not allowed any visitors.
Your friend, Roy, needs to rest.
He's very sad. He's lost his girlfriend.
He needs to sleep.
But he can't. He needs medicine to sleep,
but he doesn't have any.
That's the problem.
I'm sure
they're taking very good care of him.
Now, it's time for bed.
Little girls need to go to sleep, too.
- I'm not little. I am five.
- Of course.
I forgot.
Googly, googly, googly, go away.
Googly, googly, googly, go away.
Googly, googly, googly, go away.
Googly, googly, googly, go away.
Googly, googly. Go away.
Googly, googly, googly. Go away.
Googly, googly. Go away.
Googly, googly.
Googly, googly, googly, go away.
Papa, they steal our horse.
Papa, they steal our horse.
they steal our horse.
Papa, angry people burn our home.
They burn our house. Don't go outside.
Angry people kill.
The x-ray seems fine.
- Mommy!
- Were you taking medicine to Roy?
That is your responsibility
and this is how you treat it.
To get better, you gotta have the will
and your own desire to live.
I fell again.
I heard. Everybody's heard.
You're famous.
Are they angry?
but not at you.
I try to take more pills, but I fell.
It was the wrong thing, and...
- What?
- I put my foot on it when I went up
and later on the thing made me go like that
and I fell.
I didn't tell anybody about our secret.
Even when they tortured me with needles.
Is that a pirate's flag?
Is that yes or no?
Tell me the story.
I should go. You need your rest.
But I want to talk.
- I know you do.
- You promised.
The story was just a trick
to get you to do something for me.
- What?
- I was...
But I need the story.
You should ask someone else.
There's no happy ending with me.
I still want to know.
Ask your friend, Nurse Evelyn,
she'll tell it better than I will.
I don't want her in the story!
She's okay.
Oh, she doesn't really
love Governor Odious.
She's just pretending.
I saw her with one of the hospital men.
She was just pretending to love you.
Just like your girlfriend.
I see.
Governor Odious with Nurse Evelyn!
She's right.
She's right!
We don't need her.
She can't be trusted.
You give them your heart,
but all they really want is your wallet.
Sooner or later she's gonna leave him
for a richer man.
Is a trap.
- I understand.
- I don't like it.
Thank you for telling me.
Is a suicide. For all of us.
We're going.
Hey, Indian, what means suicide?
Wallace? Wallace!
Wallace, what are you doing?
Wallace, please will you come down?
Please, this really isn't the time.
Wallace, please!
Wallace, will you come down?
Wallace, what did you do?
Americana Exotica!
Americana Exotica!
It's beautiful!
Does he really died?
Let's go!
I'm all washed-up!
- Uncle Darwin, there's angry people.
- Don't leave me, my friend.
I'll tell everyone they were your idea.
They're going to find out I'm a fraud!
Go on! Shoot, you animals!
They'll pay you well for Darwin's hide.
He died, too.
And Wallace, too?
Did he really died?
Yeah, and in Wallace's case, happily so.
It was the natural order of things.
All things must die.
Damn it all!
Back! Get back!
If you want something done...
Get down there!
...you have to do it yourself.
Get down there, you animals!
And bring them up here!
I don't like this! I don't like this story.
Why are we running away?
Why did Luigi kill himself?
Why did not he come with us?
And live as half a man?
He couldn't do that.
He gave up.
It's not very satisfying, is it?
He didn't think so either.
Please, the Mystic.
Why? Why are they killing the Mystic?
We need to go help him.
- Hey!
- Mystic!
Googly, googly, googly, googly,
googly, googly.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry.
Googly, googly, googly!
It's okay.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no!
Why are you killing everybody?
Why are you making everybody die?
It's my story.
Mine too.
Bring them up here!
We are here.
Don't look at her.
- She is also with Odious.
- Quiet.
- Just like your girlfriend.
- Shut up.
Your girlfriend came with Odious
to see you...
The bandit entered Odious's garden...
But she stood in the car and she...
- But Odious was nowhere to be seen.
- And Odious...
As the bandit ran past Odious' hiding place,
Odious cracked him in the nose!
No, but wait a little. Wait, please!
So he sank to the bottom of the pool.
He didn't even try to swim.
- You are making this up.
- No, I'm not.
And he started to sink and he was dying.
Let him live.
Get up!
Roy, get up and fight!
Get up!
Oh, what a shame! Look, God damn it!
Get up!
Look at him! Look at him!
Get up!
- I want you to see how pathetic he really is.
- I can't get up!
- Get up!
- I can't get up!
- For God's sake, the water's only waist high.
- Get up, Daddy!
I'm not your father.
How pathetic! Look at him!
He's a drug addict!
Your father is a coward.
A useless good-for-nothing!
Dad, get up!
He can't win!
That's because
our Masked Bandit's a coward!
Yeah, he never took an oath.
- A fake, he's a liar and a coward.
- You're lying!
No. He had his fingers crossed.
He has to die.
I don't believe you.
He was dying.
Don't kill him.
- I'll bring you more pills if you want.
- Dad, get up!
- Don't kill him.
- There's nothing left for him.
His daughter.
He wasn't her father, either.
She loves him.
She'll survive. She's young.
I don't want you to die.
Don't kill him.
Let him live.
Let him live.
Don't kill him.
Promise? And don't cross your fingers.
I promise.
Show me your hands.
No more fighting.
He needs to go to his daughter. It's okay.
It's okay. It's all right. It's over now.
Give me a kiss.
you do realize it was all a test
to see if you truly loved me, don't you?
We're finally free to follow our hearts.
By all means.
Follow your heart.
I'm not feeling very well.
We're a strange pair, aren't we?
Action, action, action, action.
So, this is the kind of trash
we're gonna be making now.
People jumping off buildings,
bridges, horses.
Did I just miss something?
That was it?
That was his big stunt?
He didn't even use that horse thing.
I put old man's teeth there
because I think that
the Mystic comes out of the tree
and it will grow a special orange tree.
Alexandria! Alexandria!
And we'll have oranges inside with teeths,
with teeth inside.
When I get out from the hospital,
I miss Roy very much.
My mother told me that he plays in pictures
and he does things
that the other actors cannot do
like falling and hitting
and when they climb on something,
when they...
I didn't believe my mother,
but then I saw him.
I watch the picture again
and again and again
and to make sure that was Roy,
and was Roy!
And then, I like the action
from all the pictures
because I know that Roy is making
all the falling and hitting and climbing
and he was on the stairs
and he was going up and down
and up and down.
And he was falling from the train
and he was taking the car...
And he was falling from the bicycle
and from a big house.
It was Wallace!
He was falling with the rope
and he was hit and he was going...
"Thank you, thank you,
thank you very much!"