Fahrenheit 11/9 (2018)

Was it all just a dream?
MOORE: It was the night
before the election in 2016.
Everything seemed to
be going as planned.
Amateurs and experts alike
had already called
the election months ago.
There's not going to be
a President Donald Trump.
That's not going to happen.
Donald Trump is not going to be
president of the United States.
Donald Trump will never be elected
president of the United States.
He's not going to
be president.
Is there a path to victory for
Donald Trump at this point?
You still think she has a 100%
chance of winning the election?
MAN: Mmm, I do.
I'm not sure the Republican
Party is going to survive.
I would like
to introduce to you
the next president of the United
States, Mrs. Hillary Clinton.
Thank you all, and thanks
to Jay-Z and Beyonc.
And thanks to Chance The Rapper and J.
Cole and Big Sean.
MOORE: She had no idea
who any of these rappers were.
But it didn't matter.
NEWS ANCHOR'. The big day
is finally here.
And it's time to vote.
MOORE: A giddy nation awoke that morning
to the news in The New York Times
that Trump had only
a 15% chance of winning.
WOMAN: You know, growing up as a little
girl, I never thought I could be president.
It's becoming very real.
Congrats, Hillary,
our first woman president.
Whoo! Hillary all the way.
All the way to
the White House.
I waited over an hour to vote.
I am so happy.
In Rochester, New York,
thousands put "I voted" stickers on the
grave of suffragist Susan B. Anthony.
This is the most important election
that I have ever voted in.
I got to vote for a woman for president.
We finally made it.
MOORE: Once the polls closed,
before the votes were even counted,
the champagne corks
were popping
at Hillary's victory party
in New York City.
This has a literal
glass ceiling,
a glass ceiling they're hoping to
symbolically burst through tonight.
Let's be one nation, indivisible,
with a kick-ass president.
MOORE: Meanwhile,
just 17 blocks away...
It's a decidedly small venue,
perhaps the smallest one I've
ever seen for an event like this.
MOORE: Things were looking bad
for the other candidate.
The crowd was glum.
REPORTER". GOP officials now fear that
if Donald Trump loses by a landslide,
he could take down the
congressional majorities with him.
MOORE: Fox News
seemed relieved
that they wouldn't have to support
this man for the next four years.
I think Hillary
is going to win.
The betting odds on the
presidential race are three-to-one
in favor of
Secretary Clinton.
Look at all these wins
we're projecting
for Hillary Clinton.
Right now, she wins New Jersey
with 14 electoral votes.
NEWS ANCHOR 1: Mrs. Clinton
is also performing strongly
on the East Coast.
Massachusetts, Maryland...
NEWS ANCHOR '2'. And Illinois
with 20 electoral votes.
Hillary Clinton
projected the winner.
No huge surprises thus far.
MOORE: Then, something strange
began to happen.
REPORTER 1: Big news
for the first time tonight.
Really big news
in the presidential race.
We can project that
Donald Trump
will win the state of Ohio.
Donald Trump will carry
the state of North Carolina.
And that is huge
for Donald Trump.
This is exactly
what he needed to do.
Donald Trump will carry
the state of Florida.
State of Wisconsin.
He will win Wisconsin...
NEWS ANCHOR'. Trump doing very
well in Pennsylvania right now.
A cliffhanger
going on here in Michigan.
56% of the vote is in.
Look at how close it is.
Right now,
Donald Trump is ahead.
It's completely flipped now.
MOORE: To make matters worse,
Fox News was using my name.
Michael Moore, who knows
white working-class voters,
he's made movies about them,
he grew up in Michigan,
had been saying all along
to the Democrats,
"Dismiss him
at your own peril."
And he said,
"I'm warning you,
"I know the people
who live in my state
"and I know how they think
and I know what
their concerns are."
Everybody should head home.
You should get some sleep.
We are not going to have
anything more to say tonight.
This is a Fox News
election alert.
Donald Trump is the president
of the United States.
MOORE: It looked
like a perp walk.
He had written
no victory speech.
Never did a group of people
look as sad
to win the presidency
as this crowd.
MOORE At 2:29 a.m., on 11/9/16,
our new leader's image
was projected onto
the Empire State Building.
How the fuck did this happen?
MOORE: Yes, it was
the Russians.
And of course,
it was James Comey.
What a job. (KISSES)
MOORE: But history will record
that no one was more responsible
for Donald Trump being in the
White House than this woman.
MOORE: That's right.
Gwen Rene Stefani.
Allow me to explain.
Ladies and gentlemen,
my father, Donald J. Trump.
MOORE: What you are about to
witness is a fake announcement
for a run for president
of the United States.
This idea was cooked up
by Donald Trump
when he found out that NBC was
paying Gwen Stefani on The Voice
more than they were paying him
to star on The Apprentice.
He paid a bunch of extras
50 bucks a piece
to be his cheering supporters.
He would prove to NBC
that he was more popular
than Gwen Stefani,
and then they would
give him more money.
He would also show them
how good he was at improv
with his fake presidential
And that's when things
went off the rails.
They sweated like dogs.
I'm really rich,
I assure you that.
They do a website.
It cost me $3.
...that I got from China
in a war.
The sun will rise,
the moon will set.
He wasn't a cheerleader.
He was the opposite.
Even our nuclear arsenal
doesn't work.
I think I'm actually
a very nice person.
We have nothing.
I just sold an apartment
for $15 million
to somebody from China.
I learned so much
just sitting at his feet,
playing with blocks...
They're rapists and some
probably from the Middle East.
And I promise I will never be
in a bicycle race,
that I can tell you.
We now have a gun
on every table.
We're ready to start shooting.
The American dream
is dead.
it's cutting business ties
with Donald Trump.
Donald Trump receives
a pink slip of his own.
FEMALE REPORT ER 2: ...citing
his derogatory statements,
calling Mexican immigrants "rapists,
drug dealers and criminals."
MOORE". His plan backfired.
He was now out of a job.
Though he had no real plans
to run for president,
his sons encouraged him to go
ahead with the two rallies
that he had booked
and paid for.
MOORE: As he looked around
at the adoring masses,
a crowd the size of which
he'd never seen before,
he had his epiphany.
DONALD TRUMP'. Unbelievable.
MOORE: Maybe running
for president
wasn't such a bad idea
after all.
In fact, it was
a brilliant idea.
"Fuck Gwen Stefani!
"And fuck NBC!
"I'm going to be
king of the world."
MOORE: There was no one
happier with this decision
than the nation's media.
Trump was about to become
their cash cow.
And NBC could now
put him on TV for free.
First, he gave them
a good laugh.
We better be ready for the fact that he
might be leading the Republican ticket.
I know you don't believe that,
but I wanna go on... (LAUGHS)
MOORE: Then, he started
telling them what to do.
But I want the cameras to span the room.
Go ahead, fellas, watch.
They don't turn them.
They don't turn them.
They don't turn them.
Go ahead, turn them.
Look, turn the camera.
Go ahead.
You with the blonde hair.
Turn the camera.
Show them how many people
come to these rallies.
MOORE: Then he started dictating how
the interviews would be conducted.
Hey, welcome back
to Morning Joe.
Let's bring in right now
on the phone, Donald Trump.
How are you doing this
morning, first of all, Donald?
TRUMP: (ON PHONE) I'm doing good.
TRUMP". I did a phoner.
It's always good when
they take you by phone.
That means you're hot.
We do phoners to
Meet the Press.
Donald Trump himself.
Good morning, Chuck.
Welcome back
to Meet the Press, sir.
Good morning, Chuck.
I'm joined now on the phone
from New York...
That's so much easier, folks.
You sit at home,
"Hi, how are you doing?
How is everything going?"
And then, just for fun,
he'd mess with them
by keeping them waiting,
like on this day
in Portland, Maine.
...Donald Trump expected to speak at
a campaign rally in Portland, Maine.
MOORE: And waiting.
So, we're just expecting him
to come out here
in just a few minutes.
MOORE: And waiting.
REPORTER 1: We are awaiting
his remarks moments from now.
REPORTER 2: Not on stage yet,
as you can see.
REPORTER 3: Once again,
we're standing by live.
The candidate is just not...
Go ahead
and toss it back to you.
Trump is coming
out now, Craig?
No,no,no. You're good,
Hallie, you're good.
Oh, I can keep going?
He's not coming out yet.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks.
REPORTER 1'. What Will he say?
We are again waiting.
He can't seem to get a rally
started on time.
REPORTER 3: Watching that podium...
REPORTER 4'. Any moment now...
REPORTER '5'. A Fox News alert. Still
waiting for that Donald Trump...
Let me show you. They're even
up in the balcony. Take a look.
REPORTER 6: It was supposed to
begin about 25 minutes ago.
Donald Trump.
NEWS ANCHOR'. Uh, false alarm.
A bunch of people coming.
Not one of them is Donald.
He's getting ready
to walk over to that...
Any minute now.
We've been watching and waiting for
the better part of a half-hour here.
MOORE: I imagined he got
a kick out of seeing
just how long they'd put a live
TV camera on his empty podium.
Let's just keep
a watch here because...
Let's go. Donald Trump.
Thank you so much.
What a turnout.
What a turnout!
If you go back to the rallies,
let me ask you a question.
Did you put the rallies on
because they were of news value
or because they were
driving ratings?
MOORE: All of the big networks
were run by men.
And some of their biggest stars shared
a lot in common with Donald Trump.
The word "judgment"
has been used a lot
concerning the use
of your personal email.
Why wasn't it disqualifying, if you
want to be commander-in-chief...
She has to learn
to do it with humor,
and if she doesn't, actually,
she's being kind of aggressive.
I'm Mark Halperin.
And I'm Donald Trump.
Do you think the email crisis
contributed to the question of trust?
Well, it's certainly not a
choice I would do again.
I want to hear you out
on this.
You said, "I'm sorry, I made
a mistake." That's right.
It was the wrong thing to do.
That's right.
Fox News has a secret formula,
and we're never going to tell
anybody what it is. (LAUGHING)
There's got to be some downside to
having a woman president, right?
Hold it. Let's get
some more air-conditioning.
Hey, Matt.
Turn up
the air-conditioning.
Up the air-conditioning.
MOORE This malignant narcissist,
the one on the right,
has always played the media for
suckers and gotten away with it.
I should know.
Back in 1998,
Trump and I were booked together
on Roseanne Barr's new talk show.
He did not know that he was
scheduled to appear with me.
I was all set to take him down, but
he wanted nothing to do with it.
I saw he was
getting ready to leave.
Tell her, "Have a good time."
MAN: Excuse me, Mr. Trump?
MOORE: Roseanne's producers asked him
to hold up and came and spoke with me
and begged me
to go easy on him.
I don't know, he was scheduled to be
on Politically Incorrect with me,
and when he heard I was on,
he skedaddled.
Did he really?
MOORE: I didn't want Trump to walk,
which would screw up Roseanne's show,
so the next thing I knew,
I was playing nice.
I've been on unemployment three
different times in my life.
But, you know, neither one of us was
ever a billion dollars in the hole.
I was down almost about 900
million in the negative sense.
MOORE: Instead of asking
which Russian mobsters
bailed him out
of his billion dollar debt,
I just decided to make a joke.
And what unemployment line
were you standing in?
TRUMP: I was there...
MOORE: I did learn
one interesting tidbit.
He had seen my movie
Roger & Me.
TRUMP: I tell you,
I loved what he did.
If I was Roger, I wouldn't have
liked it, but I enjoyed it.
I hope he never
does one on me, though.
TRUMP: (ON PHONE) You know,
it's very interesting, Bill,
because I met Michael
and had dinner with Michael
years ago.
And I found him to be
a really nice guy, great guy.
MOORE: I never had dinner
with Donald Trump.
He just made that up.
And that's not the only time
I've been in Trumpland.
Here I am giving a back rub
to Jared Kushner.
Back in 2007,
Trump's future son-in-law
was so excited about
socialized medicine,
he threw the opening night
party for my new movie.
I think Michael chooses
very interesting topics,
and I think he's also
one of the great people
of stringing together
an argument.
He does a great job of putting
together a lot of different clippings
and lot of
different information
in a way that it's very easily
digestible by a lot of people.
INTERVIEWER: If you had to throw
out a topic for his next film,
what do you think
that would be?
Knowing Michael, it would be something
that we're not thinking about
and something that really needs
a light to be shined on it.
MOORE: And you want to know who else
had their grubby paws in my film?
This guy-
Years later, I discovered that
it was Steve Bannon's company
that did
the home video release.
He has integrity.
MOORE: Okay, I don't know
what to make of that,
but it seems I'm a bit too
comfortable with the enemy.
Here I am on Facebook Live, just
two days before the election,
trying to inspire people
to vote for Hillary,
and guess who pops in?
MOORE: Huh? Oh, my God!
Kellyanne Conway, oh, my God.
Michael Moore!
Michael, be honest.
Who's going to win Michigan?
MOORE: Even if I did know Kellyanne
from being on talk shows with her,
this was over the top.
As I snuggled there with
Kellyanne on Fifth Avenue,
66 oors above us
sat the soon-to-be president
snuggling his bucket of KFC.
And it made me think,
how well did we really know
Donald Trump?
TRUMP'. She's really
a beautiful baby.
And she's got
Marla's legs.
We don't know whether or not
she's got this part yet,
but time will tell.
Who is his favorite?
I'm going with lvanka.
TRUMP: She's six feet tall,
she's got the best body.
REPORTER'. When lvanka Trump
came on stage,
it's nice to see
a dad kiss his daughter.
Trump responded, he kisses
her every chance he gets.
daughter get breast implants?
TRUMP'. No, she didn't. I mean,
I would know if she did.
She's actually always been
very voluptuous.
STEPHANIE CLIFFORD: "You. You are special.
You remind me of my daughter.
"I like you. I like you."
And you had sex with him?
He's very proud of lvanka.
He said I was beautiful
like her.
If lvanka weren't my daughter,
perhaps I'd be dating her.
WOMAN: Stop it!
Oh, it's so weird.
What's the favorite thing you
have in common with your father?
Either real estate or golf.
with your daughter?
Well, I was going to say sex,
but I can't relate that...
MOORE: Does this make you
feel uncomfortable?
I don't know why.
None of this is new.
He's always committed
his crimes in plain sight.
We expect to be
successful in court.
MOORE". We knew about this.
Should he have ever
been able to build
or own another
apartment building?
He did this, too, right?
Demanding the execution
of five innocent
black teenagers.
Let's all hate these people
because maybe hate is what we need
if we're gonna get something done.
You don't know
who did that crime.
MOORE: And we all
definitely knew about this.
All I want to do is see
this guy's birth certificate.
MOORE'. And yet, neither you
nor I called or wrote NBC...
America's boss, Donald Trump.
MOORE To have an admitted
racist removed from the air.
His racism, his misogyny.
WOMAN: To have the owner come
Waltzing in when we're naked,
in a very physically
vulnerable position.
MOORE: All of this
done out in the open.
As if by doing it publicly,
it was okay.
No one would object.
Even committing treason on
worldwide TV was acceptable,
because he didn't hide it.
President Putin was extremely
strong and powerful
in his denial today.
Trump loves the strongman.
The autocrat.
The dictator.
Take these two strongman CEOs.
They go way back.
The one on the right became
the governor of Michigan
before the one on the left became
the president of the United States.
Before Donald J. Trump would
be unleashed on the world,
we here in Michigan
got a coming attraction
for what you would all
soon experience.
It began in 2010,
when a Republican named Rick Snyder
was elected Governor of Michigan.
He had no experience in public service,
but he was very, very good at Foosball.
Oh, not again!
MOORE: And he was
very, very rich.
He had been CEO
of Gateway Computers.
You remember, right?
The piece of shit computer.
(cow MOOING)
And he told the voters
of my state
that he was going to run
Michigan like a business.
I was hired
to serve our citizens.
They're my customers.
MOORE: Ah, yes,
we're the customers.
The customers of the big
business that he was running.
The ones that would pay for his billion
dollar tax break for the rich.
REPORTER: The Michigan
business tax is gone.
Emboldened by his victory,
he was not satisfied
with just being governor.
He wanted more power.
And how do you get more power?
You scare the people
and declare an emergency.
Governor Rick Snyder appoints
an emergency manager.
Prop 1, the emergency
The manager...
The emergency manager.
And it is official.
...state police and a security team
out to try and keep the peace.
REPORTER 2'. The Emergency
Manager bill is now a law.
REPORTER 3: Governor Snyder
signed the Emergency Manager law.
MOORE: Even though
there was no emergency.
He staged a coup,
he removed from power
the elected mayors
and city councils of Detroit,
Flint, Pontiac
and Benton Harbor,
and installed his cronies to run
them in the way that he saw fit.
This was a premeditated plan to
reduce and privatize public services,
so that corporate people like
him could make more money.
NAYYIRAH SHARIFF: People don't think that
this is happening in the United States.
If you don't say, like,
Flint, Michigan
and you just say
the powers of this person...
They all think it's Honduras.
This is a way to target black
and brown communities.
It was a king. The governor put
a king into the city of Flint.
And he ruled without being
responsible to anyone.
Look at the cities in Michigan that
are under emergency management.
MOORE: The ones
the governor took over.
The governor took over. At one
point, 50% of the African-Americans
in this state were under
emergency management
compared to 2% of whites.
MOORE: Governor Snyder's idea to remove
democracy from Michigan's black cities
so impressed the future president
that he came to offer his support.
Well, that is unfolding.
I've been reading about
the emergency manager
and my attitude is whatever it
takes to make that next step.
I could say this, maybe, a
little bit about the country.
MOORE: Governor Snyder wanted to
flex his new autocratic powers.
He saw an opportunity to take advantage
of the poorest city in the country
and of the largest source
of fresh water in the world.
Option A was that he could
just leave well enough alone.
After all, for five decades,
the city of Flint
got its water from Lake Huron.
A 10,000-year-old
pure glacial lake,
water delivered to Flint through
publicly owned pipelines.
Or there was option B.
Why not build a new, completely
unnecessary pipeline
that would benefit investors,
his major campaign donors,
and banks like Wells Fargo.
The only catch was that while the
new pipeline was being built,
Flint would have to
switch over from Lake Huron
to the industrial sewage ditch
known as the Flint River.
We believe there was a significant
financial fraud that drove this.
Was it for the benefit
of the local government
or for the individual?
ARENA: Individual.
Individuals doing it
for themselves? Yes.
You know, I believe
greed drove this.
MOORE". In April of 2014,
the governor switched the city
of Flint's drinking water
to the Flint River.
Here's to Flint.
ALL: Here's to Flint.
Hear, hear.
ALL: Hear, hear.
MOORE: Here is his team toasting each other
over what would amount to, in essence,
a slow motion
ethnic cleansing.
MEN: Three, two, one.
Some residents are wondering,
will we see a change?
No, the average resident won't
notice any difference.
MAN: Look down in there.
MOORE: Within days, the average
residents noticed a difference.
A big difference.
CHILD: That's nasty.
MOORE: Their hair
started to fall out.
Skin rashes appeared
all over their bodies.
And the children got sick.
Parents whose children
showed no symptoms
were still worried that
they might be sick.
Because as one doctor noticed, nearly
every child had ingested lead.
There is no safe level of lead
in a body of anybody.
There is no safe
level of lead.
It is potent
and it is irreversible.
Which means, once it is in
your blood, it wreaks havoc.
MOORE: You mean irreversible
for how long? Forever.
It literally drops IQ levels of
children, it leads to impulse disorder
and then memory issues.
Violent behavior,
It also impacts your DNA.
Moms exposed to lead,
you can see the DNA changes
in their grandchildren.
MOORE: Word of the developing disaster
reached the governor's office.
And so, he quietly dispatched
an aid to Flint
to find out
what exactly was going on.
The report came back
with bad news.
The state investigator recommended
switching immediately
back to the Lake Huron water.
But the governor seemed to
have other thoughts.
Like getting PR people
to make the problem go away.
Water that is
leaving the plant
is always assured to be
at the top-notch of quality.
MOORE: For the governor, there
was an even greater tragedy.
The Flint River water was
corroding the auto parts
at the General Motors factory.
When the governor heard this,
he blew his top.
After all, General Motors
had donated
hundreds of thousands
of dollars
to the Republican
Governors Association
to help elect candidates
like Rick Snyder,
and here he was,
damaging their property.
For Governor Snyder,
that was a bridge too far.
He immediately ordered the water in Flint
to be switched back to Lake Huron,
but only for
the General Motors factory.
The people of Flint would continue
to drink the poisoned water.
MOORE: Nobody is going
to believe this,
that the one GM factory that's
remaining here in Flint,
they got to hook back up to the
fresh, clean Lake Huron water,
and everybody else...
And we were like,
"Well, what's happening
to our bodies?"
And they went back to,
"it's safe.
"It's meeting all federal
and state guidelines."
And that was like the drum...
MOORE: But the auto parts that
had to be washed in the factory
had to have the clean,
pure water.
From Lake Huron.
Yeah, because profit
reigns supreme.
We didn't own
General Motors.
That's why we didn't get
the clean, safe water.
MOORE: So, you know, Trump is looking
at this whole Flint water poisoning
and he's got to be thinking,
"Wow! The governor got away with
poisoning a majority black city?
"What will I be able
to get away with?"
Look at my African-American
over here.
Look at him.
Go home and get a job.
Go home, get a job.
Knock the crap out of them,
would you? Seriously.
I will pay for
the legal fees. I promise.
Now there's a remnant.
Yeah, he's right there.
TRUMP: In the good old days, they'd
rip him out of that seat so fast...
Build that wall,
build that wall.
that wall, build that wall!
We are going to make
America great again.
I will tell you
that our system is broken.
You know, most of the people on this stage
I've given to, just so you understand.
Before this, before two months
ago, I was a businessman.
I give to everybody.
When they call, I give.
And you know what?
When I need something from them two
years later, three years later,
I call them,
they are there for me.
And that's a broken system.
MOORE: He was right.
It is a broken system.
So he decided
to break it some more
by eliminating
all 16 Republican contenders.
Well, you're not going to be able to
insult your way to the presidency.
Excuse me, one second.
This guy is a joke artist
and this guy is a liar.
MOORE: One by one, he took
down the Republican elites.
Donald Trump said, quote,
"Look at that face.
Would anyone vote for that?
"Can you imagine that, the
face of our next president?"
MOORE: And boy
did it feel good
watching him neuter
the final Bush.
They lied. They said there were
weapons of mass destruction.
They were none and they
knew they were none.
We should have
never been in.
I am sick and tired of him
going after my family.
Excuse me. One second.
I didn't want to... The
simple fact is you cannot...
More energy tonight.
I like that.
...get back in the business of
creating a more peaceful world.
Please clap.
MOORE: After destroying
the Republican party,
Trump decided to outflank
Hillary on the left...
Unlike her, who voted for the war
without knowing what she was doing,
I would not have had
our people in Iraq.
MOORE: Taking one position after another
that was more liberal than hers.
Don't vote for a Wall Street
sellout like Hillary Clinton.
ANDERSON COOPER: You made three
speeches for Goldman Sachs.
You were paid $675,000.
That's what they offered.
MOORE: On days where she would
make one or two campaign stops...
Hillary Clinton attending a
number of private fundraisers,
building those
campaign coffers.
MOORE". Trump was holding...
...big rallies in
important swing states.
MOORE: You know it's not a good
sign when your campaign is sending
cardboard cutouts
instead of you.
BARRY BURDEN: Her approval
ratings are still underwater,
and so it's better to send in either
surrogates who are more popular,
or surrogates who can sort of
fly under the radar
and just visit
with volunteers.
MOORE: And make sure
that your bumper sticker
is just big enough
so no one can see it.
The American people that live
outside the Beltway,
that's the real America.
That's the real people
out there,
and those are the real people who are
going to go vote by the millions
for Donald J. Trump.
Real America sees
what's going on here.
What I would call
the real America,
which is working class.
The people out here in real
America think it's crazy.
MOORE: There seems to be a misunderstanding
about who the real America is.
Let me share with you a fact that
has never been stated in the press
or reported on the nightly news,
or even spoken amongst ourselves.
The United States of America
is a leftist country.
That's right.
We are one rocking,
shit-kicking, gay-loving,
gun-rejecting, race-mixing,
pot-smoking, tree-hugging,
hip-hopping, anywhere
quince-cooking, left-leaning
liberal nation.
Here are the facts.
The vast majority
of Americans are pro-choice.
They want equal pay for women,
stronger environmental laws,
legalized marijuana,
a raise in the minimum wage,
Medicare for all,
tuition-free college,
free child care,
support for labor unions,
a cut in the military budget,
break up the big banks.
Most Americans
don't even own a gun.
And 75% believe that immigration
is good for the U. S.
And on and on and on.
Heck, Texas isn't even
white anymore.
Houston had a lesbian mayor.
When you think Texas,
you need to think lesbian.
All power to the people.
MOORE: The values they stood
for in the '60s and '70s...
REPORTER: This is a meeting
of American radicals.
MOORE: ...are now the beliefs
of this great land.
Put your whole face
over that. Yes, there.
MOORE: Those crazy
motherfuckers have won.
And I love the smell of
essential oils in the morning.
If America is us
and we're the majority,
why is it that we do not hold
a single seat of power?
Not the White House,
not the Senate,
not the House,
not the Supreme Court.
In 50 of our state capitals,
the Democrats control
only eight of them.
Yet, in six of the last seven
presidential elections,
the popular vote
was won by the Democrats.
Which means the Republicans
have won only once
in the last 30 years.
This is the ceremony that
takes place every four years
when the votes
of the Electoral College
are brought in
to the US Congress
inside baby coffins.
What they should do is bury those ballots
with the Electoral College itself.
The last vestige
in our Constitution
that was written to appease the
slave states over 200 years ago.
People, can we please
be done with this?
The Sergeant at Arms, remove the
protesters from the gallery.
JUDGE'. Chamber
will be in order.
MOORE: You can't call it a democracy
if the person who gets the most votes
doesn't win.
So, if the American people
have made it very clear
that they want the Democrats
running the country,
then why aren't they?
I'm prepared to make
a whole range of compromises.
ALL: Compromise.
We sat down
and made a compromise.
ALL: Compromise.
And real compromises.
ALL: Compromise.
God bless you,
Speaker Boehner.
MOORE: So, when did all this
compromising start?
As far back as the last
president who said...
Make America great again.
No, not him.
We can make America
great again.
Him, Mr. Bill Clinton.
The man from Hope, Arkansas.
Back in the '80s and '90s,
Republican campaigns were
flush with corporate cash
and they were
winning elections.
The Democrats, meanwhile,
saw their labor base
Labor was so lost,
they couldn't even come up with
something to put on their picket signs.
So what better way to get in on the action
than to start acting like a Republican?
Bill Clinton went on a tear,
launching a mass incarceration
of black people,
deregulating the banks
to let them run amok,
shipping a million jobs
to Mexico
under the guise of free trade,
eliminating most welfare
support for the poor,
and making it illegal
to marry someone
of your gender
You might have started
asking yourself
why you should even be participating
in the political process.
Millions began to drop out.
The 100 million
non-voters of America
were essentially the country's
largest political party.
Yet neither the Democrats nor the
Republicans sought their vote.
As the Democrats became
more like Republicans,
so did the entire
liberal establishment,
led by the paper of record.
Our source was
The New York Times.
Catering to big business,
minimizing social movements
like Occupy Wall Street,
and cheer leading
every war we got into.
We needed to go over
to that part of the world,
and what they needed to see
was American boys and girls
going house to house,
from Basra to Baghdad,
basically saying,
"Suck on this."
MOORE: It also tries to
dictate elections.
"Bernie Sanders' message resonates
with a certain age group.
"His own."
That's the headline.
(LAUGHS) When you read
that now,
after you know, seeing
what actually happened...
Seeing Bernie in person
and like hearing...
WOMAN: Bernie!
MOORE The purpose of that
article was to try to stop you.
Michael, it was
more than just that article.
Look, we were a real threat
to the liberal establishment.
Because if you think that The New
York Times or The Washington Post
is really going to be
talking about the issues
that are important to the
working people in this country,
are going to be talking about the need
to take on the billionaire class,
you would be very mistaken.
People believed Bernie
and that he was sincere
in what he was saying.
MOORE: They believed that if he got
elected, he was going to do these things.
Right. I was a big,
big Bernie person.
And Bernie won every single
county in West Virginia...
WOMAN: Counties.
VICKERS: Every single county
went for Bernie,
and in Mingo, Hillary came in third place
behind somebody named Paul Farrell.
I don't even know
who that is, okay?
MOORE: Even though Bernie Sanders won
all 55 counties in West Virginia,
with Hillary not winning
a single county,
the West Virginia Democratic Party went
to the Democratic National Convention
and told this lie
to the American people.
West Virginia, how do you...
Madam Secretary,
19 votes for the next president
of the United States,
Hillary Rodham Clinton.
And 18 votes
for Senator Bernie Sanders.
A single lone West Virginian
did her best to put her
little homemade sign
within the camera frame,
so that the American people
would know the truth.
The West Virginia Democratic Party
decided to alter the results
of the West Virginia primary by
ignoring the will of the people
and adding their own super delegates, I.e.
party loyalists,
people picked
by the party hacks,
just like all the state
Democratic parties did.
Hillary Rodham Clinton!
Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton.
New Hampshire.
Hillary Clinton!
Rhode Island.
Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Hillary Clinton.
I move that the convention
suspend the procedural rules,
and I move that
Hillary Clinton be selected
as the nominee of
the Democratic Party
for president of
the United States.
It was a betrayal.
People were
so disgusted with it,
people left the Democratic
Party. They just dim-exited.
MOORE: This just tells people
to stay home.
VICKERS: I think so.
Don't bother.
WOMAN: Bingo!
MOORE: When the people
are continually told
that their vote doesn't count,
that it doesn't matter, and
they end up believing that,
the loss of faith in our democracy
becomes our death-knell.
The strongman, the autocrat
only succeeds
when a vast swath
of the population
decides they've seen enough
and give up.
But as the people of Flint
the governor and his spokespeople
kept lying about the water.
This is certainly a situation
that deserves attention.
I do not think that it rises to the
level of a statewide emergency.
REPORTER: Why not?
There's just...
We are here
with the resources necessary
to address the situation
without that declaration...
Let's get the facts, let's keep
working this and let's remember,
water isn't the only
source of lead,
and so, we need to make sure we're
encouraging people to look at other places
that can create a threat.
I actually started working for the
Health Department in November of 2015.
This is April Cook-Hawkins.
She was asked to participate
in the cover-up.
APRIL COOK-HAWKINS: I was the case
manager here in Flint, Michigan.
AH of the results in regards
to the blood levels,
I inputted those numbers and made sure
all of those numbers were correct.
MOORE: And while doing so,
she discovered that
the government officials
had cooked the books.
My supervisor asked if I would go in
and help them out with the numbers
and not show certain things.
If someone came in
and they test high,
the Health Department didn't
want that number to be shown.
MOORE: She began secretly making
printouts of the falsified records
and was afraid to show them to
anyone until she brought them to me.
MOORE: This is an actual document
that you kept as a piece of evidence.
Yes. The normal number is 3.5.
And anything over a 3.5 is
considered a high lead level.
Six, six, five,
six, five, five, six,
six, eight, six, six, 14.
Not a single number
that says 3.5 or lower.
That means every child
on this sheet of paper has
an elevated level of lead.
And I said, "So let's just
call the parents and re-test,"
and they said,
"No, we can't do that.
"Just put them in
as a 3.5, then."
MOORE: So, the parents aren't able to start
taking immediate action to help the child
that's been lead-poisoned.
They think
their child is fine.
"My child tested low."
MOORE: You knew these parents were getting
letters that were not telling the truth.
"Just put them in
as a 3.5, then."
MOORE: And you said...
I said, no, I couldn't do it.
And that's when things
kind of hit the fan for me.
Somebody told
somebody to do this,
to cover up what the state
was really up to.
LORENZO AVERY JR; I look at the lifestyles
of the kids that's been born into this.
You know what they know?
They know a bottle of water and
toothbrush and toothpaste is normal.
That's how I brushed
my teeth in Iraq.
I took bottled
water showers in Iraq.
So, I compare
how I live now
to how I lived in Iraq as far
as when it comes to water.
I had more water supply
in Iraq than I do now.
And we need to not have
the highest water bills
in the nation.
Especially since Flint,
Michigan has 85% of the
nation's fresh surface water,
20% of the world.
You know, there's people
who have to
choose between their
water bill or medication.
Water bill or child care.
Water bill or car note.
Water bill or rent.
When you have the highest
water rates in the nation
and the poorest city in the nation,
statistically, who has time to process?
You may want to, but you
have to feed your family.
MOORE What this disaster created
is a prison called Flint.
No one would move here.
Which meant
no one could leave.
If I was going to describe Flint
to someone from out of the state,
that had never been here,
I would let them know that
we have a very good...
So, that is usually
the most common question.
People say,
"Why don't you just move?"
Would you buy my house
for what I owe on it?
Unfortunately, this water
crisis could be almost
the final nail in the coffin
for Flint.
MOORE And then people started
dying of Legionnaires' disease.
This outbreak of Legionnaires' was
one of the highest in the country.
And it was directly related
to the water crisis.
MOORE: This is the family of NBA
star, Flint's own Roy Marble.
They lost their mother
to Legionnaires' disease,
which she contracted from the
contaminated water at Flint's hospital.
And I miss her so much.
I do.
And I wish to this day, I would've
just taken my mom to Ann Arbor.
I wish I would have.
I wish I would have.
And they knew
what was going on.
That's the sad part about it.
They knew what was going on.
CROWD: Yeah.
CROWD: Yeah!
WOMAN: Get your hand off me.
MAN: Don't touch my wife.
ALL: Non-testing.
Snyder has got to go!
MOORE: You know, let's call
this what it is.
It's not just a water crisis.
It's genocide.
It's a racial crisis.
It's a poverty crisis.
MAN: That's right.
We need the president
of the United States here.
We need federal help.
We need FEMA, we need the
EPA, we need the CDC,
and we need
the Army Corps of Engineers.
You are asking three questions now.
And that goes to your point
about being civil.
In many respects, you haven't been the
most civil about this whole situation.
And I'm always happy
to answer questions.
We stayed here to answer
additional questions
and we're trying to be open
and transparent.
MOORE: He had been anything
but open and transparent.
Thanks to an investigation
by the Michigan ACLU,
the public learned that the
governor's office had covered up
the poisoning of Flint
for nearly a year and a half.
We've been to homes
like Saturday and one today,
where there's holes
in the windows.
And there's little,
young children,
they've got a little blanket around them
and many of them had fallen on hard times.
I saw two babies shivering and
I'm bringing them bottled water,
and the mother thinks
I'm like the Second Coming.
You know what my thought was? I
thought, "That son of a bitch."
That's what I thought.
The governor.
To do that to our people.
Right, right, right.
PICKELL: He should be
charged criminally.
Once he was advised
by his chief of staff
that the water had lead levels
above what was acceptable,
and he continued the program and
didn't bring it to anyone's attention,
many of his administrators
in fact fought it,
that makes it
an intentional act.
So, for every hour
after he knew
that that water was essentially poisoning
these children, it's a criminal act.
I think it's a criminal act.
No terrorist organization
has yet to figure out how to
poison an entire American city.
That took the Republican Party
of Michigan
and its CEO governor
to pull off.
I decided to go
and make a citizen's arrest.
I'm here, governor's office.
Okay, just hold on a minute.
All right.
I'll get someone to help you.
All right.
Ari Adler, Governor's
director of communications.
Oh, great, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Sure, what can I
do for you?
So, I'm here to make a citizen's
arrest of the governor
and I'm wondering if you can
help facilitate that for me.
Okay, no,
governor's not here.
For poisoning
the people of Flint.
Well... Knowingly poisoning
the people of Flint.
There were mistakes made.
There was
a water crisis in Flint.
Water quality in Flint
is now testing
well below any kind of action
level at the federal level.
So, the water is safe?
Well, some of the current tests
are currently showing that
it's actually testing
better than bottled water.
Better than bottled water?
I actually have a glass of water
here from the city of Flint,
I brought with me all the
way from Flint. Mmm-hmm.
If it is great water, would you
mind drinking it right now?
I'm not gonna just drink a glass of water
that I don't know where it came from.
I just told you,
it came from Flint.
If you'd like information...
You think this water
is still poisonous.
I do not think that at all.
Governor Snyder? Hello.
Hello, hi.
It's Michael Moore.
Are you home?
He's not coming out.
All right, (SIGHS)
let's hose them down.
I just got back from Flint
Yeah, that Flint
I saw that dirty water
with my own eyes
But not to my surprise
Governor Snyder
You're not much of a provider
'Cause Flint ain't fixed
Every single child in Flint...
Flint ain't fixed
Ten thousand children...
Flint ain't fixed
...had drank the lead.
Flint ain't fixed
The children up there are sick
The lead in the water is thick
Flint ain't fixed
I wasn't born here,
and we came to this country very
much for that American dream.
And you know, with nothing
besides education.
My dad was a GM employee,
my mom was a teacher,
benefited from
union contracts.
Sent their kids
to Michigan's public schools.
The American dream
worked for us.
It worked for me
and my family
the way that it does not work for
the kids that I take care of
in my clinic every day.
They are literally waking up
to a nightmare.
The nightmare of injustice,
lost democracy and that is another
lesson we need to learn from Flint.
MOORE: Maybe that's why it's called a dream
because it's not a reality for everybody.
(CHUCKLES) No, it's not.
No, there are
multiple Americas.
RICHARD OJEDA: You deploy because your
nation sends you to these places.
And then one day you come home and
you realize it was all a lie.
Our town is dying.
One out of every four homes is an
abandoned, dilapidated structure
and you get told,
"Keep picking up trash and let
leaders do what leaders do."
Elected leaders in our towns,
in our states, in our country,
absolutely are self-serving.
They have no idea of what
it's like for a single parent
to put food on the table
for her child.
You know, you come home
and you realize...
I can take you five minutes from
here and show you where kids
have it worse than the kids I
saw in Iraq and Afghanistan.
So, that's why
I come back here
and I started speaking up for
the things that I believe in
and I will not shut up
for nobody.
And I don't give a shit
who you are,
I'll fight you
in the damn street right now.
Okay, well...
Um... (SIGHS)
lam sick and tired of people telling me
that America is the greatest country.
Because we can
whip your ass?
I mean, we don't have healthcare for everybody.
We don't have that.
We have homelessness that's everywhere,
we have an opioid epidemic
that has absolutely
destroyed our communities.
Has killed
more people last year
than all of the lives lost
in the Vietnam War.
And we are not willing to go
to war against Big Pharma?
How come we don't have more
people like you on our side?
We do.
Let me tell you something, there
are many a people out there.
Where are they?
My name's Alexandria,
I'm running for Congress here.
the match between our representation,
our community,
the special interests that are kind
of hurting what's going on here,
and then I looked around and saw that the
seat hadn't been challenged in 14 years.
It really just felt like
if nobody's gonna do it,
then I gotta do it.
My name is Rashida Tlaib, I'm
running for the US Congress.
I'm running to become
their next congressman
in the midterm elections.
I'm here doing this because
listening to the speeches
at the Women's March
inspired me.
I'm a professional backyard
chicken farmer.
I had never run before.
MOORE And you're an author?
It's just a how-to book.
It's called My Pet Chicken.
In the back, I have recipes.
OCASD-CORTEZ: I believe that in a
modern, moral and wealthy society,
no person in America
should be too poor to live.
That's what I feel.
It's simple.
Her views, her policy positions
are actually downright scary.
Let's see, single-payer
universal healthcare,
universal jobs,
government-subsidized housing,
free colleges, she wants to abolish ICE,
and of course, impeach President Trump.
I don't think he knows how to
deal with a girl from the Bronx.
We'll see.
People always say, "You gotta
wait your turn, Rashida."
I was like, "What turn? I
didn't know there was a line."
I'm actually
running for Congress.
Hi, sweetie!
You've probably also seen me get
kicked out of the Trump rally.
Donald Trump was coming,
he was less than
a couple miles from my house.
We found out that
the Detroit Economic Club
was not going to allow questions,
first time ever in history.
Well, we were
taken aback by that.
Why can't we ask questions?
So 12 women came there,
and every two minutes,
...In terms of violent crime.
TLAIB: Asking questions about, what
is his stance on labor organizing?
What is his stance
on sexual harassment?
Today, I will outline
my economic vision.
In the coming weeks...
TRUMP: My campaign is about
reaching out to everyone
as Americans,
and returning to a government
that puts
the American people first.
TLAIB: My question was, "Have
you read the Constitution?
"What part
of the Constitution?"
That was the most American
thing I could have done.
A lot of my colleagues said,
"Oh, a little too aggressive."
A Democratic state senator
called and said,
"Do you think that was
really necessary?"
And two of my Republican
colleagues were like,
"Really proud of you, girl.
I don't agree with everything,
"but good for you." There's a sense of
respect, ironically from the other side,
for the way I approach issues.
MOORE: One thing
was abundantly clear.
These candidates
were fighters.
People deserve someone who's gonna fight
for the people and not corporations.
To be able to encourage
someone to run for office...
Man, it is truly the lack of
political will from our Democrats.
And their backbone is
literally just missing.
Right, and you put both of
those components together,
and then on top of that,
you're taking money
from the same folks the Republicans
are taking money from.
The Democratic Party
should be
recruiting extraordinary
ordinary Americans
that actually get on the same
bus as their constituents,
actually have kids in those public schools
and understand what it feels like
for a teacher not to get paid
real salaries,
or lack of resources, right?
The definition
of electoral insanity
is trying to re-elect these
same guys over and over again
and expecting our country
to be any different.
For the first time,
Democrats will have
an all-female
statewide ticket.
And on that list,
Rashida Tlaib,
she's poised to become the first
Muslim woman in Congress...
TLAIB: We're not ready
to give up on the party,
we're just
ready to take it over.
And let's put some people
in there that get it.
Because we felt the...
MOORE: Take it over.
Take it over!
Take it over, Michael.
MOORE: It was already
being taken over.
Hundreds, if not thousands
of insurgent candidates,
many of them women.
They weren't just running
against Republicans.
They were running against the
establishment of the Democratic Party
that has led them to defeat
for so many years.
This old guard
had tried to keep the candidates
on the moderate side of things.
To stay in the center,
to not rock the boat.
In other words, to lose.
51% of people
between 18 and 29
no longer support
the system of capitalism.
Well, I thank you
for your question,
but I have to say,
we're capitalists.
And that's just the way it is.
MOORE: The "we" who are capitalists,
is she talking about her constituents?
Or maybe she means the people
who fund the Democratic Party.
They enlisted their friends
in the media
to tamp down the Democratic
revolution that was underway.
I think the party moved
too far to the left.
Much farther to the left,
and out of touch with
the working class voters.
And if her win makes her
into what Kellyanne Conway
"the new face
of the Democratic Party,"
the Democratic Party is not going
to have a very bright future.
MOORE The worst damage
happens behind closed doors,
where Democratic Party leaders
do their best
to stamp out
the hopes and dreams
of those who would like
the Democrats to actually win.
Take the case
of Levi Tillemann of Colorado,
a Democrat who was
running for Congress.
Levi was struggling because
the Democratic leaders
threw all of the party's money behind a
more moderate, handpicked candidate.
So Levi secretly recorded
his conversation
with the number two Democratic
leader in the house, Steny Hoyer,
who then schooled Levi
on how this all works.
My name is Alexandria.
Getting on the ballot,
we ended up rolling
into the Board of Elections,
and we turned in almost five times
the required amount of signatures.
On this street?
We left, and within 15 minutes, these,
like, super high-priced lawyers
came rolling into the Board of
Elections demanding to pull our files,
looking through every single one.
MOORE: The Democratic Party.
Looking through to see
who they could bump off.
I'm running
a grassroots campaign.
I'm not accepting money from
Big Pharma and big energy.
You know, my team. I have received
messages from people all over America
that say, "Who's running
your campaign?"
And when I tell them,
they are floored.
What do you mean by who's...
You mean, like, who's your campaign
director, your finance director...
My campaign manager drives a truck.
He's a cross-country truck driver.
Right now, he's in North
Carolina, driving a truck.
And that's his full-time job?
And he's another person
that will fist-fight you in the
street for what he believes in.
Now I have to fist-fight
two of you in the street.
Fuck, come on man...
It's how we roll down here
in West Virginia.
MOORE: You don't have to be ex-military
to have the fighting spirit.
Sometimes the bravest people are
the ones you'd least expect.
a teacher in West Virginia,
you're so much more
than a teacher.
We're social workers,
we're mothers.
I know last year...
I teach seniors,
there were eight students in my class
that had me in their cell phone as "Mom."
That was how I was listed
in their contact.
So... Mom.
MOORE: As "Mom"?
Yes, you're
the mother figure because
their mother abandoned them
five years ago.
Their mother died
of a drug overdose.
I've had all these situations
that's happened.
But we still live paycheck
to paycheck simply because
we don't make
hardly any money.
MOORE: The teacher's pay in West Virginia
is ranked 48th out of the 50 states.
Some of these teachers live
below the poverty line,
and qualify for food stamps.
ENDICOTT: I think every teacher
in West Virginia knows
several that are
in that situation.
MOORE: In addition to teachers
being on food stamps,
things were about
to get even worse.
Not only was their health
insurance going to double...
They also started
this thing called 60365.
It's a kind of wellness program.
MOORE: Go what?
ANNOUNCER: Introducing 60365.
MOORE: To even
get health insurance,
teachers were being forced to
buy and wear a Fitbit device.
The Fitbit would track all their
physical activity all the time.
And if you don't register enough
steps into the online database...
Then you pay a $500 penalty
at the end of the year.
You know how weird
this sounds?
Like, how darkly
strange and wrong?
MOORE: And who's behind this
tracking-the-teachers idea?
A man named Justice.
Governor Jim Justice.
Nobody loves education
more than me.
Nobody loves our teachers
more than me.
Tonight in Pineville, a meeting
was held to discuss changes
to the public employees'
insurance agency.
MOORE: If the Fitbits could measure
pissed off West Virginian teachers,
they'd be lighting up
right about now.
But the leaders of the teachers'
unions weren't much help.
They discouraged
a statewide strike.
Our union reps, they've told
us about all the risks.
We could lose our job,
we could lose our seniority.
We could lose a day's pay, we
could lose all these things.
I just say, "Guys, listen,
"the eyes of West Virginia
are on us right now.
"If we can just have
the courage to step out,
"other counties
will follow."
REPORTER: This was the chilly scene
outside Point Harmony Elementary
Friday morning.
Upwards of 50 teachers
lining the sidewalk.
All on a mission.
MOORE: The teachers decided
on their own,
to go out on strike
and do it by themselves,
one school district at a time.
All of Mingo County is on
the courthouse steps...
ENDICOTT: People are chanting, we're
Facebook Live-streaming that,
and other counties are
commenting on there and saying,
"I wish I was there."
it escalated
really quickly.
So, four go out, then
seven go out, and then...
...55 of 55 counties,
the strike will go on
in all of them tomorrow.
It is unlawful
to have a work stoppage.
DON DAHLER: The teachers were
warned the strike is illegal.
They face anything from
being fined, being fired,
to going to jail.
MOORE: But for them, it was worth
risking jail to get what they wanted.
A 5% raise and health
insurance, without Fitbits.
MOORE: The teachers
weren't alone
because the bus drivers
and other school staff
were part of the same strike.
Except there was one problem.
Over half the schoolchildren
in West Virginia
got their breakfast
and their lunch at school.
So the teachers decided to prepare food
for the students during the strike.
REPORTER: The group
not only packed the bags,
but also hand-delivered them
to each student's home.
WOMAN: Oh, my stars!
Make no mistake about it,
they want the voice of the working
class citizens to be gone!
If you are not a member of a labor
union, you better become one.
Do you notice, many days, they had red
bandanas wrapped around their necks?
MOORE: Mmm-hmm. OJEDA: And
they're proud of that.
MOORE: The bandanas have a special
meaning going back to the 1920s,
when tens of thousands
of coal miners went on strike
wearing red bandanas
around their necks
to identify themselves
as pro-union.
And thus, popularizing
the term, "redneck."
And you might think it might
be a derogatory term,
but where we're from,
that is a term of pride.
That says we will
not back down.
The labor unions across this country
need to take up the red bandana
and needs to put them around their
necks and say, "We are tired
"of being overlooked, mistreated,
underpaid, overworked,
we're tired of it."
Public schools in West Virginia
will remain closed today,
the third day of a statewide strike by
teachers and other school employees...
...will be closed tomorrow
for a fourth day.
...already lasted five days.
MOORE: Like true rednecks,
the teachers stood firm.
Those people
in that capitol right now,
wouldn't be here if it wasn't
for them teachers.
MOORE: But the union leaders reached
a compromise with the state.
We believe the best course
of action at this time
is to return
to school tomorrow.
MOORE: The union leadership
had sold out.
They got the teachers
less than what they wanted
and left the bus drivers and the
lunch ladies out in the rain.
MOORE: The teachers
rejected this
and insisted that the bus drivers got
the same raise that they wanted.
They continued
to stay out on strike.
CROWD: 55 united, 55 united!
MOORE: They held firm,
day after day.
MOORE: And after nine days
of striking,
We're not gonna take it, no!
No, we ain't gonna take it...
...and singing Twisted Sister,
the teachers finally won the
raise they were fighting for.
Not just for themselves,
but the same raise for the bus
drivers, the lunch ladies,
and everyone else.
Oh, and the Fitbits?
They were finito.
The moment we won, we celebrated
for, like, five minutes,
and then we put the rest
of the nation on notice.
MOORE: And it's starting
to spread all over Kentucky.
Arizona, North Carolina.
Oklahoma is pissed off.
Now on Monday, teachers right here in
Colorado will join in the walkouts...
KRYSTAL BALL: When working class
people come together and say,
"We're not leaving until
you give us what we want,"
there's no money or anything
more powerful than that.
And that's why politicians since
the beginning in this country,
they have tried to divide
people by race or gender.
And so the Republicans do it,
but you know what,
the Democrats do it, too.
The Democrats say that the
concerns of the people here
don't have anything to do with the
concerns of people in Flint, Michigan,
and that's bullshit.
BOY: All right,
so here's the plan.
I'm gonna go take an Uber.
Afternoon, before 2:40,
from there, I'll go
into the school campus,
load my bags.
And get my AR-15 and a couple
of tracer rounds,
wait, and people will die.
Location is Stoneman Douglas
in Parkland, Florida.
BOY: Holy shit! on, my God!
GIRL: Oh, my God!
MAN: Teachers, make sure you
stay with your students, okay?
MOORE: And, like clockwork,
came the thoughts and prayers.
Thoughts and prayers...
REPORTER 2 AND 3: And our
thoughts and prayers...
REPORTER 4: Quote,
"Our thoughts and prayers..."
Thoughts and prayers.
Our thoughts and prayers...
Our continued thoughts
and prayers go out to all.
MOORE: And they always tell us not
to make these shootings political.
A group of teenagers said,
"Well, that's the end of that."
They decided to make it political,
because it was political.
In response to President
Trump, I would say this.
You want to look back on our
history and blame the Democrats?
That's disgusting.
You're the president, you're supposed to
bring this nation together, not divide us.
How dare you?
Children are dying, and their blood
is on your hands because of that.
I'm gonna happily ask him
how much money he received from
the National Rifle Association.
it doesn't matter,
because I already know.
$30 million!
And divided by the number of gunshot
victims in the United States,
in the one and one and a
half months in 2018 alone,
that comes out
to being $5,800.
Is that how much these people
are worth to you, Trump?
They say that tougher gun laws
do not decrease gun violence.
They say a good guy with a gun
stops a bad guy with a gun.
They say that us kids don't
know what we're talking about,
that we're too young to understand
how the government works.
We call BS!
To all of the generations before us,
we sincerely accept your apology.
(CROWD LAUGHS) And we appreciate
that you are willing to let us
rebuild the world
that you fucked up.
MOORE: These fearless kids
are on fire,
and the fire was spreading.
One month after the shooting, there
was a National Student Walkout day.
But this middle school principal didn't
want to let the kids off campus.
we all just ran out.
I'm not sure
they're letting us back.
Wasn't really organized.
KESSLER: They can't expel everyone
here, because that's insane.
(ON PA) Westleys, you may
go back to second period.
We were able to go,
because so many people...
One person can't stop
at least over 500 kids.
PRINCIPAL: Westleys Middle School,
you may go back to second period.
MOORE: The tweens had tasted power, and
they now knew that the adults are,
well, kind of just a bunch
of ineffective dweebs.
BOY: We want change!
We want change!
MOORE: This was a bona fide
political movement.
And I was there
to see it for myself.
The Parkland students invited me
in to their secret headquarters.
I think it's just insane
to think that within a month
of this happening,
the pace that we've gone at,
we have an international NGO
that we're running out of an
office space in the same city now.
Running two students...
Being run by 23 walking hormones, with
probably a lot of ADD in between.
MOORE: I don't know if it was
the hormones or the ADD,
but the international march they
were organizing was taking off.
It's up to... It's at 820. Yesterday,
it was at, like, 760-something.
That's, like, several
more marches in a day.
MOORE: My generation,
the generation after me,
maybe we did one thing right.
We raised you.
On the contrary, social media raised us.
GIRL: Yes.
My phone.
GIRL: Like, do you see it...
MOORE: And communicating
with other young people
about what the real truth is.
GIRL: Yeah, exactly.
One of the fake news networks,
CNN last night,
was saying I want teachers to have guns.
I don't want teachers to have guns.
I want certain highly adept people,
people that understand weaponry, guns...
If 20% of the teachers have guns,
maybe 10%, or maybe 40%...
We need to let people know,
you come into our schools,
you're gonna be dead.
And it's gonna be fast.
This is about us
demanding change,
and this is about the fact
that we have already won.
It's just a matter of when.
MOORE: Thrust into
instant activism,
the students went to the place where
change is supposed to happen.
The state capitol building
in Tallahassee.
One of the few places in Florida
where you're safe from guns.
He didn't even reach
18 years old yet.
He was a boy
who got shot in the head
because of your law saying
that an 18-year-old boy
can carry a military-grade
weapon to kill.
MOORE: The students
were impeccably prepared.
Some of the legislators,
not so much.
You can shoot as many bullets
with a handgun
as you can with these rifles.
But civilians with such
high-capacity magazines?
You support that?
Yeah, I've heard
different positions on that.
All we want is an answer
as to how are we going to fix this and
continue our life, not living in fear.
Yes, it's, uh, going
to take a lot.
It's going to take a lot.
It's going to be
bullet points coming in from
all kinds of different angles.
Government is set up
to move slow.
Okay? There's committees,
there's dual houses.
It's not like cutting grass.
It's cutting grass, you can
immediately turn around and see
this is the product
of what I've done, but, um...
It's a head-scratcher,
where we are.
So, uh, it's gonna be, uh...
It's gonna be a debate.
I've always defended people's
right to defend themselves.
Um, I haven't got specifics.
So you're asking me specific
shit, Jake, and I don't know.
MOORE: They quickly learned that
asking for help from a politician
who gets an A+ rating
from the NRA gets you nowhere.
Turn the camera off for me.
MOORE: You need
to challenge them directly.
Senator Rubio, can you
tell me right now
that you will not accept a single
donation from the NRA in the future?
(STAMMERS) That is
the wrong way to look...
First of all, the answer is,
people buy into my agenda.
Number second, well...
You can say no.
MOORE: Or another option
is to vote them out.
Even if you're
too young to vote.
I get tweets from people,
they're like, "Hey, I'm a mom
from Tennessee.
"I've never voted before,
but I'm gonna vote now."
MOORE: So people who
are non-voters... Yes.
...are telling you...
I'm going to vote.
At all these marches, we're having
booths to register yourself to vote.
'Cause we know that
we're gonna be the generation
that are going to vote
those people out.
MOORE: Case in point,
this guy.
Maine Republican Leslie Gibson running
unopposed for state representative
tweeted about
a Parkland shooting survivor,
calling her
a "skinhead lesbian."
They're already down, and he knocked
them down even more by saying that.
That wasn't very nice of him.
MOORE: After Gibson's
hate speech,
David Hogg had immediately put
out a call to action on Twitter.
And sure enough...
In District 57, there's a
candidate who was unopposed.
He now has competition.
REPORTER: ...28-year-old
Eryn Gilchrist of Greene,
submitting the necessary
amount of signatures
required by the Secretary
of State's office to run.
MOORE: And then,
this happened.
Guys, guys,
breaking news.
The guy who called Emma
a skinhead lesbian
who was running unopposed
as of, like, a day ago,
and he dropped out!
We did it!
Oh, my God.
BOY: Of all people.
MOORE: She had just met
the deadline at 5:00
in Maine yesterday to run
against this asshole.
I just can't believe that it was a day.
It was literally a day.
BOY: Literally,
it's like...
Both Emma and I failed,
uh, two psych tests today.
MOORE: Oh, no.
But it's fine.
We're changing the world.
In hindsight, I'm not
gonna care about that.
What I'm gonna remember about this
day is getting that woman in Maine,
like, pretty much in office.
GIRL: Yeah, not your psych test.
MOORE: Another memorable day
was this one.
Welcome to the revolution.
MOORE Teenagers organized
this all by themselves.
No adults were allowed
on stage to speak.
And with over 700 marches
underway in American cities,
and another 100 globally,
it was the largest single day of protest
in the history of our nation's capital.
REPORTER: Raleigh, North Carolina,
Tampa, Florida, Central Los Angeles,
all echoing the same message.
MOORE: And when a message is urgent
enough, sometimes, help arrives.
City of Flint, USA.
May 5th, 2016.
POTUS has arrived.
MOORE: The people of Flint
had one last beacon of hope.
We were all invited
to this big thing
where the President Obama was going
to speak to us about the problem.
GIRL: Oh, my God,
this is so cool!
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes!
He's finally here.
We've been waiting.
Once he sees, he can make
a conscious decision
to push this with urgency.
MOORE: While President Obama
was on his way to the event,
(CROWD BOOING) Governor Snyder
thought he'd take to the stage
and warm up the crowd.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
I understand why
you're angry and frustrated.
Not like we do.
I want to come here
today to apologize.
MAN: Too late!
WOMAN: It's too late!
MAN: Too late.
Too late, we're already sick.
We have a short term water crisis
that needs to be repaired.
Thank you for coming
for us, Obama.
Flint's recovery
is everybody's responsibility.
And I'm gonna make sure
that responsibility is met.
That's why I'm here.
To tell you directly
that I see you,
and I hear you.
We invest...
Can I get some water?
Come on up here.
I want a glass of water.
WOMAN: Get a bottle.
Bottled water.
I want a glass of water.
Everybody settle down.
This is a feisty crowd.
Thank you.
I really did need a glass of water.
This is not a stunt.
What? He wet his lips.
He did not drink a sip.
He wet his lips.
There was an audible
gasp in the audience.
People were just, like,
absolutely dejected.
Why would you do that?
I am sure that somewhere,
when I was two years old,
I was taking a chip of paint,
tasted it,
and I got some lead.
Yeah, that's like
talking about, like, well,
"I didn't wear a seat belt,
and I'm fine,"
and it's like, "But there were
tons of people that died."
MOORE: Backstage, the
president, sitting at the table
with a criminal governor,
decided to perform his stunt
all over again.
You know, generally, I have not been
doing stunts here, but, you know.
That's not what I expected.
That's what Snyder did.
It felt like he minimized what
people are actually going through
and struggling with.
If you were actually
lead poisoned,
you would not be president. You
would be janitor Barack Obama.
WOMAN: We were holding onto hope that
he would declare it a disaster area.
A disaster would give us FEMA,
it would give us
pipe replacement,
get engineers in here...
Then we could get Medicare for
all the residents of Flint.
As soon as he took a drink of the
water and said everything's fine,
that was that.
DARVSAW: And look at it, years
later, it's still poison.
When he came here,
he was my president,
but when he left,
he was not my president.
SNYDER: I would, again, go back to
the president's visit last week.
He reinforced the message
that filtered water
has been determined to be safe
for people to drink.
COOK-HAWKINS: This, again,
was our hero,
and we thought he was gonna
come here and help us.
But they do have
a mural of him,
and you ride past it now
and his head is busted out.
MOORE". It was devastating.
And it depressed the vote.
And I know people that stayed home and
just said, "To hell with all of them."
I don't know. I just don't...
I don't know.
I don't know why anybody would
have advised him to do that.
I don't know why
he would do it.
And to the average person,
then the Democrats
don't look like the people
who are gonna come
to the rescue.
So in Flint, the number is something
like 8,000 African-American voters,
who voted twice for Obama,
chose not to vote.
Hillary lost in Michigan by two
votes per precinct, on average.
Two votes per precinct.
Ten thousand
and some votes was it.
So where are we left?
MOORE: The worst thing that President Obama
did was pave the way for Donald Trump.
Because Donald Trump
did not just fall
from the sky.
The road to him was
decades in the making.
Under President Obama, it became
okay to imprison whistle-blowers
more than all previous
presidents combined.
He used drone strikes
to bomb civilian populations.
And he deported a record number
of immigrants and refugees.
What Flint needed
was for President Obama
to dig up the toxic pipes
and have them replaced.
But instead of sending in
the Army Corps of Engineers,
he just sent in the army.
MAN 1: This is not normal
in Flint.
MAN 2: It's going down
like a motherfucker.
MAN 1: Wow, where is it?
MAN 32 What is that?
MAN 4: Why are they so low?
MAN s; Holy shit!
June 25th, Flint, Michigan,
it was like, boom!
Didn't warn nobody
in the neighborhood.
MAN: Oh, my God,
this is so insane.
And it freaked me out.
MOORE: Obama's Department of Defense
decided to use Flint as a training ground
to prepare army troops so
they could fight future wars
in urban communities.
MAN: What're you guys doing
this training for?
Uh, it's just, uh, to conduct
some realistic training.
MOORE: No one in Flint
was warned in advance
that they would now be used
for target practice.
A few things broke
in our house.
Glass started to fall
off the table and stuff.
MAN 1: What are we
going to do?
Everybody better
fucking get ready.
MAN 2: What organization
are you a part of?
I'm part of
the United States Army.
MAN 2; us Army?
MAN 3'. In what other part
of this city
would they have did this
without notifying the people?
MAN 4: Why are they doing this
in Flint? Like, why here?
Probably because of the availability
of the abandoned buildings.
12:11 a.m.
in the city of Flint.
You see that?
Coming to an American city
near you.
'Cause if it can happen in
Flint, it can happen anywhere.
WOMAN: You see this?
MOORE". If you are from Flint,
you have a whole different
definition of terrorism.
He was the only candidate
of the 2016 election,
Democratic or Republican,
who decided to visit
the scene of the crime.
Perhaps he wanted to admire the
handiwork of fellow Republican,
Governor Rick Snyder.
Somebody once
asked Donald Trump,
"How do you handle being at the center
of all of this media attention?
"The whirlwind around you.
"How do you weather
the storm?"
And he looked up and he said,
"I am the storm.
"I am the storm."
And as you know,
there's only one person
who can navigate the storm,
and that's the person
who created the storm.
And the rest of us are just
looking for cover.
TRUMP". Thank you very much.
You folks are in here,
place is packed.
There are lines
that go back six blocks.
There is such love in this country
for everything we stand for,
you saw that on election day.
And you're gonna see it
more and more.
So we're all part of this
very historic movement,
a movement the likes of which, actually,
the world has never seen before.
SNYDER". Often, the move is to say,
"You're making a comparison to Hitler.
"It's not a perfect
comparison, and therefore,
"let's throw
all of history out."
Whereas what I would say is,
of course, the comparison's not perfect.
No comparison's perfect,
history doesn't repeat,
but history is this
huge resource of patterns.
It's this huge resource
of structures.
It's a way to try to get your bearings
in a moment like the present one,
where we're not really sure
what's going on.
MOORE: They were one of the greatest
liberal democracies in the world.
They were the first country
to have universal healthcare
for all citizens.
They not only invented
the printing press,
they read more books
than any other country.
And it was not unusual
for each of their cities
to have a dozen
daily newspapers.
A robust free press.
And they made the best movies.
The art, the culture,
the science.
They were considered the most
intelligent people on Earth.
In November of 1932,
they elected an immigrant, an
Austrian, to be their leader.
He had
no political experience.
He didn't talk
like a regular politician.
He just told it like it is.
It was so refreshing.
Women loved him.
Children were always
excited to see him.
Oh, and he loved animals.
Look what Hitler dines on.
Not even soup
for the ascetic vegetarian.
Just a couple of crackers
for a victory banquet.
MOORE: He told jokes,
he told stories.
He was a great dancer.
He talked about
putting Germany first.
And when German football players
disrespected the national anthem,
they were punished.
He talked about creating jobs
for everyone.
He built roads and
infrastructure and camps.
He knew how to use
the new media.
Radio, newsreels.
And in 1935, he started
his own TV network,
four years before Americans
were introduced to television.
Heil, Hitler!
MOORE: He even knew
how to use fake news.
MOORE: Oh, how the crowds
flocked to see him.
But his Nazi Party
only won 32% of the seats
in parliament,
which the Germans
called the Reichstag.
The popular vote was won by
Germany's left liberal parties.
Hitler wanted more.
A few weeks
after his inauguration,
there was
a terrorist incident.
Somebody set the German parliament
building, the Reichstag,
on fire.
Many believed it was the Nazis who did it,
in order to create a national emergency.
But Hitler blamed
the communists.
The communist party was banned, and
their seats in parliament taken away.
The liberals were vanquished,
and the public
supported Adolf Hitler
taking complete control.
This Jewish weekly in Germany
published a front page editorial
saying that everyone
should calm down.
MOORE: Back in the US,
The New York Times agreed.
They reassured
the American people
that things
would not be that bad.
They even wrote
flattering articles
and said that Hitler's
anti-Semitism was not so genuine
or violent as it sounded,
and he was merely using
anti-Semitism as a bait
to catch followers.
RUTH BEN-GMAT: When you track how people
first reacted to Hitler and Mussolini,
they said,
"Oh, he's just insane,"
or the classic thing is that
the elite party, in this case
the GOP, "We're gonna
invite him in to power,
"and then we're
gonna control him."
How am I doing? Am I doing okay?
I'm president.
Hey, I'm president!
Can you believe it, right?
Over and over in history,
what has happened is that
these people get invited in,
they get legitimized,
and then
they take over the show.
There's no
Republican Party.
There's a Trump party.
MOORE: At 12:05 p.m.,
on January 20th, 2017,
just minutes after being
sworn in as president...
So help me, God.
MOORE: Trump filed the paperwork for
the Trump 2020 re-election campaign.
Within days, he went right
back to holding rallies...
Keep America great,
exclamation point.
MOORE: And campaigning for
an eight-year presidency.
Unless they give me an
extension for the presidency.
These are what I call
trial balloons.
You threw out an idea that
previously was unthinkable.
Four years, eight years, or as you
know, FDR, in one case, 16 years.
Should we go back to 16 years?
Should we do that?
can we have that extended?
Unthinkable in democracy, or
unthinkable for human rights reasons.
They float these ideas,
they get them out there,
and then the press
does its job for him.
President Trump offering
his congratulations
to Turkey's President Erdogjan
for winning a referendum that
grants him sweeping new powers.
Picks them up, amplifies them,
circulates, and then it becomes a thing.
You know, the last time
I jokingly said that...
Sixteen years...
...the papers started saying,
"He's got despotic tendencies."
No, I'm not looking to do it.
Unless you want
to do it, that's okay.
And it becomes part
of the discourse.
Half of all Republicans
in a poll said
they would agree to postpone
the 2020 election
if President Trump
asked them to.
52% of Republicans would support
postponing the 2020 election
if Trump proposed it.
And he hasn't
even proposed it.
MOORE: People do think, "Well,
we have this democracy.
"We've had it
for over 200 years.
"It's not going anywhere."
But that's so bogus, that's
just not true, Michael.
We've had a democracy
since circa 1970.
I mean, if black people can't
vote, it's not really democracy.
If women can't vote,
it's not really democracy.
Democracy, I mean,
I love the fact that
I live in a country which is
more democratic than others.
But I will say that democracy
in America is an aspiration,
it's somewhere
we gotta get.
I mean, only half
the population is voting,
when there's
unlimited money in politics.
We're not there yet.
Over one million new jobs.
Companies investing billions
in America.
Stock market reaching
all-time record highs.
Our country, strong again.
MOORE: Never in American history has a
president kept more of his promises
in his first two years
in office.
Not the promises he made
to the voters,
but the promises he made
to his fellow billionaires
in the ruling class.
A record tax cut
for the rich.
It's obvious that it's failing.
It's dead.
MOORE: Dead.
Banking regulations
either weakened or removed.
Doesn't get much bigger
than that, right?
MOORE: And he's on his way to packing the
court with 140 conservative judges...
A modern-day record.
MOORE: And making lifetime
appointments to the Supreme Court
with right-wing judges.
The Paris climate accords...
Will withdraw...
The Iran nuclear deal...
Will withdraw.
MOORE: A reconciliation
with Cuba...
lam canceling.
MOORE". Privatized prisons...
Stock has nearly doubled.
Privatized public schools.
And he's building that wall.
We want to make it perfecto.
We shall establish,
beyond the realm of doubt,
facts, which before the dark
decade of the Third Reich,
would have seemed incredible.
I had a defendant who killed
90,000 Jews and I asked him,
"Why did you do that?"
And he said,
"Hitler knew more than I did,
"and he told me the Jews
were planning to attack,
"as a matter of self-defense, to
defend ourselves against that attack."
Now, that was
the same argument
being made by the president
of the United States.
What Trump is doing.
We're doing something
for which I hanged this man.
NARRATOR: You can roughly locate
any community in the world
somewhere along a scale running
all the way from democracy
to despotism.
MOORE. I hated watching
this stuff in civics class,
but boy, do I miss it now.
When a competent observer
looks for signs of despotism
in a community,
he looks beyond fine words
and noble phrases.
ALL: For which it stands...
NARRATOR: As a community moves
towards despotism,
common courtesy is withheld
from large groups of people
on account of their race.
Nasty fucking nigger.
Are you a citizen?
WOMAN: Yeah, lam a citizen. Are
you a United States citizen?
WOMAN: Can you please
get away from me?
Then you should not
be wearing that.
WOMAN: Can you please
get away from me?
Fuck you and you nigger
fuckin' people.
Okay? Get the fuck
out of my country!
NARRATOR: Or because they
don't like a man's religion.
a Muslim problem in the world?
TRUMP: Absolutely.
Christianity is under
tremendous siege.
It's death by a million cuts.
We are getting less and less
and less powerful,
in terms of a religion
and in terms of a force.
NARRATOR: If a community's middle
income groups grow smaller,
the likelihood of despotism
has increased.
I make $7.30 an hour.
I only get 17 hours a week.
It's shit.
Everything around here is.
REPORTER: Mr. President!
REPORTER 23 Mr. President!
NARRATOR: And when citizens have
to accept what they are told...
The media.
You mean fake news?
NARRATOR: Despotism stands
a good chance.
TRUMP". Sleazy people.
Crooked media.
The media has been
unbelievably dishonest.
The most dishonest groups
of people I've ever met.
But I'd never kill 'em.
I hate 'em.
I would never kill them.
I would never do that.
Let's see. Nah.
No, l wouldn't.
Wait, let's see, who's... I want
to find a friendly reporter.
Questions are not encouraged.
Don't ask me questions
like that.
You're not a very good
reporter doing that.
How can you ask
such a question?
Do you have a question that
now is a legitimate question?
How dare you question
the fact?
I guess
I don't understand.
If the information coming
from those leaks is real,
then how can the stories be fake?
TRUMP: The reporting is fake.
NARRATOR: And if books,
newspapers and the radio
are efficiently controlled...
Sit down. Sit down.
Sit down.
I have the right
to ask a question.
I have.No,no,
I'm a reporter, and I have...
Don't touch me, sir.
Don't touch me, sir.
NARRATOR: The people
will read and accept
exactly what the few
in control want them to.
But it must be true! I saw
it in this book right here.
Now that's what I call
a nice question.
What I say goes, see?
I'm the law around here.
I'm president,
and they're not.
BEN-GMAT'. He knows
what he's doing.
It's the same thing that authoritarians
and fascists have done in the past.
You need to make sure that
when charges of corruption
or other wrongdoing come forth,
nobody believes the judiciary.
We're the only country,
essentially, that has judges.
The intelligence services.
TRUMP: The corruption
at the top of the FBI.
BEN-GMAT: The press...
Fake news.
You need to make sure
that they are discredited.
What you're seeing
and what you're reading
is not what's happening.
People believe him, and this is of
course, puzzling to many of his critics.
But if the strongman, the
authoritarian, has done his job,
he has bonded people to him
a long time ago.
And there's Trump, who's doing that
with his rallies and his loyalty oaths.
Should we do the pledge?
Raise your right hand.
Do you pledge that on Tuesday,
you will go...
To vote for Donald Trump
tomorrow, raise that hand.
I love you. I love you.
BEN-GMAT: People don't care
if he's lying.
They believe in him,
and that's more important
than believing the truth.
You've been hearing me say
that it's a rigged system,
but now I don't say it
anymore, because I won.
Okay? It's true.
You know, now I don't care.
I don't care.
The founders thought, "This
thing's gonna last a decade,
"a few decades, we'll be lucky
if it's a few generations."
Democracy means
ruled by the people
and if the people aren't
asserting themselves,
then democracy will go away.
And whether it's to some
drastic form like fascism,
or whether it's
to some form where,
yeah, we keep voting, but fewer of
us are allowed to vote every year,
and there's some kind
of emergency statute,
or, you know, that the money just
makes the voting basically a joke,
which is unfortunately where
we're tending anyway...
Whether it's one or the other,
there's so much to lose.
There will be a civil war in
the United States of America.
The Christians will finally
come out of the shadows.
REPORTER: The sign says, "Hey,
liberals, better get your guns
"if you try to impeach
President Trump."
Just try it.
You will have a spasm
of violence in this country,
and insurrection
like you've never seen.
MOORE: 3% of us own
over 160 million guns.
Why would they need
all those guns?
I would take up arms because I
think we need a revolution.
I'm not a violent person.
I'm even an ordained pastor.
Michael Moore
is everywhere, saying,
"Surround the Capitol, surround
them, uprise, get violent."
How do... No!
I told you!
I'm not that smart!
We're in a, literally,
a 10-or-20-year struggle
for the future of the country,
and that's why you're
just gonna have to man up,
toughen up, just like
our forefathers, right?
We're gonna have to do exactly
the kind of effort they had,
and we can win.
The white establishment
is now the minority.
You ready to shoot, Barry?
All right, let's go. Uh-huh.
MAN: He's bleeding out,
isn't he?
BOY: Uh-huh.
Susan Sontag, she said,
"We're just one 9/11 away
from losing our democracy."
Yeah, I mean, I may be
a bit more pessimistic.
I think we're
zero 9/11 s away.
We have to think.
We have to reflect.
We have to think, "These are the kinds
of things which happen in history."
Let's not trade the real
freedom for fake safety.
When there's a terrorist attack,
the thing we have to mobilize for
is not safety, but freedom.
There is one report,
as of yet unconfirmed, that a plane
has hit the World Trade Center,
and you can see that there is
smoke there coming out
of at least two sides
of the building.
GEORGE W. BUSH: The search is underway for
those who were behind these evil acts.
REPORTER 2: The USA Patriot
Act adopted by Congress
and signed by Bush
six weeks after the attacks
allows for searches of medical
and financial records,
computer and telephone
and even for the books
you take out of the library.
Most of the people we spoke to
say they're willing to give up
some liberties to fight terrorism.
BUSH: Either you're with us,
or you're with the terrorists.
TRUMP'. Donald J. Trump is calling
for a total and complete shutdown
of Muslims entering
the United States.
REPORTER 1: Last week, ICE agents
fanned out in raids like this one
in every state.
REPORTER 2: ...ripping children
away from their families
under this new policy.
away from their mother,
and locking up one or the
other and separating them
because they did
no harm to anybody.
They just didn't comply
with the stupid regulations.
That's a crime against
humanity in my judgment.
The Statue of Liberty stands there,
you know, "Send me your tired,
"your huddled masses
yearning to breathe free.
"I lift my...
"My lamp beside
the golden door."
Where? Where?
We don't see it in this
country, and it pains me.
And, uh...
That's the world
in which we live.
And, uh, we've got
to change it or perish.
MOORE: Months from now, when we realize
that the democracy we wished we'd had
never came to be,
and what we did have was eliminated
due to some national emergency,
will we ask ourselves,
"When was that moment
"we could have turned things
around before it was too late?"
Was it when the teacher in your
family had to get a second job?
Was it when you first saw
the friendly cop on your beat,
wearing this and driving
around in that?
Was it when, after months
of being addicted
to the pills you'd been given
to make the pain go away,
that you realized
it really wasn't the pain
that needed to go away?
Was it when you first heard that
the president you dearly loved
took more money from Goldman Sachs
than any other contributor?
And you wanted to tell
someone, but instead,
you just quietly threw up
in your mouth?
Was it when you convinced
yourself that this misfortune...
...would never
come to your town?
Was it when you realized that
we do indeed love our guns
more than we love our kids?
And that if this is the
America we're trying to save,
maybe we need
to ask ourselves,
Why save this America?
The America I want to save is
the America we've never had.
It didn't need
to end up like this.
And it still doesn't.
MOORE: Evil is
a slow-moving organism.
By the time it coalesces
into one giant terror...
...it is too late.
We had spent too much time
trying to comfort ourselves
with the belief that the
Constitution would save us,
elections would save us,
the special prosecutor
would save us,
impeachment would save us.
We kept hoping-
But it was that hope
that killed us.
Hope was wishful
and passive and comforting.
We didn't need comfort.
We needed action.
And sometimes, I guess
it takes a Donald Trump
to make us wake up and realize
that what we need to do
is to acknowledge that we have to
get rid of the whole rotten system
that gave us Trump.
And to realize that now,
right now, our time is up.
We need to act immediately...
Oh, gosh, what happened?
"Ballistic missile threat
inbound to Hawaii.
"Seek immediate shelter,
this is not a drill."
Oh, my God! What do we do?
It says this is not a drill.
WOMAN: (ON PHONE) "This is not a
drill." Those were the exact words.
Ballistic missile threat
inbound to Hawaii.
Seek immediate shelter,
this is not a drill.
MAN 1: What about tourists?
We have no idea where to go.
MAN 2: I mean, this literally could
be the start of a nuclear war...
The US Pacific Command
has detected a missile
threat to Hawaii.
WOMAN 1: What do we do?
impact on land or sea within minutes.
This is not a drill.
MAN 33 Holy shit.
WOMAN 2: This is
a missile threat!
It was just an accident.
A mistake.
But make no mistake about it, this
is the world in which we now live.
what is the emergency?
GIRL: Stoneman Douglas High School.
They were shooting into my classroom.
EMMA GONZALEZ: Six minutes and 20 seconds
with an AR-15, and my friend Carmen
would never complain to me
about piano practice.
Aaron Feis would never call
Kiera "Miss Sunshine."
Alex Schachter
would never walk into school
with his brother, Ryan.
Scott Beigel would never joke
around with Cameron at camp.
Helena Ramsay would never hang
out after school with Max.
Gina Montalto would never wave
to her friend Liam at lunch.
Joaquin Oliver would never play
basketball with Sam or Dylan.
Alaina Petty would never...
Cara Loughran would never...
Chris Hixon would never...
Luke Hoyer would never...
Martin Duque Anguiano
would never...
Peter Wang would never...
Alyssa Alhadeff would never...
Jaime Guttenberg would never...
Meadow Pollack would never.