Fade to Black (2004)

Look, I heard people say I'm
the luckiest man on the planet.
I like to think I stay ready.
A wise man once told me
luck isn't some mystical energy
that dances around the universe
randomly bestowing people
with satisfaction and jo y.
You create your own luck.
My whole career, I been thinking
of a night like this.
Like what's about to happen.
That's what's going on.
I was like, "Oh, shit."
This is it right now.
A night with all the stars
in line.
I ain't trying to get
too dramatic on y'all,
but that night, I felt like
the luckiest man in the world.
Or as my man C-Thru would say,
"Lucky Lefty."
I'll be
at the Trump International.
Ask for me.
You out of here now.
You said it's o ver.
I got you.
It was like a whole energy.
I was just standing up
on the seats.
I ain't did that since
going to see Michael Jackson.
This is history right here.
Jay-Z in the Garden.
All by hisself.
He just sold out the shit
by hisself in four minutes.
Dear Jay.
Why you leaving the game, baby?
You're supposed to stay and keep
it thorough and finish rapping.
It's done.
It's a wrap.
Garden is no more.
Modern-day hip-hop, this is
what it's supposed to be.
A show like this, where it's
big and the nigga's feeling it
and it's real music.
I hope you had a great time.
I had a wonderful time.
I feel like I waited too long
for it to be o ver this fast.
For real.
I knew saying goodbye
was the right thing to do.
But this goodbye
began like a long kiss.
Let me take y'all back
to the beginning.
Of the end, that is.
Anytime you gonna make an album,
especially if
this is your last album,
every single track
has to be a statement.
In your mind, you thinking, "I
have to make the perfect album."
That's what you think.
Anybody know me
know I'm dead serious.
I will sit there,
drive myself crazy
till I find that right track.
Don't waste
my motherfucking time!
That nigga's depressed.
He gotta get out the basement.
Only two things
that get you through this, man.
That's patience and persistence.
Not easy, bro.
You do a lot of bullshit
before you get the jewels.
This right here
we call the Magic Moment.
Right now I'm thinking,
"Where's this going?
What does this track say?"
I look at music like a puzzle.
I try to figure it out.
Figure out
what I'm gonna say on it.
Figure out the emotion
of the track, what it's saying.
Then I go through my Rain Man.
I can't explain it to y'all,
It comes out of the air for me.
I start mumbling.
They say you put the right
artist with the right track
in the studio, leave the door
cracked, and let God in.
It's almost time now, niggas!
Yeah, Hot 97 Funk Flex.
- Jay-Z.
- Yes, sir.
- Memphis Bleek.
- Yeah.
Of course, the concert.
You know what it is.
Jay-Z is coming to the Garden.
Tickets go on sale Saturday.
This is a very big deal,
New York.
There hasn't been something
in the Garden in so long.
And it's beautiful.
And you know what, man?
When I was looking once again
at the Jumbotron,
it wasn't an R&B concert
and you're on it,
or it wasn't a reggae concert.
It's Jay-Z.
And I think this is such
a great thing, man.
It's nice to see you
at the Garden.
From Marcy to Madison Square,
This isn't the short
Summer Jam joint.
This isn't a condensed show.
This is Jay-Z all evening long.
Are you gonna do the collabo
maybe with Beyonc that night?
That might happen.
You know where I'm going now,
That might happen.
Jay-Z has just stopped
looking at me.
We in the Garden, nigga.
That may not be a big deal
for pop acts or rock acts.
They sell out the Garden
a couple nights in a row.
But for hip-hop, we wasn't even
allowed in the building.
Passes only!
No one's getting in without one.
Allow me to keep it real.
The Gun is here.
Bleek is here.
Freeway here.
If Jay don't show up,
we gonna shut this shit down
even more.
I'm the fucking king of New York
after tonight.
That's what the fuck
I'm playing.
The people with him
have to get frisked.
Gonna have a problem upstairs.
You should have your
fucking credential anyway.
You ready?
His lead security guy
is stuck down there,
but his name is on the list.
You find a man for me?
Fucking long-ass walk, man.
Everybody gonna retire
like that.
No, no.
No, no.
Jay retiring
'cause he's that fucking nigga.
Jay earned that
'cause he's nice.
Don't get it twisted.
He worked hard.
Tell Ahmir I need a drop
on that last shit on "Song Cry"
with the L.L. shit.
Tell him to come see me.
They want to do one more song.
You tell me.
You got four minutes.
Whatever we gotta do,
let's do it right now.
We gotta all get our pictures
'cause I have to really go.
Thank y'all for coming.
You got it crazy downstairs.
It's like Saddam Hussein
trying to get up in this joint.
Tickets in your hand, please.
I've gotta get in my zone now.
There's gonna be no talking.
I'm gonna go in,
I'm gonna think,
and I'm gonna envision myself
tearing this down.
That's how you do it.
You gotta envision it first.
He's back there just being calm.
You can't get ex cited.
It's another day.
He said, "Treat it
like it's Boston."
It's Boston.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Tonight we come to Madison
Square Garden, New York City,
to see and hear
a legendary superstar.
From Marcy Projects, Bed-Stuy,
Brooklyn, New York,
presenting the one, the only
undisputed, undefeated
heavyweight champion
of the world of hip-hop.
He is Jay-Z!
Put your motherfucking hands up!
Put your motherfucking hands up!
Ho v-I, baby!
What more can I say, New York?
I done said it all.
Done it all.
I'm gonna keep
my motherfucking jacket on.
Hey, I put together a special
evening for y'all tonight.
I brought y'all
some different shit.
I want y'all to see how far we
can take it as hip-hop artists.
I'm opening back up
this Madison Square Garden
for hip-hop.
Tonight is a charity night.
We still gonna have
a lot of fun, though.
Y'all leave this motherfucker
do your job.
I'm gonna do my job.
Tonight I brought you
with myself? uestlo ve
and the Illadelphonics.
Me myself.
I go by a couple names.
Sometimes they call me Jigga.
Sometimes they call me
Jigga Man.
Sometime they call me Ho v.
The One.
But tonight I'll be...
One more time for them.
One more time.
Sounds so beautiful.
Don't you agree?
I'm glad everybody
could be here with me tonight.
Y'all could have been anywhere
in the world.
But y'all at the Garden.
Let's get it popping.
Two, three, four!
Like I said, when you're making
your last album,
you want everything
to be perfect.
In order for everything
to be perfect,
everybody has to be focused.
You don't know how hard it is
to get everybody on
the same page at the same time
for one thing.
You had a meeting in the studio?
You stopped the music?
Don't ever stop the music.
Take that shit to the hallway,
to the office.
Don't ever stop the music.
That's what pay the bills.
You can't stop the music.
We have nothing to meet about
if we don't have the music.
Don't ever stop the music.
Didn't know I was interfering
with the music.
Yeah, this nigga's
already crazy,
unfocused, video-gamed out.
Wake up the morning,
I see this nigga on the rap.
Trucks with four video games
in it.
He's going around
looking for old Atari games.
That's how he spends his day.
No, that was just set up
for the shoot.
Nigga, I seen all the ones
you had.
You had Coleco Vision.
All that shit.
But I bought that.
That wasn't for the shoot.
You been at that shit.
And the things you say
out your mouth.
"Yo, I just motherfucking
make beats
to support my video-game habit."
I was like, "Carline, get this
nigga on the phone right now."
I thought about that statement
for a minute.
And I looked at the date,
and it was the 15,
and we ain't make
one record together.
He's gonna play dirty.
He's not gonna do shit
until he done with everybody.
If it's done and it's hot,
he just ain't gonna make it.
He knows that.
You know that, right?
I'm on my last album.
We inside here.
This ain't the media.
I'm not even playing.
I can't wait for y'all
to hear my new shit.
I just want to hear
what y'all think.
Beats don't just come out done.
There's an idea.
And there's
the ex ecution of that idea.
Hopefully, you don't just lose
everything in the ex ecution.
And you've got collaboration.
You know what I need.
I need that bounce.
But by far, for me, the most
important thing is inspiration.
As an artist,
if you ain't inspired to work,
then you start thinking.
Once you start thinking,
you start forcing music.
It's never good.
I'm backed in the corner.
Nigga said,
"Don't bring no beats."
I got some shit on the bus, too.
I think just as important
as knowing when something is hot
and knowing that this is the one
is knowing when it's not.
That one right there
is very limited.
All right.
I hate when he does that.
I need Memph Bleek for this one.
You take that side.
I'm gonna take this side.
Everybody on this side,
y'all say, "Nigga what?"
Y'all say, "Nigga who?"
One, two, three!
Madison Square Garden, are y'all
having a good time tonight?
Y'all making a lot of noise.
I gotta know who's making
all that noise.
Is Jersey
in this motherfucker tonight?
What's up, Dirty Jersey?
Is the Bronx
in this motherfucker tonight?
Is Queens
in this motherfucker tonight?
Is Manhattan
in this motherfucker tonight?
Is Brooklyn
in this motherfucker tonight?
Hold on,? uest.
Hold on,? uest.
Hold on one second, my nigga.
Let's keep it bouncing.
I Io ve it. Y'all motherfuckers
crazy tonight.
Everybody in this building,
make some noise!
Thanks a lot, Carline.
I'm just sitting here patiently
waiting for Jigga Man.
Ho v. Jay-Z.
Whatever his name is.
All right.
That was Carline.
Jay's running an hour late.
You know how superstars
be on their bullshit.
My feeling is, whenever
inspiration don't find you,
you have to find it.
And luckily for me, I been
in this business a minute.
I know a couple people.
Some of them
are just permanently inspired.
Play me something, man.
You play.
Play me something.
I know where I'm going.
Play me something.
Play me something.
Why do we go through this
every freaking time?
I ain't.
Go ahead.
I ain't got nothing.
Untuck the hop, then, man.
Follow me on this.
Follow me.
Run the marathon.
Aw, man.
You confused?
You confused?
No, motherfucker.
Yeah, right.
Let me get another one.
You got bounce?
He got no bounce in anything.
- He ain't got...
- Calm down.
You got no bounce, nigga.
You ain't got no bounce, nigga.
The bounce coming up.
That shit right there is crazy.
Oh, man!
That's that...
All right, you take your pick.
I'm like Ric Flair.
You ever seen the wrestler
Ric Flair?
I'm the best there is.
You got that?
This is on the fly, man.
I'm gonna fuck up a lot.
It's all in memory.
I think he's the greatest.
The person that can do
about 30 raps in his head
and not forgetting
any one of them.
It's ingenious.
One more time.
Yeah, nigga!
All rappers.
Every rapper that's out
that's supposed to be "hot"
will be terminated.
I'm telling you.
Oh, God.
That's how you end
a motherfucking song, nigga.
That's how you end a song.
How many people in this building
from the hood?
We ain't gonna stop.
Give me something for everybody
from the hood, yo.
He's doing this.
That's right.
Everybody, feel me.
You had a hard-knock life.
I need y'all to sing.
God damn!
Put the peace sign up
for the homey Biggie Smalls.
Keep your peace sign up
for Big Pun.
For Left Eye.
For Jam Master Jay.
Now take your twos and make
an "A" for Aaliyah
one time tonight, y'all.
Put your twos in the air
for Tupac Shakur.
You know how we do this.
We gonna let them know
they gone,
they'll never be forgotten.
You gonna fly with it.
I want everybody to feel this
in this building right now.
Give me something.
I need to feel y'all in my soul.
Put your twos back in the air.
We ain't done.
Give me something else.
Hold up. Hold up.
Hold the fuck up.
Put your twos back in the air.
God damn.
Of course, the only way
we can continue in hip-hop
is we pay respect to the past.
So I had to pay respect
to the past
so I could continue on
to the future.
Can I introduce y'all
to my future?
Roc-A-Fella Records,
give me some!
Memphis Bleek.
You know!
Beanie Sigel,
get the fuck out here!
Oh, man.
I got you.
We about to shut this shit down,
You know how we do.
To the Garden.
Yeah, Memphis!
What's up?
Let's get it popping.
This floor's shaking, man.
I know.
It's crazy.
I thought I was getting dizzy
and shit.
I know I ain't smoked weed
and shit.
Y'all aren't gonna get tired
on me, right?
Are y'all tired out there?
I'm just checking with y'all.
I'm gonna check with y'all
three more times.
Yo, Bleek.
- What's up?
- We need you on this one.
It's for the ladies right here.
That's what I'm...
It's for the ladies right here.
Hold on.
Let me look.
You got me?
Let's slow it down for them.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Wait, wait.
Okay, let's slow it
all the way down for them.
Let's slow it down.
Make some noise
for Missy Elliott
and Twista one time tonight.
Old-school hip-hop.
They say that's when
it was at its best.
They call it "The Golden Years."
I know that's when I fell
in Io ve with it.
Since this album's
gonna be autobiographical,
I had to go to
one of the few people
that could recapture that
feeling I had when I was a kid.
That's incredible.
My man, thank you.
That's incredible.
You may have to rewrite
the third verse after this
'cause you just took it.
The whole song
just went like this.
Rick ain't normal.
I don't give a fuck.
I know all producers
have their idiosyncrasies,
meaning quirks
and some weird shit,
but he's just strange
by strange standards.
While we was downstairs doing
hard-core rap records and shit,
upstairs he had
a bunch of people
who having... leaves
and doing some type of Tibetan
freedom concert planning.
When was the last time you seen
a bison in a nigga's studio?
Next is Johnny Cash for us.
This thing had a Grammy.
I told you?
I was upstairs,
and the guy behind me
had a Grammy for Best Producer
of a Country Album.
Oh, yeah?
He's just chilling?
He's in the back somewhere.
Nigga did done L.L.
Johnny Cash.
Beastie Bo ys.
Over 20 years into his career,
dude ain't changed.
He got his own vibe.
I mean, it's Rick.
You gotta Io ve him for that.
You guys are late.
I did eight songs already.
I'm just playing.
Hey, start this one o ver.
Pull back.
I'm gonna leave holes in this.
Then I'm gonna come back
and fill in.
I want to hear that.
Yeah, 'cause I want to
fill in it.
I'm thinking maybe
we start a capella with...
If you're having girl problems,
I feel bad for you, son.
I got 99 problems,
but a bitch ain't one. Hit me.
Right into the first verse.
That's money.
- Back in the game, right?
- Guess so. Apparently so.
All these records
I used to listen to.
These guys are the creators
of it.
The architects
of what we do right now.
I'm just fortunate, man.
You want to take this?
- Yes, sir.
- Let's do it.
Just to see the way he writes.
I've never seen
anything like it.
He doesn't write anything down.
He does it all up here.
Just kind of sits there,
listens to the track,
writes a verse
and then goes and does it.
Let me do the cop o ver.
You're gonna hear
your old v oice.
Do you want to hear the...
You don't want to hear
the effect?
Give me after "legit."
It felt great.
Looking good, man.
It might be something special.
That's strong.
- Strong.
- That shit is nice.
It's like Slick Rick-style shit.
Yeah, yeah.
I wanted to take it on some
old-school storytelling shit.
I don't tell too many stories.
They don't know
about my storytelling abilities
out there.
Jay-Z, I Io ve you,
I Io ve you, I Io ve you.
Can I get the band back?
I want to fuck with the ladies
real quick.
You ready, "B"?
Let's go get them.
One, two, three, four!
You ready?
Say what?
Say what?
Say what?
One, two, three, four!
History in the making,
Madison Square Garden!
It's crazy!
Right, baby?
No doubt, no doubt.
On your way to the stage?
I'm gonna go to the stage.
I'm gonna wait.
Homegirl got three songs.
She gonna let me come in
on the third song.
I'm just gonna do my part
and get off the stage.
Go back to the joint,
go take a shit, go to sleep.
You know what I mean?
How y'all doing, New York?
Yeah, yeah.
Don't trip off the stage.
Ghost, let me see your mike.
I got something special
for y'all.
Give it up, y'all.
The Garden.
That's right.
Yeah, I like that.
Y'all, give it up.
Jigga Man!
The man!
God damn!
Make some noise out there!
Every now and again,
I step outside of myself
and I just look at my life
Sometimes I find myself saying,
"Who is that dude right there?"
If you'd have told me
20 years ago
that my life would be like this,
I'm not sure I would have
believed you.
I think when we was growing up,
it was an iller time
than it was now.
Way more dangerous.
Way more...
- Outback?
- No, I'm cool.
You want some?
I'm gonna order from Outback.
I'm good.
Thank you.
You know it used to be worse
than this, right?
Yeah. There was a lot of drugs
in the street.
It used to be way...
Come on.
- It used to be worse than this.
- Yeah.
That's what it takes.
People to keep talking out
and speaking out.
You're not that type of rapper.
I still not.
For two lines
out of a 60-minute tape,
for 30 seconds,
I felt like saying something
to speak on about
what's going on in the hood.
Should I not do that?
Should I ignore those feelings?
You know how we grew up
in the '80s in this shit.
So the shit you talking is real,
and I feel like a lot of
the cats who maybe emulate you
or the pictures that you present
force that shit.
And it feels forced.
What about this guy?
- Who?
- Him.
Him where?
What about me?
You rapping on shooting
and killing people.
Say that shit to him.
What you think about that?
No, that's all right.
That's cool?
That's what people want to hear.
They the one who buy it.
They want to hear it.
Truthfully, it's wack.
I've been feeling that way, too.
I don't be wanting to do that.
It seems like sometimes that's
all the niggas want to hear.
You get fed up.
You gotta take the long route.
That shit is aggrav ating.
Why would you write a rhyme
that you don't want to write?
That's what I'm saying.
I'm still trying to find myself
to this day, Guru.
That shit ain't hard.
Be the fuck you.
I know, but I'm saying to
put it out to the people.
That shit is aggrav ating.
Then be you, man.
You see how rappers are now?
Turn the camera at me.
See what the public...
See what y'all did to rappers?
They scared to be theyself.
You know what I'm saying?
Niggas don't think that people
gonna accept them as theyself.
Go back.
Ty, turn around.
Hi, Ty-Ty.
Happy Birthday.
Thank you.
How are you?
We gonna party tonight.
Start it from the top.
Ma, at the top of here,
I want you to tell
that story about the...
"I knew he was gonna be special
'cause he was 10 pounds."
You know that story
you told me before?
You listening to me?
That's what people
don't understand about me.
That I could make so many albums
and just keep going.
How the fuck you do that?
Because it's me.
It's really me.
I'm just talking
what I go through.
Whatever it is, be it good...
I might say the worst shit
in the world, but it's me.
But then you saying shit
that make people in the hood
do crime.
You're gonna do it
'cause you want to do it,
but then you don't help them.
You saying that you sell drugs,
that you've got a gun.
This, that, that.
My rhymes are not
"Yo, nigga, it's all good."
You know what I'm saying?
More so now.
You toned it down
for whatever...
Yeah, the evil.
The bad side of...
Yeah. "There's heaven,
and then there's hell, niggas.
One day you're cruisin'
in the 7.
The next day,
your alibis ain't matchin' up,
bullshit catchin' up.
You hit with the rico.
They repo that vehicle.
Shit was all good
just a week ago.
About to start snitchin',
ain't you?
Ready to start bitchin'
ain't you?
I forgive you, I forgive you.
Hustlin' just ain't you.
Aside from the fast cars,
honeys that shake
they ass in bars,
you know you wouldn't be
inv olved
with the underworld dealers,
carriers of mac-millers,
East Coast bodiers,
West Coast cap peelers,
little monkey niggas
turned gorillas."
These are my rhymes, "B"!
This is my first album.
How many people in this building
been day-one Roc-A-Fella fans?
How many people in this building
got "Reasonable Doubt"?
How many people know
"Dead Presidents"?
This right here is only
for my day-one fans.
I'm gonna take y'all back.
Let me get "Dead Presidents."
That's right.
Brooklyn, make some noise!
How real is this?
How real is this?
Oh, shit.
That's right.
I like that.
I Io ve you, baby.
- Aiight, Jay-Z.
- Yeah!
Standing out in the cold and
shit, promoting your shit.
You know what I'm saying?
I wanna get paid.
When I did the Twista song,
I was making that shit
like it was a sitcom itself.
Or like a piece of a mo vie
or something.
Tape this nigga, man.
You taping him?
Go ahead.
Say, if "The Black Album"
was like "The Black Mo vie."
So, the song,
the soundtracks are like scores
to scenes that's going on
in the mo vie.
Oh, my God!
"The Black Album."
One of the jo ys for me
in the music business
is watching a new artist develop
into they own.
I mean, that shit
just brings me jo y.
To see a artist come
from nothing,
and then, you know,
they known, he has a name.
That's Kanye West. That's Kanye.
He signing autograph.
I Io ve that shit.
And right now, this nigga,
he's just delivering it.
And the passion he gots
for his music,
I don't think it's gonna stop.
Kanye came and motherfucking did
his job, didn't he?
Did he not?
God damn!
This record ain't a record.
It's a mo vie and shit.
It's like a scene from a mo vie.
I seen it.
Yeah, like the basis
of a classic album.
This joint right here,
yo, I'll take it.
This is the verse
I want you to do for me.
Oh, it's money.
That's my word. I never read
the Bible in my life.
I don't even know
how I know that.
That's phat.
Oh, my God, leave that!
Kanye, you did it again!
You're a genius!
We about to witness
some historic shit.
On my first album,
I was blessed.
I had a queen
of hip-hop and R&B.
Miss Mary J. Blige.
You ready to go get 'em, Mary?
I'm ready.
I'm always ready, Jay.
Come on.
Thank you.
All the ladies
put your hands up.
We going side to side
with this one.
It's so fucking soulful.
It's so soulful.
I need y'all hands up.
God damn!
Well, God damn!
Can I get my L.L. on here?
Let me get my L.L. on.
Can I get my "L" on?
L.L. on here.
Can I do that for them, Mary?
No doubt.
Take 'em to church.
Y'all gotta give it up
for Jay-Z right now.
He knows how to treat a woman.
This is legendary.
I had the power of Rick on
when I was up on there.
You see what I'm saying?
That was cool.
That's Io ve right there.
All of that.
Now, can I go check see
in the mirror?
What room is this?
Peace, baby.
No question.
Mirror he can check himself
out in?
Matter of fact,
where the room at?
Whose room is this?
Welcome to
the "Best of Both Worlds."
Go get 'em, Kel.
New York, get your hands up!
Yeah, I figured out
what you're doing.
Your career, right now.
This is the end
of "Carlito's Way."
And you're just trying to get
one more last job in
before you get out.
But I'm trying to tell you
that I have the song.
I have the beat that describes
that moment accurately.
And if you don't believe me,
your man Guru is here.
- What's your name?
- Ti.
Your man Ti is here,
and Hip Hop is here.
And niggas' faces
are scrunched up.
I'm telling you right now,
Guru heard it and said...
Didn't you say he gonna do
the whole song tonight?
He said you're gonna do
the whole song tonight.
There's no way I'm not getting
my mo vie shit off
on the last album.
On the last album!
I never got a chance to do
"Dead Presidents"
or "The World is Yours."
So I gotta get my story shit
But there's something
about major seven chords.
I think there were minor seven
chords in "Dead Presidents."
And he just...
The way that nigga
blacked out on it,
it's just kind of like
second to none.
So, I'm dying to see
when he comes to the studio,
what's gonna be the first thing
that happens.
Yo, so you remember in
"Carlito's Way" at the end.
When the nigga was just
trying to get out of the game.
He's getting on the train.
He's getting on a train?
You heard me, right?
Go ahead, Brian.
That's it?
That's the speech?
That's the speech.
That's what happened.
All right.
Sometimes you work with people
because they legends.
Other times, they just hot.
Sometimes you work with people
because there's a synergy there.
We all work with a lot
of different people
in this business.
But there's those special
combinations that you know
just brings out the best in you.
That's right!
A little louder!
That's right!
You know I Io ve y'all!
I know you Io ve me!
Make some noise for Pharrell
one time!
It's showtime.
This man is made!
He's killing all y'all
jive turkeys.
Y'all want more
of the Jigga Man?
If y'all want more
of the Jigga Man,
then I need y'all to help me
bring him back to the stage.
Say "Ho v a."
Come on, say it!
Ho v a! Ho v a!
Ho v a! Ho v a!
Are y'all out there?
Yeah, see, that's what
I'm talking about.
They Io ve you, Jigga.
They Io ve you, Jigga!
Ho v a! Ho v a!
Like you left the stage
on a rap.
Like you left the stage
to do something.
When the beat come back in,
you come back on the stage.
And the crowd will be...
Yeah, see, that's what
I'm talking about.
They Io ve you, Jigga.
They Io ve you, Jigga!
What? What?
Say what?
Make some noise!
I don't wanna party with y'all.
I wanna vibe with y'all.
Can I vibe with y'all?
Let's go, Jeff.
Can I vibe with y'all?
That wasn't strong enough.
You get one night like this
in your whole lifetime.
Can I vibe with y'all
o ver here?
And although I spent my whole
life chasing this one night...
Can I vibe with y'all?
I can't say I'm sad
to see it go.
I'm actually happy
that it happened at all.
I feel fortunate.
Can I vibe with y'all?
Everything I do
is inspired by life.
So, of course, it's inspired by
the people that's closest to me.
Y'all inspired me.
I couldn't be where I'm at
without y'all.
I Io ve all y'all.
Way back in the days,
when Jay first started rapping,
I'd take him to certain places
in the hood.
He'd battle niggas
and destro y them.
I used to be the only one
that could hear the rhymes.
Now the whole world gets
a chance to hear it,
we all in this room hear it,
and that's it.
It's a grand opening,
grand closing.
Give me some light.
Cellphones, lighter.
I mean, I'm a kid
from Brooklyn, New York.
Now I'm onstage
at Madison Square Garden,
celebrating my whole career
with some of the biggest artists
in the music business.
I wasn't really emotional
about it.
I was thinking,
"This shit is crazy hot."
I guess I am lucky.
Holla at your bo y!
Let me say that this money
will be used for the upliftment
of your culture.
We thank you.
100% of this
goes to the Christopher Wallace
Memorial Foundation
for books and computers.
It ain't o ver.
I don't care what he say.
This ain't the last album.
It can't be.
After a show like that?
Come on, man.
Keep it rapping.
Yeah, rapping.
Whatever that mean.
"The Black Album."
What this means to you.
The whole retirement.
The whole retirement.
That mean the game is fucked up.