Factory, The (2012)

I don't think so.
Okay, I love you.
Well, hello handsome.
And since I just moved
here a couple of years ago,
I don't know too many folks,
It sure is nice to...
Have someone to share a Thanksgiving meal with.
I just love to cook.
Well whatever pulls your hair back
honey, you're paying.
So, what are you a doctor?
Because there's some fancy ass
medical books you got there.
No, I ...
I just work at Buffalo Regional.
Well ...
Why don't we play doctors and nurses when I
get back from the little girl's room?
Okay. Yeah.
It's down the hall on the end.
Are you ready for me, baby?
Don't be shy now.
This is so disappointing.
When were you going tell me, you have ...
I take you off the streets
and offer you the chance to create something,
rather than destroy it!
- And this is how you pay me in return?
- Please, I'll do anything you want!
No, no!
A committed relationship is
between a man and a woman.
How did you think this was ever
going to work out?
What are you talking about?
Come on ...
It's okay. I'm doing you a favor.
Do everyone a favor.
We're returning to the crime in a case that has puzzled
Buffalo law enforcement for the past 3 years.
Authorities this afternoon announced the closing down
of a once high profile investigation.
Which begun with the disappearance of
Donnelly was the first of seven sex workers
to go missing from downtown Buffalo
over a three year period.
With all the alleged abductions taking place during
the winter months of November through March.
A nurse at Buffalo Regional hospital, Darrell Kennedy
was initially named by authorities
as a person of interest,
but was eventually cleared of all involvement.
While officials claim budget restraints
are forcing the allocation
of resources to other cases,
sources close to the investigation
blame the failure of detectives
to locate a body
It's bullshit cut and run politics Kelsey.
They're thinking shut this guy down
with a press conference.
Take a look out there.
Seven out of seven were taken in the snow.
Seven out of Seven.
- Are you listening to me, or what?
- I'm not deaf, Mike.
You think these guys would be
shutting it down if it was their daughter?
I don't fucking think so.
- What, you're not going to fight this?
- Hey!
I was the dumbass who fought
to be on this case, remember?
What a great move that turned out to be.
Come on, it's Thanksgiving
for Christ's sake!
Be thankful.
Let it go for one night.
Hang with family, eat too much,
pass out on the couch, easy stuff.
What are you, my nanny?
My life coach?
There's alot you don't
know about me, detective.
Don't even think about it.
Abby would never forgive you
if you didn't come in.
We've got a ton of paperwork
to get done.
The sooner we get it done,
the sooner we can move on from this.
Will you listen to yourself?
You're obsessed.
You've got to let it go.
Come in for a drink.
Come on.
One drink going to kill you?
There really is no point in even having
this discussion
because dinner is about
to be on the table.
So if you could just come and help me,
that would be great.
Mom, please.
Tad's whole family invited me over.
You're going to have to tell Tad's whole family
that you're spending Thanksgiving
with your own family.
Hey, surprise, surprise!
This is a surprise.
Mike didn't tell me you were able to make it.
Who cares?
Finally somebody cool.
I'm not staying, I just wanted to come in
and say happy Thanksgiving.
Come on, relax.
There's plenty to go around, right Shelley?
Yes, you could have my plate,
because I'm having dinner at Tad's family.
You know what?
Enough, young lady, OK?
You're staying in, that's it. Final.
Even your dad managed to make the effort.
This is unbelievable.
Do you see what i have to deal with?
This is so fucked.
Now you're just showing off.
Could you go tell your brother to come?
- Could you?
- Yeah.
Make mine a large.
- Hey, sorry.
- No, don't worry about it.
You should see me at that age.
God, Dad.
I'm not hungry.
She's been cooking all day Abby,
don't be stupid.
It's like being under house arrest to live here.
Yeah, must be rough.
You haven't even been here
to see what a Nazi she's become.
It's Thanksgiving.
Want to help me out here?
Come to dinner.
Look, why don't we go to White Face this weekend
make the most of the early snow?
You like the cabin, don't you?
It's fun. Remember last year?
Missed all that school because the...
the big dump?
Dad, no.
Look, I'll be out in a minute, okay?
Get your head together, please.
Don't be rude.
Come on.
You'd think with a scholarship to Cornell
wouldn't be a no-brainer, but no.
Now she's talking about going to
Buffalo State to be closer to Tad.
I don't know. First love.
I guess you got to let them get it
out of their system, right?
Wow, look at you guys.
When was this?
Have I seen this?
Yeah, it was a while ago ...
Look who we got here. Say hi to Kelsey.
He can't say "strawberry".
Wait a minute, you're not Jed!
You're too tall to be Jed.
I'm gonna put bricks on your head
to make you short again.
Last chance, Kelsie.
Want to stay for a drink ...
Michael, could you let the poor
girl go home already?
She's probably sick and tired of you.
Don't worry about it, Kelsie.
Here, I'll take that.
- Tell Abby I said goodbye.
- Yeah.
Jed, did you say goodbye?
- Bye!
- Have you said goodbye to Kelsie?
- Did you look her in the eye buddy?
- A Happy Thanksgiving!
Good job.
- Jed, you washed your hands?
- Yes.
This looks great.
You sure you can handle a family dinner
without your backup?
Come on, It's Thanksgiving.
She didn't have anybody in Buffalo.
She's supposed to be our friend, you know?
If she were a real friend you wouldn't force her
to work the same ridiculous hours as you.
That way she might actually have someone
to spend Thanksgiving with.
I mean, it's not sad enough she's a 30 year old woman
who can't have kids ...
You want to deprive her social life too?
I didn't forced her to do anything.
Kelsie is a big girl, she can look after herself.
Let me do that.
Don't tell your mom, just take a sip.
- Let me get that, please?
- Okay.
This looks great.
Look at this amazing job your mom did.
Allright, doesn't this look great?
Here, boy.
Jesus, Dad.
Is this cold enough in here for you?
It helps to keep me awake.
What's up kid?
Mom, would like you to come inside
so you can see Jed's costume
for his stupid thing.
Tell her I'll be in, In a minute.
He's playing a donkey and i was like,
Jed really need a costume for that?
Come on now ...
- Can I ask you something?
- Sure.
Why do you spend so much time here?
What is it with these girls?
Well, they got names.
This is Lisa Donnelly.
She grew up in Riverside.
She started working the streets when
she was younger than you.
She's been missing for two years.
She was gone three months
before anybody reported her gone.
And when they did, it wasn't her
mother or father or ...
... or brother, or sister.
It was her landlord looking for back rent.
So much for the city of good neighbors, huh?
All these girls ... It's all the same.
I never found a single body.
Now they're just missing girl,
that nobody missed.
That would be a horrible way to live, right?
Come here.
Leave me alone, I'll be in, In 10 minutes.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Okay, so here's what I don't understand.
If Divine was working at a
Girls Girls, Girls last night,
What was she doing curb crawling?
Come on man, she's not stupid.
She hasn't worked the streets since
they all started to go missing.
She was on her break,
getting money at the ATM for the drugs.
For the drugs, what kind of drugs?
- What's HRT?
- Hormone Replacement Therapy.
She's a tranny?
She's a pre-op transsexual, allright?
She was going to take the next couple
of days off to rest up, you know?
Fuck! There were three days
away from surgery.
We are going to do our very best to find her
and we're going to call you as soon as we hear anything.
We should be working on this thing
nonstop since I moved up here.
When people said you were reaching even
calling it a case I had your back, right?
But if we'd to go in from the D.A.
tomorrow, what do we really have?
Your intuition?
No bodies, no homicide, Mike.
God, I want this as bad as you do but there's dogged
and then there's just plain pig-headed
- Come on, she's a missing hooker.
- Who's been missing less than 12 hours.
She's probably in a bar somewhere about
to give some John the surprise of his life.
She was about to get that chopped,
you heard the boyfriend, right?
She was supposed to be at home,
In bed, resting.
What the fuck?
Are you with me on this or what?
Of course I'm with you.
I'm just saying what about the other
seven hookers who were all girls?
Biological girls.
Why would he change his M.O now?
You saw her pictures, she had me fooled.
Look, assume for a minute that I'm right.
Which you really should.
This fuck comes out of his cave
for the first time in ten months.
And he gets a chick with a dick.
You really think he's going back
into hibernation just yet?
This is it.
Girls, Girls, Girls.
I guess Divine had them all fooled too.
Hey Steve, It's Mike.
Need you to do me a favor.
Hey, this came through just now.
So there's Divine at the ATM.
Pick up perp might drive
a late 90's dark sedan?
Bring in Crystal, will you?
I want to find out what she saw last night.
D, you don't look so good.
No shit.
It started, checking inventories
every week.
Whole joint is locked up like a
motherfucking Fort Knox.
Amazing what we can do
when we have to.
Carl man you are not listening.
The hospital called security
on the supply room.
I can't get shit now without there being
a link straight back to me.
Hey Darryl, do you want anything
special for Christmas?
You know what I want.
What the fuck is that?
You told me you're going
to get rid of that shit.
I guess I forgot.
I'll just skip to the money shot,
you know It's ...
I was amazed at the quality.
I mean ...
This is just a regular video phone but ...
Oh yeah, you can ... make out all the details.
It's not every day you get to
tap a hooker for free, right?
Why the fuck are you doing this?
I'm just trying to protect the partnership.
Come on Carl, man ...
We're not really partners, right?
I've never asked what you going to do
with all the shit I gave you.
That's your own personal shit
and I respect that.
Man look, you got me over
a barrel here, allright?
And you know that I ain't ever,
never going to talk about ...
... our little business here.
- But you got to understand, man ...
- I understand, man.
I understand that you raped a patient.
You got her pregnant and you asked me
to take care of it, which I did.
They give you the big needle
for that up here.
So, what I'm asking you ...
compared to what you asked of me?
Just think about it.
You stop own when I stop asking.
There are a couple more things that
I forgot to mention.
I'm going to need you ...
To pick those up too.
I'll come to you, just like the last time.
And D ...
Stop taking those pills, man.
You're going to give yourself
a heart attack.
Fuck you, buddy!
I heard that.
Hi, honey.
- Hey, Crystal.
- Hey.
How's it going?
Got down to 12 degrees last night.
How do you think It's going?
- You have a nice Thanksgiving?
- Yeah, it was great.
So much for showing this fucking
thing down, huh?
Yeah, can I get your list of plates
from last nght?
Every sorry son of a bitch to pass
from 6 untill 2 in the morning.
We're looking for a dark sedan.
We think our guy might be
back on the scene.
Spread the word out to the girls.
- They are already talking about it.
- Yeah?
It's fucked up.
Divine was a nice kid.
I'm gonna run these.
Okay, so ...
The first lucky guy of the night.
You want me to take this round?
Sure. I'll get the next.
Sweetie, would you go get your sister?
Tell her to come set the table.
Please tell me you're on your way home.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I just caught up in here.
- Mom said you got to set the table.
- I'm on the phone!
Okay so, just come over when
you're done, Okay?
Why are you such a dick Tad?
Mom's going to be angry!
She's out of control.
She won't let up about seeing tad tonight.
On weekends, remember?
On weekends, during the day?
Oh my God, like It's that easy Mike,
your child's in heat.
Can you talk to her?
Oh my God, what is wrong with you?
That's disgusting!
Come on Abby, come back here!
Jesus, did you hear it?
Could you talk to her, please?
Look, Shell, I'm just in the middle of this ...
I'm gonna to talk to her when I get back,
and just straighten it out, Okay?
Okay, your dinner is in the microwave.
Jesus Christ, that kid can fight.
I wonder where she gets that from.
Get ready to be happy.
So I run Crystal's plates through DMV
to cross check for dark sedans.
We came up with a couple dozen matches.
Just on a spec I run it through ViCAP
and sex offenders database.
How's this for a real charmer?
'97 arrested for holding a hooker at knife point,
that's two years.
Again, a hooker.
Paroled three years ago after
being repeatedly beaten inside.
And this is you closing the case down
how exactly?
Drive was the right car, he was in the area,
and he's been out since we lost the first girl.
With the snow and all the holiday weekend
only the most desperate
girls were on the streets.
Without witnesses.
That's his M.O.
The guy is a snow hunter.
It's the most we ever had.
And he's obviously got a thing for hookers.
Come on, throw us a bone.
last pool of the days kids.
Okay, I'm gonna do the dishes.
If this music is still playing when i get back,
you're not seeing anyone this weekend, Okay?
Would you like a refill?
Is that regular or diet?
What do you think?
- Your parents are going to freak.
- Tad, they'll never going to know.
I really needed to be with you.
Where you been, Carl?
You supposed to be at work.
What the fuck happened to your head?
You ought to get that shit looked at.
It's all here?
I'll hang out here untill you close up and then
you can sneak back into my place, Okay?
You're not listening to me right now.
This isn't working Ab.
I'm sorry, I just think we got to take a break,
you know until we get a little longer.
- What?
- I think you're amazing.
And I love spending time with
you when we can but ...
I'm about to finish college.
You haven't even finished high school.
And the way your parents act ...
I can never forget that.
If you can't see past that then I guess
you're just as fucked up as they are, aren't you?
- Abby.
- Fuck you!
This is the last time, Carl.
Fuck this.
Hey there.
- A slow night?
- Fuck you asshole.
Are you new in town?
I haven't seen around.
You got a lighter I can use?
Yeah, sure.
Gee, you must be freezing out there.
- Good to roll Detective.
- Let's do it.
Blue team secure the perimeter.
Give me visual ID on the vehicle.
Looks like a dark blue Lincoln sedan.
Repeat, dark blue Sedan.
We're in Detective.
Secure downstairs, go, go!
Where you at Green? Over.
Accessing the basement.
What you got down there Green?
Talk to me.
Go, go!
Buffalo PD. Hands in the air.
Hands up, motherfucker!
I don't think he can.
Basement is clean.
Repeat. Basement is clean.
We got nothing down here.
You got to be fucking kidding me.
I'm sorry I'm calling so
late and for disturbing your son.
- No plates. Do you believe this?
- That was his mother.
He's been like that since he got out of prison.
She's the only one who drives this.
I'm telling you, our guy knows how we work.
He didn't steal some sick fucking
pervert's license plates by chance.
- The fucker set us up.
- Who is this fucking guy?
He has access to DMV records?
What else does he have?
Shelley let me call you.
Calm down.
She what?
Allright let's try to be rational.
It's only been a few hours.
Could you stop acting like a fucking cop
and act like a father for one second?
Shelley listen, you guys had a fight.
She's probably at a girlfriend's house.
I'm sorry do you have kids?
What do you know?
I'll go get some tea.
Look, It's probably just a matter of a
couple of phone calls. Allright?
Help me out here.
Who did you call?
Come on, did you call the kid?
Did you call Tad?
Yeah, of course I called Tad.
He's at work, he hasn't seen her.
No one has seen her.
Look, It's Mike's daughter for God's sake!
I don't know.
Yeah well she's not just any
other girl, allright?
Look, just do what you have to do.
she goes out on weekends.
Of course she does.
- She didn't go to bars on her own.
- Of course she does.
She goes with friends, she goes with Tad.
- Did you call Sarah?
- I called Sarah, I called Rachel, I called rachel's mom.
What about that kid Evan
she used to hang out?
She hasn't seen her for years.
Her number is not even in the book.
I just phoned it through to Steve
Just in case, they'll need to know what she
was wearing before they can put out an APB.
Drink some of this.
This here ring is a symbol of
our commitment to each other.
'Til death do us part.
Come on, It's okay.
I got one just like it. See?
We all do.
Come on, It's picture time.
Welcome home.
We're checking her email,
her phone logs, her facebook page.
NCIC and the hospitals are all online.
I've requested CCTV footage from
all of the bus and train depots.
And our friends across the lake?
No, there's no record of her
crossing the border.
Allright. Notify Rochester and Detroit.
Run everything back through me.
- Kelsey, you wanna give us a sec?
- Yeah.
If you need anything ...
You got to take a couple of days off,
to be with the family.
That's why I spend 18 years on the force
to let somebody else find my own kid?
This gets messy and I'm not
going to have any choice.
Do you understand?
Excuse me, sir.
You got a visitor.
Where is she?
Where did you get this one Tad?
Abby was at the diner last night.
You lied to my wife about seeing her?
We had a fight.
I didn't know what else to do.
Allright she snuck out,
I just didn't want her to get in trouble.
- Tell me what happened.
- I didn't do anything.
Allright look, we got into an argument
then she run out.
- She left her jacket and phone, that's it.
- Where did she go?
On to the street.
I should have followed her outside.
- You didn't go after her?
- No!
- Was she alone? Or she was with someone?
- No.
Who was she with?
Who was she with?
- She was talking to somebody outside.
- Who was she talking to?
She was talking to somebody
outside in a car.
You let my daughter get into a car
in the middle of the night?
- It happened too fast, I couldn't see.
- What did the car look like Tad?
- Come on!
- It was a dark sedan!
I'm telling you the truth,
I swear to God.
I didn't ask her to sneak out.
And when Mrs. Fletcher kept calling,
I panicked.
Okay, I didn't know what to do.
That's why I'm here now.
He was there.
This guy.
He was at the diner last night.
So ...
Sleeping Beauty awakes.
You're the replacement?
What, you're like 12?
I'm 17.
Oh my God, you're a baby.
He's going to love you long time.
What is this?
Where are we?
How long have you been down here?
I'm sorry.
There's plenty of time to be sorry.
Is it really Thanksgiving?
Who is that?
Who the fuck was that?
Oh that? It's just Lauren.
- This is bordering on harassment.
- We haven't even started yet.
I'm sorry, where's the harassment?
She's part of an ongoing investigation.
She was under your care for 3 months.
- This is standard procedure.
- This is bullshit.
How many times do I have to explain this?
One more time, come on.
I'm a postnatal nurse. Lauren was in physio,
she was never under my care.
I drop in and say hello to her every few days.
Hookers don't tend to get a lot of visitors,
that's what nurses do.
The night she went missing, I was in surgery
with a dozen witnesses but you know that
Because you questioned them all,
This whole thing is .... is really sad.
But you know what I know.
- So, if that's all ...
- Sit the fuck down!
Where were you last night?
I was here, I pulled a double.
How come a witness put you in
a diner downtown?
Where another girl was abducted.
That's not possible.
I don't know anything about some other girl.
No, no. Not some other girl.
This girl. Look at it.
Do you recognize her?
Look, I told you I don't know what
the fuck you talking about.
- Bullshit.
- Mike!
I know you were there,
You fat fuck.
Check it out with his boss.
Check it out with his boss.
I'm at the end of a very long
shift detective so ...
Both of you were at that diner last night.
I know about Lauren Daniels and the
seven other girls, allright?
I don't know what you talking about.
What seven other girls?
I think you know about my Goddamn daughter, do you?
I think you know where my girl is!
I swear to God!
I swear to God, I don't know anything
about your daughter!
That's it, we're done.
Maybe Tad made a mistake!
Scrubs, he said scrubs.
How many 300 pound black nurses
you think we have in this fucking town?
You saw the roster which means there's
still nothing to connect Abby to the case.
That's a good thing,
he only targets hookers.
- Read the description.
- Mike.
Kelsey, read it.
What does it say?
"17 year old, single white female"
"Last seen on the corner of Fillmore and Ferry."
"Short black skirt, low-cut top.
Heavy makeup."
What does that sound like to you?
It didn't take long.
Hey, chief.
God. Hi, Daddy.
Please take me down.
It really hurts me.
Pill patrol.
How much longer she got now daddy?
- Eight weeks, three days.
- She's doing good, huh?
Better than you.
I'm trying daddy, you know I'm committed.
It's only a matter of time.
That's how you keep saying.
Maybe you're broke.
It's the well for you next time.
How's our new addition?
You settling in allright?
What does it matter?
I'm not going to be here for long.
My dad's a cop.
Up there, maybe.
Not down here.
Are you sure?
Because he knows all about you,
you sick fuck.
I don't think so.
I think I'm going to be just fine.
I think we're all going to be just fine.
A couple of weeks off
might be a good thing.
Daddy, what's wrong?
Go inside.
- But, Daddy ...
- I won't tell you again. Go inside.
There are some rules that
we have in this family.
You'll get to know them.
They are relatively simple.
But for now, It really is just a matter
of good old fashioned give and take.
You eat what I give you.
You don't touch anything.
Unless I tell you to.
And everybody does their part.
Ain't that right, Brittany?
I got a good feeling about this one daddy.
What do you think?
I'm talking to you.
What do you think?
Do you think we're going
to get lucky this time?
- Wait... what are you doing?
- Lauren, honey ...
Will you do the honors?
- Babies are made out of love.
- That's right.
Babies are made out of love.
Mommy, if Abby doesn't come back,
does that mean I get her presents?
Helps to get things flowing
in the right direction.
You dind't think I forgot, did you?
Happy anniversary, Mommy.
Thank you, Daddy.
You looking for something bigger?
Actually I'm waiting on a warrant
for Darryl's appartmen.
We're not very popular with the D.A right now.
I thought I'd get some work done from home.
Shelley will probably like that.
I'll call you later.
Jesus fucking Christ.
You looking to get shot?
I'm backing you up in case some
nosy neighbor calls in a B and E ...
... and find yourself explaining this
to some uniform cop.
You seen this?
Take a look.
That fat piece of shit lives right across
the street from where Abby was taken.
Lauren, What did he inject me with?
Don't worry.
It's good for you.
Gets you nice and ready.
He gives it to all the girls.
How many others have there been?
Well there was the first.
Daddy talks about her all the time.
Then me, Lisa, Brittany ...
Sarah, Amanda ...
What happened to them?
They just weren't good mommies.
That's why she's so scared?
Daddy saved her from some crackhouse ...
... gave her all this, and she can't
give him anything In return?
This is number two for me.
And Brittany has been given
a lot of chances, but ...
... sound like daddy has lost
patience with her.
How long have you been here?
Just had our 3 year anniversary.
How did you guys meet?
It was like fate, Abby.
This John hit me in his car
and smashed up my legs pretty good.
I went up In this hospital,
where I met this nurse, Darryl.
I think he had a crush on me because
he was always dropping In to say hello.
This one day, just before Christmas ...
... one of the doctors comes in,
looking all serious ...
And tells me ... I'm pregnant.
I went to sleep that night ...
and when I woke up ...
I was here.
See, daddy saved me.
From what?
From breaking a family silly.
Daddy says there are whores who
are disgusting and break up families
So he takes us off the streets so we can
build a family rather than destroy them.
What happened to the babies?
We are not meant to talk about it.
I'm sure he'll show you
if you're good.
It won't be too long now.
I'm sure you'll have one too.
Turn off the light.
Get out of here, leave me alone.
"Pass the salt"?
I can't remember what it was.
I might never see Abby again and the
last thing I said was "turn off the fucking light"?
Are you kidding me?
You need to go home, get some sleep.
You've been up for two days straight.
I can't sleep, Kelsey.
What would you do?
What we've seen.
That's Abby now.
You're wrong Mike.
She's not like the girls
we've been looking for.
She's not.
She's not like the girl that went missing
from my home town when I was young.
Because ...
Went out one day and never came back,
like she vanished into thin air.
Do you know why?
Because that girl didn't have anyone
to put up posters.
Or knock on doors or stay out all night
trolling the streets.
Once that girl went missing it was like
she never existed in the first place
and that is not Abby.
She's got you.
And Shelley and me.
She's got family.
So wherever she is, she's not alone.
I promise you that.
Get some sleep.
I'll call you in the morning.
Thank you for calling Stenlakes of Buffalo.
Please leave a message.
It's detective Mike Fletcher,
Buffalo P.D.
Need to ask you some questions
about a Darryl Kennedy.
He said he wants a ...
Wii from Santa.
You know what this is?
It's already under the tree.
It's true what they say
about the first 48 hours, right?
But Shelley, Kelsey's out there.
Everybody's doing everything they can.
But they're not her father.
I'm going to bring her home, I promise.
Come on buddy, you can't park here.
Come on, let's go.
Mike Fletcher.
Why don't you grab a coffee?
I'll let her know you're here.
Have some strong coffee?
Yeah, sure.
You know a fella who works here,
named Darryl Kennedy?
You mean in the kitchen?
No, no. I don't know. A big guy?
Assistant nurse.
You're talking about Big D.
Yeah, I mean, I know Big D.
A guys his size is going to spend a little time with
his nose in the troph, you know what I mean?
You know him well?
No. I know that he likes my southern fried chicken.
That's about it.
Hell, he likes pretty much anything I put in front of him.
I'm not bleeding, Am I?
My boss is going to kill me, I'm sorry.
I banged the shit out of myself,
this morning.
Coming out from under the hood of my car.
Thank God I'm a better chef than I am a mechanic,
you know what I mean?
I apologize for my behavior yesterday.
I just lost control.
I was way out of line.
I just need to ask you
a few questions about Darryl.
I can't help you with Darryl, I'm afraid.
After what happened, I sent him home.
And he didn't show up for work this morning.
No phone calls, nothing.
That's not like him.
I'll make sure to tell him
you dropped by.
No, please, just ...
What would he want ...
... with any of these?
Did you write this?
Me? No.
Well I can guarantee you
it wasn't written by Darryl
Or anybody else on my stuff
for that matter.
How can you do that?
Accurate notation is
paramount to patient care.
Spelling is all wrong
and It's medically inaccurate.
What's all this stuff for?
Nutritional supplements,
for malnourishment.
Heparin, is an anticoagulant.
It's for thrombosis,
for patients with immobility.
F.S.H. Is a fertility drug.
- It's injectable.
- I don't understand.
All this shit's been missing from the hospital
for the best part of three years, right?
The exact same time frame as our case.
Most of this stuff, prolongs life.
Maybe that's why we never found a body
Do you think Darryl's holding these girls?
Darryl didn't write this shit.
This is somebody else's handwritting.
I think there's somebody else.
Maybe he's with somebody else.
What do you think?
You want to know what I think?
I think you need to go home.
I think you need to stay your family.
I think you need to get your fucking
head straight, that's what I think.
- Oh , Come on!
- Come on what? You had this for 12 hours Mike.
You had this last night
and you sat on it?
You didn't think to tell me about it?
How the fuck does that
helping me find Abby?
That's not us Mike.
That's not who we are.
Look, Mike.
I have heard you ... and I'm on it.
Get some sleep.
Trust me you'll find Abby.
Listen, It's only a matter of time.
We just got to be smart, right?
See, my dad is looking for us.
- He's looking for all of us right now.
- No one is looking for us silly.
He is. I swear to God,
This is his case.
I've seen your pictures on his wall.
I know.
He never stopped looking for you.
Okay? I swear to God.
- And my family will not give up ...
- Shut up! This is your family now.
No, no.
Please, this is ...
This is not a family.
You can't say that.
Too late.
We are in this together ...
She was telling secrets daddy.
Talking about leaving us.
Said her dad is going to look
for us and find us.
But we don't want him to,
because we belong here with you.
Is that right?
It's true daddy.
Thank you ladies.
Now you're going to see how
things happen around here.
- God!
- You'll learn, honey.
You will learn that this ...
This is a sign of trust ...
Of loyalty, of commitment.
Because without commitment,
we're nowhere.
You are sick!
I guess we're going to have to explain it again.
So I hear from one of my girls,
same night Abby went missing
Some guy tries to drag her into his car.
A dark sedan.
She cracks a bottle over his head, you know?
Hits him pretty good.
And gets the fuck out of there.
I don't even know her.
She works out of this apartment here.
Girls get beat up every night of the weekend here
so it could easily be nothing.
I just thought even though is nothing,
maybe it's something.
Your loss, buddy.
I'm looking for Emma.
Three doors, down on the left.
Make yourself at home.
Is this your first time?
Yeah, you'll be fine.
Must hurt.
Yeah, you should have seen the other guy.
- You got in a fight? Someone hit you?
- Oh, yeah.
It was really scary.
I wish you would have been there
because you would have ...
You would have hurt him for me, right?
I would have fucking killed him.
Who's this guy?
What did he look like, the guy who hit you?
I don't know.
He came at me from behind.
So I couldn't ... see his face.
He just kept telling me to shut up.
What did he sound like?
- I mean, what his voice sound ...
- I don't know.
Like he wasn't from around here.
He had an accent maybe?
- What kind of accent did he have?
- What is this, 20 questions?
He sounded like a redneck, Okay?
And he smelled like a fucking
hotdog stand.
Onions and shit.
Anything else you want to know?
I don't get it.
You want to fuck him or me?
Just slow down for a minute.
I just want to get to know you.
- I just want to take it easy.
- You want to take it easy?
You know what, time is money mister.
Don't do that!
- I'm sorry.
- Fuck.
Nice one, asshole.
I just got he down.
Get the fuck out of here before Jerome
throws your ass down the stairs.
You've got to commit to him.
That's why we're here.
The other girls aren't.
We only did what we had to.
And good girls get rewards.
Like once a week, he invites one
of us upstairs for date night.
With good food and a nice soft bed.
You can sometimes see out the window
and everything.
Don't waste your breath.
At this rate, she won't even last
'till the end of the week.
Ain't that right, princess?
Why, why, why?
- Sure starting to come down now.
- What?
Oh, yeah.
Don't look like you go anywhere in a hurry.
I'll forgive you.
You're eating with me tonight.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
I didn't mean to mess up.
I promise I'm not going to do it anymore.
I'm sorry too.
I don't like having to do things like that, It's ...
That's not me.
You going to eat something finally?
Go on. I trust you.
I just spoke with TSA at Buffalo Niagara.
Delta's got a Darryl Kennedy
booked to fly out on the 9:30
But the airpost just cancelled
all flights because of the storm.
Call all the units to the terminal
in case the asshole shows up.
And put a uniform outside his aparment.
- You find him, I am your first call.
- Got it.
Where are you?
While I'm eating fried chicken
and drinking wine ...
I'll probably tell daddy that
you aren't really sorry after all.
That you told me you hated him and ...
Never wanted to be part of this family.
Hey, you can't touch his things.
- You're so fucked.
- Please don't do that. He'll kill you.
Nice knowing you.
What the hell is going on?
- Brittany! You of all people.
- Daddy, no ...
No daddy, you don't understand!
It's not what you think.
- Sure as shit looks like it.
- Please don't do that.
- I'll be better, I promise, Daddy.
- You left me no choice girl.
Please don't make me go in there daddy.
- Please!
- Go on!
- It's so cold.
- Get in the goddamned well.
You heard that shit, move your hands.
Oh my God, stop, please!
Please let her go.
You can't do that.
Please stop, she's striving.
She's going to die.
Please, she's pregnant!
That's why she hit the buzzer,
she wanted to tell you
And she put on the music
and she was happy, I promise.
- How did she know?
- We just know these things!
Please, daddy, please,
she's going to die!
Lauren. No secrets.
It's true daddy.
Hurry, is she breathing?
Is she okay?
Yes, she's going to be okay.
Up you go girl.
She just swallowed a bunch of water.
Didn't you darling?
She's going to sleep it off.
She'll be right as rain.
You just get some sleep now momma.
That's it, good girl.
I'll be goddamned.
Looks like she came through after all.
I can hardly believe it.
Guess that means you're up honey.
I'll pick you up at 8.
That's for when she wakes up.
You never can be too sure about this things.
What am I missing Kelsey?
It's staring me right in the face.
What am I not seeing?
What about her?
Did she get a good look at him?
Maybe she can make him on a lineup?
The Kid? No, no, no.
She was close enough to
hit him in the head with a bottle
but she couldn't make his face.
I guess that's something, huh?
Yeah, good for her. I hope it hurt.
Do you think It's our guy?
He's got to be.
The same night, 30 minutes from
where Abby was taken, 4 blocks away.
It's got to be him, right?
Detective Walker.
Sorry sergeant, slow down, I can't ...
You're breaking up.
Let me call you back.
What? What, what?
Okay, go.
Hotel Bourbon.
Suite 233.
And they definitely confirmed that it's him?
- What?
- We'll be there in 20.
- What goddamnit, what?
- They just called a bunch of airport hotels.
They found us a 300 pound black guy
who just checked in, paying all cash.
We got him.
You want to slow down a little?
He's not going anywhere.
I'll get the front.
Hello! Hello!
The hell is everyone?
Darryl open up, It's detective Walker!
We have a warrant.
We're coming In.
- Get up asshole, get up!
- Darryl?
- No pulse.
- Fuck!
It demerol.
- Darryl?
- We need an ambulance.
Bourbon hotel, second floor.
Don't you fucking die Darryl.
Mike, get on the phone.
I'm so sorry I'm late, honey.
I'll be damned.
You sure do scrub up nice.
You might be the prettiest one yet.
She's sleepig pretty
soundly now daddy but ...
she came to a while ago.
Let's see if we can get you one too.
You ready?
It's like we're in a date.
I want to make our first time real special.
I'm not sure if I'm all that special.
I hope you like Cajun chicken.
- It's one of my specialties.
- I love anything southern.
Let's have a look, shall we?
You know, a lot of folks will tell you
there's only one way to season a bird
but I say the hell with that.
I throw a lot of spices at it.
Cooking for me, it's
like life, you know?
Just got to do what feels natural.
you know what I mean?
Are you going to get
drunk tonight daddy?
We got a wild one on our hands, don't we?
You want to see this.
Forensics is here,
they're going to move everything.
Well wherever he's going, he's not going
to leave without some trophies.
It's all here, body parts.
Yeah, there's a scrapbook
with credit cards and photos.
He's not doing so good.
- Mike Fletcher.
- Hi Detective Fletcher
This is Chelsea from Stenlakes
returning your call.
- Sorry?
- Stenlakes of Buffalo.
You left a message regarding
a Darryl Kennedy?
- Oh, yeah.
- Right.
So we checked our books and unfortunately
we got no record of a Darryl Kennedy.
- Neither as a client or employee.
- I understand.
Sorry It's taken us a little
while to get back to you ...
as you can imagine we get
pretty slammed over Thanksgiving.
- Excuse me?
- All catering companies do.
It's our busiest time of the year.
- You are a catering company?
- Yeah, commercial catering.
- Offices, industrials ...
- Wait a second, you do hospitals?
Sure, we've got our guys over it.
Sheehan Memorial
Mercy Hospital, Buffalo Regional.
I got you little motherfucker, I got you.
I'm sorry sir,
I'm going to have to call you right back.
- What's going on, Mike?
- I saw him.
I spoke with him goddamnit.
I saw the cut on his head
when she hit him with the bottle.
He's southern, just like she said.
She even said that he smelled food.
These drugs weren't for Darryl.
You are not making any sense.
What the hell are you talking about?
Looking for him.
Looking for him.
Carl Anthony Gemeaux.
I got this motherfucker.
What am I supposed
to tell the chief Mike?
Anything you want.
May I?
Sure darling.
To Family.
Hold that thought.
Chief, we're on our way to his house now.
Carl Anthony Gemeaux.
We're not sure what his connection is.
Maybe he's using Darryl to get
hospital meds, I don't know.
Yes he's with me.
You ungrateful little bitch.
It's too early.
I'm not ready.
It's okay.
You're going to be fine, allright?
You're going to be fine.
- You just have to push, Okay?
- I can't.
I got no muscle control
down there since the accident.
You have to cut it out.
Just like the last one.
Hello, anybody there?
Hello, is anybody down there?
Who's down there? Hello?
Daddy is that you?
Abby? Abby.
Oh God, daddy,
I knew you would come.
Daddy, oh my God.
Dad listen,
the key is around his neck, Okay?
Daddy, did you hear me?
The key is around his neck.
Please you have to hurry,
there's two other girls down here ...
and they really need a hospital,
please daddy hurry.
No, no, no, Abby,
It's okay, I'm here.
I'm going to come get you out.
Just wait for a minute.
I'm going to get the key
and I'm going to come right back.
Kelsey is going to stay with you.
Anybody else goes down
the stairs with me, kill him.
Oh my God, I can't do this!
Are you okay?
Hey, hey.
Look at me.
You are not going to make it.
Jesus Kelsey.
We would have
taken good care of Abby.
We would have treated her
like one of our own.
But instead you went and you did this
and you left me no choice.
What am I missing Kelsey?
It's staring me right in the face.
What am I not seeing?
It's Mike's daughter for God's sake.
I just thought she was another girl.
Well she's not just
any other girl, allright?
Should we just go ahead as usual?
Just do what you have to do.
We're on our way to his house now,
Carl Anthony Gemeaux.
It's not sad enough she's a 30 year old woman
who can't have kids
You want to deprive her social life too?
Can I get your list of plates from last night?
I want you to be happy.
Who is this fucking guy?
He has access to DMV records,
what else does he have?
I was the dumbass who fought
to be on this case, remember?
- Maybe he's with someone else.
- You're breaking up, let me call you back.
You find him, I am your first call.
She's not like the girl that went missing
from my hometown when I was young.
Went out one day and never came back.
Like she vanished into thin air.
Come here, baby.
There she is.
There she is.
The first.
Need a lift?
Where are you headed?
Come on.
I just wish I could
have given you one myself.
Even just one.
Me too.
You did your part, huh?
You made us feel safe.
You made us feel protected.
That's what families do.
You be strong darling.
You are going to be a great,
great mommy.
You should be real proud, Mike.
You did everything
you could to save Abby.
But I have kids of my own to think of now.
I found it in Abby's room.
She's starting a family too.
You can't hurt her anymore, can you?
Can you?
You're just like the other girls.
Kelsey, you're a victim.
He doesn't love you anymore.
I was lost before daddy found me.
I'm not a victim.
I am a mother.
God, Kelsey.
Kelsey, where's Dad?
It's okay.
- Kelsey, where is Dad?
- It's okay, It's over, It's okay.
- Kelsey, where is my dad?
- Freeze, don't fucking move.
- Drop the weapon.
- It's Okay, I'm Buffalo PD, I called it in.
Get a medic down here.
We have a possible cardiac arrhythmia,
you need a defibrillator.
What the hell is this?
It's a baby factory.
Where are the babies?
Allright, look up for me.
Down, left, straight forward.
Until the guys from trauma get here,
if you need anything just let me know, okay?
Jimmy, lets get another blanket back here.
You called the Fletchers.
Please leave us a message.
Hey It's me.
I wanted to call and apologize
for not being there at the funeral.
I just ... I couldn't.
Mike was my partner.
My responsibility.
He was also ...
My friend.
And I'm just so sorry ...
Abby ...
Your dad knew you were pregnant.
Honestly, he was so excited ...
I know you're probably
scared to death right now.
But you are going to be a mom.
And it will bring you more joy
than you could ever imagine.
I love you guys.
Hi everybody.
Welcome home.
Welcome home everybody.
Mrs Hamilton, you're here!
Welcome to our little patch of paradise.
- We made it, finally.
- God.
She's adorable.
You are going to love it here,
I can tell.
Good schools, quiet neighborhood,
just a great place for a young family.
That's sounds exactly like
what we've been looking for.
Well then come on in for Pete's sake.
Let me show you what we've been
talking about all this time.
Where do you want to start?
Why don't we start with the nursery?
- I'll be In, In just a second.
- Allright.
But you are going to be a mom.
And that will bring you more joy
than you could ever imagine.
I love you guys.
I love you guys.