Factory Girl (2006)

My great, great, great...
great uncle was a signer
of the Declaration of Independence,
and my mother's side started building
New York before the Revolution.
You get the idea.
I went to a party once and there was
a palm reader there.
When she looked at my hand,
She just-
She froze.
And I said to her,
"I know.
My life line is broken.
I know I won't live
past 30."
You know those photos
of smiling families
you always see
on a mantelpiece?
I can't even look at them,
because you never know
what they're hiding.
A "Life Magazine" photographer
came to our house
to photograph
the "ideal American family. "
We looked happy
and pretty,
but underneath
it just wasn't
that way at all.
Looks like the country
is disintegrating.
Lost all its hope.
There's always hope no matter
what's happened before.
Where's the hope in that?
God, wouldn't it be wonderful
to know that students
were looking at your work,
analyzing it?
That depends on
what they're saying.
I mean, people say
he's a no-talent freak.
He's changing the way
that we look at the world, isn't he?
I think people
who manage to do that
must have the hardest
time in life.
Are you sure you'll be okay
in New York?
I'll be fine. I've got Chuck
to look after me.
Oh, Syd, why won't
you come too?
My folks would kill me.
Where I come from,
it's not easy to get a scholarship.
You know, I'm not so sure
about Chuck.
He can be a real
shit sometimes.
Don't worry.
Chuckie, how can you want to go home?
We're in Manhattan.
To become an artist,
I had to get out of that classroom.
And to me New York was Jackson
Pollock sipping vodka
and dripping paint
over a raw canvas.
There's so much to see, Chuck.
Look where we are.
Yeah, taking
New York by storm.
Two zombies.
Chuck and I had come down
together from Cambridge.
You know, he was
a flamboyant socialite
who carried a pocketful
of calling cards.
He made me feel
I wasn't alone.
- Can we play the game?
- I don't want to.
- Come on.
- All right, go.
- Lamb.
- Chop.
- Pony.
- Snout.
- Shy.
- You.
- You think I'm shy?
- Sometimes.
I guess I can
be shy sometimes.
Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.
What are your sins, my son?
Well, I have this
friend Mark.
Well, he buys all these clothes
from Bloomingdale's.
But because he's from London,
everybody on the Cape
keeps talking about
his "fabulous English look,"
which really is so good.
He was at a party
up there last weekend
and Norman Mailer walked up
and punched him in the stomach.
When Mark asked him why,
he just said it was
"for wearing a pink coat. "
I know I should have
been happy for Mark
that Norman Mailer
punched him,
but all I could think was,
"Will Norman Mailer ever punch me?"
Andy, why do you come
to confession?
Well, because
it's a sin not to.
Edie, come on now.
It's going to be over
by the time you're done.
You're not even
going to meet him.
We're going to be late.
Very late.
I just don't understand. Why are
Jasper's selling and mine are not?
I wonder if Picasso
knows who I am yet.
Andy, what are you doing
here all by yourself?
How's the movie business?
Oh, well, it's busy,
but I wouldn't call it a business.
I haven't made
any money off of it yet.
Of course you haven't, Andy.
The movie business
is the most fickle in the world.
- You know that.
- Oh.
Listen, I have met
the most remarkable lady.
- Oh.
- Old money- very old.
Oh good, does she want
to buy a painting? Who is she?
Oh, thank you.
That's her.
That's Edie Sedgwick.
What good manners. Chuckie,
pay attention to these gentlemen.
You just might
learn something.
Oh, wow.
She's so beautiful.
It's like a morgue in here. Please.
Her father struck
oil out west.
She escaped to art school
in Cambridge or somewhere.
Made her way
down here last year.
She's done some modeling.
Tried to get
into a gallery,
but no one has ever seen
anything she's done.
When you said "old money,"
you made her sound 50.
- Is that the Andy Warhol?
- Mm-hmm.
- Want to meet him?
- Of course.
Edie, this is Andy.
Oh, it's just amazing
to meet you.
- I think you're just a genius.
- Oh.
No one is doing anything
like you right now
and that in itself is a sign
of brilliance, don't you think?
But I'd love you to be
in one of my movies.
And what would I have to do
in one of your movies?
Just be yourself.
Well which one?
You're the boss,
Andy, in your films,
what are you hoping to do?
We're just trying
to make it so bad,
but doing it well.
You know, where you get the most
scratches you can on a film.
Or all the dirt
you can get on a film.
Or zooming badly,
where you zoom and you
hit the most important-
miss the most
important thing.
And, uh...
your camera jiggles
so that everybody knows
you're watching a film.
How do you work
with your actors then?
What do you tell them?
Well, I don't like
to tell them what to do.
I mean, I just think
people are so interesting.
Some say your work
is pornographic.
Oh, yeah.
Isn't that great?
do you work in hay?
Oh yeah,
we're making a cowboy movie.
Who are all these people?
- That's Rotten Rita.
- Now turn for me.
And Silver George,
Debbie Dropout,
the Turtle.
I don't know who that is.
Who's that?
This is Ondine and Brigid.
- This is Chuck and Edie.
- Hello.
Andy, I got a new book
to draw in.
It said on the front,
"The Topical Bible. "
I didn't know what the theme
should be, so I thought,
"What rhymes with topical?"
And then I started rhyming.
Topical, bopical...
and then I got to "C."
Cockical. I mean, it's perfect, right?
An entire book about cocks.
Yeah, that's great.
Her last book
was called "Scars,"
but "Cocks" has a nicer ring to it,
don't you think?
Ooh, maybe we can get
the President's.
Oh yeah,
Johnson's johnson.
Brigid, you got to
call your father.
Are you insane, Andy? You know what
my father would say to me?
- Maybe he'd want to be in the book.
- Yeah.
Brigid's father has an empire.
He's very rich.
Oh, you should do your cock
for the book too.
Hey, Andy,
we're ready.
Oh, we're gonna do the movie.
You want to see?
I can give him a tranquilizer.
I'll take one of those, Mary.
Will you put
the microphone in lower
so we can see it?
Yeah, neat.
- Have you used one before?
- No.
It's easy.
Why don't you turn it on?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Andy Warhol's "Horse. "
Which one of you
has a gun?
Which one of you has a gun?
Look at the size of it.
Ooh, look at that gun.
- I want to ride it on the prairie.
- I bet you do.
- You've seen bigger, yeah?
- No, of course not.
- Except once or twice.
- Hello?
We're doing a movie.
- Easy, horsie.
- Whoa.
- Whoa, easy there, boy.
- Oh my.
All right.
Oh, shit!
What do you think of The Factory?
Do you like it here?
Of course.
I think it's always good to get beyond
your experiences, you know?
And I hate it when people take
themselves too seriously.
- Don't you?
- Oh, yeah.
I read somewhere
that you were born in California.
Is that true?
Yes, but we were
from back East originally.
Well, Fuzzy got sick.
And so he wanted
to move to a warmer climate,
and he bought a ranch
in Santa Barbara, California.
And that's
where I was born.
Who's Fuzzy?
- Oh, Fuzzy's my father.
- Oh.
My father.
And is Chuck
your best friend?
He's my best girlfriend.
Who's your best boyfriend?
Oh, that's easy.
That would-
it's not that easy.
I would have to say
my brother Minty.
Oh, well, you should
bring him over.
I can't.
I wish I could.
He's dead.
Who is the first boy
you made it with?
The first boy I made it with
was at Silver Hill.
- The hospital?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, I hear it's very chic.
Didn't Cornelia Vanderbilt
go there?
All I had to do was walk in
on Fuzzy fucking
our neighbor.
And then when
I told my mother,
well, Fuzzy said
that I was imagining it.
There has to be
another way.
But even after all the pills
that he pumped me up with,
I knew what I saw.
And so he sent me off
to Silver Hill
just like he did with my brothers
Minty and Bobby.
It was sort of
the Sedgwick way.
Who was the first boy you ever kissed?
Silver Hill.
I can't take it anymore.
I want to die.
Why do you want to die?
Because my credit's
no good at Bonwit Teller.
Because I just stole
$30 worth of underwear from Bergdorf's,
and I think I might
do it again.
Is that you, Edie?
I thought you might
be lonely on the watch.
Don't lie to Wanda.
- I've known you for too long.
- But really, Wanda,
everything is just super.
I met the most
fantastic people.
I went to this gallery.
You know, Roy Lichtenstein
and Jasper Johns
and Andy Warhol.
I may get a show there.
Somebody asked me
to be in a movie, Wand.
Wouldn't you love
to be in a movie?
Are you still seeing a doctor?
In today's news,
rioting continued
in Alabama
as civil rights demonstrators converged
on the courthouse steps
in downtown Selma.
Who could grant any wish.
Andy was a little boy
who needed
to be taken care of.
I mean, his mother
moved in with him when he was 22.
As a child, he had this horrible
nervous condition.
- It made him feel like an outsider.
- Thanks, Mama.
I like your Sunday
personality better.
- Hello?
- Hello.
How are you, dear?
Well, Andy, I'm just about ready
to flip my lid.
Henry Winthorpe llI
just left The Factory.
Oh, the toothpaste heir?
How were his teeth?
Oh, I didn't notice,
but his cock was beautiful.
- Was it big?
- Listen.
- Did he know you were taping him?
- He insisted.
Andy, I'm getting
such good tapes.
I don't care if she is wearing
a wig. It's a movie about boys.
- It's supposed to be an all-male cast.
- But Edie looks like a boy.
- Like a beautiful boy.
- And I think she's fantastic.
But she shouldn't be in this.
It throws off the whole concept.
It's supposed to be about thugs
and J.D.s and hooligans.
Oh, I know.
I know.
Is she gonna
say anything,
or is she just gonna sit
there like a mannequin?
I just don't think
she's cut out for this.
Well, Gerard, maybe Edie doesn't think
you're cut out for it either.
"Vinyl," a film by Andy Warhol
starring Gerard Malanga.
I'm a troublemaker. A hooligan.
A real motherfucker.
So if you got a problem,
I can stick it where I can put it
whether you want it or not.
Why is he doing that?
Why doesn't he stop?
In The Factory you were accepted
and encouraged
and even expected
to be different.
Andy made me
feel comfortable,
and I believe that
he felt comfortable with me.
No, I'm serious. Let's say you're
on a TV show like "Steve Allen"
and he says, "So, Edie, any plans
for getting married?"
Okay, fine.
But I could only marry four-
maybe three people.
The future Earl of Litchfield,
but he'll have to be the last, I think.
- Oh.
- And Mick Jagger.
Oh, yeah.
I hear he has a really big cock.
- And then who?
- Nureyev.
But I don't think
he likes women.
Are you allowed
to say that on television?
Oh, Andy, we couldn't say
anything on television.
They'd have to tape
our mouths shut.
It's so much more fun
in New York
since you showed up.
Those were really
the happiest days of my life.
When we were experiencing life
on our own terms.
What better way
to say goodbye
to Edith Minturn Sedgwick,
the Mayflower girl.
Andy, what do you think
of Edie's new look?
It'll be great.
I can't wait to see it.
Andy took ordinary
objects and made them iconic.
I always thought that he was throwing
America back in its face-
you know, turning the assembly
line into a punchline.
When are you going
to show me your drawings?
You've showed them
to Gerard and Brigid.
I want them
to be the right ones.
Well just put anything together.
We'll make a show.
Ileana Sonnabend is coming to New York
next month. I'll introduce you.
I will.
This weekend I'll-
Oh no, not this weekend. We're supposed
to go to Fire Island, remember?
Well when am I supposed
to get it done?
It'll happen.
I wouldn't worry about it.
That's easy for you to say.
You have nothing to worry about.
Oh, that's not true.
The Sculls cancelled
a whole order of Brillo boxes.
Andy, I know plenty
of people in New York
who are looking
to buy great art.
Edie, I just think
it will clash terribly
with the Biedermeier chairs.
Well you can just say
whatever color you want.
I just picked up a new blue from Pearl
that's fantastic.
Well, Mrs. Shingle,
just so you know,
my mother had one
done last month,
and she was so happy with it
she ordered three more.
Wow, your mother always
did have excellent taste.
Taupe I think
would work best.
I wonder if people
are gonna remember us.
What, when we're dead?
I think people will talk about how
you changed the world.
I wonder what
they'll say about you
in your obituary.
I like that word.
Nothing nice, I don't think.
Come on.
It would say...
"Edith Minturn Sedgwick,
beautiful artist
and actress... "
"And all-around loon. "
"Remembered for setting
the world on fire... "
"And escaping the clutches
of her terrifying family. "
"Made friends with everybody
and anybody... "
"By creating chaos and uproar
wherever she went.
Divorced as many times
as she married,
she leaves only
good wishes behind. "
That's nice, isn't it?
Well, I hope
I die first,
because I would be too sad
if you died before me.
Tell me other places
you lived after that.
I lived in Paris
when I studied art.
The French, they're
just so good looking.
Andy, we should go.
Actually, when I say it it makes sense
for you to be there right now.
But I didn't think
they liked new art anymore.
You just take some of the flower
paintings and the movies,
and they'd appreciate
you so much more than they do here.
You know, here people don't really know
why you do what you do.
But in Paris,
they don't care.
So you're free to express it
however you want.
Well, they only care
that you know why.
Oh, well I just do it
because I'm ugly
and there's nothing
else for me to do.
You're not ugly, Andy.
Well, I do have my good days.
Three shrimp cocktails,
extra lemon,
extra cocktail.
And then I'll have
the salmon grilled. Is it fresh?
- Oh yes, ma'am.
- No butter, but extra parsley.
- Ooh, and lots of Russian dressing.
- $200?
And you?
Oh, I'll just have
a peanut butter sandwich.
I'll see what I can do.
- Put everybody on my tab.
- Yes, ma'am.
I don't understand.
These are all your bills?
I know, they're huge.
You might have to start paying me.
Either that or I'll have to move into
a one-bedroom or a studio.
Oh God, where would
I keep all my clothes in a studio, Andy?
- What should I do?
- Oh, nothing.
I just think what you're doing right now
is so glamorous.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Darling, where did you get that blouse?
It's simply divine.
- It's Donald Brooks.
- Hmm.
Here, try it on.
We're about the same size.
There I was in the midst of hara-kiri
when it hit me-
24 hours in the life
of Edie.
One day.
One movie.
You are so much fun. How come you don't
spend more time with us?
- Because of my lips.
- Your lips?
They have a hard time
kissing Andy Warhol's ass.
- Yeah, that's great.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Right?
How well do you and Edie
speak French?
Well, I don't know.
I guess I'm bored with it.
So I'm just going to
quit painting
and we're going to
make movies now.
Make Edie a big star.
Well, I'm not going.
I have nothing to wear.
Why don't you just
try on some clothes?
I don't feel like trying on-
Why do I have to try on clothes?
You have a whole closetful.
Do I look different?
I ran into an old friend
who said every time I saw him
I looked so different
he hardly knew who I was.
Well, do you think
that's true?
Edie Sedgwick
in Andy Warhol's
"Poor Little Rich Girl. "
Oh, that's so nice.
I just love that
he doesn't speak any English.
Aru, I want
to touch your cock.
- Oui, Andy. Oui.
- Oui. Isn't he great?
I can't tell what he's saying, but he
keeps talking about Edie.
Just take your pants down.
Andy, critics may love you in France,
but here they say
your work is superficial
and that you wouldn't be
where you are without Edie.
I don't pay attention
to what they write.
I just measure it in inches.
Edie, I understand
you're an artist too.
That was a very long time ago.
Edie's too beautiful
to be an artist.
I think artists should be ugly.
No, Edie's a superstar.
That's crazy.
There's one more thing
on the sidewalk.
Look at that.
Oh, that's what he said.
I got it.
It's like a madhouse in here.
Andy, this is my mother, Alice!
She just flew into town
to help me furnish.
Oh, hi.
You're so beautiful.
It's so nice to meet you.
No no!
Put it over there.
Careful with that box, love.
It's Waterford.
Betsy Johnson-
I know, isn't she fabulous?
She asked me
to be her first model.
Anyway, I've got to go.
Oh, Mum-mum
aren't you proud
Pretty soon money will
be falling off trees.
- I won't need any help at all.
- There's a novel idea.
But, Mom, don't you think that Fuzzy
would get a kick out of all of this?
Oh, please. Your father's so square
he doesn't pee in the shower.
I think your daughter
is going to be super famous.
And what would
be the value in that, Mr. Warhol?
Oh, well, I think everybody
wants to be famous.
Well, I had much
higher hopes for Edith.
You know,
I used to dance twice a day.
I'd do this jazz ballet.
And I'd wear leotards
and black tights
and I was too lazy
to take them off.
And I decided
to go with it.
Divine one,
I am entirely superficial
and I intend to stay that way.
But you, my dear,
you are the real thing.
America's next "It" girl.
We'll put you
under contract.
People started to notice
and it sort of caught on.
You know, the earrings,
the thick black eyelashes-
it was all
a part of the show.
This is Andrea Romando
with the BBC.
I'm here with Edie Sedgwick
at the infamous Factory.
She is known
as Andy Warhol's superstar.
And in New York, she has been dubbed
Queen of Underground Cinema.
Edie, how does your family feel about
you having this title?
They hate it.
They hated the idea
of my doing any modeling
to make my own way.
As soon as I started all of this,
they're sending telegrams
saying, "Oh, you've got to go
model, please. "
At an Andy Warhol art exhibition...
The glamorous Miss Edie
Sedgwick unraveled her long white...
The Plymouth Rock
princess and her commoner companion...
...in town last night,
at Max's Kansas City...
...Hollywood legends...
...the former window
dresser and commercial artist...
...the first girl to bring sex appeal
to American high society.
I'll have a porterhouse,
she'll do the sirloin.
Actually, I think I'll
try the chicken tonight.
Coq au vin, please.
- Miss Sedgwick?
- Why don't you have the grilled fish?
No butter. We don't want you blowing up
now, do we, honey?
You game
for a steak, Warhol?
You sure look like
you could use one.
The Met is thinking
of buying some of Andy's work.
- Oh, lovely.
- How about this?
I've just been commissioned
for a 30-foot bronze stallion
in downtown Santa Barbara.
Oh, Edie does horses too.
Well, where do you think
she learned that?
Has Edie told you
about my studio?
I've seen some
of your work, Warhol.
You're really more
of a printmaker than an artist.
What's your family do?
Well, my father
was in a coal mine.
Andy and I are thinking about making
some more movies together.
If you can call them that.
You can call them whatever you want.
- Like Dorothy, or...
- Ondine.
This whole time
I'm thinking,
"Who is this guy who has my little girl
all turned around?
He must be
some kind of a man. "
Then I talk to you
for two minutes,
and I have to smile, because I don't
have a thing to worry about, do I?
You're a full-blown queer.
Andy, we can go now.
don't you dare
make a scene.
Minty had been...
I guess an embarrassment
to the family
because he was different.
He was...
he was a homosexual.
And Fuzzy knew it.
And when Minty came clean,
Fuzzy called him a faggot.
You know, he just-
he broke him.
And when they closed the casket lid
on my brother Minty...
I remember Fuzzy
just standing there.
No reaction, just...
standing there...
like a stone.
And at his funeral,
no one cried.
No one.
I had to cry
for all of them.
Oh, you made it.
That's great. Oh, hi.
Look who's here,
everybody. Hi.
Hey, Mick, how are you?
Oh, it's great to have you here.
I love the album.
- Jesus, Richie.
- The tissue's hardened, Brig.
You got to really push.
Hey, Brig. What are
you girls up to?
Cocktails, darling.
Adderall, Digoxin
and Dextromethamphetamine.
Has certainly more kick
than a martini, no?
You go to med school, Brig?
My parents have had me
doped up on diet pills since I was 10.
Well, my parents plopped me in the bins
before I could drive.
You're an Aquarius,
aren't you?
No, I'm an Aries.
I know an Aquarius
when I see one.
I just adore Aquariuses.
You thirsty for a poke?
It's divine.
Speed was rocket fuel.
It was the only way to keep up
and that was really
the great temptation of the Factory.
It was at perpetual party
in one i was happy
to loose myself in.
Hey, Rich, did you see
my mother's face when she met Andy?
I thought
she was gonna burst.
I know, my mother's
Brig keeps threatening to invite
him to Christmas dinner
if she doesn't
up our allowances.
Well, no wonder you never
run out of money.
Syd! What are you
doing here?
- I've been sent to find you.
- Oh, that sounds mysterious.
- Who sent you, the Red Chinese?
- No, but...
I am working
for someone pretty big.
- Rockefeller?
- Bigger.
Bigger than Rockefeller
and the Red Chinese?
Well, pray tell, who?
Why don't you come with me
and I'll show you.
Who's that?
- Taxi!
- Oh, darling, I landed straight down
on my
Margaret Jarrold pumps.
Thank God
I didn't break an ankle.
Second Avenue and Fifth, please.
That was just my great escape.
Do you remember that time
when we went to that restaurant-
oh, what was it called?
Durgin Park in Faneuil Hall.
And all the waiters were so crusty,
and- oh!
Watch it.
Watch it! Jesus.
And then I was dancing on the tables,
do you remember?
And I think that they thought
that I stole something,
when really I only
meant to borrow it.
Oh no, it wasn't you!
I don't know what you're talking about.
It was Don-Don.
And Chuckie was there.
- Edie.
- I nearly died laughing.
Edie, I have somebody
that I want you to meet.
This is Edie Sedgwick.
Edie, how about a picture?
Well, hello.
Why don't you put
your arm around her?
Hey, how about one shot?
One shot, Miss Sedgwick?
I got to go to work,
Well, I wasn't interested
in him because he was famous.
It wasn't as if he was
the first famous person I'd ever met.
But he was so different.
- Its just a bird.
- No, no, no, that`ss...
thats really good.
So, Syd and I caught a couple of your
films last week at the Cinemateque.
You did?
Really? And?
We just- well, we didn't really
understand what they meant.
I don't think that it really
mean anything necessarily.
What about you?
Your songs are pretty-
pretty profound.
What are you trying to say?
I'm not- I'm not trying
to say anything.
I sing about what I see.
He represented
everything that Andy didnt
and I just really
wanted to free myself.
The music was just hypnotic.
- I just think he's so maximal.
- Isn't he?
And he just has that power.
You know people who have that power.
- Like Superman?
- You can't really explain why it is.
It just is.
Well, what do you say to someone
like that? I mean, he's just so famous.
- We didn't really talk, you know.
- Oh, you didn't?
It was just nice to meet him.
Andy, what do you think of this?
Tres chic or tres fou?
Oh, tres chic,
Well, I have to watch my spending.
Especially on clothes.
You know, I already
stopped wearing underwear.
Shit, what other sacrifices
do I have to make?
Who do you think you are?
Your family is so rich.
I mean, you're living
on Easy Street.
Oh, Mama would love this.
I can buy it for you.
Oh no, you need
to watch your spending.
So, tell me more things.
Who else was he there with?
I don't really remember that,
you know?
But it was just something
about those lyrics.
What he was saying
was really poignant.
Like he really
had something to say.
I was just saying
that he really had something to say.
- How much is this?
- Seven.
- $7?
- $7.
Oh no, that's too much.
Well, I could
give you $4.
James, dear, what are you
doing here so early?
- I...
- Sit down.
We had an appointment at my office
at noon, Miss Sedgwick. It's 2:30.
You've known me since
I was three, James. Call me Edie.
spending, Miss Sedgwick.
You're going to be
bankrupt soon.
James, you take life
too seriously.
How could I possibly
be bankrupt?
My grandfather
invented the elevator.
Then you should be familiar
with the concept of up and down.
When you got here,
your trust fund-
thank you.
Your trust fund was up.
After a year and a half,
it's almost in the basement.
- Oh shit.
- What, what, what?
Well, what about all
the money that I'm making?
you keep spending it.
Your father
is very upset with you
cavorting with drug addicts
and fringe elements.
You tell Fuzzy for me that those are
some very talented people.
If you don't
change your friends,
you'll get nothing from him.
Rich, will you make sure
the oven's off?
I'm sorry, I have to go.
Oh, looks like Cupid's
been busy as a bull dyke.
You look beautiful, honey.
What are you doing?
Thought you weren't
gonna paint any more.
Oh, look, it's Judy Garland.
Wouldn't it be funny if it turned out
she was really a man?
Wouldn't it be funny if it turned out
Gerard was really a man?
When you get through sucking on that,
come over
and see for yourself.
Only if I can record the slurps.
Oh, Andy, Sam called. He's sending
a limo for us for the show tonight.
I hear rock stars like limos.
I think it's just delicious
that Edie has a boyfriend.
I'm not looking
for anything like that.
Don't be jealous, Andy.
He's nothing like you.
Oh no, I'm not. I've just never made it
with a rock star before.
- It must be neat.
- I'm not making it-
Why do you do that?
Why do you have to make me feel guilty?
I hate it when people
make me feel bad.
Well, you lied to me.
You said you didn't talk to him.
- And then that picture in the paper...
- Andy, this is absurd.
It was a photograph.
You know, we barely met.
You meet people all the time.
Do you fuck them?
Well, I just think sex
is too abstract anyway.
Andy, what do you think
about the war in Vietnam?
I don't know. Ask Edie.
What do you think, Edie?
Well, we prefer
"I Dream of Jeannie. "
Andy, in the story of your life,
who would you want
to play Andy Warhol?
Oh, Edie. She's so perfect.
She does everything better than me.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Andy, I need
to talk to you.
I've gotten myself
into a little pickle
and I was just wondering if you could
maybe pay me for some of my work?
Edie, you know the movies
haven't made any money yet.
So you just need
to be patient.
Well, I can't be patient.
I have nothing to live on.
- Andy, you and I both know...
- Sam.
...that you are
never giving up painting.
You've just been saying that
to get publicity.
- Well, guess what?
- What?
- It worked.
- Great.
Come on, everyone
wants to meet you.
This way.
Hello, kitty-kat.
That's a wonderful scarf.
Thank you.
Left my tux in the shop.
You here to buy a painting?
Tell me, why are all these cats gonna
pay a fortune for a soup can?
I mean...
You just have to look
beyond the obvious.
Am I stupid, or...
I don't get it.
Am I stupid?
You're being a little stupid.
I mean, don't you think it's intriguing?
Not just a little bit?
You know, it may
just be a painting,
but it's an idea.
And the man behind that idea
is what's interesting.
I think the man has got his priorities
all out of whack.
Whole world's burning up
and this cat's making...
gods out of garbage.
Well, the whole world
may be burning up,
but that doesn't mean
that we have to be cynical.
Got the whole world on
a string, don't you?
But inside there...
well, it's as empty
as your friend's soup can.
I'll see you around...
Well, you're just so smart, Chuck.
I just think you should
start directing.
I mean, you do
the camera so good.
We always need people
like you just to make things happen.
Well, I mean, I'm really
just here for Edie, you know?
Oh. Well, it's just such a pity
that she should get all the attention
when you're the one who found her.
I hope she still wants
to do more movies.
She does.
We- we do,
we love movies.
I mean, in fact,
I had this-
I just don't know
if she's being...
well, I mean, you know her
better than me.
But, it seems like when
the camera's on sometimes
she just doesn't seem...
I don't know, I just wouldn't
want it to be disappointing.
It won't.
I can have her say
anything you want.
She trusts me more
than anyone.
"Beauty Number Two,"
an Andy Warhol production.
Daddy, will you
pass me my martini?
- Edie?
- Yes, Chuckles?
Chuckles- didn't I
give you that name?
Edie, do you
like horses?
Horses have whiskers.
Yes, horses.
Do you ride?
Since I was a little girl,
I've just adored them.
Daddy taught me to ride
before I could walk.
My first horse...
Your father was
a handsome man?
Oh, Fuzzy?
He still is.
How about your brothers? They were
quite attractive, too, weren't they?
They must have had
a lot of women then.
Did they find
you attractive?
Of course.
I was their family.
Did you find them
- Do you...
- Can you change the question?
find Gino attractive? That's- that's
what I was going to ask you, Edie.
He's devastatingly handsome,
isn't he?
Kiss him.
Are you scared?
Come on, Edie.
Like you mean it.
Gino, she likes when
you get rough.
She likes those tough men.
Strong men are what turn you on,
isn't that right, babycakes?
Not like
your brother, Minty.
Your father wasn't
so keen on him, was he?
Who was he keen on? You?
Okay, get off!
Andy, are we finished?
No, Edie,
we're still rolling.
Edie Sedgwick!
How'd a nice chick
like you get mixed up
in the whole
acting racket?
It was
"Breakfast At Tiffany's. "
You know that poster with Audrey
and her hair's pulled back
and she's smoking through
the black cigarette holder?
You want to live
in a movie?
I never saw
the movie.
So then you haven't
read the book, huh?
Well, Audrey
isn't in the book.
Book's a bit different.
Book's about a working girl
and a writer.
An artist.
You see, the artist steals
the girl's stories,
makes a fortune,
and the girl doesn't
get anything.
Why do you have
such a problem with Andy?
Because of what
he worships.
And what about you? I mean,
I saw your face in those flashbulbs.
You pretend to be
some sort of crusader,
but I saw you
basking in it.
Oh, don't get us confused,
sister, all right?
Those bulbs, they get
a message out.
What- what exactly
is the message...
aside from
"Look at me"?
Nah, I'm just
a guitar player.
- That's all.
- No no.
You're an overpaid prophet
and I'm a poor little rich girl.
Lady, you don't know
shit about shit.
Open your eyes, you know? Take a look
at the world around you, okay?
- It's very easy for you to say that...
- It's not all Park Avenue.
- You do know that, don't you?
- ... from your wonderful,
very glorified position
where you have your cars
and your houses
and your fucking bike.
You think I give a shit
about any of this?
- I think it's obvious you do.
- You think I actually care?
It's not real, babe.
- Big house, huh?
- Big house.
- Big family, too?
- Big family.
Tell me about
your house.
We lived on a ranch.
We lived on two ranches
in California.
- Two ranches?
- Two ranches with-
Must have been
a big family.
It was a big family.
We had horses
and cattle and we had-
Lots of brothers
and sisters?
We had eight brothers
and sisters.
Now I have six
brothers and sisters.
Well, what happened
to the other two?
hanged himself
at a place
called Silver Hill,
which was sort of...
a rehabilitation center.
And Bobby...
- Jesus.
- ... who was my elder brother
ran his bike into a bus
on Fifth Avenue.
But the funny thing
was was that I was in a-
a car accident on the same-
it was New Year's Eve,
and I- well, he died,
and- and I didn't die.
I was out with a couple
of heavies tonight.
We talked about you
all evening.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, guess who?
- Diana Vreeland?
- No.
- John Lennon?
- No.
Edie Sedgwick?
No, I haven't seen her.
Don't know where
she is.
Hey, you wanna hear
my new idea for a movie?
Think I can invite her
for dinner?
- Who?
- Edie.
You wanna introduce her
to your mother?
Well, I hadn't thought-
I don't know.
Might be nice.
Jeez, Andy, you must really miss her.
You never invite
anybody else over.
Oh, cut it out.
You can't be that mean.
Well, you never
invited me over.
You need to lose
25 Ibs first.
My mother's not gonna feed you.
She's nastier than you are.
She is not!
I draw too, like Andy.
Oh, you do?
My husband work in
coal mine back then, yeah?
And he very very
Beautiful white hair.
Every girl want this boy,
but he want me.
- But I no want.
- Well, why didn't you want him?
- I 15.
- Oh.
But then one day,
he bring chocolate...
...for purposes to
marry him.
So for this candy,
I marry him.
You make my Andy
so very happy.
Oh, my special boy.
With you, I think,
all his skin blotches
go away.
Mama, dost.
Let me help you
with that.
You the boss,
You know, Andy, I've been spending
a lot of time with Billy.
And I think that the more
I think about it,
I really think that
you should meet.
You'd really like
each other.
Why would he want
to meet me?
Well, because
you're a genius.
And he's a genius.
Well, isn't he a genius, Julia?
Oh, my boy a genius.
Can you imagine how-
I mean, if we made a movie or something,
wouldn't that be fun,
how explosive that would be?
I just think if we
took him to The Factory
everybody would respond very well.
Plus, he'd look beautiful-
Edie, I just wanted to
get that for you.
I know it's only $50,
but, well, I just
like the word "genius. "
I just think you should
say it over and over.
Genius, genius,
genius, genius...
Yeah, I dream
of genius.
- Genius?
- Mmm-hmm.
He used that word?
That sounds like your word.
Well, genius,
brilliant, superstar-
they're just words.
What's important
is the sentiment.
What's important
is the word.
you say you want to make a movie
with me, let's make a movie.
You want to make a movie
with me, I need to know why.
Oh, babycakes.
You're gonna hurt that
enormous brain of yours
with all that thinking
you do.
Oh, Andy,
don't be nervous.
Oh he's here.
Chuck, get the camera ready. He's here.
- Oh, hello.
- There she is, baby.
You know Andy.
- Hey.
- Say hello. This is Andy.
Hi. Oh, wow,
you're such a beauty.
Oh, here, would you
sign my book?
Yeah, man.
Oh, great.
Thank you.
This is everybody.
This is The Factory.
Should we start?
What do you think?
Yeah, let's-
I think we should
discuss salary
in the beginning so there's
no misunderstanding.
Oh, he never pays
the actors.
You expect him
to work for free?
Uh... um...
- I could give him $11.
- $11?
He's got $11.
Maybe we just take
11 of these instead.
No, man.
Don't sweat it.
I think my grandma's got 11 of these
stacked in her basement.
You know?
oh, you want
to make a movie?
- Oh, yeah.
- Where do we start, Andy?
Yeah, do you want to
just sit down here
in front
of the camera?
You know what, man?
Nah, I don't wanna sit.
Can I just stand
in front of the chair?
Oh, yeah. I mean, you know,
you can do whatever.
It's your screen test.
No, it's not.
It's yours.
Come on, man,
direct me.
Well, sit down.
I'm sorry.
You could just look
at the camera maybe.
Yeah, I could do it.
So this is
where you work?
This is where you paint
your cans of beans
- or whatever?
- Yeah.
It's a big space, man.
- Thanks.
- Right in the city.
Must be real expensive.
Oh, no.
- No, it's not.
- Guy like you...
must be really
generous, huh?
- I mean...
- No.
taking care
of all these people.
Do you smoke, man,
or you just do that faggy speed shit?
Just the "faggy
speed shit. "
Come on, man.
No, man. Keep it. That's for you.
- Here.
- Yeah.
I think we got it.
Well, great.
Yeah, that was
so interesting. Thanks.
- Don't you think, Chuck?
- Yeah.
- Got everything you want?
- Oh, yeah. It was neat.
- All right.
- Thanks.
Let's split.
What the hell was that?
- You understand that he's my friend.
- He's your friend?
He's my friend.
Baby, your friend
is a bloodsucker, you know that?
You're his prop.
You're disposable to him.
Man, you should
fucking hate him.
- He'll fucking kill you.
- I can't hate him!
Come on, man.
Let me out.
I'm not kidding, man.
Let me out.
Edie, come on.
Come with me.
You're so scared,
You're so scared
of losing everything
that doesn't
mean anything.
Take care
of yourself, babe.
It was the biggest mistake of my life.
He was the first
and the last person
that I ever loved
like that.
And I know everyone says
that about their first,
but when he and I
were together
it felt perfect.
Are you filming
right now?
So this is the movies.
- Andy. Andy, I saw the craziest thing.
- Shh!
I always thought they'd be bigger.
Do you want me to talk?
Ingrid, tell us another one
of your hilarious stories.
You're going to be such a big star.
Ingrid Superstar!
You know, I've never done
nothing like this before.
Just be like Edie.
Except the part where
she takes too many drugs.
Is there another part?
Oh no, I don't do
the heavy stuff.
I think Edie and Ingrid
look like sisters.
Andy, she doesn't
look anything like me.
"Andy, she doesn't
look anything like me. "
The resemblance
is uncanny.
Tell me about the first
time a boy touched you.
Oh yeah, Charlie Connell
paid me a nickel to put
his hand up my dress.
After that, it was so easy I charged
all his friends a dime.
by the time I was 15,
between me and my friend,
we had 68 bucks,
which was enough for a bus ticket
and cab fare and a hot meal
at Cafe Figaro,
where you guys
picked me up.
Miss Sedgwick, open up!
Miss Sedgwick!
Merry Christmas,
Mrs. Whitley.
Christmas was last week,
Miss Sedgwick.
So was December.
November was the month
before that.
And we all know
when October was.
Happy New Year.
Your rent's three months late.
I need money, James.
I need it now.
It's all spent,
Miss Sedgwick.
I need to pay
for my apartment.
Your father pays half your
rent every month, period.
He calls it tough love.
In my opinion, young lady,
he's been quite generous.
You want to know what "tough love"
was for me, James?
Trying to keep
my father
out of my bed since
I was eight years old.
My God.
Does your
mother know?
- Did you ever tell her?
- Yeah.
What did she say?
Miss Sedg-
Edie, I can help you.
You can have
what I've got here.
Oh, child, child.
Andy, it's Edie!
He's not here.
So, Silver,
can- can- can
I borrow some money?
Let me have 50,
and I'll give you 10.
I'm serious.
You know, sweets,
Andy's not the only
game in town.
I have a friend Max.
He's friends
with a friend
who knows
Alfred Hitchcock.
I think it could be good
for your career.
I started to scheme
about how
to get drugs.
I shot heroin to come down
from speed
and keep
the big sadness at bay.
But I got completely
out of control.
She really is like
a glamorous Viking, isn't she?
An East Berlin original.
Well, we're sponsoring
a new band.
Oh, what are
they called?
- The Velvet Underground.
- Oh, yeah.
And since I don't believe
in painting any more,
we thought it
would be a nice-
A way of combining music,
films and art.
Nico, how about a photo?
Hello, Mum-mum.
How are you, dear?
Is- is Fuzzy there?
You're not going to ask
for money, are you, honey?
No, no.
I just wanted
to say hello.
Oh, yes, of course.
Let me get him.
Fuzzy, darling,
it's Edith on the phone.
You talk to her.
- You've got to talk to her.
- Fuzzy.
- It sounds like she's desperate.
- I hate the bitch.
Talk to her. She's your daughter.
Tell her to go make her movies.
He'd love to talk,
darling, but he's tied up at the moment.
- Take care, Mum-mum.
- He'll call you right back, okay?
I'm just so tired.
Andy Warhol superstar-
slash-socialite Edie Sedgwick
was taken to Lenox Hospital
today after starting a fire.
She almost burned down
the whole fucking place.
She suffered first-degree
burns on her arms and legs.
What do you want me
to do?
I don't know.
See if she needs anything.
I'd help her
if I could.
Richie, honey,
I need to ask
you a favor.
Richie, darling! It's been ages.
How's your father?
He just bought my mother
a 10-carat stone.
If anyone else, you'd think he was
screwing the Rockettes.
Diana, I'm calling
about Edie Sedgwick.
She's been trying
to reach you.
I have her here.
I'm going to put her on.
- Hello.
- Edie.
Divine one,
how are you?
Your pictures
were incredible.
I'm afraid we can't sign
you right now, darling.
Why not?
The board feels-
they feel...
Andy Warhol's
it's become too seedy.
The drugs, darling,
the riffraff.
The patina is damaged.
They think you've become vulgar.
Vulgar? How?
I don't know, but it's
better than being boring.
Now do take care
of yourself.
You what?
I hope you're happy.
Everyone in New York
is laughing at me.
I can't leave
my apartment.
I can't get a job.
Your movies have made
a fool out of me.
Oh, no. They've made
you famous, Edie,
and that's what
you wanted.
No one will have
anything to do with me
because of you.
But every teenage girl from Jersey
wants to look like you, Edie.
Andy, I have nothing.
You owe me that money.
I need that money.
But I gave you $50. I gave you money.
Did you spend it already?
50 fucking dollars?
I'm sure if you wait a year or two,
someone from Hollywood
will put you in a movie
with Tony Perkins. And then you can earn
all the money you want
and spend all that too.
You think that I'll
go to Hollywood?
You think I can't function without you?
I'll be fucking fine.
Are you going to live there
with your boyfriend
and his wife?
You filthy,
filthy, fucking-
Edie, enough!
- You fucked me up!
- That's enough!
And your Factory!
You fucked me up
and you know it!
You look at me.
Look at me!
who is this you
are talking about?
I don't know what to say
to her anymore.
And I don't know
what I did.
She's such
a beautiful girl,
but it's like she just
wants to be ugly now.
And I don't understand
why anybody
would want that.
How do you stop somebody
from not doing something
if they don't want to?
We will say a prayer
for her
and then we will
go and light a candle.
I never met anybody
like her before.
Who is he?
Don't you remember?
This is my friend, Max.
The guy who knows the guy
who knows Alfred Hitchcock.
Oh, right.
Is your-
is your friend
stealing my silverware?
No, he's just
borrowing it.
Is that okay?
Just because I let
your friend
fuck me last night
doesn't mean that he
can take my silver.
Did he film it?
Yes, and you were great.
- Are you done?
- Yeah, that's a wrap.
- How do I look?
- You look groovy.
Hey, Edie,
can he borrow
your coat?
That looks really
good on you.
All right, sweets,
I gotta go.
Don't- don't go.
Don't leave me now.
Maybe I'll come back later.
Don't forget to blow out
all these candles.
God, maybe you should
just sort of-
- Take off her coat, man.
- She said I could borrow it.
No no no. Either you take it off
or I'm gonna take it off for you.
- It's your choice.
- She just said that he could borrow-
Take off the fucking coat!
Hey, man,
just mellow out, man.
Now get the fuck
out of here.
- Get the fuck out of here!
- Okay.
We were just leaving,
Syd, is that you?
Let me see.
What are you doing?
I said it all to him.
I told him.
I- I said it to Andy.
I said it all to him.
Is that why you're here?
Are we going upstate like he said?
'Cause if we are,
I just need to put
a few things into a bag.
He's out of town,
all right?
But maybe,
maybe when he gets back.
All right?
Did- did my father
call you?
Is that why-
is he gonna lock me
up again?
Syd, will you stay-
- stay the night with me?
- No.
Lately, I-
I feel like
I'm gonna die.
You're not
gonna die, Edie.
You're gonna be fine.
I promise.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Hey, how about I buy
you something to eat?
Can I do that?
Looks like an accident.
It may be a while.
Where are we going, Syd?
I want to show
you something.
Do you remember
that girl?
what was I thinking?
The only reason I ever
went to that class was because of you.
It's true.
Do you remember her?
I'm not saying that
anyone else is responsible.
I made decisions,
life decisions
that I regret.
But I really feel
like I can do this.
I can stay
off the drugs,
and I realize that it will
be a battle every day,
but so far
so good, right?
But I'm home.
Santa Barbara
is my home.
And I have a small show.
Did I tell you that?
I mean,
it's nothing major.
It's just in a frame shop,
but it's something.
I just think people forgot what emotions
were supposed to be.
I mean,
it's too hard to care.
I mean, you know,
I still care,
but it would just be so
much nicer not to care.
It's just easier
being detached.
What about Edie?
Oh, what about Edie?
I haven't seen her in years.
You know she died
Oh, yeah.
Do you think your breakup had something
to do with that detachment?
Well, it wasn't
a breakup.
I mean, that makes
it sound like we were-
I mean, this is gonna
be really hard if we have to- if-
You know, it was
just so long ago.
I mean, I hardly
knew her at all, so...
I wonder if people
are gonna remember us.
- What, when we're dead?
- Yeah.
I think people will talk about how
you changed the world.
I wonder what they'll say about you
in your obituary.
- I like that word.
- Nothing nice, I don't think.
Oh, no, come on. It'd say,
"Edith Minturn Sedgwick,
beautiful artist
and actress... "
"And all-around loon. "
"Remembered for setting
the world on fire... "
"And escaping the clutches
of her terrifying family. "
"Made friends
with everybody and anybody... "
"Creating chaos
and uproar wherever she went.
Divorced as many times
as she married,
she leaves only
good wishes behind. "
That's nice, isn't it?
Edie seemed
to understand from the beginning
her life
was going to be short.
She was a blip on
the radar suddenly.
It just blew out everybody.
You walk into a room
and Edie was there.
Edie was what you saw.
There was something
so vulnerable about Edie.
She was a person
that everybody adored
and kind of worshipped,
but you knew that she was
basically fragile.
Time sort of stopped
when you were with her.
She was
an exquisite creature.
She had sort of a gamine look.
Very long legs,
very pale face,
very pale lips.
And a waif, in a way.
And I think probably
the weakness of her showed there.
Andy was very struck by her.
Andy would always
invite somebody, to say,
"Would you want to be
in one of my movies?"
And of course, Edie took Andy
very seriously on that.
Who was Edie Sedgwick?
Edie Sedgwick was a combination
of all the tragic women
who came before her.
She looked great
in front of a camera.
And she loved being
in front of one.
Edie was taken advantage of,
and hugely because she
was so loving and trusting.
She was very trusting.
She looked into your eyes.
She listened to what
you had to say.
She made you believe that you were
the most important person
to her
or on the planet.
Yeah, I think Edie took on Andy
as the father
that she didn't have.
Everybody I know that really
knew her wanted to save her.
That was one of the things-
trying to keep her off drugs,
trying to get her
to pull her life together.
If you said "I love you,"
she just brightened up.
So you got
an immediate response,
and I think that's
how she caught people really strongly.
She had her own sense
of style,
which no one
had ever seen before.
She invented
an entirely new look.
She inspired us all to want
to take care of her.
But believe me,
that was some job.
And of course, she had
a terrible time with drugs
and also the character
that comes with that.
Endless searching
through her bag to try to find a key
or to try to find lipstick
or whatever.
But still
enchanting anyway.