Facing the Enemy (2001)

- Freeze! You're under arrest!
- You'll never catch me.
No way.
You can't hurt me,
I'm wearing my vest.
I've got special bullets.
Hey! I want to show you
something. Wait right here!
Hey, you need any help?
I thought you were on the computer.
No, just goofing around.
You know what?
You could help me cut some carrots.
I forgot to ask you..
Have you talked to lieutenant runyon
about november?
Yeah. He said it's too early
to make any kind of commitment.
Too many high-priority cases, not
enough man-power, blah, blah, blah.
Here, let me have those.
Mmm. Smells good!
How much longer?
- What is it?
- It's a secret.
So you still want to
go to the Grand Canyon?
- Yeah, we could start there.
- Start there?
What, are we gonna take a tour
of the western United States?
This is the gun dad uses
to catch real crooks.
You're gonna get in trouble.
Oh! Hot! Hot!
But it's got those
little onions I like.
- Taste good?
- Mm-hmm. Maybe a little salt.
Dad says I'm gonna be a policeman
one day, just like him.
- Is it loaded?
- Nah. Don't think so.
You know, take the bullets
out at the police station.
See? It doesn't work.
Do you think Jeffrey
wants to stay for dinner?
I don't know. I'll ask him.
They're out there playing.
Yeah. I'll call his mom.
What's this do?
Yeah. We've got a double homicide
at 24th and gramercy.
Sorry to wake you like this.
Yeah. Give me 10 minutes
to get dressed.
Ma'am, I know this is very traumatic,
but we have to follow
our standard procedures.
Cass. Murder-suicide.
- Cheery way to start the day, huh?
- Yep.
Is there anything else you can
tell me about your relationship?
Were they having any kind
of financial problems?
- They got names?
- William and Priscilla Vaccaro.
What about the waterworks outside?
Female victim's sister
discovered the bodies.
M.E. and forensics
should be here any minute.
I hate working
these spousal homicides.
Another fight with your ex, huh?
That has nothing to do with it.
Just depresses me that
those 2 people in there
stood before god and promised
to love each other forever.
Don't talk to me about God.
This shit wouldn't happen
if people learned
how to control their emotions.
I can't argue with that.
See you later.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
You can't do what, Olivia?
Can't make love to your own husband?
If we have sex,
everything will be fine.
Isn't that what you think?
I don't know what I think.
You know, I don't even know
what to say to you anymore.
- What is it that you want?
- I want our son back.
Well, he's not coming back.
And nothing you say or do is going
to change that.
The sooner you realize that,
the sooner you can get on
with your own life.
It's been a year.
Enough is enough.
And in all that time, you haven't been
to the cemetery, Griff.
Not once.
What are you afraid of?
Griff, what are you doing?
What I should've done
a long time ago. No! no! no!
Put it back! Olivia! Olivia!
No! Olivia! Stop it!
Let go of me.
I'm leaving.
I don't want to hurt you, Olivia.
No matter what you think,
I still love you very much.
Is that what you call this,
an act of love?
I don't know what it is.
I just know we can't keep living
like this anymore.
Maybe you should leave.
You left a long time ago, anyway.
You don't get it, do you? This
isn't about me. This is about you.
Things are never going
to be right between us
till you stop blaming me
for Kevin's death.
- That is not true!
- Oh, it is true!
You throw it in my face every day
with that shrine in there!
What I blame you for is not being
there for me
when I needed you the most.
Griff, after the accident,
it was like you shut down.
I mean, you didn't feel anything.
You wanted me not to feel
anything, too.
And I can't do that.
I'm not a machine.
He was my son.
I know.
And I loved him.
And I mourn for him.
But I will be goddamned if I'm going
to mourn my life away.
What's with you today?
You look like shit.
Oh, no. You tell me now,
or tell me later.
You're a pain in the ass,
you know that?
I know. Now sing.
I moved out last night.
Now, that was
a dumbass thing to do.
Christ. This from a woman who's still
paying off her divorce lawyer.
Yes, I learn from my mistakes.
Coroner's report of the Vaccaros.
Thanks, Benny.
Just came in.
The coroner reports that the murder
suicide is probable causes of death.
All right.
Let's put this puppy to bed.
Well, I'd be happy to, except
for one thing. What's that?
I'm not convinced that
it was a murder-suicide.
Another Griff hunch?
You've earned the benefit
of the doubt. Let's hear it.
All right.
Priscilla Vaccaro was facing her
attacker when she was shot. Yeah. So?
So, how many of these spouse shootings
have we investigated? Enough. Exactly.
And how many times was
the victim shot from the front?
I'd have to look it up. Don't bother.
I already did. Almost never.
Either they're shot while they were
asleep, or they're shot from behind,
which makes perfect sense to me,
'cause if you're going to do away
with the person
that you shared your bed,
your life with,
the odds are the last thing
you wanna be doing
is looking them in the eye
when you pull the trigger.
Only a cold-blooded killer
could do that.
I just don't think we should be too
quick to, uh, close the books on this.
Am I your whore, Teddy?
What are you talking about?
We have sex, and then
you go home to your wife.
What else do you call it?
You know I don't love her.
Then why don't you leave her?
Look, I've explained all this to you.
If I did that,
it'd be financial suicide.
If you love me, Teddy,
if you really love me...
My wife has me by the balls.
If I divorce her, I lose everything.
There is another way.
- So?
- No problems.
I love you, angel.
I love you, too.
Mmm mmm! Good girl.
Tell me something.
When you're with
those other men, hmm?
Are you thinking of me?
I couldn't do it otherwise.
It drives me crazy...
Thinking of you with another man.
Part of me wants to bust right in
there and strangle them on the spot.
But I remember that
it's all for the greater good.
And that when all is said and done...
You're mine.
Olivia, you have a visitor.
Sorry to barge in on you like this.
How you doing?
Hanging in there.
Yeah, me, too.
Listen, there's something
I need to talk to you about.
You got a minute? All right.
Let's just sit over here.
You know, it's, uh,
It's Benny and Janice's
wedding on the 12th,
and we told them we'd go, so, uh,
I was wondering what you wanted to do
because if you still want to go, I was
thinking that maybe we'd go together
to avoid any kind of awkwardness
or embarrassment.
Is that what you really came here
to talk to me about?
Yeah. You know, it just came up.
We gotta let them know.
Griff, I don't know.
I don't think
it's such a good idea.
Because we're not a couple right now,
and if we start pretending that we are,
it'll just confuse things.
Look, maybe I shouldn't go, ok?
It'll be easier on everybody.
Jeez, Olivia, where's the harm in us
just being together for a little bit?
The harm is of us being together
just when it's convenient for you.
It just hurts too much
for me to do that, Griff.
You know, things need to change
first, and until they do...
I'm sorry.
I don't know, Teddy.
Maybe we should just
call the whole thing off.
No, I want to go through with it.
I just want to be sure
I can trust this guy.
Well, I don't know, he, um...
I told you he's an ex-marine,
and he's a friend of my cousin's.
Oh, he can do it.
He can.
Let's not waste anybody's time, huh?
Is there a night next week
when your wife is home alone?
Thursdays, thursday.
Ok. Here's the deal.
On thursday next,
I deliver you one dead wife.
I'll make it look
like she was killed
during a robbery attempt,
nice and neat, no loose ends.
I need a recent photo of her,
a key to your house,
the security code, and $250,000.
You can afford it.
Insurance alone will cover it
and much more.
It's a sweet deal.
You get everything you want,
a clean break from your wife,
most of all the money
and that gorgeous creature
in your car over there.
Are you gonna walk away from it
over a few thousand dollars?
Because I will not
pass this way again.
Are you in?
Now listen carefully,
because here's what you do.
I understand your point
about the gunshots,
but I'm not sure
you got a case here.
Look, I'm telling you
things don't add up.
Like the murder weapon.
It's hocked.
The dealer was some punk
from boyle heights.
Boyle heights, so what?
So how often do you
see an Armani suit
slumming down in boyle heights
for a .38, huh?
Who knows why anybody
does anything anymore?
What else you got?
Look at those.
Gives this month's centerfold
a run for her money.
Hmmph. Where'd you get these?
Vacarro's office, under lock and key,
apparently for private viewing only.
So he was having
some tail on the sly.
What's it prove?
What it proves is that no balding
middle-aged millionaire
getting fucking tail like that is
gonna put a bullet in his own brain.
And on top of that,
the guy's got a $2-million
life insurance policy on his wife.
Sounds like a good reason to cap her.
And 2 million reasons
not to cap himself.
You haven't said anything yet.
This is Griff's play.
Ok. So what's your gut say?
No way this is murder-suicide.
It's double homicide.
What are you doing home?
I thought you were in Vegas.
- My plans changed.
- Why?
They just changed, that's all.
Heh! You're in a pissy mood.
What happened?
Your little tramp didn't show up?
Sorry. Took longer than I expected.
She wasn't home when I got here.
I had to wait around.
God, what have I done?
It's better if you don't look.
What are you doing here?
I told you to wait in the car.
You're supposed to be keeping watch.
You.. You were taking so long,
I got worried.
Come on, let's go.
You weren't supposed
to be there, Nikki.
You should never have seen that.
Yeah, think of the money, baby.
That's freedom. That's power.
Oh, that's the good life, and it's all
in that briefcase just waiting for us.
That's good. You think on that, ok?
And nothing else, angel.
- Homicide. McCleary.
- Hey, pops, what's up?
Uh-huh. Got it.
Tell me something. How was she shot?
All right. Talk to you soon. Bye.
We got another murder-suicide,
this one up in Santa Barbara.
Uh, some fat cat named Ted Galloway
and his wife.
Holy shit.
We're gonna coordinate our investigation
with the department up there.
Oh, by the way, Galloway's wife was
shot through the heart from the front.
And that, of course,
is a direct flight?
Palm Beach.
That's the flight number?
And it is an open return?
Thank you. Indeed.
Harlan, what are you doing?
You said we were driving to Mexico.
We're not going to Mexico,
not just yet.
Well, where are we going, then?
Well, I'm going to Palm Beach.
And you...
I'm trusting you to stay here
and enjoy yourself until I get back.
- What about our plans?
- Our plans have changed.
One more big pay day,
and we will be on easy street.
One more?
No, no, you said this was
the last one, right? You promised.
I know, I'm sorry.
I'll make it up to you.
Palm Beach could be
prime territory for us,
but I need to check it out first
before we make the commitment.
No, I can't do it.
I can't.. I can't do it,
I can't do it!
After last night, I can't..
Look, angel, the way you feel
right now is to be expected.
The first time you experience
something like that is very upsetting.
Look, can't we just
go somewhere nice?
Anywhere, just..
Doesn't have to be Mexico, ok?
Somewhere we can be together.
It's just
not possible right now, Nikki.
Our finances, they won't permit it.
It was supposed to be the last time.
You promised! You lied!
God, you say you love me.
What, is that.. Is that a lie, too?
Hey, do you remember what it was
like before you met me?
You were screwing your way
to oblivion.
You had nothing.
You were going nowhere.
But now you're a lady of beauty
and style, and class.
People notice you.
When you walk into a room, heads turn.
I've seen it.
You bring men of means to their knees.
They worship you, they kill for you.
They even die for you.
Now I love you very much.
And if you doubt that, you hurt me.
very much.
It's, uh, it's me, mama.
It.. It's Nikki.
Where are you?
I'm really close by. I'm in L.A.
I was thinking...
Maybe I could come up and see you.
Don't want you comin' here.
Please, mama,
things are really different now.
- I've got lots of money and..
- I don't want your dirty money.
But I could help you out.
Didn't concern yourself with me
when you took up with the evil man.
Don't concern yourself with me now.
- Hey.
- What's up?
Well, first we find out
the 2 blonde hairs
on Galloway's shirt
aren't his wife's, and then this.
The gun was stolen,
just like Vacarro's.
Yeah, somebody better alert the media
because apparently we got an epidemic
of fat cats snuffing their wives
and then themselves with stolen guns.
Murder-suicide, my ass!
Well, well, it's been a while since
I've seen you flash those pearly whites.
And to think, all it took
was a pair of double homicides.
Yeah, something to live for.
Work's all I can count on these days.
The rest of my life
is pretty much fucked.
Oh, Galloway's phone records shows
multiple calls to same cell phone number,
including 3 times on the day he died.
We tried hooking up
with the cell's owner,
but it seems the name
on the contract is fake,
the billing address is a P.O. box
in Ventura, same phony name.
You put a trace on the phone?
Yeah, not only that, the phone
was operative when they triangulated.
They pinpointed a location.
It's right in our backyard.
Topanga Canyon.
Someone has to canvas.
Yeah, I'll do it.
I'll be damned.
The centerfold.
The house in Topanga's leased
to a Jack Daubins.
It's an alias?
Yeah, most likely.
Leasing agent never met him,
said all the transactions
took place by phone or mail.
You're sure this woman is her?
If it's not her, it's her twin sister.
Ooh, twin centerfolds.
There's an image guaranteed
to put a smile on your face.
Well, bring her in, grill her.
I'm not sure that's a smart play.
Look, if she is working
with someone,
we could tip off her accomplice,
lose them both.
Just let me dog her for a couple days,
see where she leads us.
Don't worry, she slips up,
I'll be right there to catch her.
I bet you will.
Hey, beautiful.
Name's Brett.
You want to?
Not interested.
Going home, babe?
Heh heh heh!
What's the matter, bitch?
You won't even talk to me?
Fuck off.
Aah! no!
Don't! Don't touch me!
Get off of me!
Hey, take a hike, pal!
Oh, yeah?
Who's gonna make me?
I'm gonna give you
one more chance to walk away,
and then I'm gonna break your legs.
You got it?
You ok, miss?
Y.. Yeah, yeah.
- You ok to drive home?
- I don't want to go home.
Uh, you got a little...
So I guess I should, um,
thank you for saving me.
But I don't really know
why you bothered.
What's that supposed to mean?
Just means I should've
listened to my mother...
And never left Yucaipa.
I like your eyes.
The eyes are the window to the soul.
I heard that on TV.
Yeah, I think we all
heard that on TV.
So what do you see in my windows?
A nice guy.
Yeah, maybe you should look again.
No, I've looked into
a lot of men's eyes.
I know it when I see it.
And I don't see it that much.
Well, maybe you're hanging out
with the wrong kind of guys.
You married?
So how come you're all alone tonight?
- He's away on business.
- What kind of business?
Why do you ask so many questions?
Just making conversation.
Ok, um...
- You married?
- Separated.
How come?
That's a tough one.
To tell you the truth, you know what,
I don't even like to think about it.
Did you stop loving each other?
Well, what, then?
I mean, what did you..
Did you do something
to make her stop trusting you?
You know, why do you assume
it was my fault, huh?
Was it?
Well, now you're asking
too many questions.
Just drink
your hot chocolate, huh?
People do some really stupid
things for love, don't they?
Things they have to live with
for the rest of their lives.
And sometimes that living gets a...
A little too hard.
Listen, it's getting late.
I'm gonna head out.
You pull yourself together.
You're gonna be fine.
See you around, Nikki.
Wait! Wait.
- Where are you going?
- Home.
Look, I really don't want to be alone.
Tonight. Ok, I can't.
- Can I, um... Can I come with you?
- No.
I don't think that'd be a good idea.
I'm sorry.
You don't know how sorry.
Ok, I followed you.
Don't be mad.
Can I come in?
Please, don't send me away.
Yeah, come on in.
Come on in.
Oh, boy.
I wasn't really expecting anybody.
Can I get you something?
I'm a cop.
Those pictures were taken
by William Vaccaro.
What? You mean all this time..
Nikki, listen to me.
God! What are you doing?
You mean you.. You..
You fuck me and then you want
to arrest me?
Is that how you work?!
What happened tonight,
it should never have happened.
It was wrong, I know that.
I know, I'm sorry, but listen,
if you let me, I can help you.
Oh, Christ!
You're such a goddamned liar!
Just like every other man
I've ever known!
I am not a liar,
and I'm not gonna bullshit you.
You're in a lot of trouble.
4 people are dead, and you are smack
in the middle of it.
Now, you give up the shooter,
I promise you a square deal.
Oh, come on, Nikki.
You didn't kill those people.
You know it, and I know it.
Somebody else pulled the trigger.
Who was it, huh?
Was it your husband?
Is he the shooter?
Why should I tell you anything?
Because I am all you got!
Because this thing
is gonna eat you alive.
You think your husband,
he cares about this?
You think he really cares about you?
Shut up, shut up.
Don't throw your life
away for this guy.
Ooh, don't you come near me!
Don't you touch me!
Don't you ever touch me again!
Ever! You fucking pig!
Oh, my God.
You're all the same.
You're all the same.
You can't trust anybody.
Everything's all fucked up!
It's all fucked up!
Just get you something to drink.
I was first on the scene, and, uh...
How you doing?
- What the hell were you thinking, Griff?
- I don't know.
Well, you're in deep, my friend.
Real deep.
- What the fuck are you doing here?
- I'm waiting on our boy.
- Our boy?
- The killer.
My God, Griff, do you realize
what you've done?
Mmm, not interested
in hearing my side, huh?
You don't have one.
Oh, yeah.
That's a nice way
to stick up for your partner.
Oh, bullshit. You crossed a line.
You let your dick do the thinking.
Look, things are about
to get really bad for you.
You're gonna be suspended,
there's gonna be a hearing,
don't make it any worse
then it already is.
As far as I'm concerned,
I never saw you.
You were never here.
Now, go.
Oh, yeah.
There's a bag of money in the bedroom.
Among other things.
- Olivia?
- Hi, Anita.
I'm so sorry.
Apartment's down the way about
2 blocks. I think it's a tan building.
A couple of blocks?
Thanks, pal.
Did you sleep with her?
- Olivia..
- Griff, don't lie to me, please.
Don't make it any worse.
Yeah, I slept with her.
I made a mistake, Olivia.
I made..
God, I made a terrible mistake.
And I'm gonna be paying for it
for a long, long time.
And I can't explain to you
why I did it.
But I know that I didn't do it
to hurt you.
No, of course not.
You love me.
I know that
because that's what you told me.
Right before you ran out on me!
I do love you, Olivia.
You don't even know
what the word means.
You cheat on me,
it's in the newspaper,
people at work
have to tell me about it?
How could you do this?
Please, just don't say anything else,
I can't stand it!
She was very beautiful, wasn't she?
You just had to fuck her.
Who the hell is this?
Yeah, you fucked her,
and then you murdered her.
You shouldn't have done that to me.
Cop, you'll live to regret it.
Her blood is on your hands.
Hey, save your breath.
You'll need it.
This is between you and me now.
Hey, I'm right here. Come and get me.
Oh, I'll get you.
But in my own time.
And in my own way.
Oh, Come on.
Don't do this to me.
Aah! Oh.
- Need some help?
- My car won't start.
Oh. Well, let me see what I can do.
Pop the hood.
Ok, try it now.
- Thank you so much.
- No problem.
It was just a loose coil wire.
Uhh. I don't know anything about cars.
Well, it's a good thing I was using
a pay phone over there.
- So were you just at the restaurant?
- Yeah, I work there.
- How's the food?
- It's good old-fashioned home cooking.
Well, not so good if you're on a diet.
Oh, I sure Miss Home Cooking.
- Oh, my name's Jack, by the way.
- Olivia.
- Olivia? Beautiful name.
- Thank you.
So, maybe I'll stop by
for lunch sometime.
Free pie on the house.
Best in town.
Then I'll definitely stop in.
The name on her I.D. is Laura Talbot,
but you can forget about it.
We found 4 other fake I.D.s,
each one of 'em different last names.
I told you she used the name
"Nikki", at least with me.
What about the print you pulled
from the house in Topanga?
Ah, 2 sets, one hers.
I ran 'em through our system,
western, federal, nothing so far.
What about this?
Oh, found that in her purse.
Did you check the passenger list?
Mm-hmm. Everyone checks out,
except for one male passenger.
No one can find him.
One guess who that is.
Kept a pretty low profile.
Nobody even remembers him.
She said he was away on business.
Well, let's hope not.
Got a lot of hits on her cell phone.
Checked 'em all.
Whole lot of nothing.
A couple of them didn't answer,
one in Santa Monica, one in Yucaipa.
I'll try 'em again tomorrow.
But you know how it is, Griff, with
you gone, I got double the work load.
I mean, runyon is dragging his heels
about bringing in someone new.
Just gonna have to get to it
when I get to it. Yeah.
Good morning. It's Griff McCleary,
how you doing, my friend? Ok, Griff.
Listen, I need your help.
I'm working on a homicide,
I got a number up in Yucaipa
but no address.
- Can you get that for me?
- No problem.
"Mama, I'm sorry for everything.
"Forgive me for my sins.
You were right about Harlan.
I'll find a way
to leave him, I promise."
Yeah. A woman's been murdered.
44 Birch Lane.
Excuse me, sir, could I please
have your name? Sir?
Jack, right? Mm-hmm.
How's that car of yours running?
Oh, great. It started
right up this morning. Thank you.
Oh, terrific. Well, I've
been thinking about that pie.
Does the offer still stand?
You bet.
Let me get you seated.
So what's the best pie on the menu?
Oh, chocolate.
You got my number.
Have a seat. Lovely.
I'll go get your waitress.
Thank you.
Hold on a second.
Um, to be honest,
I didn't come here just to eat.
How do I put this?
Olivia, I was hoping maybe you'd
come out to dinner with me sometime?
Oh. I..
Nothing fancy.
Just a bite to eat.
That's very kind of you,
but I really can't.
Of course, I understand.
You don't have to explain.
I mean, we just met.
You don't know anything about me.
It's not that. I'm married.
Oh! I didn't realize it.
I didn't notice a ring.
Well, um, we're sort of separated.
But I'm not dating.
Is he?
I'm sorry. That's absolutely
none of my business.
That's all right.
Enjoy your pie.
Please, let me clarify something.
I think I've given you
the wrong impression.
- I.. I wasn't angling for a date.
- Really? Dinner's not a date?
Well it can be, sure.
But in this case, dinner simply means
good conversation and good food.
Look, Jack, you're a really sweet
guy, and I very much appreciate
you helping me yesterday,
but I'm gonna have to say no.
Of course, I understand.
But should you change your mind,
you know where I'm seated.
I'll be over there drowning
my disappointment in chocolate pie.
Maybe there's no harm in one dinner.
No. none at all.
Oh, good.
I was afraid I'd missed you.
Sad about Dolly Dixon, wasn't it?
Shot herself in the head.
- How many more have to die?
- Just one.
- Well, don't count on it, Harlan.
- Well, you know my first name.
It's just a matter of time now.
Too bad. For you, Griff.
Time is what you don't have.
You're a sick son of a bitch,
you know that?
Good to see you again, Griff.
Thank you for coming
on such short notice.
Always glad to help.
Sad about Dolly Dixon, wasn't it?
Shot herself in the head.
- How many more have to die?
- Just one.
- Well, don't count on it, Harlan.
- Well, you know my first name.
It's just a matter of time now.
Too bad. For you, Griff.
Time is what you don't have.
You're a sick son of a bitch,
you know that?
Can you make it out?
Play that last bit again.
Well, you know my first name.
It's just a matter of time now.
Too bad. For you, Griff.
Yes. Time is what you don't have.
Yeah, of course.
Where is he from?
It's a not a distinct yankee accent,
but it's definitely an east
coast-waspy, blue-blood vocal pattern.
Um... Southern.
New England would be my best guess.
Or Rhode Island.
I'd start there.
You're the best, Irene.
Detective Price, this is
Detective McCleary, L.A.P.D.
I'm trying to track down
the identity of a suspect.
First name, Harlan.
Don't have a last name.
Let me give you the skinny
on how this guy operates.
Homicide, Wyman speaking.
Detective Wyman, this is
Detective McCleary, L.A.P.D.
Why don't you check with hamden?
See if they know anything?
Yeah, good afternoon,
Detective Farrar.
This is Detective McCleary, L.A.P.D.
Yeah, his name is Harlan Moss.
Last name, Moss.
M-O-S-S. Got it.
Hey, good luck.
Thanks. Listen, if you
can fax this information
to my partner Detective Ives
at the number I gave you,
I'd appreciate it.
Glad to do it, my friend.
Oh, yeah.
And I hope this has been
a big help to you.
Yes, sir, you have
been more than helpful.
Thank you very much.
Got you, you son of a bitch.
Hey ya, slinky, I got you
a double cheeseburger.
You know, I don't even know
why I'm doing this anymore.
I mean, you don't listen
to a word I say.
You think it's perfectly ok
to go running off
to Yucaipa behind my back.
Do you have any idea
what would have happened
if somebody saw you in that house?
You were just damn lucky.
I'm telling you I am this close
to just giving up on you entirely.
You know what, Cassie?
Give it a rest, huh?
We've already had this conversation.
What the fuck would you do
if you were in my shoes, huh?
Here's the skinny
on that Harlan Moss character.
You still interested?
He was the sole heir
to a real estate fortune.
At least,
that's what he thought, anyway.
5 years ago, his mother and father
were found dead in their bedroom,
victims of an
apparent murder-suicide.
Mom had a hole in her chest,
dad had a bullet in his head.
And a stolen gun in his hand?
Stamford P.D. smelled a rat
from the get-go.
Harlan was everybody's
prime suspect.
I mean, he certainly
had the perfect motive.
With his parents gone,
all the money was his.
But charges were never filed.
The evidence just wasn't there.
They couldn't make a case.
After that, his luck ran out.
The inheritance didn't even cover
his parents' debts.
He took off for parts unknown,
hasn't been heard from since.
There was a fair amount
of news coverage at the time.
Stamford P.D. is searching
the archives to send us a photo.
- What's he waiting for, Cass?
- What do you mean?
I mean, if he wanted to kill me,
the guy's had plenty of opportunity.
Hell, I don't even know
what he looks like.
He could have walked up
to me on that street,
pumped a round in my gut,
and I'd have never seen it coming.
He's letting you sweat a little first,
getting his rocks off.
He's smarter than that.
The guy's a maggot,
but he's not a fool.
I'm missing something.
- Oh... You look very nice.
- Oh, thank you.
Thought this wasn't a date.
It's not.
For a date, I bring roses.
Ha ha ha ha.
Thank you. Sure.
Um, do you want to come in?
I'll put these in water.
So, do you know
where you'd like to eat?
Well, I've been giving
this dinner some thought.
- How do you feel about italian?
- That sounds great.
Good. 'cause I've discovered this really
nice little spot in the West Valley.
Uh, excuse me.
That's kind of odd. Hold on.
What are you doing here?
I just got this letter
from your divorce attorney,
that's what I'm doing here.
Look, Griff, not now.
Whose car is out here?
What, do you got a date?
That's none of your business.
Aw, that's great, Olivia.
Why not let me meet this guy?
No, Griff. Right. Do you know what?
I wouldn't want to spoil
your big night
with something
as inconsequential as this.
If you think this is easy for me,
then you are wrong.
God damn it, Olivia. Are you really
gonna go through with this?
I didn't have any other choice.
I messed up, Olivia. I...
I lost my job,
and now I'm losing you, and...
I'll do anything you want.
I'll go anywhere you want.
I'll.. Just...
Just give me another chance.
You just want me to close my eyes and
pretend that nothing ever happened?
I can't do that.
You look me in the eyes
right now and you tell me
you don't love me anymore,
and I'll walk out of here.
I'm not gonna play that game, Griff.
We're still married.
You tell your date that.
That was my husband.
I'm sorry.
- Is everything ok?
- Yeah. I knew this was gonna happen.
I just didn't think that it was
gonna happen tonight.
I don't really feel like going out.
Maybe we could just stay here and
I could make sandwiches and coffee.
Sure. Show me to the knife.
I'll slice the bread.
I was a wife and mother, and I thought
that's the way it was always gonna be.
I wasn't prepared for this.
I don't know.
Maybe if I were a religious person,
I'd be able to understand
why these things happen
the way they do.
All I know is that losing my son
that way just...
It's like a nightmare
that just never seems to end.
Well, they say time supposedly
heals all wounds.
So, tell me about yourself.
Have you ever been married?
Yeah. I have.
Strangely enough,
she passed away quite recently.
Oh, I am so sorry.
It happened, and... I was powerless
to do anything about it.
She meant the whole world to me.
And I can definitely say
that I loved her.
With all my heart.
Yeah, well, Olivia, thank you.
I must say,
that was about as pleasant
an evening as I've had in a..
You tell him
we're still married, Olivia?
Griff! Hmm?
Please, no.
What are you, a tough guy? Huh?
Griff, stop it! She's my wife!
Are you hurt?
What do you think you're doing?
How dare you come here?
Get out!
Get out of here!
I'm so sorry.
It's ok.
That was my husband.
I guessed.
God damn it.
God damn it!
What the hell is happening to me?
I don't know who I am anymore, Cass.
I'm hurtin' like hell.
You know, I never saw my old man
cry... Not even when my mother died.
I remember one time when I was... 12,
13 years old and he caught me crying.
And I don't even know
what I was crying about.
But he just..
He just shut me down.
I mean, he just came and he just
slapped the snot out of me.
Told me I was weak.
"Bottle it up. Keep it inside."
Never cried after that.
When Kevin died...
I let Olivia mourn alone.
Because I couldn't.
I just, I...
I couldn't.
I knew if I started, I'd never stop.
And then I punished her for it.
I just want to take it all back.
Make things right between us.
I'm not the one you should be
telling this to, Griff.
I gotta go.
- You gonna be all right?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm just gonna hang out
for a while. What's this?
Take a look at that
when you have a chance, ok?
Hi, Jack. How are you?
Couldn't be better.
Here for some more chocolate pie?
- No. I'm here to kidnap you.
- What?
I'm playing hooky from work.
I'd love it if you could join me.
I'm fixing to take a walk on
the beach, maybe a movie afterwards.
Forget last night ever even happened.
How's that sound?
Well, I'm not exactly dressed
for a walk on the beach.
Then we'll stop by your house first,
so you can change.
No, I can't go now.
I mean, I still have,
like, half an hour left on my shift.
Come on. We both know
you deserve some time off.
Olivia, live a little.
I guess I could ask Anita
to let me off a little early.
Why don't you do that?
Olivia, listen to me.
I just talked to Anita.
She said you left work early.
Honey, I've been tracking
a killer for a few weeks now.
I got a positive I.D. on him.
He's the guy who was at the house
last night, Olivia.
He's using you.
He's using you to get back at me.
If you get there before I do,
you sit tight. You hear me?
You sit tight,
and I'll be right there.
Good. So, I'll wait out here.
I don't want to crowd you.
Oh, you're not crowding me.
I'll just be a minute.
Come on in. You sure? Ok.
You know, Olivia,
I wanted to tell you, uh...
Last night meant a lot to me.
You know, despite everything that
happened, I had a great time.
Uh, can I offer you
something to drink? Oh, sure.
- Ice tea ok?
- Great.
Oh, I have a message.
Thursday, 2:52 P.M.
Olivia, listen to me.
I just talked to Anita.
She said you left work early.
Honey, I've been tracking
a killer for a few weeks now.
I got a positive I.D. on him.
He's the guy who was at the house
last night, Olivia.
He's using you.
He's using you to get back at me.
If you get there before I do,
you sit tight, you hear me?
You sit tight,
and I'll be right there.
End of messages.
He's a desperate man, isn't he?
I guess he'll resort
to anything to get you back.
Can't say I blame him.
But, I mean, trying to scare you
with all those terrible lies
he just said about me?
I never thought he'd resort
to anything so despicable.
God knows what
he's capable of, Olivia.
I'm really concerned for you.
You don't believe him, do you?
Ohh... Aah!
Mmm... Mmm... Mmm...
Hi, you've reached
the McCleary residence.
Please leave a message
after the beep.
Mmm... Mmm...
Mmm... Mmm...
Toss the gun.
I said toss it, or I'll blow
your head off right here and now.
Back up.
Let Olivia go.
This is between you and me.
You're wrong.
This is between me and you...
and Nikki.
You see, cop, you destroyed
the only thing I ever really loved.
My first impulse was
to kill you stone dead.
But then I realized
you had to live...
So you could feel
your share of the pain.
Knowing you'd never see
your woman again,
ever feel the warmth
of her soft skin.
Or kiss that sweet, sweet spot
at the back of her neck.
And the agony of knowing
that another man seduced her,
had her, and killed her.
Just like you did my Nikki.
You wanna know who killed your wife?
Then look in the mirror, pal.
Because you used her.
You used her, and you tore her up,
and she couldn't live with the guilt.
And that's what happened.
What do you know about it?
Look in your own damn mirror.
See what a fucked-up
mess you've become.
You'll see that your marriage
is as dead as your kid.
Fuck you.
You see, if all had
gone according to plan,
I'd have had my way
with her tonight...
and then,
with great satisfaction,
put a bullet quietly
through her heart,
so you could find her tomorrow.
But now things just got better.
Because you get to see her die.
And I get to leave you here
with a bullet in each leg
to think about the horror
your life has become.
Funny how.. Uhh!
You son of a bitch.
Mmm... Mmm...
- You all right? Did he hurt you?
- No.
Ohh! Uhh!
Listen to me. You take this,
and you stay in this room.
You don't move,
no matter what you hear.
Do you understand me?
Ok. All right.
Oh, sh...
You ok?
Don't move.
Oh, Olivia. I'm disappointed.
After all we shared last night?
Why don't you tell him
how we held hands and poured out
our hearts to one another?
That's not true!
Enough. Kill me.
Kill me like you killed Nikki.
Like you killed your own son.
Come on. You know you wanna do it.
You hate me.
I'm taking you in, Harlan.
I don't think so. Uh-uh.
I don't think you can get through
another day with me around..
A living testimony to your sin.
Oh, come on.
Come on, you can do better than that.
You're a killer, like me.
Don't you do it.
I'll see you...
I'll see you in hell, brother.