Faci sau Taci (2019)

Paul, dude,
put that pen down, please.
I've asked you something.
You're making me nervous.
-But may I know what are we doing here?
-For what?
So I know what it's all about, to prepare.
Aurel, what time is it?
A quarter to nine.
May I know how you figured out that
when you looked at your right hand
and your watch is on left?
I have my phone here, on the right.
What time is it, again?
A quarter to nine.
In 15 minutes the people are coming
and you'll know what to do.
That's it, easy.
You speak Spanish, right?
-What do you mean "no"?
I can't speak Spanish.
Then why the fuck did you write in your CV
that you speak three languages
including Spanish?
Because that's what you said to mom
to write in my CV, to be more impressive.
-It's my fault then?
I said "no".
-Paul, what about you?
We're screwed.
-Yes, counsellor.
Please, tell me you speak Spanish.
Hello. How are you?
Shakira, Pique, Barcelona.
I am not pregnant by you, Juan Miguel.
-What does it mean?
-I don't know what it means.
If I knew, would I still be working here?
Wouldn't I be in Spain? With Juan Miguel?
-Hello, sir.
They're here.
What are we gonna do, Aurel?
I have no idea. Let's run.
I don't know...
If chief inspector asks where I am,
what do I tell him?
That you've had an accident.
You run into a pole with your car,
and... Right?
You have insurance for your car
but for your job... So...
It's not ok, is it?
What phone do you have?
-Not that, dumbass. Is it a smartphone?
-And what did I say?
Listen. When he comes you'll make him sit
right here, understood?
You take your phone, start recording,
and you stick it under the table,
You record everything he says,
and that's it.
We translate it and it's done.
It's ok, let's do it. It's good.
This is the dumbest idea you've ever had.
Well, Paul, man,
we don't have a better one.
And if they ask us something?
-And if they ask us something?
-Dude, put that phone down.
Well, since I've had this job
there's one thing I understood.
The foreigners don't ask questions
when they come,
they only tell us what to do.
-And if they ask us something?
-Put that phone down.
If they ask us something
and they're upset, we'll be too.
If they are happy, we'll be too.
Be upset.
That's the thinking face.
The upset one.
Hello, darling.
I am pregnant.
I'm happy for you.
You go to them, at the...
-This way, please.
Come on, stand up.
Stand up, I said.
Hey, guys.
Where do I sit?
Where does he sits?
-Hey, you're not going anywhere.
You have to translate.
We don't understand Spanish.
I'm not allowed to,
it's a secret conversation.
-I'm ordering you.
-Sorry, I get my orders from higher.
Ok, sir, sorry.
Thank you very much for your help, boys,
and we're sorry for any inconvenience, ok?
Valer Codrescu,
I forgot to introduce myself, I'm sorry.
Where can I get a coffee?
I'll go get it myself.
What happened? He got upset?
-If you laugh hysterically.
-I didn't laugh hysterically. No.
I didn't laugh hysterically.
I've just wanted to break the ice.
It's not like we're animals.
Go and see where he's gone, you animal.
-Where did the Spaniard go?
-To the bathroom.
-How do you know?
-I suppose, right?
Then I suppose too.
He wouldn't go to the elevator.
What to do at the elevator?
How do I know? They're so weird.
Yes, they are weird. Really weird.
I've been to Spain,
the place is very beautiful,
but the people are really weird.
-What town?
See, Paul, how they all work out?
The chief inspector has come,
he'll tell us all about it and that's it.
What do you want, Gabi?
I didn't bring some water, coffee, tea,
for the Spanish gentleman.
-And why don't you?
-What should I do?
-Well, ask the man what he wants.
-How? In what language?
I don't know, dear.
If you want, I'll bring him a coffee,
and I'll get your pay check.
No, that's not good, thanks.
I don't need this kind of favors.
I don't get much money, anyway.
My mom makes 1,500 euros in Spain and
she takes care of one retard, not three.
-Is he here?
-He arrived 15 minutes ago.
I am late anyway.
No, inspector.
We're going at tenth floor.
-What are you doing here?
-You scared me.
Dude, if you do that again
I'll beat the crap out of you.
Go and take him out of there,
I'll make him a coffee.
-Dude... You go.
-C'mon, please.
I'll bring him a coffee, tea, water.
I don't know what. Just go.
I'm glad you've came.
Help me make a coffee, please.
We should go because... Sir?
I want a coffee because I didn't have time
to get one at the airport.
Meeting, we have, please.
Chief inspector sir.
-Where is the attorney?
-What attorney?
-We received a Spanish dignitary.
-Yeah, the Spanish guy is the attorney.
I didn't know.
What did you talk about until now?
Well, we talked on different topics
and we've welcomed him as we should...
I can see that,
you didn't even bring him a coffee.
Neither did we have our coffee,
inspector sir.
If you could tell us quickly
what this is all about...
-Quickly, huh?
He will tell you all about it.
Prepare your notebooks, write everything.
-How are you?
-I'm fine, thank you.
Let's see what is this about.
I have to be at the airport in an hour.
-Perfect. I also have to go to Oravita.
-Very good then.
-Connect it.
-The laptop to the screen.
-Ah, yes, sir.
We're listening, Andres.
As you know, in the last years, in Spain,
the human trafficking
reached alarming proportions.
The rivalry between clans has started,
revenges, crimes,
and the people ask us to intervene.
Not to mention thousands of young girls
being sequestered, beaten up
and forced to prostitute.
I must be frank,
some of the most dangerous dealers
and pimps are coming from your country.
We know how they operate.
They also capture girls from the former
Soviet countries, not only from Romania,
they are in good terms with Serbia,
and every time when we eliminated them
or we thought we were,
they would start over
with much more force and toughness.
Last time we arrested almost 40 persons.
I could have sworn that it was over.
But I was wrong.
We want you to help us.
Because I think that we never
arrested their leader.
I understand.
What do you need?
Why do you want "SAS" squads?
And why from Bucharest?
Don't you have trustful people in Timis?
We do,
but the DIICOT attorney that I work with
thinks that Lica Switchblade, the one
we are actually looking for,
has inside people.
I understand.
I understand.
You'll be working with our best man,
Paul Anghelescu.
Brief him and get to work.
-Can we speak outside, please?
Tell him goodbye, he's leaving.
-"Fuck" is spelled with a "k".
-I am correcting it right now.
I've told you we need girls.
-Do you have them?
-Everything we've asked for? How many?
I think five is not enough.
-Thank you.
-Not a problem.
I have the feeling
that someone is mocking me.
C'mon, Paul, you overreacting.
Valer, we are going in a mission
and we know absolutely nothing about it.
Calm down.
We're gonna find out, stop stressing.
Why don't you tell him
that we didn't understand a single word?
Look, won't do it.
I won't lose my job
'cause you can't speak Spanish.
-Like this is my fault.
-Yes, sir
-Yes, 15 minutes tops.
-I get it.
Ok, see you there.
How was the meeting?
I didn't understand a word.
Who does anymore?
Is this a hidden place?
Why do we meet here?
No. I've just bought an apartment
in this beautiful neighbourhood.
Do you like it?
-The neighbourhood or you?
-The neighbourhood.
-It's beautiful.
-I'm glad.
-And you are?
-Sorry, Grig.
-Grig who?
-Just Grig.
Well then, "Just" Grig, can you tell me
what do I have to do?
You'll find out more
from the case attorney.
I must tell you
only where you're taking the girls.
Well, tell me what I'm supposed to do.
You'll go in the mountains, camping,
until the operation.
Oravita is too small to expose yourselves.
-What do you think?
I'm glad.
Come on.
Excuse me.
-You're not coming to Bucharest anymore.
-Very good
I want to know everything
that happens here.
Especially that those girls
will be in the mountains.
I really want to take care of our people.
Tell me what to do
and I'll do it. No problem.
You do what needs to be done.
Even barbecues.
You like the outdoors, right?
I like it, but not in the position
of chief counsellor
of the Police' chief inspector.
-I could fire you.
-What kind of joke is that?
Get Aurel...
and have him unpeel potatoes,
open cans...
It's for three days.
It's not the end of the world.
One question.
Can you give us a down payment?
For 20 meters.
-Good luck.
-Why are you laughing?
Mrs. Fina.
-Hello, welcome.
-What are you doing?
I've been waiting for you.
We're here, finally.
Let's see what we have here.
You are prepared.
I thought you'd be starving
after your travel.
-I'm going to the bathroom and return.
What do I give him for the main course?
As appetizer we have chicken soup.
-What do you want for the main course?
-Sarmale (stuffed cabbage).
Perfect. Sarmale.
-Are we doing anything else today?
Wait for me in the car.
I can't believe
you already know what I like.
Of course.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
How are we doing?
The same.
We'll have six girls.
I hope that this number doesn't worry you.
If we don't succeed this time,
we'll have to retire.
For me it wouldn't be that bad.
But for you...
I appreciate your concern.
Enjoy your meal.
Aurel, what you're doin', man?
Admiring the nature.
-After all it's done to you?
-Good one, bro.
What, man?
Good joke, that one.
My grandpa used to say it,
may rest in peace.
What are you doing?
Mr. Paul, someone's coming.
Are you going?
Hi, guys.
I introduce you to Mrs. prosecutor.
-Paul Anghelescu.
-Jimbleu, DIICOT.
-Valer Codrescu, nice to meet you.
-What a beautiful country do you have.
-Yes, we have.
I think this man
says some important things,
but we don't understand
and may seem uninterested.
-You can't speak Spanish?
-We don't really watch soap operas.
Anyway, there is Almodovar too.
I'll let you talk
while I am going for a little walk.
Ok, come with me.
Paul, we're here too,
and we also have important jobs, right?
What do you know about the case?
I know that I need to take six girls
and go to Oravia.
Then you'll need a summary of the case.
At least.
Will you help me push the car?
Step back, man.
Push the car.
I think he wants us to do push-ups.
Let's do it.
You're so fucking dumb.
I said to push the car. The car.
Get up, dumbass.
We have to push the car. Come.
Do you know how to swing it?
Back and forth.
C'mon, what are you doing?
Wait a minute, turn the wheel
a little to the left. And go with a swing.
Come on.
It's hard.
The boys are ready.
I like it.
So? What do you want from me?
To identify and capture their leader.
all our efforts would be useless.
We've been doing this for two years.
I get it.
-And what else do you know about this?
-Nothing concrete, I've told you.
We know
that he's known as Lica Switchblade.
Lica Switchblade?
Where does "Switchblade" come from?
From Switchblade.
C'mon, hurry up.
Come on.
What have you done? Broke the door?
Girls, I am glad to see you.
C'mon, introduce yourselves.
-Raluca Jimbleu, the case prosecutor.
My Spanish counterpart, Andres Velasquez.
-Hello, nice to meet you.
C'mon, each of you get a backpack.
Stop talking.
Come on, girls.
-You got dirty, counsellor.
-How did you figure it out?
I've looked at you.
See if there's more water around here,
I can't even wash.
Give me some water.
Not muddy, clear water I said.
Well, I don't know.
Ok, that's how we do it.
We'll need a number of people,
access ways, the place's map.
-Absolutely everything.
Until then we know what to do.
-Is someone showing the way?
-Yes, my colleague.
-Let's go, girls.
-Yes, the princess first.
-They are leaving.
They are leaving
and leaving us here, counsellor.
My hat, dude, get my hat.
-It's dirty anyway.
-Shut up and take my hat from there.
-C'mon, they are leaving.
-Where are they?
-They left.
-Your door has fallen?
-And where did they go?
-That way.
Let's go.
-Listen. Don't you take these?
-Oh, yes, our luggage.
Can I leave?
-And who are you?
-Raducu, sir. The van's driver. Can I go?
Let him go, counsellor.
Wait here until further notice.
God, this water is so clear.
-Look at the colour, look at...
-C'mon, move it, to catch them up.
God, how beautiful it is.
It's really beautiful.
-I think someone's coming. Let's hide.
Well, I don't think it's good to see us.
Come here.
Hide faster.
The camping is 250 meters higher.
-How did you know that we're here?
-Next time hide your backpacks too.
-Haven't I told you to get my backpack?
-I had mine.
And mine?
It's cold.
C'mon, Paul.
Come on, Paul, get into the water.
Come on.
Heaven on earth, Aurel.
Beautiful waterfall.
You're so narrow-minded...
We're gonna impress them.
We get rid of the backpacks
and jump into the water.
Let's do it.
What are you going to do?
-Infiltrate the girls in the brothel.
As whores, of course, not as nuns.
I'm not ok with that, and you should
have told me from the beginning.
You've told me
it's gonna be a forceful intervention.
All of our interventions
were forceful. And?
Have we got any results?
I'm afraid no one
is going to accept that. No one.
They are not your men
to do whatever you want.
I can't wash in that cold water
like those crazies chicks.
Come here, Aurel. From now on
you call me by my name, understood?
The girls will relax a bit,
I'll feel a little younger.
Girls, I want you to do a little warming
to see what you're capable of.
-You have been inactive for a month.
-Two months.
Look at that, hamburgers.
-I don't eat meat.
-You've gained weight from vegetables.
Magda, perfect as usual.
I'm pregnant, boss.
Don't touch me.
Take this, boss.
Why are you laughing?
Look here, the kebab.
And you've eaten the whole chicken.
Shut it.
I'm a tank.
-Follow me.
-Follow the tank.
What the fuck are you doing there?
I'm washing.
I've found warm water. Come.
You've found warm water?
I've put a chicken in there,
to make chicken soup, you fucking idiot.
C'mon, counsellor, stop messing with me.
The hell with you and your mother.
I think it's time
to tell us about the mission.
Ok, stop.
Come here, all of you.
We have to go undercover
in a pimps' network.
I will absolutely love this,
I think you will too, girls, right?
What the hell? Who wouldn't want
to catch a 100 kg fish?
I am not really excited about it.
We are done with it in five minutes,
and then we'll be complaining
about being too easy.
I think especially you will like it.
This time it won't be that easy.
Then I am excited about it.
It's showing.
-Let's go running.
-Let's go.
If you didn't stick your head in the pot
I would have cooked
a fantastic soup for them.
C'mon, counsellor, we'll give them
some onion and bacon and that's it.
-The poor's food.
-The mountain's food.
The poor's food in the mountain.
-If they don't eat...
-I'll eat it.
Aurel, bro, these women blew me away.
-Did they hit you?
-No, idiot, I mean they are very hot.
Oh, yeah.
Look at them running like a deer,
my little darlings.
-You're craving meat, right?
-It's not like I am vegan.
You made it just in time for dinner.
We've been running for nothing.
-Some bacon... come on, girls.
-With onion.
Relax, sit down.
To get to Briceag (Switchblade)
we need to find out the contact person.
I got that, I am not stupid.
I want to ask you something else.
There isn't another way
than get the girls inside?
-Why not?
Ask your people
to do nonstop surveillance.
To see who goes in and who goes out.
Trust me, the contact person is in there
and will speak on the phone at some point.
Okay, explain yourself.
I can't remember exactly,
but I think it was two years ago
when we installed microphones
everywhere in the house,
and we listened to all of the phones.
We didn't intercept a single call
from Briceag or his mom.
Yes, but we didn't listen
to the sequestrated girls' phones.
-They can go in with their phones?
-I don't know.
Let me guess.
Your name is... Don't tell me.
-Lacramioara (tear).
-Why? Do I seem that I'll be crying?
No, baby, but you're delicate like one.
-Do you want me to beat you up?
Won't you tell me your name?
-Where are you going?
-To the stream. Are you coming?
No. I'm waiting here.
You won't be long, will you?
What are you doing tomorrow?
I am going on a date.
Who with ?
If you're going on a date,
give me a massage.
-Do you want me to hug you, sweetie?
-No, I want you to give me a massage.
A massage?
If I had internet here
it would be amazing.
But guess what? I haven't.
Are you going to sleep?
Yes. What the hell do you expect me
to do here? I'm going to sleep.
What do you mean? Going to sleep?
They will wake us up in two minutes.
Ok, and what do we suppose to do
here, in the middle of the mountain?
I don't know, let's do something else.
-Like what?
-Let's play cards.
I couldn't love more
this kind of missions.
What are you complaining about?
At least if we were closer to a town.
We could have escaped for a while,
went to the town, pick up some guys.
-I even forgot my dildo home.
C'mon, you can do it. You can.
It would have been so hot...
Stop with these things, Vera,
you know I don't like it.
Because they are way too intimate for me.
Do you know what I think you are like?
You are like a cute cat
which is scratching really bad.
Good night, Vera, please go to sleep.
Good night.
My eyes looking the Moon,
My thoughts go to...
That flashlight you should have
switched off so I can sleep.
Sweet dreams.
Not here, the next one.
I wanted some mosquitos repellent.
-The next one..
-Ok, stop screaming, you crazy women.
What are you doing here, girls?
-We are playing cards.
-What are you playing?
-The odd man out.
-The odd man out, huh?
I wouldn't want to tell your commander
that you are playing cards
when you should be sleeping.
No. Please, no.
He will make us run all night
in the woods.
That's what I wanted.
Make me some room to stay here with you.
Who's the first?
-I am.
What was that?
-That's how we like it, boss.
-What do you mean that's how you like it?
-Girls, wait.
I am a little more... No, I...
Come on...
I'm going the fuck out.
Get your gun and find a hidden spot
over there, Ok ?
-Yes, sir.
I am going, counsellor, I am going.
That's how I like it, rough.
I like it rough.
Well, go then.
I am not going.
Why not?
I'm scared.
Scared? Who are you scared of?
Of my wife.
-Who tells your wife?
-You do.
You've lost your mind?
Why would I tell her?
Get out of here.
You're crazy? You don't trust me?
Think harder, don't I owe you?
Ok, I am going.
I'm here.
I like this kind of stuff. I can take it.
I'm ok with it. And I can take it.
When I was a kid a cat scratched me
and I didn't feel a thing.
I was even bit by a dog and I liked it.
I can take it.
Oh, yeah?
-Come here between us.
-Come on.
-Turn over.
-On the other side.
God, how gorgeous you are.
Take those glasses off.
-That's how you like it?
-Like that?
-Yes, like this.
Not like that. Like that.
Look at her, you like this?
-Yes, I do.
-Choke him.
-I like it.
-Choke him.
-Do you like it?
-I can take it.
Tell us, do you?
I can't take it anymore.
What kind of foreplay is this? Really.
When are we having sex?
You tore my underwear.
Any changes?
No, Thursday.
You'll get some new packages.
I'll tell you.
Boss, I'm in position.
They've started to come out.
Behind you.
Where are the shooting coming from?
-Why are you in your underwear?
-You want to know that now?
From where are they shooting?
Come here.
Where are you?
Here you are.
Hi, Claudia.
What happened to him?
You killed me.
All I've gained in this life
will end up at someone else.
Paul, I am already hallucinating.
I see your head enlarged.
Stay calm, sweetie, you are ok.
How can I be ok?
They are not real bullets.
They are not real bullets.
It's an exercise.
So I'm fine?
You're fine.
I still want
a mouth to mouth resuscitation.
I think I am having a panic attack.
-Mouth to mouth?
Perfect, come here.
I know how to do CPR.
No. I can breathe, it's ok.
I am fine.
But I don't know where my flip flop is.
Ok, I found it, I am fine.
-You are?
-Yes, I am.
Oh boy, nice boobs.
What's going on there?
Is that Vera?
Of course it's Vera.
-With Aurel.
Aurel who? Aurel?
Aurel. Aurel who?
Fucking bastard.
You know, if you're tired you can sleep
in my tent, there's no problem.
No, I want to sleep
That's what I said.
You can go to sleep,
I can give you a massage if you want.
You're hurt,
if you want I'll take care of you.
Get some pills, you're too stressed.
Good morning, what's up?
I want to make an omelet with mushrooms.
-With mushrooms?
To make those girls lick their fingers.
Women love men that cook.
-What are you doing?
-Give me that.
Give me the onion.
Wash those mushrooms.
Couldn't they install these tents
somewhere flat?
I am sick of walking up and down.
Are this mushrooms eatable?
I picked them, of course they are.
Pour some water on them, please, quickly.
This is the building
where they keep the girls.
How populated is this place?
Populated enough.
It wouldn't be very smart
to take our arms out, don't you think?
No way.
We have to get them out of town, as usual.
Let's stop wasting time
and tell them the plan.
Give me the pan, give it to me.
Man, I am firing you.
-Hold it.
-That's better.
-Hold it so I can salt it.
-Salt it.
It smells so good.
Of course, girls.
We cooked for you, I hope you're hungry.
We are.
It looks surprisingly good
considering that you made it.
You'll like it.
We'll give you everything
you want to eat in a minute.
We are preparing a salad.
You cooked these?
Are you insane?
They're poisonous, you can die from it.
No, we threw them out.
We cooked the other ones.
Come here, I need to talk to you.
This way.
So? What's for breakfast?
Come here. Spit it out.
Come here.
Wait a minute. Come here.
Come here.
Sit down here, sit.
Keep your head up. Up, like that.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
Is he alive?
He's handling it.
Nature isn't for everyone.
Andres has stayed at the car.
Smart, those Spanish guys.
Lazy, yeah.
What do we have here?
This is the house.
And this is the plan, I guess.
-The yard.
And I have two entrances, that's good.
There are around 12 guys on location.
Around 12?
And why do you tell me "around"?
Because I got brand new information
and I am thinking about your reaction
when I am going to tell you the plan.
Don't think, don't stress
and tell me straight, don't bullshit me.
We have to infiltrate the girls
in the house.
Tell me more.
We can't do that, ok?
You solve your problems,
give us coordinates
a concrete plan, ok?
We go and clear the area
and everybody is happy.
We're an intervention team.
Don't you understand
that we're running out of time?
But I don't care.
I don't have the time
to get another team to do this.
We need to improvise.
If he crosses the border,
he will take 40 girls with him.
Forty girls that are prostituting
without their consent, do you get it?
Not to mention that half of them
are underage,
they are practically children.
Ok, stop.
You can't make me culpable
for every misfortune in this world.
I need to make a call, give me your phone.
I left it in the car.
Let's go get it.
I don't understand what's the big deal.
Are you insane?
I'm getting my girls into a brothel
and you ask me what's the big deal?
But it's not a brothel.
The girls were brought there
two nights ago
and Thursday will leave.
-Give me the number.
-Let me dial.
I want to talk to Valentin Codrescu.
I am afraid that's impossible.
Dude, don't you understand it's urgent?
Get him on the phone.
Yes, I'll wait.
Sorry, sir.
Can I leave?
Who are you?
Raducu, sir, the van driver.
Can I go, please?
No, you have to take us home.
We're going home?
I am so happy, sir
My wife is pregnant, sir.
She's in the 9th month
and she could deliver any minute,
if she hasn't done it already.
I don't know what's happening there.
I don't know if she's fine,
if they are fine,
that's what concerns me.
-They who?
-The girls, sir.
They are fine.
How do you know, sir?
Because I am taking care of them.
Sir, do you have something to eat?
Food? Do you have any food?
-Hold on.
-Have you?
That's it, dude.
Thank you.
That's it? You don't have anything else?
What the hell I am supposed to do?
Plant them?
Yes, it's me.
I got it.
Stupid, stupid, but...
It's good.
Very good.
You did it too?
Magda, sure you're okay?
I am okay, you're driving me crazy
with all this questions.
I didn't even get a chance to eat that.
I am okay.
Be ready in an hour,
we've got things to do.
Got it.
What's up with you? What's wrong?
These dumbasses try to teach me
how to do my job.
Don't be hard on yourself.
Go and prepare yourself.
-We're leaving in an hour.
-Where are we going?
At work.
Do you need help?
You're so kind.
Dude. I am serious.
Do you want some help?
On the patio.
Yes, I know.
Why did you become a sniper?
Because I like big guns.
The biggest ones.
Do you understand?
Why didn't you joined the Infantry?
Because I don't have demands that big.
Do you want to see my scope?
Can I shoot with it?
As much as you want to.
Don't you miss it?
Then do it, you have the green light.
Did you hear what I said
or are you still thinking about it?
I don't really get it what you want.
Switchblade is dead.
-Who whacked him?
-The Serbs.
How good is this information?
I got pictures.
That means I'm back in business.
I am going to take a shower.
I don't think it's all about his youth,
it has to be something else.
I have money,
I expected him to ask me more questions.
He will, don't worry.
Where is the fat guy?
The keys are in the ignition. Let's go.
Here it's ok?
Yep, I think it's ok.
Can you see all the way there?
I hope we will read each other clearly.
Let me talk with him.
I can see you.
Look what house our prosecutor got.
I said I saw Mrs prosecutor.
She has a house,
not far from where I stand.
Let's go.
You told him about the girls?
No. Didn't you say that...
he will get a call?
You stayed too long.
He asked me about transport,
what time he'll arrive at the border...
Still, you've stayed too long.
The man took a shower.
You wanted me to join him?
Damn, you're so lucky.
They are all having lunch.
Of course they are having lunch. You think
I randomly chose this time of the day?
I'm a genius.
Cover me.
Be careful, you can't fool me.
If you don't tell me what they said to you
and how you've done this
the first thing I do when we are back
at Bucharest is to call your wife.
Have you heard me?
Didn't you said that what happens
in the woods stays in the woods?
Nothing has happened to me here,
do you understand?
They feel sorry for me.
Oh, yes?
Can you fetch me a glass of water, please?
Yes, I can.
Aurel, listen carefully.
What if I tell them that my child
fell in a fountain and died?
-It's too much.
-Yes, you're right, it's too much.
-But what if I tell them it's alive?
-It's useless.
You're right, it is.
My stupid boy.
Hello, ma'am.
Get the girls, please.
-Come here.
Magda, you too.
So, girls, sexy outfits, a lot of makeup.
We've got work to do.
Where are we going?
At a fancy club.
-But I don't have a sexy outfit.
-Me neither.
-What are we doing in a club?
-Vera takes care of it.
What are we going to do?
We will dance.
Girls, I'm glad you are all here.
I've brought you some treats,
I wanna make up to you
because I cooked that omelet for you.
I'm kind of apologizing.
The best cherry cake you ever eat.
It's coming straight from Timisoara.
-Come on, dude.
-You're doing it again?
You're always messing with us like that.
Come here.
-Where is the cake?
-What cake?
This one.
In the summer?
Well, we are in the mountains,
the temperature can drop.
Show me your right hand.
Left hand.
Fucking bastard.
Well, girls, lucky for me I'm smart
and I always have a backup plan.
Finally. You got it right for once.
-Give it to me.
-Let's go girls.
-Wait for me.
-No, girls only.
Yeah, pity is the last solution.
I am so glad I've got a moment of peace,
I really needed to talk to you.
The first time I saw you
it was like I saw my mother.
I kind of got flashbacks
from my childhood.
Oh, God.
She was feeding me and my brothers
and my sisters.
And afterwards
I found out that she got cancer and...
She wouldn't even go to the hospital.
Just to take care of us.
Oh, God.
And one day,
my brothers and sisters starved to death.
All in the same day.
I didn't know what to do
and I was afraid she will die too.
And so it was, she died.
And since then I've always needed
some comfort, attention,
to be kissed, to be hugged.
Now is one of those moments
when I really need a hug from a kind soul.
I'm sorry, Valerica,
but this is not really my thing.
-I think you understand
-I do.
Sorry I ask,
the inspector is your brother, right?
No, he is my brother-in-law.
So he's married to your sister.
So how come
all your siblings are dead?
I told you how they've lost their lives,
but then they got better.
-They got better?
How did they get better?
Well, as soon as they died,
they got better.
I don't really want to talk
about my family, or to bother you...
So good night.
What is happening here?
I was waiting for you, come here.
You stay here with Andres,
I'll go get the girls.
Go up stairs.
Come on.
What is this?
What the hell are you doing?
They have to seem credible,
so no one would touch them.
We've got a problem.
Magda is feeling sick tonight,
we can't take her with us.
That's all we needed,
going short by one.
It's us.
This is the only window with a good angle.
I waited three days for you, three days.
Raducu, the van driver,
Raducu, the van driver.
And what do you do? You leave?
And leave me behind?
Then, I'm going home to my girls.
They got in.
They got in.
Sit down.
Why the hell do they look like that?
If they are not listening...
How am I supposed to check them?
I'm afraid you're not entitled
to check on them.
I'm making the rules here, you fool.
Firstly, I don't want to sell them.
And what do you want to do?
I want to lend them to you.
To lend them?
Are you messing with us?
Dude, take this fool away from here.
Stop it, settle down.
Sit the fuck down.
Stay here.
Tell me...
how much do you want?
Forty thousand.
Are you kidding me?
C'mon, man, look at them.
I can't accept less.
This will go like this.
You leave them here for the night
and tomorrow you'll get your answer.
I can't.
I leave in an hour
either with the money or the girls.
An hour and a half.
An hour and a half.
He exit the room.
-You're ready, right?
Let the walkie-talkie on,
so we hear what happens.
Only if there is something to hear.
Tell what I taught you.
Is this from the house?
Just a moment.
Yes, from the basement.
There is someone here
that wants so sell some girls.
The pimp says he is not the one to decide.
Did you check him? Is he trustworthy?
I understand he is.
Check where the call is coming from
and who it is.
I don't need to, I already know.
Where are you going?
To get the boys ready.
It makes me shiver.
Get a jacket.
I'm embarrassed to tell you.
I'm scared.
They all have left
and I'm stuck with you in the woods.
I won't hurt you, counselor.
You're so dumb...
-Get in, don't make a scene.
Where are we going?
We are going to reason with Horseshoe.
Get in.
To be honest, I'm a little scared too.
And I miss Lumi.
My wife.
Ah, Luminita.
She still didn't give me my money back.
I can take them from your paycheck.
Let's go to the city.
And how do we get there?
We'll guide by the lights.
What lights, Aurel?
The city lights.
Let's go.
Take the book with you.
Where are you going, assholes?
You can't leave me here alone.
We'll be right back.
Do you speak English?
Of course not.
Hi, boss.
-How you doin'?
-I'm good. You?
I'm ok now.
Sit down.
They are not in the best shape,
but they'll do.
They'll do their job.
And what don't I get it?
What do you mean?
If they are so good, why do you sell them?
I lost my money at the casino.
I owe 100 thousand and I'm 40 short.
You're kind of cornered.
Can we negotiate a little?
Man, I offered them almost for nothing,
so it won't be any problem.
Look at them,
they're worth 600 euros an hour.
Give him the money.
What are you doing?
You've passed the road to Horseshoe.
Where are we going?
Guys, something?
Yes, it wasn't for nothing.
What are you doing here?
Why did you leave your spot?
The guy you negotiated earlier,
is the same guy
Mrs. Prosecutor met at lunch.
When I told you how cool her house was.
Something doesn't add up.
Where is she now?
I don't know, she said
she's going to get her guys ready.
Can you find her location?
Yes, we try.
She's at kilometer 27,
on her way to Megas.
Go back and take care of the girls, ok?
What are you doing?
We'll make a lot of money together.
You're right.
This is not the road to Horseshoe.
It's the shortest way to Serbia.
I don't really understand
what are you doing.
I've changed my mind...
for tonight.
We had a deal.
I am risking everything,
a lot of years in prison
to make them think that Horseshoe
is Switchblade, I mean you.
And you set Alma free.
Where is my sister?
This is her, boss.
You sister is alright,
she's in the basement
of the abandoned house.
It's just that...
you should hurry to get to her.
I did a big mistake.
I've told the idiot Horseshoe...
that she's turned him in.
Such a beautiful mouth
and you don't know how to use it.
Yes, boss?
What happens to snitches?
Well, boss,
they are raped, beaten up,
and then, whacked.
What order would you like?
Kill me.
Only one ugly bitch...
got away so easy.
But she had syphilis.
What the fuck...?
Damn, is getting ugly.
We found these two in a van.
We're being surveiled.
Are you kidding?
Get on the ground.
Steinmez and Switchblade work together,
don't you get it?
There is no Switchblade. You are.
Get in the car.
Oh my God, I almost died.
I was so close.
I can't get this out of here.
You've almost killed me.
Are you killing me?
Wait. You wanted to kill me?
I almost got killed by you?
Are you killing me?
Do you want to kill me?
Don't you look where you're going?
Don't you look?
Yeah, talk fast 'cause I'm beating a guy.
I can't believe it. When?
Dude, you know...
Three days, I didn't have service,
three days, it was a mess.
Seriously. Hold on.
Wait a moment, I'll call you...
Yes, I'll call you back.
Thanks, I'll call you.
This is the car.
There is someone in here.
-Try now.
-It won't open.
Try it.
Oh, my God.
Come here.
Oh, my God.
My baby, come here.
Where is that rat?
The driver?
We had a fight and he's somewhere here.
My wife gave birth.
Where the hell is he? Are you stupid?
Somewhere here, in the grass.
I beat him well and then I left him
somewhere in the grass.
And you didn't see where he went?
He is not here.
No, because I got called.
My wife gave birth.
Where is he?
-Where is he?
Somewhere here, in the grass.
I beat him and he should be there.
-Give me that.
-Yeah, my wife gave birth.
So he didn't get too far, send backup.
-Is he hurt? Hey, you.
-Is he badly wounded?
You hurt him bad?
Of course I did, yeah.
I don't think he will live.
He is badly wounded, send everyone.
Aurel, now what fucking lights
are we following?
It's already dawn.
C'mon, sir, we are almost there.
You've been saying that for 6 hours,
fuck your mother and ugly wife.
Where are we, Aurel?
At National Geographic.
Don't you think we should get those two
down from the mountain?
Let them there,
they should have some fresh air.
You won't stop, will you?
Haven't I told you we are almost there?
Look. A paved road.
No, I told you.
Since when five is bigger than six?
I told you.
I have service.
Call them.
Let's make a photo for Facebook.
The hell with your Facebook, call help.
I've never seen such beauty,
it's worth a photo.
-Come here.
Let that thumb down.
Let it down. We're in 2019.
Look how good you look.
But me? What's in my head?
I don't know, let's see.
See if he's alive.
Stand him up, see who he is.
-He's from our team, let's take a photo.
-Give me the phone.
-I don't know where it is.
-Give it to me.
-Got him.
-Come on.
Don't move.
My phone.
Speak of the devil..
Send me a photo.
-If this dumbasses got who we...
Unbelievable. Look who they got.
-I can't believe it.
-Let's go.
Hey. Border police.
Stay right there. We'll loose the dog.
Wait, I am a counselor, wait.
-Don't move.
-I am a counselor.
I am a counselor
at the Police Headoffice.
Where am I counselor?
Paul, help me here,
tell them I'm with you.
Paul, tell them I am with you.
He's with us.
-It was hard. But you're tired.
-He's with us.
Get him in the car.
Why have you left me?
I was afraid.
Six? Seven from one shot?
Come on.