Face (1997)

Oscar Legion 4-9,
Oscar Legion 4-9...
# Here is a tune I've been writing
# It's been so long in the making
# I hope it's worth all the waiting
# Not expected all for free
# Everything has an ending
# Everything has its day
# There's no use in pretending
# Everything has a price to pay
# You just ask me
# What I'm feeling
# Should I tell you?
# Well, nothing is for free
# Can't you see, can't you see?
# Everything has a price to pay
# Everything that I know is
# Hanging on my melody
# Everything has an ending
# Everyone has their price to pay
# You just ask me
# What I'm feeling
# Should I tell you?
# Well, nothing is for free
# Can't you see, can't you see?
# Everything has a price to pay... #
All right, Dave?
Is this Vince gonna be any aggravation?
Some geezer banged into him
with a trolley in a supermarket.
Vince had his ear off with a Stanley
knife. -We'll take that as a yes, then.
Number 37, second floor.
Oi! It's Stan! Stan!
# Here is a tune I've been writing
# It's been so long in the making
# I hope it's worth all the waiting
# Everything has a price to pay #
- Stan said you could help me out.
- Who?
Got the dough.
- Who's Stan?
- Search me.
Where's the gear?
Where's the gear?
- Where's the gear?
- In the bathroom!
In the bathroom.
Where's the money, Vince?
I'll belt you. Where's the money?
- Where's the money?
- In the fridge!
What's this? Someone should tell you,
meat should not be this green colour!
Is this it?
Where's the rest of the money?
Wanna cut me?
What are we dealing with this slag for?
- What nick are youse out of?
- Why? Want to make a complaint?
No. It's just the Old Bill don't usually
come on this strong.
- They don't?
- No. Not even on a bad day.
Yeah, well, we're part
of the new graduate intake, sunshine.
Don't touch me, man!
I said you're a fucking thief!
- You're a thief!
- Shut up!
Give me the knife! Give me the knife!
Hey, guys. Come on.
Help the lady with her bags.
Put them in the kitchen.
- All right, Connie?
- All right, Ray?
Hello, boys.
Now, inside. Now!
- Calm down. Keep the noise down.
- Robbie, Lionel, kitchen.
- I'm going home.
- See you. Now!
- You know about the picket tomorrow?
- Tomorrow?
Strength in numbers.
This number's having a day off. I was
looking forward to lying in bed all day.
- When are they closing you down?
- Two weeks.
Can you get that down?
Any chance of you getting away tonight?
I can't. It's only me and Pearse on.
Hello? Yeah, hi.
- Have you contacted the police?
- I'd better go.
Wait. Have you tried Shriver?
It's her mother's name.
I'll hold. Come with me
to the protest tomorrow.
- That's not me.
- It was once.
Some of us move on.
We all move on.
It's what we move on to that counts.
Still here. It was Shriver.
What station are they holding her?
See you tomorrow night.
I think about you all the time.
Do you want me to come now? Sure?
You've got the solicitor's number?
OK. Bye.
- And where are you going?
- I was gonna go.
- I'm expecting sex.
- Oh, really?
Leave me something!
Leave me something!
Leave me something!
Here we are.
It's a lovely house. We could get
somewhere like that, couldn't we, Ray?
- All right?
- Yeah.
You're driving. It's all right, it's clean.
Hello, Dave.
Where you been? I've been up all night.
Your mother's going potty. Use your head!
- Sarah was in good hands.
- Shut up! Shut up!
Now see your mother. Come here.
Don't have no rows with your
mother, babe. Just apologise.
Have a wicked day anyway, Dave.
Hope you and your brethren
get what you want.
So I take it you don't approve.
Kids. They ain't got a clue, have they?
London's weather. Rain and winds
expected, and should clear by morning.
Temperatures, the minimum of 4 degrees
Centigrade, 38 degrees Fahrenheit.
And the FT index is up 3 points at 4834.7.
Still to come
on the Robert Elms show...
Deportation, no way!
Let these people in to stay!
There's Connie and Alice!
There's your mum!
It's Robert Elms and in 15 minutes' time,
it's competition time and if you can name
the tune, I've got 800 pounds for you.
800 pounds! That's not bad, is it, Ray?
- Where is he? He's late.
- He'll be here.
There he is.
Sorry I'm late. What's that mob?
- The Kurds.
- What's a curd?
The Kurds, son. People just like us.
- Except they're communists.
- That ain't too clever, is it?
Ray used to be a commie.
Red Ray, we used to call him.
Straight up. The whole family's commie.
Notorious. Your mum still a cardholder?
I could never see eye to eye with her
when it come to politics.
But she did always have an angle.
Something for you to think about.
She stuck by what she believed in.
I respect that.
You don't get that much these days.
# London calling, to the zombies of death
# Quit holding out
and draw another breath
# The ice age is coming,
the sun's zooming in
# Meltdown expected,
the wheat is growing thin
# Engines stop running,
but I have no fear... #
All right?
Yeah. Who's the little prick with the hat?
Sonny's nephew. I offered Sonny work,
but he's just out of the nick so he said no.
# London calling, yes I was there too
# And you know what they said,
well, some of it was true
# London calling... #
As I predicted,
not one of you has got this.
Now I'll play a few more notes,
and you can win a few more.
900 pounds is on the
line now, and so is Cheryl.
Hi, Robert. I'm nervous.
- Don't be nervous, Cheryl.
- Is it Bob Dylan?
No, you silly daft bitch!
It's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy", Rod Stewart!
- It's Billy Bragg!
- Shut up, you mental case!
It's Rod fucking Stewart!
You're getting excited, Steve.
People used to say me and Rod
have a certain resemblance.
Hope you got a better class of flop sorted
this time.
That's a... That's a... oxymoron.
Got you there, didn't I?
No such thing as a better class of flop,
Ray, is there? Contradiction in terms.
There's one I nicked earlier.
Dave rung the plates.
# Baby's got an atom bomb
# Motherfucking atom bomb
# 22 megatons
# You never seen so much fun
# Baby got poison gas
# Baby got heart attacks
# Baby got a pain on tap
# Baby gimme some of that... #
"Colt Comanche". That's good, innit?
It don't say Comanche. It says
Commander. Didn't you go to school?
- Got expelled.
- What for? Hitting a teacher?
No. Shagging her.
Gave her one in the language lab.
I look like a fucking banana!
That's the point, so we can see each other.
You don't have to go too strong,
Is he gonna be sweet?
Long as I tell him what to do and it's not
complicated, Steve's sweet as a nut.
Put that down, will ya? That one's yours.
Go and make a cup of tea or something.
He's just a kid.
He shouldn't be doing this.
That's kids these days, innit?
You know my Joanne?
Her second eldest, Daniel,
my grandson, he's only five.
He comes up to me the other day
with his girlfriend, holding her hand.
He says, "Granddad,
I want to tell you something".
I say, "You're not getting
married, are you?"
He went, "No.
We're going into business together".
Different generation, Ray.
No angles except for that.
All comes down to a bit of dough.
What's so funny?
It never used to be just about the money.
It used to be about loyalty, being
staunch. -Being staunch, yeah.
Oh, you're so fucking cynical, ain't ya?
I'm telling ya, the modern disease
of this society - cynicalism!
I'll get it. Don't worry.
You wait and see the other motor.
You got four minutes.
In, bosh and out. Four minutes.
Get out!
Move! Fucking stay there!
Get over! Round there!
Get on the fucking floor!
Get in the fucking corner!
Get in the fucking corner now! Move!
You! On the floor! Down!
Out! Fucking stay there!
Get on the fucking floor!
Four more in the corner!
Out! Get fucking out there! Move!
Now! Get in the fucking corner! Move!
Get fucking out!
Get in the corner!
Don't be a fucking hero!
Get your head down!
That's it! Let's go!
Leave it!
Stay there! Don't move!
I'm not leaving all this money!
Leave it!
Where's Julie? Fuck it!
Let's go! Move it!
There he is! Get in!
- Get fucking in! Leave it!
- Oh, bollocks!
Leave it! Leave it, you tosser!
Four armed men in a Range Rover
now travelling at high speed.
Men are considered extremely dangerous.
Four minutes!
Four, five. What difference does it make?
Ram raid on security building.
Four armed men in Range Rover car
are heading west.
The men are considered
extremely dangerous.
What are you listening to?
- What do you want, Stevie?
- What's your favourite music?
Dance, I suppose. It's all just noise,
so you don't have to think.
I prefer reading. This one's not bad.
It's about these two different Earths.
The man in the book, the hero...
I don't believe it.
We might as well have done a post office.
How much is there?
There's supposed to be a minimum
of two mill. Two fucking mill.
Where's the big notes? The fifties?
- All that risk for fuck all?
- It looks like bundles.
- No, it ain't bundles!
- You stupid little tosspot!
How much is there?
344,780, to be exact.
That's better than nothing.
- Two fucking mill. I don't believe it.
- How much is that per man?
You're forgetting something, Ray.
My expenses.
How much is that? -It's nothing
to do with you, you little prick.
It's 40 grand.
- That's a bit strong.
- Especially as I found the bit of work.
Granted. But who got the flop sorted,
the lock-ups, the truck?
The battering ram?
All the logistics, that was me!
So, 344,780, minus 40 grand...
304,780 divided by five...
- We have the technology.
- Let's take this item by item.
My wedge, total of it, comes to 100,956!
Now, is someone calling me a liar?
- You wanna say something, Mouth?
- No. He's just disappointed, like all of us.
Next time...
we'll get it sorted out beforehand
exactly what the expenses are.
- Fair enough, Julie?
- Fair enough.
Yeah. It's not what I was hoping for,
but in the circumstances...
Just one more thing...
You just called me Julie.
You know I don't like that.
- No offence intended.
- None taken. Just don't do it again, OK?
Steve, enough.
Never, ever...
point a gun
at the people you're working with.
40 grand?
What about 20?
See? He's a crank. He won't ever forget.
Steve, you and Jason take off.
Leave the money. If they stop you,
you won't have anything to show.
He's right, son. It's too risky.
We'll bring your dough to you later.
- What about Julie?
- His name's Julian.
- See you at Bill and Linda's?
- Split up outside.
Funny how things in life never work out
the way you expect, eh?
We've had worse, Dave. A lot worse.
It's easy for you to say,
especially as you're getting double.
I don't think I heard you right.
- Stevie's bit...
- What?
- You're not putting 60 grand...
- Stevie is getting his dough!
All right, I apologise!
I'm just a bit gutted, that's all.
With the stunt this crank's pulled,
we're within our rights to top him.
Seat belt.
- It's OK.
- Sweet. OK.
I got it. Are they on us?
Jesus Christ, I can't do this any more.
Come on, Dave. Take it easy.
We're in the clear.
60 grand to call your own.
I was expecting a lot more.
- You just have to keep on working.
- I don't want to keep working.
15, Ray, for me expenses!
Shut up!
- Can you hear me? I'm getting cramp!
- Shut it, Julie.
Julian! How many times
have I got to tell you?
All right. I'll overlook that, Ray. This is
not the time to have a row. 15's fair.
All right, 12.
Ten! I can't go no lower than that!
Ray, we're all mates.
More like family, really.
All right, lads. I've had enough.
Give me a wide berth on that one.
Oh, hello, love. That's a nice dog!
Come here, boy!
You ain't still got the hump with me?
How much did you spend?
Tell me the truth.
Eight and a half.
There's ten.
God bless you, lads.
I knew you wouldn't runt me.
There's your money.
We're gonna forget all about this. -Yeah,
forgive and forget. That's my motto.
I really hope you've done the right thing.
Yeah. I'll see you later.
Totally potty.
With this molecular transference,
the hero,
who's already been to the parallel Earth,
comes back and tells people about
these inventions for growing more food...
Oh, hello, Ray. How are you?
Linda, how have you been?
Don't get old. That's my advice.
How do these authors
think these things up, Ray?
Come on, then, puss.
You're all right about this?
Yeah, yeah. The usual place, Stevie.
You know the score, Bill. Don't look inside.
- Well, I already know it's hooky.
- That's not the point.
Homeless people enjoyed a roof
over their heads...
and hot meals over Christmas...
If they find the stuff - they won't -
but if they do,
you can tell them you had no idea.
- How's the health, Bill?
- The lungs aren't too kosher.
Here you go. Take it.
- You don't have to do that.
- I know.
The Palm Tree.
Yeah, it's a party for an old pal.
Come on, Connie. You'll like it.
I'm not sure. I'll think about it.
Tell me you'll come. Tell me!
OK. Bye.
- I hear someone had it off in Hounslow.
- Did they?
- Nothing too heavy?
- Usual Mickey Mouse stuff.
Linda, I'll see you soon, darling.
Take care now.
Give my love to Alice when you see her.
Take care. See you later.
- Have you ever met one, Ray?
- One what?
An author.
Look after that for Jason.
Hello, Jason. All right?
All right? How are you doing?
Hello, Steve.
- Good night, Sonny.
- Good night, darling.
Ray! I didn't think you was coming.
- No need!
- Nice to see you, Sonny.
Hello, Stevie.
Still in Mensa? Dave just got here an' all.
Dave, get 'em in, will ya?
All right, Steve.
Lovely bit of work.
Dave asked if I wanted a taste, but
I don't know. Maybe I've lost me bottle.
- I don't think so.
- I hope not.
- You haven't seen Connie, have you?
- No.
Welcome home, Sonny.
Good to see you home.
- Ray? Can I have a word?
- Sure.
I got a bit of work.
My mate's sister works in a
diamond place in Hatton Garden.
- You'll get collared.
- You don't know.
You had a nice tickle today.
If you're smart, you'll never
go on the pavement again.
I'm 35 years old, Jason.
I was working honest till I was 24.
My first touch was like what you had today.
And Dave told me what I'm
telling you now, but I didn't listen.
I've done five years inside. I could have
earned double driving a van or minicab.
They told me you were staunch.
Being staunch, being solid, is shit.
All of it.
Who's that?
I don't know.
He goes out with Dave's daughter.
All right, Dad?
I thought you might want to check in
with Sarah before we went out.
- Where are you off to?
- We're going to a party.
Oh. Are we invited?
I don't think it's exactly
your kind of thing, mate.
Let's go now, Chris. See you later, Dad.
Sarah... stay.
Have a drink with your old dad, eh?
- I don't think so.
- Come here.
You be careful. I mean it.
- I will.
- Give me a kiss.
- Enjoy yourself.
- Don't worry. She's all right with me.
Good night, gents. See you soon, Dave.
Why, he's jealous! Look at him!
He's thinking about the boy
giving Sarah one!
He'll soon be rumping her
in the back of the motor!
- Hello, Connie.
- Stevie!
What have you been up to?
- I see.
- What about you?
The council's closing down the project.
We could have a couple of the kids.
There's room in our house.
My house.
There will be room, when you're gone.
Where am I going, Ray?
Steve, you're gonna have to start
looking after yourself. Understand?
It's not as if we're family or anything.
Now you've got a bit of dough,
we can buy you a little flat, all right?
Who is this vision of loveliness
I see before me?
This is Connie.
- Connie!
- Sonny's just come home.
- From where?
- Just finished six and a half out of nine.
Do any of your co-workers
manage to stay out of jail?
I thought getting away with it
was an important part of the job.
You summed it right up there, Connie.
And every time you get
collared, it's worse.
Ray, you would not recognise nick
these days. The violence.
Boilings. Two a penny now.
- Prison really is going downhill.
- Steve, get us a cab.
Steve, get them to call one
for me and Jason.
- You going?
- Yeah.
You can tell he's been busy.
You look terrible.
- He looks like an old man.
- It's been a stressful day. You know.
When you get to our age,
all we think about is putting your feet up.
Nice drop of brandy, five panatellas.
You're right, Dave.
That's enough excitement for one night.
- Where's Jason?
- Bag's behind with John.
Thanks. I'll take care of it.
See you soon, Sonny.
Be lucky.
See you later.
And I hope we bump into each other again
very soon.
Yeah. Maybe when they have
mixed prisons.
All right?
When I see you with them, I want to cry.
- You are an absolute snob.
- I'm not!
- You're better than that.
- Better than what?
They're not perfect, but they're no worse
than any straight person.
Take care of their own.
- You finished?
- Yeah.
Shut up.
- Get in the front!
- Sorry, Ray.
- Where are you going?
- Mile End Road.
# If I said tonight
# I'm going out
# If I said there seems to be no doubt
# If you came along
# You put some right back in my wrong... #
I'm gonna go to Forbidden Planet
tomorrow and get some new books.
- That's all right, isn't it?
- Do what you like.
I'll get some new shelves for me room.
You can never have too many good books.
# Wish I could fly away
# From the haze and the grey... #
- I don't think so!
- Jesus, I'm too old for this!
Oh, Jesus, your hands are cold!
# But I need a quiet world
# With my dreams... #
Good night, Connie.
- Good night.
- Good night, Ray.
- Good night, Steve.
- Good night.
Piss off!
How can you throw him out?
He needs you.
You know how long
I've been looking after him?
We were inside in '87.
I gave him a teabag and I've been
stuck with him ever since.
- All I said...
- You're still having a go at me.
Armed robbery's not a great career.
- That's what I am.
- I know what you were.
Yeah, I was a mug.
I was stupid for too long.
It's not stupid, taking care of people
who can't look after themselves.
People like Stevie, like the kids
in the home. It's just not fashionable.
No lectures, Connie. I'm just
chasing money, like everybody else.
No lectures. You're a big boy.
It's up to you what games you play.
The workers united
will never be defeated!
The workers united
will never be defeated!
The workers united
will never be defeated!
Get in the fucking corner! Now!
Oh, God, you're so lovely.
I didn't mean to have a go at you.
I know you're right.
I'd be lost without you, Connie.
Totally lost.
- Do you hear me?
- Mm.
Do you hear me?
# If you came along
# You put some right back in my wrong
# And I feel like a fool
# I feel like a clown
# Cos I wait for you to make a sound
# Would I lie?
# When you're around
# I subside
# Wish I could fly away
# From the haze and the grey
# From the same thing every day
# Where life ain't naive
# Where I can breathe
# But I need a quiet world
with my dreams... #
Stay here.
Sounds like coppers!
Christ! Come in!
The fuckers! I've been screwed!
They fucking nicked it!
- Who did?
- Who do you think?
Julian? Sit down. Concentrate.
Tell me what happened.
I'm in bed. I can't sleep. I'm still buzzing.
I hear a noise. I think it's the Old Bill.
I go into the spare bedroom
and get it on the fucking head!
I'm out. When I wake up,
I go and check my money.
- They've nicked my fucking money!
- Jesus Christ!
- It's all right. Nothing to worry about.
- Yeah. I can see that.
- Did they nick your money as well?
- No.
- Get him cleaned up.
- All right. I'll sort you out a clean shirt.
I want you to go to your place.
Straight away.
I'll call you as soon as I can.
Anything else you feel
you can share with me?
Connie, I really don't have time for this.
Actually, neither do I.
Are you tooled up?
Wait here. Shout if there's any trouble.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Oh, Linda!
Oh, Linda!
I don't know what to say, Ray.
I'm sorry, son.
Come here. Come here.
All right. It's all right.
Listen. We've got to get out of here.
Now. You all right?
Ray! Guess what's happened to the hero.
- Listen, Steve...
- The hero, right...
Did someone fucking smack you
in the head when you were a baby?
Did it turn you into a fucking moron?
You fucking stupid moronic
fucking dope! -Ray!
Bill and Linda are dead! You're prattling
on about some fucking book!
I'm sorry.
It ain't his fault, son.
- Are Bill and Linda really dead?
- Get in the car, Stevie.
- Isle of Dogs.
- That's not a good idea.
- Just go.
- Julian will be...
What I can't understand is, how did
he know I left it at Bill and Linda's?
Do it the way
the SAS do it with the Irish firm.
Put one in his head
before he puts one in yours.
How will we find the money
if Julie's dead?
Speaking of which, how come you were
holding the dough in your house?
That's charming. That's lovely.
Blaming the victim of the crime.
I'm not blaming. I'm asking.
It was just overnight.
Well, it's fucking stupid.
Yeah, I know it was stupid.
- Sal.
- Hello, Ray.
Is Julian home?
- You've got some front.
- What?
I sent him out yesterday morning. He
was all excited cos he's gonna see you.
He's a little boy at heart. He loves you.
Then what happens? He comes home
all beat up. How could you do that?
Are we talking about the same man?
- Who is it, girl?
- It's Ray.
I'm in here, Ray.
A shotgun! Don't do that!
Get down! Get down on the floor!
Hello, Ray.
A nice surprise.
- What are you watching?
- Video. It's a crime film.
- I don't like crime films.
- No?
They never show the criminal
in a good light.
That's very true, when you think about it.
They always show us like we're animals.
The actors always play us thick.
Some of us are pretty thick, aren't we?
You should smell this.
I can't get enough of it.
It's sort of sour but milky, you know?
So some of us are pretty thick?
Well, we make mistakes all the time.
What are you saying
about us being thick?
We leave fingerprints.
We keep things in the house we shouldn't.
Me? Never.
He'll sleep if you put him down now.
Good boy.
What do you want, Ray?
What are you doing here
this time of the morning?
Police are hunting
a gang of armed ram raiders
who stole an undisclosed
sum yesterday,
from a security depot in
Hounslow, West London.
They struck just after 5:00 using
a stolen truck modified into a battering ram
with a steel girder.
They smashed down a brick wall
to reach a counting room...
How come you're up?
- What?
- Kind of early, innit?
Yeah, it's early. Only my little baby
don't know it's early, does he?
He's only seven fucking months old
and he don't know how to tell the time.
What do you want?
- Where do you keep your money?
- What?
I'm only asking cos I'm wondering
if it's still there.
Trials of electronic tagging
of adult offenders have proved successful,
with three quarters of participants
obeying curfews.
The Home Office wants to extend the idea
to juvenile offenders.
But critics say the government
hasn't thought through its plans.
Do anything interesting
after the party?
No. Just went home
and read me book.
The hero's got caught up in...
We should follow them.
- No. Ray wants to do it on his own.
- He might need us.
- What did Ray do last night?
- He was with Connie.
What? All night?
- I don't like Ray being alone with Julie.
- Me neither.
Take that. I got another one in the boot.
Oh, no.
Oh, NO!
The thieving slag!
I'm gonna kill somebody!
I'm definitely gonna kill somebody!
- Well, you're killing me.
- What?
They did a really fucking bad job.
You fucking...
Somebody stole my fucking money.
They took mine, and Steve's and Dave's.
Why do you think I came looking for you?
You think I'd pull a stunt like that?
You must think I'm one of the thick ones.
Now where's my fucking money?
Don't touch him!
It's all right. It's under control.
Yeah, back off, moron.
Where's our fucking money?
This is not helpful
under the circumstances.
Try and think.
If it weren't us, who does that leave?
Try and think.
It's Sonny. Fucking Sonny.
He's got a point, as it happens.
Right. Let's go see Sonny.
No, wait. We better see Jason first.
Him and Sonny were together last night.
Tell Jason to phone me.
No, there's nothing to worry about, Trish.
Hello? You there?
- You want to have a pop at me?
- No.
- But you wanted to.
- You was hurting Ray.
Did he take the thorn out of your paw?
He didn't go home last night. His mum
said he might be with his bird, Michelle.
- Let's pay her a visit.
- Bollocks. We go see Sonny.
Sonny's gonna be sitting in his slippers,
watching Richard and fucking Judy!
Turn it in!
He might fucking know something!
- Give us the phone.
- A local call?
- Who's he calling?
- His soppy bird.
His bird? What about my fucking money?
Please leave a message.
Connie, it's me.
Pick up the phone if you're there.
Come on, Connie. Pick up the phone.
I'll talk to you later.
- Got a bit of bird trouble?
- Fuck off.
- I'm a friend of Jason's.
- Is something wrong?
No, no.
His mum asked us to pay you a visit.
Have you seen him?
I knew something was wrong. He was
supposed to see me, but he never came.
It's the first night he's missed
since we started going out together.
- How long is that?
- Three weeks.
- You haven't seen him?
- Is something wrong?
No, darling. It's fine. It's OK.
Give his mum a phone. Just say...
Well, just phone. All right?
If we don't get the money,
I won't have to buy that flat, will I?
- What do you reckon?
- I reckon definitely.
No. It's clear.
Old blondie. That was definitely filth.
Might have been something else.
Nothing to do with us.
Hold up. I think that's them.
- Grey Peugeot. Two back.
- Is that blondie? It fucking is.
If it is, how did they
get on to us so quick?
They're probably giving
every face in London a spin.
- That's a last resort.
- She's got her indicator on.
Yeah, she's turning off.
I've got a staggering 2,100 pounds
here for any listener who can really hear.
- Joy, your turn.
- Hi, Robert.
Are you going to succeed
where so many have failed?
- What's this?
- Rod Stewart.
It's Billy Bragg,
"Waiting For The Great Leap Forward".
"Waiting For The Great Leap Forward",
Billy Bragg!"
- Joy! Oh, Joy!
- Yes! Yes, it is!
We could have rung in for that, Dave.
2,100 that's not bad,
we could do with that now.
- So where'd you meet the bird?
- She's a friend of my mum's.
- Oh, no. She ain't a left-winger?
- Yeah.
Get shot of her, mate, that's my advice.
I don't want shot of her.
But she wants shot of you, yeah?
There's no secret to hanging on to a bird.
All the time I was inside,
my Sal never strayed.
- How do you know?
- What do you mean? I just know.
Look. What every woman wants
is two things.
One is passion.
What's the other one?
Number two is your secret to success.
Passion stands to reason.
Passion is hard to keep going.
Number two is kindness.
It goes down really well.
Steve. In there.
Fuck me.
Look at all the claret.
Don't get it all over you.
Steve, come on. Come on.
It's all right. Come on.
- OK?
- Yeah.
We'll take the rap for this. Just our luck
to get nicked for a murder we didn't do.
Miscarriages of justice are very common.
I've never seen a dead 'un before.
You'll see an old one when I get hold
of Sonny. I'll rip his lungs out.
- What?
- Blondie.
Good tits for a cozzer.
Footbridge by Dave's old place.
Four o'clock.
Oh, shit!
Get in the corner!
Get in the fucking corner!
Get in the corner!
- I can't do this. I can't fucking do this.
- Shut up!
You! Get out!
Hold your fire!
Oh, no!
I'll blow his fucking head off!
The workers united
will never be defeated!
The workers united
will never be defeated!
Get off!
Kurdistan! Kurdistan!
Hello, Mum. What's going on?
Hazir and Talibali are being deported
tomorrow. What about you?
I've got a slight problem.
Is this the thing
that was nothing to worry about?
I need to borrow a car
and some money.
Who do you think you are?
Robin Hood?
We don't always give to the poor,
but we do rob the rich.
You are pathetic! You're out for yourself,
like every other grubby little capitalist!
It's over! Didn't you read the news?
They won!
Please. I need it. I wouldn't ask,
it's just that it's very, very serious.
You look better when you've shaved.
I don't know when I'll see you again.
Is that bad?
They haven't won, Ray.
We're still here and we're still fighting.
You may have given up,
but that doesn't mean everybody else has.
I've always disappointed you, Mum.
You've never disappointed me.
Only yourself.
We need to talk.
- How bad is it?
- I'm wanted for stealing cars,
armed robbery, resisting arrest
and three murders.
Murder's the only thing I didn't do.
Have you ever killed anyone?
- Have you ever killed anyone?
- No.
But in your work it's a possibility.
- Maybe.
- So it's only a matter of time.
Bill and Linda are dead.
I don't believe it.
- Someone got greedy.
- What are you talking about?
- Why can't you communicate with me?
- That's what greedy people do!
Do you know who did it?
It's under control. It'll be dealt with.
For God's sake! Can you hear
how obscene you sound? Pathetic!
I know! You were right.
You and Mum, you were both right!
I fucked up, Connie!
I don't just mean today. A long time ago.
I know what you're gonna say.
They beat us. That's when I thought,
fuck it, it's war, them against us.
Some war. You're a thief.
What are you gonna do now?
I'm gonna sort this out
and find somewhere to start again.
Start what?
I don't know! Just...
Just start again.
Maybe make a better job of it this time.
What about coming with me?
- Ray...
- I need you. I really need you to come.
I can't give you one good reason
why you should.
- You know why.
- What's in it for me, Ray?
If it was the other way round,
I wouldn't let you go without me.
I'm gonna be at Leicester East
service station off the M1 tonight, late.
Are you gonna come?
Take care, Ray.
Hello, John.
Listen, last night, you called the cabs.
What time did Sonny and Jason leave?
He's got your fucking bit of dough
and he's got mine and his bit of dough!
- Oi!
- All right?
It weren't Steve.
It weren't Steve, it weren't Jason.
And it weren't me.
Things are getting a bit heated
because you weren't here.
Let's go or Sonny'll be sipping
pina coladas in Marbella.
It weren't Sonny either.
What did you do when you left the
pub? -What are you talking about?
- Tell me what you did.
- I went home! That's what I fucking did!
No, you didn't.
John the barman just told me.
- He ordered a cab for Sonny and Jason.
- What's that got to do with me?
By the time the guy arrived,
someone else had given them a lift.
Guess who?
You of all people, Dave.
Get that fucking slag!
We could stop for a moment.
I feel that Dave owes us an explanation.
I didn't mean to nick your money, Ray.
It's this fuckin' slime.
When we dropped him off, seeing him
crawling all over his fuckin' money.
You followed me to my lock-up?
How did you know about Bill and Linda?
Stevie let it slip at the flop.
What about Sonny?
Where is he?
- Where I left him. In bed.
- I looked in the bedroom.
You looked in one. I looked in
the other one. The one with Sonny in.
So where's the money?
I ain't got your money, Ray.
- Got your cock out again, Julie?
- Where's my fucking money?
I ain't got it.
- Chris. I gave it to Chris.
- Who the fuck's Chris?
- What the fuck's he talking about?
- Who is Chris?
He's Old Bill.
Why are you giving money to a cop?
He knows everything. Every decent bit
of work I've had over the past two years.
How does he know?
Dave, how does he know?
Cos he gave me the work!
Even yesterday? A cozzer set that up?
He told me if I gave him 500 grand
he'd be off my back for good.
When I saw how little we had... He'd
go fucking berserk. What could I do?
He's got my daughter. He's got my Sarah.
What's going on? Oh, you fuck!
Now, where is it? Where's my money?
Steve, upstairs.
Evening, Chris.
You'll probably guess why we're here.
Think this through. If you shoot me,
you'll never see any of the money.
It don't have to be like that.
Not as long as we're all sensible.
Sensible? Do I look sensible to you?
Where's the money, Chris?
Not in a lock-up. And not in the wardrobe
of a couple of geriatrics, either.
You are thick! But then that's why
you do what you do, I suppose.
If you weren't so bleeding thick,
you wouldn't be thieves.
You're thieving off thieves.
What's that make you?
You really don't get it, do ya?
You and your sort are always on your own.
So the odds are always against you.
I, on the other hand,
belong to an institution.
Yeah. You're a fucking cop.
You're a piece of shit.
That's a little naive, Ray, don't you think?
Money goes everywhere these days.
It don't stop at the door
of the police station
or at the door of
the hospital or school.
There are no public servants.
There is no public service.
All there is is money...
and the people who have it.
Speaking of which...
I think you have ours.
Where's the fucking money?
In the nick.
In the police station?
My money's in the fucking nick!
- Oh!
- It's all right.
Who the fuck are you?
- Chris!
- I'm not gonna hurt you!
- Sarah.
- What's going on?
- Sarah!
- Oi!
Get him!
Stay down, Dave!
Giving my baby drugs, you slag!
Get off him! Get off him, Dave!
We need him alive!
We need him alive!
Look at his eyes. They're popping.
They're definitely popping.
- Get off him!
- He's going blue now.
Fucking hit him!
Again! Fucking hit him again!
Fucking stay there! Stay there!
How is he?
Well, he don't look too happy. His tongue
shouldn't be sticking out, should it?
Fuck off!
Give him the kiss of life.
Do it!
Heart massage.
He's very flabby.
He don't look it, but he is.
Feel that, Steve. That's definitely a tit.
- He's got our money!
- It's no good. He's definitely dead.
- Oh, shit.
- Dad!
You ain't doing us any favours today,
How are we gonna get our dough?
- Babe...
- Dave, listen to me!
Tell me what station Chris is out of.
Tell me.
- Tell us!
- Take care of Sarah.
I promise. You've got to tell me
what station he's out of. Tell me!
Ivel Road.
Take Sarah to the car.
If you want your money,
do what I'm telling you.
What about him?
I'm gonna take care of that.
Come on, then. Up.
What's happening, Dad?
All the best, Dave. We'll make sure
she gets home all right.
Yeah, you take care, Stevie.
God bless you.
Gotta be the worst day of my life.
- Ray...
- Yeah?
Can't we sort something out here?
For old times' sake and all that?
What about old times for Bill and Linda?
I didn't... mean to kill them.
Bill hit me on the back of the head.
Game old bastard, isn't he?
Then his wife...
She recognised me right off.
I had no other choice, Ray.
Down all the years...
I've had grasses.
I've had people turn QE on me.
I've had people pull every kind of stroke,
but this is...
You're an old-style face, Dave.
How could you do this?
You're you...
and I'm me.
Look at me! I'm fucked!
I didn't mean it to happen, Ray!
No, neither did I.
Hello? Me car's been nicked, mate.
Come on! Me car's been nicked!
- What's the problem?
- Someone's nicked it.
DC Harvey.
I caught this scumbag exposing himself.
- Where are you from?
- From Stepney fucking Lane!
Let me in!
All right! Calm down!
Flasher, is he?
He looks like a nonce an' all.
I look like a nonce?
Is that what you said?
What's up with you? We were supposed
to ask him where the lockers were first!
Didn't you hear what he called me?
Oh, shit. There's hundreds of them.
I'm having this for my Sal.
I'll get her a bunch of roses to go with it.
She's been through it on account of me.
Get back in there.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
Very much so. Now get back in there.
'Allo! Get in there! Move!
Let him go first. Let him go first.
In there.
Get. I'll have the money.
Give me the bags.
Give me the money.
Take the fucking money.
Emergency, code red.
Come on, Steve. You've got to get up.
We have to go. Get up!
Come on. Get up.
Come on, Steve.
Bloody hell! Get back!
Oi! Who the hell are you?
It's all right. He's a DC out of Stepney.
The other guy's a civvy.
Fuck me! I thought he was
just a flasher! -Me, too.
Get him out the building.
Get the paramedics for him.
I'm going in now.
There's about five officers down here.
You ain't having this!
It's my fucking money!
He's a maniac!
Coming through!
You want some of this?
Tell them to send paramedics. We've got
one hit in the neck, losing consciousness!
Out of the way! Coming through!
Don't worry, Sal. I've got it.
I've got the money!
You know what, Ray?
Me foot's all squelchy.
I think me shoe's filling up with blood.
Can't see me wearing these socks again!
We'll get someone to fix you up real soon.
Sorry about getting hit.
I'm always holding you back, aren't I?
Connie'll be here. I know she will.
Yeah. Stay here.
# And I wish you didn't need me
# And I wish I didn't love you so
# Cos I just can't go on
# So please don't do me wrong
# No, don't do me harm
# My love for you goes on and on
# There's no one else I want beside you
# Give me your coldest shoulder
to cry upon... #
# You're never anywhere I find you
# You're never anything I rely upon
# And I wish you would leave me
# And I wish you would go
# And I wish you didn't need me
# And I wish I didn't know
# But I just can't go on
# So please don't do me wrong
# No, I won't do you harm
# My love for you goes on
and on and on and on
# No, I just can't go on... #
# So please don't do me wrong... #
What kept you?
I told you she'd come!
- I was going crazy back there!
- Were you?
I didn't know.
Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ!
# I didn't hear the siren
# Or see him giving in, my kith and kin
# Oh, I have sinned
# Again
# And he said
# London, can you wait
# For all the things I've got to say
# London, can you wait
# My kith and kin
# Oh, I have sinned
# The alarm rang loud, the lights were on
# I didn't see a thing, my kith and kin
# Death just walked in again... #
It's gonna be all right.
# And he said
# London, can you wait... #
It's gonna be all right.
# How long can you wait?
Oh, how long?
# I was having the time
# Of my life
# So why did you have to die?
# I'm lost
# Again
# No, I was having the time
# Of my life
# So why did you have to die?
# I'm lost
# Again
# I'm lost again
# I'm lost again
# I am lost again
# Oh, I'm lost again
# I'm lost again
# I am lost again #
# There I was
# Just standing in your shadow
# Just standing
in your pool of shade veneer
# Here I am
# Still yellowed by the summer
# Still suffering in silence
# Loud and clear
# Well, you dig my grave
# Slapped my back
# And I turn grey
# On the beaten track
# But you hardly notice
# You hardly notice
# What do you say
when they roll a grenade
# And it almost takes your breath away
# Talking to Joe with the head of a crow
# And it's all gone pear-shaped
# There I was
# Just standing in your shadow
# Just suffering in silence
# Loud and clear #
Originally published 10/03/2011