F (2010)

The written word is a beautiful thing.
It represents the evolution
of the human race,
although marking some of your work
you would hardly think that was the case.
- Excellent.
- (Whispers) Oh, Daddy's little girl.
That, Mr Knight, is fantastic...
...if you're in the first year
of primary school.
Perhaps you'd feel a little happier
with crayons, colouring in little kittens.
Are you going somewhere, Mr...?
Oh! Oh...
You OK?
'How are you feeling, Robert?
Fine. I think I'll be ready
to come back next week.
It must have been a horrible ordeal.
We asked you here, because we're
very keen to resolve this issue without...
Unnecessary legal complications.
Philip Knight leaves
at the end of this year?
There's only three months to the end
of term so, with that in mind,
we should be able to come to
some satisfactory compromise.
You're not thinking of letting that boy
back in my classroom, are you?
I'm not sure you understand
the situation, Mr Anderson.
The parents of the boy in question
are threatening to sue you personally.
And the school.
Now I'm sure you are aware
that giving the students Fs
has long been
against national guidelines.
It was a fail.
Sarah, it was barely even literate.
"RS". Resubmission.
That's how you're required to label it.
Giving a student an F is just felt
to be humiliating for the child.
And Mrs Knight feels that you provoked
Philip into attacking you
- by belittling him in front of others.
- This is my fault?
We're very keen not to assign
blame here, Mr Anderson.
We're suggesting you take
extended leave until the end of term
and then we will welcome you
back with open arms.
Robert, please, can you...?
I-I am so sorry.
(Alarm beeps)
(Laughter and jeering)
(Tap on window)
Didn't mean to startle you.
No, you didn't. Em...
- You look very nice.
- Thank you.
Boiler broke this morning.
Couldn't even have a shower.
On, right. I'll...I'll pop over tonight.
No, no, you don't have to.
I'll call a plumber.
It's really not your speciality.
I'll take a look. it's not a problem.
Thank you.
I just wanted to have a chat
about next weekend.
I know it's your weekend with Kate,
but, um...
- Helen, you don't have to worry.
- I don't?
I haven't forgotten
our daughter's birthday.
- No...
- I'm taking her to the theatre.
- You could come if you like.
- Oh, that sounds really nice.
But she asked me to ask you
if you wouldn't mind
if she went to London
with some friends to see a band.
I'm sure she'll ask you herself.
So there's going to be an adult
with them, yeah?
Oh, Robert, you know, she's...
I'll think about ii.
I...I have to go.
Are you looking after yourself?
You look tired.
- it's a busy time of year.
- Yeah, of course. Of course.
Don't be too hard on Katie.
So I'll see you tonight.
Fucking hell...
Good luck.
Do we have any books
about plumbing in the library?
- (Knock)
- Come in.
Robert, please, take a seat.
So how are things?
Good. Fine.
That's great.
And how's it going with the Year 12s?
I still seem to be missing
some assessment grades for them.
Yes. Sorry, I haven't sent those over.
I'll do that.
I know this time of year is a pain,
but I really am going to need them.
Yeah, of course. I'm really sorry.
Let's see. I think I've almost done
everything. Won't take me five minutes.
Thanks, Robert.
Just one other thing before you go.
Some of the teachers
have raised concerns
about the noise level
from your class.
Well, em...
All right. I'll get them to keep it down.
Yes. It's probably nothing.
You know how some people can get.
But it was more about the actual
language being used by the students.
- I'll keep an eye on it.
- Thanks. I appreciate that.
Just one other thing.
It's probably nothing.
Crossed wires or something,
but there's been a complaint about, em...
...about you bringing in alcohol
to the premises.
- I cannot think what that's about.
- I know, I know.
It's probably, as I said,
just crossed wires.
I know you'd never do such a thing
because it would mean suspension.
Thanks, Robert.
I think I might pop into your class
tomorrow. OK?
Nothing to be concerned about.
I'll just sit at the back and observe.
- Of course.
- Thanks, Robert
And Robert...
Please, never send a memo like that
across the staff network again
without consulting me first.
He stinks of booze.
(Sarah) I am trying to get rid of him,
but the unions won't let me.
(Lift pings)
Hold the door!
You look shit.
Nice memo, by the way.
...how we perceive ourselves...
...may not be
how we are perceived by others.
Lear believes himself to be
a good and responsible monarch.
However, Goneril, Regan and the Fool
constantly remind him
that he is a man who has...
...his kingdom,
his faithful daughter and his wits
through his own...
(Pen squeaks)
This is shown...
(Pupils laugh)
You will report for an hour's detention
each night for a week.
Starting tonight.
(Bell rings)
An right?
- Anything going on?
- Not really.
What's this?
It's a memo from Anderson.
Sent out to all members of staff.
"Did you know there were nearly
"affecting teachers, janitors,
dinner ladies and cleaners last year?"
Is he for real? Does he want gun
detectors and searching kids' bags?
-I dunno.
- Guy's a nut bag.
I'm going for a smoke.
I'll start locking up the gates.
Yeah, all right.
Let's have a look.
Oi! What do you think you're doing?
- Night, Miss.
- Night.
(Mobile phone beeps)
Put the phone away.
- I'll give this to your mother tonight.
- That's so unfair.
Kate, unfair is when something
happens for no reason.
This is bullshit.
You're bullshit.
A pathetic man who puts his daughter
in detention just to spend time with her.
Please, Kate, that's enough.
So afraid he drinks a bottle of whisky
before stepping in a classroom.
- Please, just sit down...
- No! Our lives are better without you.
Mum said she'd rather be alone forever
than get back with you.
Hello! Let me out!
Jeez. Aaargh!
Ah, fuck.
What the fuck...? What the fuck?
What are you doing?
Get out!
Hey! Let me out of here!
You're in so much fucking trouble!
No! Hey!
Hey! Let me out!
Help me!
Get me out of here! Let me out!
Please! God!
Hey, Jake, it's me.
No, I'm using the phone in Reception.
Can you come and pick me up?
Just come and pick me up.
The, um, the phone's not working.
(Clears throat)
Yeah, the...the line's down.
That's it?
I'm sure the phone company
will fix it soon.
Come on, damn you - bruise.
- What is it?
- There's someone out there.
- I don't see anyone.
- No, there was someone watching me.
I swear I saw someone!
You're Mr Anderson's girl, ain't you?
For fuck's sake.
Jesus Chri...!
(Door slams)
Mr Anderson. I-low can I help you?
- I think there are kids in the building.
- It IS a school.
One of them threw something
against the window.
- Threw what?
- A milkshake.
- A milkshake?
- Are you a parrot? Yes, a milkshake!
What flavour?
I'm glad that you End this amusing.
(Sighs) What do you want me
to do about it, Mr Anderson?
I'd like you to do your job instead
of looking at pictures of naked men.
- it's a fitness magazine.
- Fantastic.
- Whereabouts?
- E Block corridor.
- You and your daughter are just as bad.
- You've seen my daughter?
- She was here 10 minutes ago.
To use the phone
but the lines are down.
- Since when?
- Half an hour ago?
- And this doesn't worry you?
- No, Mr Anderson, it doesn't.
So where was she going?
Back into the school.
Maybe she threw the milkshake.
- What are you doing?
- I'm calling the police!
Calm down, Mr Anderson.
I'll sort this out.
You go and find your daughter.
The police will hardly come out
over a spilt milkshake.
Fucking Jesus Christ!
(Music from radio)
(Switches music off)
Who's there?
I tell you, if I catch you little brats,
you're going to have hell to pay!
Ah! Oh, sh...
- I'm sorry.
- After your plumbing books?
Have you seen my daughter?
Kate? The last time I saw her
in the library was about a year ago!
Is something up?
We just had a bit of an argument.
And then she stormed off.
- In the toilets having a cigarette?
- She doesn't smoke.
Of course she doesn't. It'll be fine. Wait
here, keep me company while I finish up.
I know teenage girls.
Give her a chance to calm down.
No, I think I'd better find her.
You see, I think there are...
...kids inside the building.
The phones, they've all stopped working.
- You should leave.
- OK. Where are you going?
I need to find my daughter.
And you should leave now!
Unbelievable! You think that's funny?
Some of you children
don't deserve to be in school.
We'll see how funny you think this is when
you have to explain it to your parents.
(Faint rustle)
You are in so much trouble.
(Door opens)
Kate, it's me.
- Fuck! You scared the shit out of me.
- I was outside.
Yeah, some creepy guy was watching me.
But I wasn't expecting you for ages.
- (Knocking)
- Kate, are you in there? Kate?
I can smell smoke.
Kate, if you are in there,
please, honey, we have to leave now.
We won't say anything more
about what happened earlier.
I know you were upset
and I was very...
I was very tough on you.
But, please, Kate...
We have to go now.
- Right. I'm coming in.
- (Sarah) Robert?
What on earth are you doing?
I have to find my daughter.
I'm sure if she's in the toilet,
you should let her finish.
But we have to leave now.
I think we might be under attack.
Why would you think that?
- The phone lines were cut.
- Cut?
Yes! They're not working!
Maybe the line is down.
They're probably fixing it.
Right. I was walking down the corridor.
Someone threw something at the glass.
I think it was a milkshake.
Then they wrote in it, "U R dead"!
Jake Peoples. I might have known.
He's your culprit, Mr Anderson. Come on.
Right, Kate, you go home with your father.
We'll deal with you on Monday.
- My father hit me.
- Sorry?
My father hit me.
IS this true?
- This has got nothing to do with school.
- Right. Go home how.
I'll deal with you later. Now!
- Come with me. We'll phone your mother.
- That's not necessary...
- Go home, Robert.
- Please.
This is very serious. I said go home.
- Kate...
- Listen!
Don't make me call Security.
Have some dignity.
(Console beeps)
James, you scared me.
Sorry, Miss Wright.
I, uh...
I just saw the light on.
Yeah, Mr Anderson was worried
about some kids running around the...
Asked me to check it out.
Well, there's no one in here now.
(He whispers) Bitch.
(Taps keys on mobile phone)
Is there someone there?
Look, if this is some kind of joke,
I don't think it's...
Please don't hurt me.
Oh, God!
You do realise these are
very serious allegations you're making?
I need you to write down
exactly what happened.
I'm going to call your mother, so go into
the staff room and use the desk there.
I can see you're doing fuck all, Dad.
Goodbye, Anderson.
Oh, for Christ's sake!
(Clears throat)
Hi, James? It's Sarah.
My phone's not working.
OK, thanks, James.
Oh, just one other thing.
It's a bit of a sensitive issue,
but there's been an incident
between Mr Anderson and his daughter
and I've asked him to leave the premises.
Could you make sure
he won't come back in?
I think his state of mind is fragile
at the moment.
(Ringing tone)
- (Phone rings)
- Hello?
- 'Mrs Anderson?
- Yes?
It's Sarah Balham here
from Wittering College.
- There's been a bit of an incident here.
- Is Kate OK?
No, your daughters fine.
She's next door.
However, she has made a serious
complaint about your husband,
and I think it's best
if you come and collect her.
- What are you talking about?
- 'She claims he hit her.'
What? Is she all right?
No, she's fine, a bit shaken. But I think
it is best that you come and collect her.
Yeah, yeah.
Yes, of course, of course. I'll...
I'll be there in 20 minutes.
We shall meet you down at reception.
- 'Fine.'
- Thank you.
(Vacuum cleaner whines)
(Glass smashes)
(Smashes again)
(Vacuum cleaner still on)
No, no, get, get out of...
Get out of here! Get out of here.
Get out of here! I've called the police.
Look, I've called the police.
Please get out of here. Leave me alone.
Please... No!
(Mobile phone ring tone)
- Kate?
- No, it's Robert.
Listen, Helen, something's wrong.
What the hell is going on, Robert?
Sarah Balham just called
and told me that you hit Kate.
IS that true?
'Please tell me that's not true.'
Oh, Helen...
Helen, it wasn't like that.
What was it like, Robert?
I'm sorry, Helen.
I can't talk to you about it now.
'No, listen, don't you dare!
I need to know what happened.'
- Call the police.
- 'Robert?'
(Rap music plays)
(Turns music up)
(Dials phone)
(Woman) 'Which emergency service
do you require?'
- Police.
- 'Please state your location'
Wittering College.
A member of staff has been killed
and I think my daughter is in danger.
'Please bear with me one second, sir.'
- (Man's voice) 'Mr Anderson'?'
- It is... How did you know my name?
'We spoke last week. Five times.
- 'This line is for emergencies only.'
- I'm aware of that.
'Any queries regarding children
loitering in cars outside...'
This is an emergency.
And my daughter is
in this building somewhere.
You've got to send somebody now!
(Jake) Kate!
(Mobile phone ring tone)
Who the fuck are you?
What do you want?
(Door creaks)
Got ya! it's you that's been
messing around here?
There's someone out there. They have
knives. They were chasing me.
You almost got me. I bet you pull
that stunt with your father all the time.
I'm telling you the truth.
Have you been drinking?
Are you on drugs?
You need to call the police!
You kids will say anything.
A friend of yours?
You better stay put.
Don't go out there.
I'm telling you, they have knives!
I've had it With you fucking kids!
Help me.
Christ! Christ! Christ!
You little shit.
You little shit.
You little shit.
(Distant screams)
Agh! Aaaagh!
Aargh! Aargh! Aargh!
(Faint clicking sound)
All right, Brian?
I've just had Mrs Balham on the phone.
She says Anderson has hit
his own daughter.
She wants me
to take him off the... Whoa!
- I need to find my daughter.
- Right, that's it, you crazy old man!
- Brian, Brian!
- They've killed Sarah.
Of course(!) Explain that
to the police when they get here.
Look at the screen.
Please, just look at the damn screen!
I've already called the police.
They're on their way. Where is this?
That's F Block. It's the art studio.
Sarah told me to call the police
when I saw you.
Sarah is dead.
I just spoke to her on the phone.
Then speak to her again.
(Ringing tone)
Mrs Balham...
'I'm sorry. The number you have
dialed is not in service at this time.'
Now, would you help me
find my daughter?
Brian, are you reading me, mate?
(Footsteps running)
Brian, answer the fucking radio.
(Footsteps running)
(He fetches)
No! No!
No... We've got to get out of here!
We've got to get out of here!
Listen to me!
Help me find my daughter!
I always told her to memorise where
the cameras were, so she could be seen.
Just in case.
Fuck's sake, man, they'll hear you!
Who are you?
Please, just leave us alone, yeah?
James, open the door.
Open the damn door!
James... James, please,
just open the door.
Damn you!
(Police siren wailing)
Go round the side of the building
and check everything's OK.
I'll see if I can locate
that waste of space security guard.
Hey, you!
I've got to get out of here.
What's going on?
- You've got to help me get out of here!
- Calm down!
- Let me go! You've got to let me go!
- What's wrong with you?
- You've got to help me get out of here.
- What's going on? I'm warning you!
(Sound of knives sharpening)
You fucking want some?
(Sharpening sounds intensify)
I knew you would come.
Oh, my baby!
It's all right.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, my darling.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's all right, my darling.
Shh. It's all right, it's all right.
It's all right, sweetheart.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, my darling.
(She breathes heavily)
It's all right, darling. It's all right.
Don't worry. You just stay calm.
We'll be in a hospital soon.
Yes, darling, it's all right. Don't worry,
I've got you now. I've got you.
Hold on to the car. Lean on the car,
my darling. It's all right.
The car... There's a car there!
- It's all right. Come on.
- Dad, it's Mum's car. Dad!
- Come on now...
- Dad, it's Mum's car!
- Oh, God.
- Oh, please go back.
- Oh, no.
- Dad, you have to go back.
If I don't get you to hospital,
you'll die.
Please, Dad, it's Mum's car though.
No, please!
- No!
- Come on.
No, Dad!
If you do this, I'll hate you for ever.
(Switches on ignition)
Is there somebody there?