F.A.L.T.U (2011)

"When I was a small kid, I used to be mischievous!"
And now when I'm grown up, I do a lot of mischief.
"When I was a small kid, I paid for everything.'
"And now when I'm grown up, I take money for
"When I was a small kid, I sang Twinkle Twinkle.'
"And now when I'm grown up, I stare at twinkle
"When I was a small kid, you was a fan of
Superman! '
"And now when am grown up, I die for Super girl."
"Wherever we go we do nonsensical things.'
"There is only commotion.'
"Run, ghost!"
"Ghost appeared! - Oh my God."
"Ghost appeared! - Oh my God."
"Ghost appeared!"
"When I was a small kid, I watched cartoon."
"Now when I'm grown up, I just do bird watching."
"When I was a small kid, I was scared of mistakes."
"Now when am grown up, I want to do mistake.'
"Wherever we go we do nonsensical things.'
"There is only commotion. - Run, run... '
"Ghost appeared! - Oh my God."
"Wise men have said... '
"...do it today, what you can do tomorrow.'
"Now we understood the meaning of it."
"If you didn't do in this age, then when will you do?"
"Did I lie? - No, not all."
"Wherever we go we do nonsensical things.'
"There is only commotion.'
"Ghost appeared! - Oh my God."
"Ghost appeared! - Oh my God."
"Ghost appeared! - Oh my God."
"Ghost appeared! - Oh my God."
Oh my God.
Whoever fears exam...
...have danger looming over.
Danger of...
...being flop!
Enough Vishnu, by studying you've made us
If I get even half percent less than 95 percent...
...engineering I'll be in call centre.
Students who score 90 plus...
...read till the doors of examination hall.
Then I wish this door only never comes.
I don't even know what I'll write in exam.
And this Ritesh said he'll help me.
Where is Ritesh?
Students, you've got exactly one hour left.
Please work very fast.
I don't want any excuses.
Excuse me, sir! May I come in.
Oh Riteyss...
It's Ritesh. At least you pronounce my name
What is this nonsense! Is this time to come.
I was late doing packing.
Doing packing?
Ok, your father finally threw you out of house?
No sir, actually today is the last paper.
Hence directly from here we're heading to Goa.
We require a small break.
You give your exams in breaks! Ritesh.
What will happen with you in future.
Your future is dark, very, -Sir.
You can't utter rubish.
I mean here intelligent hardworking...
...students are getting disturbed sir.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, ms Pooja, please write.
And you, -Sorry sir please.
Ok, go and appear for exams.
Ok sir, -faster.
What should I write, -Write anything, -I am failing.
Write again what I said. - Same page, write 4-5
times, -What?
You only said, -Students.
Today will make you also drink. - You've got few
minutes left.
Please make it faster.
Ritesh faster.
Sir one minute.
I can give you 5 minutes more.
I don't want any of my students to fail.
No sir, -What, -rules are rules sir.
We can come anytime within 3 hours.
But can't write more than that.
And anyways sir, Goa calling.
Excuse me.
Tonite is friday night, I move with my friends.
Random spinning wheels my boom boom car.
By playing CD player we're ready to leave.
Speaker blast everyone ears... say what
Hello Mr. DJ, please play my song.
Today no wine, today no laaga, will have today
Its 4 am but the party still on.
All stars fell, but party is still on.
All are drunk, but party is still on.
Party over, after party still on.
What will we do next, friends.
All bottles we drank in the discos.
Want to booze, give us bottles.
Bamboos. Drinking to be trap
English wine over, but local still remaining.
But the party still on.
But the party still on.
Hello Mr. DJ, please play my song...
Today no wine, today no laaga,
Today will drink champagne.
Ba ba ba boozing dancing and we cruzing.
Dancing and we cruzing...
...Bouncer takes fight, then have to keep it moving.
Its 4 am but the party still on.
Its 4 am but the party still on.
All stars fell, but party is still on.
My daddy is angry, but party still on.
We lost all our money but party still remaining.
No problem, men you still scored 83%.
What's up.
Let me see.
Kumar just look for me too.
Pass pass, scored 40 percent.
Yes, what about me Ritesh? Please have a look.
To see your results really need to bend a lot man,
So bend a little. - Or else will have heart attack,
please man.
Nothing will happen, you're passed, 37 percent, -I
am passed.
I'm pass.
I'm pass, -Hey guys.
37 ok, 37, 37 percent.
I came first, -What, -42 percent.
More than both of you.
Hey where's Vishnu, I don't know, let's find him.
Watch out, -Vishnu
Vishnu, what happened? - Why are you sad, what
Say what happened.
Am fail man, -What, -Fail.
What are you saying man.
Yes Pooja.
Just failed from1 percent.
You mean lesser than me. - Yes.
Vishnu where are you going, what are you doing?
Let's sit and talk, -Ok let's sit and talk.
How much you scored, 37 percent, 94...
1 percent less in 95 percent.
Shall I kick on your ass? - What kind of a boy are you.
94 percent isn't enough.
94 or 95 what's the difference.
They'll call you and give admission, -I know.
But I'm sad for you all.
I'll get admission.
But where will you get admission in this percent,
Hey what do you mean?
What I mean you south Indian dish is.
Your college life is very much over, full stop.
I told you to study hard.
Now go, search a job in any shopping mall.
You'll work in shopping mall.
That also after achieving degree.
And we all our college life also.
Will enjoy like dog, -How?
How? No moron, he must be having any plans,
I have no plans.
Our education system is very flexible.
Will get admission in some college at least.
Yes and my parents feel that I'll be 100 percent fail.
But when they'll get to know that I passed...
...so they'll be so much happy.
Father please listen to me, -Father.
What father.
Ant size percentage you've scored.
Ant size.
What do you think?
St Peter college is your father's college...
...that you'll get admission.
Calm down, everything will be fine.
From today, you'll be a paying guest in this house,
Ok father.
I'll adjust.
Narayani, I'll send him to hell of well Tirchupally
They'll wake him up at 3 am.
Automatically they'll remove 80 percent out of him.
How will they remove father.
Brother brother.
Show me too.
Want to see.
Go do your work.
Move man.
Do you take old items?
Uncle no one will be your buyer.
I mean to say.
I've an old watch.
Which I want to sell, -Wow.
Thank you son, thank you.
Since ages had kept it to my heart.
What are you saying?
Yes, if I wasn't in need.
Then would never sell it.
What will I get of this?
Minimum would be 40.
Oh on.
40 is really less, -Ok.
Respect your age.
42, -Oh son.
If you want to respect age.
Then shall we fix 150, -What 150?
What uncle you also.
Turn my mood off.
Believe me.
150 are accurate.
Shows proper time.
Oh uncle.
You yourself in living overtime.
Leave this.
And uncle, listen to me, move away.
Or else anybody will sell you thinking you're waste,
- Enough.
Ill mannered.
Should be in limits.
Hello, Jeevan Lal and sons.
Yes, -Oh Ritesh.
Tell me one thing.
Whenever I make you sit on the counter.
Why do all customers get angry and go away.
Should never allow you to enter in the shop. - Thank
Finally you understood, I'm safe.
Ohh wait, wait, -From tomorrow.
From today you'll have to come everyday in the
Hi Meenu, hi Vishnu.
Is dad around?
Hello dad.
Hello Vishnu, have a seat.
Will you've coffee?
How much sugar will you've?
Two spoons.
How is the coffee?
It's nice.
But would taste more better...
...with 1 more spoon of sugar in it.
Vishnu your numbers are also good.
But instead of 94, it would've been 95.
Then would be more better.
Still I.
Have hopes that you'll not break our family
St Peters college form.
Fill it.
Ok dad.
Even I had brought a form.
Think it as an extra circular activity.
Got to know the reason.
Of your less number.
This nonsense in your brain.
Must be from those friends of yours.
Bloody back benchers.
You may go now, I'll see you at home.
Ok dad.
Child marriage is crime dad.
If neighbors and angels get to know.
Then you'll be in big trouble. - And I'll make sure it
Child, to keep you engage, I...
...thought of your engagement, -So what do you
I'll bear your torture?
You don't know papa.
What wot I can do. - No no.
What ever you think please don't act.
I'm suffocated child, open the door.
Father! Greetings.
You don't understand me, I eyes go far.
Ya I know, with those binoculars your eyes really go
But listen, to score I can score 90 also.
But I don't score, you don't understand.
I'm trying to say, from Ritesh Virani, straight Mukesh
Is it, how come?
Will go to college, and will do business
Then will become a ceo of some company...
...and will buy half shares of same company.
Will invest in 4 or 6 new plans.
Will deal with international market.
Then direct in HOO ZOO business men will write my
Whatever you said,
Couldn't understand some of it.
But sounds good, -Father.
Give me the fees, and then you see, -Ya but look.
If you don't get admission in college.
Then from Mukesh will make you servant. - Brother.
All the best.
Do your work.
I failed being pass.
Everything as if became jail.
I failed being pass.
Everything as if became jail, jailjail.
Now where do I go.
Where do I show my face?
Ritesh Kumar Virani.
Look at your studies.
This is your mark sheet.
40 percent you've scored. 40 percent.
Dad asks my percentage.
How do I say my percentage?
Shout and screams my percentage.
It makes me lie my percentage.
It makes me cry my percentage.
Only 35 my percentage.
Now where do I go?
Where do I shoe my face?
Now where do I go? Where do I go?
Show my face where.
Now where do I go?
Daddy asked me my percentage, how do I show my
Shout and screams my percentage.
It makes me lie my percentage, it makes me cry my
Only 35 my percentage.
Nice college man.
Yes man.
Doesn't pick up the phone.
Where is this Vishnu man? Break his bones.
How would I know where he's, - Not picking up my
Try it again. - Guys relax, will be here only
What are you doing naked...
...am seeing you in half pants for the first time.
Amazing, what is this.
Its ragging, don't touch the button.
There's a vibrator.
Awesome, I'll try this.
Keep laughing you bad guys.
There's no vibration in your bodies like this.
No man, we've big jerks.
Why what happened man.
Since you've gone to college.
You don't meet us, so busy you've become.
Miss you man.
Ya that I've become.
So we decided, we'll come and meet you man. - So
Why didn't you speak to your father about our
Are you mad, -Vishnu.
Leave men, -Nothing will happen.
Is it that's why you were? Desperate to meet me.
Are you mad?
Take press it. - Press it 4/5 times do anything
But can't speak to dad for any jack.
Why can't you do it? We're torn here.
New Mumbai, Thane Kalyan. - Have gone more far
from there.
Not getting admissions anywhere. - So do a
correspondence course.
You'll anyways get degree, -Who wants degree?
We cannot sit at home.
And where he knows to sell the trash, -Ohh hello!
- Sorry, Vishnu.
Please, -No no no. - Even we've got family pressures.
Your dad is UGC counselor.
He has got powers dude, tell your dad. - And in any
because grade.
See grade or even z grade college will do.
Gus I know what you guys are going through.
But I can't do this job, -Why can't you.
Guys don't get me wrong.
You guys are my best friends. - And with this my
It makes no difference, if my father had contacts.
Then here I wouldn't study like dog.
I know he won't do it.
I'm sorry guys, -So what you trying to say.
If your father doesn't do anything for us.
Then nothing will happen, -Yes I think so.
That's the last option man. - No.
We've got one more option.
We'll again go to all colleges.
And will fall on principles feet, and beg for
Yes, now say.
Say, brilliant idea.
Look principle cabin is there, go there.
Won't give you admission.
But will have a practice to fall on feet.
Sir please, -Allow us once to go in.
What will you attempt? By going inside.
Once said no.
Principle doesn't meet anyone like this.
Do you've an appointment, brother? We don't want
We want admission, -Like this you get admission.
Like this you get admission. - Then how do we get
Like this you cannot get admission.
Come on out, out out.
Sir please. - Out.
Sir please sir, -Let us go man, -Out.
Vishnu, you were right man.
You got peon so you touched his feet.
Principle won't give his feet also.
Now understood.
To get admission. - Is how difficult.
You're right Vishnu, complete useless.
Feel our college life will be...
Listen guys.
My dad has arranged for a party tonight.
I don't have the balls, but I'll try.
I can talk once for you all.
Dad, actually.
If you can refer my friends.
Then would be better for their life.
Hello sir.
Vishnu, today am in good mood.
Henceforth never refer such things.
Do you understand that?
Ok. Let me talk.
Congratulations sir, -Thank you.
Mr Vardan, what happened?
To you're such a talented son.
Like this, like this.
Showed your finger and screamed.
First he fingered Mr Abhay.
Think I look fool by face to him.
No no, no sir.
You look very intelligent.
You remind me of my son Nanj.
What do you mean by that? - I mean...
Sir I want. - My son when he grows up.
Should be over educated like you.
Highly educated is the word.
For this he'll have to.
Rebirth, -What.
Vardan sir, Vardan sir.
Next life will think in next life only.
First will fix this life.
Your resourceful hand keep on our children's head.
Very clever.
Now understood, for your sons admission.
Want to use my influence and source.
Source is the big thing.
If you do a miss call also.
Then also my kid will float.
Why should I waste my miscall for them.
When they don't want to study...
...then why to waste 3 seats of college.
Tell me Mr Nigam, am I wrong.
I won't be able to say properly.
Father of a girl and.
As you know that.
Girls father.
Is a girls father.
What you've to say Mr Nigam.
They've proved how eligible they're.
Our kids are unfit.
But as parents will have to fulfill our responsibilities.
If parents would be responsible
Then may be these kids wouldn't be unfit.
I'm proud of you my son.
Ladies and gentlemen.
One minute, excuse us.
Today in society.
My son has.
Learnt to keep his head above.
I remember that day.
When I hugged Vishnu and.
On his first day.
Went to drop him at college.
That time, I Vardan family's responsible father.
Did my duty.
Cheers to me.
And my son.
Enjoy the evening ladies and gentlemen.
Congratulations sir, thank you.
Good child.
You made me naked in front of all, very good.
Cheers, the servant will be on holiday from
Your job starts.
Your marriage is fixed, boy is from good family.
If he fails...
I'll play like a drum!
I won't leave him.
I won't spare him.
Don't know what I'll do.
What will we do man.
What will we do man.
Vishnu, do you've this big rope.
This big I've, will do, -So bring it.
All 3 will hang, -You hang yourself.
You knew what will happen wid this result.
So live with it, Ritesh my father will kill me.
What your dad, even my dad.
This time, we're the biggest enemies of our dads.
Our real problems will start tomorrow...
...when they'll be in senses,
Then whatever they say will have to do man.
You mean marriage?
No man, God help me, -To me.
He'll kick me off from house.
Why will he remove you from? House, you're his
Didn't buy you from market, it's enough.
Ritesh, -What happened, -Leave it.
Your mood will turn off, it's my admission paper.
I wish.
Even I had same.
There is no such college left, where we'll get
Pooja let's do one thing.
Tomorrow again will try in some colleges.
And will request principle, please give us admission.
Won't come in college, -Won't go college give
Like this their seat will also not be wasted.
Hope there would be some college like this.
Its there.
Here we're tensed and he's sitting on face book.
No I'm doing something else. - Ritesh man, what are
you doing?
Making a college, -What.
What are you saying? - What is this?
In morning which our life.
Will be gone, this is an immediate way to save it.
Or else papa will kill me.
And my father also.
Who will believe this? - This letter is fine.
Where will you bring the college?
If letter has come college will also come.
Will have to satisfy dad.
Do one thing will put an advertisement in
And college address.
Have it people. Other box number 1622, won't do.
Ok 2622. - I like it.
New college requires a website too.
Where will you bring website, -Its there, -What.
Where is it, what, what.
I won't make it.
Your father to our father.
Has done a mess, who will clean it?
I'll make it.
Good boy, done.
Now we've a college, but don't have a name of it.
Any suggestions guys.
Hey brother.
I'll only do all, or even you'll do.
Colleges are named on grandfathers, -What.
Yes like, Hansraj Shansraj, Pakodimal, Karodimal.
Lakeerchand, Fakir.
Fakirchand, -Fakirchand is ok, -Why Fakirchand
Looks poor.
Let Lakirchand be.
Looks mathematical also.
Fakirchand, Lakirchand.
Fakirchand, Lakirchand, -Ok ok guys its perfect.
Fakirchand and Lakirchand college.
You make it brother.
Come on, it looks like a fake name.
Fakirchand, Lakirchand, named.
What do I write on these names, -You sit I'll tell you.
That too illiterates.
Earning money.
Reached America, what America? That's ok right.
Then they realized.
That without education they reached here.
Then being educated where would they reached,
Then they started making colleges around the
Fakirchand, Lakirchand.
Trust university.
I spoke right, you make it -Guys guys,
One day your parents will get to know, then what
will you do.
When papa will get to know that time will deal it...
...now you make.
And better than sitting on streets.
Show the letter and sit home.
And faster you upload the website.
Because we want to see smile on our fathers face,
that also.
Till tomorrow.
Fakirchand, Lakirchand.
Who are they?
They're like God, father like God.
They made a university for students like us.
Meaning now Ritesh Virani will surely become
Mukesh Ambani.
Yes father.
Now my studies have started.
Wo w
Father you happy right.
Lots happy.
You've blown my chest.
What happened to that hell well college.
Narayani, look at this full page advertisement given,
I told you no. - Everything will be fine.
That was bound to happen dad.
Before you find a guy, I had to get admission.
That over educated man will be ashamed...
...when I'll drop him to his college proudly on the
first day.
Father, you don't need to come.
Why not?
Makers ofTata and Ambani college you've got
Will have to see atleast, and I say.
Nigam and Nair should also come together.
Father but.
Mad you all are what I said.
What I had said, will be in trouble.
Your father is coming to see your college.
So. - So. - Where is the college? Which you'll make.
Had admission letter, showed him. - Will show
college also.
Excuse me, are you the son of builder...
...will you build a building?
Yes, -Really.
Are you mad? - Silence please, -Are you mad.
Understand, you'll be trap.
Will see at that time, it's just a matter of one day.
Nothing will happen. - Why are you so scared?
Exactly- Hey Nanj. - Make him understand.
What do I do?
Am anyways torn.
And in this you want to make a college.
When there is no college.
Then from where will you make it.
You never took googles help, google help.
How are you, you've lost weight, what.
A small work, go, -Its not that small too. - Its big.
How big, will be beaten from shoes.
What are you saying? Will be on streets, -Really.
Won't be able to show face.
Very nice, -will be dead, ohh come in come in.
Come come, make yourself comfortable, come.
Sir in the newspaper you had seen advertisement.
We just need a college for that.
You're a superman. - Wore the pant first.
Remembered the panty later.
If won't get the college, even the panties will be
Sir college should be far away from Mumbai, -Far.
One college is so far, you'll feel its switzerland.
By road.
Switzerland, awesome.
Ohh my...
What is it?
Castle, it's under me.
One NRI gave me to sell it in 6000 no one is ready to
buy it.
It's a bad omen place, but for you all it's lucky.
But its very deteriorated.
Will have to do lot of work on it.
Will do it.
Don't get upset with small work.
Where that you'll do it, but would require lot of
We're middleclass guys, from where would we bring
I'll give it, -You're great sir.
Thank you, will take it back also.
With 10.to percent interest.
No this much is enough...
...and anyways father will give fees money, -Ok.
For them only we doing all this, -I like your dad,
mine has come.
I spoke to father he said yes.
Now our college is done.
But God forbid, if something happens.
Then am not with you, am saying it first.
Am out am sorry.
Just arrange for Stephanie.
Because your fourth tier is.
Going to burst.
No no Mr googlechand...
...this is out cars that tier if this stops...
...functioning our call will stop.
If father will get to know that time will see.
You start the work.
Let's rock and roll.
In difficult questions, sorted thoughts.
Step our wings I'll sail away
Have got hurt also.
Here where, donno where, it's hurt.
Still the heart is in panic.
Take me to the world I know.
Because that's where where I'll go, I'm floating.
Am moving.
Am moving.
Am moving.
Guys what's the scene after lunch.
Drop me home and what else, -Now what
happened to you.
I don't have my college.
How will I reach in this bad car?
Your college is getting done, -Hey Vishnu.
Vishnu wait, who will clean the toilet?
When it's mended.
Flushed in seconds.
Luck is bit dicey.
Roads to sky of dreams are raw.
Walk carefully.
Don't fall.
Fell off, even hurt,
Here there, donno where.
Have fallen, still we're panic.
Take me to the world I know
Because that's where where I'll go
Am moving.
Am moving
Let's go.
All work finish.
I can sleep for a day in peace.
You'll be in peace once your father comes...
...and have a look at the college.
Listen Vishnu.
Please come soon man.
Google brother will be late, he has some work.
Get everything checked, no problem should occur.
No problem should occur, meaning.
I shouldn't go to my college. - Lf am gone then.
What are you? Saying, -Will see at that time man.
Just for one day.
What difference it will make if one day you bunk.
He'll also come.
Ok listen.
For 9 am shift have called everyone at 8.30 am.
Everyone will come in costume. - Ok.
If you don't like anyone's dress...
...then whisper nicely in their ears.
They're very touchy, but google sir that.
Security guard and schools remaining staff.
4 watchmen's, 8 peons.
24 teachers.
And too many students, and they'll look like college
And principle, why principle.
Father is coming to see the college...
...will see the college and will leave.
If father will ask to meet the principle...
...then what will you do. - Who will say, no one will
We don't want principle.
Want, -Why.
I asked father, if you want to meet principle, he said
Ohh man.
Oops bad, google sir.
Can you arrange for a principle too, please.
Young will do.
Galileo, father of modern science.
He has done something before 500 years...
...that we still remember him.
So children's, even we've to do something like this.
Sir tell us about him more.
Have you learnt net surfing? - Yes sir.
Then do rest on your own.
Sir you're the best.
Thank you darling.
Sir you should be our principle.
Hope your trustees were this sensible.
Anyways, so children.
This famous man name is principle.
Come on leave.
Mr Bajirao, -Yes sir.
Is this a class or Chattrapati Shivaji Airport.
No sir, kids weren't enjoying, hence I thought.
They were never interested in studies.
No, sir. They do, sir. - They learn if you teach them
He'll recite tables of eight.
Mahesh, you recite it.
Start... - His name is Mangesh.
Sir... Mahesh or Mangesh...
Makes no difference. - It does.
There should be perfection.
There should be detail.
You're a genius, sir.
Yes, Mangesh.
Sir, my name isn't Mangesh.
It's Dhananjay.
Go on.
8 times 1 is 8. - For you, darling.
8 times 2 is 16...
For you, darling.
8 times 3 is 24-For you, darling.
Why are you defaming my school?
Sir, we're defaming Munni, not the school.
They're studying well. - I can't believe this.
You didn't hear the tables of 9.
It's about Young Sheila.
Nice to meet you. - Google, you?
Who are you? - Me?
Google. Fakirchand and Lakirchand Trust University.
Yeah. That's me.
Looking good. - That's driver's license.
Coincidentally the car is outside too.
For our college we're looking for a principal.
Yes! Yes.
I'll be the principal. - Yes.
Thank you so much. - Yes.
From school principal to college principal. - Thank
you so much.
You become principal when you get a chance.
This time we came for Mr. Bajirao.
Me? I don't know anything. Just a minute.
Google, what rubbish! Me and college principal?
Yes. You'll be principal of the college. Ask him.
Who are you? - I'm Ritesh.
Who am I? - Bajirao. - Yes, sir.
Sir, just a minute. Are you telling the truth? - Yes.
You'll be the principal of the college.
I always wanted to be a principal.
Bajirao! - What?
You'll teach me how to teach!
You fool! You're a principal here.
You're not worthy to be a peon!
You're fired.
I'll do whatever I want now.
You're fired! - I'll sing whatever I want. - Let's go.
I always wanted to be a principal. - I know.
I'm so excited. When do I join college?
Tomorrow. And you've to resign tomorrow after
tomorrow! - What?
Resign? What do you mean? - It's a one day's job. - A
day's job.
What? - It's a fake college, but real money.
Are you mad? - Please help us.
My dad has harassed me because of my less marks.
So you opened a fake college.
You too are like him, but not me.
I don't like. I've principles.
You'll get 50,000 rupees.
Where is the college? - Not far.
It's a small school but students pay fees for
If cheap songs aren't stopped...
...education will be out and vulgarity in.
Yes. Where are you?
Junior artists are here.
Ok, bye.
Please wait.
Get into your character.
Bajirao! This is your cabin. That's your chair.
Hail principal Bajirao!
Hail principal Bajirao!
Dream come true.
Father, the you like my college?
It's such a sexy college. You call it useless.
It's written on the board.
F! A! L! T! U!
It's a short form.
Let's go in. - Very true.
Mr. Bajirao! - What?
Wake up.
All the uncles and aunts are here.
Please get into character.
I was born to play this character.
Didn't I say everything will be fine?
Naiyar. Nigam.
What do you think looking at the college
Very, very positive atmosphere.
I'll give this college 10 out of 10 marks.
Without meeting the principal.
Principal? - Yes, we've to meet the principal.
He's there. Principal sir!
He's the principal.
Hi, friends.
What's up?
I'm Bajirao! Principal of this college.
Hello, sir. You're looking very good.
Thank you. - Hello, sir. Greetings, madam. - Greetings.
Nice to see you come to drop your kids.
Your kids too want that...
...you should drop them.
Please sit.
Here? - Yes.
Let's talk down to earth.
Please sit. Relax.
You see these kids... of yours...
...they'll go very far.
You're underestimating them for no reason.
They're very smart.
Sir, they're your kids...
...but you don't know them.
They're doing so much!
And they can do a lot.
You've no idea. - But...
...if you see hope in them...
...we're very hopeful too. - What are you saying?
We've hopes even from strangers...
...after all they're your kids.
Yes! Follow me.
Let's go there. - It's such an age!
But you know...
...these days...
...it's so important to be over educated.
Honesty is the true education.
Percentage doesn't matter for that.
If your kids learn to tell the truth...
If your kids learn to tell the truth...
...they'll get education anywhere.
But the time is such...
...we've to lie. - It's fine if they lie to you...
...in fact it will be no problem.
But if they lie to themselves...
Not advisable.
The day your kids tell the truth to themselves...
...college won't be needed.
...college won't be needed.
Papa, our principal is a big philosopher.
You won't understand him.
Jimmy! Hi!
Sir, I want coffee! - No overacting.
Get lost!
Sir, very nice college.
Sir, very nice college.
Thank you. - You're a young, dashing and handsome
Over educated.
If our kids study here well...
Sir, the college belongs to these kids. They can do
Please come. - Good philosopher. - Principal.
Please come. - Good philosopher. - Principal.
We see the future of our kids in this college very
I can see it too!
We've reached your cars talking.
Yes... - It means... you've to...
...go home.
Bye. - Thank you.
Bye. - Thank you.
Bye. - Let's go.
Mr. Nigam. - Thank you so much Mr. Baji... - Rao.
Rao. - Bajirao! - Bajirao!
Thank you. - All right. See you. - Mr. Nair.
Thank you. Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you. - Please, allow me. - Oh yes!
Bye, papa. - Bye, son.
I gave you cell phones. So call me.
I gave you cell phones. So call me.
Don't worry about the future of your kids.
Nothing can happen of it.
Yes, baby!
Such innocent parents.
Don't you've hearts?
We're doing all this because of their anger.
We survive on their love.
We survive on their love.
So we're doing this for our survival. - Very good.
For my survival...
...give me my pay check.
Yes, Monu.
What? You couldn't do it.
You fool! From Mono, I'll turn you to Stereo. Stay
Google! Google!
Great work! Our parents were floored!
All these people aren't mine. - What are you saying?
I'm telling the truth. - I couldn't arrange so many.
I don't know who these people are.
Listen, guys. - How did you come here? - By flight!
Listen, guys. - How did you come here? - By flight!
Then we took a taxi and arrived here.
I cam from Kerala. I'm a student. - Student? - Yes.
How did you know this is a college?
It has a good website. - We took on line admission.
Who is your junior artist supplier? - What?
What are you doing here? - We're student.
What are you doing here? - We're student.
We got admission from web site.
I'm so happy to get admission in college finally.
I'm just Jaipur. - I'm from Ketpur.
Oh God. I don't understand anything.
God needs to help us!
Everything will be fine!
God needs to help us!
God needs to help us! - Don't worry. - What will be
God needs to help us! - Don't worry. - What will be
I told you there will be a problem.
Stop it! Guys, please.
Google, please help us.
You worry too much.
I'm here... relax. Relax.
My friend.
Greetings, Mr. Dubey.
Who is Dubey? - I need a small favor.
My friends... 3 boys and a girl...
They're very nice.
I need high quality poison for them.
Poison. - It should kill in 2 minutes.
They shouldn't be in pain. They're my friends.
Sir. What are you doing?
Sir. What are you doing?
When 500 people will thrash you...
...you'll die in pain.
Take pills and die in 2 minutes.
It's the easiest way out...
...to go out and tell the truth.
That's the best option you've.
Sir. Sir, you tell the truth for us.
You're hiding behind me when trouble appeared.
I'll stay here. You do your work.
Sir. Sir, you can some more money. Please.
I told you earlier...
...I don't sell my honesty.
...I don't sell my honesty.
How does one lakh sound?
Forget what I said.
He likes it.
Excuse me. Move aside. - Guys.
Make way!
Please. I'll tell you one thing.
Calm down! Just a minute.
Shut up! - We want...
Shut up! - We want...
Shut up!
My name is Bajirao!
Welcome to Fakirchand and Lakirchand Trust
How many are there...
How many are there...
...who didn't get admission in any other college?
And... how many here...
...if they find out...
...that this isn't a college...
Just a minute. Stop!
They're going mad.
I don't want to die for one lakh.
Answer us!
We came from so far!
It's your problem, not mine. - You deal with them.
If we don't get admission, we won't spare you!
They're acting just like their name.
You got me stuck!
I'm sorry. It's a matter of a day.
Guys, please. - Do you think we're mad.
Answer us! - Please listen.
Will you say something now?
I'm sorry, guys! - My foot!
What do we do with your sorry!
They don't understand.
How can he stop them?
We're students like you who didn't...
...get admission in any college...
...we started this fake college to save...
...ourselves from our parents' anger.
You've ruined the ones like you!
I know. It's our fault. It's very grave too.
We didn't do it on purpose. And...
What else! - Tell us!
Website is fake too.
Website is fake too.
Get down! - Just a minute. Please.
We lied for ourselves.
But the truth is that...
...we too didn't get admission in any college.
My father said a fool like me won't get admission
My father said a fool like me won't get admission
Now where should I go?
Tell us! - Guys, please. - I told my parents...
...I'll commit suicide if I don't get admission.
Now what do I do?
My mother always cries when my result is out.
Today I saw joy on my mother's face for the first
Today I saw joy on my mother's face for the first
I got stuck because of you.
Guys, we didn't do it on purpose.
Guys! Please listen.
We'll find a solution.
Just a second.
Just a second.
What's the solution?
What will we tell our parents? - That this is a real
...and we'll study here.
Come on. You tell us. Is this the solution?
Yes, this is a nice solution.
We'll stay here.
Guys. This isn't possible.
This isn't happening.
Didn't you lie to bunk school?
Guys, this... - This is the solution.
Stay here... - This isn't happening.
It's not possible.
We lied for a day.
We learnt that college can't be ours.
We learnt that college can't be ours.
I'm sorry. This can't be done.
We'll have our own college. We'll study what we
Stay here.
Camp here!
We won't get admission in any other college.
We'll sit here.
We'll sit here.
No, guys.
If I go home...
...my uncle will break my limbs. I won't return.
I'll stay here too. - Are you serious?
They want to start their own college.
Do what you want.
Study what you want.
It's a novel idea. - Yeah.
I've to commit suicide.
I've to commit suicide.
I did so many wrong things in life.
This is the first wrong deed that I find very noble.
What about the building?
It has legal issues, but I can handle it. Not a
I can be a fake principal.
I can be a fake principal.
Why not?
Sir, they're not going.
I tried hard, but they don't understand. They just sat
You want building for a college.
Take it. Yes!
Take it. Yes!
Yes, he's giving permission to use this building.
Don't you like it?
Are you serious, sir?
Our college. - I'm always serious.
Yes, your college.
He's your principal.
This college... - Yes,
Students, principal and college is here. So...
That's it. - This is a college.
Guys! - What now?
I've a good news for you.
This is a college! - Yeah!
Breakfast party!
Why didn't you involve me in this?
Hello! You're from Saint Peters? - Oh!
So you guys don't want me here now?
I'll hit you with egg. - What rubbish!
If sir Vardhan finds out...
...you'll be in trouble for sure.
We'll see when he finds out.
We'll see when he finds out.
What did you say?
I'm saying, I'm enjoying it here. It's so beautiful.
Let me stay here. Please.
I want to stay here. It's so peaceful. - Think again.
We won't save you from your dad.
...let's get the party... Rocking!
...let's get the party... Rocking!
"Let's party more!"
"Let's party more!"
Listen to me carefully, Vishnu.
An important part of education...
...is hostel life.
It makes you strong...
So I want you...
...not to stay at home...
...but in hostel.
This independence...
...teaches you more...
...and gives you more chance to go astray.
...and gives you more chance to go astray.
...I've a present for you.
When you were very small...
...and you used to make mistake...
...I used to teach you a lesson with this cane.
Fear is vital for every man.
It restrains you.
Do you understand that?
Good! Best of luck.
Good! Best of luck.
Fear restrains you.
Fear restrains you.
It controls you.
"Let's party more!"
"Let's party more!"
"Let's party!" -Just a minute.
Hello! - Yes, papa.
Is the study going on well?
Yes, papa. - Where is your glass?
No. Not glass...
Class is going to start. He wanted to know where.
Wo w!
Early morning my son...
...will study in class. - What can I say?
I've to fulfill my promise to become successful!
Now I've to come tomorrow to meet you.
You... - But why?
I miss you.
I too miss you.
I'll come today to meet you right now. - Come fast.
I'll come today to meet you right now. - Come fast.
Where is the fool?
Pooja, wake up.
Are we there?
I'll be back.
I'll be back.
Come fast. - Yes.
You're a big fool! - Papa.
My son is back!
Why are you scolding him? He knows he's a fool.
Look at him.
If he hadn't come, you would've been in trouble go!
What did he do? - What?
He was throwing this radio considering it to be
He must've thrown many such things.
Sir, trust me.
This radio is...
...of no use.
...of no use.
It's Faltu!
Don't use this word Faltu in front of me?
Yes! What's useless for others...
...I know the true worth of those things.
Look at these things. World threw them as useless.
Look at these things. World threw them as useless.
But we made it fit to use. Right? - Yes.
My house, car, clothes and your salary...
...is all because of this different thinking.
Go and do your work. - Ok.
My son is back.
Come. Hug me.
What happened? - Nothing. Let's go.
He's popular!
Hello! Mike testing.
Hello! 1. 2. Hello.
Mike testing. - Go on.
There are some interesting things.
Hello! Mike testing.
I'm sharing my feeling.
What's your feeling?
How? How?
How did this life...
...turn musical?
Don't bore me.
When I sat near a window, a girl came to me.
Tell me more.
I got up and turned off the lights.
I woke up the darkness.
Is this the depth of poetry?
I welcomed here the the bottom of my heart.
She told me... now sing me a song.
Entertain me with a song.
I got up... and said...
Half go there.
Half go there.
And friend, you sing song.
Caress me.
Caress me.
Make love immortal.
Look at all these things.
The world threw them considering them useless.
But I make it fit to use. Right?
Friend, nothing can happen of them.
Perfect timing.
Make a drink. - I don't want to drink thank you.
Why? Did you drink too much?
No, sir. Actually I didn't drink today.
Sir... - One drink will fix everything. I swear.
Sir, leave that.
I want to talk about something serious.
Tell me.
Sir, what are we doing here?
I mean it's not wrong to party. I want to do it too.
But if we keep doing this, we'll prove...
...the world right about us.
I want to prove them wrong.
I want to show them...
...if we 'Useless' make our mind...
...we can be better than the best.
Either I'm high...
...or he has actually said it.
I'm serious about this college.
I don't want to misuse this freedom.
You shouldn't do that.
What will you do now?
What can I do? You suggest me.
How can I do? - What do you mean?
Do wicket keeping? You're good at it.
Meaning? - I mean...
Become wicket keeping captain of those Useless
Bring them on the right track.
The way Dhoni does.
Come on, Bhajji. - The next ball will be on target.
Don't worry.
Come on. That's it!
Just encourage them.
Encourage them.
...as long as these Useless...
...don't get on track...
...you've to run after them. - Exactly.
Discipline them.
Who are here too. - Catch it.
We'll see too.
You become the captain.
Wicket keeping. Encouragement.
Discipline them.
Everything will be fine.
Wake up, all the dear ones!
A new day has come.
Who turned
Better move your body. - What happened to light?
And shake your bum! - Why did the light turned off?
Didn't you pay bill? - What happened to lights?
I turned off the power.
...what are you doing here?
I want to talk to you seriously.
Your mom wants to know...
...did you fail again!
If you fail, don't send the result home.
Your dad is a heart patient.
...your dad says...
...he took care of both your police cases.
He hopes...
...you didn't break any skull here.
Montu Shontu.
Your mom and dad write...
...after you left...
...there is peace in the area.
They request you...
...spend Diwali vacation in the college.
Why are you reading our personal letters?
I'm sorry guys, but if these letters were...
...personal, they wouldn't be on floor.
What to do with letters?
It has only abuses.
Reading them makes me feel...
...my mother is still abusing me.
Because we deserve it.
We've made so many mistakes in life...
...that our parents only expect mistakes from us.
I think it's time to prove them wrong. - Meaning?
It's simple.
In Faltu, now we'll enjoy and study too.
He'll make us study.
What rubbish!
Did you take drugs with liquor last night?
Guys, come on. Be serious.
Be serious.
The truth is that we didn't throw...
...letters because of scolding...
...but because of guilt.
Because truth is written in it.
As a founder of Faltu, I've decided, we'll study too.
We don't consider you founder!
We've paid the fees.
Why waste money on books?
Right, people?
Yes. Very true. - Yes.
Better than buying books, I rather buy beer.
Guys, listen... - Leave it, Ritesh.
Out of all the people, you're saying this...
...who has only partied all his life.
Yes. But I want to do something constructive.
Hear him... - Vishnu explain to them.
Don't talk like my father.
Brothers, if I had to study, I'd be in Saint Peters.
Let's go! - Guys!
Guys, come on. It's not such a bad idea!
They're only passing time.
Guys... - They'll do something.
Even their parents couldn't do anything for them.
What will we do in a few days?
This is our work.
Principal's work is to inspire them.
To guide them.
They'll do something one day.
Now what?
I don't know.
What's up?
Nobody is taking me seriously.
They won't get serious like this. - Then?
You've phone? - Yes.
Yes, mother. - Yes, father.
Yes, father. - Yes, mother.
Yes... - Oh!
Hello. Yes.
Ok. First class.
Ok, bye. Bye.
No need to come.
I'm in class room. I'll call later.
Studying is going on well. Exams are near.
Yes. There is no problem.
Yes, papa. I'm here.
I'm bored but you're enjoying your study.
What's the matter?
I'm not studying.
I'm dreaming...
Wo w!
How is study?
Are you hurt?
Can book hurt anyone?
Why did you throw the book? - It's tough.
Very tough.
It's true, but...
We've to study.
Khusboo, ask him.
Vishnu. One more...
Please tell us one more time.
One more time. One more time!
Don't read that! I'll become book! Read me!
It's so simple. E = MC2.
If you take so much time, how will finish?
Don't cry, Khusboo!
I'm very stressed. - At least you know what you've to
I don't know about myself.
I too don't know what to do.
Experiment successful!
What happened?
Can't you see the experiment?
Sontu, what did you make? - He made it.
I've mixed all the ingredients.
Hey, douse it! - What are you doing?
People write books with such hard labour.
So that...
...it's useful to the readers.
But you...
I... can't be their principal.
I quit.
You must've enjoyed burning them.
You know what's burning?
Your future!
I too made this mistake.
Do you know the result?
Struggle all my life!
In the end, I got this stupid van.
This is my house and office too.
Sir, sorry. - No. Please.
Don't be sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I trusted guys like you.
I brought these books.
I'm sorry that...
...I thought I can make a university here.
I was a fool.
I want you to pack your bags and leave.
All of you all!
Sir. - Sir, please.
Sir. Sir, please. - Please stop.
Sir, we too thought that...
...we'll do something here. We even tried.
But we couldn't.
I know we don't want to study, but we don't want
to leave too.
Sir, please don't close this place down.
We accept any punishment you give us.
Fine. Then...
...for your punishment...
...be prepared!
I'm scared.
What is it?
Sir, how long do we've to sit here?
Why? Are you scared?
Your parents too get so scared thinking about your
How long can you survive in life without doing
6 months? 1 year?
Your parents are with you today.
When they won't be there in future...
...what will you do?
It won't take much time to reach here.
I promise you that.
This is your future.
If you don't want to stay here...
...then think...
...in the college you made with hard work...
...what do you want to do there?
If you can't think, it's simple.
We'll go on our ways.
College will close.
I give you five minutes.
In these five minutes...
...whoever decides...
...will come to college with us.
5 minutes? - I don't understand anything.
In 5 minutes.
Sir, what do you feel?
Didn't our parents try this?
My father used to lock me in rooms in exam days.
But it was of no use.
Sir, we don't like books.
Then study what you like.
Who told you that only Arts...
...Science and Commerce is education.
Life is the biggest school.
In this school, every subject is available.
So think... what are you hobbies?
What will you do with your heart?
You've 2 minutes more.
Sir, sir, sir.
Sir, I know what my heart wants.
Acting, sir.
Yes, sir.
I want to become an actor.
Good! Get the blackboard.
Take this. - Write the name of the subject on
Yes, sir.
Sir. - Yes.
I too know what my heart likes. - What?
Gym! Fitness. - Fabulous. - Good.
Second subject of Faltu college...
...is fitness and nutrition. - I too know what I want to
I want to be a DJ.
I want to be a wedding planner.
I like cooking. - I don't know anything else.
Fashion designing.
Very good.
I want to be a dancer.
Won't you write anything? - After them.
Everyone has written it.
I'll do management.
I'll start by managing the college.
I told father...
...I'll become a big businessman.
All the best. - Thank you, sir.
Wo w!
All have com on the track.
"My heart sings cheerfully..."
"It's solving all my confusion."
"There is passion and obsession."
"We've found the way to destination."
"It's going to be a new dawn."
"It's going to start of a new friendship."
"Life is going to be great... '
Greetings! Discussion on Kashmir issue has started.
Let's see if reaches any conclusion. - How was it?
Very nice. - Really?
And... - Listen.
Put it in your mouth.
Now say. - Kashmir issue...
Wow! Thank you.
You know what I mean... a presentation.
Get out of here!
No! It will pain.
"When I saw... '
Cut. Cut. Cut.
What are you doing? Get down. Come!
What are you doing? I'll tell you how it's done.
Take a stance.
Tilt the leg. Bent it.
Don't feel me, feel the song.
Acting is very easy. I thought...
It's easy to become an actor.
It's hard to get work.
Come on. Move it.
Move up not down.
One more set.
What happened?
I'm training them.
They're so exhausted.
I made them do as much I do.
Did I overdo it?
Of course. - Look at their condition.
Teachers. - Yes, sir.
Are you mad?
We've to bring them.
They all like it...
...but we need professional help for guidance.
I can get professors for you.
But they'll expose our secret.
I've to cut everyone's tongue.
There should be a way or...
...our learning will be incomplete.
Teachers are important.
But teachings is more important.
If teachers can't come here...
...bring their teachings.
By shooting.
Record the professors.
Make episodes of their lectures.
And then show like a film in college.
Make college into a theatre. - Make lecture into a
Entertainment as well as education.
Digital education! - Absolutely.
What an idea?
They'll like it too now.
Just think, everyone will come to college...
...and watch picture too. - Great! - Wow!
Google, can I get a camera?
Why not?
Guys. Attention here!
We've to convince them anyhow.
They might not even entertain you.
But we won't give up.
We've to make these professors our college
I'm Ritesh. I took appointment on behalf of Faltu
Guys! - Hey!
Great! You'll teach hair styling in your college!
It's an innovative idea.
I'll help you for sure.
"By molding and twisting..."
"...we've made destinies.'
"The restrained thoughts..."
"...have been unshackled.'
"By molding and twisting..."
"...we've made destinies.'
Hi! - Wow!
It feels so nice.
Everyone is so serious in their work and they don't
even know.
...they were partying a few days ago and today...
...they've started their business. - I know.
Alternate education is the most important thing.
There are no colleges to teach all these things.
- Yeah.
If a man makes hobby his profession, success is
You know their problems?
They've listened to others all their lives.
They never listened to themselves.
When they listen to themselves...
...they don't listen to others. - Right.
If it was available during our days...
...we would've been geniuses.
Do you think it's important to be genius or make
Sir. - Good.
Sir, I've made a website.
You? - Yes.
Vishnu made it, but...
...idea was mine.
WWW. I'm Faltu. Com.
Really? What's in that?
Basically at home...
...from any computer in any state or country...
In short, whatever question you ask you get an
I've uploaded all the videos.
You uploaded all the videos? - Yes.
Now many students like us don't get admission
They can study at home through this website.
Not bad.
Try it, sir.
Please try.
Are you serious?
I'm seriously. - Ok.
"My heart sings cheerfully..."
"It's solving all my confusion."
"There is passion and obsession."
"We've found the way to destination."
"It's going to be a new dawn."
"It's going to start of a new friendship."
"Life is going to be great... '
"It's going to be a new dawn."
Dance as a subject? Very nice.
At least someone thought of subjects like this.
I wish I had a college like that.
I wouldn't have struggled so much.
Dance professor of Faltu college.
In order to become a good fashion designer...
...pattern making is a very crucial part. - It's
important to know...
...not only to draw and sketch to become a good
Learning the art of cutting and making clothes...
...is complete package...
...for you to be a good designer.
I'm a people's director.
I'm make films from audience point of view.
I mean if I had a restaurant...
...I would've sold only those food...
...which people want to eat.
Not those food that I want to feed the people.
So always try to keep in mind...
...we work for the audience.
Let them become doctor, engineer or sports
You become a trainer.
Because I love my work.
No matter how you're...
...believe me...
...I'll make you He-man in four sessions.
I'll make you a world class body-builder very soon.
If you're interested in fashion you've to work hard...
...and educate yourself.
How is the fashion industry progressing worldwide?
If are passionate about it, follow it. It's what I've
We count the beat 1, 2, 3, 4.
You've to know four beats make one.
It's very important to thing to be a DJ.
The second thing is beats.
Beats per minute is basically nothing...
...but the speed of the song.
Once you know the speed of the song...
...and the song you're going to mix...
...you should know the speed of the next song.
You can match both of them and mix them
You get a nice flow and groove going in your night
All the best to DJs.
Were their more on Friday?
Not even one.
Liquor bill is 80% less. Do you know it?
80 percent!
Ritesh! - What? - See what I've got.
A letter! - What happened to him?
A letter from postman!
Annual competition in Saint Peter's college.
All the colleges will compete there. - Show it to me.
We should go and tell them what we're.
Let's show them what we're.
Postman, come here!
Don't be too excited.
If we perform, your father will come to know.
And our college...
Do you get it?
Pooja. You wanted to be something else besides DJ.
Sir, I wanted to be an astronaut. - Why?
Since childhood I wanted to climb the moon.
Ritesh, what do you want to become?
I wanted to be a big businessman.
But now I think it's better to become a moon.
You've studied a lot.
Now forget the tension and become fully... - Faltu!
"Don't get tense.'
"Forget the sermons of the world."
"Don't get tense.'
"Forget the sermons of the world."
"If you want to be great, chant this Mantra..."
"God save us from troubles!"
"Forget your worries tension and become fully
Faltu! '
"God save us from troubles!"
"Forget your worries tension and become fully
Faltu! '
"Youth passed in being a bookworm."
"Don't spend your life in vain."
"Youth passed in being a bookworm."
"Don't spend your life in vain."
"You will grow old soon.'
"Listen to me."
"Before you die, chant this Mantra..."
"God save us from troubles!"
"Forget your worries tension and become fully
Faltu! '
"God save us from troubles!"
"Forget your worries tension and become fully
Faltu! '
Vishnu! - Hey...
Not now. Come.
The picnic is over.
You don't know what crime you did. - We know.
Now you'll know what we're.
I'll tell you what will happen.
For crime of making fake college...
...you all will go to jail.
I don't think so, sir. I don't think we'll go to jail.
Stay order.
If you think seeing this court order...
...I'll think...
...that you'll get saved...
...then you're all sadly mistaken.
We'll meet in court after 7 days.
In such a short time, what will you do?
They made a college in one day...
...seven days are a lot for them.
They'll manage something.
For misguiding my son...
...I'll make sure...
...you all will have to pay a very heavy price for that.
Mr. Vardhan.
Let go.
7 days!
How will we do it? - Don't worry!
We'll hire a good lawyer. We'll be out of this.
I hope so. - It's of no use.
I've broken so many laws...
...I've become half lawyer.
You're trespassing on someone's private property.
And opening up a whole...
...illegal institution... I mean what's wrong with you.
It's not so easy to win this case.
But... we can't give at this stage. - He's here.
Bajirao! - Where were you, sir?
Fake college! - Oh God!
Not just in this paper...
...but it's in every paper.
Not just newspaper...
...but every news channel...
...is blowing Faltu college apart.
We've officially become...
...a national disgrace.
Read it.
So this was UGC councilor, Mr. Vardhan.
He exposed this news.
Let us remind you about the news...
...that shook up the educational system.
Fake college. Faltu.
You cheat your parents. - Please.
I've no place in my house for useless kid like you.
You're dead for me.
Never show me your face again.
Never! Never!
I made many excuses in front of you.
But I won't do anything like that today.
It's all because of me and...
...this was my idea.
You're a bigger scarp dealer than your father.
I only...
...understood the worth of broken household
But you understood the real worth of these people.
- What?
...look at them from the point of view of a scrap
These kids are such scraps...
...who didn't even value themselves.
Now... now look at them...
...here I'm seeing on their faces...
What is it called?
Confidence! I can see confidence.
As if they've seen their destination.
This is all because of your Faltu.
I know you're ashamed that your father is a scrap
But I'm proud of what you did.
Come and hug me!
This is a scrap dealer's view.
Everyone doesn't think so.
So you've to prove and explain all this to the world.
You brought them here.
It's your duty to get them out of this trouble.
My businessman!
They depend on you.
Thank you, dad. Thank you.
After mom's death...
I saw tears in papa's eyes for the first time.
I broke his heart... - Do you know...
...my father too cried bitterly.
You're very lucky.
My parents...
...didn't even answer my phone.
They sent a message...
...that I should forget them...
...and never return home.
Guys! What are you doing?
Don't you want to make preparations?
Sir, explain to them.
What is he saying?
I mean... - I've no idea.
Look at them. - Sir, we've to give exam.
Our term is about to end.
Come on, Ritesh. Grew up, man.
It's not a time to joke.
No, dude. This is time for test.
Guys, this test isn't of DJ, acting or management.
This test is about our existence...
...and our belief.
I'm sorry, guys.
I know you're thinking of your families right now.
But... I'm thinking of this family right now.
About Faltu.
Guys, we're not companion of such parties...
...but we've learnt a lot from one another.
We've supported one another.
No matter what the world says, but...
...I'm proud of myself and all of you guys here...
...for your achievements...
...for our achievements.
I want to give you standing ovation.
Faltu! Faltu! Faltu!
Fully Faltu. - Wait. Listen.
We're happy, but where is the exam?
I suggested. Oh, yes...
Our examination centre.
It says college...
"We've found our dreams..."
Faltu, I'll tell you what I'm right now.
I feel proud of it. Faltu can stop.
We all have paid so much fees to get admission...
...in proper colleges and universities.
And now we hear about Faltu university.
I think it should shut down.
I'm inspired by this Faltu website.
I learnt dancing from Remo sir watching him on this
So I think Faltu should continue.
Parents who can't educate their children...
...can go to this website...
...see the lectures put up on Faltu college...
...and they can very well educate themselves.
So I plead continue Faltu college.
And I go against the government.
Government has made big colleges.
Private sectors have made it. Why?
We've paid money for it. This is wrong and a crazy
I saw the website of Faltu college.
I liked it very much.
I think children shouldn't be stopped from such
They took interviews of big people.
They shared experiences.
They've no college or campus. No matter their
...but they've set example for college.
I feel concept is authentic. It's perfect for people like
Stop this college. - Nobody can start college. I might
do it too.
Sir, investigation revealed that principal Bajirao of...
...fake Faltu college was a teacher in your school.
He isn't worthy to be a teacher... - Sir, camera.
He isn't worthy to be a teacher or a principal.
You know... you know how he teaches tables of
"Eight times one is Eight. My sweetheart.'
I mean this isn't the way.
Hello. Yes, papa.
Nair and uncle Nigam...
Hello! And welcome to India's most...
...prestigious college talent show.
Utsav 2011.
Today to make this event special we've two special
I'd like to invite Mr. Vardhan of UGC councilor.
Now it's time to welcome our second guest.
The youth icon. The vibrant. The dynamic.
None other than our honorable HRD...
...minister Subodh Chakravarty.
And our first performance tonight is by YRD college.
Please give them a big round of applause.
Tell me, what is happening?
By the looks of it seems to next happy event.
"We've come to your doorstep, O' God!"
"Show us the right path."
"World has estranged us. Please accept me."
Prepare for the show. Google and I'll handle the
Google. - All the best guys.
Guys, people have said a lot about us but not
From today Faltu should become a compliment.
Are you guys with me? - Yes.
Hip, hip, hurray!
And our second performance tonight...
...is by Saint Francis college.
Let's hear it for them.
Excuse me. I want to talk to you.
You're from Faltu.
So, are you guys having fun? Do you want more?
All right. So our next college is...
"How long will this world sleep in slumber? '
"Lips are locked."
"Dreams are restrained."
"Beckon your heart.'
"Strive for freedom.'
"Beckon your heart.'
"Strive for freedom.'
"The steps taken in passion..."
"...can't be stopped."
"The hands of faith... is held by everyone.'
"The steps taken in passion can't be stopped.'
"The hands of faith... is held by everyone.'
"Recognize the voice that touches the soul.'
"Beckon your heart.'
"Beckon your heart.'
"Strive for freedom.'
He's my son.
Stop it. I say stop it.
How dare you all get here.
Mr. Vardhan. What's happening?
I'm sorry, Mr. Chakravarty.
They're not from any college.
They're students from fake Faltu college which I
closed down.
They entered among the top colleges by deceit...
...and proved how shameless and fraud they're.
You're right, sir. We're useless and shameless
...for whom you were just applauding.
But it's not his fault. Our faces were in dark.
Actually you're used to keeping us in dark.
So when we got some light, you couldn't bear it.
You shut up! Don't talk nonsense with me.
You're strange, sir!
We've always asked you question.
But today when we're finally giving you an answer...
...you can't bear it. - You keep out of this.
Do you think what you're doing is right.
You're supporting these useless students.
Sir, try to pay heed on this.
Children are never useless.
It's just that they're used less.
You useless can only talk nonsense.
But you can't proved anything. - You're right, sir.
We're Faltu, but of use.
Let's face the fact.
Everyone studies to get a job.
Our students know enough to get a...
...job once they're out of college.
I don't think your top colleges can guarantee...
...hundred percent job placement.
So please... - I don't think I want any more nonsense
from you.
Security, get them out.
Just a minute. Stop it.
News channel have said a lot about you.
But I want to know your point of view.
Tell me.
What's your Faltu?
Thanks for giving us a chance, but...
...we didn't come to prove ourselves.
We came to see the faces of our parents. We did
When we left home they were in tears.
It's the same today.
The only difference is that at that time it was of
...but it's of pride now.
Not you, but we've to question you.
How is this education system?
35% is enough for passing...
...but 75% is required to get admission.
So make 70% pass grade and fail the others.
So that rest can attempt again.
Where should we go?
The majority between 35 and 70 is called Faltu.
Whether you like it or not...
...Faltu arose because of your education system.
You've said what you wanted.
Can I say something?
Yes, sir.
I've a 5 years old granddaughter.
She just started her school.
She cries every day before going to school...
...and asks me...
...why is it important to study?
I tried to explain her a lot.
But I couldn't, but today...
...you gave me answer to all her questions.
...isn't only books...
So I officially approve Faltu...
...as one of the most important educational...
...institution for next 3 years.
And may... there be many more Faltu.
Thank you. Thank you.
"I am oblivious.'
"I am oblivious.'
"My silence echoes here.'
"My dreams are yet to come true."
"In silence... '
"...my footstep is caged."
"God has created this world for us."
"Take me along..."
"Under the open sky."
"Take me along..."
"In your world."
"Take me along..."
"Take me along now..."
With all my powers, I brace love and might.
To be a knight.
"These moments are..."
"...getting nostalgic."
"The mind is just a world of memories.'
"I am oblivious to this world.'
"Take me along..."
"Under the open sky... '
"Take me along..."
"In your world... - Take me along..."
"Under the open sky... '
"I walk with my friends.'
"We are ready to roll.'
"Turn the speaker to shake the eardrums."
"Mr. DJ, please play my song.'
"We'll drink champagne today.'
"Let's dance and cruise.'
"You have to keep it moving."
"Let's party more.'
"Let's party more.'
"Move it.'
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