Da ci ke (The Assassin) (1967)

The state of Qin is the strongest
in the realm.
As a small state, we have no other choice
...than to be subservient to Qin.
Qin is a kingdom of wolves and tigers,
tyranical to it subjects and
other states alike.
If the premier calls for subservience
to Qin,
this official must respectfully disagree.
What do you advocate, official Yen?
The three Jin states were once
the strongest;
only by splitting into Han, Zhao and Yi
...did they allow Qin to emerge
as a power.
We should ally with Zhao and Yi
...as well as the states of Qi and Chu
...to defend against the fierce Qin
in the west.
This is all impractical talk.
I fear before our alliance is in place,
the Qin army will be at our border.
But Qin's appetite is insatiable!
Today they demand a city,
tomorrow an area;
how does the Premier propose to handle it?
I am of the House of Han;
would my concern for our state's interests
...be less than that of a mere official
like yourself?
The King of Qin is a brutal tyrant.
My concern is for the common people
Speaking only of our own kingdom,
with the Premier courting Qin and
in charge of Han,
I fear in the ages and generations
to come,
it may not be My Liege's line
who'll rule Han.
you will sow discord between me
and my nephew?
Leave it, uncle. Let him go.
You may go.
Yes, Sire.
Nie Zheng...
I'll be along after I change.
I'll wait for you here.
Second Brother is off to practice
the sword?
The barbarian dress of the Hu again!
Mother will have words again if she sees.
This style of dress is more convenient.
Zheng, you are going out?
Yes, mother.
Come back soon. Don't cause any trouble!
Yes, mother.
We were used to wearing the
loose robes of old
...and using weapons made of bronze.
Now we wear Hu-style short dress
...and use swords forged of iron.
It takes getting used to;
but nothing in the world...
can stay the same forever.
The Lords of the Middle Realm daily weaken
...precisely because they are too
set in the old ways.
Now the great threat to all
is the state of Qin.
The Qin have the same customs
as the barbarians;
we wear our large, loose robes,
but they go into battle
bare-shouldered and unshod.
Why should we not switch to
Hu-style short dress
which allows more freedom of motion?
Good. Now begin your practice
of the sword.
Mr. Xu, I wouldn't want to trouble you.
You have studied the sword under me
for a year.
The test held tomorrow
...will determine your progress.
Go home early and get some rest.
What is this?
I've sewn it for you.
What for?
This cord binds us together.
Why were we born commoners?
If I were a son of a noble house,
I could marry you this very day.
But I am a handmaiden,
how can I marry a noble?
No, you are the daughter of a noble too.
After we are wedded,
I'll lead the army into battle.
With the ability that I have,
I'm sure to win honor on the battlefield.
Then I'll be given a rank at court
and take charge o state affairs.
I'll overhaul the political system
...and bring peace to the land.
Everyone will prosper and be happy.
In that case, you're sure to be very busy.
We'll have no time to be together.
I'm just an ordinary commoner.
All my abilities and dreams are nothing!
Then why do you learn the sword
from Master Wu?
Because... I hope my day will come.
I think it's better to be a commoner.
We don't have to worry about
the world's affairs,
nor is it up to us to deal with them
We can just live out our days in peace.
But what purpose was I born for, then?
I was born with such a mind
...and such a body,
only to wither away like any
insensible plant.
How many time have we been here?
We've been coming since we were little,
I can't tell how many times.
When do you feel happy?
When we came here to play as children,
we were very happy,
but since growing up
I've never seen real happiness in you.
You think too much.
I think from now on, it's better if
...you don't study the sword with
Master Wu anymore.
This has nothing to do with him.
I'm just fond of thinking too much.
If I don't practice the sword,
I wouldn't know what to do with my time.
It's late. We should be going.
You go home.
Very well.
Xia Ying, I've waited a long time for you.
This pearl has been kept by my family.
What do you think of it?
I've brought it as a present for you.
I can't accept such a valuable gift!
It's nothing.
I also want you to move out of
this back alley
...and live a life of luxury.
Master Xu,
I'm only a serving maid.
I cannot hope to elevate myself with you.
Please let me go.
Xu Shi.
Let her go.
Who are you to step in?
We may be students under the same master,
but we don't have to cross swords here.
True. I'll reckon with you tomorrow.
Now, Nie Zheng versus Xu Shi.
Xu Shi.
Our match today...
is meant for practice only.
But right from the very beginning
...you attacked without first saluting.
That is already beyond the pale.
How can you go so far as to
...backstab after the outcome
has been decided?
Such dastardly behavior
...is unacceptable even towards
one's enemies,
let alone a fellow student.
Henceforth, you are no longer my disciple.
Nie Zheng.
The Middle Realm has always used
bronze weapons,
but Wu and Yue forge steel from iron,
...Kings Fu Ca and Gou Jian to
gain supremacy.
This sword Shu Lou belonged to
the King of Wu.
I now make a gift of it to you.
Yes, uncle.
I had my suspicions of Wu Ji
and his cohorts,
so I deliberately joined their ranks
to investigate.
They've brought together many
young commoners
...to drill them in swordsmanship.
A plot is afoot!
You say this sword, Shu Lou, was given
...by King Wu to Wu Zixu to
commit suicide?
Why would Master Wu give it to you?
Isn't it a bit inauspicious?
If a man can live his life like
the great Wu Zixu,
death would not matter.
I don't feel it's inauspicious at all.
My only fear is that unlike Wu Zixu,
I fail to achieve any great deeds
...and disappoint Master Wu.
Don't think on such things.
Wu Zixu's family served Chu
for generations.
I only wish that our entire lives
...can be spent in safety and contentment.
Even if life's a bit hard, I'll wish
for no more.
I heard what Xu Shi said to you yesterday.
I spent the night thinking;
it doesn't matter if I have to
endure hardship,
but I can't ask the same of you as well.
The day will come
...when I'll have you live in a palace
and spend your days in luxury.
Didn't Wu Zixu leave the kingdom of Chu
...and create his own future
in the state of Wu?
I don't fancy such things.
I only wish...
it could always be like this night:
Wearing coarse homespun clothes,
lying in the wilderness
...looking at the stars in heaven.
I pray to heaven above
...that it could always be like
this night.
When did it happen?
I don't know.
I was like this when I arrived
this morning.
Xi Yuan!
I'm done for. Save yourselves!
But what about you?
No use dying together. Live to fight
another day!
We'll split up.
Let's meet under the bridge
come nightfall.
Xu Shi, you...
Mother, sister, with me!
The troops will be here any moment!
What's happened?
Don't ask!
Gather your valuables and hurry!
I knew this was going to happen.
Xia Ying...
Who is it?
Xia Ying.
Du Po.
Nie Zheng.
Young Master, in putting these rebels
to route,
you have done a great service
to the kingdom.
These rebels all wear barbarian Hu dress
and use keen blades forged from iron.
To let them grow in strength
...is to court disaster for the kingdom.
I toast you, Young Master.
It was all thanks to my uncle's
The wine is getting to me.
May I be excused?
Very well. You've had a tiring day.
Go home and get some rest.
Shall I send an armed escort?
No need, thank you.
I've brought a few guards myself.
the Young Master himself has
great martial skills.
You follow behind, I go round the front.
You want to fight two against one?
Du Po, guard the end of the street.
Don't let this scoundrel escape.
There's no need to lend a hand.
Very well.
It was pure luck you won yesterday.
Let's see who's better tonight.
Nie Zheng.
He's playing for time, hoping for rescue.
Out of your own selfish motives,
you caused the deaths of our master
and fellows.
Do you know the taste of fear now?
There is no abiding in this place anymore.
My mother and sister have fled
to the state of Qi.
I'll catch up with them tonight.
What about you?
I'll go to a relative in the state of Han.
Then this is where we part our ways.
Take care of yourself.
You too. We shall meet again.
Master, did I do the move correctly?
Yes, but it'd be better
if you do it faster.
Official Yen.
Master Du.
Zhang's swordsmanship has improved.
Young Master is very talented.
What it took me 3 years to learn
with Master Wu,
I've totally imparted in only
the past year.
There is nothing I have left to teach.
Master Wu was the victim of
a vile student.
Among my fellows, only one, Nie Zheng,
has skills greater than my own.
In the aftemath,
he fled to the kingdom of Qi.
If we can get him to come teach
the Young Master.
Don't over-praise the child.
My wife died years ago.
I have only one son. I don't want
him spoilt.
Books and the sword are to train
his character;
I don't wish for him to become
a famed swordsman.
What pleases me though is that
through this,
I came to know a fine young man
like Master Du.
You are too kind.
In the past year or so
I have been the one to benefit
from your teaching.
From what you say,
this Mr Wu Ji is a kind-hearted man.
So many fine young men have been killed;
it is indeed a tragedy.
If the chance should arise,
I would very much like to meet
this Nie Zheng.
Nie's courage and skills are
ten times mine.
If you're so inclined,
I could go seek him in the state of Qi.
Here I am but a mere official.
His Majesty is still young
although he places his trust in me,
real power is with the Premier, Han Kui.
The Premier's audience with
His Majesty today...
did something happen?
This child has been poisoned by
Yen Chung-Tzu.
He doesn't listen to me anymore.
How so?
I told him all the peers of the realm
...must eventually be subservient to Qin,
and that we should anticipate events
...by offering tribute and the area
of Yi Yang,
to direct Qin's attention to Zhao and Yi.
What land we lose,
we'll recover from them.
Don't you think my strategy is a good one?
The Premier's strategies are
always brilliant.
But guess how the lad replied?
He said, let's ask Yen Chung-Tzu first.
In your humble servant's view,
it's unwise to allow Yen Chung-Tzu
...to coninue to influence the king so.
The other day, he even said in court
...that generations from now
it may not be our liege's line
who'll rule Han!
What do you think of Wang Yue
and Tian Qing?
They have sworn their loyalty
to the Premier.
Wang Yue, Tian Qing.
Wang Yue, Tian Qing.
Go pick out a few good men-at-arms
...and assassinate Yen Chung-Tzu tonight!
Don't leave any of his family alive,
lest the truth comes out.
When it's done, you'll be handsomely
Yes sir!
You are the Premier's men-at-arms.
What are you doing here so late at night?
We have a military decree from
the Premier:
Anyone not of the Yen household, begone!
This affair is no one else's concern.
Han Kui holds the Premier's office,
but sends assassins at night
to kill an official.
Such an affair is indeed my concern!
You dare?
Yen Chung-Tzu, there's nowhere
for you to run!
Master Du!
Sir, Han Kui won't allow you to live.
You must leave quickly.
If you want revenge,
go find Nie Zheng in Qi!
Master Du!
Master Du!
If you want revenge, find Nie Zheng in Qi!
This sword, my breastful of hot passion
...whom have I given them to?
Been drinking again?
Be careful you don't wake mother.
We've been in Qi for over a year now.
You're not used to such work,
slaughtering pigs.
I know it's hard on you.
But mother is old;
after that terrible experience
she's aged a great deal.
You must show forbearance.
I understand.
I know you understand.
You just can't help yourself.
Go to sleep, don't drink any more.
You still have to work tomorrow.
What was that noise?
Nothing. A cat knocked over a jar.
To live like this...
Out of the way...
Please have a seat.
Out of the way...
Out of the way...
You haven't paid for that!
Don't get into trouble.
That old lady is his mother?
This fellow is indeed a real man!
He is truly filial to his mother.
That's right.
He's always standing up for other people,
butjust one word from his mother
and he'll go back to her obediently.
The old lady called him "Zheng" just now.
Do you know what his surname is?
His surname's Nie.
Nie... Nie Zheng?
Would I be addressing Master Nie?
My name's Nie. Is anything the matter?
May I ask by close of business
how much meat would you have sold?
About his much.
Then my master would buy all of it.
Would this be enough?
Yes. Your master means to...
He means to have Master Nie come
for a chat.
This is my master.
Master Nie, I am Yen Sui.
Please forgive my impertinence.
Yen... Yen Chung-Tzu, Master Yen.
You honor me.
I have not dared to disturb
your mother today.
Would Master Nie accompany me for a chat?
I'll pay my respects to your mother
another time.
Very well.
Sister, I'm going out with Master Yen
for awhile.
Master Yen.
Nie Zheng has something he'd like to ask.
Would it be possible...
You may leave.
I'll call if you're needed.
Yes sir.
You stand guard outside.
Don't let anyone enter.
Yes sir.
Master Nie, please speak freely.
Master Yen is an official of a peer;
Nie Zheng is a mere butcher
who makes his living in the streets.
Yet you have traveled all this way to Qi
and not stood on ceremony to meet me.
Why, may I ask, is that?
I have heard back in the state of Han
that your sword and courage have no match,
and that you are a true hero of the age.
If so, I fear you heard wrong.
From what I saw for myself yesterday,
you defended the weak-
that was righteous;
with your bare hands,
you fought off several
...armed opponents - that was brave;
and you stopped at your mother's word -
that was filial piety.
With one who's righteous,
brave and filial,
I wouldn't dare claim any privilege
of office.
Commoners of the streets
...have no lack of courage that
defends the weak,
or filial piety towards their parents.
I am nothing extraordinary.
Master Nie, why hide behind such humility?
Have you forgotten the hopes and dreams
...you had as a student under Master Wu?
Those are all things of the past.
I have accomplished nothing.
All I did was cause my aged mother
...to suffer a fright for nothing.
My only wish now is to know my place
...and take care of my mother.
I desire nothing else.
But you are still young.
To let all your abilities and passion
...dwindle away like this,
is it not a shame?
Master Yen, what would you have me do?
Please come out with it.
Friendship is based on sincerity.
If I say I've traveled all this way
...only to drink and chat with Master Nie,
I would obviously be lying.
But the matter is one of great import;
it is better to discuss it at length
another time.
Today, though, I have a different request.
What is it, Master Yen?
I may have served as an official of Han,
but I too am now a fugitive.
If you do not fear to be associated
with me,
I would like us to become bonded
as brothers.
I would not dare to elevate myself so,
but I know that friendship knows
no depths,
and to accomplish great deeds takes unity;
and so I shall not stand on ceremony.
Indeed you have a hero's spirit!
Bring what I told you to prepare earlier.
Yes sir.
Mother is asleep?
She knows I went with Yen Chung-Tzu?
Yes. I told her.
What did she say?
She said you shouldn't have gone with him.
For a high official to consort with us
like this
cannot presage anything good.
I realize that.
I know mother's way of thinking.
For Yen Chung-Tzu to condescend
...and take up with a butcher
like yourself
must mean he has something to ask of you.
That I realize too.
But what can you possibly offer him?
You have nothing, except...
One man, one life.
Brother, if you realize all this,
then why...?
I've been wondering myself.
Is it better for me to live like this,
toiling so hard and so inconsequentially?
Or is it better to die a glorious death?
Or perhaps, is both life and
death the same?
But to mother and I,
whether you live or die is not the same.
And there's still Xia Ying. Remember her?
I've not forgotten her for a single day.
At present, I cannot get into trouble.
It would affect mother and you.
But the day will come
...when I'll be able to cast life
and death aside;
that's when I'll o look for her.
What did that Yen Chung-Tzu say?
He didn't say anything.
He only wanted to be brothers with me.
And did you bond with him?
He wouldn't be at ease with me otherwise.
He said now that he and I are brothers,
my mother is also his mother;
he'll come pay his respects tomorrow.
Don't worry. As long as mother's alive
and you remain unmarried,
I won't promise to do anything for him.
I said to Brother Zheng last night,
now that we're brothers,
madam is also a mother to me.
Here is a hundred in gold for you.
Brother, we cannot accept such a gift!
The only reason I've descended myself so
...to work as a mere street butcher
is in order to provide for my mother.
I am fortunate enough to be able to do so;
I would not dare accept such largesse.
Now that we are brothers,
what is mine is also yours.
I have done nothing to deserve this.
You see how bare my our walls are;
with what can I possibly repay you?
All I can repay you with
...is myself as a person;
this mortal shell is all I have to give.
Brother, don't take it so seriously!
With my mother still living,
I'm yet unable to render up my life.
Please forgive me, brother.
I became brothers with you
...precisely because I admire
these qualities in you.
Whatever requests I may have to
make of you
...can wait till more leisurely
there is no hurry.
The gold is for madam.
Please accept it.
He is the only son I have.
If I lose him,
what good would any amount of gold do me?
It's because you know he's a man
of passion
...that you condescended to
consort with him so.
Whatever use you have of him
...does not require you to put it
in words;
he'll go to his doom without your asking.
This hundred in gold
...is really to purchase my son's life.
How can I bear to enjoy its use?
Please hurry and take it away!
Madam's words
...have shamed me beyond measure.
Take it away!
I have bonded with Brother Zheng.
I seek no more than to enjoy this day;
tomorrow I shall depart for Pu Yang.
Drink with Chung-Tzu. I'm going to rest.
A toast.
May we have occasion to be together again.
A young man requests an audience
with master.
Did you ask him his name?
He said his surname was Nie.
Nie Zheng.
You... Please, sit down.
Brother, it's been several years. You...
Mother passed away last year,
and this year my sister got married.
I have no more attachments now.
I didn't think...
Although I never promised you anything,
in my heart I already said yes.
What is it you wanted me to do for you?
You can tell me now.
You came all this way,
how can we rush things like this?
I'll give you a welcoming banquet tonight.
The rest we can talk about later.
Brother, I've had enough wine.
Let us have a quiet talk,
brother to brother.
You all may leave.
Brother, what I've kept hidden for
a long time
can now be revealed to you.
Please do, brother.
Qin is the greatest calamity upon
the land;
this is something every
astute person knows.
I heard when you became
Master Wu's student
...it was your ambition to fight Qin, too.
Now to preserve themselves,
all the kingdoms
do not look to the welfare of
their subjects,
but rather consider subservience to Qin
...as their means of lingering on.
If this situation continues,
the entire Realm will be destroyed by Qin!
To kill one as an example to many...
You want me to kill the Han Premier,
Han Kui?
You've guessed it already.
The circumstances of your departure
from Han
...are not totally unknown to me.
It's public justice,
but also private vengeance.
I had an only son,
and you, a good friend Du Po.
Du Po?
It was from him that I heard of you.
Du Po and my son
...were both killed by Han Kui's
Then... how do you propose to do it?
Although I'm no longer an official of Han,
I still have much personal wealth.
I propose to spend it all to attract
good men
...whom you'll train to assassinate
Han Kui.
I don't think that would be too prudent.
What is your view?
Your enemy is the Premier of a state
...as well as the king's uncle.
Pu Yang is not far from
the kingdom of Han;
word will leak out if too many
are involved.
The whole state of Han will then
be your foe;
however much wealth you have,
however many man you put together,
will not be enough against
the whole of Han.
This is something only a single man
can do.
Like Zhuan Zhu assassinating Wang Liao,
what's required is a single,
lethal strike.
With your wits and courage,
I've no doubt Han Kui's death is assured;
but extracting yourself will prove
Zhuan Zhu & Yiu Li sacrificed
their life for success.
It is precisely because of that,
I made you no promises before.
But now my mother's dead,
my sister's wedded,
I am free of all worries.
To find someone who knows my heart...
I've been resolved these past few years.
More words would be superfluous.
Let's drink to this evening.
Tomorrow I set off for the kingdom of Han.
Brother, it's as you say:
More words would be superfluous.
But once you are gone
I fear we two may never meet again.
Please stay for a few more days.
I fear...
Don't worry.
This is the land of my ancestors,
and the servants have been here
for generations.
No one will let out our secret.
Brother, I truly cannot bear...
to be parted with you.
Attend to Master Nie's rest.
Yes sir.
Brother, you are still unmarried.
What do you think of this Concubine Zhao?
Don't make fun of me, brother.
Master Nie, the master has asked me
...to serve you this wine
he's been saving.
You may all leave.
Yes sir.
Concubine Zhao.
Please ask your master to come.
Yes sir.
Brother, I've decided to leave tomorrow.
Desolately the west wind rises.
The sun shines forth its promise;
the ruddy visage tells
...of the Qin battledress;
the ruddy visage tells
...of the Qin battledress.
Bidding the hero farewell today,
when will the departed return?
Away to the future on parting,
the mountains come into view;
Away to the future on parting,
the mountains come into view.
Brother, I take my leave.
Brother, a toast.
Bidding the hero farewell today,
when will the departed return?
Away to the future on parting,
the mountains come into view.
Is this the Xia residence?
Are you Miss Xia Ying?
A gentleman asked us to deliver this.
Have you made some mistake?
You are Miss Xia Ying, right?
Then there's no mistake.
Is this the Xia residence?
That's right.
Then you must be Miss Xia. Come...
A thousand in silver, please count it.
Surely it's some mistake!
There's no mistake.
The gentleman's instructions were
very precise.
Is Miss Xia at home?
You must be Miss Xia.
This is the best our shop has to offer.
Please see if you like it.
A gentleman told you to deliver this?
That's right.
And who might this gentleman be?
You really know how to joke, Miss.
These are really valuable gifts.
How can you not know who sent them?
Might this be Miss Xia?
What are you delivering this time?
A gentleman requests your presence.
We have a sedan chair waiting.
I'm not going.
Take everything away with you.
The gentleman left instructions that
...if Miss Xia refuses to come,
there's something we should show you.
Nie Zheng...
Miss Xia, here's the sedan chair.
After you left,
my father died the following year.
Last year Xu Shi's uncle lost his office,
and I thought of going to look for you,
but I didn't know where you were.
What did you do in the kingdom of Qi?
Didn't I tell you during the day?
How can a butcher make so much money?
What else did you do?
I didn't do anything else.
Nie Zheng, don't tell me
you did anything bad!
I didn't do anything bad.
But doing bad things or doing good things
...no longer make any difference to me.
You've waited for me for so many years,
I can't keep it from you any longer.
This is the last time we'll see
each other.
Once I'm gone,
I'm never coming back.
You must have married
a rich man's daughter!
No. I've undertaken to do something
...on behalf of someone.
Whether I succeed or fail,
the chances of my survival are slim.
What have you undertaken to do?
Don't worry. It's not anything bad.
All this money;
the person you're doing his for
gave it to you?
Then... aren't you selling your life?
You could say that.
If you can give up even your life,
what use have you for money?
Is it for me?
I don't want this money!
This jewellery, these silks...
I'd rather be poor, I'd rather have
a hard life!
How can I possibly take your blood money?
Xia Ying, listen to me.
This thing I do, I do it willingly.
I'm not doing it for money.
When the person first asked me to do this,
he gave me several thousand in gold,
but I didn't accept it.
Now... it doesn't matter.
I'm not long for this world anyway.
If there's money, it should be spent.
How could you do such a thing?
Throwing away your life!
It is a good thing that I do.
Although it's also for personal revenge,
the more important thing is
it's for the good of common folk
Xia Ying. Look at me.
I'm young, tall and strong.
Everyone dies.
Would you rather I die now,
doing a great and glorious deed?
Or would you have me grow old and weak,
too feeble to hold a knife or kill a pig,
and die a stranger stranded
in the state of Qi?
What did your father do when he was young?
He was a carpenter.
And then?
He was too old to continue.
He spent his days befuddled with drink.
I shall be like that one day, Xia Ying.
Let my breastful of hot blood
...be spilt somewhere worthy of it!
Don't cry.
We don't have many days together.
Let's spend these few days happily.
I'll take you home.
No. Let's go to your place.
We don't have many days together,
do we?
This is something I learned from the rich.
We drink, they play music.
Isn't this fun?
Fun for you, but sorrow for the players.
Because they have to survive.
Let them go.
Okay, you may leave.
My body...
I think you've always wanted it.
I give it to you now.
But I...
I understand now
the longer you live, the more sorrow
there is.
Let's live shorter, but happier.
Didn't you say we don't have
many days together?
In these few short days,
we'll live our lives, our entire lives.
But in the future, you...
We only have the present,
there's no future.
If now you don't...
we'll regret it in the future.
Xia Ying.
You didn't sleep?
I... I have to go.
You're not waiting for daybreak?
I have to go anyway;
what does it matter if it's daybreak
or not?
True. You have to go anyway.
Are our lives so short?
These last few days with you
...have been happier than
other people's decades.
Our lives haven't been short at all.
You don't need to see me off.
I'll come with you to the river.
The river...
That expanse of reeds.
We spent a lot of happy times there.
I'm off. You can go find my sister.
She'll take care of you.
The jewellery I left is worth a lot.
Say no more.
The sword Su Lou.
This time...
Out of the way.
Yang Jian.
This is betrayal!
Han Kui, we risked our lives fighting Qin,
my father and brother both fell
at Yi Yang,
yet you would confer with them
at Dong Meng
...and cede land to Qin in tribute,
and give away what we fought so hard
to keep!
Everyone would want to kill a traitor
like you!
Affairs of state are beyond your kind.
Lu Pen.
His father and brother are dead,
but his mother and sister-in-law
still live?
They do.
Have him killed by the death of
a thousand cuts.
Kill his mother and sister-in-law too.
I fear there may be fellow conspirators.
Be on your guard.
Yes sir!
Execute them before he palace gates.
I've dragged you into this!
This is too despicable!
Yang Jian may have attempted
but why execute his womenfolk as well?
Come again...
Have you a good room?
Yes... please.
Would this room suffice?
Please look inside.
This is our best room.
What's happening outside?
At the Premier's holding a conference
at Dong Meng to make peace with Qin,
but a minor officer tried to
assassinate him,
got caught, and was executed.
May I ask where sir is from?
What proof do you have?
Premier's orders.
He fears co-conspirators.
Do I look like an assassin?
Assassins are all desperate men,
like that poor kid executed just now.
Butjust look at a gentleman such as sir -
you're obviously a high-born nobleman!
How can you possibly be an assassin?
I am Gongsun from the kingdom of Qin
...on secret business here.
I may even have to meet with your Premier.
I do indeed have proof,
but it's not meet for me to show it
to you.
Your humble servant would not presume!
Prepare some food and wine for me.
Top quality only!
Yes sir...
Have you any musicians and courtesans?
Yes, we do...
Bring me a group of the best.
If you please me, you'll be rewarded.
Yes sir...
Are there any suspicious people about?
We conduct our business with great care.
We never accept people of
uncertain origins.
Who has taken this room?
A Master Gongsun from the kingdom of Qin.
From the kingdom of Qin?
General Lu has always been good to me.
Whatever I see I'm sure to report it
all to you.
This man's a big spender,
and seems important.
From what he says,
he's on some secret mission for Qin,
and is here to observe the situation.
What's the matter?
Master Gongsun, this is General Lu.
With our imminent Dong Meng conference
...we are worried men of ill-will
may intrude on our guests from your land;
thus our Premier has ordered my vigilance.
I heard there's a warrior Lu Pen
in your land
...of extraordinary prowess;
it must be you.
You're too kind.
Perhaps we'll meet again
at the conference.
From this man's demeanor,
your guess just now that he's a
Qin emissary
...is undoubtedly correct.
The Premier desires god relations
with Qin.
You must serve this gentleman well.
I will, General. You can count on me.
Hold on.
Sister Nie Rong!
Xia Ying!
I bear Nie Zheng's child.
I thought of looking for you in Qi.
I didn't think you'd come...
When Nie Zheng left so suddenly,
even though he kept it from me,
I could still guess where he was headed.
You know where he's headed?
He didn't tell you?
I only know there's something
he has to do,
from which he's not coming back.
Then why did you let him go?
I know that all his life
...he's wanted to achieve something,
something great and glorious.
If I don't let him go,
he'll be unhappy for the rest of his life.
Sister, do you understand?
I understand.
Sister, you know what he's going to do?
Since that year when Yen Chung-Tzu came
...and bonded with him as brothers,
even though he refused the
thousand in gold
for the sake of mother and myself,
I've known that his heart was already
with Yen.
Yen Chung-Tzu is an official of state,
a noble man revered everywhere.
For him to take up with an
unknown youth...
anyone would be moved beyond words,
let alone someone like Nie Zheng.
As soon as mother died and I was married,
he left without saying goodbye,
and I knew what he was up to.
I wanted to go after him.
Although I knew I may fail to catch up,
I still came, just in case I could
dissuade him.
He... he's gone to...
assassinate Premier Han Kui for
Yen Chung-Tzu!
Once the emissaries from Qin arrive,
whatever they do,
we mustn't disgrace ourselves before them.
Your Majesty, you must forbear.
I want to see Premier Han.
Master Gongsun.
Our Majesty has gifts for the Premier.
Would the General be so kind as to
lead the way?
Premier, one Qin emissary has arrived.
He's brought gifts to you from
the Qin King.
This is Master Gongsun from
the kingdom of Qin.
I am overwhelmed by
His Majesty's great gifts!
From Our Majesty to the Premier.
After him!
Close the door!
Yes sir!
The Premier and the assassin are inside!
Get something to ram it!
Yes sir!
This man's too skilful. Call for archers!
Yes sir!
Surround the assassin. Take him!
Take him!
Yes sir!
Take him alive!
Find out who he is!
After him...
Surround him...
The assassin's committed suicide. Get him!
His intestines are all hanging out!
Assassinated the Premier.
Committed suicide.
Any information regarding his name
and family
leading to the instigator:
A thousand in gold."
This is one tough assassin.
I hear he cut open his own belly
...and pulled out all his intestines!
And cut his face and took out
his own eyes,
in case someone could recognize the body
and bring disaster to his family.
Sister, how can you still do this?
How can you bear it?
As soon as day breaks, you leave.
Leave the kingdom of Han as fast as
you can.
What about you?
I'm going to claim the body.
Claim the body? But isn't that too...
You said Nie Zheng wanted to
achieve something.
He's achieved it now,
and achieved it most gloriously.
He could have had his name
remembered forever.
But out of fear for us, he killed himself.
It was such a terrible way to die!
How can I bear to cling on to life
and let his heroic deed be buried
with him?
Then... then I should go.
No. You are with child.
You have to preserve the bloodline
...of our family of Nie.
What business do you have?
I come to claim the body.
You know who he was?
His name was Nie Zheng,
from Zhi county in the kingdom of Yi.
For the crime of colluding with
the state of Qin,
he assassinated the Premier Han Kui.
What's your relationship with him?
I am his sister.
Yes sir.
Take her.
Yes sir.
Don't look.
Out of the way...
Don't look...
Out of the way...