Back to the Jurassic (2015)

On a scale of one to 10,
rocket boarding is totally a 37!
This is Terra Dino.
A pretty decent place to live.
Especially if you're a dinosaur
fanatic, like me.
Did you know that more dinosaur fossils
are discovered in our tar pits
than anywhere else in the world?
If you ever want to come here,
I'm an awesome tour guide.
Sorry, Mr. Hodges.
Ernie Fitzpatrick!
How dare you?
Hey, sis. How was soccer practice?
Mom's gonna be so mad at you. Again.
You know you're supposed to be
watching the store!
Here's a quarter, Jules.
Call someone who cares.
If you can find a payphone!
Got you.
She's kind of right about my mom though.
Her head would explode if she saw me.
But I'm not too worried.
Mom's busy getting ready
for some PTA award ceremony.
The most important part of being
a parent is setting rules.
Thank you for this award.
Ernie, are you on your way?
Yeah, I just stopped
to let Julia borrow some money.
Okay, I'm leaving now.
So I'm gonna put up
the "back in 15 minutes" sign for you.
What do I always say, Ernie?
- Leave a note.
- Leave a note.
So 15 minutes gives you
until 2:53 sharp, okay?
Yep, got it!
I know my mom means well,
but she's always watching me.
I never get a second of freedom.
Ernie, are you at the store yet?
- Getting there.
- Okay, well, don't dawdle.
- Just go as fast as you can.
- Okay, Mom.
You heard her.
She said "as fast as I can."
Terra Dino Natural History Museum.
Only the most excellent place on Earth!
And this is Mystery Rock.
See that carving?
It's been dated all the way back
to the Cretaceous Period.
Which is weird,
'cause who could have carved it?
No humans were around
145 million years ago,
just dinosaurs.
Right. That's where we got the name.
Give them back!
That's my best friend, Max.
He's way cooler than he thinks he is,
which is what makes him so cool.
But sometimes the other kids
don't see that.
Do you think Leonardo da Vinci
got picked on as a kid?
What? Who?
Look, something shiny!
- Shiny?
- What? Where?
Ernie, how's the rocket board?
- On a scale of...
- Thirty-seven, baby!
You and your dad totally
outdid yourselves on this one!
Hey, speaking of my dad. He found
new fossil samples at digs 23 and 29.
They're doing
the formal unveiling tomorrow.
Too cool!
- A new exhibit? I can't wait!
- Wait.
But the exhibit isn't open.
And aren't you supposed to be
helping out at your mom's shop?
Dude, you sound like my mom,
with all her "do this, do that" stuff.
Don't you know breaking the rules
is the most important part of being a kid?
The most important part of being
a parent is setting rules.
Once you set rules, the key
is making sure they're followed
exactly the way you want.
I do everything she wants me to do,
just not exactly the way she wants me to.
It's a compromise.
No compromises!
A good goal is to make observance
of the rules a family project.
That, of course,
doesn't mean I endorse tattling.
Ready to begin
Operation Massively Busted.
Oh, the beauty of ancient history.
This is Gallimimus.
He could run up to 20 miles per hour...
Twenty-five miles per hour, dude.
Read a book much?
That, of course, was the Super-
Okay, moving on.
Often, kids think
they know more than adults.
They don't know more than adults.
- We can't.
- Oh, but we must.
Keep look out!
This looks complicated.
We'll need a variable algorithm
to sort combination possibilities.
What about the possibility
it isn't locked? Boo-yah!
Oh, yeah. Boo-yah.
I wonder if I'll like prison food.
The vicious, bloodthirsty killer.
Attacks without mercy.
Just statues, Max, totally
non-threatening. Here we go.
Constant vigilance.
That's the biggie.
If we let our guard down for one minute,
who knows what kind of trouble
our kids might get into?
Hey, Max! Look! This must be it.
Yeah. But it's covered up.
Too bad. Let's get out of here.
I didn't sneak all the way in here
to see a giant bed sheet.
Come on. Let's pull it off.
- I don't know, Ernie.
- I'll get this corner. You get that one.
Hey, what's the deal?
Infrared motion detector.
Watch this.
Hang on, we're going in!
Ernie, I totally want to be you
before I grow up.
Oh, yeah.
Okay, now. One, two, three!
- On a scale of...
- Nine hundred.
No offense to the rocket board.
None taken.
I sure wouldn't want to meet him
in a dark alley.
With teeth like that,
I wouldn't want to meet him anywhere.
You've fooled Mom
for the last time, Ernie.
Here's your quarter.
Better call a lawyer.
Secure the area!
Stay frosty, boys.
I smell spies from the Science Museum.
Let's ride.
- Seal the perimeter!
- Okay.
- Scale of one to 10?
- Minus 50!
You just learned how to ride this thing
and you can't see where you're going.
Chillax, Max!
I've got this place totally memorized!
I've got them. I've got them!
We're doing it!
I can't believe you doubted me, Max.
I'm a little hurt.
Service exit on the left.
I don't think so.
Thank you for this award.
Got you, you little...
Now let me direct your attention to the
Okay, can I just point out that
"technically" I didn't disobey you?
You said go to the store
after school, and I stopped by.
There's proof! I left a note!
Yeah, see? I didn't disobey you.
I just took a brief, educational detour!
You did disobey, and you know it.
Plus, the museum was damaged.
Their display was disrupted.
I know, Mom. I'm sorry.
Your actions affect other people, Ernie.
You have to learn that.
I have to be able to count on you,
and someday, others will, too.
I just really wanted to see those bones.
They're fossils, honey.
They've been around for millions of years.
They're not going anywhere.
Now, I'm grounding you for three weeks!
- Mom!
- It's my rule, Ernie,
and no compromising.
Now go to your room and close the door
until I call you for dinner.
"Mother of the year,"
Nobody asked for my vote.
Can't you make your own life interesting
instead of always butting in on mine?
Three weeks!
That's more than you've ever gotten!
I wouldn't have gotten anything
if that alarm hadn't gone off.
- And I know for a fact Max and I...
- Ta-da!
- You!
- Me what?
You are gonna pay for this!
Enjoy your three weeks of house arrest!
It's not fair!
It never ends!
"Time to go to the store, Ernie!"
"Time for violin practice, Ernie!"
"Time to clean your room, Ernie!"
How about some Ernie time?
When can I make my own rules?
There's an open window right next to me.
Any other time I wouldn't think twice.
I can't.
I won't.
But I must.
He's unbelievable.
- Max, open up!
- Coming!
Still a few bugs in my dad's
new door opener.
You think?
Your mom didn't...
Your mom didn't punish you?
No! No! Stop it! Stop it!
Yeah. She grounded me for three weeks.
And yet you're here.
How about your dad?
He says I have to help him in the garage
after school for a month.
- Like I mind!
- Man, who would?
- No, Ernie's mom doesn't let him have soda.
- Ernie's mom isn't here.
Did your garage get bigger?
Yeah. We sold the car
to make room for more experiments.
- Dad! Ernie's here!
- Back here!
Hey, Dr. Santiago!
How's the time machine coming along?
Four years, and still doesn't work.
For a long time I thought
the power key wasn't connected right.
Now I'm pretty sure
it's in the control panel.
Let's see. Chronal stream relay,
Matter transferal gauge, operational.
I just don't know.
You'll get it, Dad.
We'll get it.
You know the vacuuming robot?
I'll bet I can re-purpose its capacitors
for the time machine's power bypass.
A time when I could make my own rules?
- On a scale of one to 10...
- You can't count that high.
No doubt.
Sneaking out and drinking a soda,
double busted!
You tattling twerp!
Three weeks is nothing!
I've got enough pictures here
to get you grounded for three years.
Dudes, be careful! Some of this stuff,
even my dad doesn't know what it might do!
Give me that phone!
I didn't do it!
Sneaking out, drinking a soda
and wrecking Dr. Santiago's machine!
Ernie, you are triple busted!
So this is my fault? I don't think so!
You come along and suddenly the fun...
Maybe construction down the street?
What was that?
Max? Do you have a pit bull
you never told me about?
This is majorly weird.
Okay. Nobody flip. I'm sure
the control panel just freaked out.
- Julia, are you okay?
- Is it still there?
Yeah, but she doesn't look like
she wants to hurt us.
She almost looks like...
She's smiling?
Then she won't mind if we go home.
That's a real T-Rex!
Man, I gotta check this out!
Ernie! Quit it!
Don't worry.
She's not even trying to catch me!
Maybe, but she can
take our heads off with her tail!
Relax! Can't you see how cool this is?
Ernie, she might eat us
if we don't get out of here now.
I think the museum
did a really great job
with this new display.
Very lifelike.
It's real! This is all real?
She cleaned him, like a newborn.
It makes sense.
The time machine kind of looks
like an egg when it's all folded up.
Makes sense? Hello, do we look
like baby dinosaurs?
She wasn't calling everyone
to dinner, was she?
No. She was calling everyone
to look at her cute widdle babies.
It almost sounds like they're talking
to each other, doesn't it?
We are so happy for you, Tyra.
Yeah. It was looking like that egg of yours
was never gonna hatch.
The way you've been
like a mother to Orphan
for all these years
is so wonderful, Tyra.
But you deserve children of your own.
You'll still look
after us though, right?
I mean, we don't want those Sarcos
sneaking up on us
when we're grazing or anything.
Come on now, don't worry.
I'm not going anywhere.
All of you are my family.
I'll protect you
from the Sarco Brothers.
And then when my babies are big enough,
they'll protect you, too.
- What do we have here?
- Any stragglers? I'm starving!
Why you... Are you out of your mind?
Are you looking to get extinct?
She could have heard you.
There's something going on here.
What are you looking at? It wasn't me.
I didn't let loose a stinker
or anything, I swear!
Is that right?
Then how come, all of a sudden,
it smells like a sulfur pit around here?
Tell me that!
I think it smells kind of nice!
Just shut up, will you?
The Sarcos wanna know anything
and everything about Tyra!
The plot thickens.
They're definitely gonna
want to hear about this.
Yeah, definitely.
Amateurs! If they're not belching,
they're squawking.
If they're not squawking,
they're stepping on things.
They are as weird looking as Orphan is.
They are beautiful.
And they'll grow up big and strong,
like their mother.
Now, everyone, shoo!
My babies need their sleep! Now shoo!
All right, all right.
Now's our chance.
Jules, come on,
we'll just stay for a little while.
We can set the time machine
to bring us back right after we left...
and Mom will never know we were gone!
We won't get in any trouble!
This isn't about getting away
with something, Ernie!
It's about going back where we belong!
Max, how do you get this to work?
Let's see.
Well, first you run
the initialization sequence.
But the initialization sequence
won't even run
because the power key is gone.
What if it fell off
while we were going back in time?
It could be anywhere or anywhen!
I'll give it to them later, okay?
I mean, Dino-Mom thinks we're her kids,
and it'd be rude to just leave, right?
Don't worry, Jules. I'm sure it must've
just fallen off somewhere around here
while we were coming in for a landing.
We'll find it, in a day or two.
Ernie, we're stuck here.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Look around, Jules.
This is Terra Dino
at the peak of the Cretaceous Period.
- And?
- And that's totally awesome!
This is our town!
Millions of years
before we were ever born!
Look, there's Mystery Rock!
And if this nest is near Max's garage,
- then we're probably really close to...
- Home.
Ernie? It's time for dinner.
Come on, Ernie. I know you're upset with me,
but you can at least answer your door.
Julia, did you see where your bro...
"Gone to bust Ernie!" Okay.
It's just a matter of figuring out
where Ernie would go.
He went where he always goes.
Just a minute.
Hey, Sue! Hola!
Hello, Dr. Santiago.
- Oh, please.
- I wish you'd call me... Diego.
- Could you come down from there?
- Oh. Yeah, sorry.
I'm still working out a few kinks
in my robot with the arms and things.
- Sorry.
- Is Ernie here?
Yep, he and Max are in the garage.
I think Julia's here, too.
They're looking at the time machine.
Time machine?
Okay. While she's busy,
let's go exploring.
For the power key. Come on!
Ernie, if you get eaten,
I'll still tell Mom!
Do whatever. I'm having fun.
Hi. Mom?
Mommy. Can I go out...
See? You're not supposed to go anywhere.
There's a way around any mom.
It's just a matter of finding it.
Oh, yeah.
What is it?
Lookee! Your big brother
brought presents!
Let me see them!
Where are they? Where are they?
- Orphan.
- Oh, congrats, Mom! Triplets?
I need to see them. I need to see them.
Where are they? Oh, there they are!
They're different colors!
They're different colors!
I've got siblings.
I've finally got siblings!
You know, someone to play
hide-and-go-eat with!
And on long trips, you know, we'll fight
over who has to sit on Mom's hump.
It will never be me, of course.
You know?
And we'll sing the same songs over
and over. Mostly the songs I like.
And for the rest of our lives
we'll have each other as friends!
Best friends! You know forever and ever.
One question. Why do they look so weird?
- What kind of dinosaur is that?
- No clue. But it's not a T-Rex.
Yeah, no harm done, really.
The security guard
just has to get new pants.
Well, that's not what I'm angry about...
What is that?
Hey, that's not the kids
or the time machine!
So, what is it?
It's a dinosaur egg.
If I'm not mistaken, a T-Rex!
Excuse me?
If there's an egg
from the Cretaceous Period in my garage,
that means matter transferal
must have taken place.
And that means, somehow the kids,
they must have gotten
my time machine to work.
Excuse me?
They've gone back
millions of years in the past.
Excuse me!
Now, don't panic, Sue!
It's just a matter of reversing...
What exactly are you saying?
I really hate this place.
- Will you shut up?
- Sorry.
Mr. Sarco?
Mr. Other Sarco? We're back.
Your prodigal henchmen have returned.
Mr. Sarco? Mr. Other Sarco?
There you are.
Looking good.
What took you idiots so long?
They were out there goofing around.
Let's eat them now before they goof
the meat off their bones.
Don't eat me! I'm mostly fat!
If we don't relocate soon,
we won't have a choice.
With all the earthquakes
and the rising tar,
the pickings are getting slim down here.
Soon, nothing in the Lower Valley
will survive.
And when we get rid of Tyra,
the Upper Valley is ours for the taking.
We need an edge,
which is where you come in.
So you better have brought us
some good news,
or start hoping we can eat you
in just one bite.
We've got news all right, bosses.
News you can use.
Tyra's had babies! Three of them!
Yeah! They're really cute.
You just wanna pinch their widdle cheeks!
More adoptions?
No, she said they were her own!
And it looks like
there's another egg still in her nest!
Another egg?
If it was taken, she'd come look for it.
And then we can take care of her,
once and for all.
My babies' first night of life.
I can't wait to teach them
everything I know.
And one day watch them take down
their first Corythosaurus
with just their bare claws
and their fangs.
You know, it's kind of hard to actually
picture them doing that, but maybe.
- Okay. Into bed with you now.
- Nighty-night.
Now's our chance to go...
to look for the power key.
No way. You are not
leaving me all alone,
millions of years in the past,
in the middle of the night!
But we're going in the morning
before our dino-mom wakes up.
Sue! Sue, will you calm down a little?
No! Going back to shaking you
as soon as I catch my breath.
Listen. The time machine
has an automatic system
that returns it three hours after it left
to minimize time stream disruption.
So the time machine
should show up in five,
four, three, two,
I guess the clocks are broken.
Okay, now we go to Plan B.
- What's Plan B?
- Start thinking of Plan C.
Look at it scientifically.
Three pairs of eyes looking for a power key
is better than two, right?
- Do you see anything?
- Nope, nothing back here.
- Did you hear that?
- Hear what?
Bet it's just that weird
little dinosaur again.
It doesn't sound like that weird little...
It's coming closer!
Okay, maybe you're right.
Hey, wait for me!
Got you!
You can thank me later.
Oh, Mom's gonna be so mad!
Ernie, what do we do?
Grab some logs!
I don't wanna lose my brothers
and sisters! I've just met them!
Wait for me!
- What do we do now?
- Enjoy the ride!
Big, big boulder!
Max, grab on to Julia!
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm inventing a new sport!
Oh, boy!
Oh, great.
Okay, I'm gonna explain the plan
one more time,
and I swear if you don't get it,
I'll dump you in a tar pit myself!
Even if you don't understand,
pretend like you do.
We sneak up on Tyra's nest,
and the first time she walks away,
we go in there and... take the egg.
I'm looking forward
to the sneaking up part!
I'm a really good sneaker!
Something bit me!
What animal would be desperate enough
to bite you, stink bag?
Help him pull it out.
Me? Why do I always have to pull
stuff out of his feet? Why not you?
Because I'm a smacker!
You see? Not a puller!
I am gonna smack him some day.
It tickles!
Hold still, you big-footed bean-brain.
You got crust between your toes!
Oh, that's leftover lizard.
Watch out! You're gonna make me...
- Man, you're disgusting!
- Oh, boy, that was bad.
Will you just pull it out already?
We've got work to do.
Yeah! But never again.
- On a scale...
- Three hundred and fifty!
Ernie, is he making fun of me?
Ernie! Ernie! Ernie!
Hey! He can talk!
He's just repeating what we say,
but that's incredible!
You did great, helping us
dodge around all those rocks.
I'm gonna call you Dodger.
Dodger, Dodger, Dodger, Dodger, Dodger!
Check it out.
Those things live like forever!
I told Tyra too much red meat is not good
when you are pregnant, and look!
They're all runts.
Lambeosauruses! Don't worry.
They're strictly vegetarian.
Dude. What are you now?
Like a workout freak?
Haven't you heard?
It's survival of the fittest.
Hey, Pterodactyls!
If those things are gonna protect us
from the Sarcos, we're all dead.
We'll be safer at my mother's. Come on.
This is really amazing!
And you would never have seen this
if I hadn't broken Mom's rules.
Okay, this was worth it. We can go back.
What? To the nest?
No, to...
What's the matter?
Nothing, I...
Looks like Mom's here, after all.
Some sitter you turned out to be, Orphan.
I thought I could trust you with my babies.
They could have gone into the Lower Valley,
and if the Sarcos...
Hey, I was keeping an eye on them.
At least one of my eyes!
Maybe the other eye.
I never know what it's gonna do.
But, Mom, you know, kids are gonna test you.
That's what they do!
Except me, I'm a pretty good kid!
Well, then, if they're going to start
wandering off on their own,
it's time to teach them to survive
without me there to protect them.
Mom, they're a lot tougher then they look.
And they called me Dodger. I kind of like it.
Ernie? Ernie?
I'm coming, Dodger, I'm coming,
but I've gotta find that power key.
Power key.
Don't get me wrong. You and Dino-Mom
are great, and this place is amazing!
Amazing! Amazing!
It's just not home.
Home! Home! Home!
Was I gonna let some little,
teeny raptor scare me?
Heck, no.
Thought of anything yet?
I'm sort of stuck on Max surrounded
by carnivorous dinosaurs. You?
Aren't you supposed to be the scientist?
Yes. Yes, I am!
And I should be approaching
getting our kids back
like any other scientific problem.
Okay, the time machine
moves up the chronal streams
toward their starting point.
- So for the kids to get back to us...
- Wait.
Why do they have to come back to us?
- Is that a trick question?
- No. I mean, we could go to them!
- We don't have another time machine.
- But you built one!
Yes, but it took four years
of trial and error.
That's because you never had the PTA
Mother of the Year managing your time!
Please, just give me half an hour
to find that power key.
I've got to find that power key,
and I can't take no for an answer!
- Max! Where's Ernie?
- Ernie.
- Ernie.
- I don't know.
I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know. I don't know.
Ernie, what happened to you?
She grounded me.
Ernie! Ernie! Ernie!
Ernie. Max. Max again.
Dino-Mom. Me, Dodger.
Hey, come here a sec!
You guys ever seen tracks
like these before?
- No.
- They're all around the nest.
Like something's been checking it out.
I can't tell where they go.
Jules, come here!
They're coming from the river!
Come on! Let's follow them.
Hey, Mom! Are you gonna let them
leave the nest?
Well, I want to see
where these tracks lead to.
And it'll be good practice for them.
Practice! You know, good thinking, Mom!
That's why you're the mom!
The coast is clear. Come on.
Grab it. Let's go. Let's go.
Quiet. And be careful, don't drop it.
And try not to...
I got it! I got it! Watch the egg.
You scramble that egg,
and I'll scramble you!
Come on! Carrying an egg,
how hard can it be?
The stuff I gotta put up with!
You've still got them, Julia?
Yeah, these marks are a little older,
and I think these ones
are three different sets of tracks.
- Definitely traveling together though.
- You're really good at this.
Almost everything I learned,
I learned from spying on Ernie.
Ernie, what's up? You've been
acting really weird for a while.
- Look, guys, I actually had the...
- Hey, look at this!
Guys, guys, guys, guys!
The tracks come from down there,
a whole other part of the valley.
Let's check it out!
Or let's not.
What's the big deal?
We learned from you.
We can handle whatever is down there.
I don't think she's gonna let us.
Is this how you feel
when Mom tells you no, Ernie?
She knows this place better than we do.
Maybe we should listen.
Did you hit your head or something?
It'd be better than this.
Listen, we have to watch the babies
closer than ever.
I don't want them near the Lower Valley.
No, not the Lower Valley!
The Sarco Brothers are down there!
They got teeth, rows of teeth!
And claws for ripping and shredding!
And then there's the earthquakes
and the boiling hot magma!
And the tar pits.
I'm sure they'll be fine though.
I can't believe that's my car!
Yeah. Looks good, doesn't it?
You know, I've never worked this fast,
or efficiently, in my life.
Then again, I've never had to rescue
my son from the Cretaceous Period.
It's amazing watching you work.
Hey, you know,
you're no slouch yourself.
I was ready to give up and take a nap
before you started screaming
through that bullhorn.
- I can see where Ernie gets his energy.
- Yeah.
To teamwork?
Oh, I don't... I...
Oh, why not?
Maybe I'll just sneak away
and see what's down there.
- Julia!
- Max, she's a dinosaur.
- She can't understand us.
- You're gonna get us in trouble.
The power key!
I didn't think I'd ever get this back!
I mean...
Wait. You didn't think you'd get it back?
What does that mean?
I saw it fall off the time machine,
and I put it in my pocket.
You what?
You guys were in such a hurry
to get back, and I wasn't ready!
I didn't want to go back to Mom
and her rules and being grounded!
Can you blame me?
So instead you made us stay here
where we could have been
eaten by anything?
And then almost got us stranded forever?
It's just like Mom
said about you, Ernie!
You don't care what could happen to other
people as long as you're having your fun!
Okay, look. I found the power key,
so let's just go.
The time machine!
Hey, I didn't take that!
Now we'll never get home.
- Jules, it'll be okay. We'll...
- Don't! This is all your fault.
I miss Mom, but you don't,
do you, Ernie?
Of course I do.
Oh, poor babies.
What's the big deal?
It's just an eggshell.
- Why hasn't Tyra come yet?
- Well...
I thought she cared about this thing.
Could be 'cause we did such a good job.
We're such master thieves,
she don't even know it's gone!
Aren't we great?
She's not coming because what's important
to her really are her babies.
They are so cute!
And so pink!
Let me eat him, please.
If they fail their next mission.
Bring us one of Tyra's babies,
then she'll come.
- Okay. All we need is a plan, right?
- Like what?
Hope we live for 100 million years
so we can see Mom again?
No, but...
Ernie, you are a genius!
What are you talking about?
Jules, what does Mom tell us to do
if we leave the house and she's not there?
Leave a note.
Right! So what if we carve
a note for Max's dad
showing him what he has to do
to get his time machine to work?
To work?
- Which is?
- Just splash soda on the controls!
Right! And we carve it somewhere
we know she'll see it.
- Someplace special, like a landmark.
- Carve it.
Someplace we look at every day.
- Mystery Rock!
- Bingo!
Are you finished yet? Is it ready?
Is it finished? Can we try it?
I mean, oh, maybe I should
slow down on these things.
All that's left to do
is to give it a try!
- Come on!
- Hope this works.
I don't get it. I built it
the same way as the other one.
But that one didn't
work either, remember?
Good point, but then the kids
did something to it. Right?
Careful! I know we're in a hurry,
Dr. Santiago,
- but this is a residential neighborhood.
- You can call me Diego.
Careful, Ernie!
I hate you, but I don't want you
to break your leg!
- Jules, this'll work, I know it!
- Work, work.
I say we get that one.
Good. You're elected. Climb that rock.
Well, I meant he should get that one.
Ernie! Ernie.
- Thanks.
- Thanks! Thanks!
- Here.
- Here? Here.
Hang on, Julia!
I may have lost the key
and then the time machine,
but I am not losing my sister, too!
Run! Run!
And try not to step on anything!
Give me back my baby!
Give me back my best friend's sister!
Excuse me.
Follow those thieves!
Oh, great!
Excuse us!
Have you seen a newborn carnivorous
prehistoric reptile with very sharp teeth?
Right over there.
Call animal control!
Oh, no.
It went this way. Didn't it?
My store! My merchandise!
We need to trap it, lure it somehow.
The drive-through!
- Welcome to Dino-Burger.
- I need 50 burgers to go as fast as you can!
We're having a promotion
on our pterodactyl tacos.
You heard me, 50 burgers!
And two extra-large sodas.
Thanks for the ride!
Tracks! I can follow these.
No! It's a trap!
Welcome to our home, Tyra.
Care to take a little dip
in some hot tar?
Hello? Julia?
Your reign in the Upper Valley
is finished, Tyra.
We're taking over now.
The time machine!
You've got two little babies to protect.
That'll make it twice as hard
to protect yourself.
Sorry, Julia. Pretty lousy rescue.
- Where's Ernie?
- I don't know.
Oh, man. I've gotta do something.
Come on, Tyra.
Just give up, and we'll make this easy.
- Never!
- Then we'll do it the hard way.
Come on! Let's get out of here!
Find out where those roars came from.
And try not to get eaten.
That is good advice.
Come on!
Come and get it, little guy.
Yum, yum. That's it.
Oh, brother, if the PTA saw me now,
they'd take back their award.
All these trans fats.
- Come on. Come on.
- Almost there.
Just a few more steps.
Got you!
Tyra's baby!
Oh, no.
Finally, a meal we don't have to share
with the Sarcos!
I'm gonna enjoy this.
Did I say jump on me?
When I did say jump on me?
Look at me!
- Dodger!
- Ernie!
Awesome roar! Let's go find Dino-Mom!
At least we landed
in something warm and squishy.
Terrific. This is worse than extinction.
Hey, what's extinction?
Hey. That was brilliant!
That's the kind of plan
Max always brags that Ernie makes.
He always was smarter
than I gave him credit for.
All right, come on.
Let's figure this out.
Let's go.
We're back where we started!
- Ernie!
- Hey, guys!
Guys! Guys! Guys!
- She kept you safe.
- She's been fighting for us!
Against those things we saw
in the museum, Sarcosuchuses.
I saw them. And I liked them a lot better
when they were just fossils.
- The whole place is coming down!
- The time machine!
But Dino-Mom...
Ernie, we don't have much time.
Let's go home.
- Wait! We can't just leave her!
- Now, Ernie! We've got to go!
Hurry up, you guys!
Ernie, give me the key!
Ernie! Ernie!
Are we sinking?
- We're in a tar pit.
- Get us out of here!
Ernie! Ernie! Ernie!
Ernie, what is it?
Guys, I know how much
getting home means to you,
but we can't run away from this.
You know me, Ernie.
I'm always right behind you.
Hey, gator breath, over here! Missed me!
Hey! Over here!
You leave my baby brother alone,
you big bully!
Julia, use the flash!
See you in the museum.
Oh, boy!
I'm sorry, Sue. This isn't gonna work.
Just another Santiago screw up.
It's so ridiculous
how controlling I was.
Did you know at dinnertime
I would sit and actually count
how many times they chewed?
And if Ernie ever went outside,
even if he was just going to the backyard,
I always made him...
Leave a note.
- Sue?
- Wait up!
Wait a second.
Wait up!
Let's go.
Ernie. Dodger.
The kids!
Ernie! Julia!
- Dad!
- Max!
- Oh, my darlings.
- I never thought I'd see you again.
Look out!
Everybody, get down!
You messed with the wrong family!
Well, now you're all dead!
Let me know if the tar's too hot, Sarco.
- Kids, get behind me!
- Mom, no!
Ernie, just stay back!
You're not getting my kids.
Mom, it's not what you think!
Mom, stop! She found us!
She treated us like we were her kids!
It's true! She even made us
wash our faces!
- Like that.
- That would be sort of disgusting,
if it weren't so amazing.
You see it too, Mom?
She's a bigger version of them.
- Dad!
- Max!
The time machine worked,
just like you said it would!
And that thing that almost ate us,
was that a Sarchosuchus?
- Yeah!
- Outrageous!
She looks so sad.
See if this cheers her up.
Let's get out of here.
Thanks for taking care of us.
And for not eating us, of course.
Thanks, Mom.
You know, I'm gonna miss this place.
The smell of the plants,
the sounds of the jungle,
the dinosaur fights.
I'll miss you, too.
Come on, Ern!
Thanks again for everything.
And watch out for those tar pits!
- Goodbye!
- Adis!
We'll miss you!
So, how'd you figure out that you
had to spill soda on the controls?
- I saw the carvings on the rock.
- Except I never got the chance, Mom.
I went chasing after Jules.
So how'd it get there?
Dodger, Dodger, Dodger!