Back from Eternity (1956)

Doing all bets.
Coming out.
Here they come.
2 sixes.
The loser, take the line.
Coming out again.
Here they come.
Coming up.
Coming out again.
7 the loser.
Take the pole.
Coming out again.
Here they come.
Coming out,
another shooter
and a good one.
No more chips tonight.
Orders from Paul.
Come on, girls.
Who are your friends?
They tell me outside
no more chips.
That's right.
Well, let's say
good citizenship.
I just learned
your papers weren't
quite in order.
Where did you hear that?
A government friend.
You promised me
when you brought me
from Europe--
yes, I know.
I promised you'd be safe here.
I thought you would be.
But that man in Vienna--
the one we got
your papers from...
He must have been
a careless workman.
Then find another man here.
Oh, no.
Not with the immigration
people breathing
down our necks.
I'm glad you said
"our necks," Paul,
because you are in this
just as much--
time you were on
the move again, Rena.
Pity, all the countries
that won't have you.
And now the United States.
But I've found a brand-new
country for you,
in South America.
Hot there,
but they say blondes do well.
Tony's got your things
in the station wagon.
He'll drive you to L.A.
and see that you catch
the right plane.
Airline ticket,
couple of bucks for cigarettes,
letter of introduction
to a friend of mine
in a place called Boca Grande.
Boca Grande, young man.
Our destination is Boca Grande.
Can't you read English?
You've already seen
our tickets once.
Trenton, Nebraska,
to El Paso; El Paso
to Mexico City--
Mrs. Spangler,
all I'm trying to do is
to attach these baggage
checks to your ticket.
Well, why didn't you say
so in the first place?
Thank you very much.
Flight now loading.
Flight now loading.
Stay right where
you are, Dean Simms.
We mustn't have
you come out
on the field
and catch your death of cold.
Have a nice time, Martha.
Thank you.
I'm sure Henry will.
Oh, young man?
There's a small bag
I want you to put
on my seat.
Uh, sir?
Doctor in the house.
The faculty wanted me
to give you this--
a diary, which we hope
you'll keep.
Well, that's very nice
of you. Heh!
I hope I find
something interesting
to write in it.
Ha ha!
We know
your research,
when completed,
will reflect glory on all of us.
We're from the school paper.
We'd like to take a photograph.
Would you mind stepping
over by the Gate, please?
Well, thank you.
Good-bye, sir.
Flight 134,
from New York and Chicago,
arriving East Concourse,
Gate number 4.
You got everything straight?
Yeah, I suppose so.
Well, let's hear you say it.
Miami, Panama,
Boca Grande, to look up
a Mrs. Sophie Raditz
in a joint called
The Blue Moon Casino.
I'm to rent a house
from her with the dough
you got stashed
in the bank down there.
And get a couple
of women servants.
That's just it, boss.
Why don't you get a woman here
and send her instead of me?
Because I don't know
any woman that carries a gun.
Then go yourself, boss.
You've got it made.
I'm not getting on till
I get exactly ready to,
not a minute before.
They're not scaring me
out, ever.
Petey, you gonna do
this thing for me?
I suppose if I gotta, I gotta,
but, believe me,
I don't like playing nursemaid.
Since Pete doesn't
want to take me,
can't I just stay with you?
Hey, now you're talkin'.
Shut up.
Tommy, you remember
what you promised me,
about being a good soldier?
Yes, daddy.
Well, sometimes good soldiers have
to do hard things,
only this really isn't
so hard after all.
A week or so in Boca Grande,
and I'll be there with you,
doing all the things
we talked about.
Passengers boarding.
And if anything goes wrong--
what more could go wrong?
Say good-bye
to daddy, Tommy.
Bye, daddy.
Please hurry.
Be a good soldier, huh?
all right.
Off you go.
Captain Brown,
there is a call for you
at the accommodations telephone.
Captain Brown, please.
The luggage for incoming
PSA passengers
is now available
at the fleet entrance, area 6.
we'd better get going.
Henry, Henry, wake up.
What'd you say, Martha?
I said wake up.
It isn't respectable
to be sleeping in a public place.
No, not respectable at all.
How is the champagne coming?
It is almost ready, senor.
I want it nice and cold.
Ah, Si.
Did you get me some milk yet?
Si, senor.
PSA flight 32,
now boarding on Gate
number 2 for Miami.
All aboard, please.
Here, kid.
Take a nice big slug of this.
I'm not thirsty.
Come on,
don't you want to grow up
and be nice and strong like
your old man?
Come on, now.
Take a drink of this, will ya?
"I ain't thirsty,
I ain't hungry,"
and I ain't no nursemaid.
I'll be back in a minute.
Hey. hey, miss.
Come here.
Un momento, por favor.
What'd you find out
about the kid?
Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Boswick,
but I haven't had
a chance to speak to
the operation manager.
Well, come on, will ya?
I ain't got all day.
I will, as soon as I finish
with these passengers.
I got to know now.
It will not be more
than 5 minutes, senor.
The Los Angeles plane--
she is here now.
Well, it's about time.
What Gate?
The passengers are
already in immigration.
How long will that take?
A moment or two for each.
Thank you.
Oh, excuse me.
Oh, Louise.
Louise, I thought
you'd never get here.
Well, that's fairly obvious.
Who's your slinky friend?
Who? oh, her.
Well, wasn't she on your plane?
Well, what's that got
to do with it?
Well, just that.
I never saw her
before in my life.
I was just trying to be helpful.
Really? well, one
of you was certainly
a fast worker.
Not me.
Scout's honor.
She came up to me
while I was looking for you
and asked me if I had--
oh, you monkey, you.
Ha ha. Hi, darling.
I ought to slug you,
rather than laying out
good money for champagne.
Champagne? where?
Right over here.
Probably frozen solid by now.
Oh, that's all right, darling.
I like it that way.
Oh, darling,
I'm so glad to see you.
I'm sorry the plane was late.
Not half as sorry as I am.
You know, we missed
the plane to Rio.
Well, is that such a tragedy?
I told you we had to be
in Rio by tomorrow
to get the concession
papers signed.
Oh. well, I thought
we had to be here today
in order to get married.
Of course, that's
the big thing, but...
Sweetheart, would you mind
very much if we wait
until we got to Brazil?
See, I found a plane
that makes another
connection to Rio
tomorrow morning
at a place called
Boca Grande.
Now, it leaves in 10 minutes.
And, besides, it isn't
proper for a girl
to get engaged
and married at
the same time.
It isn't?
This should come first.
Oh, Jud.
It's perfectly beautiful!
I always have been
a firm believer
in long engagements.
Come in.
Yes, he was told, Barney.
I told him yesterday.
How the blazes
should I know?
You try his hotel?
Well, talk to
the desk clerk.
He should know.
Who are you?
Brooks, sir.
Joe Brooks.
Are you a drinking
man, Mr. Brooks?
Well, of course not, sir.
Well, that will be something
of a novelty
for this part of the world.
I see you found
your gear all right.
Mr. Grimsby?
I have a problem.
You don't even know how to spell.
Grimsby here.
Never came in at all?
Well, check around.
Trouble about Bill?
There seems to be
a slight mix-up.
He's never missed a flight yet.
Something tells me he has now.
You two met?
Miss Alvarez, our youngest
eagle, Joe Brooks.
He's supposed to be your copilot.
I'm not much of
an eagle, miss Alvarez.
This is my first
regular job and...
Well, all I hope is
I do all right.
I'm sure you will, Mr. Brooks.
You can start out doing right
by getting the weather, Joe.
And then bring the ship
around to the ramp.
Yes, sir.
Don't worry.
Everything is going
to be all right, Mr. Grimsby.
Keeps your fingers
crossed, or we're
going to have
to wash out the flight.
They're crossed.
Ok. now, what's the problem?
A man and a little boy,
both booked to Boca Grande.
He wants to send
the child on alone.
Somebody there to meet the kid?
Mrs. Raditz
of The Blue Moon Casino.
Aunt Sophie.
That's something new for her.
I don't see there's much
we can do, Maria.
The kid's got a ticket.
He's entitled to use it.
Tell the man it's ok.
All right.
How do you like her?
Oh, you must be Larnigan.
That's right.
I'm Joe Brooks.
Yeah, they told me.
Would you hand me that thermos
on the deck,
by your chair there?
Strong, black coffee.
Nothing like it in the morning.
You seen Mr. Grimsby?
No, I never talk to Grimsby.
He uses bad language.
Look, I got a lot
of important things to do:
Change my clothes,
shave, gargle.
Yeah, it helps flying.
Why don't you go aft
and help Maria?
Passengers will be
aboard in a minute.
The captain said
I was to help you
with the passengers.
Yes, that's the custom.
It reassures them to see a man.
Here's the list.
Thank you.
Have you flown with him
for a long time?
Yes, I have.
I wonder if he's
the fella I think he is.
Who do you think he is?
Just about one of the greatest.
Chief pilot for transpacific
and air Asia.
Why, he must have over
10,000... engine hours
in his logbook.
Yes, that's Bill,
only it's more than
20,000 hours.
What happened?
Only Bill knows.
Besides, nothing happened.
I'd rather fly with Bill
than any pilot in the world,
and you're lucky
to be his copilot.
Will you take over for a minute?
I have an errand to run.
This got the latest
American news?
Yes, sir.
Keep it.
Thank you.
The plane is ready now, Tommy.
Is Pete coming?
I'm afraid not.
But don't worry.
He'll be all right.
Flight PAN LATINA from Panama
to San Dimas and Boca Grande.
Passengers may board
their plane at Gate number 5.
Don't worry, mi hijo.
I'll introduce you to the pilots.
Maybe they'll let you fly the plane.
Would you like that?
Is this the Boca Grande plane?
Si, senor.
I was told we'd have
first-class accommodations.
I want 2 seats together
in the rear roped off,
and I'm willing to pay
a little extra for them
if I have to.
Somehow, I don't think
he understood you.
Well, then, we'll find
somebody who does.
I've never traveled
second-class before,
and I don't intend
to begin now. Come on.
Excuse me,
but may we second-class
passengers go aboard?
Well, I don't suppose
they ever heard of
reserved seats anyway.
Come on, dear.
They've practically
finished boarding.
Let's see if the Wright brothers
knew what they were doing.
Hey, hold it!
Wait a minute!
I got a ticket.
Here, here! Hold it!
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
hiya, pal.
I decided that I, uh--
what I mean is, I found out
I didn't have to go back to
the States at all.
I drank all that milk
you gave me.
That's my boy.
Maybe I'd better fasten
your seat belt, huh?
Fasten your seat belts, please.
Fasten your seat belts, please.
Tower 1-6-5, tower 1-6-5,
taxi instruction, please.
1-6-5, hold.
What about the checklist?
The "before starting"
Shouldn't we have gone
through it before
starting the engines?
Cabin lights?
"Seat belt" and "no smoking"?
Should be on,
but the bulb's
usually busted.
Position lights?
Circuit breakers?
Hydraulic pump?
Oh, just a minute.
See, it used
to be down here
Yeah. check.
Landing gear pressure?
fuel quantity?
Static selector?
Uh, just a minute.
Let me see now.
Yeah, they're...
They're all set.
Man, on radio: 1-6-5,
clear to runway 2-1.
Tower 1-6-5, Roger.
You went over all this
when I was back there.
Well, I generally
look out to see
if both engines are
firmly attached,
and, uh, then...
Give me that.
I was just looking
at the pictures, Pete.
I don't care what
you was looking at.
Y-you shouldn't read in here.
Uh, bad light.
It's no good for your eyes.
Well, how's the copilot
getting along?
Heh heh heh!
Fine, skipper.
Sit down, kid.
You're rocking the boat.
Young man,
I can't make head or tail
out of this schedule.
Martha, he's the captain.
Well, what if he is?
He can answer a question.
Yes, ma'am,
that's the main reason
airlines have captains.
What time do we leave
San Dimas, and how long
do we stay there?
We're due to land about 5:00.
We'll have time
for a bite to eat
if you want,
in about 35 minutes.
Thank you.
This place we end up
at--Boca Grande--
would it be possible
to get married there?
Well, I never exactly
heard of anybody getting
married there, but...
They say it's
a wide-open town.
Have you got a cigarette?
Are you, uh...
Getting off at San Dimas?
No, Boca Grande.
Do you have friends there?
A lady.
Could it be Sophie Raditz
at The Blue Moon Casino?
How did you know?
If I were you,
I'd get off at San Dimas.
Excuse me.
You seem unusually full
of courtesy today.
Company policy--
courtesy mingled with charm.
How sore was Grimsby?
I think very sore.
Bill, you know
how much he likes you,
but he can't protect
you forever.
Who wants him to?
I don't need anybody's protection,
and certainly not Grimsby's.
Now how about that sandwich?
Our first meal in South America,
I hope they have something
fit for human consumption.
Arroz con pollo.
I have always wanted
to try that.
Oh, no.
You'll have toast
and 2 soft-boiled eggs.
Do you understand?
Si, senora.
2 orders, please.
You'll find the food
pretty good here.
Pedro, buenos Dias.
Senor Bill.
Everything all right?
Yes, thanks.
Take your time.
It will be a little
longer than I thought.
Anything else?
No, thank you.
Senor Bill, will you have
your especial?
You better make it
a double especial, Pedro.
Si, senor.
Now, you stay right here
until uncle Pete gets back.
Do you understand?
Don't move.
Stay right here.
What on earth is that man
showing to that child?
That looks like a shrunken head.
That's exactly what it is.
Stop that.
No, thank you.
Come on.
You come over here and talk to me.
What's your name?
Well, Tommy, where is that nice
friend of yours?
You mean Pete?
He told me to stay here.
He did?
That's all right.
I will take care of him
until he gets here.
Well, that's really
very nice of you,
but he's quite safe with me,
thank you.
Come on, Tommy.
There we are.
May I ask you a question?
Why did you advise me
to get off here?
Because I know aunt Sophie
and The Blue Moon Casino.
So what?
Do you know what
a blue moon girl does?
Sits with the customers.
Soft drinks at first,
and then she graduates
to the hard stuff.
It's a gay life and a short one.
Usually, Sophie's come older,
not so nicely packaged.
Then I should do
quite well there.
You like the idea?
Tomato juice.
And vodka.
Tomato juice!
And if I want to slug
myself with vodka,
that's my business.
I was just thinking
you might lose your job.
Yes, I might.
Thanks for the warning.
And now, if I may
very politely suggest--
captain, the cargo hatch
is full.
There are a couple
cylinders of compressed
air leftover.
All right if we leave them
for the next flight?
Who do they belong to?
It's, uh...
South Atlantic Oil.
That's a big customer
and, I suspect,
a big stockholder.
We'll have to deliver them.
Tell you what,
put them in the passenger cabin.
There's a space
forward of Maria's
service compartment.
You can latch them
to the bulkhead there.
I'm sorry that I made you angry.
I was wrong about
the tomato juice
and about you.
What about me?
I just thought maybe
you had some problems
like the ones I have.
No problems.
You see before you
a man who is about
to become
a member of the idle rich.
I'm going to be a sun dweller
on the prettiest
stretch of beach
you ever saw.
No, it's near Boca Grande,
but it's real quiet.
I'm going to sit
in the sand and listen
to my beard grow.
How would you like a neighbor?
No. no problems.
I see you made
some friends, huh?
Yes, Pete.
Well, thanks for looking
after the kid.
It wasn't any bother at all.
I better find him
a spot to get some rest.
Just found out
in the telegraph office
we may be stuck here
for quite a while.
Well, that's great.
Got me.
Say thank you.
Thank you.
See you later, son.
Well, the pilot doesn't
seem concerned.
No, he seems to be
enjoying himself.
I'll have a talk with him.
Oh, now, darling,
don't make a fuss.
I'll handle this.
If you don't mind
my interrupting you,
I have a connection
to make in Boca Grande.
It's very important
for me to get there,
and I don't intend
hanging around here
waiting for you to get ready.
You'll probably make
your connection,
Mr. Ellis.
We shouldn't be here too long.
Well, is there something wrong
with the plane?
Not that I know of.
Then why don't
we take off?
I have orders to wait
for another passenger.
Another passenger?
Why, there's 7 of us
cooling our heels here now.
He'll be cooling
more than his heels
in a couple of days.
Who is this man?
I don't know, but he has
a pressing appointment
in Boca Grande, too--
with a wall, a blindfold,
and a firing squad.
Firing squad?
Well, among other
things, murder.
Don't be glum, darling.
You said it would be
exciting, and it is.
Well, bless my buttons.
If it isn't Crimp--
the famous international
man hunter.
Heh heh heh!
Right, amigo.
And with his man, as usual.
Took me 4 months to find him.
He's worth $10,000
to me in Boca Grande.
I intend to make sure
that he gets there.
Find him a nice seat by himself.
Put me right behind him.
May I take this
little boy aboard?
He's sleeping.
Yes, sure.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Let me see
the passenger manifest.
Mr. Boswick?
Your Boca Grande address
is The Blue Moon Casino.
You a friend of Mrs. Raditz?
What about her?
I'm afraid I'm going to have
to search you.
Look, the day
anybody searches--
this must be the day.
Suppose this is what
you're looking for.
Just don't forget,
that's my property.
Still is.
Will be sent to your
destination in bond.
All right, you can
all go aboard the plane now.
Someone should report this
to the American consul.
Afraid it wouldn't do
any good, Mrs. Spangler.
The authorities here
have asked us to cooperate
with Mr. Crimp, as the special
of the friendly
neighboring countries.
Oh, miss?
Your destination's
The Blue Moon Casino, too.
Well, I guess I'd better
just take a look.
Say, spirited.
Heh heh!
I like that.
Passengers settle down?
Except for that Ellis character.
Still squawking, eh?
That girl with him.
What about her?
Well, she seems so nice.
Wonder what she sees in him.
Well, they're aiming
to get married.
It's none of our business.
I can still wonder.
Would you and the little boy
like to have something to drink?
No. not yet.
Is that an American paper?
there you go.
Mrs. Spangler,
would you like a pillow?
Why, yes, I would.
Thank you.
You know, Martha,
if we were a couple
of hundred miles inland,
we'd be passing over
a most interesting territory--
the home of one
of the few tribes
of headhunters left
in the world.
That is, if they're still there.
Oh, they're still there.
I can assure you that, professor.
If you excuse me
for interrupting...
Of course.
But I've been there
to study their habits
and their culture.
Matter of fact,
you could say
that the study
of all people is
a hobby of mine.
Oh, indeed?
Yes, I was born in Europe,
which you've probably surmised,
but I have lived
and traveled most of
my life in South America.
Well, fascinating.
Martha, how many
people do we know
who have actually been
in the country of the, uh...
Yevarros--that's what
they're called.
Oh, yes, yes.
It's a very fascinating tribe.
The symbol of wealth there--
instead of mink coats
and diamonds,
they use a shrunken head
of an enemy.
I hope you don't mind me
talking like this, Mr. Crimp.
Why should I?
Well, in a way, you're
like the yevarro, you know.
Instead of bringing
only the head home,
you return with
the entire body, no?
You bet.
You ever hear how they
shrink the captured
heads, professor?
Something to do
with baking, I believe.
Yeah, well,
it's a little bit more
complicated than that.
You don't mind me
describing it, Mr. Crimp?
Go right ahead.
All right.
First, they make
a small slit in the base
of the skull, you see.
And then after a series
of deft operations,
bit by bit, they remove
the whole skull.
And sometimes,
the slit is so tiny
that the human eye
can't even detect it, you see?
The next step,
sometimes over a period
of weeks and months--
hot sand is poured
through the slit.
But after each application,
the skin shrinks further
and further and further,
until the head is--
well, it's no larger
than a good-sized orange.
Do you understand me,
Mr. Crimp?
It's astounding.
Hey, here's
something that's
really astounding.
Mr. Big Shot U.S.A.--
Thomas J. Malone
got knocked off
last night on his way--
shut up!
What's the matter with you?
Pete, was somebody
talking about my daddy?
No, kid, h-he was
talking about
some other guy.
Affirmative, Panama.
I receive you.
What is it, Bill?
We're heading into some weather.
You better get
your passengers
snugged down.
It'll get worse before it gets
All right.
weather north of Boca Grande.
1-6-5, out.
Panama reports a tropical storm
over the coast
north of Boca Grande.
Yeah, it's the hurricane season.
They suggest we cut inland,
approach from the Southwest.
What course are you setting up?
Panama radio, 1-6-5.
I'm changing course
to 1-8-0 magnetic.
There we go, buddy.
How's my number-one
Oh, fine.
Hey, you know, you were
right about them motors.
It ain't as noisy back here.
I have to fasten your seat belt,
so you won't fall out.
Eh? how's that, huh, captain?
It's like a rolly coaster.
Heh heh! Ok.
Tonight we sleep on a rolly coaster, ok?
That change of course
didn't help much.
Well, we're taking
an awful beating down here.
I'm going upstairs.
Any oxygen on board?
Yes, sir?
What's going on?
I can't take much more of this.
I am sorry, sir,
but the pilots are doing
the best they can.
You seem to have the authority.
Why don't you tell them
to turn out of the storm?
I'm sure the pilots
know much more
about this than we do.
Trying to relax, Mr. Crimp?
Why don't you shut up?
Why, yes, sir.
The passengers are beginning
to feel the altitude.
That's about
as far as we can go.
The rest of you may
be crazy, but I'm not!
you must sit down!
Get away from me!
All right!
Think I can't get
this plane turned around?
I'll show you how!
What's that?
Turn this plane around
and get us out of here!
You heard what I--
the fire is out!
Everything's under control!
Get him back to his seat.
I'll fix his belt, thank you.
Hold on!
Everybody just sit down!
Fasten your seat belts.
Sit down!
Fasten your seat belts.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Fasten your belts.
More trouble--
right engine.
Oil and manifold
pressure both dropping.
We'll have to take
our chances on
the weather underneath.
Altimeter reading?
I can't read it.
The instruments
have gone haywire.
She's throwing oil
all over the place.
We've had it.
Feather red...
Turn off right engine
gas selector.
Hydraulic-pump to left engine.
Drop your number-one flare.
Number one.
See anything?
Just jungle,
and we're dropping fast.
Drop the other flare.
See anything at all?
Oh, wait a minute.
Yeah, to the right--
a valley, about 5:00.
That'll have to be it.
Well, it's about 2:00 now.
Check hydraulic pressure.
Give me half-flaps.
Stand by to drop gear.
Drop landing gear?
That's what I said.
Full flaps.
Full flaps.
Landing lights.
Drop gear.
Drop gear.
Keep them inside
while I look around.
Anybody hurt?
Well, shaken up,
but aside from bruises,
all right.
The old lady's unconscious.
Just fainted, I think.
That detective guy's
still knocked out.
Keep them in the plane
till the rain stops.
I'll chock the wheels
and put in the gear pins.
All right.
Isn't this
the most forsaken spot
you've ever seen?
On the contrary.
I think it's very pleasant.
There's no accounting for taste.
Well, if you were being
taken back to be executed,
I'm sure you'd find it
very pleasant, too.
How long we going
to be stuck here?
We're not stuck here,
but the thing is,
we don't know how soon
we'll get out.
Should have turned around
like I wanted--
who's got my gun?
All right, who picked it up
last night?
Well, come.
You want to search me?
Come, come now.
Come search me.
I'll search you.
And are we satisfied?
No, I'm not satisfied!
All right, where'd it go?
It must have gone out the door.
It may still be on the plane.
I'm going to take a look.
What about the plane's radio?
We can send for help, can't we?
It's burned out.
You all might as well
know what's going on.
You'll find out anyhow.
We've come down in the center
of one of the most
isolated areas anywhere--
miles of jungle and mountains,
all unexplored.
'Course, there will
be search planes,
but the storm blew us
miles out of our course,
and this is the cloudy season.
They'll have trouble finding us.
Our chances?
Even money.
Even money?
I'm still trying to find out
what you pilots intend
doing about it,
if anything.
But that's not fair.
He's only trying
to tell us what
we need to know
to help ourselves.
After all, we're
certainly all of us
old enough to face the truth.
Miss Millhorn's right.
We've formulated a plan.
Shall I tell them?
Yeah. go ahead.
Well, I suppose
we ought to let the ladies
take care of the cooking.
Mrs. Spangler,
you'll be in charge.
Well, I'll be glad
to do whatever I can.
And today,
the men will be split
into 2 work groups.
Mr. Crimp, Mr. Ellis,
Mr. Boswick
will chop wood for the fire.
What are we supposed
to use for tools?
Well, there's a small ax
on board the airplane.
You can use that
on the bigger pieces.
The smaller ones,
you just pick up.
We'll need plenty of wood.
Why so much?
In the center of the valley,
we'll have to build
a big bonfire--
kindling underneath
and wet wood on top--
for smoke, in case
a plane shows up.
Can I help with the fire, too?
We'll also follow
standard procedure
in laying out an sos.
Some towels and clothing
from your luggage.
Now, in unloading the luggage,
professor Spangler will help
Joe and me and Vasquel.
Nobody gives Vasquel
orders except me.
He's my prisoner.
I think we ought to
straighten something
out right now.
From now on, only
one person will give
orders around here.
Who is that?
The officers of a wrecked plane
have the same authority
as the officers
of a wrecked ship.
That's a law.
So what if it is?
How's he going to enforce it?
Maybe you'd like me to show you.
In the middle of a jungle, let's
not fight amongst ourselves.
In any form of society,
the person that's
in charge should have
an emblem of authority.
I think we'd better
get to work, huh?
Maybe we can use some
of these things.
I wish it was food.
It's going to be rough.
There should be plenty
of fish in the stream.
And, if I'm not mistaken,
there's plenty of...
Edible plant life around here.
Lots of wild game, too.
Haven't got any
ammunition to spare,
and I'm not much of a shot.
How about you?
Oh, no, no, no.
Why don't you ask mister...
Mr. Boswick, there?
I'll talk to him.
Come on, professor.
All right.
Good hunting.
Yeah, hi.
How we doing?
Are you really
pretty good with
one of these things?
Well, I don't
like to brag, but--
there's supposed to be
some game around here.
You want to take a crack at it?
Well, I never shot
any four-legged
animals before,
but there's always
a first time, huh?
The professor here
will help you with the tracking.
We'd better head for
the stream first, I think.
I got to admit,
that meat was sure delicious!
Uh, what was that you
call them again, professor?
Well, never mind.
I wouldn't remember it anyhow.
Captain, where are you
planning on having
us sleep tonight?
Ladies and Tommy in the plane,
men under the wing.
What are you doing about guards?
Joe and I can keep
an eye on everything.
Well, don't you think
we should all take
turns standing watch?
You trying to tell
us we're in some
sort of danger?
No, no, I was, uh...
Merely thinking if
a search plane flew over,
we'd want someone
awake to alert it,
so we could light
the signal fire.
You sure that's all
you're thinking?
Well, yes, of course.
Come on, Tommy.
It's time for bed.
Will you please say
my prayers with me?
Sure, I will, Tommy.
I don't
think it would be
such a bad idea
if we all joined Tommy.
Years ago, Martha
and I used to say
"the lord's prayer"
every night with our youngster.
Seems particularly fitting now.
"Our father, who art in heaven,"
"hallowed be thy name."
"Thy kingdom come,"
"thy kingdom come."
"Thy will be done,
on earth as it is heaven."
"Give us this day
our daily bread"
"and forgive us our trespasses"
"As we forgive those
who trespass against us."
"Lead us not into temptation,"
"lead us not into temptation,"
"but deliver
us from evil."
"But deliver us
from evil, amen."
Henry, thinking: "Despite
my fears, no evidence yet
of hostile natives.
"The body of the plane
is undamaged,
"but the left prop is twisted
"and the right engine
seems beyond repair.
"Our signal fire is useless.
No search plane has come near."
yeah, I know.
Off course because of the storm.
No radio message, so they must
have smashed into something.
Army and Navy pulling out.
The low clouds
obscuring the terrain
always at this time of the year.
Area combed by every
ship of the giant
PAN Latin airlines,
all 9 of them.
80,000 bucks spent so far,
and New York
hollering like crazy!
You know, besides Maria,
I'll Miss Larnigan.
The airline won't seem
the same without him.
Ok, call it off!
And schedule 17
out of here tomorrow!
Now get going!
Business as usual!
Well, good night, everybody.
Good night.
Henry, don't you think
it's time for bed?
In a moment, dear.
How much did you say
I owed you, professor?
$84,000, and it
will be 85 when
this game's over.
Oh, yeah? That's
what you think!
Listen. I heard
something out there.
Heard what?
It sounded like drums.
Did you hear anything, Pete?
There's a nice hot one
for you, professor.
Smoke that in your pipe.
Ha ha ha!
How do you like that!
Are you sure I never
met you in Las Vegas?
One more game, huh?
Double or nothing.
Can you get off
the ground with one engine?
Then why torment yourself?
Maybe I'm the tormented type.
But I have an idea
the other engine
can be fixed, too.
I took a little metallurgy in school.
A cracked cylinder's
no real problem--
a simple welding
job, if you have
enough heat.
We can pull that cylinder, too.
Even without the right tools.
At least, I think Larnigan can.
Oh, you mean you
can take it right
over to the fire?
Yeah, but
the trouble is,
a regular wood fire
doesn't give enough heat.
There must be some way
to use that cylinder
of compressed air in
the cabin to boost
the temperature.
Why don't you two stop dreaming?
Jud, it's just
something to talk about.
Even with two good engines,
no pilot in the world
could take off here.
Larnigan could.
Why doesn't he get busy?
I'll tell you why.
Because he's smart
enough to know
that it's hopeless!
We're doing our best!
You going to sit here all night,
I-I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Good night.
Good night.
How about a drink for me?
You want one?
Not really.
You just came here to find out
if I was drinking, huh?
You're not very friendly
today, are you?
I happen to
know aunt Sophie
doesn't like her...
Personnel working
on their own time.
I have a feeling I will
never see aunt Sophie.
Actually, it was
a good break for
both of us...
Being marooned here.
What about that nice
stretch of beach
in Boca Grande?
What's the difference?
Were you ever married?
What became of your wife?
She's dead.
I was on
the far eastern
run at the time.
I wasn't home much.
She was lonely.
Driving over to spend
a couple nights
with her sister in Jersey.
Hit by a truck.
Lost my job after that.
In fact, uh...
I lost several jobs.
I think I understand.
Yeah, people always say that.
Want to know
the real reason
I hit this stuff?
I've had it.
What about you?
Have you had it?
Could be?
What's the problem?
Mostly passports.
A lot of countries
with a lot of papers
that didn't stand up, huh?
And a lot of friends--
people that says
they are friends.
Now I understand.
But...I didn't come
here to talk about us.
What did you come
here to talk about?
Oh, you mean that
compressed air
and fire routine?
Who you been talking to?
Don't you think
it's a good idea?
Yeah, I think it's a great idea.
Actually, I've been
sitting here...
Thinking how we might do it
and...I think I got a solution.
We'll get started
in the morning.
Are you sure, uh...
You don't want a drink?
Are you sure you want one?
I guess not.
We'll never straighten that out.
We can saw it off.
With what?
Hacksaw. there was
one in the crate
of mining equipment.
What about the other blades?
We'll do the same with
them to compensate.
Be a tough job, won't it?
Henry, thinking: "Bill and Joe
have shown great ingenuity
"in planning to repair
the right engine.
"Today we will build a scaffold,
then try to make a forge."
hold it.
Watch it.
Are you thirsty, Joe?
thank you.
Hard work.
How would you know?
What do you mean by that?
I mean if you'd spend
a little less time
taking care of the pilots
and a little more time working,
we'd probably all be better off.
You don't mean pilots.
what do I mean?
Hey, what's going on?
for Pete's sakes, don't tell him!
We're just taking a swim.
Go away, will you?
Go away!
Vasquel, I'm very disturbed.
Disturbed about what?
About some things
I've seen in the jungle.
You mean the footprints?
You've seen them, too?
Yeah, I've seem them
various places.
What do you think?
I think we're in grave danger
if this is headhunter territory.
Well, isn't there
anything we can do?
My friend, there's
something we can do.
We can pray
we get the plane fixed in time
before the drums
begin the war dance.
You mean they'll attack?
Sure. from their
point of view,
I wonder...Should
we tell the others?
No, there's no
reason to do that.
We'll only disturb
them further at this point.
please, believe me.
The natives make
lengthy preparations.
First they send messages,
then the drums begin
the war dance.
When the drums
begin, our friends
will know they're
in real danger.
Ok, skipper.
Midnight shift
reporting for duty.
Things seem all right.
Joe will relieve you at 4:00.
Stay awake.
Yeah. you get some rest, too.
Pete, what's up?
Crimp. he took it on the lam.
He's got the gun.
Oh, my head!
Let's catch him
before he gets too far!
Don't be foolish now!
We're unarmed.
Crimp is both
armed and I
believe insane.
he'd never go in
the jungle alone.
I've been watching
it grow on him
for days now.
We'll have to double
the guard after this.
Come on. Let's get
him in the tent.
No more meat
because our official guard
has allowed Crimp to
run away with the gun.
Perhaps we can make some snares.
I remember when I was a boy--
when you were a boy!
Don't make me laugh!
No gun, no meat.
Simple arithmetic.
But maybe Crimp will come back.
He might be prevented.
I suppose you're going to start
blabbering about
those Indians again,
like you did in the plane.
Oh, are there
Indians around here?
Oh, you bet there are.
Crimp told me.
Very bad Indians.
They get you, and
then they cut your--
Jud, will you stop it!
That's right.
Now stop scaring everybody,
or I'll bust you in half!
Uncle Henry,
are there really
Indians around here?
Oh, we're just
playing games, Tommy.
If they catch Mr. Crimp,
will they cut his head off?
Of course not, darling!
Anyway, Indians or no Indians,
we'll be out of here
in a couple of days.
Yep! repairs completed!
Oh, how wonderful!
It's a question of
putting the engine
together again.
That plane will
never take off again,
and you know it.
all of us idiots!
Shut up.
You're drunk.
Look who's talking.
Give me the bottle.
Try and get it.
You better turn in.
When are you going to start
putting those motors together?
We ought to
be able to start
in the morning.
And if they run,
we'll soon be
back to our
normal lives.
Oh, that's
great! Just great!
It's the best news
we'll ever hear!
I think I'll get some sleep.
Good night.
Good night.
Please, I want to talk to you.
Well, I'm--I'm
very tired, Jud.
Let's talk tomorrow.
No, no, no.
Let's talk now.
No. there just isn't
anything I want to
say to you now.
We're engaged, aren't we?
We'd have been married if...
If this thing hadn't happened.
Now, only--only
a short time left.
Please leave me alone.
Why should I?
You're my girl.
Don't, Jud.
Please, don't.
Hey, knock it off!
Why don't you mind
your own business?
I'm sorry.
But I'm always saying
that to you, aren't I?
He's going to be all right.
He's just a little mixed up,
that's all.
Yes, I know.
Any man's liable to
go a little haywire
in a situation like this.
But Bill didn't, did he?
Not the professor,
not Vasquel, not Pete.
Or you.
Maybe he's right
about one thing.
What's that?
Minding my own business.
Probably isn't my business,
not when you're
wearing his ring.
You're not very
observant, are you?
I'm not wearing any ring.
Good night.
Good night.
Let me help you, ma'am.
Here you are.
You, too?
We...well, we've
come to know each
other pretty well,
so it's no longer
just idle curiosity,
Would you tell us what you did?
Uh, maybe that's the wrong word.
Maybe assassination
would be a better word.
It was general Gomez.
The dictator?
That's right.
But he's still alive.
I know.
Unfortunately, I was
a bad shot, you know,
so I missed him
and nearly killed
the minister of war.
Hey, Vasquel, if
you had it to do
over again,
would you still do what you did?
Oh...I don't know.
I've done a lot
of thinking lately.
Mostly it's been about myself.
See, my father was a victim
of political persecution,
so then I left the old world,
came to the new world
in the search of freedom,
and instead, I found
more...More persecution.
Then again, since I've
been here at the camp--
I don't know--
I find something new.
Let's call it, uh...
Birth of a new faith.
It's a long time since
I was in a house of worship.
All those words I was
taught when I was young,
they come back to me now.
Words are much stronger
than any bullets I fire
at general Gomez.
When I raised the gun then,
I believed in violence
for violence sake.
Now time passes, and I find out
that there was no belief.
That was a loss of faith
in my fellow man.
I don't know.
Maybe I changed,
maybe I not changed,
but...even if things
were different,
I don't think
I have any desire
to return to that...
Wonderful thing
they call civilization.
Well, we still
got a lot of work to do.
Cowling has to go on.
Let's get started on the inside.
Everything has to come out.
Seats, fitting, cargo.
Hey, this
ought to be fun,
huh? Ha ha ha!
Good work, Joe.
Just like downtown.
You take charge of
stripping her down.
- Let's go.
- All right.
Folks, seats out first.
Well, if everything's
going to be taken out,
where are we going to sleep?
Well, if we have any
luck, Mrs. Spangler,
where your ticket
reads--Boca Grande.
Can I
help you, uncle
Henry, too?
Oh, you can be water boy.
ladies, if you'll
take the suitcases
and the blankets and pillows
and other light things,
the professor and Vasquel and I
will unload some of these seats.
Hi there!
Don't go away!
I won't hurt you!
Yeah, I think that does it.
Ah, that wasn't
so tough, was it?
We're going to need
some help with
this scaffolding.
I'll get, Joe.
Boy, I could sure use
a drink of water.
Where's our water boy?
How's it going?
Where's Tommy?
I haven't seen him, Pete.
Little monkey probably
fell asleep somewhere.
No, not this time of the day.
I wonder if he's
over there playing
by the water again.
Let's find out.
Here. let's go over this way.
Here's his--
here's his pail.
He must be around
here somewhere.
Tommy, where are you?
Oh, I'll give it
to him when I...
Let's go over this way.
What's the matter with you?
I ought to wham
the daylights out of you,
s-scaring everybody
to death like this!
Wh-where you been?
Down there.
I saw Mr. Crimp, too.
He was sleeping.
Down--down where?
Down there.
Show us, Tommy.
Take the kid back
to the plane. Quick!
Go on!
Have you figured out
yet how you're going
to get this thing off the rocks?
I'm going to pivot
on that wheel to
clear the tail
and ease her down to the flat.
Take a lot of beef on
the tail to hold it down.
Take care of him,
Mrs. Spangler.
Thank heavens he's all right!
What's wrong?
We found him.
I knew he'd be all right.
But only part of him.
Where's Pete?
He's following behind.
The drum starts,
that means they start
their war dance.
As long as they keep
dancing, we're safe.
When the drums stop,
that's when they attack.
Everything's ready! let's get
out of here!
We're not leaving without Pete!
he's all right.
No, no!
Don't touch.
Get him on the--
no. It's no use.
He's dead.
I'll get the engine started.
Let's go.
over here!
Joe, get everybody on the tail.
All right. Come on, folks.
Down this way.
When he starts
the engines, we'll push.
All right!
Get them aboard!
Where do you want us to sit?
About midships
and divide evenly.
It broke again!
All right.
Let's take a look.
What happened?
Oil line let go.
Can you fix it?
We can try, if we have time.
Those drums sound closer.
You should be grateful they
haven't stopped, Mr. Ellis.
Do you want to tell them?
I--I think you ought
to tell them, Bill.
Is, uh...Everything finished?
We've all been hoping that
sooner or later
we'd get out of this,
but I have to tell you this.
We all can't leave here.
The oil line's just
about patched up,
but the oil was low anyway.
There's only a cupful
or two left,
then the engine's
bound to conk out.
Leaving one engine to
get us over the mountain.
And that engine with
a sawed-off prop.
We can't possibly
make it out of here
with a full load
at this altitude.
How many can get on the plane?
No more than 4...
And Tommy.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I did one-engine test flights
with this ship at the factory.
5 of us might get out, but...
The rest have to stay.
I stay.
I will stay, too.
If anyone wants
to be heroic,it's all
right with me, but--
shut up, Jud.
There's one rule we
could always go by.
Women and children first?
I think the women ought
to have a right
to make a choice, too,
as well as the men.
Couldn't we...
Draw lots?
No, chance is always tricky.
Very often unfair.
No, we've got to be logical.
excuse me, now,
but I'm afraid this is
absolutely necessary.
You can't shoot
your way out of
here, Vasquel.
I don't intend to shoot
my way out, Bill.
I stay.
Some of you want to live.
Others of you deserve to live.
It's not a question
that can be decided
It must be decided
by cold, hard logic.
And since I'm to be
killed by one kind
of savage here
or another in Boca Grande,
I'm the only one
you can depend upon
to decide logically.
Are we going to allow
ourselves to be judged
by a condemned criminal?
In this tiny community,
I'm not a criminal.
I am the law.
The supreme law...
Mr. Ellis.
Legally, the question
should be settled
by Bill or Joe,
but you're right.
We can't trust any of us.
We can't confuse ourselves
with what is legal.
I am content to
allow the decision to lie
with Mr. Vasquel.
Thank you.
So, now...
Whether you like it
or you don't,
I choose for you.
I guess there's no
harm in seeing what
you come up with,
but make your decision quickly.
We'll be ready in a few minutes.
Come on, Joe.
Well, uh...Have you
got any I-ideas
what you're going to decide?
Who gets to go?
I think we should wait.
I think we should wait
until the plane's ready.
Mr. Ellis.
Vasquel will pick us, won't he?
I don't know, Jud.
Well, we're the logical ones.
We've got everything
to live for!
He has to decide
that now, doesn't he?
If he decides that...
One of us leaves
and one of us stays,
I won't have
any other chance
to tell you that I--
I know.
Don't say it.
I feel the same way, too.
Crazy, isn't it?
We'd have to say
good-bye just when--
oh, it's crazy!
It takes a brave man
to decide life or death
for 9 people.
Vasquel mustn't choose us.
I know, dear.
I know.
I'll tell him.
The same moon
was shining when
we were married.
Oh...he was much bigger.
He was 42 years younger then.
Maybe like us,
he's grown a little tired.
I'm very grateful...
For our lives together.
Thank you, Henry.
My wife and I have grown
quite fond of you.
Well, I'm sorry, but, uh...
Can't let that
influence my decision. can.
Mrs. Spangler and I
have only a short
time left at best.
The others have much
to look forward to.
Leave us behind.
I ask it as a favor.
Mr. Spangler...
If there were more
people in the world
like you and your wife,
there would be
less people like me.
Thank you.
How is he?
Funny how motherly
I became all of a sudden.
Chances are
you'll be going
back with him.
I don't want to go back, Bill...
If you'll stay.
No, no sale.
I don't know if
I'm staying or not.
I would if I thought
Joe could swing it,
see what Vasquel
comes up with.
Just in case...
This is for
the American consul
in Boca Grande.
It'll bring you a few bucks
from a couple of
insurance policies.
That stretch of beach,
if you want it.
For the kid, too.
Who's going to take
care of him?
It's kind of nice...
Somebody to leave something to.
You better get back
with the rest.
All right, we're ready.
Come on, Vasquel.
Let's have it.
First, there's Bill.
He flies the plane out.
Second, of course,
Tommy, the child, goes.
Third, Louise Millhorn.
Fourth, Joe Brooks.
Why him?
For 2 reasons.
One, we must have a copilot
in this situation,
and the other you wouldn't
ethically understand, Mr. Ellis.
- Listen here, you--
- Fifth!
So she can take
care of the child.
Mr. and Mrs. Spangler
have decided to stay
at their own request.
And as for me,
there's certainly no bravery
involved in my decision.
They've stopped.
I suggest you get
on the plane quickly now.
We can't leave
the spanglers here.
I'm staying.
So am I.
You get on the plane!
Now, come on!
I mean it!
All right. Come on.
Come, come, come,
come, come, come!
Go! go!
Come on!
Come, come, come.
And you.
Come on--up! Go on!
It's like having youngsters
of our own again.
5 wonderful young people,
all going back.
Oh, darling!
Now, now.