Babycall (2011)

Where is Anders?
Where is Anders?
Where is Anders?
Here it is.
You want some milk?
Anna? Hallo?
Hey! Let me in, Anna.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Do you like the apartment?
- Absolutely.
- Haven't you been awake?
- I slept badly, I just woke up.
- You remember the importance of routines?
- Yeah. He sleeps here.
As the court has determined,
he doesn't know where you live.
- If you want a phone...
- I will not.
If you want a phone,
you gotta tell us.
- He won't know the school Anders's going on.
- He will not go to school.
He is not ready.
I taught him to read, we read at home.
All children must attend school.
As the situation is now, Anders may
begin to live a completely normal life.
He'll start school on Wednesday.
He will also be there.
He needs to be with other kids.
You will sleep with me, right?
Father held the boy's head under water...
marked by the traumatic incident he had...
Goodbye, my dear.
Excuse me...
They've just moved the bus stop.
It's right over there.
Hi. Do you work here?
- Was it okay with the bus stop?
- Yes.
I am a bit nervous today.
My son has just started school.
Don't apologize.
I'm pretty worried myself.
Is there anything I can help you with?
Something you're looking for?
- I saw that you had baby monitors.
- Yes, we have in the department there.
This is not my department, but...
- How old is your baby?
- He's not a baby. He's eight.
I am a worried mother.
People think I'm hysterical,
but I cannot help it.
- No, I understand.
Just because you are
so fond of him, right?
This is on offer. A good model.
Two channels, high-impact, belt clip...
I need to hear him
when he's in the other room.
This one can do that.
Thank you for your help.
Look what I've bought.
Is it our house?
Draw the lake, so the teacher
can see how well you live.
- Where is it?
- On the other side of the forest.
- We can go there when it would be warmer.
- Do you promise? Swear?
Do you hear me?
Anna to Anders, come in.
Mom, where are you?
Anna to Anders, come in.
- Cool! You bought a walkie-talkie?
- No, just an baby monitor.
- Mom! Mom!
- You have to talk into this.
- Can I try?
- Yes, but be careful.
I am a walkie-talkie!
Anders to mom,
guess where I am now?
Where can Anders be?
I'm gone.
Guess where I am now.
There you go.
Do not touch it. So I hear you
in my room when you sleep.
You can be a big boy,
and I'll know you're doing well.
- You won't sleep here?
- No. I'll sleep in my room and you in yours.
- I am a monster!
- No, Anders. Now we won't play anymore.
You know that mommy loves you,
and cannot live without you?
I know, Mom.
- Sleep well.
- Good night.
Helge? I would like to talk to you.
- I must be at work now.
- Come, let's sit a bit.
- I do not understand what you are asking.
- About what we do if the mother cannot even breathe.
Or get cardiac arrest.
- We must help her, right?
- She is very ill. Maybe she needs the respirator.
As weak as she is now,
she will never get out of it.
But she sat there in bed
only two days ago.
I know.
What happens if we do not use a respirator?
Then she dies.
I just want you to think about it.
Ask yourself what you think
mom would have wanted.
I'm going.
- Do you have any fours?
- You ask just about fours. No, go jump in the ocean.
- No!
- Do you have any sevens?
Yes, I have.
No, I will not!
Shut up!
- Let go, damn!
- No, let me!
Let me go!
I will not!
Let me go! No!
No! No!
- What is it? I'm going to school.
- No, today we will have school at home.
Who is it?
It's Grete and Ole
from child welfare.
I'm coming!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Why isn't he in the school?
- He's a little sick.
- Why doesn't he sleep in his room?
- He did, but...
How will this all look in
the resumption of the process?
- It is enough.
- What are you talking about?
Your ex-husband has got
a new lawyer who believes,
that only one party has been heard.
- You know what he has done!
- He believes the evidence is too weak.
- He thinks it's strange that you are the only witness.
- He tried to throw him out the window!
- What do I do?
- Do not lie about why Anders isn't in school.
Ole, we have to go.
Took your folder?
We are following up closely, and the right
attaches greatly emphases our assessment.
Torstein, can you put on a movie instead?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Doesn't it work?
I heard something that I do not understand.
It was a sound that
wasn't from my son.
- I forgot to tell...
- What?
You have probably heard the sound
from another baby monitor.
- You can hear the other's sound?
- Yes, if there is one nearby.
Just change the channel,
and everything is in order.
I awoke in the middle of the night
of a child screaming.
See here.
This is the channel selector. Remember,
they must be on the same channel.
So you can sleep safely.
- I should have been clearer. I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
Helge! It's the telephone.
I must go. If you have problems again,
just come back again.
Or if you just want to talk.
It is also nice.
I have lunch at twelve, so...
What have you done!?
He's going home with us.
He's my friend.
Hello, my name is Anna.
What is your name?
- We must talk to your parents.
- They are not at home.
Are you hungry?
Should I make pancakes?
There are approximately...
You know you cannot go out.
Where have you been?
Where is your friend?
- You've ruined it.
- What?
- The drawing.
- I can just erase it.
You can not erase the blood.
What are you talking about?
This was not me.
It must have been your friend.
It is probably not!
Anders, you cannot go out!
Anders, this is not funny!
Anders! You cannot do that.
- I did not mean...
- Shh!
Come! Quick!
So, you saw a man taking
out a plastic bag,
and, you immediately thought
that there was a corpse?
You have a great imagination.
You have it.
You remind me a bit of my mom.
She always imagined such things.
Some terrible things.
One time she called the police.
Because a man asked for directions.
Do you think I'm fantasizing?
I think you are a good
and a very sensitive person...
who have had too little sleep lately.
It's not often you meet people
that want to talk to you.
Mom used to take me here. Often.
Before she became ill.
She is in hospital now.
By the way, I saw you here
the other day. I thought to say hi.
No, I have never been here before.
- It was strange. I'm sure it was you.
- No, you must have been wrong.
Then it must have been someone
who were quite similar.
It was so strange.
I demonstrated a camera for a client.
Then I took a picture.
Then I saw you. What I thought was you.
Have you experienced coming home
and not knowing where you were?
I... suddenly don't remember.
I have followed Anders to school,
it is several hours I do not remember.
I think this is because you... The fact that
you sleep a bit too little, pure and simple.
I had that too. When mom got sick,
I did not sleep. You go crazy.
To simply walk around in a daze.
I could not work.
If you have any questions,
or are worried about...
I know we do not know
each other so well.
But if you want to talk...
You are kind.
You are really very kind.
You probably won't remember
that you were here.
Look! It's nice.
If you want, I could...
I can print it out for you.
So you have a proof of where
you have been today. Look.
Now you have a proof of whom
you drank coffee with, anyway.
- Who is it?
- No one.
- I see that there is someone.
- It's just a friend.
You have no friends,
my dad said so.
- Mom has a friend too.
- You have no friends!
What are you doing?
Anders, do not do it!
Anders, open the door.
How did you managed
to find the key?
Why don't you answer?
Never lock the door.
Promise me that.
Do you promise?
How can you hang
up a picture of him?
He is my father.
Don't you remember what he has done?
How can you?
I'm sorry.
Don't be nervous.
It is difficult, but you will
forget it. You have to.
After that what he has done,
we will never see him again.
- You are not telling the truth.
- Yes, it's true.
- He doesn't know where we live
or our name. - Yeah, right.
Why do you say that?
- I'm not allowed to say it.
- What are you talking about?
- Who said you are not allowed?
- He said it.
Have you seen your dad?
- Where?
- In school.
He has been there twice.
It is not true.
- He is in a meeting. Come again tomorrow.
- I'll wait here until he comes.
- He's allowed to be absent from class so long?
- He is here with me!
He says that his dad has been here.
He has a restraining order!
Hi. Shall we talk a little bit?
Was it just suddenly
that he had been here?
You were not arguing?
Then he said it to look bad?
- He would not lie about it.
- He has done it before.
He said things that were not true.
He was afraid. He could not
distinguish a dream from reality.
- He, too?
- What do you mean by that?
We have also done some research
about what you told us.
There was much there
that was not quite true?
You said you were a teacher, but you have
never been registered at any school.
I wanted to be.
There's a big difference at it.
Can you discern the difference?
I can. I know when it happens,
if it is important or dangerous.
We are very worried.
Expect that the case comes up again,
without any definite result.
If we get more messages about problems, we
cannot rule out that Tommy must foster.
Are you sad?
I did not mean to be bad.
What should I do
to be good again?
Can't we go somewhere,
just us two?
Yes, but we just have to stay
here a little longer.
I have to wait until I'm not afraid.
This time... I shall not
let go.
Where is he?
Tell me where he is!
Where... is he?
Tell me... where he...
Hello! I can take a break
in about two minutes.
- Or will you buy anything?
- I need something that can record sound.
- Music? Voice?
- Voice.
Say something here, so we can hear it.
I do not know what to say.
Hello, my name is Helge.
I was wondering if you would
join me for dinner.
Only if you'd like it, of course.
Let's see if it works?
Hello, my name is Helge.
I was wondering if you would
join me for dinner.
Only if you'd like, of course.
- Yes, it works.
- I cannot leave Anders alone.
- Do not take it off, you are cold.
- It's hot.
- Are they on the beach?
- I do not know.
- I'd also like to be at the beach.
- No, not now.
You promised! You said we would
go on the beach when it was warmer.
- Can I swim?
- It's too cold. Maybe this summer.
- Do not run! You can fall.
- I'm eight! I do not fall.
- Where is the lake?
- Right over here.
Is it here?
Yes, it is here...
You said you would quit lying.
You said it!
I'll tell the teacher!
Never say anything to the teacher!
Then they'll take you away from me!
I'm sorry, Anders!
It was stupid. I'm sorry!
Anders, wait!
Anders, wait!
Perhaps you forgot to lock?
No, I did not.
Wait here.
Be quiet.
Mom, what was it?
I do not know.
Hurry up!
Be there!
I've found no towel...
- Would you kill me?
- How did you get in?
We have keys to all apartments,
we have to check how it goes.
How are you, Anna?
Are you a bit lonely?
It cannot be easy for
a young woman to be alone.
I am not alone.
I've Anders.
It was not what I thought.
You do not know anyone.
You need someone to be with.
- I know a few! I've got a friend.
- No, you don't.
Such as you, meet no one.
You're too scared to do so.
Therefore, you are always alone.
Stop it! I tell it to Grete!
Haven't you been told?
She quited.
Now it is me who decides
if you get custody of Anders.
I'll be back tonight.
Unfortunately, I have just had a break.
I just wanted to invite you to dinner.
At seven in the evening?
If it fits. So you'll
meet Anders too.
Sure it fits. I would
really like that. Really...
Here is our address.
Thank you.
What was that you could not?
- I tried, I just could not...
- Set the ISO first, then set it on Auto.
Take a picture, now!
Take a picture, now!
It's just a matter of time.
She'll never breathe again unaided.
Think about it, Helge.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- These are for you.
- Thank you. Come in.
- And this here is for Anders.
- So nice!
He went to bed.
He did not felt good.
- Is it serious?
- No, he was just tired.
- He plays with a friend during recess.
- How sweet.
It's nice to have a friend.
He has never had a friend before.
- He has certainly benefited from.
- I do not know.
- Are you hungry?
- Oh, yes!
It was good!
No, it was not.
Excuse me.
It's strange to be here.
I grew up in this block.
- I've never told you?
- No.
The second entrance.
We had to move when my mother
became too ill to go up the stairs.
You and my mom are a bit similar.
She was also afraid that
something would happen.
I was not allowed to go out alone
when I was little.
What she was afraid of most?
Everything. I mean everything!
That I would be cold
or run over...
Enter a foreign car.
Slip on the ice.
Hitting! Hitting, she was
madly passionate about it.
It was the worst
a child could experience.
She smoked 20 Pall Mall
without the filter every day.
But did she wanted to vent?
No, no.
It is one of the first things I remember.
I sat in the back seat.
Mom and dad sat in front.
They smoked like crazy.
But for God's sake,
do not open the window.
It was madness.
Your father.
What happened to him?
He died.
When I was quite young.
But I see him occasionally.
Speaking a bit with him.
See? I have a bit of
imagination, too.
What is the first thing
that you remember?
I can hardly remember
anything from childhood.
One thing I remember is...
I'm with a woman.
We are on a lake.
We swim.
She lifts me up.
She embraces me.
- She is very happy.
- Mom?
I don't know.
I envy you on the poor memory.
I remember everything.
And it's not always a fun.
But how do you know that
what you remember, is right?
I have never thought of that.
I see things that I
know are not true.
It happens every day.
I don't know what to do.
- Have you talked to a doctor about it?
- No! Then they'll take Anders from me.
Anders' father is a lawyer.
If I tell it to the doctor,
then they'll take Anders.
Do you hear anything?
I hear a baby crying.
It's not imagination, Anna. You've
only received another baby monitor.
I heard a boy screaming, "I will not!"
Someone was unkind to him.
Yes, or he wouldn't sleep.
You were a bit tired.
You started thinking too much.
Look. It was not meant like that.
If I had heard such noises,
I would have been afraid.
- Should we listen
to it now? - Yes.
Do you think I imagine this?
I almost hope so.
Can you open? Say you babysit
Anders. Say that I am not here.
- Who is it? - There is a man.
Say that I'm not here.
You are...
You must be Anders?
My name is Helge.
Do you know who rang?
It was me.
You know what?
I have a little present for you.
I'm not allowed to get
gifts from strangers.
I understand. But
I know your mother.
- So I'm not a real alien. - I must be
obedient, otherwise mom will be angry.
I think this is fine.
Your mother is very kind.
She does exactly the same,
as your mother did.
What do you mean?
- What do you know about my mom?
- Such as we, know each other.
Do not say anything.
It will only be worse.
He's gone?
What did he say? You
should not listen to him.
What have you told
him... about me?
- What do you mean?
- What do you know about me, really?
I have not talked
to him about you.
- Where are you going?
- I will talk to Anders.
- He sleeps.
- I've just talked to him.
You cannot go in there.
He is my son!
No one enters there!
Helge, do not go!
Does it hurt?
We have to help each other.
We have to help each other.
- Do you need help?
- No.
Are you looking for Helge?
He is in the hospital.
Something about his mother.
- Shall I say you have been here?
- No.
Can I get a bit of privacy?
No! Let go!
Do you know why you're here?
You were found in a parking lot,
not being able to give any explanation.
You must have had some sort of a seizure.
Have you had it before?
- I feel better now.
- Are you on medication?
What kind of clothes I had?
- Nurse will lent you anything
left behind. - I want my clothes.
Your clothes were wet.
They are there in the bag.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Where is Anders?
- What has happened to you?
- Nothing. Have you seen Anders?
- He is in the music room.
- I want to talk to you.
- It is not proper now.
I'll decide about that.
I tried to reach you.
We don't have your number.
We have no telephone.
What is it?
The teacher saw that Anders had
bruises on both arms.
Looks like someone
have held him tight.
He has no idea how he got the marks.
Do you know anything about it?
He had none of them this morning.
It must be one of the students.
It has not happened at home?
What do you mean? That I should have...
I could never do anything bad to Anders.
Ask him yourself!
I'll get him.
No, Anders is going to stay here,
so that no one can get to him.
The teacher will be here to watch
him until we find a solution.
He will be with me.
That is my son.
I know, but we are required to act so
if we suspect neglection.
Can I go?
Sure you can.
Eva can follow you out.
I need the toilet.
Surely it is not illegal?
You are not allowed
to go there! Stop!
- Anders? - You are not
allowed to go in there!
You cannot take him with you!
He must stay here.
My son is in danger!
Someone has hurt him!
Oh my God!
What has happened?
Who did this?
Have you seen your daddy?
Is he the one who did this?
It must have been terribly hurting.
It does not hurt.
They are not mine.
What are you talking about?
Of course, they are yours.
If I call this number,
they'll investigate this? Thank you.
A customer was here. Do you remember
the one that struggled with a baby monitor?
- Is she here?
- No.
There is another customer
having the same problem.
- What do you hear?
- Hiss, and then there's a woman crying.
Probably you've got the sound
from another baby monitor.
- Does that mean that others can listen too?
- It is possible.
Just change the channel,
and it will go away.
The only one... I'm... thinking about...
... is Anders.
Without him
I... do not... exist.
When they... left him... in my arms,
I thought:
Run, Anna!
Take him with you... and ran!
It is... only you...
that could... save him...
But... I did... not.
Next time... I will run.
It... is... soon.
Anna, you have to let me in.
- Anders's father is on his
way here now. - What?
- Is he coming here?
- Yes, to get Anders.
He will be much better with him.
Don't you think so too?
If you don't open, I'll call up
one that can break down the door.
Where is he?
He was tired after school.
Can't you leave him to sleep some more?
- What is it?
- Some wet clothes.
Do not dry them there,
the floor is destroyed.
You can just sit there.
What have you done to yourself?
Did you fight?
I slipped.
- You slipped and got wet?
- I do not know.
- I thought I was under water.
- You will not be wet from believeing it.
You have no idea what
you were doing? Right?
It must be absolutely awful.
It is quite possible we can
look for each other after this?
You need someone who
can take care of you.
- Would you do it?
- Of course I will.
Anders can wake up.
You do not need this anymore.
- Where are you going?
- I'll just pick up the papers.
He should be here now.
There he is.
Wake Anders and make him ready.
Dress Up! We are leaving now.
Anna, what happens?
Anders and I are packing.
We are leaving now.
Now we will be together.
We will be together forever.
As I promised you.
- Come on.
- I will not.
You don't have to be afraid.
I promise.
Where is Anders?
Where is Anders?
She lived there alone.
Her son was killed two years ago.
Ex-husband had abused them both.
So he killed him and the boy.
It is not true. I've been there.
I have talked to the boy.
- Who was he?
- Janitor.
He must have been in, fixing
something in the bathroom.
Hello, my name is Helge.
I was wondering if you would
join me for dinner.
Only if you'd like it, of course.
Hello, my name is Helge.
I was wondering if you would
join me for dinner.
Only if you'd like it, of course.
You need to get someone to help you.
No one can help me now.
Ask my mom for help.
She is not strong enough
to look after us both.
Show me your arm.
- Brant she gave you?
- Yes.
See here.
It gets better when someone finds you.
Then you can sleep.
Once there was
a small boy and a mom.
They came to a whole new place.
They had nothing,
but each other.
One day they went out in the woods
which was close to where they lived.
And where they went astray.
But suddenly they saw something
shining through the trees.
When they got there,
they saw that...
there was a lake.