Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (1985)

Okay, swing.
That's it, swing.
Nice and level.
Put it in there!
Run! Run! Wrong way!
First! First!
Wrong way!
Other way! Other way!
Go, go, go, go!
Hold it! Hold it!
Hey! Telephony! U.S.!
These guys are great natural athletes.
Jerry, they're developing...
their own unique style
of baseball here.
I could file on African baseball
on a regular basis.
- Maybe, you know, do a feature or...
- Yeah, that's fine.
But enough of these
African baseball stories.
George, there's an opening
on the sports desk.
- How soon can you and Suzy get back here?
- Um, about a week.
- When, when do you want me to start?
- Hey, man, we need you by Monday.
- Do you want the job or not?
- Yeah! Uh...
Get the cheeseburgers ready, Jerry,
because I'm gonna be home by Christmas.
- Thanks a lot, buddy.
- See you soon.
All right!
I've got real news!
Wait till I tell you.
I don't wanna miss Eric.
Well, that's
downright Jurassic.
Fourth or fifth cervical
vertebra, don't you think?
It's a neck structure
of a brontosaurus.
- Small head, slender neural cord.
- Let's carbon-date it.
- We could.
- I'll get it ready.
Paris or London?
Shall I send a telex?
- You could.
- What's wrong?
This bone is
about 80 years old.
There's no point in showing
me that, Susan, my dear.
I wrote it.
Don't you remember?
This, I think, is more what
you should be looking at.
Oh, no.
It's not a giraffe.
- Or am I just a total idiot?
- On the contrary.
You're the brightest
post-doc we've had out here.
Don't worry about it,
my dear.
- I thought I really had something.
- Excuse me.
- Susan, may I speak with you?
- Hello, George.
I'm afraid that your wife has had a
slight scientific disappointment.
- You all right?
- It's okay.
I just wanted to find something
real important before I left.
Susan, you know that most field
work is patience and frustration.
You're young.
Don't rush it.
In other words, some days you eat the
bone; Other days, the bone eats you.
Come on.
Hi, Nigel. Ready to
sharpen his pencils today?
- Must you always be sarcastic?
- Au revoir, Nigel.
Is that Little Miss
Scientist's latest discovery?
From Bateke. She's top-notch
at her job, Nigel...
whether you
like her or not.
- Is it any good?
- I doubt it.
Now don't patronize me, Eric,
please. I know that look.
How good is it?
She knows nothing.
If these scrapings are from Bateke,
I imagine the photo is true.
- A trip is indicated.
- You do know that Etienne is dead.
Oh, yes, terrible thing.
Fine scientist.
Well, are you going to tell her that we're
going to Bateke because of her scrapings?
No, I'm not,
and neither are you.
Mmm, the beer that made
Ogbomosho famous.
How about that? I can finally say
"Ogbomosho," and we're going home.
The Post is really
lucky to get you. It's great.
It's just... I have the funniest
feeling about this bone.
Susan, we made a deal.
I wanted to do something
real while I was here.
We'll start our real
life when we get home.
What's that supposed to mean?
You know.
- A baby.
- Sure, couple, three, four.
- Four!
- I'm one of six!
- Well, then, you have 'em.
- Well, I'd give it a shot.
Carl Yastrzemski Loomis.
That's got kind of a rhythm.
Jane Goodall Loomis, maybe.
Hmm, that'd be all right.
As long as she could
throw a spitball.
- I wanted to find my own dinosaur.
- You'll have a reason to come back.
We'll miss you.
- I'll write. I promise.
- Do that.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
I heard about your husband's job.
Congratulations. Absolutely splendid.
It should suit him.
As you know, I can
help you in Washington.
You choose any school or
museum you like... and I'll see
that you'll get the highest
possible recommendation.
Thank you.
I really appreciate it.
One thing before you go. Dr. Pierre
Dubois from the Red Cross...
is in the lab office up there.
I don't know if that what he wants.
Could you have a chat
with him before you leave?
Sure. Of course I will.
- Are you leaving, too?
- Just for a few days.
In fact, we really
should get going. Chop, chop.
- Well, very best of luck to you.
- Bye.
Do you know anything about
the Senuofo, Dr. Matthews?
- No, not really.
- They are quite remote.
Ten days ago, a government patrol discovered
cholera at one of their villages.
They brought back two patients,
both, uh, died.
It was not cholera. It was staphylococcus.
It's, uh, food poisoning.
Do you understand that
Dr. Kiviat and I...
- are paleontologists, not physicians?
- Oh, yes.
But the Senuofo have eaten the
same diet for a thousand years.
There's never been a recorded
case of staphylococcus before.
They have eaten an animal
they can't or won't identify.
This, uh...
is what they ate.
- Can you identify it?
- Giraffe.
It's impossible.
It's not a mammal.
Listen, George, it's
hardly even a detour.
We catch the ferry,
see what's going on.
It puts us back a day
and a half, maybe two...
Which are the first
two days of my new job.
They've been getting the paper
out without you all this time.
They don't need you Monday.
Dealing with food poisoning
is not your job, Susan.
No, that's not my job.
But finding out what's with
these bones is my job.
Turn off the light.
George, it could be
an entire skeleton.
It could be a major find,
my find.
Go to sleep.
I said, turn off the light, Susan.
We gotta get up and pack tomorrow.
Susan! Susan!
Pardonnez-moi. Was there an
English woman on that thing?
- Une femme anglaise?
- Definitely.
Is there any way I can
charter an airplane?
Oh, definitely.
- All right, let's go, right now.
- Next Thursday.
- No, no, no, now. Rapidement.
- Next Thursday.
Isn't there any way
I can get upriver fast?
I have a friend who has got a very fine
airplane. Would you like to charter it?
Yes, definitely.
Kenge Obe offers a variety
of package expeditions...
tailored to the individual tastes
and schedules of the patron.
I seem to be out
of brochures at the moment.
I'm surprised this thing
can even fly!
Oh, yes. Well, that is because of
the skilled ability of the pilot.
How far? How long
is it to Sangha?
A long ways. Long, long ways.
But don't worry.
We have plenty of
outward fuel supplies.
Kenge Obe is always prepared
for every contingency.
- And this...
- Shit.
The finest of
your kind music. Bon appetit.
You like it?
Then she leaves me a note like a
goddamn milkman or something.
I mean, I gave up six months of
my life to come tagging along...
in this godforsaken country,
six months of my career!
- If you look to the left,
- I'm sure it's not godforsaken...
if you come from here,
it's just that...
sometimes she's like
talking to a stone wall.
You know what I mean?
Tried talking to her
about having kids! My God!
You'd think it was some kind
of barbaric custom from dark...
I'm one of six
brothers and sisters!
- Is that so? I myself had 19.
- Nineteen?
Yeah, my father had,
uh, four wives.
Four wives! I got all
I can handle with one!
I can't let her get away with it.
What would you do?
If it were my wife...
I'd whip the bitch.
Got your note.
George, he's dying.
Dr. Dubois, this is
my husband, George Loomis.
- Monsieur.
- Bonjour.
Oh, this is my tour guide,
Sky King.
- Do you understand Senuofo?
- Yeah, I speak a little.
We're trying to find out
what this man ate.
That's the chief.
He's preparing to die.
- No, no, no, no. No!
- Huh?
Two of their hunters
found it upriver.
They have brought the meat back and
everyone who ate it is sick...
or dead.
Looks like a brontosaurus.
Where? Where upriver?
George, thank you.
You should bloody well tell
me my messages as they come in.
It is not okay. You make
things very difficult.
Apparently your favorite
post-doc and her husband...
are now chasing their bone
at a Sangha village upriver.
- Where did you get that information?
- Dubois.
- Red Cross.
- Damn it.
Blast it!
We're at the wrong place.
Get me government house.
- What is going on?
- You'll find out in due course.
We're going to need
a boat and an escort. Tommy!
She's a persistent
little devil, isn't she?
If this is where they left the
carcass, then it should be here.
Sounds logical.
It must have washed
with the current.
We're gonna have to look over there.
What's downriver?
Hey, Charlie.
No problem.
You won't get lost.
This is the Kenge Obe
communications module.
There's a transceiver.
There's a transmitter chip.
You can... You can
beep each other.
Also, the wraps and radio,
plus this excellent guide.
Rent or buy? Food is extra. I'll be
back to pick you up in two days.
Make it a rental and
tell him he goes with us.
Hey, Charlie.
No problem.
Oh, my God! George.
Hey! Where are ya going?
"No problem."
What a place, huh?
Something big's been through here.
Look at those broken branches.
- George?
- Come on.
Oh, my God!
George, maybe you should
give them something?
- We would like to give you a gift.
- Huh?
What would you like
me to give them, Susan?
Show your watch.
Show it.
Show them how it ticks.
- It doesn't tick. It's a goddamn digital.
- Try it anyway, George.
You like my watch?
Have any other ideas?
Oh, terrific.
It's a convention.
Maybe they'd like my... pants.
It's what they could use.
- Susan! Don't! Their soul!
- It's okay.
It's just a picture.
It's okay.
Come on, it's all right.
Think happy thoughts.
This is absolute "craporama."
Dead ants. Live ants.
I think I'm going to die.
Here, uh, try a little
half-eaten hippie food.
I don't like it
either, the broth.
- I'm George.
- Huh?
- My name, George.
- Cephu.
Cephu, how do you do?
You okay?
It's okay.
This I like.
What is this stuff anyway?
Near beer.
It's near enough.
I feel really strange.
Me too.
Have you seen this thing?
George, did you see that?
What's with him?
They just disappeared.
George, you hear that?
Do you hear that?
That's an elephant
or something.
Where'd everybody go?
I always like to thank the host
of the party before I leave.
Come on,
let's set up a tent.
Those guys just
disappeared into thin air.
And that sound.
I don't know.
It could have been a hippo,
except hippos don't...
make a trumpet sound
like that.
- Spooky, huh?
- Yeah.
I've never heard anything
like it, George.
Whatever it was,
it's gone now.
- Now?
- Why not?
'Cause the natives
might be outside still.
They can watch.
It's a little earthquake.
It stopped.
The wind?
The wind.
Kind of nice how the jungle makes
noises at night, isn't it?
Crickets and stuff.
Yeah, not everybody
gets to experience this.
It's a marvelous
George, you're not sorry
you're here, are you?
No, no, no.
Really, Susan, I'm not.
George, I don't know if I'm in
the mood anymore. Do you mind?
Oh, come on.
Would you be very kind?
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Is this absolutely
essential, Colonel?
They are fighting men, Professor.
They need their diversions.
I wish you were looking in an
area the government controls.
The natives are scared of the Mokele-Mobembe.
I don't think they'll present any problem to us.
- You aren't frightened?
- On the contrary, my dear Colonel.
I've been on its trail for far too long.
We're like old friends.
Besides, we have
our military escort.
Come on.
Oh, George.
Oh, my God!
It's beautiful.
Get down.
The wind's at his back.
He can't get our scent.
I need pictures.
Get my camera.
- George, look.
- I see.
- It's the female.
- How do you know?
George, it's a hatchling.
It is.
It really is.
Take pictures.
Take pictures.
We're looking at
150 million years ago. My God.
You realize you're gonna be the
most famous scientist in the world?
And you're gonna cover it.
They might be great, but I don't
know how friendly they are.
What I don't understand is what
they're doing this far south.
What I don't understand is
what they're doing alive.
Ready? Maybe they ran out of this
fruit where they used to live.
- Think that's enough?
- Yeah, okay.
Following the food supply.
You know, George, that's not bad.
- I guess we can get a little closer.
- You know what we've got to do?
We've got to get them used to us so we can
stick one of Kenge's radio chips on them.
Jump back, Jack.
Woo! Look at you! Aah!
- George of the jungle.
- Come on.
Chow time.
They're getting used to us.
Great. They love it.
That's it, guys. Pig out.
Hey, look. Behind you.
The baby. Terrific.
You can put
the transmitter on him.
Hey! Hey, you!
Leave that alone.
Susan, he's got big teeth.
Where'd he go?
- You see him?
- He's underwater.
On the right.
George? George?
Here, Baby, it's all right.
It's all right.
God, George, you scared her.
No, no, no, stay here.
- Real funny.
- Come on, it's okay. It's all right.
Some food. Come on.
No, no, wait, wait.
Here, here, here. No, no, come on.
Hungry? Free meal.
That's it. Is it...
Look at you.
Are you friendly?
You like that? Yeah.
Look at these ears.
Whoa, don't step on me.
Came to visit us.
- Yeah.
- She's like a little elephant, isn't she?
It's playing.
Dinosaurs don't play.
- It's weird.
- Isn't her skin nice?
I thought
it would be more scaly.
Well, you're not so bad.
You're kind of friendly.
What the...
Use the tranquilizer gun.
In the neck.
Aim carefully.
And another.
In the neck.
Give it time.
Get back!
Get back!
Colonel, don't shoot!
Oh, no!
Stop them, for God's sake!
What an animal!
Millions of years.
Have you any idea
what you've done?
- That was a one-of-a-kind specimen.
- No, Professor.
It was one of two.
That is a
one-of-a-kind specimen.
Get down! Susan!
Don't go over there.
- Shh. Keep her quiet.
- Keep her quiet?
- She's trying to get to her mom.
- Quiet!
Keep her here.
Kiviat, what in the
hell are you doing, man?
I was under the impression
you were a scientist.
What? You gonna
have it stuffed...
right here on the spot?
Mr. Loomis, you will
kindly keep your mouth shut.
- Secure the creature would you?
- Yes.
- Don't do it, Nigel.
- Well, I...
- Oh, my God!
- Your prisoner?
We do not take prisoners.
Don't! Don't!
- Agh!
- Take cover!
Run, Susan!
Still want to set up your
field lab here, Professor?
We'll have to take her back.
They did a job here,
didn't they?
What a mess!
They got the radio.
- The receiver's okay.
- This works.
Oh, God, George, look!
Doesn't have much
of a chance, does he?
She'll never survive
without her mother.
Baby, come here.
Baby, Baby, come on.
No, no.
Come on, Baby. Come on.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
You know, George, if we caught it,
maybe we could beat Eric back.
It could be our discovery.
- Here.
- Got it covered.
All right, that a girl.
Don't hurt her.
Ow! She bit me!
- Hold on to her, George!
- I'm tryin'!
- Hold on!
- Grab her!
Grab her!
I'm trying! I'm trying!
George, hold her back.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. Calm down.
It's me, see?
Look, it's me.
Shh, shh.
You'll be okay.
Shh. You'll be okay.
She'll take a bath.
You'll be fine, Baby.
It's okay.
It's all right. Shh.
Don't do that, idiot!
Oh, my God, she's had
more than 200 CCs already!
Help me! Help me!
Come on, you blockhead!
Take the rope!
- She'll have to have a stimulant.
- I have it.
Help me up.
Well done, Nigel.
You must excuse my assistant, my
dear Colonel. Heat of the moment.
You know, I'm, I'm beginning
to take an active interest...
in your career
and, uh...
you know I have
the aid of the president.
One day I should like to
see you "General" Nsogbu.
For all our sakes, we mustn't
lose this one, must we?
Lose one, you keep one.
I call that acceptable
losses, Professor.
What's your problem?
Are you still hungry?
She already ate 200 pounds
of of malumbo fruit.
Who said you had to make
such a pig of yourself, hmm?
You'll be okay.
- Get him outta here. Ow! Get off my toe!
- She wants...
- Oh, get off my foot!
- She's not feeling well.
She's just a baby.
It'll be all right.
- Oh, what breath!
- Shh.
Good God!
- Come on, George. Come on!
- Heave, heave!
George, will you
stop fooling around?
Come on. Aah.
She's still hungry.
Why'd they put
these so high up?
There goes my pants!
Wasps! Wasps!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Ow! Ow!
I don't think we're that far
from where Kenge dropped us off.
If he waits for us, I think we
have a shot at beating Eric.
Nifty. Ow!
- Still hurts, huh?
- Look at the size of this sucker, huh?
Oh, yeah, that feels nice.
- You like that, huh?
- Work your way up right there.
Up, up, now to your left.
Right there.
Come on, Baby.
Come on, come on.
- Not now. Go on, go on.
- No, no, no.
Get outta here.
Hey, hey, go on.
Get outta here.
- Leave my shirt. Get outta here.
- Get out of here.
Play with ya later.
Come here and plant one on me.
- Oh! Oh!
- Oh!
French-kissed my nose!
- It kissed me.
- No.
No, Baby, no.
Dragon breath.
Get outta here!
Come here.
George, Baby...
Where's Baby?
- Oh, God!
- I'm sure she's right around here.
I don't know how she'll
feed herself, George.
She can't reach
the malumbo.
We'll just have
to keep looking.
Wait a minute.
- I got something here.
- Baby?
Yeah, she's over that way.
It's Eric.
- Do you think they have Baby?
- I don't see her.
Could have gotten the signal from
something else over there though.
Oh, look at the mother.
- We have to help her.
- What do you suggest Susan?
- We walk in there with a writ?
- Well we have to try.
Don't you worry.
We'll get you back
to your baby.
I can't get these ropes.
You'll have to use your knife.
I know you miss her.
I miss her too.
- She smells Baby on your belt.
- Huh?
You used it for a leash.
- Come on!
- I'm coming.
Halt! Halt!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
They were attempting to steal
the people's discovery.
It's really great, Eric. Is
this paleontology by the books?
Welcome to
the People's Army.
- Hey, watch it...
- Hey!
You will stop telling people what to do.
That's a very bad habit you people have got.
You are not a citizen in this country.
You're a criminal and you have no rights.
If that is not clear, we will
make it clear!
- What is the matter with those two?
- They're in a bit of a pickle.
Open up.
So... a
brontosaurus hatchling.
Amazing find.
Remarkable object for study.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- I... read your notes, my dear.
Your behavioral observations
were most impressive.
A little unschooled, but written
on the run, I realize that.
You've attached a homing transmitter
to the hatchling, have you not?
It can't be too far away.
I think we can track it down.
A hatchling.
That's very dear to me.
I'm going to find it.
You're going to help me,
aren't you? Hmm?
Good night.
- Eric. Eric!
- Go away.
No, listen. It's the animal. Her heartbeat's
irregular. The breathing's impaired.
I told him
no more tranquilizers.
All he ever thinks about
is being made a general.
Now he's planning to airlift her by crate
in a helicopter. She'll never survive it!
Oh, Eric,
what are we doing?
Go to bed, Nigel. Sleep. I'll
have a chat with the colonel.
- May I?
- What is it, Professor?
- More debate about your prize?
- No no. Nothing of the sort my dear fella.
She's become rather restive and I
have just prepared some of this...
very special serum but it
doesn't fit our instrument.
May I? Please.
Thank you.
This is our...
very best stuff.
Guaranteed to reduce her
to near death.
Thank you.
And, uh, total immobility.
- Oh, spare me your sarcasm, Professor.
- Certainly.
Oh, good morning.
What appears to be the problem?
They say that we
killed the colonel.
- We found this in their belongings.
- That confirms my suspicions.
- CIA is what they are.
- What are you talking about?
They're trying to prevent us from taking
back the people's discovery to the capital.
It's a plot to undermine the
revolutionary government.
You're outta your mind.
- Oh, my God!
- Don't shoot!
We need them. There's a
treasure buried out there.
We can track it on our radio
receiver, but we do need them.
- What kind of treasure?
- Gold. CIA.
CIA always has gold. Hidden.
Could be yours.
I think we're on to it. Lower.
There it is!
Here! What is this?
- Is that your treasure?
- That, my friend...
is the most valuable
thing on earth.
But you said gold!
Give me that gun!
Try for the neck.
Turn back. Turn back!
Hey, babe.
How ya doin', huh?
How ya doin'?
Come on, we gotta go.
Come on, come on!
Let's go, go!
- Let's look for someplace we can hi...!
- George!
What's down there?
There's a cave.
Come on, Susan.
Come on, Baby.
I can't see.
Gotta have light.
I'll make a torch.
Listen. They're landing.
Come on. It's okay.
That's it, Baby.
Come on.
Get a move on, you fellows!
Not so fast.
Quiet! Quiet!
George, Susan,
show yourselves!
Shh. Come on.
All I require
is the hatchling.
What is that?
Oooh! Ah, George!
Oh, they're getting
in my hair!
Watch your eyes!
Come on!
Don't shoot!
You'll hit the animal.
Come on.
Oh, my God!
Damn it!
Oh, George. Oh!
The game is over.
Hold this!
- Susan!
- George!
- We made it! -
- We made it, all right.
We made it!
Where's Baby?
Baby, are you all right?
- What's she doing?
- I don't know.
Hey! Hey!
Over there.
Susan! Susan,
there's nothing we can do.
Well, she's alive.
I said that's all I wanted.
That's all we should want.
There, there.
Hello, George and Susan.
I can't see you, but I'm sure
you're out there somewhere.
It's better for science that we
have the mother and the hatchling.
I'm most profoundly
grateful to you.
Take care of yourselves.
I don't know what she
sees in these things.
I think I was starting to
believe we were her parents.
I didn't do that
many drugs in college.
They're probably gonna
dope her silly.
A bunch of grad students giving
her a physical every ten minutes.
That's what I was gonna do.
But she likes you.
- Mokele-Mobembe.
- Mokele-Mobembe? Come on.
Hey, you are late!
And guess what I saw downriver?
Your dinosaur!
We steal it back. It won't be easy,
but Kenge Obe doesn't worry...
- because it's no problem!
- No problem!
How is the little one?
She's just so scared.
I've given her some morphine.
Absolutely splendid.
Get our equipment! Move!
Damn it, move!
Still no Kenge.
We're just gonna
have to wait.
Halt! Stand guard.
Trigger! Cephu...
Let's go.
- Look, George!
- It's about time.
- All right!
- Yeah!
No problem.
- Now.
- Why not?
Sic 'em!
Come on!
Hold on!
Stop! Pull over!
Stop, Eric!
I'm warning you!
Oh, God.
Oh, thank God.
you don't belong to me.
Just another legend?
If we let it be.
Come on.