Baby Driver (2017)

Put your hands in the air!
Get on the ground now!
I need you on the ground!
Stay there!
Don't you move!
Get down!
Don't fucking move!
Let's go!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Nobody move!
Nobody move!
Everybody, stay down!
Thank you very much,
ladies and gentlemen. Right
now, I got to tell you about...
the fabulous,
most groovy...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa!
Driving a red Subaru WRX.
No, no, no.
I'm here. You're late.
I'm waiting on you again.
Hurry up.
Hey! Taxi!
You go, girl.
You know it, honey.
Hey! Jerk.
Next customer.
Next customer.
Oh, uh...
Can I take your order?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll have, uh,
four black coffees, medium.
B-a-b-y, baby.
Could you pass that?
Subaru WRX believed
to be connected
to the robbery...
The river of sin.
Sin is your enemy.
Sin can be washed away
if you just find god.
Don't walk away from your sin.
Is she in there?
I told you, no.
I can't deal with you right now.
Be on time.
It is believed that the robbers
have escaped with
upwards of $200,000.
What's his deal?
Full cut, same as everyone.
No, doc,
I mean is he, uh, retarded?
"Retarded" means slow.
Was he slow?
Then he don't sound
that retarded to me.
He's a good kid and
a devil behind the wheel.
What the hell else more
do you need to know?
So you don't think that there's
something wrong with him
just not saying anything?
There's nothing wrong
with a little quiet.
You know why
they call him baby, right?
Still waiting on
his first words.
So, you're a mute, baby?
Is that what it is?
Are you a mute?
So, um,
what are you listening to?
Uh, music.
That's right.
You tell him, baby.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.
For god's sakes, Griff,
leave the kid alone.
You can't just be
in crime, right?
Not without being
a little criminal.
I just want to find out what's
going on between those ears,
aside, of course, from, uh...
Egyptian reggae.
What's it matter to you?
Just think that he thinks
he's better than us.
He wants to sit there in his car
and keep his white shirt
clean while the rest of us,
we roll in the dirt.
One of these days, baby,
you're gonna get
blood on your hands,
and you're gonna
find out that that shit
don't wash off
in the fucking sink.
Relax. The kid did
his job, all right?
I ever say that the kid
wasn't great at his job? No.
I think he's a star.
Would I vouch for him
if he wasn't?
Got to hand it to you,
totem pole,
you're either hard as
nails or scared as shit.
Which one is it?
What do you think
about that, baby?
Mommy and daddy
are getting it on.
Yeah, where do you get off?
Okay, folks,
if you don't see me again,
it's 'cause I'm dead.
Tell me about tonight, buddy.
Tonight, darling, we will have
post-heist revelry at bacchanalia.
Why, that is
the finest winin' and dinin'
of all the wines
and dines in town.
Ah, that's us.
Well, sir,
expect the lady and myself
to darken your door
once the nose bag is empty.
And, baby, you did good, kid.
Do me a favor.
Next time doc calls,
don't pick up.
Don't listen to him.
Now, I get absolutely no pleasure
in taking candy from baby,
but we're fast approaching
the day when you...
Will be all paid up.
One more job and I'm done?
One more job and we're straight.
Sound good?
I was gonna wait until we were
square, but what the hell.
These are for you.
Now give me your burner.
I'm gonna need you behind
the wheel again real soon.
You call, I'm there.
Here's what we know.
Two men and a woman
came into the bank branch
clad in black business clothing,
trench coats,
bandanas and sunglasses.
They pulled guns and ordered
everybody to the floor,
and then cleaned out
the registers.
And hear this, they even swiped
jewelry from some of the customers.
You awake?
They ran out of the bank
to a waiting getaway car.
A driver was there to take them away.
It was a red...
You hungry?
You got it.
Spread to the edges!
Is a young Caucasian male.
His identity
remains as yet unknown,
and police are
appealing to anyone
who might recognize him
to come forward.
The search for
the suspect is ongoing.
Police pursued
the getaway vehicle
across downtown Atlanta
and I-85 by helicopter.
Where is that cash from?
One more job.
Then I'm done.
You don't
in that world.
Sorry, couldn't hear you.
I have a banana in my ear.
You heard me.
They grow up so freaking
fast, don't they?
You and I are a team.
Nothing is more important
than our friendship.
How's that working out for you?
And still the bull stands,
bloodied but unrelenting.
Gaston is running out of time.
He's had his tries
from horseback.
Now he must try to
end this on foot.
"Retarded" means slow.
Was he slow?
Was he slow?
Was he slow?
"Retarded" means slow.
Was he slow?
"Retarded" means slow.
Was he slow?
Slow? ...Slow? ...Slow?
So, what can I get
you this fine morning?
Oh, don't worry
if you need a second.
I have all
the time in the world.
Whoa, are you recording this?
Oh, uh...
Am I being monitored
for quality assurance?
No. I... I...
Um, hello? Hello, testing.
What can I get you
this fine morning, sir?
Oh, um, you know
that's a kid's menu, right?
Yeah, oh.
I get it. It's early.
So you just starting your day
or did you just get off?
Oh, I don't know if I ever get off.
They call, I go, you know?
So, what is it you do?
I'm a driver.
Oh, like a...
Like a chauffeur.
You drive around
important people?
I guess I do.
Anyone I'd know?
I hope not.
Well, aren't you mysterious.
So, when was the last time
you hit the road just for fun?
Oh, then I'm jealous.
Sometimes all I want to do
is head west on 20
in a car I can't afford
with a plan I don't have.
Just me, my music and the road.
I'd like that, too.
Uh, so,
you decide on anything yet?
You are so beautiful.
You just decided that.
Oh, well, thank you.
I'm sure you don't mean it.
I do mean it.
Oh, sorry.
You know, this isn't my badge.
I've only just
started here, so...
As a Jonathan?
Yeah. As a Jonathan.
Well, um, if you have any
more questions, just holler.
I have a question.
What's that song you're singing?
I approve.
Of the song?
Of the girl.
Oh, there you are.
I've been calling, baby.
You have?
I have.
My chicken just
laid a very big egg.
You in?
Am I in?
It was
a rhetorical question, baby.
You're in.
I'll be there.
Meet your new crew.
Over here is Eddie no nose,
formerly Eddie the nose.
Why, what happened?
Don't ask me that.
That's a no nose no-no,
page one.
And right here is JD.
He put the "Asian"
in home invasion.
And over there is
the one and the only bats.
No need for intros, doc.
Everybody from the jungle
to the trap know bats.
This your boy, right?
This the one you say listens
to the music all the time?
The driver's supposed
to be the eyes and the ears,
not just the eyes.
Why does he listen to music
all the time, doc?
- He's got mental problems?
- No, no, no, no.
I'm the one got the mental
problems in the crew.
Position taken.
He's got tinnitus.
He had an accident
when he was a kid.
He's still got a hum in the drum.
Plays music to drown it out.
Yeah, but you feel me.
Your tattoo says, "hat."
Yeah. It used to say "hate."
But to increase my chances of
employment, I got the "e" removed.
How's that working out for you?
Who doesn't like hats?
So, doc,
how many jobs
you done with the kid?
If you can't take
my word for him,
then get back in
that fucking elevator.
You never heard of
the spirit of 85?
The joyrider?
The ghost that baited
cops doing 130 on 85.
Headlights off,
brake lights disconnected.
He drove 'em around in circles
on spaghetti junction.
Left 'em in the dust every time.
That was our boy there.
Wasn't that, like, 10 years ago?
Well, like I said,
that was our boy.
He's been boosting cars
since he was old enough
to see over the dash.
He stole my Mercedes.
Had a lot of merch in it.
I watched him do it, too.
I didn't stop him, though,
'cause I was just blinded
by the balls on that kid.
'Course he didn't know
who I was,
or the worth of the junk in
the trunk once he dumped it,
but once I tracked him down, I
made sure to tell him who I was,
what I was capable of,
and how much he owed me.
And since he's
been paying me back,
he's also shown me
what he's capable of.
I just drew a whole
goddamn map in chalk
while we've been
standing here squawking.
That's pretty
fucking impressive, right?
Shop, let's talk it.
Baby, you with us?
Bank robbers. Whatever.
It's got to be ready for
an 8:30 start in the A.M.
I got a question, doc.
Why would I believe phones over
here heard a goddamn word you said?
You laid down your whole play.
He ain't even listening.
The target is an armored truck
at perimeter trust in
Dunwoody, 10:00 A.M. sharp.
We have the details of the route
because someone at the depot
has a nasal problem.
The bank itself is right
near the Buford highway,
so we should be able
to hit the ramp
within 60 seconds
of getting out.
We also have a diversion crew.
They're gonna blow up
a bread truck a ways away,
keep the fuzz busy.
The dress code is the Michael
Myers Halloween mask,
but don't all buy your masks at the
same time. It looks suspicious.
The switch car is ready,
but you want me to hit the
long-stay parking structure
at Hartsfield-Jackson
to get a heist vehicle
that stays colder longer.
Boost a commuter car,
a family car,
something that blends in well
with morning traffic.
Something on the heavy side in case
we need to ram the cops off the road.
A escalade, Yukon,
avalanche, whatever.
It needs to be ready
for an 8:30 start in the A.M.
Well, ain't y'all cute.
That's my baby.
Fuck your baby.
What's in there is ours.
It belongs to us.
They took our money,
our hard-earned paper.
They snuck in when we
were asleep last night
and took the pants off the
chair and emptied our wallets.
They got what's rightfully ours.
Let's go get it back,
what's rightfully ours.
What the fuck is this mask?
Austin powers.
Doc said Michael Myers!
This is Mike Myers!
It should be the Halloween mask.
This is a Halloween mask!
No, the killer dude
from Halloween.
Oh, you mean Jason.
- No!
- No! God! Fuck!
Let's go.
Wait, wait.
I got to start the song over.
The fuck?
Okay, go.
Yeah, we out! Let's go!
- Let's move!
- I got this.
Come on! Let's go!
Man up!
It's a tough business.
Go! Hit it!
Yeah, baby!
Look out! Fuck!
What the fuck?
- We got a hero!
- Go!
God damn!
Fuck! Get him!
Do your job, baby.
Let's go!
Watch out, watch out, watch out!
That's how you do it, baby!
Come on!
What the fuck?
Soldier boy.
He ain't giving up, huh?
Come on, soldier boy.
Ah! No, no, no, no! No!
Got your ass now.
Damn it! I had that g.I. Joe
motherfucker dead to rights!
God damn!
New ride. Let's go.
Come on, boys, let's rock!
Move! Move! Move! Move!
Huh? Sweetheart.
Oh, my love.
Get out the car!
I have a child!
I got one, too.
Get the fuck out!
Come on!
Get in! Let's move.
Here, it's okay.
- Bring your sorry ass over!
- God damn it! Shit!
- Baby, what are you doing?
- Here, take him.
Leave the baby in the car.
Leave the baby in the car!
Get your damn weird ass
over here now!
- Come on! Let's go!
- I'm coming!
Let's rock!
Let's go!
Oh, shit! No! Fuck!
I left my shotgun behind.
I left my shotgun behind.
Not groovy, JD.
Not groovy at all.
Cops! Cops! Cops!
Shit. Get down.
Stay down. Stay down.
All units be on the lookout
for a red Saturn aura,
license plate...
You see JD over there?
Now, JD's a idiot.
But you a bright boy, though.
So I got a question for you.
You make me miss that shot?
Come on, now.
You can tell me.
You're a good driver.
You're a bad liar, though.
In this business, the moment
you catch feelings...
Is the moment
you catch a bullet.
Now, pick up your purse
and go get the coffee.
About goddamn time.
Oh, you looking for JD?
International man of mystery?
'Cause he's long gone, baby.
You got that right.
Just put it down.
We'll drink it.
So, this is it.
I'm a man of my word.
And you're all straight, baby.
That's it?
Sure is.
- You're all paid up.
- Cause for celebration.
Yeah, sure is.
Yeah, well, before you
go completely crazy...
You need to sunset that ride.
Drive safe, baby.
You're back.
I sure am.
Well, then, you, sir,
are gonna be
my very last customer,
because I am walking out that
door in precisely 30 seconds.
You're leaving?
Yes, sir.
Can I come with you?
You don't have work or nothing?
Uh, I don't.
I am done with work.
Wow. You seem real
happy about that.
Yeah, I sure am.
God damn it!
I don't blame you. Well,
you're welcome to come with,
but I don't know how exciting
you're gonna find the laundromat.
I got to run some errands.
But think about what you want, and
I will stick around just for you.
Please. Uh, cream and sugar.
So, how you two getting along?
Oh, good.
He's sweet, isn't he?
That kid? He's been coming
here since before me.
Think maybe his mom
used to work here.
Know what you want?
Your name?
Well, you can get that for free.
It's Debbie. Debora.
Oh, like the song.
The Beck one? Yeah.
Well, except I'm d-e-b-o-r-a, and
I think that's just d-e-b-r-a.
I don't know that one.
Oh, it goes, um...
The song's about him wanting
to get with Jenny
and her sister, too,
whose name is Debra.
So it's not even really about me.
It's about the sister.
My sister's name is Mary.
She has got all the songs.
"Mary, Mary,
where you goin' to?"
"Proud Mary keep on burnin'."
"The wind cries Mary."
She's got me beat. Again.
She's got endless songs.
I got one.
No, you got two.
What's the other one?
the song I'm talking about.
Who by?
Uh, yeah.
I've heard of them,
but don't know that one.
How's it go?
"A Zeb-Ora"?
Like a zebra, I guess.
Yeah. Well, I'm wearing
black and white,
so you can call me Deebra.
Actually, I actually
got Debora on here.
Okay, what? How many
of those do you have?
Oh, I got different iPods
for different days and moods.
Oh. And you're in
a pink and glittery mood.
I am now.
What is your name?
Wait, what?
Your name's baby?
B-a-b-y, baby?
Well, then,
you have us all beat.
Every damn song is about you.
We could drive back and forth
across the states forever
and never run out
of "baby" songs.
We might run out of gas, though.
Did your mom call
you "baby" as a kid?
She used to work here?
Sometimes, but,
uh, she was a singer, too.
What does she do now?
Uh, I could find
Debora if you want.
For crying out loud.
Well, uh, play it
for me sometime
I don't have to get out of here.
Yeah, deal.
Now, you know what you want yet?
To get out of here.
You're right. I do like it.
So, what's your story, baby?
You from here?
I am.
Keep going. Keep going.
You're from here.
You're a driver. You like music.
You don't talk much.
I've, uh, spoken more
to you today
than I have to anyone all year.
Not a motor-mouth. Noted.
Yeah, yeah. I have...
I have this, uh, hearing thing.
I was in an accident
when I was little.
Is that what
happened to your mom?
Yeah. Yeah, and my dad.
I miss her.
I'm sorry.
No, don't be.
I live with my foster dad,
but now he's getting old,
so it's more like
I'm looking after him.
Yeah. I know how that feels.
I had to look after my mom
when she got sick.
It might seem tough now,
but once they're gone,
you'll miss having
someone to care for.
I don't have much to
keep me here anymore.
You don't?
You know,
mmm, we could get together some
other time, some other place?
Oh, you mean, uh, somewhere that's
not a diner or a laundromat?
Yeah, well, it's not that
this isn't nice but...
Oh, well,
we could go to, uh... um...
Oh, bacchanalia.
I've never been.
I... I hear it's nice.
Oh, it's... It's the
finest winin' and dinin'
of all the wines
and dines in town.
That is nice.
Um, but they got me pulling
doubles this week, though.
What about next week?
What's your schedule like?
I don't know.
Oh, I forgot.
They call, you go.
No, I mean, I'm...
I'm not working.
You're not driving anymore?
I'm sorry.
No, don't be.
It's my choice.
Well, aren't you the lucky one.
So who's Debora?
The girl.
His name, Malik Kelly,
a local veteran.
You saw what these folks were doing.
You took action. Why?
I'm done.
I saw these guys go marching in
the bank with Halloween masks,
weapons drawn.
They were attacking...
Is this the place?
Are we celebrating?
Celebrating you getting
a real job.
What kind of job?
Wouldn't it be good
to bring joy to people
when you drive?
Order's up!
That was fast.
I know.
You only have to
wash your hands once
after counting that.
I know.
And not put
other lives
in danger.
I won't let anything bad
happen to you.
I'm not talking
about me.
You're all good. A gentleman
picked this up already.
A gentleman?
Who is that?
It's my old boss.
Excuse me one second.
- Here you are, madam.
- Thank you very much.
Have a good night.
Good meal, baby?
That FOIE Gras terrine
is something, huh?
You don't look
happy to see me. Why?
I said we were straight, but
did you think we were done?
That that was it?
Uh, I guess I did.
Well, I could give you the
good news and the bad news,
except there is no bad news.
The good news is you're about
to make a lot of money.
And the good news is you're
about to make a lot of money.
I got... I got a job, doc.
Yeah, but why slave away
delivering Goodfellas pizzas
just to afford a night out here,
when you could make all that
dough with a great fella? Me.
And then take your gal here for fucking
dinner every night of the week?
You paid off your debt.
Now it's time to profit.
This is the fun bit, baby.
By the time this job is over,
you'll be rolling in money,
buying maseratis and feeding
your gal catfish dipped in gold.
So, what do you say?
You in?
Am I in?
No, don't answer my question
with another question.
You give me one of
two replies. Yes or no.
No, doc.
You know I never do a job with the
exact same crew twice, right?
And you also know
you've been my driver
for every job since we met.
So, I'm of the thinking
that you are my lucky charm
and that I'm not doing
this job without you.
Now, I don't think I need
to give you the speech
about what happens
when you say no,
how I could break your legs
and kill everyone you love,
because you already
know that, don't you?
So, what's it gonna be,
behind the wheel
or in a wheelchair?
The first one.
I'll pick you up in the morning.
Don't stay out too late, now.
And your, uh, waitress
girlfriend, she's cute.
Let's keep it that way.
Good night, sir.
Well, that was some pretty
fine winin' and dinin'.
Must have friends in high
places to get a table there.
Oh, I don't know about that.
Is everything okay, baby?
It will be.
You want to talk about it?
I make a mean cup of coffee.
I mean, I... I don't.
I make terrible coffee.
I want to, but I...
I can't right now.
You know, you...
You don't have
to worry about me.
You can tell me anything.
I'm not worried about you.
I mean, I...
You're the best thing that's
happened to me in a long time.
And I just worry that
I'm not good enough for you.
Oh, well, don't.
I can see you're kind
and you're different.
And I'm here for you
when you're ready.
What are you doing tomorrow?
Uh, you tell me.
Good morning.
These places never get rolled.
People don't realize that there's
gold in them there hills.
And those that do,
don't have the stones
to pull off a job so
public in the hub of it.
This place'll be ripe
around this time tomorrow,
but I need you to do
something for me today.
I can't be seen in there,
but you can.
So go inside.
Take note of the number
of cameras and positions,
the number of registers open,
the number of employees
and the number of customers.
Is there a guard?
Is he armed?
Do they have bandit glass?
And get in line,
buy some stamps.
Take your buds out,
pull your shades off.
Oh, and, uh, take the nephew.
Less suspicious.
The United States
postal service.
We're here, working for you,
seven days a week.
We do a lot more
than just stamps these days.
You'd be surprised at
what we have to offer.
Yeah, Jack, all looks
fine back here. Over.
No bandit glass,
one armed guard,
10 cameras,
eight registers, two open,
11 customers and four employees.
Thank you.
Uh, stamps.
That your boy?
Yeah, he sure is.
How old is he?
They grow up so
freaking fast, don't they?
Does he have a name?
You have a name, don't you?
Well, Samm, I got a mint
with your name on it.
You have a mint
that says "Samm"?
Are you here tomorrow?
Sure am. Working 9:00
to 5:00, just like Dolly.
Oh, Dolly Parton. Yeah.
I like her.
Mmm, who doesn't?
"Everybody wants happiness,
nobody wants pain.
"But you can't have a rainbow
without a little rain."
Wise lady.
Yeah, she sure is.
Hit me.
No bandit glass,
one armed guard,
10 cameras,
eight registers, three open.
And, uh, 11 customers.
And, uh, four employees.
Anything else?
The teller seemed nice.
She gave me a mint.
Did she?
You probably wouldn't even
need to use a gun with her.
Just say "boo," and she'll
give you the big bills first.
Chip's off the old block.
What floor are you on?
Those stairs must be a
real bitch for Joe, huh?
It's my business
to know everything.
So, are they a bitch?
There's an elevator.
Ooh, fancy.
So, am I gonna see you tonight?
Yes, you will.
You're not just saying what you
think I want to hear, right?
You consider me a friend,
don't you?
You and I are a team.
Nothing is more important
than our friendship.
Good to know.
You'll be out of
this shithole soon.
You're going up in the world!
Bo's diner, what'll you have?
Is Debora there?
Debbie, phone.
Keep it short.
It's baby.
Hey. To what do
I owe this honor?
I just wanted to
hear your voice.
Am I still seeing you later?
I have to drive again.
Oh, okay. Thought
y'all were done with that.
So did I.
It's not what I want.
And what do you want, baby?
I want us to head west on 20,
in a car we can't afford,
with a plan we don't have.
Keep driving and never stop.
Are you serious?
I am, Debora.
You in?
I'm in, baby.
See you soon.
There he is.
Hey, baby.
Hey, baby.
Hear-no-evil's back, huh?
Have you seen this kid move?
Yeah, I've seen him.
Think doc likes
having him around
because he can park in the
disabled spots by the bank.
- Disabled spot?
- Yeah.
He got some shit wrong with his ears.
Tinnitus or something.
Anyway, he gotta listen
to music 24 hours a day
to drown out
the whining in his ears.
Oh, shit!
You know who else has
the exact same thing
and does that exact same thing?
Barbra Streisand.
Darling, do I look like
I know a fucking thing
about Barbra fucking Streisand?
Hey! Watch your mouth. That's
my lady you're talking to.
Watch your mouth.
I'll watch what I want to watch.
Is that true?
Is that why you have music
in your head all the time?
Drown out the noise?
It keeps me moving.
It's an escape. I get it.
Hey, buddy, you seen a violin?
I had a violin here.
Shut up.
I used to fool around with
cars when I was a kid.
Drive around all night like a speed
freak listening to the radio.
I used to have my special tape
that had my killer
track on it. Get me flying.
You got one of those?
Well, what is it?
Brighton rock.
It's got that
crazy big guitar solo.
Yeah, I know that song.
My brother used to
play sheer heart attack
right through the wall.
You got it on here?
Uh, I got it on this one.
Play it.
Let's hear that killer track.
What you ladies listening to?
Queen? Streisand, now queen. What the fuck?
What y'all gonna do?
Y'all gonna belt out show
tunes on the way to the job?
You don't need
a score for a score.
You just...
Put your fucking foot on the
gas and drive the goddamn car.
That's all
the music you need, folks.
Come on, now.
You never been a wheelman?
You never had a lucky song?
Well, a cigarette song.
Apres- heist, glass of scotch.
But not before a job.
I got enough demons right here
playing music all the time.
Yeah, well, that I believe.
Had a buddy once walk away from a job.
You know why?
Because something was playing
on the radio he didn't like.
We about to go in, he won't
get out the fucking car. Why?
'Cause knock, knock,
knockin' on heaven's door
is playing on the Fm.
He called it a hex song.
That, end of the road
by Boyz ii men,
hotel California by the eagles.
He called 'em all hex songs.
Then come talking about some crazy
shit like we all gonna die.
So what?
You bail on the job?
Fuck no,
I didn't bail on the job.
I went and got that money.
And we didn't die, either.
Now, he bought it
a little later,
but it had nothing
to do with the heist.
Do all your stories end up
with somebody dying?
I guess you just
got to find out, huh?
I need four pairs of eyes
and three sets of ears.
Gather round.
The postal service is dying.
People don't care
about their mail anymore.
Lucky for us,
their loss is our gain.
Money orders.
For I happen to know a guy
who has a machine
that can turn
blank ones into green.
Each box contains
250 slips per box,
each slip worth up to a grand.
That's quarter a mil per box.
Dot, dot, dot.
You do the math.
Darling goes in the front.
Buddy takes a five-alligator
count and follows her inside.
You put on these privacy glasses
to blind the CCTV camera.
Another five-alligator count.
Darling gets in line,
buddy takes her hostage,
shotgun to her head.
That gets you guys
in the back office.
We role-play that a lot.
Baby drives bats
around the loading dock.
Bats uses this security card supplied
by an insider with a nasal problem
to get in the staff entrance
and cover the rear.
You guys grab all the boxes
and then sneak out the back
to baby and the waiting car.
Did you get all that, baby?
Okay, one more thing.
We need some fresh hardware, not
traceable to us or any previous jobs.
Now, I've got some contacts who
can get us some clean firepower,
so the pickup is tonight.
But after the pickup,
you come straight back here.
You all have an early start in the
morning, and there's eyes everywhere.
So, you're staying
the night here.
Oh, we in bed together now.
Pull over there.
I got to take a leak.
Want some gum?
Want some gum, buddy?
Yeah, I'll take some gum.
Tell me what we're gonna do
with all that money.
We're gonna go to Vegas.
We'll put it all on red.
We'll get married again.
It'll be real romantic.
You know what was real,
real romantic?
What was real, real romantic?
When you stabbed that guy.
Which guy?
The guy that robbed you, the
guy that called you a whore,
or the guy that
looked at you funny?
The last one.
Yeah. I do remember that.
Bats just looked at me funny.
You want me to kill bats?
Not before the job, silly.
You think we should talk
about this in front of baby?
He won't say a thing.
Will you, baby? Hmm?
Jesus Christ.
What, did you steal all this?
You said you wanted some gum.
Fuck I'm supposed to do, pay for it?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Looks like
the farmers' market is open.
Farmers' market?
Yeah. Doc says
we got to go see the butcher.
Come on,
you're going in with us.
We might not be leaving in this.
And, uh, find
something funky on there.
Just in case we got
to rip this joint up.
Take this.
Act like you know how to use it.
Why would he need it?
Got to swagger in
like you got one,
so we don't all look
like a bunch of pussies.
Darling excluded.
What's with the earbuds?
Recording this or something?
It's just his music.
Yeah, he's loony.
He's just like his tunes.
What's he listening to?
How the fuck I know?
Let me check.
Which reminds me,
why'd the Mexican dude
throw his wife off the cliff?
Ah! Ruined it.
Didn't I ruin it?
We met before, right?
I don't know.
You still alive, right?
Then I guess we ain't never met.
Shut the fuck up!
I've got it.
I've got it.
Welcome to la Charcuterie.
Tonight, gentlemen, madame,
we have only
the finest cuts of pork,
direct from
the local smokehouse.
You're all experienced
butchers yourself.
I assume you are aware that
the humble pig can be cooked
from nose to tail,
everything but the squeal.
I can offer you nine cuts
at the best prices
in all of Christendom.
So let's dive in
From the jowl comes the godsent
Roman bacon that is Guanciale.
From the shoulder
of the hog comes
the Boston butt,
a tough but tasty cut.
The picnic shoulder
is a favorite
of those who enjoy
the smoking of pigs.
The center-cut loin,
the double-cut pork chops,
baby back ribs,
and the Serrano ham,
on the back leg, of course.
All delicious.
And, of course, we have a
fine selection of sausages.
Well, I'm hungry.
And your choice is...
Well, I'm gonna go
with the picnic shoulder,
'cause, um, I just
love smoking pigs.
Done deal.
Dumb son of a bitch.
Whoa! Oh, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
Fuck, bats!
You got my wife shot!
I don't like that!
Relax, buddy.
You handled it!
What the fuck, you piece of shit?
You shot the gunsmiths.
Weren't they
fucking doc's contacts?
They were doc's contacts!
Guess what, they was pigs.
Look at the box.
It says "APD."
I clocked that
tall strip of bacon
with that fake-ass Louis
Vuitton hat right off the bat.
He busted me in '98.
Now, I don't know about you
lovebirds fucking without a condom,
but when somebody getting
ready to barbecue me,
I go full-metal
batshit on...
- Shit!
- Get him!
Baby, don't let him get away!
Get him! Get him!
Do something!
Get him!
Oh, shit!
Get us out of here, baby.
Let's move.
Come on, let's go. Move.
Bats, you are fucking crazy.
When your folks name you bats,
you gonna end up crazy.
I don't doubt you're crazy,
but your real name
is not bats.
So says you.
You think my real
name's darling?
Yeah, or buddy?
No, they're nicknames.
Code names, monikers.
So, what's your
real name, darling?
Hey, I thought we weren't
allowed to discuss names.
We're not.
Baby, what's your real name?
Hey, stop, stop, stop up here.
Stop up here.
I said stop. I'm hungry.
Stop the car!
You're telling me no?
I don't want to go in there.
"I don't want to
go in there."
Well, hello, baby.
Bodies hit the floor back
there, you don't say shit.
Now all of a sudden,
you getting...
You getting riled up
about stopping at a diner?
I don't want to go in there.
It sucks.
Well, with that recommendation,
we gots to go in now.
Now, why y'all so mad? You
should be thanking ol' bats.
For being a walking
fucking death wish?
Well, I treat all of my
jobs like it's my last.
Yeah, but what you do within
this group affects all of us.
Fine, cowboy. You're gonna get
your money tomorrow. Plus, uh...
I know you guys
got noses to feed.
What, yeah,
like you're Mr. clean.
I'm Mr. whatever
the fuck I wanna be.
Can I get you anything to drink?
Uh, yeah, I think it'll be,
uh, coke all around, right?
How... how you say it
in your language? Coca?
So let me get three
cokes and one Coca.
Four cokes?
Look, here's the deal.
You rob to support a drug habit.
I do drugs to
support a robbery habit.
That's clever.
That's my job, see.
It's you two who's on vacation.
So you doubt our credentials?
Wall street, right?
Doc tell you that?
Doc ain't tell me shit.
Just a educated guess
from an uneducated man.
Well, bats, I would be fascinated to
hear your thoughts on the matter.
Tell me if I'm way off, buddy.
You were a stockbroker. Maybe
a different wife, maybe kids.
You stack your paper,
but you say shit like,
"work hard, play harder," but
you play a little too hard.
You rack up debt, the type of debt
that'd make a white man blush.
Maybe you get into
a little trouble.
Maybe you get your hand caught
in the corporate cookie jar.
Maybe you leave and
run off to the desert.
Maybe with your
favorite lap dancer in tow.
Maybe you disappear into a world
consisting of three things,
money, sex, drugs and action.
Oh, shit, that's four.
Am I close?
This how I look at it.
You guys just think
this is a trip.
Either way,
if you are wall street,
you're a bigger fucking crook
than I could ever be.
I'm gonna go right ahead
and speak for the two of us.
You think you know us?
You don't.
You think you're
the last word in crazy?
You're not.
And believe me when I tell you,
you don't want to
see my buddy mad.
You haven't seen
how relentless he is.
Because when he sees red,
you will see nothing but black.
You hear that, speedy? That's
some Oscar shit right there.
That was nice.
Did you rehearse that?
You see this shit, baby?
See, now this is a prime example
of a man who loves a woman.
You guys are
perfect for each other.
I mean that.
Well, what can I get you to eat?
Get these cats some happy meals,
and, uh, I'm gonna
take care of the bill,
uh, "Debora."
Yo, my friend here, he, uh...
he doesn't like this place,
but I think this place
kind of nice, you know?
So let me ask you something,
What's his problem?
Uh, maybe your friend would like
to fill out a suggestion slip.
Tell us how to
improve our service.
Baby, you know that bitch?
Let's bounce.
I got this.
What the fuck is your problem?
Well, make sure you
tip the nice lady.
"Bananas" is a code word.
Whenever a deal is done
with one of my clients,
they call me on the phone and
they say the word "bananas,"
and then they hang up.
I did not hear
the word "bananas" tonight.
So you tell me who died.
Well, your contacts
was cops, doc.
I know. They were my cops.
Yeah, well, they fired first.
And I'm not gonna
take a bullet for you
or nobody else
in this motherfucker.
Is that true?
They fired first?
Ask somebody on
the planet earth.
I will ask
whoever the fuck I want.
Go home, job's off.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
No. What the fuck?
We are 24 hours from being descended
upon by this entire city.
Those pigs are in hog heaven.
The only way they can ID us is
with a Ouija board or some shit.
Well, your name only takes
four letters to spell out.
Doc, bats ain't
my real fucking name.
It's over, Leon.
Get out of town.
Well, I ain't running, doc.
I say we drive into the storm.
Ride the hurricane.
We could be on
a non-extradition beach,
non-extradition cocktails,
counting our non-extradition
cash in 23 hours.
And who do we get
to fence those money orders
since you shot the fence?
Buddy got a guy.
I mean, I'm just taking a wild
guess here, but buddy got a guy.
Ain't that right, wall street?
Yeah, I got a guy.
So let's fucking do this.
I only hear three voices,
and the last time I checked,
there's four in a car.
Baby? Your call.
Time to make
a big-boy decision.
Do we do this thing or not?
He's outvoted.
We doing it.
Let him speak.
I say we all get some sleep.
Get ready for
this fucking thing.
Baby? Your call.
Time to make
a big-boy decision.
Do we do this thing or not?
Do we do this thing or not?
Do we do this thing or not?
Do we do this thing or not?
Do we do this thing or not?
Where you going, baby?
Uh, coffee.
At 2:00 A.M.?
That doesn't sound smart.
You fucking kidding me?
I got enough on my plate,
worrying about bats, I got to
worry about you, too, now?
You know what?
Do me a favor.
If you're gonna mail it in
at the post office tomorrow,
then go on your little caffeine
run and don't come back.
If you're just in
this for the buzz,
if driving is just some kind
of escape for you, then go.
What y'all doing in here?
Just making sure everything's
ready for tomorrow.
Oh, yeah.
Well, uh, look like he's going
somewhere at 2:00 in the morning.
Are you?
Good. That's good.
'Cause we got to discuss this.
No, no, it's the same one.
Baby? Your call.
Time to make
a big-boy decision.
Do we do this thing or not?
Now, why you
want to go and do that?
It's just me fooling around.
I like to record stuff.
Why you like to record stuff?
You the police?
Supposed to squeal on the
road, not to the cops.
Speak up, baby.
I... I like to listen
back to conversations.
I make music out of the words, songs,
mixes. It's just something I do.
That's one
fucking dumbass excuse.
To be fair, even the cops
couldn't come up with an excuse
that fucking dumbass.
Now can you play us
one of your mixes?
I can't, they're... They're just...
They're at home.
Well, it looks like we're all going
somewhere at 2:00 in the morning, then.
Come on.
I live really far away.
No, you don't.
Wake up, baby.
Time to explain.
Where is he?
What did you do to him?
Oh, the cripple?
Oh, don't worry about him.
He's good.
He ain't going nowhere.
Why don't you play us
something, baby?
This shit is bananas, doc.
Hello? Hello, testing.
It's Debbie. Debora.
Yeah, except I'm d-e-b-o-r-a.
"Debora." Isn't that the
waitress from the diner?
You said you
didn't know that bitch.
Why would you say
you didn't know her?
Have you been
talking to Debora about us?
I don't say nothing.
What about wheels?
He can't say nothing.
Yeah, but he can read motherfucking
lips, though, can't he?
Take this fool
back to his shithole.
I'll find another
driver for tomorrow.
Doc, I'm available. I can take
him where he needs to go,
get him home safe.
No, you're not
getting a new driver.
I've been on every job
since we met.
I don't squeal to the cops,
I squeal on the road.
And I'm not slow, I'm fast.
I'm your driver tomorrow.
I'm driving.
Well, you heard the kid.
He's driving.
I'll tell him.
The Atlanta region is under
a light, scattered
thunderstorm advisory
through 4:00 P.M.
this afternoon,
with sunny skies
expected to show up around...
In downtown Atlanta today
due to the ongoing
construction work
at the intersection
of Ted Turner and...
Chance of scattered
throughout most of the day.
Low tonight about 40.
Tomorrow mostly sunny, 66.
Remember, what's in there is ours.
Belongs to us.
They got our money.
They got our mama's jewels.
So let's go back in there
and take back what's ours.
Vroom, vroom, vroom.
It's go time, baby.
How the fuck I look?
Drop it!
- Okay, baby, let's go.
- Move!
Let's go! Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Come on, baby.
We got to go,
we got to go, we got to go!
Drive the fucking car, retard!
Baby, move!
Put your fucking
foot on the gas!
Come on, come on,
come on, come on! Go!
You better move this car,
I'm-a blow your fucking head off!
Baby, move!
- Two!
- Move now!
- One!
- Now!
Fuck! Fuck!
Come on, come on,
give me your hand!
Come on! Come on!
What did you do, baby?
What the fuck did you do?
I moved.
You moved.
I'll fucking kill you!
Drop your weapon!
Oh, my god!
- Put down your weapons!
- Get down on the ground!
Get back!
Hey, Pongo!
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Slow down!
Freeze or we'll shoot!
- Stop where you are!
- Stop!
Watch it!
- Get out of the way!
- Out of the way!
Shot reported at
post office downtown...
- There he is!
- Go, go, go, go!
Stop, or we'll shoot!
Hey! You can't...
Stop right there!
Hey! Whoa! What?
The driver of the car
has escaped on foot.
So Laura said...
No fucking way!
Baby, you are a fucking jinx!
Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go!
Just go!
Baby, fucking get us
out of here!
This is your mess!
Your fault!
Put down your weapon!
- Get down!
- Pull back!
Get an EMT here now!
Drop your weapon! Now!
This is all your fault.
Put your hands
where I can see 'em!
- Fuck!
- Got three officers hit!
Suspect on foot!
You! Stop!
We need support over here.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car, lady.
Yes. Yeah.
Getting out.
Getting out of the car.
I'm getting... oh, my god!
Oh, my purse!
Shootout near Peachtree center.
Botched post office robbery.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
What the fuck?
I have breaking news.
This is coming to you live
from the scene of a police
shootout in downtown Atlanta.
Police tell us
that three robbers
entered a us post office branch
downtown shortly after 1:00 P.M.
But what started as a robbery...
Shit. Oh, shit, Joe!
Joe, Joe, Joe!
You all right?
I'm so sorry.
This is all my fault.
All right. We got to get out of here.
All right? Things are bad.
I'm not blind!
No. No.
I don't want
your dirty money!
I know, I know,
but I can't leave you here!
From the scene of that shooting,
and we want to warn you
that some of that video
is very graphic...
Bo's diner. What'll you have?
Is Debora there?
She's with a customer right now.
You want to hold?
Just tell her baby's coming.
B-a-b-y. Baby.
Be on the lookout
for a 1986 purple Chevy caprice.
The whereabouts of these
felons are unknown.
Four policemen were wounded
in a downtown shootout.
Police say not to approach
under any circumstances.
Still at large, are considered
extremely dangerous.
My name is Joseph.
Uh, I like TV.
And I also like to listen,
sometimes, to old records
through the vibrations.
I like frozen peas and
meatloaf and white bread
and peanut butter.
Spread to the edges.
Please look after me.
Thank you.
Will you come back?
I don't know.
Is everything going to be Ok?
I promised nothing
would happen to you.
And I failed.
But you're safe now.
I'm not talking about me.
This is the Atlanta
police department.
All residents,
remain inside your homes.
There is an armed and dangerous
criminal on the loose.
Do not go outside until
an all-clear is given.
Your buddy's here.
Hey, lovebirds.
I was hoping
I would catch you two.
And here you are.
Police have identified three
of the four robbers.
Killed were Monica Castello
- and Leon Jefferson III.
- Monica.
My darling.
She was a good girl.
I love...
I loved her.
What about Debora, baby?
Is she...
Is she a good girl?
You love her?
Yes, I do.
That's too bad.
Considered armed and dangerous.
Got a bathroom key?
That's plenty.
Thank you.
Song is over, baby.
But I'm afraid you still
have to face the music.
How you two doing tonight?
We're doing just fine.
Ain't that right, baby?
Oh, god damn it!
Oh, my gosh!
Come on.
Jesus Christ, man!
Come on. Let's go. Come on!
You can't keep running, baby!
There's no escape!
Come on! Let's get out of here!
Okay. Okay.
I will find you!
Oh, fuck.
- Oh...
- Fuck!
What's happening, baby?
I have to go.
No. I'm coming with you.
- He just shot a guy!
- Who?
Atlanta police department!
You on the ground, are you okay?
Can you show me
where you've been shot?
Right there.
Officer down.
Shots fired.
I repeat,
shots fired at Bo's diner.
Unit 412 currently on scene,
requesting backup.
Possible female hostage.
All units in the vicinity
respond immediately...
Who's this?
It's baby.
Like I said, who's this?
I need your help.
I'm afraid this line is dead.
Baby, we need
to get out of here.
I just need one thing first.
And then it's just us,
music and the road.
But we don't have a car.
Or music.
Yeah, we do.
Get out.
Check out Bonnie and Clyde, yo.
More like Bonnie and Bonnie.
Get out of the car.
You holding?
You ever shot
a gun before, homie?
I just did.
Literally five minutes ago.
Can I at least get
my goddamn phone?
Not a chauffeur. Noted.
It's over, kid.
I ain't open.
I need those tapes.
I'm not giving you those tapes.
I have the money orders. I'll
trade you for one of those tapes.
I can't help you, baby.
I shot buddy.
Then you only have every clean
and dirty cop after you.
You gonna shoot me, too?
You and I are a team. I...
Don't feed me any more lines
from monsters, inc.
It pisses me off.
It's one of Samm's favorites.
I thought it sounded
familiar, you little shit.
I'm not your
lucky charm anymore.
But I'm standing here
asking for your help.
There's nothing
I can do for you, kid.
Why should I, after
what you've done to me?
It's okay. Let's go.
Oh, god damn it.
Look at the two of you.
Okay, go get your fucking tape.
It's going to take more than a
cassette to get you two out of this,
because the news is all bad.
Well, there is some good news.
The good news is
you like driving,
because you can't take your foot
off the gas for the next 25 years.
This should be enough
to get you across the border.
From there, it's on you.
Don't trust
anyone but each other,
and don't ever look back.
I was in love once.
I thought...
I thought I told you to run.
Go. I'll deal with the cops.
That's not the cops.
Here it is, baby.
Your killer track.
Oh, fuck.
The bag! Get the bag!
We're getting out.
We're getting out?
I have to end this.
Come on out now, baby.
"Romeo, Romeo!
"Wherefore art thou Romeo?"
Be on the lookout
for squad car 3204,
believed to be stolen
by a Jason Van horn.
Show yourself, baby!
You fucking child!
Hey, you okay, buddy?
He is armed
and extremely dangerous.
Fuck! Jesus!
He shot me!
Assistance, please!
Fuck you, buddy.
Shit, shit, shit!
You did good, kid.
But you took something
away from me that I love.
You know I got to do the same.
I really wish
you could hear her scream.
Guess you'll just have to watch.
What are you doing?
Hitting the road.
Listening to music.
Is this really your mom?
She has a beautiful voice.
I know.
This is an active scene.
Hold all positions.
You don't belong in this world.
Hands behind your back!
Do not move!
I'm sorry.
Please, leave him alone!
How would you describe your
relationship with the defendant?
We were friends.
And I think we both wanted
to be more than that.
He got himself into a bad spot.
I was just
trying to get him out.
I believe the defendant
is of good character.
He didn't deserve
what happened to him.
Was the strangest thing.
He finally drove off,
and he threw
my purse right at me.
Then he actually said,
"I'm sorry."
He looked at me and
he shook his head,
like he was warning me, somehow
telling me not to go inside.
He looked concerned, like he
was, uh, trying to save me.
He made a mistake
when he was younger,
and it's haunted him ever since.
When he tried to get out,
he was pressured even harder.
It was never his fault.
He's got a good heart.
Always had. Always will.
With regard to
counts 1 through 19,
and count 21,
I hereby sentence the defendant
to 25 years in
the federal penitentiary,
subject to a parole hearing
after five years served.
You got a letter, kid.
Hey, baby.
You know, it's funny.
Even though I heard it so
many times in the court case,
I still can't get used to the fact
that your real name is miles.
It's a cool name, though.
I can think of a lot
of great miles songs.
But we still have to get through
all those baby songs first.
I can't wait until
the day when it's just us,
music and the road.
See you later, baby.
All my love, Debora.
He's a...
He's a... he's a good kid