Baby Blues (2013)

Everyone is seeking for happiness.
Just when you find it
Lightning strikes and the nightmare begins
"365 days earlier"
Hey, Amy!
Tell Mrs. Zhou
to come after 30 minutes.
This client is likely to buy
Hey. I gotta go. I got to go.
My client is here.
That's it,
Mr. Ye, where have you been?
I have been waiting for you for an hour.
Hello, Mrs. Ye.
To sum up, when you buy a house
Feng shui is
It's good to have water
in the SW direction.
Mrs. Ye, you are so smart.
The water here
is from the Western Regions.
I know you're looking for a big house.
No problem, I am gonna explain it to you.
The saleable area here
is larger than the gross floor area.
The private path down there is rarely used.
If you want to have children,
it'd be alright to have more.
And the security here is good.
You don't have to close the door at night
The feng shui here is good.
There are mountain and water.
It's good that there's a
mountain in the NE direction.
Can you see that?
That's the one.
What do you think?
It's ok.
Mr. Zhou.
Yes, Mr. Ye?
I will buy this house.
In fact, the price is pretty good.
You can't buy a small unit
in downtown with that price.
If you want,
everything in this house
could be yours, ok?
I want to renovate myself.
The previous owner has left something.
Let me.
I wanna keep the doll.
Mrs. Ye, you really have taste.
You are welcome.
Hao and I have our own house finally.
It's a new start.
Hubby, I love you.
But, hubby...
There is something about me
you still don't understand
What are you doing?
Updating my blog.
New place, new start.
Are you writing about me? Let me see.
You can't see that.
It's only for girls.
I do understand
women really well.
- Really?
- Yes.
This house has bad vibes,
you have to move out.
Uncle, we just moved in.
You have to move out
before anything happens.
Hubby, I gotta go.
Listen, you have to move out.
We won't.
I guarantee that
you will move out within a year.
- Thanks.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
The sale of Bobo's records is bad lately
Well, they all sound the same.
Just love songs.
Give me new ideas!
Let's figure out a way...
Something like that...
Maybe we can work with TV...
Good morning...
Sing some TV theme songs?
Is it O.K.?
Maybe we can change her to a sexy icon.
It's not gonna work.
What do you have then?
Echo's coming
Any ideas for new songs?
Can you guys be more creative?
Do you?
Black Temptress.
She's wild and crazy.
Wild dance music.
Be serious.
Hao, what do you think?
I got it.
We should write songs that
no one dares to write.
About death.
His stuff is not popular.
Except once.
Many years ago.
Your music could make money.
Coz' you can only use your
right brain to think.
I need something from the left brain.
You really think so?
Why are your eyes bloody?
You can move!
My husband is living in another world.
He's a mystery.
Why are you peeking behind my back?
To see what you are writing.
I won't tell you.
You don't let me see that.
Don't you...
You are so bad
It's late, go to bed.
Go to bed.
Don't stay up so late.
What do you think?
Which song do you like?
Hard to choose?
I like Gloomy Sunday.
Have you finished writing Echo's new songs?
I checked it on the net.
During world War ll,
there's a song called Gloomy Sunday.
Gloomy Sunday
Gloomy Sunday?
Many people committed
suicide after hearing that.
The government then banned
broadcasting that song.
Are you kidding?
I think."
Songs about death
Could stimulate this dull music world.
Sometimes, I really don't know
what you are thinking about.
3 years ago, your Happy Sunday,
isn't it popular?
Go ahead!
That's it.
What is it?
Please help me.
Thanks for inspiring me.
You haven't slept all night?
Come here,
Listen and give me some advice.
You have been working all
night, what is that?
It's a song about death.
It's called the Intruder.
Listen to it.
What's up?
Are you alright?
You OK?
Mrs. Ye, be careful.
Sit down.
- Thanks.
- You are welcome.
Doc, how's my wife?
Your wife is pregnant!
I am a doctor, I am serious.
Why is she puking so hard?
Your wife is pregnant for the first time.
That's why she had a severe reaction.
That's normal.
I am pregnant?
I already congratulated you.
Hubby, I am pregnant!
Be careful.
The realtor is right, it's a lucky house.
Hubby, wait.
Pregnant? No greeting though!
Is it ok?
What are you doing?
This song is not prodigious.
This song is a disaster.
Right, it won't sell.
Absolutely, not a hit.
I agree.
Who said it's not a hit?
My wife went to see the doctor
after hearing the song.
And the doctor said she's pregnant.
Mr. Ye
Congratulations, you are
gonna be a father soon.
For me?
Check it out.
What do you think?
Bobo, I think this song is not gonna work.
He's kind of crazy type.
Crazy? I like that!
Me too.
Mr. Ye,
Can you tell me more about this song?
Let's talk about it on the way.
I gotta go.
What do you think?
So innovative, but....
A bit weird! But.-.
It's cool!
That's not good though?
That's not what I meant.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I don't want to listen!
Ii sucks!
I don't wanna listen to it.
Call an ambulance!
Hold up!
Hold up! It's ok.
It's evil!
It's ok. It's ok.
It's really evil!
The doctor said Bobo will be fine for now.
Don't worry.
Boss... l...
Your song is so evil.
It's an accident!
Do you know how much money
I've lost on this?
Whose song made a big
fortune for your company?
That's 3 years ago.
I have been waiting for your next hit song.
That's the one.
She won't be able sing for a while.
You don't have to come back.
Don't talk about that song anymore.
Mr. Ye, congratulations.
It's a twins.
I have been longing to have a son.
They are both boys.
Double happiness.
Be careful.
Wait, hubby.
You guys have to move out
If you don't move out now,
you will move out after 2 months.
Jimmy and Adam
Jimmy... Adam
Sounds nice!
I have to tell everyone on my blog.
Any new songs in the future?
Sure, about my news songs...
I want them to be different.
To be innovative and audacious.
I am looking for...
A good producer who shares my vision.
Do you have anyone in mind?
Your boss is looking for you.
What the hell!
What is it, hubby?
Bad news?
You got fired by your boss?
Miss Ying.
I have been longing to work with you.
Boss, take a picture.
Boss, over here.
I think
our cooperation
will bring you a new breakthrough.
Take one more.
Over here...
Miss Ying.
We will find you the best producer.
Also, we...
In fact,
I have been longing to work with you.
Any ideas?
I do have an idea.
But it's audacious.
What is it?
Ye Hao has prepared a love song for you.
I don't like (he work from the right brain.
I feel bored, what you just said is...
"The Intruder"
Bobo got into a car accident for that?
Miss Ying, what's wrong with you?
Are you alright?
Miss Ying.
Caught fire.
Put out the fire.
Put out the fire.-.
Fetch some water...
Hurry up...
Are you alright?
I shouldn't let you listen
to this cursed song
It's not because of the song.
It's nothing to do with your song.
I like your song very much.
I just can't take your boss' cigar.
Adam, Jimmy
Have some water.
I have to work on Ying Lan's album.
She's quite demanding.
I'm afraid I will be busy and
I won't have time to take care of you.
Maybe get Qing here to stay with you, ok?
She's a superstar...
Is she pretty in real life?
Not as pretty as my wife.
Just kidding.
You are so bad.
I do have a request.
I need to write blog about her.
Can you arrange an
interview with her for me?
I have to ask, should be ok.
I will call Qing to stay with you.
I will have an interview
with superstar, Ying Lan.
Looking for your sister?
How do you know?
Don't bother.
Just tell your sister to move.
Adam and Jimmy, be good.
Stop arguing.
Adam... Jimmy
Sister, you are about to give birth.
Why isn't brother-in-law staying with you?
He's busy working on a new
album for a superstar.
Is there a problem, him not coming back?
He's used to staying up lake.
If there's any problem, you gotta tell me.
I will punch him for you.
Now wonder you don't have a boyfriend.
You scare the hell out of them.
I don't want a boyfriend.
Boyfriend would only take advantage of you.
I belong to myself and
no one can take away my bike.
Are you really happy?
Of course! Why did you ask that?
The old man outside told
me to get you moved.
Don't you feel weird?
Your brother-in-law said that's nonsense.
He's nuts, don't bother.
Where did you get this?
The previous owner left this.
Do you like it? You can have it.
I don't want it, it's weird.
The 3rd bar should be G sharp minor.
The guitar is not tuned right.
Fix it.
Try again.
What about now?
The high pitch is not quite right.
Lei me fix the wound.
Come on.
Is it funny?
It's nice.
How about this?
Is it funny?
This pair looks funny.
One for Adam and one for Jimmy.
Excuse me, I want 2 pairs.
Thanks, see if you need anything else.
This one is nice.
Not bad.
We want 2 of this.
Sister, for the interview with
Ying Lan next week, maybe...
You should change your hair style.
The piano
Needs to be louder, OK'?
More volume on the piano.
Is that better? ok.
Brother-in-law hasn't come back yet?
He's busy with his work.
It's not possible to come
back so late ever night,
don't you suspect him?
For what?
An affair.
I will go with you to his office tomorrow.
I have an interview anyway.
Is Mr. Ye Hao here?
Sorry, he's not here.
Isn't he working on an album?
He's staying with Ying
Lan at the club house.
What are you doing?
I want you to know
what the feeling of being an intruder is.
This is Ying Lan, my wife
Why are you here?
You don't remember.
You promised to arrange
an interview with Miss Ying for me.
You did say that though.
Can we do the interview now?
Miss Ying.
What do you think about the relationship
between a singer and a song?
That depends which song it is.
Like "The Intruder?
That song is from heaven.
A singer can only bring music
from heaven to the human world.
Composer is the crucial one.
What do you think about the relationship
between a singer and a composer?
They have to be attached to each other.
Have you ever met such a composer?
I think I've got one.
Do you consider yourself a success?
I am doing great in my work.
But when ii comes to love I'm a failure.
Have you considered marriage
and having children?
I haven't met the right guy.
What if you have?
I will fight for good music and song,
as well as a good boyfriend.
What if he's married?
I don't mind that.
What if his wife does mind though?
That would be his choice.
Have you ever been in such a situation?
No, and I don't hope to be.
What about now?
I don't know.
In fact...
anything is possible, right?
Let me explain.
Anything is possible.
I haven't met my right guy.
She said she's helping
me to find the feeling.
Go to hell!
You go to hell!
You go to hell!
Stop that.
You dare?
Put it down!
Let's talk it out.
There's nothing to talk about.
Stop working with her
and stop seeing her.
This is my profession.
You don't want me to work with her?
I...don't know.
In fact, besides work,
no more contact with her.
Can you do that?
Don't you trust me?
Got you and your wife
into a misunderstanding.
You have nothing to do with this.
Go back.
And explain to her.
She won't listen.
Lei her calm down for a while.
Ye Hao, I am telling you.
"The Intruder" will be popular.
Don't give up so easily.
Why are you so confident?
I am confident in you.
In fact, success...
is not easy to get.
Only if you take tricky challenge,
then you will have the chance to succeed.
And 99% of success is from flesh and blood.
While 1% is from inspiration.
No wonder you are so successful.
"The Intruder" is a big risk,
you will be under much pressure.
You ready to take up the challenge?
I'm ready.
Then we should work in unison and push
aside all obstacles.
Anything is possible.
Are you ok?
How is it?
Abdominal pain.
I will look for brother-in-law.
Why are you here?
I came to apologize to Tian Qing.
You can't go in.
Breathe deeply...
Come on, don't panic...
- Honey...
- Push...
lam here...
Don't be afraid...
It's coming...
Baby's head is coming out.
Hold up!....
You will have much to write...
For your fans to read.
1! 2! Push!
If you write it like this...
it will take a long time...
Catch it.
The second one...
Adam is out.
- And Jimmy coming.
- Push...
Keep going!
Honey, look.
Mr. Ye, don't worry.
Your wife will be fine.
She's overstressed.
And she's too nervous.
Mr. Ye.
I am so sorry.
We have done our best
to save your wife and your elder son.
Tian Qing.
Don't be too sad.
I am really sorry about this.
Don't say that.
I should thank you though.
Thank me?
For coming to see me.
I have 2 kids now.
One is called Adam and
the other one is called Jimmy.
My hubby named them.
Are they nice names?
I told you to move, now only one child
is left for not moving out.
- Adam
- Adam
Adam, Adam
He's tired.
Let him sleep.
Ok, go to sleep.
Go to sleep.
Go on sleeping, Adam.
Are you ok?
Look how smart Jimmy is.
Adam, be good.
Don't move.
Jimmy sleeps with Adam, ok?
Yes, Jimmy.
You don't like Jimmy?
Of course, I like Jimmy.
Jimmy sleeps with Adam
Come on, put him here.
Be gentle, don't be so rough on Jimmy.
My wife thinks she's given birth to twins.
She calls our baby Adam,
while she calls the doll Jimmy.
Is she suffering from mental illness?
Her symptom is called
Postpartum Depression
or Baby Blues.
During the month after giving birth,
women will experience a drastic physical
and psychological change,
because her hormone
hasn't returned to the normal level.
Also, as a new mother,
she will start worrying about many things.
So, she will become very anxious.
It'll be hard to get accustomed to it
within a short time.
It is a complicated
situation for your wife,
She expected twins before she produced,
in fact she produced only one baby
at the end.
Therefore, in her mind
and her illusion,
The memory of twins lives on with her.
Don't worry.
It's just temporary.
She will get back to the
normal after treatment.
In fact,
some guys will suffer from
Postpartum Depression too.
What will it be?
The same, you will have many illusions.
Adam, be good.
Adam's eyes are so dry.
I will give you some eyedrops.
Be good, don't move.
Don't move.
Jimmy's eyes are so dry too.
What are you doing?
Why are you so late? With the singer again?
I went out to buy something.
Buying things so late in the night?
Who would believe that?
Today is your sister's birthday,
don't you remember?
Watch out, be nice to my sister.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Blow the candles.
Baby, go to sleep.
Be good.
Adam will take care of Jimmy.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday...
- Who are you?
- you.
Who the hell are you?
I am your son who got killed by you.
What's up? Nightmare?
Why is baby here?
Jimmy and Adam want me to sleep with them.
Go to sleep.
I am going out to buy
something for the baby.
Honey, what are you doing here?
Adam! Adam!
Be calm...
Honey, it's fine...
It's fine...
Jimmy... Jimmy...
Jimmy is hurt...
Jimmy is hurt...
Jimmy doesn't like Adam...
Jimmy doesn't like Adam...
What happened?
Your sister just...
dropped Adam from the 2
It's lucky that everything is fine.
UP there?
Jimmy doesn't like Adam...
Jimmy doesn't like Adam...
Jimmy doesn't like Adam...
Jimmy doesn't like Adam...
Strange things keep happening lately.
I want to talk to that old man.
You wanna come?
One of us should stay
hereto take care of her.
What are you guys talking about? Arguing?
We thought you were sleeping
so we didn't wake you up.
Qing is about to go out.
I am awake now, I want to update my blog.
My husband is a hero.
He saved Jimmy...
He saved Jimmy...
I gotta go.
Call me.
My husband doesn't like Jimmy...
Doesn't like Jimmy...
I want to ask you something.
I am starving now.
If you wanna know the details,
Take me out for a meal.
I will tell you the whole story.
This wine is from France, and it's...
Of course I know that, 1976.
Should we drink white
wine for having seafood?
Why are we drinking red wine instead?
Yeah, you do remind me.
Bring me a white wine, please.
About the same year will be fine.
You don't mind I'm recording it?
That's ok.
Who is it?
My boss.
This is house is prodigious.
Those who moved in
Look for a special feeling.
Special feeling?
What is it?
Feeling of death.
Your previous owners are brothers.
As they moved in,
they were having
A game of death.
There were 8 people in the game.
One of the girl played the judge.
While the others played
the roles as killer, cops or civilians.
The game is now starting.
Close your eyes
Eyes open for the killer.
Killer will start to kill.
His acting is good.
Very nice.
Get up.
Stop pretending.
The house owner played the killer.
He killed the other owner though.
That's his younger brother.
He didn't mean to kill his brother.
It's an accident.
But this game is too exciting.
The younger brother died of heart attack.
His elder brother felt so guilty.
So he sold the house and
emigrated to another country.
I forgot to tell you.
They were twin brothers.
Who are you talking to on the phone?
Come here,
What is it?
I have something to talk to you.
What is it?
It's about our kids.
Our kids are fine.
What are you hiding from me?
I won't get jealous on Jimmy anymore.
I will love him more.
Is sister sleeping?
Mr. Ye.
Mr. Zhou.
I want to know
who the first owner of this house is.
I have to check the record first.
I want to see him, please
arrange it for me.
- Please.
- Ok, I will try my best, ok?
What are we gonna do now?
Where are you?
At home.
Ying Lan.
Wants you to come to the studio
to record "The Intruder".
Ying Lan is waiting for you.
Come over quickly.
I have to go to the studio.
I promise
My next song will be yours.
Thanks, hubby.
Ok, honey.
I gotta go.
Take care of your sister.
Sorry, I am late.
You are the soul of
this song.
I can't do the recording without you.
Coz' I am attached to you.
Let's start.
Once upon a time.
In the forest,
a jackal and a monster claimed that
they are the king of horror.
One day, they compete...
to see who can kill that mighty granny
then the one will be the king of horror.
Why are you telling such a horrible story?
You should tell them fairy tales.
In the Frog Prince,
the prince got killed by the witch.
What about Alice in wonderland?
The evil queen ordered
the executioner to chop off her head.
Peter Pan?
Captain Hook kept hunting him down.
Excuse me, Mr. Ye please.
He's not home, he's in the studio.
I am Sheng.
I found the first owner
that you are looking for.
But the owner's flying tomorrow.
Do you have time to see the owner now?
Ok, I coming now.
I will let the owner know.
What is it?
Not feeling well?
Sit here.
Sit here. Be good.
You wanna know my sister's...
Love story of Yang Chun?
Since my mum introduced
"Affair" to me,
I love reading her novels.
What do you wanna know?
She vanished and stopped publishing.
Is it because...
she's fed up with writing love story and
she needs to get some other inspiration?
In fact...
it's all about this novel.
It's about...
a story which happened in a strange house.
Since my sister moved in to that house,
she's writing a love story.
Unfortunately... her
love life had a problem.
Thanks for your gift.
It's funny.
I like this doll very much.
The dull will inspire me
to write a new story.
What title should I give my next novel?
Should Cupid be the name
of this novel?
Why didn't you call me?
You have another woman?
Do you have another woman?
"Love and Hate
Why are you calling so late in the night?
Are you trying to say that we are over?
You want to break up? Ok.
It's been 7 years already.
Let's break up then.
Good luck.
Many people thought that
she committed suicide.
But I don't think so.
I think there's a strange power
which took away her life.
We are twins.
We do think
alike very often.
In fact,
what we have been chasing
for is just peripheral.
And we can't bring what
we chase after when we die.
Qiu, come and play ball.
Do you have that novel?
It's picture is here.
"I miss you"
How's that?
The first owner...
committed suicide?
Because of that doll?
That dull is really evil.
You go back and take care of your sister
I will be right back after
recording this song.
And throw the doll away.
Hubby and Jimmy... only
one of them can survive.
Adam, be good!
Adam, be good!
Ying Lan.
You finish the recording on your own.
Where are you going?
Let's carry on.
Don't be scared...
Don't be scared... l am here...
Don't be scared...
Don't hurt Jimmy.
Give it back to me.
Put down your knife.
You hate him so much
and you want to kill him.
You want Jimmy?
Right here.
Stab right here.
Do it!
Jimmy is mine, give him back to me.
Give Jimmy back to me.
Give Jimmy back to me.
Give me back.
Be calm...
Don't die, hubby...
Wake up!
Wake up...
- Where's Jimmy?
- Hubby...
Honey, are you ok?
ls Jimmy dead?
Jimmy at is dead at birth.
It's ok...
I don't know what I am doing.
It's ok...
It's ok...
What happened?
Are you ok?
I am ok.
Where's the doll?
I burnt it.
I told you to move out long ago.
You are moving out now.
Take care.
We are moving, it's a new start.
My baby blues is getting better.
It's lucky that...
we have our own baby.
I think all mishap is over.
It's nice to see water in the SW direction.
Hi, Mr. Ye.
Mr. Chen.
Come here, Mr. Chen.
It's as big as a football field here,
it's the parking lot actually.
Ok, it's nice for my baby.
Many things happened lately.
Sister is suffering from baby blues.
In fact, everything is from your heart.
I gotta go.
Go ahead.
Mr. Chen.
It's as big as...
In fact, it's a fish tank.
You can...
keep some koi...
Look here.
There are mountain and water.
This song is dedicated to a young couple.
I have a new start because of them...
Everyone wants to get happiness.
Nightmare will come after happiness though.
after the nightmare,
will only find true happiness.