Baby Blues (USA) (2008)

The following is based on actual events
Rock-a-bye, baby on the treetop
When the wind blows the cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby,
Cradle... and all...
- Shit!
- Shit
- You see that?
- Yeah, I saw, you got lucky.
- Hey, you wanna ride down to the levee.
- No, I got to get back.
My mom say you could spend the night
on saturday.
I got a new game on towering.
I'll see but I think my dad's
gonna be home.
Allright, come later.
- Hey Sammy, you wanna be a farmer
when you grow up?
- Yeah.
Here's to whackers.
Hey, mom I'm back.
Shuu... keep quiet.
your father is sleeping.
When'd he get back?
Just after you left for school.
He's been driving all night.
Where you've been?
I had batting practice after school.
So how long is he gonna be home?
He's leaving again tonight.
He's got a 24 hour turn around on
the penscaler.
What about my game?
Jimmy you know he won't be there.
But he never is.
You know it's not gonna be your game
until you finish your chores, right?
Did you feed Oscar his corn?
- Everybody's got a job to do, right.
- Yeah ma, I know.
- So finish Your food and get to it, okay?
- Okay.
Alright hmm?
- Yes.
- Get you back.
[Skipped item] So Emilee Estar Swanin,
She said marry a man's just gonna
be doing the mother for ten to five.
What a great man about weather.
I had a think of her in the highschool.
Honey, the only people who have to think
for an highschool is you.
[Skipped item]
Don't leave tonight. we can go back,
take our kids and we can go James town
like we used to.
Honey, you know that air-conditioner's
to fix don't you.
Besides...[Skipped item]
You think I should cut my hair.
Hair looks fine to me.
- I got a tear in my jeans, you will
patch'em up for lithe.
- Yeah.
What did I tell you Oscar, best shot
in the county.
Yeah? you don't talk with your mouth,
see you tomorrow.
- Hey pop.
- Hi chief, come here.
And what's you doing?
- You're on the course for tonight.
- When you're gonna be back?
- As soon as possible
- What about my game?
- Doing my best chief. I promise.
Dada, I think something is wrong with mamma.
She just seem so sad all the time.
That's normal.
Moms get that way sometimes
when having a new baby.
Your mamma was the same way when
catherine was born. She got over it.
But she's been acting real strange.
No, she's just tired. Now If you really
want to help out while I'm gone
You'll look after your brothers and sister.
think you can do that?
- Yeah.
- That's my boy.
You know what to do.
Briker, briker, this is Boshton
searching for some friendly ask.
Boshton this is Mandary...
What can I do for you?
Mandrake, what's your tewnty?
[Skipped item] 51 turn back 30 miles east of Laurens, over.
I'm not in the radar I'm a defensive caller, I need a guide
to leave me through the low country, over.
to Valdesta... not much Thomasville Tallahassee.
Rodger that Mandrake, thanks for the
heads up, over & out.
How do you do it cheif,
I couldn't have done better Myself.
Now you sit still while I get your brush.
It's alright lucy, don't be scared.
mamma's got you.
You're not even staying for dinner?
Honey, you know I make better
times at night.
Damn it! I'll get rid of this thing.
Then what you're gonna eat?
I'll get Something on the way.
Farewell little man.
He's sick.
Dirty every time I check him.
Nah he looks fine to me.
But if you want, you can call
and make appointment with Dr.Mann
Called father Simon, he puts the baptism
up to next sunday.
You know JC I can't afford to come down.
I can't wait.
You will try kinda make a difference.
[Skipped item] Jimmy went bad the last time he was talking.
Everything alright?
Baby, maybe you gotta go to the doctor. huh...
I'll be alright.
[Skipped item] I'm alright.
I was thinking...
...when we get Cathy a little sister.
You can have the odds little bit.
Maybe we'll work on that when I get back, huh?
Damn you really are a lot of candles,
there's only is a game & you're like that.
Alright you guys.
Nighty night.
Behave your selfves.
- and mind your mother.
- Bye, daddy.
- Bye, dad.
Hey dad.
What's it chief.
I'll be back as soon as possible
and I promise I'll be in the next one.
Now listen, you're the man of the house.
when I'm gone... you take good care of your little brothers and sister.
- Roger?
- Roger.
That's my boy!
[Baby crying from the baby monitor]
Mama, Nathan's crying
Yeah, honey, that's okay, thank you.
Here mama look what I made to you.
You got the whole family in
your painting.
I'm thursty, may I produce pogs.
aren't you are.
I want you to put this on the fridge
when you get one, okay?
Hey Kaiser any enemy sightings?
- Hey Jimbo.
- Hey Lester.
Are you through that big game tomorrow?
Yeah, I guess.
- When you get through come on and see me
I've got something to show you.
- alright.
Cock-a-doodle doo.
The sweat shop
Broads & Booze.
- Big sucker ain't it.
- Is it dead?
Yep, looks like Kaiser's got some fight left in him, after all.
Kaiser killed that?
You'll be surprised what an animal can do
to protect its own life.
That thing could ain't happen here now.
But... he's older than I am.
It ain't about age son.
It's about instinct.
Time don't change an animal's instinct.
One day rattle sankes will get best for Kaiser
and he'll die like a good warrior.
On the battle field.
Tonight will be mostly cloudy
with a slight chance of rain.
Tonight will be mostly cloudy
with a slight chance of rain.
Tonight will be mostly cloudy
with a slight chance of rain.
Tonight will be mostly cloudy...
Tonight will be mostly cloudy...
with a slight chance of rain.
There's rain.
Back to you Bob.
Hey mamma, can I sleep over at
Jake's home on saturday?
Cathy, get the doll off the table.
Please, ma.
Jake's mommy said it was alright.
(Hey, let go!)
You've got chores until night.
(mom! let go!)
(That's my doll!)
(Fathead! he won't let go.)
(Mom! let go of it.)
Let go of it. Stop it.
Mom! Mom!
Sammy stop, it's my doll.
Stop it! and you both be sorry.
It's all right mama.
I'll clean up.
Baby needs a bathing...
But you just gave him one.
[Skipped item] Let's go on okay, we've got work to do.
Mama, something's wrong with Nathan.
- Mama, m..?
- Shuuu!
You're gonna wake the baby.
Just something's wrong...
Mommy, Sammy made me spill my juice.
You filthy bitch, you get over here this instant.
No mom! leave her...
Stop it mamma, please!
Stop it mama.
Stop, please stop.
Sammy, help me.
Drive her away.
Come on Cathy, wake up.
Oh! come on wake up!
Okay, Sammy mamma's sick,
take my bike and go get Lester.
( - 911) - Hello, I need an ambulance
Who broke my mother's mirror.
Go! Sammy, Go!
[Skipped item] Sammy O Christopher!
Come on Cathy, get up.
- I am giving you an order.
- No, Sammy don't listen to her.
- Keep going, go and get Lester.
- I will tell you one time. You get
back in that house.
No, Sammy don't listen to her, please,
go get Lester.
Get back in that house, you listen
to me, get back in that house, right now.
- Go get Lester...
- You listen to me!
No mama, no.
Mamma, don't hurt him, mamma.
Mommy, mommy!
[Skipped item] Don't you ever leave this house.
- No.
No mommy.
Why mommy! why!
Because I said so.
[Skipped item]
Mom, please!
See Jimmy, look what you
made me do.
When do you kids gonna learn
that this hurts me, more than it hurts you.
Mom, no.
I'm fine jimmy.
Quiet now! you calm down,
You calm down mamma's okay.
Mamma's okay.
I'm not mad at you.
You two come in the house,
I'm not gonna punish you.
Get in the house.
Oh, look at that.
Somebody had an accident.
Leave her alone.
- Come on!
- Get back here!
[Music playing]
Shuuu... see Cathy listen, mama's sick,
we have to go for help.
I just didn't meant to spill my juice.
Cathy, it wasn't your fault.
You have to be quiet, okay.
Quiet as a mouse.
Think you can do that?
Alright, let's try.
- Done.
- I had a schedule.
- You got somewhere you need to be?
- Yeah, home.
- A promise I'm trying to keep.
- Just beer's are the questions, you know.
- Yeah... bud, you don't mind
to refill a [Skipped item]?
- That's what I do.
Sarah Booker again?
My bowl of flesh,
all fifty states in Canada.
- Do you mind?
- No, go ahead.
Thanks, see you next week.
Hey, hold up a second.
I suppose to do this, we've a truck
coming in next couple of hours.
She's only half full.
- Are you serious.
- Yeah.
I know about the family trouble,
let boys finish unloading.
Give that old lady a surprise.
- Are you alright
- No, it hurts.
I know. (No)
Okay, okay, it's all right.
Okay, you remember when you
burned your self in the stove.
- Yes.
- And that hurt really bad.
But you were so brave.
- Remember what mom did?
- She blew on it.
Yeah, that's right, she blew on it.
To make you feel all better,
then you know.
uh..huh.. see.. that's what
I'm gonna do.
- Oh...
- see, and over it... we put on the boo-boo
Cathy, Cathy, we have to get
out of here.
Think you can walk.
Come on, let's try. Get up.
I can't do it.
Okay see that crate over there?
I want you to go in there...
and don't come out,
no matter what.
Come on you two!
Party time is over.
Cathy, are you in here?
I'm sorry... mamma got angry
[Skipped item] I wish things could be different.
I wish I didn't have to be this way.
I'm not going to tell you
again now!
I guess we're gonna have to do
this the hard way.
God damn good, go and get
out of here.
Ye piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy.
This little pig went to the market.
This little piggy stayed home.
Cathy, please.
This little piggy had roast beef.
This little piggy... had nothing...
There you are.
Leave me alone!
[Nail piercing shoe]
[Country music playing]
hmm... So good.
Come on Lester!
Come on!
Go ahead Jimmy...
...we got all night.
Hmmm... baby you can see.
James junior, are you in here?
Enough is enough, Jimmy.
I tell you what?
If you come out here right now...
...I'll make your favourite dinner.
Fried chicken.
Oh, no! there are fox in the
hen house.
Here you are.
Bad boy.
Bad boy.
Oh, what do you do now...
[Skipped item] the dog's not out of you.
Come on boy.
Come on.
Bad boy.
Come on, you mangy bitch!
....and I'll pick him.
Son of a bitch!
- Missy... are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good, I got the animal. the animal.
Oh! Kaiser,
Oh! my god...
Kaiser... what are you boy.
Some kind of animal...
There's no way...
It was a flesh...
Rinse... and wash your hands.
Brush your teeth... Do your
Come down stairs, dinner's
in pan...
wash your hands...
Oh, come on.
...brush your teeth... get some wash...
there's the dinner's laying...
Wash your hands.
Wash your hands.
Oh no, wash your hands.
Briker briker, this is Jimmy Williams.
I need help.
Briker briker, this is Jimmy Williams.
(Dad, can you hear me?)
I'm getting you everything Jimmy.
My love, my youth
and this is how you're repaying me.
You better not be in your
father's study.
Briker briker, I need help,
is any body out there?
I'm a cab driver... what can I
do for you little buddy?
She's coming.
Who's coming...?
...what is it, son?
What he needs... is a good spanking.
Well, it looks like you're not afraid
of the dark anymore boy.
What about the monsters under the bed?
Why do you want to hurt me, Jimmy?
Jimmy, you've always
been my favourite.
My bouncing baby boy.
Leave me alone!
No Jimmy, I can't.
I love you too much for that.
Then call the Police, so they can
help me.
It doesn't matter.
you're never gonna make it in time.
You children are bad seeds, Jimmy.
and now you're gonna reap
what sow.
Nathan never heard of sow.
A mother knows her children, Jimmy.
You remember those bed time stories
I used to tell you?
Like Hansel and Gretel.
Those were bad kids, Jimmy.
They lied and they stole.
You remember what happended
at the end?
- How it ended?
- Yeah, I remember.
The witch got barbecued.
Jimmy let me out of here!
Jimmy, you open this door.
When I'll get out of here,
you're gonna be in a world of pain.
Open the door!
Good luck! I kept sammy in there
for three hours before.
I'm scared, Jimmy.
Don't leave me here alone.
Don't leave me in here, Jimmy.
Briker briker, is anybody out there?
Come on, Briker Briker,
Briker briker, this is
Jimmy Williams, I need help.
Call the police.
- (somebody out there call police.)
- Jimmy?
Jimmy, is that you?
Briker briker, I need help,
call the police, come on.
Briker briker, this is Jimmy William,
I need help, call the police, please.
It's past your bed time Jimmy.
You're gonna say the prayers now.
Look at me.
- Come on, Jimmy.
- No, please mom.
- Give me your hand.
- No.
- Give me your hand!
Okay, it's okay. Come on.
We're gonna stop it right now.
- Now I let me down to sleep
- I can't hear you!
- Now I let me down to sleep
- Now I let me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep.
Say it.
If I dare this world awake.
- I pray the lord.
- I pray the lord.
my soul to keep.
No mom, please.
'Yes it's emrgency, 14 wakeland,
Jimmy you're still down there?
There's my boy, now come on.
In the long buddy.
Who left the oven on?
You're gonna burn this place down.
You will dare.
don't you do that.
Mamma told you not to play
with matches now.
I want you to do it, let's do it.
May day, I'm under attack.
May... day..., I'm under attack.
May... day..., may day,
I'm under attack.
Oh my god!
[Skipped item] (Check this affected area,
k disappointed in eight here)
(Help's coming sector AKA30PA)
May day... May day, somebody
help me...
May day...
I got him boy.
(I get the FNR Alan's message..)
(yeah, this is our final stop.)
Hang on son, help is on the way.
- May day, please...
Patient is a Caucasian female,
age 32
Sufferig from a psychotic break.
Secondary the postpartum psychosis
Due to her physical condition
she's been removed from
Forasine and other anti-psychotics
While continuing to under go
a battery of psychological testing
- Can I get to leave today?
- Let's take a seat a second.
- Okay.
The doctor says yes,
But we gotta have an important
man-to-man first.
It's about your mother.
I know how you feel
but the doctors've had helped
me understand is that...
It wasn't your mother that was
doing those things at the night.
Let's say she was sick, Jimmy.
and the doctor say that with
enough treatment...
- she's gonna be herself again.
- Dad no,
Dad they can't let her out.
She'll kill me.
- She won't stop till I'm dead.
- No son, the court's explained
and the doctors did too.
It wasn't her that was doing
those things.
Listen, I know that you might not
wanna hear this right now,
But when your mother is healthy,
I want her to come home.
I know it's hard, but I'm only
asking of you Cheif is,
that's a try.
Think you can do that?
That's my good boy.
Come on here, come on.
Your mother was pregnant,
and it's a miracle that baby
You're gonna be a big brother
And we all are gonna be a
Boniv Tas Rihs with some help from VoMi please correct me where I'm wrong.