Babu (1971)

Keep that box there itself! Yes!
Move that box to this side!
Move to some more distance!
Move! l told you to move!
Go man! You're like a man
Contractor! Don't play with me!
l told you not to play! l'll get
Don't beat! Stop! What guts
you've to beat my son working in my factory!
Call the police! This old man is
pity! He had lifted box painfully!
This blind man dashed him
coming in opposite route & beat by boots feet!
Call police! l'll tell! He tells
that he doesn't need! Why do you call police!
See! You're not needed for the
job from tomorrow! l've dismissed you!
Why'd you dismiss me! l
myself will go! He stamps labor with boots feet!
Dying is better than working
here! Send him to hospital with respect! Or
Be calm! He may return back &
beat you! Shiva & his footstep! Long live!
His footstep should live long
who didn't go off for a minute too from me!
There are more snacks!
everything should be sold today! My shop must develo
lt's coming! What! lt's coming!
What Pillai! Are you fine!
Come pawn broker Vadivelu!
Beggars! Who are they! This village people!
Why! They put ordinary sheet!
Shouldn't they put some nose powder!
Did they expect that you'd take!
Why you came here! Today is Murugan's day!
On which day! Today! ls that
today! Don't you know! Are you telling to me!
My relatives came to my home
to make me to get bore!
l told as Murugan's day's
ing thinking that it will take 2 or 3 K.Gs if l cook for this
All have ran away! How is my
intelligence! You're not giving if l ask!
What! Tie a parcel of 10 idly,
Give gravy in a pot! O.K! Who
is he! What! He is touching! ls that a girl!
Touch him! Thief! Don't beat
me! Monkey man! ls that Pakkiri! See!
He has hidden in dosa! Our dosa
has hidden a man! Donkey!
Why are you shying! Am l
beating them for just Pillai! Why!
l got rickshaw to these orphans
& gave credit for interest!
Shouldn't they tell me as donor!
What else are they telling! This man
tells that creditor is coming
like that! l'd kill him! Don't kill him often!
Give money for parcel! You're
worse than them! Won't l give money!
l kept purse at home! Write in
account! What an injustice is this!
Write 1/2 in his account & in
mine! Come! What's this!
This is parcel & this is gravy!
Did you see! You told! Your man gave me pot!
Fraud! l'd return if it is a vessel!
What's this! ls this old or new!
Move! What's this! You're
dancing with pot! Move man! Move sir!
Are you coming from factory! l
gave up that factory permanently!
What are you telling! l resigned
my job! Why!
lsn't your earning enough! l
didn't like contractor's act! Did he scold you!
What's there in scolding my co-
worker or me! lf we hurt a cow in a group
one day, he will put to
another in another day! l refused his job & came!
O.K! Bath & have tiffin! Money
to eat! ls that money!
Why'd l get money from you!
No! You gave me a place to stay & did many help!
But leave me to act in my way
in some matters! l'd have food if l earn!
Or l'd be hunger! l can't talk to
you! Bath soon, apply holy ash in forehead
& worship the Lord to give
you a good job! Till l've my 2 hands
& strength in it, l don't need
anybody's help!
lt's enough if l've good
people's love like you! l won't have any deficiency!
When will you get devotion! He
is a good man! You'd take care of him!
Go soon! lt's getting late! l'll
go! He won't go! Put down the cart!
Old man! Slowly! Leave the
vehicle! Sit!
Sir! Old man! Why he has taken
rickshaw who is going to die!
What'd he do! There's stomach
until others throw as an orphan dead body!
lt feels hunger! For that only!
l'd go to station! We won't go today!
Come! Sit! Old man! You
needn't pull rickshaw hereafter!
l'll pull instead of you! Let's
take half % in earned money!
What! What's your name! How
much money you bargained! Rs 1 .50!
You'd spoken the double
amount! Give me your badge! Wait here!
Come soon! l'd be in station in
l'll catch the train in Tambaram
at least! lt seems that l'd learn for this too!
What! Our Thulukanam went to
Marankanam for his wife's delivery
what! He is missing yet! He'd
eat plain rice if he stays here!
He can eat meat food in mother-
in-law's home! That's why he went!
What! Don't you've sense! You
had lay like a paste n tin!
This is rickshaw! Come in front!
Paying customers are not heavy!
Free customer! Short lady! My
wife! You're this so heavy!
l'd brought you! What's there in
brining! Rich people who are going in car
making their wives to sit in
back seat & drives in front seat like a driver!
lf rich people are like that,
what's there to you! What's this!
What sister! They told that
you're delivered! Where is the baby!
lf he comes to town, he'll get
spoiled like his father! So l left in his grandma's home
what! You're pulling your wife
in cart nicely!
People will stare about sweet
stall in village! She told she wants to see the town!
Why should l spend for bus for
her! So l brought her in my own rickshaw!
Vadivel is coming! Get down!
Why! For what! You don't know about him!
Get down! Go!
Thulukanam is here! Who is
that peacock! Broom!
ls that broom! ls she a broom
seller! She will sell too & beat too!
How are you telling like this!
Do you know more than me about my wife!
ls she your wife! Senseless
man! Fool! l've spoken about her!
lt's O.K! l'm like her father! lf
young boys had seen, it's wrong, isn't it!
Can you bring such a beautiful
wife to stand! Let that be!
lf you don't give me interest & l
also don't ask What!
Keep! Why are you shouting!
He knows that much only!
He will shout for sometime &
be calm then! There! Same tireless rickshaw!
Greaseless & this is the
rickshaw that l gave to Paramasivam!
How did you get this! lf you
talk without respect, l'll break your teeth!
Paramasivam is not well! He
himself gave this rickshaw to me!
l need a job & he needs food!
We thought to separate our earnings!
Are you both partner for my
rickshaw! You need 2 Rs money, don't you!
Don't talk more! He is a child!
He pulls rickshaw from 10 years!
2 Rs for him! You're pulling
newly! l'll give only if you give 4 Rs only! ls that 4 Rs!
ls it so! Leave this in old stock
shop! None will pull it! What dear!
You're getting anger so soon! l
told for fun! Give my rent in evening daily!
l thought that we are beggars!
You're great beggar than us!
What's this! Shut! You tell me a
beggar, poor & scold whatever you know!
But give my rent in the evening
correctly! Get it man!
Where's that Thulakanam! Did
you see! He is running! Catch him! Go!
Brother! You insulted Vadivel
very well! We don't have guts to talk to him!
lt seems that you got credit! So
you can't talk! That's it!
O.K! What's your name! l'm
Babu! What's your name! l'm Siluvai!
By my arrival nothing like
that dear! Who is he! l'm Manickam!
Does he has rickshaw! His
rickshaw runs in another route! Separate cart!
ls that separate! That's liquor
cart! Bald man!
How is your health! Are you
kindling me! What! You're getting anger!
Did we tell your profession in
public! Yes! Didn't your stock come!
He has come with personality to
look his stock! Don't you understand!
That's Kannamma who lifts
food basket!
What sister! You've come so
late today!
What! She'd come after
washing her face in corporation tap & makeup!
l'd come applying powder to
see your face! Why! What's there for my face!
Take the stick! lf l won't take
You're showing your braveness
to a lady! Go man!
Stop! Are you a newcomer
showing braveness to me!
You'd meet me in any traffic
cross! l'll kill you!
That's Laugh! Why did you
laugh! You told me to laugh! So l laughed!
Not that! Great Bheemasena
king killed Deechithan &
saved Panchali! Did you see
the way of my story!
Very nice! lt's ending in fight in
all places! The place where Bheemasenan
& Deechithan opposed each
other seemed like lorry that opposed a bus!
What's our character in the
drama! ls that character!
People & sisters will cry after
Deechithan's death! You too cry like that!
O.K! Shall we start rehearsal! ls
that rehearsal! l'm in great hunger!
We'd start rehearsal after eating
only! Donor Varadappa!
Where's she! Varadappa! Fluid
food is coming there!
An young girl is coming lifting
food pot in her head!
Varadappa! Fluid food is
coming there! Girl is coming holding food pot in head
She is golden Goddess if she
comes wearing jewels!
She is grains Goddess if she
offers us lands & fields!
She is golden Goddess if she
comes wearing jewels!
She is grains Goddess if she
offers us lands & fields!
She is brave Goddess if she
stands bravely to save our honor!
She is victory's Goddess if she
wins in anything greatly!
See! How many Goddesses are
there! Tell about her in that!
See! How many Goddesses are
there! Tell about her in that!
She is food's Goddess who
offers food to all of us! She is food's Goddess!
Varadappa! Fluid food is
coming there! Girl is coming holding food pot in head
Her anklet's sound comes in
front! She come behind by walking with stem like leg!
We ourselves getting hunger
stupor seeing her!
Our stupor which we got
decreases when we hear her talk!
She laughs like rice & smells
like fish gravy!
She boils like a Rasam if we tell
anything secretly!
Varadappa! Fluid food is
coming there! Girl is coming holding food pot in head
We are getting meat in Gulam
Kadar's Pulav!
That's mixed in
Anumantharao's vegetarian gravy!
There's prawn in Mary Mam's
tiffin career!
That's in Padmanaba lyar's
Foods are getting mixed & it
shows equality!
Caste, religion & class
differences are going away when we see food!
Varadappa! Fluid food is
coming there! Girl is coming holding food pot in head
Go straightly! Bull! Who is that!
Am l a bull! There's a bull in road!
Will it go in your head without
going in road! Drive carefully!
Why are you laughing! Don't
get anger! Teach me slowly!
Baby! Baby comes holding its
mother's hand!
lf it runs here leaving her hand,
you'd dash only! Don't tell like that!
l won't learn driving if you
teach! Did you develop that much!
Turn in left! Which left! This
Which left! This left! ls my leg
a break! Forgive me! Hold steering! Go!
Which right! This right! l don't
need driving dear! l'll slap you!
Can you hit like this! She is
learning driving!
l told that l don't need! l'll kill
you! Go!
Dear! Nothing! Dear! Do you
know to repair truly!
What happened! My head pains!
Push it! l told you to push! O.K!
Why are you laughing! Whom
do you mean! l meant the car!
lt's not moving! Push calmly! lf
there's fight, you can have at home!
ln road What do you blabber!
No! Should car go in that side or this side!
Mam pushes in this side &
you're pushing in that side! What's your convenience!
Come here! What! You're
shouting me in road! No need of fight!
l won't push car if you tell like
this! Dear! Push dear!
Push! lt's not seemed to be
moving case! lf you tell a mechanic, he will take this!
lf you want to go home in time,
come & sit in rickshaw! l'll take you!
Dad! Let's go in this dad! ls that
rickshaw! Should a man pull another man!
No need! Don't cheat us talking
equal fair like this! This is our profession!
Get in! l think it'll rain dear!
Let's go in rickshaw! O.K! You sit!
Take these 2 people! l'll come
by walk! Sir! l won't leave you to go by walk!
lf you don't get into rickshaw
now, l'll lift you & make you to sit!
O.K! What does it mean! l told
that l like you very much!
ls it! Assume that l told the
same thing seeing you in English! Get in!
What sir! Nothing! Baby is
playing! l'll also see you!
lt will tare if air blow fastly! l
rinsed tightly unknowing!
l'd have left in body itself! lt'd
have got dried while running!
You told that we'd not get wet!
Now you got wet! What's there if l get wet!
l'm a rickshaw man! You're
teaching good lesson to my baby!
Do you think a rickshaw man
least! You're getting wet in rain & getting hot
in the sun for your
profession! Dirt falls in engine driver's dress. Does
it mean that he got black
mark in his duty too! lt's only talk if he talks!
He told unknowing! Leave it!
Nobody should think his duty as least!
With that he mustn't create any
differential thoughts in growing baby's heart!
What about my talk man! Your
saying is correct!
But l'm getting surprised that
you're saying in such a great home!
O.K! You'd not put garland!
Come here & get your fare!
What! You're giving 5 Rs! My
fare is 1 Rs! l'm giving 5 Rs!
l'll get 1 Rs only! lt's O.K! Get
it! l'm leaving sir!
Stop! What's this! What!
What's there in shirt! ls this!
lt was a shirt & now it is hole!
lt's great hole! 2 holes!
When l bought this in shop,
shop man told that it will fade only
He didn't tell as it'll tare!
What's there in that!
lt will be all right if l tare here
& stitch here!
Have this! l won't get anything
from anybody! Stop!
He won't get from anybody!
You yourself make him to wear! Wear it!
What's this! All are same like
taught men! What's the need of this charity now!
He found a great charity! l'm
going to get heaven by giving him this!
What did you tell! l told that
you're like my brother! Sir! Wear if l tell!
Won't you wear! Come! No
need! l'll wear! l can't able to laugh!
Meals are ready! Shall l bring to
baby's room! Bring there!
Yes! Didn't this baby get
hunger yet! Shall l bring hotly & feet!
Mother! See there! lt's very
What! You're dancing wearing
shirt! Nothing! Air blows strongly!
l hold thinking what l'll do if it
flies like an umbrella! What's your name!
Rickshaw man! She didn't ask
your profession! She asked your name!
Parents called me as Babu &
others calling as rickshaw man!
You call me as rickshaw man!
Dear! What's your name! Beautiful name!
Did you go to school today!
Why should you give respect! Tell as you!
Ask! Did you go to school! l'm
in baby class now & l'll go to convent next year!
ln that case l'll take you to
school in my rickshaw!
You sit in that like a queen! l'll
run shouting like queen is coming & move!
O.K rickshaw man! My queen!
You're having this much love on baby!
How much children you've! 8!
No! 10! What! Are there 10 children!
Yes! Astrologer told like that!
-10 children will be male!
See! 10 rickshaws are going to
run in my home in some days!
But l don't have even one wife
to call with right now!
Mam! l brought meals for baby!
Shall l keep for you too!
Sir! l'm leaving! Come! Come
means come in only! Come! Sir! Come
Mam! Bring meals to him too!
O.K! Won't sir get anger if l tell something!
What! l'm a lonely man! l've
only one vote! ls that vote! For what!
Sir is going to stand in election!
lt can find! ls that election!
Yes! lf people like you show
grace on poor, you'd stand in election
or you'd be a mad! ln what
type sir is! See!
l won't talk socialism once in 5
years! Socialism from the beginning!
l'm having! So l'm giving! lf l
don't have, let's see later!
Man! Sit out side! l'll put green
leave! Put the leave here!
ls that here! Yes! Sir! No need!
Sit man! No! l'll go out & eat!
Sit! Bring here! You go & do
your job! l'll serve to him!
Dad! Shall l also sit here & eat!
Eat dear!
Eat man!
Sir! Baby has taken from my
leave unknowingly!
Forgive me! Did she take
without leaving for you! Did you see!
Did you see how your daughter
is eating who won't eat Brinjol generally! Eat!
You'd be well!
How is this shirt! My great
king! What lacks in you!
You'll be beautiful in all
dresses! But you're like a doll in this dress only!
Mad! Will those people give
seeing measurement who gives freely!
They gave me what was there in
that time! l'm telling you to look their broad mind!
ls that true! Did that Mam give
you food by her hand!
Yes! Then that sir! lt seems that
God may be in that sir's image only!
That innocent baby took
vegetable from my leave!
l got afraid! l worshipped
saying him to forgive me for my guilt!
There was no change that sir's
face! Do you know what he told!
He told it's O.K! That baby
didn't eat that item yet & it ate at least today!
lf l could take out my heart at
that time, l'd taken it completely & submitted
to that sir! Are your words
that you told your heart is my own property
till now lie! Let it be! lt's
time for 8 o'clock train's arrival!
lf l don't die keeping head in
track, my name is not Kannamma!
Will you die keeping your head
in track! Happy!
You keep in this track & l'll
keep in that track! Mad girl!
Girls will have jealous on other
girls! You're having seeing a man!
What's there for you! lf any one
goes off, another girl will come!
l'll slab & break your teeth!
When l fall in love with you
l decided that you're only my
wife in my life!
Dear! Shall we meet in this
place itself at -8 o'clock daily!
Why! ls that to hug me when 8
o'clock train comes!
Beginning of the world! Pillayar
who has 5 hands! Run here!
Man who has big belly! Run here! Fat man!
Run here!
Vigneshwara, who has sat in a
corner! You'd make this drama to happen nicely!
See the way of Pandava's wife
Panchali who was in different costume, in
Virada country & who came
to pick flowers in garden lonely!
Pleasure! Beauty will give that!
Let's pick flowers by singing & dancing!
Let's have happiness! l've
Jasmine, Sampangi, fragrance jasmine buds
& lotus!
Jasmine, lotus & jasmine buds!
Did you see my friend! l saw! Who are you!
Are you asking me as who! l'm
a brave man seeing whom whole worlds get afraid, as
people shivers by me! l'm a
hale & healthy! l'm Deechithan who
destroys enemies of ruling
Lady! l'm a brave brother-in-
law of Virada king! What's there for me in you!
You who thinks to plunder
other's wife is not a good man! You're a plunderer!
l'm not a plunderer! l'm your
lovable thief! Accept my desire!
My lovable beauty come! Girl!
Accept my desire!
Criminal! You stand apart from
me & don't come near me!
World will get afraid if you
touch me & don't come closer!
By tying dhoti neatly & by
knotting it
By wearing green silk
My sun's son! l, Bheemasenan
king have come!
Dear Panchali! Why your fresh
lotus like face is sad!
Dear! What will l tell about the
tragedy that l got in the garden!
A devil came, spoke worse talks
& called me to join with him! My king!
Who did like that! See that l'll
kill him & come!
How will that man tell like this
without thinking! l'll kill that man!
Who did like that! Dear! Bring
that criminal to your bedroom talking sweetly!
l'll drink his blood!
Manmadan beats by bow!
Beauty, who wore nose screw &
walks like chariot! You're the queen &
l'm your minister!
Manmadan beats me by bow!
Dear! Lust kills me too! l'll
have hell if you're not there with me!
Don't worry girl! l'll come to
your bedroom to rectify your lust thirsty at night!
Girl! What's this! Girl's hand
which should be light is weight!
What a walk! ls this a moving
chariot! What a hip! ls this a lemon creeper!
What a front beauty! Will it be
worth for 300 Rs! What a back!
Will it be worth for many 100's!
Dear! lf you love me
you'd get 500 desired
punches & 300 lust punches! Here my 1st punch!
What's this! l'm starving by this
Accept more than this!
See man! Did you come to fight
with me with great proud!
Like a cat in front of a tiger!
See! l'll punish you roughly!
See! l'll turn you in pieces by
this weapon! See! l'll kill you!
ldiot! Run fearing for my anger!
Elephant is also like a cat to me!
Fool! ln what corner you're for
-1 man! l'm equal to 8 men!
l'll stamp you in your heart! l'll tare you as
your blood flow like a river!
don't go this side or that side!
Don't die getting blows!
l'll break you as 2! l'll drink
your blood! l'll beat you! l'll bite you!
l'll beat you! Get it! Have it
freely! Dad! Get it! My body pains!
l'm granting him 2 years of
imprisonment deciding him as an accused
according to the l.P.C 326th
2 years! How many long nights
l've crossed! ls there prison for body alone!
Prison is for heart too, isn't it!
When will l've freedom!
5, 10, 15 15! 16
l'll take out your eyeball! Will
anybody come to my shop in future!
Don't you've any other job!
You've sat here thinking as an office!
My office is in mid road! Go to
mid road! Don't send out! lt's a sunny day!
l know by your saying! You
brought up a fighting goat, didn't you!
Who is that! That Babu! Don't
permit such man in your shop!
Because you'll sleep always on
cash box! lf he do something by his desire
on money! He is a murderer
& sinner man!
But he will be drinking fluid
food in jail well
Baby! What! He shows his
You've become very lean! My
body didn't become lean!
My heart became lean! O.K!
Come! Bath & eat with me!
Your love on me didn't change!
But this world will refuse me saying
me as a murderer & l went to
jail! Who will give me a job hereafter!
Why'd you search a job! l'm
not practiced eating food sitting calmly!
l know very well about your
self-respect! l did an arrangement for that! Come!
New rickshaw like an innocent
baby! How did you get this! lt's for you!
ls this for me! Very happy! l'll
run well & earn more to you!
This is not a rental rickshaw!
lt's your rickshaw! No need!
Let this rickshaw be yours! l'd
be lucky to work for you!
See! You gave me money daily!
l bought this rickshaw saving those!
That's your money & it's your
rickshaw! Were there that much money with you!
See! A bee doesn't know how
much honey it saves!
l You needn't do anything!
lt's enough if you be my Babu forever!
What! What a rough heart
you've! You're alone for 2 years leaving us!
What! We worshipped if you
come out, we'd break 100 coconuts to our stand
Pillayar in credit at least! Are
you fine! What! You're crying like a baby!
l got a new rickshaw by staying
in jail for 2 years! What's this!
Are they giving new rickshaw if
we stay in jail for 2 years!
Yes! They give new rickshaw if
you stay in jail for 2 years!
lf you stay for 4 years, they give
horse vehicle & if you stay for 6 years
they give a new taxi! ls that a
taxi! Go fool! l thought this only!
Pillai got me this newly saving
my money slowly!
Then you're an owner! Sit!
Stop! What! You're beating! Do
you've sense!
You people are leaving your
children in road giving birth like pigs!
Did we leave in road! Yes! We
have a great bungalow & gardens!
Our children will play with rich
people! He talks by coming in 1 way traffic!
Go in reverse! Baby! Wouldn't
you come
You're Ammu, aren't you!
You're rickshaw man! Yes dear!
What's this! Why are you like
this! Rickshaw man!
Don't tell my mother that l
begged! Did you beg! Why!
l was in hunger! Come! See!
Put 2 fruits in everything in a bag! Come dear!
Sit in my rickshaw!
Stop! This is my home!
Baby! Get this & give your
Mother! See this bag! How did
you get this bag! Who got you these!
To whom you begged! l didn't
ask mother! He himself gave me!
He too have come mother! Sir!
l'm worshipping you! We are poor!
But we are living with honor!
These tests are not needed sir!
Please get back this bag! Mam!
l'm none else! Your old rickshaw man!
All will tell that humans don't
know good & evils! Didn't that God too know!
Should l see you in this state!
Why are you crying sir!
lf it's a fate of a man who lived
richly should live as poor, what can we do!
You lived like a queen when l
saw! Why should you've this state!
What's the respect for a queen
after king's death! Always laugh & plays!
He made me to laugh more &
now he made me to cry more & dead sir!
What happened to that lord &
graceful man! We can lay in sickness too!
But he had part me in a minute!
He got 10 lakhs credit & took a big contract!
He'd tell always that he will live
for 100 years!
He went to meet somebody
regarding that contract at a night!
At the next day whole world got
daybreak! l only didn't get!
Mam! He had passed away in a
car accident! Don't cry Mam!
Mam! Didn't he save anything
for you! He saved goodness only!
He didn't save money! l'm not
worrying for the lost of money!
But he had taken my flower &
God too suffers to give & likes
to take! What shall l tell this Mam!
lf l'd known that l'll get such a
state, l'd not brought up my baby giving milk!
l'd have brought up giving fluid
food! Please take this!
Mam! You're talking thinking
me as a 3rd person! Do you remember!
One day l came to your home
getting wet in rain! You gave me a pant & shirt!
You took me in home & offered
food! Sir! That graceful man!
He told this rickshaw man as his
brother! When sir thinks me as his brother
can you think me as different!
Assume that some of your relative
is a rickshaw man! l'm not
helping you! l'm giving from my heart Mam!
Accept it Mam! l'm leaving!
Rickshaw man! Will you come often!
l'll come dear!
Sundaram comes finishing a
round in early morning!
Don't mind him! What! ls it
God's Pooja!
You won't have any deficiency
in business when l'm here!
Brother! Be calm! What!
You're eating as a hen that eats bran in early morning
ls that idly! What! Gravy is
less! Take your hand!
What! 4 idly, 4 vada & gravy!
Gravy is not available!
lsn't gravy available! He is
eating there! How will there be gravy available!
He won't keep anything
balance! O.K! Tie a parcel with chutney!
You've to pay me 30 Rs
already! ls there parcel for another 6 paise!
You believed me for 13 Rs!
Won't you believe me for 6 paise!
l won't give you credit
hereafter! See! You're offering food for 10 men
on every no moon day! 1 1
with 10 & l'm with that! Let it be a charity!
Keep that today is no moon day!
ls it so! l'll close my shop in Fridays, won't l!
Assume today as Friday & go
calmly thinking that l closed my shop!
Save me! What! Slowly man!
Slowly! Did you see my state!
From when did you start this job!
Thulakanam! Why do you fall!
What! All are falling when l told his name!
what's the matter! What's there
in your leg! Saturn that hold my leg! Saturn!
That will hold like that! That
boy should give me 17 Rs 6 paise balance!
He'd give me only 13! You've 4
Rs extra than me!
l'm searching him from 2 days!
l didn't find!
l got in Egmore station today
morning! l caught him with rickshaw & told
pay my principal or interest!
That man who told me to wait & he'd give
box inside had ran away! l
don't know this! What l found!
Rickshaw & l were stood in mid
of the road! Policeman asked whose was that!
l told that it's mine! He called
me to station! l went! l came out paying 2.50 Rs!
After l came out this constable
sir told me leave him in his home!
Where's Ramapet &
Royapuram! l left him in this hot & coming from there!
Did you see my time! Then
Am l telling story!
You're listening! l'm in anger!
lf l get that Thulukanam
l'll beat him in this umbrella
& kill him in this same place!
Why are you making noise!
Boys! What! All of you're here!
Shouldn't you catch that man!
l'm here! Give me something!
l'll catch! lt's money, isn't it!
Won't l give! Give! Won't l give!
Get it! Go! 1 ! Wherever may
be what! His hands are getting fits getting money!
You give me! l'll catch! Go at
his back! l'm here! You give me!
You go! What do you think in
you! lt's O.K if they catch him!
Today but our boys what's
this! 3 boys are going & 4 boys got money!
Your beggar mind won't go off
even if you earn more money!
Should you earn 1 rupee from
me! l'll punch on your face! Why! Turn & see!
He punched on me! l didn't
punch him!
Mother! Rickshaw man has
come! What dear! Are you eating!
We'd think gravy here, Papad
here & vegetable salad here!
Here curd rice & here pickle!
How is it! ls it fine!
You too eat! Mam there's
curd rice & pickle only!
ls it O.K! Give me! l'll eat!
Rickshaw man! Why are you
crying! Hot! There won't be hot in curd rice!
Hot is in my heart! Why!
You've got up! lt's enough Mam!
l can offer you food for you to
get up soon! Don't tell like that! l ate completely!
Rickshaw man! You wore torn
cloth in old period! Now l too have worn!
Did you see this! Dear! You
need not wear torn dress hereafter!
You can wear good dress! ls
that good dress! ls it to Pongal! Not only for Pongal!
You can wear always! l'll get
you! l told you not to ask like these, didn't l!
l didn't ask mother! l only told
that l'd get her!
You've love! We have limit,
haven't we! Can l help you that much!
Mam! Don't think that l'm pointing
your poverty! lf you don't have bed
sheet for coldness, we will
get hotness burning the wastes at least won't we!
Assume me a dust like that!
Shall l leave then! l'm leaving Mam!
lt's getting late for school!
Rickshaw man! Are you reading now only!
l'm not reading! l'm going to
school bring children!
l'd leave children at home,
shouldn't l! Rickshaw man!
Will you join me in school! l'll
join you & educate you! ls it true!
l swear that l'll make you study
whatever you want to study!
l'll make you study till
graduation for you to wear black coat & cap!
Shall l leave!
lt's O.K! l'll bring! Mam! l told
you while coming in rickshaw, didn't l!
All are correct! But if that girl
should study in such a school, you'd pay more
money, buy uniforms & there
are many expenses!
That'll be beyond your limit!
l'll take care of those! With running in daytime
if l go for night shift too, l'll
tackle in any way!
l'd educate my baby at least
pledging my head!
Give knowledge to my baby!
O.K! Bring baby! Very happy!
16, 17, 18 What! Why are
you seeing this accounts! l didn't see anything!
20, 22.50! Your interest is 22.50
Rs! What's this man!
You're telling as interest money
for slippers! Tell us about it briefly!
Briefly He asks explanation
after getting credit!
My 2 pairs of slippers got
rubbed walking to your home giving money!
This interest is for that! Stitch
tire too in slippers! Slipper also won't rub
& interest also won't rise!
You're bargaining as interest in front
of the shop at night! Give rent
for this! Rent for this! For what else!
Are you a friend! You're a
selfish man! Am l!
You're asking interest for your
slipper! You are selfish! What'll you do now!
This is corporation street! This
is my bench! Give my rent! Don't spit!
Bench great bench! He made it
in silver! Great bench!
Keep it with yourself! l don't
need! What will you do now! Now! l'll put 25 paise!
Goddess of wealth! l got income
as soon as l came! He begs here!
Come! You're not getting
caught by me! Get -2 Rs from me!
Let my talk! Why you've come
to mid road! He has to come only!
He has come before who'd
come after! What's there in coming to road!
l'll be like this if l've selfish
friend like you! Chellakannu runs there! Stop!
Come bathing! Let's eat!
See! ls it nice! What's this! l
told you! lt's for that baby & sari for that Mam!
Who is that!
Who is that!
Who are you! You're asking as
whom! All are our relative only!
lf you act satisfactorily, they
will give more! Get out!
What's this! She is new! Cow is
getting afraid!
She will show proud like this in
the beginning! Then she will be O.K! Go!
Here! Our money! 10 Rs extra
with spoken rate! Keep it! Get in!
She is nice only! Sir! This is not
the place where you'd come! Go!
You're showing your work to
me! l'm begging on your feet!
Someone had cheated you for
worse income! Go from here sir!
Get more whether it's 10 or 20!
Don't shout! l came to hut losing everything!
But l didn't lose honor alone!
Are you going to talk to her for whole night!
Murugan! My Lord!
Urged dogs! Don't you've
sisters! You don't worry!
Let them be! Rickshaw man!
Why you beat them! Nothing! 2 animals came to eat
that holy food that is kept for
your expired father!
So l sent out them!
Mam! Stop! l swear on god &
tell! Give me that wick! No need!
lf God who took everything
burn this body too, l won't have any danger!
Mam! See that innocent baby!
l've seen sir! l've seen!
lf l think to live for my
daughter, l'm getting tests for my honor!
Did l come to market to bargain
me! l've come to hut only!
Mam! Give me! l swear on this
lf anyone misbehave to you
hereafter, he won't have his head!
You don't worry! l'll bring a
good dog for your safety at today night!
ls that a great dog rickshaw
man! Yes! Great dog!
Mam! Don't mistake me! lt's
my offering! Here dear! l'm leaving!
Rickshaw man! Dog! lt will
come dear!
You'd not call him rickshaw
hereafter! Then how l'd call him mother!
God himself gave me a brother!
Call him as uncle! Uncle! O.K mother!
You're good man only & going
in good thought only!
But this town is not good! Yes!
This town is not good only!
Family which was well stands
without anybody to help!
Baby which ate in silver bowl
begs in road! This people are calm seeing that!
This town is not good! l didn't
mean that! l told that people would talk wrongly!
l'm not worrying for others! lt's
enough if you alone don't mistake me!
O.K! Go! What will l tell! Go!
Uncle! Mother! Uncle has
come! Uncle! Did you call me as uncle!
l only told her to call like that!
Mam! Uncle! Where's dog! lt's missing!
Dog has come! Can't you know!
See! This is dog's bed & this is dog's box!
This is dog's plate! Dog's
chain! ls that dog's chain! This is dog's chain!
Then dog Here! l'm that dog
who is in front of you! Are you dog!
Mam! l've come with box
without your permission!
You don't have any objection
on me in staying in this floor, do you!
ls this permission needed after l
accepted you as my own brother!
What! Are you going to temple!
Yes! l'm going to temple only!
What's this! l'm not God! l'm
an ordinary human!
No! You're the God! My
teacher told that who has love in heart & shows
grace on poor is God! Then
you're the God, aren't you! l'm not a God!
Where will God be & how he
will be!
My God is here in front of me &
l found it in a smile!
God lives in lovable sight! He
lives in graceful heart!
My God is here in front of me &
l found it in a smile!
He'll smell in the flower garden
& he will be in sweet cuckoo's voice!
He'll rectify thirsty as a cold
cloud & he'll be sweet in fruit creepers!
God lives in lovable sight! He
lives in graceful heart!
My God is here in front of me &
l found it in a smile!
Education that you get reading
many books!
Wealth that you offer others
thinking other's goodness!
Happiness that you've on
other's development!
God lives in these thing!
My God is here in front of me &
l found it in a smile!
Poor man who works & looks
his life in his sweats & hard work!
l heard his lip's laugh & l saw
the God in his laugh!
God lives in lovable sight! He
lives in graceful heart!
My God is here in front of me &
l found it in a smile!
She is studying inside! Why are
you playing here! Go that side!
l'm telling you to go! Go! Have
you finished studying! l finished uncle!
Were boys sounds heard loudly!
l heard your voice only loudly uncle!
Are you kindling uncle!
Call me beautifully as mother!
What's the need of mummy!
No! You're grinding chilies
daily in grinder! She calls you as mummy instead
of grinder seeing that! Not
that uncle!
All will call mother as mummy
in English! Will they call as mummy!
ln that case will they call uncle
as jimmy! Uncle! Jimmy is dog's name!
ls jimmy dog's name! ln that
case that name will be suitable for me!
Call me as jimmy hereafter!
O.K! lt's getting late! Come! Let's go to school!
Uncle! What! l'm going to go
by bus hereafter! Am l a small girl!
Did you see! She ran like a
rabbit as l see!
She asks that is she a small girl
seeing me! Did you see how she talks!
All because of your affection! lt
seems more money will be spent by
this education for bus & fees!
You'll have difficulty by this!
what's in there in difficulty! l
started my attempt! You see!
l'll educate my girl very well
before l die! Our Ammu is going to grow well
study well & she is going to
get graduation wearing black coat & cap!
You're going to get stared
thinking that did my sir come taking another birth!
2 tea! 50 paise!
What! You've come in this
time! Nothing! l went to fruit shop!
l got you banana as you like it
very much! Very happy!
See there! What! He brings pot!
Did your wife tell you to bring water!
What! You're keeping pot here!
Take it away! There's no water here!
Be calm! You came as a God in
good time! Body is also like a rock only!
Will you drink a tea! Give a
special tea & 2 buns too!
You'd help me! What! ls he a
mad! Why he is mad!
Blunderer! He is a duty mad! lt
seems that he needs your help!
Yes! This Thulukanam meets
me in wrong side often!
He'll come now! You beat him
& remove his leg or hand! l'll give you something!
Should l beat him! Yes! Will l
beat then!
ldiot! Fool! l'm a hire of
ldiyappa Nayakar! Brave Thulukanam has come!
l killed sickle Arumugam!
What! He is just Vadivel!
Leave him! l'd tare that
Vadivel! Where l'd tare him! l'll ask & tell!
lf l get that Vadivel, l'll catch,
beat, cut & remove his bowels
& if l don't walk in road with
his head Sit down! What Babu!
How are you! Are you opposing
me that you killed that Manickam!
Will you come to fight with me!
Go! You'll shout well often!
lf you can't lift, why do you
bring these! Don't think that l drank wine!
l'm a man who do varnishing
job! But l won't cheat others!
l'll stand lonely & steadily! l've
to pay balance amount to Vadivel!
Give him! l gave 17 Rs as
interest alone! That idiot came to my home when
l was not there & brought
water pot in front of girls!
Pity! Children! They are
suffering without water there!
what's this! l've told now! l'll
count as 1 ,2 and 3!
My wife's pot should be there in
front of me before l count 3! Or
that Vadivel's bowel should
come out! l'm counting now! Count! 1 !
How many 1's are you saying!
3! See here! What! Are you
doing problem! l swear that l didn't drink!
l acted like this to get back my
pot from this man! Sinner!
l'm leaving! Stop! Why are you
going alone in lunch! You'd eat with us today!
Sit down! Thayamma! ltem is
bore on every Friday!
Didn't l tell that l don't need
sweet, Vada & snacks!
There's English food in my
home today! l like this only!
There's no necessity of washing
my hands! Give me a spoon!
My dad would tell that lunch
should have all vitamins! All are boiled vegetables!
She is a girl from great doctor,
isn't she! Ammu! What's there in your home!
What's the parcel! Curd rice!
She tied parcel thinking that
body will shine if we eat food in banana leave!
Whatever may be! You're too
simple! You're not wearing jewels too!
My mother fears that child
plunderer will kidnap me!
You're coming in rickshaw
daily! Aren't you feeling bored!
You can come in car! l've told
that! My uncle is a different character!
He will fear to send me in car
alone! That's all!
l called you only! Come here &
take turmeric box!
Shall l study or take care of
kitchen! Get me this & study!
Take box, bring this & that!
Why should l read for this!
l can be a home servant calmly!
Do you think yourself as queen!
All tells that knowledge will
improve by study! But your speech is improving!
1st do what l said!
What's the noise here! What's
the problem here!
This Mam feels working as
prestige issue! lf we tell studying children to work
they will tell like this! She is
a small girl only!
What are you doing! He is
calling you! Come & ask him!
What! Did your teacher get
angry in school!
Won't she get angry if we don't
pay the fees! l must pay the fees tomorrow itself!
Must l pay tomorrow! Let 2
days pass! Who should pay the fine then!
All are paying correctly on 1st
date! There's no date for me!
what did you tell! Date! Rich
people will pay!
What will poor people do! Why
should you educate then! l'll beat you!
Whom are you questioning!
Don't get angry on Ammu!
What will she do! l'm asking
suitable fair to passenger, am l not!
Will l leave if they tell that they
will pay tomorrow! Same thing!
They are asking suitable money
for studies! Tomorrow l'll pay the fees surely!
Sir! lsn't your health fine! No
Mam! Horse is getting old!
Give me 2 Vada! lf you can't
pay the fees, why should you educate me!
No need!
My baby named Ammu is
studying here! What class do you want!
Not here!
lf we lie unknowingly, our heart
itself will punish us! She may be in this class!
Who are you! What do you
want! My child Ammu is studying here!
l don't know her class! There is
Ammu! Here dear!
lt became late! l brought this in
any way! Here! Have it!
O.K! You go! Shall l leave!
Mam! Take care of my baby!
You'd study well! Who is this
brute! Our rickshaw man!
l forgot to bring fees! Mother
has sent through him! That's all!
Mother! l'd go to cinema today!
What's the need of cinema for a student?
My lesson has come as cinema!
lt's a story of a poor girl's difficulties!
That story takes place in our
home! Should you see that paying money!
What's this mother! Why do
you trouble me! Ask your uncle!
Uncle for everything! lsn't there
a mother to me!
What will you lose if you ask
him! Honor, respect & everything will be lost!
What mother! Why are you
shouting! l'm telling the truth!
What if he say to call Ammu
politely who came to pay the fees in school!
He counts coins from his hip in
front of others in the class!
He thinks that others should
think that l was brought up by rickshaw man!
He has a mind to insult me,
hasn't he! What did you tell! Mother!
lf you think that pure man's
arrival as least, your studies are too least!
Your school too is least! lf you
talk like this again, l won't leave you alive!
Sinner! That man runs with his
leg & body pain thinking that you'd not beg
from anybody in future! Why
should he have that fate!
Are you telling him as least! l
offered 100's of money in offering box to God!
Those Gods didn't think me!
This God who ate food at a day thinks us!
l was happy as l gave birth to
you! But l'd beat on my head for that guilt!
What! You're playing here!
Didn't you change your dress!
No need! l forgot my dress at
home! l'll be like this!
Do you've sense! lf you bath in
the sea, won't your sari get wet!
Will you go home like this! l've
kept a swimming dress in my room!
Go, wear that & come! No
need! l'll be like this! Why should l talk to you!
Take her, put that dress & bring!
No need! Go dear! Come!
Did Kannan and girls gather in
Yamuna river shore in that period?
Did Kannan and girls gather in
Yamuna river shore in that period?
Did girls alone come to Bengal sea shore
without Kannan?
Did Kannan and girls gather in
Yamuna river shore in that period?
Kannan is not here who will
steal our dresses
There is no hero who come to
Fishes will dance on our hip by
That touch of fish will be like
the pleasure of the touch of a man!
Did girls alone come to Bengal sea shore
without Kannan?
Did Kannan and girls gather in
Yamuna river shore in that period?
The sea which has worn white
dress is also a girl!
What is the depth of her loving
heart! Nobody has seen!
Reddish sky will touch and take
privilege on her!
This drama will be played
everyday in the evening time!
Did girls alone come to Bengal sea shore
without Kannan?
Did Kannan and girls gather in
Yamuna river shore in that period?
Who are you? Are you asking
me such a question?
You'd have seen my photo in
Bus stop, railway station and airport!
Don't you know me? l don't
know! Do you know Hukum Singh at Uttar Pradesh!
A great plunderer! He thrust
killed a foreign girl! Who? Foreign girl!
Why? l don't know! l too don't
know! To that Hokum Singh 1 year!
What! l took training! lf l see a
girl in apple color, l'll take her to that place!
Where? To Uttar Pradesh. Yes!
You're not looking like a murderer!
Why not? Will you believe only
if l have big mustache & cruel face?
l had a board in my neck stating
that l'm the plunderer! Just now l removed!
Oh! Plunderer! Save me! Help!
Oh! Why are you shouting like a siren?
Mam! l'm not from Uttar
Pradesh and not a student of Hokum Singh!
l brought food for your group
and Latha to eat!
Oh! Are you Latha's cook? Yes!
l'm a cook when l bring food!
l'm a driver when l drive car for
you to roam! To tell short l'm her innocent
brother. Are you Latha's
brother? Then! Am l Hokum Singh's brother?
Oh! They've come! Ammu!
Open the door soon! What are you doing?
Where are you going? To open
the door! lf you open? Latha will come!
lt'll mistake, if she comes!
How! Yes! She'll mistake us! lf she see us together
lf she sees us together what
shall we do now? What shall we do?
Ammu! With whom are you
talking! l didn't talk! l'm singing!
A King had love on queen from
long before!
Why did you sing? Why did you
sing duet! Go somehow!
Stones and prickles! Bed for
your feet! Go!
How he's! Did you see how
he's become! He pulled cart like a young horse!
See him! He's bent! He's
bending till the earth!
l think he'll get into the earth
soon! What can we do by bothering about him?
He'd know that! Why! You
don't have food for you! Why should you feel pity?
Why he is offering to others?
Have they put his photo in newspaper! Did they
keep a statue for him? lf he
die today they'll fire him tomorrow!
Why should there be such a
great sympathy on that small heart?
You're talking idiotically! What
man! Having 10 crore rupee wealth
they come in a car like ship
and give 10 rupee as charity.
You'll take their photograph
immediately and publish in newspaper!
ls that the charity? When he
doesn't have strength in his body, for some
poor family, he works hard
-10 paise. That is charity man!
He's our Babu.
Are you fine? Are you asking
me? You've become like this! You're coughing!
Did you see the doctor?
l asked! Doctor told that l've
got rich disease! Do you know how much
of respect is there for this
disease? l need to take scan and all it seems!
What do you mean by scan
man? TB. TB disease!
He'll vomit blood! Pity! He'll
vomit like that and die only day suddenly!
Don't touch! Then his disease
will come for you too! Then you too will start
to cough! Then you can't
work! And l too won't get interest!
There is no balance for me, isn't
it? Wait! What! What man!
Your fingers are folded! No!
Pointing finger's beginning is missing!
Ear has turned dark! That is
earring! Nose too had become flat
lt is like that from the time of
my birth! You're itching! lt's skin disease!
lt's not skin disease! This is
leprosy! Oh! Why will l get leprosy man?
When a good man gets TB why
won't you get leprosy? lt's not leprosy!
See if you want! You're going
to hit fly within some days.
You're going to collect smoked
cigarettes! You're going to put your spit
on your wound! Oh! Yes!
Leprosy is not there for me!
lt's leprosy only! Leprosy! No!
You've got Leprosy! Oh! Leprosy!
Listen to me! Stop Ammu's
studies for 4 months and take care of your health!
l can't! l can't! l brought her till
the shore after lot of difficulties!
lf l stop as my health is weak,
shouldn't she reach the shore?
l'm conquering the life! Can't l
conquer this disease?
Stop! Stop!
What Mam! You told me to stop
the suddenly & you got down!
lt's all right! l'll go on myself!
l'll come till your home!
Oh! ls that till home! My uncle
is a short-tempered man!
lf he sees me with you, he'll
mistake me! Excuse me! l'll make a move!
Did you see Ammu! My car too
pulls you! l'll drop you at your home gate!
ls that till our home gate! No
need sir! l'll make a move!
Yes! Do you fear for your uncle
that much! What? My pen is missing!
l need to write more notes today
night! l'll search your pen and give you!
Here! Have it! ls this pen? ls
that uncle again?
lf he asks tell him that you got
this as a prize in the college! Go!
Why are you lying in the snow
by coughing like this?
No! lf l come inside, this cough
will spoil children's studies!
Ask Ammu to bring some hot
He's sitting outside as his cough
may spoil your studies!
You're prattling with the pen!
You're not studying at all!
Yes! How did you get that new
pen? Friend! My friend gave me mother!
Who is that friend! Perm! Prem
means my college met Prema! Close friend!
We'd act according to our
status! Return that pen tomorrow itself!
Your uncle asked for hot water!
Give him first!
Dear! Ammu! Bring some hot
water! l've brought hot water!
What else do you want? Did this
hurt your hand dear? What to do?
l'm peaceful only if l get from
your hand! l've got lot to study!
You've drunken water, haven't
you? give me!
Are you waiting from long time
before? Just now l came! O.k. Come!
What are you seeing? Modern
Prithvi Rajan! He took in horse on that day.
Today he's taking in car! Dear!
That girl was waiting for him so long, wasn't he?
What then! Didn't you see her
suffer before he comes?
l don't know what was the
dream of her parents! But she is
Parents should bring her up
strictly! lf it is not correct, it'll be like this only!
What shall l tell? What shall l
tell? l'm here to teach you!
Why should you faint when l
understand? What a pleasure & what a taste!
l'm here to give! Why should
you tremble when l touch and start?
What shall l tell? What shall l
tell? l'm here to teach you!
Why should you faint when l
understand? What a pleasure & what a taste!
l'm here to give! Why should
you tremble when l touch and start?
Thank for the symbol that l
gave you! Why should l thank! Take me fully!
Shall l take? Shall l stop? Shall
l hug you? Shall l control that?
Are all mine? Shall l write and
give you? Can l hug? Will it escape?
What shall l tell? What shall l
tell? l'm here to teach you!
Why should you faint when l
understand? What a pleasure & what a taste!
l'm here to give! Why should
you tremble when l touch and start?
There is unity of two eyes in
one place!
lt's the acceptance that one gave
to another!
Way was seen River flew lt
crossed the shore Mixed with the sea!
Eye has become reddish! Lip is
Body has become cold & heart
has become hot
What shall l tell? What shall l
tell? l'm here to teach you!
Why should you faint when l
understand? What a pleasure & what a taste!
l'm here to give! Why should
you tremble when l touch and start?
Are you going to the temple?
Yes! Ammu hasn't come yet!
lt might've become late in
college! l'm here, am l not! l'll take care! You go!
Parents should bring her up
strictly! lf it is not correct, it'll be like this only!
Why are you late? Where did
you go? What question is this! l went to college!
Where did you go after college?
Should l answer for this definitely?
Definitely you'd answer! l went
to my class met home!
Lie! You roamed the town in
the car with a minor guy! ls that true or not?
You knew everything! Then
why are you asking unnecessarily?
Aren't you ashamed to roam
with a guy? lt's not necessary for me to answer!
How dare you're! All are
laughing at us! Money! Have you too become
a slave for money? How l
brought up you in difficulties!
Some guy! Stop it! You needn't
talk about him disgracefully!
You might've killed me instead
of bringing up me! You're poor! You're jealous
on rich people! What did you
say? Stop! Who are you to slap me!
Ordinary rickshaw man!
Ammu! What did you say? Mother! What did you say?
Don't hit! Don't hit! Don't hit
the child! Don't beat!
Why did l give birth to this
ungrateful girl?
He made you to sleep on his
chest and pulled you in his cart around all the streets.
You made this soul to suffer!
Will you live well!
For you, he didn't form family
for himself and living by sacrificing his life!
You made this soul to suffer!
Mam! What happened! Pity! Small girl!
You're exaggerating that! She'd
not tell that! l'll go out and come!
Where did you go? Come to eat! Did our
Child eat?
Let her be adamant! She'll get
sense if she is in hunger! You come!
What is this! She'll eat at 8
o'clock itself! For such a long time!
Are you angry on that child!
You're hard-hearted Mam!
l'll go and call her!
Child! l'm an uneducated
fellow! l don't know culture!
l don't know to talk! l'm aged!
My mind is not proper now-a-days dear!
Tell me that you've forgiven
me! l won't behave like this hereafter!
l won't call your name in front
of everybody. l'll behave with respect!
Forgive me Mam! Tell me that
you've forgiven me!
What is this! You're treating her
as great and talking! Mam! l beg you!
Please, you don't interfere in
this matter! You're her mother! Who am l?
l'm her rickshaw man, am l not?
Mam! Talk with me dear!
Tell me a word that you've
forgiven me! Give me whatever punishment
you want to give! But don't
stay without talking with me!
My heart will blast and l'll die
dear! Dear! Are you not Ammu?
You're rickshaw man! Yes
dear! What is this? Why are you like this dear?
Rickshaw man! Don't tell
mother that l begged! Did you beg? Why dear!
Why? l'm hungry! Uncle!
l know that what l did for you is
blunder! Though l can't develop inferiority
complex uncle! Uncle! Why
did l talk to you like this uncle?
Why did l behave like that?
Why did l give this suffer to you who is greater
than all! Dear! See here! That
is not your mistake! You're a small child!
You don't know good and evil
in this age! Not only that! Am l in the state
for you to call me as uncle?
Girls who study with you in the college
will tell that my uncle is a
great judge, great bus owner & great officer!
How can you tell them that your
uncle is an ordinary rickshaw man!
What will l do dear! l can't
develop after this! l can't come up after this!
Uncle! What is this! Be calm for
some time! Come this side!
Uncle! You're everything for
me! l won't act against your word!
l'll do what you say! This is a
promise uncle! Promise!
Come uncle! Let's eat! Mam!
l'm hungry Mom! l'm hungry! Come dear!
lt's very nice! Ammu! Mam!
Did you see Mam! Ammu is
like that only! She is not changed at all!
Sorry Ammu! lt's become late!
l'm apologizing, am l not?
Why are you angry then?
Please! You needn't wait for me hereafter!
You needn't talk with me!
Ammu! l came late! ls there such a big punishment
for that? My uncle doesn't
want me to meet you or talk with you!
l can't do anything against her
will. Forgive me!
Why? Why is this sudden
turning point? What reason did he tell for this?
l don't know to tell anything!
Do you and your uncle alone have heart?
l too have patience and there is
a limit for that too!
l tell you finally! lf you want
me & want your future to be good, come into
the car! Else, if your uncle is
important for you don't turn & see! Go!
l know very well that you'll
Your pen!
My son! Stupid! He told me that
he's going to school! He comes with a girl!
l'm pulling rickshaw! He's
pulling girls! Let him come! Let him come!
What rickshaw! Will you come!
l'll come! What will you ask to go to Hotel!
l'll ask Briyani! How much fare
will you ask l asked! l'll ask 2-rupee man!
l'll scold you well when l leave
you! You'll give me the fare and go! l'll give!
Amsa! Sit! Come! Come!
Come! Take the cart! l'll take! Have you sat?
l've sat! Take! Hold well! Hold
the cart!
Yes! What's your father?
He'll rub the corporation road!
lf that stupid works properly
why will my family struggle like this?
Why are you spitting on the
road, man! Can l spit on your face then?
What! He's talking like this! l
think he too would've drunken liquor like
useless father! He's pushing
down! Pushing down!
l'm not pushing you down! The
one who is lying near you is going to push
you down! Let that donkey
shout and come! Leave him!
Let that dog tell lies and come! Leave him!
Go man! Pull man! Pull!
Kannan! You don't worry about
your family! Here is my chain!
Pledge this and take! What a
liberal heart! ls that not for wife, if husband gets?
Your husband has got beard! Do
you want that?
Keep quiet man! Kannan!
You're happiness is mine!
We saw Arathana! ln that
''You've got healthy body''
like that a song comes! What
does that mean?
That means give husband if he
wants money!
Then there is a line as ''Are you
mad on me?''. What does that mean?
lt means that don't cheat your
own father, stupid!
Don't you know what you'd do
in the cart! Get down and dance man! You!
Leave him! Dear! Yes! You
didn't tell me about your father!
My father is also a useless
fellow like your father! He'll cheat the people!
Dear! Both of us are clean! But
our fathers are wastebaskets!
The one who bears the waste
will be there as wastebasket only!
We'd not throw stone on the
drainage! lt'll bespatter on us only!
l'd not beat him on the road! Let
him come to home! l'll tare him well!
l'll not come to stand today!
l've got some work at home! Move! Move!
l want to talk to you! l don't
have time! Do you know who l'm? l know!
Your parents have lot of money!
There should be someone to spend, isn't it?
So you'll have a car, roam in all
the streets and see where innocent girls are
l know about what you're
talking! lt is true that l took Ammu in my car from
bus stop! But you told that
l'm cheating girls! That is lie!
lf l had such a thought, l'd have
changed girls like changing my shirt!
l won't come and stand in front
of you! l love your Ammu truly!
How dare you're! Are you
trying to cheat my daughter by showing car & money?
Dog will come if you throw
bone! My daughter won't come!
do you need such a talk? What?
l saw the whole world with my rickshaw!
Poor, rich, judge & murderer!
Everybody had traveled!
Child took birth in my rickshaw
and l bore dead body too!
Rich guys like you will take a
girl in the evening, sit in my rickshaw
and what a talk, what a love,
what a promise
All those talk, love and promise
will vanish with that evening & with that
beach sand! The next day, the
same guy made another girl to sit
and there was the same
promise, same love and the same talk!
l'll think to crush his neck! ls
that love?
l'll control myself thinking that
it'll be like this if parents bring up without
control! l'll control myself
and won't talk!
But my daughter is brought up
with control! She is brought up with control!
l too was brought up with the
same control! l know very well that Ammu is poor!
l didn't love her thinking of the
gift that l'll get! l like all her characters!
She treats you as law book and
moves with me!
l like that control! What l
wanted to ask you is that why did you part us?
What lacks in me? Oh! Did you
come to me for that?
Why don't you ask the reason
from Ammu? l asked!
What did she say? She gave
answer in one word, as my uncle doesn't like!
What then! Go quietly! l asked
one thing finally! What did you ask?
lf you want me and want to get
good future, car door is opened here!
Come inside and sit! Else if
your uncle is important for you, don't turn
and see. Go l said! What did
she say for that? What she said!
She's gone without seeing me at
l wouldn't have given her
respect if she'd sat in my car without doing like that!
l'd not be bagging to you like
this! What l want is your answer!
What do you say! l've said what
l'd tell! l know when l'd make my daughter's
marriage. lf it is urgent for
you, go to your father and tell that ''father! l've
reached the marriage age''
and ask him to make you married!
Marry somebody and be well!
Go! Go!
Were you standing here so far?
That guy came!
l told him to go telling that l
know everything! You don't worry dear!
l'll find any other guy & make
your marriage!
What l'm telling is correct, isn't
it? Whatever you say is correct uncle!
She tells that whatever l say is
correct! ls what l'm telling & doing correct?
Will l do wrong to my
Eat dear! l did dry fish gravy for
your father! As you don't like it, l got Briyani!
Eat! Briyani! What is this Mom!
Only bones are there! There is no meat!
For your beauty Father!
Father! Man! Don't beat me!
l'll kill you! l'll kill you man!
Come here! l won't come!
Why are you beating our child!
l can't beat you! ls he a child!
He's grown beard like a goat
and smokes in front of his father!
He brought a girl to my
rickshaw and scolded me as wastebasket, stupid
what and all did you tell me?
ls that you who pulled Amsa & me in rickshaw?
lt's me only you roamer!
Don't cry child! ls that hit
Oh! My father pulled my in his
rickshaw! Did you see his affection!
How he cries! Keep quiet
mother! l'd not have given him 2 rupees if l had
known that it is my father! l'd
have traveled freely! See his face!
Like fight for snake and
mongoose. lt took -10 months for you to give birth
to him! You've become slim
by giving birth to him only!
Father! Give respect! What
respect! You got this chain from that girl, didn't you?
Return this to her! Did he get
chain from a girl! Will he get griddle then?
He's is your stealing son! l tell
you with respect! Return this chain to her
and then step into our house!
Don't touch me!
Where is step for this house!
He's built a great colony!
Hut! Hut! You'll go as sand,
man! Go man!
lf you return without returning
that chain to that girl, l'll cut your hair
make you meat and eat man!
O.k. Go man! l'll make a move mother!
Oh! My son is going! Shut your
Ammu! Didn't you study?
Exams are nearby!
Exams will come! l'd pay more
than 100 rupees Mom! Tomorrow is the
last date mother! The reward
that he got by making me to study hard is
just cough Mom! Mom! l'll
stop my studies Mom!
l can tolerate the rub of that
sandal wood mom! What are you telling dear!
Mom! l'll join in any job and
save our uncle! We can't give return for the
good things that he'd done for
this family. We can't give return at all!
Where are you going before the
daybreak! l'll get train passenger only if
l go early. How you suffered
in the night! lt's snowing!
Go to hospital after daybreak. l
know when l'd go to hospital!
Won't you listen to me?
Come here sir! Sir! See the
person who has come to ride rickshaw!
Sir! Come! Why are you
torturing me with this damaged rickshaw?
Get into the rickshaw sir! Wait!
Let me see whether there is any other rickshaw!
There is no other cart sir! Get
in! Will you pull! l'll pull! Give me!
Are you crying? Are there tears
in lion's eyes? What happened to you?
What Babu! What do you want!
l'm begging you! Can't you see?
l need money sir! l need money!
l don't have money to pay for my child fees!
l went with my rickshaw to
work and earn! There is no strength in my body!
Should this body disappoint me
at this time? How you're & how you've become!
You're a burning star! You'd
live for 100 years! You've spoiled yourself.
You told that you ate 1 time in
their house! Should you do this much for that?
She roams around by prattling
as uncle For that sweet cuckoo voice
that l hear from morning till
the night, l'll take many more births Pillai!
l can take many more births!
l've never seen a person like you in my lifetime!
l'm putting garland to god's
photo everyday! Today l'm seeing that God directly!
Go Pillai! Great God!
l used to tell you often that my
strength will not go down! That is for fun!
See now! There is no power for
my hand to pull rickshaw! There is no
power for my feet to walk!
There is no power for my chest to stand straight!
l never thought bad things for
anybody in my dream too.
Why have l got this state? Why
have l got this state?
See that Sambrani! Though that
is a fragrant thing, there are some faults in that too!
After those faults burns, only
the smell goes to the Lord!
Like that, though you're good,
you had a haughtiness!
You've wiped that! Hereafter!
ln that case, l'll die soon, won't l? Very happy!
But one thing! Until my
daughter pass and come with black coat and cap
l won't go even if that Lord
call! l won't go! Let me see!
For how much my rickshaw can
be sold? Will it worth 200 rupees?
ls that rickshaw? Horse has
become aged! lt can't pull!
What am l going to do with
that! So sell that for a good price and give me!
Wait! Here! Take this 200
This is price for the rickshaw,
isn't it? Help for my friend!
What is the use of myself as
your friend! Don't l have this right too
for being friendly with you
for these years!
There is a duty for you! lf l die
suddenly, you'd do my funeral!
That expense is for you only!
Not for anyone else!
Now, if you can take my
rickshaw and give money, you give! Else, l'll go!
Wait! Here! l'll take that
l've become burden for you,
haven't l? lt'll be like this for some days!
For some days!
Our rickshaw boy is a good
boy! He worked truly for many years! Take care
of him! Don't you know?
Ae boy! Did directors come for
the board meeting! We wrote letter to Bombay
party. Did you get the reply?
Can you hear my questions?
What man! You're roaring as
Oon there is no answer!
What's special in that book! A
story called ''The Love of Poor'', father!
Tell me the story. l too will
listen! Brother! Father wants to listen!
Start the story! l think it'll be nice if you
You begin! l'll join in the middle. Child! Did
you too read ''The love of Poor''?
ls that love? Not me father! Not me! Brother
only read! Start brother!
Are you going to tell the story or play
You've got up and getting ready! Nothing
like that father!
Just to run on that way if you
don't like this story! Tell him brother!
Father! Hero is a rich guy! Like
brother! His father is a broad-minded man!
Like you! Oh! ls there a sister
like you? Yes! No dad! No There is
Father! There is a poor girl in
that town! Shall l continue the story?
Tell us dad! That rich man
loved that poor girl! Correct father!
After that, that rich guy
disappointed that poor girl! No father! No!
That girl is pitiable! O.k.! Go to
upstairs man! He loved that poor girl!
That guy's father accepted his
love, father! Why are you looking at me man?
No! l saw your reaction in this
stage! Not at all possible!
What thrill is there if he accepts
immediately? He'd not accept!
He'll not accept! Won't he
accept? lt's in story! Why do you worry!
Story only! Brother has got
involved in this story father! ls it not brother?
Yes! l've got involved! You go
that side! l'll tell him bravely!
lf l'm that rich guy and you're
the father and if l love a poor girl, what will
you tell father?
l won't be quiet like the father
of that story! l'll cut immediately!
His father is an idiot! Are you
like that! show grace father!
Come to the point brother!
Father! l --- Latha's friend Ammu!
You understand father! Has the
love that came in story come to our house?
Who are her parents! Can l
know all other details?
The family which lived well
father! Now it is broken!
Her father had passed away in
her childhood itself! Now, her uncle only
Why are you pulling! Tell me
the matter! He pulls rickshaw and saves the family!
Why you're not talking father!
lt's my mistake that l've done this work
without your knowledge!
Though l had a hope!
l think equality is not only there
in this book alone, but in your heart too!
lt'll be nice to talk in a meeting!
But it'll be bad if it takes place in our family!
How will it be if great people
stop good things with the meeting?
Shouldn't we fallow these! You
used to tell me that l'd not see differentiation
as poor and rich and caste!
Are those lies? Why you're not answering father!
Should he answer immediately?
lt's respect for father only if he answer after
10 seconds! ls it not father?
Nothing dad! ls my ln-law is a rickshaw man?
O.k. Ask that lucky girl and his uncle to
come and meet me!
Father! We only should go and
meet them father! What are you telling man!
Don't get angry father! Ammu's
uncle has got more self-respect!
When he came to know that l'm
rich, he told her not to talk with me father!
That girl then? Ammu treats
him like her God! So she refused to meet me!
Did she refuse to see you
knowing that you're a millionaire's son?
Then why should we go and see
Shouldn't we show them that
we're cultured people who thinks rich as dangerous
tiger. So, we'd go and ask for
bride father. What do you feel father?
l'll think over it! l'll think over!
Elder man! Don't stand here!
Go! Wait sir! Poor girl is getting degree!
l'll see that and go! Who? The fair
girl in that crowd! She is my child!
Mam! Mam! l've seen Mam!
l've seen! What? What happened?
Why are you coming by running
like this? l'm very happy now! l'm happy!
What's there if l be alive or die!
To see what l safeguarded my soul so far...
...l've seen that! My daughter
has got degree!
You missed that wonderful
scene! Did you go there?
Here! She's come! Ammu!
Wear that gown and cap and come!
Mother! Where is uncle! Uncle!
Uncle! Why are you like this?
Why you're not talking uncle!
See me uncle!
Rickshaw man! Will you join
me in the school? l'll join you in the school...
...and l'll make you to study?
Promise? l swear!
l'll make you to study whatever
you want to study!
There is degree course in
college having black gown and black cap, isn't it?
l'll make you to study till then!
Here is my God in front of me! l
saw her in a single smile!
Education that you get by
reading many books, the wealth that you give...
...for common good!
Education that you get by
reading many books, the wealth that you give...
...for common good!
You'll get happiness in others
lt's God if it is there in
You'll get happiness in others
lt's God if it is there in
God lives in the affectionate
look! He stays in the heart with mercy!
Here is my God in front of me! l
saw her in a single smile!
Uncle! Open your mouth! Why
child! Are you going to become a doctor?
You're asking me to open my
mouth! l've got degree, haven't l?
l'm going to give you sweet! l
don't want! Give it to your mother first!
You'd give me after that only!
Mother, father & God are he only, child!
Give him first! l forgot! Come!
Come! Get up!
Sir! Child has got the degree!
Bless her! She gives sweet! Get that! Worship him!
Uncle! Are you here? Why are
you feeling sad man?
Son! Don't call me as uncle
when l stand on the road!
Because others may mistake
me! Call me as uncle in English!
ls Thulukanam fine? O.k. uncle!
Take your leg! He's prattling!
What is the matter! This is my
grandma's chain! l'd pledge for 100 rupees!
Grandma is going to outstation!
Father asked me to get the amount!
ls she going to outstation so
soon! l too didn't see!
ls this for grandma? Where!
Screw is missing in this!
ls this for grandma! Definitely
we'd give! Make him to sit and give him coffee!
Before that, l'll go to bank, get
the money and come!
Sit son-in-law! Go and return!
Sit! Son-in-law! Sit! Uncle has gone to bank!
He'll come with money! l'll get
inside and get you a coffee!
What is this dear! Amsa! ls that
you? How did you come here?
This is my house! Vadivel is my
father! Oh! ls he your father?
ls he your father then! Oh!
What is this dear! You're pledging in the stolen house
What will happen now? They'll
give 6 months! ls that in central jail?
Then, is that in central station?
Amsa! lf l'm inside jail for 6 months?
Then you... l'll bring Tiffin
everyday and see you dear! Amsa! Dear!
Sinner! What is this! You're
hugging the one who stole your chain?
l can't go! Door is closed! See
his mouth! From how long is it happening?
3 months! ls that 3 months? Yes
Aunt! Aunt... why you're quiet?
How can l talk when he talks? ls
that he? Oh! l lost my honor & respect!
Not only that! l've given my
chain too! Bless us, mother! Fall...
Don't fall under my feet! Fall in
front of that God for the sin that you did!
Come! Come! He'll get
arrested today! Come! Come!
Thulukanam! See your stealthy
son! Bakiyam! What is that?
What is this dear! You said that
you're going to bring priest, but you've brought...
...policeman. Why? ls that to
see a good day and send this thief to jail?
Thief! Oh! What is this dear!
Your mind changes like this on no moon day!
ls that for me? He's biting! For
you only! You're talking alone on the road!
You're shouting suddenly!
Mam! Can you send mad outside?
Am l a mad? Brother! You're
looking like my dead brother!
Hold him tightly! l'll get inside
and bring lemon!
Am l a mad? You... What else
is needed than this?
See there man! No! lf l see he'll
bark at me too else he'll bite me!
Am l a dog? Keep your hand
down and walk! You're the same! lt's my wish!
You men! All of you have come
to my house and treating me like a mad!
What will my neighbor think
about me? Bring lemon! Bring!
Pour water and then apply
lemon! l don't want
Are you telling as you don't
want water! l don't want water! lt'll be cool!
Don't talk! Pour! Oh! l'll listen
to whatever you say!
But don't make me mad and
send me out! Others will beat me with stone!
What then! l told you to make
our daughter's marriage! You've brought police!
ls that for my daughter! Yes! ln-
law is standing! Ask him to sit! Sit man!
l don't have son! Not he! He! ls
that he? Who is he? ls this man?
He calls his in-law without
respect! Madness has increased! No!
ln-law! ln-law! Sit! Where is
your wife! Sit! Sit!
Fall under father's feet and
worship! l'm the father! Fall!
Are you his father! Mad! l'm
not mad! Fall and get blessings! Be well!
Father! He's my father! He is...
l know! Go and sit in the car! You be here!
l never saw you, but l heard
more about you! l too haven't met you...
...but l've seen your photo in
newspapers! The matter about which l came... talk is... Your son has
spoken that already! That is...
l've told that it won't happen!
They love each other!
They'll love! What will these
children know about life?
Elder persons call tell good and
evil, can't they! l taught my daughter good...
...things only! l never taught
bad things! lf what you tell as good becomes...
...bad for children? ln that case!
Do you think that it is good for my daughter... marry a billionaire's son?
ls it not? lt won't fit sir!
Rich and poor can't live! ln that
too, you're rich by hereditary. What do you...
...know about poor? What
should l know? Does your son know about hungry?
What man? Do you know
what's hungry? He's asking!
Does he know about hunger l
asked! He knows little bit it seems!
He'll get angry if it gets late for
sometime to prepare food! What sir!
Are you making fun? l live in
bungalow! l've come to your hut and sat... this place! Am l looking
like a person who will make fun?
When he was in childhood you
got him a doll when he cried!
This is too like that only! You'll
go to shop to get doll!
You've come here to see the
girl! That is the difference!
That kind of girls will come to
my bungalow!
We needn't give them price! l
know very well about what price they'll give!
Like how the children fear as
kidnappers seeing those who have beard...'ve thought that all the
rich men are plunderers!
l know what good l'd do to my
daughter sir! We don't have cash locker...
...or money! But we've love in
full of our heart! There may be!
But your talk shows that the
affection of father & stepfather are different!
Only parents know that the child
is in hungry when it cries continuously and... is in stomach pain when it
cries in irregularly! Others won't know!
ln that case, do you think that l
won't know the need of my Ammu?
You won't know! Definitely
you won't! Billionaire Vedhachalam, when...
...he came to know that his son
loves a girl, he has come to a rickshaw man's...
...hut to engage her! That is the
fatherly affection!
You threw the luck that has
come to her and become ready to break her heart!
Why! That is for your dry
prestige! That is the stepfather's affection!
Sir! Don't talk like that! You
beat me with rope than that!
You're finding fault in the
affection that l have on my Ammu!
l can't beat that! l'll die! Sir!
l'm an uneducated! Rickshaw man!
l don't know how to talk with
you! l hurt your golden heart! Forgive me!
The affection that a father
shows on their children is their duty & selfishness!
But you've come from
somewhere & showering love rain without selfishness
ls there any comparison for that
love? Sir! lf you trust me, you'd listen to me!
Tell me! l'll do! His dead
mother wanted my only son's marriage to take place... a best manner! l want to
make this as she wished!
You're a great man! Do what
you think as correct for your status!
Coming Friday is a good day!
Prem's mother birthday!
We'll conduct the marriage on
that day! You accept for this marriage, don't you?
You haven't asked her consent
from whom you'd get the consent!
Mam! Come out! Mam!
Sir wants to ask something from
you! Ask sir!
Mam! l've decided to make you
daughter to marry my son!
What's your opinion? All
should happen according to her uncle's wish!
ln-law! What do you tell! Yes!
Shouldn't l see my future daughter-in-law?
l'll call! l'll call!
Then, l'll make a move ln-law!
l'll make a move Mam!
What ln-law! New respect! l'm
from bride's family, am l not?
Come! Come! Come!
What! Babu! ls today your
birthday? l'm calculating days for my death.
You're asking as birthday!
You'd not talk like that!
Marriage for my Ammu on
coming Friday. l too heard!
Groom is from great family, it
seems! He is the son of Mill owner Vedhachalam
it seems! All are because of
your blessings! You're a lucky man!
You've proved that we can
achieve anything if we have will even though we
don't have money! l'll come!
Definitely l'll come!
Not to see that girl! To see you!
l want to see my Babu as a great man among
those great men! Don't tell
this matter to my Ammu too! l'm telling you alone!
l'll not come to this marriage!
This is the marriage of the daughter of
contractor Shankar and of the
son of Mill owner Vedhachalam!
l'm an ordinary rickshaw man!
l'd not come to that place! Are you mad?
l'm aged, am l not! Consider me
as a mad! What is there in that!
You'd go to marriage and bless
my Ammu with your golden heart!
Will you do? For me! l'll do
Babu! l'll do!
Come Mam! Come! Come!
Ammu! Your friend has come!
Here! Mam! See who has come!
All these are my mother's jewels!
Father asked me to give this to
you! See whether you like!
Uncle! Ammu! They've come
uncle! To depart me from you!
They've come uncle! Mad!
Who can depart us? l'm outside in sight!
This Babu will be there in your
heart permanently!
You'd not cry! Go and get your
father's blessing! Go!
Come! Sit!
There is nothing with your uncle to give as
gift! Small gift!
Have this in memory of me!
Dog child! Grateful animal!
Even if it is near waste basket, if
it sees its owner, it'll bark and show its
relation. Only thankful
animal. Here! Wear this new dress!
Spending 1000s or lighting
camphor spending 5 paise for god is same!
This is what l can do to this
human God!
Wear this! l'll wear! l'll wear
Give uncle! l'll take that! No
dear! No! What am l going to bear hereafter?
l gave my burden to another
person! Finally, l'll bear this for my child!
Sit! Sit! You Am l? Why do l
need car! l'll come by walk!
l'll come by sit! You go and sit!
Sit dear!
l'll come! You sit! Sit!
Go happily dear! Uncle! Uncle!
Sir! l've done my duty! l've
done it well. You're happy, aren't you?
Have you too gone? Yes! lt is
your own daughter's marriage!
Shouldn't you see that! That's
why you've gone!
Our man! You've come to ln-
law's house! How will it be if you hide and go?
Rose water man! Come closer
and see! Can we sit nearby? Come! You can!
What Ammu! Uncle is missing!
lt's time! Shall we start holy
prayer? Bride's uncle hasn't come yet! Without him
lt's time! Old man! Come this
side! l'll see her marriage and go!
You're showing affection like
your own daughter! Food only, isn't it?
They'll provide you! He says
that it is time! What do you tell?
Why are you starving for food
like this! Like catching place in the cinema theatre!
There is food for everybody!
Eat slowly! Old man! You too go and sit comfortably!
He's tied wedding rope! Bride
and groom will put meals with their hand!
You too wish them heartily!
Uncle! Uncle! No! l'm not her
uncle! Don't believe this!
l'm a poor man! Rickshaw man!
There is no relation between this girl and me!
Uncle! Does it mean that there
is no relationship if you sit in beggars
place without sitting in the
marriage hall? You sent me off my saying bye!
ls that wish or sending me out
of your home?
What does that mean? Tell me
uncle! What meaning?
That means that he wants to get
goodness and want us to get sin!
He treated your father's love as
a liability! He's settled that!
Mam! l didn't treat that as a
liability Mam! Can poor come among great people?
Why can't! Money only has the
differentiation as poor and rich!
Not for love! There is signal
light! ls there separate light for car and rickshaw?
You ran and worked hard for
this girl! Why man! ls she your daughter
why do you work hard for
her? When l asked so you told that Ammu is
my dear, my soul and l'll work
like this until l die!
And now you're going like an unknown
person! ls this fair!
You didn't bless them! You're putting fire
on their stomachs!
You tell me! Don't l have affection? l
didn't come to this marriage as no
dishonor should come to my daughter
who is going to marry a rich man!
Can l make queen to sit on the thrown and
spoil by standing nearby?
You know, don't you? You may justify
your act!
But, did you see how many lovable hearts
are suffering?
This good man is standing in an ordinary
costume by doing invaluable
goodness! l treat him as a great man!
Sir! Your hands are Gangues river!
Your feet are like holy shrines! l'm seeing
your image as a temple sir!
We feel proud that we lived with you! lf
you come and wish, it is like the wish
the God! Come! Come and wish them
without refusing!
Sir! l'm lonely! Sick man! Old man! lf
you ask me to wish, l don't know to
talk even four words too. You'll get
fruit if you stand under fruitful tree!
l'm a dried tree! You're asking me to
Even if there is a gold lamp, the wick is in
thread only!
Our children may be gold! lf you don't
bless them as a wick how can there
be brightness in their life! Come! Bless
Uncle! Don't set me apart uncle! Don't set
me apart! Come! Come!
Stand this side! See! Bless us telling that
we'd live well! Bless us uncle!
This is a promise on me!
Are there number of loving hearts around
me? God!
This Babu didn't ask you anything so far!
God! You gave light to my eyes!
You gave strength to my hands and gave
guts to my heart!
With the power that you gave l've done
my duty properly!
Now l'm standing by losing light, strength
and guts!
Lord! l'll go off! But you'll be here!
Whatever good l'll do to my children
by being alive, you'd do that! That is
enough for this Babu!
God! l'm very happy now! My heart is
filled! God!
Uncle! Here is my God in front of me!
l saw her in a single smile!