Babes with Blades (2018)

[Narrator] It was 12
years since the Visray
laid waste to our home world.
[Narrator] 12 years
since they ripped her
from all that she knew.
(muffled yelling)
But 12 years since she
escaped her captors
surviving on the dark
streets of Draiga.
Relentlessly pursued,
the orphan child became
a savage fighter.
(dramatic music)
Only flickers of her life
before the Visray...
(swords clinking)
(grunts and groans)
(dramatic music)
I want her taken
alive, is that clear?
Well, go and get her then!
(dramatic music)
Not so clever after all.
Section Commander
wants her taken alive.
We're not going to kill, sir!
We're here to teach
you all a lesson
on how to catch one girl
who's eluded you for so long.
(body slapping)
You see?
All aggression, no finesse.
(dramatic music)
(swords clinking)
(onlookers cheering)
So much for the mighty Sarnians.
(woman gasps and groans)
Finally she's gonna
get what she deserves.
(chain jingling)
Now you belong to me.
Do what I saw or.
(electrical buzzing)
Your turn to suffer.
People paid good
money to see the last
of the Sarnians
fight in the ring.
(electrical buzzing)
(man yelling)
Come on, Tallarin!
[Blue Haired Boy] Azura!
[Man] Don't let her get away!
[Radio] She escaped
to the loading tower.
Send units on top we
need to shut it down.
Send reinforcements now!
(man moaning)
(dramatic music)
I have word that a new
group of colonists are trying
to stir up unrest and are
stealing from the empire.
They are calling
themselves Freedom Fighters
and they're growing
ever more confident
in their attacks, Ma'am.
How tiresome.
You know the drill,
find them and kill them.
Which is your favorite
item, Peltarion?
I've always been drawn
to this one, Ma'am.
An excellent choice aside
from its aesthetic beauty
this represents my
greatest conquest.
The single remaining
living thing from
the home world of
our greatest enemies.
The Sarnians treasured
these flowers
now all that remains is this
and the girl.
You sent for me, Ma'am?
Do you like my
collection, Sef?
It's very nice, Ma'am.
I expected more from you, Sef.
It's a wonderful collection.
I like dichotomy.
Weapons of war alongside
artifacts of great beauty.
Peltarion here tells
me that with his help
you have finally captured
the Sarnian girl.
Your plan worked well, Ma'am,
she's ready to fight now.
I can't have rumor
spreading that
a Sarnian roams
free on this world.
It's an embarrassment
at the very least.
I want the arena games
to go ahead as usual.
(Sef grunts)
Keep the violent lusts
of the mob sated.
Show them that working
with us has its benefits
and at the same time we'll
squeeze their water supply.
Let them know the sooner
the rebels have given up,
the sooner the water
will flow freely.
When their children
are dying of thirst
we'll soon see how long the
fire of rebellion burns.
I look forward to seeing
the last Sarnian
fight in the arena.
(dramatic music)
It's okay.
I want to help.
It's all right.
I need to treat your wounds.
I mean you no harm,
I only want to help.
I've never seen one
like you before.
I thought none of
your kind survived.
They didn't.
I know nothing of my kind.
I know only the dark
streets of this place.
(dramatic music)
All that remains of
Sarnia is faded memories
of a dead world.
Don't speak like that.
Defeat begins up here.
If you are to survive
this place, you need hope.
Without hope you're truly in
hell and you'll die out there.
What do you care?
I'm nothing to you, human.
You're just like them.
I'm human but I'm no Visray.
You're all the same to me.
Are we?
I never saw your world
before it was poisoned
but we've all heard the
stories of your people.
How they fought, they
were a symbol of hope.
A sign that a Visray
could be challenged.
A false hope.
Not while you live.
Not while you fight.
You're living proof that
the empire can be defied.
You're insane.
I'm a prisoner and a slave.
I live at their whim as do you.
It was Sorrentine herself
that ordered the poisoning.
And that's why she rules
here in this cess pit?
A reward for defeating the
empire's greatest threat.
It wasn't always this way.
She has stripped
this planet bare.
And leaves us with nothing.
They'll be coming for you again.
There's only two of them.
It's almost too
good to be true.
Then we hit it,
lightning raid.
Yeah, get as much
as we can and get out.
Our people need
those supplies.
Let's move.
Whoa, whoa, hey guys.
You haven't seen a petite little
lady around here, have you?
Black hair, black eyes.
About this high?
No, there she is!
(fist thudding on body)
(dramatic music)
(heavy thudding)
Fill those bags.
I think someone's coming.
Okay, we have to move now.
Just a few more.
Someone's coming,
we have to go now!
[Guy In Hat] Okay
okay, we're coming.
Let's go!
[Guy] Hang on,
hang on, hang on.
[Guy In Hat] Come on!
(dramatic music)
Woo, we're all right.
It was too close.
That's what makes
it such a rush.
It's not a game do
you remember that?
We got out, we got the
stuff, and no one got hurt.
Okay, we need to
head back to camp.
We need to deliver this stuff
to the people who need it.
Sector 17 desperately
needs medical supplies.
Then we eat, I'm cooking.
What, you don't
like my cooking now?
No one likes your
cooking, Brook.
Aw, shit.
(cheering and clapping)
I can't hear you, scum!
I can't hear you.
Who else brings you the
best, the brilliance,
and the most brutal
in entertainment?
Who else can promise
you and guarantee you
blood for your edification?
Tonight I bring you
something very special.
I bring you more than death,
I bring you extinction.
(cheering and clapping)
And this right here is from
a world we brought down low
a long time ago.
We thought her kind were dead.
It just shows you
how wrong you can be.
(metal clinking)
Ladies and gentlemen,
serfs, slaves,
and all sorts of scum,
I give you
Azura of Sarnia.
(audience booing)
As her opponent, your
champion back by your demand,
the beautiful, the
deadly Andromeda.
(audience cheering and clapping)
Yes, come on!
(audience cheers)
So this is her, then?
Yes, Commander.
She seems quite unprepared.
I tested her myself, Ma'am.
She's not without courage.
Could be entertaining
to watch her die.
For you, perhaps,
but these animals
will want more than that.
I hope for your sake
you did not rush
her into combat too early.
But you said...
(cheering and clapping)
(swords clinking)
Go on!
(cheering and clapping)
(metal clinking)
(audience cheering and clapping)
(metal clinking)
Hardly a product of old Sarnia.
Kill her, Ma'am, let the
Sarnian die at your order
like the rest of her kind.
[Man In Audience]
Kill kill kill!
(audience cheering)
(audience booing)
We build her up then
we crush the myths
of her people once and for all
when we her humiliate
her again in the arena.
(audience booing)
It's good to have some comfort
today, I really miss this.
You think you have it tough?
There's 500 people out there
that would give anything
for what you have.
Together we can..
Together what?
We can barely keep ourselves
hidden and supplied.
Your big plan is to make
us a target to the Visray.
If they discover what we're
building, it's all over.
I was just saying, that's all.
Yeah, you talk too much.
Listen to me.
The Visray have cut
our water supply.
What you give the people helps,
but it's just not enough.
We do what we can, Ibu.
But like she said, we can
hardly keep ourselves supplied.
I wish we could do more,
but we are raiders not an army.
That's not what I meant.
Look, the Section Commander
has let it be known
that the water will be
restored but only when
the rebels are handed over.
The person who does hand them
over will be richly rewarded.
Some say passage
off world, even.
Sooner or later, someone
will turn you in.
Divide and conquer.
We can't just give up.
No one's giving up.
No one.
But we can risk ourselves
showing in the sectors now.
But if we stick to the plan,
soon the people will understand.
I brought this for you.
I have no need of books.
It's more than
a book, read it.
Talks of your people.
Why're you helping me?
What do you want?
I don't want anything,
I just thought...
That I'd be grateful?
More than grateful?
All right, I'll
leave, I'm sorry.
I apologize.
No, wait.
It is I who am sorry.
You've shown me
nothing but kindness
and I have no
reason to doubt you.
I understand that it must be
hard for you to trust anyone.
When you've lived as I have,
trust can get you killed.
(dramatic music)
So this is the
history of Sarnia?
I can't make much of it out,
but it speaks of
myth and legend.
It's all so distant to me now.
I remember running
through the leaves,
the blue butterflies.
It was beautiful.
But not fit for humans.
How so?
Two and half times that
of any other planet.
That's why you're so hard
to kill, so fast, so strong.
And what is this flower?
Ah, they're very very rare.
It says they have
restorative powers
that they can bring
life from death.
Myth and legend indeed.
When a thing is dead it's dead.
I must go.
You're a healer, yet you
also repair these things.
The Section Commander often
says she enjoys dichotomy.
I'm one of her little jokes,
as you, last of the Sarnians.
Her life hanging by a
thread that she holds.
I'm going to
kill her, you know.
I know.
(dramatic music)
And that, ladies
and gentlemen,
is why you should
always pay your taxes.
(angry yelling)
I'm just telling you how it is!
For our next bout
two women warriors from
opposite ends of the system
both worlds famed for
their skilled arms.
Up first, the fearsome Freya.
As her opponent, ladies and
gentlemen, and certain filth,
I give you Azura.
(audience clapping and cheering)
[Woman In Audience]
Fight fight fight fight!
(grunting and groaning)
(audience clapping and cheering)
(metal clinking)
Freya was brave.
She fought well.
Despite what these animals
want you should spare her.
Come now, it's about
education, Peltarion.
(dramatic music)
(audience cheering and clapping)
You risk yourself, daughter.
You need these supplies,
and there's no risk,
it's as black as
pitch out there.
[Ibu] How are things?
We've got something
big planned.
We're nearly finished
building a...
Don't tell me, I
don't want to know.
If I don't know, I
can't lie if I'm asked.
I could stay, Mother,
forget all this fighting.
You could, but
it's your example
and others like you
that inspire us.
One day, you and yours
will set us free.
One day.
Just be safe.
So many years, so many days.
So many moons.
The one and only, Azura.
Waiting in the darkness
Sowing the seed
Everything has its moment,
Everything has its feeling.
On my face are the
lines of my intention.
In my voice is the certainty
That I will go out blazing.
Oh, go blazing.
Cause this is my time.
And this is my storm.
(dramatic music)
(cheering and clapping)
(dramatic techno music)
(flesh squishing)
(cheering and clapping)
She gets better
with each bout.
Your plan was genius, Ma'am.
The people love her.
It could be a problem.
I wanted a distraction,
not a heroine.
Her style of fighting has
changed since I last fought her.
It looks familiar to me.
I've seen it before on Sarnia.
Perhaps they're
memories from childhood.
No, you don't just
make up moves like that.
She's being taught.
The only person she has
contact with is Kewan
and he's not exactly
what you call a warrior.
Just find out who's teaching
her and have them dealt with.
I want her in prime condition.
The people love her.
She inspires them.
Time, I think, to
demonstrate that
we control even their hopes.
(Sef grunts)
you remember the
Rekaran, don't you?
Yes, Dahlia, fierce
and deadly she's...
In the mines in Sector
9 for her disobedience.
I'll pardon her.
Have her sent for.
Yes, Commander.
Leave us, Kewan.
You, my friend, you
look worn, exhausted.
I'm fine, Ma'am
What you need is here.
(door opening)
Bring her up to me!
Up against the wall, Sarnian!
You, search this pig sty.
Have you been hiding
anything from me?
Section Commander thinks
you've been getting some
extra training from
someone or something.
Maybe something that traitor
Kewan has been showing you.
The only thing that he shows
me is a bit of kindness, Sef.
He heals my wounds and
leaves me to my thoughts.
And how do you pay this?
(Sef yells)
[Man] Stop her!
(Sef grunts and groans)
(thumping kicks)
(electric buzzing)
Bitch, I own you.
[Man] All right, in you go.
Get in there.
(dramatic music)
Ah, right on queue.
You remember Dahlia, don't you?
From the Fire World.
We're bringing her back
to kill your pet Sarnian.
She will kill you.
You're good, very good, but
you're not in the same league.
Remove that body
and dispose of it.
You, guard the door.
Make sure that no
one speaks to her.
No one comes in apart from Kewan
and I want him
searched every time.
You all right?
I'm fine, but
where's the book?
It's time.
(dramatic music)
This cell's a mess.
Clean it up.
Yes, Master.
(dramatic music)
If we are to fight,
then someone must die.
Let's give them a fight
they'll never forget.
Me brainy, you
brawny, leave it.
What was that?
Hey, we have a code, remember?
Getting a bit scared, were we?
I'm all weak with fear,
trembling at the knees.
- Did you get it?
- Got it.
All we need now
is the crystal.
It's been easy so far, we
saved the hardest part for last.
Oh, now who's scared.
It's only rage, remember?
Um, the most heavily
fortified base in the sector.
Been there, done that.
Yes, but that was
just for supplies
and if we failed
people would go without
and it was only our
lives on the line.
This is much bigger than that.
We don't have a choice.
If the Visray don't
control the water,
they can't control the people.
If this is a go, and
I'm assuming it is a go,
then we need to move and soon.
Every day we stay here
we risk discovery.
Don't worry, Amber's
an absolute genius
when it comes to sorting
out the impossible.
It's not a joke, Brook.
I didn't say it was.
I was just saying that if
anyone can do it, you can.
No pressure then.
(dramatic music)
(grunting and chanting)
Are you ready?
You work hard for the empire.
Sometimes we push you too hard.
You will be rewarded.
She carved her way
to self-respect,
the sexiest Azula.
(cheering and clapping)
Look at her!
Unbeatable so far, but
memories are short.
Not so long ago, another
stood in her place.
A great leader, Section
Commander Sorrentine
has brought her back.
The mighty Dahlia!
Two champions enter but
only one will leave.
Who will it be?
Skilled arms or the
gods that they pray to?
Which one of them will die?
(audience cheering and clapping)
Fight fight fight!
(metal clinking together)
(audience cheering and clapping)
(body thudding)
Time to end this.
So be it.
(chanting and clapping)
(metal clinking)
(gasping and heavy breathing)
(audience cheering)
They'll pay for this outrage.
For a minute there, I didn't
think you were gonna let go.
For a minute
there, neither did I.
(electric buzzing)
(electric buzzing)
(dramatic music)
(sword slashing)
(flesh squishing)
Own this, bitch.
(thudding on skin)
Guards to the balcony!
Azura, we have to go!
I have to kill Sorrentine.
Guards, now!
This is our one chance
for freedom, another time.
[Azura] Next time.
Where's my guards?
(dramatic music)
We're safe for now.
They've never found this place.
Well, they won't stop
searching 'til they find us.
No one who has never escaped
the arena room lives.
Then it's time that changed.
We can't just wait
for them to come looking
we need a way off this world.
All right, where do we go?
They control this
entire section of space.
We have to do
more than escape.
We have to fight back.
We have to give them
more to focus on
so all their
attention isn't on us.
Why have the people put
up with this corruption?
They had no choice.
The Visray control the water
supply amongst other things.
There are a small
number of rebels
that have started to fight back
but as soon as
their numbers grow,
Sorrentine sends in her
elite guard and crushes them.
Their leader is her
personal bodyguard.
You've experienced
his skills already.
No one has ever gone up
against him and survived.
Are they all like him?
Not as strong or fast,
but still brutal.
But he's not human?
No one knows.
What is it?
Do you know how to
contact the rebels?
But I'm guessing stories
of your little escapade
will have got to them by now.
They'll be looking for you.
Well they won't find us here.
Strength in numbers.
So you're the women
who escaped the arena?
You need to move on.
You embarrassed Sorrentine,
she's not going to rest
until you're both strung up.
She'll have a long wait.
Her men will be
looking for you
and that's bad news for us.
We don't need that
kind of attention.
Why were you looking for us?
To see if we can
help each other.
My enemy is your enemy.
I'm going to kill
Sorrentine myself.
Oh, the Sarnian speaks.
If it were that easy,
we'd have done it already.
Even if you could get
to her, which you can't,
her bodyguard would
slice you to pieces.
Your personal vendetta
has nothing to do with us.
Our responsibility
is our own people.
By stealing food and bandages?
Not exactly long-term strategy.
Oi, we do what we can.
Besides, we got a plan.
That's enough, Brook.
But it's not enough.
We need to do something so
bold it changes the game.
This is no game.
Just stay out from our sector.
I wish we could help but what
you're planning
is too dangerous.
Our people come first.
Come on.
Then I wish you luck.
That coulda gone better.
Maybe, but it's just too
dangerous to involve them now.
Not when we're this close.
Yeah, well, they
can handle themselves.
We could always use more fires.
We can handle
things without them.
I know, I was just saying.
Aw, shit.
(swords clinking together)
(dramatic music)
Know any Sarnian prayers?
I'll say one for you.
(swords clinking)
No, no.
Amber, Amber, Amber, please!
- No, no!
- We have to go!
We're not leaving her behind.
We have to go now!
She's dead, they're all dead.
We go now.
[Dahlia] Quick, the
guards, they're coming!
- No, I can't!
- [Azura] You must.
Hurry up!
Come on, quick!
I can't leave her!
(dramatic music)
You had him, why
didn't you strike?
I don't know,
something stopped me.
It's like I've
seen him in a dream
but he's warped and
changed somehow.
And I feel a sickness in my
stomach that chills my blood.
It's like I recognize him or
some part of me recognizes him.
You should have
skewered the bastard.
Yes, you should have.
I'm sorry about your friends.
They fought bravely.
Save it!
It's just he, they're all gone.
My plans have not changed.
I'm going to kill Sorrentine.
Join us, we can take
on the Visray together.
Let her rest.
Let her grieve.
No, it's okay.
I'll grieve by taking them
down by whatever means.
But where will
killing her get you?
And think about the
reprisals on my people.
You are a fugitive.
You need to think
about surviving first.
Listen, we were
working on a plan.
If we can't defeat the
Visray, we can stop them.
Our engineer was working
on a shield generator.
We were going to charge it up
to stop the Visray from
coming back to the sectors.
With them cut off, we can
rebuild and fight back.
The truth is, if we make
Draiga costly venture for them.
They must just pull out
and forget all about you.
But we can't count on that.
Your engineer was
working on the generator
is he?
Back there.
I'm sorry about
your friends, truly,
but we can still
help each other.
Kewan is not only a healer,
he is also an engineer.
So, we could help you fix
this machine of yours.
There's a problem.
Why am I not surprised?
The machine is
all but complete,
but we don't have a
large enough power source
to make it viable.
We know it works
we just need the.
The Cressfelt Crystal.
Sorrentine's a bit of a
collector of alien artifacts.
The Cressfelt Crystal
being one of them.
It's a source of great power.
Not infinite, but should be
more than enough, am I right?
So your plan was to break
into the stronghold all along,
a bold plan indeed.
Yes, to steal it.
To get in and out quietly,
not to go in there and cause
mayhem by killing their leader.
It doesn't matter
now, does it?
We're going in one
way or another.
Well, we need more
than just these.
What about their guns?
They're slow to reload.
That's why the elite
guard don't use them.
- Recharging for a shot takes
- Five seconds.
Five seconds to close the gap.
More than we need.
(dramatic music)
The rebels are all
but destroyed, Ma'am.
All but?
One escaped along
with Azura and Dahlia.
The gladiators
sought out the rebels?
That is a troubling development.
Azura knows our whole
army will be after them
that it will be difficult
to stay hidden for long.
I'd say she thought
to stir up trouble
so our attention is split.
She was mistaken.
Mistaken, but still at large.
The elite guard
searches for them, Ma'am,
they will bring her
to ground soon enough.
I want the Sarnian
alive, Peltarion.
Is that wise, Ma'am?
She's proven herself
unruly, dangerous.
As your bodyguard I
urge you to caution
and to have her terminated.
Are you questioning me?
Come, my friend,
I fear that you suffer
from a lack of clarity.
(dramatic music)
(fire blazes)
(flesh squishing)
What is this place?
What are these things?
Trophies from
conquered worlds.
This is it!
Let's go.
A flower... from Sarnia.
I must take this back.
Come on!
(glass shatters)
(guns firing)
I'd put the stone
back if I were you.
You are not getting
out of this room.
You are just so predictable.
And you, Azura, your
liberty is about to end.
I'll draw their fire,
then you've got five
seconds to get in close.
(guns firing)
(swords clinking)
(grunting and gasping)
Go, I can make it.
Take the crystal!
I know you.
Tallerin, it's you.
You must remember!
Tallerin, we were friends.
You must remember.
Running through the leaves,
please Tallerin, think,
you must remember, please.
You must remember!
(dramatic music)
[Guard] Are you okay, Sir?
I'm fine.
Take her.
Back where you belong.
(electric buzzing)
Why risk capture for a crystal?
Tallerin, what have
they done to you?
Your eyes.
It is irrelevant who you
think I am or think I was.
Answer the question.
Tallerin, you must
try to fight it.
They have a hold on
you, I don't know how.
You must try and remember.
(electric buzzing)
(heavy breathing)
Why steal the crystal?
What are you going
to use it for?
Tallerin, please
try to remember me.
They have robbed
you of your spirit.
Robbed you of your identity.
Tallerin, we are the
last of our kind.
Please, you must
try to remember.
Leave us, Palterion.
The other fugitives have
the crystal, I want it back.
Your skills are best employed
in hunting them down.
Leave this unpleasantness to me.
Yes, Commander.
There's nothing
quite so satisfying
as seeing an enemy brought low.
You won't break me
like you did Tallerin.
Tallerin, yes, that was
once his name but no longer.
He is like you will
be, utterly mine.
You destroyed my
world, and for that,
I will see you dead.
Defiance, an
admirable Sarnian trait,
you have so many.
It is why you are
so hard to defeat
and why I've chosen a Sarnian
for my personal guard.
Personal slave, you mean.
I suppose I do.
Quite amazing what one
can do in a laboratory.
A concoction of my own devices.
Engineered to react specifically
to your Sarnian biology.
You, like your friend
Tallerin, will be reprogrammed.
Your unique skills and strengths
you'll retain, of course,
but your will, that
will be utterly mine.
Well, if it'll shut you up,
let's get on with it.
Ha, defiant til the last.
As you wish.
Begin the reprogramming.
Yes, Ma'am.
Bring her to me when
she's more compliant.
Yes, Ma'am.
We've lost power,
switch it back up!
(alarm beeping)
(bones cracking)
(blood splattering)
(alarm beeping)
Good to see you.
How did you shut off the power?
We didn't, it just went off.
Have you two finished?
Come on, let's get
the hell out of here.
(dramatic music)
We will recapture them, Ma'am.
Commander, I assure
you, they will be found.
She tried to take it.
The flower of Sarnia, Peltarion,
your favorite artifact.
Like the Cressfelt Crystal,
this has great power.
They say it can heal worlds.
I want it destroyed.
The Sarnian,
Azura, claims she knows me.
I can't help but feel
that she's right.
Is it true?
Am I a Sarnian?
Of course.
Your race are the best fighters
we have ever encountered.
Who better to protect me?
But your kind are wild,
emotional, and disordered.
I gave you a purpose, brought
out your finest qualities,
made you magnificent.
A precision instrument of death.
Thank you.
Finally, glad you're safe.
Did you get it?
I saw it.
The last piece of Sarnia.
A flower.
A flower survives.
She kept it as a trophy.
If legends are true
one flower could breathe
life back into your world.
It can do that?
A flower?
I must get it back.
I must take it to the waters.
Return it home.
Don't worry, we'll
set this machine up
and bring back your flower if
it's that important to you.
It doesn't matter.
Even if it could get back to
Sarnia, repair the damage,
what's to stop the
Visray from returning?
We build a second shield.
Then we kill Sorrentine,
steal back a flower,
and heal a world?
Couldn't be simpler.
- But first.
- But first we honor
our bargain, Viridian.
We heal your world first.
Wait, I'm unarmed and alone.
I wish only to speak to Azura.
[Viridian] Take him!
- Wait.
- Why?
It's a trick, he
cannot be trusted!
I want to hear
what he has to say.
I want to hear him
say please don't kill me
before I silence him forever.
I know, you'd be a fool
to take me at my word,
but I've remembered,
I know now what Sorrentine
has taken from me.
From us, Azura.
[Viridian] Let's kill him
while we have the upper hand.
Wait, I have proof.
If you don't believe me after
this, then do your worst.
(chimes ringing)
Sorrentine ordered me to
destroy it but I couldn't.
Something stopped me.
We're underwhelmed at your
sudden attack of conscience,
let's kill him and get
the hell out of here.
How do you think you got
out of there so easily?
Because I turned off the power.
Nobody else could have
done that, ask him.
Besides, if I did
want to betray you
you'd already be dead by now.
I've led no one to you,
I come in good faith.
Take it.
It is yours.
Thank you, Tallerin.
Sorrentine has robbed us
of all that we are, Azura.
Your words struck
me harder than iron.
They made me remember.
Us playing as
children in our world
before the Visray
came and crushed us.
You, and this, they
made me remember.
It was like awakening
from a nightmare.
I would have her pay for
what she's done to me,
to us, to our people.
What about my people?
How many have you ordered killed
or killed by your own hand?
A flower and a childhood story
doesn't make up for that.
We're not Sarnians.
We're humans, Draigans,
and this is our world,
these are our people.
I cannot undo
what has been done.
Even if my actions
were not my own
they do not absolve
me of my crimes.
At least let me offer you this.
I know the ways of the Visray.
I've lived as one of them, let
me help you save your world
from suffering the
same fate as my own.
He could be useful.
He was my childhood friend,
Viridian, and he's back.
I can see it in his eyes.
What say you, Viridian?
Am I to live or die?
The Visray are
already hunting you,
they were arming the
airships as I left.
Then we don't have much time.
- Thank you
- Don't thank me.
When this is over you and
I will have our reckoning.
Not that way, there's
patrols looking for you.
You're sure?
Yes, I ordered them.
Look, don't worry, I've
left a gap for you, go!
(grunting and groaning)
(painful squealing)
(bones cracking)
We need to get
her out of here.
This way!
I thought you
said you left a gap.
Yes, but the elite
guard are trained
to think for themselves.
They may avoid in
the search area.
May have?
It doesn't matter,
we have to push on.
He saved my life,
he saved my life.
Right, come on,
we need to move.
Leave me, leave me.
I thought you said we don't
leave our people behind.
You're not my people.
I'm not leaving you.
Nor am I.
There's no time, Tallerin
and I will finish this.
Do you have the crystal?
Let's go.
Azura, wait, you forgot...
You forgot to say goodbye.
We're approaching the
Visray water supply.
Yes, we're going to
enclose it within the shield.
I know.
performance Peltarion.
And forgive me, Tallerin.
How could you?
You're a fool, Azura.
I don't need your memories
of a conquered world
of pointless myths when I'm
part of something far greater.
If you think you
could use my crystal
to power your generator,
you're sadly mistaken.
It is you who are mistaken.
You think we'd trust him?
The others will soon bring
the generator online.
And when they do,
it is you who will
be trapped in here with me.
Come on, let's get you down.
Steady and.
He had me convinced.
Maybe he's for real, but
Azura wasn't taking any chances.
What you're playing at?
She doesn't trust him.
We need to get to the generator.
Come on, help me up.
One, two, three...
Do you think she'll make it?
Such a pretty delicate thing.
Without water it
will die in minutes.
(dramatic music)
(glass shatters)
(guard moaning)
(guard grunting)
(dramatic music)
(swords clinking)
[Dahlia] Ships are coming.
Can you do it?
I'm on it.
They're almost here, hurry up.
All right, great.
(dramatic music)
(water splashing)
You did it, my
beautiful man, you did it.
She sought to protect this.
It killed her in the end.
(loudly exhales)
I think we did it.
We actually did it.
She'll be fine.
The bombing will begin
soon, we must leave.
(electric buzzing)
The shield.
(water splashing)
Please, don't kill me.
Peltarion, help me!
Spare me, and I'll see
that Sarnia is restored.
You could do that?
I swear it.
Sarnia will be restored.
but not by you.
What've I become?
You saved me.
You saved me from
who I've become.
Oh gods, Azura,
what have I done?
It's over now.
It's over.
(light music)
(waves crashing)
[Narrator] Azura was
right, it was over.
The time would come
again when Dahlia,
Viridian, and Azura the Sarnian
would take up arms and
fight together again.
But that,
that is another story.
(dramatic music)