Babam ve oglum (My Father and Son) (2005)

Sadik, where have you been?
I have called the paper, the club.
You could let me know that
you would be late and...
- Have you been worried?
- Of course, I have been worried.
It is a mess out there, you know.
You have been drinking.
Yes, just a little with the guys from
the paper, they insisted so much...
Sadik, you should be careful these days.
You know, it is about to come.
I am sorry, you are right.
They did not publish my article...
...and that made me a bit upset.
- Oh, yes. I checked the paper this morning
- It was not there.
- That's the new editor.
He is scared or something, whatever.
Is there raki?
- No.
- Why not?
I have drunk all, that's why.
You know, we are 2...
...we are getting mad.
- OK, I got it.
It is so hot.
- How is the beast?
- Fine.
Today I've had so much pain.
I was almost sure that it is coming.
- Don't call it 'beast'. What if it's a she?
- No matter...
It is welcomed, then.
We are going to hospital
tomorrow afternoon.
Yes, it is welcomed, but not tonight. I'd
not let you hold it while you are drunk.
No way. I am sure that you would
drop it right onto the head.
I would not. I would drink three cups of
coffee, continuously.
I would not.
It is my precious.
Take this pillow. It is rehearsal time.
OK. Not from the back, from the
nape of the neck. Careful with the head.
Sadik, it is coming.
- What? Now?
- Find a cab, quick. It is coming earlier.
OK, be calm.
My wallet.
God damn it.
OK, hold me, we can find a cab outside.
The hospital is not far. 5 minutes, only.
Do not say 5 minutes.
I feel like delivering right here.
- Help! Aysun is giving birth.
- Do not waste time.
- OK, take deep breaths.
- Do not make me breathe.
We can find a cab in a second.
Where the hell are they?
Is not there anybody here?
Damn it!
God damn you all! Where the hell are you?
What happened to everyone?
I can't walk any more.
Aysun be calm. Come here.
Do not talk, do not tire yourself.
Lie down.
Lie down. Lie down.
My water broke. Do something.
It is coming. The baby.
Help us you jerks! Wake up!
What is it, pal? Accident?
My wife is dead The baby was born.
She lost too much blood.
No nothing. Nobody helped.
I call an ambulance.
Where is everybody?
There has been a military coup.
It has not started yet, don't touch it.
What are you doing? Come and
eat your meal. Don't slam the doors!
- I do not. I am just checking the rooms.
- What for?
For catching the dwarves. As soon as
I turn my back, they come out of the book.
What dwarves? You are the only dwarf
here. Is there anybody else here?
Yes, there is. You do not see them,
they are hiding.
The dwarves in Gulliver and also in Alice.
As Alice gets bigger,
the other ones stay the same, you know.
Which Alish? Is he the one who hit
you with a bottle the other day?
No, his name is Ali and he couldn't hit
me at all. Alice is a girl in the book.
- You do not know her.
- Whatever.
Eat your meal.
- Fatma?
- Yes, my dear.
You know my dad gave some pocket
money yesterday. Can we buy Lucky Luke.
There is also Joe Dalton,
you know, little Joe Dalton...
OK, when your dad arrives, you go.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- Is he sleeping?
- He drank buttermilk.
He is sweating. There is fried
eggplant and green pepper.
I know you like it.
Summer is the best of all.
Preparing a meal is so easy in summer.
A watermelon would be nice, too.
- Has Deniz's grandma dropped by?
- Yeah, she has come and gone.
You should have seen her
with all her arrogance.
- Have you had an argument?
- Why would I?
She has talked about
the same things again that...
...we are not good enough to look after
Deniz, she misses her daughter... should not have got married,
mumbo- jumbo. Nonsense.
She does not admit that
she can't look after her grandson.
If she deals with him, how can she will
have time to fool around?
She is going to Bodrum again.
She has pretended to offer to take Deniz
with her. Just pretended.
Also, she brought half kilo of mince
meat for him.
I told her that his father fulfills
all his needs...
...meatballs or liver are not the case.
Did you like my response?
She brought a shirt as a present.
It is so large that it is on his knees.
I said he will start to wear it
after 3 years.
You are quite something, though.
What did Deniz do?
He read a book called
"The Treasure of Alice" or something.
He has been talking about it all day and
he wants Little Joe- book with his money.
Books are all matters to him. He reads a
lot and never becomes naughty.
What happened? What did they say?
We are leaving.
Just as we have talked.
Do not forget.
My position is hard.
God damn all the ones
who made us suffer like this.
Enough for that.
All right. I am going to bring your meal.
I am leaving your money here.
It is for the last two months.
I do not want it,
what you paid so far is enough.
Please take it.
I will clean the house regularly,
when you are away.
Maybe you will come back some day.
- We will never come back.
- Let me bring your meal.
Hey, young blood! Good morning,
I fall asleep, I guess.
That's because we have got up so early.
Dad, what is the speed of this train,
you think? 100 kilometers?
Not that much.
So it is not faster than cars, right?
But still fast.
When I woke up,
I tried to count the trees, but up to 80.
After that, we speeded up.
- I wish we had a gun.
- Why is that?
In case of Indians' attack.
They block the railway.
When the train stops
and they get all the gold.
We do not have any gold,
so we are not in trouble.
You are not ex cited at all.
Take this.
I used to be an ex cited man.
I cannot take it any more.
- I told you. Indians. There is a robbery!
- Stay around, do not go too far.
Cowboy Dennis pointed
his guns to Indians.
Indians were caught unawares.
They raised their hands and surrendered.
No one dares to deal with Cowboy Dennis.
It is just the police.
Have a good trip. I D control.
Who is this handsome guy? Your son?
Have a good trip.
All right, shall we repeat once again
what we have talked about?
- I have not forgotten them!
- Let me hear, then.
When we get home, I won't ask too much
questions. I will be good.
I won't get upset if there will be
arguments, because grandpa is a bit weird.
It is so crowded, there.
It is a big family.
It is our family, but they have
their own problems too.
- Among themselves too.
- Yes.
I will not ask any questions to my
uncle about his condition...
...because my uncle,
your brother, is not like us.
He realizes things more slowly,
but he is a great man.
And I will not fight with the kids.
I will not call my grandpa as "grandpa",
until he likes me.
He may not like me at the beginning,
I will not be sorry for it.
If he likes me then,
I can call him "grandpa".
Why are we going to grandpa's?
You are asking too many questions.
You do not love me any more.
- What?
- Nothing.
- Dad, you are hurting me.
- Am I?
I am sorry.
No one is around.
They might be at the field.
- They will return soon, then.
- You think so?
How do you know? You smart ass!
Hi, hero!
Are you my grandpa?
My son!
Welcome little boss.
What brings you here?
Stop chattering, take
the horse into the barn.
You should have informed us.
My boy! I am your grandma.
How old are you now?
Where are you going?
- Where are you going?
- Let him go!
I dare you to go after him!
You cannot come back here again!
Dad, where are you going?
All right, then,
I am coming with you, this time.
I swear, I will, Sadik!
Prepare my suitcase.
You have left here once and
it will not happen again.
I will lie down in front you and
you'll have to step over me.
Last time I kept silent,
but this time I will beat you up.
You are not going anywhere.
Come on, come in.
Follow me to upstairs.
Did you like our home?
Go on...
Yes, that room.
Little Deniz and his dad entered the
woods which was cursed by a dreadful witch
Along the way the witch and
her beasts tried to kidnap Deniz...
...and throw him into a cursed well.
Deniz realized that
but did not scare at all...
...because his hero dad was with him.
Come on, you must be tired,
change your clothes.
Are you hungry?
Are you gonna take a nap or eat?
What shall I? I am leaving.
Oh God, today is my happiest day!
Thanks. I am sorry. I could not
even say hello to you at first place.
It is OK.
Sakine, let's make some
chicory salad. Sadik likes it.
We've some cowpea, too. We are
downstairs, change your clothes and come.
Hurry Sakine, let's cut one of the hens
and prepare soup for our grandson.
At last, my wish has come true.
Don't mind your dad.
He may be sulking for a few days, then...
He is a crazy man, you know.
- We'll work this out, right?
- Yes, we will, mum.
We have the exact same photograph
at home. Right, dad?
Our home is here, Deniz.
Try to get used to here, OK?
Hurry, close the door.
- Hold it!
- I am.
From Crop 1 to Crop 2!
From Crop 1 to Crop 2,
can you hear me?
Mum, is that you?
I can hear you. Over.
My daughter in law! How it's going?
Is Salim there? Over.
He is here, mum. What's up? Over.
Sadik is here! Over.
What? Over.
Take Salim and the kids and come
to the dinner. Over.
Shall I call my aunt? Over.
I will. Come on, don't hang around.
Hurry up! Over.
I bet you've never eaten
anything like this.
Come on, taste it.
Don't wait for the other ones.
- Don't wait them.
- I won't eat this chicken.
- Why not?
- You killed it, that's why.
It is chicken, dear.
Of course, it is cut and we eat it.
- What a weird boy!
- I am not weird.
Mum, when did you buy those walkies?
Your dad bought them. It is in fashion
now and communication is free.
- Can you teach Deniz how to use it?
- Of course, I can.
- May I use?
- Of course.
Let me turn it on for you.
Come over here.
- Whom do you speak with it?
- We do, with other farms.
Are you police?
Oh yes, I am. We catch thieves.
Good evening, dad.
I am going to coffee house, Nuran.
Thanks for welcoming me, dad.
This is quite normal at the beginning.
Just keep silent for a while.
Just wait until the things settle
down. If not, I know exactly what to do.
Hseyin! Look at him! I'll beat you up,
don't run like that.
We are here, grandpa.
Good evening, dad. Are you leaving?
Hurry! Don't be late!
It is your mother, isn't it?
- Dad, Sadik has come.
- Yeah, that crap has come.
Come on, Salim. Don't ask anything.
Can't you see how furious he is?
Hseyin! Did you go to the barn?
You are so dead. Give me your hand.
Salim, go and take a look at him.
Damn it! What?
How would you like I bend
your ear, now? I said "don't run", right?
What the hell? God damn you! Don't.
Mum, where are you all?
Are you here, already? Come on,
we are on dinner.
Mum, Sadik has come, Sadik has come.
Like she does not know!
My dear brother, my precious!
My dear! Is this the beast?
Come and kiss my hand, boy.
I am your uncle.
- No, don't do that!
- Poor guy has missed him so much.
Salim, you are a mature guy. Behave
yourself. The kid is here, what a shame!
I cannot help it, I am so touched.
I am sorry, Sadik. Welcome you both.
I am your uncle's wife. Kiss my hand.
My name is Hanife.
This is Hseyin, your grandpa's name.
This is Ay segl. Did you get it?
- You are cousins.
- Meet and become friends.
This is our festival, our reunion.
All my children are here.
Your aunt is absent only.
However, she may be come
in any moment.
It touches me, mum.
He was a little boy, when he left.
Not that little, brother! I was a big man.
It's been years.
It touches me so much.
OK, we get it, Salim.
We are all touched and it is over now.
He'll surely repeat this for a while.
This must be your aunt.
We are complete now.
I am coming.
Look how she is knocking the door.
She is going to break it, crazy girl!
Are you testing your strength
on the door, sister?
Is your sulking husband here?
If so, I won't come in.
I'll just say hello to Sadik from here.
He went to the coffee house.
He didn't stay here, can you believe it?
He slumped the door from this very
first night and left.
You should see him in all his arrogance.
I'd be surprised, if he stayed.
He has no courage to face him.
- OK, I am going to enter, if you are lying
- Come in, why should I lie to you?
- The last thing I need is your arguments.
- OK, then. I enter.
- Welcome aunt!
- Yeah, sure I am. Kiss my hand.
We are complete now.
Everybody is here.
The big aunt is the last one to come.
She is our most precious guest tonight.
Come and meet your aunt, Deniz.
No one else is left.
Hello, pleased to meet you.
Oh, look at him! He is so sweet.
When have we last seen him?
Was he 2 or what?
Hush, if he hears OK, let me explain.
When you are a baby, your dad
brought you to Izmir few times.
Few times we have come to
Istanbul to see you.
Your grandpa doesn't know about it.
Don't blurt out, OK?
Pretend like this is the first
time we met.
Why are you hiding it from my grandpa?
He does not like us, does he?
Don't be sorry, my dear. That pig never
liked anyone all of his life.
Don't be so hard on him. He is the
eldest in the family, after all.
The kid has asked. He should know
about everything.
OK, whatever.
OK, my dear? You are not telling
anything to your grandpa.
I am going to tell.
Then see what'll happen. I'll nail you
up to the ceiling from your ears and...'ll spend rest of your life there.
Glbeyaz, once again you are with us,
in this house. What a big moment!
I had sworn not to come here again, but it
does not matter any more. Sadik is here.
We'll feed the dogs so that
you don't sin.
Don't try me! Don't you feel
ashamed at all for teasing me like that?
Tell us, what brings you here?
Do you intend to leave right away
or stay for a while?
I thought it was the time to come
back here after all these years.
Deniz has grown up and I thought the
time has come for you to know him better.
- I guess, you are right.
- You should have come before.
It's going to be great, may God be with
us. We have all summer ahead of us.
He is your father, you have to compromise
on some point.
This is ridiculous.
Compromising is not an
option for Hseyin.
He is so stubborn. Look Sadik, you are
like my son.
If you don't feel comfortable in here,
don't hesitate to come to my house.
- It is big enough...
- Don't confuse him, Glbeyaz.
I am going to the bathroom.
Let me tell you everything, little boy.
You should know all.
What? He should know our history.
Your grandpa has offended me
long time ago.
You know, your grandma
and I are sisters.
Property was shared out between us.
It is inherited from our dad.
When your grandpa got married to
your grandma...
...he did not hesitate to pocket 2 lines
of trees from my land.
It was my share, I have the deed.
You are quite aware of the fact that
we couldn't let the crop rot.
We send your share every year.
Your husband should have been
concerned about the land, instead of...
...killing time in the coffee house.
- Don't talk behind a dead man.
Let me make your bed with these
clean sheets.
Have you ever seen a ground bed?
You'll a great sleep now.
Come on, come to bed.
At last the guests have left, right?
The kid is so tired of that much
talking and noise.
Go to sleep now, you must be tired.
I will tell you a tale tomorrow night.
Are we going to stay here tomorrow?
- Can I talk to you outside, mum?
- We can talk later.
What is the rush? Go to sleep,
you are tired, we'll talk tomorrow.
- We need to talk, mum.
- I said, we'll talk.
Don't leave the boy alone in his
first night, he may get scared.
Go to sleep. We'll talk tomorrow.
Good night.
Won't you come to the bed?
Sure, I am coming! What a question!
What happened?
Why aren't you in your bed?
It feels so hard and the
sheets smell like soap.
Because they are clean.
- Go to your bed.
- What about sleeping here?
I'll sleep there, then.
- Don't go, dad!
- Let go off me!
You don't love me any more.
You will leave me here, right?
I am leaving tomorrow. I am going to
get on a train and leave here.
I'll go to Fatma. I don't like it here.
Stop crying, all right.
You never turned me down,
when I wanted to sleep beside you.
Now you want me to go, because
you don't love me any more.
Don't smoke that shit in here,
it smells so bad.
Why did they come here?
Has he told you anything?
This is his home,
where he is supposed to come.
Is he a stranger?
He is your own son, Hseyin.
You cannot call him "they".
He should have behaved as a son, then.
I sent him to Istanbul to
study agriculture.
He became an anarchist journalist.
Is this what a son's supposed to do?
If you argue with him,
if they leave because of you,
I swear, I'll go after him to Istanbul.
Mind your language.
I am not going to let him be
crushed once again.
- I swear I'll divorce you.
- Don't be ridiculous.
Ridiculous or not, I dare you.
Look, I swear on Koran.
We were unaware about his imprisonment.
We didn't know about our grandson
until he was a year old.
What a hostility!
Poor kid is growing up without a mum.
- Where are you going again?
- I'll smoke.
Smoke shit!
You don't see anything, you don't
hear anything, dad!
You are not even aware of what's
going on in the world.
- You are a slave of your capital.
- I am not a slave of anything!
Mind your language.
Sure, you are great Hseyin Agha, right?
You have your own slaves...
Don't be rude!
Those "slaves" are our own people.
They have all social security.
We've never discriminated them and
none of them was so ungrateful like you.
It is that "capital" will make you study
in Istanbul, are you aware of that?
- I don't want your money, don't send it.
- You will.
You will study agriculture and
manage this farm.
For whom all my work and
effort are, you think?
Superhero dad of little
Deniz suddenly disappeared and...
Deniz was all alone
in the middle of the woods.
Might the dreadful witch catch
his dad and lock him down?
What is it, aren't you asleep already?
No, I have to pee.
Go and do it.
What have we talked about earlier?
You are a big boy.
If you are scared, pee to the garden.
Just let it go.
I am not scared.
I won't pee to the garden.
This is not our house, that's why.
All right.
Deniz the hero decided
to go to the courtyard... order to prove how brave he is.
All the creatures of the night seem to
cooperate to frighten him.
nothing can stop a brave child.
Go to your bed!
That's my treasure.
They are all mine.
Did you do it?
There is a secret room down there.
No one is allowed to enter.
Let's sleep.
Shall we catch an early bird,
pluck the feathers...
...throw it into the aucepan,
cook and eat!
- Where is it? Catch it, so we can eat.
- There is one right there, by the door.
- Come on, let's catch it!
- Yes, there is one!
Hurry, it is our breakfast.
Catch it, Sakine, so we can cook it.
Grandma! Stop it!
That's enough.
- Hasn't your dad woken up yet?
- No, he is still sleeping.
Is he sick or what?
He used to get up early.
It was a long day for him.
Let him sleep a bit more.
Approach me...
...why don't you go to the courtyard
until we prepare the breakfast?
Come on! Go to the garden and check
if the horses have had their breakfast.
Let's go together.
Let's see the ones which haven't had yet,
so we will bend their ears, OK?
Go on!
Run, go on!
Very well, sir.
All of the shoes are so firm.
Horses don't wear shoes.
Sure, they do...
...but you cannot see them.
- Why not?
- Where is Deniz, mum?
- Hush! Come here.
You cannot see from there,
come and look closer.
Where are they?
Still not close enough. Come closer.
See? These are the shoes, horse shoes.
- Got it know?
- Yes, you are right.
Iron shoes. Do you just stick them on?
Stick? Funny boy!
- We nail them.
- Doesn't it hurt?
No, it doesn't. No flesh there,
just a fingernail.
- What if you don't nail them?
- If we don't, it hurts actually.
Are you scared?
Does a man get scared of a horse?
No, I am not. When it neighed, I just.
It was just a reflex.
- Does it have a name?
- Name?
It is just a horse, no name.
You name it.
- Let's call it Jolly Jumper.
- Well done, little boy.
Where did you find this nice name?
It was in a comic book.
Lucky Luke's horse.
- Can we call it Jolly Jumper?
- Sure, we can.
Do you like reading?
I do. I like horses, too.
Who doesn't? You should come
here more often, then.
- Thank you, uncle.
- Uncle?
I am your grandpa!
Don't call me uncle.
But you got mad at me once,
when I called you grandpa.
I won't.
I am your grandpa.
Thank God.
Dad is mad again.
What is this? He looks as if
running away from fire.
Is he going to be like this just
because his son returned home?
I am so sorry for them.
Dad, where are you going?
It is the new boy who made
my grandpa mad.
- We don't want them here. - What
a shame! You shouldn't talk like this.
Oh, that's great. Come on,
get off and push it.
- Why did it stop again?
- That's my grandpa.
That's my grandpa.
His anger caused the car stopped.
I am not getting off, no way.
You push it!
Salim, I am sick of this car.
You should get rid of it.
Come on, son. Push it.
Hseyin! Push it or I'll bend your ear!
Come on, push. Come here, Hseyin.
Hanifes' are about to come.
Look Sadik...
...let's take Deniz and show him around.
Later, you will go
downtown to see your friends.
- They have been asking Salim about you.
- Sure, we go.
What was it you wanted to tell me
last night?
Nothing, mum.
OK, then. Let me know, when you
remember. Here, take it.
Bon appetite, grandson.
Look, how he eats so well, come on, eat
your egg or "gat gat" might get offended.
Gat gat gat, my egg is hot.
The queen is coming with her throne!
Welcome Hseyin Agha.
Come on in. May I offer you tea?
Have a nice day. No, thanks.
What is it, Hseyin Agha?
You look different.
You are just looking around as if you
are going to buy the whole store.
What a mind! You fool
All right, then.
Let's wait about until the evening.
I am going to buy some little- boy- books.
Are there any comic books?
Yes. Which one do you want?
Just give me one of each.
Your grandson wouldn't read these,
I guess.
- These are for the other one.
- For Ay segl?
What is she supposed to do
with these comics?
For the other one! What's it to you?
You mind your own business.
These are the books that I want, right?
Stop asking questions!
- Why are yelling at me?
- Just take the money.
All right.
Pack them!
Am I supposed to carry them like a kid?
- Do you want me to disgrace myself?
- All right.
Why don't sit with us?
How can you eat from there?
My clothes may get dirty.
I am OK here, don't interfere.
Don't know who she takes after.
My mother used to say
"she is not my daughter...
...I adopted her from a rich family."
Glbeyaz went to ladies' schools.
Like a flower in shit.
If I am that flower,
aren't you that shit, Nuran?
You make me speak dirty
in front of the kids.
- My aunt said "shit".
- What a shame!
Your grand aunt is a bit cracked,
my child.
- Where from?
- Don't provoke the kids against me!
Come on kids, go and pick some
grapes over there.
Unless your grandma feels sorry for them.
Hseyin will have sleepless nights
just because a bunch of grapes was picked.
I am going to tell my grandpa
that you make fun of him.
Tell him, I don't care. May the one who
is scared of your grandpa be like him.
- Yes, my dear?
- Your name, why is it "white rose"?
Because that's what I was named.
The boy is just confused,
when they say "white".
My mother was dark- skinned.
She wanted to have white daughters,
but we take after our mother.
In fact we are not that much.
We are just sun burnt.
Yeah, right.
Nuran, I am going to kill her!
I warn you!
- You stop it.
- Don't you feel ashamed at all?
Mum, we are going downtown with Salim.
To coffee house, I'll see my friends.
All right, are you satiated?
You stay here, play with your grandma.
- I'll see you in the evening, OK?
- Dad, can you buy me some books?
All right, come on Salim, let's go.
Let's go, your friends will be
delighted to see you.
That was a bad cough.
I wonder if you are getting
sick on this summer day.
I am OK.
- Brother.
- Yes, my precious.
- Do you remember this tree?
- Of course, I do.
One night you were so angry with
dad, you stayed up there till morning.
I couldn't climb to get you down, you
used to climb these trees like a monkey.
- Brother.
- Yes, my precious.
You are the greatest person
I've ever known in this world.
Just don't change, OK?
I love you so much.
Don't talk like that,
I am so sensitive.
- Thanks God, we are happy, right?
- Yes, we are.
May God keep it like this.
When he was at your age...
...he used to water the grapes.
- With a hose?
See these? With arcs.
You make the water flow from here
and give out with a hoe... the water can pass on the others.
He was a little boy,
he was running around. He grew up.
- He was at your age.
- At my age?
I wish I could see my father
when he was at my age.
How can it be possible?
Those were the old times.
I wish there was a time machine.
We would push its button and...
...go back to my dad's childhood and
see him, that would be nice, right?
Sure, that would be nice and we
would seem younger, then, right?
Don't be so sarcastic.
Do you want to be a young girl, now?
I am still young, look who is talking!
You are an old woman,
but you still wear the same clothes... used to wear 10 years ago
to pretend to be younger.
You go, we will go to coffee house.
We'll meet you there.
- Let's buy the books Deniz wanted.
- We can buy on the way back home.
We buy newspaper, too.
We shouldn't forget his books...
...or he gets mad at me in the evening.
- Children are so likeable, right?
- Sure, they are.
- I like my kids and yours, too.
I am his uncle,
meaning almost his father, right?
Right, brother.
Have a nice day, Mustafa.
Look, Sadik is here.
Welcome Sadik. What brings you here?
Hello Mustafa.
I got it now. That's why
he kept telling "the other one".
Your dad bought some books to your son.
How should I know? When he said
"books", I couldn't imagine.
- Did my dad buy books?
- Yes, he did. You know, Texas, Tommix.
So many of them. For his grandson.
Dad bought books to your son,
did you hear it, Sadik?
Yeah. All right, then. Let's go.
Look Mustafa, he sounded like us.
I told you, Sadik doesn't deny
where he came from.
Bon app, tit, Huseyin Agha. I heard
that Sadik is here. I am happy for you.
- Where did you see them?
- Downtown.
They said they were
coming to coffee house.
Yes, right. He wants to see you all.
We talked about it in the morning.
Where are you going, Hseyin? You
haven't finished smoking your water pipe.
I have some work to do.
Your water pipe wasn't good.
Do you buy cheap tobacco or what?
It feels like smoking straw.
- What?
- Wait, dad.
I heard that you have bought
some books for Deniz, today. Thank you.
- The kid wanted.
- That's very kind of you.
All right, get out of my way,
go, do your job.
- I have no job, dad. I quitted my job.
- That's why you came here, then.
Come on, let's go the coffee house.
This is my day of
getting beaten up, I guess.
Why did you say that?
Forget it, come on.
All right, we are dead.
Go, play some where else. Don't bother us.
That's great. You said
he wouldn't come at that time of the day.
I wish I wouldn't believe you
and stay for a tea.
How should I know, sister? It is so
unusual for him to come at this time.
Why do you get me involved
with this sulking man?
Are you leaving, just because
I am here, you crazy girl?
Tell your husband,
I am here because kids are here.
Otherwise, may the devil be
with "some people".
- All right, I'll tell him.
- Oh, God.
- Like a camel's grudge!
- Look, who is talking.
Look, who is talking.
Are you the most peaceful man on earth?
- Do you want tea, dad?
- No. Stop it. It is so hot.
- Where is our new boy?
- He is playing with Hseyin.
What did you buy?
Some stuff.
Have you ever entered this room?
There is treasure in there, right?
Grandpa'll get angry.
Stop meddling with it.
What's going on?
If you ever get close to this door...
...I fall out with you, OK?
- You what?
- I mean, I will punish you.
- What is in there?
There are dogs like monsters.
They may eat you.
I got you a present. Look, here.
However, it is not going to be opened
till the evening. You are punished.
You are not going to meddle with this, OK?
- OK.
- Come on, come with me now.
Where are you, big boy? Come out.
Wow, what an appetite!
Sadik seems a bit quiet.
Does he have a problem or what?
I know his problem.
He had quitted his job.
When did you talk about it?
Seeking a friend.
We came across downtown.
The flowers in the courtyard withered,
although I water them regularly.
How should I know?
We get the garden disinfected.
Maybe it affected the flowers, too.
It is weird.
Seeking a friend.
Come over here, grandson.
I hope you'll like them.
Grandpa bought me books.
They can be yours, if you kiss me once.
Come on, let's read together.
You found your friend here, Deniz.
You lost your time for nothing.
The letters are so small.
- Shall I read you out loudly for you?
- Come on, read.
They look great! Well done.
You are a bit quiet.
You are right. A bit.
Is this a case of "urban- rural
confusion" or alienation?
Don't even try to say that, I won't
believe you. This is your hometown.
Hometown? Home? Fatherland?
Lately, I have been revising
the meanings of these words.
I always thought that
I was struggling for this country.
But this country wouldn't even care.
That's what lots of people
think these days.
We used to dream about
leaving here, remember?
You managed, I couldn't.
I want to ask you something.
At least, you tried.
For someone who was afraid to try.
Can you really say that I missed too much?
I am asking, because I am really
curious about it. No other reasons.
If you were given another chance,
after all you've lived through...
...should you stay or leave?
- I don't know.
I guess, I would take everything I have
here or bring the ones over here back.
Do you know what the hardest one is?
To be caught in the middle.
- I could neither leave nor stay.
- What are they chatting about?
It's an "intellectual talk",
it doesn't suit us.
Come on, intellectuals, cheers!
Bon appetite.
These are like Turkish Delight.
You are late.
Go to your bed, right away.
Shall I make you coffee?
Did Salim go home?
Take Deniz to Salims'.
I shouldn't have let Salim go,
he could take you with him.
What are you talking about?
Mum, please take Deniz and go,
just for tonight.
I am going to talk to dad
and most probably we'll argue.
Dad, I know you heard us, you hear me.
We need to talk.
I didn't come here to apologize,
because there is no reason for that.
I won't go into a discussion like
"forgive each other".
I will be in the courtyard, dad.
Get dressed and come.
This is very important.
We need to talk.
- Something wrong?
- No. Can you help mum?
She is near the tractor.
You wait here.
Uncle Ibrahim, where are we going?
To uncle Salims'.
You will stay there tonight.
- Why? Where is my dad?
- He is there, too.
All of us will stay over there tonight.
Don't be afraid, Deniz. It is OK.
It is just a visit.
It doesn't make sense. Uncle Ibrahim,
I think I am dreaming right now.
Yes, you are dreaming.
Don't afraid, Deniz, don't afraid!
Deniz wasn't afraid of anything.
Nene Hatun and her grandson
passed through the enemy...
...front bravely with corporal Ibrahim.
They were the super heroes
of the Independence War.
Don't be afraid.
- Good evening, dad.
- What evening?
Don't you aware of the time?
- It is almost morning.
- I'm sorry. This is not an appropriate time
The things you do are
always inappropriate.
Dad, let's not argue. We did that
a lot in the past. It never worked.
Nothing changed, as you see.
There are things we need to talk.
I don't smoke that one, it makes me cough.
Dad, you don't know why I am back.
Actually, there shouldn't have been any
reason, I should have just come back,
But it didn't happen that way.
My name is Sadik,
my brother's name is Salim.
So what? My name is Hseyin.
Why did you give us these names, dad?
Were you that much scared of us,
right from the beginning?
Did you want to manage our lives that
much? When I wanted to find my own way.
That way of yours.
We sent you Istanbul to study
agriculture, not to become an anarchist.
That's what I was just about to say, dad.
You sent me to study agriculture.
No other choice.
Become an engineer, manage the farm... stay here and get married to Birgl.
You chose my school,
my life, my everything, dad.
Do you know that I hate that, dad?
You are calling me selfish, right?
You mentioned Birgl.
After you left, have you ever thought
of that girl, how she suffered?
Her tears didn't stop for years and you
are calling me selfish, give me a break!
Dad, you said "you left", but I didn't.
I couldn't. I couldn't stay though.
I couldn't recognize where my home is.
Somewhere in my mind
you have always tried to lead me.
Our arguments and matters between us.
Do you have any idea what it means to
have no home to come back, dad?
However, everything got even worse.
My wife died.
My revolutionist friends, who used to
call me "petty bourgeois" at the time...
...gave me jobs in advertisement agencies,
capitalist papers, taking pity on me.
Like throwing a bone to a dog.
In order to clear themselves,
in order to clean their souls!
Wait, I am getting out of the subject.
I was talking about "home".
Do you know why I returned, dad?
Give a room to Deniz?
Let him grow up here,
let him have a home.
He has nowhere else to go.
Did you get now, what it means
to have a child? It is hard, isn't it?
You aren't able to look after him, right?
- You see what it means to have a child?
- Sure I see.
Do you have any idea about not
to be able to see a child's growing up?
Do you know that feeling?
The life will go on...
Some people will write new books,
you won't be able to read them.
New films will be shot,
you won't be able to see them.
You will want to listen again some song
you like, but you won't able to do it.
Maybe you'll get used to
these things, easily...
While he is growing up, not be beside him.
Not to be able to see his first
Dad... heart is in flames.
I guess, this is a feeling like leaving
something left undone.
Recently, I've been trying to
push him away when he hugs me.
I have been trying my best to
keep him away from me.
I hate myself for
being a pain in his life.
Give him a room, dad.
Let him have a home,
but he could leave time to time.
There are so many things that
I wanted to tell him. You tell him.
Tell him that.
My son. What happened?
Where are you?
Hold it! I am coming!
- Come over here, sister.
- What happened? Where is Sadik?
- They got him in a room.
- Dad is talking to the doctor.
He said "don't tire him". We'll be able
to see him after a few minutes.
He is getting oxygen.
- What is wrong with him? What did they
say? - We don't know. We'll find out soon.
Come on Salim, don't.
Let's go to the garden.
Stop it, it doesn't necessarily mean
something bad. Don't let yourself go.
- Where are the kids?
- They are at home with Sakine.
We didn't tell them. We said
we were going to downtown, shopping.
He figured that something is wrong,
but didn't ask anything.
Let's go down to the caf,
we can't talk here.
I can't wait till there. Say it.
Don't confuse me. The doctor said
so many things, I have to clear my mind.
- I hope he'll get well soon, Hseyin.
- Thank you.
Sadik took out his health report from
his pocket...
...and gave it to us.
He was carrying in his pocket.
He has spent some time in prison,
you know.
During the military coup,
after Deniz was born.
He became ill there.
The doctor said, because of the torture
and prison conditions.
There is liquid accumulation
in his lungs. An edema.
It got better for a while.
A few years ago it came back.
One of his lungs is already damaged.
The other one He was getting
his treatment there, in Istanbul.
He was getting medicines.
This is the case.
The doctor said
he would do his best, but...
...there is little hope.
He told me to get prepare for the worse.
Salim, pull yourself together.
If you'll be like this near the kid
Pull yourself together, what a shame!
How can I, dad?
My brother is dying, what are you saying?
It's very kind of you to come here, Fatma.
Both the kid and Sadik
have been asking about you.
I intended to come earlier,
but it took too much time to.
Take the kids to the village,
to my sisters'.
- Where were you born, Fatma?
- Kayseri.
Some of my relatives are still there.
But we are very much apart of each other.
Some of us are in Istanbul,
some of us are there.
That's the way it is.
Come on, dad. Take over them!
- Don't intervene.
- You are treading on my toes.
- Don't hit me!
- Stop it! It may be an accident.
That's enough. Stop the car, Salim.
Let's throw the kids out of the car.
Be quiet, kids.
I am going to cry that here is a fire.
I wish I would go with the others.
I am sweating.
Sakine, what a big hip you have.
- Move a side a bit.
- It's the kids, what I can do?
Stop the car, Salim.
Why did you stop? What is it,
is it the car again? Why did you stop?
I don't know.
All of you told me to stop and
Go on, move it. Why did you stop?
Hseyin, Ay segl, what happened to you?
If they make any noise, I'll call the
doctors to give them an injection.
They are afraid of doctors.
Let's go outside.
Is this room hot for you, son?
No, it is OK. It is cool in the evenings.
It is slept well here.
- The wind blows from here.
- Do you stay here, too?
Sometimes me, sometimes his mother.
We manage it in some way.
- You wanted these from home.
- Thanks.
Please put them into that drawer.
Fatma will stay with us, right?
We won't let her go.
I can't stay long. The schools will be
opened soon, I have some work to do.
There is still time for the schools.
Dad, will I go to school here?
Yes, Deniz. Is it bad?
No, it is even better.
You'll get better until that time, right?
The schools will be opened
a month later, right?
Yes, but you'll get better, right?
Sure, I will.
Your wife was a beautiful woman.
May God bless her soul.
Look at this, Deniz is so small here.
Had you taken this picture with you
to Istanbul?
I was wondering where it was.
When you first came here,
you know we went to the vineyard.
Deniz said "I wish I could see
my father wandering around.
When he was a child,
I wish there was a time machine.
- We would push the button".
- Really? Look at that little rascal!
- Bring me water from downstairs.
- There is water here. Shall I give you?
- I want another one from downstairs.
- It is water, dad. They are all the same.
Brother, bring it from downstairs.
Once you said something to me.
About Deniz.
You told that you had some things
you couldn't say to Deniz.
I have some things
I couldn't say to you, as well.
I am not good at making a speech.
You are my son... everything.
That's all I am saying.
I understood, dad.
I understood very well, thank you.
You said once, "I wish
he didn't see me in bed like this".
Don't worry.
Sons remember their dads
just the way they want...
...right, Sadik?
Good morning.
Good morning, uncle Hseyin.
Is your husband at home?
No, he went to Izmir.
We'll get our garden disinfected.
- He won't return till the evening, right?
- Yes, I guess so.
I have a request.
Open your mouth, come on.
I can eat by myself, brother.
Give me that.
Why would I? You don't eat, then.
You are cheating me.
Look, that fat nurse
is complaining about you.
Open your mouth.
You have a visitor.
I hope you'll get well soon.
Come on, go outside, to the garden.
Not before he finishes his soup.
The fat nurse is very angry.
Do you remember the time
when I was in primary school and... were junior high school?
One day I had made some raisin cookies.
I was taking them to the school.
You had tasted one of them
and liked so much.
- You hadn't even believe that I made it.
- So?
I brought you those cookies. Eat it,
I wonder if you'll remember the taste.
I never forgot.
Didn't you? I didn't, either.
- You don't seem to be changed at all.
- I have changed.
How wouldn't I change?
- You are married with Mehmet, right?
- Yes, sure, I had.
How wouldn't I get married?
We heard about your wife.
We felt very sorry.
Well done.
We appreciated you so much.
You raised your child on your own.
You didn't need anyone.
You have two, right?
Yes, indeed.
It is delicious. Did you make it
right before you came here?
No, I had some at home.
My sons like it.
I wanted to name to
one of the boys after you.
But I was afraid that Mehmet might
realize and get angry with me.
We named him Caner,
but I always call him Sadik in my mind.
I wanted you to know this.
Did you forgive me?
Sure, I did, Sadik.
How wouldn't I forgive you?
The cars are coming. What should we do?
They'll all cry now,
maybe you should take away the kid.
I am sure they will control themselves
while the child is here.
Come on,
let's go to the field all together.
And make you a wooden horse, OK?
If I stood like this...
...right here.
If I opened my arms like this...
If I stopped him.
If I stopped him.
If I told him not to go.
...if I stood like this,
Nuran If I stopped Sadik.
Get your arms down.
For God's sake, pull yourself together.
If I hugged him like this...
...if I told my son not to go.
Don't. You are our father.
Look, we have a grandson,
pull yourself together.
He wouldn't leave, then.
He would stay.
I wish I had said nothing.
I wish I had kept my mouth shut.
I brought about his death!
- I couldn't stop him.
- Uncle Hseyin, please stop it.
Stand right here!
Open your arms!
I said "open your arms".
Sister, are you mad?
Come with me.
Run towards your dad.
Run. Break through him.
If you don't, your dad will never get
well for all his life. Run!
Catch him. Stop him!
I am coming, dad! Get out of my way!
You see? No one can stop the one
who wants to leave.
Oh, no! Salim!
It is all right. You ran and
it is over. Come back here!
He is running towards the river.
He may fall in and drown!
Look how his uniform suits him!
- Let me get your collar.
- Don't move!
- You tightened so much.
- But you are going to be so pretty.
Very well, they all look pretty.
Let's put your handkerchiefs...
...into your pockets so that
they don't call you snotty.
These are the presents from your aunt,
Glbeyaz, for your primary school day.
I mean, for your first school day.
"Primary school day" sounded like
"primary school".
I meant "the first day of school".
What am I saying? You made me confused.
Aunt Glbeyaz, grandpa gave us money,
but you gave us handkerchiefs.
I am not rich as much as your
grandpa, my child.
Sure, not as much as me.
She was going to say "as much as Croesus".
But she got confused, I guess.
Who is Croesus?
There is a scorpion in your aunt's
pocket. She is afraid to be stung by it.
Don't laugh Nuran. Otherwise
I will never come to your house again.
- I swear, I will never come here again.
- I didn't laugh, sister. You misunderstood
Come on, line up. We'll take photos.
Brahim, you do that.
I wish we tidied ourselves up a little,
we'll seem ugly.
- You are OK, mum, come here.
- Come on, Glbeyaz.
- You do it, I don't want.
- Come here, girl! Don't act like a child.
- Dad, who is Croesus?
- How should I know?
- I guess, he was one of the kings.
- How is the grandson?
He has to get used to it.
We are trying best to
make him feel better.
He has talked only a few words
last 4 weeks, though.
It should be better for him
if he cried, screamed, let it go.
He is like a small bird
fallen down from nest.
We are so afraid to say anything.
They said it's psychological, he has
just closed himself to the world outside.
I don't know for which one
I should be sorry. Him or my son?
Deniz, let's go.
- My son!
- My grandson!
What is it, my dear?
I missed my dad so much.
Don't be sorry. Look, we are here,
your siblings are here.
Hseyin, Ay segl, your grand aunt.
We are all here.
You don't have to go to school today.
Teachers wouldn't give homework,
this is the first day of school.
Look, you'll have new friends there,
they'll like you so much.
Look, there are horses here.
We can drive tractor,
I can teach you how to it.
Actually, do you know that
people don't die?
God takes them to his side.
We call them "dead", but...
...they actually wait for us in the sky.
- Right, grandpa?
- Sure.
Then, one day we'll all meet up there.
Your dad'll be there, too.
All of us will be there.
We'll look down from the skies.
You are lying. No one will fly.
Of course, we won't fly with our wings.
I mean some other form.
Why would we lie to you?
Look, he doesn't believe us.
We read a book together, remember?
You call it comics.
The guy was flying, don't you believe
him, either? What was it?
Right. Your dad became Superman.
- He is flying in the skies.
- I want him to come down.
I don't want him to fly.
I want him here.
Come with me, then.
I'll show you your dad.
- Grandpa. We entered the secret room.
- Yes, we did. Wait here, it's dark.
Look, Deniz, one of our neighbor
has gone to Germany to work.
His name is Osman.
Look at this.
- A projection machine!
- Right, there is a film in it, actually.
Let's watch it.
Your grandpa asked Osman to bring a
projection machine.
Grandpa shot all of us.
Look, like this.
I used to be a director in the past.
Come on, the film is about to start.
Did you get your tickets?
- Do you have any money?
- Yes.
We have and we have a lot,
you just gave us. Two for me.
Don't pay, my child. He is fooling you.
Grandpa the director,
don't get any money from us.
All right, then.
Only for this time it is free.
- I'll get her money, though.
- Forget it, you nuts!
- Didn't you leave?
- No, we didn't.
They wanted to return on the way.
- There is a projection machine!
- Come on, don't stand by the door.
Let's all seat.
That's my dad!
It is a silent movie.
Take it, it's yours.
Don't tell anyone, OK?
You can shoot movies with this.
- Dad.
- My son!
Did you come out of this?
- Are you going to school?
- Yes, did you see me?
- Grandma says that you can see us.
- Yes.
Your uniform suits you so much.
You were very handsome as usual.
- Were you here?
- Yes.
Dad, am I dreaming again?
I don't know, but even if you are,
it is nice, right?
Why aren't you Superman, then?
Because you have grown up.
When a person grows up,
do his dreams get smaller?
I won't be able to see you again, right?
You can see me, if you want.
Yes, maybe none of them
will be that real like it is now.
Because you'll know that
you create them in your mind.
Yet maybe they'll be even nicer, then.
You can direct them as you like.
You can try to make them real.
- This means growing up, right?
- Yes, handsome. This means growing up.
- I wish I'd never grow up.
- Why is that?
- I won't able to see you again, then.
- You'll grow up, you have to grow up.
When you grow up, you won't need
to see me, you won't need me.
Come on, get into the house.
It's going to rain.
Will you get wet?
No, I won't and I'll always be happy,
because you have a home, handsome.
Are you leaving?
Look, let's play a game with you.
Get the camera and shoot me walking.
There is no film in it.
Yes, there is. I put it.
Come on, shoot me.
Bye dad.
Deniz made a promise to his dad
while he was saying goodbye to him.
He would grow up and never cry.
Because he had a superhero dad
even if he doesn't fly in the skies.
Deniz let the superhero leave, because
new adventures were waiting for him.
These happy ending stories
should be told to others.