Baazaar (2018)

This city gives refuge to dreams.
A destination to your journey.
Fulfils your desires...
and makes fanatics capable.
But I was the fanatic...
who became capable
and attained his destination.
But left my loved ones
behind in this race.
Six months ago, I was a
small-time broker in Allahabad.
Hello, sir.
I am Rizwan Ahmed.
Your trading consultant.
We wanted information
about the share market.
But business from the people
of small cities couldn't make me rich.
- You were amazing.
- What amazing?
After all that trouble,
he invested only 5000 rupees.
I swear Ballu, once I go to Mumbai...
Then who is stopping you?
Going to Mumbai was always my dream.
But he was the obstacle in my way.
My dad...
Mr. Zulfikar Ahmed.
Uncle Ahmed is a living
example of loyalty.
Today he has completed 25 years
in this Printing Press.
On behalf of me and my family...
I want to give him a small gift.
It's a beautiful watch, Dad.
And, looks expensive.
There's no price for loyalty, Aamna.
2690 rupees.
Price of loyalty.
Dad, your food...
Isn't that what you said?
I want to go to Mumbai.
To work.
But you are working here.
What's the difference between
Allahabad and Mumbai?
Same as CNG and Diesel, Dad.
I want to move ahead in life.
Be someone.
And, what if you don't succeed?
What if you fail?
You firmly believe that I will fail.
No, Brother. That's not it.
Dad worries about you...
It's a big city.
Unknown people.
What if he doesn't get a job?
- Everything is going just fine here.
- What is fine, Dad?
I don't want this old scooter.
These clothes bought
in a clearance sale.
I don't want to spend
25 years in the same company.
"Living example of loyalty!"
This loyalty you're making fun of...
is how I bought this TV on which
you see the sensex.
And built this house where you live.
Dad, loyalty is
not for human beings.
We have brains to move ahead.
You may have a one-track mind,
but not me.
Was Ajay Bhandari here?
Yes, he was.
And do you know why?
To buy a new car for his father.
Even I want to do something like that.
For you, for dad.
But he doesn't understand.
He's happy with his
"loyalty edition" watch.
When you've made up your mind...
then, you must get out.
It's not that easy, Aamna.
It is easy.
Book a flight on Paytm and leave.
It is easy.
Brother, you never understand dad.
You like to earn money,
and he loves to earn respect.
You're not wrong,
but dad's right too.
Don't think too much, and go.
Dad's knee-massage.
Every Sunday.
Rations from Sharma.
Gas cylinder from Imran.
Beginning of the month.
Are you sure?
For every new team player,
a senior player is his God.
Shakun Kothari.
My God.
I seek thy forgiveness.
I seek thy forgiveness.
I seek thy forgiveness.
I seek thy forgiveness.
I seek thy forgiveness.
Michami Dukadam.
Means, seeking apology
for every mistake...
which we committed
intentionally or unintentionally.
Intentioally or unintentionally...
- Not here.
- If we've hurt any human being...
Then we ask for forgiveness.
We ask for their pardon.
So Shantanu,
how are your studies coming along?
How is Harvard?
Did you learn something?
Or, did you learn a lot?
I am pretty much managing both, Brother.
Do you know which school did I go to?
Kendra Vidyalaya, Surat.
Those were the days.
I went to school only
for the toy-seller.
Here comes the toy seller!
What all has he brought?
Elephants, horses and monkeys.
Chairs, tables and a house.
Such pretty little dolls too!
So little child,
The toy seller is here.
Which toy do you want?
I hated the last line.
Because I wanted every toy.
But, I didn't have
money to buy even one.
I knew...
I had to become Shakun sir
from ordinary Shakun.
You have only five minutes, Shakun.
Say what you want to.
Kendra Vidyalaya couldn't
teach me anything.
But your father taught
me the mathematics of the Market.
And you turned out to be a fraud.
You have only four minutes left.
You did a good job
as the Board's Chairman.
But there comes a time when
every old player should retire.
The company is in dire straits.
And it needs a new leadership...
and a new vision.
New leadership? New vision?
And who's it going to be?
I have 12% shares of this company.
And I have 18%!
I am the majority stakeholder
of this company, Shakun Kothari.
And don't you forget that.
I won't let you get your
hands on the company's shares.
I seek thy forgiveness.
Sagar Malhotra.
Your board member.
Last week you sold seven per cent of your
company shares to Sagar.
You should've thought, Chheda Sir.
You should've thought where
Sagar got that kind of money.
A bankrupt businessman's
doesn't generally have money.
I gave those money to Sagar.
Meaning those seven per cent
shares are mine.
Shantanu, how much is 12+7?
Sorry, 19.
So that makes me the
majority stockholder.
I seek thy forgiveness.
Now, these are your options.
The first one states that
you're resigning from the company...
by the end of this year.
Second one states that
you're resigning immediately.
Less respect.
I seek thy forgiveness.
And the third one states that
you're being fired from the company.
Fuck respect.
I seek thy forgiveness.
I'll do what it takes,
but I won't let you
take control of the company.
You just made me so proud,
Chheda Sir.
If you had given up easily...
then the teacher would've been
embarrassed in front of the disciple.
Maybe you didn't notice, but there
are four envelopes in front of you.
But you should be interested
only in the fourth one.
Open it and take a look.
Papa just found out.
Poor boy!
Fuck respect.
From my heart and mind...
I seek thy forgiveness.
I seek thy forgiveness.
I seek thy forgiveness.
I seek thy forgiveness.
I seek thy forgiveness.
I seek thy forgiveness.
Maybe his methods weren't right.
But Shakun Kothari was the right guy.
Shakun started his
career as a courier boy.
Courier boy.
Those people who illegally carry cash or
diamonds between Mumbai and Gujarat.
The IT along with the Police,
often raid these trains.
But Shakun never got caught.
Do you know why?
Because Shakun was only 10-years-old.
While the kids of his
age were busy studying,
Shakun was busy making money.
Go on, boy.
As he grew, so did his dreams.
He won his employer's trust...
and his daughter's heart.
- I don't want to drink this juice.
- Okay.
Shakun, this is my daughter Mandira.
Jai Shri Krishna.
Okay. Jai Shri Krishna.
Shakun didn't let language a
barrier in his way to touch the sky.
Jai Shri Krishna.
But, even this romantic entanglement
was a part of Shakun's gameplay.
Parekh sir didn't just give
him Mandira's hand in marriage...
but, also a small part
of his diamond industry.
Shakun turned that 50 million
worth diamond company to 500 billion.
He bought and sold shares,
with just one motive.
This is no way to do business.
People like Shakun Kothari are giving a
bad name to the entire business community.
Shakun Kothari is a big time fraud.
This is a hostile
take-over of Chheda Group.
If you want to make
profit in the share market...
then you got to buy
shares and sit on it.
If you trade every day,
then you'll gain nothing.
The company's motto is
"Buy Right, Sit Tight."
I don't agree with his methods.
But that doesn't make
a difference to Shakun.
Only a handful of companies
are still running this company.
Tatas, Birlas, Ruias, Ambanis, Wadias.
But it's time for the game to change.
Because Shakun Kothari is an achiever.
A perfect example for people
coming from small places.
Yeah, stop here.
Come this way.
It's done.
This is the room.
Simply amazing.
15,000 rent.
And six months' rent in advance.
I want this place only for two months.
You're a Muslim, plus you're single.
And now, just for two months.
Are you a terrorist?
That's not my opinion...
but the society chairman
is definitely going to ask questions.
Tell your society chairman that two months
later I will move to that building.
I didn't come here to
struggle but to settle down.
They say...
that you must always bow in front
of God before starting anything new.
And, my God was on
the other side of the road.
I had this strong urge to
cross the road and walk up to him.
But I knew that I had
to prove myself worthy of him.
The top company in
selling and buy shares.
My first step towards Shakun Kothari.
Madam, I'm sure you know my name.
I've been waiting
here for a while now.
- She will be...
- Madam, I want to meet Mr. Wadhwa.
No, I just arrived
from Allahabad yesterday.
These are my papers.
- I am a topper of Allahabad University.
- Mister.
This is Capital Broking, okay?
Only internationally
educated or IIM graduates come here.
Please don't interrupt us.
I've a meeting with Priya Rai
and Mr. Wadhwa.
And they called me for this meeting.
Don't waste my time.
Call Priya Rai or else I am leaving.
Ma'am is coming in a minute.
Please tell Priya Rai
that Kanai Morarji has left.
But Kanai Morarji
is waiting outside, so...
No, I don't recognize him.
But I'll find him in five minutes
and bring him upstairs.
- No problem.
- Here's your pass.
Shall we?
Actually, I got delayed because
we were in a Skype conference.
I am sure you know
some new government rule.
Yeah, the Auto...
Yeah, before we meet. Mr. Wadhwa,
your file has been discussed.
Doesn't matter, we'll convince him.
That's why I am here.
Let's go.
I feel the Quarter fall
is due to some external reasons.
Like weather, elections.
These things create a lot of obstacles.
Yeah, I meant...
we don't treat weather
as an issue, but...
but the weather can screw
every product and every market.
I mean... ruin it.
The weather can never be trusted.
That's what my dad always says.
Shall we?
Kanai Morarji.
Can I meet Mr. Wadhwa for five minutes?
Come on.
Come on.
Ms. Priya.
Ms. Priya.
At least see my passion.
Tell your dad I said hi.
- We'll see it later.
- Fine, I am going.
Come on.
Agni Pharma are launching diabetes pills.
If we have their shares
when the product's announced...
it will break all records.
Agni Pharma.
Their shares are with
Sandeep Talwar's bank, isn't it?
Yes... 20%.
So... how much will you
sell Agni Pharma's stocks for?
You always know everything.
People should take lessons from
you in getting inside information.
It's the kind of work I am in, Deepu.
Name your price.
I'll give you guaranteed profits.
250 rupees for shares worth 220.
80 million.
Not even if you offer me 350.
What's your plan?
Are you going to stand
out here all your life and wait?
Because you're not
getting a meeting with me.
We're already having a meeting, Sir.
And, as for my plan...
the same plan worked
for you 30 years ago.
It was a lie.
Just to build my image.
Don't trust those articles.
I trust myself, Sir.
Suhash Sharma, our head trader.
If you can impress him,
the job is yours.
My name's Rizwan...
You see, I've heard
a lot of speeches in IIM.
And, speeches bore me.
I believe in action.
Sell this coffee in this room.
Sell this coffee and take the job.
Two minutes.
"Sell this coffee and take the job."
I just did, Sir.
To myself.
You asked me to sell
this coffee in this room.
I just did.
Sir, now if you want to give
me a chance in the real world...
then, please do.
Two days.
I am sure you have a mobile phone,
Mr. Charity.
It's the standard practice here.
Mobile phones and personal
email IDs are not allowed here.
Every information received here
can be shared outside.
Inside information, I know.
You know, every once in a while people
like Wadhwa earn millions of rupees
and donate money out of guilt.
Maybe to some NGO, or poor men.
So Wadhwa's given you
two days to satisfy yourself.
So, charity.
How are you? Having fun?
Superb combination of
NASA and fish market.
Two days, Mr. Charity.
Become the trader
of anyone on this list.
Sir, I can guarantee you
20% profits in the next quarter.
I just wanted to see the list.
He's been issued the
Death Warrant as well.
Rizwan Ahmed.
These are the 50 names that our
company's been trying to convince
for the last two years to invest with us.
Sir, 2000 in 250.
Everyone out here has given it a try
and screwed himself.
Neetu Punjabi,
Dhruv Kalra, Tanveer Singh.
So why will they make me their trader?
You're smart.
But your desk is unlucky.
What do you mean by unlucky desk?
Subodh Chatterjee used to sit here.
One day he got up.
People say that he was supplying
inside information to someone outside.
Everyone knows him,
but no one knows who.
We shall succeed.
We shall succeed.
We shall succeed one day.
Deep in our hearts,
We do believe.
That we shall succeed someday.
You'll get paid.
Smart kids.
She's very good.
People often ask me why I organize
these charity events.
Actually, all this could've
been never possible...
if I didn't have the
support of my dear husband.
People say money isn't God.
But I say it's nothing short of it.
So my rich brothers...
this is a charity auction.
Get ready to empty your wallets.
And this beautiful elephant painting
by artist Jaydeep Mehrotra...
starting at rupees one million.
Want to know an interesting
fact about elephants?
When the male elephant
crosses the mating age...
the female elephant kicks him out.
Nice joke.
It's not a joke.
Whatever you want to do,
do it outside the family space.
Not in front of me.
And, never in front of my daughters.
My name is Rizwan Ahmed.
I just need two minutes of your time.
I've invested in this stock myself, Sir.
Yes, Sir.
Just in the last quarter.
That's so nice, Sir.
Even my parent's wedding
anniversary is in January.
- 15.
- 20.
And now, this beautiful piece
from artist Arzaan Khambata's.
Mr. Kothari.
You're not showing
any interest at all.
For me.
Five million, for you.
- Ten million.
- Take it.
And this piece goes to
Mr. Sandeep Talwar, for ten million.
I was setting an example.
Let me explain to you.
I sold garbage worth
100 rupees for ten million to you.
This is my charity function.
Focus on your job, Deepu.
- Welcome, Mr. Dubey.
- Mr. Dubey, one picture, please.
Come in.
Mr. Dubey, one photo.
One photo please.
One more.
Charity, if you're planning to jump...
then you should try
the office next door.
What do you have a problem with?
Is it because I am from a small town,
or is it just me?
Of course, I am not your type.
From a rich family.
Someone who gets everything
served on a platter.
What do you call it in English?
You don't know me.
And, you don't know me.
I didn't come here to jump,
but to fly.
The dreams that you
saw on Marine Drive...
I saw those same dreams
on the roofs of Allahabad.
And dreams have a quality.
They never let you die.
I had a word with the Minister.
We'll come up with something soon,
just be patient.
We're businessmen, Mr. Dubey.
We only understand profit.
Without any hassles.
I gave you two billion.
I am only asking you
to be a little patient.
It will cost you, Mr. Dubey.
How well are you connected
in the Pharma industry?
Agni Pharma is screwed, my friends.
The stocks are going to crash.
In the world of trading,
even a small rumor...
can lead to huge damages.
Shakun used some of his special
team players to spread these rumors.
The first player, print-reporter.
The second player, news anchor.
Shakun's man gets in touch
with the Prime Time News anchor...
and passes on the information.
Huge stir amongst the
Board of Directors of Agni Pharma.
Rumors are that all the
Board of Directors are going to resign.
The third player, blogger.
The same information
is passed on everywhere.
And slowly this information
transforms into breaking news.
And in this way, a well-to-do
company's fate changes overnight.
Of course, this means profit
for every player in this team.
The circus has begun.
Your job's done, Mr. Shakun.
Even you're screwed
along with Agni Pharma, brother.
Sandeep Talwar.
TV, newspapers,
and now on social media.
Two options.
A return ticket to Allahabad...
Or last call?
Did you see Agni Pharma's
stock price today?
There's been a 40-point drop.
What do you have to say?
Agni Pharma is your problem.
Sell it, Sandeep.
This is Rizwan Ahmed
speaking from Capital Broking.
I just need one minute of
your time that can change your luck.
You're going to change my luck,
you duffer!
But I want to sell and not buy.
I have 200,000 shares of Agni Pharma
at the rate of 200 rupees.
Tell me, can you change my luck?
Sir, just one minute.
Hello, listen.
Agni Pharma,
200,000 shares at the rate of 200.
Hey, stop screwing
with my mind and get lost.
A company that survived for 20
years cannot shut down in 20 minutes.
Get lost, stop irritating me.
Agni Pharma is a top 25 company.
You won't get it at this rate.
Leave now.
Agni Pharma's rates will increase.
20 years of goodwill
versus 20 fake reports.
Congratulations, you've secured
a 14% stake in Agni Pharma.
200,000 shares at 198 bought!
And here I offered 250 to Deepu.
To hell with marathon.
I know what you're up to behind my back.
Yeah, you.
You use your charms to get what you want.
Yeah, you.
Keep your beauty in check.
Because I've my eyes on you.
You can be smart.
But someday you'll regret it.
You'll sing my songs.
You will come after me.
You'll sing my songs.
You'll regret if you leave me.
Boy, you have to know.
The things I do for you.
Yeah, me
I fight against the world.
Everyone's after me
But I am crazy about you.
Yeah, me.
Don't be mistaken.
When you see me, just grab me.
You'll take a picture with me
by Shakun Kothari.
Subodh Chatterjee.
He used to work for Kishore Wadhwa.
I was completely sure that
he used to work for Shakun Kothari.
But there was no evidence,
case closed.
I've been chasing Shakun Kothari
for eight years.
Found nothing.
Get me something solid, Sanjay.
Next time if you involve my family...
then it will be worse, Deepu.
Shakun hated two things.
The falling prices of his stock.
And his daughters crying.
Don't talk to Sandeep uncle.
We cannot do that.
Sandeep uncle's son
sent this BBM Broadcast message.
And we can't be friends.
Next time if you involve my family...
then it will be worse, Deepu.
How can you do this?
We used to go together
on family holidays.
It was always personal, Shakun.
But I guess when greed
runs in the blood,
it's always going to be a fraud.
What you and your English
speaking boys call fraud,
for me that was business.
What you call greed, was just trade.
If you defeat me,
then do it fair and square.
110 was the stock price of Agni Pharma's
shares when your bank bought it.
In two years it jumped
from 110 to 220.
HIV cure hasn't been found yet, cancer
research is still in its initial stages
then what possibly happened Mr. Talwar,
that Agni Pharma's stock price doubled?
Let me tell you.
Agni Pharma's salesmen went to
every doctor to push their medicines.
Foreign trip incentives.
Cars for high figure sales,
publicity, marketing.
Doctors kept selling Agni Pharma
medicines, which created false demand.
And so did Agni Pharma's value.
To hell with fair means.
He really gave it to Sandeep Talwar.
You can't mess with him, man.
Look at how he got punched.
Sweets for us?
Then who?
Shakun Kothari.
Do you know Shakun Kothari?
I know everything about him.
Date of birth, 10th April 1968.
Place of birth,
Dudhala village, Amreli district...
which is currently
known as Surat city.
Wife, Mandira Kothari.
Two daughters.
Nayantara, age 12 years.
- And Ayesha...
- Alisha.
That's Alisha and not Ayesha.
And Nayantara, is a good singer
and also paints.
Every trader wants Shakun's account.
Everyone's done their homework on him.
But impressing Shakun Kothari is not easy.
By the way, Shakun likes sweets,
but he has mild diabetes.
You were trying to kill
a lion with an insect killer.
So what if Shakun doesn't
give you a chance.
I am giving you a chance.
Alisha, Nayantara?
They are disturbed after
what happened at school.
Then let them be disturbed.
What do you mean?
Their classmates talk about you.
They update status on Facebook.
And this bothers them a lot.
Alisha is only ten, and Nayantara is 12.
At this stage, they should know...
that they will keep
meeting people who would
be waiting to pin them down
and they must be ready to counter them.
Do you want to kill me?
But you won't understand this.
Born with a silver spoon.
You've no idea how bad khichdi
tastes without ghee, Mandira.
Batman or Superman?
Poor guy, that's his problem.
But he does good work.
But some people don't
talk nice about him.
Just like some people
don't talk nice about me.
But they don't get to decide
whether I am right or wrong.
You two have to decide that.
Let me tell you a story.
A toy-seller used to come to my school.
And you couldn't buy those toys.
There's a twist.
I used to steal money
and buy those toys.
I would get a beating,
but I would endure that.
But when I saw you two,
I made a promise to myself.
At any cost,
you will never have to
steal money for toys.
Whether I am right or wrong...
I am definitely a superhero.
Now, listen.
Don't stress about school.
I've already used my
superpowers on the Principal.
I am going to get ready.
For the Diamond launch party.
Even I need to know what's
happening in the diamond market.
- Okay.
- Five minutes.
Some of Shakun's followers.
Guess what they are talking about.
"How Shakun ruined Deepu."
But do you know what
is their actual concern?
Who is his next target?
In order to win the jackpot,
you need to buy a ticket first.
I must admit.
That's true, Deepu's done for.
Alisha, not Ayesha.
I've some breaking news.
And you know,
whenever Reganto enters any market,
they become the leaders.
This news will be announced
by tomorrow afternoon.
And my stock worth
550 rupees will touch 700.
And as we speak, I have
one million shares of Jharna Agro.
Sell it.
Jharna Agro will touch circuit ceiling.
But on the loss-making side.
Is it? Who the hell, are you?
Sir, I am Rizwan Ahmed.
Kishore Wadhwa is
right outside that door.
Shall I speak with him?
Next second you'll
be ex-Capital Broking.
I was only trying to save your loss, Sir.
What if he's right?
And what if Jharna Agro didn't touch 700?
And, what if it did?
Then I'll buy your million
shares at the rate of 1100.
First I do the math and then talk.
Everyone in the share market
has their eyes on Jharna Agro shares.
And the shares are already
showing a steady increase.
From the start of the trading session,
this one is only escalating further.
Stocks are climbing like a rocket.
And in recent news farmers are staging
a demonstration at Delhi's Jantar Mantar.
In fact,
the matter's escalated so much...
that the Delhi Police
had to intervene at Jantar Mantar.
All the opposition parties
are supporting the farmers.
The opposition parties demand the Reganto
shouldn't be allowed entry in India.
On one side the farmer's
agitation increased
and on the other hand, the price of Jharna
Agro's shares have stopped increasing.
Stock Market suffers a huge loss.
Price of Jharna Agro's
shares are dropping.
- The big news of the day...
- You were right!
The price of Jharna Agro's
share is nosediving.
And as a result, the stock
market has suffered a huge shock.
Today's breaking news.
Looking at the agitation of the
farmers the government has decided...
that the Reganto and Jharna Agro
merger will not happen.
How did you know that Jharna Agro's
stocks are going to fall?
Sir, I read the emotion
behind the market.
Reganto's history clearly states...
that whichever country
this company enters...
they acquire land there.
The pride of Indian farmers.
A farmer would rather
die than leave his land.
And maybe Jharna Agro's
board couldn't understand that.
Nor did these IIM Graduates.
But this Allahabad University
boy understood that.
You rely on emotions,
I rely on maths.
This is going to be fun.
I am betting ten billion on you.
But remember, I have only two rules.
Rule number one,
don't ever lose my money.
Rule number two,
don't forget rule number one.
Come, Sir.
This is a very lucky house.
The tenant who lived here earlier...
did wonders in just two months.
I had reached my God.
But God live on the top...
and not on the ground.
The top.
There's only one problem
with being at the top.
When you'll fall,
you'll definitely get shattered.
It's quite simple, Mr. Minister.
This deal is worth 3000 billion.
Two per cent goes to you,
meaning 600 million...
and the spectrum
telecom license is mine.
You see, these days
there's a lot of tension.
SEBI, Income Tax,
they keep an eye on all our accounts.
Even the ones abroad.
How will you deliver
such a huge amount to us?
You will get your money, Mr. Minister.
And that's my promise.
Not to worry.
SEBI won't get anything.
Don't ever lose my money.
I don't know.
What happened?
I don't know.
I can't concentrate.
I am talking about something else.
Shakun Kothar's one billion
is lying in my account.
It's been a week.
I don't know where to invest them.
We'll invest it somewhere,
don't worry.
Rizwan Ahmed wont be able to do it.
That's what people
say about every champion.
He won't be able to do it.
But there's only one difference
between success and failure.
As we speak, Rizwan Ahmed must
be reviewing the company profiles.
He will select one.
Then cancel it.
Then he will select again.
And cancel it.
Shakun must have earned
that much on his savings.
Do something, or else I
will give this account to Sharma.
And in desperation,
he will take a decision.
Along with rainfall and landslide
in many districts of Uttarakhand...
nature has wreaked havoc in this area.
Many roads have turned
into streams after the rainfall...
and in some places, rainfall
turned out to be lethal for people.
Floods in Uttarakhand, meaning
new homes will have to be built.
The current CM,
Shankar Singh Chaudhary...
and North-India's biggest
construction company,
Chaudhary Housing which
belongs to his nephew.
The CM will give the
contract only to his nephew.
Chaudhary Housing.
Buy them.
To seal the deal,
he end it in a celebration.
And in breaking news...
Shankar Singh Chaudhary has handed
over his resignation to the Governor.
In breaking news...
Uttarakhand's CM Shankar Singh Chaudhary
has tendered his resignation.
It's being said that Chaudary Housing...
But he would be taking a wrong decision.
Is responsible for this calamity.
Because the dam they built has broken
and the level of water has increased.
120 million loss.
That's the name given
to people in Bollywood...
who disappear after one hit film.
It's nothing short of an insult.
You have time until closing bell tomorrow.
Show me the profit,
or you'll be a one hit wonder too.
Back to Allahabad.
Won't you say something?
Like what?
You're mature.
people are going to call you...
"small town mentality."
I am not a charity case.
Akshita Paints.
The price at market closing bell is 40.
After the closing, they are going to
sign a deal with a top American brand.
The announcement is tomorrow.
Then the price will be 70.
You could land up in jail.
People like me get the information.
And to be like me,
you got to cross the line.
Can you cross the line?
120 million loss.
I am betting this money on you.
Don't ever lose my money.
You have time until
closing bell tomorrow.
Show me the profit
or back to Allahabad.
Akshita Paints.
Can you cross the line?
You have time until
closing bell tomorrow.
Show me the profit
or back to Allahabad.
And what if you don't succeed?
Akshita Paints.
200,000 shares at the price of 48.
Diwali gift... from Shakun Kothari.
Akshita Paints.
Just Akshita Paints
has announced a merger...
with a big American company.
There's something I never told you.
But I will today.
I came to Mumbai to work with you.
I stood across the
road staring at this place.
But I didn't cross the street.
Because I knew I
didn't have the stature.
But today I have the
courage to cross the line.
Don't ever say that I've
to go to back to Allahabad again.
I didn't come here to
struggle but to settle down.
How did you know that Akshita Paints is
going to merge with an American company?
Silence is the smartest answer.
And shaking hands with a
smart man is the smart thing to do.
It's important to understand
the true meaning of shaking hands.
Give and take.
I wish I had understood this before.
Yo Yo Honey Singh.
Your color's brown.
And a waist like Kardashian.
Your color's brown.
And a waist like Kardashian.
Even God took time to make you top class.
He made you perfect
And sent you to me.
Leave your home baby,
I've got two villas.
Chivas in Dubai,
And Califonia's Grass.
Because I am a top player.
Gentlemen but a rascal.
Because I am a top player.
Gentlemen but a rascal.
Because I am a top player.
Gentlemen but a rascal.
My plane's fuelled up.
Let's go from Mumbai to Miami.
Open the bottle and make me
Another large peg, buddy.
Your buddy's a billionaire,
Just enjoy the sight.
Order anything you want,
The bill's gonna be high.
Your buddy's a billionaire,
Just enjoy the sight.
Enjoy the sight.
Because I am a top player.
Gentlemen but a rascal.
Because I am a top player.
Gentlemen but a rascal.
Because I am a top player.
Gentlemen but a rascal.
Because I am a top player.
Gentlemen but a rascal.
When did you meet your family the last?
It's been six months.
Never after coming to Mumbai?
This is wrong.
Completely wrong.
A man running away from relationships
only goes far away...
and never with them.
What do you think?
Why do I come to eat food in this eatery?
Because you like this food.
It's garbage.
I come here so that I remember that...
I never want to live this life again.
A man should always stick to his roots.
Brother Gagan.
The entry pass to telecomm sector.
Government is going to
issue 2G spectrum license.
Bidders are going to be sent invites.
This is not just a license,
but a lottery ticket.
Go home for two days.
Meet your family.
And calmly find out
everything about Skycom.
Have you ever seen Shakun Kothari
get so close to a trader?
Never, Sir.
Shakun is bidding for the
new telecomm spectrum.
Telecom Minister's secretary, Dubey.
Shakun's connection with him.
They are all players
in Shakun Kothari's game.
These secretaries don't even move
a finger without getting paid first.
Why will they do his bidding?
There's been a transaction.
Call for a meeting with Shakun.
With the team.
Here's the guarantee receipt.
Give this to Nanu.
For money laundering.
Call my lawyer.
Take care.
Seal the office, seize all phones.
Shakun Kothari.
Rana Das Gupta, SEBI.
If you or your staff
try to interfere...
we will initiate legal proceedings
against you under section 28A.
- Did you find anything, Sanjay?
- Looking for it, Sir.
Check all the files.
What is this bill for 40 million?
The company...
Sir, tea.
Move back.
Let us do our work.
Found anything?
Gaurav, what is the password for this?
Aayush, check every file.
- Any big transaction...
- This will take time.
Let me tell you a story to pass time.
Once a Gujarati and Bengali
were traveling on a train.
They both loved talking.
So how could they keep quiet?
Bengali, was IAS, civil service type.
And Gujarati was a businessman.
The Bengali was intelligent.
He suggested a game...
that both of them will ask
one question to each other.
If you give the wrong answer,
then you must pay the other one.
Gujarati's eyes were
filled with greed.
But then he thought,
the Bengali's intelligent...
so he must know every answer.
And this poor guy
even failed high school.
The Bengali proposed to make
the game even more interesting.
Gujju will give ten rupees
for every wrong answer.
But the Bengali will give 100.
Gujju agreed.
And the game begins.
Bengali asked the first question,
something about history,
or geography. Something difficult.
So Gujju...
Come on, Brother Bipin.
Gave him ten rupees.
Now it was Gujju's turn.
Gujju asked,
"Which animal climbs
up the hill with four legs...
but comes down on three?"
Bengali struggled but couldn't answer.
And gave 100 rupees.
Gujju put the money in his pocket...
and went to sleep.
Didn't the Bengali ask him the answer?
He did.
But the Gujju gave him
ten rupees and said,
"I failed in high-school,
and I don't know the answer."
I only know the business.
"80 rupees profit."
Business, Rana Sir.
And no one knows it better than me.
Nice story.
It will come in handy in jail.
- Sir, we didn't find anything.
- Nothing at all?
15th February, your retirement date.
Only four more months to go, Rana Sir.
Do something.
Allahabad's famous rooftop.
Aamna's wedding has been fixed.
Anwar Khan and Aamna Ahmed's
wedding date...
is fixed on the 18th of next month.
Everyone is very happy.
So am I but... not as much as the others.
Something is missing.
I won't insult you by investing
in your computer center, Anwar.
But, I can give you a free tip.
The day Skycom's stock gets listed,
invest all savings.
You can start your computer center
in two months, instead of two years.
Come here.
Thank you.
And my hug?
Come here.
I wish you could stay another week.
I have some business to attend to.
I must go.
Stop behaving like children, you two.
At least hug each other.
You've grown up.
So nice to see.
- Now you're all coming to Mumbai.
- Mumbai?
Yes, for the wedding.
The wedding will take place in Mumbai.
You mean destination wedding?
I want to invite all of you.
I spoke with Shakun sir and he said that
I should ask you.
Keep the formality till him,
not with me.
- Rizwan.
- We will all come.
- Come on, pool time.
- Coming!
Come on, boy, now you take over.
Come on, let's go.
Are we going?
Rizwan idolizes you.
So do a lot of people.
Everyone wants to shake
hands with Shakun Kothari.
But no one wants to hug you.
And, Rizwan wants
to get that close to you.
He's a good kid.
The side of you
which is now your identity.
You know, I just hope...
that the old Shakun shouldn't come back.
He's a good kid.
Don't break his trust ever.
Mandira and I want Aamna's
henna ceremony to happen at our place.
Even the sky is for sale.
The new telecomm spectrum.
Did you read Skycom's detail?
Yes, Sir.
It's a small company.
But valid for a telecomm license.
Fits all the requirements.
If we get the spectrum license...
then there's a saying in Allahabad,
"On a roll."
Rolling in money.
We will get the license.
I got it, Sir.
- Then what are you waiting for?
- You.
Buy this company.
Not me.
You will buy this company...
with my money.
Why me and not you?
You think I am interested
in selling caller tunes?
I am an investor.
I only understand profit.
You are capable and ready.
You run the company.
Until now you are just
a broker that earns two per cent profit.
I am offering you a 15% partnership.
Sir, 25%.
Send your resignation letter
to Wadhwa tomorrow.
Get ready to roll in money.
Rizwan Ahmed.
Although Shakun Kothari
is not a partner in the company...
but he's still completely
supporting Rizwan.
Guys, better be careful now.
Your shutters are going to shut down.
If Skycom gets a spectrum license...
then we'll give you
free calls for six months.
Unlimited calls, absolutely free.
Talk to your girlfriend all you want.
On our expenses.
- Remember Skycom?
- Yes, Brother Rizwan.
Your computer center is guaranteed now.
Rizwan Ahmed's company
Skycom's IPO was launched today.
Skycom wants to be India's top one
telecomm company.
Everyone has their eyes
on Skycom's stock.
Stock investors please listen carefully.
- Today's hero stock, Skycom.
- Buy 5000 more shares, quickly.
Skycom's stocks are
trading at ceiling price.
And Rizwan Ahmed's pride curled.
Good days for share market.
Skycom has become
the market's superhero.
I've been blessed with the grace of God.
My prayers have been answered
I've been blessed with the grace of God.
My prayers have been answered.
The rifts have alleviated.
My dreams have come true.
Without you I am incomplete.
You should know I am your love.
Without you I am incomplete.
You should know I am your love.
Without you I am incomplete.
You should know I am your love.
Without you I am incomplete.
You should know I am your love.
I want to give you my heart.
You look like my God
I want to give you body and soul.
Like someone gives his life
I'll keep you safe in my arms.
Forgetting the rest of the world.
This moment of love says.
Without you I am incomplete.
You should know I am your love.
Without you I am incomplete.
You should know I am your love.
Without you I am incomplete.
You should know I am your love.
Without you I am incomplete.
You should know I am your love.
Buddy, the bidding starts in two days.
The bidding won't
start two days later.
It states that the department
of telecommunication
has received information...
that some companies are trying
to bribe the department officers.
So we've changed the
bidding process and...
allocate the license
on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Mr. Dubey.
Make sure the press receives
this press release by 10 am.
If you tell me,
I'll forsake this world
I wish you would understand.
The language of my pain.
You're the sea of love.
- You're the reason of my life.
- Anwar Khan, do you accept this marriage?
I do.
Do you accept this marriage?
I do.
Without you I am incomplete.
You should know I am your love.
Without you I am incomplete.
You should know I am your love.
Listen to my prayers, Lord
I've yearned for so long.
You're my happiness,
You've settled in my eyes like joy.
Listen to my prayers, Lord
I've yearned for so long.
You're my happiness,
You've settled in my eyes like joy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Smile.
- Where is Priya? Just a minute.
Where is Priya?
The companies allocated spectrum license
by the department of telecommunication...
are Chedda Group of companies,
Mention Bank companies,
Cytek and Vintek Telecomm.
What is this, Sir?
Shakun Kothari lost the
bid to Chedda and Talwar?
Shakun Kothari never loses, Sanjay.
The game is something else.
Find out where Rizwan Ahmed is.
- Stock...
- Sell everything.
Hello, Brother Gagan.
I want to talk to Shakun sir.
He's busy, Rizwan.
We're talking to the secretary
of the Telecom Ministry.
Brother Gagan, just one second.
Aamna, it's nothing.
Everything will be fine.
Anwar's money...
- Brother.
- Everything will be fine.
- Don't worry, I am telling you.
- But this news on TV...
No, it's nothing.
Everything will be fine.
I bid everything as you said.
- But, brother, you said...
- Aamns, it's okay.
Who are you?
Who are they, Rizwan?
Rizwan Ahmed, you must come with us.
We've to talk about Skycom.
Sir, Rizwan can never do anything wrong...
- Dad.
- Let us do our job.
I'll be fine, Dad.
But, Brother Rizwan...
Just a minute.
Shakun sir will fix everything.
Come on.
Are you going to speak up or,
do I have to force you?
Speak up.
I don't know anything about it.
I see.
You're the first owner in this world
who knows nothing about his company.
But, that's all right.
I am sure you know about this.
The bidding tender.
These are your signatures,
aren't they?
Look here.
Are these your signatures?
Clearly, I am the victim here, Sir.
Skycom didn't get the license.
You question the Telecom Ministery.
Either you're over-smart,
or you're an idiot.
Or you think we are idiots.
Isn't it?
The news of the allocation
is announced at 10 am.
But shares worth 40 billion
are dumped between 8:00 am and 10:00 am.
Do you understand?
You don't.
Fine, I'll make it simpler for you.
The Telecom Ministry
didn't allocate you license...
and, your company
was about to go bankrupt.
But, before your company
could go bankrupt...
someone sold shares
worth 40 billion of your company!
Someone made a profit
from a sinking ship, Rizwan.
Who is it?
I didn't do anything.
Shakun did it.
Why would Shakun sir do such a thing?
It's a big game.
He played this game.
Along with Dubey and
the Telecom Minister.
Then ask your Telecom Minister.
We're facing losses ourselves.
Your loss?
Do you have any clue how
much money the country lost?
People like you have
corrupted the enitre system.
You're the owner,
so you'll face the consequences.
You'll go to jail.
You have until tomorrow morning.
Bring evidence.
It will be delivered
to you by tomorrow evening.
Come over to Alibaug someday.
- Here are all the details.
- Yes, Sir.
Sir, you said Skycom
will get license...
but, how did this happen?
Rana Das Gupta is saying that
you dumped shares worth 40 billion.
He's right.
You've been meeting
Rana Das Gupta a lot lately.
What do you want to know?
Why did I do this?
I'll tell you.
Four options.
Skycom was bought for you
so that we can pump and dump shares.
Prices increased and
the shares were sold.
Shakun Kothari isn't interested
in running the business.
So, whether Skycom gets the
license or not, doesn't matter.
I brokered the deal
between Telecom Minister, Manishankar,
Chedda, Deepu, and Mehra.
What is a broker's job?
Earn commission.
Or D,
All of the above.
He's a smart boy.
Six trillion, my fees.
Sometimes two per cent brokerage is
more profitable than 20% profits.
Because there's no risk
of loss in per cent brokerage.
And you made me the
owner of Skycom because...
you didn't want to go to jail.
SEBI would've come after me.
Brother Gagan.
Ten million.
Call it your brokerage,
or compensation for your family...
What is his name?
Compensation for Anwar.
I am not worried about SEBI.
They won't find anything.
There will be a little stir,
Then everything will settle.
Let's start something else from tomorrow.
You know, Sir...
I used to advocate you to Aamna.
SEBI kept saying
that you played games.
I didn't believe.
But I was wrong.
And everyone who said that
Shakun Kothari is a fraud was right.
You used the insider information
about Akshita Paints.
And I am a fraud.
You tipped your
brother-in-law about Skycom.
And I am a fraud.
You were keen about bribing
the Minister for the license.
And I am a fraud!
Thank you, Sir.
You did the right thing.
For showing me my standards.
I made mistakes.
But the time has come
to set things straight.
You and your business are over.
In order to destroy me,
you must destroy someone else too.
Remember Subodh Chatterjee.
He used to work for me.
Do you know who brought him to me?
This is all my fault.
I am responsible for Subodh's suicide.
- Shakun...
- No!
It's not you.
If anyone is responsible
for the suicide, then that's him.
You're talented.
That's why we're
together for two years.
Time has come to find someone else.
Someone talented like you.
Someone willing to cross the line.
I didn't come here to jump,
but to fly.
Every trader want's
Shakun's account.
So what if Shakun
doesn't give you a chance?
I am giving you a chance.
One has to buy a ticket
to win the jackpot.
You got to cross the line.
Will you cross the line?
Who told you to cross the line?
Priya tipped you about
Akshita Paints because of me.
But then...
I want to tell Rizwan everything.
Your wish.
By the way, I had something
else planned for Rizwan.
I am investing in Skycom.
The bidders against me for the
spectrum will be Chedda, Talwar,
and Vineet Mehra.
You know I will never
lose to these three.
Now you decide.
Wrong decision.
Do you still want to destroy me?
Will you?
Shakun Kothari never
leaves any evidence.
I quit that path.
Which you once treaded on
I was yours forever.
But I couldn't find any kin.
From your moments to my wounds.
Now I am going far away.
No point now staying in those lanes.
Where your memories dwell
I quit that path.
Which you once treaded on.
Everything is over now.
But the wound remains.
No one to cure the pain.
The story has come to an end.
Either it will have a new beginning.
Or it will be the end of my part.
What did you think?
I would suicide?
I had three options.
One jump, and it's all over.
Take Shakun Kothari's cheque
and deposit it in my account...
and forget everything.
And, third,
destroy Shakun.
You're the owner,
so you'll have to pay.
What will you do?
A man should never forget his roots.
You rely on emotions,
and I rely on maths.
Shakun did it.
Along with Dubey and
the Telecom Minister.
Shakun Kothari never
leaves behind evidence.
You have until morning.
Bring evidence.
The Telecom Ministry was bribed.
But how?
I will tell you.
The evidence was always
in front of our eyes.
But no one could see it.
Shakun Kothari can
go to any restaurant.
But he always goes to this small eatery.
To eat this platter for 60 rupees.
He can appoint the most talented and
capable men from all over the world.
But he appoints old and loyal people.
Like Brother Gagan.
He can use computer software.
But he uses chits.
One should always stick to their roots.
It's what Shakun said, not me.
The answer isn't in his present,
or his future.
The answer lies in his past.
Courier boy.
Once a Gujarati and Bengali
were traveling in a train.
So the Minister will be bribed
using diamonds, and not cash.
Through courier.
Tomorrow morning.
Karnavati Express.
How do you know?
Seal all entry and exit.
No one goes out.
You go this way, and you here.
I seek thy forgiveness!
I seek thy forgiveness!
- Check every bag. Don't spare anyone.
- No one goes out!
I seek thy forgiveness!
I seek thy forgiveness!
Intentionally or unintentionally...
- if I have hurt anyone...
- SEBI has raided the train.
SEBI always keep looking.
Then for that...
But they never find anything.
Rizwan Ahmed is with them.
Don't spare anybody.
Check his bag.
Give us your bag.
Hey, Ramesh!
Check him.
Check his bag, he's trying to run.
The information is confirmed, Sir.
- Sir, please hurry up.
- Yes.
It's too late.
Sir, we checked every corner,
every bag.
We spared no one, Sir.
Women, children,
handicapped, even the ticket-checker.
Let it go.
I seek thy forgiveness!
There's one guy we didn't check.
There's one guy we didn't check!
Why has the train stopped?
Who are you?
Why are you checking my lunch box?
There's only food in it.
In such circumstance where
I seek forgiveness...
Seek forgiveness from myself.
Turn off your phone.
Come on.
I seek thy forgiveness!
I seek thy forgiveness!
I seek thy forgiveness!
I seek thy forgiveness!
I seek thy forgiveness!
I won't waste time by lecturing you.
I want to give you something else.
I don't want your charity.
You rely on maths,
and I rely on emotions.
And you know what,
even the world relies on emotions.
You must be wondering
how this happened.
I will tell you.
- Whatever happened...
- It's all your fault.
Because if you, Mandira Parekh,
had stopped Shakun Kothari on time...
then he wouldn't have
broken my trust, or anyone else's.
But you just watched quietly.
Dad slapped me.
It felt really bad.
But I realized that
it was for my own good.
One has to raise their hand, Ma'am.
It's necessary.
Karnavati Express.
- How do you know?
- Insider information.
It was necessary, Shakun.
A man running from his relationships
stands at a distance not with them.
It was the relationship.
But maybe you went too far.
While buying, selling,
learning English...
you forgot your Jai Shri Krishna.
Come on.
Rizwan Ahmed exposes Shakun Kothari.
Instead of an honorarium, the disciple
dishes punishment for his idol.
Power Broker AM Dubey
has been arrested by CBI.
And this news has created
a stir in the stock market.
The Cag report on the
spectrum scam states that...
India suffers a loss
of 18 trillion rupees.
My client is being framed.
There is no real evidence which
can link him with this evidence.
We've to wait and see whether
he gets bail from the court or not.
The main witness to this case
is Priya Rai from Capital Broking.
I didn't disclose your name, Priya.
Then why did you admit to everything?
So that people can stand
on their terrace again to dream.
And not to commit suicide.
The characteristic about dreams
is that they don't let you die.
Rizwan, I betrayed you.
But, I also gave you my heart.
I didn't come here to
become the 100-meter champion.
I came here to become Mo Farah.
Mohammad Farah.
World's best marathon runner.
Shakun Kothari has
been granted bail...
but, SEBI inspector Rana Das Gupta claims
that this high profile case will continue.
The market is on.