Baar Baar Dekho (2016)

Hail Hanuman, ocean of wisdom,
who is well known in all the three worlds.
Congratulations, it's a boy.
Congratulations, it's a girl.
If A is greater than zero,
and Y is greater than or equal to K,
then K is the lowest point.
And if A is lesser than zero
then Y is lesser than
or equal to K, that means
K is the highest point.
My guru, Dr. Ramamurthy is of the opinion
that the language is different now,
for instance, instead of anti-derivatives,
we say potential functions.
instead of derivatives, we say divergence,
and KerL--
All right, that's it for today.
But, sir, can you give
one more example, please?
Yes, of course. Just...
Exciting, isn't it?
Yes, sir!
Okay, see you guys tomorrow.
Miss Kapoor,
has called you
an emerging voice in modern art.
Any comments?
You know,
when people don't understand something,
they call it "Modern Art."
Actually, this series is modern,
but the inspiration is ancient.
I got this idea two years ago--
Actually, someone asked me a question
on divergence at the end of the class--
Two hours? Two hours?
Actually, two and half.
I'm sorry.
I had an opening, buddy.
Sorry, DK.
Whoever calls his girlfriend "DK"?
It sounds like a name of a villain.
Your name is Diya Kapoor,
hence DK, lovingly...
This stupid is feeling hungry.
Should we order something?
Butter chicken, butter bread,
butter cottage cheese.
-Thank you.
-Extra butter.
You know, we're like
an old married couple.
Yeah, exactly.
Which is why I was thinking...
about our life.
So, imagine this...
One day, you
will be a brilliant professor.
And I... a world famous artist.
And we'll have a beautiful house.
And babies too.
I was thinking...
two, or may be three,
who will take after me.
And we'll be so happy that
you'll say every evening...
"I love my life.
I love my...
So, basically,
all I'm trying to say is...
Will you marry me?
Take your time.
Tell me tomorrow.
Or maybe next week.
But 21.73 percent marriages
end in divorce.
Yeah, but...
We can be the 80 percent, right?
Will something change?
Did you say we're already
like an old married couple.
What can change?
Hanumanji... You pray?
You must.
Both Hanumanji and I have
taken good care of Diya.
And after these many years, it's my turn.
What have you in mind
to keep Diya happy?
You know Uncle, I'm a professor
with a secure job.
Recently I've submitted
a paper in Cambridge.
Son, forget about England.
I've been there and done that.
What's there?
Obviously, there was Annie,
whom I brought along.
-But Uncle, for my work--
-No, son, no.
It's not the question of your life alone.
You need to think about Diya too.
Think about it,
Diya has a British passport.
She could've gone if she wanted.
She didn't, why?
-It's damn cold out there.
It's raining all the time
for no good reason.
And population is so less that
you feel terribly lonely.
And here, it's people everywhere.
Hustle and bustle.
That's why, Diya will stay here.
This means you will also
have to settle here.
-I beg your pardon.
-It's done, settled.
Oh, come on, let's shake hands at least.
Welcome to the family, my son.
You've been calling me Uncle
for many years now.
From now on, it's Papa.
Okay, Uncle... Papa.
Should I share some good news?
I've planned snow for the wedding.
Snowfall in Delhi. It's a theme, son.
But Diya was saying that it'll be
a small, unassuming ceremony.
Yes, absolutely,
only close family and friends.
Only nearest and dearest.
And... snow.
It's marriage time.
Aunty, it's a happy time.
Please, say something to the camera.
So, I always wanted a daughter
after Jai came along.
Instead, I had Tarun and he looked cute
in a frock for only a few years.
-Mom, stop it.
-So, anyways...
then I had to make do with boys.
But Diya, you are my daughter,
not a daughter-in-law.
The one I always wanted.
-Mr. Kapoor, look this side.
-Oh, crap.
Anne, yes.
Hello, I'm Vinod Kapoor,
Chairman of Everclear Industries.
-She's my dear wife, Annie.
Camera's rolling, say something.
I just wanna thank India for giving us
Yoga, Golgappas and Jai.
Why can't we run away and marry. I can
use this money for Vedic Maths Research.
Happy couple, say to camera.
When he was studying mathematics,
I was cracking the formula
of spending entire life with him.
And now that I've found the answer
I'm finding it hard to believe it.
What's happening? Stop it, man.
Kishore, no cheap whiskey
for Mr. son-in-law. Only Blue Label.
-Yes, drink up.
Bottom's up, my son.
You're my son-in-law, damn it.
Damn, what happened?
-I'll call mom.
-Wait a minute.
Don't look so sad.
Your dad handed me a rice grain.
Baby, can't believe it.
-Dad had got it made in Germany.
Entire Hanuman Chalisa
is written over it.
Papa loves it.
Keep it safe. Tomorrow,
we'll put it in a locker.
How handsome he is.
May the evil eye stay away.
Take it easy, Mister. Mother, why is
everyone going bonkers over the marriage?
I don't wanna do all this.
Don't take out the frustration
of the thesis paper on the wedding dress.
Come on. Please carry on, Mister.
-Be gentle.
-Yes, sir.
Hurry up, man.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Hello, sir.
-This is for you.
Yes, no, no, I'm good.
Excuse me.
Hello, hi, hi.
Yeah, yeah, I need to go to the bathroom.
Just a second.
-Jai, son.
-Yes, aunt? Hello.
Jai, Jai, Jai.
How can I thank you for this?
Have you become a house husband here?
It's you who's marrying
and it's me who's gonna get laid.
These ladies are going crazy.
This marigold necklace
is making them lusty.
Who is it this time?
Her body feels like that
of sister-in-law, Sarita's.
So you're Jai?
Congrats, I'm Suman, from Jaipur.
-Recognize me?
How can you? You were this tiny back then.
And now, a wedding boy?
Oh, my, my.
Gyming and all?
Excuse me?
So, Tarun...
-Jai, will you have tea?
-No, thank you.
This is too much, since morning--
What's 56 multiplied by 93?
God, kiss me.
Sister, mother is calling you.
Tell her I'm coming.
-Where were we?
-In this asylum.
What's this? Is it necessary?
Jai, it's our wedding.
And yes, it's necessary.
For me, for my family.
Instead of getting irritated,
just try and enjoy the moment.
Enjoy? It seems entire North India
has descended on our wedding.
And taken over the entire house,
where's the space to enjoy?
Why are you always focused on bad stuff?
It's a simple thing.
We love each other and today, right now,
we're happy.
Isn't that enough?
Just a second!
Shake up.
Shake it up.
-Jai is here.
-Jai is here.
-Jai, come here.
Just try this one on.
Yes, okay, hello.
No, but that one is so...
How about that?
-Hello, Jai, Dr. Ramamurthy speaking.
-Aunty, give me one minute.
-We read your paper.
On Vedic Mathematics.
You really like my thesis?
We want to offer you a fellowship
and a job of assistant professor.
The impact of Vedic Mathematics
on space travel.
Exactly, Jai. The answers
to the future lie in the past.
So, are you coming?
Diya, be careful.
Actually, sir, my wedding is in two days.
Why are you talking to me then?
Prepare for the wedding, we'll talk later.
Hey, so you admit defeat, rascal?
-Rascal, it's you?
-Rascal, it's me.
-How are you?
-Good looking looking good.
-How was the flight?
-You don't feel much in first class.
I was in the lounge, not shopping
for cheap duty-free perfumes
like those NRIs of London.
-But you are an NRI from London.
-Hey, what's up?
How are you, mister?
How else might I be? You married
this jackass, I had to settle for Diya.
You never asked, so,
had to marry this jackass.
Oh, thank you.
What happened?
You're okay?
Actually, man, want these two days
to get over fast, my brain is fried.
Just the ceremony will end
after two days.
You'll have to bear the marriage
for life. Isn't it?
Now I remember why I didn't
marry her. Depressing woman.
Eight hours of flight, and the fuss over
excess baggage can make anyone depressed.
But there's no fuss
in first class over baggage.
But there is one in economy.
Okay, I'll go meet Diya.
Bad jet lag, man, doesn't even know
which class she flew in.
-You guys happy post-marriage?
Just like the people in Tihar are happy.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you something.
I just got a call from Cambridge.
Shut up, and?
I wanna decide whether
or not should I shift my base.
-Tough one.
-Panditji is here. Come quickly.
-Be right there.
Well said.
Sorry, Varshaji, there's a couple
in London whom I married.
-Very good.
-Where's the groom, call him.
He must be coming.
Will he reach theon time?
I hope the auspicious moment
doesn't pass before he arrives.
Here he is.
Panditji, can you please give both
of them a primer on marriage ceremony.
Just a second, before that could you...
tell me why can't we make
three circumambulations instead of seven?
I mean, till then bar won't be open.
He's kidding, Panditji, sorry.
Now both of you shall walk
seven times around the fire.
Every round signifies an oath.
First oath...
is to respect each other for life.
Second oath
is to support each other.
And the third oath is
to espouse a right way of living.
Now, the fourth oath.
To live a peaceful and happy life based
on love and faithfulness.
Fifth is to seek good, not just
for yourself but for entire cosmos.
Sixth oath...
In the changing seasons of life...
And then, seventh round.
The seventh oath.
With mutual consensus,
an oath to live a life of devotion.
Seven circumambulations.
Seven oaths.
For seven lifetimes. For seven lifetimes.
If this all is true
then why do divorces happen?
People aren't happy
even after circumambulations.
Your promises and oaths
don't make marriages.
Your rituals are so old that
there's no logic in them.
If only logic could explain everything.
I understand only those things
that require logic.
Fine. If you want you can
apply your logic to the circumambulations.
But every step you take here on,
can you know what it will be?
This logic of yours is good
for classrooms and banks.
How to be happy while keeping others happy
isn't a job of a calculator.
Nothing's impossible for my mind.
I've no time, hurry up, please.
Right hand.
Come with me, I'll show you something.
Do you like it?
-What's this?
-A house.
Our house.
-Did your father buy it?
-He helped a little.
What happened? Didn't like it?
-When did you take this decision?
I've taken all the decisions
since we we're eight.
So, does that mean
you'll make a habit of it?
This is exactly the problem.
I can't think for myself.
Everything happens
according to your wishes.
-What do you want?
-Definitely, not this.
Okay, fine.
If you don't like this house,
we'll check some other out.
I'll just call papa
and ask him what to do.
We don't need papa for everything.
I've decided that
we'll shift to Cambridge.
I've have an offer and I have to go.
What? No.
I don't want to go, what will we do there?
Jai, our entire family's here
and we're so happy here.
I'm not. I don't want
this house and this life.
What problem do you have with our life?
This house, this marriage,
you want this all.
Baby, we both want these things.
-We've always wanted the same things.
I want to move up in life
and focus on my career.
-And not on me?
-I'm sorry, DK, but I have bigger dreams.
I've always supported your dreams.
Your dreams can also be
fulfilled here with me.
-It's not necessary to go to Cambridge.
-It is necessary.
I need to go. If you don't want to,
then don't come with me.
Why are you talking like this?
Because we're not eight-year-olds.
Today, we both want
different things, end of story.
So if we don't agree on something
means the end of story?
Do you know what you're talking about?
Baby, we can talk about it, okay?
-Later when?
After the marriage?
When I'm trapped between you
and your dad? I wanna live my life.
You wanna leave me?
I just wanna escape all
of this right now, that's all.
I can't deal with this shit.
-And in future--
But I'm your present.
Right here in front of you.
You can't even look at your present.
Instead, you wanna chase
a future nobody's seen.
But I can surely plan for it.
I'm sorry, Diya.
I don't think I can do this.
if I leave here,
I'll never come back.
Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?
-Excuse me?
-Good morning.
My name is Jai Verma,
can you tell me how I got here?
Okay, tell me something...
Tell when I checked in?
Okay, I can help you with that.
Mr. Jai Verma, checked in yesterday.
on 23rd of February.
-Ten days!
-I'm sorry.
But I was in Delhi last night.
Should I call for a doctor, sir?
Diya, thank God.
Where were you?
When did you got married?
This is something.
Asking on a honeymoon when did I marry.
How will you remember the anniversary?
Hello, ma, don't shout,
this isn't a trunk call.
Are you taking the photos?
You won't have time for these things
when you have kids.
Ma, listen to me,
something has happened to me.
I can't seem to remember.
I'm calculating but to no avail.
-I don't know--
-You're calculating?
Please, don't calculate on honeymoon.
Now, go with Diya and have fun, bye.
Hello? Ma?
Have fun?
Diya, Diya!
-When did I resign from college?
You don't remember when you resigned?
That's exactly the problem,
I can't remember anything.
Ten days, what happened in last ten days?
Jai, why are you behaving like a lunatic?
I told you last night, don't drink
so much of champagne.
You can't handle it.
And baby, if you're not feeling well,
drink Jello soup.
Why are you ruining my honeymoon?
Everybody say,
-Say it.
What's the square root of 3,40,000?
One more.
Do you love me?
Because you're my wife now.
How strange it is that
we're husband and wife.
Everything seems strange today.
Mr. Verma
Will you live with Mrs. Verma
for next 60 years?
Yes, ma'am. Of course.
Wake up, Jai.
I have to do everything.
I can do it. No problem.
DK, haven't you gained a little?
Are you crazy?
Even now, Jai, even now?
-Oh, my God, you're pregnant.
I'm flatulent. Oh, sorry, I'm fat.
Sorry, how did this happen?
It shouldn't have happened.
My water broke.
I've been trying to wake you up
for half an hour.
-What do I do now?
-You know what, Jai, go to hell.
-Do you know what your problem is?
There are two kinds of people in life.
Drivers and passengers.
And you're a passenger.
-What does that even mean, I know driving.
-Oh, really?
Then drive me to the hospital.
Hello? Where are you going?
I'm coming.
-Do you know where the hospital is?
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
You know what, get aside.
-Get out!
-You shouldn't drive in this state.
Get out!
This means we came to Cambridge
after the marriage and
that was our house.
No, Jai, that was Buckingham Palace.
Two years! But...
it seems we were
on a honeymoon just yesterday.
Two years.
In this depressing, frigid,
nonsense place.
I don't know why
I came here leaving my home,
my work behind to be a housewife.
But since the baby is on its way,
everyone must be happy.
-I mean, with this baby's arrival.
-This baby?
-This baby?
-You're saying as if it isn't yours.
Of course, it's mine. It's mine, right?
I meant something else,
you're not getting it.
I don't know what's happening to me.
I can't remember anything.
-I sleep here, I wake up there--
-Jai, please.
Not today, I need you today.
Today, I'm important.
Listen, I know you're nervous.
But think about me, please.
Just stay quiet for some time.
We'll reach in some, okay?
Just be strong, okay?
Oh, baby.
How are you? You're okay?
Ma? Tarun?
My girlfriend, Sakura San.
Please, Diya looks fine.
Let's just take her in.
Then move, man. Move, move.
She's looking so pretty.
Let's go.
You'll be fine, darling.
Let's go.
I've to...
From Delhi to Honeymoon... Ten days.
Honeymoon to Cambridge... Two years.
What's this happening?
Doesn't add up.
-Good morning, can I help you?
-Doctor, I needed to...
I can't remember
a large chunk of my life.
You know, from my marriage I came
straight to my honeymoon in ten days.
And then from there I've come straight
to Cambridge in two years.
-I don't remember anything.
-Just stop.
You need to relax and we'll
just have a general look at you.
Okay, so first of all you need to relax.
Mr. Reynolds.
I told you not to leave your room.
Thank you.
He's a patient, I'm the doctor.
Can I help you?
Mr. Verma, everything seems fine.
What? How can that be?
What kind of doctor are you?
You should know better.
If you don't then find out.
I don't remember anything. I mean, I do,
but only what happened in last two days.
What's happening to me?
Am I going crazy, doctor?
Who's doing this to me and why?
And to top it all, my girlfriend,
my wife is expecting. We're having a baby.
-I mean--
-Mr. Verma, calm down.
If you want we can admit you. We have
a psychiatric ward in our hospital.
Pain killers. My pain killers.
Man, Jai!
I don't even remember last two years.
Where I was and what I was doing.
And today I'm having a kid.
That's the fun part.
When two people love each other,
there's no time to think.
Mom, you don't get it. If it carries
on this way, I'll be old in five days.
You've taken after your dad.
He was also in same condition
when you were born.
-It seems like yesterday.
What you now feel is happening to me.
What's happening to you?
A kid's coming, don't be nervous.
I'm not nervous, I'm just scared.
We're here for you. Come, give me a hug.
Everything's gonna be okay.
-One sec.
Tarun, thank God you're here,
what happened in last two years?
What are they talking about?
Jai, son, Diya is fine,
I just need you to repeat after me,
Hail Hanuman, ocean of wisdom,
who is well known in all the three worlds.
-Has the baby come?
If you need my help, let me know.
What are you doing here? Go inside, man.
Get your ass inside.
-Come out.
-Don't worry, DK, it will.
I'm telling you!
-Where are you going?
bless us with a grandson.
By the way, grand daughter is also fine.
-Okay, Diya, one more push.
I think it's about to come.
Push, push!
Congratulations, it's a boy!
-Jai, congratulations.
Aren't you doing this? This red thread,
you tied day before,
isn't it the root of all problems?
-Day before?
-A day before the marriage.
-You mean two years ago.
-Yes, that.
What happened to my life after that?
One day, and ten days are gone.
Next day, two years vanished.
I can't understand your logic.
Jai, are you okay?
Not at all, I need to go back.
Two days ago, I mean, two years ago,
I mean, stop my life.
When has life stopped for anyone, son?
Got it, you need money, right?
How much, tell me?
-Look, Jai.
-I don't want to.
-What's there to look at?
-A lot.
Just try. A lifetime
of small, big moments is still left.
-Look, Pandit, I'm telling you--
Did you see? A small moment,
a big meaning. There is
something still left in life.
I get it. You're showing me
the highlights of my life.
Marriage, kids...
But how?
I'm not doing anything,
everything is in your hands.
If I take this out of my hand...
Will it change?
All right.
I'll stay a while with my son.
If you're showing, let me just see.
Your eyes.
And your nose.
Hope he isn't as bossy as you are.
And not a dummy like yourself.
But you still love me.
Of course, I love you.
Because you're the mother of my son.
Who else will I love?
Good night, Arjun.
Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.
-Are you fine, sir?
I'm fine.
It's like asking me as if this is...
Cambridge and I'm your professor.
You. I want you to write date and time
on the board everyday I come to the class.
No one has used the board for 20 years.
46? I'm 46?
Happy birthday?
I look like this at 46.
Jai, chess tournament on Wednesday?
Yes, of course, I'll see you.
Doctor, Dr. Ramamurthy.
You look younger than your photograph.
So happy to finally meet you, sir.
I'd been waiting so long to meet you.
Jai, are you all right?
Go home. Get some rest.
Hey, watch it. What's your problem?
We're getting late. I've been waiting
for you for half an hour.
Come on, dad.
-What are you doing?
-Let me just look at you for a while.
You've grown up. 16, right?
Mum's right, you're hopeless.
-Get in the car.
You've taken after me.
I don't know anything about you.
You realized that now?
If you're that interested,
it's all on my Twitter feed.
-You must be in the college now?
-When I left it, I left it for good.
How many times will we go over this?
You quit studies?
I mean, being my son, how can you?
I don't wanna talk about it, dad. Anyway,
you have more pressing matter at hand.
What can be more important
than your life?
Your life, dad.
You should've brought me here
after teenage years.
-Civil court?
-Where else, dad?
What highlight can this be?
Arjun, are you getting married?
You're quite young yet.
This is quite weird.
-Please, dad.
it seems from the way you talk that
I couldn't spend much time with you.
And I'm sorry.
But today, I'm with you.
I don't know about tomorrow.
-But today, I'm with you.
-Please, stop it.
Ma, you're here too.
I glad to have come today
and to have met you.
DK, congratulations!
Why are you so sad?
Court of Judge Williams is in session.
Jai, come.
Mr. Jai Verma and Mrs. Diya Verma,
both present?
I've taken some time
to review all the notes.
Is there anything else either
of you would like to say?
The court hereby declares that
the marriage between
Jai and Diya Verma be dissolved
on this day, April, 2nd, 2034.
The divorce is now finalized.
DK, say something, please.
DK, what has happened in the future
that we're getting a divorce?
Please, wait for two minutes.
Let's talk once.
Whatever I was, and did, forget all that.
-I'm not that Jai.
-Stop it, Jai, please.
It's over.
How did it happen, Diya?
DK, no, Dk, I'll not let you go,
we love each other, dammit.
DK, just listen to me.
Please don't go. Listen to me...
Two days ago you had said that
we'll live together for 60 years.
She forgot so soon.
Ma, I'll fix everything, just give me
the number of that Pandit.
-Which Pandit?
-The one who married us.
Are you crazy, Jai? I haven't
spoken to him in 15 years.
-I don't know if he's dead or alive.
-Ma, tell me what happened in these years.
What did I do so wrong in the future?
If you yourself don't know,
what can I tell you?
Was there someone else...
Was Diya with someone... Or was I?
But I don't even know anyone, Ma.
You're leaving too, mom?
I had promised Diya that I'd stay
with her till I leave for India.
I don't have time, Ma. Had I known
if this is gonna happen, I'd have done
something else,
something different, but...
Who gets to live same day
over and over again?
Thank God, I need your help.
-I need that Pandit's number.
-Hey, man, I'll call you back,
I'm on an important
conference call with Tokyo.
Oi, mister, can you hurry up, please,
and give me some chips with that.
I won't give up.
In one day, ten days elapse.
On second day, two years.
On the third day, 16 years.
This means...
I'll be dead in four days.
I'll get back with Diya.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I admit, I admit my mistakes.
Marriage and everything.
Just send me back, please.
Send me back to Diya again.
I'll do anything.
I just want Diya back,
I need to get out of here.
Jai, come on, get Arjun ready.
Thank you.
Ten years?
Ten years back? How can it be, I was...
going ahead in the future.
Sent me back, which means,
I have to fix something, but what?
-Jai, breakfast.
-You're not Arjun, are you?
Then who is...
Why does Naina shout so much?
-Pop, pop, pop.
Naina, my daughter?
Papa, papa, papa.
I'll make everything all right.
You wake up so late, son.
Yes, uncle... Papa. I'll wake up
early from tomorrow.
You didn't learn how
to run the business from me.
Do you wanna learn how
to run the house, or not?
Sure, I wanna learn.
What's he doing here?
-Yes, sir, right away.
-Ready for breakfast.
Neither breakfast's ready nor Arjun is.
Actually, I got a call
from the university...
Why don't you keep the maid?
I'll pay the money.
-I've been telling you forever.
-There's no need.
-Why don't you take money from me?
-Just drop Arjun to school.
I'll handle the rest.
-Just a minute,
why don't you take a studio
for Diya? As you know
because of Hanumanji's blessings,
I've got a lot.
Pa, pa, pa.
-I'll give you the money.
-I have the money.
Arjun, sit down please. Today's Arjun's
soccer game and the show.
Remember the show?
-Forget it. You're useless.
No, who can remember if I can't?
Just wait and watch,
I'll fix everything today.
Pa, my school.
Oh, sorry.
My soccer game is at
four o'clock, don't forget.
-Like last time.
One day to fix everything.
How will you do it, Jai? Think.
I'm sorry, sir. I couldn't find
the office... I mean the parking.
-You called me, everything's all right?
-All right.
Today, I'm very happy. Here, take this.
What's this, sir?
A ticket to take your Vedic Maths
to the next destination.
You acceptance letter.
-Acceptance letter?
-Come on, Jai.
For so many years, you've focused
on just your work and nothing else.
And after seeing so much toil,
I can proudly say, Mr. Jai Verma,
Head of Mathematics Department,
Harvard University.
Really? When did this happen?
I waited for this
my entire life and this...
Jai, the job won't be easy.
The workload will increase
and Harvard is in a new country.
Just give it a thought.
Sir, there's no need to think.
Mathematics is my life.
Not the job.
-This part of my life is perfect.
-What did you say?
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
-What, why?
Raj has left. Please come.
No, it's Diya's exhibition...
Two hours from here
to London, I can't come
Chitra? Why is Chitra
calling me like this?
She has some connection
with this. I must go.
I must go and find out.
But what can it be?
Sir, the class is waiting.
You're right, an affair with Chitra.
-The class, sir.
-Excuse me,sir.
-Sir, excuse me.
Yesterday you mentioned you have
a solution to Fermi's last theorem.
What repercussions does it have
on what we learnt last week?
Sorry, no lecture today,
class dismissed. Everyone out.
Diya, sorry, I won't be on time
for the show,
I have really important stuff
to take care of.
Trust me, I'm doing this
for us. Best of luck. Love you.
Diya, I was waiting for you.
-Smile, it's your day.
Raj has left.
Raj has left?
He leaves every night. I know his
job is gone.
But he still behaves like
an investment banker.
-Has he told you anything?
Does he...
have an affair?
His affair?
-His affair?
I'm really sorry, Chitra.
-I need to go now.
-Have a drink with me.
-I can't.
-You can, one drink.
-Thank you.
Everyone likes your work, well done.
We're bankrupt.
The bank has impounded Raj's car.
And he's not ready to accept.
What should I do, Jai?
You're the strongest amongst us.
If you give up, where does that leave us?
Why isn't he like you?
You're lucky he isn't like me.
-That's it.
-What happened?
-This is the reason for divorce.
-Whose divorce? Mine?
-No, mine.
-You guys are getting divorced?
I mean, we would be in ten years.
But not anymore. I have to go.
This was the problem. This was the reason.
This was the problem.
I could've cheated on her, but I didn't.
-I'm sorry, DK, I was stuck.
-Let's go.
Let's go home.
Congratulations, all your paintings
have sold out.
-Thank you, good night.
-Good night.
We haven't met, Nikhil Khanna.
It's my gallery.
Hi, thanks, DK...
Listen, please. I know that you're angry.
I'm not anymore.
I feel nothing.
I'm so sorry, Diya.
-Please talk to me.
-Seven years.
My exhibition was after seven years.
You didn't come.
You weren't there for me, like always.
It's not working
between us.
No, please, don't say that. It will work.
-I've fixed everything, when you wake up--
-What will happen tomorrow.
You will run off to work first thing.
You'll come late.
After the kids have slept.
Our tomorrow will be like today.
By ourselves.
No, believe me, Diya.
Because I love you.
Because we have two kids. We're a family.
What other reason can there be?
Trust me, Diya.
Everything will be fine tomorrow.
I've fixed everything.
Diya... Arjun, Naina.
But I had fixed everything.
You were so tiny.
-You've grown so much.
-Let's go, Pa. We're waiting for you.
Come, Pa.
-How are you?
Everyone's here?
Which means everything's fine.
I didn't keep mom happy, did I?
Don't say that, Jai.
Thank God, you're with me.
I'm sorry, Pa.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
-Thank you for coming.
-Not necessary, Jai.
She was a part of all our lives.
After all, Varshaji'sand love
fattened me so much.
-Do we know him?
-Don't be silly, Jai.
-Somebody call you from the gallery.
-I completely forgot.
Gallery, yes.
Will you eat something? Are you hungry?
-We'll eat at home.
-Meet everyone first, darling.
Then we'll leave, okay?
Why are you calling him darling?
He's my husband, Jai.
I'll can call him anything.
Brother, brother.
Are you okay?
How can this be?
Diya and Nikhil?
Come on, relax.
-You okay?
That Nikhil has hijacked
my entire family, even my mother.
Relax, relax.
-It happened because of you.
-Because of me?
-You let it happen.
-I let it happen?
I had fixed everything, you have
no idea how much I calculated.
Calculations? Solutions? It's not maths.
Life. You just need to be there.
For everyone.
I always used to think you're perfect.
Better than me at studies. Better at work.
Better in looks.
And then you found Diya, the best.
But look at you. Wasted your life away
chasing trivialities.
You had no time for her.
Nor for your marriage.
What could she have done
all by herself, with two kids.
She learnt to live for herself.
She became famous. But you were
missing in her struggle.
Nikhil was there for her and the kids.
What is 456 multiplied by 19?
I don't know.
Good, you're lucky.
I had got something for you.
Thirty years, Jai. Time flies.
Take care of yourself.
And you take care of her.
I couldn't.
How are you, Jai?
What do you think?
No one thinks about it but everyone knows.
The people we love have
to leave us one day.
But I should've got more time
with the ones I lost.
I didn't lose just my people,
but all the time I could've had with them.
I tried everything,
but still lost everything.
Focus on small things, not big ones.
Really small things.
Look, if this is life,
then this end is the past.
The past is not in your control.
This end is the future.
Who knows what it will bring?
We just have the present. Right now.
You just have control over that.
Just this moment is yours.
You haven't given me
a chance to live that.
And now it's too late.
You had to learn yourself, Jai.
I was just...
Hey, Mr. Logic?
I'm sorry, DK. I couldn't save us.
You can't do anything.
There's nothing left.
Jai, come on, get Arjun ready.
That day again?
But why?
-Please, thank you.
-Yes, sir, I know.
Perfect. Neither breakfast's ready
nor Arjun is.
-No, he'll be in five minutes.
-Get dressed.
Right on.
Why don't you hire a maid?
I've telling you this for ages.
I'll pay the money.
By Hanumanji's grace, I have enough.
-As you know. I've telling you forever.
-Just drop him Arjun, I'll handle rest.
Just a minute, why don't you
get a studio for Diya?
Papa, papa, papa.
We'll have to go for the show.
Pick me up, pick me up.
Jai, Jai.
Today's Arjun's soccer game
and there's a show too.
Remember the show?
-Forget it, you're useless
-I'm not useless. I'm Jai Verma.
And I'm a genius.
Hey, Naina. Yes, Naina, I know.
Today's mom's special day. Don't worry.
You and I will prepare all in the evening.
-Bye, Nana.
And dad, Diya's studio
will be taken care of.
You don't need to invest.
By Hanumanji's grace,
I know family business now.
And you must learn to wear the pants.
There are kids in the house, please.
And don't worry, DK. Your opening
will be fantastic, I'll be there.
Love you, bye.
What did you feed him yesterday?
-I love you.
I love you too.
-Oh, Pa, my soccer game's at--
-At four.
Yes, I remember. I won't
forget this time. Promise.
-Good morning, sir.
-I was waiting for you.
I'm very happy today.
-My acceptance letter, Harvard University.
-How do you know?
-Special powers.
But I'm here to tell you something.
I used to think that mathematics
is my life, not a job, just like yourself.
-No, sir.
My work is an important part
of my life but not everything.
Mathematics has its place
and so does life.
If I don't balance the two...
then one day, I'll be in a lonely house
trying to find the scraps of my lost life.
Jai, are you all right?
Sir, I'm not saying no, but
this decision impacts Diya too
and I can't say yes without asking her.
I'm sorry, sir, but I need some time.
Listen, you're right.
No equation is perfect without balance.
Mathematics also teaches us that.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
-Let's go.
Chitra, listen to me.
Hey, Coach. Your best forward
is off the field.
-Don''t even think about it. One sec.
Nikhil Khanna, this is my gallery.
And you are?
Her husband. She's my wife
and will stay my wife.
-It seems everyone's asleep.
I just had an hour to arrange all this.
I deserve a kiss at least.
Everything all right?
Two burgers, please.
Thank you, next.
-This isn't a job. It's just like that.
-Raj, are you crazy?
You lost the job. Does it mean
I'll stop loving you?
-You won't tell me if there's a problem.
-How can I?
I used to make fun of such people.
Ever seen this cap?
The cap was looking good on you.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
Ta-da. Behold, the famous artist's
not so famous studio.
What do you think?
Do you like it?
Diya, I wanna tell you something.
I may disappear to go in some other time--
I know what you want to say.
You didn't spend much time
with me, rather with us.
-No, I--
-The way you were today...
If you give me just the half of it,
that will be enough.
Well, on that note...
-Let's go upstairs.
Let's just sit here. Just like that.
I love you.
Because you are my past and my future.
And this moment too.
I couldn't ask for more.
I'm back.
I'm back.
-Jai, you?
-Good morning.
-Are you okay? Everything all right?
-It's great.
-It's great?
-I understood.
-What, son?
-That what you did.
-I didn't do anything.
Everything is in your hands.
I know.
Can't find him. Just make everything
with the measurements we took that day.
I don't think there will be a problem.
If there is one, we'll see later.
What happened?
Nothing, I missed you a lot.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
You will never leave me
and we'll never fight.
It's you who is fighting
with Diya, go pacify her.
Oh, no.
-What happened?
-Is Diya inside?
Diya, Diya.
Diya, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about everything I said,
about you, about marriage.
I'm sorry for making you upset.
I'm sorry for making you cry.
You were right. I'm afraid of present.
And to think of tomorrow,
makes me jittery.
But I'm not scared anymore.
Because I wanna spend my present with you.
I love you.
I love you. I really love you.
Won't ask why?
-Why do I love you?
Ask me... please.
Because you are my past and my future.
And this moment too.
Did it take you all night
to think of this sentence?
No, actually, some 60 years.
Diya Kapoor, will you marry me?
-Diya, should I say something?
Just control your anger in future.
Otherwise there will be a problem.
You know what?
In life there are two kinds of people.
-Drivers and passengers.
-I'm a driver.
-I'm a driver.
-Okay, driver.
Take the wedding carriage out.
Who is the auspiciousness
in all the auspicious.
Salutations to you, O Narayani.
Panditji, I need
all seven circumambulations.
Wanna book her for seven lifetimes.
No shortcuts.
Hope you guys enjoyed!