Baadshaho (2017)

Your antique collection is really nice.
Please, come.
I have heard a lot about him.
The Rajputs owe their glory to him,
which was difficult
to achieve without him.
He gave the British sleepless nights
until his last breath.
Everyone knows him.
Well, our name and identity
is only limited to this city.
Whereas your family
is running the country.
Are you not going to show me?
I guess you have a keen interest
in my family.
Not just your family...
This bed is the center point of the city.
My father wanted his bed to be in a place
where he could hear the city's heartbeat.
Who sleeps on this bed now?
What happened?
Are you scared?
I was only trying to say
that there are no men left
in your family anymore.
What will a Princess do on this bed alone?
This sword belongs to my grandmother.
If I swing it four inches up or down,
there won't be any men left
in your family either.
- It's a very big party.
- Everything has been planned
- according to the queen's preference.
- Sir is here.
Your Highness, do you...
Sir, even though you
have many parties, something
- is different about this one.
- Shut up!
All these people who are celebrating
this day with her...
Once I'm through with her,
no one will even greet her.
I will write the last chapter
of Gitanjali's history.
My dear brothers and sisters.
The President has declared Emergency.
There is no need to panic.
Gitanjali Devi, arrested!
That should be the headline
of every newspaper tomorrow.
It's not an easy task to arrest Gitanjali.
Rudra, power is the first thing you
will lose during Emergency!
But sir, if we want
to arrest Gitanjali Devi
then, we will need a reason
as strong as Gitanjali Devi.
But we do...
We do have a reason.
The reason is that gold, that treasure
that she hid from the Indian Government
even after Privy Purses was abolished.
I rule this country now.
I want that treasure.
Arrest her. Threaten her.
Kill her. I don't care!
Use any means necessary.
Pardon me, sir, but Gitanjali Devi
is not easily intimidated.
Try to understand, Rudra.
You'll get to keep your job.
Maybe even get promoted,
and have a life, too...
And it's all connected to this treasure.
Do you understand?
Your Highness, one of the players
from our region
has been selected for the National team.
You should meet him.
What's the point?
There's an Emergency.
Newspapers won't publish anything.
And maybe by then,
this Emergency will be over.
We will meet him after that.
These are government orders.
The wealth that you have been hiding
from the government,
it's time for you to hand it over.
Where is it hidden?
Search the place.
Look everywhere.
Who sleeps on this bed now?
Sir, we didn't find anything.
You should have some tea, officer.
What will you do if you find the treasure?
Give it to the poor?
You know very well
that they only want my treasure
to fill their own pockets.
Prepare the headlines for tomorrow.
Gitanjali Devi arrested.
Pardon me, Your Highness
for sending dinner
without taking your order.
This is all we had on our menu.
Please eat, your highness.
Do you see him?
He is just as dangerous
as the other prisoners.
The only difference is his cap and badge.
Should I send him inside?
Warden Dilip Singh.
1,500Rs per month.
You have three daughters.
One is still unmarried.
Your wife works at the Chaudhary's manor.
She has opened an account
without your knowledge,
where she's saving money for the dowry.
You have all the information about me.
I know everything
about everyone in my city.
Where, what, and how much.
You can stop worrying
about me, Your Highness
and think about yourself.
Who and how many will come to rescue you?
One is good enough.
And when he arrives you will be left
without your cap and badge.
Your slogans should be loud enough
to shake the very foundation
of their Station.
- We're poor but we're not animals.
- We're poor but we're not animals.
Tear Gas!
If we don't get food,
we will fill the prisons up.
What is your name?
Didn't you hear?
Tell him your name.
What is this?
"Name: Bhawani Singh."
"Address: It's useless to you."
"Age: Does it matter?"
Good or bad, I excel in both."
Bhawani Singh,
from statuary warning to expiry date.
- Live...
- Lived life King-size!
What is this?
Life lasts just for four days.
And today is the fourth, sir.
That's the way I have lived it.
I have already made my arrangements.
In case I die, this will come in handy
as an obituary for the papers.
- I always carry this with me.
- I see.
So, you have a death wish!
Why don't we fulfill your wish, then?
Beat him.
Don't you dare touch me!
Who knows what you guys
have touched before this?
You want to beat me, don't you?
- How?
- What?
What the...
- Are you crazy?
- Like this?
Or like this?
Or like this?
How long am I going to stay here?
One or two days, what else?
One or two days, is that all?
Half the country is locked up in jail.
Thousands of fanatics like you
are roaming the streets, carrying a flag.
But just a couple of days?
- Even I have a reputation to keep.
- Are you a king of some sort?
If you were, then it will be
a long-term sentence like Gitanjali Devi.
Is she here, too?
She was a Queen in her palace.
Now, she's in the ranks of a tutor
who keeps narrating
Mahabharata to everyone.
Don't go near her.
That's exactly what I have come here for.
It's time to perform the final rites.
Whether Princess Gitanjali arrives, or...
Guards, attention!
High Angle!
One round!
The king is dead.
And looking at the Princess' behavior,
I don't think she will be able
to handle the empire.
She's a misfit from head to toe
and we are not used to her modern ways.
The Princess is calling you.
People are commenting behind my back
about my clothes, my friends...
I am sure you have heard.
Do you have the same opinion about me?
- That's not it.
- Then what is it, Bhawani?
Did I make a mistake?
No, let your enemies make mistakes.
I am surrounded by enemies!
And you're leaving me alone amongst them.
I thought you don't need me.
My father, the king, once said to me.
"There's only one man in this palace
that I can trust."
From now on,
you will stay with me all the time.
Like how you used to stay with the king.
As my personal security in-charge.
But, don't ever break my trust.
Trust me.
Loyalty runs in my blood.
A promise and a life
can only be given once.
From now on, they are both yours.
It's late and you didn't tell anyone.
Where are you going?
Give me the keys.
I won't give them
unless I know the reason.
Everything is over now
that the king is dead.
Our Privy Purse is finished!
And I'm left with nothing.
Our population is 1.2 million.
Who will look after them?
The government?
I don't want to live.
I don't want to live like a fake queen!
Give me the keys to the jeep.
Get in the jeep.
Who do you think you are?
No one ever dared to touch me,
misbehave or talk to me like this.
If the security isn't strict,
then what is the point of having one?
I can have you shot for such conduct.
Life lasts just for four days
and today is the fourth.
That's the way I have lived it.
What are you doing?
- Where are you taking me?
- I'm helping you end your life.
If you want to die
then it's pointless for me to live.
Because my life belongs to you.
I guess you're in more hurry to die.
The sooner the bad part
is over, the better.
Bhawani, stop the car!
Once you have faced death,
you will realize the value of life.
Your people look up to you.
If you're dead, who will they turn to?
Have you ever thought about that?
But who do I turn to when I'm in need?
I am completely alone.
Whether you walk
on a bed of roses or thorns...
you can't hug yourself in times of despair
nor can you cry on your own shoulder.
Everybody needs somebody.
Someone special.
I am with you.
On every step of the way.
Until the end.
That's my promise.
You can test me whenever you want.
I will change the story.
If I am no longer the queen,
will you still be with me?
All you have to do is call my name.
No one will be able to stop me
from getting to you.
There should always be two kinds
of people in your life.
One, like Krishna,
even though he won't fight your battle
he will make sure that you will win.
And the other like Karna,
who will fight for you until the end
even when he knows
you're heading towards defeat.
You give me courage.
I knew you would come.
But I never imagined
that we will meet here.
The speech is over. Disperse everyone.
Come on, get going.
- The speech is over.
- I'm in big trouble right now.
And whenever I am in trouble,
I think of you.
We will get you out of here.
- It's not about getting out of here.
- Then what?
What are you two planning?
Come on, end the meeting.
Get going.
You're the only man
who is fit for this job, Bhawani.
This is not the ideal place
to discuss this.
There's no time.
We're going to lose
our ancestral wealth and gold.
What gold?
It's worth millions.
I had saved it for bad times.
It was for the development of our city.
For those in need.
But the government
has forcefully taken possession of it.
What is wrong?
Are you with me?
Are you with me?
On every step of the way.
Until the end.
You're still lurking around. Get out now.
Do two days mean two hours in prison?
I guess you need to be taught
a good lesson.
What's the punishment
for assaulting an officer?
What do you mean?
All our gold is being transported
to Delhi in a truck.
And you must stop this truck at any cost.
But if the government is taking the gold,
then I guess they'll use it
to help the people.
Isn't that what you want?
Do you really think the government
is generous enough
to give it to the people?
This gold will only be used
to fill the home of my enemy Sanjeev.
Please Bhawani, you must stop them.
One more thing, meet up with Sanjana.
She will help you in every way.
She's the only one
who is allowed to meet me.
If you have a message for me,
give it to her.
And Bhawani, it's a lot of gold.
Don't worry.
The karat of your gold
can't ruin my character.
That truck will not make it to Delhi.
Take this Guruji.
Last move, Bhawani Singh.
There are two types
of people in this world.
The first one is who you drink with.
And the other is the reason
why you're drinking.
This thing boosts courage, Bhawani.
When are we going
to get Gitanjali out of jail.
Hey, Guruji.
One of your feet is in the grave,
and the other one is on a banana peel.
Plus, you can't even stand straight. Why?
And anyway,
I didn't call you here to save her.
Then, what is the meaning of Aakhri Dao?
Let him come, then I will tell you.
Him. That thief.
That fool. That scoundrel.
And yet, you still want him.
You can't neutralize poison with honey.
You need poison for it.
Have you sent him the message?
I have put up posters
in every infamous lane.
He's an old grain.
God knows which pot he will come out of.
"My innocent darling."
"Move your body slowly, slowly."
"Wherever you go, let's go together."
"My eyes and my dreams
are full of abandon."
"My days and my nights
are full of abandon."
"Everything about me is full of abandon."
"Your blue eyes tease me
all day and night."
"Your intoxicating eyes pierce
right through my heart."
"My innocent darling."
"Move your body slowly, slowly."
"Wherever you go, let's go together."
"My innocent darling."
"Move your body slowly, slowly."
"Wherever you go, let's go together."
"This lane..."
"This lane is for crazy lovers like you."
"Get down..."
"Get down and get a little funky, dude."
"I swear..."
"I swear once you start opening up,"
"I'll dance..."
"I'll dance like a crazy fanatic."
"Your blue eyes tease me
all day and night."
"Your intoxicating eyes pierce
right through my heart."
"My innocent darling."
"Move your body slowly, slowly."
"I'll take you along wherever I go."
"My beloved."
"Why are you so..."
"Why are you so shy?"
"Everyone here is naughty."
"Don't be..."
"Don't be fooled by my looks."
"I am a legendary...
"I am a legendary lover, darling."
"Your blue eyes tease me
all day and night."
"Your intoxicating eyes pierce
right through my heart."
"My innocent darling."
"Move your body slowly, slowly."
"Wherever you go, let's go together."
"Your innocent darling."
"Move your body slowly, slowly."
"I'll take you along wherever I go."
"My beloved."
Last move, Bhawani Singh.
- Stealing gold from the army?
- Yes.
I had a friend who dared
to get into a fight with the army.
- Do you know what happened to him?
- What?
He's dead.
If they are the army, we are the badasses!
Bhawani, this job is too dangerous.
I hope you haven't lost your mind.
No one will pay you 50,000Rs
for a puppet show.
But what good is 50,000Rs if we're dead?
The world is not like your mother
who will give you
everything served on a platter.
You have to work hard for it.
I have thought this through.
There is no safe in this world
that you can't crack.
And Dalia knows every dune in Rajasthan.
- And I am the third.
- Yes, you were always born ready.
- If the four of us work together...
- Oh, brother.
There's just three of us.
Who is the fourth one?
Oh, wow!
She looks after
Gitanjali's entire business.
- She is with us.
- Maybe.
Even the enemy can't defeat our army,
and there's just four of us.
We will neither get the gold
nor any sleep.
Think about it.
Why think before doing it?
Let's do it first and then be scared.
You mixed imported whiskey
with country liquor.
We won't get high or be able to digest it.
It will only cause us trouble.
I am indebted to Gitanjali.
I can take any risk for her.
I will not step down.
We will think about
the consequences later.
Life is short.
You shouldn't take long
to make big decisions.
- Are you looking at your wife's picture?
- Yes.
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking if I could endure her
all these years,
I can endure this, too.
Someone said it so right,
your friend can be your biggest enemy.
The army left Major Seher Singh
in charge of this entire mission.
- He is arriving today.
- Let him come.
Let's test him.
Sir, we will be arriving shortly.
Attention, please. Train number 12461,
Delhi-Mandore Express
is arriving on platform number one.
Train number 22422,
Delhi-Salasar Express traveling to Delhi
is delayed by 40 minutes.
My wallet has gone
in your pocket by mistake.
I don't make mistakes, sir.
Wait, sir.
You have turned
the entire city upside-down.
I just arrived.
Did you lose something?
I wouldn't have if you had not interfered.
Pardon me, sir, but I have an old habit.
I always change the story.
Don't bump into me again.
Otherwise, I will change your story.
I had a friend.
He was being chased
by an officer like him.
Do you know what happened to him?
- He died.
- Drink some water.
Honestly, Bhawani...
He's not just an officer,
he's going to be our death.
At least we know what death looks like.
So much gold.
Gold? Where is the gold?
There's no gold here.
We didn't find any gold here.
It was just a rumor.
This is Ali Baba's treasure, sir.
Have you called us here to steal this?
This time think of robbery as your duty.
And you know Sanjeev,
we can't say no to him.
Look, Seher, I know this job
is against your principles
but that's the situation we're in.
I get it, sir.
Thieves have principles,
but politicians don't.
You must deliver all of this to Delhi,
by road and alone.
You will have no one except for Somesh.
But Delhi is quite far from here
and is there no other arrangement.
If this had been an official mission
then, I would have sent
the entire cavalry with you.
But this is stealing.
Even the police shouldn't know about this.
- How many people know about it?
- Just us and Gitanjali.
- Have you met her?
- No.
I have heard she's gorgeous.
- Free our queen!
- Free our queen!
- Free our queen!
- Free our queen!
- Let our queen go!
- Let our queen go!
- Let our queen go!
- Let our queen go!
My name is Seher Singh.
And the government
has given me the responsibility
of transporting your gold to Delhi.
I have a request.
If you tell anyone about this
or inform the press or any
of your kin about your gold
then remember,
you will not only lose the gold
but you could also lose your life.
Deliver this to your government
along with the gold!
I have finished doing my research.
And there's only one route we can take.
Our route should be safe as well as short.
- Guruji.
- Yes?
Since this mission started,
there's a strange tune echoing in my mind.
Which tune?
- The tune of love.
- It happens.
You know what,
don't ever think you're alone.
- Let's go.
- What happened?
Let's go, quickly.
Now, even I believe that
this is a difficult job to pull off.
What did you see out there?
They have loaded
the entire gold in a truck.
Do you see this?
Even ten people are no match
for this lock.
It is a combination lock.
It only opens when you configure
the right number every time.
Just give me time and a good place,
then I can crack this lock with one hand.
The lock is not the real problem here,
it's the truck.
What is so special about that truck?
This is not an ordinary truck.
It has been specially made.
It is unbreakable and impenetrable.
There's a red button inside.
It's quite handy.
In case you face
any problem on the journey,
and if you feel the need,
just press that switch.
The entire truck will turn into a bunker.
For six hours, completely sealed.
No one can get in or get out.
Even if someone manages
to get to the truck,
he will be locked inside.
And what if that happens?
If that happens,
it's impossible to break this lock.
There's a radio in the truck, too.
Meaning, they can track
every moment of the truck.
This is an international level security.
Then, why do you need me?
I trust Indians brave hearts
more than the international security.
You decide when to leave.
We will leave on Wednesday
at 6:00 a.m., sir.
There's only four days to go.
How are we going to prepare for this?
This plan is a failure.
- Actually, Guruji, life passed us.
- How?
Look, brothers, a bed, bride
and brawl should always be equal.
This fight was never equal from the start.
We're saved.
Say something Bhawani.
There must be a way.
I can't believe that Bhawani
will accept defeat or give up.
I have known him since my childhood.
He can do anything for me.
You really trust him a lot.
For the world, he was my bodyguard.
But for me, he meant more than my life.
He can do anything for me.
Once Bhawani takes possession
of the truck,
come and meet me at Ranautar,
where we have our sand mines.
About 12km away from the border.
But how will you get out?
We only have four days.
Leave that to me.
Arrange for an airplane at Ranautar,
Sanjana, we don't have time.
Have faith in Bhawani.
He will definitely find a way.
Do you remember the story about the birds?
How they flew away with the net.
What do you mean?
What I mean is, we will have
to steal the entire truck.
What are you saying, Bhawani?
They have a radio.
They have the button. They have Seher.
Yes, they have a radio.
They have the button.
But we will have the truck.
You make it sound like it's
as easy as dragging the goat
by its feet and milk her.
You call me Guruji, don't you?
Don't you?
We will all get killed.
When it comes to keeping a promise,
life doesn't seem too valuable.
Women cause more trouble
rather than they do good.
What is the plan, Bhawani?
- We must stop that truck.
- And why will they stop the truck?
Just like how other vehicles do...
when they sense danger.
What if we block their way with a tree?
We will have to think of a danger
that they will not see as a threat.
Otherwise, they will press that button
before they slam the brakes.
Imagine Guruji lying unconscious
in the middle of the road.
He had a heart attack. He's dead.
You prophet of doom,
why are you sacrificing an old man?
If there's a dead man lying on the road
only dogs will come up to sniff the body.
What if it's a girl?
Then, the man turns into a dog.
- Not a bad idea.
- Give me your hand.
But why would a girl be lying
in the middle of the road?
What is the reason?
It looks fake. It needs something else.
We can do one thing.
I will overtake Seher's vehicle
on the highway.
Maybe then, he won't suspect
that this is all planned.
A girl driving her car really fast
on the highway,
She loses control
and gets into an accident.
What if the car is already
on fire while overtaking?
I'll drive the burning car
and you will watch the show.
What do you say, Dalia?
The truck has stopped.
What will Seher do next?
That truck is much more valuable
than a girl's life.
But a gentleman will definitely get down.
He will ask the other guy
to keep his hand on the button.
The truck stops.
Seher approaches the girl.
Then what will we do with the truck?
I have thought about that, too.
Then let's find a route where
we can make the explosion happen.
- Sanjana, go with Dalia.
- Me?
There is an Emergency.
You two will be questioned.
Tell them that you two
are on honeymoon and you got lost.
Dalia loves honeymoon.
I am thinking about getting
that tattooed on me.
We're going on our honeymoon
not to get a divorce.
Sit closer.
It should look like we have a permit.
This place is perfect for our job.
If the accident occurs here,
there's no way...
What is going on?
Out here?
It was an Emergency...
I mean, there is an Emergency.
You see...
most people don't venture
out of their homes, like me.
But the good thing is,
half the population is behind bars.
So there is hardly anyone
outside their houses anywhere.
So we thought...
But God knows where you popped up from.
Get out of here.
There's no place left for lovers to go.
Someone stole my wallet once.
He looked a lot like you.
Or was that you?
Take a good look at my face.
I don't steal wallets, sir.
I steal hearts.
Take my advice sir,
you better get out of here.
There's a storm coming.
This route can be someone's destination.
But sir, there are only sand dunes around.
Thieves come to such places.
"Be alert.
A thief will come to your city."
"Stay awake.
A thief will come to your city."
"Be alert.
A thief will come to your city."
"Stay awake.
A thief will come to your city."
"The thief will come one day."
"The thief will come one day."
"One day, death will come!"
"Be alert.
A thief will come to your city."
Have you heard?
The bigger the gun, the smaller the dick.
"Stay awake.
A thief will come to your city."
"He won't carry a bow, neither a cannon
nor a spear, nor a gun."
"He won't carry a bow, neither a cannon
nor a spear, nor a gun."
"He won't be visible."
"He won't be visible."
"And make you go around in circles."
"Be alert.
A thief will come to your city."
"Stay awake.
A thief will come to your city."
"Kabir says, this country is deserted,
there are no kin."
Sir, they will leave
with the gold tomorrow.
Doesn't matter when it leaves, Rudra.
But, it should be delivered to me.
Otherwise, you know how far
my connections are.
"Kabir says, this country is deserted,
there are no kin."
"Kabir says, this country is deserted,
there are no kin."
"You came in this world
with your fists closed."
"You came in this world
with your fists closed."
"And leave with your hands open."
"Be alert.
A thief will come to your city."
"Stay awake.
A thief will come to your city."
"The thief will come one day."
Meet us here after the blast.
"The thief will come one day."
"One day, death will come!"
Delhi is an eight-hour journey, sir.
Meaning, eight hours of danger.
Their eyes glitter
when they sense danger.
"Thief will come."
Dalia, drink.
Have a swig.
There will be no more cheap alcohol
starting tomorrow.
You're absolutely right, Guruji.
Have a drink.
Our fate is going to change tomorrow.
And soon I'll settle down, too.
You have already started making plans?
What else?
And there's a song playing
in my heart ever since we met,
I mean, since we have all met.
I am wondering how to take it forward.
Which song?
It's still raw.
Dalia, come here.
Dalia, come talk to your elders.
Sit next to me.
I'll be right back.
Come on.
Come on.
Don't ever think
that you're alone.
Guruji, stop drinking neat whiskey.
- Add some water.
- Why?
There's 70 percent water in the body.
When there's already water in my body,
why do I have to add some more?
Now he won't wake up
until tomorrow morning.
Hands up, all of you.
Let's go.
Who else is in the house?
We're all right here.
What are you guys planning?
We have been watching you
for a long time now.
- Khatri.
- Yes, sir?
Search the place. Search everywhere.
How can you search like this?
Where is the warrant?
Emergency is the only warrant we need.
And I won't rest until I find out
what is going on here.
Sir, look.
Bhawani, I will open that lock.
Don't you worry.
Remove the crowd.
I guess you guys
were planning something big.
- Khatri.
- Yes, sir?
Line them up and load them in the jeep.
Come on.
What now?
Now, our plan has completely failed.
Even this Inspector isn't ready to listen.
If we stay locked up here until morning,
Seher will get away.
From the city and from our grasp.
Try to wake up Guruji.
You stupid bastard,
why do you drink so much?
Give me a blanket.
What did you think?
The city's under lockdown,
so you can plunder.
Just wait until my senior arrives
tomorrow morning.
Inspector Bhatti.
Look at me.
In fact, take a good look at me.
From head to toe.
Are you watching closely, sir?
Do I look like a thief to you?
Please, let me go.
You see, ma'am...
We have only arrested you today,
but we have been following you
for a long time now.
And your womanly charm won't work on me.
These guns...
Where did you get all of these guns from?
How about some tea?
Leave now, Seher.
I'll leave ten minutes later.
Did you sleep with me as well?
Lord Shiva.
- What?
- Your job is opening locks.
So open this one.
- Do you have a hairpin?
- No.
She's not quite with the fashion.
- What?
- I have found a way.
The pin in her bra.
- Give us your bra.
- What?
Yes, there's a pin in your modern bra.
You go upstairs.
Let's go.
Run that way. Get out of here.
I wonder how far Seher has gone.
Delhi is still very far.
Faster Bhawani. Faster!
There's the truck.
Yes, that's it.
What is the plan?
We don't have any tools either.
Check if there's a toolkit there.
Yes, it has everything.
Yes, there is.
Sanjana, stay exactly behind the truck.
Keep a distance of ten feet.
They shouldn't be able to see the jeep
from inside the truck.
What are you thinking, Bhawani?
Do you see that?
Let's turn that truck into an oven.
Let's do it.
Careful Bhawani, don't make a mistake.
Guruji, I hope you know in which pocket
my resignation letter is.
A little further.
Look behind.
Careful. Take this.
The Military is here.
Come on.
- They shot me right above my gut.
- Guruji!
Move back.
That's better.
We got one and lost one. What do you say?
This is no longer an Army truck,
it's the Baadshaho wagon.
Your pawn has done the job.
He flee with the gold.
Your Highness, do you...
Good evening, Your Highness.
What is wrong?
It's such a wonderful party
but the host looks pale.
I will always remember this party.
I lost a good friend and...
made a bad enemy.
What happened?
Just give me the orders,
and I'll take care of your enemies.
Find out who is close to Gitanjali.
Don't spare anyone.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's go.
Maybe that's my fate.
Everyone leaves me eventually.
Who do I look up to?
I am completely alone.
Whether you walk
on a bed of roses or thorns...
you can't hug yourself in times of despair
nor can you cry on your own shoulder.
Everybody needs somebody. Someone special.
I will always be with you.
I won't let anything happen to you.
I'm an army officer after all.
I can handle anything.
The Army is different.
In politics, there's no morality.
Sanjeev can politically do anything.
Have you ever played Carrom?
There's always a cover with the Queen.
He is always with the Queen.
But he only unveils himself
at the last minute.
Starting today, I am your cover.
What are you doing here?
I thought you're going on a leave.
Everything is canceled,
thanks to this Emergency.
- It's unbearable.
- You only got your leave canceled.
No one knows what people
are facing out there.
Have you heard about Gitanjali Devi?
- Was she arrested, too?
- She didn't just get arrested.
I have heard that her entire treasure
has been seized, too.
When? Who?
Well, if the leave was being canceled
for such a case...
then, it would have been justified.
We will get to see
Gitanjali Devi in person.
And her treasure as well.
Sir, thank you for taking some time out
of your busy schedule.
I had too.
You said that it's urgent.
Sir, I only said it's urgent
because nothing urgent
is happening in my life
except for passing time.
When I was with you in the war,
those were the good old days.
We didn't sleep,
nor did we let our enemies sleep.
There's no fun left in life
after the war has ended, sir.
I, too, miss working with daring
and dependable officers like you, Seher.
But I only wish there
were no more wars in this world.
No, that's not what I meant.
War is terrible.
But sir, a soldier's life
without any action gets really boring.
Plus, I miss the learning experience
from an officer like you.
I wish I could go on another mission
that would make me successful.
I'll tell you if something comes up.
Okay, sir, I'll take your leave then.
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
Would you like to come
to Rajasthan with me?
Deliver this to your government
along with the gold.
What took you so long? Damn it.
You have no clue about the things
that happened with me.
Where were you?
Staying away from this face
was nothing less than a mission.
As soon as I heard about your arrest,
I put all my sources to work
and got involved in the case.
No one here knows how close we are.
Do you know about the gold?
I know everything about the gold.
Where and how it's going
to be transported.
Where do you want it delivered?
The job of the police
and thief are different.
You're not going to steal it.
Bhawani will.
Who is Bhawani?
My bodyguard.
He will steal the gold,
and you will let him take it away.
The police and the thief are mine.
Let's see what Sanjeev will do
to get my gold now.
The gold is in my security.
I can take it wherever I want.
So why do we need Bhawani?
It's not as easy as you think, Seher.
Don't think the government is weak.
If anything goes wrong...
If the robbery goes wrong,
then Bhawani will get arrested.
Everyone will go after him.
No one will suspect you.
And if Bhawani succeeds, then...
as soon as I get the gold,
I'll cross the border.
Then, it will be between
Bhawani and the government.
So, in both the cases,
Bhawani will be my scapegoat.
Have you ever played cards?
The king of hearts always
has a dagger pierced in his heart.
But, no one knows who stabbed him.
I am sure it must be a queen.
- Let the queen go.
- Let the queen go.
- We won't tolerate this dictatorship!
- We won't tolerate this dictatorship!
- Let the queen go.
- Let the queen go.
We won't tolerate this dictatorship!
- Let the queen go.
- Let the queen go.
- Get me the map of this entire area!
- Right, sir.
- How many hospitals in this area?
- Just two government hospitals, sir.
Seal the border.
Alert all check posts.
Don't let any vehicle through
without being thoroughly checked.
I'm sure they'll go to a hospital
to extract the bullet.
Send forces to both hospitals.
- Sir.
- Announce a reward
in exchange of any information about them.
But then everyone will know
and you wanted to keep this a secret.
But it would be wrong to hide it anymore.
Sir, have you ever caught a snake?
One has to carefully sneak up behind it
and grab it by its neck.
They will take this route to the border.
I admit we couldn't get a hold on them.
But the truck has gotten
so heavy due to the gold.
And this is the only cemented road.
Let's deploy our forces here.
You want our forces
to be deployed on this road
so that they can take the other route out.
Is this your plan or theirs?
You're the security in-charge.
Your plan.
Your route.
And we're the only ones
who knew about this plan.
Then, how did this happen?
If you were the only ones
who knew about this plan
then you must have sent them.
I felt exactly the same way, sir.
But if we keep fighting amongst ourselves,
they will benefit from it.
You're forgetting
that there is a third person
who knew about this plan.
These hunters are chasing us birds...
they will clip our wings
with a single bullet.
Who knew that there would
be another team following Seher?
I had a friend...
he also didn't know about the other team.
- Do you know what happened to him?
- He died!
We must get the bullet out, or else...
If we go to the hospital,
we will be arrested.
They know that he has been shot.
They won't miss this opportunity.
We won't give them this opportunity.
The doctor will take his bullet out...
It doesn't matter which one.
Who came here to see Gitanjali?
A lawyer came to see her once
along with a man.
- You guys keep coming often, and...
- And what?
Who else came to see her?
Sir, there was a guy...
He was well-built.
He was hovering around Gitanjali
for a long time.
I even had a scuffle with him.
- Somesh, get a sketch of that guy's face.
- Right, sir.
Victor to Charlie.
An army truck has been stolen.
Alert all check posts.
Don't let that truck through at any cost.
This truck is not like normal army trucks.
You will recognize it
as soon as you see it.
There are four people in it.
Victor to Charlie.
Alert all check posts.
Sir, you have to get up.
I think this is serious.
I repeat, there are four people.
There is a reward on each one.
Shoot them at sight.
They should not escape.
Whoever stops the truck
will get a big reward.
As soon as I hear about money,
the excitement gives me goosebumps.
We're going to stop this truck now.
You see, I like working for rewards
and not for just a pat on my back.
Sir, I think I can see your reward
coming towards you.
Setup the barricades. Block the road.
- Get your guns.
- Yes, sir.
Come on. Block the road.
Setup the barricades!
We've got police in front.
And army behind us.
What now?
How much longer will it take?
Look out for bullets!
You aren't doing the right thing.
Sir, there is danger in the quarry
as the blasting process is on.
This is the guy, sir.
I can never forget those eyes.
I know him.
His name is Bhawani Singh.
He is Gitanjali Devi's old bodyguard.
I am sure he stole that truck.
Then, Gitanjali will tell us
where her pawn is hiding.
Do I look like an animal?
What is this place?
Tell me!
The police will be looking
for us in other hospitals.
This is the only safe place.
We will patch you up here.
Even veterinarians are doctors, too.
This is not fair.
You two stay here and be alert.
Everything is going wrong.
The police are still chasing us.
They must have informed everyone
over the wireless.
How will we get to the border?
That's why we're heading to Kansi village.
Kansi Village?
What is that?
All I can say is they are fierce bandits.
They can strip you naked
before you can bat an eyelid.
They are dangerous but trustworthy.
And they respect Bhawani.
But how will they help us?
Just like how smelters melt iron,
they melt gold.
The Army and Police
are looking for this truck.
How will we move so much gold?
These people will melt
this gold into liquid.
Then, we won't need this truck.
They can keep looking for this truck.
After that, if we carry the gold
in a bullock cart,
we will still make it safely across.
Then you will go your way
and I'll go mine.
Where does your way lead?
I am like a Rajasthani camel, madam.
No matter where you take me,
I'll find my way back home.
Why the long face?
Are you enjoying this game
of hide-and-seek?
When we first met,
we didn't even know each other.
But now...
Is there a song playing
in your heart too, madam?
You're mind functions
in one direction at all times.
You have no shame at all.
Shame and I don't fit
in one sentence, madam.
Now, what have I said, madam?
I am not a camel who can go on
for days without eating.
I am hungry, my stomach is aching.
I can't think of anything else but hunger.
You look really cute when you cry.
I have removed the bullet.
It's a deep wound.
Where are taking him in this condition?
With all this gold we're carrying...
I knew the cavalry
would get here sooner or later.
It's aching.
What are you doing?
That painkiller is for horses.
Now, even if he gets beaten up,
he won't feel it.
What are you doing?
We should be helping them.
- What kind of a friend are you?
- Madam, I am a great friend
but we must save ourselves first.
Tell me everything in three seconds
or it's game over.
Where is the truck?
Where is the truck headed?
I don't care if you're a princess.
It's either going to be your head or mine.
Let's go out.
Seher, come on.
Come on.
Let's go out.
Are you out of your mind, officer?
She's the queen.
If anything happens to Gitanjali,
her people will burn the entire city down.
She's the thief and we're scared?
You're the thief only when you're caught.
And right now we have no one.
Then let's release her. Let her go.
So that she can take her gold
and get away.
Of course.
That's what I want.
What do you mean?
We will get that gold only when she does.
Once she's out of here,
her only priority will be to get the gold.
It's either Gitanjali will call Bhawani
or he will call her.
Once these thieves meet,
we will meet them, too.
No, Seher.
I can't take such a big risk.
We will lose everything
if Gitanjali escapes.
I'll watch her.
I won't let hero out of my sight.
We don't have an option.
This is the only lead.
We just received a call
from Asop District.
Two men have been arrested
from a hospital.
And I think it's them, sir.
I don't like asking the same question
over and over again.
Tell me. Where is the truck?
The longer you stay quiet,
the louder you will scream.
Where is the truck?
Where were you taking it?
My third eye isn't open.
I don't see the truck.
You won't be able to eat
or even clean your own ass.
That's what I'll do to you
if you don't tell me.
Bhawani, brother.
I hope your love is true.
Turns out we got butchered
to be served on a plate.
But the woman is vegetarian.
What have you done? You set it on fire.
Inspector, I am not a chicken.
Why are you roasting me?
Stop torturing that old man.
Ask me whatever you want.
I will...
But I don't get one thing.
Why would they involve an old man
like you in this big heist.
You have no strength left in you,
and you don't look too smart either.
So what is your job, huh?
Do you crack safes?
Where is the truck? Where is it? Tell me.
You won't tell me...
But you will tell me, right?
Tell me where it is.
Tell me. Where is the truck?
What is in it?
Tell me. Where is the truck?
You won't listen...
You won't listen like this...
Get the battery. Fire this thing up.
He will talk now.
He will talk now.
Very good.
You won't listen like this...
You won't talk, will you?
Release his hands. Put these on.
Put it in your fingers.
Now tell me, where is the truck?
You crack safes...
You crack safes, don't you? Take that...
Now, crack safes.
Where is the truck? Tell me.
Tell me. Where is the truck?
Tell me...
You wanted the gold, didn't you?
My mother used to say that I'm pure gold
from head to toe.
Come on.
That way...
Let's go.
Leave me.
Tie up your hands with this.
Tie up your hands.
- Come on.
- Leave me.
Untie me.
You guys are great.
Everyone should have friends like you.
Like me?
You're doing so much for Gitanjali.
She's so lucky.
You even risked your life for her.
What is the worth of a love
that leaves you safe and sound?
If the king had a son...
even he couldn't
have handled things like you do.
You're just like the king.
No, I don't want to be like the king.
He was high on money and power.
All I want is love.
I want to open a school in this village
so children like her can get an education.
Are you the queen?
Yes, dear. I am the queen. Like her.
Then, you must be drinking blood.
No, dear. I don't drink blood.
Who told you that I drink blood?
My mother.
Where is your mother?
Have you lost your mind?
Do you want to ruin my fields?
Have you lost your mind?
She's the queen!
Your Highness,
don't set foot on my fields.
Or else, it will turn against me like you!
I am here to help you!
I understand your anger.
I know about your troubles.
I understand your pain.
It's easy to sweet-talk
when you have a full stomach.
One can only vent anger
on an empty stomach.
Try working under the sun for a minute,
and you will understand.
We work hard to earn our meals.
We don't snatch it from others, like you.
Give me that shovel.
I will work with you
until your problems are solved.
Until you find water.
It's not in the queen's powers
to make it rain.
Have you all forgotten how to behave
in front of the queen?
You're a queen and a fairy, too.
You helped my mother.
But my mother doesn't
have anything to give you.
I do.
- Long live...
- The queen!
- Long live...
- The queen!
- Long live...
- The queen!
- Long live...
- The queen!
- Long live...
- The queen!
- Long live...
- The queen!
- Long live...
- The queen!
There's not much difference
between me and this doll.
One layer beneath the other.
No one can see my real face.
One for the world. One for my kin.
And one for myself.
Can't you guys even untie yourselves?
Untie me.
Who is it?
Untie me.
Untie me.
They escaped from your check post.
Now, from your jail.
Is this uniform only for trotting around?
We were only interrogating them.
But suddenly, out of nowhere...
Out of nowhere you can
be stripped off this uniform.
- Seher!
- Leave me.
Don't lay a finger on my uniform!
Did they say anything
at the hospital or the police station?
We questioned them in every way we could.
But they didn't say a word.
Sir, we're losing time.
I think you should take a call.
Let Gitanjali go.
I don't care if I get the reward or not.
But I am going to kill them for sure.
Release the queen!
Dictatorship won't be tolerated!
Release the queen!
Dictatorship won't be tolerated!
Release the queen!
Dictatorship won't be tolerated!
Release the queen!
Dictatorship won't be tolerated!
Take me to the border.
What took you so long, Bhawani?
I ran into the police on the way.
No wonder you hitched
on this government vehicle.
Now, it's all in your hands.
Sir, we just got news from Jodhpur Palace
that Gitanjali never made it there.
Seher Singh didn't carry
out the orders given to him.
And he's missing, too.
When this handle moves,
it means that we're one step closer.
Guruji, at any cost...
we have to leave before sunrise.
Then, I don't even want to hear
the sound of you guys' breathing.
This lantern is out, too.
Is everything all right?
Did anything go wrong?
Did Bhawani get caught?
He did get caught
but he managed to escape.
Then, why do you look worried?
Is the gold safe?
As long as Bhawani
is on your side, it's safe.
My eyes are burning.
- Get a wet cloth.
- Okay.
- Sir, Durjan speaking.
- Yes?
A private plane just landed in Ranautar.
I can't do this.
My fingers have stiffened.
What if we cut the entire door
with a welding machine?
Open up.
If there's no sand in my eyes
and noise in my ears,
then I can try again.
I have an idea for that.
Horse's injection.
Horse's goggles.
I am a human being for God's sake.
Did it make a difference?
If I can open this one then,
I can open the rest.
Slow and steady!
The handle is turning.
There are still four to go.
Diwali is still far away.
Don't start celebrating just yet.
It's opened. He's still childish.
Just one more to go, Guruji.
Work your magic one last time.
Lord, take us across.
Keep turning.
Look at this.
This is like Ali Baba's treasure.
Go lift it.
There's enough gold here
to feed even our future generations.
What do you say, Bhawani?
Are you thinking what I am thinking?
- Thakur!
- Yes, Bhawani?
Dump the gold in fire.
This is wrong.
We came here empty-handed,
and we're leaving empty-handed.
All our efforts are wasted.
Bhawani, this is wrong.
This one is for you.
Prepare to leave.
Okay. Let's go wake up Guruji.
Thakur, thank you.
Don't forget this face
and remember my address.
And if you ever need me, don't hesitate.
You make it sound
like we will never meet again.
I am the King of hearts, madam.
I do as I please
and I walk with my head held high.
Today I am with you,
but maybe tomorrow, who knows?
Maybe on a different route.
Let's go. Everyone is ready.
Look, Dalia.
I'm telling you,
don't ever think that you're alone.
You're always saying,
"Don't ever think that you're alone."
Just tell me what it means.
Will you let me cry on your shoulder?
Or be my crutch if I break a limb?
Or die with me? What does it mean?
Don't get angry.
All I am trying to say
is don't ever think that you're alone.
There are a million idiots
like you who are love sick.
I'll be right back.
"No companion with me anymore."
Someone get me a cup of tea.
Let's make sure
that there will be no witnesses left.
As soon as we get the gold...
we will disappear into thin air.
Gitanjali's duty is over
and now mine begins.
Lower your guns or else,
it will be game over for her.
Go on.
You're surprised, aren't you?
One girl and two lovers.
And when she was in trouble,
both of them came to her rescue.
Her lover and her savior.
Meaning, we're just your scapegoat.
If it went well, you get the entire loot.
It was Gitanjali's plan all along.
And he thought this is love.
You're betraying the guy
who risked his life for you?
Oh, shut up.
The biggest liars are people
who try to assert
that they are doing it for others.
When the truth is, Bhawani stayed
with me only to keep his promise.
You're simply repaying your debts.
And this guy, because he's a friend.
No one has ever done anything for me.
If I knew that this
is what you were thinking, then...
Then what?
Then, I would have
never let them take it here.
But it's too late now.
You can keep your love...
and your treasure.
What is this, Bhawani?
Where is my gold? Where is my treasure?
The eyes are an expert secret keeper.
They see one thing
and show something else.
They convey one thing
and desire something else.
There's not much difference
between me and this doll.
One layer beneath the other.
No one can see my real face.
"You drink blood, too."
This isn't a doll
it's an insult to me.
How dare that ordinary woman talk
to me like that?
She made me stand under the sun
without an umbrella,
I'll snatch the roof over her head.
You're saying this because you're not
in the right state of mind.
Burn that village where she insulted me!
Destroy everything.
I cannot do that.
Once I have made up my mind,
nothing can change it.
If you don't do it,
then someone else will.
Stop the car.
That day, the fire burned more
in my heart than it did in the village.
But I thought, maybe you did
all of this in a fit of rage.
I thought, maybe if I talk you
you will realize your mistake.
If you look at something
that glitters for too long
you will get blinded by it.
That's exactly what happened to me.
With all the glitter around you,
I couldn't see your real face.
I could have created a scene at the party.
But I realized, that won't make
any difference to you.
Maybe that's my fate
That everyone leaves me eventually.
Who do I look up to?
I am completely alone.
Everyone needs somebody. Someone special.
That day, I decided that...
Someday, I'll make your plight
the same as that woman.
Time screws everyone!
From time to time...
At the right time...
And in the right way.
You got smarter by being in the sun.
You had given me your word,
you will always be by my side.
I had also said
I'll change the story.
Life is already coming to an end.
Please tell everyone
that you had a friend,
who stayed with his friends.
Do you know what happened to him?
What happened?
He died.
Will you tell everyone, Bhawani?
I will. But first, you have to die.
The bullet just grazed you.
If one could die from that,
all of us would have been dead.
God just came to see me in my dreams.
He said that He has no time
to come down for us.
So you will have to help yourself.
- But the bullet hit me.
- Where?
- See?
- What a drama queen!
All we got do is sing a sad song now.
You know what, you can wear
a white saree and carry a lantern.
Bhawani, you play the mouth organ.
And I'll call Thakur. Let's prepare...