B-Happy (2003)

Run away, run away
I'm not afraid of anything
...neither dogs
...or gypsies
...or night
...or wind
...or earthquakes
I'm not afraid of anything
I'm not afraid of anything
...or fires
...or cemeteries
...or the stars
I'm not afraid of anything
You went too far Danilo!
Don't screw with me Katty.
I've got such a hangover.
Mom's going to arrive,
what'll she say?
We were so crazy last night.
You're really getting out of hand.
They brought me back crawling.
Hello girl.
Hi mom.
Have you been here
all day long?
Why don't you
exploit the location.
For you.
And this present,
it's your surprise for me?
No, that's tomorrow.
We'll be going on a trip.
Hey kid, give me that
it's mine...
I didn't know it was yours,
take your shitty present.
You cheeky...
Not even a hello.
Hello... Don't smoke indoors.
I've told you...
Tomorrow Katty,
tomorrow's your day.
now look over here.
We've got to go,
our visit is about to start.
Next please.
But mom.
Shut up...
And this?
You can't take this in.
Get a move on... come on.
Katty, say hello to your dad.
You explain it to her,
it was You who wanted to see her.
You look so big my girl!
Isn't she beautiful?
My Katty!
I've only got a
few weeks left here.
I promise I'll change my ways.
Don't tell me, try
explaining to the girl.
Girls, how are you all?
Hello, hello Katty.
No pushing; last one
closes the door.
How was your vacation?
Let's write an essay...
about what each one
did on their vacation.
I myself saw Aunt Carmen who's 93,
a lovely old girl.
Had a great time;
she lives in Pichidangi.
That's on the coast...
You must be the new boy?
That's right miss.
Guillermo Gmez, or not?
That's right, Guillermo...
but they call me Chemo.
Sit down Chemo;
Choose where to sit and
then stay there all term.
...she's 93 years old and
is my Aunt Carmen...
She's a happy person.
It's very important in life
to be happy, children...
Very important, and she showed
me to be... happy.
Hello Katty...
Waiting for the bus?
Yes, I'm going home.
It's about twenty minutes out in the country
Do you mind if I ask.
Is it true what they are saying,
that your dad's in prison?
Yes; so what?
Hey Katty.
Don't get angry, sorry...
But it must be great
to have a crooked dad.
Mine comes home angry
every single day.
What's there to do here?
Depends what you want.
I've just arrived from PuntaArenas.
It's really pretty there,
ships come from all over the world.
...like this one
This is Chemo 2001.
It's for you.
So how did you get here
They transferred my dad for work.
But you know, I always
wanted to go toArica.
I don't know... Arica, Punta Arenas...
I feel like I'm getting closer each time.
- You're still here, hurry up.
- I'm off.
You'll arrive late... bye.
Remember, put the cat out.
Need to make the list
of all the items missing.
See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
You're off?
Yes... we're closed.
And the goods?
Franco, did you forget to give them to her?
Oh honey, I forgot.
Wait, I'll get them at once.
The tins are the ones
I told you about,
...and the sweets are
for both kids...
but the celery's specially
for Katty from me...
Thank you Gladys.
See you tomorrow Franco.
Until tomorrow...
Say hi to Katty for me.
How wonderful,
spring's arrived!
That's crazy,
If you take us we'll pay
for your pinball.
Me first.
I've told you
not to smoke indoors...
Are you going out?
Just around here.
But tomorrow you have to
go to work, and it's dark.
Keep cool...
Why don't you stay in?
Why stay, to watch TV?
Don't give a shit aboutTV!
Look Katty,
in this life
you can't choose your dad.
You can choose a cat or
a dog, but not your dad.
What's yours is yours.
You just have to live with it.
Your dad's not so bad,
it's worse to be a bastard.
You'll learn to love him.
But why me...
a crook, and in jail.
Just shut up Katty...
You're making me miss my soap opera.
Pass the salt.
Leave it there.
Here's to your dad, Katty.
Come on, brighten up.
You're so handsome... hair's greyer.
And you honey bunny
It's been ages since
I've seen my mom so happy.
Don't be dumb...
It may look romantic...
she's just horny!
He always gets what he wants.
Look how he's got her... relaxed.
Shit this is good;
hot and tasty
You've gotten so big!
Come and eat...
Radomir, what are you
going to do today?
What do you mean nothing?
Why not go out,
see if you can find a job.
Don't hassle me, I've just gotten out.
I'm looking a little pale.
I'd be great if you could get a job.
And stop all the
gossip from going around.
When I was in jail...
And that's where
I'm at... trying to be... positive.
That's all very good, but
you've got to do something.
If you would do that... our
lives would turn for the better
Why not?
I was just passing by...
brought this for the house.
Thanks Franco.
Hey Radomir... how's it going?
How was the vacation?
So, so.
Need a hand?
Thinking of staying long around here?
We'll see...
He's the same as ever,
people don't change.
Are you off to the village?
I'm tired of this hell hole.
All this shit around, the ducks, the pigs...
So what are you waiting for?
I just want to get away.
To get some cash.
I have a tour coming up
that's taking me up north.
Is that so?
Perhaps you can be useful to me.
You're my friend.
What are you doing here?
Just a few days ago.
And how's business?
I'm not mixed up in that
scene anymore.
Just working here, I'm happy,
keep cool, get it?
Last time they caught me,
they beat the shit out of me.
Who'd fucking believe it,
you speaking like this.
You've got a lovely girl,
you should think about her
Change your ways,
don't get mixed up again.
I hear they need people here,
I can put you in touch.
I'm looking for employees.
What can you do?
Look, around here,
you've got to be responsible.
These machines are heavy.
Any accident involving a kid
and we're done.
Don't worry.
But I need to tell you...
I just got out ofjail.
What the hell!
I've got it all under control,
no problem.
Is she your daughter?
Come and see me in 2...
no... in a few weeks.
Wait for me.
Get in Katty...
Thank you buddy!
Get out Katty;
we need to park the car.
For me Radomiro?
...and with surround?
And this is for you baby.
...old man
...can I keep it?
- What's up?
What do you mean?
You think I'm stupid;
where did you get the money?
That's my business.
You fucked up again...
and who's the one that has to stay here!
Quit bugging me!
Go to hell!
Katty, sit down.
here I am with
my cousins...
Here's grandpa'...
grandpa' Mardovich
He sure loved Chilean women!
They sure would go crazy
for any man with blue eyes.
That's where the Mardovich
first arrived, back
in 1949.
One day we'll go.
Why not?
Can I have this photo?
a Mardovich...
Katty Mardovich!
Bye daddy.
Mom told you not to
smoke in her room.
What's it to you?
Where did you get the money?
jump like this.
Over here, come and dance.
I've got a present for you.
The Little Prince,
I haven't heard of it...
I wrote something... a dedication...
I'm giving you this book full of words...
which is another way to fly...
Good luck Katty.
And I signed it,
Chemo 2001.
The cake... the cake.
Hey everyone... the cake's arrived.
Mom I told you...
dad promised he'd come.
Something must have
happened, let's start.
No, we'll wait.
That's right... the cake...
wise up, he's not coming.
He's never been there for you.
Let's celebrate without him.
And a one, and a two...
See, I told you so...
...Good evening...
Hello mam, we have a
few questions to ask you.
- You're having a party?
- Yes, my girl's birthday
- And how old is she?
Looks like a lot of people.
We're looking for a so
called Radomir...
There have been a lot of
robberies around here.
Kids, it's time to go;
I'm sorry.
Tomorrow I'll bring you some cake.
You two, go to your rooms.
- But mom.
- Let's go Kid.
Happy birthday, Katty.
What's over there?
Just mice, that's all...
Take a look if you want.
And your dad didn't
bring you a present?
Far as I know, no...
How long since you last
saw your daddy?
What did you say?
What you heard,
that's my business.
Smart ass little girl...
Why don't you go,
this is my room.
So you like the cake?
Just watch it.
Great birthday I had...
Good morning children!
Morning miss.
Whose late, Katty hurry up.
Come on...
I get the wallet.
And the lighter,
...the lighter's mine, quick.
Hello Katty.
- Did you see the handbag.
- What's going on?
Or rather... be happy.
Young people...
Something serious has
happened this morning.
Someone stole Miss Lavalle's handbag.
Whoever did it stand up...
So no one did.
Katty, come with me.
Let's go
thank you miss.
Two girls saw you with
the handbag in the toilet.
Bring them if you want;
I told you it wasn't me.
If you took the purse just
give it back...
We only want to help you.
Watch where you're heading.
We have discussed your family
problems before.
Sit down Katty.
It wasn't you, was it?
You don't believe me,
shit you're all the same.
Fucking assholes!
I'm not going back there again!
Don't take it like that,
it's not so serious.
Hey, but one thing.
Don't forget your promise.
Hey... don't go crazy,
it's not so serious.
So how long do you think
to carry on defending him?
A delinquent...
And all he's ever done is cause trouble.
He's my kid's father
...and I don't like it when
people mess him up.
What can I say?
If only you'd listen.
More than once I've
listened to you...
You know very well...
better not confuse things.
He's still my husband
for as long as he's alive.
So pretty when you're angry
Good afternoon.
You're Mrs Mardovich?
Can you come with us please?
Follow me please.
Radomir Mardovich Pe'96a...
It was a terrible shoot out.
This way please.
Katty, stop it!
That isn't Radomir.
Are you sure?
Of course.
That's what I told you.
Maybe they changed the tag.
They told me on the right...
and that's where I put it.
Yeah, on the right!
Things are getting too loose around here.
And this one?
It's Tulio mom.
Shut up!
You know the deceased?
He was wearing your husband's clothes.
I had nothing to do with it.
You must tell the truth.
You knew Tulio GonzalezArancibia.
There was a robbery.
You've lied to us mam',
I'll have to file charges against you.
And be grateful you're
with your daughter,
...or else you'd be arrested.
You always have to open
that big mouth of yours.
How often have I told you
to shut up you stupid idiot!
The mess you've got us in!
But it was Tulio!
What's it to you?
You and your dad, I'm sick of both of you.
No excuse this time.
He's not setting foot in my house
ever again!
Open your eyes.
Turn around.
You look like a good girl.
Ask Gloria for credit on
some milk and oil...
...before the bus arrives, quickly...
Hey mom!
Nelson's car's over there.
Don't get like that mom.
Don't cry.
Come on mommy, I'll take you home...
Get in sis', I'll take you.
Is that right, Nelson?
What's up sis'?
Where's Danilo
He went out.
I feel nauseous.
Call our neighbor Juana.
Hello... Juanita.
Who is it?
What's up?
What's wrong Mercedes?
For god's sake!
I've got such a headache,
I can't see clearly.
These flu bugs today,
they're not like before.
My sister got it hard;
spent two days as twisted as a hen.
I can't feel my toes...
And your brother,
when does he arrive?
Don't know; we never know.
We can't do anything now
...but early tomorrow
I'll take you to the clinic.
For now... here's some pain killers...
Bye Mercedes, please brighten up.
...sleep with me, darling.
Mom, mom, wake up.
Cometh the day when the
buried shall hear his voice.
The good will resurrect
and return to life.
Those of evil deeds
will suffer damnation.
My brother's,
don't be sad.
Can I stay with you?
I can't sleep.
What shall we do?
Dad isn't coming back, is he?
Just have to get by...
like everyone else.
We'll be all right.
It's all business...
and what do politicians do -
make more money...
All in it for themselves...
Well it's the 15th and your credit's
at its limits.
Clean that quickly
so it's nice and clean...
What are you doing?
It's that I've found a job
...along with Nelson.
But not around here
so I need to make a move.
You're leaving me alone?
No way, just a few weeks.
And who knows if...
making love...
all night long...
I end up singing in the band.
You're going... and never coming back.
I told you no...
Let's go.
Up to Arica and around
then back, just one week.
Why don't you lend us some
cash for the girl?
This is just an advance.
Don't get used to it.
I don't want that money
A little to keep you going.
Making love...
It'll all be fine, ciao
She's not in...
I'm not afraid of anything,
...neither gypsies
...or night
I'm not afraid of anything
Dad is it you?
...did you read the book?
I've got another one,
About a man who has to carry
a stone over a peak.
Well, it's impossible...
but he's condemned to do it
over and over again.
It's really good.
Must be really crazy
living all alone.
Aren't you afraid?
At the beginning, but you learn
to live with fear.
And that painting?
They say it's the devil.
When I was a kid I used to have
a copy just like it.
I came about the rabbits.
You did invite me...
I went yesterday.
But I've got an idea.
Take your shirt off.
I said, take your shirt off.
Are you afraid?
I'm not afraid.
And now your pants.
What for?
What do you think?
Why are you laughing;
do I look funny?
you look lovely.
Lie down.
Do you like me?
And this little surprise?
I don't know.
They say that the first time you do it...
you never forget...
So... l'll never forget you.
Your eyes,
the silly things
you talk about...
...your smell...
But don't worry,
all I want...
is some affection.
...hold on...
where are you going?
Just round here, then of home.
How about you?
Nowhere, just here...
What happened with Chemo?
Oh, nothing...
Tell me, you promised to.
Go on...
We were alone at home.
And what happened?
Did it hurt?
...then it was beautiful.
Got to get used to it...
And what's Chemo like?
A bit shy, but tender.
Something you choose in life.
If you can't pick your dad...
or your country...
...at least you can choose
your first guy.
There, looks great.
Like the shop girl said.
Look how lovely she looks
with the top I bought her
You made a gesture just like
your mom...
Every day mother watches
and protects you.
She'll send you a good man
...one who really loves you.
Ok, get going.
Look after the girl.
Hey pretty babe...
Lousy celery the other day;
not buying yours any more.
Ok, want anything else?
Whatever you want...
Raul, whatever she wants,
just bring it to her
A bright
girl like you...
...doesn't need to be alone.
Why wait for your dad?
Why, won't he come back?
he's in Valparaiso.
in jail.
But understand,
with me, you'll lack nothing.
Cut it out.
I'm getting out.
What's wrong, what's wrong,
Where are you going Katty?
Where are you coming from?
Just took Katty home.
Why do you look like shit?
Crashed into some animals
some idiots left on the road.
They said the truck was in a field.
What were you up to?
What field - that's those
same idiots whose animals...
I want to lie down; got a headache.
Go to bed on your own.
Button your shirt.
Morning neighbour; sleep well?
Like some breakfast?
- Hi boys, I'm here.
- You're here fag.
Luchita, long time no see;
- So the avocados arrived?
Of course.
Sit over there.
You're wrong young lady,
your dad's not detained here.
But they told me...
The last we knew
he was in the hospital.
You live with a relative?
No, alone, I just got here.
I've got an idea...
We'll send you somewhere...
Get in.
She is also going to corrections.
Tell them she has no record,
they will contact them.
But I haven't done anything.
Get in.
Don't you be watching me girl.
I'll smash your face in!
Come on, dump them.
Young ladies look closely
at that gentleman...
Jose Errazuriz Zepeda
...who, fifty years ago,
donated this building...
...so that you,
young girls of ill repute...
...could have a decent home.
Another one here by mistake.
Tell me you stole some gum.
Do you want a smoke?
Watch your back or they'll
fuck you like they did to my sister
She was even on the news.
Want me to tell you why?
Sure you don't want
me to tell you, Katty?
Quickly, into the shower.
Ticklish Katty?
Here we'll wash your butthole...
This bread's so hard.
So you're Katty, the one who's
arrived here by accident,
and wants to make a call
so someone can get you out.
Don't worry, on Tuesday I'm
you are, why you're here
why you have no record and
what it was you did?
You're going to spend
the weekend here...
Please, I need to speak to you.
Pulga does all she wants.
They can't do this to me,
let me explain, please...
Leave her here a moment,
and you wait outside...
wait for me...
It was all your fault...
Yes but things can change...
I don't want to go, you can't
treat me this way, please...
You've known me since I was little...
You've got to give me another chance...
Mummy, don't be like this,
you know I love you so much.
I don't want to go,
Please mummy...
I'll never be bad again;
let me prove it to you...
Don't let them take me from you,
I'll look after you, don't let them
separate us, mummy...
Fucking let go...
Asshole, don't follow;
you're better off without me.
I'm so happy to see you.
How did you get here?
It's a long story.
They operated.
But now I'm better.
Pass the sugar:
I don't know why I came.
Never could count on you.
You're my father...
but don't worry...
I don't want anything from you.
I'm used to being alone.
That's life Katty,
If it was up to me.
I'd change so many things.
That's how I played it...
That's all there is to it.
Hand me the mustard.
What's up?
There's the Azapa...
We'll sail in that toArica.
Why not...
Emergency, quickly.
Excuse me...
what's going to happen?
To be honest, your father is
in a very bad shape.
How come?
As I said he has a very
complicated illness.
He needs intensive care,
and very expensive drugs...
If he had all that, would he live?
We can't really say...
I'm going to see him.
Daddy, daddy... come here
...in the white car.
What a gorgeous guy...
All the shit he wanted...
A double blow-job and my
finger up his ass...
Son of a bitch!
Fucking pervert!
What you up to bitch?
Working, what else?
No room - it's our corner.
Don't be a mother fucker,
after all I've done for you...
So I have to payback?
Payback my ass, I just need
the money; tomorrow I go.
Ok, but stay right here.
- All right
- All right.
...or I'll rearrange your face.
And what are you up to?
What do you think?
- You know her?
- What's it to you?
What a small world...
Thought you were lost?
Hi, been sent to get you
and two more girls.
Some Spanish investors
who want a bit of fun.
And you don't?
Ok girls, work to do.
Long live Spain!
Come on Katty.
Hey it's not so bad.
You get used to it.
Pleasure has arrived.
You're my bullfighter?
Paco, your toy's arrived.
Where's the joker of the pack?
You look so serious...
What's your name?
the Queen of hearts,
butjust for one night.
And what brings you here?
And do you need my help?
Excuse me,
I want to speak to her.
You're not afraid...
So what can you do?
Take your shirt off.
What's your name?
Katty, I'm so sorry...
...it was expected,
But it was all so quick,
he didn't feel a thing...
I'm really sorry.
Aticket to Arica, please.
Fully or semi reclining?
Fully reclining.
One way or return?
One way.
$22,600 pesos.
I'm not afraid of anything
...neither dogs
...or cats,
...or gypsies
...or the dead,
...or the wind,
...or crooks
...or cities...
...or police
...or doctors,
...or Sundays,
...or the night
I'm not afraid of anything
...neither dawn
...nor tomorrow...