(Untitled) (2009)

A New York Love Affair
What do you think?
It all blends.
Everything is coordinated,
colors, interior design .. .
Now, explaining how people react.
The entire chain will use my work.
see it now as if it were a museum.
I'm going to a concert.
- Why?
Do not you want people to come?
I want to support my brother.
You know, Adrian...
There comes a time when everyone must assess their ability to
and plan for the future.
Competition is fierce.
I am lucky tineni.
Tm piv ei ole trke. Tyllni
on merkityst kuolemani jlkeen.
And in the meantime?
- I have a plan.
It's fun to hear.
- If I did not succeed in three years...
You purchased work.
- I do not. I'll kill myself. / P CONCERT TONIGH
Will you go to Morton Cabot concert? / P He celebrates its 90th anniversary.
He is the greatest living composer.
It is up to you what you think.
- It is my assessment.
Not yet.
It was a good one.
Are you hot? Is that what is going on? / P That is very disturbing. / P Want to know which it looks like?
Few of these...
Does this proposal?
I do not have constructive to say.
Tuo on hyvin hiritsev.
Haluatko tiet, mille se nytt?
Vhn tllaiselle...
Kuuluuko tm esitykseen?
Minulla ei ole rakentavaa sanottavaa.
thematic content was
bland and anemic performance.
Very flattering.
- 40 minutes of boredom.
What you were trying to achieve?
- The best thing about what I could.
emotionally needy, not the people's voice
Thank you for coming!
I hate his work. br / - The flag was a good one.
It was very nice.
- As you you left off.
Your father was supposed to go to the toilet.
- Great timing.
Why humiliate his companion about?
- Teach him off the concert.
Madeleine, here are my parents
and Adrian, my brother.
At last we meet Madeleine!
See how beautiful she is.
have to go to the Madeleine in the gallery.
- There is a second show now.
When your show is?
Josh works are so popular that they
has a waiting list.
$ 10,000 painting.
He is a genius.
Maybe you taxi to the state.
I'll be right, do I
mprini .
I hope you know what you're doing.
What do you think?
- The young and enthusiastic, but something to drink.
- I like the melody.
Can not make sense to give feedback?
- Good.
Compose something more than emotion.
- should be the audience.
Kuinka iso yleisni pitisi olla?
Yksi? Kymmenen? Miljoona?
Is commercialism of our culture of measurement?
- Calm down.
calm down is not a feeling!
Josh's speech makes sense.
Sometimes, you hide
intellectual mannerisms behind.
It's not popular! Why
everyone thinks he is an expert? / P It is the same as saying nuclear physics
lecture: "I did not like it." / P I still trisen
bucket kicking.
It bit me right away.
Is it a knell?
Invitation to the physical work?
Clarinet overtone
to be punchy effect .
chain drop -
human passions get out of it.
One that will test the limits.
A good woman for you, Joshie.
- Yes, we have a good thing going on.
Sellainen, joka koettelee rajoja.
Hyv nainen sinulla, Joshie.
- Kyll, meill on hyv juttu menossa.
But the audience is totally wrong.
Come and perform in my gallery.
I open a new exhibition.
Ray Barko: New Works
God's sake. ..
Please note easily, why Ray is a star.
What do you think works?
It was lucky enough to get him.
He is already immortal.
You could just stand there.
How much space do you need?
Madeleine, this is not good.
- We followed your instructions.
It is, what yesterday seemed to make sense,
do not have it today.
I will be renewed every day.
I'm not the same as a minute ago.
Ray, this is .. .
These extra space, they will suffocate!
- The buyer can see, they are appropriate for housing.
These include museums, private homes are not
. They are heroes! / P This is not a "cheerful moment in the woods." / P It is the "Intelligent Design of the enlarged
prostatojen in the world." / P This is a "Hilarious moment of the woods!"
You will be renewed, and the job falls to
us, but we take care of it.
This is why I
is responsible for their own everything.
We need to leave.
- What about the changes you want?
Life is too short,
do not let it go to waste.
He is Ray .
Nytink my favorite
What do you think?
- Well...
Well.../ p
It can not interpret.
It is so personal.
Mit pidtte?
- No...
Sit ei pysty tulkitsemaan.
Se on niin henkilkohtainen.
Some things are so personal
that they are the best retained.
I'll show my
my collection someday.
We have received complaints.
I want you to stop playing.
But I have a contract.
- pay as agreed.
You will pay, I did not call?
At work, which receives the highest Prices,
shows animal's face.
I like it.
From that I do not like so much.
I like this.
You have an eye art.
It is finished, it is the household object
, disgust, decadence...
Everything you want to Barkon any work.
Critics love the theories.
Collectors will love the beauty.
Ray, this is Porter Canby.
Who are the artists of the past
have influenced you?
It's past affect me,
young man. I affect it. / P I have the perfect place for that. / P I'm creating art,
because you have a place. / P Such a ray is. Br / - His work is undervalued.
How long should I book it?
- I did not say that it is available.
You can not walk in here to buy just about
Although I would pay full price?
- That's degrading.
For me, it is important that the collector
buy it for the right reasons.
Et voi kvell tnne ostamaan
noin vain.
Vaikka maksaisin tyden hinnan?
- Tuo on alentavaa.
Minulle on trke, ett kerilij
ostaa sen oikeista syist.
Olen investoinut osakkeisiin ja
kiinteistihin. Haluan monipuolistaa.
collectors buy art because they
fall in love with it.
I'm fascinated by his art, it
how uncomfortable it becomes.
It angers and irritates me.
Then I wondered,
why I do not understand it.
It is a sign of quality.
He is interested in you because
when I am.
You've already created a reputation, Helen.
need someone young and hungry.
He has the eye.
- And the ears. / p
What do you do with my artists?
Do not talk to him.
- I wonder what you are talking about me behind your back?
Pull in kyntenne.
Egostani enough for all of us .
Do you sell any art tonight?
- Everything.
Are you ready? I introduce you to. / P Hello, everyone.
Thank you for coming. / P If I understand correctly the atmosphere,
Ray's magic has won. / P Where are you, Ray?
His work and influence have been
me to choose this career.
Now celebrating five
vuottani gallery owner -
I am very glad that you're here.
Now let me introduce sound artist
Adrian Jacobs and friends.
I love this music.
Where did you find him? Clarinet. / P He is fantastic. / P As a composer himself.
- Incredible. / P Why do not you
would order a new offense?
olen hyvin iloinen, ett olet tll.
Nyt haluan esitell nitaiteilija
Adrian Jacobsin ystvineen.
Rakastan tt musiikkia.
Mist lysit hnet? Klarinetistin.
Hn on fantastinen.
Niin on sveltjkin.
- Uskomaton.
Miksi et tilaisi
uutta teosta?
It is so rewarding to work with
vision with people.
That makes me feel that Ray
Barkon work may be a good home.
Excuse me.
Thank you for allowing me to humiliate myself.
- You kick a bucket.
The next song is a solo bucket.
- Try ordering it in a new job.
- Canby Porter wants to subscribe to the work.
What Porter is Canby?
- enriched by a man.
Our proposal is 25,000, and we end up
Come to dinner.
Then the after party at my place.
I would like you to come.
Come with us to Ghana.
- Should not I sell art on?
It sells itself.
We have the whole area. Clean water...
We have a Sri Lankan minister,
that makes amazing martinis. / P How it is learned in Sri Lanka? / P Where do ideas come from the sounds ?
Some of them are very funny.
Surely it is OK to say?
- None.
often be doing any?
- Only a small audience.
What a pity! Why then is it? / P audience to keep the harmony. / P Since harmony is physics. / P Harmony was a capitalist plot
to sell pianos. / P
What is the
arts and entertainment, the difference between
Entertainment does not present a problem,
that it does not resolve.
... - Good answer.
Everything is made.
We just rolls his notes.
Harmonia oli kapitalistinen juoni
myyd pianoja.
Mik on taiteen
ja viihteen vlinen ero?
Viihde ei esit ongelmaa,
jota se ei ratkaise.
- Hyv vastaus.
Kaikki on tehty.
Me vain pyrittelemme nuotteja.
If the voice that can only be music to
So what is the difference between music and noise?
Noise is unwanted sound. Beethoven
viideskin, unless it wants to hear. / P He is ahead of its time.
- Is it time to ever stick? / P How do I agreed to this historically?
The museum sees the Madonna, Child, -
Madonna to keep the child, the Renaissance, the invention of perspective
Maybe people did not have a perspective
before the Renaissance.
They walked the street, waiting for the
come to an end, but surprisingly, it went on.
Where is everybody?
- All
You said that there will be a few people.
Miss kaikki ovat?
- Kaikki?
Sanoit, ett tulee muutama ihminen.
Niin! Tll olemme vain me.
What do you think about it?
- Words have meaning to me.
It is very important.
What is Josh likes it?
- Josh? He has not seen it. / P Drink?
- No, thank you. / P pants...
skirt leaves a great voice.
Can I borrow it?
Smplisin it.
nittisin sound.
Do this. / p
Yes, I want to borrow it.
If you fit.
I mean...
Jos sopii.
Carolyn? Hei. Anteeksi,
ett sait odottaa. Tule sisn.
Piilotat parhaat tyt.
- Olen sstnyt niit sinulle.
Vau! Ne ovat jopa parempia nin.
Kivoja ja pirteit.
hospitals have the most.
Can you provide enough?
Orders are great.
I'm sure that we are able to .
And Josh works are always of high quality.
I think I qualify for this
very well.
You are a role model. I've always dreamed of opening their own gallery
. / P Nantucketin beach. / P I'm supposed to cook for you.
- Hpsis. / P Congratulations .
- Thank you as well.
What do you like goat cheese Syrahin
with? I went to three store. / P Hanger few of the new board. / P I'm often fascinated by a certain color and a certain form of
. / P As this is a yellow-blue form of this .
I will return to again and again.
Onneksi olkoon.
- Kiitos samoin.
Mit pidt vuohenjuustosta Syrahin
kanssa? Kvin kolmessa kaupassa.
Ripustin muutaman uuden taulun.
Minua kiehtoo usein tietty vri
ja tietty muoto.
Kuten tm kelta-sininen muoto tss.
Palaan siihen
yh uudestaan ja uudestaan.
work instinct.
I see the images in my mind.
I do not know what they mean, but
I learned to trust the process.
Point is only a point .
Two points is the ratio,
three points on a plane.
Beauty etsintni
continues all the time.
Vitality are constantly br / disintegration and renewal cycle.
These themes are intertwined...
- Josh.
This is the largest
my shop.
Minun pit tunnustaa... Minulla oli
syyni kutsua sinut tnne tnn.
Koska maalaukseni ovat myyneet hyvin,
haluaisin nyttelyn.
Taiteilijoita on monenlaisia. Kaikkia
pit ksitell omalla tavallaan.
You should now concentrate on the amount.
Carolyne are doctors, lawyers
, large companies...
I want my paintings to galleries,
collections, museums .. .
Oh... You want to be a great artist.
- It is my goal. / P It is a gift, not a goal. / P Josh...
I want to show my work.
I need some critical feedback.
I want to grow as an artist.
You've already done.
I understand you.
I know
how your work should be handled.
This is not a business but a personal relationship with
Sorry, what?
I need to go.
Anteeksi, mit?
Minun pit lhte.
You do not need to go!
- I can not very well.
I do not know what went on me.
- Do not worry about it. I'm flattered. / P This is just...
I can not very well. I'll call you.
I can out of yourself. / P Eat something for breakfast. I'll call you. / P He does not do it yourself? / P After all, Ray included. After all, the painter
not grind the colors. / P If the dove to fill in, why can not I
it would cost to someone else? / P Ray courage to change the art world
. He manages the process. / P His art is exciting
a reflection of present-day humans. / P collecting her art
not written a check...
En voi oikein hyvin. Soitan sinulle.
Osaan itse ulos.
Sy jotain aamiaista. Soitan sinulle.
Hn ei siis tee sit itse?
Onhan Ray mukana. Eihn
taidemaalarikaan jauha itse vrejn.
Jos kyyhky pit tytt, miksi en
maksaisi siit jollekulle toiselle?
Ray muuttaa rohkeudellaan taide-
maailmaa. Hn hallinnoi prosessia.
Hnen jnnittv taiteensa on
heijastus nykypivn ihmisist.
Kermll hnen taidettaan
ei kirjoiteta vain sekki...
, but the history of the Western world.
When you compose the initiative?
I was very young.
I drew hundreds of dots on paper
- / p
and I asked my mother to play it.
He laughed.
properly angry.
Do you remember the first
I , like any other, inspired
important events in life.
As it is, when I fell pyrllni
or when our dog ran away with Phillip.
Fortunately, the later books are no longer
relied on childish feelings -
a source of inspiration, -
and I started to make music,
which has no connection to life.
What is it then relates to
Go there directly.
I'll take your bags.
No! It is not safe. / P Why not?
- I'll show the rest of my collection. / P There's that.
- It's nice. / P
Then there is this.
- Very interesting.
This does not fit here. Will you help me
transferring it into storage? / P This is a good place. / P retain all of this here? / P When you buy art, not
can not worry about the location.
But you can not watch it.
- It is a collection of irrelevant.
Art Collectibles
is self-expression and creative decisions are made, - / p
when selecting and buying.
It's like shopping for the presence?
Yes, but the history of art in the context of the entire
Mutta et voi katsella sit.
- Se on epolennaista kerilyss.
Taiteenkerily on itseilmaisua
ja luovien ptsten tekemist, -
kun valitsee ja ostaa.
Se on kuin ostoksilla oloa?
Kyll, mutta taidehistorian
koko kontekstissa.
How do you know what to buy?
Before went to hundreds of years -
before it was known
who is out of a great artist.
Now, need to watch
only ten years back.
It is an exciting,
because the artist can be found -
and the influence of cultural history.
I've always have been Matisse.
- I do not know his work.
I am interested in contemporary art.
We live in exciting art history
through. It's like a renaissance. / P But the need to keep it,
what to buy. / P Art does not look as nice,
when its value drops. / P It is
zenilist trade.
Taide ei nyt yht hyvlt,
kun sen arvo laskee.
Se on zenilist kauppaa.
The product does not have any use for,
it has no practical significance.
But when I talk about art, -
I do not seem to be so boring guy.
Perhaps it is its purpose.
I'm going to visit the toilet.
I'll tell you how to get there.
Over there, and another to the left.
the Lord's sake! Are you okay? / P Are you okay? / P Who's there? / P I do not know who I am talking about. / P One of the stuck door.
rubber stopper to prevent the door opening
The needle on the wall
crumpled the paper into a ball
Writing patching in the middle of the wall
Are you an artist?
Neula seinss
Palloksi rypistetty paperi
Kirjoitus lapulla keskell sein
Oletko sin taiteilija?
I do not consider myself an artist.
- Very wise.
I have often thought,
why I want to do everything.
It probably has something to do br / other people.
I'm trying to communicate with them.
It would like to express myself.
Because I want to say "hello".
Because I want to be loved .
You are probably Monroe.
I'm Madeleine Gray. My friend Adrian. / P whether you will arrive explore the gallery?
- Yes. / P What did you think?
- It's a little urban center. / P Fairly
fashionable but not too sugary.
Tell us about yourself, Monroe.
I wish that my work include
throughout the world...
and the mean for all of everything.
Kerro itsestsi, Monroe.
Haluan, ett tyni sisltvt
koko maailman...
ja merkitsevt kaikille kaikkea.
But I do not want to add anything,
because things are already too many.
So the strategy is to produce something
and does nothing.
You ask iisyyskysymyksen
"What can I do?"
"Is it art object itself
or idea?"
Or is it?
Your work well together.
- I do not see a connection.
What do you mean?
You both rypisttte paper.
crease, but I did not rip the paper.
It is the music.
When he does it, it's... stupid.
arrange for you to first work order, and did I say?
I do not understand that you take his work
myymlsi but you Josh.
sold by the County? It is an art gallery.
There I do not take commercial art. / P You do not seem very selective. / P Monroe is an emerging artist.
- Steady Or a serial killer.
But what do I know?
After all, you're the businessman.
If you sell Monroe's work, good.
do anything for money.
The only art that can handle the money,
is Josh.
Do you think that Monroe is a commercial?
You are so experimental music
but as the conservative art.
Luuletko, ett Monroe on kaupallinen?
Olet niin kokeellinen musiikissa
mutta niin vanhoillinen taiteessa.
Miss taiteessa? Hn ei tee mitn.
Vai niin? Konservatoriossa
paineesi oli kai mpri!
Ei! Seth, mit tuo on?
Miss vireesi on?
movement must come from here,
you know the difference?
Better. Do you hear the feeling? / P Do it convincingly
and soft stop pampering. / P Pelvic help tone is sensual. / P And then a soft finish. / P
I hate everything I wrote.
- Taasko?
He interprets teostani wrong.
- Who?
He believes that instruments
are ironic.
He does not know anything about
- Madeleine. / p
that a woman has received attention.
How he did it?
- Madeleine.
ett nainen on saanut huomiosi.
Miten hn sen teki?
Adrian? Miten hn teki sen?
Miten hn sai huomiosi?
Naisilla on keinonsa.
Anastasia, Stroke 13 ..
is a staccato sixteenth notes.
Who wrote this shit?
- Excuse me?
It is the shit .
If it does not beat 13,
so write it...
It is stupid!
Man kicking cans
It is a bucket.
Moscow Symphony Orchestra.
Are you trying to make me look ridiculous?
You are trying to sabotage me.
What do you do you do?! Put it back!
Do not touch it! / P Jeff, leave it to...
Now take a deep breathe all the...
Do not talk me anymore.
Do not talk to me directly.
If you want to say something, speak
Jos haluat sanoa jotain,
puhu Klarinetille.
- Ask whether she is ready.
Are you ready?
- I am.
This does not work.
It is cold and dead.
Dead as a doornail. It should be buried in the ground
, it's so miserable. / P What the hell are you doing? / P surrounded by a wall space
It is a very small object .. .
so it should be
highest on the wall.
He is a mystic. He sees the mystery
the material world. / P He points to the material world
phenomena in a way that we reject. / P So. / P Then we we lose the connection, -
but he creates it again
pure essence of the material.
Hn on mystikko. Hn nkee mysteerin
materiaalisessa maailmassa.
Hn osoittaa materiaalisen maailman
ilmiit tavalla, jonka me hylkmme.
Silloin me menetmme yhteyden, -
mutta hn luo sen taas
pelkll materiaalin olemuksella.
This area...
He has the ability to go
to another world -
and return to the relatively unscathed.
No, here. Here! / P Pure magic! / P Come and visit my room.
I would like to chat with certificates of authenticity. / P We
instructions and number of material...
Light bulb goes off and the lights
Tule kymn huoneessani.
Haluan jutella aitoustodistuksista.
Teemme ohjeet
ja numeroimme materiaalin...
Hehkulamppu sammuu ja syttyy
Pyydn, ei mitn
"Onko tm taidetta?" -keskustelua.
Pidn tst. Se on suuri teos, johon
ei ole listty fyysisesti paljonkaan.
Se on hnen uskontunnustuksensa.
Hn vastustaa sotkua. Hn on puhdas.
Monet pitvt tit hmmentvin.
Hn toimiikin siin rajalla.
What are we to evaluate
which lasts through time? Time will tell. / P What about the aesthetic criteria? / P How it differs from the first
Impressionists and cubists? / P The artists were rejected.
This. ..
This person is supported and marketed
Do not be silly,
is not sold here.
Why is he puts them exhibit?
- He believes the artist.
How can he afford to show, if you can work
to sell?
He is you.
The gallery is
anteroom, and the back room.
Do not confuse them with each other.
Hnell on sinut.
Gallerialla on etuhuone
ja takahuone.
l sekoita niit keskenn.
Mit valitat? Hn myy niit kasapin.
I'm not talking about art.
I am talking about me.
I wish he just noticed
how accurate we are with each other.
He said,
that you were not even dating.
When was it? When did you meet? / P On Thursday,... Tuesday,...
Well, you know...
Were you out with him?
It depends on the "outside" the definition.
How could you do this to me?
- Stop!
as if you are planning to marry her.
You were not even dating.
- It is not true!
He might not have been
treffein them.
I made a great effort, I planned, I waited for the right opportunity
Tein tit sen eteen, suunnittelin,
odotin oikeaa tilaisuutta.
I told you that she is special!
- You said it to him.
Hey, Porter.
I have an idea about the music
What would be one of the clarinet solo?
The work is almost complete.
There are five people, and there is
renowned Russian singer.
The world premiere is
Monroe at the exhibition opening.
Hello, dear.
It is wonderful!
The thing is that I need
gallery owners, who can do more.
We sold all the exhibit.
- Work had been underpriced.
They are twice as worth it.
I think of your career
the long term.
I want the critics puolelleni.
- success without critics.
If they hate you, you are an interesting
When I hear that someone is not bad
reviews, get aroused.
In history, many great artists
have been miserable reviews.
Important people do not have
my art seriously.
Ray is tired of hearing
follow other tracks, while it is vice versa.
I'm not against you.
I've just come
too big for you.
Now, it is said.
Would you like to drink ?
- I want to.
I'm going to work. Where are you going? / P There are no plans.
- Do not stay here. / P Go home and write.
You have a presentation at the opening of Monroe. / P
I do not know...
- What do you mean?
Mene kotiin sveltmn.
Teill on esitys Monroen avajaisissa.
En tied...
- Mit sin tarkoitat?
The work is not finished.
- then you call something an old one.
I can not.
- No one notices.
I mean, that...
I can not occur in your gallery.
- What did you say?
I can not occur in your gallery.
Why do not you?
I do not want my music to be connected
Get out of here!
You will be the opening ceremony -
and play the damn book!
Then I do not want to see you anymore!
He did not get along without me.
I would like an ultimatum: "Organize
exhibition, or let me go."
Do you understand?
Either he realizes that I'm all
backbone, or he has to close.
I'm going to exhibitions,
because he did not get along without me.
MON ROE: Something and nothing.
I want to do things and show them
I want to say "hello".
This is an exciting time for art.
one does not own the 2000s... yet.
Artists pulled me
of the artistic life.
The most exciting is to start a new
artist with just the beginning.
There is growing involved in believing in him.
Eventually, the world agrees.
This is very satisfactory.
- Will work for sale?
Monroe According to the instructions.
book comes with an artist
a signed certificate of authenticity.
What do you work? I have put aside a few
great job for you. / P I think I'll come again. I do not know,
fit these collections. / P Hello. / P How have you been?
- Well. / P What have you been doing?
I would make it easier, if I could
to answer the question, -
that what inspires me.
If we would devise,
what inspires me -
it would probably be very inspiring.
Monroe's funny... Work with
is the highest price, are made of rubber. / P I like it.
Of that over there, but I'm here. / P Yes. It is emptiness, -
ett mik inspiroi minua.
Jos keksisin,
mik inspiroi minua, -
se olisi luultavasti
hyvin inspiroivaa.
Monroessa on hassua... Tyt, joissa
on korkein hinta, ovat kumista.
Pidn siit.
En tuosta tuolla mutta tst.
Niin. Siin on tyhjyytt, -
banaaliutta superficial, which is both sexual
that great.
And it is easy to store.
Hi, Adrian.
angry, because I feel insulted
artistic discernment.
But due to ignorance,
like you geniuses can not find...
van Gogh's syndrome.
Fortunately, it does not happen anymore nowadays.
You are right bastard.
He was found out that you are
bastard. Now everyone knows it. / P I came tauluni. / P Since you are not holding my exhibition,
I do not want you to represent me anymore. / P This is not now a good time to talk about...
- Enter only tauluni back.
Tulin hakemaan tauluni.
Koska et jrjest nyttelyni,
en halua sinun edustavan minua en.
Tm ei ole nyt hyv aika puhua...
- Anna vain tauluni takaisin.
Do not you see how busy I am?
- I'm not sure what I want to say.
I think that I want, so that what
I want to say, is self-evident.
Excuse me.
If you are organizing an exhibition to me, I have to take
tauluni recover.
Uhkaatko thou me?
- Yes, if you want to see it that way.
Okay. This was here.
Taulusi You can search for the next week. / P Now, get out of the gallery! / P We can not lose Joshia.
- Do not ever say that.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
now follows -
Adrian Jacobs and his voice
work's world premiere.
It is a good friend of mine ordered
Porter Canby.
Adrian Jacobsin ja hnen
niteoksensa maailman ensi-ilta.
Sen on tilannut hyv ystvni
Porter Canby.
Search for Mike.
Put a flat bottom.
This is an art gallery!
What's wrong with you? Did not have enough
strange and original? / P Lhdetnp.
- I do not want it! Take it! / P When giving the gift of God
has become a burden? / P Congratulations, organized the attack!
Now you are a real artist. / P
When was the beauty of
about Satan's ugly?
Sorry, this disorder.
World premiere starts now.
The best thing you've done.
Is that order?
Where is the bucket?
I do not pay for this.
It has never been about money.
I do not like
commercial exhibition in the exhibition.
En maksa tst.
Kyse ei ole koskaan ollut rahasta.
En pid
kaupallista nyttely galleriassani.
If you still have a gallery.
These are too far apart.
They are better at multiplexes.
"morning mist" out and the "birth of spring," br / space, "Somerset" next.
Move this party m...
- Madeleine!
It is not possible. That's not hilarious...
What has happened?
- I'm trying to be renewed, my dear. / P I ring an ambulance? / P Did not he go Finkelsteinille?
- Helen put too high prices.
It was a free-fall.
Carolyn... Fun that you came from. / P I wanted to make sure
that you can see them in advance. / P You know how I like his work. / P I wanted the best clients .. .
So collectors...
Carolyn... Hauskaa, ett tulit.
Halusin varmistaa,
ett net ne ennakolta.
Tiedt, miten pidn hnen tistn.
Halusin parhaiden asiakkaideni...
siis kerilijiden...
to get the first opportunity.
I would buy all
if it were up to me.
But my clients want something new
. They are tired of Joshiin. / P What do you have a back room? / P None. / P I'm not going to miss this
frustrating work. / P
I open up my own gallery at last!
It is the fulfillment of a dream.
Morton Cabot
- Bravo, Morton!
What you were attempting to achieve piece?
- The best thing I can do.
It felt unfinished.
- That is unfortunate to hear.
It was confusing and fragmented.
that it was uniform.
It did not feel like it.
- Thank you, that you tried to listen to.
Se oli sekava ja hajanainen.
ett se oli yhteninen.
Se ei tuntunut silt.
- Kiitos, ett yrititte kuunnella.
Hopefully the next one is better.
- If you're lucky.
My starting this
away from you but I am old and I find it difficult to rise.
Happy birthday.
How can you tolerate
some idiotic criticism?
Everyone has their opinion.
The artist must be found to be
creative process.
Good God...
I would like to thank Madeleine Gray.
Where are you, Madeleine?
you believed in me from the beginning.
You saw something in me. / p
Thank you.
Will my job to last time?
What we have to evaluate it?
Ray Barko: Recent Works
I like it.
of that over there, but I'm here.
What is that called?
- "The divine bovine."
Is it this?
Thank you for coming, up.
- We would not have been omitted.
Hi, Liza.
- How are you?
This is not an art museum, but.../ p
It is a wonderful,
how to define success in...
All the works are new.
It seems that I have been renewed.
Yes. Very different. / P How can you enjoy here?
- Here is a great. / P This is like a breath of fresh air.
Real World. / P
- Thank you.
Are you Adrian Jacobs?
- Yes.
Mark Hall, I saw you.
- One of the lucky seven .
Oletko sin Adrian Jacobs?
- Kyll.
Nin sinut Merkin Hallissa.
- Yksi onnekkaista seitsemst.
It changed my life.
Thank you.
- Thank you very much. Well done. / P Thank you. / P Here, there are customers who want to meet you
Tll on asiakkaita, jotka haluavat
tavata sinut. Anteeksi.