*batteries not included (1987)

How you doing?
What's happening?
All right.
Pick it up.
Look out.
Coming through.
You have to tell me
where to turn.
I knew it.
She's not here.
Frank! Sidney!
I'll try the basement.
Don't panic.
She's around here somewhere.
Come on out!
Hey, you, you!
Hey, did you ever hear
of private property?
Just coming for
a hamburger, Pop.
You got a lot
of nerve!
Get your food
somewheres else!
Who's that?
Take off that hat so
I can get a look at you.
Here she is.
For the love of Mike,
where you been?
You scared the living
daylights out of me!
I did the marketing.
Somebody's got to do
the marketing.
OK, what are you
looking at?
Nothing, Pop.
Was that Bobby?
I think
it was Bobby.
No, dear,
it wasn't Bobby.
It was just a man.
Now, how about
I fix your breakfast?
I don't smell no bacon on.
Is this Sunday?
Monday and Tuesday
don't smell at all
because Cream of Wheat
is instant.
And it ain't Thursday.
I can smell Thursday
all the way back to Wednesday
when people put
their garbage out.
If it's Sunday,
we got to walk in the park.
Hey, Sid.
Why don't you kids
come for a walk with us?
Yeah, sure, Faye.
That sounds great.
Get off.
Hola, Mommy.
Smell like money?
Because it is.
Aw, he didn't write.
Take it from me.
I know about this stuff.
He ain't coming back.
This is the letter
you've been waiting for.
Come on, you're
a very rich lady.
Hey, take it!
What's wrong with you?
Fresh cash money.
She doesn't believe me.
You could move
to Brooklyn.
Buy yourself a new saint.
You can
afford it now.
Room service!
It's moving day,
Yo, Bee.
Don't you even want
to count it?
They're paying you
to move out.
Aah! Oh!
Hey, doll.
He's not home?
How about you
move in with me?
This, uh,
place here,
it's, uh,
falling apart.
No! Don't! Get-
Hey, Bee!
Hey, Bee?
It's us.
The knock-knock boys.
Let's punch it out
again, champ.
Round two!
How's the face, man?
You ready
for a rematch?
we got rough.
we got money.
Tomorrow, you ain't gone-
There, now you got
less to move.
And here's
your prize money.
Where's the boys?
I don't hear them playing.
all grown up, Faye.
He has two kids
of his own now.
I'm a grandmother,
Oh, yeah.
Now, sit down
and finish your coffee.
But where's my Bobby?
Get out of my place,
you punks!
Mr. Riley,
it's your lucky day!
You, too, Pops.
Social security,
that's me.
Now, you move out,
you go to Miami,
you sit in the sun,
listen to Bing Crosby,
play checkers, bingo...
- We don't want any trouble, Carlos.
- Hallelujah!
- Don't touch it!
- Too late, man. She already took it.
- You're an angel, Bobby.
- I'm calling the cops!
- Faye, time for your medicine.
- Let Mama give you a pucker.
Never knew you had a mother.
Buenos dias, senora!
Shut up, Benny.
You got the idea,
You take the money
and move out, OK?
Get out of my way!
Let the boy
help you.
You never give him a chance.
Stop calling me that!
Get her out of here.
And you-
Stay away from my wife
and this building.
You tell Lacey his money stinks!
You understand?
You kill my head, man.
Money's not
a good reason to move?
OK, here's
a good reason.
That's right, abuela.
Break it up.
- Come on, Faye.
- Throw him out!
We'll talk about it later.
You punks!
Take your hands
off of me!
Get out, Pop.
You're going to go bald!
You dirty bastards!
Hey, take it easy, Pop.
At fine stores
not included.
Hey, no, you don't!
Lacey, you son of a bitch!
You're not
getting away with it!
Lacey, open up
and face me like a man!
You're not
throwing me out!
You really think that
he'd come down here?
Take the money,
Mr. Riley.
It's our last offer.
This is my place!
I grew up here, for God's sake!
What do you want us
to do, Mr. Riley?
Arrest them.
Send them up the river for life.
- I'm not scared. I'll testify.
- You know what'll happen.
They'll have 18 witnesses
saying they were somewhere else.
When they get out,
they'll come after you again.
Then patrol the neighborhood,
for crying out loud!
What neighborhood?
What the hell happened?
Mind your own business.
Wait a minute.
I live here. Upstairs.
Oh, yeah. I've seen you.
You're in Moskowitz' old place.
Mr. Baylor,
do you honestly think
I could recommend this building
for historic preservation?
Mrs. Thompson, it was
in better shape this morning.
I doubt that.
Look at the molding.
look at the cornice.
That's terra cotta.
Oh, you don't like ornament.
All right.
Step back here and look
at those proportionates.
- It's got style. It's got dignity.
- There's nothing left to preserve.
This one's still here.
It can be restored.
We have
a minimum standard-
that the structure
is intact and livable.
You don't
even have that.
People live here.
Not for long.
Look, you're so nervous.
I'll fix the door.
It's not the door,
It's you.
You and your fascination
with this place.
What? I like it here.
Of course you do.
It's old and depressing.
It's reality!
This is
the eighties, Mason.
Nobody likes reality
Why don't you admit it?
It's time to quit.
Thank you very much.
How do you know that?
You said so yourself!
You said that
you were going nowhere!
You could do analytic deconstruction,
neo-geo, hard edge.
But no, you've got to be
the Andrew Wyeth of the East Village.
Why don't you go back to your father
and sell vans or rec-vs,
or whatever they're called.
But for God's sake,
get out of here.
And to think that
I've been telling my friends
that it's so cool
living with an artist!
You never once asked
to paint me nude!
Hey, man, stop
right here, man!
All right!
It's OK, Frank.
She's here.
She's been helping.
- Give it to me.
- I called Donald.
He made the arrangements.
For what?
A funeral?
We're going to Jersey.
It's a home
for senior citizens.
You took their money.
You took that
bastard's money.
There's cold cereal
in here
and a Libby's
canned fruit,
but she won't
eat the cherries.
And beans-
She just loves beans.
Frank, where's
our bags?
It's the Love Boat
to Cuba.
Shuffleboard and pineapples
filled with rum.
You know what they do?
They put paper umbrellas
sticking out the top,
so when it rains,
it don't thin out the liquor.
And here's her Enderol-
four times a day,
after meals
and at bedtime,
and her HydroDIURIL
twice a day
and don't forget.
OK, I got it.
I won't forget.
Frank, we're tired.
It's- it's not
home anymore.
Say good-bye for us,
will you?
Hell, she won't
even know you're gone.
Come on out, Faye.
Let's do this.
Where's Muriel?
It smells like cherry cordial,
this stuff.
I'm Muriel now.
I'm comin' in, Faye.
Hold it,
I ain't dressed.
Get Frank.
Who's that?
It's Frank.
I'm Frank now.
Put on the red record.
We haven't got
a red record.
Muriel has
a red record.
Makes the pills
go down.
- Say "ah. "
- No. Muriel and I say "frog. "
- Frog.
- OK, frog.
Oh, my...
I'm going to clean up
that cafe, Frank.
I'm going to clean
it up right now.
maybe first thing
in the morning.
You don't have to
worry about a thing.
# Just around
the corner #
# There's a rainbow
in the sky #
# So #
# Let's have another
cup of coffee #
# And let's have
another piece of pie ##
Did we miss the sunset?
help us.
Where's the goddamn
Good morning.
Island Manor.
Can I help you?
Faye, what is this?
Come on, Tommy,
slow down!
Oh, no.
Yo! Wait a minute!
Those are my pictures!
Wait! Would you stop?
Stop! Just wait!
Oh, God.
Today they collect
the garbage.
- Hi.
- Hi.
It's all right.
It's me- 3B.
Someone was in my room.
Yeah, me too.
I think we got elves.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
Who are you?
Oh, the old
Grandey place.
Have you seen my-
Come on, dear.
Don't be shy.
Oh, dear, come on.
Let me get a nice,
big bolt for you.
You're tired of nails.
You want some
paper clips?
Come on.
Don't move.
Come on, Faye.
Time to go back downstairs.
I'm feeding them.
They like this stuff.
Our son kept birds.
You know, pigeons.
Please, Faye.
Don't do this.
Not now, OK?
That's my frying pan.
- Oh, nothing.
- Go ahead. Tell him.
- Nothing. It's not important.
- That's her pan and my coffee pot.
Come on. Come on.
No more pigeons, hon.
It's time to stop.
I said stop that!
My God, Faye.
You went into these
people's apartments?
Not me, them-
the little guys.
Faye, I need you
to be with me now.
I need you to be here.
I'm here, Papa.
I'm with you.
Now, what else
did you take?
I told you, nothing.
It's the little guys.
Oh, skip that.
What about this?
Where did you get
a new picture?
It's not new,
it- it's fixed.
Fixed like new?
They did
a good job.
Who did?
I ain't saying.
Goddamn it-
It's OK.
No harm done.
It could be
giant rats.
Yeah, from Brooklyn,
you know.
That was no rat.
What was it?
Who in his right mind
stands in a puddle
and sticks a fork
in a wall socket?
Come on, get back.
All of you. Shoo!
Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!
Come on, now.
There, wait there.
Wait there.
They're shy.
They're the fix-its.
They like
to fix things.
They have that knack.
Hey, dance me
around, Papa.
Oh, come on,
you kids.
Put a little
Fred Astaire into it.
No, they're not toys.
You can't buy them
at Macy's.
The Army told me
to call you.
Are you
missing anything
in the way of
experimental aircraft?
Not a word,
not even in the Post.
Well, they're robots,
They're autogiros
or smart bombs.
They're microchip
They're spaceships.
You can tell by lookin' at them.
Sure, from
a very small planet.
Very small.
Maybe this
is all a dream.
If this is a dream,
which one of us is having it?
Don't look at me.
I stopped dreaming
a long time ago.
I'll talk to it.
You better be careful.
Welcome to America.
Maybe you should try
some Spanish on him.
Habla Espanol?
Don't hurt
anybody, OK?
Sit down, everybody.
Don't let it get cold.
I made candy omelets.
That looks delicious,
Mrs. Riley.
Look. It's plugged itself in.
Is that
why you're here?
OK, that's it.
I'll call the cops
and make them come.
I heard that.
You need cops, Picasso?
Come on. Call a cop.
- Bobby.
- Hey, lady, my name's not Bobby.
Oh, excuse me.
Robert. Mr. B.
- Shut up!
- Hey!
I saw downstairs.
Who's been cleaning up after me?
Huh? Who?
Whoever threw that
is ruined, man.
What the hell is this?
Whoever's in there,
you got big trouble, man.
Uh, Carlos.
Actually, I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
Hey, Carlos, where are you going, man?
Let's talk this over!
Don't forget to write!
OK. Easy now, little guy.
That's right.
I just want to check for that label
that says "Made in the U.S.A."
No, don't.
You'll queer our luck.
This little guy
is the golden goose.
It serves you right.
We apologize.
He didn't mean to pry.
He was just being...
This says "G.E."
This is- was-
my coffee pot.
Looks like
it's been percolated.
Who are they, Frank?
What is so special
about our roof?
Maybe it was me.
What do you mean you?
Me and Faye...
we needed help.
Oh, w-
You think that they're here
because of you?
The quickest way
to end a miracle
is to ask it
why it is...
or what it wants.
What is
your name, dear?
- Marisa.
- Marisa. Boy, my memory.
It's like the Navy-
coming and going, coming and going.
Ah, here's Bobby's
little jammies.
I bet there's even
a few diapers in here.
How old is your son, Mrs. Riley?
Uh, let me see.
He just
had a birthday.
I've got to think.
He's got
his father's ears.
He and Frank don't
get along so good.
Frank's got a terrible temper,
you know.
You're going to love
being a mother.
Faye, come here, quick!
- What are they doing?
- Can't you tell?
She's going to get hungry.
Take it away!
It's too short!
- Any more?
- That's it.
Come on, Frank.
They're starving.
Well, what do you know?
Thanks, Harry.
I saw you fight.
Harry Noble,
the human locomotive.
Come on, Harry,
say something.
Talk to me.
Come on, Frank.
Get on with it.
A tremendous right.
Never says a word.
Just watches TV.
Loves the commercials.
It's all we got.
Come on. Take it.
It's OK.
We're neighbors.
- Doesn't trust us.
- Yeah.
Harry Noble.
I used to bet on him.
He had a hell of a right.
You should've seen him.
Look out. Flying pot.
Ghost in the garbage!
Shut up, Benny.
Mama's whole kitchen
coming to get you.
I said shut up, man!
Hey, lighten up.
We got plans
for those people.
And you know what?
Those people are
making plans on their own.
They got something hooked up.
Man, they're getting organized,
and look at us.
Somebody's helping them.
Somebody's bringing
them together.
- Yo, Carlos, I see someone.
- Give me that!
Wave to your mother.
Ah, there you are.
You're a lucky one.
She's a darling girl.
Are you superstitious?
I'm getting there.
I'm not superstitious...
but I was thinking
about these things
and why they came.
And, uh...
This will really
sound silly,
but it's like they were
watching or listening.
And you think they're here
because of you.
So when's the baby due?
Two or three more months.
I'm not sure.
You're not sure?
What does the doctor say?
- I haven't been to the doctor.
- That's crazy.
- I feel fine.
- You got to take care of yourself.
My boyfriend's coming.
He's gonna take care of me.
- Oh, your boyfriend.
- Hector. He's a musician,
so he travels around a lot,
different places.
So, what about you?
No more girlfriend?
No, she got smart.
Don't say that.
She'll be back.
- Yeah? Why should she?
- Because.
You're an artist.
Oh, God, an artist.
- Can I come in?
- No.
I make a very artistic
cup of coffee.
No, um...
I want to go to bed-
to sleep.
I have to take a nap.
Did I say something wrong?
No, it was nice
talking to you.
I'll see you tomorrow, OK?
Maybe it was for you.
Maybe they're here,
those things,
because of you.
Give me back
my camera, man.
Unexplained phenomena, man.
Bust it up, Benny!
Want to do business?
Severance pay.
Wanna see
a strange object?
There you go, fool!
What's happening?
Tonight's the night.
- Already?
- Uh-huh.
The fuses!
She blew the fuses.
There it is!
How's she doing?
It happened.
I'm a grandmother.
It's twins!
This calls for cigars.
- You got any cigars?
- Cigars?
This is history!
D- Do you realize
what's going on here?
that reproduce themselves!
Spare parts
with intelligence!
Living hardware!
I- I don't know
how you got here,
or why you picked us,
but... we pledge allegiance
to honor and protect you...
in sickness and in health...
in rain and sleet...
in the best of times
and the worst of times...
and, w-we...
so help us, God!
What's that?
Batteries not included.
The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He leadeth me
beside the still waters.
Faye, this has gone far enough.
Come on. Get up.
Got to accept it, Frank.
It's over.
Poor little soul.
What soul? What soul?
Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Riley-
Mrs. Riley,
it's a chunk of metal.
It's nine ounces of canned goods,
most of it from your apartment.
Now we can
really look inside-
Wait a minute.
Last night you were so excited.
Now they're chunks of metal?
You don't bury the most advanced,
flying clockwork known to man!
Mrs. Riley, please!
You know, that little tiny,
helpless spare part-
It got born,
and it never had a chance.
It could happen to anyone.
What's the matter with you?
What did I say?
Marisa, wait a minute!
Hey! Whatcha doing?
Marisa, wait a minute!
Wait up!
Would you stop?
- Wait a minute!
- I'm worried about the baby, OK?
I can't help it, but don't let it
bother you. It's not your problem.
Where are you going?
Stop him!
Oh, God, what is it?
Harry, wait a minute!
Harry, please!
Champ, what are you doing?
Come on, open up.
Let's talk about this.
You don't have to say anything.
I'll do all the talking.
What are you gonna do with that?
Gary, Glen.
Uh, smells good, Pop.
You back in business?
What's it look like?
Ham san, Miracle Whip,
Canadian on the side.
Steak medium rare!
Two over easy, English,
no toast, and hold the spuds.
Burger up.
Boy, I'm sure going to hate
to crunch this place up.
Oh, thank you, ma'am.
What's this,
April fool?
He's working on it.
It's his first day, OK?
Hey, pal...
like this.
Burger up.
Now, that's more like it.
Look at this!
Lefty, hey!
Give me that ketchup.
- This one?
- No, the other one.
Oh, yeah, here you go.
What do you mean, "what"?
Hey, Frank.
Guess what I did.
- What now?
- I named the little guys.
Flotsam and Jetsam!
Isn't that cute?
Yeah, cute.
Be nice, Papa.
I'm always nice.
I've got a kitchen to run.
If you're not nice,
you'll drive them away.
Meaning what?
I like being a family again.
Just you and me
and Flotsam and Jetsam
and... and Bobby.
OK, Faye.
- Oh.
- Carlos.
Is this what
you're talking about?
It's full of junk.
It's a storage shed, you idiot.
No, it's not.
It's full of ghosts
or spirits or something.
They're just trying
to make me look bad.
You don't need ghosts
for that, Carlos.
Your time's running out,
my friend.
Hey, I'm hungry. How about
a little service around here.
What's great about a place
you can't even get a menu?
You want a menu, pal?
What for? You're gonna get
the special of the day.
Man, you shouldn't even be in here.
I'm gonna report all you guys.
Bobby, have you had
your lunch?
Wait a minute.
Excuse me.
Now, what about you?
You want to sleep over?
Why don't you call your mommy
and tell her where you'll be.
No thanks, Mrs. Riley.
I can't tonight.
Bobby, you want
to go out and play?
You ain't going nowhere
unless you eat something.
You look terrible.
Thin. Here.
- Come on, lady. You gotta stop this.
- Eat, for the love of Mike.
You're just like your father.
I don't know nothing about my father,
and I don't wanna know.
Don't say that. He loves you.
Lady, I'm not
who you think I am.
Of course you are,
my little munchkin.
I'm learning how Lacey works,
how this city works.
- It's my way out of here.
- Where are you going?
I'm smart, I'm talented.
- I get ideas all the time.
- Of course you do.
Why don't you talk to your father
tonight at dinner?
I'll cook a ham.
You're inviting me
for dinner?
You'd love my ham.
Oh, my goodness,
is that a smile?
I think I just saw a smile.
Oh, not here, honey.
Back inside on the counter.
What the hell is that?
It's them. The little guys.
My little munchkins.
Stay away from me.
You're not fooling anybody.
Crazy, my ass.
Marisa, open up.
Listen, you are going
to stop worrying
about that baby.
Step aside.
Whole wheat bread.
Lots of milk.
We've got whole milk,
half fat, non-fat.
One baby book.
What are you doing?
You don't have to take care of me.
I got you these
for that special yen.
Oh. Oh.
You made me
an art collector.
He's, uh, a new guy,
very talented.
What's this one
say to you?
That's my favorite.
It's, um, it's a guy
standing in the sun.
- Sun? What sun? There's no sun.
- Oh, yes, there is.
See, all you see now
is the shadows.
See, if he moves
two steps in any direction,
he'll be in the sunlight.
I've been looking at it a lot,
you know, because it's art.
You got to keep
looking at it.
What are you staring at?
He's on his way.
- Carlos?
- Yo, Mr. Kovacs.
Carlos, what are you
doing here?
I want one more chance.
I got to have this job,
you understand?
You've been happy
up till now, right?
Mr. Lacey.
This is, uh...
I know who he is.
Mr. Lacey.
I gave them the money.
And they sent it
right back.
Come here.
I got a commitment to have
this entire block down to grade level.
Grade level. Comprende?
I can do it, sir.
There's no problem,
I assure you.
In three days, permits expire
and legal options go out the window.
- I know about options, lot assemblies-
- Interest rates are going back up,
and I'm paying a demolition crew
to sit around in a restaurant
they're supposed to be knocking down.
I'll have them out by tonight.
You've had your chance, kid.
I've made other arrangements.
Don't you worry, Mr. Lacey.
I'm gonna do it for you.
What's so funny?
You. Your face.
You look so serious.
Well, this is serious.
I'm looking at the real you.
And what do you see?
What do I see?
I see a mysterious counterplay
of light and dark.
Hey! All right, great.
Give me that pen.
Those aren't toys, you guys.
Put that down. You guys, come on.
Stop playing with that.
Oh, my God!
That's not fair.
What's not fair about it?
I used my imagination, that's all.
And my
X- ray goggles.
Hey, would you paint
some clothes on her?
Oye, Marisa!
Vamos a posar.
Vamos a posar. Hey!
Vamos a posar.
Whatever happened
to General Eisenhower?
You hardly see a word
about him anymore.
It's the little fella,
alive and kicking.
You did that?
We bring good things to life.
You know what happens
when birds learn to fly.
They leave the nest!
Carlos, you
fascist sociopath!
You were gone so long,
I was leaving you a note.
- "Dear Mason-"
- Not out loud.
That's all it says.
Well, I didn't know
what to write.
What are you doing
with my paintings?
Oh, your paintings.
Just because you go-
Where's Hector
and the all-stars?
Um... they're on
their way to Chicago.
Oh, that son of a bitch.
Look, he got a good job.
It's good pay.
It's a break, really.
But what about you?
I, um...
I told him to go.
Well, you need somebody
to draw, right?
Can you believe this?
I got it. I got it.
This must be Carlos.
No, don't kid yourself.
This isn't Carlos.
This is Lacey.
You murdering
son of a bitch!
Get out of my way.
Not this time, pal.
- My guys are coming any minute.
- Yeah, sure they are.
What's this?
Everybody together?
What, you ganging up on me?
Oh, yeah? Come on.
Come on!
You should stay retired, champ.
Stop them, Frank. Stop them!
I'll take door number one.
Goddamn it,
he's not Bobby.
He's just a punk.
- Let me go. He's hurt.
- Faye-
- What's the matter with you?
- Faye-
- Bobby is dead. He's dead. You hear?
- No!
You wish he was dead.
All you do is yell at him
and make him feel he's not good enough.
Well, look who's talking.
Why do you think he's buying that car?
To get away from you!
We're gonna lose him,
and it's all your fault.
You hate him!
Come on out.
Don't hide.
- No one's going to hurt you.
- It'll be OK.
- She's scared.
- Come on, you guys.
- Where are you hiding?
- Mason, I'm up here.
What about Times Square,
all the electricity?
Or the subway?
Now what?
Now we go home.
It's over.
Harry, what are you doing?
Harry, what the hell
are you doing?
What in the name of God?
Go now.
Go find your babies.
You are a genius, Harry.
One hundred percent.
Don't leave home without it.
He's back together.
Mason, do something.
Talk to them.
What should I say?
It was an accident?
We didn't do anything.
It was Carlos.
Give us another chance!
Let him go, Harry.
Let him go.
What the hell you doing?
What, are you having
a party or what?
No party, kid.
There's no one home.
That's 'cause of me.
They won't stay if there's
no water and electricity.
What are you doing here?
This is my building.
I did the job. I cleared it.
You're going to
burn the place down.
Man, that's bullshit. This is
my building, man. They're movin' out.
Look, what do you want from me?
It's too late, all right?
What about me?
What about you?
OK. If it's got
to burn down...
I'm going to burn it.
Hey, what are you-
You schmuck, that's evidence.
It's got to look normal.
Who cares?
We're burning the place, right?
Let's burn it.
I hate sloppy.
Don't you want to see?
When you do good work,
don't you like to watch it?
What do you want?
We should be across town by now.
Bobby, you let him go
and get up here this instant.
You said the place was empty.
You got to shut it off, man.
Too late.
It's too late.
Want to get us both killed?
It's gonna blow any minute!
Just get in there.
Get in there!
My leg! My knee!
You broke my knee!
That's bull, man.
Get up. Get up!
I can't walk.
I'll tell you where it is.
Fourth floor,
storeroom, in back.
The storeroom.
Now, go!
You got two minutes.
Lady, come on!
All right, all right.
Supper's nearly ready.
Go wash your hands and face
and go sit down at the table.
See, I knew you'd be coming.
I got the ham on.
- Ham? No! We got to get out of here.
- Don't start that with me.
- Shut up!
- Bobby!
You're hurting me.
Gee whiz, Mom.
I'm sorry. I...
- I just wanted to show you something.
- Show me what?
My... my car.
Yeah. Gosh, don't you remember
the new car?
The car? No. No.
Let's go.
Don't want to miss the big game.
Dad's waiting downstairs.
You know how he is.
- Your father?
- Yeah. Good old Dad. What a guy.
You're not Bobby.
You're not Bobby!
- You're not him! Let me-
- Please!
God, lady.
Don't wake up now.
Open the door,
you hear me?
Open the door.
Come on, lady.
Open the door.
Don't you hear me?
You're going to get killed.
You're going to die.
Come on.
Don't you touch me.
Don't you touch me.
Help! Frank! Frank!
Move back.
You heard the man.
Get that strap on her.
Come on, let's go.
Stay back, behind here.
Mason. Mason, where-
where is she?
I- I don't know.
For the love of God. Faye!
Faye, you all right?
Is she all right?
Get back on the sidewalk.
I'm going along.
I'm her husband.
What the hell
are you stopping for?
I don't see anything.
It's just junk.
Come on, get moving.
We haven't got all day.
What's your hurry, Kovacs?
The building's down.
You won.
Leave the guy alone.
How long can he stay there?
Look. I want him
out of my way.
When he moves, we move.
Not till then.
Now, here we are, dear.
Just give me your arm
and slip it through here.
Be a good girl
and put this on.
Are we going home now?
A different kind of home,
but very nice.
Across the river,
in Jersey.
You know who's there?
Muriel and Sid.
Do you remember?
I want to go home.
We'll be together.
That's all that counts.
Uh, excuse me.
Mr. Riley?
I brought these here
for your wife.
Some doughnuts.
look who's here.
It's Bobby.
He came back.
How about that?
Mason Baylor?
Marisa Esteval?
Would you come with me?
Uh... Mr. and Mrs. Riley?
Fantastic! Unbelievable!
I love the whole thing-
especially the sconces
and corbellings,
the moldings, the relief!
Oh, it's perfect.
Hey, it's Harry.
They're back, Faye.
They're back.
Good morning, chief.
How do you like it?
Mr. Lacey, this building burned
last night.
- Can you give us an explanation?
- Obviously, somebody made a mistake.
What are your plans for this site,
in view of what's happened?
- My plans remain unchanged.
- You know what I think? It's a fake.
It's prefab, fiberglass.
These people are jerkin' us around.
If you want me to get rid of these
reporters, I'll get rid of them.
You're fired, kid.