.45 (2006)

Big Al has a huge cock.
I'm serious. I'm not fucking with you.
Thing...thing is humongous.
Okay, it's like-
Looks like it's got little arms
and legs and shit. Looks alive
Like I could put it over my shoulder
and burp it, know what I'm saying?
It's like a plumbing tool or something.
The first time I saw it...
I was like: "Put that thing away.
You ain't coming near
me with that monster. "
But you know Big Al, you know...
He just kept
coming at me.
Y'know he, he looks at me and he says:
Hey, you think you can handle that?
Huh? Think you can? Huh?
I mean ...
It was like ...
I mean look, I'm competitive, right?
I was, I was in competitive
gymnastics in high school.
So, y'know, I took another look at it.
And I was like: well, I could
have a hell of a time trying.
You know?
I mean,
we had great sex.
Y'know, I'm talking about
'tie me up to the bedpost ...
with your dirty sweatsocks'
sex, you know what I'm saying?
You know. Big Al
's king of the neighborhood.
Look, you can say what you want about
him, Big Al is a great fuck.
Al, what's up?
Sing it.
Hey listen, I got some ...
new toasters and some track
suits back at the house.
Sign me up.
- Where the fuck is Reilly?
- Haven't seen him.
Whoa, careful there, baby.
Hey, baby.
- Hey, Sarge.
- Where is he?
Over there.
That mope?
- I thought I told you no mopes.
- You said you wanted customers.
I got you customers, all right?
Don't worry about it. He's clean. snssn checked him out.
Go make us some money.
Wait here, okay?
How you doing?
Hey, where you from?
- Long Island.
- Really?
What can I do for you?
I want a gun.
What are you, a fucking asshole?
You wanna say that a little fucking louder?
You wanna broadcast it around the island with the fucking news?
- Sorry.
- Huh?
Where on the Island?
Ice Peak.
- Islanders or Rangers?
- What?
The Islanders or the fucking Rangers.
What are you, a fucking moron?
- Rangers?
- Yes.
Is this a fucking interview??
I just want my 45.
- Enough!
- Fuck you!
- What is it?
- He's clean.
You got no guns.
-You came in too early.
-Too fucking early?
That's right.
- You fucking knew what you were supposed to do.
- I did what I was supposed to do.
Hey, you got this? Huh?
Now get your fuckin hands off
my fuckin dick and get out of here
Before I fuckin file a harassment suit, you
Fucking fag
bisexual fucking Village People.
Get the fuck outta here.
Get outta my bar.
- Motherfucker!
- I'll fucking get you!
We'll fucking get you!
Kiss my dick, you
fucking prick!
Get the fuck outta my bar!
See ya.
You're hot, Baby.
- Yeah?
- Sexy.
Let's Get Away
resolve an issue.
Big Al
He was always trouble.
Ever since he was born.
Motherfucker! Fucking how?
- What did I do?
- I thought you said you and had him checked out!
- We did have him checked out.
- What, together, you in on the set up or something?
C-section, y'know. 48 hours of labor.
Fucking kid!
He was never no good!
I shoulda never had him.
You can't fuckin run an
organization like this, ok?
It's sloppy.
It's for amateurs.
You gotta-- you gotta plan these things right.
What organization are you talking about, Al?
He never comes home for the holidays.
I mean, it's Thanksgiving, y'know,
But you're not gonna find him here. No.
No sense of family.
No sense of loyalty.
I, I don't know what... I don't know
what went wrong with him. I...
I didn't smoke during my pregnancy.
I didn't drink, y'know. Not a drop.
Beer and wine, but
that's okay.
I'm sick and tired of it, God!
Hey! What are you doing?
I'm fucking taking a piss. Get the fuck off!
You fuck off. You promised me
you'd get me out of this neighborhood!
Seaside Heights, or Rockway, or Ocean City or
something. Look at you pissing on the fucking wall!
Fuck off!
I want to see the real world.
- The real world.
- I'm tired of this shit!
What fucking real world?
You got the whole fucking world right here!
Aaah Jesus fucking cunt!
Okay, you assholes!
Get in here, dinner's ready!
Excuse me, but I just hate
No, I didn't raise a murderer.
No, the streets did.
Stop it! Stop!
My fucking TV! Hey!
-Motherfucker, come here
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
No! Our TV!
Al, Our new TV!
You knocked the guy out.
I don't care about him. Look what
he did to the fucking TV!
Did you have to
do that, sir?
- I'm Sorry.
- Fuck!
Call the cops, c'mon!
You Americans are so violent.
I was just trying to rob you.
I don't fucking believe you!
537 West 39th Street. We have an
emergency. There's a thief in the house.
Will ya get off the fucking carpet!
It's a Persian original. It's expensive!
I'm sorry. I made a mistake.
I will not come back again. Sorry.
Get off my fucking carpet!
I'm sorry, please don't kill me.
I'm sorry, please.
Please, I'm so sorry.
No wonder you couldn't
fit through the fucking window.
Look at the size of your ass!
Look at that thing, it looks like
a fucking parking lot.
You need to start jogging, you
fucking piece of shit!
I hope you got
you're green card.
Please let me go.
Punjabi or what the
fuck ever you are.
I'm so sorry!
You make me sick, you understand?
You make me fucking sick!
- I am sorry I broke your TV.
- You fucks, you come over here,
take our jobs and then ...
You're fucking parasites. You disgust me.
What the fuck is going on
with this country?
What the fuck is happening
to this fucking country!?
You know what's wrong with
this fucking country?
No, we're--
we're being robbed.
I'm sorry, please
just let me go!
I have a family and the bus.
A bus? You got a fucking
bus downstairs?
I'll take the fucking bus. You want
the fucking TV, I'll take your fucking bus!
Ok? Number 6, number 9 ...
Don't y-- don't fucking be clever with me.
I was lying.
That's fucking mine.
It's my shit.
- Fucking don't touch it!
- I don't really have a bus,
But please, let me go!
Al, I'll take two of the toasters.
And the blue navy suit.
42 regular cause my nephew's
coming into town.
- And three cartons of menthol.
- Alright.
- Al
- Yes.
It's not my fault. I came
to the wrong address.
- What happened here?
- I caught the fuck trying to rob me.
Lady, please. This
crazy he's going to kill me and his girlfriend is--
What are you doing?
Stop it! I'm in pain!
- Marge, you like these for the nephew?
- Yeah, those are nice.
- These are on the house, okay?
- Oh, yeah, nice.
So, uh...
- Cash or credit card?
- Cash.
Unless you have some of
those nice "hot" cards.
I might. I might. But you got
something for me, huh?
Fuck all of you!
Big Al, y'know, his troubles started
when my husband and I broke up.
He was Scottish
A big fucking boozer!
And he took Al
to Scotland, you know?
And when he came back, he
was tougher and meaner.
And he never lost
that accent either.
Move to the right.
No, that's left.
What the fuck's going on?
He's, uh, he's in the toilet.
Arrest him.
- Who is?
- The thief!
-Hey, What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck?
- What is this, a fucking joke?
- Are you a joke?
- Should I call the cops again?
- It's no fucking joke, ok?
I found you a real
fucking criminal.
I'm sick and tired of
doing your fucking job, okay?
He's in the fucking
toilet. Open the door!
Police! Thank god you're here!
Oh please, help me!
This guy, he's got drugs
all over the house!
Fuckin' joke.
Hey, joker! You piece of shit.
They don't have a warrant!
Why don't you read the Constitution
of the United States of America
And you guys, hey.
Come on, get this fucking guy
outta my house
before I tell your supervisor
you're harassing me.
Man, fuck Big Al! Big Al, everybody's
I ain't scared of Big Al, man, fuck,
Bring his ass over here,
I ain't scared of that motherfucker
I'll fuck his ass up
right here, right now, man
Man, fuck his ass. I never liked him.
And you know what? He never liked
my Puerto Rican ass anyway.
You know what, let's keep it that way!
Did I do this to him?
Hell no, man. That nigga's small time,
yo, I'm big time!
Fuck that motherfucker!
Fuck that motherfucker!
Alright, what about me, huh?
What about my needs?
- What?
- Yeah, my needs.
Eat me.
- I eat you good.
- Oh, you call that eating?
Yeah, you know what I call that?
I call that tasting.
I call that fucking munching. Alright?
I been eaten by mosquitoes better than that.
I've been bitten by bedbugs with more bite.
Alright, how come you're
selling a gun behind my back, hmm?
- What are you talking about?
- Oh yeah, okay.
So you don't think that I know about
that fucking tattooed fuck?
Clancy told me.
How come you're doing fucking
deals behind my back?
What? He needed a fucking gun.
What was I supposed to do?
Blow the deal or something?
I got you your money.
- How much?
- Same as always.
There's four $100 bills in
your underwear drawer, okay?
Next to the downs.
- You're not trying to sell me out here?
- Alright, just take a look, for God's sakes.
You're not fucking that Clancy
motherfucker, y'know
- You don't think I see the way you look at him?
- Gimme a break. I sleep with one fucking guy, alright?
Stop talking shit.
First of all, I hear on the fucking
street you're selling guns behind my back
So then I come home,
and you don't fucking tell me
- And then I want you to suck my cock,
- Shut the fuck up!
- And you won't even fucking do
- Shut the fuck up!
Who fucking told you?
Son of a bitch!
Goddamn men, y'know
Big Al thinks the worst thing
you can do is
sleep with another guy, right?
Let another guy fuck you
Oh yeah? But it's okay for him
to fuck other girls, right?
He did it all the time.
It's a double standard, right?
But only on his side.
Yeah, well that don't fly with me, y'know?
I-- y'know what? I just don't get it.
I don't get why, why guys think
they're the ones that are getting over.
Y'know, why they think they're the ones
doing the fucking. Alright?
'Cause, y'know, when I sleep with a guy.
I make sure he knows
who's fucking whom.
And I stick my finger up his
ass just so he knows it.
You didn't sell Clancy the .45
with the two tone stainless, did you?
- Huh? What?
- The .45.
No. I'm not an idiot. I know that's your gun.
It's the only one I have
that's legally registered, okay?
Suck their fingers.
- I'm getting horny.
- I know.
Right? Don't fuckingtouch the .45, okay?
Want to know Al? Al is really
good at getting things.
Cars, jewelry, clothes.
Women. But he doesn't know
how to take care of them.
I was his property.
And call me crazy, I just wanted
something a little bit more than that, okay?
So we broke up,
and now no one'll date me
all the guys are scared.
I gotta date guys from
Jersey. It's horrible.
- It's Vic.
- Aw fuck, it's the dyke from
Shut up, she's my friend. Be nice.
One second!
Can't fucking stand her.
She always ruins everything.
Shut up!
- She's bisexual, ok?
- So what? She's still a fucking dyke.
You have to remind me about your fling with her?
It was one drunken night.
Don't be such a fucking woman.
One sec, sweetie.
- Hi.
- Hello, lover.
- How are you, beautiful.
- I am great.
Please, no lesbo action
in front of me, okay?
- Unless it's a threesome, c'mon.
- Don't mind him.
That's alright.
I'm used to his slime.
Hey, how you doing?
You look so great.
Oh my god, your hair looks amazing?
You like that?
Don't you think her hair looks great?
Looks like she did it with
a wrench of something.
- Just shut up.
- Nice to see you too, buddy.
- Sit down. You want something to drink?
- Sure.
She lives with me now,
lesbo, okay?
Okay. Yeah, it would seem so,
seeing as I knocked on your front door
and she answered it
Al, you confused yet?
- What?
- Drunk yet?
- Come on babe, you can do it.
- It's that obvious, is it?
- You fucking drunk.
- Come here, baby.
Fuck! Son of a whore!
Al, stop it!
- Jesus Christ!
- You sir are a moron.
You are the walking talking reason that
we should all be lesbians.
Yes, I think
I just became one.
- So, your hair looks amazing.
- Thank you.
Really looking good.
- Plus y'know I've been uh, I been hitting the gym a lot.
- Oh yeah?
I've already added like 2 inches
to my arms, an inch to my chest
Trying to get those big shoulders
so I can beat up Al.
I wanted Al dead
from the moment I met him.
It was his maleness that I detested.
His essence.
It wasn't his fault.
He couldn't get away with it, y'know.
It was him. He was the product
of his horrible childhood.
But ...
Give a kiss.
Yeah, see what you're missing?
See you later.
No tongue fucking action
while I'm away, girls.
I just came in her five minutes ago.
Thanks for the head's up.
Get outta here.
Is it good?
- Who's it for?
- Jose Vargas.
The one thing we gotta stick to is
I didn't sell it to Jose. Okay?
Al would kill me if he knew
I sold to a Puerto Rican.
As long as he doesn't think ...
I sold to a Puerto Rican,
we're fine, we're fine.
He's just the muscle.
I'm the broad with all the plans, right?
I'm the businesswoman, I got
the big plans.
- You got big plans?
- Yeah.
- You know.
- I hope I'm in them.
You know you are.
Kat, if he hurts you again,
I'll fucking kill him.
That's a promise.
My daughter Kat.
She was always attracted to danger.
Yeah, even as a little girl.
She was always doing something that
she wasn't supposed to do, I mean
You tell her not to do something,
she would do it anyways.
"Don't drink", she'd drink.
"Don't do drugs", she did drugs.
"Watch out for boys"
Forget about it.
I mean she was just always defiant.
She just always wanted too much, y'know
She could never just be normal.
She always had to be special.
And look where it got her.
Well I am not surprised.
She was always beautiful and
most proud of her hair
And she got that from me
Reilly, Reilly, Reilly, Reilly,
you get more ass than a fucking toilet seat.
I'm talking about
some quality ass.
Quality, shit.
What matters is what's
between her legs.
- But you got Kat.
- Yeah, well.
You can't have everything, right?
What do you think of me
going back with Dell again?
Aw fuck, Reilly, will you please
fucking get over her, she's a fucking ho.
Fucking been fucked in the ass so many fucking
times her ass looks like a science experiment.
What can I tell you? She turns me on.
Everything turns you on. You're
the horniest guy I know, Reilly.
You would do anything
for a piece of fucking pussy.
I decided to turn over a new leaf.
- What?
- I'm going back to church,becoming Catholic again
- Renouncing it all.
- Reilly.
I'm so fucking tired of hearing this song
and dance. I've heard it all before, alright?
That's it for me, man. I want a normal life.
A normal life, and a normal job.
- What are we doing here? What are we doing?
- Don't fucking worry about it.
Nothing illegal, alright?
I told you, I started this morning,
I'm turning over a new leaf.
Leaf. Reilly, you need to
turn over a new fucking tree.
You know ...
There's always a place for you
in my organization.
Why don't you come and be
my right hand man again?
You not hearing me, man?
What the fuck are you talking about?
I was never your right hand man.
I was my own man with my own
operations. Did my own fucking jobs.
Jesus Christ, I never worked for you, Al!
You fucking need me, Reilly.
Ya need me.
Bullshit, Al.
The only fucking thing I need from you
is a woman like Kat.
that's what I need.
What the fuck is it with
this Kat obsession?
It is not obsession.
She's a great girl.
That's all.
Hey, pull it over here.
- What's going on, Al?
- I'm gonna steal that car.
That's the fucking car
we took last week.
Yeah, that's right. But now I
gotta fucking take it back.
The guy we stole it from
wants it back. He's got a
big fucking reward.
I thought I'd be a nice guy and
I'd take it back to him, okay?.
What about the guy we sold it to?
Fuck him. He's a fucking
nother normal guy at work
Just like you want to be.
A normal guy.
You know what happens? Normal guys
get fucked. Big Al doesn't.
You're about to make a month's
salary in 10 seconds.
Are ya in or are ya out, Mr. Normal?
It's the last time, Al.
This is it.
Last motherfucking time.
Al shoulda got outta this neighborhood.
Kat wanted that.
And as things turned out ...
Al should have listened to her.
Did I wanna kill Al?
Yeah. Many times.
Did he have something
I woulda killed for?
Hello, ladies.
- You got the money?
- It's right here.
Let's have it!
- Why don't you get it from me.
- Asshole.
Chill, chill, I'm just joking.
Just joking, come here, baby, just joking
You know I wouldn't
play you like that, right?
- You know I like doing business with you, know that, right?
- Oh yeah?
Well same as always , alright
Now get your paws offs me.
I'd like to do a lot
more with you, baby
Who wouldn't?
You need a man
like me, baby, you know?
- I could show you a couple things, you know what I'm saying?
- Oh yeah?
My boyfriend, Big Al,
he wouldn't like that very much. Okay?
I'll get rid of your boyfriend Big Al.
Not interested, Sanchez.
Keep walking, thanks.
Could you? Could you get rid of him?
Nothin, like nothin.
Why you with him anyway?
He's small time.
A beautiful lady like yourself.
You need to be with a man
who's going places in life.
You see me right here?
I'm going places.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
Like Ryker's.
That's where you're going.
See you later, Chico.
I'll never want to fuck
you or your attitude.
Shit, you can fuck my attitude, but
I'm a hell of a lot more fun, baby.
See ya around.
ita, mmmm.
I can never, never thank
you enough, detective.
It's amazing, there isn't even
a scratch on it. Thank you so much.
And if there's anything
I can do for you.
Nah, I'll have the station
contact you in the morning, okay?
- Ok
- Ok, thank you. Anything.
Thank you. So much.
To me, sex with men is like snow.
You never know how many inches you're
gonna get or how long it's gonna last.
Y'know, the differences between men and
women are just too great for me to even
begin to comprehend.
Y'know, like...
Like, okay, a woman ...
all she wants to hear from a man are
three words, right?: "I love you."
A man, all he wants to hear are
three words too, but they're different.
"It's so big!"
Wha...? Assholes!
To me, Big Al is the perfect
reason to legalize abortion.
You talk about sex more than
any girl I know.
You're like the
horniest girl I know.
- It's being around you that makes me horny.
- Oh, fuck off.
When you gonna dump Al?
Serious? Come on, Vic.
Knock it off!
We're having fun, right?
I mean come on, it's bad timing.
I'll wait for you.
I mean what do you two
have in common, anyway?
Guns. We both love guns.
And we're both in love with him.
That's what we have in common.
You're in love with him?
Yeah, Vic, I am.
- I'm sorry, but ...
- No, hey, know what?
Possession is not love.
Alcoholics can't have lovers,
they hold hostages.
And he is no good for you.
I am.
I'll even treat you like
shit if you want me to.
Thank you. Let's go.
- Huh.
- You're late, you fucking
So somebody's gotta make a
fucking living around here.
Look at Reilly.
Dumb and
No, bumt like takes 2 hours
to watch 60 minutes kinda dumb.
- Think I'm gonna head home with Vic tonight.
- Good luck.
She's a fucking beast.
You know she prefers pussy, right?
It's a challenge.
Yeah, well I wouldn't fuck her.
She can't be that bad
if Kat puts up with her.
What's that supposed to mean?
-Hi, girls. -Hey.
- What are you laughing about?
- Hey, I wanna talk to you in the back.
- Reilly, how are you?
- Good.
-Hey. Hey. Hey!
Fuck's sake. Do you see
what I gotta deal with?
Come on.
I'm coming. Easy.
Hey Vic, could I
buy you a beer?
I don't drink.
I'm Irish, been Irish my whole life.
Really? What a coincidence.
Look, Reilly, I'm not, uh ...
I wasn't born in Ireland,
but my family was.
They got the greatest brogue, my parents.
You gotta hear 'em some time.
And my mom, she makes
the best Irish oatmeal in town
Really? She make those
cute little sweaters too?
- Yeah, she does, actually.
- oh my god
She does. She must have a set
of those sweaters that go back...
to the early 1800s, I think.
She knows all those Irish songs.
Danny Boy and shit.
And my father ...
he knew guy who invented
Irish Spring soap.
How about that?
Everyone in this whole fucking
neighborhood was Irish...
Alright, I get it! You're Irish.
- Just relax, eat a fucking potato.
- What?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm just, I'm uh
not feeling like myself tonight.
I'm a little agitated.
No worries.
What nationality are you?
I'm Jewish.
Oh yeah, Jewish? Where's that from?
The Bible.
That must go really far back and stuff.
Yeah, it does.
- Where do most Jews come from?
- Long Island.
Now would you leave?
I heard you slept
with some women.
So? what about it?
So have I.
Good for you, Reilly. Your mom
must be really proud of you.
Now would you do me a favor
please and just fuck off?
Wait, am I bothering you or something?
No, I'm always this hostile
when I don't like someone.
I really like horror films.
I tell you that?
Yeah, I like 'em a lot.
I might go see one on Friday night,
you wanna come with me?
Jesus, Reilly!
You are a fucking horror film.
Buddy, take the hint, alright? Move on to
your next victim. I'm not interested, alright?
- Why not?
- Because all you wanna do is dip the stick.
- That's not true.
- That's not true?
Jesus. You're so tough, you know that?
Alright. Gimme one good reason
why you won't let me poke you.
One good reason?
Well don't take this personally,
but I don't like you.
That's not a reason.
That's an excuse.
- Why me?
- That's what that is.
You don't want me anyway.
You want Kat.
But you can't get her.
- Yeah, there's only one problem there.
- What?
- Al
- Al
Why don't you knock Al off?
Do us all a favor.
Get rid of him.
Maybe then she could be yours.
Al's my friend. I don't do friends.
I don't do things like that.
It's a mere detail.
Come on, Reilly, be bold.
Try something new.
Do a friend.
I mean he doesn't like you, anyway.
He talks shit
about you behind your back all the time.
Oh yeah?
Like what?
- You're not afraid of him, are you?
- Hell no.
So get rid of him then.
He thinks you're a punk.
Fuck, I'm not doing things like that anymore.
I'm making some changes and I'm
really following my religion now.
Following your religion?
How sweet.
I think it's a little late
for that, don't you?
All of this very stimulating conversation is
making me have to go to the bathroom and throw up.
Come on, can I have you, huh?
Come on.
I want you.
Alright, Reilly. There is one way
that I will sleep with you.
Get rid of Al.
- You're pretty demanding.
- You should see me in bed.
- You're a good guy.
- Thanks.
You should think about it.
I will.
I'm worth the trouble.
I bet you are.
He's now a fucking good
Catholic boy.
- What's going on?
- Nothing.
Fucking don't , turn the other fucking cheek.
Fuck you.
Hey, Reilly, how's it going?
- You're beautiful.
- Are you fucking drunk?
I want to kiss you right now.
You're fucking drunk.
I've always wanted
you to be my girl.
Hey Reilly! Come on.
I'll be over there
in a minute! I'm coming!
- Papa's calling you, Reilly.
- You come with me and I'll get you outta this fucking neighborhood.
You know he won't.
- Quite a catch, eh, that Reilly.
- He's pretty hot. Pretty sexy.
I thought you were in love.
Just because I ordered dinner doesn't
mean I can't see what's on the menu, huh?
Well, I don't know if your waiter told
you, but I'm one of the specials this evening.
Shit! Look who just walked in.
- Fuck! Assholes.
- I told them never to come here.
What's up, my ita?
Got a light for my cigarette?
You fucking crazy coming round here?
What the fuck are you doing here?
Give the lighter.
- Why you so nervous? Calmate [calm down]
- Just take the fucking light.
Jesus Christ.
- See you around.
- Get off my shit, yo.
That spic is disrespecting you.
Put him in his place.
You wanna mess with a fucking white girl?
- Do not move.
- You wanna mess with a fucking white girl?
- What?
- Please just sit down.
- What did I do?
- Do not be stupid, you fucking whore.
- No. I don't know what I did.
- You know what you did.
- I don't.
- I saw you talking to that fucking Puerto Rican guy.
Ah, so that's what this is about,
the Puerto Rican guy. No.
He came to me and asked me for a
cigarette, alright? I told him to fuck off.
- You touched his arm.
- No I didn't touch his arm. What are you talking about?
- Don't fucking lie to me.
- Look, I didn't mean to touch his arm, okay?
- Hey, baby...
- You're drunk.
Come here.
Come here,
your big monkey.
- Fuck you.
- You were talking to him, and...
- Shut up.
- fucking I know you lit his cigarette and...
- you touched his arm ...
- Al, what's that supposed to...
Then he tried to get a
piece of fucking tit, right?
Huh? Huh, baby?
- Then I saw him looking at your...
- Listen, will you stop it already?
beautiful legs.
You look like a whore
tonight in that dress.
You like looking like a whore.
- You bought me this dress.
- You like dressing like a whore.
You said I looked country in it.
"Faith Hill", you said.
You wanna suck my cock, right?
Yeah? You wanna suck
his cock too, right?
- Shut the fuck up.
- No, you shut the fuck up.
You wanna fucking suck some Puerto
Rican cock. Fucking
- answer me.
- Get off me!
You fucking white trash, you
Hanging out with Vic lesbo all night,
the three of youse, you sick fucking ho.
I saw the way you were fucking
looking at each other! You fucking disgust me!
Fucking answer me one fucking question, okay?
What did he say to you?
- Nothing! He asked for a light!
- Fuck you, fucking liar!
Sorry, sorry baby, sorry, sorry.
Okay, come here honey.
It's okay, it's okay.
I just gotta tell you
You embarrassed me
in front of my fucking friends, baby.
You fucking, how the fuck
am I supposed to keep their respect?
"There goes your woman talking to a Puerto
Rican spic", that's what fucking Reilly said!
"She wants some fucking spic cock!"
Is that what you want, you fucking cunt?
You expect me to eat some
dirty spic-fucked pussy?
You want me to fuck a spic-fucked cunt?
You fucking bitch!
You fucking slut! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Motherfucker! I told you motherfucker,
I have fucking had it with
- Fuck you, sit down, you fucking fucker
- Stop!
You spic-cocksucking whore
Stay down!
- Don't fucking move!
- No! Please, please, please.
- Stop, please!
- Come here. Cut your face.
- Fuck that face.
- Stop it!
- Do not fucking move.
I'll make you so fucking ugly, nobody'll
fucking look at you except for me.
Please, Al, please, Al
Baby, baby. Baby.
- He touched your fucking hair.
- He said he liked my hair.
- He said he liked my hair.
- See? But you lied to me.
You lie, you see?
You're hiding shit from me.
- You understand?
- No, please.
Why didn't you tell me that before?
- I don't know. I don't know
- Come here, baby. Come here. Okay, okay.
- I don't ever wanna see you
- Please!
- Listen to me, baby.
- Please, Al!
Baby, baby, baby, baby. I don't ever
wanna see you dressed like this again.
You look like a whore in that dress.
Take it off. Take it off. Take it off.
- Please.
- Come on.
Give it here.
Take this fucking shit off, alright?
C'mon, let's go to the other room.
Go to the fucking room.
Let's see what else you got in there.
Show your other fucking clothes. Get out
the fucking clothes from the closet, baby.
- Show 'em to me. Give 'em to me.
- These clothes?
Those are fucking whore's clothes, baby!
Fucking whore's clothes!
- Look at this, look at this shit.
- Oh Al, stop it, please.
- It's fucking whore's clothes, baby!
- Do not do it, Al
Please, Al, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I won't talk to anybody anymore. Please.
Oh fuck!
Alright, come here.
Crawl to the fucking mirror.
Come on, take a look at yourself in the mirror.
You see that? You see that, baby?
You tell me.
- You tell me.
- Stop it, Al!
Tell me you're a whore. Tell me you're a whore
Tell me you're a whore!
Tell me. Tell me
you fucking love me.
- Tell me you fucking love me.
- I love you.
Tell me you really wanna suck my cock, baby.
I want to suck your cock!
Baby, baby.
- I'll gonna cut your fucking hair.
- No! Fuck you! No! Get off me!
It's the only way
you're gonna learn.
It's the only way you're
gonna fucking learn, baby.
It's the only way you're
gonna fucking learn, baby.
Come here!
I want to spend the rest of my
life with you, your fucking cunt!
Al! Al!
I'm gonna get you a new mirror baby,
tomorrow. I'll get you a new mirror tomorrow.
There's no excuse to go around
treating people the way that he did.
There are some people out there who've
had childhoods far worse than Al's...
go on to do great things.
Become model citizens, y'know? Like...
There's a secretary that I used to know.
She had a very terrible childhood, like...
Too bad to get into. Like raped,
incest, ate with her hands, everything.
But, a nice smile on her face
and everything, like... delightful,
funny. Not like this animal, Al.
Death penalty.
Shoot him. It should be
quick and brutal.
It's okay. Okay. Okay?
- You got-- you gotta go, Vic.
- What?
You gotta go, cuz if ...
I don't want trouble.
Please just, you gotta go. Please.
I am not going anywhere, alright?
You are coming home with me.
- No.
- What are you--what are you doing?
I can't, cuz he'll just come
after me, Vic. You know him, please.
I don't want any
more trouble, please.
I'm just scared.
It'll all calm down.
It'll be fine.
It'll be fine.
How the fuck can you
stay with him after this?
I love him.
I fucking love him.
That's fucked. Love isn't
supposed to hurt, Kat.
- But I love him, Vic.
- Was this about the guns?
No, it wasn't about the guns.
He was just jealous.
- What the fuck?
- It's Reilly.
Don't let him in, please.
Hey. Fuck, Jesus Christ, you alright?
Holy fuck. Alright, let's
sit down. Let's just sit down.
It's Al. It's Al.
Fucking lowlife motherfucker!
Hitting a woman.
- Reilly
- How could he do something like that?
Don't act so surprised.
This isn't the first time.
It's gonna be okay, baby.
What do you mean, okay? You're the one
who went and cut off Jose.
- You're fucking one of them.
- No I didn't.
I didn't, I didn't do anything, okay?
I don't work for Al, Kat. I don't.
Clancy did that with
some other guys, I promise you.
- Reilly, Reilly, Reilly.
- Don't worry, Everything's gonna be alright
I'll do anything you want, okay? It's your call.
You're full of shit, Reilly.
You guys are all full of shit.
Alright, I'm gonna get your stuff.
And we're gonna get you outta here, cuz
you can't stay here anymore, okay. I'll take you--
- Come home with me. Okay? That'll be better.
- I don't wanna go with anybody, shit!
Stay here, and I'll wait with you, and I'll beat
the fucking shit out of him when he comes home,
right in front of you.
- Stay right there, stay right there.
- Honey, it's okay, I'm sorry.
- You shouldn't have done this, Al!
- Get the fuck outta my fucking house!
- Fuck you!
- Don't fucking touch her!
No, you don't touch her! You don't
deserve her, you motherfucker!
- So try it!
- Reilly!
- Stop it!
- Stop, Reilly get off him!
-Watch out!
-Reilly, get off of him!
- He has a fucking gun! Somebody call the police!
- You're hurting him, Reilly!
You're hurting him,
Reilly, stop it!
Al! Al! Al, are you okay?
You're hurting him, c'mon
They were noisy. Very noisy.
That's all I have to say. I don't wanna
get into any trouble.
What went on behind those closed doors
is none of my business.
- Get them to let me see Al, okay?
- I'm here to help you, and not Al
You think I believe that?
You think I'm fucking stupid?
You don't think I know that you want me to help
the cops put Al away for a long time
And I'm not gonna fucking have
anything to do with it. You got that?
Look, I, I don't know what Al's done
in the past, and honestly I don't care.
I'm here because I was assigned
to your case, to help you.
This is my job, alright?
I talk to battered women.
Battered women? What the fuck
does that mean, battered women? What is that?
What, a fucking shake and bake or something?
Fucking battered fucking chicken.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Come on, Kat.
Look at you. He clearly hurt you.
What? He threw me a beating, so what?
I mean, I get a beating once,
once in a blue moon.
This wasn't just a beating.
YOu gonna wait til the next time,
until he actually kills you?
- He didn't mean it, okay?
- Listen to me.
You can protect yourself, alright?
Talk to me.
Nothing you say
is gonna leave this room.
Yeah, right. The fucking
walls have ears.
I am not asking you to
rat out your boyfriend.
Alright? All I'm asking you
is how a man who loves a woman
would do this to her?
And why a woman
like you would stay?
You don't have to say anything
if you don't want to.
We can, uh, we can just
sit here for awhile.
He cut my hair.
Oh Jesus, look, it was a fucking
accident, alright? I didn't try to kill her.
It would've been murder
if the bullet had hit her.
Yeah, but it didn't. It grazed her, okay?
On accident. I wouldn't kill Kat!
She gives the best
fucking head in New York.
- I can see you think quite highly of her.
- Okay, look ...
If somebody was trying to come after
your man, right? You wouldn't want to hurt her?
No one is
worth killing for.
I guess you haven't
had a taste of Kat.
So, um ... married?
Lonely, huh?
Not at all. My work
keeps me very busy.
You want to fuck me, don't you?
This may be hard for you to believe,
but I can resist your charms.
Okay. You would be the first.
What about your girlfriend
who's about to put you away?
What would she say if you
heard you talking like this?
Please don't be so dramatic, okay?
I'm not going anywhere except for home.
Home sweet home. Betcha.
Kat's not pressing charges.
She can't live without me, you see?
She fucking loves me.
- So what do you think of me, huh?
- I think you're homicidal and psychopathic.
And that if left on the streets,
you'll probably kill someone.
- Maybe yourself.
- Don't you fucking say that, I'll fucking kill you!
What is it? What the fuck is wrong
with you, moron? You're a tough guy?
Tougher than me?
You think you're cute, Clancy,
But I know you.
All I said in the bar was she was
talking to the fucking Puerto Rican.
Fuck off, bitch!
I know you're an asshole, alright?
Coward scumbag motherfucker
whose feet smell
And Kat caught a beating
because of what you fucking said!
Bullshit. She deserves it.
You can't trust her.
You wanna watch what you say, Clancy.
I'm telling you, mind your fucking
business or you're gonna get hurt.
- Are you threatening me?
- Hey, Fuck you!
You don't have anything
to worry about from me!
You got Kat, you got Reilly, you got the fucking
spics! You think Jose's gonna drop you cutting him?
I'm telling you-- watch your back. You got
a big fucking mouth and it's gonna get you killed!
You're not scaring me, you know.
I'm not? Well then, you're just fucking
retarded! See you in the morgue, genius.
Look, I don't plan to l
ive here all my life, alright?
I got dreams of getting out.
Y'know, Al and I have big plans to maybe
move to the beach or something.
Y'know not, not this year,
but hopefully next year.
- You like the beach?
- Yeah, I like the beach.
I love the beach, okay? I love it. Al says
he's gonna get us a place there. He promises me.
Kat, you don't need
Al to get that far.
You'll be surprised at how much
you can do all on your own.
- Alright, we better stop here.
- Why?
Because, okay? I don't want trouble.
I got neighbors, and they're
gonna talk and stuff, okay?
Give me a call, okay?
Come on.
You are trouble.
Fucking shells!
What the fuck was
I fucking thinking?
Fucking shells!
Somebody should have killed Al a long
time ago. I wanted to a lot of times, but...
I couldn't. Y'know, I knew him a
long time and shit. It just...
Wouldn't have been a
good thing to do, y'know?
It's a neighborhood thing.
We got rules.
Sure, we had fights. Yeah.
We saw things differently
many a times. Most times.
But it wouldn't have been cool.
- Hey, trouble.
- Hi.
- It's on the house.
- I, no, I can't accept stolen goods.
You kidding me? I didn't steal it.
Al stole it.
Just take it, alright? I mean c'mon,
don't make me feel like shit, please?
Alright, alright.
You want to come in?
- Yeah.
- Come in.
- I'll make you some toast.
- Ok
Now, listen to me. Al's going to be a free
man in 24 hours, so you have to make a decision.
Press charges or get
a court order.
I mean, how do you know
so much about Al?
Because I was married
with a man just like him.
- Wow.
- I wanna show you something.
Jesus Christ.
- How long ago was that?
- It was, uh, 6 years.
After I left him I went
back to school, y'know, I
got my degree.
- You're crazy.
- My whole life changed for the better.
It did, and leaving him was
the best thing I ever did.
- I'm scared.
- You can do that. You can do that too.
You weren't scared, though? You weren't scared
he was gonna come back and come after you?
Y'know, I... couldn't afford
to be scared anymore.
- Hey, Sarge.
- Hey, Reilly.
- Hey.
- You hear anything yet?
- No, and you?
- No.
- Beer.
- Yeah.
There you go.
I wanna kill him.
I'll kill the motherfucker.
Reilly, that's probably the
smartest thing you've ever said.
This is it. I mean,
it's where I live.
We need to find you
a place to live.
I could stay at my friend
Vic's house, but uh...
I don't think that's
a very good idea.
- Why not?
- Because I'll start off on her couch...
and end up on her bed.
You know what I'm saying?
Does that freak you out,
that I slept with a girl?
No, no...
No. Why? No. No.
Live and let live, I always say.
Yeah, live and let live. That's
what I always say too, y'know.
Live and let live.
You're so uptight.
You gotta loosen up.
Anyway, besides. It's not far enough.
It's down the block. I mean...
I'm probably gonna, y'know, end up finding
a hotel downtown or something, y'know
- You could stay with me.
- I couldn't ask you to do that.
No, ah, no, it's no trouble, at all.
I have the room.
- I'll think about it. Thanks.
- Listen to me.
You are a woman and you have power
and you need to use it.
Lips, tits, hips.
All woman.
Y'know, you gotta
think about it that way.
Use your power as a woman
to change your life.
- Have you slept with a woman?
- No, no, uh...
- Are you coming on to me?
- Maybe. Do you want me to?
I mean, come on.
That's what this is
all about, right? "Help"
No. No, that is not
why we are helping you.
And contrary to what you might believe,
not everybody wants something from you.
I'm here doing my job.
I'm not here to take advantage of you.
I promise you that.
I promise.
Well, thank you. But I don't
believe a word you're telling me, okay?
Nobody does something for nothing.
When I was 9 years old...
He told me he wished
I'd never been born.
He said he'd
never fucking wanted kids.
But he was always so fucking horny
He just had this
incredible sex drive.
So he couldn't
keep his hands off my mother.
I told him ...
That's no excuse. If you don't want kids,
don't fucking have 'em.
I mean, there's too fucking many
unwanted kids out there, right?
Just turn the bitch over
and fuck her in the ass.
That's my solution to
birth control, overpopulation...
Turn the fucking bitch right over
and fuck her in the ass.
- Hey, how you doing?
- Al
I'm gonna yell for Vic and Liz,
they're downstairs.
- They're gonna call the cops.
- No you won't.
Al, you're not supposed to be here, okay?
Don't make this harder for me
than it already is.
I don't want that fucking bitch
coming around here investigating us.
- No!
- I'm fucking warning you. Okay?
- I don't want her coming around here. I'm fucking warning you.
- Ow! ow, ow, ow
Come on.
Well, she has never had
any luck with men, but ...
I mean, she just doesn't know
how to keep a man. Never has.
Like me, my fourth husband and I,
we have been happily married for two years.
It just works.
Gertie. Will you shut your
fat mouth and cook me something?
Shut your fat yap,
you fat fuck!
We're gonna eat when I'm
goddamned good and ready, okay?
Look, I do not know where she got
her problem with men from, okay?
Maybe it was from her father.
I mean, he is crazy.
Shit, Clancy says he saw you talking with
the Puerto Rican motherfucker again.
- I didn't talk to him, alright?
- Did you wanna suck his cock?
- No, I didn't suck his fucking cock!
- Admit it!
Then why not fucking answer me when I fucking
ask you a question? Why'd it take you so long to think about it?
- You have to fucking think about it?
- No, I didn't have to fucking think about it! Jesus fucking Christ, you're making me goddamn fucking nervous, alright?
I feel like I'm on fucking "Jeopardy"!
Are you gonna leave at the first sign
of a domestic disturbance?
- Oh Al, oh Al. No, no Al.
- What?
Insanity is not a fucking
domestic disturbance, Al!
It's a disease. It's a rot.
And you're nuts.
- Ok
- Let me go, please, just just let me go, please.
Okay, I promise I'm not
gonna hit you anymore, okay?
You said that the last time.
- This time I mean it, alright?
- No. No, I
- I need some time, Al.
- This time I mean it.
I need some time
to think about things, okay?
- Don't leave me.
- To see if I can fucking forgive you
- For fuck's sake!
- Alright, cut the fucking shit!
Cut the fucking shit!
You're not going anywhere, okay?
Don't touch me.
- Don't touch me.
- Don't you fucking tell me what I can do to you.
I own you. You don't have a fucking
inch of me that's yours, okay?
- I fucking own you. Okay?
- Al ...
I'm filing a court order of
protection against you, Al.
- It's within my rights. I have--
- You got fucking dick!
You don't have any power! I got the
fucking power! You're a fucking woman.
I'll cut your fucking face up into a million
pieces if you put the fucking court order...
You won't be able to get
within 50 feet of me, Al.
I won't have to.
I'll have somebody else do it.
I'll be sitting right here
watching TV, okay?
When you're getting
your face all torn off,
I'll have three fucking witnesses.
Police. My fucking friends.
When you're getting
your face all cut up.
Well, I'll be right here. You
won't have any fucking proof, okay?
So ...
You'll be so fucking ugly when
you come crawling back to me
I won't even want you anymore.
- Hey Kat, what's going on?
- Sit down. Sit the fuck down.
- Kat? Are you okay?
- What the fuck is he doing here?
Tell her to put the bag down, Kat.
Tell her.
- Vic.
- She's staying with me.
Listen, Kat. Remember
what we talked about.
I can call the police right now
if you want me to.
- Tell her you're staying. Tell her you're staying.
- It'll be okay.
- Tell 'em to get the fuck out of the house, go on
- Guys just please can you fucking please go
Cuz I'm, we're gonna work
we're gonna work this out.
I don't want any fucking trouble,
ok, please?
- Kat.
- Okay?
You listen to me, Albert.
YOu hurt her, I'm not your
scared little girlfriend.
- I'll fucking end you.
- Yeah, I ain't fucking scared, okay?
- You should be.
- Fucking nigger.
Get the fuck out of my house so I
can fuck my little piece of pussy.
Call her any name you want to.
You hit her again, it's gonna
be you and me. You understand me?
- Kat?
- Please, guys, just please go. Please go.
It's gonna be okay.
It's a private matter between us.
Fuck you!
Don't fucking make me get up.
I got married when I was 18, to a guy
who I thought was Prince Charming.
- But it was a frog, right?
- Right.
He had me fooled for awhile though, God.
I was crazy about the guy.
You were young.
Maybe you were just crazy.
Or drunk.
Probably both.
It was great, it was great
at the beginning, y'know? Great.
But then, well, he started drinking
and acting just like Al.
I was 6 months pregnant.
With a girl. Tess.
He had come home late one night. I don't know,
he was drunk and we started fighting about
his drinking, or everything,
or nothing.
And he started hitting me,
and he just would not stop.
Somehow, I got away and I,
I ran into the hallway screaming
and neighbors
called the police.
Again. and...
I got to the top of the stairs
and he caught up with me ...
He hit me so hard ...
I fell down the stairs and, uh...
I lost the baby.
- I'm Sorry.
- Ok
Y'know, I didn't even go home
for my clothes or any of my stuff.
wouldn't let him come see me at the hospital.
I was so mad.
Men are dogs. One day we're gonna wake up,
they are gonna start barking.
Anyway, I really, I really would like
to help Kat, so, um, if you think of something
- Anything.
- Yeah...?
- Let me know, alright?
- I will.
You're fucking me. You're fucking only me.
You hear me?
You fucking, fucking whore! Fucking whore!
- Why don't you say my fucking name?
- Al
- Say it!
- Al!
What are you suggesting?
If Kat is not strong
enough to leave Al,
maybe Al needs to leave Kat.
- Yeah, he's, uh, he's never gonna do that.
- Maybe not voluntarily.
What are you saying?
You look like you play by the rules and
My suggestion is a little bit risky.
- Well, without risk, there's no reward.
- You're filthy. I love it.
C'mon, go ahead.
I'm talking a friend of mine into knocking
Al off and he'll do it for a price.
Okay, um... wait a minute, wait a minute.
This um... this conversation never happened.
What? He's not that expensive.
We can chip in.
Chip in?
This isn't a fucking dinner.
You're talking about a murder.
Are you insane?
That is the only way we can get her away
from him so that she can be with me.
Ah. You're in love with her?
I'd do anything for her.
I'm crazy about her.
Or maybe you're just crazy.
Do you realize you're
talking about a murder?
You said "no risk, no reward"
I read that in a fucking book
or something, okay? I wasn't talking
about killing someone. God!
YOu met me 2 hours ago and you want
me to be an accomplice to murder.
Not anymore.
You, you people in this neighborhood, you
think you're above the law, but you're not.
This isn't the wild west.
That's what you think.
Fuck you!
Let me see Al!
I don't think you understand something, alright?
I'm not rolling over on him.
You got that?
- Like that?
- It's alright.
So I thought you were gonna take care of this
little problem of ours. What happen, it backfire on you?
I thought you were
gonna take care of it.
I'm working on it.
I like you.
I like you, too.
For a guy.
Y'know, Big Al was the leading cause of
death in the neighborhood for awhile.
So you're saying a lot of
people would want him dead?
I'm saying this is a very dangerous
neighboorhood we live in.
- One has to be careful.
- That's exactly what I was thinking.
Just don't let me hear that you been
talking to Reilly, okay? Or Vic.
I was gonna say that I love you.
Don't worry, I won't talk to them.
- Alright, or there'll be trouble, okay?
- Ok
Gimme a kiss.
We've got 2 hours.
- We've got 2 hours.
- Oh yeah? Well that's all I need.
God, I wish I'd have saved
all my first times for you.
- Really?
- I wish I was a virgin for you, Reilly.
I'd do anything
to get away from him.
I'd do anything
to get rid of him.
- Anything?
- Yeah, you know that, right?
I promise you, you come with me,
I'll take care of you, baby, forever.
You promise me?
I wish I'd have saved all
my first times for you, Vic.
God, I wish I was a virgin
for you, Vic. Fuck! why
I can't take it, Vic. Every time he fucking
touches me, all I can think about is you, Vic.
I can't take it anymore.
I can't take it anymore.
Kat knew exactly what she was doing.
She was a smart one.
She liked the numbers.
Y'know, gambling, taking the risks,
playing the odds.
If she wanted something for Christmas.
She would tell 4 different people
to get her the exact same thing
cuz she figured one of them
would come through for her.
And she was right.
You're the best sex I ever had.
- Will you get me I want?
- Yes.
She played everybody.
Like a fucking fiddle.
Aren't you glad that
everything's back to normal?
- Yes.
- Y'know?
You're always right, Al.
You're always right.
- What's that?
- Huh?
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Listen, I want to take you to that, uh...
I don't wanna come back here after dinner,
I wanna take you to some fancy
place, y'know? Take you out.
No. What do you mean? Wait, but you
were gonna stay here and cook dinner and
- Nonononono I wanna take you to that fancy
- baked beans...
French restaurant, y'know the one
with the snails and shit.
-Hey, Al...
- Hey, Al
- Where's my coat?
You know ...
I got this new uh, got this new uh
prison fantasy I've been working on
And I really, uh, wanted to
try it out on you.
- Would you like that?
- Yeah, I guess so.
Not as much as I would.
- Okay, I'd like that.
- Yeah?
Where's my coat?
- Well don't wear the, uh...
- The Big Al coat, where is it?
Don't wear the Big Al coat, I got you
a new coat. Where is your new coat?
I want the Big Al coat.
Why? I got you-- there it is,
I got you a beautiful new coat.
Come on, baby. For me?
Al's problem is
he never thought big.
He was strictly
small time.
But he met his match
when he met Kat.
Oh, I tellya.
That's a smart cookie. Tough!
There was a period in her life
when every guy she went out with...
changed his name to plaintiff
in the first 3 weeks.
Am I right?
I really want to change this time,
I'm so sick and tired
of being mean to my girl.
I just, I wanna be,
I wanna be a good man, y'know?
But I'm telling you.
I just have this problem keeping it in
my pants even when I'm in church praying
every time I see a pretty girl
walk up the aisle I just wanna
- crawl up underneath her skirt, and...
- What do you do?
- Well, I go back to praying, y'know?
- It's good that you're trying.
- How do you think I feel?
- What are you saying?
I have a line of women who stand
in front of me, and get on their knees.
and open their mouth,
and stick out their tongue
and look up at me and go "Ah".
- What do you do?
- I go back to praying.
That's fucked up. How can you say
this? How can you think like this?
These poor girls are
coming to you for hope and you
want them to suck your cock.
You fucking disgust me.
I'm just a man, Al
with a collar and a cock.
- Oh, you're gonna burn in hell.
- I'm no better than you, no worse.
You're weak. I fucking hate weakness!
You disappoint me, man!
Stay away from the kids, okay?
- That's him!
- Hands up, pal.
Right there! Get him!
Get your fucking hands up!
- Fuck you!
- What the fuck are you doing, Al!
Fuck you, motherfucker!
- Stay there, man!
- What the fuck you doing out here now?
You're under arrest for
the murder of Clancy O'Hara.
Don't you move!
- You're not going nowhere.
- Fuck you!
I didn't fucking do it!
It's a fucking mistake!
Get the fuck off me!
- Fuck off.
- Get in there!
You're not fucking going nowhere!
Fuck you!
Get in the fucking car!
- C'mon, watch your fucking head
- Fuck you!
Al, he should've done something with his life.
I mean, he was always in trouble.
So I figured:
"If you're always gonna be in trouble,
then you do something to
make your mom proud of ya!"
You rob a bank, you rob a gas station,
y'know, something to write home about.
You want people to respect ya?
Then you gotta do something
to make 'em respect ya.
Who cares if
they fucking like ya?
Now, if they fear ya,
then that's something.
Make the headlines. Am I right?
I can't believe we
finally got rid of him.
No one can
connect you to this, right?
You're dangerous, huh?
You know I like that.
Never know what you're gonna do.
There's nothing sexier
than being afraid.
If I knew I was gonna meet you, I
would've saved all my first times for you.
You're the best sex I ever had.
Let me find a way to pay you back.
Kat... she's a doll.
A real cunt.
And I mean that in the
nicest possible way.
- You hear anything on the street?
- No, nobody heard a thing.
I want you to talk to Clancy's mother,
okay? Find out who was after him.
Reilly doesn't know anything? Hm?
Why don't you tell him to get his ass in gear.
I need to get the fuck out of here right now.
What are you so worried about?
They don't have any evidence.
Kat, they got my fingerprints
all over the fucking gun, alright?
- How?
- I don't know.
My lawyer says
the good thing is that ...
I got proof that I wasn't anywhere
near Clancy's house that night, right?
I got you.
But I just don't get it,
cuz the guy who lives downstairs
He says he sees me running
out the fucking building
at 10:45 right after
he hears the gunshot.
He said he knows it's me because
he sees the Big Al jacket, right?
But I lost that fucking
jacket, what? Weeks ago.
Anyone could be fucking
wearing that thing.
I don't fucking get it.
YOu follow me?
Was Clancy killed with
the gun I sold?
He was killed with the fucking
.45 that's registered in my name.
- I don't understand.
- Somebody's fucking with me. Okay?
- Who?
- I don't know.
who knows us.
- Are you accusing me?
- No... I don't know
I mean I don't know
what the fuck I'm saying.
The good thing is I got
you as my proof, okay?
- You're my alibi.
- What proof, Al?
- Where were you that night?
- What do you mean?
- Where were you that night?
- Well, I was with you.
We were at home, sitting there,
playing cards, watching TV, remember?
YOu didn't want to go out that night.
We came back after the movie.
I made baked beans with
toast and a tuna melt for me.
I don't remember.
Alright, don't fucking, just don't fucking play
games with me, Kat. You're my fucking alibi here.
I'm getting all
mixed up with the dates.
- I was with you.
- No. I was with a friend.
And he would swear on a stack of
Bibles. He's a very religious man.
- You wouldn't do this to me, Kat.
- Betcha?
- Betcha?
- It's not too fucking late for us.
- Please. Just... please.
- Don't beg.
You... you...
I'll fucking kill you.
I'll fucking kill you you fucking cunt!
- Sit the fuck down like the dog you are, sit down.
- You'll be fucking sorry.
You listen to me,
because I'm in control now.
And the way I
look at it is:
hips, lips, tits.
A whole woman.
What are you talking about? What the fuck?
Who the fuck have you been talking to?
- I want you to listen to me, Al.
- I'll kill you.
- Listen to me, good.
- I'll kill you, baby.
You're making me very angry
and you don't want that.
because I have the power.
And you will rot
in this motherfucker
If I want you to.
Do you understand me, Al?
Do you?
You set me up, right?
You set me up.
- Don't be so dramatic.
- You and Vic, right? Okay,
you and Vic, fuck. Right?
Wrong. Wrong.
Not you and Reilly.
You didn't...
Tell me you didn't fuck him, okay?
Just tell me you didn't... tell me he didn't
fucking ask you to suck his fucking cock!
He didn't have to, Al.
I volunteered.
- Oh, Kat. You wouldn't do this to me.
- Al...
Thanks for the haircut.
It's a whole new me.
- So how'd you do it?
- What?
- Set up Al?
- I didn't.
Come on. I know
you were in on it with Kat.
I wasn't.
- Have you, uh, slept with her recently?
- No, have you?
- Nah.
- Bitch.
- But you still want her bad, though, don't you?
- To tell the truth ...
She's too much trouble.
After all this,
I could never trust her.
I'd be looking behind
my back the whole time.
She scares me.
I think I should be with
somebody more like you.
I don't think I've ever talked to a woman as much
as I have with you and it not end up in bed.
You know?
If you're lucky, Reilly, you might
have a lot of first times with me.
- This isn't a game, is it?
- I don't play games.
- Play pool.
- This could be a whole new approach.
Becoming friends first
and then, y'know, fucking.
- Hey, you got some nice legs, Vic?
- Yeah, you like those?
Yeah. I do.
I really do.
You play your cards right, they can be
wrapped around your back in 10 minutes.
- What would I have to do?
- Don't say a word.
I'm mute.
- What was that about?
- What?
Oh. Look, you didn't cure me.
I'm not sick.
I'll always swing both ways,
and I got a soft spot for redheads.
So do I.
- How was that?
- It was alright.
- Let's get outta here.
- Ok
So, you wanna get your stuff?
- And take it over to my place?
- No.
No? Uh, what do you mean?
I thought that with Al out of the
way, that we would be together.
Did I say that?
You didn't have to say that.
Your body said that.
Okay. I get it. I get it.
You got what you wanted and
now you're gonna play me.
- So, who is it? Is it Vic? Is it Reilly?
- No, it's not like that, okay?
It's none of them.
I need to be alone. You understand?
So, after all of...
everything I did for you
- All I get is a kiss?
- What, what happened to you?
What about all that shit?
Hips, tits, lips, all woman? Power?
- Use it?
- You stop it!
You do not throw my fucking
words back in my face! You used me!
I didn't take anything
from you, okay?
You told me I could trust you,
that you didn't need anything from me
And in the end, you treated me
just like everybody else, alright?
YOu got what you needed.
You took from me.
So don't play the victim.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
YOu don't have to fucking throw
people away like this! You don't do this!
Hey, what's up
with the ketchup?
Big Al was a great fuck.
I mean, it was great
Until it wasn't.
Don't get me wrong,
when we first started going out,
it was exciting, y'know, dangerous
He was funny, sexy, wild,
made me feel safe. Protected.
But he couldn't
protect me from himself.
Big Al could've gotten me almost anything in the
world, but "almost" isn't good enough.
Y'know, life is like sex. If you want
done right, you gotta do it yourself.
Going out with Big Al ..
made me realize that the
best feeling in the world ...
is taking care of number one.
And that's me.