12 Rounds (2009)

- [Man On Radio] Give me audio on that, please.
- [Men Laughing]
[Man #2 On Radio]
Right turn on Royal.
[Man #1]
Can you zoom in? All right. Now pan right.
[Woman On Radio]
Yes, that's affirmative. Male, late 30s.
[Man #1] Group of six males, Quadrant 9.
Give me the middle one.
[Man #3 On Radio]
N.G. Not a match.
[Man #1]
Agent 4-86, squawk and ident. Need your position.
[Man #4 On Radio]
Camera's on Decatur, now online.
I'm heading north on Clinton.
[Man #1]
Let's get a sweep moving southeast on Toulouse.
Strike that.
On Conti- 800 block.
[Man #4]
I'm going to change position.
- [Man #3] Two out of five, no good.
- [Man #1] That's no good.
Come back around on Exchange
and head north.
[Man #5]
I'm moving onto Burgundy Street now.
It's got some dropouts on the feed there.
Possible target heading northeast on Bourbon.
Fifty yards from St. Louis.
[Man #1] Southwest corner.
Target is wearing a red shirt and shoulder bag.
[Man #6] I see the target.
I'm too far out for a facial lock.
[Man #7]
I've got him. Red shirt.
[Man #8]
No good. Face is turned.
[Man #7]
Static camera missed him too.
[Woman] Gator's got eyes on him.
I'm heading back around the perimeter.
[Man #9]
Gator, he's a 120 yards ahead to the left.
I'm right behind him.
Looks real close.
Can't get a clear shot.
[Man #1] He's coming up on your left.
Suspect in red continuing on Conti Street.
Rabbit got him. Full face.
Give me a sec.
Beginning scan.
Negative. It's not a match.
Okay, Bulldog, take the northwest quad.
Gator, hold firm, cover that east bank.
Samuel's in position?
We're just waiting on Miles, sir.
[Man #1] Need a whole new sweep
of the area starting in Quad 1.
Let's get all bank "A"cameras online.
Danny? You're not feeding the dog, are you?
No. I'm looking for my badge.
They give you two things when you're a cop-
a gun and a badge.
I have one.
I can't find my badge.
- It's on the thingy.
- The thing, the thing?
I was just over by the thing.
It's not there.
Shortie, remember our plan.
You're gonna stay strong, I'm gonna give you food.
Just don't tell Mom
I gave you that, all right?
Daniel Fisher. Hmm?
I'm tryin' to build
the world's most dominant pug.
He's going through a bulking phase.
Look at him.
Come here, Shortie.
Come on. Daddy's bad.
Come here.
I'll show you the thingy.
The thing.
"It's by the thing."
I was just by the thing.
It's not there.
- I was just-
- [Laughing] The thingy.
- This is the thing.
- Yeah.
- I didn't know you meant that thing.
- Course not.
It's here. You know,
I still got, like, 10 minutes.
Yeah? It only takes you two, honey.
Come on.
- I think it's a strong two.
- [Laughs]
Go to work.
Be safe, okay?
Okay. Go.
Love you, Shortie.
- Hey, Hank!
- Hey, Molly!
Come on.
Aw, shit. I am definitely not smarter
than a fifth grader.
[Female Dispatcher, Indistinct]
Do you need backup?
Hey, man. What's going on?
So you, uh-you gotta get permission from
the old lady and the dog now to come to work?
- Just the dog.
- [Laughs]
Hey, homework.
F.B.I.'s tracking this guy through the Quarter.
They need some hand-holding.
Coming out of the hotel.
Target matches four out of five points.
Gator's on Royal, 200 block.
All available agents, scramble.
We need a clear lock. Get audio in place.
He's moving towards Bourbon.
I'm 50 yards back.
Come on, people.
I can't afford to lose this guy again.
I'm in position,
target heading towards me.
Clear shot.
Hold position.
- Sir, the locals need-
- Shut up!
Show me that Irish bastard.
Confirmed. All teams,
we have a positive I.D. on Miles Jackson.
You want to see the face of the devil?
There it is.
Brought down Trans Atlantic Flight 212.
Bombed the American Embassy in Frankfurt.
The man decapitated his own brother
for blowing a deal in Tangiers.
It's game day, people.
Let's go.
Got him.
- He's got his cell phone out now.
- Sir, he's making the call.
[Cell Phone Rings]
Hey, open up Samuel's feed.
It's an incoming call, sir.
Still encrypted.
Fifteen minutes.
The abandoned wharf on Permission Way.
Miles is bringing the weapons,
and we're making the exchange.
[Man] I got three tapped cameras,
including the harbor crane.
- I need Team 1 to get me set up inside.
- Samuel, remember our deal.
You ever want to see your brother again,
you do as I say when I say it.
We get Miles, we get the weapons,
you and Joshua get your freedom.
- Clear?
- Claro.
Now we dance.
- No! Hey, hey. No, no, no, no, no.
- Hang on. He stopped.
Let's see.
He takes your bishop knight to c4...
pawn to a7, rook to block.
He takes your queen.
It's all over but the crying.
Try, uh, pawn to a6.
It's better.
He's heading east.
He's hailing a cab.
Mobile Unit 6 has video on him,
hundred yards back.
Send N.O.P.D. the new pics on Miles.
Have them establish
a 10-block perimeter around the wharf.
- Sir, should you call the director?
- No.
This is the first time Miles has been
out in the open in two years.
The director has no idea
you're about to cut a deal.
There is no deal.
We use Samuel and Joshua to get to Miles.
We bring 'em all down.
Nobody's going anywhere, Ray.
This time, he's not getting away from me.
Just give me the scoop, man.
So, you gonna pop the question, or what?
I'm just saying, you know, you move in
with the lady, the ring usually comes next.
Bro, it's been two weeks.
- And?
- Yeah, you've lived with, like, 14 different girls.
Why, yes, I did. But I'm sexier than you.
I mean, if a freakishly large man
such as yourself...
is gonna keep a fine woman like Molly,
you're gonna have to put her in cuffs.
E.T.A: two minutes.
Cameras are up inside the wharf.
[Miles On Radio]
Punctual, Sam. I like that.
- We got audio now. Reading five by five.
- Okay, we're in first position.
All teams, on my mark.
We get Miles to lead us to the location
of the guns, we proceed with extract.
Okay, so... this is how
this rodeo is gonna work.
You give me the briefcase...
I give you the P.D.A.
with the coordinates to the weapons.
- It's all very simple.
- No.
I can't do this.
Don't you do this, you son of a bitch.
You can't do what?
- [Static Crackling]
- I set you up.
The F.B.I. knows you're here.
They're watching us right now.
They-They know you're here.
And now I'm never gonna
see my brother again.
Half an hour, Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.
You bring me my brother,
I'll bring you Miles.
That is, of course,
if he makes it that long.
- Holy shit.
- Hey, let's move.
Get me an outside feed.
Give me the outside feeds!
You got it.
Sir, we need to stop 'em
before they get to the bridge.
Get me a 20 on Joshua.
- Samuel is gonna try to get his brother.
- You want to make a deal?
Ray, pick up the phone!
The F.B.I. told us exactly where
they were positioned. Go around.
You all right?
It's gonna bruise like a bitch.
You're lucky I didn't aim any lower.
Man, it's just like those pansy-ass feds.
I mean, they call us, we jump right away.
We call them, city's under seven feet of water-
Hey, five days. Take it easy.
Those guys skin my ass, Danny,
they really do.
Look at this guy-
arms trafficking, espionage, murder.
Hell, he even sold two dirty bombs
in Paris last year.
Interpol says he's got
two more on the market.
Like the city needs more to deal with?
I mean, really, why can't they take that crap
someplace else- Kansas, Iowa?
- Helsinki.
- [Laughs]
[Dispatcher] All units, we're at black.
F.B.I. requests assistance.
Sending target information.
Eight male suspects, three vehicles
heading to Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.
- Sounds like the feds dropped the ball again.
- Surprised?
[Siren Wailing]
Someone broke into the safe house.
They took Joshua and killed our agents.
- He did it again.
- How do you want to proceed with the convoy?
Well, take 'em!
Take 'em.
I threw in an extra five percent,
for treating my brother and I so well.
- Was it any trouble getting him out?
- For me?
Nah. For the two guards
I had to kill, maybe.
- And he's waiting at the airfield?
- Yeah, he's there right now.
Why don't you give him a call?
You know what the funny thing is, Sam?
If I hadn't have found out the F.B.I.
was holding your brother...
as a bargaining chip to catch me...
you'd have gone along with this whole
double-cross without so much as a consideration.
- [Cell Phone Ringing]
- And I'd be out of my hard-earned cash.
The F.B.I. would probably
have me in custody...
and you and your douche bag brother...
would be holding hands somewhere
in the south of France.
Yeah? Hello.
I'm sorry. Joshua can't come to the phone
right now, but thanks for the ride.
[Sirens Wailing]
Oldest trick in the book, Sam.
Turn their heads with one hand...
quietly slip out the back with the other.
- Right on time, baby.
- Aren't I always?
Show me.
We can finally afford that pony
that you've always wanted.
I'll drive.
- Whoo!
- Right.
[Man On Radio] F.B.I. update. Suspects in custody,
but Miles Jackson is still at large.
Looking for gray van, Louisiana plates:
- Stand by.
- Unit 14 en route for Lower Nine.
- Whoa!
- [Truck Horn Honks]
Uh, my bad.
I didn't even see that guy.
[Siren Wailing]
Turn around.
Turn-What are you talkin' about?
Danny, we're at black. We gotta get over there.
We gotta stop that car.
That's the girl- the girl in the car.
Oh, Jesus. All right.
[Man On Radio]
Headquarters to 5-21.
[On Loudspeaker]
Pull over, please.
Come on. You heard Dispatch.
We're lookin' for an Irish dude in a gray van.
- You think this is a good idea?
- Just ask her the questions.
Such a waste of time.
[Police Radio Chatter]
License and registration, ma'am.
Evening, Officer. What'd I-
What seems to be the problem?
- Evening. License and registration, please.
- Yeah, of course.
Hope I'm not in any sort of trouble.
How does everything look?
Oh, outstanding.
But tell me, what's a pretty lady like you
doin' drivin' all by herself...
through a neighborhood like this?
Sometimes I like to be alone.
Sometimes I don't.
- Uh, give me a second.
- Yeah. No problem.
Dude, do you wanna see her face?
- Here. Thank you, ma'am.
- Thank you.
here's my card, you know,
for those times when you don't.
Ask her to open the trunk.
Come on. I'm working my shit
over here. What are you doing?
Ask her.
I'm gonna need you to pop your trunk.
- Gun!
- Shit!
- This just got interesting.
- I got this.
You all right, man?
- Oh, yeah.
- Where'd he get you?
- He shot me in my ass.
- In your ass?
- Shut up.
- Keep pressure on it. Three minutes to E.M.S.
- [Miles] Hey!
- Hang on!
No, Danny.
I know that look!
You wait for backup.
Don't be a cowboy! Danny!
- There's one on foot.
- Left or right?
- I don't know, baby.
- You watch that side, I'll watch this side.
Pursuit on foot.
Parallel to Duquense.
Suspect's in a gold BMW.
There he is.
- Where do I go? What do I do?
- Left on Saint Claude, right on Montmartre.
We cross the bridge.
We get on the jet.
We never see the New Orleans
Police Department again. I promise.
- Police business.
- [Gasps]
Okay. Keep goin'.
This guy's really starting to annoy me.
- You got him?
- Where'd he go?
You see him?
[Dog Barking]
[Horn Honking]
- Move!
- [Barking Continues]
[Growling, Barking]
Down, boy! Down!
[Horn Honks]
Officer Fisher, still on foot pursuit.
Subject's headed towards the marina.
It's, like, two blocks to the bridge.
Home free.
- Erica!
- [Erica Screams]
- Move, move, move!
- Freeze!
- Hands in the air now!
- Miles?
- Now!
- Run!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Stay in the vehicle.
Stay in the vehicle!
Hands up, now!
- Who are you?
- On the ground!
What's your name?
Officer Fisher.
I'll remember you.
[Siren Wailing]
On the ground.
[Police Radio Chatter]
[Helicopter Whirring]
I'm tryin' to figure out what's worse, man-
your shootin' at this table
or your shootin' at the range.
Aw, he's got jokes, huh?
I'll take those, Jesse.
Hey, mama, this might be a little strange,
but Danny wants to know if you think I'm sexy.
- Really?
- Oh, yeah. Inquiring minds got to know.
Don't worry about him, darling.
- You're safe. We had him neutered.
- See? Safety first.
Ooh, whoo!
You're an animal.
- Hey, a toast.
- Right on.
To my partner.
One year ago tomorrow, we made detective.
Yeah, and all 'cause
of my outstanding police work, huh?
Okay. Maybe it had somethin'
to do with the fact...
that you captured
an international arms dealer.
Hey, but seriously, bro, I mean,
from patrols in the Lower Ninth to this?
- Doesn't ever bother you?
- What?
What- the mandated pay raise,
the flashy new badge?
Benefits of bein' a minor celebrity?
Hell, no!
You just never think about what would
have happened if we had stayed put...
and called for backup that night,
like we were supposed to?
Ah, aside from the fact that I wouldn't
have a bullet hole in my ass cheek?
Yeah, besides that.
No, Danny, not at all. You know what?
Neither should you.
Just sayin'.
A girl dies that night,
and we get promoted.
Can I get a cup?
- That's it?
- I got to.
- Aw, come on. It's fellas' night out. One more.
- We've had like six one mores.
I gotta go home. Why? Because
that beautiful woman, that annoying dog-
you know, they're waitin' for me.
All right, all right.
I can't argue with that, bro.
All right, man.
Good luck.
Aw, come on, son. I don't need luck.
This ain't about luck.
[Beeping Stops]
You gotta be kiddin' me.
- This is not a big deal, okay?
- Two inches of water on the floor. Look at Shortie.
I know. Phil's gonna be here
in a few minutes.
That's all I need- put another one
of that guy's kids through college.
This is not a big deal.
This is our home.
Apparently our home is made
of durable papier-mch.
Stop. Stop it.
Look, I have to go to the hospital.
I'm doin' another night shift.
- I'm putting you and Shortie in charge.
- Fantastic.
[Slaps Butt]
- We're fucked.
- [Doorbell Rings]
I'm gonna start sleepin'
in the guest room.
There's leftover pork chops. Make sure
you feed Phil when he's done savin' our house.
Love you guys.
Dude, didn't I tell you two months ago
that you had to replace the stop valve?
- What stop valve?
- Look, I told you it had a crack.
You said you'd take care of it yourself,
save a little cash.
- I spent all afternoon underneath that sink.
- I was gonna get to it.
- When? Two months ago?
- That's when I just bought the new car.
- I was tryin' to save some cash.
- I can't handle this. I- I'm gonna be late.
- Molly?
- Danny, what?
Look, I need a little help here, okay?
First it was the gas bill, and then
the air conditioning, and now the sink?
I mean, I love you.
I just- I need to know that I can trust you
with these things. That's all. Okay?
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
Molly, wait.
Look, I'll see you in the morning, okay?
Dude, sorry.
I didn't mean to make a ruckus.
- But a plumber's gotta plumb.
- [Whines]
You want a little advice?
It's the ones that go underneath the sink-
those are the ones that you don't want
to have walk away.
[Cell Phone Rings]
[Man] Is this Officer Fisher
of the New Orleans Police Department?
Detective Fisher.
Who's calling?
This is Miles Jackson.
- How you been?
- Why the hell are you calling me?
Say hello- [Chuckling]
chat about the weather...
see if you fancy a quick bite.
Yeah, prison food tastes like shit.
Yes, it does.
One of the many reasons that I left.
I put you there, Miles. I'm pretty sure
I'd know if you were out by now.
Really, Danny?
I'm sorry to tell you, but I think you might
have been left out of the loop on this one.
Okay. So, where are you?
Close enough to smell Molly in the shower
while you were takin' your little nap.
It's a real shame about the plumbin',
'cause I was really startin' to enjoy the show.
- Danny? Where you goin'?
- [Barking]
I don't know where you are
or what you're doin'.
You come anywhere near me and Molly,
I swear to God-
Danny, please shut up.
You killed the love of my life.
That was an accident, Miles!
Oh, and poor Phil.
He was really looking forward
to those pork chops.
Phil, get out of the house!
Now, see, that was an accident.
Okay, you listen
very carefully to me, Danny.
It's our anniversary.
One year ago today, whether by dumb luck
or uncompromising skill, you bested me.
And as such, today we're going
to have our rematch.
I just took Round 1.
The last time we met, you took from me
what can never, ever be replaced.
And for that, I am going to take from you.
Now I just wonder, do you think Molly
is gonna be able to trust me?
Miles! Miles!
- Keep him safe.
- All right.
[Man Chattering]
Excuse me. Could I just use your phone?
I need to call my daughter.
- Yeah, of course.
- Thank you.
[Phone Beeps]
- From her house.
- [Call-waiting Beeps]
Okay. Um-
- [Ferry Horn Blows]
- Molly!
How about Camille's mom?
- Police! Out of the car!
- What?
- Out of the car. Come on.
- Okay.
- [Engine Rumbling]
- [Tires Screeching]
[Brakes Squeal]
Hey, watch it!
[Horn Blows]
- That's great!
- Yeah, no problem.
[Cell Phone Rings]
- Holla at your boy.
- Hank.
Call D.O.T. Have them stall
the Thomas Jefferson ferry.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's going on, Danny? Slow down.
Miles Jackson.
He broke out of prison. If we don't stop
that ferry in the next 30 seconds...
- I'll never see Molly again.
- All right, all right. D.O.T. I'm on it.
- Did you get good grades?
- [Sirens Wailing]
Try to get some of your homework done
while you're there.
[Horn Honks]
[Horn Blows]
- Bye-bye. Thank you so much.
- Hey, no problem.
- Sorry it took a little longer.
- No. Don't worry.
Molly. Molly, pick up!
Whoa, whoa! Detective Danny Fisher.
Secure this area now.
[Siren Wailing]
Ladies and gentlemen, hold it!
Stop for a minute.
- [Siren Stops]
- Danny.
Where is she?
She's gone. She just gets
on the ferry and she's gone.
Hey, hey. Calm down. Maybe she's just on
the streetcar on the way to the hospital.
No, no, no, no.
You don't understand.
He said I took from him what could
never be replaced. He's gonna kill her.
Hey, Danny.
Danny, that's not gonna happen, okay?
- We're gonna find her. We're gonna get her back.
- Molly, come on. Pick up.
Pick up!
Molly Porter's phone.
- Let me talk to her.
- [Beeps]
[On Speaker]
How do you know she's not dead already?
I'm just teasing, Danny.
Come on. Come on.
Where's your sense of humor?
[Quiet Grunting]
- Here. Say hello to your boyfriend.
- Danny, please.
- We're in a silver va-
- Molly! Molly, where are you?
That one was for free.
The rest you'll have to earn.
I'm gonna find you.
I'm gonna hunt you down,
and I'm gonna kill you.
Well, you know what?
I look forward to that, Danny.
It's a game.
What, you like games, don't you?
Mousetrap, Monopoly, naked Twister.
This one's called 12 Rounds.
Round 1- I took your house.
Round 2- I took Molly.
The only way to keep her alive-
you do exactly what I say when I say it.
If you're still standing after all 12 rounds,
well, then you'll have won her back.
You gotta be kidding me. You can't expect me
to believe that you're gonna keep-
Well-You'll believe
what I tell you to believe, Danny.
I don't think you've got much choice.
Okay. Round 3.
In 15 minutes I will be calling
a particular cell phone in the city.
Why don't you return to where we first met,
see if you can pick up my scent once again?
Okay, uh, Molly said she
was in a silver van, okay?
They can't be more
than six blocks from here.
- Put out an A.P.B., get a trace on Molly's cell.
- Okay.
[Miles's Voice]
... your name?
Officer Fisher.
- [Dog Barking]
- I don't see anything.
I don't know.
Maybe we're in the wrong place.
No. This is where we stopped the car.
This is where it started.
And this is where he shot me in the ass.
But I don't see anything.
- How much time?
- Uh, we got 10 minutes.
I definitely think we're
in the wrong place, Danny.
No, wait. I could be wrong.
That's- That's not from Katrina.
- That's today's date.
- You're right.
That's a code. Uh-
We got degrees.
We got clocks.
Yeah, those aren't real clocks though.
There's-There's no hours.
Uh, countdown?
No, no, no. It's just, uh,
two degrees, two clocks.
Degrees, minutes, seconds.
Longitude and latitude. That's a location.
That's where we're gonna find the phone.
Longitude and latitude. How the hell
do you know about this stuff, Danny?
Eighth-grade geography, brother. Let's go.
Okay, read 'em back to me.
No, no, no, no. Twenty-nine degrees,
Yeah. Got it.
That's my brother's firehouse.
- [Cell Phone Ringing]
- Ooh-hoo-hoo!
All right. Who's up?
Hey, bro. We're doing an all-day Ping-Pong
tourney. Why don't you come on down?
- You at the station?
- Why are you shouting?
Get everybody out. There may be a bomb
in the house. I'll be there in two minutes.
Movin' out now.
I need the computers patched.
I need a full phone bank.
Yeah, they're clear upstairs.
- Everybody out?
- Yeah.
Danny, you really think this guy
put a bomb in the firehouse?
This guy blew up my house. He took Molly.
I have no idea what he's gonna do next.
Fifteen seconds.
He said he was gonna call a
particular cell phone here.
Everybody, cell phones out.
Five, four, three, two, one.
[Cell Phone Ringing, Faint]
You hear that?
It's right there. It's right there.
- [Rings]
- [Woman] Can I help you?
Hey, Jansen.
Give me a second.
- Hello?
- [Miles] Look at that, Danny. Right on time.
You've just earned yourself
extra minutes on the next task.
- [Fire Call Signal Rings, Blares]
- Go. I'm on three.
And speak of the devil,
there's the bell for Round 4.
There's a fire
in the Orleans Savings and Loan.
In the memory chip
of the phone you're holding...
are the numbers of two security deposit boxes
located on the 10th floor.
To win, simply grab those boxes...
by 5:55 exactly...
or there's gonna be an early knockout.
You gotta be shittin' me.
Uh, not enough time.
I'm just gonna come in.
Yeah. I'll be right there.
Hey, hey. Tel-com is up on your phone.
They just think they found the van
that Miles used to take Molly.
I'm gonna go back and set up a war room,
all right? You okay?
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey! Focus.
Molly needs you to focus.
All right?
We gotta do this.
You gotta help me find her.
When have I ever
let you down before? Huh?
You're right.
All right?
Go get this done.
- Detective Fisher?
- Yeah.
Ray Santiago, F.B.I.
This is Inspector George Aiken.
We understand that Miles Jackson's
resurfaced in the area.
- What'd you just say?
- Miles Jackson.
- We heard he tried to contact you-
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
The guy breaks out of prison,
F.B.I. knows about it, and nobody tells me?
- We understand that you're upset, Danny-
- It was none of your business.
You can keep on crying about
what you did and didn't know...
or you can tell us everything that happened
this morning since you woke up.
That is, if you want your girl back.
- Engine two, let's move out.
- Danny, you catching a ride?
We're your best chance, Danny.
Tell us what we wanna know,
we'll tell you what you wanna know.
- [Siren Wailing, Horn Blowing]
- You better talk as fast as they drive.
[Chattering, Exclaiming]
There was a prison break
in Florida two weeks ago.
Miles and the inmates took the guards,
killed the warden...
and demanded 30 cars
to drive out of the prison.
- And you gave them to them?
- Wasn't exactly our choice, Danny.
The bureau gave them cars
with kill switches and remote door locks.
The inmates get three blocks away from the yard,
National Guard comes in...
puts everyone back in their cells.
- Everyone except Miles.
- Would you please just shut up?
You're killing me with the whining.
You have no idea
what you're up against, do you?
I know you "arrested" him,
but you still don't know.
The fact Miles Jackson
has your girlfriend-
mmm, that interests me very little.
The fact that he's done something
that he never does...
the fact that he's
shown himself in the city-
that interests me quite a bit more.
You wanna catch Miles?
That's fine.
I wanna keep Molly alive,
and I know what I gotta do.
Just stay the hell out of my way.
I guess he didn't hear me
about the whining.
Sir, this is exactly what Miles wants.
We should stop Danny
before somebody gets hurt.
Danny? What, are you best friends now?
If Danny keeps playing the game,
Miles is distracted.
Miles is distracted,
he might make a mistake-
and I'll bury him.
Come on!
- Dave.
- Danny.
- How much time?
- Six minutes.
Let's go! Let's head up the south stairwell.
Smoke on 10, guys.
Come on. Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go.
Let's get a line up there.
Let's go!
Keep moving! Keep moving.
The guys are going up the stairwell now!
Come on, guys.
Let's move it!
Listen up!
Listen up.
I need everybody.
All right. Thirty-two minutes ago,
Molly Porter was taken from the Canal Street ferry.
We need every security camera, every
possible witness, every vehicle plate number.
This asshole calls again,
I wanna know where he is.
I wanna know what he's doing.
I wanna find him before he so much as thinks...
about touching one hair on her head.
This could be your girlfriend,
could be your wife.
Could be any one of us.
All right.
This asshole cannot win.
[Firefighters Chattering, Shouting]
- [Man] We got some spare air bottles?
- [Coughing]
All right.
Clear that backroom!
- Dave!
- Yeah.
Watch yourself.
How much time?
Two minutes.
Hold this.
It's 590. 591.
Right there.
- [Exhales]
- [Cell Phone Ringing]
Sometimes victory is not
all it's cracked up to be.
Eh, Danny? Round 5!
Two pounds of explosives
packed inside one of these boxes.
You now have less than seven minutes
to cross the 23 city blocks...
between here
and the Nicholls Street Wharf.
Arrive at the wharfany later,
the bomb goes off.
The other box contains
the clue to the next round.
See, in your time constraints,
you might wanna use the fire truck for this one.
Oh, yeah. And don't forget
to wear the hat and use the siren.
Seven minutes?
We won't even be out of the building
in seven minutes.
That's if we take the stairs.
Ten is clear! Repeat, no fire!
Just a bunch of smoke bombs!
What are you doing?
Get them all out of the building!
You got gloves?
Give them here.
When you get out of here, you get to Atlanta,
you find Mom and you stay with her.
Make sure she's safe.
I don't want this guy havin' another chance.
- Anchor this down.
- Danny-
Anchor it down!
Danny, you can't do this!
[Man Shouting, Indistinct]
[Exclaiming, Shouting]
Oh, shoot!
Do you see that man?
Folks, I'm gonna ask you to back up, please.
You got triage ready to go?
- Danny!
- [Groans]
Everybody accounted for?
Have 'em all respond on tac channel two.
They're moving out now!
Hey, what are you doing?
Look out!
- [Engine Revs]
- You, out of the truck now!
- Hey, what are you doin'?
- [Horn Blows]
[Siren Wailing]
[Horn Blowing]
[Danny On Phone]
Did you get the trace?
No, he's using an encrypted signal.
We can't even pull a number to start a trace.
- [Siren Wailing]
- What's that sound, Danny?
- I'm driving a fire truck.
- Are you sure that's such a good idea right now?
[Horn Blows]
Call the bomb squad!
Get them to Nicholls Street Wharf! I gotta go!
Stay with him.
[Horn Honks]
- Hey! Look out!
- [Screaming]
[Chattering, Laughing]
[Siren Wailing, Horn Blowing]
[Fast Beeping]
No, no, no!
What are you doin'?
Yo, hey! Hey! Chill!
[Horn Honking]
[Tires Screeching]
- [Siren Stops]
- Shut down the timers, Miles. I'm here.
Well done, Danny, but I'm sorry to say,
you seem to be a bit late to the party.
[Bell Dings]
It was the bell. The bell signals
the start of the next round.
Oh, you're finally starting
to get the hang of this.
I wanna speak to Molly.
How about I do you one better?
How about I show her to you?
As I said, the clue to the next round
is in the box you so deftly hung on to.
You put two and two together...
you might have quite the reunion.
Tell me you didn't kill anybody
with that thing.
I need a saw.
[Man] All right. Let's drain this thing
and get it back to the yard.
It's clear.
- Thought you guys were gonna catch him.
- We switched out your SI M card.
We're tapped into your phone.
We can track you wherever you go.
Miles will call again, Danny. When he does,
keep him on the line for 30 seconds.
- That's all we need.
- Miles's phone's encrypted. You can't trace it.
That's funny.
We're the F.B.I., not Mayberry P.D.
All we need is 30 seconds.
All teams, listen up, listen up!
We have a location.
It's the Hotel Monteleone.
I repeat. It's the Hotel Monteleone.
I need SWAT, and I need K-9,
and I need all of you there. Now!
[Sirens Wailing]
Get the elevators shut down.
Secure the street. K-9 unit inside.
- Get against the wall.
- Down! Everybody down!
Blue team, seal all the exits.
I need snipers on the roof.
Shut down all communication in and out
of the building, and start with the dogs.
Ray, pull the tapes.
I need to know what room this key is for.
- Where's your control room?
- [Man] Right this way.
Thank you.
It's clean.
- Clear!
- Clear. Fisher!
Come on, come on, come on.
Where are you?
- He was here.
- I got nothing.
- Ray, get the teams ready to act.
- All right.
That's it. That's Miles.
Stop it right there.
- What time was this?
- It was, like, 30 minutes ago.
- He's writing something down.
- [Man] It's a sign.
What's it say?
"We're still here."
All the exits are locked down.
All right. We just found Miles on camera.
Stand by for location.
Yeah, hold on. He's, uh-
He's talking to somebody.
- They're leading him somewhere.
- Who is that?
It's Willie.
- I'm gonna go find Willie.
- Show me everything. I need a location.
So, Miles rented the S.U.V. last week
in Lafayette, left a dummy address.
We're tracking the I.D. on the security deposit
boxes and known accomplices, but so far nothing.
What are we missing? This guy doesn't
plan everything and not leave a trail.
- Let's go over the prison break again.
- All right.
Miles and the boys take the yard.
But Miles is the only one who escapes.
How many of these guys got into cars,
but wound up back in their cells?
But the F.B.I. already talked to 'em all.
- Get me the warden on the phone.
- You got it.
He gave Miles the access code
to the security elevator.
It goes all the way to the basement.
I'll meet you there.
Hey, sorry if I did
something wrong before.
This guy, he had all the right papers.
Said he was here to service
the air-conditioning.
It's okay. You didn't know.
- This thing still works?
- One of the oldest in the city.
[Motor Whirring]
I led him this far. Said he'd go
the rest of the way on his own.
Wait. Those air-conditioning ducts-
they go straight to the top?
- Yeah. They vent out to the roof.
- Take me there.
[Motor Engages]
[Men Chattering On Radio]
[Radio Chatter Continues]
- Sir, we're clear. There's no sign of Miles.
- So where's Fisher?
[Motor Stops]
- Tell me that's normal.
- Uh-
- No service.
- Well-
- What's this for?
- There's supposed to be a phone there, right?
Yeah, but-
Told ya I'd show her to you, Danny.
"If you're viewing this,
Round 6 has already started.
"I'm sure you've met
your new friend, Willie.
"Sorry, Willie.
Nothing personal-
"just the wrong place at the wrong time.
"At the conclusion of this message-
"you'll have 60 seconds...
"before the elevator
free-falls to the ground.
"With 60 seconds, limited resources...
"and Willie's unfortunate girth...
"there's only time
for one of you to survive.
"Who lives and who dies-
that is your decision.
"For the lucky, the clue to Round 7
is framed in the lobby.
For the other,
at least you'll be a lot thinner."
Danny, he made me read this to you.
Is that for real, man?
- I can't die. I got a wife and kids.
- Where's the security hatch?
- I got a radio.
- There's no time. How do I open this thing?
- You gonna leave me here?
- No. Watch the clock.
- The latch! On top! Look for the latch.
- I got it.
Stay right there.
I'll get you out.
Shit, I can't fit through there.
- All right, big man, let's go.
- I can't. It's too far.
You gotta pull. It's your only hope.
Give me your hand.
- Come on. Let's go. Up!
- [Grunting]
- Come on. You can reach.
- It's too far, man.
- Come on. You can make it.
- [Both Grunting]
- [Elevator Creaking]
- [Danny] Pull!
[Screams, Groans]
Willie, come on!
Come on!
You gotta get up, buddy.
Come on.
- How much time?
- Less than 40 seconds!
That means we need to work together.
Come on, buddy.
- Don't let go! Don't let go!
- I got you! I got you!
- [Straining]
- Pull, Danny!
I don't wanna die.
- Come on!
- [Grunting] Don't let go!
- You're almost there.
- [Elevator Creaking]
Made it!
I can't believe I made it.
Oh! My back!
I can't move.
Willie, the elevator's gonna fall.
I need your hand.
You gotta get on the ledge.
I need you on the ledge.
I can't! I can't!
My back!
- You can make it!
- I got it!
- [Screaming]
- Willie!
[Man On P.A.] All teams, commence
evacuation of three-city-block radius.
- Let's go. Keep moving.
- High-pressure gas leak in hotel.
All teams, reposition to clear
three-city-block radius.
Clear the area! Evacuate the mint!
Go! Move!
[Man On Radio]
All battalions, evacuate the area. Staging "B."
- [Radio Chatter Continues]
- [Man] Okay, Captain.
That's affirmative.
People, back! Back!
[Willie's Voice]
I can't die. I've got a wife and kids.
You did everything you could.
Danny. Miles didn't give you enough time.
- [Cell Phone Ringing]
- [Aiken] Hold it. Hold it. Get me Terry.
Somebody bring me Terry.
Come on. Set it up.
- [Slaps Hood]
- All right.
Thirty seconds.
- Yeah?
- [Miles] Danny, you sound upset.
I did everything you asked, Miles.
[On Cell Phone]
You had no reason to kill him.
I didn't, Danny.
You had the choice to save him.
- It was your round to win.
- Bullshit!
Screw your choices!
Screw your rounds!
Are you givin' up on me?
'Cause if you wanna stop playin'...
I'm sure other arrangements can be made.
- No.
- All right. So, as Molly said...
- the clue to the next round-
- Molly said nothing!
I just watched a man die,
and I don't even know if Molly's still alive.
- Excuse me?
- [Grunts]
Keep him on.
I need a minute to figure this out.
There's nothin' to figure, Danny.
Is the F.B.I. tryin' to trace this call?
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Let me guess.
First it was your friends in the police department
who realized the cell was encrypted.
Then it was the F.B.I. -
George Aiken
and all his wonderful little toys?
Hold for position.
Everybody hold for position.
I must say, I really am touched...
how you've all come together
for this little affair.
[Line Clicks]
- Not enough time.
- [Slams Phone]
[Cell Phone Ringing]
- Yeah.
- So why don't we start over again...
see if it's that much fun
the second time around.
Or maybe-
[Call Ends]
[Cell Phone Ringing]
- Yeah.
- Third time lucky?
So, as Molly said before, the clue
to the next round is framed in the lobby-
a picture of a lonely man, which is how
you'll end up if you don't play nice.
You try and trace my call again,
I am gonna start cutting Molly's toes off.
So, how about I call you again
in two minutes?
Would that give you ample time to grieve?
[Line Clicks]
We lost the signal.
Miles says hello.
This isn't working.
Before today, the feds
have been up on Miles's cell phone...
a grand total of one time.
It's working just fine.
If Danny keeps doing this,
a lot more people are gonna get hurt.
[Cell Phone Ringing]
- Don't answer the phone.
- What the hell you think you're doin'?
Listen to me for a second,
all right, Danny?
Willie can be the last person
who has to die today.
Answer the goddamn phone.
- We'll find Molly.
- Shut up! Answer the goddamn phone.
- It's Claiborne and Toulouse.
- Well done, Danny.
I must say, I am impressed
with your detective skills...
but with all the help
you've been gettin' from the F.B. I...
it seems just a little bit unfair.
I'm playing the game, Miles.
That's all that counts, right?
How very true, but it's time
to see you play for yourself for a change.
Be at the location in the photo
in 10 minutes.
You come alone,
and you'll have a 50-50 chance...
of having the time of your life.
We're more than halfway through, Danny.
- And I've got a little bit of a surprise for ya.
- [Beeps]
Don't be a hero, Ray.
It's not in your pay grade.
[Santiago On Radio]
Danny, we got two teams three blocks out.
What do you see?
[Voices Echoing]
[Voice Filtered]
I don't see anything.
He said 10 minutes, Danny.
It's been 10.
[Engine Revs]
Still got nothin'.
[Traffic Echoing]
Just stay in your position.
We got you covered.
Stay right there.
[Cell Phone Ringing]
[Boy] Whatever.
I don't know if he's gonna go pro.
- Tell me you've got something.
- [Chuckles] Danny, get ready to be happy.
I got a pissed-off member
of the Black Liberation Army is what I got.
Miles had him kill a couple guards
during the prison break...
and then left the brother behind
to take the fall.
- When can you get him to talk?
- Soon as I get the judge to sign the warrant.
Give me 10 minutes.
- I'm gonna need it in two.
- [Miles's Voice] You got a 50-50 chance.
It's the bus.
I'm getting on.
- Molly?
- Stop.
Danny, I love you.
You two lovebirds care for a sit?
I'm gonna get you out of this.
- [Santiago] Was he just talking to someone?
- Just stay calm, Molly.
Ah, well, look at this.
Surprise, surprise.
Testing. Testing.
- [Static On Radio]
- Was that Miles?
- Does he have Miles on the phone, or is he there?
- [Aiken] Miles is on the bus.
All teams, we have a confirmation.
Miles Jackson is on the bus.
Proceed with Op 2 Delta
and get me a sniper team out here now.
[Sirens Wailing]
This is it.
This is his mistake.
We got SWAT ready.
Why don't we just take him out now?
We stop that bus now,
he turns this into a bloodbath.
We know where he is.
We're takin' our shot.
Alpha 1, set up
and prepare to stop the target.
Can't have you runnin' off, now, can I?
Round 7, Danny.
To win, you simply let me walk away.
But if my thumb leaves
the surface of this screen for any reason...
and I don't put it back
within 10 seconds or less...
well, then you lose the round,
and two things happen.
First of all, a small charge explodes...
and fires a three-inch nail
into Molly's heart.
I'm aiming for the right atrium,
but we'll see what happens.
Thirty seconds later, after she's dead...
a second, larger charge will explode...
and they'll be cleaning
everyone up off this bus in pieces.
[Sirens Wailing]
What can I say, Danny?
I just like to play the game.
- I didn't mean for Erica to die.
- I don't think that matters.
That's the one I want.
Set up on the 10 overpass.
SWAT team, this is Agent Santiago.
Take position at the north
on the interstate overpass at Perdido.
Await instructions.
Here. Catch.
Oh, you should see the look on your faces.
Miles, let her go.
It's between you and me.
Well, I'm afraid, if I let Molly go, Danny,
you won't play the game.
Look at those eyes.
You're thinkin',
"Can I get to the phone on time?
Why did Miles ask to meet me here?"
Fuck you!
Very clever.
I asked you here, Danny...
'cause I wanted to see the face of a man
who knows he can't win-
the face of a man whose life is sitting
five feet in front of him...
yet he can't just reach out and grab her.
- Ha!
- Is there somethin' funny?
Yeah, there is.
He's gonna win,
and then he's gonna kill you.
She's a feisty one, isn't she?
- [Tires Screeching]
- [Sirens Wailing]
- Three cover men on the west side.
- Got it.
Jason, you're scout.
Set up section one.
[Man On Radio]
Sniper Team 1, T.R.T. team in place.
- What if I don't believe you?
- Sorry?
What if I think that vest is for show?
Pick everybody up in pieces?
Miles, that bomb blows, you die too.
What's keeping me
from reaching over there...
and kicking the shit out of you?
But I know you won't-
'cause you're predictable, Danny.
You think I'm lyin'?
Here. Take it.
[Aiken On Radio]
All teams, hold on my mark.
Sir, that's a 75-yard shot
through a moving bus window.
One sniper's gotta break the glass,
another one's gotta get the hit.
- You sure this is how you wanna do this?
- Team Delta, prepare for visual.
Teams Bravo and Charlie,
hold for extract once shots are fired.
This is Delta 1.
We have confirmed subject, but no clear shot.
No clear shot. Female hostage
is in and out of the target line.
Don't wanna take it? Fine.
Well, here's something
that you will want- clue to Round 8.
Sniper Team 1,you have the green light.
I repeat. You have the green light.
Take him out.
- You know you're gonna kill that girl.
- I'm gonna kill Miles.
On my mark.
- Go.
- Get down!
Target is not down.
[Passengers Screaming]
[Tires Screeching]
- [Driver Shouting]
- [Passengers Screaming]
- [People Screaming, Shouting]
- [Driver] Move!
Officer Fisher, I didn't know you cared.
- [Grunts]
- [Miles] Come on.
- Molly!
- [Woman Crying]
- [Groans]
- [Aiken] What the hell happened?
And get me a 20 on Miles.
Somebody get me a 20 on Miles.
Lost him in the crowd.
[Sirens Wailing]
I need you to stop everything
getting on the 10 and the 90.
- [Man Shouting]
- Hear me. The 10 needs to stop traffic.
- [Overlapping Voices]
- Clear!
Listen here. Ready to do this?
You could've killed her! You knew
she was there and you took the shot!
Listen to me, you little shit!
We had him! This was over!
You shoot Miles,
everybody on that bus is dead!
You didn't know that, did you, you prick!
She had a bomb on her chest.
You shoot Miles, everybody dies.
You got a little somethin' right there.
You heard him. Back 'em up.
Any witnesses see him get off the bus?
[Brakes Squeal]
You okay, Danny?
You all right?
I had her in my arms, man.
I told her I was gonna save her,
and I let her go.
There was nothing you could do, bro.
Molly's gonna die.
It's my fault.
She's not gonna die, Danny.
You gotta stop blaming yourself.
I can't. You know why?
Because Miles is punishing Molly
for something I did.
- Danny, you were doing your job.
- I don't care!
Miles doesn't care.
It's me and him-
an eye for an eye.
- Danny.
- I was three feet- I was three feet away.
And I couldn't make a move.
Stop. Just stop it, man.
You won the round.
Most importantly, you bought us some time.
And now I got a name.
- Remember the convict who wanted to cut a deal?
- Yeah.
He said Miles played chess every day in the
prison yard with a guy named Anthony Deluso.
Best part? Deluso got paroled three weeks
before the prison break, and he's in town.
Jansen's on his way to get the address
from his P.O. right now.
- What the hell you doin' here?
- I knew my boy needed me.
- [Cell Phone Ringing]
- Wait, wait. Here we go.
Go for Hank. Yeah.
Okay, tell Phelps
I'll meet him there in 10 minutes.
- Bingo. 212 Perdido.
- You got him.
We're finally gettin' ahead
of this son of a bitch.
I told you.
I told you I wasn't gonna let you down.
- All right, bro.
- Hank.
- Yo.
- Be careful.
When am I not?
You know you can't do this alone.
All right?
Listen to me, Danny.
I'm not gonna ask you to stop.
I'm just gonna ask you to let me help you.
We do this together,
we can both get what we want.
Round 8.
- There's five numbers inside this envelope.
- Let me help you.
[On Speaker]
Choose wisely, and the number you dial...
will win the round without further action.
Choose poorly, and the number you dial...
will arm one of four devices
scattered throughout the city.
You now have 60 seconds.
If you refuse to dial in that allotted time...
all four will be activated
and you'll have yourself quite an adventure.
- Good luck.
- Let's run these through the local directory.
No directory.
They're devices, not locations.
That doesn't make any sense.
It's gotta be a code then.
Okay, let's try it.
Text. They're text messages.
The first one's city hall.
All right.
Second one is the convention center.
Danny, we got less than 10 seconds.
We got three numbers left.
- You gotta pick one.
- [Line Ringing]
[Miles] Sorry, Danny, you lose.
And now Round 9 is gonna be so much fun.
Very shortly, Streetcar 907 will enter
the downtown area on Canal Street.
You've just disarmed the brakes
and the communication radio.
Your task is simply stop the streetcar...
before it smashes
through the end of the line...
and everything else in its path.
Let's take that one.
Come on. Let's go.
[Tires Screeching]
This is Special Agent Ray Santiago of the F.B.I.
I have an emergency.
Streetcar 907 has lost its brakes
and is speeding toward the riverfront.
Keep following the 10.
We'll intersect them at Canal.
No, this is not a prank phone call.
My name is Special Agent Ray Santiago
of the F.B.I.
- I need to talk to somebody that can help-
- [Brakes Squealing]
She put me on hold.
- Come on, come on. Pick up the phone.
- [Horn Honks]
They're playing Barry Manilow.
Pick up the phone!
No, no. We're on our way
to intercept right now.
Is there anyone there
that can help us make this decision?
Shut down the power. You shut down
the power, the streetcar comes to a stop.
- Can't you guys just shut down the power?
- [Horn Honking]
Miss, one more time for the cheap seats.
This is not a prank phone call.
- Unit 23. You guys in position?
- [Man On Radio] All clear along the perimeter.
- We got four units waiting around the corner.
- Copy that.
Let's see who's home.
[Alarm Beeping]
Step right up! Ring the bell and get a prize!
[People Chattering, Laughing]
[Exclaiming, Applauding]
[Bell Clangs]
- Streetcar 907 to Dispatch. Come in.
- [Woman] What's going on?
Streetcar 907.
Does anyone hear me?
- How fast you think that thing's goin'?
- 30 tons of metal going downhill?
- Forty?
- Probably 50.
Will somebody please pick up
the goddamn phone!
[Horns Honking]
[Man On Radio]
Target is heading out the back door.
- Do you want me to take him?
- Negative.
Negative. Suspect is on the move.
Let's see where he's going.
Phelps and I will follow him.
Aren't we going too fast?
I think we'd better hang on.
- [Tires Screeching]
- [Horns Honking]
[Engine Revving]
- [Passengers Shouting]
- [Man] Let us out!
Danny, unless we cut the power,
that thing's not gonna stop.
- [Woman Whimpering]
- I got an idea.
Danny, what are you doin'?
[Brakes Squealing]
[Passengers Screaming]
Keep it straight
and keep your foot on the brake.
Are you outta your damn mind?
Danny! Look out!
Get back!
It's out of control. I've tried the brake.
Help me! Harder!
Harder! It's jammed!
Open the door.
I'll try to cut the power from the roof.
What's he doing?
- [Bus Horn Honking]
- [Screaming]
All units, suspect is entering
the Dixie welding factory on Fitzpatrick.
Wait for my "Go."
- Didn't work.
- Look out! Look out! Look out!
[Tires Screeching]
- [Barker Shouting]
- [People Chattering]
What now?
- We take out the power.
- You are outta your damn mind.
- You ever jump out of a moving car before?
- Not by choice.
[Crowd Exclaiming]
- It's still goin' too fast! Get down!
- Move! Move!
- Get outta the way!
- Outta the way! Move! Move! Move!
- Get down!
- Get outta the way!
- [People Screaming]
- Move! Move!
- Move! Move! Move!
- Everybody outta the way!
- [Passengers Screaming]
- Get down!
- [People Shouting]
- [Conductor] Everybody all right?
- You guys all right?
- [Woman] Thank God!
- [Danny] Is everybody okay?
- [Santiago] You okay, man?
[Cell Phone Dialing]
- [Miles] Yeah?
- We're here.
I'm gettin' the truck now.
- Is she okay? You okay, darlin'?
- [Cell Phone Ringing]
- Yeah, she's okay.
- Yeah?
Dog, we gotta start takin' the bus.
That's a great idea.
Why don't you guys go ahead and do that.
Thank you.
They're gonna shut off the power.
[Cell Phone Rings]
This is gettin' a little too easy, Miles.
What, are you gettin' soft on me?
How about you give me something
that's gonna be a challenge?
You sound pretty pleased
with yourself, Danny.
Why? Because you stopped the trolley...
or because you went ahead
with your own round?
Very admirable. Okay.
- Welding factory. Second floor hallway.
- [Whispering, Indistinct]
If Round 10 is your best friend
takin' Anthony Deluso...
then Round 11
is me taking your best friend.
Hank, pick up.
[Message Voice] The person
you are calling is not-
- It's going to voice mail.
- You all right?
- [Hammer Cocks]
- [Deluso] You are persistent.
You honestly didn't think
a man like Miles...
wouldn't have a plan
for something like this?
Whatever the plan is,
apparently you're not part of it.
I don't have anything, man.
I got somebody on the phone.
I'm trying to get you a straight answer.
- Nobody's got anything.
- How can you not get a straight answer?
Miles knew about it.
He knew about everything.
He knew about Hank. He knew about Deluso.
He was at the warehouse.
- I hear what you're sayin'.
- It's been a half hour. Something, anything.
There was an explosion at the factory.
There are firefighters on the scene now,
but Hank was inside.
There's no way he could've made it.
I'm sorry.
Danny, wait.
Danny, wait, wait.
- Get off of me!
- Hey.
Okay, look, three years ago...
Miles stole three Stingers
from a U.S. military shipment in Iraq.
We tracked him to Pakistan.
But the day the deal went down...
I lost Miles and I lost the guns.
Two days later, one of those Stingers...
shot down a 747 out of Islamabad.
This was the only thing
I could find intact in the rubble.
What I'm saying is I made a mistake here.
I forgot why I carry this.
This isn't about Miles.
This is about the people he's hurt
and the ones he's gonna hurt.
- Guys, I'm never gonna see her again.
- Don't say that.
Yes, you are.
We got one round left.
And I know Miles better
than any person alive. Let me help you.
[Police Radio Chatter]
[Cell Phone Ringing]
#Oh, Danny boy #
# The pipes
the pipes are calling ##
Sorry about the delay, Danny.
But I think that we're just about ready
for our grand finale.
It is Round 12, and, this time...
we won't be goin'
to the judges' scorecards.
In 17 minutes, it will be exactly one year
since Erica's death...
and I have to ask-
will Molly suffer a similar fate?
- Miles, you don't have to do this.
- Too late.
You've done well to survive this long.
Now all you have to do is find her.
She has a touch phone
strapped to her chest...
along with some other,
more explosive items.
Except this time, only your thumbprint...
only your touch, can stop the timer.
Tell me where she is.
Are you sorry for what you've done?
Yes, Miles, I'm sorry.
Then perhaps maybe you should
pay her a visit, tell her so yourself.
It's been fun, Danny, but game over.
Pay Erica a visit?
It's the cemetery. Where is she buried?
Where is she buried?
I need you to pull the cemetery records
of all Orleans Parish.
Last name: Kessen.
K- E-S-S-E-N.
First name: Erica.
That's with a "C."
This is Ray Santiago of the F.B.I.
I need a police escort.
We are Canal and Royal
heading out of the C.B.D.
Metairie Cemetery.
Tell whoever gets there-
don't touch anything.
- I'm the only one that can defuse that bomb.
- We know, Danny.
[Sirens Wailing, Horns Blowing]
- Anybody on the scene yet?
- They're arriving now, but remember, this is Miles.
The cemetery might just be the first step.
[Cell Phone Ringing]
That's bullshit! Why have I
been doing this shit all day?
If he wanted to kill us,
he should've done it when he had the chance.
Danny, your phone.
- Yeah?
- Danny. Chuck Jansen.
Two things Hank had me working on-
they're not making any sense.
I ran a trace
on all five numbers from earlier.
They were all connected to the device
under the streetcar. All five numbers.
Not only that, Miles had remote cameras
in the elevator shaft.
We pulled the tapes.
He blew the device early, Danny.
You still had five seconds to save Willie.
Like I said, it was the last thing
Hank had me working on, but-
- [Line Clicks]
- [Brakes Squeal]
Danny, Danny. Danny, why are we stopping?
- Willie was always gonna die.
- What are you talking about?
Miles had security cameras
in the elevator.
Saw I was gonna save him
and blew the charge early.
And all those numbers-all five of them-
were connected to the same streetcar.
You already told me once, George.
I arrested this guy.
I don't even know him.
This is your guy.
What am I missing?
- Every time he plays, what does Miles want?
- [Santiago] He wants to win.
Miles wants to be the guy
that nobody can beat.
The deal with Samuel and Joshua. He went
to a lot of trouble to get some revenge.
- But what else did we find in the car?
- Diamonds.
He steals from the U.S. military,
he sells it for a profit.
He's had Molly for over three and a half hours.
Not once has he mentioned ransom.
- This isn't about revenge.
- It is about the money.
Ray, give me all the information we got
on the security guard from the hotel.
[Sirens Wailing]
[Device Beeping]
Willie Dumaine has a second job
as a Homewood Security guard.
Hi. I'm Tom Baxter.
Office called,
said Willie Dumaine's a no-show.
I'm pickin' up his shift.
Thank you.
This guy's had us runnin' all day.
For one second,
we've just gotta stop and think.
- Today, what did I actually do?
- Does this even matter?
You're still the only one
who can deactivate that bomb.
He took my house.
He took Molly.
That's what he did to get you to play.
What else happened at the hotel?
He blew the gas lines.
They evacuated three city blocks.
Three city blocks?
Get me a list of those buildings.
[Sirens Wailing]
Any one of those numbers-any one
would've gone back to that very streetcar.
- I had to stop the streetcar.
- No, no, no. You had to cut the power.
After Katrina, when the power
was out all over the city-
Homewood Security comes in
to move all the unprotected cash.
Wait a second.
What was that last one?
Holy shit. One of the buildings
that we evacuated...
is a temporary holding facility
for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
That's the goddamn mint.
Glad y'all got here.
Our backup generator's
gonna run out at midnight.
Fed's been pullin' all the old hundreds
and fifties out of circulation.
That's the entire Southeast allotment.
- Total's just over-
- $100 million?
Hey, Ray, you go with SWAT to the mint...
and you shut everything down-
all cars, all pedestrians.
You stop it,
and you lock it in the Quarter.
We got eight minutes
to get you to the cemetery.
- Don't you want Miles?
- Not till we get Molly.
[Engine Revving]
Thank me when it's over.
Tell me something. If Miles knows
we're shutting down the city...
how's he getting the money out?
[Horn Blowing]
Only emergency vehicles are leaving the Quarter.
Miles isn't gettin' anywhere.
[Miles's Voice]
See, in your time constraints...
you might want to use
the fire truck for this one.
- [Tires Screeching]
- [Aiken] Hey.
Hey, what are you doin'?
Molly's at the cemetery.
Nope. That asshole even told me
to wear the hat and use the siren.
Everything I did today had a purpose.
From the time Molly walked out the door...
there isn't a thing I did today
that Miles didn't plan.
He makes sure I wreck the fire truck
so he could steal it.
He threatens my brother
so I'm not thinking straight.
He shows me Molly
to keep me in the game. It's obvious.
If she's still alive,
Molly's his ticket out.
I need to speak with hospital security.
[Siren Wailing]
Wake up, baby.
We're here.
- [Remote Beeps]
- [Shouting, Screaming]
[All Shouting]
[Shouting Continues Outside]
- Almost finished.
- [Whimpers]
You do like I say, and we will both
live happily ever after.
Now, where are those body bags?
[Woman On P.A.]
Attention, all hospital personnel.
Explosion reported outside east wing.
Please report to your stations.
Attention, all hospital personnel.
Explosion reported outside the east wing.
Please report to your stations, stat.
It's an explosion. They need us down there.
No, I'm not sure.
I'm going there right now.
[Siren Wailing]
[Horn Honking]
Cordon off University Hospital.
Let nobody in or out.
Think you can fly us
to Tahiti in this thing, yeah?
Get in.
They're here.
- [Helicopter Whirring]
- [Danny] She's taking off.
[Man On Radio]
Eagle 1, is that you up there?
You have not been authorized for takeoff.
Eagle 1 requesting-
[Tires Screeching]
You're not stalling on me,
darlin', are ya?
If you wanna fly this thing, you go ahead.
Yeah, well, how about you teach me?
- [Groans]
- [Gunshots Continue]
Take us up!
Take us up!
- You all right?
- Go!
Make a good decision.
You're gonna be fun to kill.
- Uh!
- Oh!
Danny, he's got a gun!
[Molly On Radio]
We're losing hydraulic pressure.
I need to find a place to put her down.
[Man On Radio]
Can you make it back to the hospital?
I need to stabilize flight controls,
or else we are going down.
Gun, Danny!
He's going for the gun!
[Molly On Radio]
Mayday! Mayday! This is Eagle 1.
Tell me you can still land this thing.
He busted the hydraulics.
We're going down, Danny.
Please confirm status, Eagle 1.
[Continues, Indistinct]
Damn it! Danny!
- I gotta set her down.
- Please confirm status, Eagle 1.
[Defibrillator Charging]
Clear emergency landing.
- [Controller Continues, Indistinct]
- Danny!
Danny! Talk to me!
- [Current Buzzing]
- [Screaming]
Mayday! This is Eagle 1.
Full emergency-
Knockout, Danny! This time,
you're not gonna get saved by the bell.
Hold on, Danny!
Hold on!
[Alarm Blaring]
Danny! We're out of time!
- I can't control it anymore!
- Eagle 1, this is Tower. Stand by.
You lose!
Danny, strap in!
We're going down!
- Eagle 1, you are cleared for emergency landing.
- Officer Fisher!
One last move.
- Remember the vest from the bus?
- [Beeps]
- Knockout.
- [Grunts] No!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Get in the seat!
I can still put her down.
- Danny, strap in.
- Not in time.
Yes, I can!
- What are you doing?
- We gotta get out of here.
No. What are you do-
No! No!
Do you trust me?
Come on.
- You land it!
- [Groans]
I never doubted you.
- That makes one of us.
- [Chuckles]
- [Groans]
- What hurts?
- ## [Background: Soul]
- Oh!
#Yeah, and I'll tell you why, baby #
- # My love is growin'#
- # My love is growin'#
## [Continues]
Helicopter explosion.
No big deal.
## [Continues, Indistinct]
- [Groans]
- Let's get you home.
[Sirens Wailing In Distance]
About the house.
## [Rock]
#Again I'm dreamin' of you #
# I pull you close
to feel you breathe #
# And your laughter
echoes in my head #
# When I wake
it fades to silence #
# There's a thousand miles
between us #
# And a thousand days #
# But I can feel you #
# I can still feel you #
# Against my skin #
# Still you keep me warm #
# 'Cause I can feel you #
# I can still feel you #
# Against my skin ##