12 Monkeys (1995)

Flight 784 for San Francisco
is now ready for boarding.
Passengers for flight 841
to Rome, come to gate seven.
Flight 784 to San Francisco
is now ready for boarding at-
Inmate number 87645: Cole, James.
Jose. Psst.
- Jose, what's going on?
- Bad news, man.
- Volunteers?
- Yeah. And they said your name.
Hey, maybe they'll give you
a pardon, man.
Yeah. That's why none of the volunteers
come back. They all get a pardon.
- Some come back, I heard.
- Yeah.
Please put me back!
Don't take me!
Yeah, they got 'em up on the
seventh floor. They hide 'em up there.
They're all messed up in the head.
Brains don't work.
You don't know they're all messed up.
Nobody's seen 'em.
And maybe they're not messed up.
That's a rumor. Nobody knows that.
I don't believe that.
Good luck, man.
- Volunteer duty!
- I didn't volunteer.
You causing trouble again?
No, no trouble.
These are the instructions
for the first time probe.
Listen carefully.
They must be followed exactly.
All openings of your garment
must be sealed completely.
If the integrity of the suit
is compromised in any way,
if the fabric is torn
or a zipper not closed,
readmittance will be denied.
Holy infant
So tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly
If there are any
indications of contamination by germs,
the subject will be denied
reentry to secure population.
Please place
blood sample in receptacle provided.
There will be a socialization
class in room 700...
for citizens cited
for deviations 23-A and 96-A...
per subchapter six
of the Permanent Emergency Code.
James Cole cleared from quarantine.
Thank you. You two wait outside.
He's got a history, Doctor.
- Antisocial six.
Repeated violations of
the Permanent Emergency Code.
Insolence. Defiance.
Disregard of authority.
Doing 25 to life.
I don't think he's gonna hurt us.
You aren't gonna hurt us,
are you, Mr. Cole?
No, sir.
Why don't you sit down, Mr. Cole?
We appreciate your volunteering.
You're a very good observer.
- Thank you.
- We have a very advanced program.
- Something very different.
- Opportunity to reduce your sentence.
And possibly play an important role...
in returning the human race
to the surface of the Earth.
We want tough-minded people.
Strong mentally.
We've had some misfortunes
with... unstable types.
For a man
in your position, an opportunity.
Not to volunteer
could be a real mistake.
Definitely a mistake.
"Yet among the myriad microwaves,
the infrared messages,
the gigabytes of ones and zeros,
we find words, byte-sized now,
tinier even than science,
lurking in some
vague electricity.
But if we but listen,
we hear the solitary voice
of that poet telling us...
yesterday this day's madness
did prepare...
- tomorrow's silent triumph of despair.
Drink, for you know not
whence you came, nor why.
Drink, for you know not
why you go, nor where. "
...wandering around
in nothing but his underpants...
and one of those plastic,
see-through lady's raincoats.
So, they get there, they ask the guy
real nice for some kind of I.D.
He gets agitated,
starts screaming about viruses.
Totally irrational,
totally disoriented.
- Doesn't know where he is, what day of the week.
- Lemme see.
- All they got was his name.
- Thanks.
Of course, they figured he's stoned out of
his mind. Some kind of psychotic episode.
- He's been tested for drugs?
- Negative for drugs.
But he took on five cops
like he was dusted to the eyeballs.
- No drugs. You believe that?
- He's in restraints.
Yeah. Weren't you listenin'? I've got
two police officers in the hospital!
The medic gave him enough stellazine to
kill a horse. Look at him. Rarin' to go.
That would explain the bruises,
I guess. The struggle.
Yeah. You wanna go in there,
examine him, what?
Yes, please.
Is this all you have?
Ran it through your system?
No matchup. No license, no prints,
no warrants. Nothing.
- I should probably go in with you.
- No, thank you.
- That won't be necessary.
- All right.
He'll be right here...
just in case.
Mr. Cole, my name is Kathryn Railly.
I'm a psychiatrist.
I work for the county.
I don't work for the police.
So my concern is for your well-being.
Do you understand that?
Need to go! Need to go!
I can't make the police let you go.
But I do wanna help you, so I-
I need you to tell me exactly
what happened tonight.
Do you think
you can do that, James?
May I call you James?
Nobody ever calls me that.
- Have you been a patient at County?
- No.
- Have I seen you someplace?
- Not possible.
I need to go! I need to- I'm
supposed to be gathering information.
- What kind of information?
- Won't help you.
Won't help anyone.
Won't change anything.
James, do you know
why you're here?
- 'Cause I'm a good observer. Got a tough mind.
- I see.
You don't remember assaulting
a police officer?
Why am I chained?
Why are these chains on me?
You've been in an institution before,
haven't you?
- Or hospital?
- No! Now I need to go. Need to go!
- Have you been in prison, James?
- Underground.
I love this air.
Oh, it's such wonderful air.
- What's wonderful about the air, James?
- Very fresh. No germs.
Why do you think there aren't
any germs in the air?
- This is October, right?
- April.
- What year is this?
- What year do you think it is?
That's the future, James. Do you
think you're living in the future?
1996 is the past.
No, 1996 is the future.
This is 1990.
- Shut up, ladies.
- Where're you taking me?
South of France, buddy.
Fancy hotel. You'll love it.
I can't go. I just need
to make a telephone call.
Yeah, yeah. Zip it, daisy. You fooled
the shrink, but you don't fool us.
Let's go, ace.
All right.
Come on, come on.
There you go.
Now, lemme see your head, Jimbo.
- See if you got any creepy crawlers.
- I need to make a telephone call.
Got to take you over
to the doctor, Jimbo.
- Can't make no calls 'til the doctor says.
- It's very important!
What you gotta do, Jimbo,
is take it easy. Relax into things.
And we'll all get along fine
if you just relax.
Let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
Hey, Goines!
Yo, Goines!
Yo, Jeffrey!
- What?
- Look here.
This here's James. Now, do me a favor.
Why don't you show him around?
Tell him the TV rules.
Show him the games and stuff. Okay?
How much you gonna pay me?
How much? I'd be doin' your job.
- Five thousand dollars, my man. That enough?
- Five thousand?
I'll wire a check
to your account as usual.
- Five thousand dollars! Five thousand dollars!
- Five thousand dollars.
- I'll give him the deluxe mental hospital tour.
- My man!
- Kid around, makes 'em feel good. We're pals.
- I love you.
- You're the prisoners. No, you're the guards.
- Now you got it.
Okay, it's all in good fun.
Here's some games here.
And there's-
Get out! Get out!
- He was in my chair.
Games. Games.
Here's some games.
Games that wanna get out.
See? More games.
Games. They vegetize you.
If you play the games, you're
voluntarily taking a tranquilizer.
I guess they gave you
some chemical restraints. Drugs!
What'd they give you? Thorazine?
Haldol? How much? How much?
Learn your drugs.
Know your dosages. It's elementary.
- I need to make a telephone call.
- A telephone call?
That's communication with the outside
world. Doctor's discretion. No.
If all of these nuts
could just make phone calls,
it could spread insanity
oozing through telephone cables,
oozing to the ears of all these poor,
sane people, infecting them.
Wackos everywhere.
A plague of madness.
In fact, very few, Jim- Jim, very few
of us here are actually mentally ill.
I'm not saying
you're not mentally ill.
For all I know, you're... crazy as a
loon. But that's not why you're here.
That's not why you're here!
That's not why you're here!
You're here
because of the system.
There's the television.
It's all right there.
All right there.
Look, listen, kneel, pray.
The commercials!
We're not productive anymore. Don't
make things anymore. It's all automated.
What are we for then?
We're consumers, Jim.
Okay, okay. Buy a lot of stuff,
you're a good citizen.
But if you don't buy a lot of stuff,
what are you then?
You're mentally ill.
Fact, Jim. Fact! If you don't
buy things: toilet paper, new cars,
electrically-operated sexual devices, stereo
systems with brain-implanted headphones,
screwdrivers with miniature built-in
radar devices, voice-activated computers-
Take it easy, Jeffrey.
Be calm!
That's right.
You're a very attractive woman.
If you want to watch a particular
television program, like All My Children,
you can go to the charge nurse and tell her
the day, the time the show you wanna see is on.
But you have to tell her
before the show is scheduled to be on.
There was this guy, and he was always
requesting shows that had already played.
Yes. No.
You have to tell her before.
He couldn't quite grasp the idea that the
charge nurse couldn't make it be yesterday.
She couldn't turn back time!
Thank you, Einstein.
Now he, he was nuts.
He was a fruitcake, Jim.
Okay, that's it, Jeffrey.
You're gonna get a shot.
- I warned you.
- Right. Right, right, right.
I got a little carried away...
explaining the inner workings
of the institution to Jim.
Hmm? Hmm?
I don't really come
from outer space.
Oh. L.J. Washington.
He doesn't really come from outer space.
- Don't mock me, my friend.
Get outta my chair!
It's a condition
of mental divergence.
I find myself
on the planet Ogo.
Part of
an intellectual elite...
preparing to subjugate
the barbarian hordes on Pluto.
But even though this is a totally
convincing reality for me in every way,
nevertheless, Ogo is actually
a construct of my psyche.
I am mentally divergent...
in that I am escaping
certain unnamed realities...
that plague my life here.
When I stop going there,
I will be well.
Are you also divergent, friend?
This is a place
for crazy people.
I'm not crazy.
We don't use that term,
"crazy," Mr. Cole.
You've got some real nuts here!
I know some things
that you don't know.
It's gonna be very difficult
for you to understand it.
- Hey!
- Hey, hey.
I'm not gonna hurt anyone!
All right.
Look, have any of you heard...
of the Army
of the Twelve Monkeys?
They, they paint this.
They stencil this on the sides
of buildings everywhere.
- Have you seen this?
- Mr. Cole?
Why don't you take your time and try
to explain this from the beginning?
Right, right.
It's 1990.
Okay, that makes sense.
They wouldn't've been active yet.
Five billion people died
in 1996 and 1997.
Almost the entire population
of the world.
Only about one percent
of us survived.
- Are you going to save us?
- How can I save you? This already happened.
I can't save you.
Nobody can.
I am simply trying to gather information
to help the people in the present...
trace the path of the virus.
- We're not in the present now, Mr. Cole?
- No.
1990 is the past. This already
happened. That's what I'm trying-
Mr. Cole? Mr. Cole?
You believe 1996
is the present then, is that it?
No! 1996 is the past too.
Listen to me. What I-
What I- What I need to do
is make a telephone call.
I can straighten this out
if I make a telephone call.
Who would you call?
Who would straighten everything out?
The scientists. They'll want to know
that they sent me to the wrong time.
I can leave a voice mail message
that they monitor from the present.
Can I just make
one telephone call, please?
What are you doin' in the dog bowl?
Get outta there!
- Who put those Doritos in there anyway?
Yes? What?
Voice mail?
Look, I don't know-
Stop makin' that noise!
I don't know what
you're talkin' about.
Is this a joke?
I don't know any scientists.
Duanne, get out-
James who?
Wasn't who you expected?
No. It was some lady.
She didn't know anything.
Well, maybe it was
the wrong number.
No. That's why they chose me.
I remember things.
James, where did you grow up?
Dr. Railly.
- I have the strangest feeling
I've met you before.
Wait. This is 1990. I'm supposed to be
leaving messages in 1996!
It's not the right number yet!
That's the problem!
We have a message for them.
Won't work.
Can't open it.
You think you can remove the grill,
but you can't. It's welded.
See? Told you.
All the doors are locked too.
They're protecting the people
on the outside from us...
when the people on the outside
are as crazy as us.
Do you know what "crazy" is?
Crazy is majority rules. Yeah.
Take germs for example.
In the eighteenth century,
no such thing. Nada. Nothing.
No one ever imagined such a thing!
No sane person anyway.
Along comes this doctor.
Semmelweis comes along and he's trying
to convince people, other doctors mainly,
that there are these teeny, tiny,
invisible bad things called germs...
that get into your body
and make you sick.
He's trying to get doctors
to wash their hands.
What is this guy?
Teeny, tiny, invisible "what do you
call 'em? Germs? Huh? What?"
Now, cut to
the twentieth century.
Last week as a matter of fact, right
before I got dragged into this hellhole!
I go in to order a burger in this fast-food
joint. The guy drops it on the floor.
Jim, he picks it up,
wipes it off.
He hands it to me
like it was all okay.
"What about the germs?" I say.
He says, "I don't believe in germs.
Germs are a plot they made up so they
can sell you disinfectants and soaps. "
Now, he's crazy, right? See?
There's no right. There's no wrong.
There's only popular opinion.
You, you, you believe in germs, right?
I'm not crazy.
Of course not! You wanna
escape, right? That's very sane.
I can help you. You want me
to, don't ya? Get you out?
- You know how to get outta here?
Yes, my son!
- Then why don't ya? - Why don't I try
to escape? That's what you were gonna ask.
Good question.
Very good question. Intelligent.
Because I would be crazy to escape.
I have sent out word.
- I am all taken care of.
- What does that mean?
I've managed to contact
certain underlings, evil spirits,
secretaries of secretaries, and other
assorted minions who will contact my father.
And when my father finds out
I'm in this kind of place,
he'll have them transfer me
to one of those classy joints...
where they treat you properly,
like a person, a guest!
With sheets and towels
like a big hotel,
with great drugs for all of us
nut-case, lunatic, maniac devils!
Sorry. Uh, sorry.
I got a little agitated.
The thought of escape crossed my mind.
And suddenly-
Suddenly I felt like bending
the fucking bars back!
And ripping out the goddamn window
frames and eating them! Yes, eating them!
And leaping, leaping, leaping!
Colonics for everyone!
Ahh, all right!
You dumb assholes, I'm a mental patient.
I'm supposed to act out.
Wait'll you morons find out who I am!
My father's gonna be really upset.
And when my father gets upset,
the ground shakes.
My father is God!
I worship my father!
These dramatic videotapes,
secretly obtained by animal rights
activists, have aroused public indignation.
But many scientists
vehemently disagree.
Torture experiments.
- We're all monkeys.
- They hurt you?
Not as bad as what
they're doing to the Easter Bunny.
Look at them.
They're just askin' for it.
Animals inside the lab-
Maybe the human race
deserves to be wiped out.
Wiping out the human race?
It's a great idea!
It's great!
But more of a long-term thing. First we
have to focus on more immediate goals.
I didn't say a word
about you-know-what.
- What are you talking about?
- Your plan. Emancipation.
What are you writing?
You a reporter?
It's private.
- A lawsuit? You gonna sue 'em?
- It's private!
Yo, Jimbo.
Time for your meds.
Take a chance. Live the moment.
Sunshine. Gorgeous beaches.
The Florida Keys!
We'll return you
to the Marx Brothers in Monkey Business.
Monkey business!
Get it?
Monkey. Monk key.
Monk key!
If you see
a bearish future in the decade ahead,
consider the changes sweeping the world
and the opportunities they offer.
"And the opportunities
they offer."
They really dosed you. Jim!
Major load.
Danger, Will Robinson, danger.
You gotta get it together.
Focus, focus, focus.
Remember the plan.
I did my part!
Not "what," when.
- When?
- Yes. When.
Now. Now, Jim. Now!
Yes! Now!
Buy! Sell!
Stocks! Bonds!
Purchase! Sell!
No more monkey business!
No... more...
monkey business!
Yes, enhance your portfolio now.
Five hundred dollars. I got
five hundred dollars. I'm insured!
Yeah! Window of opportunity
is opening now.
Now is the time for all good men
to seize the moment. The moment!
Now is the time for all good men
to seize the day!
- Aha!
- Goddamn it, Jeffrey! Quit playin' the fool!
The key to happiness!
Jim, seize the moment!
Jeffrey, come back here!
- For God's sake!
- Jeffrey!
- Go, Jim!
- Get out. Out!
- Come here, Jeffrey!
The future can be yours!
Last chance! Last chance!
Last chance!
Best place to go
would be Florida.
The Keys are lovely
this time of year.
...it's the only way to travel.
I was gonna bring along the wife and kiddies,
but the grocer couldn't spare another barrel.
I was gonna bring my grandfather,
but there's no room for-
Two's not working today.
Use one.
Kathryn, this was in my box!
But I have a slight suspicion
it wasn't meant for me.
"You are the most bootiful
woman I have ever seen.
You live in a bootiful world,
but you don't know it.
You have freedom, sunshine,
air you can breathe-"
James Cole, right?
"I would do anything to stay her
but I must leave. Please help me. "
Okay, okay, okay.
Poor man.
Hey, Kathryn?
James Cole is one of yours, right?
He eloped.
Last seen, he was up on two.
We have to know exactly
what's there so we can fix it.
Doctor, we have a visitor.
Um, may I help you? Excuse me?
May I help you?
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
Jim? Jim?
Hey, Jimbo.
What's up, man?
Hey, Jimbo.
All right, it's okay.
Take it easy.
- It'll be all right.
- Take care. Take it easy.
Take it easy.
We'll work this out, okay?
Send you back to your room. A little
milk and cookies, you'll be all right.
Just take it easy, okay?
- Come on. Calm down!
Take him down!
Take him the fuck down!
I'm not gonna hurt anyone.
Dr. Railly, help me please.
- We're gonna give you something to calm you, James.
- No! No more drugs!
James, we have to do this.
You're very confused.
No drugs! Stop it!
Kathryn, we've been working together for
four years. I've never seen you like this.
So please stop being so defensive.
This isn't an inquisition.
I didn't think I was being defensive.
I was trying to explain exactly what-
He should've been in restraints.
It was bad judgment on your part,
plain and simple. Why not own up to it?
Okay, it was bad judgment, but I have
the strangest feeling about him.
- I've seen him someplace, and I'm trying-
- Two policemen are in the hospital.
Now we've got a security guard
with a skull fracture.
I said it was bad judgment!
What else do you want me to say?
You see that?
See what I mean?
- You're being defensive. Isn't she being defensive?
- Dr. Fletcher?
- What?
- Ah, we have... another situation.
- He was fully restrained and the door was locked?
- Yes, sir. I did it myself.
And he was fully sedated?
He was fully sedated.
Then, are you trying to tell me a fully
sedated, fully restrained patient...
somehow slipped out that vent,
replaced the grill behind him...
and is wriggling his way
through the ventilation system?
Watch it!
You sure fucked up!
- Where are you?
- Ah, you can talk!
What'd you do, Bobby boy?
My name's not Bob.
Not a prob, Bob.
Where'd they send you?
Where are you?
Another cell.
What do you mean "maybe"?
What's that supposed to mean?
Maybe means...
maybe I'm in the next cell.
Another volunteer like you.
Or maybe I'm in
the Central Office...
spying on ya
for all those science bozos.
Or hey,
maybe I'm not even here.
Maybe I'm just in your head.
No way to confirm anything.
- Where'd they send ya?
- 1990.
'90! How was it?
Good drugs? Lots of pussy?
Hey, Bob, you do the job?
You find out the big info?
Army of the Twelve Monkeys?
It was supposed to be 1996.
Science ain't an exact science
with these clowns,
but they're getting better.
You're lucky you didn't end up
in ancient Egypt.
Shh! They're comin'.
The Freedom for Animals
Association on Second Avenue...
is the secret headquarters
of the Army of the Twelve Monkeys.
They are the ones
who are going to do it.
I can't do any more.
I have to go now.
Have a merry Christmas.
- Well?
- What?
Did you or did you not
record that message?
It's a reconstruction
of a deteriorated recording.
Weak signal. We have to
put them together one word at a time.
We just finished rebuilding this.
Did you or did you not
make this call?
I couldn't make any call. You sent me
to the wrong year. It was 1990.
- 1990?
- 1990?
- You're certain of that?
- What'd you do with your time, Cole?
Did you waste it on drugs? Women?
- They forced me to take drugs.
- Forced you?
Why would someone
force you to take drugs?
I was in trouble.
I... got arrested.
I... I did what you wanted.
I got a specimen, a spider.
I didn't have anyplace
to put it, so I ate it.
But you sent me to the wrong year,
so it really doesn't matter.
Did you see this when you went back?
No, sir, I don't think so.
What about these people?
Did you see any of these people?
No. No.
Oh, wait, wait.
Him? You saw that man?
Maybe in the... maybe in
the mental institution.
You were
in a mental institution? Oh, God.
Cole, you were sent back to make
some very important observations.
You could've made a real contribution.
Helped us to reclaim the planet.
As well as reducing your sentence.
The question is, Cole,
do you want another chance?
- Good.
- Last connection going on.
- Stand clear.
- He was your choice.
- Nothing we can do about that now.
No mistakes this time, Cole.
Stay alert.
Keep your eyes open.
Good thinking about the spider.
Try and do something like that again.
Just relax now.
Don't fight it.
We're sending you
to the third quarter of 1996.
Right on the money.
- What? I don't understand!
What? I don't understand!
- Where am I?
I gotta find 'em!
I gotta find 'em!
Help! I don't know where I am!
- You gotta help me find 'em!
- Jose?
- Jose!
- Cole!
Cole, where are we?
Where are we?
- Jose!
- Help me, Cole!
Oh, God! Wait!
"In a season of great pestilence,
there are omens and divinations.
And one of the four beasts
gave unto the seven angels...
seven golden vials
full of the wrath of God,
who liveth forever and ever. "
In the fourteenth century, according to the
accounts of local officials of that time,
this man appeared suddenly in
the village of Wyle near Stonehenge...
in April of 1362.
Using unfamiliar words
and speaking in a strange accent,
the man made dire prognostications
about a pestilence...
which he said would wipe out humanity
in approximately 600 years.
Obviously, this plague-doomsday scenario
is more compelling...
when reality supports it
with a virulent disease,
whether it's the bubonic plague,
smallpox or AIDS.
Now we have technological horrors,
such as chemical warfare,
which reared its ugly head during the
deadly mustard gas attacks of World War I.
During such an attack in
the French trenches in October of 1917,
we have an account of this soldier, who,
during an assault, was wounded by shrapnel...
and hospitalized,
apparently in a state of hysteria.
Doctors found that he had lost
all comprehension of French,
but that he spoke
English fluently,
albeit in a regional dialect
they didn't recognize.
The man, though physically
unaffected by the gas,
was beside himself.
He claimed that he had come
from the future-
that he was looking
for a pure germ...
that would ultimately wipe mankind
off the face of the Earth...
- starting in the year 1996.
Though injured, the young soldier
disappeared from the hospital,
no doubt trying to carry on
his mission to warn others,
and substituting
for the agony of war...
a self-inflicted agony
we call the "Cassandra Complex. "
Cassandra, in Greek legend,
was condemned to know the future...
but to be disbelieved
when she foretold it.
Hence, the agony of foreknowledge combined
with the impotence to do anything about it.
I'm going right out
to get vaccinated.
- Hi. - I think, Dr. Railly,
you've given the alarmists a bad name.
- I have? - MSurely there's
very real and convincing data that the planet...
- cannot survive the excesses of the human race.
- This is true.
Proliferation of atomic devices,
uncontrolled breeding habits,
pollution of land, sea and air,
the rape of the environment.
In this context, isn't it obvious that
Chicken Little represents the sane vision,
and that Homo sapiens' motto,
"Let's go shopping,"
is the cry of the true lunatic?
- Kathryn, it's time.
- My name is Troy.
Please, Dr. Railly. I wonder
if you're aware of my own studies.
See you at work tomorrow.
Give you a call tomorrow.
- No! No! Get in the car.
Get in the car!
I've got a gun! Get in the car.
All right, drive.
Take my purse. I've got a lot of cash
and credit cards. Take my keys!
Start the car!
Here, turn right.
Turn right here!
Wh-Where are we going?
- Philadelphia.
- That's more than a hundred miles!
- That's why I can't walk there.
- Just let me go.
- Just drive!
- You can take the car.
I don't know how to drive.
I went underground when I was eight
years old. I told you that before.
At the next corner, turn right.
Cole. James Cole.
You escaped from
a locked room six years ago.
- Six years for you.
- Turn around. Get goin'!
- Okay.
I can't believe that
this is a coincidence, Mr. Cole.
- Have you been following me?
- You said you would help me.
I know this isn't what you meant,
but I don't have any money.
I hurt my leg,
and I've been sleeping on the street.
I'm sure I smell bad.
Do you have any food in this car?
You have been following me,
haven't you?
No, I saw this...
in a store window.
I can read, remember?
Yeah. Why do you want
to go to Philadelphia?
I checked out the Baltimore information.
It was nothing.
It's in Philadelphia. That's where
they are, the ones who did it.
The Twelve Monkeys.
- Is that a radio?
- Yeah.
Can you... turn it on?
This is a personal message to you.
Are you at the end of your rope?
Are you dying to get away?
The Florida Keys are waiting for you.
Ocean waves-
I've never seen the ocean!
It's an advertisement, Mr. Cole.
What is?
It's an advertisement.
You do understand that?
It's not really
a special message to you.
Mr. Cole.
- You used to call me James.
- You prefer that?
James, uh,
you don't really have a gun.
Can you turn this up?
Can you make this louder?
I found my thrill
On Blueberry Hill
On Blueberry Hill
When I found you
Ah, I love the music
of the twentieth century!
I love this air!
Love to breathe this air!
WXBX news break.
News as it happens.
Roger Pratt reporting.
A story breaking with us now is emergency
crews are converging on a cornfield...
where playmates
of nine-year-old Ricky Neuman...
say they saw him disappear
right before their eyes.
Young Neuman apparently stepped
into an abandoned well shaft,
and is lodged somewhere
in the narrow 150-foot pipe.
Possibly alive,
possibly seriously injured,
playmates claim
they heard him cry out faintly.
- Never cry wolf.
- What?
My father said that to me.
He said, "Never cry wolf. "
'Cause then people won't believe you
if something really happens.
If something really happens
like what, James?
Something bad. Can we have some more
music? I don't wanna hear this stuff.
Can we hear more music?
- I see trees of green
- Oh, that's good!
Red roses too
I've seen them bloom
For me and you
- And I think to myself
What a wonderful world
Hello, Dr. Railly? Yeah, this is
Wikke from Psyche Admitting.
Do you remember James Cole?
The paranoid who pulled
the Houdini back in '90?
- Well, he's back and-
Sorry about that. He's looking for you.
I thought you ought to know.
- All right, take care.
- It's like I told you.
Me and my husband went ahead
and she never showed.
That is totally unlike her.
- Do you know the make of her car?
- Um...
'94 Cherokee, silver.
I have "doed-it!"
I have "done doed-it"!
I, Professor Grossenfibber, have
invented the time tunnel! Oh, boy!
- Oh, excuse me, mister.
Excuse me, mister. Have a cigar.
Now my time machine
is ready for experiments.
Ah, the woodpecker! Ja!
Yo-hoo, Woodpecker!
You were in my dream just now.
Your hair's different.
Different color.
I'm sure it was you.
What was the dream about?
About an airport...
before everything happened.
It's the same dream
I always have.
When I was a kid.
And I was in it?
What did I do?
You were very upset.
You're always very upset
in the dream.
- Just never knew it was you.
- It wasn't me before, James.
It's become me now because of
what's happening.
Could you please untie me?
No, I think it was always you.
Very strange.
You're flushed, and you were moaning.
I think you're running a fever.
What are you doing?
In Fresno, California, crews continue to
attempt to rescue nine-year-old Ricky Neuman.
And closer to home,
in Baltimore, Kathryn Railly,
prominent psychiatrist and the author
of a newly released book on insanity,
disappeared mysteriously last night
after a lecture at the university.
Former mental patient, James Cole,
is wanted for questioning...
regarding Dr. Railly's disappearance.
Authorities warn that Cole
has a history of violence...
and advise anyone spotting him
to notify authorities at once.
Love this music.
We don't have this.
We don't have anything like this.
- What are all those?
- These?
My notes. Clues.
- What kind of clues?
- It's about the secret army.
The Army of the Twelve Monkeys.
They're the ones that spread the virus.
That's why I'm here.
I have to find them. That's my mission.
I just have to locate them because they have
the virus in its pure form before it mutates.
When I locate them,
they'll send a scientist here.
That scientist
will study the virus.
Then when he goes back to the present,
he and the scientists will make a cure.
...police officers
from three jurisdictions,
including special
tactical unit personnel,
have now been mobilized to control
the growing thousands of onlookers...
- in Fresno, California-
- Does that disturb you?
No. I thought it was about us.
I thought maybe they'd captured us
and arrested me.
Just a joke.
I remember being very afraid
for that little boy.
All alone, down that well, not knowing
if anybody's gonna get him out.
The first time I was ever
really afraid when I was a kid.
What do you mean,
when you were a kid?
Never mind.
Just a prank, a hoax.
That boy's hiding in a barn.
Well, the Earth died screaming
Well, the Earth died screaming
"There are omens and divinations.
One of the four beasts
gave unto the seven angels...
seven golden vials
full of the wrath of God,
who liveth forever and ever. "
You won't think I'm crazy
when people start dying next month.
First they'll think
it's just some weird fever.
Then they'll find out.
They'll catch on.
Stop here! Stop the car!
Stop right here!
I was right!
They're here!
You see? Twelve Monkeys.
Twelve Monkeys.
Do you believe me now?
Come on!
Come on!
They're here!
You see?
Twelve Monkeys!
Twelve Monkeys.
Come on!
Twelve Monkeys.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, here.
Here. Do you see it?
Do you see?
I see some red paint, some marks.
- Marks? Marks? Do you think
that- - Oh, this is ridicu-
- Hey! Hey!
- What?
Don't you do anything crazy...
or I'll hurt somebody!
I am not gonna do anything crazy, but
none of this is what you think it is.
You can't hide from them, Bob.
I said,
you can't hide from them.
No, sir, ol' Bob.
Don't even try.
They hear everything.
They got that tracking device on ya.
They can find you anywhere,
It's in the tooth.
Right, Bob?
But I fooled 'em, old buddy.
They don't have to spy on me.
I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.
You see?
Here it is again.
Here, follow this paint trail.
Here. It's here.
- It's so awful! I-
- No, no, no! Come with me!
- Damn it!
- The paint trail goes here.
Let go! Let go of my arm.
James, we shouldn't be here.
Goddamn it.
Leave me alone!
Let's get outta here.
James, we shouldn't be here.
- Hey!
Please, don't kill me!
Don't kill me. Please!
Don't kill me. Don't kill me.
Stick around, bitch.
- Are you all right?
Is he alive?
Come on.
We're runnin' out of time.
- You can't help him.
- Oh, Jesus! James, you killed him!
All I see are dead people.
Come on.
- Come on.
- You never had a gun before.
I have one now.
Come on. Come on!
"... dragons in
their pleasant palaces.
The seventh angel poured out
his vial into the air, and there came-"
You! You!
You're one of us!
This is it.
Come on.
Um... can we help you?
It's just a tape.
I'm looking for
the Army of the Twelve Monkeys.
We don't know anything about
any Army of the Twelve Monkeys.
- So you and your friend just disappear.
- I just want some information.
- Didn't you hear me? I sa-
- Don't hurt her.
Please, I'm a psychiatrist.
J- Just do whatever he tells you to do.
He's disturbed.
He's dangerous.
Please, just cooperate.
- What do you want, money? We only got a few bucks.
- I told you what I want.
- Get down. Lock that door.
- James, don't-
Lock it now!
- I told you fucking Goines
would get us- - Shut up!
Jeffrey Goines?
Then Jeffrey becomes this big star,
and the media latch onto him because...
he's picketing his own father,
a famous Nobel prize-winning virologist.
- You must've seen all that on TV.
- I don't watch TV.
Is this him?
Yeah, that's him. That's him.
What are you gonna do to us?
Tell me more about Jeffrey.
Jeffrey started getting bored
with the shit we do.
Picketing, leafletting,
letter-writing stuff.
He said we were ineffectual,
liberal jerk-offs.
He wanted to do guerrilla actions
in order to educate the public.
- Like this? - Yeah. That's when
he let 100 snakes loose in the Senate.
But we weren't
into that kind of stuff.
- It's counterproductive. We told him.
- So he and 11 guys,
they split off and formed
this underground army.
The Army of the Twelve Monkeys.
They started planning a "Human Hunt. "
They bought
stun guns, nets and bear traps.
They were gonna go to Wall Street
and trap lawyers and bankers-
They didn't do it, of course.
They didn't do any of it.
Like always, Mr. Big Shot
sold his friends out.
What does that mean?
He goes on TV and gives a news
conference. Tells the whole world...
he just realized his daddy's experiments
are vital for humanity...
and that the use of animals
is absolutely necessary.
And that from now on he, Jeffrey Goines,
is going to personally supervise the labs...
to make sure the little animals
aren't going to suffer.
What is this?
People like that aren't accessible,
okay? You can't just barge in on them.
- It's not how the world works.
- Be quiet and drive the car. I know what I'm doing.
No, you don't.
This car is stolen.
And we are in big trouble.
Big trouble.
If you don't turn yourself over, the police are
going to kill you. They're going to shoot me too,
- 'cause I'm going to be the accessory to murder.
- You're all going to die.
Nobody is going to die.
You're not going to save the world.
Okay? You're delusional.
- You've made all this up out of bits
and pieces in your head. - No.
Yes. Let me give you an example.
You know Jeffrey Goines. You were
both patients at County Hospital.
Jeffrey Goines was a fruitcake.
He told you then his father was a
famous scientist who worked with viruses.
You've incorporated that bit
of information to this cockeyed fantasy.
He didn't say his father was a
scientist. He said his father was God.
- This is insane.
- ... prominent psychiatrist and author,
Dr. Kathryn Railly, has been abducted by
a dangerous mental patient, James Cole.
Cole was under Railly's care six years
ago when he made a dramatic escape from-
- What is the matter with your leg?
- I got shot.
Shot! Who shot you?
I don't know.
It was some kind of war. Never mind.
You wouldn't believe me anyway.
What are you doing?
- We don't need gas.
- I thought you didn't know how to drive.
I said I was too young to drive.
I didn't say I was stupid.
This can't go on. If you have a bullet
in your leg, I have to take care of it.
I'm a doctor.
I need some supplies.
Meanwhile, in Fresno, California,
where mining engineers continue their
desperate attempt to sink a shaft...
parallel to the one in which nine-year-old
Ricky Neuman is believed trapped.
Authorities say there is
still a chance the boy might be-
You shouldn't put
your weight on it.
You need stitches
and antibiotics.
Lucky for you
it's near the surface.
I love seeing the sun.
Let me help you.
You smell so good.
You have to give yourself up.
Y- You know that, don't you?
W- What are you doing? James?
- I'm sorry.
- What are you doing?
- James, stop it! What are you doing?
- I'm sorry.
- Let go of me!
- I have to do this.
- They find him?
- Who?
- That kid. The one in the pipe.
- You believe that?
They're lowering a monkey down there and a
miniature infrared camera strapped on him,
and a roast beef sandwich
wrapped up in tin foil.
- You're making it up.
- No, I shit you not. Life is really weird.
A monkey
and a roast beef sandwich.
W- W-Would that I
could enjoy this opulent dinner...
and this most, uh, stimulatin'
and excitin' company...
for itself
with no sense of purpose.
But, alas, I am burdened.
For with all this excess of public
attention and cacophony of praise...
there comes
great responsibility.
- I don't have to tell you all
that the dangers of science...
are a timeworn threat.
- From Prometheus stealin' fire from the gods...
- What friend?
- I'm not expectin' anyone.
- to the Cold War era of the Dr. Strangelove terror.
- But never before-
- This is ridiculous.
My father's giving
a major address.
...to fear the power...
we have at hand.
Normally, if we caught a guy sneakin' around
like this with no I.D., we'd bust his ass.
Excuse my French.
This one says he knows you.
Since you seem to have had
a few unusual associates,
we certainly would not want
to arrest one of your closest pals.
Never seen him before in my life.
Feel free to torture this man,
or whatever it is you do.
I'm going to listen to my father's
eloquent discourse on-
I'm here about some monkeys.
- Monkeys?
- Monkeys. Yes.
Twelve of them.
- You look like shit.
- You know this man?
I know this man.
Arnold... Pettibone. Mm-hmm.
Gee, Arnie. It's black tie.
I said drop by,
but it's Dad's big do-
V.I.P.s, senators, Secret Service.
You hungry, Arnie?
Killer feast we're putting on tonight.
Lots of dead lamb, dead cow, dead pig.
Shall we?
Hi. How are you?
Very attractive.
"The Great Escape," 1990.
Watch it!
County Hospital? Am I right?
I can't do anything about what you're
going to do. I can't change anything.
- I can't stop you. I just want the information.
- We need to talk. C'mon.
Hi, ladies. Nice to see you again.
Watch your step on the way down.
Who blabbed?
Bruhns? Weller?
- I just want access to the pure virus.
- Virus?
For the future. I need to know
where it is and exactly what it is.
Ahh, I get it.
I see what you're up to.
- It's your old plan, isn't it?
- What plan?
- Your plan. Remember?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, you do. We were in the dayroom
watching television...
and you were upset about the desecration
of the planet, which I understand.
Then you said to me, "Wouldn't it
be great if there was a germ or virus...
that would wipe out all of mankind
and leave the animals and trees?"
- You're trying to confuse me.
- You were so funny.
I told you my father was
this famous virologist, and you said,
"He could make a germ, and we could
steal it. " Coo-coo-ka-roo, you were.
They mutate!
We live underground!
The world belongs to the dogs and cats.
We live like worms.
I just need the information.
- Take it easy.
- You are a total nutcase! Completely deranged!
Delusional, paranoid.
Your process is all fucked up.
Your information tray
is jammed, man!
Do you know what it is,
the Army of the Twelve Monkeys?
It's a collection of space-case
do-gooders saving rain forests.
I have nothing to do
with those bozos.
I quit being
the rich kid fall guy...
for a bunch
of ineffective fanatics!
So much for your grand plot,
Father's been warning people about dangers of
experimentation with D.N.A. viruses for years.
You've processed that information through
your addled, paranoid infrastructure.
Lo and behold, a nonprofit organization
becomes some sinister, revolutionary cabal!
This man is complete bat shit!
Ladies and gentlemen,
do you realize where he thinks...
he comes from?
Capt. Dan Miller, the man
in charge of the rescue operation,
says he has consulted with experts,
and they assure us-
If you ask me, the monkey's gonna eat
that goddamn sandwich himself.
Did a man just come running
through here?
...saying his primary
responsibility was to the missing boy.
Police say that the body of a woman found
strangled in the Knutson State Park...
could be kidnapping victim...
Dr. Kathryn Railly.
Anybody see someone
come through here?
...discovered less than
an hour ago by hikers.
But we have an unconfirmed report
that the victim,
a woman in her late twenties or early
thirties, was savagely mutilated.
Earlier in the day, police located
Railly's abandoned car.
It was found not far-
- Any sign of him?
He can't just disappear.
You bastard!
I could've died in there!
You son of a bitch!
What were you thinking of,
- you twisted sack of shit?
- I'm sorry.
Sorry I locked you
in the trunk.
I'm sick of you.
What have you done?
Did you kill somebody?
- Yes. A million people. Five billion people.
- What?
Jeffrey Goines said
it was my idea about the virus.
We were in the institution. It was
all... so fuzzy, and the drugs and all.
Do you think it was my idea?
Do you think maybe
I've wiped out the human race?
Nobody is gonna wipe out
the human race.
Not you or Jeffrey
or anybody else.
You've created something
in your mind. A- Oh.
- Mentally divergent?
- A- Whatever!
A substitute reality...
because you don't want
to deal with anything.
- I would love it if that was true.
It can be dealt with,
but only if you want to.
- I can help you.
- They're after me. We have to get outta here.
- Who is after you?
I think there were
some policemen at that party.
Party? You went to a par-
Never mind.
It's important you surrender
instead of their catching you running.
Wouldn't it be great if I was crazy?
The world would be okay.
- Gimme the gun.
- I wouldn't live underground. I lost the gun.
I could live right here.
You got water, air, stars.
- I'm gonna attract their attention...
- Debris.
- so they know where we are.
Oh, I love this world!
They're gonna tell you to put your hands
on your head. Do what they say.
I love the frogs, the spiders.
Remember, I'll be with you.
I'll help you. I won't let them-
Then I said something about cooperating,
and he said he would do that.
So, I, um...
I got in the car.
Thanks. And when I-
I started honking the horn.
- Then when I got out, he was gone.
- I'll tell you somethin'.
You lucked out. For a while, we thought
you were a body found downstate mutilated.
- He wouldn't do that.
- This the man he attacked?
I wanna be clear about this, okay?
This man and the other one
were severely beating us.
James Cole didn't start it.
In fact, he saved me.
Funny thing, Doctor.
Maybe you can explain it to me,
you being a psychiatrist and all.
Why is it that kidnap victims always try
to tell us about the guys that grabbed 'em?
And they try
to make us understand...
how kind these bastards
really were.
It's a normal reaction
to a life-threatening situation.
He's sick. Okay?
He thinks he comes from the future.
He's been living in...
a meticulously constructed fantasy world,
and that world is starting to disintegrate.
He needs help.
Exhausted but apparently
unharmed by her thirty-hour ordeal,
Dr. Railly returned to Baltimore this
morning without making a public statement.
The author and psychiatrist
is currently in seclusion at her home.
Meantime, police have pieced together
a scenario of the series of events...
that began with
escaped mental patient James Cole-
- Sorry.
- No, it's okay. I'm just... hyperalert.
I can't sleep.
- Did you take your sedative? - I hate
those things. They mess my head up.
...where he went
on a rampage of violence.
With the kidnapping
of the Baltimore woman, James Cole...
is now also wanted in connection with
the brutal slaying of Rodney Wiggins,
- an ex-convict from Ardmore.
His body was discovered
in an abandoned theater...
not far from where Cole left three animal
rights activists bound and gagged...
in their Second Avenue headquarters.
Do they really believe
he's going to show up here? Please.
And in Fresno, California, the cornfield
that was jammed with spectators-
He's dead, isn't he,
that little boy?
He's fine. It was just a prank
he and his friends pulled.
The dramatic attempt to rescue Ricky
Neuman from an abandoned mine shaft...
ended abruptly when playmates confessed
that Neuman's disappearance was a prank...
and that, in fact, the missing child
was hiding in a nearby barn.
I found my thrill
On Blueberry Hill
On Blueberry Hill
When I found you
Congratulations, Cole!
- Well done. Well done!
- Congratulations.
During your interview,
while under the influence,
- you told us that you liked music.
- This isn't a prison.
- This is a hospital.
- Until you recover your equilibrium.
- You're still disoriented.
- It is a stressful thing.
- Time travel.
- You stood up very well, considering.
You connected the Army of the Twelve
Monkeys with a famous virologist and his son.
- Others will take over now.
- We'll be back on service in months.
- We'll retake the planet.
- This is it, James. What you've been working for.
- A full pardon.
- You'll be out of here in no time.
- Women will want to know you.
- I don't want your women! I want to get well!
And you will be well, James.
- Soon.
You know, you people don't exist.
You're not real.
We can't travel back in time.
You're not here.
You can't trick me.
You're in my- You're in my mind.
I am insane.
And you are my insanity.
He not only used the word "prank,"
he said the boy was hiding in a barn.
Kathryn, Kathryn.
He kidnapped you.
You saw him murder somebody,
and you knew there was a real
possibility he could kill you too.
You're under
tremendous emotional stress.
For God's sake, Owen,
listen to me.
He knew about the boy in Fresno,
and he says five billion people...
are gonna die.
No way he could possibly know that!
You're a rational person.
You're a trained psychiatrist.
You know the difference between
what's real and what's not.
What we say is the truth
is what everybody accepts. Right?
it's the latest religion.
We decide what's right and wrong.
We decide who's crazy or not.
I'm in trouble here.
I'm losing my faith.
You sure fucked up, Bob.
But I can understand. You don't want
your mistakes pointed out to you.
I can relate to that, old Bob.
Hey, I know what you're thinkin'.
You're thinkin' I don't exist
except in your head.
I see that point of view.
- But you could still talk to me, couldn't ya?
- I saw you...
in 1996, in the real world.
- You pulled out your teeth.
- Why would I pull out my teeth?
That's a no-no.
And when did you say you saw me?
- In 1872?
- Leave me alone!
Yellin' won't get you
what you want.
You have to be smart
to get what you want.
And what do I want?
You don't know what you want?
Sure you do, Bob.
You know what you want.
You tell me.
You tell me what I want.
To see the sky and the ocean.
To be topside.
Breathe the air.
To be with... her.
Isn't that right?
Isn't that what you want?
Dr. Railly,
Jim Halperin, Philly P.D.
- Sorry to call you so early this mornin'.
- You found him? Is he okay?
No, no.
Au contraire, Doctor.
No sign of your good friend, the
kidnapper. However, the plot does thicken.
I've got a ballistics report
on my desk.
It says the bullet you claim you removed
from Mr. Cole's thigh is, in fact, an antique.
And all indications are...
it was fired sometime prior
to the 1920s.
- How 'bout I take a spin down there?
- This can't be.
Maybe you and I can grab
a bite to eat.
Maybe you could revise or amplify
your statement. Dr. Railly?
You can't trick us, you know.
- It wouldn't work.
- No, sir.
You haven't become addicted,
have you, Cole,
to that dying world?
No, sir.
I just want to do my part
to get us back on top,
in charge of the planet.
And I have the experience.
I know the people involved.
He really is
the most qualified.
But all that behavior.
You said we weren't real, Cole.
I don't think the human mind is meant
to exist in... t-two different...
uh, whatever you called it...
It's just too stressful.
You said that yourself.
It's very confusing. You don't know
what's real and what's not.
- But you know what's real now.
- Yes, sir. I do.
No, no. I don't know anything about...
a monkey army, Doctor.
No, no.
Nothing whatsoever.
Good Lord, if my son was ever involved
in something like that-
Yeah? Well, I'm sorry.
I think it's
doubly inappropriate to discuss...
security matters with you,
Doctor, uh, Railly.
But, uh, if it will ease
your mind,
rest assured that neither my son
nor any other unauthorized person...
has access to potentially dangerous
organisms in my laboratory.
Is that clear to you now?
Thank you so much for your concern.
Women psychiatrists!
I attended a lecture of hers once.
"Apocalyptic Visions. "
Yes. She was suddenly struck...
by the most preposterous notion
about Jeffrey.
Has she succumbed to her own...
"theoretical" Cassandra disease?
Maybe we ought to review
our security procedures.
Yeah. Perhaps upgrade 'em,
you know?
Beef 'em up, hmm?
Let's consider again
our current information.
If the symptoms were first detected
in Philadelphia...
on December 27, 1996,
that makes us know that-
It was released in Philadelphia,
probably on December 13, 1996.
And was seen sequentially
after that in-
San Francisco, New Orleans,
Rio de Janeiro,
Rome, Kinshasa,
Karachi, Bangkok,
then Peking.
That was very well done, Cole.
Is somebody in there? If you're
in there, I have to talk to you.
- It's the kidnap woman.
- Hello?
The one who was with the guy
who tied us up.
- I have to talk.
- Turn off the lights. Turn off the light!
- What's she doin'?
- She's drawing attention to us, that's what.
I don't know what you're up to this time,
Goines, but you're gonna get us in deep shit.
- Walkies ready? Batteries charged?
- Mmm.
I saw you!
I saw somebody in there!
- Come on.
- Secret experiments.
That's what they do.
Secret weird stuff.
- Not just on animals.
- I know you.
- Do 'em on people too, down at-
- Have you seen James Cole?
- The man who-
- They're watching you.
- Takin' pictures.
- The police.
I know. Look.
I have to contact James.
It's very, very important that he's
really careful when he reaches me.
- Do you understand that? Good.
- Yeah. Yeah. Who's James?
He was with me.
He spoke to you... several weeks ago.
He said that you were from the future
and that you were watching him.
Bolt cutters.
Bolt cutters.
- Did you get bolt cutters?
- One dozen. They're in the van.
- Got the plans for the security system?
- Right here.
- Committed to memory.
- Hey! Hey!
- You know what she's doin' out there?
- What's it say?
- I don't know. I can't see it. - Forget about
my psychiatrist and concentrate on the task at hand.
Your psychiatrist?
- Did you just say your psychiatrist?
- Ex-psychiatrist.
This woman was your psychiatrist, and
now she's spray-painting our building?
What's it say?
- James.
- What? What?
- There's a policeman over there. Pretend you
don't know me. - No. I want to turn myself in.
- Where is he? Where is he?
- James! Down!
- Come on.
- No, no. It's okay. I'm not crazy anymore.
I mean, I am. I'm mentally
divergent. I know that now.
I want you to help me.
I want to get better.
Let's get outta here.
He's goin'.
He's goin'.
- I've seen that before.
- No, James, you haven't.
A guy in a Ford is chasing her
and some other guy I can't see.
No problem. It's probably
just another kidnapping...
featuring Jeffrey's shrink.
Pardon me.
Make that ex-shrink.
This is your leader?
A certifiable lunatic...
who told his former psychiatrist all his plans
for God knows what whacko irresponsible schemes?
God knows what she's written
on that wall!
Who cares what psychiatrists
write on walls?
You think I told her about
the Army of the Twelve Monkeys, huh?
Impossible! Do you know why?
Do you know why?
Because, you pathetically ineffectual and
pusillanimous pretend friend to animals,
I'll tell you why. Because when I had
anything to do with her six years ago,
there was no such thing,
I hadn't thought of it yet.
- Then how come she knows what's goin' on?
- Here's my theory on that.
When I was institutionalized, my brain was studied
inexhaustibly in the guise of mental health.
I was interrogated, x-rayed.
I was examined thoroughly.
They took everything about me and put it into a
computer where they created a model of my mind.
Yes! Using that model,
they managed to generate every thought I
could possibly have in the next ten years,
which they then filtered through
a probability matrix of some kind...
to determine everything
I was gonna do in that period.
So you see, she knew I was gonna lead the
Army of the Twelve Monkeys into history...
before it even occurred to me.
She knows everything I'm ever gonna do
before I know it myself.
How's that?
Kweskin, you finish here.
I'll meet you there.
And if you forget one thing, I will have
you shaved, sterilized and destroyed.
- Jeff?
- What?
You're a great man.
Ahh, fuck the bozos!
He's seriously crazy.
You know that.
On the lookout for-
The name is Cole.
There. Over there.
Okay. Come on.
- I need a room.
- Thirty-five bucks an hour.
- An hour?
- You want quarter hours? Go someplace else.
Uh, here's...
twenty-five, six, seven
for an hour.
- Deal?
- Hey! Turn it off!
One hour, honey babe.
Number sixty-four.
Sixth floor.
Up the stairs, end of the hall.
Elevator's busted.
She's not honey babe.
She's a doctor.
My psychiatrist.
Whatever gets it up for you, Jack.
Tommy, this is Charlie
over at the Globe.
You know if Wallace has a new girl?
Sort of a rookie type?
A little weird? Does fantasy acts?
Okay, you were standing there
looking up at the moon.
You were splashing
through the water, and then what?
I thought I was
in prison again.
Just like that,
you were in prison?
No, not really.
Like you said.
It was all in my mind.
You disappeared.
One minute you were there,
the next minute you were gone.
Did you run through
the woods, or-
I don't know.
I don't remember.
The boy in the well.
How did you know that was just a hoax?
It was?
I d-didn't know.
You said he was hiding
in the barn!
I think I maybe saw a TV show
about that when I was a kid,
where a boy-
It wasn't a TV show!
It was real!
M- Maybe this boy saw
the same TV show that I did,
and he c-copied it.
Look, you were right.
I, I am mentally ill.
I imagined all these things,
these people.
I know they're not real.
I can trick them. I, I-
I can make them do what I want.
I worked on 'em a little bit.
- I got back here to get better.
- Ah!
- I can stay here.
- What does this mean to you?
- I think I had a dream
like... about this.
You had a bullet from World War I in
your leg, James. How did it get there?
I don't know. Look, you sa-
You said I had delusions.
- That I created this world. You said you could explain.
- I can't!
I'm trying to, and-
I, I can't believe that everything
we say or do has already happened.
We can't change
what's gonna happen.
And if five billion people
are gonna die, it's-
I want the future
to be unknown.
I want to become
a whole person again.
I want this to be
the present.
I want to stay here...
this time...
with you.
do you remember six years ago
you had a phone number?
- It was the wrong number then.
- A woman answered.
It was the wrong number in 1990.
It should be the right number now.
Do you remember it?
- The number? Do you-
This is my territory, bitch!
- Is this real, or is this one of my delusions?
- This is definitely real.
Uh, excuse me.
- I, I think we've got a little misunderstanding here.
- Oh?
- Yeah. We-
- Gee, really?
Now, you just sit tight!
You listen to me,
little Miss Understanding.
You think you can go around me and
peddle your ass in this part of town?
You bet your life we got what I would
call a major fuckin' misunderstanding.
James, no! Don't!
- Uh, put him in the closet. Take his money first!
- You want me to rob him?
- We need cash, James!
- No, no!
Call the cops!
Call the cops!
What's goin' on?
I've got friends, man.
- Don't fuckin' kill me.
- James! James!
No, James! No!
No, James!
No! Open the door!
What the fuck are you doin'?
Please don't hurt him.
Open the door.
James, come on.
Just in case-
Just in case I'm not crazy.
This is how they find us.
By our teeth.
I don't want them
to find me... ever.
I don't want to go back.
- ... calling in a domestic incident.
- Get out!
Get back.
You'd better load.
Police! Throw your weapons out
and come on out!
Hey! Is that the cops?
Hey, I'm the innocent victim here.
I was attacked by a coked-up whore
and a, a fuckin' crazy dentist.
Try to blend in.
Oh, Jesus!
Come on.
There's gotta be a phone
around here somewhere.
O- Over there. Look.
- I'm gonna try that number, okay?
- Okay.
- Let's hope it's nothing.
- Okay.
James! James!
It's okay!
We're insane. We're crazy.
It's a carpet cleaning company.
- A carpet cleaning company?
- Yeah. No superiors.
No scientists.
No men from the future.
It's just a carpet cleaning company.
They have voice mail.
You leave a message telling
where you want your carpet cleaned.
- You left them a message?
- Yeah. I couldn't resist.
Wait 'til they hear this nutty woman telling
them to watch for the Army of the Twelve Monkeys.
I said, "The Freedom for Animals
Association on Second Avenue...
...is the secret headquarters
of the Army of the Twelve Monkeys. "
They're the ones
who are gonna do it.
I can't do anything more now.
I have to go.
Have a merry Christmas. "
You couldn't have heard me.
They got your message, Kathryn.
They played it for me.
It was a bad recording,
I didn't recognize your voice.
- For the perfect Christmas gift-
- Mmm, and this.
Is everything okay?
You want anything?
Shall I
put this on your account, ma'am?
No. That'll be cash.
Can you tell me what floor
the wigs are on?
You turned the thing
into a fucking computer.
- And Fale believed it.
- You know Fale.
If you guys get nailed,
which I'm pretty sure you will,
I've never seen you before
in my fuckin' life.
- Aha!
- Yeah!
C'mon, c'mon.
Bring 'im through.
Okay, drive!
What's the harm in openin'
the bag? His eyes are taped, right?
Okay. Okay.
Hello. Hello.
- Wanna hear the monkey speak?
- Yeah!
Ahh! Jeffrey?
Jeffrey, I know that's you.
- I recognize your voice.
- No, you don't.
I also know all about
your warped little plan.
That lady, your psychiatrist?
She told me. I didn't believe her.
It just seemed too crazy,
even for you.
But just in case, I took steps to make
sure you couldn't go through with it.
I don't have the code anymore,
I don't have access
to the virus.
I took myself...
- out of the loop.
- Too late! Too late!
We've got plans for you, Dad.
I never let myself believe it.
Now I know it's true.
You're completely insane.
No, I'm not.
There's a cross section of one
of the old trees that's been cut down.
Here I was born.
And there I died.
It was only a moment for you.
Y- You took no notice.
I think I've seen this movie before.
- When I was a kid, I saw it on TV.
- Don't talk.
- I did see it before.
- Tall trees.
Have you been here before?
- Yes.
- When?
- I don't... recognize this.
- When were you born?
- Long ago.
- Where?
What's the matter?
- Tell me. Madeleine, tell me.
- No!
It's just like
what's happening with us.
Like the past.
The movie never changes.
It can't change.
But every time you see it, it seems
different because you're different.
- You see different things.
- Please don't ask me.
If you can't change anything
because it's already happened,
you may as well
smell the flowers.
What flowers?
That's an expression.
Promise me
you won't ask me again. Please?
why are you doing this?
I want to know why.
What if I'm wrong?
What if you're wrong?
What if I am crazy?
In a few weeks,
it will have started or it won't.
If there's still...
football games, traffic jams,
TV shows and armed robberies,
we're going to be so glad that we'll
be thrilled to see the police.
I'm responsible for you now.
The Chinese say once you've saved a person's life,
- you're responsible for it forever, so I'm committed.
- Do you have a plan?
I have to know.
There's so little that I know.
You said you'd never seen the ocean.
- Hurry up. Come on.
- What?
Jeffrey? You know I can't see.
Where are we?
Jeffrey? Please.
We have 9:30 reservations
for Key West.
I, uh...
just didn't recognize you.
Well, you look pretty different
It was always you.
In my dream.
It was al-
It was always you.
I remember you like this.
You do?
I felt I've known you before.
I feel I've always known you.
I'm so scared.
What time's your flight?
- 9:30.
- Might be tight.
Tight? No.
My watch says 7:30.
On your normal mornin', okay.
Plenty of time.
But today you gotta take into account
your Army of the Twelve Monkeys factor.
What? What'd you say?
Twelve Monkeys. In case you folks
didn't turn on your radio this mornin'.
Bunch of weirdos let all
of the animals out of the zoo.
They locked up this big-shot scientist
in one of the cages.
Scientist's own kid
one of the ones did it.
They've got animals
all over the place.
Bunch of zebras closed down
the thruway 'bout an hour ago.
And they got some thing
called an emu.
It's got traffic blocked
for miles on 676.
...what they think they're accomplishing
by releasing an animal like this...
- into a city like this one.
- Oh.
- That's what they were up to, freeing animals.
- On the walls.
- It said, "We did it. " They meant the animals.
- The animals, yeah.
If I could interrupt
for a moment, Mr. Ginger-
- There is going to be
a press conference from City Hall.
I think it's gonna be all right.
Tell your people if they spot either one
of them, not to try and apprehend them.
They should notify us. We have people all
over the airport. We'll take care of 'em.
Skycap to gate 47, please.
...for Chicago
is now ready for boarding at gate 17.
Flight 623 to Minneapolis
is now boarding at gate-
- I know this place.
- Airports all look the same.
This is my dream.
Your mustache.
It's not just my dream.
I was actually here.
I remember now.
I- About a week or two before the-
before everyone started dying.
Oh. Uh, careful.
They might be looking for us.
- I was here... as a kid.
- Use this.
- I think you were here then too.
- James!
If they identify us,
they're going to send us someplace,
but it won't be Key West.
- Okay.
- Okay. Okay.
- I'll go fix this.
- Okay.
I'm gonna get the tickets.
I'll meet you in the newspaper stand.
- Okay.
- Okay.
This is a general
information announcement.
- Judy Simmons. I have reservations for Key West.
- Okay.
Flight 623 to Minneapolis...
is now boarding at gate 44.
- I don't see a lot of this. It's cash.
- It's a long story.
We'll begin boarding
in about 20 minutes.
- You have a nice flight, Miss Simmons.
- Thank you.
Hello. How are you today?
I don't know whether
you're there or not.
Maybe you just clean carpets.
If you do, you're lucky.
You're gonna live a long, happy life.
But if you other guys are out there,
if you're picking this up,
forget about
the Army of the Twelve Monkeys.
They didn't do it. It was a mistake.
Someone else did it.
The Army of the Twelve Monkeys is just a
bunch of dumb kids playin' revolutionaries.
Listen. I've done my job.
I did what you wanted.
Good luck.
I'm not coming back.
San Francisco, New Orleans,
Rio de Janeiro, Rome,
Kinshasa, Karachi,
Bangkok and Peking.
This is some trip you're taking, sir.
Is this all in one week?
Have a good one, sir.
Any luggage found unattended
will be removed and destroyed.
Got yourself a prob, Bob?
Leave me alone!
- I made a report. I didn't have to do that.
- Point of fact.
You don't belong here.
It's not permitted
to let you stay.
- This is the present.
This is not the past.
This is not the future.
This is right now!
I'm not leaving'! Get that?
You can't stop me.
Anything you say, Chief.
It's none of my business.
Passengers for flight-
- Hey, Cole.
- Leave me alone!
Calm down, Cole. It's me.
Cole, it's me.
- Jose?
- Yeah, right. Jose.
Why'd you pull out the tooth?
That was nuts.
- Here, take this.
- What? What for? Are you crazy?
Me? Are you kidding?
You're the one. You're a hero, man.
They gave you a pardon. What do you do?
You come back and fuck with your teeth.
- How did you find me?
- The phone call, man.
They did their
reconstruction thing on it.
The phone?
The phone call I just made?
- Five minutes ago.
- Yeah, five minutes ago.
Thirty years ago.
They just put it together.
"Uh, hey, this is Cole, James.
I don't know whether you're there
or not. Maybe you just clean carpets. "
Where'd you get that from? "Forget
about the Army of the Twelve Monkeys. "
Man, if only they could've
got your message earlier.
Take it. You could still be
a hero if you cooperate!
Come on, James.
It's okay.
- Here's your change. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Sorry.
- No problem.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Flight 784 for San Francisco
is ready for boarding at gate 38.
Flight 784 for San Francisco
is ready for boarding-
Oh, my God!
I got orders. You know what I'm supposed
to do if you don't go along? Shoot the lady.
- What? - You got that? They
said, "If Cole don't obey-"
- I'll break your fuckin'-
You hear me?
Volunteers now boarding at gate 37.
You see?
I had no choice.
These are my orders, man.
Just take it. Take it!
- This part isn't about
the virus at all, is it?
It's about followin' orders.
About doin' what you're told.
Hey, man. You got a pardon.
What do you want?
- Who am I supposed to shoot? Who am I
supposed to shoot? - James! James!
Dr. Goines's assistant. He's an
apocalypse nut. I think he's involved.
The next flight to San Francisco
leaves from gate 38.
If he's there,
I'm sure he's part of it.
...please go to gate 13.
Mr. Holtz, you wanna have
a look at this, please?
Excuse me, sir.
Would you mind...
- letting me have a look
at the contents of your bag? - Me?
We don't have time for this.
Excuse me.
Biological samples.
- I have the papers right here.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna have to ask you
to open this up, sir.
Open it?
Why, yes, of course.
What could be better?
Look over here.
Look at the planes.
Hurry up.
- Excuse me.
- Ma'am, you have to get in the line.
See? Biological.
Check the papers.
It's all proper.
I have a permit.
- It's empty.
- Well, yes, to be sure.
It looks empty;
but I assure you, it's not.
- You don't understand.
- No, I don't have to understand. You have to get in line.
This is very important. There's a man.
He's carrying a deadly virus.
There, you see?
Also invisible to the naked eye.
It doesn't...
even have an odor.
That's not necessary, sir.
There you go.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Have a good flight.
- Who are you calling a moron?
- I am calling you a fucking moron!
- Fucking moron?
- Get your hands off her!
Hold it.
Wait a moment.
Fuckin' moron? You're not
gettin' through. Now get in the line!
I said stop!
There he is! That man!
He's carrying a deadly virus!
Stop him!
Somebody, please stop him!
Police Offi-
He's got a gun!
Watch it!
Excuse me.
It's obscene,
all the violence, all the lunacy.
Shootings even at airports now.
You might say that we're
the next endangered species.
Human beings.
I think you're right, ma'am.
I think you've hit
the nail on the head.
Jones is my name.
I'm in insurance.