12 Golden Ducks (2015)

The "Gordon" human flesh will
I did not realize what a woman wants in mind
There are quality mostly gay men
Or have been married many women still out
Only men with money happy
Which is comparable to men when it comes to shopping woman
Funny girls happy is not easy
Why we can do because
We are a fee
What women whether money can buy happiness it
I went by your woman really useless
Fuck you man uncle dragged us
Tan Siu Lin
Evil words
From school to now you still get rid of this bad habit of swearing
Whatever you are all old school it does not matter
You are so rude and difficult to make money woman
I just press a button on the tens of millions of transactions
Tan Siu Lin Words can not say
I do not believe if you do not have a female guest
Is not it eat soft food
Now ten men nine are women earn money
The teacher in this area you know best
Not when
You're not retiring yet
I did retire, but I half studying opera
Spread Chinese traditional culture to women but my life the blog
Fog Moonlight hold weep Fallen flowers
Almost broken lamp hairpin dream
Call frequently call sentence soul sentences
State need to remember reunion pubic force
From the bottom up
Continued well
Sigh can not help but shake Bingranfangqu
Hard ass
Tightening the anal muscles to make your way from the bottom up Du
Listen Ding board
Offer all kinds of words in the language is not the center still scared Yan Hao are empty
Empty completely empty completely empty
Today purple altar even leading erhu master dulcimer Dong Xiao
There are eighteen string zither charm even musicians
And Lu teacher tuition
Total thirty-eight thousand three hundred yuan
So expensive
Wen Xi
Did you know
Your passion for learning Cantonese opera
I have always been to continue to carry forward the flame Cantonese
These vulgar things take away
Khao knew singing like a child learning
Xuehaiwuya life when you can learn
To learn more about you two brothers
Rocky what are you doing
I work out in the fitness room
Rocky I have no strength
Joyce no effort
I'll give you the power to
Joyce Do not you excited you accidentally broke the machine
Hey Rocky
Anson badly today you do not take the ball break
Today no
Thunderbolt gun fight it
Play is not the case you may take this
Then fell back to go over there and then fall
Do not look past fall I think this thing
To fall
I recently large waist a lot of practice with my quick look
Not fine the finger
Not so much to save me
Do not touch me help you come
Anson your hand to me
To twelve
No, no
Not this will not work
Try not hands
So okay
To be comfortable
Now more comfortable
Okay Anson
No problem row
Is it cool
Not very comfortable
You sit or lie down good
What you do not laugh too
Screw you
Is there not a housewife or woman sister guests
Now pick up sick mind
Do you think because of who can choose it
I am sorry
Not my beautiful and younger guests
Is not it
What you say is true you do
Since I called Jamie
Of course, I teach cooking
Today I teach you to do is the fruit tower
Of course, good fruit tower started right from the Tapie
Posture is so
Moderate intensity can be so
Today, a little bit of hot air-conditioning problem
You do not heat it
You are all wet heat
I am really wet hot
Do you mind if I take off clothes
I do not mind if you take off
Feel embarrassed
That we are not ready to start
Is not going to add a little flour is to add a little flour
Good is this
Sorry I want to touch you all right
Then get a good pie crust is playing meringue
This process takes effort
But I personally think that hands cuffed
If the tower made are more thought we try
Feel embarrassed
It's okay
Her first stick of incense burned
I'm sorry I'm sorry you're all right
Never mind prepared to understand
I'm sorry we did not mean to
Punctuality make a woman feel this job to get
How can a woman is easy to earn money
You see
Have you ever tried to draw down sideways nipples nails
Also back and forth up and down stroke nipple
Can you describe your nipples extent of injury
Not so loud it
That's my heart pain
Yet people who Qi Qi on open seats
Alai has not come yet
Zhang students near Levin seems not to
Son Zhang pork guys near Levin
How can he make a fortune Alai also come to our party this
Zhang students near Levin is indeed a bit of pride
There is no denying that he is a born woman to earn money talent
From an early age to know how to coax a woman
A shock
Fertilizer Ping
Today, good bones to a
You just call me Ping
Not that fat called Ping
This mellow liver
Like Zhuyuanyurun like you
Do not
Do not get angry woman Ping
I never tell lies Olivia
It must be the truth
Do not
How the
You burn a new hairstyle
And volume and beautiful
After I told you not as good as beauty Ping
Of course you good money to buy sweets
Thank beauty Ping
Tell the truth
You brats you tell lies
Zhang was near Levin girls can say no to him hard
Do not close the door
You're late again
Who do you beauty sister
My sister is beautiful
Your sister is beautiful
You're more beautiful than yesterday and today
I did not recognize you
Even the most difficult to engage the female squad leader also planted in his hand
You're late again
I went down with the dean of students
Monitor you a decision I will be ruined
You let me go
I promise you I will work hard in school
Then find a good job
After marry you
With this bike you will not be late in the future
You two do
Every day you are late worst score conduct class
Sleeping around coax female students now send bicycles to you
I will not give you another chance
This must expel you
You lost a lot of Chou
Less with me this is not my
How recently your boyfriend did not come to pick you up
None of your business
I read a lot of books on the proximal row of fast-growing
I really hope to grow up quickly around you love you
Late morning and late night to see
Then you learn not to accelerate growth
I was wrong about the book
I saw this "Animal accelerate growth"
Your body is a very nice person needs protection
Student teacher school beauty school grass principal supervisor manager
Janitors even alumni are also a bubble sheet near Levin
School was not enough so he played his graduation
Went to Heaven was the most popular nightclub work
Continue to serve those in need
Brother Future
Brother Future
Brother Future
Brother Future Beauty
For you
Thank you
What about me
How can you not
Alai on Happy travel around the world
Alai is supposed to make a fortune
Because he behalf of the rich more women happy
Forget it
Zhang has fallen near Levin
Face book above photos are fake
Impossible is not it
Female squad leader of yore
Last month I went to Thailand to play
One night went gogo bar
Just when I chose guy Hou
I saw nothing like a fat, ugly people
Not that you admired Zhang near Levin
Your uncle
Women squad
I can not stand it
You transfer your bikini swimsuit photo to us
You kinda plump copy
Students sink
A teacher can not sit idly by
(Bangkok gogo bar)
The Nine
It is your man
He said his heart was need to work to get money
Everyone will say what letter
Today to a lot of new faces
Really just pick
I look good two hundred forty-five
Nine ah beauty
Multi-pick a
A lot of pick
And so I'm the real VI
You wear a hat over
You to take pictures
One hundred twenty-three
I want champagne
Zhang students near Levin
Lu teacher
What are you up
You are the main characters before partying
There are now
People outside the play so much fun you're having a bunch of them pouring
And sold themselves to do good
So even the body or keep it
It's just something so delicious Thai
To a satay
Zhang near Levin
Teacher angry teacher does not like you said casually
Before you captured the hearts of thousands of boys and girls
Whatever word you speak of it
What happened to you in the end
Future guests brother have to say you can not find here
You pay the full fee to see the outside
There is no interest then this single business
Hello my name is Angela
I called your future Future
A year ago at my house downstairs to have a driver the day he was scolded boss
So he drank champagne wine beer
He knocked me red light hemiplegia
You do not sympathize with me
I heard people say that the most frigid woman
You can make her excited
I think
Many people in the running
Also to
It's okay
So I do not have delusions
I can not get a woman excited not money
One day you will feel more powerful I
The degree of rehabilitation poor
But it is not absolutely no hope of recovery
I suggest you go to Beijing looking for Chinese Acupuncture
Plus nutrition therapy
There are hopes that she can change back to a normal
But Be prepared
Because of the need for a long time
I want to live for some time in Beijing
It was a very, very long time
You think about it
If necessary I can do for you referrals
But do not take too long
I do not want your money
I go to the bank to pay you back
Do not give it to me
There are many things that money can not buy
You can recover most important
If I walk again
We went to the Great Wall, OK
In the Great Wall that jump shot photos
It is
Shufen it
Your ex called Angela do
I do not know what he was looking for Angela
Of course you have not contact with Angela
No wonder you have not applied for me
Son is not
You and your wife and son born Angela born
I'm looking for Dr. Guo Zijian
We have no doctor
Then I finally found Angela
She is fitted lame
The doctor is her boyfriend
They really went to the Great Wall jump shot photos
But with my money
Only I do Gigolo deceptive feelings and money
Reverse cheated better not die
How can I gain a foothold in Hong Kong Gigolo community
Simply stay here
Zhang students near Levin
Remember when I first taught when you play the guitar playin 'What song do
Just right for so long
Read had gathered together in my heart smile ambition
But today something together number no tears to cry
In the hurried and hurried chase never say Back
Living so close to the bitter competition with force very tired
Friends do not tear down this much frustrated life
Competition also began to recover fail to recover
You come
Not that you I like old
We are not together buy one get two
Good for
I can not always help you
You go back looking for Rocky Deals woman
Thank you, Lu teacher the guests you want to bite down tonight
You people say good together
You return to Hong Kong to find Kathrine Kenji repaired bangs hair
Your look good
But how a hairstyle
How your bangs
Did you know that Angela is very important woman bangs
You cut it myself cut
So a disaster
Really how do
Okay, I'll help you put it somehow
You look like you know it thirties
It is but I can help you fix it, do not worry
I put you back Young
I want younger
And then how you want to get younger
I imagine, like baby
You do Angelababy guilingjing
But there are a lot of people said I was like Huang Xiaoming
I also think
Okay good
It is not very pretty
It is
Kenji brother
Future Future
Hello Hello
Your hair is really completely impossible
With you almost
The difference is that a lot of my hair is your
You should be more type
It must be made stylish hair cut once you charge more than ten thousand
Hair cut Reevaluation
Kenji I am not a woman
No points
Without pressure so low it
Have you ever thought about how I feel
Also cut long
Had children
Is not it again
I had children we are not seen for a long time
Where were you I miss you
Aunt more like you just have not seen you for several hours
You look at my muscles loose
What a pity to be so loose
You hurry up with me practice
Once again, we come to practice good Yunvxinjing
Expiratory breathing
Over the child you are not very hard to accommodate
You tired
To take a break
Good comfortable row
Good again sucked breath
Not enough effort
It does not matter enough effort to
Continue Continue
What is the matter
Great body beauty
I want you to help me monitor train back fit body
What about me
You first leave his practice beauty
Hurry is
Then get better
Hurry up already soon
Quickly Quickly
Slowly slowly
Horde slowly
Good stop
Slowly slowly slowly again
On the upper anchorage
Then hurry hurry
Quickly quickly fast
You are ready or not
You can go on tomorrow, "Makelele" to find dumping brother started
Well I'll play by the "Lele" Get out
(Lailai homes)
Is not it
Try new drugs, "comb liver D" "is Jian"
Pour deep
So loud you doing scary
Tan Siu Lin how you can join the
To lobby for the elderly to buy hospice fund
Just buy hospice fund
You do not have to wear a shroud
Be sure to wear so distinctive to the
Elderly people with poor eyesight
You are one of four kings before TSTE pour deep
Are you a
I come out to mix when you have not fertilized
So you have the ability to
Which is used here to sell them anything stupid silly drugs
What do you mean what is your attitude
How do you what's going on
Why you here to sell these drugs do silly
These are all my old guest
The young do now have feelings
Former prostitute now they sell drugs to supplement
This small benefit big
Entertainment to you
This is very nice, dear Meimei
You have a good serve her
To serve a really bad old woman
Guests do not granny
Mother heavier than I usually move steel
The two of you please do not be lazy with the point force
You do not tie you how iron can not force
Do not you do your handsome force it
What a great relationship with the force commander
That iron bar any connection with push chairs have anything to lose
Do not let go all noisy
Let me let you come early
Let me take her up with an energy grant
There is no mistake
You guys beauty
Power output chair running faster than I imagined a lot
Some of the power to stop delivery of my strength
You really are not human
Alien to your
We have duck duck charges Germany
You do not want to do not do
Why not to
In front of a little traffic jam
To ask you to eat cheese sausage
Great one
There are a lot of cheese
Good scenery along the way beauty
Thanks I send energy wheelchair can finally run again
I distributed energy hand
Today's young people do not know what to think
Often with my children before I look at the landscape
Since they ignore me after I have not come to see
Really thank you
Why do not you accompany your children
Since I divided the family property to them and they ignore me
Than for you asshole
Beauty does not matter
We accompany you always find us
Do you charge so expensive I can not afford
Price can be discussed
If you're just looking for me I have a downward adjustment
I prefer simple
In short iron bar one day than I am I have to wage less
I do not like to say money
Your full donor "to assist aliens to relocate Earth" research program on the line
Feel free to call us
Next month is my birthday
You together to help me celebrate good
We partying
Good favorite partying
I'm more than a little cheese sausage you eat
You are still young, do not leave in Yuen Long
You have to break to go
Do so that we will be able to go out
I was angry his childhood do not learn English
I do not know what she said
It is
You go to this place to find this person
He certainly can help you
Good hammer is
Do you know
Do you know
Chinese you will now
Hammer Throw
Well next stop in Kowloon City
I want your boss hammer
Nondescript ignore
Better to die
He said he was right
Agree Agree
And so on
Boss boss
Boss boss
I take a nap on this half hour
You wake me up to see these wack
You silly yet
I'm sorry I'm sorry
Do not go
They also put off
It is ...
Come nondescript nondescript
Better than me
Mei aunt introduced us to
Give a face alright
Mei aunt face before I tell you
You look next to you that a few strange things
Scholars do duck
Go home
What they say
We are not perfect
But there is a strange duck Vendetta
Pretty good
Your lipstick eye shadow
Pretty too pretty
Your mouth sweet tongue slip
Tell you
I did not have the final say
Also ask my husband
Hammer Brother
Where is he
Some say they do duck
Hammer Brother
Ball Brother
Give a chance
It is
Better than this
You take a look at here is how it works duck
Here we have a figure straight up in addition to another outside appearance
There are special services
A seemingly ordinary courier Man
In fact, her boyfriend did not care for Girl bubble very busy field
Cat Litter so heavy
I am a person how to take home
Of course we have to send home service
Do not mind, can be delivered to your room
We can also help you change the sheets
A hurdle is the hand of God, all of a sudden the girls go by to climax
Miss you suffer from power
But did not force me famous
So fast
Our field is to "fast"
Guests are office ladies or Mrs.
After visiting here surreptitiously left
Warren epilepsy labor
Honduras Latin sixth title
Latin jump must be feeling chili
I do
After dancing with him it sounded like just as punctuality
I sensed that we do hammer people seem to doubt the ability of duck
Then you tell me what is the best husband you
Each of us has to endure
She had just failed unhappy pageant
You say you can endure
Look at your ability
Hello to our new Duck
Enjoy playing
I told you how to call Future
Ching Ling
You're so pretty why do not beauty
Uncheck not choose not to vote
Now beauty is all false
Fraud fraud did my job
That is not as good as I could not even fraud
Now this natural beauty pageant unfashionable you
Beauty full of people
Where do you think I'm the most beautiful
Where are beautiful
Dozens kind
Also, as you have not seen
Deep cleavage
Good perfect tongue
I bring you two dudes to stay
I'll be back
Then it all did not dress
Beautiful women
Tan Siu Lin
The old man what to call
I'm Eddie
Eddie Pang
You can call me at Yan Peng
You are in Yan Peng
I Ethan
That I must Jolin
Do not you believe it or not there are photos for you to see
See it
A few months before shot
Recently busy no fitness
So a bit like
We really like you very much for
Poy two I want to return too normal
We like to Yan Peng
Sorry crush I still prefer a little more
You are powerful in Yan Peng
Seeing is believing Mr. Peng
I will get back to you before the three sorry
Now the great pressure of work office ladies
Many are lunch time to relax
The secretary is not happy
You make her look happy
Happy happy
To your proposal not done yet
Not so
Not so
Why Today slouch
Not the spirit of it
To your proposal not done
Why do we have to get so long simple
Not fast somehow eight thousand eight hundred ninety-nine
Just give me eight thousand eight hundred ninety-nine that is not next year or two two
Color you choose the right color to get us
Would not it be so simple I have decided
Blue water
I want to know what you said
Then you choose
I decided to go
That paychecks to you why
You say not
I bully my bully day
Bully me
And so on
How can you not have fun tricks Cookin
You have to utter your boss's name
Rhythmically crushed
This fun
Rhythm right
Comfortable yet
The work
Zephyr does not have to be so concerned about
Thank you, you are a good man
I would also like to meet PM
You can do more than catch a
Subordinates pressure when president has pressure
They want to role play to vent
I think she must be in play Invisible Man
She has not seen
I'm going to wait until the change of stone Man
Be patient
# \\ # @~~
I I @ I I ## +//
You pretend to be people on earth
We just different planets
So communication method is a little different
If you are really aliens
Do you dare to tell me who do not do things the Earth
I do not know where she is the president of company's
Police suspect tissue
You're doing very well Qing Ling said street to buy your clock
I can help you summon car
No, I I can not
Prices have been good enough you do
My brother is not a ball where it
Not hard
God you do duck
Actually not hard
You are in trouble
First do not say what method
You know deep pour it
Pour brother
What is the matter
Something to help you
It is to say
Not hard
Why the embarrassment of a big man
Why everybody else here will not find me
In the night before seven young people hard
Not drinking too much below
The Prodigal Cheung previous drug
Younger people are awake asleep
Not work
Courier delivery also open motorcycles
Every day I have collapsed following the earthquake
Pour brother I was impatient waiting for my wedding my wife
What to eat can harden immediately
The number of "hard point" can immediately eat hard up
To quickly six
You bathe with others quickly added
Brother started a wake
Brother you said you pour that "hard point" very powerful
Like eating a bottle now dead snake
That good hard point is to help you become hard point hard enough time
How hard do not harden your own point
Fuck you now do not you say uncle guests waiting for me in the shower
Physiological and psychological help to ease you close your eyes and concentrate on now
Think of your favorite woman
There is no mistake so much what I remember
Fuck you most want her uncle is a good friend but you can not be successful
Are you willing to come yet
To the beauty
To the beauty
Really in such a hurry
Hello incense
There is always a fit person inside each heart
Drink drink
I participated in singing competitions take first place you know
Feces ah
Married tomorrow that it is tantamount to eat shit
Tomorrow the groom play with
What is difficult
It is
Why do not really eat chocolate feces
Put a really a false let him choose
There has really been a
You eat
Why are you so noisy
Jieer awake drunk
Tomorrow is going to marry the bride you eat shit
She is the bride
Come together with us bananas
Do not get her to engage her
You get married tomorrow
It is
Do not be afraid I'm not asking you to go
There eating banana
I do not remember your past banana sensitive
Thank you
But in fact I was sensitive to peanuts
Well you do not choose that I was right
As we have not seen for so long to the group photo
Remember to laugh do not laugh you look ugly
Before laughing at you
Now I like to laugh
Who I am
Forward it
Go back to sleep
Some people think that you can press a delete key down
(Recently deleted)
But this man has not left
Zhang is near Levin
How do you know my name is Zhang near Levin
Because guests are looking for you to specify
Number of Bedroom
Takeout Good
Thank polite
Of course bring
This is a thank you
I do I do this you
Of course you have taken
Thank you, thank you a you a
Good and type
Squeeze a little out
Why shoot me
You handsome
Why shoot me
Photographic Society
Beat together
Good preparation
Laugh one hundred twenty-three
Play this
You get me
MA Zhi-jian
How proofs near Levin
The pictures you shoot here enthusiast about my adult magazines do
Do not move
You are very long love but also with a film camera
Rinse well to you
What a good time
That taste or school
Nothing has changed
Let you try
How to get this
Like eating the same pot
You gentle
They have tried to get familiar with how gentle
I still can not stand digital camera
Really admire people who can stop shoot
Home is not the full deleted
Now people are so much convenience
With a film shoot is different
Shoot with film would have to wait to be captured
Your only chance of even a roll of film to wash photo
Have slowly and so
Waiting for their favorite things slowly emerging
This process
I feel great
I know I will not be a competent husband
Let my wife stay at home do not touch her touch
I might meet her on the matter
But I can not give her a normal married life
Because I do not love her
Then divorce
MA Zhi-jian
You have not paid
Your birthday is August 2
It is
You're not going to pay for it that genius
Akane laughed Party okay
Delma I love you kiss
Yan Peng in
Soak a maid not so happy
Kung Hei Fat Choy congratulate look
Liang Li Xiao Qian happy Delma maid
Liang Li Xiao Qian Qian laugh
Charity is not often in television dance show
You You look depressed that
You are so familiar
I was watching TV
Everybody look at wireless
ATV nothing to see
Not right
You soak is her maid but not soak her fucking matter
What fucking matter
She will be performing at the charity gala Latin
She partying is to choose the man to give her dancers
Liang Li Xiao Qian told him that her husband Liang Nengren marriage issue has long
Magazines write beam Nengren despise wife hurt him enough that he has type
I heard that also do divorce
If we can laugh Akane close she checked her dancers on TV
We will be rich
The taste weird laugh Qian
These non-humans could we fit her with
It is rather for us animals
What did you do duck
You have been saying that we are not to take us to
Yes ah
What is called for
Each paid five thousand yuan
Fuck you uncle you money
You do not make money do not make money playing ball here with you.
I went to pray
So we will not go out
What was your
Break to go
It must make sense to stay in the hub out
Well give him
Pay pay it good
Cost five thousand yuan to buy a dream
I would say pay pay pay
Always pay ...
I pay
First we owe you pay a half okay
(Valentine's Day night)
Inside guests say that they are a princess
She was happy to have a prince
Division bad Xiu Xiu
Do you know
Recognize the school beauty good reception
I was sleeping princess kiss me how Esen
Otherwise, how can wake me
To the beauty
Zhang near Levin
It is the Future
Not the whole do not fit
Xiu Xiu how bad the US
All of you do have bad breath
Just go away inappropriate
Xiu Xiu our students a
Two - do you remember that year I dip you
You are not the same throughout
I see a lot of change
What is not happy
Today is Valentine's Day
It may be our last day
Indulge us
Come on baby
Since the last day you do not call it a day early
Stay in this soup it
Your mood is not good
It is menstruation
Things change
Shall satisfactory
I like all the generous decision to no what-sense
My heart can not beat live no longer fail
Tiger should have generous too generous was too generous to give generous generous generous got to get too generous
To fight for happiness
To fight for happiness
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Xiu Xiu Valentine's Day is your birthday
I will not forget
You go
Go with you to go buy our street clock
We charge half price for your birthday
I agree
You say out of it
You do not say he can not do anything hammer
People can not say
Let us say difficult Xiu Xiu
What is wanted
Speak out
What I
I would like to
To what
Out what
I want out of the street
Police Freeze
What do filming
"I'm going out to the streets" is the codename
I'm sorry I called you go
I was undercover
Even loss of cake
Sau This time we will definitely done a great promotion
Anyway Happy Birthday
Thank Executive
What we are doing at all times in this industry Shuai
Because of our guests will be ready
In fact, very handsome
It is my favorite
There are guest work
Engage in any hurry to go
On schedule
Walk faster
Line ourselves to police officers
Hey hurry engage in any
Do not push yourself to go
Ducks do not know how coquettish
Go bye
This afternoon the police smashed a Kowloon City
Thai restaurant packed prostitutes dance shop
There are thirty men were arrested
High temperature boil me everything whether cosmic pressure will depress me
Come party started
Line of the line, etc.
Honourable Members
In fact, today is the pro-aunt called me to bail you
For me to say thank you
Later I will ask her to eat cheese face sausage
We hurry to go first
The problem is so small
There is a pro-aunt to think you sign your name Greeting Cards
English is the sling so long How can so many blessings
Small problem with these contract terms only
The main pro-aunt confirmed that my client bail out the advances
New Year's Eve you will automatically be converted to accompany her on the street clock Yoshihisa money
If you reach about then we will tell you to go to prison
You go back to your party say revitalized
Go play with her tomorrow night
Kiss Kiss Kiss KissKiss
I am the king of second-generation rich Shanxi coal mine
Personal money plus wayward plum Dingding
For you
Yan Peng in
What happens
You finally came
Etc. We also really righteous
Of course
I have enough of your money confiscated
The line will be counted again
How the
Liang Li Xiao Qian this type when no men around her
We walked away only by her bomb
We should not wait for her to come to her soak us
Okay ah
Must walk over
To do
Take the phone out of the loaded play phone
I did not phone
Play Finger
She looked down over here
Do not look back on her again a little more
Do not look over the bow
You also see
She was gone
Stabilization point will definitely be back
She was back to back
Come in Come
Do not look for it as I said
Sin beloved smell her laugh
Chanel Nine
It is not coming right
I am really gone
Not possible
If I had known nothing just came to try now
Do not look back Shuashuai
You are blind you can not see me
Today, weather is a bit cooler
Yeah not too hot
It is just general
You kind
Will dance
Will not
Will not
Not on the right
Tomorrow you all along with me on charitable programs
Later on you Reply
Enough that you try not to
Try okay
She said to try is to try
You must come
Also arrange
This time, if we do not have to work in the
I do not believe you guys idiots
I do not know where she should Shuashuai
What time is it going to
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to everyone here tonight annual
Abandoned Pets worldwide annual fundraising party
This will be a very memorable evening
A group dedicated to raising funds for the pet of the Prime Minister
Next to you ready
Good for
Successful performance
(Mei aunt missed calls (twelve))
Beauty on the way
You look at the TV I was dancing on TV give you Yoshihisa
How about ready yet
At any time
Qian laugh
You are so beautiful tonight
This trick is useless
How can I make her happy
Then can be said that the climax tonight
Because we would immediately call out
"Love and caring adoption and rescue and anti-abuse or killing of abandoned pets disability" association
Chinese Permanent Honorary President Mrs Leung
Ms. Liang Li Xiao Qian brought us modern Latin dance
"Love Explosion Bird Pet Pet"
Punctuality Terrific
She smiled
Why tell me why
Who are you
I was laughing Sin husband
TBC JP LYLeung beam Nengren
What TBC title
Waiting for confirmation
Hello your wife jump Terrific
Sin has been a long long time did not laugh so laugh
How do you make her happy
The Westerners as you speak Chinese
Well I mean I try to try
Handsome man I have a sense of justice have another type of knowledge
Why my wife all day black face to me
Have you ever wanted your wife
So you do not need a type handsome
You say really
Say really
When you soak her handsome so there is certainly no type
Why do not you do back to you when she was your bubble
At the time I can not do you understand me ultralow
She is like you are so low energy
Type what you're so
After you played ten seconds
Qian laugh
Low energy Aberdeen
Lined up all night did not actually have to jump
I am sorry
I'm sorry there is no way
Now look at other people happiness
We went home porridge
I love you
I love you
You work quickly pay me
There is work
Mother I understand your feelings
The so-called 0:10 leaning out of windows to see outside the dim light
But now two ten my wife wanted me to go home
I've got sunshine on a cloudy day
Americans promise you I will remember
I've got the month of May
I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way
My girl my girl my girl
Talking about my girl
My girl
I've got so much honey the bees envy me
I've got a sweeter song
than the birds in the trees
Well l guess you'd say
Whatcanmakeme feelthis way
My girl my girl my girl
Talking about my girl
My girl
Funny woman is very important
Woman not happy
Earth Big Bang
In fact, hardly managed to make her laugh
Often tell lies do not bother to tell the truth do not find her
I promised her something must be done
What that woman will be buttoned
Men will have a good day
Okay your head
Please come to nothing today
I am trying to help my aunt Mei commissioned people to turn donated a mind everyone
If you accepted this signature line
You Sven scum and trying to cheat us
I also helped me calm down people commissioned
Will give you a sum of money when the mind
Here is the sign when
Mei aunt not to say that money was cheated light son
It is assured that she has their own money
How much is it
Thirty million
Korean Won
Do such has more than one hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars
On schedule
You definitely go to Mars
Mr. Zhang Jinlai
I have a bit commissioned people have wanted to give you the mind
Mind you this much anything
This is the "future life" two per cent of the shares of listed companies certification
It is the kind of supermarket coupons
You can be a coupon you can get ten million change
You put too much we try to fool you play
Who commissioned you
President of "future life"
MA Zhi-jian
MA Zhi-jian
Listing Number eight hundred and two
Your birthday is August 2
Ariana aunt
Eat goose
Do not eat the goose
Where many duck
Remember tonight to Go Places
Not sweet and sour sauce
See you tonight Bye Baby
What do hammer brother hello
I am now, "Pu Jinshun" Hello
You "Pu Jinshun" I would, "Park Jung wild"
Lane "Han Xiao night" on with what
But these are just pickles with dishes
There will be much to let you slowly tune
What is the name
My name is Lu Han
Tell them how much you Ah Han
I will sing and dance
I will
Clear the Air
Kenji brother
Really want to repair it
No problem
Your hair is really completely impossible
Three border points
Okay Line
You look at points
Caution is very close to where it is posted
How are you
There cut less
Does not it
Here too closely
Is shaking
It can also point
Line yet
Really make sure you
Year to end all the rows
Hey Where to Yan Peng
Shanghai where I do not know
How do ending of all late
Waiting for you to "Jesse"
I am here
Really Eddie
I told you earlier did not exercise it
Really Eddie
Is not it Eddie
Really Eddie
Muscle ah Eddie
Eddie really is
Eddie was I captured the
You would not join it
To join come to join it