12 Feet Deep (2016)

Yeah, hon, I'll try
to get out of here.
You little putz.
Not you, hon.
What are you making?
Turkey giblet casserole?
'Oh, my god.'
I think that belongs
in the lost and found.
Uh, yeah. I was, I was
looking for the ID in there.
You know, I just
literally sent the report
to your parole officer
this morning.
I said good things about you.
'You finish off your shift
and you're done.'
make sure you empty
the trash bins.
Oi! Watch it, rugrats.
This is not a playground.
Sugar high.
'Eww. What happened
to your skin?'
hey, come here.
Why don't you get out of here,
you little shit?
- They're just kids.
- Bad breeding.
You look good.
Hey, the lockers were closed.
I saw your bag on the bleachers.
So I put my stuff in there.
Is it cool?
Cool. You coming in?
It's heated.
It's an upgrade
from what I remember.
The place remodeled.
A lot has changed.
Jonna, I'm glad you came.
It's been too long.
Well, you know, it was
either this or sit at home
and listen to mom bitch
about her stupid boyfriend.
What's his name again?
Phil or Steve?
- Steve.
- Steve. Whatever.
So how long has it been?
Three months, two weeks
and 14 hours.
I'm proud of you.
To hell with this.
Remember sophomore year,
we use to bet
who could race around
the pool the fastest?
- Oh, come on, Bree.
- Come on.
Maybe you could break
another swimming record.
Loser buys dinner.
Yeah, I'm, uh, I'm
at minus five in the bank
so you're getting dinner
either way.
'Come on, wimp.'
you know,
I'm gonna own you, right?
- Oh, yeah?
- So good on you.
Let's go, time to go.
We're closing up.
Ladies, we closing up.
You need to get out of the pool.
- You're open till 7:00.
- It's a holiday weekend.
You see all the signs
hanging up around here?
Some people need to learn
how to read.
Some people need to learn
how to kiss my ass.
There's something
I wanna show you.
Thank you all for coming.
Have a pleasant holiday weekend.
'The katea public pool
is now closed.'
- what are you looking for?
- My ring.
I, I had it right here.
- What ring?
- Just my ring.
Well, I mean, are you sure
you even brought it?
Maybe you left it at home
or something.
No, I'm positive.
- That means you too.
- One minute!
Let's go.
Hang on.
I think I can see
something down here.
- I don't see anything.
- Down by the hole right there.
Hey, how the hell
did you see that?
Well, I mean, is that it?
That's it.
Thank you very much for coming.
Have a good weekend.
Just get the hell out.
About damn time.
Are you okay?
Oh, god. Oh, god.
No, I'm not okay! I'm trapped
in a fucking pool, Bree!
We aren't trapped.
Shit, my ring's
still down there.
Oh, screw your damn ring.
I'm sure
someone's still out there.
- Hello?
- Hello!
- We're in the pool!
- 'We're in the pool!'
we're in here!
We're trapped in here!
oh, god.
We're all alone.
Everyone's left.
No, they'll come back.
Are you dense? Everyone's left.
The pool's closed
for the holiday weekend.
We're stuck in here.
We're gonna die in here.
We're not gonna die.
Stop freaking out.
God, I feel nauseous.
Hey, hey, hey,
calm down, calm down.
Remind me to knock out that
manager when we get out of here.
This is horseshit.
Oh, my god, that bastard
did it on purpose.
Shit! I cannot believe
this is happening!
- Help! Somebody, help us!
- Hey, hey, hey. Jonna.
- Jonna, come on, come on!
- God!
It's too solid.
We can't break it.
Oh. Oh.
We can, we can go
to the shallow end
and just try and push it up
from there, alright?
I don't know if it'll work
but we have to try
something, okay?
Yeah. Yeah, okay, let's go.
'On three.'
one, two, three!
We had to try.
I needed to see how solid it is.
Solid? It's made
of freakin' fiberglass.
Listen, we need to figure out
our options here.
Are you serious?
You're going to treat this like
one of your corporate projects?
Do I get a review after?
Can I be the team leader?
What would you rather do?
Scream your head off some more?
Fine. What now?
We need to check
all the seals and edges.
Maybe there's a weak spot
- Yeah?
- Yeah, okay. Let's do it.
Yuck, gross.
'Hey, I found something.'
it's a hole.
It's thick. We need something
to push through,
so we can widen it.
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,
okay, I'll just go
and grab my tool belt.
Get out of the way.
'Piece of shit!'
'come on! Ugh!'
real productive.
Why is there a hole, anyway?
A peephole?
Condensation hole or air duct,
I don't know.
Or maybe so people
don't get stuck?
Like I said, we need something.
I can't believe
this is happening.
Hey, just keep looking. Come on.
No use.
Just let me rest.
Think for a sec.
What do you think the worst way
to die would be?
'Quit being morbid.'
- Drowning?
- Stop.
Probably being eaten alive
by sharks.
I mean, that's all
we're missing, right?
- David.
- What about him?
He proposed.
I was gonna tell you.
He'll figure this out.
He'll call the police
when he notices I'm gone.
It's been more
than an hour, Bree.
We just have to wait.
Right. Okay, yeah, alright.
I mean, let's just, uh
kick back and relax
and, uh, and wait
for your knight
in shining armor to ride in
on his, on his white horse
and rescue us.
What is wrong with you?
Nothing. Nothing at all.
This isn't my fault, you know?
Right, 'cause you're perfect.
Is that what this is about?
Do you think
rehab was easy for me?
Going through that
all over again?
- Jonna...
- Know what the worst part was?
It was coming home
to find you not there.
It sucked.
I'm sorry.
It's just
I have my own life now.
Can't you take care of yourself?
- Apparently, I can't.
- That's not what I meant.
No, did you just mean
to, to rub it in a bit?
Just a little, you know,
brag about your..
Your giant diamond ring.
Tell me about how wonderful
your life is with David.
You've always been like that.
You did it, didn't you?
You saw the ring in my bag
and you threw it in the water.
How could you, jonna?
Look what you've done to us!
Come on.
Ow! Shit!
Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'll survive.
- 'We can't keep fighting.'
we need to work together
and figure a way out.
Yeah, like that's possible.
The grate at the bottom,
I think it might be loose.
- Maybe we can pull it off.
- Yeah, and then?
It's heavy.
It might be able
to break the cover
if we can find the right spot.
Okay, great, Bree. Why don't
you try and pry it off then?
I did. It won't budge.
I'm not strong enough.
And what? You think I am?
Well, if we tried together
or, or we take turns.
Sounds crazy.
Look, if you're still scared
of getting your hair stuck...
I'm not scared, okay?
It just sounds pointless.
You have another idea?
Was that..
It came from outside the pool.
By the bleachers.
- It's David. It has to be.
- Lot a help that does us.
'Maybe we can get to it.'
here. Another air duct.
If we could just make it
big enough to get to the...
We already tried that, MacGyver.
Can you just think
one positive thing, please?
Yeah, okay, sure,
I'm positive this truly sucks.
Yeah, hey, it's me again.
Yeah, don't forget
I have that dinner tonight
so, uh, don't wait up.
Talk to you when I get home,
okay? Love you.
Yeah, bye.
- What are you doing now?
- 'Something useful.'
damn it!
Told you it was a stupid idea.
This whole day
has been a stupid idea.
Right. Who'd wanna hang out
with a screw-up like me, right?
Maybe you're right.
How long before
he starts to worry?
No idea.
What just happened?
Must be on a timer.
You got to be kidding me.
Come on!
He keeps calling.
He's gonna get worried.
He has to.
Yeah, and then what?
I don't know.
Nobody knows
we're down here, Bree
and when they find out,
it's gonna be too late.
Can we not argue about this
for, like, the 100th time?
I never liked him.
I don't understand why you
would agree to marry that chump.
You're so much better than him.
Don't get started on David.
'It's so typical of you.'
you get in a hard spot
and you start digging
at everyone around you
until you strike a nerve.
I've had enough.
What is it?
A headache.
You can't lie to me.
'Your eyes are bugging out.
You can barely stand.'
my blood sugar's low.
- 'I'm diabetic.'
- What?
'I need my shot.'
it's in my purse.
You're making this up, right?
Why would I?
I don't know. Sympathy?
That's a page out of your book.
Not everybody thinks
the way you do.
Oh, come on. Don't fuck with me.
That's not funny.
I'm not.
I was diagnosed three years ago.
Why, why didn't you t-tell me?
Would it have mattered?
I'm not a doctor, Bree.
What does this mean?
It means I need my shot soon.
- I could fall into a coma.
- Oh, Jesus.
We're gonna get you
your shot, okay?
'Let me see.'
does it ever hurt?
I don't feel anything, actually.
It's like I'm dead there.
We never talked about it.
What's to talk about?
Are you serious?
I didn't see it like you did.
'I only remember it
after it was over.'
- don't.
- That smell.
It's like it never went away,
you know,
I still smell it sometimes.
Just stop.
I wish I never looked in there.
God, his skin, it was all black
and flaking off like paper.
Why are you still talking
about this?
I had a counselor
in rehab, Margaret.
She said I should talk
about this stuff.
She your mother now?
She's kind of a douche,
actually, with terrible teeth
but she's right.
Tell me what happened.
You know what happened.
I know what mom told me
and I pieced together
the bits and pieces
you've told me over the years
but I don't know
the whole story.
Dad was a monster.
Plain and simple.
He came in that night drunk.
You could smell it off him.
'Every time he breathed'
it filled the room with that
rotten stench of whisky.
He lit a cigarette
and just passed out.
He must have fallen
against the pillow because..
'...because you could see
the fire started about there..'
right by his head.
'It started fanning out
like a circle.'
'just burning.'
he didn't scream or anything.
He was so damn drunk
he didn't even notice
he was burning to death.
I pulled at him.
Tried to wake him up.
Here we are.
It must have hurt so bad.
Not until after.
When it was happening, it was..
It was just like ice
sliding over my skin..
Numbing me.
It was like a release.
Oh, my god.
I told you someone would come.
Come on, hurry!
Help! Help, we're in here!
Come on!
- 'Help!'
- 'Help, help us!'
what the hell are you two
doing in there?
We got trapped.
Can you let us out?
Yeah. Hang on a minute.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god!
Thank god you're here!
Oh, my god! We've been
trapped in here for hours.
'My sister's ring got caught
in the drain'
'and we tried to get it out
and that idiot manager'
'closed the top on us.'
it's so crazy that you're here.
I can't believe it!
What's your name?
- I'll be right back.
- Where, where is she going?
Maybe she's just gone to see
how to open the cover.
Okay, yeah, okay.
Never heard of two grown women
getting themselves
stuck in a pool before.
I know. We're idiots, right?
My daughter did something
stupid like this once.
'She got her hand
caught in a drain'
'and I called the plumber
for like 100 bucks'
to come out and take
the whole damn thing apart.
That wasn't even the stupidest
thing she ever did.
- So can you get us out?
- Yeah.
What's your name, honey?
Bree. My sister's jonna.
'What kind of new age names.'
'are, are you even from here?'
Wh-what's with all
the questions?
Are you, are you
gonna let us out or not?
Be polite. I have your phone
and it's blinkin'.
Looks like it needs a password.
Are you, are you serious?
'Well, it might be important.'
maybe somebody's looking for you
or worried about you.
A-are you helping us?
Yes, I'm helping you.
That's why I need the password.
- Don't do it.
- She could call the police.
'I just wanna get
the hell out of here.'
yeah, okay, fine.
uh, what-what's so funny?
'Well, Bree, you're like
a real cutie pie, huh?'
you and the guy with the wavy,
gravy brown hair.
'There's a lot of missed calls
and texts.'
'i wonder who they're from?'
miss, please,
there's no reason to do this.
There's always a reason
for everything.
'Yeah, hey, it's me again.'
'yeah, don't forget
I have that dinner tonight'
'so, uh, don't wait up.'
'talk to you when I get home,
okay? Love you.'
'babe, where are you?'
'did your psycho sister
kidnap you or something?'
'alright, call me, love you.'
'wow! Somebody's got drama.'
can you, please,
just call him back?
Quit being such a bitch!
Why are you doing this?
'Come on!'
wow. What a mouth on you.
No wonder why David thinks
you're a psycho.
'Let's see if your sister
has any pictures of you.'
'oh, yeah, I bet that's you
in the tattoo, isn't it?'
I bet that's not even
your only one, is it?
Do you have a tramp stamp,
Give the lucky boys
something to look at?
What is she doing?
I'm gonna kick
the living shit out of you!
Come on! What are you doing?
It's not funny!
'Simmer down. I don't think
you're gonna be doing anything.'
'here's the thing.'
it's really tough
in the real world, you know.
And I just got out of lockup,
like, nine months ago
'and I, I can't get a real job'
'and, and even this stupid crap
job cut me back to part-time'
and that's why
I'm so behind on rent.
All these stupid bills, I..
What does that mean?
'It means
this is an opportunity.'
'and if you see one
and you don't take it'
'then you're stupid.'
so I'm gonna need your pin code
for your bank card, Bree.
'God, you crazy bitch!'
yeah, an attitude like that
is probably what got you here
in the first place.
Look, I'm sure
we can figure this out.
Just, just promise
you'll let us out of here.
I'm not promising you nothing
until you give me the code.
'Don't do it.'
'don't do it.'
what's it gonna be?
Things never end well
for stubborn girls.
Where did she go?
'To hell, I hope.'
we have to cooperate.
No, we don't have
to do anything.
You act like we have
a choice here.
She's blackmailing us.
Do you have any other ideas?
We've waited it out
this long, okay?
What's few more hours?
Jonna, I don't think I can.
'You know, I used to be
just like you girls.'
'i was a fashion snob too.'
'yep, buying fancy outfits
to relax at the pool.'
just like you.
- What did you do?
- Nothing.
'I did nothing.'
but you know, I hope you know
it does get real nippy
here at night, you know.
The whole, like, desert air,
it's, it's chilly.
'It could, like, cut you
right to the bone.'
do you have any idea
how much trouble you're in?
I'm fine, actually.
I'm a little worried about you
'cause you really seem like the
string-bikini type, aren't you?
What the hell is this freakshow
talking about?
The heater. She turned it off.
This isn't a joke!
You're going to kill us,
do you understand?
Yeah, I never said it was.
But unless you think
you can get through the night
without freezing,
I suggest you hand over
the pin code for your atm.
Just promise
you'll let us out of here.
I swear on my father's grave.
God, she's lying!
- We don't have a choice.
- There's always a choice.
'It's 6530.'
see, that wasn't so bad.
I swear to god, lady,
if you're lying to us..
'Stay as warm
as you can in there.'
oh, come on,
you have to come back.
You're gonna kill us!
She'll be back. She has to.
Oh, god. I swear to god,
when I get my hands on her..
Hey, hey. Just come here.
- 'Come here.'
- I'm gonna kill her.
Just hold on.
'It's so quiet.'
No wonder we used to come here
when we were kids.
I'm here.
Just hang in there, okay?
Has she come back?
She will.
I don't trust her.
When do you trust anyone?
I'm really not in the mood
for a lecture, okay?
I don't have the energy
to give one.
We can't just sit here
and freeze to death.
We tried everything.
the filter grate,
I never tried it.
Maybe I can get it off.
You'll be okay if I leave you
for, like, two minutes?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Don't go anywhere.
Just stay there.
Come on, Bree, wake up, wake up.
Wake up, come on!
Oh, god, you scared
the crap out of me.
Are you okay?
Did you get it?
'I couldn't.'
I'm useless.
You tried.
I'm a coward.
Don't say that.
God, this is all my fault.
God, I wish
I could take it back.
'Hey. Jonna, hey.'
we can't lose hope.
I wish I was more like you.
You are.
You just don't believe it.
You're wasting energy.
I need to move.
It's the only thing
that keeps me warm.
So this counselor in rehab..
'...did she ever talk
about what happened?'
I thought we were supposed
to talk about these things.
We're supposed to talk about it
doesn't mean that I want to.
Yeah, you mean only
when it's convenient for you.
Yeah, sure, whatever.
What are you really afraid of?
I don't know.
Yeah, you do.
You really wanna know?
They're everywhere.
So what?
'Suicide's the answer.'
you don't know what it's like.
It's like I have this..
Giant, black..
'...ugly thing inside me.'
rumbling, just eating at me.
You don't have
to be afraid anymore.
'It's in the past.'
yeah, well, you gotta stop
eating Chinese food, okay?
All those, those fortune cookies
are rotting your brain.
All those things dad did to us.
I'm sorry it lasted so long.
Hey, if he didn't die, it would
have kept going forever, so..
It didn't.
He's still in my head.
All the time.
It gets better.
'He's gone.'
keep reminding yourself that.
What the..
'How long have you
been there for?'
a while now.
Sounds like you girls have been
through some stuff.
You think
that makes you special?
'Alright, so you, you got
what you wanted.'
you gonna let us out
of here or not?
Yeah, maybe
you should have mentioned
you only had 80 bucks
in your account.
'A lot of good
that's gonna do me.'
god, are you joking?
You swore
on your father's grave!
my sister's really not
doing so well.
'She needs her shot.
It's in her purse.'
'she's diabetic,
do you understand?'
- 'she could die.'
- Yeah, right.
You will say anything
to get out of there right now.
I'm not lying. I'm serious.
Come on. You don't want blood
on your hands, do you?
Oh, boo-hoo. Shut up.
I'm borderline diabetic
and my doctor says
I don't even need anything.
So maybe that's just
for lazy people.
I have a different kind.
'Can you just let us out,
you know, I don't really see why
I'm expected to do you
any favors.
I mean, this whole thing
just pisses me off, you know.
You put me in this position
'cause you're so stupid.
This is not our fault.
- 'Don't give me that crap.'
- What do you want?
The world doesn't
owe you any favors
and neither do I.
Come on, just open this cover
and let us out!
You know what, come here.
Come over here.
'Can you hear me?'
I might just leave you
both in there to die.
She's insane.
I told you she was.
We can't reason
with someone like this.
We need to figure out
another way.
What are you doing?
It's a little surprise.
I really don't think
this is a good idea.
Just trust me for once.
I'm so sorry.
'I don't know what to do.'
well, I told you, girls,
everything happens for a reason.
'I really need to tell
you something, okay'
'but I don't want
my sister to hear.'
it can only be you, okay?
Go ahead.
I, I..
Yeah. Okay. Come on.
I-I-i can't even hear you.
Go fuck yourself!
I got her!
I got her!
Stupid girl.
You don't listen to me,
you don't listen.
'You never listen to me.
You wanna ignore me?'
serves you right.
You think this is funny?
You got what you've deserved.
Now you're gonna let us
out of here!
You are messing
with the wrong woman.
'And I'm sorry, Bree, but I'm
sure this ain't the first time'
'you're gonna get punished
for something your sister did.'
well, this is for you.
- You smell that?
- Chlorine.
It must be the cleaning system.
Block the jets!
You have anything
you wanna say to me now?
You had enough yet, girls?
The hole.
The hole.
Let us out!
What's that?
I can't really hear you.
Come on, please.
It's, you're killing us!
I can flip that switch
at any time, ladies.
You understand? You hear me?
Speak up.
'We understand.
Can you please just let us out?'
I'm the one in control here now.
We're sorry.
And all these life lessons,
they're not free.
'You have something I want.'
you already have everything.
You, you have my phone,
my purse.
'What else do you want?'
I want that ring.
No, that's her engagement ring.
She's getting married.
Let me tell you
something about marriage.
It's overrated.
That's not right.
You're gonna thank me
in a couple of years. Trust me.
I am, I am honestly,
I am begging you. Please!
Oh, you can't throw into it.
Bree, please.
Please, I'm begging you.
I'm begging you, Bree.
I just wanna go home.
'Pawn shop will give me
something decent for this.'
I'm sure you feel pretty low,
but trust me
there's always somebody
lower than you.
Can you let us out now?
I'll let you out
when I'm good and ready.
I'm so sorry.
I don't wanna talk.
I just wanna be alone.
Is that you?
Miss, is that you?
It's people. It's-it's people.
Here! We're in here!
Baby, it's, it's okay.
'You're safe.'
it's okay.
You're safe, baby.
Where's jonna?
Baby, you can't leave her.
I'm so tired.
She needs you.
I can't, I can't do it.
What are you doing?
Just leave it alone.
Jonna, you can't
break on me now.
We're gonna survive this.
What if we do?
You survive this
and you, you have David.
You have your life
to go back to, okay?
There's nothing out there
for me.
I die
and no one will even notice.
It'll be a relief for you
and for mom and for everyone.
That's not true.
That is not true.
I need you here, please.
Oh, Bree, I don't want you
to have to carry me anymore.
Jonna, we're sisters.
We carry each other.
Oh, fuck.
You'd really just leave me here?
You kill yourself,
you kill both of us
and I'm not ready to die.
And neither are you.
I wanna hear you say
you're gonna make it.
Jonna, I wanna hear you say it.
I'm gonna make it.
Bree, I'm gonna make it.
I'm so sorry.
You don't have to feel sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, it's not your fault.
I'm so sorry for everything.
'Babe, where are you?
It's late. I just got home.'
'you should have been
back hours ago.'
'i called jonna, your mom.'
'where are you?'
'Bree, I'm calling the cops.
This isn't like you.'
'if you get this,
call me back right away.'
'if I don't hear back in five,
I'm dialing 911.'
'okay, I'm serious.'
god, when we get out of here
I'm gonna eat
the entire Thanksgiving Turkey
all by myself.
Well, here, give me your hand.
We need to figure out
what to say to her
when she comes back.
Well, if she comes back.
She will.
People like her
need people like us
to feel good about themselves.
Yeah, like a psycho version
of nurse ratched.
When she comes back,
you follow my lead, alright?
I will. I promise.
Yeah, it's me.
Thank you for coming back.
I'm not one of those monsters
you keep talking about.
No, you're not.
We know that now.
- 'Really?'
- Yeah.
'We've had a long time to talk
since we've been down here.'
'we get it now.'
at first, it seemed
like an accident
but we know
it happened for a reason.
Go on.
'There are a lot of things
we've done in our lives'
that were, that were wrong.
Right, jonna?
Being down here has given us
a lot of time to think.
'And when you let us out
of here, we're gonna change'
a lot of things, we promise.
'I'm really sorry
for everything.'
you know, I used to be
just like you.
I used to have everything.
And then it can all go away
in, like, one second.
So you better appreciate
each other.
We do.
I'm gonna hit the code now.
And when this cover opens,
I'm not gonna be here..
'...and I don't wanna ever see
you two around here again.'
- 'do you get that?'
- Yeah. We understand.
Okay, we just break this whole
thing off to a lesson learned.
That's all it was.
Come on. Come on.
What's taking so long?
I got a problem.
- What?
- 'The code's not working.'
you said you were gonna
let us out.
I was gonna let you out,
but he gave me the code
the manager, like a month ago
in case I needed it
and-and now it's not working.
What are we supposed to do now?
I think you're on your own now.
Come on,
you can't leave us here.
You'll kill us.
I was gonna let you out.
I-it's not my fault.
Come on, please.
Come on, let us out. Please!
Call the police, do something.
They'll find us.
Then the cops know about me,
I-i-i can't.
No, they won't. Honestly,
we-we're not gonna say anything.
'We swear to god.
Please. Please.'
I can't go back to jail.
I can't do it.
I'm not calling the cops.
It almost killed me
the first time.
It's not too late.
Come on, let us out.
'If you're gonna
leave us down here'
'you're gonna fucking kill us!
come on! Let us out!
God! Uh! Come on, please,
let us out.
Come on. Come on!
'Please! Stop!'
she left.
She left.
She left us.
Bree! Bree, Bree.
Bree, Bree, Bree, Bree.
Bree, Bree, Bree.
Oh, god. Gosh, you scared
the crap out of me.
I don't think I can make it.
Oh, don't talk like that.
It's okay. It's okay.
Well, I lied to you.
I have a confession.
Tell me, please.
Jonna, I'm so sorry.
If I knew he was coming to you
I would have done
something sooner.
I saw him go in your room
and I knew.
That night when the fire started
it all happened so fast.
It just caught up.
It started burning.
He tried to get up,
but I held him down.
I held him back
until he stopped moving.
Until I knew he wouldn't go
into your room again.
I killed the monster.
Come on.
Come on.
It's my turn to carry you now.
I need this, okay?
God. Fuck!
No, no, no, no, no.
No. No, don't you die on me.
No. Hey, hey.
Come on, I got the grate.
We're getting out of here.
Come on.
Wake your ass up!
Wake your ass up! Come on!
Okay, okay.
I need you to hold on.
I need you to hold on
for me, Bree.
Okay, come on. Finally.
Come on.
Oh. Come on, Bree. We're out.
Come on. Okay.
Bree. Ah, Bree, we made it.
Come on. Hey. Hey.
Come on. Come on, Bree,
it's fine, baby.
Please. Please. Come on,
I need you to breathe now.
Hey, come on.
Hey, we're so close.
Come on now, Bree. Come on.
Oh, god.
Oh, fuck. Oh, god.
'Uh, oh, stay here.'
what am I doing?
Come on. Hey, hey, hey.
I love you, Bree.
Come on. Breathe, baby, please.
Come on! Come on.
Come on, open those eyes.
'Come on, do this.'
you're not gonna die.
Come on, baby.
Come on, Bree. You can do it.
'Come on, baby. Hey.'
there she is.
Oh, my god.
There you go. Come on.
What are you doing?
I had a feeling you were gonna
get yourselves out of there.
You just got that fighting
spirit in you, don't you?
- Just like my little girl.
- Why?
No. Just shut up!
Maybe there is no reason.
What are you gonna do?
I shouldn't have done what
I did, but it's too late now.
I, I made it all the way
to the car
and I, I couldn't stop
thinking about you girls
and, and what was gonna happen
if you didn't die in there.
What was gonna happen to me?
Just listen to me, okay?
Okay, you have lost so much.
We all have.
But please, please,
listen to me.
Don't let me lose
my sister, okay?
She's, she's the only thing
I have left in this entire life.
- Please.
- I'm sorry.
Oh, no. Don't.
We're at the katea public pool.
My sister, she's dying.
Please hurry.
Just go.
Get, get out of here.
This is real?
It's real.
You did it.
We did it.
I never doubted you.
I guess we're even.
Not yet.
We killed the monster.