12 Dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue (2012)

Jingle bells, jingle bells
EMMA: I fell in love with dogs
when I was 11 years old.
It was in a town where
there were no dogs allowed.
There was no one to love them,
and they had no place to go.
(CHUCKLES) But Mikey Stevens
and I loved them all.
We had to
transform a whole town,
touch their hearts, and change
their minds about the dogs.
So we put on a show.
A great, big, wonderful show
with kids
and dogs and
Christmas miracles.
We called it
The 12 Dogs of Christmas.
For this Christmas day,
I wish, I hope, I pray
A puppy's under the tree
Waiting there for me
The best gift of all,
From dear old Santa Claus
All I want for Christmas
Is some puppy love
Puppy love, puppy love
Oh, Santa
Santa, Santa
A soft little bundle
of cuddly fur
Hugs me and kisses me
One puppy smile
can melt my heart
A new best friend,
we will never part
Loving devotion to the end
This is puppy love
For this Christmas day,
I wish, I hope, I pray
A puppy's under the tree
Waiting there for me...
EMMA: I could never have imagined that
six years later, I'd be coming back.
All I want for Christmas
Is some puppy love
Puppy love, puppy love
Oh, Santa
Santa, Santa
Bring me puppy love
Why do you suppose dogs
love chasing things?
Because they hate
to be left behind.
Is she a Papillon?
Yes, how did you know that?
Dogs have been an interesting
part of my life.
Where you going, honey?
Isn't that the strange little
town where no dogs are allowed?
It used to be like that,
but not anymore.
You visiting
your family there?
Funeral, actually.
Oh! Excuse me,
why did the train stop?
Freight derailed
about 40 miles east.
But I have to be in
Doverville by 2:00.
I don't drive them, darlin',
just punch the tickets.
Here you are!
Are you going to Doverville?
Of course I am, honey. I can take you
all the way to Mrs. Stevens' funeral.
How did...
I'm sorry, I don't...
Did we meet when I was...
No, no, we've never met,
but I know who you are.
So let's go, you're already late.
Get in, get in!
She was a fine woman,
your Cathy Stevens.
You knew her well?
She was like a mother to me.
Thank you for the ride.
Give me your hand.
You're gonna need
a place to stay.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry, I tried to make
it here on time and then...
I am so sorry about your mom.
I am so sorry
about your mother, son.
If there's anything I can
do, anything at all.
That's very nice of you I'm
sure he's just... Thank you.
He seemed nice.
if there is anything I can do,
you just let me know, okay?
How are the dogs?
They'd love to see you.
MIKE: We're here.
Nessie, Nessie! Come
here, come here! Good.
This is Nessie.
Hi, how are you?
Hi, Nessie.
Nice to meet you.
Here we are,
come on in.
Oh. my gosh. Hi!
Oh. my gosh! Hi!
Okay, names?
This one is Jack,
there's a million of them.
This one is Badger,
Dagwood, Flapper, Nibbles.
There's a bunch of puppies,
too, Angel, Harpo, Jake, Lucky.
There's Pepper,
there's Napolean.
I just want to hold you! You are so
cute, yes, thank you for the kiss.
You sure
like basketball.
I love basketball.
Hi. Hi, Sweet Pea.
They were going to put her down.
She broke her leg.
If it was lost, abandoned, wounded,
hungry she just couldn't say no.
You know my mom.
Knew my mom.
So what are you
going to do, Mikey?
Finish what she started.
Tucker. Tucker. Hey.
And what about college?
Becoming a veterinarian?
This was her whole life.
Hey. Happy. Happy-
Your mom was great, Mikey, but this
was her life, her dream, not...
My friends call me
Mike now,
Mike or Michael.
Okay, Michael,
you need to start thinking about
your life now, and your dreams.
What would your mom want?
Find them a home.
Someone to love them
like she did. Stay here.
I don't believe that.
There was nothing more important
to her than her dogs.
Except for one thing, Mikey.
MIKE: You sure this is it?
EMMA: It's the address
she wrote on my hand.
What time does your
train leave tomorrow?
I'll come and say goodbye.
Okay, I'd like that.
You're later than I expected.
How did you know
I'd really come?
I'm clairvoyant. I have
extrasensory perception.
A sixth sense. Psychic powers.
And it's a constant headache!
So, you can see the future?
Can you keep a secret?
I can't stop it.
I end up knowing something
about everybody.
And I don't know
how to control it.
So, you could tell me what
Mikey Stevens was going to do?
I mean like,
stay here or go to college?
I'm still getting the hang of
things, so I experiment a lot.
But Mikey Stevens?
I got nothing!
Give me just a minute.
And don't touch anything.
Bing Crosby?
I said don't touch!
Didn't your mother
teach you manners?
My mother died
when I was 10.
I'm sorry, kid.
Psychic powers are
horribly confusing.
Between the dreams
and the bones,
and the cards and that thing,
which clearly never works...
So you pretend.
No, not exactly
It just requires.
You're an actress!
And singer.
So, this is just
a performance?
None of this is real?
Not even...
No. No, no, no, actually some
of it is honest-to-goodness.
Like the reading of the palms?
I never miss.
Your linea vitalis converges
with the Ring of Venus.
My linea what?
It's the line of your heart.
I have never seen that.
Oh, my, my, my-
Never mind.
I'm only an actress.
Come on,
what does it say?
I'm actually not sure
it's good for you to know.
Please tell me?
There will be a romance
in your life.
Romance? When?
Is Mikey... (CHUCKLES)
My, oh, my-
BURCHESS: She left everything
to you, of course.
Your mother and I never got
along, she didn't trust the bank.
Unfortunately, when she bought the
Wilson farm for all those dogs of hers,
she assumed a great deal of
debt, which is also now yours.
I'll figure it out.
And these were returned.
Emma! Oh, my gosh.
What time is it?
Ten minutes till 10:00.
Well, goodbye and thank you
for everything.
It's not goodbye.
I'll see you soon, kid.
Okay, I'd like that.
All aboard.
Train's movin', darlin'.
Mikey! Mikey!
Mikey, are you okay? Mikey!
Mikey, we gotta go,
come on, Mikey!
Come on, Mikey, come on!
Mikey, don't do this,
please wake up.
One, two, three, lift.
EMMA: Is he going to be okay?
It's too early to tell.
He's in critical condition
and we won't know more until
the doctor gets here tomorrow.
Well, can I at least see him?
I'm sorry, no.
It's going to be okay, Emma I'm
sure Mike's going to be just fine.
Let me drive you home,
come on.
Nessie, shh.
You see, this whole thing will
be one big dog racing park.
And I'll tell you something,
the big money's right there.
Right there? (CHUCKLES)
You're a genius, Mr. James.
No, no. You're a big
part of this now.
Loyalty is the most important
virtue, don't you think?
Yes, sir. Absolutely.
Good, good.
And my dogs,
they always win.
Oh, yeah.
This is one I like to call
"Picking the winner."
So, what you want to do with the rest
of these mongrels we got no use for?
Well, I'm gonna
leave that up to you.
It's such a shame his
mother dies, now this.
All those dogs and no one
to take care of them!
This is Michael's room.
Okay, thank you.
Nessie? Nessie?
She's fine.
I want to see her.
She's okay, Mikey.
What are you doing in here?
He spoke to me. Does that
mean he's going to be okay?
Really, you can't be in here.
Come on.
Well, is he going
to be okay?
His back's broken.
His legs are paralyzed.
Yes, whoever pulled him from the truck
probably crippled him for life!
You can't sell the Stevens'
farm to Finneas James!
Who are you?
I'm a friend of Mrs...
Of Mikey Stevens. My name
is Emma O'Connor, and...
The business of this bank is no
business of yours, young lady.
Aren't you worried about
what he'll do to the dogs?
The dogs, yes, yes,
good day!
He's going to kill them.
Did you have a dog,
Mr. Burchess?
When you were a boy?
What was his name?
And what if it was Ragtag
that they were going to kill?
Finneas James is not going
to put any dogs to sleep.
It's not sleep, Mr. Burchess.
It's dead!
Well, do you want to pay
the delinquent mortgage?
How much is it?
Two thousand, three hundred and
seventy-four dollars, as of today.
By Christmas?
What can you
possibly do by Christmas?
Whatever it takes
to save Ragtag.
Look, please.
What are you doing?
I am begging Yo"
Get up! Get up! Get up!
Thank you, Mr. Burchess.
By Christmas! We won't let you down.
Thank you so much.
Miss? Miss O'Connor!
Go. Go.
Okay, come on,
let's go.
Good girl, get him.
Come on, wake him up.
Nessie. Hey, good girl.
Hey, Nessie. Hey!
Of course I remember you.
The girl with the golden voice
who thought she couldn't sing.
Hi, Mrs. Clancey.
It's really nice to see you.
Hi, sweetie.
Emma O'Connor.
It is you!
Oh. my gosh, hi!
I missed you so much.
What are you doing here?
Mrs. Stevens' funeral.
So how long are you staying?
You're staying to take care
of the dogs, aren't you?
Yes, but just until...
It is so good to see you.
I know, I've missed you!
Why don't you show Emma around
and I'll call your school
and let them know you're here.
Welcome home.
Thank you.
All right, guys, play some ball out there.
Play some defense.
Look for the opening. Look for the pass.
Look for the pass!
Look for the pass!
Come on, Walker!
All right, let's try it again from the top.
Ready, here we go.
Look for the pass, gentlemen,
look for the pass.
Good one.
All right, Connor.
Walker, Walker!
Really? Slow down, kitten.
He's a total crumb.
What? What?
Come on.
Thank you so much,
I really appreciate it.
MAN: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's not a good idea
It's just not safe.
What are you talking about?
Did you put these up?
The dogs are infected.
My friends down at the bank, they
told me you knew Mrs. Stevens.
Even lived here
for a time.
You see,
Mrs. Stevens and I,
we were special friends,
you might say.
Until she wouldn't
sell you her farm?
Is that what Mike told you?
I know people
who know things.
Well, what people don't know
is how she died.
She was killed
by a rabid dog.
is a terrible thing.
No. I don't believe you.
Give me that.
Let her go, let her
go, let her go.
Hi, Tucker boy,
want some food?
There you go.
You want some, too?
There you go. Come here.
I just want to talk
to you for a minute.
Look, I understand how hard it
must be for you to imagine her
being killed by
one of her own dogs.
How terribly upsetting
that must be for you.
Particularly after
what you did to Mikey.
Why don't you go back
to wherever you came from
and you let me take care
of Mikey Stevens?
I think I'd like to
pay for his college.
You would do that?
Well, I think he'd make a
fine veterinarian. Don't you?
How do you know about that?
Knowing what people want, that's
the secret to success, isn't it?
But what about the dogs?
I love dogs.
He's probably in a bad mood
or something.
You promise
the dogs will be okay?
You have my word.
EMMA: Would you at least
think about it?
Finneas James will pay for you to go
to college to become a veterinarian!
Well, that's all aces then,
isn't it?
It's what
you've always wanted.
Yeah, but what I don't want
is money from a guy
who is going to kill 50 dogs
so that I can go to
veterinarian school
to learn how to
keep dogs from dying.
What are we going to do?
Another show.
The 12 Dogs of Christmas.
The big show we did as kids.
It's a legend in this town
We'll just do it again.
Only this time
we'll sell tickets!
They are definitely giving you
too much morphine.
Every time it rains
It rains pennies from heaven
Do you think it's possible?
pennies from heaven?
No! A big Christmas show.
Raise money and help Mikey
save the dog orphanage.
He should just let Finneas James
have it and go back to school.
Well, that's what
I said, but...
This is the best part.
If you want the things you
love You must have showers
So, when you hear it thunder
Don't run under a tree
There'll be
pennies from heaven
For you and me
Big dreams, right?
But if you never try,
you wonder your whole life.
It's true.
MIRANDA: Hey, Connor. Don't
you just love Bing Crosby?
You're joking, right?
We thought it was
a Tarzan movie.
So who's your
good-lookin' friend?
Hi, Emma.
I'm Connor. This is Muggs,
and that's Walker.
WALKER: Hey there.
I saw you at school.
Yeah, yeah, I saw you, too.
Sorry about these guys. Here.
Thank you, that's very nice.
I'm a prince. What can I say?
You can breathe now, Emma.
It's okay.
Excuse me. Can I ask you a
question, Dr. Splinter?
The sign says "Private property."
I assume you can read.
Sir, I just want to
ask you a question.
Well, it's my day off,
so if you're not bleeding I think
it can wait until tomorrow.
Did Mrs. Stevens
really die from rabies?
Her son, Mikey,
says that that isn't true.
Well, Mrs. Stevens was bitten by
those dogs of hers lots of times.
Yes, but she would have known
if one of them was sick.
Well, the rabies virus
can incubate
for months,
even years sometimes.
She was bitten by a rabid dog,
and that's the end of it.
Why aren't you in school?
Because I want to know
what's really going on.
The quarantine
speaks for itself.
No, it doesn't.
Not if it's only there so that Finneas
James can steal the Stevens' farm!
(LAUGHING) I'm not even going to
dignify that ridiculous accusation.
Well, is that because you're
not telling me the truth?
Now you listen
to me, young lady.
When you grow up a little bit,
you'll understand that there's
more to every situation
than what meets the eye.
And you
wouldn't be so angry
if you would just tell the truth
and get it off your chest!
We've doubled the dosage,
but it's affecting his bones.
FINNEAS: Listen to me,
I don't care about his bones,
all I care about is
how fast he can run.
Yes, sir, Mr. James.
Mr. James...
Couldn't get her out.
TEACHER: One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four and up!
Guys, as promised,
the famous Emma O'Connor.
Oh! Hardly famous.
Hi, guys, I'm Emma.
You don't remember us?
I told you she wouldn't.
And a poodle
in a dog house
Oh. my gosh!
Hi! It's you!
Oh. my gosh! Hi.
I didn't live here then but Miranda
said you're doing it again.
We are so excited.
We have to show her that little
dance number we put together today.
Yeah, we should.
Wait, where's McKinley?
She's supposed
to be here and...
This is rehearsal,
I mean, she has to be here.
I could play for you
if you'd like.
Okay, but who are you?
This is Zoe.
The Zoe. The Zoe
that knows Bing Crosby?
Okay, come on,
you guys, you ready?
The 12 Dogs of Christmas,
the musical!
Broadway comes to Doverville!
And the show we did as little kids
is a long, long way from Broadway.
Yeah, but your show's famous.
And I want to be famous
and Mikey has all those dogs.
Hammers and nails
and puppy dog tails.
You're going to
need some boys.
GIRL: Glide and use your legs.
Okay, I'm ready.
Are you trying
to kill me?
I'm sorry. I'm not very good at
this, if you haven't noticed.
Yeah, you just need
to listen to the music.
Well, do you like music?
Yeah. Some.
Well, do you like to dance?
Are you trying to ask me to the
Christmas dance or something?
No! No! Good heavens, no.
Good heavens, no.
Are you guys Okay?
Have you asked him?
Asked me what?
Okay, well, we're doing
a show to raise money
to help save
Mikey Stevens' farm.
And we need some boys,
really bad.
The 12 Dogs of Christmas
thing? Yeah, I heard about it.
Yeah, but it's not the same.
It's way bigger and...
And much better
if you guys could help.
Okay, well,
what's in it for us?
Well, what do you want?
Win our game
on Friday!
Yeah, and how's she gonna
do that, lunkhead?
I don't know.
I have an idea.
ANNOUNCER: Bulldogs down
by 12, 4th quarter.
Five minutes to go
on the clock.
COACH: Keep an eye
on those guys.
What's that?
What was that?
VISITING COACH: Just bring it on home.
There we go.
ANNOUNCER: Another two
for the Lewiston Leopards.
Bulldogs in trouble.
You're killing me out here,
you're killing me!
Winner here today goes on to the
semi-finals for the State Championship.
Excuse me.
Do you think you
can do this for me?
Yeah, okay.
Time out.
Time out, Bulldogs.
Now, come on, guys!
Come on.
All right, guys,
get in here, get over here.
Now, come on, guys,
you're not...
What are you looking at?
Looks like the Bulldogs have some new...
Are those cheerleaders?
Give me
a D-O-V-E-R-V-I-L-L-E
Doverville Bulldogs,
go, fight, win!
Let's go out there
and play some ball.
ALL: Bulldogs!
I'm watching you.
Take that ball down the court,
shoot that ball
and raise the score.
Looks like a different team
out there!
Not much time left.
Steal by the Bulldogs!
Take that ball down the court,
shoot that ball
and raise the score.
Bulldogs, Bulldogs, go, Bulldogs!
Go, Bulldogs!
Another Bulldogs score.
Time out, time out!
Time out, Leopards.
Final time out.
There's got to be something in
that little book of yours...
What's going on?
Two minutes remaining.
I got nothing.
Oh! Come on!
Whatever coach Marty was mad about,
the refs rule No violation.
Bulldogs on fire! Two more for
the Bulldogs, closing the gap.
Less than a minute to go,
Bulldogs are down by one.
Bulldogs! Bulldogs! Bulldogs!
And the Bulldogs
win it at the whistle!
Bulldogs advance
to the semi-finals.
We could just be looking at the
new State Champions. What a game.
Hey. What's with
the cold fish?
That was great!
One more game,
one more game like tonight
and we go straight
to the championship.
You girls have got to be there.
They never play this good!
Everything's negotiable.
Name it.
We kinda need
a little favor.
Okay? Really?
Okay, yeah.
It's right there, perfect.
COACH: Come on, guys.
Come on, come on, come on.
Where are you taking us?
The 12 Dogs of Doverville.
As promised.
Hi, guys!
Seriously, Coach,
thank you so much!
This is going to be great.
Are you guys so ready to dance?
Are you excited?
Dancing? That's our
special training?
Does wonders
for coordination.
Wait, you didn't tell them
that they were dancing?
Does wonders
for winning games!
Come on, Coach.
Dancing is sissy stuff.
Dancing, dancing is how
we won the game last night.
Yeah, and it's not that kind of dancing.
Let's go, guys.
Come on, try it. Girls,
don't be shy, come on.
Listen, I can win State without
the help from a bunch of girls.
You can count me
out of this wingding.
Do you ever think of
anyone but yourself?
Mikey Stevens and his dogs
aren't my problem.
Do you really think
we can do this?
Yes. Hundred percent.
I mean, we have to ask, of
course, but it's perfect.
Let's go!
Let's go! Come on.
I'll need to see a copy of the
script, meet your producer,
and, of course,
there's a substantial deposit.
When is your show?
Christmas Eve. And how
much is "substantial"?
Christmas Eve! I've gotta get
permission from the owner.
Do you know
who this is?
Emma O'Connor!
The 12 Dogs of Christmas?
The show she did
that changed...
...the whole town.
It's perfect. Come on.
Well, it's a benefit
to help save the dogs.
Your show has dogs?
Well, it's The 12
Dogs of Christmas.
So, yeah,
I mean, of course.
Dogs on my stage?
That's not going to happen.
Hello, Edgar.
It's so nice to see you again.
It's been too long.
Gigi? Gigi Star.
What in the world...
ZOE: I know!
You're the Gigi Star?
Used to be.
It is you! Oh, my gosh.
I haven't
seen you since...
The Roxie.
The Roxie.
You were in
vaudeville together.
Yeah, for one brief
shining moment.
Yes, I mean she went on to
Broadway and became a big star.
And here I am in Doverville.
Well, are you
still performing?
Not at all?
You were so brilliant.
People who talk to dummies for a
living are a little, you know...
No, show the girls!
ZOE: For me. Please?
Excuse me.
ZOE: He is, by far,
the best I've worked with,
and I've worked
with a lot of dummies.
Okay. Okay, wake up.
It's about time, Edgar.
EDGAR: I've been busy.
Take a look.
Hello, sweetheart.
Hello, Charles.
Hey, you mind your manners!
So, Zoe, look at you. You
look so young and gorgeous.
How is that when he got
kind of old and ugly?
He's not old and ugly at all. In fact,
I think he's still quite handsome.
And such a marvelous talent!
How have you been?
Good. You know.
I've been okay.
Actually, he hasn't felt this
good since Philadelphia.
Well, I was hoping you could
help the girls with their show.
Well, yes, of course,
I'll talk.
Sweetheart, for you,
he would crawl
across broken glass.
You are such a dear.
That's all you get?
I got the whole smackaroo!
So, about the dogs?
The dogs?
Edgar hates dogs.
No. No. No!
No? No?
I love dogs.
Yes, yes, yes.
Yes, yes, yes. He loves dogs.
Thank you.
Okay, so last time
we did the show
we had all the dogs
come running on the stage
and it got
a little chaotic.
So it's really,
really important
that we get
the dogs to trust you
so they feel comfortable with
you, you know, like bonding time.
Here, this is Belle.
Why couldn't it be
The 12 Cats of Christmas?
Come on down, guys, get
acquainted with everybody.
Hey, so is Walker coming?
We tried to get him to come,
but I don't know.
No, that was our deal
with the coach, though.
Walker ain't afraid
of no coach.
Yeah, not with
his old man's influence.
MIRANDA: Well, what are
we supposed to do?
GIRL: Merry Christmas.
That was so good!
Pretty fun, huh?
See you. guys-
Little late, don't you think?
I didn't come here for that.
I came here to not mess
things up between you and me.
Between you and me?
You are the most conceited boy
I have ever met.
Yeah. People think that,
but really it's just
a confident humility.
Australian Shepherds, right?
You know dogs?
No, not really. I had a Lab
when I was seven. Lucy.
And then she got run over.
I'm sorry.
I don't know. After that,
things were just...
This is Nessie.
Hi, Nessie.
So this is my competition?
Well, what can I say?
She's Mikey's dog.
So where were we?
You were telling me
how much you love dogs.
Hey. Hey, come on.
Come on, what's wrong?
We really need to
do the show, Walker.
And we could
really use your help.
Well, are we negotiating?
It should say, "Starring the
Bulldog Basketball Players."
People would pay a lot of money
to see those clowns try to dance.
(SCOFFING) You know, some of those
clowns are actually really good.
You're not using Walker
the wonder boy are you?
No. He's not helping us.
Yeah. Why would he?
You know who he is, right?
Finneas James' kid.
Enemy numero uno
is Walker's old man!
What's up with you
and Mr. Perfect, anyway?
What's that supposed to mean?
It's my legs that
don't work, not my brain.
You are so dumb!
Visiting hours
were over an hour ago.
Okay, guys, watch, and
pay really close attention.
You ready, Muggs?
Okay, ready and up, great.
Twist spins to the floor.
That's beautiful!
And land.
All right, let's start from
the top and remember it's
"For this Christmas Day,
I wish, I hope, I pray." Okay?
For this Christmas Day
I wish, I hope, I pray
A puppy's under the tree
Waiting there for me
That's pretty good for
the first time through.
Tell me about this.
It seems that
they're using my theater.
Well, that gypsy woman
sweet-talked Edgar.
He let them in
without my permission.
They can't possibly
pull it off, can they?
Are you helping them?
Maybe you should.
You know, I'd like to get you involved.
Keep an eye on things.
Keep me informed, you know?
You want me to spy on them?
I can't do that.
Of course you can, Son.
Of course you can.
They're my friends.
I won't.
When I married your mother
I promised to take you in
and give you the perfect life.
And I think I've done that.
Well, she's gone now, so I
guess you're off the hook.
It would be a terrible shame
if the most
valuable player got cut!
Then, as the "Howling
Huskies" move into place,
Then, as the "Howling
Huskies" move into place,
you will lead in the children
with the nine Chihuahuas.
Okay, so let's try something.
okay, you come help us.
Let's try this.
Hands around my hips,
ready, and up.
No, no, no,
this is really dumb.
This is not going
to work without boys.
Why are they
always so late?
ZOE: It's okay.
We have all these sweet girls,
and we'll come up
with something new.
Even the most conceited guy you've
ever met can change his mind.
And does your father know
you're here?
Well, does your old man
know everything you do?
Why are you helping us?
A prince. Like I said.
No strings attached?
Okay, Prince.
Let's see what you got.
ZOE: Come on.
WALKER: No way.
Let's see
if you can do a lift.
A lift.
Okay, right here, just put
your hands on her hips.
Hips. Here we go.
Now you're going to put her
on your shoulder and lift.
ZOE: To your shoulders.
Good luck.
All right, okay,
now with some poise.
Grace and posture. Posture, Emma.
Shoulders square.
ZOE: Ready for the drop.
Yes. Lovely.
But can he do that
in a leotard?
Oh, my gosh, how are you?
MIKE: I'm feeling a lot better.
Gonna prove the doctors wrong.
I'm so glad you're here.
Me, too.
So, are we going to make it?
There's some reservations,
but unless the theater
catches on fire,
we should have the money to
Mr. Burchess by Christmas Eve.
We've already sold
over 65 tickets.
ZOE: Emma. Emma, wake up. I'm
sorry, sweetie, can you wake up?
What is it?
I don't know,
something's wrong.
It's the dogs!
We've gotta go. Get dressed.
The what?
Hurry up. We've gotta go!
What? What do you see?
It's fire!
Oh, no, I see fire!
Get the dogs!
Be careful!
I'm going to get the others!
Go, go!
Go. Okay, go.
Come on, we've got to go!
Zoe! Help me
with the puppies.
Oh. the puppies!
Are you okay?
MAN 1: Grab the ladder.
MAN 2: Grab the hose.
A little faster.
Where are the dogs?
We found most of them.
They're in the shed with Zoe.
You're so sad, cheer up.
You are so small.
How are they?
They're all right.
I thought you could
use some help.
Thank you.
Your mother was bitten
a week before she died.
I was treating her
for pneumonia.
Asper said she had rabies
and Mr. James offered to
make a gift to the hospital.
So I'd like to say
that I jumped to conclusions,
but it was more than
a wrong conclusion.
It wasn't the truth.
I'm sorry.
Young as you are,
you're right about one thing.
Getting it off my chest
feels pretty good.
All right, let's get the
injured ones into the car.
Thank you so much.
Where's Nessie?
I don't know. Maybe she
went looking for you.
Nessie. Nessie.
I've got to find her.
Mikey, you can't
go out there with...
Mike, you stay here.
We'll go find her.
Where could she be? I don't
even know where to look.
I have an idea.
I know you're an actress,
but if there is any part of you
that can actually see the future,
we need to find Mikey's dog.
Did you say your prayers
this morning?
Sweetie, sometimes
that's when He hears us best.
What do you see?
You know about
"Divination by the web
and movement of spiders."
I read about it
in your book.
You okay, Mike?
I'll be fine.
Are you sure
you can do this?
Yeah, let's go.
She saw the word "mill,"
that's why.
You don't really believe
all that junk, do you?
We have to start someplace,
and she saw the word "mill."
How did she know that Hatti's haunt
used to be an old grist mill?
Zoe just... She just knows things
sometimes, and I know it sounds spooky,
but I think she's right.
Nessie! Nessie!
Nessie? Nessie.
That's Nessie.
Okay. You stay here, okay?
Nessie? Nessie?
Hi! Hi, Nessie! Hi, baby.
ASPER: Come on, put her up there.
Tie her up.
Make sure it's real
nice and tight.
Come on, Pluto,
this isn't right.
Court order, Jack!
I'm doing my duty
to uphold the law.
That's what
you want me to do, right?
Give him to me.
ZOE: No, not him.
What do you think
you're doing?
Get your paws off me.
You can't take the dogs.
there's nothing we can do.
Not right now.
He has a court order.
Why are you doing this?
Rabies! That's why. That's
why I imposed a quarantine!
You let it go
till the symptoms appear,
you're already dead.
Ain't that right, Doctor?
I see no evidence
of rabies here.
You keep that
hypocritic oath of yours
and you tell these
people the truth.
These dogs are
perfectly healthy.
Run, Nessie, run!
MIKE: Go, Nessie, go!
ASPER: Get back here!
I am writing because
I have a surprise
for Mikey's graduation,
and I want you to
be a part of it.
In spite of everything, I have
managed to save some money
for Mikey to go to college
and reach his grand dream
of being a veterinarian.
The only thing that would make the
surprise any better is for you to be here.
You are Mikey's best friend,
and the daughter I never had.
I can send you the money
for a train ticket.
I don't trust the bank, so I keep
Mikey's money close to my heart.
All my love, Cathy Stevens.
It's gone. Mikey's money,
it burned in the fire.
You don't know for sure
it was there.
"Close to my heart"?
She loved those dogs. What
else could she have meant?
What are we
gonna tell Mikey?
He has to know. He has to know
how much his mother loved him.
You're right, of course.
The question is just when.
They canceled
our show?
Okay, so what happened to
"The show must go on," Eddie?
The owner of
the theater shut us down.
He demanded that I cancel.
Let me guess.
Finneas James
owns this theater?
Like everything else
in this town, apparently.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I understand and
I've forgiven you.
Have a look here.
Finneas James Racing Park.
Dog racing?
Is that even legal?
Well, with the help of
a few motivated politicians.
We get a pass today,
well, that banker just may share
a taste of these profits.
I gave the young lady
until Christmas.
FINNEAS: Well, the dogs
are missing.
And I closed
that theater down.
You do understand.
There is no way
I will let this show,
this 12 Dogs of Christmas
go forward, don't you?
Then you've got nothing
to worry about, have you?
Good. Good man.
Hey, Mikey.
They locked us
out of the theater.
Did Officer Jack find out
what happened to the dogs?
Mikey, I don't see how we're going
to be able to make this work.
We have to do this.
We can't let him beat us.
Now, I've no right
to ask you to do anything,
you've already done
so much, but...
What are you doing here?
Well, you need
my old man's theater.
It was wrong of him
to kick you guys out.
We don't want anything
from your father.
He's not my father.
We don't need
anything from you.
Your stepfather just happens to be
the one trying to steal Mike's farm
and shut us down.
That's why I came to help.
It's personal.
Okay. So assuming
we really are that desperate.
What do you have in mind?
Knowing what a man wants
is the key to success.
That's what your father said
about Michael.
What he really means
is knowing a man's weakness
is the key to controlling him.
Now there is one thing that
intimidates Finneas James.
Famous people.
Now I heard that
your friend may know a few.
Come on,
let's get out of here.
Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas
Jolly old St. Nicholas,
lean your ear this way
Please tell every single
soul What we're going to say
Christmas Eve is coming soon
Now, you dear old man
Our big show goes on the
night Please come if you can
Hi. My name
is Emma O'Connor.
And in spite of the fire,
and having our dogs locked up,
and scaring you all
with a phony quarantine,
The 12 Dogs of Christmas
will go on.
When is it?
It's on Christmas Eve.
Where's it
going to be?
The location is...
Even more important than
when or where is whether
a show created by a bunch
of kids is worth $2.
So we asked
a fellow who knows.
Give me 10 tickets, please!
Ladies and gentleman,
recording artist, movie star,
and the most famous man alive,
Bing Crosby.
Every time it rains It
rains pennies from heaven
I'm in the show and
they still make me pay!
Wonderful to be here.
It's an honor
to be part of a show
that celebrates
the magic of Christmas
and is dedicated to
such a good cause.
And a special thanks to one of
Doverville's most notable citizens
and my good friend,
Mr. Finneas James,
who has made his fabulous theater
available for the performance.
Come up here, Finneas.
Well, if you'd like to
audition, or work backstage,
you can sign up over here
with us, come on.
Give me two. I'll take two.
How nice of you, Mr. James.
MAN: Thank you, Mr. James.
Thank you very much.
Why don't you have
a seat there, Thomas?
Sorry to make this
so unpleasant,
but it's time to sign
the farm over to me.
Just think of it as a Christmas
present to your family.
You know what I mean?
That a boy.
Always a pleasure.
You know, even if you pay it
off, there's nothing left.
I'll rebuild it.
but the dogs are gone...
I'll get the dogs back.
You can't rebuild it,
Mikey, you...
I'm sorry, I didn't mean.
I just meant...
That's exactly
what you meant.
This isn't what
your mother wants.
You haven't talked to
my mom in six years!
But I do know exactly
what she wants for you.
I didn't know whether to
give this to you or not.
With the fire and all, but...
I looked for it,
but I couldn't find
the money anywhere.
Do you think
it burned in the fire?
I don't know.
Well, if she wouldn't
keep it in the bank,
then where would she keep it?
Close to her heart?
Hey there, guys,
what's going on?
Everything okay? Come here.
Good boy. What's going on?
Hey, guys. What are
you doing down here?
What you doing here?
I'll get you out of here.
Come on.
You have made this
incredibly awkward for me.
How do you explain
such blatant disloyalty?
How about what's right?
Sometimes what's right and what's
legal can get a bit tangled.
You call burning down a barn
full of animals tangled?
That was unfortunate, but that
had nothing to do with me.
Pluto Asper does what you...
Shut your mouth!
You're the one I'm
worried about right now.
Now we gonna
get past that.
And my dog racing track
gonna be obscenely profitable.
Now, you tell me
right now where we stand.
Where does that
leave us, son?
We win. We're doing the show.
We? We?
Now, I want you to be very careful about
where you choose to fall on your sword.
When was the last time you've ever
known me to lose at anything?
I want you to sit in there, and you
take this time to think about it.
You just think about exactly
who it is you think you are.
And me?
Well, I'm going to go see me
The 12 Dogs of Christmas.
Have you seen Walker?
No, no, I actually
haven't seen him yet.
I think he went
to find the dogs.
Nessie! Nessie! Come here! Nessie,
come here, girl! Come here.
Good girl.
Hi, how are you doing?
I'm sure
there'll be a Dalmatian.
Do you know what a good
man your daddy is?
How lucky you are he always
does the right thing?
You enjoy the show.
Nessie, Nessie, come!
Come here, Nessie. Come here.
Good girl. Come here.
Go find Mikey.
Go find Mikey.
The 12 Dogs of Christmas
changed Doverville once.
And we hope
that it will again.
And I'd like to introduce
the girl who started it all,
and has once again found a way to
change our hearts. Miss Emma O'Connor.
And now,
it is with great pleasure
that we present
the new and spectacular...
Nessie, Nessie.
The new and spectacular
12 Dogs of Christmas
with special guest,
Mr. Bing Crosby.
The 12 Days of Christmas was published
in England over 150 years ago...
Nessie, what is it?
What is it, girl?
How did she get away?
Walker's in trouble.
Wait, what's up?
A partridge in a pear tree
I know where he is.
You take care of the show, okay, Mikey?
This is your show.
She still calls you Mikey?
I'm sorry. Michael!
Michael, Michael, Michael.
Wait, I'm coming
with you!
She can call me
Mikey forever.
The carols we loved to sing
Will last throughout the year
'Cause the season of love
is here
On the first day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
A poodle in a doghouse
CONNOR: Do you even
have a license?
Have you ever
driven a car before?
Yeah, once before.
Oh, joy.
On the second day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Two Saint Bernards
On the third day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Three Cooker Spaniels
One, two, three!
Jolly old St. Nicholas
lean your ear this way
Don't you tell a single soul
What I'm going to say
Christmas Eve is coming soon
Now, you dear old man
Whisper what you'll bring
to me Tell me if you can
They okay? Hi, Jacks.
They're fine.
What about you?
Yeah. Just get me out of here.
Four Basset Hounds
For this Christmas day I wish, I
hope, I pray a puppy's under the tree
Waiting there for me
He kisses me nice
His love is my life
Santa, won't you bring me
Bring me Christmas love
Oh, Santa, oh, Santa,
oh, Santa, oh, Santa
Oh, hello!
What are you
doing here?
What are we doing here?
We're checking out
your ventriloquism.
We're in the middle
of a show!
Who are you?
He's Santa Claus.
I'm not Santa Claus.
We're your
Christmas presents.
Please go away!
We want to adopt a dog.
These aren't real dogs,
theyre just puppets.
Really? It doesn't matter.
I'm not a real person.
Get off the stage!
All right, step back.
You hate dancing this much?
Oh, very funny.
Hold it right there!
You're in quarantine.
You're not going anywhere.
EMMA: Sic'im!
He shot himself.
He's tranquilized.
You get back to the show.
We'll catch up.
On the fifth day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Five Golden Retrievers
Here we come to get the
presents Underneath the tree
That's mine,
that's mine, that's mine!
All the presents here for me
Love and peace, come to you
And to you glad Christmas too
We get nothing for Christmas
now 'Cause we've not been so good
You must wait till Christmas
morning As you should
Basset Hounds
Cooker Spaniels
Saint Bernards
And a poodle in a dog house
On the sixth day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Six Boxers boxing
(CHANTING) Go, team! Go, Bulldogs!
Go, team! Go, Bulldogs!
All right, six Bulldogs
bouncing My true love gave to me
Give it up, give it up,
give it up for the dogs
(RAPPING) Bounce, bounce,
bounce As we pass the ball
Shoot the ball,
we get around
We going to the basket
And we making lots of racket
So, we bounce, bounce Bounce
the ball, pass it and we shoot it
And we make a lot of racket
We attacking on that basket
Deck the hall
with Bulldogs bouncing
Give it up, give it up
Give it up for the dogs
Give it up for the dogs
Go, team! Go, Bulldogs!
Go, team! Go, Bulldogs!
(SINGING) Deck the halls
with Bulldogs bouncing
(RAPPING) On the
sixth day of Christmas
And all through the house
The crowd began stirring And
cheering to the bounce, bounce, bounce
Go, team! Go, Bulldogs!
Go, team! Go, Bulldogs!
Feel it, feel it,
that Christmas spirit
Feel it, feel it,
that Christmas spirit
'Tis the season to be jolly
Six Bulldogs my true love gave
to me And a poodle in a dog house
On the seventh day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Seven Huskies howling
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven
Hark how the bells
Sweet Silver bells
All seem to say
Throw cares away
Christmas is here
Bringing good cheer
Merry, merry, Merry Christmas
Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas
Seven huskies howling
Seven huskies howling
Seven huskies howling,
My true love gave...
Six bulldogs bouncing
My true love gave...
Five golden retrievers
My true love gave...
Four basset hounds
My true love gave...
Three cooker spaniels
My true love gave...
Two Saint Bernards
And a poodle
in a dog house
On the eighth day of Christmas
my true love gave to me
Eight Sheepdogs sleeping
On the ninth day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Up on
the housetop reindeer paws
Out jumps
good '0! Santa Claus
Down through the
chimney with lots of toys
AH for the little ones
Christmas joys
Ho, ho, ho, who wouldn't go?
Ho, ho, ho, who wouldn't go?
Up on the housetop
click, click, click
Down through the chimney
With good Saint Nick
On the tenth day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Ten Dalmatians dancing
Around, around, around the tree
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open...
In a one horse open...
In a one horse open sleigh
Hey, hey, hey
On the eleventh day of
Christmas My true love gave to me
Eleven laughing Labs
On the twelfth day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
The biggest surprise
of all
A cat!
A cat!
A cat!
A cat!
A cat!
A cat!
A cat!
Eleven Labs a-laughing
Ten Dalmatians dancing
Nine Chihuahuas chomping
Eight Sheepdogs sleeping
Seven Huskies howling
Six Bulldogs bouncing
Five Golden Retrievers
Four basset hounds, three
cooker spaniels Two Saint Bernards
And we wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
And a poodle in a dog house
Joy to the world!
Joy to the world!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
Oh, I will!
Good tidings to you
with all of our love
Good tidings for Christmas
And a happy New Year
A happy New Year to you
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Merry Christmas!
Mr. Burchess?
Thank you so much.
You've given us
the best Christmas present.
MIKE: We didn't
finish counting,
but there's
more than enough.
Just enough to
pay for my theater.
Unfortunately not enough to pay for
the lawyer to keep you out of jail.
It's all right though,
certainly no hard feelings.
Mr. Burchess here
is a man of his word,
and it seems that
the Stevens' family orphanage
for dogs and wayward children
gonna be under new ownership, doesn't it?
Isn't that right?
Make sure that thing doesn't
turn my theater into a toilet.
The property,
this property is mine.
That's actually not true.
Course it's true, sugar.
It was never signed.
What are you talking about?
Never signed, he signed
that right in front of me.
Not by Thomas Burchess.
A slip of the pen, I'm afraid, Finneas.
A slip of the pen.
You signed that
"Totally Bogus!"
How could you?
After everything I've done.
Alli, oh, my gosh,
you were so good!
Oh, my gosh,
you were so amazing.
Oh, my gosh, that ending.
Look at the little one
you got!
You did so great.
Thank you!
There are some people in
Hollywood I want you to meet.
Really? Thank you so much. Thank you so much.
I don't even...
Did you hear that?
See ya.
WALKER: Hey, Mike.
So when you gonna
get out of that thing, man?
We need you back
Sooner than you think.
Saying thank you for everything
you've done is a little weak.
You don't have
to say anything.
I am just so thankful
that you're okay.
So, I guess this means
we aren't going steady?
Merry Christmas, Mike.
This is something from your mom
that was close to her heart.
What? How? How did you...
EMMA: Christmas for us
was a day of miracles.
Mikey got the money
for college,
the dogs all got homes
and someone to love them,
and we all got the feeling
that Mikey's mom was there,
and we were
close to her heart.
I believe in miracles
The magic of fairytales
I believe that promises
don't ever fail
When we open our hearts
You know dreams prevail
I believe,
oh, I believe in Christmas
I believe the best in fife
shared by the best of friends
I believe with hard times
hope never ends
And when given the chance,
peace lives within
I believe,
oh, I believe in Christmas
The love
that Christmas brings
That's what this world needs
Give love a chance and see
it sets your spirit free
But you must believe
in miracles
The magic of fairy tales
Believe that promises,
they don't ever fail
When we open our hearts,
you know dreams prevail
I believe
Oh, I believe
I believe in Christmas
In Christmas
I believe
Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
We go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtail ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is
to laugh and sing
A sleighing song tonight
Oh, jingle bells,
jingle bells
Jingle all the way
O what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
O what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
A day or two ago
I thought I'd take a ride
A ride
And soon this pretty girl
Was sitting by my side
Her lips as red as rose
So red
A twinkle in her eye
Her eyes
An angel in the snow
We rode in to the night
Oh, jingle bells,
jingle bells
Jingle all the way
O what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh