12 Dog Days of Christmas (2014)

Hello, ma'am,
and happy holidays.
My name is Jack,
and I have
a cleaning product
that will change your life.
I'm really
just not interested.
Okay, well, let's take
this stain here for example.
Please, stop,
I'm not interested.
Okay, well, a quick spray,
and an even quicker wipe...
and voil, it's gone.
Wow... I'm impressed.
As is...
Oh, Bootsy.
As is Bootsy.
You really are something,
young man.
Next thing you know,
you're gonna tell me
that I can use it
to brush my teeth.
No, I wouldn't recommend that,
but let's say
little Bootsy here
has a whoopsie on the carpet--
Kid, how many times
have I told you
not to hustle your stuff
up here?
Sir, can I just finish
this transaction?
This beautiful lady
seems enthralled with
my fine cleaning products.
You don't get it,
do you?
You're not welcome here.
Sir, I am trying
to raise money
for Christmas presents
for orphans.
This is what happens
when the parents aren't around
to put a leash
on their kids.
You always have a story,
don't you?
But this time, it's true!
Ma'am, if we could just
please go across the street
to finish our transaction
over there, then maybe--
Forget it, kid--
get outta here.
Don't make me
call the cops.
Yeah, I got it!
(engine starts)
(door closes)
What do you think
you're doing, kid?
Giving you a reason
to call the cops!
Go on, dial 9-1-1.
Tell 'em old Jack is here
waiting for 'em.
They knome quite well.
(knocks on door)
Yes, Joanna?
Hey, Art, Jack is back.
Should I show him in?
Yes, show him in.
Jack is back.
Why am I not surprised?
Hello, Jack.
Well, now, see,
this is the part
where you're supposed to say,
"Hello, Officer Stephenson.
How are you?"
Well, I'll tell you
how I am, Jack.
I am very
disappointed in you.
Why are you always
so angry?
Check your fact file there.
You'll find a full list
of reasons.
We have been through this
over the years, haven't we, son?
I've been through it.
With you, it's just age.
What are you now, 75, 80?
You know, I remember
when we first met.
What was it,
about five years ago?
Back then, you at least tried
to be nice to me.
And look how far
that got me.
Do you know
who you remind me of?
Here we go again
about my mother.
One of your first
So much potential.
I've heard it before.
And how is your mother?
I don't know.
Still not keeping up
with you, huh?
I must be a disappointment
to her too.
Well, you don't have to be
a disappointment to me, son.
Trespassing? Destruction
of private property?
Come on,
what is that all about?
It was barely
a candle's flame, really.
I really thought
that we were turning
things around, Jack.
There is no "we",
just you behind that desk
and then me,
out here in the real world.
Sit down, son.
It says here 1 year
of intensive probation
and 120 hours
of community service.
Now, do you think
you can do that?
Afterschool, maybe
on weekends?
Well, since roadside clean-up
hasn't done much
to curb
your delinquent behavior,
I got something
else in mind.
You're gonna be
helping people this Christmas.
How about that?
So, Jackson, I'm Blair,
and I'm in charge of this place.
Oh, it's Jack.
My name's Jack.
But your probation
placement report says
your name is Jackson.
Oh, yeah, birth names
can be outgrown, Blair.
Duly noted, Jack.
So follow me.
So... this is where
the action happens.
(dogs barking)
And this is Hillary.
Hi, I handle most
of the paperwork here.
That's my sister Ryan.
She takes care
of the pups.
And this is
our adorable crew.
Well, it'll be
wonderful working
with such beautiful ladies.
Our big mission here
is to clean up
and close up
before we all leave for
the Christmas holidays, okay?
Sounds like a plan.
Okay, so you're gonna be
mostly cleaning up.
Is that okay with you?
Oh, it's completely fine.
I have extensive experience
in cleaning products.
Even started my own brand.
Okay, so we're gonna
have you clean
one of the empty enclosures.
Ryan, do you mind
showing him how to do that?
If I must.
Well, she seems busy with
that rat creature-looking thing.
Maybe old Hillary
could show me around.
Her name's Petunia,
and she's a mixed breed,
not a rat creature.
Okay, Jack, come with me.
See you around, "Cryan".
(door closes)
Jack, you know
dinner's at 6:00.
Why are you always
so late?
I was working.
Is that what you call it?
Because I understood
that it was community service
for being in trouble again.
Thanks for informing
the whole table
about my life,
just in case
they didn't already know.
Come on, no need
to get smart, son.
I'm not your son, Lou,
and you're not my father.
Yeah, you've made
that clear, Jack.
It's your choice
being in and out
of fosters all the time.
Thanks for reminding me
of my sad life.
It really makes me
feel all warm inside.
Anyone want to make
Christmas cookies?
Finish your food, boys.
We love you, Jack,
don't we, Ton?
Of course.
Thanks, guys.
Glad to know
there's some love in this house.
Jack, as much
as you disagree,
we're trying
to make your life
better by what we provide.
I'm just a grocery bill
to you guys.
Believe what you want,
but we're trying
to build a family here.
I can feel the overwhelming
presence of love.
You know,
you don't have to stay.
What does that mean?
I'll be coming
with you guys when
you move in a few months?
That's right, boys.
Old Lou and Josie
are moving to Arizona,
a more arid climate
for Josie's asthma.
I overheard you
talking out back
the other night,
so merry Christmas to all,
and to all, a good night.
(door closes)
Hey, going to
a little holiday
shindig near campus.
Lots of cute college boys,
and from what I hear,
mistletoe under every doorway.
You interested?
No thanks.
You know, you can't sit
in your room your entire life
reading post-feminist
chick lit.
I'm reading Stephen King.
Ugh, same thing.
Anyway, have a merry
little yawner at home.
(dog barking)
This is Titus.
Definitely no big barker.
No way.
What about Mimsy here?
She's sweet, and good,
and just dying
for someone to love her.
I don't know.
She's a little bit bigger
than what I pictured.
She's not that big.
Um, I don't think
she's gonna get much bigger.
Just look at her feet.
I just don't think
she's what I'm looking for.
I mean, I was really
looking for a dog
that I could fit
in my purse, you know?
Okay, well, sorry
we couldn't find a good
match for you today, Jen.
Personally, I think
this dog is perfect
for you, Jennifer.
Or do you go by Jen?
May I call you Jen?
Well, see, she's quiet
as a dormouse,
and that is
your main concern, yes?
And you can't really
hold it against her
that she's not
some yappy teacup dog.
She's still cute,
and, uh, between you and I,
all the dogs in here
are cute.
But this dog has
been looking at you
since the minute
you walked in.
Can't you see it
in her eyes?
I think you might need Misty
as much as Misty needs you.
She is really cute.
And calm.
You're right.
I'll take r.
I assure you-- this will be
the greatest Christmas present
you have ever
given yourself.
Okay, right this way, ma'am,
so we can get
your paperwork started.
I think we made
a sale, "Cryan".
Hey, Jack, you want a ride?
So I assume
you know what I wanted
to talk to you about.
No, but I bet
you're gonna tell me.
You gotta start
getting along better
with your foster parents.
I got a report
that you've been
arguing with them.
Good riddance to them both.
This is your ninth
foster home, Jack.
We can't have you
getting kicked out now
when you're so close
to being out of the system.
Fine... I'll shut my mouth.
You gotta get it
together, son.
You'll be 18 soon
and out on your own.
The day can't come
soon enough.
Frankly, I'm not so sure
you're ready for it.
I'll be fine.
Well, I'd like to see you
prove that to me.
Better yet,
I'd like to see you
prove it to yourself.
You know, I've invested
a lot of time and energy
into you over the years, son,
And I don't want
to see it go to waste.
I can't believe you don't
already have a boyfriend.
I've had boyfriends.
Just don't have one
right now.
So... you looking?
Not really, I'm too busy
applying to colleges.
Not to mention
you're a bit young
for her, don't you think?
I think you could get
more work done
if you worried about
yourself more and me less.
I'm on break,
unlike you,
who would get more work done
if you actually did some work.
Enough, you two.
But she's right.
You've gotta get back
to work, okay?
We're running out of time
to get this place closed
for Christmas.
(dog whimpers)
You know, you're like
that girl they hook you up with.
Say she's got
an outstanding personality,
which really means...
outstandingly difficult
to look at.
No offense.
Most dogs are beautiful.
You, however, have
an outstanding personality.
What's up with "Cryan"?
It's Mrs. Rose,
the owner of the shelter.
We just got horrible news.
What happened to her?
It's not her,
it's the shelter.
We just found out
we're not gonna be
opening again after
the holidays.
What are you talking about?
Exactly what
she just said.
The shelter's
closing permanently,
and there's nothing we can do
to stop it.
But what about
the dogs that haven't
been placed in homes yet?
They'll go
to the city shelter.
And those that have been here
for over six months
will likely be euthanized.
That's not right.
The whole thing's not right.
But Mrs. Rose,
who built the shelter,
can't afford
to keep it up anymore.
She was forced to sell.
Why doesn't
she take the dogs?
She loves these dogs,
but she can't really take 'em
'cause she's allergic.
Most dogs only last
a few weeks at the city shelter.
Then, they'll just kill 'em
after they arrive.
We don't do that here.
That's why I started working
here in the first place.
Just the thought of it,
I can't take it.
Here, they could
have stayed forever.
Over there, they say
they can't spend
public money
on lost causes.
How many lost causes
are there?
At last count, 11.
And most of them
have some major issues,
which is why they've been
here so long.
Wait, the dogs still here
are the ones
they're just gonna...
Don't say it.
Well, how much time
do they have?
Just under two weeks.
Until Christmas Eve.
Won't exactly make
our Christmas all warm,
and fuzzy, and merry this year,
that's for sure.
I'm sorry about the dogs.
Yeah, it's so terrible.
Poor Ryan.
We would take
some of the dogs
home with us if we could,
but we can't 'cause
our cat's terrified of them.
Have you ever
had a dog before?
I think Ryan used to have one
when she was younger,
before my mom
married her dad.
It's sad she can't
have one now
since she's the real
dog lover.
I like them too,
but I'm just volunteering
here for my resume.
Ooh, cute and smart.
Double threat.
Glad I could at least use
my winning personality
to find
old Mimsy a home.
Jack-- wait.
You still have
more than 60 hours
left on your service.
You digging through
my personal file, "Cryan"?
Can you be serious for,
like, one minute, please?
Fine, what?
What if you help me
place all the unadoptable dogs
before Christmas?
Why would you want my help?
Come on, Jack,
we all know
you're, like,
the prince of persuasion.
Even I have to admit
you have a certain--
Persuasiveness over people.
It's a terrible idea.
I know from experience.
You can't make people
take things they don't want.
(dogs barking)
Love would really
have to be blind to find you.
(dog barks)
(dogs barking)
Fine, I'm in, okay?
In what, Jack?
Trouble again?
No, I'm in
to helping find the dogs
homes before Christmas.
Under one condition,
of course.
And that is...
You help me land a date
with your sister.
Hillary's totally
into bad decisions
when it comes to men.
I should have
no problem getting her
to fall for you whatsoever.
You know what? I'm gonna
take that as a compliment.
But are you sure there aren't
any other reasons
that you might
have changed your mind?
All those adorable pups?
Maybe even Petunia?
No, not at all.
The only other reason
I could possibly think
is knowing that it's gonna
torture you
just as much
as it'll torture me
having to spend the next
two weeks together.
Fine, yay to getting
tortured then.
So as Blair said,
most of the dogs have issues
that make them nearly
impossible to place.
No need to be
afraid of Titus.
He's all bark, no bite.
All sound and fury,
signifying nothing.
Quoting Shakespeare.
I must say
I'm actually impressed.
Indeed, smarter than I look.
Yeah, don't flatter yourself.
And this is Romeo,
the complete opposite of Titus.
All he wants to do
is hug and kiss.
Total planter.
And this is Clementine.
Need I say more?
So what's up
with these two pups?
They seem fine.
Yeah, that does seem
the case
with Cassie, and Maggie,
or the twins, as we call them.
But really, they're going
100 miles per hour.
Dogs with ADD.
Wait, is that so bad?
They drive people crazy.
They never stop.
Plus, they go mental
if they're separated.
They've been adopted out twice
and brought back really fast.
And Skippy here
obviously has cataracts
and can't see much
of anything.
Can't they be
fixed or something?
I don't know,
can you afford the surgery?
'Cause we sure can't.
Well, um, I'm all out
of stains, sprayed,
not a penny to my name.
You know, funny enough, though,
Skippy can still fetch.
He wants to play ball 24/7.
This is Bruno.
He's super smart,
but in dog years,
he'd be our in-house
senior citizen.
So no one wants to take him
'cause he's so old.
And this here is Boomer.
He really likes
to roughhouse.
Probably belongs
more in a frat house
than around children.
And our little lady Sadie here
has a ton of skin allergies,
so whoever takes her
is gonna have to pay
for her shots.
Poor Poppy.
We think that she was
abused and abandoned
by her prior owner.
And we're pretty sure
it was a man
because she's
terrified of them.
So she's afraid of all men?
That's so sad.
And finally, there's Petunia,
our longest-running resident.
She's been here
for over two years now.
How did
she get here anyway?
It was before I started
working here,
but Blair told me that the woman
who brought her in said
she saw her and her mom
in a ditch
filled with water
the day before.
She's pretty sure
Petunia's mom abandoned her
because she was too weak
to climb out of the ditch.
She nearly drowned in there.
Well, she's not weak anymore.
And besides, how was
she not already adopted?
She's easily the sweetest dog
in here.
She's not pretty or perfect?
Not all of us can be
like Hillary, huh, Petunia?
I was actually gonna say
that she is
kind of perfect.
Maybe people are just
too blind to see it.
Okay, so I have
the perfect idea
for where we can start
trying to find homes
for these dogs
first thing tomorrow.
You want to come?
We could really use
your persuasive skills.
Huh, Petunia?
Yeah, sure.
in need of a home
for the holidays,
and we thought
if you would be
so kind as to let us,
maybe we could try
and find homes for them
by doing some sort
of doggie adoption day here.
We? Who's we?
Me and J-- Jack!
Oh, no, not you again!
No way, miss.
Forget it.
Any luck?
Nope, we went 0 for 11.
Not even a nibble.
Well, don't let one bad day
get you down.
You know, it's Christmastime.
It's the season
of miracles and hope.
You are frighteningly
optimistic, Blair.
Well, maybe if we all
get in the Christmas spirit,
it might help our chances,
you know?
Yeah, just gonna
be a lot more work
than I originally thought.
I guess we'll pick
a new neighborhood tomorrow
and see if we can place
any of the dogs there.
Jack, you hear
anything I just said?
Sure, sure, new location.
What are you studying?
It's for
my AP business course.
We're learning
target marketing.
Target marketing.
Yeah, you know,
where you target your product
to a particular market
that's perfect for it.
Oh, kinda like what I do
with my stain spray.
Yeah, I guess so.
It's too bad
we can't target-market
Petunia into
a good home too.
Jack, you're a genius.
No, we target market
the unadoptable dogs
into new homes.
It's perfect.
So you're saying we use
what's keeping them
from being adopted
to our advantage.
Exactly, we turn
their negatives into positives.
Guys, these are dogs
we're talking about.
I don't think
it works like that.
No, no.
Wait, Hill, they--
they have a good point.
Take the twins for example.
They're super-hyper,
so maybe we need
to find a family
with super-hyper kids
to keep up with them, right?
Target marketing,
I love it.
Thank you
for helping me spawn
this amazing idea with
that book of yours, Hillary.
I can feel your intellect
rubbing off on me
as we speak.
Here, let me
help you there.
Wouldn't want you to fall.
No, not nothing.
You did that "pfft" thing
like you always do.
Me? No,
I didn't say anything.
Why are you
such a wet spot?
Why are you such
a dirty floor?
You know, you really do
have a way with people, Jack.
While some
might call it charm,
I'd call it selfish,
self-absorbed egotism.
Well, considering
my parents left me
when I was a kid,
I have no real family,
no place to call home--
unless you're considering
the nine different foster homes
I've been in
over the last seven years--
yeah, I guess I am selfish.
Hard not to be
focused on yourself
when all you have
is yourself.
I'm sorry, I didn't know
how rough you had it.
No, I don't want
your pity party.
Just do what you promised,
and fix me up with your sister.
Fine, you help us
the rest of these dogs
into the right homes,
and I'll get you
your date.
Ooh, ooh, yeah
I get caught up
in all the hustle and bustle
Of holiday glee
Won't be long
till we're opening presents
Under the tree
(dog snarls)
I love this time
of year
And I know why
Christmas is better
with two
I just want to share
this moment with you
Christmas is
better with two
I just want to share
this moment
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, wah, ah, ah, ah
You came along
Like a winter song
Now, I sing
as the Christmas lights spin
Around, and around,
and around
So you have about 10 more days
till Christmas Eve,
and only about seven dogs
left to find homes for?
That's not bad, guys.
I still think the odds
are against us, though.
We've got dogs
with much bigger problems
than the ones
we placed today.
It's gonna take
a Christmas miracle
to find homes for the rest
of these pups.
Well, good thing
one of us believes
in Christmas miracles.
Hey, guys,
just bringing Boomer back.
I can't stay, though,
I gotta run to rehearsal.
Uh, Jack, would you mind
taking a picture of me?
We need a good one for
the Christmas pageant flyer.
Boomer, get your big,
hairy butt out of my picture.
Guys, I just got
a great idea
of how we can get
these dogs adopted.
We host our very own
doggie adoption day,
like, a few days
before Christmas,
hire a photographer
to take pictures
of kids with
some dogs, Santa,
maybe even a pretty
Christmas elf.
That sounds
like a great idea.
That sounds expensive.
No, wait.
What if we got it
at the community center?
I used to volunteer there,
so I'm sure
they'd let us borrow
the space for an adoption day.
And maybe some of the other
pageant elves can come too.
What a great idea, Jack.
Hillary, how do
you always get people
to do things for you
for free?
I don't know,
I guess I'm just--
And hooray for Hillary!
(dog barking)
(door closes)
Sorry, Jack,
dinner's already been served.
Are there any leftovers?
We were gonna tell you
about the move.
We were just trying
to figure out how.
Moving's my middle
name, Josie.
Should have been really easy
for you and old Lou.
It's Trevor and Tony
that I'm worried about.
So we found a family
who's interested
in taking Trevor and Tony.
Really sweet couple.
They live in that fancy
gated community, Honey Brook?
Even have a cute little pug
to play with.
So they might be interested
in taking the boys
before Christmas.
So I won't see the boys
for Christmas.
Jack, we'd like you
to think about coming
with us if you want.
(door closes)
What up, Frankie?
What you got in the bag?
Give him back the bag.
This don't concern you, Jack.
Hand over the bag now!
Look, I don't wanna
fight you, Jack.
Come on, Terry,
make my Christmas.
Come on.
Hey, thanks a lot, man.
Yeah, don't mention it.
'Tis the season for giving
and all that mushy stuff.
Yeah, right.
So what's your name, kid?
Hi, Frankie, I'm Jack,
nice to meet you.
Yeah, I know.
I was always afraid
to talk to you before.
But what you did
was really nice.
Well, you know, next time,
I might not be here
to help you.
What you need, my friend,
is some real protection
'cause those bullies
are gonna be back.
What do you suggest?
Well, my friend, Frankie,
that is a fantastic question.
Frankie, meet Titus.
(dog barking)
Aw... buddy.
I'll take him.
(dog barking)
Good boy, good boy.
Very good, very good.
Well, have a Merry Christmas
to you too.
Hey, Blair.
How are you?
I'm good, how about you?
It's good to see you.
Listen, I just came by
to check on Jack.
He's been great,
he's been helping us
clean up this place and helping
the last dogs get adopted.
And actually,
He came up with an idea
for a doggie adoption day
at the community center.
Well, what do you know?
I actually have
a juvenile probationer
who's doing exactly
what he was asked to do.
Will wonders never cease?
Honestly, I think the dogs
are finally getting to him.
Well, that's fantastic.
Well, I guess
I didn't have any cause
to worry about anything.
I'll see you soon, huh?
Yeah, I'll see you
at Christmas.
You better--
all right, honey.
before your parents split up.
Yeah, I did.
Her name was Jessie.
She was a big, beautiful
collie just like Lassie.
What happened?
My dad moved into an apartment
that didn't allow dogs,
so I had to keep
Jessie at my mom's
new boyfriend's house.
One morning,
he was late for work.
He didn't know
I let Jessie out.
He hit her from behind
with his car.
Mom came in, took his side,
saying he didn't mean to do it
and it was probably my fault.
I still can't talk to her.
Why are you so much
into dogs?
What's not to like
about a dog?
They're endlessly loyal,
always in a great mood.
Huh, Petunia?
They never,
ever leave you.
Hey, look,
I got an idea.
I heard that you're helping
to find homes
for animals
down at the shelter.
It's better
than roadside cleanup.
So you are using
your unique powers
of persuasion
for good this time.
Does it really matter?
Well, if you're getting
something from it,
I guess not, but are
you getting something from it?
I don't really
think about it.
Well, you know, Jack,
you're almost an adult now.
Maybe you should start
thinking about it.
Sounds like you need
to retire, Art,
because you've obviously
gone off your rocker.
Well, you know, Jack,
maybe I'll just do that.
Um, do you think
you could give me
some Christmas cash?
Christmas cash?
What do you need cash for?
You've got
a roof over your head.
You've got clothes
on your back.
You've got food to eat.
Oh, wait a minute,
wait a minute.
Is this about that girl?
No, it's... personal.
Okay, then, Jack,
let's get personal.
I was going to get
some Christmas presents
for the little guys...
probably going-away presents.
All right, Jack.
I'll see what I can do.
How's the writing going?
You never told me
what you write about.
They're just kinda
short stories, you know?
All fiction?
Yeah, mostly.
Any good?
I don't know.
Uh, I guess not.
You're pretty smart,
they can't be that bad.
Maybe you should
treat your stories
like you treat the dogs--
With a little bit
of positive thinking,
you could write something
really great.
You think?
Isn't that right, Petunia?
So, you know, I talked
with Jack yesterday.
How is he?
Well, you know, I think
the community service
is really making him think
about things from
a different perspective.
I think that he's really
trying this time.
Well, I'll be.
You know, maybe
all your meetings with him
over the years
are finally starting to stick.
Mm, I can't tell.
But you know,
that kid sure does remind me
of why I got into this business
in the first place.
Did you tell him
about your retirement plans
after the holidays yet?
I've been trying to figure out
a way to tell him.
Hasn't come to me yet, though.
Well, honey...
there's no easy way,
just the right way
and the right time.
And that time is now.
What would I do
without you?
(both laugh)
Whoo! Oh, yeah!
All right, guys,
let's get out of here.
And when your jaw
drops to the floor
So I heard you guys
were having some people over
to see if they might want
to adopt you this week?
Sounds like you might
have a new mommy and daddy
before Christmas.
If they adopt us,
does that mean
we won't ever see
our real mom ever again?
Well, maybe,
but these new parents
will be your new mommy
and daddy.
But I still love
my mommy.
I know,
I love my mom too.
Our moms are nice,
but they're just not good
at being moms full-time.
Like Trevor's not good
at his math?
(both laugh)
Hey, I'm getting better,
right, Jack?
Yep, you are,
and we're gonna work at it
until you get great.
Will the new parents be nice
to me and Tony?
I'm sure they will.
I also heard
that they're looking
for good, little boys,
so you just have to show them
how good you are.
Like with Santa?
Yes, exactly.
Now, do you guys remember
what I told you to say
to parents
that might adopt you?
My name is Trevor,
and I am a very good boy.
And this is Tony.
I won't say cute,
but he's smart.
okay, your turn, Tony.
I'm Tony, and it's
a pleasure to meet me.
Even better
than I taught you,
but you might want to say
"you" next time, okay?
You guys might
just have parents
before Christmas.
(dog barks)
Jack Whitley.
Long time, no see,
young man.
This is sure unexpected,
but merry Christmas to you.
Who's your little
friend there?
Oh, this is Clementine.
She yours?
For the time being at least.
So, um, what's up?
How is everything?
Good-- not too bad,
I guess.
You staying out
of trouble these days?
At least trying to.
How's your new foster family?
Eh, not too bad.
How's Molly?
Oh, she's great.
Enjoying junior high.
That's actually why I'm here
today, to be honest.
Why's that?
Well, uh, I was
just remembering
back to when you were
fostering me
and how you'd
always get on my case,
but you were
really forgiving...
you and Molly both.
And I was just thinking
I treated you guys really bad,
and I really just feel
awful about it.
I thought maybe
I'd give you a thank-you gift
for being a positive
influence on my life.
Molly was always
so inspiring to me,
and Clementine needs
some inspiration,
e specially right now
in her life.
You brought us
a three-legged dog?
Oh, yeah, I guess.
Kinda-- I mean, no offense.
I just thought--
Jack, look.
I'm sure Molly would love
to have a dog,
but it's a huge commitment.
I don't know if we can
with her being in a wheelchair.
Come on, Mr. Banks.
You and I both know
that Molly
is one of the most
capable people that there is.
And honestly, I don't want
to beg you or anything,
but Clementine
needs a home right now.
Otherwise, she'll be
euthanized before Christmas.
Truth is I haven't
had time to find Molly
a proper present anyway,
So... perhaps you might have
just saved my behind as well.
Now, why don't you come inside
for some hot cocoa,
help me put up this tree,
and tell me what kind of forms
we need to fill out
for your friend here
before Molly gets back home?
Thanks, I really
appreciate it.
Don't mention it.
It's just great
to see the kind of man
you turned out
to be, Jack.
I'm sure Molly'd
be thrilled to hear it too.
(phone rings)
Rose's Animal Shelter,
happy holidays.
How can I help you?
Yeah, we got
a few grade-A adoptees left,
but technically,
we're closed.
Yeah, we could
drive over there tonight.
Yeah, it would be a special
holiday delivery.
She's smart, wonderful
with kids, and super nice.
Yeah, I think she'd be
a great addition to your family.
1450 Fairview.
Be there in, like,
15 minutes sharp.
So spill,
which dog do they want?
I think we found
Petunia a home.
My name's Jack, and this is
my kennel comrade Ryan,
and this right here
is beautiful, old Petunia.
She's here to spread Christmas
joy to your family.
Well, uh...
She's the sweetest dog ever.
She's housebroken, smart,
and great with kids.
Plus, she does tricks.
Petunia, sit.
Petunia, shake hands.
Petunia, dance?
I'm sorry, I think
we're gonna have to pass.
It's just not the kind
of dog we're looking
to surprise
our children with, okay?
She's not an it,
she's a she.
And what kind of dog
are you looking to get?
I don't know,
maybe a puppy perhaps,
something fluffy,
something that won't
scare them half to death
every time it looks back
at them, you know?
At least let me pay you
for your time.
Take your money
and shove it--
Right back
into your pocket, sir.
Come on, Petunia,
we're leaving.
(Petunia squeals)
Hey, what's the point of that?
I'm angry, okay?
Well, look,
you scared Petunia.
She's shaking, she loves you.
You shouldn't
do that to her.
Okay, I'm sorry, Tunie.
I didn't mean
to scare you.
You forgive me?
I'm sure she already has.
Not like you even tried
apologizing to me.
So, um, what about
my date with Hillary?
Still working on that, or--
She's been super swamped
with that big Christmas play,
and I've been
a little preoccupied
trying to find homes
for all these dogs, remember?
Can't it wait till after
Christmas, Mr. Impatient?
As long as
I get to kiss her
on New Year's Eve night...
I suppose.
Spare me the details.
The thought of kissing you
makes me wanna ralph.
Why are you such
a hater, anyways?
Don't you date boys?
I'll date a boy when I find
a decent boy to date.
I bet you're into those
hipster types, aren't you?
No, just preferably
someone real
who's into
the same things as me.
What? Like, Shakespeare?
I don't just
like Shakespeare.
I'm into other stuff too--
J.K. Rowling, Sedaris,
Sybil, Stephen King.
I have all kinds
of tastes in books.
Wait, I like
Stephen King too.
Yeah? Better not tell
Hillary that.
She thinks anyone
who reads his stuff
is prone to violence.
That's kinda silly.
On the other hand,
you did see
what I did to that
trash can earlier, right?
Thank you so much
for everything, Blair.
I-- I couldn't have kept
this place alive
as long as I have
without your help.
Of course, Miss Rose,
we-- we did our best.
We sure tried, didn't we?
Thank you, Blair.
(door opens)
(door closes)
So that's the lady
that owns the place,
the one you told me
was allergic to dogs?
Yeah, that was Miss Rose.
Poor lady, she's a mess.
Oh, even with all the dogs
almost gone,
I can still
barely breathe in here.
Maybe this was
a bad idea.
Just one more breed.
See? No allergens
with this breed.
Totally hypoallergenic.
I didn't even know
we had a hairless here.
How precious is she?
The only thing is,
Miss Rose,
she's got just about
as many allergies as you do.
Do you think
you're gonna be able
to keep up her allergy
shots regularly?
Oh, I've got a deal
over with Dr. George,
the local vet?
As much business
as we've brought him
through the years,
it shouldn't be
a problem at all.
Little miss.
Sadie... her name is Sadie.
Sadie... I love it,
and her.
Thanks so much, guys.
You've done so much
for these poor pups,
and I'm just never gonna be able
to thank you enough.
And I know
you're gonna find homes
for all the rest of them
tomorrow night.
Night, Jack.
Night, Blair--
night, "Cryan."
Night, Jackson.
Merry Christmas, son.
Oh, it's good
to see you.
Look how big you've gotten,
you're a man now.
Hi, Mom.
So what are you doing
in this neighborhood?
Are they fostering you
around here now?
No, just grabbing
some last-minute supplies
for this dog shelter event
I'm helping out with
over at the community center.
Oh, look at you,
Mr. Do-Gooder.
Working for
an animal shelter?
You're working on
some silly merit badge
or something?
Real funny, Mom,
mock my progress.
Great parenting.
I'm just kidding.
Lighten up, goodness.
Hey, I saw your dad
a couple of months ago.
Where, jail?
How'd you know?
He's still a mess,
but I'm doing better.
I've been sober
for three whole days now.
What are you going to do
with the malt liquor
in your bag then?
I am celebrating.
Who are you, my AA rep?
So how's your foster family
treating you?
I don't know.
They want me to move
with them to Arizona.
You're thinking about it.
But you know, you could always
move in with me.
Yeah, right.
No, no, I'm serious.
For sure.
Do you have any plans
for Christmas?
Well, you know,
I don't know.
I've got this party thing,
So the day
before Christmas Eve.
I can do that.
So, um, where do
you want to meet?
Goodness, I don't know.
Maybe we could meet
at that old diner
on Seventh?
3:00 p.m.?
That sounds great.
Merry Christmas, son.
So you guys think
we'll find homes
for our last three friends
tonight at our big event?
I sure hope so
since we haven't had much luck
with these three,
even with all the marketing.
I'm fairly sure
with Hillary at the helm,
with her elf girl costume,
some friends,
we'll have no problem
finding homes for those pups.
Hey, I placed a few dogs
myself in recent days too.
Ryan, dear,
two is not a few.
Look up the definition.
Anyways, I guess
you did all right.
Whoa, you called her Ryan
instead of "Cryan."
Like a whole new side
of Jack we've never seen before.
I suppose I'm trying
to backpedal a bit,
maybe get off
the naughty list
before Christmas Eve.
Fat chance, you can't
backpedal that fast, buddy.
And anyway, I'll place
a few tonight.
Yeah? So why don't
we have a little bit
of an unfriendly wager
over who can place
the most dogs?
Fine, an unfriendly
wager it is.
Hey, can you zip me up?
Ooh, someone sure is trying
to look pretty tonight.
Whatever for?
I just want to look
presentable trying
to find homes for all
the dogs tonight, you know?
Mm-hmm, and will
Jack be there?
Yeah, but what does
that have to do with anything?
You're the one Jack
has a big fat crush on.
Yeah, but I haven't been
around much lately,
and I guess I just
thought maybe he'd wise up
to what a cool chick
my little sister is.
t?ack's a brat.
But he sure is a cute brat
whenever he's putting on
the charm to place
the pups into homes, huh?
Now, how about you let me
do your hair, hmm?
I don't want
nothing melancholy
Just a little eggnog
and holly
On this holiday with you
So hurry up,
don't keep me waiting
I'm in the mood
for celebrating
Just want a holiday
for two
Okay, that's great,
who's next?
As long as I'm with you
I don't care
what we do
A cozy fire or snowflakes
under the moon
Grab some candy canes,
we'll go ice fishing
As long as we're together,
we can only win
When you're around
it's Christmas
The whole year through
Oh, I don't want nothing
Oh, Boomer loves to play fetch
and Frisbee as well.
Frisbee is kinda
like his game.
This dog's
really the dog for you
because honestly, like,
it can do anything
you want it to do.
This is Bruno,
and he's the greatest
dog in the whole world
and would be a great
addition to your family.
How old is he?
Hey, well,
this is the right place.
He's great with kids,
and he loves all people,
and he's super cuddly.
I love the coloring.
He's just the cutest thing,
isn't he?
This is Petunia,
the absolute coolest
dog in the entire world,
so you have to have her
in your home.
She's amazing--
she's a little bit scraggly,
but hey, we all get
a little scraggly sometimes.
It's just bedhead.
She loves cuddling,
and so she'll just
snuggle all the time.
She's really good
at some things,
and other things,
she's all right at.
But you know what?
If you just have,
like, some calm,
and willpower,
and some determination...
I'm in the mood
for celebrating
Just want a holiday
So, guess you guys
will have to call it a draw.
You each placed pups,
and now Boomer and Bruno
have homes.
Yeah, but I still
think we both lost,
and here's why.
Why is it
that we're the only ones
who see the beauty
in this wonderful dog?
I think
we're blinded by love.
It happens.
Like your parents,
for example,
still love Ryan over there,
and we all know how hard
it is to love her.
You know what?
Every time I think
you're starting
to be a decent guy,
you prove me wrong.
Okay, it was a joke.
Don't go crying about it.
No, it was mean.
You were mean,
and I'm over it.
Okay, I was kidding.
You shouldn't be
2so tough on her, Jack.
I di't think
she'd take it so personally.
Jack, she's a teenager.
She takes
everything personally.
Let's get Petunia back,
come on.
Hey, did you guys
see my notebook?
I can't find it anywhere.
No, sorry,
I haven't seen it.
Is Jack
not coming in today?
No, he's working really hard
to find Petunia a home.
You know, he can be
really sweet sometimes.
I bet you he didn't mean
what he said last night, Ryan.
Well, then, he shouldn't
have said it.
Yeah, he can be a pain,
but, I mean,
he's gotten a lot better
since he's been here,
even with you.
I don't know.
I guess, but it still
doesn't excuse him
for what a jerk
he was last night.
You know, I bet
he lashed out at you
because he saw how cute
you were looking.
I mean, I bet
it made him all nervous
to see how pretty you are.
Yeah, guys totally lash out
on girls they like.
Men are so predictable.
Guys, there is no way
that Jack is into me, okay?
He made it very clear.
Mm-hmm, just like
you've made it very clear
that you're not
into him, right?
So you're sure
you're not into him?
I'm sure.
Fine-- well, then
you won't mind
if I go out
with him tonight.
Well, yeah, I mean,
if you're not into him.
No-- uh, I mean,
that's perfect
because I told him
that I would get him
a date with you,
so yeah.
This is a really,
really good thing,
and I'll let him know.
Hillary told me you were
cleaning up all afternoon.
This was supposed
to be my area.
Somebody had to do it
since you weren't here.
I guess you're still angry
about last night?
I'm sorry.
What else do
you want me to say?
Look, your date with Hillary
is set for tonight.
8:30 at Magnolia's.
Yes, really.
There, are you happy now?
So now, we're even
and can just leave
each other alone.
Whatever you want.
Oh, and by the way,
you left this at
the community center last night.
Two eggnog shakes, please.
Oh, no thanks,
not for me.
Just a water
spritzer, please.
You don't like eggnog shakes?
Your sister loves them.
Oh, no, yuck,
far too fatty.
So this is nice.
It is.
And you look beautiful
as always.
Well, thank you kindly, Jack.
So very charming as usual.
I guess it's nice
we're not old enough to drink
since I can't really afford
any alcohol anyways.
It's all good, Jack.
I'm good to pay for tonight
if that's okay for you,
my treat for all the help
you've been at the shelter.
But I don't want you to.
I suggested this place,
so I insist.
Thanks, Hillary.
That's really nice.
So have you read
any good books lately?
Ugh, only these awful,
never-ending text books
I'm grossly tired of.
That's too bad.
So what do you think
about this older girl/
younger guy thing?
Personally, I don't
usually go for younger guys.
I tend to think relationships
are much stronger when
both people are about
the same age, you know?
Huh, guess I never really
thought of it that way.
Do you even know any girls
your own age, Jack?
What about Ryan?
You guys are about
the same age, right?
Yeah, but she doesn't count.
Why not?
Because she's just
not the kind of girl
I would date.
Besides, she's annoying,
and she hates me.
Jack, when I can't
stand a guy,
it's usually
'cause I like him.
Wow, women really
are confusing.
And that's why
men love us.
Cheers, Jack--
to a happy holiday.
Now, you two are ready
for the big visit
from your potential parents,
who should be here
any time now.
What does "potential"
mean, Jack?
It means maybe.
So maybe, you'll have
a nice new mommy
and daddy by Christmas.
Aren't you excited?
Jack, how come
you never got adopted?
Well, I guess
I was never as smart,
nice, or as sweet
as you guys.
But you're nice
and smart now,
so maybe you'll
still get adopted.
I don't know,
I'm a little old.
No one really wants
a kid my age.
We do, Jack!
I know you boys do.
But we'll feel bad
if we leave you though, Jack.
We don't want you
to be alone.
But you don't have
to worry about me
because you know what?
I'm actually going to eat
with my mom today.
So maybe
she'll adopt you again.
I don't know, I've seen
a lot of miracles
happen this Christmas,
so we'll see.
Ready, guys?
Hello, I'm Tony, and it's
a pleasure to meet you.
And I'm Trevor,
and I'm a very good boy.
This is Tony-- I wouldn't
say cute, but he's smart.
So where do
you want to meet?
Maybe we could meet
at that old diner on Seventh.
3:00 p.m.?
That sounds great.
(objects crashing)
Jack, what are you doing?
Jack, please stop!
Whatever's upsetting you,
this isn't gonna help.
Okay, I'm gonna call Art,
he'll know what to do.
What is it?
Jack, what's wrong?
You're scaring me again.
You don't know
what it's like!
What what's like?
My family, my life,
my non-family, everything!
Go away, you stupid,
ugly dog!
No one even likes you!
Blair, grab her,
she's running out the door.
(horn honks,
tires screech)
What did you do?
I didn't see her.
I'm so sorry.
Jack, calm down.
Ryan, call the emergency vet.
I can't believe
I did this, is she--
Jack, her heart is beating,
and she's not bleeding,
but she was unconscious for
a bit, and that's not good.
Jack, maybe we shouldn't
move her.
She could have
spinal injuries.
Well, we gotta get
to the vet now.
I can't lose her.
Well, I don't see
any broken bones.
My guess is
she has a concussion.
How long was
she knocked out?
A few seconds,
maybe a bit more.
No, it was--
it was more than that.
Probably 20 seconds.
Did she cry in pain
when she came to?
Not that we heard.
No, she did,
just a little bit, though.
But she's still tough.
Well, that's obvious.
I'd like to keep her overnight
just for observations,
just in case there's
some internal bleeding
I didn't detect.
That's a good girl.
Just lay down.
You're gonna have
to stay here tonight,
but we'll be back
first thing in the morning
to get you.
And I'm so, so sorry.
You're not ugly.
I was the one being ugly.
You're perfect.
Guys, look, I'm so--
Save it, Jack, okay?
I didn't want to stress out
Petunia back there,
but I have
nothing to say to you.
That kind of behavior
back at the shelter,
I-- I can't believe
you would do that.
That's unacceptable.
Ryan worked really hard
to clean up that back room,
and you ruined it
with your stupid temper.
Blair, I didn't mean--
We don't have time
for this.
We have to go back
and clean up all over again.
Come on, Ryan, let's go.
(door opens)
(door closes)
Hey, want me to give you
a ride home?
Come on.
Jack, you've done
enough work today,
and it's getting late anyway.
Come on in here and get
something to eat, okay?
Okay, I'm paying you
for today--
oh, 'cause if Art paid you,
it would be a violation
of professional protocol.
So you can thank me, okay?
I heard about what happened
with your mother today.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Should have known
she'd bail on me.
It's what she's always done.
Well, she's missing out
on the wonderful man
that I've watched you become
over these years,
and that's a shame.
Thanks for that.
But I worry I'm becoming
just like her.
I know you won't
be like that, son.
So just take the good memories
that you have of her
'cause someone has
greater plans for you.
I can feel it.
Jack, what is going on?
I thought all the acting up
and all the destruction
was all over with.
I guess not.
I'm sure I can't
go back there now.
Well, who says the shelter
won't take you back?
They worked so hard
to clean up that place...
and I just ruined it.
Look, Jack, just go over there
and apologize to them.
No way.
You heard Blair.
It's over.
It's done.
Jack, it's not for you
to decide.
Go over there
and apologize to her.
That's an official order.
Do you get it?
Blair... I'm so sorry.
From the very beginning,
I've just been a pain
to you guys,
and you've always
been so good to me.
You really
scared us tonight.
Promise me
no more outbursts.
If you need help,
we talk.
We don't demolish
things, got it?
You're not a pain, Jack,
at least not
most of the time.
It's been really great
having you here...
when you're not,
you know, destroying things.
And about
your birth parents--
you're not the one
who has the problem.
They do.
I didn't grow up in
the most stable home either.
You know, I-- I wasn't
a foster kid,
but I probably
should have been.
My mom passed away
when I was a kid,
and that's how I met Art.
Art was your probation
officer too?
Yeah, you got it.
He, uh, helped me
get a job here,
and eventually,
I started running the place.
I was able to channel
all of that bad energy
into helping
all the sweet animals here.
So, um, now
that the shelter's closing,
what are you gonna do?
Well, I mean,
we had a good run.
We helped a lot
of dogs.
You know, doing good
is a great thing, Jack.
It's good for you.
Remember that.
Yeah, I'm trying to.
Well, I mean, keep--
keep trying.
I mean, I keep trying.
You know, for someone
that had it really bad,
you turned out pretty good.
Maybe there's
hope for me yet.
Mm-hmm, that's the spirit.
Now, grab a box
and help me clean up
the mess you made.
So, um...
where is Ryan anyways?
Oh, I sent her home
to spend some time
with her family.
So, uh, she's still mad
at me, I guess?
Nah, I mean, if anything,
I think she's
really worried about you.
She really cares
about you, Jack...
which is why it hurts her
when you say mean things.
All right, come on,
help me clean up.
Who are you?
I'm Ryan. I work at the animal
shelter with Jack. Is he here?
Are you the hot sister?
I'm the not-hot sister.
The one who gets on
Jack's nerves.
Don't feel bad. I get on
Jack's nerves sometimes too.
Uh, Jack,
a girl's here for you.
And she sure is pretty.
Cute kids.
Good kids too.
So why are you here?
I was going to stop by
your place earlier.
I just wanted to see if
you wanted to come with me
to pick Petunia up.
And why would you do that?
I mean, I totally demolished
the back of the shelter
you worked so hard to clean.
Yeah, well, I got a text
from Blair this morning
saying that you came
back in last night to
help clean it all up.
And with how angry I've
been at my mom in the past,
I can't even imagine
the emotions you go
through with yours, Jack.
Yeah, but that still doesn't
excuse the things I did.
I'm so sorry, Ryan.
So, why were you going to
stop by my place then?
I mean, Hillary went to
see her dad, so she's gone.
I wasn't coming
to see Hillary.
I was going to go over
to give you this.
Merry Christmas.
It's nothing much.
Christmas was
a little tight this year.
No, Jack, this is
really sweet. Thank you.
Don't mention it.
But why did you get me
a gift? I mean...
Okay, it's just a silly
used book, Ryan..
No need to make a
big deal about it.
All right, fine. Should we
go get Petunia then?
You know, you don't give
yourself enough credit
as a writer.
Your stuff is
actually pretty good.
You went through my notebook
when you found it, didn't you?
Well, it fell open
with my hand--
What else was I
supposed to do?
Jack, I write those
stories for me.
Not for anyone else to see.
You love other people's
writing, don't you?
Maybe you shouldn't be
so selfish with your own.
You want to talk to me
about being selfish?
Okay. I'm working on it.
Yeah. I know.
Well, this place
is officially closed.
So what do we do
with Petunia now?
I guess I'll take her to the
city shelter before they close
and hope for the best.
How long do you think
she'll last?
Can we not talk
about that, please?
I hope at least
through Christmas.
It's not really our decision
to decide anymore, is it?
All right.
I'm gonna go.
Do you guys want to
hug her before we leave?
I just-- I can't do it.
You know, you're the first
real family I've ever had.
When we get in there,
we gotta be real quiet, okay?
Jack, is that you?
It's Christmas Eve.
You missed dinner
with the boys.
Jack, you're in
big trouble now.
You know you can't have
a dog here, right?
That's why we gotta be
super quiet about it.
Is he our Christmas present
from you, Jack?
No-- she has to spend
the night here tonight,
but then tomorrow,
she's gonna stay somewhere else.
But I already love her.
She's pretty.
In an ugly kind of way.
What's her name?
But I also like
to call her Tunie.
Hello, Tunie.
I'm Tony.
Be careful, because she just
got hit by a car yesterday.
She's a little fragile.
She isn't gonna die,
is she?
Of course not, Tony.
She's fine now.
Right, Jack?
Yep. But she
needs some rest.
And so do you guys. You've
got a big day tomorrow.
Christmas and new parents?
Get to bed, okay?
Merry Christmas,
you guys.
Merry Christmas, Jack.
Merry Christmas,
Miss Petunia.
Merry Christmas, Jack.
Merry Christmas, Miss Tunie.
And who is Petunia?
It's the boys'
last day here,
and you just bring
a stray dog into our house
without our rmission?
She didn't have
anywhere else to go.
And it's Christmas.
Jack, you know the rules.
No pets.
Where else was I
supposed to take her?
To the pound perhaps? That's
where stray dogs should go.
And then they'd kill her
within a day or two,
if not sooner.
That dog is not our problem.
But she is my problem.
The dog can't stay here, okay,
Jack? Absolutely not.
It has to go today.
She's not an it, Lou.
She's a she.
And if she goes,
then so do I.
Don't be ridiculous,
Jack. It's Christmas.
Just find a place for
the dog and then come
on back home, okay?
I can't. I won't.
If this can't be her home,
it can't be mine either.
I have to provide
for her now.
And when
the boys are gone,
she'll be the only
family I have left.
I know how stubborn you are,
Jack, but this is absurd.
You don't have to
worry about it, Lou.
You don't have to worry
about me anymore.
I'm gonna go, you guys.
And you're not in trouble.
I just came by to
give you these presents
I want you to have.
Go on. Open them.
Wow! Talkies!
Yep-- Now that you guys
are each going to
have your own room,
you're gonna need a way
to talk back and forth,
you know, when
it's past your bedtime,
just so your new folks don't
catch you sneaking around.
Thanks, Jack.
Yeah, thanks, Jack.
And I want you to know
that I'm going to visit
as much as possible.
We love you, Jack.
Yeah, we love you, Jack.
I love you guys too.
Brothers forever?
It's a salad tongy thing.
I saw you broke
the last one you had.
It's a sporty magazine.
I know you're into
that kind of stuff.
Jack. Please don't go.
It doesn't have to be
like this, Jack.
You guys are moving
in a couple weeks, right?
So I think it kind of does.
Anyways, I'll be back
to get my stuff later.
And Merry Christmas.
Take care.
I know I'm going to juvie.
And I'm okay with that.
I've been there.
I can survive.
Well, you would. But there's
something I need to tell you--
Wait, Art, please.
Just let me finish.
Anyway, I'll survive there.
Look, I need you
to take Tunie.
At least until I get
a place of my own.
Then I'll take her back.
If she goes to
the city shelter,
she won't survive.
I don't think
I can do that, Jack.
What I'm trying to say is,
I don't think
I can split you and that
ugly little dog apart.
You belong together.
So I'm asking you to come
home with me for Christmas.
Wait. But as my probation
officer, can you do that?
Isn't that
a violation of protocol?
Well, as of yesterday,
I am officially retired.
So I'm just a friend now.
You retired?
Mm-hmm. I am a free man.
Just like you.
If I go home with you,
what's in it for me?
Tina's pumpkin pie.
You drive
a hard bargain, Art.
But, uh, I think
I can suffer through it.
Sweetheart, are you sure
you're okay with all this?
Well, he does eat a lot.
Oh, honey, I'm okay with it.
You know I like Jack.
And the dog
is very well-behaved.
But it'll only be
for just a little while.
He can stay as long as
he needs to. They both can.
Look, we've taken in
nieces, nephews,
and friends of all sorts
over the years now.
I think I can handle it.
Besides, with the kids gone,
we have all this space.
And I like it better
when it's not so quiet
around the house anyway.
Well, with Jack around, I don't
think quiet will be an issue.
Don't I know it.
So, what's her name
Her name is Petunia.
Well, Miss Petunia,
welcome to the family.
So do you always
come here for Christmas?
Yep, been coming here
for years now.
Couldn't imagine being
anywhere else really.
And we couldn't think of having
Christmas without her.
Blair's like family
to us now.
Our kids think of her
as their little sister.
Where are your kids
Oh, they're having Christmas
lunch with their own families.
Pretty soon
they'll come running in.
Like an army
of hungry hooligans.
(doorbell ringing)
Ooh, Jack, would you
get that, please?
It could be them.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, Ryan.
Right back atcha, Jack.
And what's this?
Just a few of
my short stories.
All edited and cleaned up
for public viewing.
You have no idea how happy
I am to see you, girl!
You look so good.
Thank you, Jack. For her.
Children outside
making angels in the snow
Smiling happy faces
although it's four below
Soon they will be fireside
warming up their toes
Sipping on hot chocolate
and toasting marshmallows
There's love in the air
all the family is near
Christmas is
my favorite time of year
It's Christmas
Christmastime is here
It's Christmas
My favorite time of year
With joy to the world
With gifts for
all the boys and girls
It's Christmas
Christmas Christmas
Hey, Mom, so what's up
with the white boy
and that ugly dog?
Dad says they're
staying for a while?
Well, you know
how your dad is.
Wrapping up the presents
we put under the tree
Hiding all the others
you want no one to see
Counting down the hours
till Santa and his sleigh
Anxiously awaiting
a joyous Christmas day
There's love in the air
All the family is near
Christmas is my
favorite time of year
It's Christmas
Christmastime is here
It's Christmas
My favorite time of year
With joy to the world