12 Deaths of Christmas (2017)

During the 12 days before Christmas 1921...
missing children from the city of
Belgrave in the forest nearby.
They never heard of them again
and they were never found.
Except for a traumatized girl.
Her injuries were horrendous.
Her mind was gone.
She talked in riddles.
Before she died of her
catastrophic injuries...
one could only understand
her persistent shouting:
"The witch, the witch."
Just before Christmas,
in the winter of 1992...
children started to
disappear again.
This time it was five.
They were found in the same forest.
Their throat was cut.
Their bodies were left behind.
Some were buried.
The people of the village have never
processed these brutal attacks.
But they hoped that the perpetrator of these
terrible crimes, whoever or whatever...
had disappeared.
And the past 25 years...
they could live in peace.
Until now.
There are different ways,
rituals that we will study.
Who are you?
Do you have more sweets?
Guys, come on.
It is the last day before the holiday.
Do I have to read this aloud?
Do you find this funny, Kevin?
- Read for, teacher.
Please, do not.
Hi, sorry I'm disturbing.
Amy, your mother is there.
So you are free for the rest of the day.
Amy, wait a minute.
- Listen, I wanted to ask you...
whether you are my...
Want to be a girlfriend?
I have always found
you the perfect pair.
The two losers of the school.
Why do losers always like each other?
Do not say that.
- And what are you going to do about it, tough guy?
I do not want to fight you.
Leave her alone.
Guys, stop.
I really did not want to do this,
but you can both stay after.
Amy, go outside.
Your mother is waiting for you.
Come with me.
Mom, I've seen it.
I know, I'm sorry.
It was just...
I really stopped, promised.
You promised it.
- I know that.
And I keep my promises, okay?
So, you know that as always we
go to Grandpa at Christmas.
We're going to be two of us this year.
Daddy is not going.
He does not think he can come.
But it will be fun, because
we are cozy with three of us.
But why does Daddy not come?
He's just very busy
at the moment.
But we can go better...
because Grandpa is waiting for you.
Good, put your belt on.
Hello Grandpa.
Come on.
Drink this nicely.
Dad, exactly what I needed.
Take off your jacket.
She certainly did not take it well?
I have not told her yet.
How should I tell her that
just before Christmas...
her father tells me that he
spends with another woman?
Do you know that woman?
He used to teach her, apparently,
so who knows who she is.
You have to tell her.
- I know, Dad.
It's just hard.
I mean...
how did you do it?
When Mom left you, how
did you keep going?
Life was...
then very different.
That your mother took her
stuff and left that way...
actually made it...
easier for me to deal with.
I did not have to see where
she was going or with whom.
But is not it much worse
if you do not know?
That you just never know?
Wildon is not allowed to do
Amy what Mom did to me...
grow up with only one parent.
You were great porridge,
but you know what I mean.
I can only say that
I am there for you.
And I am always there for
you when you need me.
And you can stay here
as long as necessary.
Did you hear about that?
Heard it on the radio this morning.
Local boy is missing.
- Who would do something so terrible?
Amy, I really do not think
it's going to work out.
Your mother has made it quite
clear that I am not welcome.
She says she wants you to come.
She just does not dare to ask.
Whatever is going on, do
not let Christmas ruin it.
I just want to celebrate
Christmas with my father.
Wildon, come to bed.
- Who is that?
Okay, I'm coming.
I'll be there for dinner tomorrow.
Hey girl, why are you here?
I just wanted to be alone.
Why do not you come out? Maybe Santa
has already brought presents.
Santa Claus does not exist.
- How did these gifts end up here?
Come on.
What are you doing here?
I need to talk to you.
Vanessa, this is an old friend of mine.
Hi, do you feel like eating?
No, she can not stay.
It does not take long, this way.
Who is that woman?
- I have no idea.
Why are you back, Lesley?
You do not belong here anymore.
What we had is a thing of the past.
Do not be so dramatic, Alfie.
Perry Artwood is missing.
He is the fourth child that has disappeared.
- You know very well what this means.
Not so hard. This has nothing
to do with what happened.
Alfie, do not pretend
you do not know this.
We are both involved.
And it is time to
face our demons.
This is of course not your big present.
And I know you wanted a real cat.
But I just thought...
given everything that is going on between
me and your father at this moment...
that this might be a
good second choice.
But next year it will
be different, better.
And then you will get a
beautiful kitten, promised.
It does not matter.
I did not expect a real cat.
What I really wanted was
that porridge would be here.
I know.
She's back and whether
we like it or not...
we are in danger.
They are in danger.
The curse really exists.
- You imagine things.
It happened then.
It was during that Christmas.
Then it started and
now she is back.
And you can not
imagine her powers.
These children, Alfie.
These children are missing.
Molly is back, risen from the dead?
I know I have not seen you in a
while, but, Jesus, Lesley...
you really need help.
She cursed us, Alfie.
She promised that in the coming years
we would receive our earned wages.
And now it happens.
Come to church tomorrow.
Those who are still
left will be there.
We must put an end to
this once and for all.
Please go away, I do not want
to hear anything anymore.
I did not mean to disturb you, Alfie.
The priest said I had to come.
And tomorrow everything will fall into place.
Alfie, I'll stay here
until this is over.
And after that you will hear
nothing from me anymore.
Like we agreed.
Come here.
Where are you?
This is all your fault.
Nothing, really?
Nothing at all?
I will give you something to talk about.
Hey, give back.
Can not you join?
Did you hear that?
I think something is in it.
I think there is something in it.
Kevin, come over here.
Where is Kevin?
He's in it.
Teacher, do not go in there.
Dad, I thought you were already in bed.
I'm going like this.
Really, Dad?
It's just a nightcap,
not like before.
What was that about
today, with that woman?
I have never seen her before and
you went to your bedroom with her.
You're not messing
around with her?
Because I would be so happy
for you if that is the case.
It is not like that at all.
You have to give me a lift tomorrow.
Thank you all for coming.
It was so long ago.
I wish we did not see each other
under these circumstances.
Yesterday a child disappeared.
My brother Kevin, he was taken
away from the classroom.
The boys had to stay behind and
a woman disappeared with him.
It is her.
I tell you, she is.
She is back.
Molly does this again for
what you did to her.
Wait, stop.
Do we know this for sure?
Is she really?
It is impossible, she is dead.
She took my brother from the church.
I saw her dress.
It was a black robe.
Wait a second.
Sorry, but who is Molly?
A child murderer.
It was the winter of '92.
She killed the children from this village.
Our children.
And we did that ourselves.
I win.
- You played false.
Not true.
You could have recorded.
- Do not look at me like that, Amy.
Well, where is your grandfather?
Lock the door behind me and
stay in the car, okay?
I'll be right back.
These are possible observations
of her, as you can see.
And this woman stands up everywhere.
And she is that?
People have seen her near
their house in the forest.
They were worried about
possible kidnappings.
That's why they took a picture.
Frau Perchta was a witch...
who stole children's
souls during Christmas.
Frau Perchta?
You're certainly kidding me.
Lesley, Heidi, this is a myth.
This is just a sick copycat
who has seen too many films.
We thought Molly did those terrible
things with our children in 1992.
So we brought her to the forest...
and hung up her.
Sorry, but I had nothing to do with this.
- But your grandmother does.
You are descended from the same bloodline.
We have treated Molly wrongly.
She cursed us that day.
That, one day...
Frau Perchta would come
for us and our children.
This is a myth.
Molly was not some kind of witch
that evoked evil spirits.
You were there.
You heard how she pronounced
those words for her death.
She killed our children.
She received her earned wages.
I have to record this.
Yes, everything is going well here, Joe.
I just wanted to get Tilly to bed.
How long will it be?
I have plans.
You can come in and
join those jokers.
Take a pitchfork and a burning torch
with you, then you'll hear it.
See what myth you can add.
Maybe that of Krampus.
Go to sleep.
I am not tired.
So keep your mouth shut
and do not talk to me.
Excuse me?
- You do what I want, babysitter.
Otherwise I tell my grandfather and grandmother
that you locked me in the closet...
while you invited your boyfriend
to do naughty things.
You little bitch.
We pay you, so I would behave.
Well, do you want a
story before bedtime?
Fine, but not about Snow White
who is lost in the forest...
and live with a number of men.
We know what really happened to Witje.
How about this?
Have you ever heard of Frau Perchta?
Who is that?
Okay, this will be fun.
Frau Perchta was a witch.
She was brutally murdered
by savages in the forest.
In these forests.
Hundreds of years ago, during Christmas.
It is claimed that she
lives in the underworld.
And if you say her name three times
while looking in a mirror...
then she will get you.
Do keep up, girl.
That is Candyman.
Oh, so you do not believe me?
I have seen this before.
It is a kind of symbol, a pattern.
Where did I see it?
One of your students signed it.
Yes, you are right.
So do it.
O my God, you are afraid.
Is Tilly scared?
- I'm not afraid.
So do it.
I said three times.
Or can you sometimes not count?
You try to scare me.
That was done pretty cleverly.
Head close, pus.
The candle just went out.
Frau Perchta is a witch
who, during Christmas...
the souls of children stole.
Did you see that?
What was it?
Do not leave me alone.
- Hurry up.
Hide yourself.
I have no range.
This is all your fault.
I had to play that game from you.
- Stop it.
We have to take that phone.
But that is completely down.
I know, but we have to.
We have to leave here.
I can not do it alone.
You have to come with me.
No, I keep the guard and
wait for the witch.
Just go.
It will be fine.
But do not make too much noise.
Go now.
I have to stay here.
There is no one there.
Pick up.
I'll try again.
Come on.
And what now? Are we waiting to see
who was nice and who was naughty?
How do we stop her?
We know she is not a
fan of the church.
How do we know that?
- She took Perry outside.
And she loves darkness.
- The forest is the best place for her.
That is the best hiding place.
We killed her there.
Okay, I have to go.
It is Christmas Eve after all.
I can not stay here any longer.
Martha, be careful.
There are few of us.
And tomorrow is Christmas,
so she has little time.
That also applies to us.
We can not change the past...
so now we have to face
the consequences.
Taking matters into your own hands...
playing for God.
That's why all this happens.
She cursed us that day...
and now we have to endure everything.
- Do not say that.
Do not say that, there is still hope.
I know that for sure, we will
get our little ones back.
Are you following me?
Do not you have a house?
Sweet Child.
What are you doing?
I told you to lock the door.
Come on, we're going home.
We could not know what was
the result of our actions.
You're a good man, Alfie.
I have always loved you.
It was not easy for
me to just leave.
You could not stay with us,
we could not trust you.
Vanessa is also a part
of me, you know that.
You are not the only one who had grief.
I assume I saw my
granddaughter yesterday.
You are not part of my
family, nothing has changed.
Go back to where you came
from when this is over.
I'm afraid, Alfie.
I'm so scared that we can
not survive tonight.
Or Christmas.
She will come after us.
And our daughter.
Meet me here tomorrow morning.
Stay safe.
I see you tomorrow.
I am so sorry.
What is that?
O my God, I think that's blood.
Go inside, Amy.
What is that, Dad?
- We have to clean it.
Good dad, you have to
tell me what's going on.
Because I just talked
to Joe at the church...
and he was talking about myths.
What were you doing in there?
You hide something for me, Dad.
What is it?
Tell me.
You do not have to be afraid
of me, you know that.
Just tell me.
It was...
twenty-five years ago.
During Christmas.
Molly Fletcher was a...
woman who lived in the village.
She was known for being...
It was said that her daughter...
behind a cat went into the forest...
and she was never seen again.
During that Christmas, several
children disappeared.
A total of five children
disappeared from the village.
Children's bodies were
found in the forest.
I still worked at the station.
There were stories, rumors
circulating about Molly.
It was said that she was the killer.
Is that your cat?
She had taken the children,
she killed them...
and used their blood for a
weird ceremony, a sacrifice.
Do you want to hear this?
- I do not have a choice, do I?
You do not have to be afraid of me.
You do not have to fight me.
I protect unwanted
children who are at risk.
I am not in danger.
Soon no more.
Can I pet him?
We came together one night.
We're going to hang you up,
that's going to happen.
You are making a big mistake.
Evil is among you.
Your black Christmas
will come back for you.
I call on Frau Perchta.
Frau Perchta, are you there?
Be present at this moment.
She cursed all those present.
Dirty child killer.
Burn in hell.
She said that Frau Perchta,
the witch of Christmas...
You get what you deserve.
She would take our children away from us.
She would come to get us
for what we had done...
with her.
Who was that?
We watched...
We watched as she died
through the noose.
You think this...
Frau Perchta is actually here?
You think...
that she has returned for the
children of those involved?
But Dad, how were you involved?
You only have one child.
I mean, I am an only child.
Amy, you have to be more careful.
That could be the woman who took Kevin.
They have not found him yet.
Do not worry, I've seen her before.
She is a nice woman.
Listen, if she wanted to hurt
me, she could have done that.
But she did not.
She is a nice woman.
I have to get more water.
- Amy, wait.
I took this for you.
But I have nothing for you.
- That does not matter, I did not expect anything.
Do you want this one?
It is not the best gift,
but I do not have more.
Do you want to come in?
My aunt will worry, I
have to go back again.
Do not celebrate Christmas with your parents?
- I liked that.
They are gone again.
But I have seen you in any case.
Callum, I was badly injured.
You can not just walk away.
Come with me.
Say goodbye to Amy.
Take care, Amy.
Where is your mom?
Come in. You can stay here
until your mom is back.
I am an only child.
You had a sister.
She was three years older than you.
She was six when she went missing.
We did not tell you
anything because we...
not being able to relive
that part of our lives.
And what did you have to know?
I do not know what to say, Dad.
Did Mom leave?
It was...
for both of us a very
difficult period.
Damn, Dad, seriously.
What are you saying?
I'll be looking at you again
tomorrow morning, okay? Sleep tight.
And do not make a sound. When my
mother sees you, she throws you out.
Callum, be careful.
Are you okay?
- Awesome.
What is it?
- I have a flat tire.
Then push it. Maybe you'll
get a new one from Santa.
Let's go, Callum.
I'm very cold.
Then turn it around.
That helps, right?
What is that?
Who did this?
Let someone help us, please.
Please, no.
Stay with me.
Someone, help.
Amy, what are you doing?
This is for Santa.
And the roots for Rudolph?
- We have no roots anymore.
You mean so much to me, you know that?
I love you mom.
- I also belong to you, honey.
Sleep tight.
Dad, what are you doing?
You have to give me a lift again.
But we really have to talk, Dad.
- I have to go back to church.
Please, Vanessa.
Good, fine.
You came.
- I hope you do not mind...
but I took someone.
You do not mean this.
It's Christmas.
I did not know he would take her...
but can we just keep it fun?
For me?
I think I have to surrender.
I thought you knew.
- Of course I did not know.
Look, Amy did this
behind my back...
but we will have to behave.
For Amy and because it is Christmas.
But you should not have taken her with you.
I mean...
- Ness, are you ready?
Where are you going?
We are just there.
I'll be back in an hour.
Amy, shall we open your presents?
I also have one for you.
Oh, that did not matter.
It is too precious, I do
not think you like it.
I also have to leave.
This is amazing.
We could have just stayed home.
Dad, what's wrong?
Are you coming with me?
I need you.
Yes of course.
She was right.
They all disappeared.
I am the only one left.
Amy, please come out.
I'll be right there.
I came here for you, Amy.
Can not we just celebrate
Christmas together, as a family?
She is hiding from me.
What is this?
Are you trying to protect
yourself from vampires?
Are we going to start eating like this?
- Yes, that's a good idea.
If they are back then, we can
really celebrate Christmas.
Where is she?
She should be here.
Dad, is she my mother?
We have to go.
Just in time.
The food is almost ready.
Looks pretty cold, Debs.
Is it overcooked?
Where are you?
So, Vanessa, what are you doing exactly?
Wildon told you that you are a nurse.
Is that right?
I am a district nurse.
That must be very satisfying work.
I go to people and I
take care of them.
And Debbie, what are you doing?
I am going to start my own hair salon.
There is still nothing fixed...
but I have looked at a room.
He is a bit scary.
Why are you here?
- Please, it's Christmas.
No, seriously, why are you here?
I do not understand.
Because you left for
her two months ago?
This waste of oxygen,
this wannabe?
Are you trying to rub me in
sometimes, Wildon? Is that it?
Well done then.
It really works.
You invited us.
- No, I did not do that.
Why can not you just be nice?
It is not only your
Christmas, but also mine.
And I just want my family back.
Nice to meet you.
Wildon, I'll see you in the car.
- No, go on.
And take that filthy turkey,
chicken, whatever it is, with you.
Go away.
- Amy, just open the door.
Amy, open up.
I'm so sorry, please.
I did not want to leave you.
Then why did you do it?
Were you afraid of growing old?
Did you exchange me for a
younger, more beautiful version?
Why did you take her, Wildon?
With your matching sweaters.
Did you just want to rub it in?
Like a crust you just
pull off and show...
what your new life
is and the new you.
It is sick.
I've ruined everything.
For you, for Amy.
Yes, you can say that.
Can you please just go?
Crazy crazy.
She never left you, did she?
Or do you, Dad?
And what is this, damn it?
Were you a policeman?
What did you say about the past?
Did you drink?
Because you're a big liar?
And is that Lesley my mother?
Just tell me, Dad.
I can no longer handle those lies.
Come on, help me.
- Call a doctor.
She's here.
- Dad, what the hell is going on?
I have no range.
- Do not worry, she can not go inside.
Frau Perchta is back.
- Debbie, look at me.
Who is that?
- Stay damn calm.
Stay with me, everything will be fine.
- We have to stay here.
Keep breathing, we'll get out of here.
- We have to stay here.
I know, but we can
not stay here, Dad.
Come here.
You are the best cat ever.
Why did you leave?
Amy, no.
- Amy, come back.
Come on in.
Pick up, the lights stop the witch.
Keep them close to you.
Listen to me.
I am not going to lose my
family, do you understand me?
Everything is fine, just stay with me.
We'll get you out of here and
then everything will be fine.
Debbie is fine.
Come here.
I'm sorry, Ness. I could not tell
you who your mother really was.
It was too dangerous for you.
And for Amy.
She did not want to leave me...
but I had to protect you.
I protected you from her.
Dad, I do not understand what you're talking about.
I do not understand.
I do not understand what you're saying.
But I have to go.
I have to go, Dad.
I have to protect Amy.
I love you, Dad.
It looks bad.
- Leave it.
I have always loved you.
I love you.
It was just too much for me.
Between us and Amy was...
- I know.
- It's okay.
I love you.
And if we get out of here...
Are we going to get out of here?
We're going to get out of here.
Are you sure?
We have to get out of here.
I take care of that.
You and me and Amy.
We all three.
I love you.
I also from you.
I become the best husband ever.
You better.
Promise it.
- I promise.
You can not leave me again.
- I promise.
I'm going to find Amy.
I love you.
- I also belong to you.
I am your man, right?
Wait here.
Dad, behind you.
You killed my daddy.
Stay away from me.
Leave her alone, witch.
Amy, come here.
Amy, come on.
Here, Amy.
It will be all right.
- I'm afraid.
I know that, honey.
I know that.
But it's all right,
because your mom is here.
Mamma is with you.
I promise.
You know that.
- It's all my fault.
It is my fault, I should
not have opened the door.
It is my fault that Daddy is dead.
Never say that to me again.
Your daddy loved you so much.
He thought you were the most beautiful in the world.
Please never say that to me again.
I promise you, honey, okay?
Stay there.
What did she do to you?
Where is she?
It will be fine with you.
I can not get rid of you,
I've already lost Dad.
It will be okay.
Keep looking at me.
Do not leave me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
You can not leave me alone.
Stay away from me.
Do not hurt me please.
I'm just protecting you, child.
I do not understand.
I will show you that you do
not have to be afraid of me.
It was Molly Fletcher.
She killed them all.
Even her own daughter, I saw it myself.
She does black magic in the forest.
- She uses the blood for her spells.
There she is.
What have you done?
I had to keep your secret.
I had to protect you.
I love you.
They would have known otherwise.
I had to take one of us away.
She took them from us.
She took them all away from us.
Alfie, we have to go.
- We can not leave them.
There is nothing left of them.
Get in the car.
Alfie, she's coming for us.
Do not come near me.
Stay away from me.
- Amy, we have to go.
I know what you did.
What you have done.
- You know nothing.
You killed all those children.
And you helped.
- Amy, you do not understand.
You killed Mamma's sister.
- Come on.
He is coming.
This is your home now.