0.5mm (2014)

Let's do it again.
Open wide.
Very good. That's right...
I'll put your knees up.
Up we go.
You can help, too.
Put your right hand on the rail.
Don't let go.
Open your eyes.
I'll roll you to your right.
Put your feet down.
Can you sit up by yourself?
1,2 and 3.
Other hand on the rail.
Now stand up.
Can you do that?
1, 2, 3!
Are you OK?
I'll roll this up a bit.
Have you done a pooh?
Here we go.
I'm lowering your pants.
Oh, maybe you have.
I'm taking off the diaper.
Hold on, don't let go.
I guess you have.
I'll change you now.
Lift your foot up.
Excuse me.
It's a urinal now.
That was your favorite glass, Sawa!
There's no warning.
Once I had to catch it all
with my skirt like this.
It was my favorite skirt.
It's better to dress casual.
It's a sign that he's alive.
Oh, hi, Makoto.
Hi, Honey.
Can I have a word with you?
I have a favor to ask.
Can you stay over
one night next week?
OK...but it's not
covered by the plan.
Of course.
And, uh...
Preferably earlier in the week.
I see. I'll check my schedule.
We'll talk later.
You see...
There's something Dad
really wants before he dies.
He cries for it at night
and keeps me awake.
He knows his time's up.
He's in and out of consciousness.
He can be lucid or delirious.
It's like his soul is coming and
going from his body.
I can't do it for him.
But I want to satisfy his last wish.
I know his time is up.
Can you sleep with him?
I want you to sleep with my father.
I mean,
I want you to sleep with him
in the same bed.
And have sex?
Oh, no!
He misses his mommy's breasts.
Old people are like babies.
Please sleep with him.
Just one time.
Does it have to be me?
This is the last favor I'll ask.
I'll pay you well.
Don't worry, he's accid.
Don't tell my agency.
Or I will be fired.
- Hello.
- Come in.
You're visiting in your private time,
so let's disregard the rules
and eat together.
I'll be back soon.
Thank you for this.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
I'll do the dishes.
Never mind.
You're our guest.
Go upstairs and turn the heater on.
The bed's ready.
Thanks for the meal.
Help me lift him.
I told you to stay away
from here!
Help me lift him.
Sawa is visiting us.
She'll sleep with you.
Get a firm grip.
One step at a time.
You want a break?
3 more steps.
Open his mouth.
Open wide.
I'm pouring it in.
Come here.
Can you wear this for him tonight?
Mom left this for me.
Dad loves it so I used to wear it.
Take this off.
This, too.
It's a pretty color.
It used to be white.
It was stained so I dyed it.
Isn't it pretty?
You look lovely.
You can have a
good night's sleep, Yukiko.
I'll make sure
everything's OK.
OK, I'll excuse myself.
I appreciate this.
Good night.
Excuse me.
Everything is OK.
Sorry, Are you okay?
0.5 mm
It's soba noodle country.
Didn't you say your hometown's
in Nagano?
That's what she said.
Oh, soba. Right.
I'm hungry.
It's a shame you got fired.
And you got kicked out of the dorm.
What will you do?
These are hers.
Your coat and bag
were found on the first oor.
"Kochi Police, East Precinct"
Take your money please.
Come again.
My 500,000 yen!
- Can I sleep here?
- This is not a hotel, Sir.
Oh, really.
How much do I pay?
The basic price is
310 yen per 30 minutes.
620 for 1 hour.
1580 for the all-you-can-sing package.
- For 1 hour...
- It's 620 yen.
- What's this 420 an hour?
- It's for students.
- Can I sleep here?
- As I said...
It's a karaoke venue, not a hotel.
OK. How much is it?
310 yen for 30 minutes.
620 for 1 hour.
Can I sleep here?
You can't sleep at
karaoke venues.
If I'm short of cash
the police will lend me some.
You're not very smart.
Sorry, did you have to wait long?
- A room for 2, all night.
- You're with him?
- All-you-can-sing starts at...
- What's our room?
- Leave the key here on your way out.
- OK.
We have a Free first drink
Great, thank you.
What's going on?
- Tell me what's going on.
- Go on.
- Down the hall.
- Tell me!
Don't push.
This is it.
Watch your step.
- Go on in.
- Wait...
- To the back of the room.
- Who are you?
Wait a minute!
- Sit down.
- Don't push!
That was close.
I saved you from getting
ripped off.
What are you, a hooker?
A hooker! I'm not a hooker.
Do I look like one?
It beats me!
- Why are you alone?
- Mind your own business.
- Want a drink?
- What is this?
A pitcher of beer, please.
How about you?
- Shochu.
- Potato or wheat?
- Wheat.
- What with?
Oh...hot water.
Wheat shochu with hot water.
Shrimp fried rice and...
fried chicken and potatoes
on the side.
Wait a minute...
The free drink sounds
like a scam.
- Don't worry.
- Let's leave.
They prefer to serve couples.
Oh, really?
Yes, and I'm with you.
- Are you sure?
- It's OK.
You sure?
You surprised me!
Sawa is my name.
I'm Yasuo.
- Yasuo, nice to see you.
- Me, too.
Go, Yasu!
Thanks, Yasuo. I had a good time.
I had fun, too.
Are you by yourself?
That'd be good but no.
I lost my wife and
now I'm with my son's family.
Every day they argue about who'll
inherit my money!
- It's noisy and unbearable.
- I see.
So I left home with the intention
of using up all my money.
- Wasn't it a funny place!
- Sure was.
Sawa. Thank you so much.
Thank you.
See you again.
See you.
Come and be my caregiver
when I'm dying.
So long.
- Bye.
- Take care.
See You again.
Thank you.
Thank you and goodbye.
Oh, Sawa. Come here.
Turn around.
Thank you.
So long.
Thank you. Thank you.
- Take care.
- I will.
1, 2, 3, 4.
1, 2, 3, 4.
1, 2...
One, one...
You idiot!
There were 10 yesterday!
6 trees have gone!
You thought I wouldn't notice?
Oh, you idiot!
What's the world coming to?
They make old men collect trash!
Let's go home, kids.
Were you cold?
Oops, I'm terribly sorry!
Damn it, you wait and see.
You won't beat me!
One step, two steps,
over the hill we go
Walking is
good for your health
Oh, you're sexy.
And you're white.
What good friends you make.
Hello, sir.
That's my table.
- The usual.
- OK.
3, 4, 5...
6, 7, 8...
Good day.
Stuck-up bitch!
How dare she ignore me
when I greet her!
You pedal along humming
on that huge butt of yours!
Bet you and hubby were at it
last night.
Your tires are all pumped up with air.
Bet your hubby pumped you up too.
There's nothing to worry about.
Am you sure?
I'll finish off that hag first.
You're next.
You idiot.
Don't underestimate me.
I got you, too!
What are you up to, Old man?
It's OK. Why don't you
put that down.
What are you talking about?
Watch it!
Be quiet or the oops will come.
I won't talk.
This is my bike.
I saw that lady leave it here.
OK, I'm sorry. I admit it.
Wait! You should apologize to her,
not me.
Leave me alone!
- This way.
- Let go!
It'll be OK.
- Let go!
- Come on.
Let go! My leg hurts!
- Are you OK?
- Fine, thank you.
My leg hurts!
You'll be fine. Don't worry.
It hurts! Ouch, it really hurts!
Everything's fine.
That lady'll hear you.
I'll tell her.
- Don't. I'll do anything.
- It's all good.
OK now...
- Hold this for me.
- This?
Ouch, ouch...
- Hi.
- I'll have these.
208 yen.
Thank you.
That's 406 yen please.
406 yen.
Out of 1000 yen.
Let me go please!
No way. You're going nowhere.
Let go!
I'll tell the police.
I happen to know that lady
very well.
I'm a local so everyone will
help me arrest you.
I've done nothing bad!
You have!
- I haven't.
- You have!
I haven't! I was fixing it!
- OK. Let's go.
- Go away!
Don't touch me!
Leave me alone!
Come on.
Don't touch me, kid!
- Let's go to your place.
- What for?
I forgot where I live!
Let my hand go!
You only have instant noodles.
Want some?
None for me.
...and now for the weather.
A low pressure system
is moving in.
Rain's expected in the evening.
Don't forget your umbrellas.
In the daytime
there'll be occasional rain
across the region.
With a 40 to 50% chance
of rain.
Help yourself.
The highest temperature
will be like yesterday,
higher than usual.
Tomorrow it'll be sunny.
Great, it'll be sunny tomorrow.
- Where are you off to?
- Work but what's it to you?
Hello, Saito!
Mr. Ishiguro, you look younger.
Well, thank you!
That bolo tie is classy.
Oh, this? I bought it
with profits from the venture.
Great. That's what I want to
hear about.
I ordered coffee for you.
Is that OK?
Oh, yes. I love it.
How about we get straight down
to business.
I sneaked the classified brochure
out of the office.
It's simple. You give me a small
sum and it returns 2-fold.
It's an investment.
The thing about this venture is,
you can't lose.
How's that?
Because it's a special deal.
It's not an offer we usually make.
But I can trust you, Mr. Ishiguro.
I trust you too, Saito.
You are right to trust me.
Sorry to be nosy but
weren't you a car mechanic?
I guess you worked hard but
couldn't save much.
Can you live off your pension
and savings?
I've saved up a lot.
I was quite careful.
I didn't want to be a burden
to my kids.
I want to take care of myself
up 'til the end.
I see.
I'll show you how it works.
See this right here.
We're offering membership with no
Members have exclusive access to
the Supreme rate rebate.
And this is incredible.
We have a dedicated server.
We use the world's fastest computer
for the job!
So you can't lose money.
Another feature...
That's fine. I understood everything.
Very good!
Now, this is very important.
What bank do you use?
My moneys not in a bank.
Banks can't be trusted!
I'm no fool.
A man must always
take care of himself.
You're the man, Mr. Ishiguro.
In my case, my lack of savings
made my future uncertain.
But that changed when
I tripled my money in this venture.
How much have you saved?
I don't want to talk about that here!
One million?
10 million!
You should start with a small sum.
Although the more you invest,
the better the return.
But I don't think you're
quite ready yet.
I am! I'll show you
what kind of man I am!
Deposit 10 million to this account
by the end of the month.
Your days as a pensioner are over!
Next month
you'll begin a new life.
Thanks for the meal!
You, con artist!
Let's get some groceries.
No, thank you!
Why don't you just go home?
I have no home.
That's your problem.
I don't want you following me around.
I'll go then but I'm telling
the police.
Go ahead!
OK, I will.
Thanks for the meal, goodbye!
Oh, one thing.
If you're arrested
you might lose Mr. Saito's trust.
Dinner's almost ready!
Why don't you get the sake
from the kitchen?
Good morning.
It's a beautiful morning.
By the way,
do you have any interests?
I bought running shoes and
took up running.
Very wholesome.
I've only run once.
Does that count?
I will run from now on.
Are those your bikes outside?
Hey! Are those bikes yours?
Of course.
Come with me.
What are you doing?
This has got a woman's name on it.
That's my name.
Are you Yoshiko?
"Yoshiko Taguchi"
We'll return them to their owners.
Here goes.
"I'm very sorry."
Come on!
Ready. Now ring the doorbell.
Who is it?
I'm from the bike shop!
What's your name, Old man?
What's yours?
I only have one bed
but you can sleep with me.
Thank you.
We can bathe together.
No, thank you.
Good morning.
1, 2, 3, 4.
1, 2, 3, 4.
I don't think you can trust
that Saito.
You can't trust that Mr. Saito.
What proof do you have?
You're a hobo!
Hobos aren't trustworthy either.
He's a con man.
How can you say that without
knowing him!
He's a good man.
He listens and replies thoughtfully.
He's a friend.
Why do you say that?
He just is.
I don't need a reason.
He is my friend, that's all.
He's a good man.
He takes the time to listen.
Other people just ignore me!
My daughter and her husband
don't care about me.
But Saito is so kind to me.
I appreciate that.
He's like a blood brother.
Show me his business card.
He was talking about investments.
Let's check the company he works for.
I don't have his card.
Trust comes before a business card.
- Give me the brochure. I'll call him.
- Don't!
Don't call him!
Saito is busy!
Don't! Please don't...!
I won't mention you.
A phone call won't
break your trust.
Let go!
Hello, it's about
one of your employees.
What's his full name?
Saito what?
Sueo Saito.
I invested 10 million yen
with Sueo Saito last month.
But the returns haven't been
put in my bank yet.
I can't reach Mr. Saito either.
His number seems to have
been cancelled.
May I speak with your president?
Stop that!
- Calm down.
- Don't you dare!
Hello? What?
You're an investment firm, aren't you?
You said Saito was there
a minute ago!
I'll talk to my lawyer!
I knew it, that asshole!
Oh, be quiet. What can I do?
Be quiet.
- Give his 10 million back!
- Oh, be quiet!
He can't give it back!
I haven't paid it yet!
I knew it!
You know nothing!
This is a yakuza scam. Accept it!
He told me to read the terms
of the contract!
They're scamming poor old people!
He said that Saito
didn't work there.
He does.
I saw him.
You saw him, too.
I did.
There you go.
We had coffee at the family diner.
He was there. He exists.
I don't care about the money.
I don't care if it's a scam.
I just want Saito to be
my friend.
A friend won't steal your money.
I can be your friend.
How's that?
You're too melodramatic.
Sawa, come over here.
Red is the color of blood.
Red is the color of life.
Sawa, close your eyes.
Can you see that red spot?
It's red because we're alive.
She has been my treasure
for 40 years.
I used to be a car mechanic.
I've been taking care of her
since the day I bought her new.
So she's still good as new.
She's alive and kicking!
It's called the
Isuzu 117 Coupe.
The last of the 117 Coupes.
Look inside. She's beautiful!
You can tell your friends
that you saw a 117 Coupe.
She's beautiful!
You pretty thing. She's so shiny!
So shiny...
Don't touch her, you'll scratch her!
You're scratching her! Stop!
People who don't know cars
are the scariest!
How about a spin one day?
Who are you? His daughter?
I'm his wife.
His wife.
I want you to leave and
never return.
He's a car mechanic with no education.
Why did you marry him?
Mr. Saito, forget the deal
with the 10 million.
I'm managing his finances.
Oh! I guess you married him
for the money.
- Tell me...
- Hands off!
They say old men get hypertension
from a boner.
I bet you moan when you ride
that boner!
Oh, yes!
I remember now! You first met
Shigeru at a public bath.
Your cock is
the size of a thumb!
You have no idea what kind of people
I'm associated with.
I'll sell you limbless!
Tell Ishiguro.
Nobody will care
if a pathetic old man died.
Can't you see I do care?
Are you blind, you asshole!
I've called the police!
Don't mess with me, bastards!
I peed in my pants...
It's OK.
You'll be OK because I'm here.
It's OK, I'm right here.
I'm going home.
I'm going to where I belong.
This is goodbye.
You have to leave tomorrow.
I haven't had that drive.
Where's your family?
I don't have anyone.
You're all alone...
Where does your daughter live?
Is it far?
About a 2-hour drive.
Maybe I'll buy her a present.
I'm feeling nervous.
Never mind presents.
Open the glove compartment.
Take that out.
It has 10 million inside.
You'll be my bank manager.
How's that for an offer?
How come you don't look happy?
Look inside.
I told you.
It took me decades to save that.
I'm happy to be your bank manager.
It's in capable hands.
How do you do? I'm Sato,
the Director of the Home.
I'm Sawa Yamagishi.
Come on in.
Come on.
He called us last week.
His daughter also informed us.
All necessary arrangements
have been taken care of.
Take my car.
You can have my treasure.
Look at my huge house!
Let's say goodbye. Drop in any time.
We have a jacuzzi!
Get in.
Sawa, thank you so much.
I can wear a uniform for you.
So why don't you forget that book.
I said I'd wear a uniform for you.
I returned it.
You intended to steal it
so I'm calling the police.
I have a reputation in this town.
I wouldn't steal a book like that.
I wouldn't commit an act of theft.
You can't do anything
with no evidence.
How about an apology?
You're not behaving like
a good citizen.
You just imagined it all.
You saw nothing.
You have no proof.
So I have no reason to apologize.
Do you think I'm a clerk
or an undercover cop?
I'm not with
the bookshop or the law.
It's just my...
personal interest.
Not so fast.
Watch out for people
with personal interests.
You can leave me and go home.
Get ready to be called a dirty old man
by the neighbors.
Think it over.
Take me to your home.
I'll wear a school uniform.
- A full tank of high octane.
- OK.
Can I have the keys?
Thank you.
Dirty old man.
Put the bag in the back.
Don't touch it!
It contains important documents.
Dirty old man.
Listen, I am not a dirty old man.
I'm a teacher and I still teach.
That explains the uniform fetish!
Hello sir, did you have a good day?
She's my student.
I'm Sawa Yamagishi.
Excuse me.
I'm Hamada, his carer.
So you attended his lecture today?
How was his lecture
after all those years?
Imagine still
teaching at his age.
I've never heard of anybody
doing that!
So did you...
Ms. Hamada. Stop chattering and get
on with your work.
You're wasting time.
I'll put this upstairs.
It has important documents in it.
Tell me if you are cold.
I'm wiping under your arms.
Look at her, sir!
She's more experienced
than I am!
You taught her well, sir.
Wiping her back on my own
is an ordeal.
What's this? Why are you
helping her?
Sir, have you forgotten that
I majored in healthcare?
She can work here the 3 days
that I'm off.
3 days a week!
You've done well.
It's a credit to your teaching skills.
When he was at the mall earlier...
Ms. Sawa.
Yes, sir?
You can start tomorrow.
Hamada told me not to turn on
the gas.
It's OK.
You can't live on fast food.
It's not out of choice.
I have to make do with
what's in the fridge.
But I'll buy groceries tomorrow.
Go ahead and have a bath.
You have no shame, do you?
Young lady, we have to
sort out this confusion.
You said you'd take care of Shizue
3 days a week.
What do you really want?
I only said 3 days because I didn't
want to offend Ms. Hamada.
In fact I can do it everyday as
I'm living here.
The very idea of you living here
and taking care of my wife
is a joke!
Get out of here now!
By the way, what's your name?
It's Yoshio Makabe.
Yoshio Makabe, Yoshio Makabe...
Yoshio, Yoshio...
Yoshio Makabe.
Attention, everyone!
Mr. Yoshio Makabe
who lives in this house
went to the mall to steal
an obscene photography book!
Stop it.
You told me to leave!
I can do as I please!
Mr. Yoshio Makabe stole...!
OK. I'll let you stay.
You'll let me!
As your carer
I deserve more gratitude!
Oh, I'm very sorry.
Stay with us...
I beg of you.
The witch.
The carer from hell.
Let's eat.
I used the food meant
for your wife's meals
so I'll need money to buy groceries
How much?
1000 yen will do.
I'll cook for you from now on
so I'll need an allowance.
I'll tell Ms. Hamada so.
Thank you.
When Hamada is here, I think we
should bathe Shizue.
Very well.
You can do what you like
but I'm busy.
When Hamada's here,
I'm out all day.
I'll leave it to you.
Rough roads
teach you more.
Obscure roads
give you clarity.
Punishing roads
expose life for what it is.
Nothing in life is wasted.
Rough roads
teach you more.
Obscure roads
give you clarity.
Punishing roads
expose life for what it is.
Nothing in life is wasted.
Excuse me.
Can I hear the rest tomorrow?
Good morning, Mr. Makabe!
Oh, the woman...why is she still here?
I have a name, it's Sawa!
Be quiet and get out!
I'm going to change.
I made breakfast.
Call me when you're ready.
A fountain's outside the gate
And an old linden tree
Under its shady branches
My dreams were sweet and free
I carved in its old bark
Mr. Makabe, would you like to
come to the supermarket?
No, thank you.
If you came I could know
your preferences.
Can you cook anything?
Yes, whatever you like.
Don't give me that goofy smile.
We're walking to the shop.
I won't be driving.
Excuse me.
I can do it myself.
Let go!
Oh, ouch, ouch...
Are you OK? Where does it hurt?
I'm OK...oh, it hurts.
Maybe you should go back to bed.
No, thank you!
If it hurts
you'd better stay home.
That's enough!
My hand hurts not my legs!
I can walk.
Mustard greens.
Mustard greens. "S."
- "S"?
- Yes.
Squash, "H."
Honeydew melon.
- "N"?
- Yes.
We're not buying whatever
you feel like eating.
It's my money.
Where are you from?
From the left.
Are you patronizing me?
I didn't come from
above or below.
Not to the right
but to the left.
How old are you?
I'm much younger than you.
You're a mysterious character.
I'm also younger than Ms. Hamada.
How did you explain your presence
to Hamada?
I'm your student
so I know you both well.
After studying I worked 5 years
as a carer.
When you had to
take care of your wife
I offered to work in exchange
for board.
I begged you to let me help.
That I understood.
But what's your motivation?
I want to know what's behind it
I mean your fictional motivation.
I said that I had a crush on you
at school.
So I felt I had to be
by your side
and help you take care of the
love of your life.
Only then could I redeem myself.
And what did Hamada say?
She asked me,
"How is he in bed?"
I said you were too worn out
to keep me company.
She fell silent.
She's probably imagining
a big drama about me
going after your money.
Don't worry. I'll get along with her.
Let me press your bowel point.
Oh, ouch! Hey!
Come on!
What's that about?
You can chat but
work comes first!
I'm sun drying jack mackerels.
I'll leave them salted
for 10 minutes.
What's this?
It's vegetable soup.
When will I be able to eat these?
First they have to be marinated
for 2 hours.
Maybe for lunch then?
More like dinner.
They have to be dried for 3 hours.
After observing the process
for so long...
I still have to wait.
Don't just observe,
help me.
I will.
Turn them over please!
Oh, Mr. Makabe!
You're not lecturing today?
You never stay home
when I'm here.
Sawa's a very good cook,
isn't she?
No processed food for her!
You'd fall for a student
like her, right?
She's a much better cook than you.
Is there a colander?
Check in the storage out the back.
Say, Sawa.
Why don't we eat there?
In the living room like we used to.
As the day breaks
we look to the sun
in gratitude for the evening.
As the sun sets
we look to the moon
in gratitude for the day.
I'm an Etajima graduate.
The naval academy.
I hope you live with pride, too.
Aye, sir.
No, that's an army salute.
Like this!
Good. That's the navy way.
I'll guard the station.
You can do other things, Sawa.
We don't want the cats to take them.
Aye, sir! Thank you.
How about a drink tonight?
Hamada says that alcohol
is bad for my health.
So I haven't had any.
A little bit ls actually
good for you.
I found some plums pickled by Shizue.
I also found some miso bean paste
she made.
You're a strange woman.
It's not constructive being with
an old man.
"Not constructive?"
Find a man to marry and
make kids while you can.
That's what women do.
I have no future in that way.
How's that?
I'm not a woman
in that sense.
That's nonsense.
Hey, you there.
We're going to see a movie.
"Kochi Kinema
An Adolescent Now Showing"
Is this the street
Where we walked once?
Oh, yes, it is
The acacia trees ower
Like they did before
Is that the hill
That we saw before?
Oh, yes, it is
See, up there?
The white clock tower
Is this the street
Where we walked once?
Oh, yes, it is
We were with Mother
In a horse-drawn carnage
Mr. Makabe!
Can I buy some nail polish for Shizue?
I think she liked cherry pink.
Mr. Makabe.
I have to give a lecture today.
Take your lunch.
Have a nice day!
Shizue! Why don't you
sit in the wheelchair?
Since I arrived here,
Ms. Hamada and I
get Shizue to sit in the bed
and in the wheelchair.
You have makeup on, don't you?
Can you help me?
Let's sit in the wheelchair.
Mr. Makabe, I want you to...
take her feet off the bed slowly.
I'll hold onto your waist.
Excuse me.
Just a moment.
I'll support you from behind.
Sit up, 1 and 2.
Can you take it gently.
I'll slide her forward.
Try not to pull her.
Mr. Makabe, come here please.
You'll be supporting Shizue.
Shizue, can you hug him?
Hang onto him.
Good. We'll stand up on cue.
1, 2, 3!
Hold on tight, Mr. Makabe.
Hold on. Now sit her down.
1 and 2!
Is that good?
Any discomfort?
It's a little chilly.
Let's go in the other room.
Mr. Makabe, watch behind you!
We don't want you to fall.
Can I ask for your help again?
Hold on.
Can you hold the front up a little?
Very gently.
And up.
Good, thank you.
To the usual spot.
We've arrived!
Can you sing us that song
of yours?
Who's that man?
He's the man I love.
That's a huge suitcase!
Thank you.
This way! Come on in!
Oh, Sawa! Put that laundry away!
Mr. Makabe and Shizue
are waiting for you.
This is Mr. Makabe's niece, Hisako.
She'll be in charge of
this house from now on.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
I'm glad my uncle and aunt
look so well.
Didn't you tell her I was coming?
Why would I bother telling
his mistress?
You're immoral.
Let me talk to her privately,
Ms. Hamada.
Sit down.
Were you surprised when I turned up?
Hamada has told me all about you.
So you were my uncle's student?
I can see that
he was a good teacher.
I wanted to
look after my uncle and aunt.
The reason I came isn't
related to you.
I was looking after my mother
who had dementia.
Both my parents have passed away now.
I was suddenly in the position
of being her caregiver.
I took it on myself
to do everything.
I pushed myself so hard
that I became a mean daughter.
Mom had been strict and
overprotective but then
she was needy,
calling out, Hisako!
She roamed the neighborhood with no
pants on, holding her diaper.
I'd curse and call her an old hag
as I hit the oor
with the frying pan.
I really had been doing everything
I could for her.
one day my heart snapped in half.
Like when your knees give way.
When you wish somebody
would die
you'll want to
die yourself.
I may sound like a hypocrite.
But I guess I'm making up for
my failure with Mother
by looking after my uncle and aunt.
Anyway, I learned a lot from
that experience.
I know by looking at my uncle and
aunt that you were good to them.
Thank you so much.
Hamada called me in a frenzy saying
my uncle's lover had taken over!
We haven't had much luck
with carers.
Good ones are hard to find.
My uncle tried to keep me away
so I've been anxious.
He was embarrassed.
His wife went
senile before him
and he's anxious
about his own health.
Like all men of his generation
he's too proud.
Sawa! Mr. Makabe wants you
to get his bag!
"Revitalize your memories!"
"To Sawa"
Ms. Hamada!
Ms. Hamada!
Is Mr. Makabe upstairs?
His bag was empty.
I had a snoop and it was so messy
that I emptied it.
He won't even notice.
Where's Hisako?
Out shopping.
Mr. Makabe, I brought your bag.
Oh, how do you do?
Please sit down.
Thank you very much.
How is the publishing business?
I was a teacher
so I know something about it.
Some of my friends were editors.
That's nice.
Please start the interview.
Training the soldiers and sailors
was very tough.
They got me.
I served aboard the ship
for 2 years.
Since I began training
I expected it to happen soon.
Being enlisted is demanding.
By the way please do not
touch my bag.
It contains important documents.
So you were with the Navy.
What was it like on the ship?
"I may die now."
"I may die now" was all I could think.
There's nothing more ridiculous
than war.
It's almost a miracle I survived.
I sympathize with
those who didn't survive.
Back then I had given up.
I can tell you that now.
I've never felt so helpless
and hopeless.
There's nothing more ridiculous
than war.
For 2 years
I expected it to happen soon.
It's a dreadful thing, war...
It's not something
you can decline.
I returned home alive.
I left home, sure that I'd die.
It's the same for the Americans.
Many of them died.
What's your worst memory?
It must be the fact that we
had to kill each other.
But we couldn't even mention that
in those days.
I feel hopeless
looking back on it now.
I sympathize with
those who didn't survive.
None of us meant to be bullies.
But that's what wars are.
It's the same for the enemy.
What were we doing it for?
Humans can be very strange.
Such a thing won't happen again.
I hope so.
It won't.
Same goes for the Americans.
We're the same.
What stays in your mind?
It was dead in the middle of it.
I just...
"I may die now."
"I may die now."
It's the same for the Americans.
There's nothing more ridiculous
than war.
It's almost a miracle that I survived.
I sympathize with
those who didn't survive.
Do you remember it often?
At the end I had to swim.
the ship
was disabled.
I can tell you that now.
I've never felt so helpless
and hopeless.
There's nothing more ridiculous
than war.
It's the same for the Americans.
What were we doing it for?
Humans can be very strange.
If only there could be peace.
It will be OK now.
That was it, so to speak.
It was silly for both sides.
They are humans, too.
What were we doing it for?
Such a thing will never happen again.
There is no answer!
"Why are we doing this?" we asked.
That's war!
There's no rationale for
going to war.
That's why
I sympathize with
those who didn't survive.
Same goes for the enemy.
They are human, too.
for women too.
Things were hard.
I think
it's almost a miracle
that I survived.
It was the grandest ship.
I was on the Atago!
The Empire of Japan!
May it prosper!
His Majesty Emperor!
May he live forever!
I left this room and
went to war.
I returned to this room alive.
I feel so guilty.
I want to hear you
sing again some time.
I want to go to Heaven quickly
so that I can hold Shinichiro again.
I love my uncle and aunt.
But now they don't know who I am.
I wish I could have
come sooner.
Isn't life strange?
It's not much but I want you
to have Shizue's plums.
Eat them at home.
Thank you.
I didn't say bad things about you.
You can stay if you want to.
You make me feel like
I was mean.
Thank you.
This isn't much but take it.
I appreciate it.
Drive safely.
A war between two nations
begins with a single person
then multiplies into millions
and intensifies.
Those governing
His Majesty's subjects
decided to put us through
such an atrocity.
It was their evil, a sin.
Even in war
each person has a life.
Virtues and vices.
Mingled feelings of love and hate.
When man is pushed
to extremes his spirit shines
and overcomes the extremity.
And he will awaken as
an individual.
And he will move a mighty mountain.
The mountain is
our collective spirit.
One spirit can move it
up to 0.5 millimeters.
But if everyone pushed 0.5 mm
even a mountain could be moved
marking the start of a revolution.
But do today's Japanese
retain that spirit?
Pushing yourself in adversity
both awakens and liberates you
for the moment.
Offering a glimpse of the
eternal light.
leads to a love
to protect for life.
Wear something "cream-colored"
for luck.
Photos are lucky, too.
You may get frustrated at work.
So prepare a photo
for relief.
Aquarius isn't very lucky today.
You'll sigh a lot.
You may make others gloomy
so be careful.
Anything "blue" will bring you luck.
Modern Japanese are not loved.
They don't know who to love.
They're caught up with the momentum
and lose clarity.
They see themselves
at a dead end.
It prompts them not
to help others
but to terminate them.
Isn't this amazing?
What a coincidence!
It's a miracle.
Do you remember me?
It's me, Sawa.
Did you pay for this?
I won't tell anyone if you
let me stay at your place.
Get in! To your house.
No crumbs please!
This is the last of the Coupes.
The Isuzu 117 Coupe.
Over there?
"I'm Makoto Sasaki now."
Oh, you live with your father.
Nice to meet you, I'm Sawa Yamagishi.
I know Makoto from my work
as a carer.
Oh, at the Kataoka house?
Right. I'll be damned.
Hello, I'm Takeshi Sasaki.
So you were there
at the time of the fire?
This young lady wants to stay here?
As long as you want.
You've collected more books.
Thank you, Sawa.
I can't do much
but I'll do housework.
Makoto, how's school?
He doesn't go.
He doesn't talk either.
Stubborn just like
his dead grandfather.
I left before he was born.
I'd never met him before this.
When did you become mute?
They're strange on his mother's side.
Do not leave the table
until your dad finishes.
Takeshi, what time does your
work start?
I leave at 6 in the morning.
That's early!
I work at the shipyard
across the water.
Make me some rice balls
to take, Sawa.
We're tight for money
as you can see.
I'll let you stay so
you could do that much every morning.
I'll pay for my food.
You'd better find a job soon.
Going out?
- Can you get me a drink?
- Okay.
Good morning.
Makoto, give me a hand.
Yes. I'm off to town. Coming?
With my back to
the setting sun
With resignation in my heart,
I live day to day
My fading dreams
Life by the streetlight,
My broken down stall
No food to be sold
Oh, Dear Mother...
When I look after dying old men
it gets me thinking.
They had a whole life
I don't know about
and we live in the same world.
I know nothing about war.
A baby who's born today
and an old man who dies tomorrow.
We all live in the same world.
And we're closing the distance
that invisibly separates us.
But you can see it
with your heart.
The distance between us
is comfortable.
Do you learn anything
from books?
Why don't you bring in
money instead?
You eat, sleep
and shit, that's all!
It's wasted on you.
I'll cut your hair for you.
Tell me if we look alike.
I'll beat that
attitude out of you!
Call me Dad.
We can't look alike.
Call me Dad!
You've got none of me in you!
"Sanitary Napkins"
I wish I'd never been born.
"My inheritance to Sawa"
"One million yen, Shigeru"
One million yen!
One million yen!
One million yen!
One million yen!
I don't have a womb.
There are things in life
you don't need to know.
Want some cake?
Sakura Ando
Akira Emoto
Masahiko Tsugawa
Written and Directed by
Momoko Ando