0.0 Mhz (2019)

Don't stop! Keep playing!
You wench!
Why won't you leave!
0.0 MHz
Two cups of iced americano.
- Is he your boyfriend?
- What?
I just stopped for coffee.
I didn't know you worked there.
I think I told you before
that I worked there.
Did you?
You don't mind going together, right?
What were you working on?
Just something...
Well, if you want to know,
I'm writing a horror novel.
You want to be a writer?
Not really. It's just for fun.
An engineering student writing a book?
That's amazing.
Not really.
I never finished one before.
I start but never finish.
Because I think it sucks.
That's why you joined the club?
Because of your novel?
Well, that's one reason.
What about you?
For fun.
Now, let's welcome our newest
members of club 0.0MHz.
Woo So-hee and Koo Sang-yeop!
We had a dozen members,
but the seniors graduated.
The rest left because they're
busy applying for jobs and stuff.
I should get with the program, too.
What am I doing chasing ghosts?
It doesn't put food on the table.
But then
seeing stuff like this, you can't leave.
An eerie house that gives you chills!
An abandoned house in Wooha-ri!
It became haunted 4 years ago.
What happened there? Beware!
Don't make it sound
like a movie trailer.
Why? It's funny!
a woman who lived here hung
herself there 4 years ago.
From the articles on the case,
she must've been a bit deranged.
The classic village crazy girl.
Her body was so badly decayed
from being found late
that her head came apart.
It was the only thing left hanging.
The body was on the floor.
Then rumors started about a
ghost appearing in that house.
People called a shaman to hold an
exorcism to chase the ghost out.
Guess what happened to the shaman?
She died with her
neck and back twisted.
A villager took and posted
this picture on the Internet.
No way.
Right. You can make that
with Photoshop easily.
This picture?
Music students went on
a trip there last year.
Someone saw a ghost and drew it.
That's freaky.
Did they really see a ghost?
What will happen to 0.0MHz
members who'll go there?
I said cut it out, man!
No sense of humor!
How about it?
We're going there?
Really? We're going there?
Think we showed you that for nothing?
0.0MHz! First project of 2018!
- Brainwave test at a haunted house!
- Yes!
Who knows?
Maybe we'll get to witness 0.0MHz.
No one told them why our
club is called 0.0MHz?
0.0MHz is the frequency at which
the dead person's soul meets a ghost.
In other words, it's the
frequency to call ghosts.
- She's strong.
- He's scared. I know it.
- No way.
- They'll be scared.
Going somewhere?
Be careful! Don't go
doing anything foolish.
My daughter.
I can see everything,
but not that head of hers.
Let's see...
You should be careful this time.
Stop. They're watching.
- How much longer?
- Hey, check.
- 6 km left.
- Almost there.
Stop it!
- Thanks, pal.
- Nice weather!
- Did you buy charcoal?
- Of course.
I want a cold beer!
Then let's buy beer.
What? We need more beer!
Are you from Seoul?
How can you tell?
It's pretty obvious.
What brings you all the way out here?
There's an abandoned
house nearby here, right?
Why would you go there?
We're just passing through.
Stop it.
It's a tragic place
to our village people.
It's not right to go
laugh and drink there!
It's not a tourist spot.
That's no respect for the dead.
- You'll be punished in hell!
- Mister?
How much is it?
What the hell?
Damn man telling us what to do...
Stupid! Why did you bring that up?
He's coming! Let's go!
Stop staring at us! Asshole!
We gotta walk 5 minutes from here.
- Really?
- Yup.
This is So-hee's.
Hey, Han-seok!
Why so much?
It's far, so take what you can.
Han-seok! Lock the van!
- I did already!
- Really?
Why's this so heavy?
See this? We're here!
Holy cow.
It's freaky here!
Ham Yoon-jung? Are you scared?
No, I'm not!
Is this for real?
We could see a ghost!
Leave the stuff.
Let's check this place out.
- Sang-yeop! Watch my stuff.
- Sure.
It's scarier than in the pictures.
It's freaky.
Anyone here?
No way...
There's no bone or blood in here, right?
It was practically built
on top of water veins.
These could be worth something.
What's in here?
Soy sauce?
100-year-old soy sauce!
It's a jack...
What the hell!
Holy shit!
You're scared?
I am not!
That's it.
Where she hung herself.
- Eat lots Sang-yeop.
- Thanks.
Still don't feel well?
I feel bad we're eating, when you can't.
Then I'll eat your share.
- Hey! Pour me a drink.
- Right.
Hey! Stop drinking man!
If we're buzzed,
ghosts will come easily.
Especially you, Yoon-jung.
Drink up. Cheers!
- I'm drunk enough. Last one!
- Just drink half.
Ready to listen to the testimony?
Of course! It's tonight's highlight!
Whose testimony?
It's part of necromancy.
Simply put, it's calling on the dead.
Han-seok kept begging
that we do this tonight.
Scared to pee your pants?
Hey! Don't pee your pants, man!
I didn't!
Sang-yeop? You know REM sleep?
It's when the body is asleep,
but the brain is awake.
REM takes up about
25% of our sleep time.
When folks say they had sleep
paralysis or saw ghosts,
it's during REM.
We came here to test something.
How the variable of a haunted house
affects a subject's
brainwaves during REM sleep.
- Right.
- Mr. Know-it-all.
And necromancy is a variable, too.
To stimulate something
supernatural that may exist or not.
Whose brainwaves are we measuring?
Who do you think?
Don't worry. It's not you.
Today's subject will be the one
with the most beautiful brain here.
A beautiful subject down to the brain,
at your service.
What's your secret to a beautiful brain?
- Well, it's...
- Do we have to?
Why do we have to do necromancy?
Why throw a wrench on things?
Why? Are you scared?
This place is creepy.
Back in the forest...
We came here because it's creepy.
What? You saw a ghost in the forest?
What are you a medium now?
We treat you nicely because you're new,
But you say you're sick and
rest and now you tell us what to do?
Relax, man.
So-hee must be sick.
We'll put a mat in the room.
Get some rest.
It's just for fun. There's
no such thing as ghosts.
It'll rain tonight. Let's set up.
Get to work!
Crazy bastard!
I'm ready.
Are you nervous?
Of course not.
Good. I'll watch from outside.
Okey dokey.
Let's begin.
We need two identical dolls,
a long needle,
what was used in the killing,
coarse salt,
and a fresh liver of a cow.
First, put the liver in the tub.
Tie a rope around one doll,
then hang it where the corpse was.
The doll is like bait
to stimulate the ghost.
Now, the spirit receiving doll.
Cut the subject's fingernail
and put it inside the doll.
Strike the needle in
the middle of the chest.
Soak it halfway in the
water with the liver.
If something of another realm comes,
the radio static noise will change.
The salt will keep the ghost
trapped inside the ring.
Now, everything's set
to call on the ghost.
One more thing. We must say the spell.
May the dead come here and sit.
May the dead come here and sit.
May the dead come here and sit.
That's it?
I told you it won't work.
There's no ghost!
Yoon-jung? You okay?
Ham Yoon-jung?
Yoon-jung! Stop!
What's wrong?
Pretty real, huh?
Fooled you!
I gotcha!
That's funny?
That was low.
What do you want?
Forget necromancy. It won't work.
When you throw the bait
in, you gotta wait.
Hold your horses, will ya?
It's hard on Yoon-jung.
Damn! I died because of you!
I gotta take a piss.
Damn idiot.
Where's So-hee?
She's sick and lying down.
In the small room?
Isn't she scared?
Sang-yeop. Go stay with her.
Don't leave her alone there.
Go on.
Yoon-jung, babe?
Aren't you bored by yourself?
Yes, you are.
Watch it. There are cameras.
Who cares? I manage the files.
I won't do anything weird.
So-hee? Sleeping?
Stay with me.
What the hell?
Why isn't anything happening?
It can't be this boring.
Is that a bird?
What kind of bird is that?
Damn bird!
Where's the damn bird?
Why's it so fast?
I should've filmed the damn bird.
Where is everybody?
Are you cold?
I don't mind,
but aren't we going a bit fast?
Can you hear that?
That sound...
It's here!
At the door!
Be quiet.
It's outside the door.
You can't stay here!
Leave now!
So-hee? What's wrong?
Damn it!
What the?
Where are you going?
Ham Yoon-jung!
Ham Yoon-jung!
Can't you hear me?
Holy shit!
What the?
Wake up, Tae-su!
Where's Yoon-jung?
I can't find her!
Nothing happened! I swear!
What the hell?
Get out here now!
I'll be right...
Don't go!
Where were you? You scared me!
Stop goofing around!
You scared me!
Help me...
Yoon-jung? What's wrong?
Save me! Please!
What's with you?
What are you doing!
Come back!
Did you see?
Red eyes...
Long hair...
That's it!
What the music students saw.
It's the hair ghost!
How long was she like this?
It's been a while.
She stared at the door and
kept trembling in fear.
There's no signal now.
Let's get out of here.
What about Yoon-jung?
You take So-hee to the car.
You pack the equipment!
I'll get Yoon-jung out!
What the hell?
Help me!
Run away!
What are you doing?
Take me with you.
Isn't that Yoon-jung's voice?
You're all dead!
No way.
Come on!
Get packing!
In necromancy...
Only the dead's voice
comes on the radio.
- What if Yoon-jung...
- Bastard!
This is all your fault!
If anything happens to
her, I'll kill you, asshole!
If you hear me, knock!
Are you down there?
She's down here. Let's crack it open.
Now, pull it apart!
She's okay! She's breathing!
Yoon-jung! Wake up!
Open the door!
Got all the stuff?
Let's go! Hurry!
- What about the doll?
- What?
The doll... Did you burn it?
Who cares about the stupid doll!
Did you burn it or not!
Go do it.
You started this, so go finish it!
Why the hell do I have to do this?
Let's go.
Did you burn it?
Let's go.
They'll run some tests,
but she's stable.
Don't worry too much.
Are you gonna call her parents?
I'll take care of it.
Go to the hotel and rest.
What about you?
I'll stay with her.
She'll be examined later.
Where's So-hee?
I'll head in.
You're sharing a room here, too?
Just kidding, guys.
I'm going in.
Why'd you do that?
Last night?
You said you heard things
and something came.
And burning the doll...
Why'd you say that?
Get some sleep.
Doing this shit, you
deserve it. You whore!
What a show!
What in the world?
Producer Kim? It's me.
- Hi Han-seok.
- Hi.
How was the trip?
I hit the jackpot.
- Really?
- It's amazing.
Great! Send the footage now.
Not at the price we discussed.
What do you mean?
I don't do bad deals.
I'll send you a teaser.
Call me with more.
If you don't, I'll take
it to other channels.
Han-seok! Come on!
Did you get any rest?
Where are the others?
Must be tired. They're sleeping.
I came alone.
How's Yoon-jung?
Sort of weird.
She's unconscious from shock.
I'm sorry.
It's because I brought up necromancy.
It's okay, man.
Yoon-jung will be fine.
Did you eat?
Not once since yesterday?
Go eat. I'll watch her.
You know I love you, right?
What does Tae-soo have that I don't?
Why do you like him more than me?
When I love you so much!
I love you so much.
Tell me.
You heard everything?
It's the truth.
I liked you for so long.
I really love you, you know?
She could be sleeping.
I can't wake her.
Text her?
"Are you awake? Hungry? Wanna go eat?"
Man! I asked too many questions.
What now?
It's okay! We're on vacation!
Let's go eat.
I couldn't wait to do stuff
on my first college trip.
Like what?
Drinking and getting to know people...
Why do I feel so tired
and sore from sleeping?
Even had a nightmare.
What nightmare?
About someone strangling me.
I'm with So-hee now.
We'll be right there.
Yoon-jung gained consciousness.
You had us totally scared and worried.
Sorry to worry you guys.
Let's go and drink at the hotel.
It's our last night here.
Are you out of your mind?
You can't drink.
Why not? The doctor didn't say
I couldn't drink.
I give up.
You can leave now?
They said I could go.
Aren't you glad to see me alive?
Of course. Are you sure you're okay?
See? I'm totally fine!
Where's Han-seok?
Wasn't he with you?
He's not at the hotel,
and he didn't take my calls.
What's wrong with him?
Where did he go?
Stop it!
Sleep tight, kids!
See you.
So jealous.
Right! I gotta go to the store.
Do you need anything?
What? Yoon-jung?
You're sleeping?
I told you not to drink so much.
You can't just sleep.
I waited so long for this.
Room 602 keys, please. We came together.
The store is so damn far.
Hi Yoon-jung.
Sang-yeop. Can you come to my room?
To your room?
Come now.
What are you doing?
Were you cold in the rain?
You're right.
I'm so sorry about that.
I was wrong. I didn't
know that would happen!
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
But it's not only my fault!
You jumped in front!
It's been a while, Sang-yeop.
Looks like you're doing well.
You got into college...
Even found a girl you like.
What? But it's true.
Are you happy?
Glad that I'm gone?
Since what happened to you,
everyday has been hell.
It doesn't look like it.
It's true, bro!
Believe me.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
I was so scared.
I didn't know what to do.
So I just left. I didn't know
you were alive in there.
I'm so sorry.
I trust you, little brother.
You trust me too, right?
Wanna play like old times?
It was fun back then, right?
Sang-yeop. Come to me.
One more step.
That's it.
When I count to three,
kick the chair away.
Are you okay?
I tried to commit suicide?
You don't remember?
I don't remember anything
after coming here and seeing her.
Yoon-jung is possessed by a ghost
from that abandoned house.
And the ghost is playing with us.
That's crazy.
What about Han-seok?
We haven't seen him all day.
Yes, I am.
Then I killed Tae-soo and Han-seok?
You didn't kill them.
They committed suicide.
The ghost inside you enticed them to it.
It's the same!
That means I killed them.
What do I do?
What happens now?
When you sleep, the ghost comes out.
When it's out again,
Sang-yeop and I will be next.
We'll end up like them.
You mean I'll kill you guys, too?
This is insane.
Then stay away from me!
I could kill you, too!
Me too.
My mom is a shaman.
She said if you're possessed,
the ghost will fight to stay.
You can try to escape, but it's no use.
Then what do I do?
What am I supposed to do?
I can't report this to the cops.
No one would believe me!
How am I supposed to live?
There is one way.
We have to go back...
To that house.
You can't sleep.
Go first with Sang-yeop.
I'll be right there.
Mom? It's me.
Where are you?
I told you not to go around
doing anything foolish!
Granny came to me in a dream.
She said I have to stop you.
You're in danger.
You know, right?
That I hate we're a family of shamans.
I got teased by kids because of that.
I didn't want to believe it.
I told myself the ghosts I saw
were all fake and don't exist.
I have no choice.
I'll accept my fate.
What are you saying?
Why say that now?
I'm sorry.
You'll help me, right?
Let's begin.
Will the ghost really come?
Everything is the same as last time.
And it's past 2 a.m.,
the time ghosts love.
You really know a lot.
I saw stuff like this since I was young.
You have to promise me something.
No matter what happens in
there, you can't come in.
Do you understand?
Be careful.
I joined the club because of you.
Please don't let them get hurt...
Come out.
Come out, bitch! You know me.
Cut the act, bitch.
I tried to be nice, but you ignore me?
You give me no choice.
Shit. It's hard to pretend!
Then don't! Just come out of her.
They sent me in her,
but I decide if I leave or not!
It was a mistake. What do kids know?
I don't care.
I was so cramped in here.
Stuck in this house.
Forget it. Let's go.
Enough with your games.
You've killed enough already!
No, no, no, no way!
I like being inside her.
I can't stand it here.
I hate this house, this
village, and the men here!
I'll kill them all!
You got a lot of spite.
That's why you borrowed her body?
What did the kids do wrong?
I'll listen to all your pains.
Stop acting up and come out.
So I can wander aimlessly
like you, granny?
No thanks.
Why do you care!
Get lost.
You know you can't
interfere in people's lives.
What about the bastards
who messed with mine!
I'm going to kill all of them!
Everyone of them!
Damn ghost! You're done killing!
Come out now!
I said no!
Talking won't work?
Play all you want!
This will be the last time, bitch!
No! Stop!
Come out!
Come out of her!
Come out of her!
Come out, wench!
Come out now!
So-hee! Help me!
You can't fool me!
Come out!
Come out of her!
Go back where you belong!
Come out!
Stop torturing her and come out!
Come out!
Stop it! No!
Stop it!
I can't breathe.
Die, bitch!
Sang-yeop! It's me.
Stop it.
Your brother forgave you.
Get out! Hurry!
Sang-yeop! Open up!
Can you hear me?
Sang-yeop! Burn the doll!
Sang-yeop! No!
Sang-yeop! Come back!
Sang-yeop... No...
If I were any fatter, I'd be dead.
Busy writing? You never
once looked at me.
Come on.
Even if it's bad, I just
want to write when I can.
Good. That's the spirit.
Yoon-jung called.
She wants to meet up for dinner.
She called me, too.
Wait here for me?
Let's go together when I'm done.
Ah, I'll meet you there.
That's not like you.
Are you cheating on me?
Of course not!
I'm meeting someone soon.
He's a publisher.
I showed him half of my book.
He said he'd like to publish it.
Come here.
Come closer!
Way to go.
I'm proud you.
It's him.
- I'll take the call outside.
- Sure.
Can I read it?
Yes, sir.
- I'm reading it.
- I'm good. How about you?
Where's the file?
What's this?